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19 April 2015 – 3rd Sunday of Easter
In your bible,
read Genesis
Having recently been away on a short break, I was glad to get back
home. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy visiting new places and doing things
I wouldn’t otherwise get to do, but there’s something about being home.
It’s safe and comfortable. Besides, people miss you when you’re gone (or
at least they say they do). Why would you ever leave?
The great biblical figures of Abraham and Sarah obviously didn’t share this view. When we
first meet them they’re on the move. Though they should have been enjoying the fruits of their old
age, Abraham and his wife have left the security of their home to set out for the unknown.
Why? Because God (known to Abraham as El Shaddai, ‘The One of the Mountain,’) called to
Abraham: “Go forth from the land of your kinfolk and from your father’s house to a land that I will
show you” (Genesis 12:1).
It’s so easy to stay put – it usually requires less effort. But most growth of any kind happens
when we leave behind what’s normal and expected. Journeys into the unknown are often
accompanied by uncertainty and indecision. But over time, those unsure steps become the sure
path that others follow.
What kept Abraham and Sarah going was the promise of a son and that Abraham would
become the father of many nations. After years of discouragement and doubt, with a little soap
opera thrown in starring Sarah’s maid, Hagar, they finally conceived a son, Isaac.
erhaps the most memorable story involving
Abraham is the sacrifice of his son. Inexplicably
and unexpectedly, God called to Abraham: “Take
your son Isaac, your only one, whom you love, and go to
the land of Moriah. There you shall offer him up as a
holocaust on a height that I will point out to you” (Gn 22:2).
Whatever misgivings he may have about God’s
order, Abraham readies himself to carry out the
command. Isaac is just about to be killed when a voice
from the heavens says, “Do not lay your hand on the boy.
Do not do the least thing to the boy. I know now how
devoted you are to God, since you did not withhold from
A voyage of
on back p
me your own beloved son” (Gn 22:12).
Though Abraham is often seen here as a faith-filled
model of obedience, should he really have been so
prepared to sacrifice his son? Was it actually the voice
of God commanding him to commit such a terrible act?
Or did Abraham confuse his culture’s views on allowing
human sacrifices with God’s own message? Thankfully
(for Isaac especially!) at some stage, Abraham’s image
of God grew to the point where he knew that God would
never ask him to commit such a deadly act.
As Abraham and Sarah show, the journey of faith is
one of movement and questioning. And like Abraham,
on our own journey, we should expect our image of God
to grow and develop too.
It may have started out as an ‘old, white man up in the clouds sitting on a golden throne,’ but what’s your
image of God today? What experiences have shaped this image? What does the image say about you? What
does it say about God?
After a particularly moving school mission trip overseas, one student told me his view: “When I went to
Peru, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that I’d see poverty, but I was clueless as to what extent. And I
never thought I’d truly find God. Fortunately, however, I did. He was in the people of Peru. He was in Julio. He
was in the children, the adults, the poor and the rich. He was everywhere.”
Another student said that, “God is exactly like a best friend. Best friends are trustworthy, loving, open,
supportive, advice-giving, non-judgmental, understanding and they don’t expect anything from you except for
you to try to do your best.”
Others of my students have offered images of a winding path, a music conductor, a gardener, a question
mark, an empty room, a compass, the trinity, a rose, a drill instructor, an old man on a park bench, and fire.
What is your image of God? n
“Soul Space - Characters from the bible” is written by Mike Daley - Designed by Gabriel Carbone.
Images from ShutterStock. Published by Redemptorist Communications, 75 Orwell Road, Dublin 6. Printed by Nicholson & Bass
colour: WHITE
SERIES: Characters
from the bible
In this series, Mike Daley
examines how we can
bridge the ages to connect
with the ancient characters
from scripture
’s read
Today -15.17-19
Acts 3:1
1 Jn 2:1 48
BETHANY BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP is a parish based group ministry which aims to
Parish Office
Telephone: 90616300
130 Upper Dunmurry Lane Mon - Closed
Tues-Fri- 9.15am-1.00pm
BT17 0EW
help those bereaved and grieving. Support is offered on an individual basis in the home, to groups in
drop-in centres, by phone calls, by helping at funeral liturgies and remembrance services.
As of January 2015 there are twenty four parishes in the Diocese with Bethany Teams.
For more information or to register interest in the next training session which begins in February,
please contact Joan McKeever, 3 The Park ,Tel 90628539
Fr. Rory Sheehan. PP
email:[email protected]
VISIT OUR PARISH WEBSITE www.ourladyqueenofpeacekilwee.com
Please remember to return your Trocaire Box. It would help the counters if you could convert your
donation into notes. If you are a tax payer Trocaire would ask you to consider Gift Aiding your
The amount collected for Trocaire so far is £5138.00
Congratulations to all those who won prizes in Our Grand Easter Draw
Details of the winners can be found in the Church porches
An amount of £860 was raised.
Many thanks to all those who bought tickets
The Outreach Team of The Parish Pastoral Council thank everyone who participated in The
Easter Sunday morning "Dunmurry Churches Together" service in Lady Dixon park.
A special thank you to our parish Social Committee for preparing a most welcome breakfast which
was enjoyed by over sixty of our fellow Christians in a beautifully transformed conference room.
The next pre-Baptism meeting for parents presenting their first born for Baptism will take place in
the Conference Room of the Church on Monday 20th April.
Spectacle case with two pairs of glasses found on the footpath facing Cloona.
The Annual Diocesan Liturgy Seminar, entitled ‘Closer to Christ in the Eucharist’ will be held on
Saturday 9th May 2015 from 1pm-4.30pm in St Brigid’s Parish Hall, 38 Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast. It
will be presented by Brother Pat Mullins O.Carm. The Seminar is open to all, and will be especially
interesting to Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who assist with the distribution of Holy
Communion at Sunday and Weekday Mass and who bring Holy Communion to the sick and
housebound. Seminar Fee £10
Alternative Mass Cards are on sale in the shop or from any member of the Apostolic Group.
A priest does not need to sign them -The onus is on you to go to Mass and offer it up for the
deceased and their family. A suggested contribution is £2.00.
NORTHERN IRELAND HOSPICE The Hospice shop on the Andersonstown Road is a great
way we raise money to provide the special care needed. We cannot do this without the help of
volunteers and currently would like to welcome more to assist in the shop.
If you would like to offer your help to us in this way please call into the Hospice Shop at 3 Slemish
Buildings, 105 Andersonstown Road, or telephone the shop manager on : 028 9030 7850.
Are you suffering the pain of loss? Looking for help and understanding?
Beginning Experience (a support group for widowed, separated and divorced people) meets
every Wednesday from 8pm to 10pm in St Bride’s Hall, 38, Derryvolgie Avenue, Malone Rd,
Belfast. Support group recommences Wednesday 22nd April 2015.
Residential Weekend: Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th October 2015 in Drumalis Retreat and Conference
Centre, Larne. Application forms available on request.
For further information please contact Phil Tel: 028 90 207645 or Marie Tel: 07542070835
LECTURE- Continuing the 200thAnniversary celebrations at St Patrick’s Belfast.
Sir John Lavery: “His life and work” and an exhibition of Photograph and artefacts from the Parish.
St Patrick’s Church , April 20th at 7pm Free Entry
Launch of a new pamphlet on the Life of Sir John Lavery
We invite the people of Ireland to come and unite in prayer for protection of
the sanctity of marriage, families and human life and for our country.
Knock Basilica on Saturday 25th April at 3pm Rosary at 2pm.
Celebrant Fr John Mockler and fellow priests.
Full board in a 3* hotel: 7nights (10th -17th July) for £625 or 5 Nights (11th -16th July) for £570. Full
board for sick or infirm pilgrims with medical and nursing care in Accueil Notre-Dame: 5nights 11th –
16th ) for £450. Youth Team (8th -17th) £520. All flights from Belfast Int’L Airport.
Application forms now available from the Parish office or for further information see the poster in the
Church or contact the Pilgrimage Office 90646040 or email [email protected]
EIRE–OG ‘Calling all budding GAA footballers - football camp for all primary school age kids
camp every Saturday 11.00 - 12.00 at Colin valley 4 g pitch – its free’
ANNIVERSARIES: We pray for those whose anniversaries occur around this time.
Sean McGarry and Henry Rooney
Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon them
THE SANCTUARY LIGHT: Has been dedicated on week beginning 19th April
‘For a special intention’
Envelope Offering £885.00
Loose Offering £381.00
Maintenance £246.00
Monthly Offering £550.00
Many thanks for your continued support
CHURCH HOUSEKEEPING: Group A Friday 24th April 2015
ST. VINCENT de PAUL: Anyone needing help please contact 90616300
Details of MASS TIMES AND ADDITIONAL NOTICES can be seen on the Parish web site.
Tuesday’s Child is a catholic charity helping children and their families in areas of the world ravaged
by war and extreme poverty. Everything we do is All Through Mary for the glory of the Infant
Child. Tuesday’s Child gives 100 percent of donations received and monies raised. When you donate
online, both pay systems we use take a small % of your donation. Administration costs are covered
by a private sponsor and gift aid received goes to our projects. We work directly with catholic
missionaries in all project areas. Where monies are donated to projects run by missionary priests, we
ask for masses to be celebrated in return for Ireland.
Tuesday’s Child gives 100 percent of donations received and monies raised. If you are
donating online both pay systems take a small % of your donation.
The Safeguarding Committee recently completed The Parish Audit in relation to Safeguarding our
children, young people and vulnerable adults. We are pleased to state that Our Lady Queen of Peace
Parish is compliant with all standards as outlined by the National Board for Safeguarding.
All those volunteers in our parish, who are working with children, young people and vulnerable
adults(Eucharistic Ministers to the Nursing Homes) are vetted through Access N.I. All have attended
relevant Safeguarding Training .
If you have concerns re: the safety of a child, young person or vulnerable adult you can contact :
Social Services
Duty Social Worker 02890507000
Child Protection Team
028 90259457
02890650222 (out of hours)
The Diocesan Safeguarding Office
You can also speak to one of the committee members through the parish office (90 616300)
Committee members are : Fr. Rory Sheehan, Mr. Gerry Heery, Mrs. Pauline Moane, Mrs. Joan Mc
Keever (chair)
FRIENDS IN FAITH GROUP- Clonard- Open to new members !
Are you in your 30’s,40’s +plus,/ Interested in making new friends / living & sharing your
faith together / participating in various Spiritual/Social events. Why not come and see for
yourself,you would be very welcome at Clonard. Simply register now by emailing your name/and
contact details to [email protected] or text your name/to 07842960198 and we will be in
SOCIETY OF ST MARTHA There is an urgent need for additional volunteers to join some of
the Church housekeeping teams especially for Saturday mornings at 10.30am.
If you could give some time to this very necessary work please contact the parish office 90616300
The Residents Committee would encourage those attending mass in Our Lady Queen of Peace to
avail of the ample car park provided.
By parking on the road or the footpath residents access to Netherlands Park is greatly impeded and
potential health and safety issues are increased. The Residents Committee along with the Sacristan
invest many hours in maintaining the green areas immediately outside the church; the fruits of their
labours are greatly reduced when persons use the green areas as a parking facility.
Let us try and exercise thoughtfulness in these areas.
The stand in the front porch of the Church offers 16 different CD’s. We encourage you to take
advantage of this wonderful opportunity! A suggested donation of £2.00 per CD covers the basic
BAPTISMS - First Sunday of every month.
To register please contact the parish office at least one month in advance of baptism.
Parents presenting their first born child for Baptism will be expected along with the godparents to
attend a pre-baptism meeting on the 3rd Monday of the month before the Baptism
PRAYER LIBRARY A small prayer library is located in the Baptistery. There, you will find books of
guidance, suggestions on prayer which you can borrow for use at home.
Please record the details of the book you have borrowed and returned
Family Care Adoption Services is presently seeking families who would be interested in adopting
children aged between 2 – 6 years and who need the love and attention of a caring and
understanding family. Could this be you?
If you would like to find out more please contact Family Care Adoption Services on:Belfast: 028
90691133 or Derry: 028 71368592Email: [email protected] Website:
‘Dear parishioners. The St Vincent de Paul as a Christian Society strives to help the genuinely needy.
Neither poverty nor the Society discriminates. Sadly and increasingly we have bogus callers who
abuse the Christian generosity of our parishioners whose support we depend on. It is difficult to
refuse someone who presents as “seemingly” distressed as we may mistake the genuine for the
bogus but we ask parishioners to direct anyone who contacts them seeking help, either at their
homes or at the church, to call 90601899 or 90351561.
FURNITURE APPEAL The St Vincent De Paul requires donations of good furniture and Bric-a brac
on an on going basis to assist families who are being housed and seeking help. Meeting this demand
is a constant struggle that may only be met through the public’s generosity.
Aware of the many demands already made of parishioners and thankful for your continued support
may we ask you to consider donating good used furniture to us by contacting any of our members or
telephoning our area office on 90601899
VINCENT’S SHOP; Do you have a few hours to spend each week? Why not help out at our newly
established Vincent’s Shop facing Turf Lodge. Volunteers urgently needed
A St Vincent De Paul clothes bank has been installed to the left of the Church in the car park.
Used clothes are very welcome. All proceeds go to West Belfast.
The premature baby charity for Northern Ireland
Can you help TinyLife, to help tiny lives?
Would you have a few hours to spare once a week to help support a family with a premature or ill
baby in their own home?
We need volunteers in your area.
For further information contact us on 02890 815050 or e-mail [email protected]
Make your home warmer and reduce energy costs – Grant schemes offering insulation and possibly
new central heating at no cost are available, if you own or privately rent your home and meet
qualifying criteria. For more information or independent advice on reducing energy costs call Bryson
Energy on 0800 1422 865/02866 340782 and quote Health Routes
If an older person you know needs advice, information or practical support on a wide range of issues
including welfare benefits, community care, housing and health, contact the
Age NI Advice Service on Freephone 0808 808 7575 to speak to a specialist advisor in
confidence. Our advisors can provide a free benefit check to ensure that older people are accessing
the benefits they are entitled to.
FREE HEARING-AID CLINIC: Do you wear an NHS hearing aid or know someone who
does? Action on Hearing Loss runs a free drop-in clinic at Harvester House, 4-8 Adelaide Street,
Belfast BT2 8GA. Telephone 028 90239 619
If you're having trouble with your hearing aid, need new batteries (they are free), need the tubing
changed, or just need some information, come along and talk to our trained Action on Hearing Loss
volunteers. They'll be glad to help
Action on Hearing loss runs a free Hear to Meet group at Harvester House, 4-8 Adelaide Street,
Belfast, BT2 8GA.
Finaghy Library, 30 April 2015 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
The Montague Centre, 2 Fallswater Street, BT12 6BZ 1st Wed every month 10 am to 12 pm
 Wed 1 April 2015
 Wed 6 May
 Wed 4 June
Whiterock Library, 25 March 2015 11 am to 1 pm
Suffolk Library, Stewartstown Road, 25 June 2015 10 am to 12 pm
Úna Mulgrew Mob: 07918721704 Email: [email protected]
We can do home visits for people unable to attend clinics – contact details below
VOLUNTEER APPEAL Action for Hearing Loss is setting up some new clinics in Belfast and we
are looking for Volunteers – Contact Angela, on 02890 239 619. If you have a few hours to spare a
month we would love to hear from you.
INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING? The charity Lifeni is looking for volunteers for their
charity shop on the Lisburn Road. If you would like to find out more please contact Jayne/Joanne
@90438339. We are also seeking donations of good quality clothes, accessories, shoes, books and
bric-a-brac.Lifeni caring, educating, upholding the value of human life.
Pope Francis has requested The Holy Shroud of Turin be put on show for public viewing. A few seats
are left for this wonderful opportunity.Also,Padua,Saint Anthony's Shrine Venice, Saint John Bosco
and much more.
Half board.
23rd to 29th April. £699.00
Medjugorje Special. 13th to 20th May. £399.00
Half board.
Fatima Special. 20st to 27th May. £399.00
Half board.
Medjugorje Special.Youth Festival. 2 x weeks.
29th July to 10th August. £589.00
Half board
Fatima Special. September. £399.00
Half board
Medjugorje Special. September. £399.00
Half board.
Please call 02890311652. Monday to Saturday, 10am to 5pm
Irish Tour Tickets in Belfast are organising two trips to the Camino de Santiago in April and September
this year. FREE information night each month. Reserve seat for talk or book place on trip
at http://irishtourtickets.com/camino-walk-departing-from-ireland/ or call the shop on 028 90 31 01 01
or email [email protected]
Medjugorje. £399.00. May,2015. 13th to 20th.
Please call 02890311652. Monday to Saturday,10am to 5pm.
Also Youth Festival.2 weeks. £589.00. 29th July to 10th August.
September pilgrimage to Medjugorje.
1 x week. £399.00. Call 02890311652. Monday to Saturday. 10am to 5pm
THE WAY OF ST JAMES -Camino de Santiago
Sections from the Pyrenees to Santiago 22nd – 28th May 2015. 6 Nights Hotel Accommodation, with
Breakfast and dinner daily; Coach and back-up car with group throughout; Walk leader with group
throughout; All airport and local taxes; Travel insurance included.Flying from Dublin Airport COST
£715.00 STG SEATS ARE LIMITED Single room supplement is extra £50.00 deposit secures a seat! For
further details contact: Jean Reynolds 028 44830979 or email: [email protected]
3 nights H/B, Hotel Gran Los Abetos, Santiago de Compostela. 6 nights F/B, Hotel Avenida, Fatima.
From the 30th July / 8th August. Spiritual Director Fr Fleck PP. Reduced price of £709 inclusive of
tax,insurance and transfers. For further details contact Joe Catney 90714001
St Patrick’s parish, Belfast 200th Anniversary Pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi. Staying in the heart
of Rome. Visiting the principal holy places of the Eternal City. Attendance at a Papal event in St Peter’s
Square. Overnight in the city of St Francis and St Clare
October 2nd – 9th 2015 - 995 Euro (approx £780 per person sharing)
Itinerary and booking forms available from parish office.
LIVING YOUTH – Music Ministry Day with DCF. Saturday 25th April 2015 in St Bernadette’s
Parish, Belfast. £15.00 per person. Contact Living Youth to register: [email protected] or
tel: 028 90 232 432.
Save the Date – Summer Pilgrimage Fund Raising Quiz – Friday 1st May 2015 in Lansdowne Hotel,
Antrim Road, Belfast at 8.00 pm.
Ards CCÉ can confirm that the headline act for this year’s folk festival will be DERVISH, supported by
Ards CCÉ Entertainment Group. The concert will take place on Sat 13th June at St Comgall’s Parish
Hall and there will be a fully licensed bar available. Tickets are only £10 per person and are now
available to purchase from Thomas’ Shop. A full calendar of festival events will be available shortly on
Ards CCÉ facebook: www.facebook.com/ards.comhaltasceoltoirieireann
" ARDS CCE host Co Down Fleadh, Bangor from June 19th - 23rd, with many events including
Irish Music Sensation Sharon Shannon on Saturday 22nd June at St Comgall's Parish Centre,
Bangor. Tickets cost only £10 (Ticket Sales - 07970983702): - More info on www.ardscce.co.uk or
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ards.comhaltasceoltoirieireann "
HOLY HILL HERMITAGE Fancy living as a hermit for a while? Come to Holy Hill Hermitage
for FREE Young Adults Programme (18-35): Cost- FREE. Dates- 1st Oct until 1st Dec 2015.
Working retreats: Cost- 15hrs work a week. Dates- Ongoing, so when can you come?
Hermits are provided with a comfortable hermitage with well stocked kitchen.The Young Adults
Programme includes, mountain climbing, workshops, seminars, regular Mass, mountain biking,
Eucharistic services, Eucharistic adoration, meditation, spiritual direction, contemplation, regular time
for silent solitude. Holy Hill Hermitage is a Catholic Diocesan Institute of Consecrated Life practicing
Carmelite spirituality http://www.holyhill.ie/ https://www.facebook.com/holyhillhermitage
If you are single and between 21 and 40 years of age and feel you may have an interest in religious
life and would like to share with others similar questions then exploreAway aims to provide the input,
support and accompaniment needed to help participants discern their call. The programme involves
five residential weekends and one residential weekend retreat throughout the year, based in Dublin
The weekends will provide input on vocation, discernment, prayer and religious life- its core values
and the various ways it is lived.
Email [email protected] or Tel 087 358 4447 or 085 766 4480
We are a locally based Charity offering children living in the areas most heavily contaminated by the
radioactive fallout a respite holiday, helping them recover from the effects of the disaster. The short
time that they spend with us greatly improves their health and offers a tremendous boost to their
immune system.
If you can help, please contact Mairead on 07752399393 anytime on Sunday or after
7pm the rest of the week. You can also email us at :- [email protected]
Since 1960, Viatores Christi has aimed to respond to needs overseas and at home by giving people an
opportunity to share their lives and skills with those in need. People from all backgrounds and
professions join VC - people who want to challenge themselves to make a difference in the world,
however big or small. If you want to explore such a challenge, and you are interested in learning more
email [email protected] call 01-8689986 or visithttp://viatoreschristi.com/events/
HEAVEN’S ROAD FM CATHOLIC RADIOwww.heavensroadfm.com is a new internet Radio
broadcasting Catholic programmes, prayers, interviews and music. Their website broadcasts up to 40
Masses and other services daily and has over 200+ podcasts available as Listen-again. Tune in and
listen/watch. The Radio is run on a shoestring by unpaid volunteers, so any donation, however small,
would be very welcome. Cheques should be made payable to Heavens Road fm Catholic Radio and
sent to Heavens Road fm Radio, St John’s Seminary, Wonersh, Guildford, GU5 0QX. Follow on
Facebook (Heavens Roadfm) or twitter (@HeavensRoadFM).
Heavens Road fm Catholic Radiowww.heavensroadfm.com is broadcasting a special series of
programmes on Vocations startingSunday 12th Oct. Tune in and enjoy this new series on our
Catholic radio. Their website broadcasts up to 40 live Masses daily. They are also looking for
enthusiastic people to help make programmes and techies to operate the Radio. Further info
athttp://www.heavensroadfm.com/vols/. Follow on Facebook (Heavens Roadfm) or twitter
TIDY GRAVES We Tidy Graves is offering a tidy up service and placing of a Christmas wreath on a
loved ones grave from only £15.
Contact Andrew on 02890 292 140 or mobile 0771 8282 816
Website: www.wetidygraves.com
Counselling (for adults and children over the age of 5) – counselling provides an opportunity
to explore thoughts and feelings, to identify worries and concerns and to create self awareness
and bring about change. Examples of therapies used include: Person Centred Counselling;
Sandplay/art therapy; Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique
Complementary therapies which include: reflexology, aromatherapy, relaxation techniques,
Bach Flower remedies, gentle massage, Bowen and Emmett therapy.
Acupuncture clinic – acupuncture can help with pain and symptom control.
One to one Coaching.
A group focused Positive Living Programme – this programme uses life coaching techniques
to help people reflect, refocus, build coping skills and set personal goals to be able to move
forward positively with life after a cancer diagnosis.
For further information Tel 90803344 or email [email protected] or visit the website at
Volunteers are vital to our work and make a real difference to everyone living with Parkinson’s in the
Belfast area.
You can volunteer for us in lots of ways, from raising awareness of Parkinson’s to helping at a
support group. Here’s what some of our volunteers say about volunteering at Parkinson’s UK:
“I feel that I am part of something really special and that what is achieved really does make a
difference to people with Parkinson’s.”
“Raising funds for research gives me hope that a cure will be found”.
“Volunteering lets me focus on what I can do, rather than what I can’t do because of my
Join us today and you will be part of a team with full training to carry out your role. You will also
have a dedicated person to support you and receive out of pocket expenses. For more information
on the volunteer roles available and an application pack contact Paula Mc Larnon, Branch and
Volunteer Support, 0844 225 3684 or email [email protected]
Camara are a Local Charity based in Unit 10, Townsend Enterprise Park. Belfast BT13 2 ES, who
take old computers, wipe the data, refurbish them and set them up in schools in Africa as computer
labs. Combined with accredited training courses and ongoing maintenance we have taught over half a
million young people how to use a computer. This vital skill in today's world opens up
unending opportunities for the young people whilst also building a better future for the country.
To do this amazing work we need old computers. There is huge demand from Africa
for Camara computers as we send them preloaded with software and train the teachers how to use
them. From 11th November we will run our annual "One week, One Thousand Computers" campaign.
Churches in Northern Ireland contributed over a quarter of this last year.
This annual event tries to find 1,000 unused and unwanted pcs and laptops for reuse in deprived
schools in Africa. Camara wipe and repair computers of all ages, shapes and sizes, load them with
educational software and ship them to one of Camara’s seven African Hubs where they are
distributed to the most deprived schools. We are asking people to dig out their old computers that are
gathering dust.
Visit www.camara.org for details of where to drop your computers off between 9.30 and 4.30 any
week day.
For your information. It costs £100 per computer to process, ship and provide the relevant training
and maintenance for a minimum of 21 children to learn how to use it over the next 3 years. Most
schools require a 25 computer suite at a cost of £2,500. Whilst we are not asking for donations
anyone who feels they would like to support Camara in this way may do so
through https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/camara or by sending a donation along with a computer to
our base in 10, Townsend Enterprise Park.
The Historic Institutional Abuse Inquiry is an independent Inquiry set up to investigate abuse
of children in residential institutions (but not schools) in Northern Ireland between 1922 and 1995.
Abuse could be sexual or physical abuse, or emotional abuse or neglect. The Inquiry has an
Acknowledgment Forum where you can come and tell experienced professionals in private, and in
confidence, about abuse you experienced. Another part of the inquiry will investigate abuse, and
then make recommendations to the Northern Ireland government. You can choose to talk to both
parts, or to either part, of the Inquiry.
If you were abused in an institution, or saw others being abused, the Inquiry wants to talk to you. It
hopes that as many people as possible who experienced abuse in institutions, or witnessed others
being abused, will come forward to help the Inquiry investigate the way these children were treated,
and what should be done about it. If you know someone who was abused encourage them to
contact us.
If you want to contact us you can get more information on our website www.hiainquiry.org. If you
live in the UK you can write to us at FREEPOST HIA Inquiry, or ring us at our FREEPHONE number
0800 068 4935. If you live outside the UK you can write to us at HIA Inquiry, PO Box 2080, Belfast,
BT1 9QA,

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