A career in Customs brokerage

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Starting off a new career or Considering a change?
When people start thinking about their lives coming out of school, it never
occurs to them exactly what they want to do. Today we are going to focus on a
career that is fulfilling and rewarding. Custom brokers are essentially the back
bone of the freight and shipping world. Yes you heard me right. The
responsibility they carry can be that of an accountant or a solicitor. The prestige
and reward also accompany that responsibility.
What does a customs broker do?
A customs broker is just like an accountant. An importer or exporter liaises
through a customs broker who help them with documentation, customs acts /
regulations, permits and other necessary workings of importing their goods in
that certain country. Custom brokers generally need to be able to understand the
customs legislation not only the domestic level but adhere also to the findings of
the world trade organisation. The WTO has a list of classifications that is used
when classifying the product being imported or exported into the country. Just
think of a product code. This career can lead to a very prosperous outcome, but
it requires hard work and a considerable amount of work experience and study.
How can you start your studying?
The first thing for you to dive into the world of customs formalities and
litigations is to get a foot in the door with a reputable firm. You don’t have to
highly educated and you can start as a simple customs clerk. You would be
practicing how to read documentation such as airway bills , bills of lading ,
commercial invoices etc. There is currently only limited training offered to
aspiring custom brokers in Australia let alone Sydney. Custom broker Sydney
and Melbourne training centres started popping up first. The next was Brisbane
and South Australia to get some sort of a training centre through Tafe. This has
grown though through the advancement of the internet. Students can now log
into an interface created by the training centre and start online learning. This is
great for students who were from rural cities.
How long to complete studies ?
A customs brokers training would mainly have to be about 5-10 years of
consistent full time work , and part time studying at a Tafe or college that is
certified by the government. Currently in Australia customs requires that every
student before obtaining their license apply to be interviewed by a panel. The
panel will check to see if the future broker is ready to take on his
responsibilities. The student would also be required to submit a reference from
their employer and certification that they have completed the course.
Tips for future Custom Brokers
Future brokers should always consider their clients. Customs broker Sydney
and nationally have started to rely mostly on email confirmations from their
clients, without properly identifying if the client is aware of the risks involved
in imported goods. Compliance is mandatory for custom brokers and to ensure
a lengthy long term employment, always ensure that there are no run-ins with
the law. If you have any sort of criminal history you will be out before you even
got a foot in the door.

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