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Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa

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—the Third Mark of the Church
God extends his love to all people in all
nations. His Church is, therefore,
universal in its mission.
Jesus Ministered to All!!!!
The sick and untouchables(lepers)
The poor and the wealthy
The powerful and the vulnerable
The Jew and the Gentile
The good and the sinful
Jesus Commissions His Disciples
to Reach Out to Everyone!
• “…you will receive power when the holy Spirit
comes upon you, and you will be my
witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and
Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
• “..and it shall be that everyone shall be saved
who calls on the name of the Lord.”
• “..repentance, for the forgiveness of sins,
would be preached in his name to all the
• the way that the Church adapts its message to
a specific culture or group of people without
compromising the message
• A way of achieving unity without forcing
• message is more accepted, if adapted to the
culture of the people hearing it
Celebrating the Liturgy
In the Philippines many people celebrate the Misa de Gallo, the Mass of the
rooster, which commemorates the rooster who crowed at midnight when
Jesus was born. In Africa Catholics create music with instruments native to
their own countries.
Different religious traditions
• Posadas are Mexican
celebrations that
portray Mary and
Joseph’s search for a
place to stay. They are
held on each of the nine
nights leading up to
Christmas, from
December 16 to 24th.
Other Christmas Traditions
• "Simbang Gabi" is a
Filipino Christmas
tradition, which is a series
of nine (9) dawn masses.
The mass starts as early
as 4:00 a.m. It begins on
December 16 and ends on
the midnight of the 24th
of December, which is the
midnight mass.
What is the mission of the Church?
• To preach the good news
of salvation to all people
• To teach the total
message of Jesus Christ
• To tell everyone that the
church offers all that is
necessary for salvation
• To proclaim the Good
News of Christ’s teaching
in every age until the end
of the world.
Interreligious Dialogue
*efforts to increase understanding between different religions
Oct. 27, 2011: From left, First Primate of the New Armenian Diocese of France Norvan Zakarian,
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Douglas Williams, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, and Pope
Benedict XVI leave at the end of a peace meeting in the St. Mary of the Angels Basilica, in Santa
Maria degli Angeli, central Italy.
Missionaries: Bringing the Faith to Others
A lay missioner from the
Maryknoll mission organization
Damien who
cared for
the lepers
In Hawaii
Missionaries of Charity, an
order started by Mother
Teresa in India to minister
to the very poor
Unity and Diversity
• Although the Church adapts to the different
cultures and nations of the world, it carefully
guards the message of the Gospels
Divisions in the early Church
• Apostles preached the Good News in the East and
West. The Christians in those areas were later
organized into two dioceses that had their own
ways of worshipping, and developed different
church laws and traditions.
• Roman or Western Rite—Christians in Rome and
nearby areas; Mass in Latin.
• Eastern Rite—Christians in Jerusalem, Antioch
and other places: Mass in native language.
Rift Develops in Church
• In 1054 political and cultural issues led to a split
between the Western and Eastern churches.
Eastern churches are now called Orthodox.
• Some Eastern churches later rejoined the Roman
Catholic Church and they are known as Eastern
Catholic churches. Six major Eastern Catholic
Churches are the Chaldean, Armenian, Coptic,
Byzantine, Syrian, and Maronite.
Byzantine Catholic Church
• longer services that are entirely chanted
without musical instruments
• will see the faithful lighting candles,
venerating the icons, and even infants
receiving Holy Communion
• use leavened bread (not western style hosts)
• different liturgical calendar, and observe many
different rituals.
Eastern & Western Churches
Byzantine Catholic Church
A wall of icons separates the
sanctuary from the rest of the Church
Roman Catholic Church
The sanctuary can be readily seen;
priest faces the parishioners
All Catholic Churches
*essentials are the same for
all Catholic Churches
• Communion with the pope,
the bishop of Rome
• The Fullness of the Gospel
• The Mass
• The sacraments
Continuing the
evangelizing work
of Jesus.
Evangelization—means to
proclaim the Good News of
Jesus Christ.
Pope John Paul II called for a
new evangelization—an effort
to bring back Catholics who
have heard the Good News,
but are indifferent to it.
Recently, Father Robert
Barron created a television
series entitled Catholicism
to help Catholics and nonCatholics learn about the
Catholic Church and the faith.

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