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CRM Customer Portal For Website
Reduce operational costs and improve customer satisfaction by empowering
customers to get online support, manage appointments, get their
complaints addressed & access up-to-date transaction history.
Compelling Benefits, Robust Framework
● Reliable
Our portal solution is backed by world’s leading systems and frameworks
both in the frontend and in the backend resulting in a portal solution you
can trust.
● Integrated
Our world class integration solution ensures granular control over module
selection and seamless integration that ensures both the systems (frontend
and backend) work as a whole.
● Intuitive
Our ​customer portal solutions come with an intuitive user interface
effectively supported by features and functionalities that matter to your
Our ​Customer Portal gives you a feature rich system that facilitate
streamlined data and process management for all your customers.
Enhanced Support
● Empower customers
● Eliminate redundancy
● On-demand support
● Better communication
Customer Interactions
● Schedule meetings/calls
● Multiple touch points
● Timely reminders
● Appointment calendar
Branding & Customization
● Modular control
● Customizable interface
● Configurable settings
● Branded layout
User Interface
● Intuitive interface
● Attractive dashboard
● Icon based layout
● Simple Navigation
Manage CRM Records
● Add & update records
● Automatically sync data
● View updated records
● Delete expired data
Safe & Secure System
● Single sign-in for CRM & CMS
● Customizable user profile
● User authentication by Email
● Completely secure environment
​Industry Applications
Get flexible technology framework options to create your own ​customer
portal depending on your existing platform or industry. Given below are
some possible industry applications.
​Offline Retail & Ecommerce
Customer centric business processes is one of the key success factors in the
retail industry be it offline retail or online retail. With our ​customer portal
you can provide your customers options for order tracking, managing
returns, post complains, provide product feedback, access FAQs, access
shipping, return and refund policies and whole lot more.
​Public and Private Educational Institutions
Educational institutions can use our portal to provide better service and
grievance redressal system for their students and parents. If you are in the
education industry, you can create separate or combined portals for
students and parents and provide timely class/exam/fee related updates,
manage student/parent queries, fix up appointment for parent meetings,
reach out to interested parents, etc.
​Banks & Financial Service Providers
BFSI is another industry where customer service is a major determinant of
business profitability. With our portal solution your customers can get all
their grievances addressed much faster, get relevant information for
opening various accounts and maintaining them, get all the information
about various financial products, track their transaction history, etc.
​Real Estate Developers & Marketers
Real estate industry is heavily dependent on exchange of confidential
information with customers. Our portal can be a great way to do this. Create
an online hub for all confidential customer documents, provide property
development updates, track EMI payments and pending installments, offer
discounts and promote promotions schemes – all can be done securely with
our ​Customer Portal solution​.
​Travel Agents & Tour Organizers
Travel agents and tour operators can manage all communication with their
customers easily and securely with our ​Customer Portal​. Manage customer
queries during the entire service lifecycle, provide tour itineraries and
updates (change in schedule), manage payment details, handle special
customer requests, upsell, cross sell products, etc.
CRM Customer Portal
● SugarCRM – WordPress Customer Portal
AppJetty’s ​SugarCRM WordPress customer portal provides a self service
customer portal to your customers by integrating WordPress and SugarCRM.
As WordPress users, your customers will get a dedicated dashboard in the
portal and can update all their data and get access to relevant data of
accounts, leads, contacts, meetings, calls, cases, etc from your SugarCRM
● SugarCRM Drupal Customer Portal
We have combined SugarCRM and Drupal so that you can boost your reach
to customers and have a perfect customer management experience.
Through our ​SugarCRM Drupal customer portal​, your marketing and
support team will be able to support the customers in the best possible way.
● SugarCRM Joomla Customer Portal
Joomla, a robust open source CMS and SugarCRM, one of the leading CRMs
have been perfectly combined by us to provide you with a perfect ​customer
portal​. Drive the uncertainties of your customers away by adding this portal
to your store.
● SugarPort – Customer Portal for SugarCRM
SugarPort – Customer Portal for SugarCRM is a self service customer portal
solution that uses a php based front end framework and SugarCRM as the
backend system powering the portal and all its data. As portal users, your
customers will get a dedicated dashboard and can get access to and update
all relevant data of accounts, leads, contacts, meetings, calls, cases, etc from
your SugarCRM system. It will simplify and reduce your task of
communicating with your customers through other means.
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