Brain Busters Functions

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Chemicals messengers released by the axon
The part of the neuron that receives the
message and conducts it toward the cell
Covers the axon and speeds up the impulse
Neurotransmitter involved in mood,
appetite, & arousal; low levels linked to
clinical depression
Neurotransmitter that induces relaxation &
Neurotransmitter involved in memory &
learning; if doesn’t experience reuptake
could destroy neurons
An electrical charge that travels down the
The level of stimulation required to trigger a
neural impulse
The junction between the axon of the
sending neuron & the dendrite of the
receiving neuron
Neurotransmitter associated with memory,
learning, & muscle movement; imbalances
linked to Alzheimers
Neurotransmitter that are the body’s natural
pain killers; released during severe pain &
The brain and spinal cord make up this part
of the nervous system
This part of the peripheral nervous system
controls your organs & glands (automatic
This part of the peripheral nervous system
controls your voluntary movements
Neurotransmitter involved in movement,
alertness, & leveling out mood; imbalances
linked to Schizophrenia & Parkinson’s
This part of your nervous system riles your
body up and prepares you for fight or flight
(accelerates heartbeat & breathing, makes
you sweat…)
This part of your nervous system
relaxes/calms your body (slows down
heartbeat & breathing…)
The large band of neural fibers that connect
the 2 hemispheres, carries messages between
them, & is cut during split brain procedures.
These neurons carry messages from body to
the central nervous system.
The brain’s capacity to modify itself
following brain damage (children are more
These neurons carry messages to body from
the central nervous system.
These neurons exist in our brain & spinal
cord and communicate with the other types
of neurons.
The “master gland”
Gland that controls metabolism; weight
issues often require checking this gland
Gland that triggers the fight or flight
Secretes female sex hormones
The part of the brain that controls your
breathing, heartbeat, & blood pressure.
“Little brain” in the back of your head that
controls voluntary muscle movement.
This part of the brain receives information
from all the senses (except smell) & routes it
to the brain regions that deal with vision,
hearing, taste, & touch.
A nerve network in the brainstem that plays
an important role in controlling arousal.
The part of the brain that controls all of the
body’s maintenance duties (eating, drinking,
sex…) and controls the endocrine system.
Secretes male sex hormones
This part of the brain is responsible for
creating new memories.
These are support cells that help neurons in
your brain.
This part of the brain controls our basic
emotions such as fear, anger/aggression…
This part of the temporal lobe processes
words we see written.
This is the wrinkled outer layer of our brain.
This lobe processes the visual information
from our eyes.
This lobe deals with our higher level thought
and reasoning.
This area of the frontal lobe is where we
problem solve.
This part of our frontal lobe controls our
body’s voluntary movements.
This part of the left, frontal lobe controls the
muscles that we use to speak.
This lobe is located at the top of our heads
and is where we process much of our
sensory information.
This area of our parietal lobe processes our
touch and movement sensations.
This lobe is located above our ears and
processes sounds.
This part of the temporal lobe processes
words we hear spoken.
This group of neurons learn, remember, &
coordinates movement.

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