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Hematologic Malignancies Clinical Trials
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Randomized Trial Testing a Probiotic Enteric
Regimen (Randomized PERFECT Trial)
The study aims to:
Determine if allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell
transplant patients treated with a probiotic containing
diet compared to those not assigned to receive probiotic
have a lower incidence of grade 1 upper GI or grade 2-4
lower GI acute GVHD using CIBMTR scoring than those
not prescribed a probiotic.
Rajat Bannerji,
MD, PhD,
is a hematologist/
oncologist specializing
in the evaluation and
treatment of chronic
leukemias and
lymphomas and a
member of the
Blood and Marrow
Transplant Program.
Contact Dr. Bannerji:
[email protected]
Clinical Trial
Drug Highlighted
at ASCO Available
at the Cancer
Institute of New
Randomized, Phase II
Study of MK-3475
versus Chemotherapy
in Patients with
Advanced Melanoma
The purpose of this
study is to compare
the overall response
rate by week 12,
progression-freesurvival and overall
survival of MK-3475
versus standard
Determine if allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell
transplant patients treated with a probiotic-containing
diet compared to those not assigned to receive a
probiotic have (a) lower rate of organ-specific GVHD; (b)
lower rate of moderate to severe chronic GVHD at 6
months and 1 year post transplant; (c) shorter duration
of immunosuppressive therapy; (d) lower rate of
bacterial and/or opportunistic infection.
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ECOG E2408: Three Bendamustine-Rituximabbased Combinations in Follicular Lymphoma
The study aims to:
Compare the complete remission rate of BendamustineRituximab (BR) versus Rituximab versus Bortezomib-BR
(BVR) as induction therapy.
Compare the one-year post-induction disease-free
survival rate with rituximab plus lenalidomide to
rituximab alone as continuation therapy.
Determine the three-year progression-free survival and
the five-year overall survival with BR, BVR, lenalidomide
plus rituximab, and rituximab alone.
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Phase II Study of Nuclear Factor-kappa B
Inhibition During Induction Chemotherapy for
versus standard
chemotherapy in
patients with
advanced melanoma.
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this clinical trial
The study aims to:
Determine temporal changes in leukemic cell nuclear NFkB activity when salicylate is administered to patients
with AML during induction chemotherapy.
Determine toxicities associated with administration of
salicylate in the setting of induction chemotherapy.
Other Available
Determine if salicylate alters the expression of NF-kb
regulated genes in AML cells.
Determine if NF-kB modulation by salicylate alters AML
chemotherapy drug efflux.
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Phase I
COG-AALL0434: Nelarabine in Children and
Young Adults with Newly Diagnosed T Cell
ALL or T Cell NHL
The study aims to:
Determine, through randomization, the relative
safety and efficacy of the addition of Nelarabine
(Compound 506U78) to augmented BFM therapy
(Regimen C, CCG-1961).
Determine the relative safety and efficacy of high
dose methotrexate (5gm/m2) with leucovorin rescue
compared to escalating methotrexate without leucovorin
rescue plus PEG-Asparaginase (Capizzi I) delivered
during Interim Maintenance.
Determine the relative safety and efficacy of withholding
radiation in patients with low risk T-ALL, while treating
intermediate and high-risk patients with 1200 cGy of
prophylactic cranial radiation.
Learn more about this trial
As New Jersey's only National Cancer
Institute-designated Comprehensive
Cancer Center, the Cancer Institute of
New Jersey offers patients access to
treatment options not available at other
institutions within the state. The Cancer
Institute of New Jersey currently enrolls
approximately 17 percent of all new adult
cancer patients and approximately 70
percent of all pediatric cancer patients
onto a clinical trial. Enrollment in these
studies nationwide is fewer than five percent of all adult cancer
patients. Learn more
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