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Uninterruptible Power Systems &
Power Conversion Products
Total Tailored Solutions for
Military, Industrial & Commercial
Made in the USA
1746 North Saint Thomas Circle, Orange, California 92865
PH 714.921.1580 • FX 714.921.4023
[email protected] •
Excellence in Providing Rugged, Reliable
Solutions for Harsh Environments
Made in the USA
IntelliPower, Inc., located in Orange, California, has been designing and manufacturing cost effective Uninterruptible
Power Systems (UPS) and power conversion solutions to protect mission-critical applications since 1988. IntelliPower’s
Digital Technology Double Conversion On-Line Solutions offer flexible features, modular configurability and cost effective
customization support to exactly fit customer applications.
IntelliPower’s Double Conversion On-Line UPS, Power Conditioners and Frequency / Voltage converter solutions utilize
digitally controlled UPS high efficiency power switching technology that has been proven over many years. IntelliPower’s in
house developed proprietary circuit design, DSP firmware/software technology and wide range of enclosure designs give
IntelliPower the unmatched capabilities to deliver expert support and configurable solutions.
Our rugged power products meet the most demanding environmental & functional requirements:
Environmental requirements include:
Extreme high and low operating temperatures
High shock and vibration
Adherence to any MIL-STDs
Functional requirements include:
Sealed weatherproof UPSs
Galvanic isolation
Global AC input / output voltages
Multiple voltages / frequencies for inputs and outputs
Single or 3-phase inputs
DC voltage inputs / outputs
Extended battery run times
Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries
Additional options available
We have been providing power protection solutions to the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard, as well as to
industrial and mission critical commercial customers for over 25 years. For information on how to configure solutions for your
power applications, visit and call us at 714.921.1580
Major Defense Programs
Army / DoD Common Hardware Systems (CHS-3 & CHS-4)
USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier (CVN-70)
USS Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier (CVN-78)
USS Harry S. Truman Aircraft Carrier (CVN-75)
Navy Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) & High Speed Vessel (HSV)
Navy Fire Scout (Unmanned Autonomous Helicopter)
Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program (SEWIP I, II, III)
Navy DDG-51 Class Destroyers (RCS)
Marines Data Distribution Systems - Modular (DDS-M)
Army PM Battle Command (PMBC) & Army TBC
Army DCGS-A / Army SGS / Army DDTC
Army JNN WIN-T Inc. 1 & Inc. 2
Navair UAV Open Platform / Scan Eagle UAV / Cruiser UAV
Air Force EC-130 Compass Call
Predator UAV / FUSE UAV
Joint Forces Firebird UAV (Manned & Unmanned)
HALE High Altitude Long Endurance UAV
SPAWAR / Marines IAS FoS
Joint Strike Fighter F-35-JSF
Marines LAV 2 / Marines DCGS-MC
Shadow UAV
Industrial & Commercial Applications
Oil Field Exploration & Production
Off Shore Platforms
Oil & Gas Pipelines
Transportation - Toll Roads
Roadside Power Cabinets
Satellite Communications
Wind Turbines / Solar Farms
Medical Diagnostics
Factory Automation
Railway Power Systems
Broadcast Vehicles
Water Treatment Systems
Semi Conductor Equipment
[email protected] • 714.921.1580 •
Military, Industrial & Mission Critical Commercial
Applications & Solutions
When you need reliable continuous power, IntelliPower has solutions to meet your needs. Configured to fit
your application, IntelliPower’s product solutions are dependable and ready for work in your environment
upon delivery.
We can meet all MIL-Standards including 461,810,167,1399, 901D, 704, and 464.
Sizes range from 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U up to 8U & Free Standing Tower Configurations.
Complete Rugged Weatherproof Sealed Systems meeting IP65 are also available.
Uninterruptible Power Systems
IntelliPower uses our propriety modular building blocks to provide you the exact UPS solutions you
require at a cost your program can afford. This means you get a cost effective rugged solution that
meets all of your requirements.
Specifications and Options
250 Watts to 6KW Double Conversion On-Line
AC and DC Inputs and Outputs
Global AC Inputs
Single and 3-Phase Inputs 115 to 440VAC
50, 60 and 400Hz
Isolated and Non-Isolated Options
Hot-Swap Batteries
Power Factor Correction
RS-232, SNMP, Monitoring/Control
Extended Battery Runtimes
Sealed to IP65/NEMA-4
Rack Mount or Free Standing Models
Extreme operating ranges (-40C to +70C)
Frequency & Power Converters/Conditioners
Our Frequency & Power Converters meet the most stringent requirements for Military and
Industrial applications.
250 Watts to 6KW
Double Conversion On-Line
120/230/440 VAC Input
Global AC Inputs
Single and 3-Phase Inputs
Power Conditioning
50, 60 and 400Hz
Galvanic Isolation or Non-Isolated
Power Factor Correction
Sealed to IP65/NEMA-4
Rack or Free Standing Models
DC to AC Inverters
250 Watts to 6KW
Isolated or Non-Isolated
Various DC Inputs
Sealed to IP65/NEMA-4
115 - 240V Output
Power Conditioning
Rack or Free Standing Models
Other Products
Other Features
Power Distribution Units
Intelligent PDU’s
Custom Solutions
Power & Surge Strips
RS232 & SNMP Communications
Auto Shutdown Software
Custom Controls
Transit Cases
[email protected] • 714.921.1580 •
We Have the Solutions to
Satisfy Your Needs
Made in the USA
IntelliPower’s ability to design and configure quickly is based on using our standard proprietary subassemblies that
go into variations of our power systems as required. Our product configurator tools and application engineers allow
you to easily define your requirements and obtain your proposal for solutions that exactly meet your needs.
Contact IntelliPower for additional requirements & features as needed.
[email protected] • 714.921.1580 •
Customer Satisfaction
When you are looking for a COTS or modified solution for your rugged critical power applications, you can
depend on IntelliPower’s responsive Team including Management, Applications Engineers & Field Reps that
can provide and support the power system at a cost your program or project can afford. The IntelliPower
Team provides solutions from concept to delivery. Our technical teams deliver total support including design
analysis, engineering concept trade off reviews and project management when the scope requires these
services. Our systems meet the most stringent military and industrial applications.
Unlike competitors, who offer limited re-packaged commercial products manufactured overseas, IntelliPower
offers configured Rugged COTS, modified COTS or custom solutions that are designed, manufactured and
tested to meet your needs, including MIL-Standards and are completely built in the USA. Customers come to
IntelliPower when they want world class solutions including high reliability in harsh environments. IntelliPower is
committed to customer satisfaction by delivering power system solutions and services that meet or exceed
customer requirements through design innovation and continuous improvements.
The Ultimate in On-Line UPS Technology
1746 North Saint Thomas Circle, Orange, California 92865
PH 714.921.1580 • FX 714.921.4023
[email protected] •

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