Chapter 6 Lesson 1: “Expanding Overseas” Study Guide

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Chapter 6 Lesson 1: “Expanding Overseas” Study Guide
South Carolina Standard: 5-3.5
yellow journalism ______________________________________________________
2. Spanish-American War ___________________________________________________
3. Rough Riders _________________________________________________________
4. Buffalo Soldiers _______________________________________________________
5. isthmus _____________________________________________________________
Introduction and Connection to Previous Material
Due to business and factories, the US became a leading __________________ producer and this
contributed to the nation’s rise to a ___________________ .
Due to the growth of the economy, Americans wanted a larger role in the
_________ to secure
sources of ______________ and markets for _______________________ .
__________ across the seas as they had
across the continent. This idea is called _________________ and was encouraged by the idea
Many Americans believed they had a God-given right to
of American superiority, known as _________________ .
9. All of these motivations played a role in the U.S.’s declaration of ________ against
______________ , American involvement in the _____________________ and the building of
the _____________ , and involvement in __________________ .
“Hawaii” p. 252
10. What first attracted Americans to the Hawaiian Islands?
11. What events led up to the annexation of Hawaii to the U.S?
12. Eventually, Hawaii was admitted as the ________ state in the United States.
“Causes of the Spanish-American War” p. 253
13. In January 1898, President McKinley sent the battleship USS Maine to Cuba’s Havana harbor. In February,
the battleship _________________ .
14. Who did the U.S. believe was involved with this incident? ____________________________
15. Why did using yellow journalism sell more newspapers than accurate reporting?
16. Yellow journalism prepared the _____________________________ to go to war with Spain.
17. President ______________ asked ___________ to declare war on Spain because:
_________________ interest in ___________ and American
__________________ in Cuba were being destroyed.
Americans were concerned about the _____________ of the Cubans by
___________. Many _________ were imprisoned to avoid a revolution.
Americans wanted to demonstrate American _____________ in the world.
Americans had an
“War with Spain” p. 254
18. List all of Spain’s colonies.
19. The Spanish-American War started with the takeover of ______________________ in the Spanish colony of
______________ by the American fleet stationed in the Pacific. America had no desire to
annex __________ .
20. The Philippines would provide a good location to access the markets of which country?
“Results of War” p. 255
21. The ______________________ were quickly defeated and a treaty was negotiated by the
_________________ and ratified by the _______________ .
22. What did the U.S. gain from the war with Spain?
23. How did the Spanish-American War change the role of the U.S. in the world?
24. The United States continued to control the _____________________ as a territory until the end of WWII,
despite the _________________ of Filipinos who sought independence. ________ was occupied
on and off for more than _______________ and there is a _________________ there now. The U.S.
continues to control ______________ and _____________________ .
“Panama Canal” p. 256-257
25. Since the time of the California Gold Rush, it was clear that Americans wanted a quick ocean route from the
___________ coast to the ___________ coast. The desire to expand trade with the
________________ (China, Japan, etc.) made people want this even more.
26. Describe the chain of events that took place to build the Panama Canal:
_______________ offered Colombia ____________ to build the canal because
they controlled the ________________________.
Colombia __________________ the offer.
A few _____________________ organized a bloodless
________________ supported by _____________________ gunboats.
An__________ was signed, allowing the U.S. to build the __________.
27. What 2 major advantages would a canal across the Isthmus of Panama provide?
___________________ to travel from the
___________________ to the _______________ more quickly.
It added to the United States’ ________________ might and image as a
It allowed

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