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News Release
Case Real Estate Capital, LLC
340 West Passaic Street, Third Floor
Rochelle Park, NJ 07662
Media Contact:
Ellen Seaver / [email protected] / (201) 796-7788
Case Real Estate Capital Broadening Its Platform in 2015
Industry Forecast: Commercial Real Estate Remains Attractive Investment as
Returns on Competitive Asset Classes Stay Low
ROCHELLE PARK, N.J., Feb. 25, 2015 – Commercial real estate will remain an
attractive investment throughout 2015 with returns on competitive asset classes like
stocks and bonds staying relatively low, according to the investment and origination
principals of Case Real Estate Capital, LLC (Case). A northern New Jersey-based
situational lender and commercial real estate investment company, Case is active in
high-yield, sub- and non-performing debt.
On the heels of closing $40 million in transactions in 2014, the company has funding
available to further broaden its platform this year. Case focuses on assets located in the
tri-state area and South Florida as well as Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington,
D.C., concentrating on deals ranging from $2 million to $25 million.
“At Case, we expect to stay active in the industrial and multi-family sectors, which are a
clear proxy for economic health and growth,” said Sandy Herrick, founder and managing
principal of Case. Herrick has invested in more than $4 billion of commercial properties
during his 30+-year career.
In the fourth quarter of 2014, Case purchased a non-performing senior note, with claims
in excess of $11.5 million, on a 105,560-square-foot industrial portfolio in the Hunts
Points section of the Bronx, New York. It also finalized the purchase of a $2.99 million
note and final judgment of foreclosure secured by five multi-family/mixed-use assets in
Hudson County, N.J.
“Ours is a local business. Clients look to us for that expertise and reliable funding with a
quick turnaround,” noted Herrick. Case is also active in South Florida, or the “sixth
borough,” where it purchased a non-performing senior note, with claims in excess of
$14 million, secured by a 31,000-square-foot urban retail property in Miami, Fla.
The firm’s financing solutions include traditional and short-term bridge loans, discounted
pay-off (DPO) financing, construction financing, and first- and second-mortgage
financing to facilitate a wide variety of situations. “We are seeing an improved
environment for originated loans right now and that will stretch through 2015,” added
To help banks and financial institutions strengthen their balance sheets, Case
purchases debt. Its service line includes purchasing performing, sub- and nonperforming real estate-secured notes, judgments and liens, as well as vacant and REO
properties in anticipation of borrower recapitalization, property control transfer and other
liquidity events.
At Case, each debt and property acquisition or loan is evaluated on its own merits,
based on the seller’s or borrower’s unique situation, local market conditions and the
broad experience of Case’s in-house investment and origination professionals. The
company also offers opportunities for local entrepreneurs. Case’s investor base is
extremely diverse, including individuals, family offices and institutional investors.
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