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QUIZLET: https://quizlet.com/_29qv37
Use the space provided to write the definition for the following vocabulary terms.
1. New Deal: The program of President Franklin D. Roosevelt meant to promote economic recovery and social
reform and to end the Great Depression
2. Foreclosure: when banks take over property, especially farms, because the owners are unable to repay loans
3. Boom-and-Bust: an economic cycle in which high demand leads to high output, which results in falling prices
and hard times
4. Hooverville: derisive name for the camps of cardboard boxes where the homeless lived during the Great
Depression, named after President Herbert Hoover
5. Stock market: a place for buying and selling stocks, or shares of ownership in a corporation
6. Great Depression: a time when the economy collapsed worldwide and millions were unemployed
7. Dust Bowl: a series of dust storms that created an environmental disaster in the western part of the United
States in the 1930’s
8. Isolationist: Person or country who wants to stay out of the affairs of other countries.
9. Fascism: a system in which the government has complete control over a country
In the boxes below tell me which country each of the following leaders belongs to:
Benito Mussolini
Adolf Hitler
Joseph Stalin
Franklin D.
Winston Churchill
Hideki Tojo
United States
Great Britain
In the chart below, provide me with the SIGNIFICANCE of each Texan below (what they are MOST known for):
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Audie Murphy
Doris Miller
Chester Nimitz
Commanding general of
Allied forces in Western
Europe. Later will be
elected President of the
Most decorated American
soldier of World War 2.
Was awarded the Medal of
Awarded the Navy Cross
for shooting down a
Japanese plane during the
attack on Pearl Harbor,
December 7th, 1941
Commander of the U.S.
Navy in the Pacific during
World War 2. Took
command after the attack
on Pearl Harbor.
Complete the “mini” timeline below using the following events, make sure to include the years:
World War I, Dust Bowl, World War II, Great Depression (NOT listed in order!)
World War One
Great Depression
Dust Bowl
World War 2
Tell me below what each New Deal Program stands for (the acronym) and what they did to help Texas get out of the
Great Depression (use your New Deal chart):
National Youth
Civilian Conservation
Work Progress
Social Security
Federal Emergency
Relief Administration
Provided part-time
jobs, education,
recreation, and
counseling to people
between the ages of
16 and 25.
Provided jobs
primarily to single
young men to work
on conservation
Provided jobs to
unemployed heads of
families, mostly in
construction projects.
Provided old age
pensions, disability
payments, and
Provided relief to the
Answer the questions below using complete sentences:
1. What is an internment camp? Who specifically was sent there? Why? (Texas in World War II Gallery Walk)
Used by the United States government to confine, or lockup people the government considered to be a threat
to the United States security. Locked up Japanese Americans, German Americans, and Italian Americans.
The U.S was worried that these people would spy for their native country or commit acts of sabotage.
2. How did the United States effectively end the war with Japan? What two Japanese cities were affected?
United States Air Force dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. Hiroshima, Nagasaki
3. What does the propaganda symbol “Rosie the Riveter” stand for? How did women change during WWII?
Cultural icon of the United States, representing the American women who worked in factories and shipyards
during World War 2. Many women took jobs in the factories, replacing men who were drafted into the
4. What were all of the direct effects of the Great Depression? (Use your Depression notes and list ALL of them)
1. Unemployment rate rose to 25%
2. Businesses and factories shutdown
3. People lost their life saving when banks closed/ banks could not pay out money.
4. Crime increased
5. Farmers lost their land when banks foreclosed on their property.
6. Farmers moved to California in hopes of a better life.
5. Explain in the space below how the Dust Bowl was a MAN-MADE disaster (what caused it)? (Dust Bowl Notes)
Man-made- 1. Over plowing of the ground. 2. Over grazing of livestock
3. Exposing the soil to wind.
Natural- 1. Ten year drought, 2. Very windy conditions on the Great Plains
6. On what date did the attack on Pearl Harbor occur? What reaction did the U.S. have to this attack?
December 7th, 1941. On December 8th, 1941, President Roosevelt asked Congress for a declaration of war
against Japan. The United States quickly mobilized for war. Millions of men joined the military, while women
took over jobs from men in the factories, and shipyards. U.S. industry shifted from peace time production to
wartime production. Stopped making car, stated making tanks, and warplanes.

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