Must Know About The NEMA Power Cords

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Must Know About The NEMA Power Cords
NEMA power are used domestic AC electrical appliances most in North
America and other countries which follow the NEMA standards. SF Cable is a
leading retailers of cables and cords online and stocks a wide variety of
NEMA power cords as well.
Our collection includes ​NEMA 1-15 Power Cords​, ​NEMA 5-15 to IEC 320 C13
Power Cords​, NEMA 5-15 to IEC 320 C15 Power Cords, NEMA 5-15 to IEC 320
C19 Power Cords, NEMA 5-15 to IEC 320 C5 Power Cords, NEMA 5-15P to
NEMA 5-15R Power Cords Extension, NEMA 5-20 Power Cords, NEMA 6-15
Power Cords, NEMA 6-20 Power Cords, ​NEMA L5-15 Locking Power Cords​,
NEMA L5-20 Locking Power Cords and NEMA L6-20 Locking Power Cords.
We source all these power cords directly from the manufacturers to
eliminate the middlemen charges and offer quality products at competitive
prices. All our products are environment friendly. We also provide good
after sales service and lifetime technical support on all our cable products.
Different Types of NEMA Power Cords
There is an array of plugs offered by NEMA and there often is a confusion
regarding which one is the best. Here’s a brief overview of these ​power
cords​ and their types.
Standard North American Power Cords
The standard North American Power Cords come with two, three, four or
five prongs. Out of these ​NEMA power cords​, plugs with two or three prongs
are most popular. These plugs fit with every standard wall outlet of Canada
and United States. Most of these configurations include 5-15, 5-20, 6-15 and
Hospital Grade Power Cords
Power cords​ that are utilized in hospital must meet certain standards and
requirements set by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). UL conducts rigorous
testing on these cords to approve its durability and conductivity. These
NEMA plugs are embossed with green dot which depict the trademark of
hospital based UL cords.
Locking NEMA Plugs
The Locking NEMA plugs are used for high voltage requirements. These
plugs are usually rated upto 30A and 60V. The ​locking NEMA plugs​ are
mostly used for industrial and commercial applications. As they come with a
lock that can be twisted, they remain connected even while undertaking the
toughest jobs at commercial, industrial and construction sites.
The NEMA L6 Plugs are used when it comes to using heavy-duty equipment
like welders, wherein the supply voltage is 240 V. NEMA L6 connectors are
rated for 250 V. These L6 connectors do not offer a neutral connection.
Based on the phase, these plugs are used for two-pole, three wire
hot-hot-ground circuits having a supply of of 240 or 208 V.
NEMA 10 connectors are rarely used now but were quite popular at some
point of time in the US for using with kitchen ranges and laundry dryers.
They fall into the 125/250 V (hot-hot-neutral) category and were used in a
way which indirectly grounds the frame of the appliance.
NEMA 5-15P
The ​NEMA 5-15P​ plug is used to power the household electronic items like
microwaves, air conditioners, refrigerators etc. These plugs come in an array
of shapes, widths, dimensions, voltages and current capacity. NEMA 5-15R is
a standardized 15 electrical outlet which is mostly found in Canada, United
States and Mexico. You can also find other plug types in this series that are
suitable for heavy-duty applications.
NEMA 5-15 to IEC 320 C13 Power Cords
SF Cable stocks a wide variety of ​NEMA 5-15 to IEC 320 C13 Power cords​.
Our stock includes over 75 such power cords including standard power
cords, various international cords following NEMA standards, ​angled power
cords​, ultra low profile angled cords, both sides angled cords, universal
hospital grade cords, shielded standard power cords, etc.
These power cords come in different colors and lengths and you can select
the most appropriate as per your requirement. ​SF Cable is a one stop
destination for all your cables and cords requirements. We provide high
quality NEMA 5-15 to IEC 320 C13 Power cords at low prices by sourcing
them directly from ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturers.
Above mentioned are some of the most commonly used ​NEMA Power
cords​. You can get more information about each of these by reading through
manuals about their application. Make sure you use the right one for the
right purpose.
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