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God or Goddess Wanted/Missing Poster Learning Target • Analyze and apply symbols used in mythology. The Meanings of Words The literal meaning of a word or phrase is expected to be understood exactly as it is stated, while a figurative meaning is one that suggests some idea beyond the literal level. Writers commonly use words and images in a figurative way in literary works to ad depth of meaning. A symbol is a figurative use of an object or image so that it represents something beyond itself. You might think of a symbol as having two meanings: one meaning is literal, and the other is figurative. A flag is literally a piece of cloth with a design; it is symbolic of a nation or clan or state. 1. Colors can be used symbolically in both print and nonprint texts. Think about what these colors represent and brainstorm each color’s symbolic meaning. Color Symbolic Representation Green Gold Red Blue 2. Complete the chart for the god or goddess you are assigned. Conduct research to identify the roles, responsibilities, and symbols of Greek god as well as corresponding gods and goddesses of other cultures. You will share your research with other students in the class to help them complete the chart below. Greek God Responsibility or Role (Roman Name) Zeus (Jupiter or Jove) Poseidon (Neptune) Symbolism Representing God (Object/Action/Color) Similar Gods from Other Cultures Hades (Pluto) Hera (Juno) Ares (Mars) Artemis (Diana) Athena/Athene (Minerva) Demeter (Ceres) Aphrodite (Venus) 3. Working with a partner, select one of the gods or goddesses from the chart above. Conduct further research in order to create a “Missing” or “Wanted” poster for him or her. Include the following information on your poster: Name: Age: Also Known As: Would this god be considered just missing or wanted for a crime? (use this heading at the top of your poster) His or Her Role Last known location Physical description Significant actions/crimes Presumed dangerous? Why? What are they most known for? Known associates (who they love or hang out with) Additional information/distinguishing features Symbols (include images) 4. On your own, use the information from the chart to create your own Missing/Wanted Poster in Notability. Include a picture of the god or goddess on your Missing/Wanted poster. This can be a picture you drew or found on the internet (make sure to cite your source for your picture). 5. When you are done with your poster, submit it into Canvas. 

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