Best Odoo Apps for Your Online eCommerce Store

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Best Odoo Apps for Your Online
eCommerce Store
Formerly known as OpenERP, Odoo is an application whose benefits are
being enjoyed by more than 2 million users and 55,000 companies globally.
AppJetty’s Odoo Apps are some of the best selling apps on the the ​Odoo
App Store. With extensive experience in making ​Odoo modules for different
businesses, AppJetty will work hand in hand with you in order to identify the
right way to streamline the functionalities of your ecommerce store.
Our apps have been designed to help you with several sales processes right
from initial inquiries to sales, invoicing, delivery, sales and marketing. Take a
look at all our apps and select the one that best fits your requirement. If you
don’t find any app that solves your problem, we can develop custom Odoo
app for you.
A perfect ecommerce store is the one which is robust, has a sophisticated
design and runs smoothly. Online store owners are always on the lookout
for modules that can integrate easily with their ERP and Customer
Management systems. Odoo Ecommerce is a very popular framework as it
can be easily integrated with other ​Odoo business apps​. And due to the
extraordinary conveniences and features it offers, it has witnessed a
noteworthy growth in the Asian and European markets in the past couple of
If you have an Odoo store, there is some good news for you and your
customers! AppJetty has recently launched new Odoo apps. These apps will
help the online store owners to take care of different sales processes
including inquiries, invoices, delivery as well as sales and marketing.
Here is a Brief Description of These Products
Odoo Clever All In One Report Templates App
This app will help you to manage your reports in a superlative way. Admin
can set layout of the reports in multiple ways. Admin can manage numerous
reports like Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Request Quotation Forms,
Invoices, Delivery Notes and Picking List. There are inbuilt 6 types of reports
for the references. Admin can control it the way it is required. Admin can set
Text Colors, Company Details Colors and also can add product description in
the Invoice. Admin can choose different colors with Color Picker. Admin can
view Payment History in the invoice itself to keep a check of order details.
Website:​ ​
Price : $88
Odoo SEO Suite App
Odoo SEO Suite App helps Odoo store admins update the meta details and
other SEO related content of their store dynamically. Update details in bulk
or pagewise. Add Meta Details to all your products pages, every Product
Category Page and make it SEO optimized, which will help your website rank
high in search engines. It is coupled with great range of features and options
that you can use as per your business need and convenience.Manages your
SEO details dynamically for every category and product pages.
Website : ​
Price : $46
Odoo URL Rewrite Builder App
Using our Odoo URL Rewrite Builder app for your website, you can modify
the default URLs of your products and categories to something more user
friendly or search engine friendly.
Key Features:
Tailored URLs For Better Understanding
Alter Suffix Of Product/Category URLs
URL Specification To Category/Product
URL Rewrite Management
Enable Category Flow
Website : ​
Price : $46
Odoo Data Feed Manager App
Are you looking for an app that allows you to upload your product feeds to
numerous shopping search engines? AppJetty has come up with an
exceptional app for e-commerce store owners which will let them submit
their product feeds to various global search engines like Google Shopping,
Amazon,, Yahoo Shopping and many more. With Data Feed
Manager App you will be able to produce XML file with product patter,
Header and Footer pattern which you will be directly able to upload on
shopping search engines.
Website : ​
Price : $88
Odoo Clever Multiple Sales Order/Quotation Templates
For an Odoo ecommerce store owner the ability to customize their quotations
and sales orders is a very useful feature, especially for B2B stores. Customizability
of quotations and sales order is an important aspect of store branding. Keeping
this in mind AppJetty has come up with a powerful Odoo app to customize these
customize format and branding of quotations and sales orders. With Clever
Multiple Quotation/Sales Order Templates, you can effortlessly manage all the
fields of your sales orders and quotations starting from your company name and
logo to the customer address! There are 6 types of templates in-built in the app
for use. Admin can use any of these templates or customize it anyway they want.
Admin can set text colors, company details, logos and also can add product
description in the sales order and can choose different colors with color picker.
Price: $33
Odoo Clever Multiple Invoice Templates App
AppJetty is introducing an exclusive app to manage Order Invoices and to
make them more impressive. Clever Multiple Invoice Templates app will
assist you to maintain your invoices in a superior way. Admin can set layout
of the invoice in multiple ways. There are inbuilt 6 types of invoices for the
references. Admin can manipulate it the way required. Admin can view
Payment History in the invoice to keep a check of order details. Admin can
manipulate multiple fields of the invoices with Clever Multiple Invoice
Templates. Admin can choose different colors with Color Picker. With Clever
Multiple Invoice Templates you can print duplicate bills with the prior
Duplicate Header. Admin can also set different templates for different
Website : ​
Price: $27
Odoo Advance Mega Menu App
The 'Advance Mega Menu' app allows you to categorize the brands of your
store and helps you show it in a mega menu. You can have as many mega
menus you want in the website. You can have multiple columns in it as
decided by you in back end. You can also add a slider in your armory to
display latest and quick selling products of the store. The look of the menu
will get creative edge with different background images and background
Website : ​
Price: $37
Odoo Product Search Suggestions App
Product Search Suggestions is an Odoo App that allows you to provide
search suggestions to your customers. By using this app you can let your
customers view the product suggestions when they enter the keywords in
the search bar. Also this product provides your customers quicker and more
refined results.
Website : ​
Price : $49
Odoo Matrix Quick Order App
Are you looking for an app that allows your Odoo e-commerce store
customers to order products in bulk? AppJetty has a solution in the form of
Odoo Matrix Quick Order App that lets your customers order products in
bulk. With Matrix Quick Order admin can allow e-commerce store
customers to order items in bulk by providing them option to add and
manage numerous quick order lists. Customers will maintain the list and
order items in bulk as per the requirement. With the pre generated list,
admin will be able to save time for customers, who order multiple items in
bulk on regular occasions. Customers can add as many products as required
in the order list for a rapid ordering process.
Website : ​
Price : $37
Odoo Attach CSV in Purchase Order Mail App
With Attach CSV in Purchase Order Email app admin will be able to attach
CSV file of order details in the PO Email. Odoo by default provides PDF order
details but with this advanced app you will be able to attach the order
details in the CSV format as well. With the CSV format you can directly use it
for further order generations as well as future sales invoices.
Website : ​
Price : $39
Odoo Shop by Brand App
The "Brand Logo Slider" app allows you to highlight the brands sold by you
in the form of a slider. It displays the logo of the brands defined by you. The
slider comes with auto-rotate functionality, as it fetches all the brands
defined by you to accommodate in the slider. You can customize the slider
by providing the count for the logos to display in the slider.
Website : ​
Price : $33
Odoo Delivery Date Scheduler App
Odoo Delivery Date Scheduler App lets your customers choose their
preferred date and time to receive the delivery of purchased products. They
can even place a comment while placing the order. Your customers can now
bid goodbye to their anxieties about order deliveries. They can know the
exact date and time of the arrival of their parcel through odoo based
Delivery Date Scheduler. The store owner can provide multiple delivery date
options to the clients and they can select the date most convenient to them.
Website: ​
Price : $88
Odoo Australia Post Shipping App
Are you looking for an app to integrate Live Australia Post Shipping rates in
your online store? Well well, AppJetty Store has come up with an exciting
app for your Odoo store named Australia Post. Developed to offer improved
functionality to the online store owners, this app is prepared with a range of
features, to add value to your e-stores and offer superior shopping
experience to the customers.
By adding this app in your online store, a new shipping option "Australia
Post Shipping" will be displayed under the 'Shipping Method' section of the
front end check out page! Only, admin needs to fill data i.e., API key from
Australia Post and other information required to integrate this shipping
Website : ​
Price : $46
Odoo Website Multiple Product Images App
Now, add multiple images of your products on your store using Odoo
Website Multiple Product Images which is equipped with various options
like zoom in and zoom out etc. you can add multiple images with labels and
sort order for selected products & also with an option to exclude the specific
image from being displayed in the produce image slider.You can select inner
or outer zoom for product image in the website. Can activate stop zooming
feature from backend.Can display wider size product image on hovering of
Website : ​
Price : $11
Odoo Checkout Terms and Conditions App
You can add Terms and Conditions on the “Checkout Page” for your
customers to know it all before checking out and making the payment using
Odoo Checkout Terms and Conditions app. We created our own mobile
responsive mini website having a complete package of our every product
and services with an aim to go mobile in business.
Website : ​
Price : $12

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