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Scientific Program
Committee (SPC) Meeting
Clement C.Y. Tham, ​BM, BCh, FCOphthHK
Chair, Scientific Program Committee
WOC2018 Barcelona Scientific Program Committee Meeting
October 17, 2016 | AAO 2016 Chicago
WOC2018 Update
Elena Barraquer, MD on behalf of Rafael Barraquer, MD,
WOC2018 President
Rafael Barraquer, MD
Hosted by the
WOC2018 President
Spanish Society of Ophthalmology (SEO)
José Luis Encinas Martín, MD, PhD
Co-hosted by the
SEO President
European Society of Ophthalmology (SOE)
and Spanish Society of Implant-Refractive
Ocular Surgery (SECOIR)
Local Organizing Committee
José Manuel Benitez del Castillo
José Alfonso
Ramon Lorente Moore
Alfonso Arias Puente
José García Arumí
Elena Barraquer
Maribel Canut
José Lamarca
Jeroni Nadal
In Partnership with the
Catalan Society of Ophthalmology (SCO)
and Barraquer Institute (BI)
Social Event: Welcome Reception
- Saturday, June 16
Location: Fira, Hall 8.1
Open to all WOC registrants
Social Event: 5K Walk / Run
- Sunday, June 17
Ticketed event: €35 per person
Social Event: Speakers Reception
- Sunday, June 17
National Art Museum of Catalunya
Speakers Reception (invite-only event)
Social Event: Cultural Night
- Monday, June 18
Location: Poble Espanyol
Cultural Night
Ticketed Event: €95 per person
Fira Gran Via
Hall 7:
Exhibit Hall
Hall 8.0:
Hall 8.1:
Hall 6:
Hall 8.0: Session Rooms
26 rooms with solid airwalls (ranging in size of 100-675 seats) with a
Speaker Ready Room and Storage Room all in 1 location, 1 level.
WOC2018: Introduction to the
Invited Scientific Programs
Clement C.Y. Tham, ​BM, BCh, FCOphthHK
Chair, Scientific Program Committee
Scientific Program Guide
• Your go-to guide for all matters
pertaining to the Scientific
• Program overview with detailed
descriptions on programs,
session formats, volunteer
roles, and important deadline
• Continually updated – please
check back often!
Scientific Program Committee
Clement Tham
Jose Manuel
Benítez del Castillo
Co-Chair (SEO)
Jan Tjeerd de Faber
Co-Chair (SOE)
Polla Roux
Co-Chair (OSSA)
WOC2018 Program Format Development Subcommittee Members
WOC2018 Scientific Invited Program Conveners, Coordinators, & Subspecialty Liaisons
WOC2018 Program Format
Development Subcommittee
Robert Ritch
Karl Golnik
Marko Hawlina
Eduardo Mayorga
Ana Gabriela Palis
Jost Jonas
Sally Atherton
ICO Scientific Program Secretariat
Gwynn Breckenridge
ICO Director of
Jennifer Cooley
ICO Scientific
Program &
Meetings Manager
Eva Woo
ICO Scientific Program
& Meetings
Scientific Program Committee:
New for WOC2018
• Act as the leader for the subspecialty group while also fulfilling the role of a
• Facilitate discussions within the group
• Consider all suggestions from fellow coordinators to shape the subspecialty program
• Work closely with the Subspecialty Liaison to ensure that all program details are
recorded, as necessary
Coordinators for Subspecialty Day Programs
• Same team of Coordinators organizing both the invited subspecialty program and
Subspecialty Day Program, where applicable
• Minimizes content overlap between Subspecialty Day sessions and regular invited
program sessions
Scientific Program Committee:
Your Role as a Coordinator
• You will be one of 5 coordinators, with one person representing each
region of the world: Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle-East/Africa, PanAmerica, and the host country, Spain, respectively. In addition, a
subspecialty liaison will be appointed and will serve as the group’s
• Work closely together with fellow coordinators to select the topics of
greatest importance and relevance to the specific subspecialty area for
the allocated scientific sessions, with as global a perspective as
possible, and with care to avoid unnecessary overlap in content.
Scientific Program Committee:
Your Role as a Coordinator (cont.)
• Work closely together with fellow coordinators to select the most
appropriate session formats:
• In selecting session formats, we should aim to increase the interactions
and exchanges between the program participants and the audience,
making full use of the technical support, including the WOC smartphone
app, that are available on site.
• Nominate 3 chairs per scientific session, who will help organize the session.
• Select each ICO Member Society's session topic from the list that they have
proposed that complements your program.
Scientific Program Committee:
Your Role as a Coordinator (cont.)
Session formats may include:
Instruction courses
Case presentations
Video presentations
‘Hot Topics’ sessions
Other interactive formats that are in development by the Program Format
Development Subcommittee
Scientific Program Committee:
Your Role as a Subspecialty Liaison
• To serve as the main communication channel between the Chair of
the Scientific Program Committee (SPC), and the Coordinators, the
ICO Scientific Program Team.
• To help monitor the progress of the program development, and to
regularly report the progress to the Scientific Program Team
through updating the scientific program software with the session
Scientific Program Committee:
Your Role as a Subspecialty Liaison (cont.)
• To help identify major challenges and difficulties in program
development, and to communicate these to the Chair of the SPC
and the Scientific Program Team as soon as possible.
• Ensure the accuracy of the information in the Scientific Program
• Other secretarial and logistical tasks as deemed necessary during
the program development.
Scientific Program Committee:
Your Role as a Society Session Organizer
Consider the topics of greatest importance and
relevance to your specific society
Submit three possible topics, varying in subject if
possible, for the session, so we can avoid duplication
and select the one that will fit best with the rest of the
scientific program
Provide the topics via the online form by October 18,
2016 :-)
Please ensure that only one person per society
(or joint session) submits the topics, in order to
avoid duplication or confusion
Please be in contact with the Scientific Program
Team if you need the form resent to you
You will be notified of topic selection in December
Overview of WOC2018
Scientific Program
• WOC2018 Scientific Programs June 16 – 19, 2018
• Subspecialty Day Programs on June 16
Overview of WOC2018
Scientific Program
Structure of Scientific Sessions:
4 sessions per day:
08:30 – 10:00
10:30 – 12:00
14:00 – 15:30
16:00 – 17:30
90 minutes per session
3 Chairs + ~ 6 Speakers per session
~ 10 minutes per presentation
WOC2018 Invited Program
Subspecialties & Topics
Cataract and Lens Surgery
Contact Lens and Refraction
Cornea, External Eye
Diseases, and Eye Banking
Evidence-Based Medicine
Eye Care Delivery
Low Vision and Rehabilitation
Ocular Imaging
Ophthalmic Epidemiology
Ophthalmic Oncology
Ophthalmic Pathology
and Microbiology
Ophthalmic Pharmacology
Orbital, Oculoplastic, and
Lacrimal Diseases
Pediatric Ophthalmology and
Refractive Surgery
Visual Sciences
World Forum for Sight
World Forum of Ophthalmological
Journal Editors
World Ophthalmic Education
ICO Special Symposia &
Overview of WOC2018
Scientific Program
Over 200 scientific sessions in 23 key subspecialty and
topic areas
Over 1200 international speakers invited by over 130
Subspecialty Program Coordinators representing all regions
around the world
28 Subspecialty Day Program sessions in 7 major
subspecialties (Cataract, Cornea, Glaucoma, Orbital
and Oculoplastic Surgery, Pediatric Ophthalmology and
Strabismus, Refractive Surgery, and Retina)
Overview of WOC2018
Scientific Program
Over 40 Subspecialty Symposia organized by
member subspecialty societies
Over 20 Co-sponsored Symposia organized by major
supranational, regional, and national member ophthalmological
societies and organizations
Update from Program Format
Development Subcommittee
Eduardo Mayorga, MD, WOC2018 Program Format Development
WOC2018: Introduction to the
Submitted Scientific Program
Martine Jager, MD, PhD, WOC2018 Submitted Program Convener
Scientific Program Committee
Lourdes Arellanes
Coordinator for
Instruction Courses
Anat Loewenstein
Coordinator for
Instruction Courses
Martine Jager
Submitted Program
Jorge Alio
Coordinator for
Submitted Videos
Colin Chan
Coordinator for
Submitted Videos
Submitted Program:
New for WOC2018
Poster ‘Pod’ Presentations
A select number of accepted E-posters
will be put into poster “pods”, and the
presenting author will have an
opportunity to give a short oral
presentation to an audience. These
“pod” presentations will be assigned
locations, dates, and times. This
format is used to provide networking
opportunities and allows presenters to
interact and engage with the audience,
rather than having only static E-poster
stations during the Congress.
Overview of WOC2018
Submitted Program
Submitted free papers, E-posters, instruction
courses, and videos in all major
subspecialty areas (English and Spanish
48 Free Paper sessions (528 presentations)
60 Instruction Courses
Submitted Program:
Subspecialty Topics & Areas
Cataract and Lens Surgery
Ophthalmic Epidemiology
Contact Lens and Refraction
Ophthalmic Oncology
Cornea, External Eye Diseases & Eye
Ophthalmic Pathology and Microbiology
Ophthalmic Pharmacology
Evidence-Based Medicine
Orbital, Oculoplastic, and Lacrimal
Eye Care Delivery
Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus
Refractive Surgery
Journal Editors
Low Vision and Rehabilitation
Visual Sciences
World Forum for Sight
Ocular Imaging
Late Breaking News Symposium
• Recognizing that rapidly
advancing investigations
may include results that
were not available by the
general abstract
submission deadline, the
Late Breaking Abstract
Symposium will highlight
novel and substantive
studies of high impact to
further enrich the WOC.
• Submissions will be
accepted in January 2018.
Scientific Program Committee:
Your Role as a Submitted Program Coordinator
• Work closely with the Convener of the Submitted Program
Subcommittee to design and organize the program you are assigned;
• Identify and solicit suggestions for potential Reviewers with relevant
expertise to objectively review all submitted abstracts;
• Help to organize Awards for authors/presenters;
• Promote the Call for Abstracts and the WOC2018 as widely as possible.
Abstract Review Guidelines
All submissions will be reviewed anonymously by coordinators of the
Submitted Program Subcommittee with the help of the abstract
Submissions will be judged based on the scientific contents and
relevance of the topic. Submissions presenting original ideas in welldesigned studies will be given the highest priority for acceptance.
Each abstract submission will be reviewed by a minimum of 3
Abstract Reviewers
• For WOC2016, we received nearly 2,000 abstract submissions and we
anticipate even more for the WOC2018.
• We are in great need of committed Abstract Reviewers.
• If you would be willing to serve as an Abstract Reviewer or would like to
nominate someone for this role, please contact the Scientific Program
Team at [email protected] Please provide the following
information with your nomination: first name, last name, and email
Abstract Reviewers (cont.)
Will be acknowledged with WOC Certificate & in WOC2018
program book
Excellent for the CV for the younger ophthalmologists!
Stepping stone towards involving more deeply in other ICO / WOC
educational programs & initiatives
We are always looking out for young talents!
Abstract Reviewers (cont.)
Recruitment campaign, please:
‘Sign up’ yourself
Recommend younger ophthalmologists from your country / city /
hospital / university / institute
Recommend candidates from any Fellowship / Leadership
programs (regional or local)
‘Best of’ Awards
Attendees will be able to rate and
"favorite" oral presentations, Eposters, and videos through the
WOC2018 mobile app. Awards will
be given for the following
Best paper presentation in
each free paper session
Top 10 E-poster presentations
Top 10 video presentations
Submitted Program Timeline
September 2016 and ongoing
Collect nominations for abstract reviewers
June 2017
WOC2018 Abstract Submission Guidelines published
August 2017
Abstract submission site opens
October 2017
Reviewers invited and confirmed
December 2017
Abstract submission deadline
January 2018
Late Breaking Abstract submission opens / closes
February 2018
Abstract acceptance/declination notifications sent
March 2018
Abstracts grouped and placed into sessions
March 28, 2018
Presenting Author registration deadline
Developing Educational /
CME Activities
Eugene Pozniak, WOC2018 CME Provider (Siyemi Learning)
WOC2018 Scientific Program
Jennifer Cooley, ICO Scientific Program & Meetings Manager
WOC2018 Scientific Program
Jennifer Cooley, ICO Scientific Program & Meetings Manager
WOC2018 Scientific Program:
Important Dates & Next Steps
Clement C.Y. Tham, ​BM, BCh, FCOphthHK
Chair, Scientific Program Committee
Important Dates & The Next Steps
November 10, 2016
Coordinators sent first instructional email with information regarding
the number of sessions to be organized
December 5, 2016
Coordinators select society-organized session topics
March 31, 2017
Coordinators submit topics online and invitations sent to session
Chairs by Coordinators
April 28, 2017
Session Chairs confirmed and invitations to Speakers sent by Chairs
May 31, 2017
Speakers confirmed for Invited program sessions
June 30, 2017
Individual Speaker topics confirmed and uploaded to software
July 28, 2017
Invited program finalized by subspecialty coordinators
November 1, 2017
Invited Speaker registration deadline
Important Dates & The Next Steps
• Feel free to meet with your fellow coordinators in person here at the AAO
(meeting room is available until 10:30AM)
• Meeting the deadlines will help us with scheduling the sessions quickly, which
means we can give you dates/times for your sessions early so you can book your
tickets early
• Please help to promote the WOC2018 at your local meetings and whenever
possible and invite your colleagues to ‘sign up’ for WOC2018 info:
Email us with any questions:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Discussion at AAO2016 Q&A
Q: How many Submitted Program instruction sessions will be in English and Spanish?
A: With regard to the Submitted Program, that will depend on how many free papers are
submitted in each language. Within the Invited Program, there will be a limited number of
sessions in Spanish.
Q: Will Spanish sessions be translated into English?
A: Simultaneous translation will be offered for a select number of sessions. The number of
sessions presented in Spanish and possibly translated will depend on what is submitted for
both the invited program and free papers.
Q: What is the format of instructional courses?
A: Oral presentations (not skills labs). The Scientific Program Committee is exploring the
feasibility of offering wet labs, however those would be a part of the Invited program.
Q: Will submitted posters would be E-posters or printed posters?
A: E-posters. A select number of accepted E-posters will be put into poster “pods”, and the
presenting author will have an opportunity to give a short oral presentation to an audience.

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