All You Need to Know About Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

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All You Need to Know About Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment
A new therapy has emerged in recent years and promises good result; this therapy is Platelet
Rich Plasma or the prp therapy. This therapy is used of treating open wounds, musculoskeletal
injuries and other problems such as arthritis. The best part is that this therapy is being highly
appreciated among those who want to improve their skin texture or get rid of wrinkles and
Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP treatment includes a part of patient’s own blood which is taken out
using syringe and the same is injected to the affected area to improve the tissue health. These
platelets are actually very small sixe tissue cells which are active in the clotting process. Being
organized in the clotting process; a number of enzymes are released so that healing process can
be enhanced and tissues work on repairing the damaged part by attracting stem cells. In case of
treating sun or time damaged skin, the process is tend to stimulate remodeling process of the
tissue and thus making it healthier and younger. The prp for hair loss is also an effective way to
treat hair loss.
With the use of Platelet Rich Plasma, areas such as under eyes and in necks can have dramatic
improvements. It is very effective in treating lines like those on upper lips. With the usage, there
will be overall improvement in general texture of the skin.
Who should go for Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment?
This treatment is good for any one with open wound or injure and particularly those injuries
which take time in healing but they improve speedily after taking the treatment.
The treatment is ideal for those too who are looking for cosmetic treatments like fine lines
wrinkles, freckles, poor condition of skin and reconditioning of the skin. It is effective in dealing
with all of these problems. The most dramatic effect of this treatment has been seen in dealing
with crepey skin problems like under eyes and neck. This process is not surgery so it cannot
take the place of surgery as surgery can be used to get rid of loose skin.
Treatment and Results:
In case of wounds and injuries only prp machine for sale treatment will be sufficient but in
cosmetic applications, one may need to have one to three applications. It is instilled on three
different occasions and the gap between two treatments is often one month.
It might take the time of three to six months before one begins to witness the results after the
Platelet Rich Plasma from prp kit has been instilled. Currently it has been said to be effective for
about two years though the results differ from one person to another. However, it has also been
said that the results are better in younger patients.
Patients can repeat the treatment. even some people go for this treatment so as to boost and
strengthen the effect of earlier treatments taken.

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