Unit 8 Advertising and Marketing Lista reči 2 (str. 41) Marketing

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Unit 8 Advertising and Marketing
Lista reči 2 (str. 41)
Marketing vocabulary
vežba 1
brand /brænd/ marka, brend
the name of a product produced or sold by a particular company:
It was to become the leading brand of specialty coffee in North America.
a well-known/popular/top-selling brand The supermarket's own label range has now surpassed a number of
top selling brands.
a fashion/fast food/car brand
goal /ɡəʊl/ cilj
a purpose, or something that you want to achieve:
set (sb) a goal The sales team have set themselves a series of goals to achieve by the end of the month.
reach/achieve a goal Are the changes helping the organization achieve its goals or hindering progress?
the main/primary/ultimate goal
slogan /ˈsləʊɡən/ - slogan
a short, easily remembered phrase used by an organization so that people will recognize it or its products:
advertising/marketing/branding slogan
The company's advertising slogan in the 1970s and 1980s was "You can be sure of Shell".
catchy/famous/popular slogan
campaign /kæmˈpeɪn/ kampanja
a planned series of activities that are intended to achieve a particular aim:
The convention and visitor bureaus announced a $5 million marketing campaign.
election campaign The Opposition leader launched his election campaign.
launch/mount/start a campaign
market share – udeo na tržištu
the number of products or services that a company sells compared to the number that other companies sell:
lose/gain/increase market share The company has increased its market share.
maintain/regain market share Our competitor is slashing prices right now in an attempt to regain market
boost/build/grow market share Our top strategic objective is to grow market share.
market share dropped/fell/rose Its US market share fell to 45% from 50%.
market leader – lider na tržištu
the company that sells most of a product or service in a particular market:
market leader for/in sth The supermarket chain is now the market leader in baby goods.
the global/world market leader The group is the world market leader in car electronics.
sponsor – sponzor
a persono r an organisation that gives money to support an activity, event…
vežba 2
channel of distribution – kanal distribucije
one of the methods that are used for selling a company's products or services, for example, selling them
through a distributor or a retailer (= store):
Independent tire dealers remain the dominant distribution channel for passenger tires in the United States.
a direct-to-retailer channel of distribution
sales forecast – predviđanja u prodaji
a statement of what the amount or value of a company's sales is likely to be in the future, based on
information available now about the market, past sales, etc.:
provide/issue a sales forecast Executives issued a disappointing sales forecast.
cut/reduce/slash a sales forecast
market research – istraživanje tržišta
the collection and study of information about what people prefer to buy, how they react to advertising, and
what other businesses in the same industry are doing:
carry out/do/perform market research Carrying out market research showed that customers thought our
phones were too heavy and too ugly.
a market research company/firm/group A market research firm handles our focus groups.
product life cycle – životni ciklus proizvoda
the stages in a particular product's existence: introduction, growth or increasing sales, maturity (= slow or no
increase in sales), and decline or reduction in sales:
By controlling the presentation, appearance, and price of the product, the company can maximize sales at
every step of the product's life cycle.
pricing /ˈpraɪsɪŋ/ (also product pricing) - cena, određivanje cene
the way that a company decides prices for its products or services, or the prices decided:
Hong Kong's printing industry is renowned for quality, quick delivery, and competitive pricing.
pricing policy/strategy The company launched an aggressive pricing strategy to stay competitive.
public relations – odnosi sa javnošću
the activity of providing information about an organization so that people have positive ideas about it:
a public relations agency/company/firm The organization hired a public relations agency to help them
improve their image.
a public relations campaign/exercise/strategy

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