Factors to Consider Before Buying SVGA Monitor Cables

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Factors to Consider Before Buying
SVGA Monitor Cables
Buying SVGA cables might sound simple to you. And with everything
available online these days, purchasing monitor cables is just a matter of a
click. However, even after buying ​SVGA monitor cables​, people experience
poor image quality. This is because they have failed to consider certain
important aspects. There are three major factors you need to keep in mind
before buying these monitor cables.
● Type of monitor
● Distance from the output device
● Age of your PC
Now let us understand each of these aspects in detail:
1. Type of monitor: Standard/Widescreen
The latest widescreen monitors use SVGA signal which gets processed by
using DDC Channels. These DDC Channels make the resolutions such that
they fit the pixel ratios of the screen. If the DDC channels are absent, the
image formed on the screen is poor and does not fit the screen. It is easy to
figure out if the monitor output device is DDC compatible. All you need to
do is look for Pin 9 which is sometimes missing in normal SVGA.
2. Distance from the output device
Ideal length of an SVGA cable is 2M. But when several monitors are
mounted on the walls, longer cables are used. If people have followed the
right cable standard, there are times when they go up to 50M. It can make
things a little tricky. You need to understand that cables that are of low
quality do not give good signals. This in no way means, superior quality
cables are always compatible.
To assure that you have ordered for the right cable, check if the cables have
Ferrites on both ends. You can also find out the manufacturing details and
the guarantee offered on the cables. In case you if you are going to use the
cable to cover long distance, you can also consider purchasing a powered
signal booster so that there are no compromises involved with the
3. Age of your PC
One of the biggest reasons as to why people get disappointed with the
quality of image is because they might be using the cable from old monitor.
As mentioned above, it also might be an output device that doesn’t support
DDC output. If your PC is old, the only choice you have in order to get better
quality image is to get rid of it. But if your cable is old, you can definitely
replace it with a new one. It is just that the new cable should be compatible
with the version of your PC.
The above steps will make your SVGA cable shopping easy and stress free.
When in doubt, you can also seek advice from the manufacturers. Make
sure you choose the right ​monitor cable​.
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