5 Latest Odoo Apps to Enhance Your Ecommerce Store

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5 Latest Odoo Apps to Enhance
Your Ecommerce Store
A perfect ecommerce store is the one which is robust, has a sophisticated
design and runs smoothly. Online store owners are always on the lookout
for modules that can integrate easily with their ERP and Customer
Management systems. Odoo Ecommerce is a very popular framework as it
can be easily integrated with other ​Odoo business apps​. And due to the
extraordinary conveniences and features it offers, it has witnessed a
noteworthy growth in the Asian and European markets in the past couple of
If you have an Odoo store, there is some good news for you and your
customers! AppJetty has recently launched 5 new Odoo apps. These apps
will help the online store owners to take care of different sales processes
including inquiries, invoices, delivery as well as sales and marketing. Here is
a brief description of these 5 products and their features.
1.​ ​Attach CSV in Purchase Order Mail
The default purchase orders created in Odoo are in PDF format. By using this
app, Odoo store admins can generate a CSV format of the purchase order
and it can be combined with the default PDF version generated by Odoo.
The CSV format of the file can then be sent an attachment to the admin via
Product Features
● Admin can attach CSV file of order details with the PO Mail
● Admin can set fields for the CSV files and arrange field priority as per
the requirement
● Admin can keep CSV option for only those vendors who want to attach
CSV files for the PO
● Customers will get CSV file along with the PDF file of order details.
Merchant's Benefits
● Admin can attach order details in the CSV file in the PO mail
● Admin will be able to set fields for the CSV files and set the field
precedence as per the requirements
● Admin can allow the Attachment of CSV option only for the vendors
who want to attach CSV files for the PO
2.​ ​Smart Sale Ribbon Filter
Smart Sale Ribbon Filter is a perfect option for the online store owners who
come up with promotional offers and discounts often. As a store manager,
you will be able to set multiple promotional sales ribbons for your Odoo
store. Not only that, it will help the customers to sort products based on the
promotional offer which is included in the ribbons.
Product Features
● Admin can add multiple sale ribbons to the products.
● Admin can choose whether to enable Smart Sale Ribbon Filter for
products or not.
● Customer can bifurcate products based on sales ribbon from the shop
Merchant's Benefits
● Store owner can add multiple sales ribbons for the products
● They can enable smart sale ribbon from the shop page and allow
customers to sort products based on sale ribbons
3.​ ​POS Fixed Amount Discount
Odoo framework has a default discount method based on percentage. This
helps the online store owners to decide the percentage of discounts they
want to offer to their customers. But there is a drawback to this feature. It
doesn’t let the store owners provide discount in the currency format. POS
Fixed Amount Discount extension helps them to get over this limitation and
provides with an option to offer a fixed amount based discount along with
the percentage.
Product Features
● Set Discount in form of percentage and fixed price
● Added Discount Type in POS Order Form View
● For order receipts, discount details are displayed as per the discount
● Added Discount Type in Invoice & Invoice Reports
● The discount type will also be displayed in the previous order invoices
● Added Discount Type along with Discount in Sales Details Report
● POS Fixed Amount Discount can also be implemented in Restaurant
Merchant's Benefits
● Admin will be able to set the Discount type
● Admin will be able to set the discount in form of either a percentage
or a fixed amount
● Admin will be able to get reports based on discounts.
4.​ ​Trending Category Slider Management
As the name suggests, Trending Category Slider Management helps the
store owner to display trending products in a slider format on their Odoo
store. So be it a launch of new product or a bestselling item, Trending
Category Slider Management helps to boost promotional activities and sales.
Product Features
● Add trending category slider for exhibiting trending products of the
● Users can click on products in the slider to visit their individual pages.
● Admin will be able to add multiple products to the category slider.
Merchant's Benefits
● Add multiple products to the trending category slider.
● Enable trending category from the shop page and allow your
customers to view trending products of the store.
5.​ ​CSV Products Images Report
Odoo enables image uploads only in binary format. CSV Product Images app
helps the store owners to upload product images for their ecommerce store
in CSV format. These images can be uploaded by the name of the product or
its ID.
Product Features
● Admin can add multiple images to the products via CSV file and will
not have to convert them to binary files every time.
● Admin can update the product images of different files from a single
CSV file.
● Admin can update the product image of a specific file by mapping
products through a Product ID.
● All the images are obtained from the same folder so it becomes easy
to add product path to the CSV.
Merchant's Benefits
● Product images can be added in bulk, which is not possible in Odoo’s
default setup.
● Using this app, Odoo admins can boost productivity without wasting
time on repetitive tasks like image uploads.
The above mentioned Odoo Apps can be purchased from our store at
cost-effective rates. Apart from these we have many more bestselling Odoo
apps like ​Clever All In One Report Templates and ​Clever Multiple Invoice
Templates​. You can check out all our ​Odoo apps and ​Odoo Themes and take
your pick as per your business requirement.

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