Magento Multilingual Translation: Is Google Translator Enough?

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Magento Multilingual Translation: Is Google
Translator Enough?
The advent of Ecommerce has changed everything. Price comparisons, 24
hours convenience, one click shopping, rapid delivery right at your doorstep
and what not! Having a good product and displaying it online definitely
maximizes the shopping experience. But what about the information
displayed on the store which influences people to make a buying decision?
Should it be displayed just in one language? Although English is a universal
language, it ranks third (after Chinese and Spanish) when it comes to the
most widely spoken languages.
A report named “​Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Why Language Matters on Global
Websites​” which was released by Common Sense Advisory in 2014 revealed
that there is a strong association between the language used by online store
owners and the buying decisions of people. Customers are more
comfortable surfing the store that uses their local language.
If you are a Magento store owner, it is quite likely that you will get visitors
from other countries. And Google translator certainly proves to be a boon
during such times. But is it enough? The professional translators and the
users of translation tools have come across two major drawbacks of Google
● The quality of translated text isn’t of superior quality
● The translated text cannot be edited
Google Translator literally translates a phrase into another language. And by
doing so, it quite often fails to convey the intended message.
So how do you overcome this drawback and still use the power of Google
translator to minimize your translation costs and automate the translation
process without compromising on the quality of translation? By using
Google translation API to translate text and then manually editing it
wherever the translation isn’t meaningful.
This exactly what our​ ​Magento Language Translator Extension​ does for
Magento store owners. Let’s see how you can improve the quality of your
translations with Magento Language Translator extension.
1. Control The Content That Gets Translated
When you go by the usual translation functionality of Google Translator,
every page gets translated. But with the help of Language Translator
extension, admin can select text fields out of the products, CMS Pages and
categories that he/she wants to translate. All you need to do is enter the
Google API key. The language in which the content needs to be translated
can also be selected.
2. Translate Store Reviews
Reviews play a key role in influencing people’s decision to buy a product.
Our extension provide the facility of translating reviews at a store level. You
can also select a particular store view and change the review language for
that store. When you select multiple languages, a translate button will
enable the translation which is available on the default configuration.
3. CMS Page Language Translation
With the help of an extension like this, you can easily translate CMS page
details including Page Title and Content Heading. The Meta keywords and
Meta description can also be translated. This means you can boost SEO
performance not only in your local language but also in other languages. For
example, if you translate the content in French, your website will also get
ranked amongst other French language websites.
4. Enables Editing
With Google translator, you have no choice but to rely on the translated
content. But with our Language Translator you can edit the content that has
been translated by Google translator. Be it a couple of paragraphs,
sentences or words, you can easily make whatever changes you want to.
Thereafter, you can hire a professional translator so that they can proofread
the content and make sure it is perfect.
5. Translate All At Once
If you do not intend on wasting time looking into every product detail and
translating it individually, you can translate all the content at once. All you
have to do is select multiple store fields, product details and categories and
choose the bulk translation option. Thereafter, you can select the language
you want to translate your store content into and the content will get
translated in no time.
You must be very well aware of the fact that the number of online purchases
is growing exponentially every year. This means that the amount of
international internet sales is sure to rise too. Hence, it is very important for
you to target foreign markets. Sometimes, having a Google Translate option
is not enough. Our​ ​Magento translation extension​ widens your likelihood of
making a mark in these markets helping you to thrive with your business
globally. Conduct ample amount of research and find out which type of
language translator extension would be most compatible with your store.
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