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Gemstones have played a significant role in
people’s lives from the day this world has started.
Many of us believe there will be some good or bad
effect take place due to the colored gemstone. It is
not completely wrong or not completely right.
Therefore birthstone also carried crucial
importance basically birthstone represent birth
month of any person. It is thought that birthstone
contained special powers and certain effects and
people like wearing the gem which denoted their
birth month.
Also, birthstone colors by month have substantial importance; people like to give
gift birthstone colors by month to their loved ones according to their birth month.
Do you know which birthstone represents your birth month? Then do read this
article till theend.
We compiled up a list of birthstones for all months, and it can even help you to
know where to buy gemstones and which semi precious gemstones are good to
Birthstones for all months
 January
Birthstone for January is garnet, and it is safety symbol and provides safety
during travel.
 February
Amethyst is the birthstone for February. Metaphysically it is best to strengthen
relationships and also offer great courage with positivity. Royal people love to
wear this precious gem also ancient Greeks have faith that this crystal guard
against intoxication.
 March
Aquamarine gemstone is the birthstone of month March and is thought to cure
liver, heart and stomach diseases. To get aquamarine birthstone month you
can check online stores.
 April
Dazzling and beautiful diamond is the birthstone of April. This gem symbolizes
eternal love, positive courage, and hope. It directsthe light of hope and courage
 May
The birthstone of May is genuine emerald; the popular ancient queen
Cleopatra loved this gemstone. This birthstone has long been linked with the
properties like rebirth, love, and fertility. Nowadays it is thought and signifies
growth, wisdom, and tolerance.
 June
June holds pearl as the birthstone, which is best to symbolize purity. According
to ancient Greek pearl was the solid drop of their goddess of love.
 July
Beautiful and mesmerizing ruby is the stone for July. Some people believed it
protect thewearer against theevil power. Also, the deep dark red color of this
gemstone signifies passionate love and eternal love.
 August
Birthstone for Augustis signified strength and power. Sometimes it is known as
evening emerald due to light green color. People believe that with the pair of gold
peridot protect the wearer from horrible or terrible nightmares.
 September
Stunningly beautiful lab sapphire is for September and is thought to protect
against poison and evil deeds. Some people have faith that sapphire has thepower
to kill snakes. Traditionally kings wanted to wear sapphire as that was thought to
symbolize wisdom and transparency. If you are searching sapphires for sale at
best price then go and check online shops.
 October
Lush opal is the birthstone of October. This is also known as precious stone as it
symbolizes confidence and faith. Also, opal is the gemstone though to deliver
healing and protecting effect for thehuman body.
 November
The symbol of love and affection is the birthstone for November, Topaz is not just
beautiful but metaphysically offer increased intellectuality and strength.
 December
Love charm turquoise is the birthstone for this month. It symbolizes success and
good luck.

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