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Master programme
“Art, virtual reality & multi-user systems”
2 rue de la Liberté, 93 526 Saint-Denis Cedex - France
Métro ligne 13 - Saint-Denis Université
© Etudiants Master 1 ATI - 2012
French-Hellenic Master programme
in “Art, virtual reality & multi-user systems”
Opening for application: 20 march
Deadline for application: 5 may
Result for application: 30 june
Beginning of the programme: The 3rd week of September either in France or in Greece
Paris 8 University - France
Athens School of Fine Arts - Greece
Alain Lioret
[email protected]
[email protected]
© Etudiants Master 1 ATI - 2014
Admission criteria
Prerequisite: Bachelor degree in Arts or
Sciences (computer science, technology
training…) or equivalent degree with emphasis
on the fields of new image-processing
technologies and multimedia. Candidates must
be fluent in French or English.
Enrolment: Student selection by application
which includes a digital portfolio of work
showing artistic creativity and technical skills.
Application: Documents required can be
downloaded from
spip.php?article1180 ? and should be submitted
to Paris 8 University, while the digital portfolio
should be submitted per post to both French and
Greek institutions:
Paris 8 University
Secrétariat ATI, office A 079
Département Arts et Technologies de l’Image
2 rue de la liberté
93526 Saint-Denis Cedex - France
Phone: +33 1 49 40 66 04
Fax: +33 1 49 40 66 96
Athens School of Fine Arts
Secretary of Postgraduate Studies
42 Patision st.
106 82 Athens - Greece
Phone: +30 210 3897128
The French-Hellenic Master programme in
Art, virtual reality & multi-users systems is an
international innovative programme, which
aims to provide students with both artistic
and technological in-depth competences in
the field of digital arts.
The post-graduate programme is oriented
to build and strengthen the skills in and the
knowledge on 3D digital images, 3D animation, virtual reality, multiuser virtual spaces,
development of dynamic, real-time artistic
content, 3D modeling based on behavioral
programming, algorithms of artificial life or
artificial intelligent and digital sound.
The training is backed-up on new technologies as teaching methods and artistic experimentation through workshops lead by professionals and academics, as well as distance
learning through a virtual, collaborative and
transnational platform. It enables students to
acquire the necessary skills for collaborative
creation of artworks in online and offline multiuser virtual spaces, as well as to answer the
important development of digital creation and
the diversification of business areas in which
digital arts are used.
Career opportunities
Year 1
1st & 2nd semester
Paris 8 University
History and aesthetics of digital technology; Programming and algorithms
(artificial intelligence); Digital media; Computer graphics; Programming
and algorithms (artificial life); Virtual reality, Interactive installations and
performances; Technology of multi-user networks.
Or Athens School of Fine Arts
History and aesthetics of numerical spaces and networks; Connectable
platforms for interactive works; Digital images; Digital sound; Distance
cooperation platforms; Virtual reality; Scenario, multi-scenario, programming,
interactive arts, use and development of new technologies within online
virtual reality works; Internship.
Year 2
3rd semester
Paris 8 University
Research on 3D animation; Research on virtual reality; programming
and algorithms for artificial intelligence and life; Production and project
management in numerical image and virtual reality; Development and
experiment through sensors and interfaces; Language; preparation to
artistic project on an online platform.
Or Athens School of Fine Arts
Scenario, multi-scenario, programming, interactive arts, use and
development of new technologies within online virtual reality works;
Development platforms for multi-user virtual reality spaces; Mid-term
project; Preparation of the artistic project on an online platform.
4th semester
Paris 8 University or Athens School of Fine Arts
Research on digital art; Research on 3D animation& special effects; Virtual
reality; Development of an artistic project shared on a networking platform;
Final project; Thesis and defense.
The Master programme
aims to enable graduates
to adapt to future digital
developments and to meet
the opportunities in multiple
areas of digital creation: 3D
computer animation, special
effects, video games, and interactive virtual reality / augmented space in multi-user
online interface design, performing arts.
It also provides student with
the opportunity to engage
in academic research, in
Research & Development in
the industry, or to participate
in the creation of innovative
Practical information
Recognition of the study
period abroad:
Student must acquire 120
ECTS at the end of the Master programme, among which
at least 30 ECTS acquired
at Paris 8 University and 30
ECTS acquired at Athens
School of Fine Arts.
Grants: Erasmus.
Languages: French, English.

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