Uluru and Aboriginal Healing Tour

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Krzysztof Zanussi

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Uluru and
Healing Tour
Aboriginal Elders
Our journey to the Red Centre will commence with
a healing retreat led by Uncle Frank, an Arrente
Nangkuri (Aboriginal Healer) from country just
North of Alice Springs. Frank is a talented healer and
highly enthusiastic man with lots of energy. Once at
Uluru we will connect with local Indigenous Elder,
Bob Randall who will deepen our understanding
of the Dreaming and the sacred sites we will be
visiting. We will also spend time in circle with
female elders, imbibing
their ancient wisdom.
We also plan for one of
Bob Randall’s relatives
to act as our guide for
part of the tour of the
sacred sites, but this
is unconfirmed.
8 - 15 July 2009
Please Note: Whilst the participation of the Aboriginal
Elders is a firm commitment, should any important
indigenous business arise during our scheduled
meetings, the elders will need to give that priority.
Jeremy Ball is the Founder of Transformational
Tours a travel company dedicated to connecting
in pilgrims with the sacred
sites and wisdom traditions
of Mother Earth. Jeremy
specialises in leading tours
mainly to Mount Kailash in
Tibet, Lake Titikaka in the
Andes and the Central Desert
of Australia. In such sacred
places spiritual transformation
is a natural occurrence for those
of pure heart and intention.
Jeremy utilises the Oneness Blessing and his mind
training (from Tibetan Buddhism and other wisdom
schools) to assist this process.
Call Jeremy Ball on
1800 TTOURS or 1800 88 68 77
[email protected]
Uluru, Kata Tjuta and the Central Desert of Australia
beat with the pulse of Mother Earth’s heart. Uluru
is the song of the heart chakra, the harmony of the
perfect combination of the polarities. Retreat with
us to this sacred place to connect with our Mother,
Aboriginal teachers and receive the Oneness
Blessing for deep healing and transformation at this
auspicious time in our collective awakening.
Uluru and Aboriginal Healing Tour
$2550.00 ($2318 exc GST)
Total Cost includes:
We will gather on the day after the powerful Cancer Full Moon
bringing us back to the centre of everything, the heart and the
home, the Central Desert of Australia where the Dream began.
Our focus for these eight days together at the Solar Heart Chakra
of Mother Earth is the opening of the heart within each of us so
the divine dance can flood out into our lives and the world.
8 July
Ooraminna Homestead
Arrive Alice Springs airport (mid to late morning for those
coming from the Eastern States and 16:35 from Perth) where
you will be collected and transferred just 30 mins drive to
Ooraminna Homestead, a beautiful and nurturing environment,
set miles from any other dwelling in the embrace of the Central
Desert of Australia. After some time to get settled we will gather
for a family meal followed by an evening of Oneness Blessings
setting the way for the journey that lies ahead. (inc D)
9 July
Ooraminna Homestead
We will meet with Uncle Frank, our guide for the next two days
of healing and magic. Our time with Frank will be spontaneous
and the activities dependent on the needs of the group and the
guidance of his ancestors. Frank draws his healing power from
Arrente Country and may take us on an excursion to his land.
(inc BLD)
10 July Ooraminna Homestead
Guiding us deeper into the healing journey Uncle Frank will
share some of his wisdom on the healing nature of plants and
bush medicine. We also hope to sit in circle with some Aboriginal
women elders of the Pitjantjatjara tribe, whilst enjoying the
beautiful natural environment and hospitality at Ooraminna.
(inc BLD)
11 July Lila (King’s Canyon)
We take an early breakfast and board our bus for the five hour
journey south to Lila (the country around King’s Canyon) to
explore this most beautiful of gorges. In the evening, once we
are comfortably set up in our lodgings we can enjoy some time
gazing into the star laden sky. (inc BLD)
12 July Umbiara (sacred Aboriginal land)
After rising with the sun we will visit Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) and
explore these magnificent mounds, the feminine counterpart to
Uluru (relatively speaking as the whole region has a distinctively
feminine and nurturing feel). The energetic amongst us may
choose to walk through the stunning Valley of the Winds.
Tonight we sleep in swags on sacred Aboriginal land a short
distance from Uluru at Umbiara being serenaded by Bob Randall
the Aboriginal Elder for Uluru and star of the documentary
Kanyini (www.kanyini.com). Perhaps the ancestors will greet us
in our dreams prior to visiting Uluru. (inc BLD)
13 July Yulara (Uluru Resort)
Today we greet and are greeted by Uluru, where we will perform
a circumambulation (pradakshana in Sanskrit or kora to the
Tibetans) of this sacred monolith. The base of Uluru is 8 km and
we will walk around and explore some of the many places along
the way (those not able to walk can have the longer stretches
on the bus). Following the walk we will rest up at Yulara before
returning to view the sunset over Uluru. (inc BLD)
14 July Yulara (Uluru Resort)
We make an early morning start to view the sun rise over Uluru
and then on to visit the highly informative Uluru Visitors Centre
before returning to Yulara for a relaxing afternoon, closing circle
and farewell meal. (inc BL)
15 July Home / Onward
A relaxing morning and transfer to Ayer’s Rock airport. (inc B)
(B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner)
Airport transfers
Travel to sacred sites (top rated 4WD bus)
(guest house, swag, resort / lodge rooms)
Meals (all meals except 2)
Afternoon tea during retreat
Facilitator’s fees
Guide fees and Aboriginal Elders participation
Park entry
Additional Costs to be organised by self:
Travel to Alice Springs to join the journey
Return flight home from Ayer’s Rock Airport
Dinner at Yulara last night
Travel Insurance
Soft drinks / bottled water
Pack lightly, and include comfortable, simple
clothing (clothes washing facilities and opportunities
are limited), trousers and t-shirts / shirts are best.
* Sturdy walking shoes or boots
* Warm jacket for cool evenings
* Water bottle
* Toiletries
* Good sunhat and sunscreen
* Insect repellant / fly net
* Towel
* Torch
* Favourite snack food
* Spending money for soft drinks, souvenirs etc
* Sturdy duffel bag or back pack
* Favourite cushion and blanket / sleeping bag

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