Vietnamization nixon`s initiative to end the war Vietnamization was a

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Vietnamization­ nixon's initiative to end the war Vietnamization was a strategy aimed at ending American involvement in the Vietnam war. By transferring all military responsibility to south Vietnam. Nixon believed that doing this and building up south Vietnam military strength to facilitate a gradual withdrawal of US troops would prepare south to take responsibility for their own defense against communist taking over to let US to leave was with its honor. November 3, 1969. Officially announced emphasized how this approach contrasted with the "Americanization" of the war that had taken place under predecessor president Lynden. B ​
U.S. Extends Vietnam War in Cambodia­ April 30,1970 President Nixon authorized to commit U.S. combat troops in cooperation with South Vietnamese units against the communist troop sanctuaries in Cambodia. He believed that the operation was necessary as a pre­emptive strike to stall North Vietnam as the U.S. Forces withdrew giving South Vietnam more respect for fighting. Once this was announced it led to many protest by citizens as well as limited the amount of power the president could withhold, due to Congress's argument that Nixon was illegally widening the war;causing a number of congressional resolutions and legislative invitations. ​
Nixon visits China, February 21, 1972 A trip to impose relations with a communist country during the Cold War. Chinese premier Zhou Enlai and Nixon decided to expand cultural ties with China in the 19th century. Both established plans for a permanent US trade mission. Japan attacked China from 1894 to 1895 since many European countries had trading connections with China many wanted to divide China so that they could each protect one area. The U.S. wanted to prevent this from happening so they established the Open Door Policy that basically stated that all nations had a right to trade with China. The U.S. was able to create this policy due to the amount of power they had gained from the Spanish­American War in the Pacific. However this act angered the Chinese citizens since they did not want the influence of other countries. Primary sources­war/Vietnamization­day­in­history/Nixon­approves­Cambodia­incursion­nix china­3.html 

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