How Can Restaurants Benefit by Integrating Surveys to Their CRM Software?

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How Can Restaurants Benefit by Integrating
Surveys to Their CRM Software?
For any business to thrive amongst the competitors, customer relationship
has to be maintained. When your business has expanded across different
domains, it becomes difficult to keep in touch with all the customers and
know about their preferences. This is when Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) software comes to your rescue.
Restaurant industry is an area where CRM stands of utmost importance. If a
customer is dissatisfied with the services and he/she broadcasts it through
Social Media, Yelp or Google reviews, it can spoil the impression of the
restaurant. In order to provide better services and experiences to the
customers, surveys should be conducted at regular intervals so that their
experiences can be known and important changes can be implemented.
The question that arises here is, “How to conduct surveys through your
CRM?”. As an answer to this question, we created a survey product called
Survey Rocket​. It is a survey plugin that is developed exclusively for
Sugar/Suite CRM and can be used to create, send and analyze surveys within
your CRM without needing any third party integration solution.
Mentioned below are the ways in which you can benefits from using
Survey Rocket for your Sugar or Suite CRM.
❏ Gather Real Time Feedback
Research shows that companies that perceive themselves to be successful
conduct surveys in for measuring customer satisfaction. In order to know
what aspects the customers love the most about your restaurant, make sure
you send them a survey on time. By integrating Survey Rocket to your CRM
database, you can get customer feedbacks fast and easy. The surveys can
touch the following aspects:
Quality of food
Service standards
Ratings in comparison with the competitors etc
After analyzing the answers of above mentioned points, you will be able to
find out the strength and weaknesses of your restaurant business. You will
also be able to set performance threshold for customer satisfaction at your
❏ Easy Follow ups and Interaction
Once you get the answers to the survey, it becomes easy for you to get back
to your customers and resolve their issues. If a customer provides a negative
review for your restaurant, you can get back to him/her by sending a “We
are sorry” message. It makes the customer feel important and they might
give you a benefit of doubt. If a particular service wasn’t available and the
customer provides a feedback about it, you can get back to them through
email or messages.
❏ Increase Customer Retention
By conducting surveys through CRM, restaurant owners can find out about
the kind of food their customers prefer, how frequently they visit the
restaurant and the amount they spend on each order. After this information
is gathered, it can be used to create personalized loyalty programs and
rewards. Remember, loyalty programs form the basis of any CRM system.
They make the customers feel valued and it is likely for them to keep coming
back to your restaurant. Also make sure you offer them with a free voucher
on their birthday or a reward when they recommend your restaurant to
their friends and family.
Surveys are not just confined to connecting with prospective customers.
They also help you to retain them. By integrating Survey Rocket or any
similar ​survey tool for SugarCRM​, you will be able to flourish with your
restaurant business. We understand that the requirement for every business
is different. However at AppJetty, we will help you to combine your CRM
software with our Survey plugin in the best way.
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