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This is to certify that Brother
has fulfilled the activities of the BISMILLAH
program and is worthy of the emblem. He is
properly registered as a Cub Scout in Cub pack
_______ which is chartered to ______________
He is an active member of his den and pack.
He is also very active in the Islamic Center. We
recommend that he be approved for this honor.
Parent or Guardian’s Signature
CubMaster or Den leader’s Signature
by the Imam: _______________________________
Signature of Imam/Counselor
Order Form for Cub Scout
Bismillah Emblem Award
Islam is the religion which God has chosen as a medium
for you to understand your place in the universe and your
relation with Him. God wants it to obliterate ignorance
and heathenism from human minds, to quench their thirst
for wisdom and knowledge and to propagate truth, justice
and piety. The reasonableness and rationality of its
doctrines is so powerful that they cannot be repudiated,
falsified or belied.
Have you fully realized what Islam is? It is indeed a
religion founded on truth. It is such a fountain-head of
learning that from it flow out several streams of wisdom
and knowledge. It is such a lamp that from it several
lamps will be lighted. It is a lofty beacon of light
illuminating the path of God. It is such a set of principles
and beliefs that will satisfy every seeker of truth and reality.
Know you all that God has made Islam the most
sublime path towards His Supreme Pleasure and the
highest standard of His worship and obedience. He has
favored it with noble precepts, exalted principles,
uncountable arguments, unchallengeable supremacy
and undeniable wisdom. It is up to you to maintain the
eminence and dignity granted to it by the Lord, to follow
it sincerely, to do justice to its articles of faith and belief,
to implicitly obey its tenets and orders, and to give it the
proper place in your lives.
Address _____________________________________
The Islamic Council on Scouting promises to promote
and guide cooperative contacts between the proper
authorities of Muslim organizations, mosques, and
organizations in partnerships with Scouting. This Vision is
directed at developing the spiritual phase among Islamic
youth by means of the Scout oath and law.
City _________________ State ______ Zip _________
Cub Scout ________________ Pack No: ___________
Boy Scouts Of America
P.O. Box 857, Edison, NJ 08818
The Mission of the National Islamic Council on Scouting
is to promote Scouting among Muslim youth, to help
Muslim institutions and local council Islamic committees
to provide Scouting opportunities for Muslim youth, and
to promote Islamic values in Scouting through program
helps and its religious emblems program.
Please ship Medal to the address below. A remittance
fee of $15 covering the cost of the medal is enclosed
plus actual cost of the shipment.
Name __________________ Phone ______________
Address _____________________________________
City _________________ State ______ Zip _________
Affiliated Mosque or Islamic Center ______________
Boy Scouts Of America
P.O. Box 857, Edison, NJ 08818 USA
[email protected]
[email protected]
Scouting brochures_Bismillah Emblem 6/29/10 9:58 PM Page 1
Cub Scouts
Scouting brochures_Bismillah Emblem 6/29/10 9:58 PM Page 2
Instructions to Parents
and Cub Scouts
How a Cub Scout Earns
the Bismillah Emblem
What is the Bismillah Emblem?
1. Read the activities for the Bismillah program.
Your parents, Imam, religious school
teachers, and counselors will gladly help
and guide you on each activity.
Muslims start any saying with “In the name of
God, the compassionate, and the merciful.” So,
since Cub Scouting is the beginning program of
the BSA, when a boy learns something in this
field he should be awarded the “Bismillah
emblem” first. In earning this emblem, boys
will learn all the basic things they should know
(at the age) about the religion of Islam.
This program also provides the opportunity
for the boys to receive closer guidance from
parents, Imam and religious school teachers
who serve as counselors.
The pendant is attached to a bronze bar pin that
carries the Arabic lettering from the Holy Book
of Koran.
Who Is Eligible?
Any Cub Scout can earn the Bismillah emblem
if he is registered with a Cub Scout pack and
practicing muslim faith. However, by the time
he received the emblem, he should have
achieved the following:
Registered in Cub Scouting for at least 6
months. Earned the Bear rank (or earned at
least five Webelos badges). He must attend
religious school and practice the Islamic Law
and fulfill his obligation.
How is the Emblem Worn?
The Boy Scouts of America has authorized the
wearing of the Bismillah emblem on the Cub
Scout uniform over the left pocket.
1. The Holy Books
o a. Name all the Holy Books revealed to
prophets by Allah Almighty (God).
o b. Which one was the final revelation?
Signature of
parent/guardian _________________________
2. The Great Prophets
o a. Name three of the greatest of all prophets.
o b. In your notebook, write a brief essay on the
life of prophet Muhammed (PBUH).
2. Keep a neat record of your work in a notebook.
3. Place an “X” in the box next to the number
of each activity you complete. Your
parent(s)/ guardian(s) will check your
work for each activity and sign in the space
Signature of
parent/guardian _________________________
3. Prayers
o a. Give a brief description of Kaaba, the house
of Allah (God).
o b. Read an article about pilgrimage and write a
report on it in your notebook.
o c. Paste several pictures and articles of Kaaba
in your notebook.
4. When you have completed all the activities,
your Imam or religious school teacher will
review them with you and sign in the space
5. The application is then completed and
mailed to:
Boy Scouts Of America
P.O. Box 857, Edison, NJ 08818
6. The Bismillah emblem will be presented to
you by your Imam or counselor at a Cub
Scout pack meeting or at some other
appropriate occasion or Eidul Adha get
together at your center.
7. Your parents also get recognition at the
national meeting of the council.
The National Islamic Committee on Scouting
has developed the Bismillah emblem to
encourage muslim youth who are Cub Scouts
to advance in the knowledge and practice of
Islamic religious living.
Activities for earning Bismillah emblem
Signature of
parent/guardian _________________________
4. Religious Holidays
o a. Describe four of the major Muslim holidays
observed during the year.
o b. Learn the names of Islamic months.
o c. Write a brief account of the importance of
Eidul Adha.
Signature of
parent/guardian _________________________
5. The Mosque of Islamic Center
o a. Attend religious services regularly.
o b. In your notebook, draw a picture of Masjid
Aqsa and write a brief description of its
importance to Muslims.
Signature of
parent/guardian _________________________
6. Muslim Hero
o a. Tell the story of your favorite muslim hero.
o b. Write an essay on Hazret Bilal, the first
Moazzin of Islam.
Signature of
parent/guardian _________________________
7. American Heritage
o a. In your notebook write a brief report on a
great American Muslim. Here are a few examples: Muhammed Ali, Malcolm Shahbaz,
Elijah Muhammed, Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
Signature of
parent/guardian _________________________

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