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Rick Coulon, 770-330-1659
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Introducing The Ophthalmic Drug Development Alliance
Biological Test Center, Encompass Pharmaceutical Services, Inc, and PharmOptima, LLC announce a
strategic partnership dedicated to the unique challenges of ophthalmic drug development
Ft. Lauderdale , Florida – May 1, 2010 –Ophthalmic Drug Development Alliance, is a newly formed
strategic partnership between Biological Test Center, Encompass Pharmaceutical Services, Inc, and
PharmOptima, LLC. We are combining forces to offer our customers a full range of ophthalmic drug
discovery and development services such as , pre-clinical efficacy, DM/PK, GLP Safety, and formulation
services from, pre-formulation through scale-up.
When it comes to ophthalmic drug development, we have the expertise to assist in the selection of new
drug candidates or optimization of existing compounds by determining optimal dosage form, drug
delivery vehicle, packaging, and ideal formulation. Our development scientist’s utilize a collaborative
process combining state of the art equipment, highly-qualified staff, decades of experience, novel invitro/in-vivo screening studies , and multi-species model development, to efficiently and effectively
speed ophthalmic drug evaluation and development.
The Ophthalmic Drug Development Alliance will be attending the 2010 ARVO meeting and we are located
in booth’s 111 thru 115.
About PharmOptima:
PharmOptima is a Preclinical Drug Development CRO based Kalamazoo, Michigan, which focuses on in
vivo and in vitro IND enabling and Proof-Of-Concept studies. PharmOptima also has strong expertise in
Ocular Drug Delivery. Specifically, PharmOptima provides consulting and lab services with strong
expertise in Drug Metabolism-Pharmacokinetics (DM&PK), both in vivo & in vitro; ocular PK; specific
preclinical efficacy models; qualitative/quantitative LC-MS-MS; GLP bio-analytical; PK/PD; brain uptake;
and discovery/development “research projects”. PharmOptima offers the full attention of a small
company, rapid study completion and competitive pricing. More information can be found at .
About Encompass Pharmaceutical Services:
Encompass is an Atlanta based CRO which offers a full range of ophthalmic development and formulation
services from pre-formulation through manufacturing scale-up and quality systems. Our services include
pre-clinical support; drug formulation, drug delivery development; analytical method development and
stability testing: clinical supplies and manufacturing support. More information about Encompass can be
found at .
About Biological Test Center:
The Biological Test Center is a pre-clinical contract laboratory specializing in ophthalmic drug and device
development. Services include pharmacokinetic and metabolism studies (radiolabeled and nonradiolabeled; ocular surgeries; toxicology, bio-compatibility, anti- inflammatory and anti-infective drug
studies; retinal and neuro ophthalmic evaluations; corneal studies; and disease models including macular
degeneration and glaucoma. More information about Biological Test Center can be found at .

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