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Distributed Database Systems
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu and Patrick Valduriez
Distributed DBMS Architecture
Distributed Database Design (Briefly)
Distributed Query Processing (Briefly)
Distributed Transaction Management
Building Distributed Database Systems (RAID)
Mobile Database Systems
Privacy, Trust, and Authentication
Peer to Peer Systems
Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.2
Instructor Introduction
Bharat Bhargava
Professor of Computer Sciences, Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907
Phone: 765-494-6013, Email: [email protected]
Bharat Bhargava is a professor of the Department of Computer Science with a
courtesy appointment in the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering at
Purdue University. Professor Bhargava is conducting research in security and
privacy issues in distributed systems. This involves host authentication and
key management, secure routing and dealing with malicious hosts, adaptability
to attacks, and experimental studies. Related research is in formalizing
evidence, trust, and fraud. Applications in e-commerce and transportation
security are being tested in a prototype system. Based on his research in
reliability, he is studying vulnerabilities in systems to assess threats to large
organizations. He has developed techniques to avoid threats that can lead to
operational failures. The research has direct impact on nuclear waste transport,
bio-security, disaster management, and homeland security. These ideas and
scientific principles are being applied to the building of peer-to- peer systems,
cellular assisted mobile ad hoc networks, and to the monitoring of QoS-enabled
network domains.
Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.3
Instructor Introduction
In the 1988 IEEE Data Engineering Conference, he and John Riedl received the
best paper award for their work on "A Model for Adaptable Systems for
Transaction Processing." Professor Bhargava is a Fellow of the Institute of
Electrical and Electronics Engineers and of the Institute of Electronics and
Telecommunication Engineers. In 1999, he received the IEEE Technical
Achievement Award for a major impact of his decade long contributions to
foundations of adaptability in communication and distributed systems. He
has been awarded the charter Gold Core Member distinction by the IEEE
Computer Society for his distinguished service. He received Outstanding
Instructor Awards from the Purdue chapter of the ACM in 1996 and 1998. He
has graduated the largest number of Ph.D students in CS department and is
active in supporting/mentoring minority students. In 2003, he was inducted
in the Purdue's Book of Great Teachers.
He serves on seven editorial boards of international journals. He also serves the
IEEE Computer Society on Technical Achievement award and Fellow
committees. Professor Bhargava is the founder of the IEEE Symposium on
Reliable and Distributed Systems, IEEE conference on Digital Library, and
the ACM Conference on Information and Knowledge Management.
For details please see http://www.cs.purdue.edu/people/bb
Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.4
Course Introduction
This course will deal with the fundamental issues in
large distributed systems which are motivated by the
computer networking and distribution of processors,
and control. The theory, design, implementation, and
performance of large systems will be discussed.
Concurrency, Consistency, Integrity, Reliability,
Privacy, and Security in distributed systems will be
Advanced features of the course include research
related to Mobile Data Management, Streaming
databases, and Peer to Peer systems.
Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.5
Most of the slides are taken from
based on the main textbook by Tamer Oszu and
Patrick Valduriez
Some slides have been excluded from various chapters
Some slides have been updated by Prof. Bhargava
Some slides have been prepared by Prof. Bhargava
Some slides are based on research papers that are
available at the website as reading materials
Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.6
Reading materials
 Principles of Distributed Database Systems, Prentice Hall, Tamer
Oszu and Patrick Valduriez (Maint Text)
 Concurrency Control and Reliability in Distributed Systems, Van
Nostrand and Reinhold Publishers, Bharat Bhargava (Ed.), 1987 (Out
of Print)
 Transaction Processing: Concepts and Techniques, Morgan
Kaufmann, Jim Gray and Andreas Reuter, 1992.
Supplemental Textbook
 Principles of Database Systems. Computer Science Press, Rockville, J.
D. Ullman, 1982
Research papers
 From the reading list on the course web page
Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.7
Assignments and Grading Policy
Non programming assignments: 4 (every 2-3 weeks: 20% of
Mid Term and Final Exams: 2 (20% of grade each)
Project: 30% of grade
Class contributions: 10% of grade
> 94% = A, 90-93% = ASame scale for B and C grade.
If you do not do any part of the project or home works or score
less than 75%, a C grade is possible.
To pass the qualifier, a grade of A- in class and 80% in qualifier
questions is expected.
Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.8
Distributed Database
Computer network (communication system)
Database systems
Users (programs, transactions)
Distributed INGRES (UC-Berkley)
SDD-1 (Computer Corporation of America)
DB2 and System R* (IBM)
RAID (Purdue)
Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.9
Distributed Database Systems
Computer Networks:
User Interaction:
Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.10
Fundamental References
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McGraw Hill, 1984.
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Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.11
Fundamental References (see Website)
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Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.12
Fundamental References (cont’d)
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Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.13
Fundamental References (cont’d)
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Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.14
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Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.15
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Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.16
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Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.17
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Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.18
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Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.19
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Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.20
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Distributed DBMS
© 2001 M. Tamer Özsu & Patrick Valduriez
Page 0.21

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