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Student Paper/Posters 2015
Capes Foyer, Ocean Grand Foyer & Cape Henry I
Preview 12pm – 1pm (all posters set up by 12pm)
Poster session 1-2pm (presenters available)
1. Alexis Anderson, Dewey Cornell, Chelsea Goforth, University of Virginia, Bullying in Virginia High Schools: Grade and Gender
2. Julisha Batieste, Vernessa Clark, Shedrick McCall, Virginia State University, The Relationship Between Spirituality and Depression
in African American College Students
3. Megan Baxter, Christina Sheerin, Ananda Amstadter, Scott McDonald, Virginia Commonwealth University, Comparing the
Relationship Between Types of Social Support and Depression in Two Different Trauma Exposed Cohorts
4. Justine Bean, Ferrum College, Does Sexual Education Affect the Number of Sexual Relationships One Has?
5. Kacie Bornheimer, David Deck, Monet Harris, Jessica Ostrowski-Wright, Christina Park, Janice, Yahner, Hunter Greer, James
Madison University, Factors Associated with Minor Delinquency in Adolescent Males
6. Curtis Brown, Evan Nicely, Breana Miller, Molly Coleman, Brittany Kersey, Bridgewater College, Theory-Based Reasoning
Differentiates Entity vs. Incremental Beliefs about Athletic Ability
7. Brianne Cork, Virginia Wesleyan College, A Study of the Relationship between Religious Salience, Forgiveness Motivations, and Life
8. Angela Cross, Monica Scott, Brooke Schaab, Old Dominion University, Toys: Are They Gender Specific?
9. Brady Dailey, Mariah Hawes, Allison Isrin, Erin Lee, Kit Ying Chan, James Madison University, Studying Perceptual Adaptation to
Foreign Accents in a Classroom Setting: Whether Learning is Generalizable across Speakers, Accents, and Words.
Student Paper/Posters 2015
10. Jacquelin Darby, Leah DeGrandis, Anne Heflin, The American School of Professional Psychology, Examining Drug Attitudes and
Perceived Stigma in Rural Appalachia
11. Amelia Dodson, Virginia Wesleyan College, Mindfulness: Impacts of Health and Study Habits
12. Brent Elliott, Carissa Dwiwardani, Regent University, Evaluating the Value of Tracking the Therapeutic Alliance in a University
Training Clinic
13. Daniel Friesen, Eastern Mennonite University, The Effects of Religiosity on Moral Decision Making in Pressured Dilemmas
14. Jonathan Hall, Kate D'Amica, Claire Gallagher, Ben Swaim, Ashton Trice, James Madison University, Emotional Regulation by
Movie Use
15. Ryan Harting, Kaitlin Fitzgerald, Emily Oliver, Savannah Moxley, Hunter Kelly, Alan, Yablonski, Chris Dietrick, James Madison
University, Strengthening the Injunctive Norm Against Phone-Related Distracted Driving
16. Judith Johnson, Alicia Brown, Julian Heath, Caitlin Million, Aleksandra Wantke, Alicia, Boyd, Tiffany Channing, Regent University,
A Single Case Study with Replication of a Health Behavior Change Group
17. Bre'yn Kelly, Morgan Prothero, Tyler Mason, Robin Lewis, Old Dominion University, Relationship Status, Minority Stress, Alcohol
Use, and Intimate Partner Violence among Lesbians
18. Anna Lacy, Rebecca McCallister, Allison Piotrowski, Jaime Kurtz, James Madison University, Why Do We Travel? Extraversion and
Openness Relate to Specific Travel Motives
19. Ashley Leary, Tranese Morgan, Melissa Hunter, Bethany Gilstrap, Regent University, Elder Identity
20. Ashley Leary, Bethany Gilstrap, Melissa Hunter, Regent University, Behavioral Interventions and Mild Cognitive Impairment
21. Maria Leatherwood, Liberty University, Smart & Stressed: Student Locus of Control and Stress
Student Paper/Posters 2015
22. Ashley Linden-Carmichael, Nicole Ricketts, Kacy Amory, Cathy Lau-Barraco, Old Dominion University, Perceived Behavioral
Control as a Moderator of Anxiety Symptoms and Alcohol Consumption
23. Shakira Miles, Vernessa Clark, Virginia State University, The Ability of Eating Habits to Predict Cardiovascular Reactivity to Stress
24. Caitlin Million, Aryssa Washington, Candyce Burke, Cassandra Page, Regent University, Youth in the Foster Care System:
Resilience and Program Impact
25. Tranese Morgan, Olya Zaporozhets, Emma Bucher, Mark Yarhouse, Barrett McRay, Regent University, Youth Minister's Attitudes
Toward and Experiences with Sexual Minorities: A Quantitative Analysis
26. Somer Muhs, Natalie Riebel, Chelsea Lamb, Gabby Thomas, Lauren Crandall, Joel, Bates, Liberty University, "But He's So Old": An
Investigation into Factors that Influence Ageist Attitudes among College Students
27. Danielle Novak, Lauren Shier, Alexandra Smyth, Joseph Strasshofer, Caleb Suddreth, Liberty University, The Effectiveness of
Cognitive Bias Modification Training on Various Anxiety Disorders
28. Kayte Oard, Samantha Powell, Olivia Shrader, Dylan Kitley, James Madison University, Does Smart Phone Use Affect Memory
29. Angelina Pardini, Eastern Mennonite University, Do You Know What You Know? Predicting and Postdicting Memory Quality
30. Melinda Potts, Leia Thomas, Matt Campbell, Angel Hopkins, Denton Warburton, James Madison University, Correlates of
Sustained Attention in Reading
31. Laurin Roberts, James Paulson, Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology, Biphobia in the Heterosexual Community:
Examining the Factors Related to Negative Attitudes toward Bisexuality and Bisexual Individuals.
32. Samuel Robinson, Zechariah Robinson, Grace Herrick, Kelly Harrison, Virginia Tech, Ostracizing the Old: Understanding Negative
Attitudes toward the Elderly
Student Paper/Posters 2015
33. Zechariah Robinson, Ryan Smith, Samuel Robinson, Brian Doyle, Virginia Tech, Trick or Drink: Understanding “Alcoholidays” and
the Perils of Excessive College Drinking
34. Persephone Rogers, Vernessa R. Clark , Shedrick McCall , Virginia State University, The Effects of Gender on Depression and Math
35. Nicole Scott, Jennifer Ripley, Tiffany Channing, Amber Perkins, Regent University, Influence of Race/Ethnicity on Relationship
Satisfaction in Hope-Focused Couple Therapy (HFCT)
36. Brittany Sehenuk, Eastern Mennonite University, Cuteness Aggression
37. Emily Shank, Eastern Mennonite University, Bodies Reclaimed: Decision-Making Factors in Undergoing Breast Reconstruction
38. Ben Shrewsberry, Brandy Dinklocker, Brandon Poff, Bridgewater College, Multiple Perspectives on Implicit Beliefs about
Intellectual Ability and Performance
39. Geena Stallard, Lynchburg College, The Impact of Severity of Crime and Appearance on Desire for Social Distance
40. Amy Stamates, Cathy Lau-Barraco, Tatiana Benton, Old Dominion University, Concurrent Substance Use Patterns and
Psychological Functioning among Nonstudent Emerging Adults
41. Jia Steiner, Eastern Mennonite University, Enclothed Cognition
42. Michelle Thirkield, Lynchburg College, The Impact of Perception of Past Self-Harming Behaviors and Sex on Perceived Competence
and Stability
43. Cheryl Welch, Erik Simmons, Demitra Bivens, Jamie Erlemeier, Jaime Klingenberg, Alexis, Morse, Jaime Kurtz, James Madison
University, A Familiar Roommate Is Related to Enhanced Satisfaction at the Beginning of College
44. Jay Wiles, Erik Lohmann, Nathaniel Rhoad, Regent University, Lapse/Relapse Safety Plan Curriculum for Psychiatric Inpatient
Student Paper/Posters 2015
45. Jenny Wilkins, Virginia Wesleyan College, Body Image, Eating Attitudes, and Pressure on Female College Students
46. Montel Williams, Vernessa R. Clark Virginia State University, The Ability of Perceived Stress and Math Anxiety to Predict
Cardiovascular Reactivity to a Math Test
47. Alan Yablonski, Hunter Kelly, Ryan Harting, Kaitlin Fitzgerald, Christopher Deitrick, Savannah, Moxley, Emily Oliver, James
Madison University, Who Texts and Drives? The Relationship Between Phone-Related Distracted Driving and Psychological Traits
Session 1
Cape Fear
Rachael Dearborn, Cierra Everette, M.
Sarah Phillips, Siara Rouzer, A rodent
aquathlon: A comparison of positivelyreinforced running and negativelyreinforced swimming in the production of
behavioral variability, UMW
Emma Leheney, Katherine Miller, Brittany
Simmons, Alesha Ballman, Laura Wilson,
Effects of acknowledgement status on posttrauma functioning in rape survivors,
Jensen Hoover, Heather Funk, The
Polarization of Politics: Are There
Physiological Differences Between Liberals
and Conservatives? Randolph
Sarah Snyder, Byron Greenberg, Clifton
Gibbons, Job Related Stress In Teachers,
Cape Lookout
Cape Henry II
Kelsey Toney, Ryan Smith, Margaret
Dassira, The Impact of Repeated
Breathalyzer Feedback: A Longitudinal
Study, VT
Phoebe Hitson, Barbara Winstead, A Romance Narrative
with Alternatives: An Approach for Exploring the Impact
of Relationship Investment on Unwanted Pursuit, ODU
Suzana Pratt, Ryan Smith, Alexandra
Bazdar, How Drunk is Your Designated
Driver? The Ability of College Students to
Estimate Their Driver's Level of
Intoxication, VT
Elizabeth Carroll, Sara Edwards, Kimberly
Flores, Katie Lebling, Claire Merenda,
Child Characteristics and Intensive
Parenting Attitudes, UMW
Lyndsay Greene, Sense of Self in College
Aged Women, Lynchburg
Forrest Ansell, Grant Barkley, Caroline Conklin, Spiritual
Attitudes and Values in Young Children, Liberty
Emily Armstrong, Sarina Wills, Abigail Long, Kyle
Kennedy, Brittane Dodwell, Testing a Model of Mindful
Parenting: Implications for Parent-level Outcomes,
Lisa Whitfield, Carissa Dwiwardani, Do Narcissistic or
Humble People Use Facebook Differently? Exploring the
Relationship Between Facebook Intensity, Narcissism, and
Dispositional Humility, Regent
Student Paper/Posters 2015
Session 2
Cape Fear
Cape Lookout
Rachel Scott, Angie Dahl, Trials and
Triumph: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,
Transgender, Queer Young Adults Growing
Up in a Rural Community, Ferrum
Alexandra Bazdar, Suzana Pratt, Ryan
Smith, Alcohol Intoxication and Its
Influence on Perceptions of Sexual Assault,
Nicole Capriola, Kelsey Toney, E. Scott
Geller, Associations Between Social Anxiety
and Alcohol Consumption Within Drinking
Groups: An Investigative Field Study, VT
Emily Richards, Jordan Clinkenbeard,
Ashlie Hughes, The Influence of Pro Social
Behavior on Children's Deception,
Jordan Stellmacher, Effects of Parental Divorce on
Children as Young Adults, VWC
Jordan Bailey, Celestin Kabamba,
Personality and Exercise Intensity in Team
and Individual Sport Athletes, Randolph
Courtney Jones, The Influence of Source Credibility and
Contextual Support on Interpretation of Misinformation,
Maggie Baxter, Janine Crossman, Sara
Hickey, Kathryn Tsagronis, Christine
McBride, Curbing the Stress Eater's
Appetite: Can Mindfulness Prevent Eating
Under Stress?, UMW
Julia Smith, Celeste Kelly, Katlyn Baines,
Kathleen Adragna, What Are You Lookin’
At? The Relationship Between Sexualized
Appearance and Perceptions of Electability
and Competence, UMW
Briana Walls, Factors that Influence Perception of Others,
Grace-Anna Chaney, Harley Brown,
LeeQuan McLaurin, Jonathan Reynolds,
Monica Elder, Emily Armstrong, The
Prevalence of Sugar Addiction and Family
History of Substance Abuse, Liberty
Cape Henry II
Lavender Williams, Is That Feminism I Hear? Lynchburg
Student Paper/Posters 2015
Session 3
Session 4
Cape Fear
Cape Lookout
Cape Henry II
Neomelani Gangi, Britta Grim, Katelyn
Hedrick, Gabriela Lopez, Steve Hampton,
The Effect of Attractiveness on Race
Classification of Very Briefly Presented
Faces, UMW
Brittany Simmons, Alesha Ballman, Emma
Leheney, Katherine Miller, Laura Wilson,
Effects of gender on outsider perceptions of
sexual assault, UMW
Margaret Dassira, Nicole Capriola, Ryan
Smith, What Would You Do?: How Alcohol
Intoxication Impacts Bystander
Intervention, VT
Andrew Collmus, Richard Landers, Game
Narrative in Personality Assessment:
Development of a Scale, ODU
Anna Vandevender, Lara Barbir, Tracy Cohn, Social
Contact, Attitudes, and Behavioral Intentions Toward
Transgender Individuals: Is There an Additive Effect?,
Ralitsa Maduro, James Paulson,
Understanding the Determinants of
Parental Decision-Making and Harsh
Parenting Behavior, ODU
Tiandre Forde, Brandi Pennix, Gender
Differences in College Mate Preference: A
Comparison Study Across Generations,
Kristen Capps, Celeste Showers Sulc,
William Sisco, Self-Reflection Through a
Developmental Lens, Adelphi
Diep "Penny" Trieu, Modes of Social
Network Sites: Usage and Narcissism,
Stephen Casazza, Emily Ludwig, Tracy Cohn,
Heterosexual Attitudes and Behavioral Intentions Toward
Bisexual Individuals: Does Rurality/Urbanicity Make a
Difference?, Radford
Savannah Moxley, Emily Oliver, Alan Yablonski, Hunter
Kelly, Ryan Harting, Kaitlin Fitzgerald, Christopher
Deitrick, Harnessing the Power of Normative Social
Influence: Reducing Phone-Related Distracted Driving on
a College Campus, JMU
Hunter Kelly, Christopher Deitrick, Savannah Moxley,
Emily Oliver, Alan Yablonski, Kaitlin Fitzgerald, Ryan
Harting, Using the Induced Hypocrisy Paradigm to Reduce
Phone-Related Distracted Driving in the Field, JMU
Cape Fear
Tamika Satterwhite, Should Capital
Punishment be Abolished for Juveniles?
Brynn Sheehan, Cathy Lau-Barraco, A
Review of a Conceptual Model of Alcoholrelated Aggression and Ego Depletion,
Cape Lookout
Cape Henry II
Veronica Boyd, Jocelyn Edwards, Charlotte
Owens, Turner Sheehan, Debra Steckler,
To Tat or Not To Tat: Perceptions of
Tattooed and Non-Tattooed Faces, UMW
Kathleen Adragna, Katlyn Baines, Celeste
Kelly, Julia Smith, Erotic Capital? The
Relationship Between Sexualization and
Leadership, UMW
Christopher Hollingsworth, The Effects of Chronotype and
Time of Day on Ethical Decision Making, Randolph

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