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Consider treating your pet
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We have your partner
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service for
active seniors
since 1995
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Solutions Contacts Column
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Established 1991
Time to honour
the ANZACs
In this Issue
VOLUME 24 NO. 09 ISSUE NO. 277 APRIL 2015
• WA’s world of dance...
• Let’s Go Travelling
- Holidaying with Dogs
• Downsizing feature
• Perth Garden Festival
• Jo Allison speaks with
Wicked’s Simon Gallaher
Celtic Woman
Boy Choir - Dustin Hoffman
Testament of Youth
A Royal Night Out
A Little Chaos
The Book of Life
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WA's longest running newspaper
for the over 45s
Scenes from ANZAC Cove at Gallipoli 100 years ago
by Josephine Allison
Food for Life
Free delivery, Home meal service
High quality, great tasting meals
Choose from over 65 main meals including soups and desserts
and special dietary need menus available.
Suitable for: New mothers, recuperating at home, busy
professionals, elderly and frail, disabled, desiring independent
living, primary carers, looking for convenient meals.
6/26 Kalamunda Road, South Guildford
Office phone: 9378 2544
AMID all the fanfare and excitement
commemorating Gallipoli’s centenary this month noted Australian
military historian Dr Jonathan King
has a word of caution: don’t forget
the whole Gallipoli campaign was
a mistake and the centenary should
be remembered as a learning experience.
Dr King, the author of Gallipoli:
Our Last Man Standing and Gallipoli
Diaries, speaks fondly of interviewing a few of the last WA Gallipoli
survivors including Frank Isaacs
from the Australian Imperial Force,
Peter Casserly and Len Hall who he
describes as a ‘fantastic achiever for
“I loved Len Hall dearly, he was
such a sweet man,” Dr King said
from Sydney. “I interviewed him
when he was about 100 and made a
documentary lm about these men,
Gallipoli – Last Anzacs Tell All which
is the story of these men. Len Hall is
one of the stars. My wife and I donated some money for a memorial window in a Perth church when he died.
“Len Hall not only landed at
Gallipoli with the Light Horse and
fought at the Nek, he also fought at
Beersheba when the Light Horse
won the last successful cavalry horse
charge in history.
“Len Hall is one of the giants of
World War I. Having met the last
ANZACS, my favourite ones were
the West Australians and Len Hall
who rode into Damascus with Lawrence of Arabia. He was such a quiet
achiever yet he had done all these
fantastic things.
“It was such a privilege to meet
him. I am carrying on the baton for
his words: ‘Please don’t glorify Gallipoli.’”
“Of course, Albany was the main
departure point with 30,000 troops in
12 ships leaving in the rst convoy.
Prime Minister Andrew Fisher had
offered 20,000 men on the immediate
outbreak of war on 4 August. They
got this number very quickly and
they were the only volunteers; all the
rest were conscripts. Around 331,000
troops left from Australia at various
times, the majority from Albany.”
Australia was still sending troops
in November 1918. Ted Matthews,
one of the last ANZACS in Dr King’s
lm, was sailing to Europe on Remembrance Day 1918 when it was
announced the war had ended. He
decided to return home as he had already been ghting over there.
Dr King is a supporter of Camp
Gallipoli which will see thousands of
people in capital cities gather to experience the ANZAC legend, otherwise only possible at ANZAC Cove
in Turkey.
The Camp Gallipoli program has
been designed to captivate Austral-
ians with events taking place in six
capital cities and selected regional
In Perth, people will gather at Ascot Racecourse on 24 and 25 April
where special areas will be set aside
for camping using swags just as the
diggers experienced.
The overnight experience will include live entertainment from leading
artists and movies and documentaries
will be shown on the big screen. Food
reminiscent of the era will be available, followed by a memorable and
moving dawn service on ANZAC
“Many people can’t make it to
ANZAC Cove so Camp Gallipoli
is an opportunity to remember the
bravery of these young fellows,” Dr
King said. “The ANZACS trained at
places like Ascot Racecourse. With a
bit of luck, some of their spirit might
be oating above the track.”
continued on page 20
“A feel-good
song and dance juggernaut!”
NY Magazine
1300 795 012
The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts
13 - 20 JUNE
From the editor’s desk
Judith Treby
HELLO Everyone,
As the great granddaughter and great niece of two
brave ANZACS, Charles
McCaig Snr and Charles McCaig Jnr, the 25 April, 2015 is
of special signicance to me.
eventually returned home
from the war to his family, but Uncle Charlie, whose
name is immortalised on
the walls of the memorial at
Kings Park, having fought
and endured the slaughter at
Gallipoli, died on the Somme
at the tender age of 19.
This year, Australia pays
tribute to the thousands of
Australian and New Zealand armed forces - from all
walks of life and sadly most
of them teenagers and young
men - who departed these
shores 100 years ago for
lands unknown in defence
of mother England. Many of
these young men thought of
the war as a great adventure,
unaware of the carnage and
unimaginable horrors they
were about to experience and
For more on the history
of Gallipoli and the ANZAC
story, please see Josephine
Allison’s excellent front cover article.
Lest we forget!
Last month, I was privi-
Judith Treby
[email protected]
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THE FILM A Royal Night Out
is about one evening in the lives
of two real-life princesses, Elizabeth and Margaret Windsor on 8
May 1945, VE night, the end of
the Second World War in Europe.
The young princesses, aged
19 and 14 joined the masses to
celebrate VE Day incognito,
however we don’t know exactly
what happened… or what adventures Elizabeth and Margaret
might have had during that historic night.
The lm features up and coming stars Sarah Gadon (Maps
to the Stars), Bel Powley and Jack Reynor (Transformers:
Age of Extinction) alongside veterans Rupert Everett and
Emily Watson.
To be in the draw to win one of 10 doubles passes, call
Have a Go News on 9227 8283 during business hours or
email [email protected] and tell us the names of
the two princesses referred to in A Royal Night Out. Competition closes 24/04/15.
Retired business man with luxury
caravan requires space to park the van
in the metropolitan area.
Rent plus power paid in advance
Enrolments for
Short Courses
leged to attend an informative and interesting computer
training class for older adults
organised by Telstra at their
head ofce in Stirling Street
with the help of the Seniors
Recreation Council and ably
overseen by SRC’s Martin
Due to lack of space in this
edition, I will be unable to
do justice to the information
available at these courses,
but you will nd full details
of them, together with photographs and contact numbers,
in the May issue of the paper.
That’s all from me thismonth.
Keep healthy and happy.
Call 0418 921 322 for a chat
A Senior College of the
Department of Education
Zumba Gold®
Low Impact, suitable for Beginners and Seniors
EACH month on the second Friday at 10am the WA Self
Funded Retirees Association holds a meeting at the Cambridge Bowling Club, Floreat Sporting Precinct, Chandler
Avenue Floreat. A feature of the meetings is the guest speakers who present various topics of interest to retirees.
The speaker at the Friday 8 May meeting is Malcolm
Evans, a certied nancial planner and a regular contributor
to the “Your Money” section of The West Australian.
Malcolm currently sits on the West Australian Chapter
Committee for the Financial Planning Association of Australia (the FPA) and is also the managing director of a privately owned non-institutionally aligned nancial planning
and investment management practice in Dalkeith.
His speciality is in the delivery of complex strategy advice in the areas of portfolio investment management, superannuation and retirement planning, self-managed and
small APRA superannuation funds, taxation planning and
estate planning; topics in which most members would be
vitally interested.
Visitors to the meetings are always most welcome.
For more information please contact: Ron de Gruchy on
9447 1313 or Margaret Harris on 9381 5303.
50 years of owers
THIS YEAR the Western
Chrysanthemum Society Inc celebrates
its 50th anniversary with
both recent and some of the
founding members, many
of whom are still active and
growing beautiful owers, in
The Society will also host
the Australian Chrysanthemum Council’s Australian
Championship this year,
which only comes to Perth
once every ve years, so
2015 is a very special show.
The show will be held
from Wednesday 6 to Saturday 9 May during shopping
centre hours at a new venue
– the Forresteld Forum
Shopping Centre, 20 Strelitzia Avenue, Forresteld.
For more information,
please call Leila Blackwell,
show secretary, the Western
Australian Chrysanthemum
Society Inc. on 9534 8238.
Southern Suburbs:
Southern River
Antiques and Collectibles
Deceased Estate Specialists
- Estate Sales conducted
Phone TINA 0402 314 114
If you’re an adult there are a large range of
courses that will interest you, including:
• Computing
• Languages
• Personal Development and Training
• Returning to learning
Enrolments for short courses are now taking
place. For information on these courses, please
visit our website
or phone the College for an information booklet.
Short courses for Autumn will commence on
Monday, 23 February 2015.
Banksia Street, TUART HILL WA 6060
Telephone 9242 6222 Facsimile 9444 8538
Email [email protected]
Certied Financial Planner
to speak at the May, WA Self
Funded Retirees meeting
A Royal Night Out
We are looking to purchase the following:
old paintings • Royal Doulton • Shelley China
Australian pottery • Wembley Ware
medals and badges • stamps, coins and
banknotes vintage watches • costume and ne
jewellery militaria • postcards • old advertising
sterling silver items • fountain pens
vintage cameras
From one item to a house full, we buy
anything old and interesting as long as we
don’t have to feed or water it!
For a FREE consultation
call NICK 0498 009 880
or cruise?
$69’s up to you.
3-hour sail season ends soon!
Join us for a 3-hour sail onboard the STS Leeuwin.
Take part in the sailing activities or just sit back
and enjoy the sail!
Friday, 10 April
Saturday, 11 April
11am-2pm & 4-7pm
Sunday, 12 April
10am-1pm & 3-6pm
For more information and to book your 3-hour
sail visit or contact us at
(08) 9430 4105. Gift vouchers available.
B Berth, Victoria Quay,
Citi Older
THE GROUP meets every
third Friday of the month at
1pm At Citiplace community
centre Perth railway station
concourse for speakers outings and friendship.
Next meeting will be
on Friday 17 May. All
welcome. More info on
9493 2734.
Forsyth, Keith, MacFarlane, Mackay, MacLean,
MacLeod, MacGillivray,
Munro, and Donnachaidh
(the Robertsons, Duncans
and Reids) are holding
a joint picnic on Sunday
26 April, 2015 starting at
11am at King’s Park on the
back lawn area behind the
Light Horse Regiment Memorial.
Take the off-road alongside the Old Tea Pavilion,
on Fraser Avenue.
A welcome is extended
to all who are interested
in Scottish and Clan heritage, wish to exchange
news and information and
enjoy a day in the Scottish
tradition with Scottish and
Gaelic music and piping.
Bring BYO folding
chairs, lunch, drinks and a
card table.
For more details please
ring Shirley on 9457 1945,
or Jack on 9330 1812.
Don’t miss
the nal
State School
A REUNION for students
from the 1940 6A and 6B
classes will be held on Monday, 13 May from 11am to
2pm at the Cottesloe Life
Saving Club, Marine Parade,
As the students are now 87
years young, they intend this
to be their last reunion with
everyone looking forward to
getting together for one nal
Could attendees please
bring along a small plate to
For more information,
please contact Muriel Buss
9349 9205 or Mervyn Wright
9385 3503.
Barbagallo Raceway V8 Supercars
Club 55
Mystery Tour
Moondyne Joe
3 May
in July
at Friar Tucks
in July at
Gloucester Park
Wave Rock
Lynn Adamson
Property Lawyer
Ph 0408 904 166
E: [email protected]
LIONS Cancer Institute Mobile Skin
Screening Clinic will be soon in your area...
For bookings please contact:
12 April - Whitford’s Autumn Fair, Lions Whitfords
Bert Stray 9562 0384
18 April - Hyden, Lions Club Hyden
Colin Muir 0428 246 812
3 May - Classic Car Show, Whiteman Park
10 May - Comet Bay, Autumn Fair
Simon Binder 0439 514 244 or 9524 7761
For info visit
3 in 1 Market
• Handmade Crafts
• Antiques & Collectables
• Polka Dot Vintage Market
5 FEB - 20 DEC 2015
66 victoria ave claremont
Opening times - Monday to Friday
riday 1 to 4pm
First Sunday of every month 2 to 5pm
Wizards of
Fire & Vines
Get Strong
Have Fun
Valley Steamranger
You can come by yourself or bring some friends
1300 653 696
Take up: Aqua Fitness, Stretch and Flex or many more.
Casual and membership options available.
HBF Members get additional benefits
Chris Hadland
Y 26th April &
MONDAY 27th April (Public Holiday)
9.30am - 4.30pm
• Over 300 indoor market stalls
• FREE antique valuations (12pm-3pm daily)
• Trains stop INSIDE showgrounds
WIN $2,000 CASH
9300 3355
Brochures & Bookings visit
Search for Club 55 Travel
Instructions taken
in the convenience
your home or office
Club 55
Mystery Tour
Group Bookings Only
June, Aug, Nov
We come to you!
Seniors Day Tours
at this site is Professor Bu
Men can complete the rst
part of the screening process directly by logging onto
the website
au. Alternatively ring Helen
Daniels, study nurse on
0498 588 482 or 08 6151 1138
[email protected]
Enduring Powers
of Attorney
of Guardianship
in a motor racing simulator
at Ignition Racing in Wangara.
With surround sound,
vision and motion, these
machines put you behind
the wheel of a powerful machine where you can push
yourself to the limits without
having to risk your life.
I must admit, I had to turn
the motion simulator off, because I was feeling a bit sick,
but so did Garth!
I’ll be in the stands in the
rst weekend in May (1-3)
when the two boys return for
the next leg of the V8 Supercars Championship.
Garth is currently in
fourth spot in the series’ leaderboard on 457 points, with
Jamie Whincup leading on
483. Chaz is in 10th spot on
The Perth SuperSprint
comprises three packed days
of racing – with the V8 Supercars Championship as
the main feature, supported
by the Dunlop Series, the
V8 Ute Championships and
local Saloon Cars, Formula
Vee and a full grid of improved production and street
There will be two 60 km
V8 Supercar races on Saturday and a 200 km V8 Supercar race on Sunday. The
event provides Western
Australian fans with the only
opportunity to witness live
V8 Supercar racing action,
and more than 40,000 fans
are expected to attend over
the three days of adrenalinfuelled racing.
T4DM is a research clinical
trial funded by the National
Health and Medical Research Council of Australia,
to see if testosterone together
with a healthy lifestyle programme can prevent the
progression of Type 2 diabetes in men aged 50-74 years
with impaired glucose tolerance or can normalise glucose tolerance in those with
newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes (t2DM).
They are actively recruiting right now at Fiona
Stanley Hospital and Harry
Perkins Research Institute
for men in this age range
with a waist circumference of
95cm or more. Men will be
screened before enrolment
to ensure they are eligible for
the study. They will be carefully monitored at each three
monthly visit if selected.
All men who are selected
will receive free Weightwatchers and either an
intra-muscular injection of
testosterone or a placebo and
be part of medical research
making a difference in men’s
The principal investigator
IT’S the stuff dreams are
made of.
In pole position, the man
who won his maiden V8 Supercars race, at Barbagallo
Raceway in 2014, Chaz
Mostert in his Ford Falcon.
Next to him, WA’s favourite racing car driver,
Garth Tander – well probably second now after Daniel Ricciardo – in his Holden
Third on the grid, me,
Brad Elborough, behind
the wheel of a V8 Supercar
for the very rst time. I’m
too nervous to even register
what type of car I’m in.
The lights change quickly,
from red, to amber... then
We’re off – they’re off.
It took seconds for Chaz
and Garth to leave me for
dead. By the time they
reached the rst bend, I
would not have even registered in their rear view mirrors.
These cars go fast, but
boy are they tough to handle. The slightest movement
of the steering wheel can
send you off the Barbagallo
Raceway track, as I found
out several times on the rst
lap. I didn’t need the tow
truck though, like I did in
training - twice.
Garth told me (after the
race) that the grip on the
Perth track makes it unique.
“I am biased as I grew up
here, but it is unique in the
way that the grip is deliv-
ered,” he said.
“Race track surfaces all
age and they age differently and the way it does
here is because of the sand
that blows across it, so it is
unique to other tracks that
we race on.
“We classify Perth as a
low-grip surface so the tyres
wear out very quickly. The
little bit of grip that you do
have doesn’t last very long.
“Making the tyre live is a
challenge and getting more
grip than your opposition
is a challenge as well. Then
when you come to the race
you need a car that consistently looks after its tyre and
has better tyre longevity than
everyone else.
“Achieving both of those
things is a challenge, because ultimately one cancels
out the other. “
Once I got the hang of the
lack of grip, there was no
stopping me. My laps got
faster and faster the longer
I went. These guys were
lucky that the race was only
ve laps.
To make things fair,
this was a time trial, not a
straight race over ve laps.
The fastest lap won the day
and I wasn’t far off the mark.
First place went to Chaz
Mostert in 54.725 seconds;
second was Garth Tander in
54.886 seconds; third, Brad
Elborough in 71.100 seconds.
Not too bad for a rookie.
I’d probably not have performed so well in a real V8
Supercar though. We were
Are you at risk of diabetes?
Join us online
Kennedya Dr Joondalup
9441 8222
Stephenson Ave Mount Claremont
(door prize)
Entry $7 Children under 10 FREE
by Brad Elborough
PARKINSON’S Disease can lead to problems with thinking,
planning and memory. Blake Lawrence’s study is examining
whether brain training and brain stimulation can be used to help
improve problems like these in people with Parkinson’s.
Brain training is a way of engaging the parts of the brain
responsible for thinking, planning and memory and involves
completing a few puzzles each day.
Brain stimulation involves passing a small current through
the part of the brain responsible for thinking, planning and
memory – which is safe and painless.
If you would like more information about this research or if
you would like to participate in Blake’s study, please contact
him via phone 0415 621 061 or email [email protected]
Left to right; Race contenders Brad Elborough - Chaz Mostert and Garth Tander
“It ticks all of the boxes
as far as a car race is concerned,” Garth said.
“It has its own challenges.
The lay out itself promotes
good racing – so as a spectacle, it’s fantastic.
“The track is one of the
shortest ones we go to, it is
only 2.4 km long, but the
plus side is we are coming
back past the fans every 55
seconds – you are seeing
plenty of action, cars have
got a fair bit of attitude on
Tickets are still available
and start at just $15 for kids
and $25 for adults on Friday
(including an extra round of
practice this year), and $40
for kids and $50 for adults
for Saturday or Sunday’s
racing. Kids under 13 get
in free with a paying adult
all weekend. Grandstand,
weekend and paddock pass
tickets are also available.
For info on the V8 Supercars, visit For tickets,
which includes free public
transport to/from the event,
For information on the motor racing simulators, visit
Readers of Have a Go
News have a chance to be at
Barbagallo Raceway to see
the boys tear up the track.
Up for grabs are three double general admission passes, to the three day event.
To be in the drawer to
win a pass simply email
[email protected]
au or write Barbagallo
Competition PO Box 1042,
West Leederville 6901 ends
Volunteers with
Parkinson’s wanted
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Copy & Advertisement Deadline – 20th of the month prior to publication
The Have a Go News MAY edition will be published on Friday 8/05/15
Street address:
Postal Address:
Concept Media
137 Edward Street
Perth WA 6000
PO Box 1042
West Leederville
WA 6901
Tel: (08) 9227 8283
Fax: (08) 9227 8293
Please address all correspondence to the Editor
Email the editor:
[email protected]
Email the travel/sub editor:
[email protected]
Email to production:
[email protected]
Rural Press
Honorary Editor/ Arts Editor
Judith Treby
Sub/Travel Editor
Jennifer Merigan
Josephine Allison
Frank Smith
Brad Elborough
Jemma Aldridge
Vince Garreffa
Wendy Holtom
Jayson Mansaray
Jeanette Woolerton
Lisa McMahon
Suyin Boehm
Seniors supporting seniors
24 hours all areas
9209 1393 (NORTH) 9300 9051
can make a real difference to the
DEAR Editor
Help those facing horror.
Humans have an astounding ability to ignore horror.
Particularly when it’s not happening to us.
How else can we explain the stunning lack of interest
in the world’s biggest humanitarian crisis? Four years of
terrible violence in Syria, 16 million people needing aid
and yet donations to Syria appeals have slowed to a crawl.
Is it that Australians don’t care? I hope not. Or maybe
we can’t see how to make a difference in a crisis this huge?
Two out of three Syrian people need aid, yet Syria is
often forgotten here in Australia. Imagine if two thirds of
your community, your city or your country needed a hand
with the basics like food, water and hygiene items to survive.
The basic health and dignity of Syrian people are unacceptably compromised. But small practical contributions
can help people survive. We’re aiming to provide Syrian
families with personal care essentials: toothpaste, soap,
toilet paper, sanitary pads and much more, complementing
other life-saving services that we support.
We may not be able to solve the Syria crisis overnight,
but in small ways we can make life more bearable for people trapped in its horror. Please help at
Peter Walton
Head of International Programs,
Australian Red Cross
Manage your pain
drug free
THE Sunmas Tens Machine
is a portable device that
helps you to manage your
pain without drugs. It sends
electronic pulses through
your body. This stimulates
To my daughter,
I leave my
Wedding Ring.
To the Salvos,
I leave hope.
palsy need 24 hour care 7 days a week.
ing a few British pensioners pensions;
“The British Government are free riding on the welfare states of countries
that British citizens are moving to ...
we are asking other countries taxpayers to support our pensioners.”
BPiA is ghting to improve the
retirement of UK pensioners here
in Australia, Canada, South Africa
etc., as well as the Australian budget.
So come on-board and help ght for
justice to remove the immoral British
pension regulation which discriminates against us.
Call us on 1300 308 353 or
6364 0859 and visit
Kind Regards
Jim Tilley
Hon Chairman, British Pensions in
Australia Inc.
Frank Granger
Many adults and children with cerebral
the USA, Israel, the Philippines but
remain frozen for many of us, mostly
pensioners in Commonwealth countries.
To counter Mr Harris’s argument,
if he should be given an extra $100/
month more by Britain, when we win
our campaign for uprating all UK
pensions equally and fairly worldwide, then he will get at least an extra
$50/month. If this is added to his taxable income, as fairly as is all other income, the most that will be deducted,
if taxed, would be about $10 leaving
him $40 in front and the Australian
Government’s budget $60 to the better plus any GST incurred when he
spends his extra $40.
The UK’s Pension Minister was reported in Hansard as saying by freez-
Articial Lawn
DEAR Editor
Much has been said about the advantages and disadvantages of articial lawn, over the past few weeks.
I would not know why a council would disapprove of a
resident having articial lawn on their verge when it looks
so nice.
I am pleased that I live in a suburb where our City
Council, not only approves of articial grass being placed
on the verge, they have put it around the public areas of
our local shopping area.
It has been there a few years now and looks as good as
the day it was put there.
This was one of the reasons I decided to have it installed on our front lawn and the narrow verge.
As we were on reticulated scheme water on a time
clock, watering twice a week, we found that it was impossible to have a nice natural lawn.
It was also impossible to water the narrow verge without wasting water which overows onto the road.
We are also doing our bit to conserve water.
If any Have a Go News readers have a small area of
lawn, articial grass is the answer. It is affordable and it
always looks nice and it takes the worry out of trying to
keep it looking good.
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and columns
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Cryptic Crossword
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55 Scene Socially
“Who will care for our
children when we can’t?”
The Centre for Cerebral Palsy you
DEAR Editor,
Thank you for correcting Mr.
Philip Harris and hopefully informing
all your British readers that no more
than 50 cents per additional $1 will be
taken from any increase in UK pension for which BPiA are campaigning.
Too few of our British pensioners
are aware of this fact and are consequently dismissive and show enormous apathy to our efforts to extract
the extra pension from the British
Government to which we should be
It is now clear from polls that less
than 40 per cent of the UK population
are aware that the British government
practices this unfair selective pension
policy. UK state pensions are uprated
each year in countries like in Spain,
Sales Account Manager
Diane Broderick
David Kellock
Some of the larger funeral homes are charging $7500 or
more for a cremation and between 10 and $12,000 for
a burial. Senior Citizens Funeral Service charge $4600
and $6600 for the same service. Why the difference you
may ask. Answer; overheads. The bigger the company,
the higher the overheads, the more you pay. Choose a
family owned business and West Australian owned,
choose Senior Citizens Funeral Service and save.
By making a bequest or donation to
Letters to the Editor
Features Co-ordinator
Tammy Scott
DEAR Editor
I just want to thank you so much for the competitions
you run. I recently won a double pass to Reading Cinemas, and it was a joy to be able to take my grandchildren
to see a movie I otherwise would not have been able to
afford as a pensioner!
Thank you also for a couple of books we have won over
the past couple of years too! They were really appreciated.
Hope you are having a wonderful day, and I love the
Merrill Leach
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Shirley’s dancing talents captivated Perth over the years
by Adam Penn
WHEN it comes to dance,
Shirley Bickley is a household name in the Perth area,
especially in Fremantle
where she has long connections.
Born in North Fremantle
on the 31 May 1935, Shirley
attended primary school in
Northam where her father
porcelain decorated
worked on the railways.
She returned with her family to Fremantle to attend St
Joseph’s High School, followed by a year at teachers
training college.
But the lure of dance
proved too much and, at 21,
she decided to tackle it seriously. Shirley began learning
at Wrightson’s Dance Studio,
Victoria Hall, Fremantle,
ful dancer), was born in
late 1963 with Andrew following in 1966, a year after
Shirley started her school at
the Hilton Progress Hall on
Paget Street where she continued to be a familiar face in
the community and dancing
fraternity until the late 2000s.
Shirley joined the executive of WA Dancing Masters (WADMA), now Dance
Masters International of
Australia (DMIA) in 1963,
serving as president for six
years in the mid 1970s. She
has served continually on the
executive for 50 years, currently holding the vice-president’s title. She has also held
an executive position on the
WA branch of the Australian
Dancing Board for more than
40 years, having been president for 15 years.
In 1975 Shirley commenced running the City of
Fremantle championships as
part of the Festival of Fremantle in the Town Hall with
dancers representing all areas
of WA including Geraldton,
Bunbury, Albany and Perth.
Moving the event to John
Curtin Senior High School
the following year, she eventually took the championship
to the Fremantle Terminal
where it remained until 1999.
After having run the champi-
room, the compere asked
what we feed them on Down
Under? after seeing the
height and stature of the Australian dancers.
The crowning moment for
Shirley was when her adult
and junior cha cha formation
teams won their respective titles at the 1980 World Championships in Perth.
Shirley decided to broaden
her career horizons in 1988,
successfully running for a
position on the Fremantle
City Council, the year in
which her junior formation
team titled Ballroom won the
bi-centennial championship
title in Queensland. She has
been awarded numerous accolades and awards for her
work for the community,
First Mortgage Security
both through council, charity
work and dance, Shirley retired from Fremantle council
in 2009, while continuing
her efforts with dancing in
Shirley is very proud of
her work in her craft and
continues her love of dance
and teaching. She wants to
continue teaching and sharing the magic of dance with
the people of WA for many
years to come.
Anyone with historic
photos or stories for Adam
Penn’s dance series can
contact Adam at [email protected]
optusnet, or mobile
0412 361 917.
Plus 1% application fee
Licensed with ASIC.
PI Insurance Licensed Valuers only
Call 9583 4994 or 0439 968 389
Email [email protected]
Single items or
complete collections.
PLUS memorabilia
Ring PAUL anytime on
0417 974 914
Old Kingswoodians College reunion
Seniors Buffet LUNCH
Includes Soup, Extensive Hot Buffet and Salad Bar
PLUS Free Tea and Coffee
12 NOON - 2:30PM
Group bookings welcomee
Please call 08 9271 7111
for booking enquires
78-80 Railway Parade, Bayswater
Chair exercises are very popular in the UK.
Gentle, relaxing exercises suitable for all ages and abilities.
No equipment required!
Just yourself and clothes you can easily move in.
Where: SHINE Community Services
81 Forrest Street, Cottesloe
When: Fridays 9.30am - 10.15am
Morning tea is served at 10.15am for a gold coin donation
(carers are free)
To Register: Phone 9383 2663
Cost: $5 (carers are free)
Bring along your friends!
We are looking for people who have
medical conditions as well as those who
are healthy.
“In the comfort of your own home”
Children, Students
Students and
and Health
Health Care
Pensioners, Veterans,
Veterans, Children,
Ever thought how
you could help our
future doctors?
The University of Western Australia is
seeking community members for our
Simulated Patient Program.
9321 9133
If you don’t have
a Medicare
a private fee may apply.
Medical conditions may include:
of other neurological disorders
THE Kingswood Girls 40 Year Reunion will take place on the Graeme/Victoria
Girls Weekend, 31 July to 2 August 2015 in Grahamstown Eastern Cape, South
The reunion will focus on the ladies who arrived during 1973 – 1979 from preprimary to post-matriculation. But Old Kingswoodian ladies from later years are
very welcome too.
Enquiries regarding this event and the OK Club in Australia, please contact:
Shirley Birch email: [email protected] Telephone 9942 5902 or Belinda
Eisenhauer email: [email protected] Telephone 0448 260 055.
Jug by Irena Kopec
THE West Australian Guild
of China Painters is presenting an exhibition of intricately
decorated, kiln red porcelain
for lovers of ne china.
The Guild is Australia’s
oldest china painting association and it will celebrate this
ne art with an exhibition of
its members’ work in May.
Artists were given the
theme ‘Unashamedly Decorative’ to interpret and inspire
Several hundred pieces of hand painted
porcelain will be on display
and artists will be on hand to
demonstrate china painting
The Guild has been promoting the art of china painting since 1964. The exhibition is a great opportunity to
see some of the best porcelain
artists in Australia exhibiting
both contemporary and traditional work. Glorious colours, golden hues, artistic application of texture, lustre and
metallic will adorn a variety
of porcelain shapes. Countless hours of work, individual
style and methods ensure each
piece is an original and unique
work of art.
The exhibition is also a
once-a-year opportunity to
see the Guild’s collectables –
a fascinating porcelain collection reecting trends in china
painting over the last 50 years.
It will be held at the historic
Guildford Town Hall, corner
James and Meadow Streets,
Guildford on Saturday and
Sunday 2-24 May, between
9.30am and 4pm. Entry is
free with some work available
for sale.
For more information
about the WA Guild of China
Painters or the upcoming
exhibition please visit the
Guild’s website or phone
president Heather Tailor on
9337 3228.
onship for 25 years, Shirley
retired from the production
role, handed the event to the
DMIA, who continue to host
the championship as a feature
on the WA dance calendar.
Specialising in junior formation dance, Shirley has
coached teams that have
won WA, South Pacic and
Australasian championships,
along with taking the rst
Australian junior formation
team to Blackpool in 1979.
Shirley fondly remembers
how she had to rehearse the
Blackpool orchestra to play
the brand new Australian
National Anthem, Advance
Australia Fair the night before the teams were to enter
to their respective anthems.
On arriving in the ball-
Shirley Bickley and Edgar Peters
dancing ballroom (standard)
with Jim Mashmedt and latin
with Roy Mavor, achieving
her rst qualication in ballroom in 1959.
She danced her Latin Oscar with Roy Mavor at the
Embassy Ballroom in 1960
just before leaving with
friend and dance colleague
Pat Hoare, for Rome for the
Olympic Games.
After the Olympics and
travel in Italy, Shirley ended
up in London where she took
up a teaching position with
the Albert Morgan School
of Dance, teaching both ballroom and Latin and studying
for a degree in each style
with the Dance Teacher’s Association, subsequently the
International Dance Teacher’s Association.
After some time in London, she teamed up with a
couple of girls from Australia
and drove around Europe,
taking in all the sights including a bullght in the south of
Spain, which both horried
and distressed her.
At the end of her European
tour, she returned to London
where she met and married
Alastair McKay, travelling
home to Australia in 1963,
and starting a family. The
couple’s rst son Alastair
(later to become a success-
CRICOS Provider Number: 00126G
As a simulated patient you would be
working with medical students in small
group teaching sessions. Students will
take your history, perform a physical
examination or make an assessment.
All sessions are conducted under the
supervision of a tutoring doctor and
no invasive procedures are undertaken.
A small amount of remuneration is
available to participants.
To register your interest or for further
(08) 6488 7528
Email: [email protected]
French’s Forum - the pace of life and other things
Brian French
by Brian French
INEVITABLY, for each of us,
the pace of life changes and
slows with the passing of the
While this change of pace
can offer a really pleasant opportunity to just sit at home
and quietly reminisce and/or
reect on the good times past,
it is also offers an opportunity
to remember the not so good
I like to think back on my
childhood as a wartime evacuee living in the City of Bath.
The months of April 1941 and
1942 were not pleasant.
During that time, we endured three nights of heavy
bombing resulting in two or
three thousand civilian deaths
and casualties, and as a 10
year old, I found those nights
pretty scary.
Now, all these years later,
it’s April 2015, and here I
am sitting comfortably at the
computer in our own home in
sunny Perth. How lucky can
one be?
Speaking of contemplating,
I read an article recently that
pinpoints the age of 41 as the
moment when we stop caring
what other people think of
us. This evidence was taken
from a poll which found that
passing 40 takes us to a state
of mind where we just throw
caution to the wind. I wonder
if this is really true!
Once again I’ve been looking at the UK weekly newspapers for snippets of information that may be of interest
to readers.
The rst thing that strikes
me is the way the UK is on
the way up economically.
Its recent budget is remarkably promising for most people which, is of course to be
expected with a general election in the wings.
However, it’s not all down
to the annel because the ination level has plummeted to
an all-time low and there are
plenty of handouts such as a
cut in beer prices and even in
taxes. So, if you plan to holiday in the UK, now’s the time
to do it.
Sadly, there is still the problem of loneliness in the wider
community with a study suggesting it is as big a killer as
obesity and as dangerous to
health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.
Although I don’t know
how this can be proved, I’m
sure lonely people out there
would agree.
Before writing this column
on Good Friday, I read an article that suggested an archaeologist may have found Jesus’
childhood home in Nazareth.
While I think it would be
almost impossible to irrefutably conrm this, from his evidence presented, it certainly
sounds feasible. If proven, no
doubt, it will very quickly be-
come a shrine for Christians
around the world.
The latest information received on what we need to do
to live longer and more fruitful lives comes from Finland
and encourages us to exercise
moderately for at least half an
hour per day. Regular exercise helps to lower your risk
of cancer with walking as
good a way as any to achieve
As with many readers, I
seem to have heard this advice
We are also encouraged to
boost our brain cell capacity
by participating in problem
solving exercises such as puzzles, chess and bridge. (I love
crossword puzzles which I do
every day – but not always
Are you sleeping well?
Apparently a good night’s
sleep is the key to allaying a
host of killer conditions - or so
yet another study tells us.
According to research,
those who go to bed early and
rise early are less likely to develop Alzheimers, heart prob-
lems, depression and more.
Good night all!
My wife Mary is a little
sad: her favourite television
series Downton Abbey is coming to an end. Downton was a
program that she would not
miss. While Mary enjoyed the
grand scenery, it was the quality of acting of all members of
the cast and particularly the
superb Maggie Smith that she
so enjoyed.
The 100th anniversary of
Gallipoli will be with us in a
few weeks and reminded me
of a letter I read recently by
an Aussie Brit (like me) titled
This quite long letter raised
a couple of points worthy of
He says when we leave the
country of our birth to settle in
other lands we do forfeit some
aspects of the privileges that
the former country allowed
us. I accept this and agree,
but it should be applied to all
The other point he made is
the lack of recognition given
to the vast number of British
and other nationality soldiers
who died with the Aussies in
Gallipoli under the command
of the totally incompetent
English general Staff. The
difference, I suppose, was
the more appalling effect the
deaths had on Australian life
throughout the country. I do
not want to make any comment except to say I have
been an Australian for over 26
years and know how the birth
of the nation’s spirit came
from Gallipoli.
Now away from the serious to my usual titbits which I
hope readers will enjoy before
I close.
My young grandson called
the other day to wish me Happy Birthday and asked me how
old I was. I told him “80”. My
grandson was quiet for a moment and then asked “Did you
start at “1”?
A little girl was diligently
pounding away on her grandfather’s computer. She told
him she was writing a story.
“What’s it about?” he asked.
“I don’t know, she replied “I
can’t read”.
I didn’t know if my granddaughter had learned her
colours yet, so I decided to test
her. I would point out something and ask what colour it
was. She would tell me and
was always correct. It was fun
for me, so I continued. At last
she headed for the door, saying, “Grandma, I think you
should try to gure out some of
these colours yourself!”
After putting her grandchildren to bed, a grandmother
changed into old slacks and a
droopy blouse and proceeded
to wash her hair. As she heard
the children getting more and
more rambunctious, her patience grew thin. Finally, she
threw a towel around her head
and stormed into their room,
putting them back to bed with
stern warnings. As she left
the room, she heard the threeyear-old say with a trembling
voice, “Who was THAT?”
Hope you enjoyed the
Have a safe and happy
Brian French
[email protected]
Freshwater Bay Museum
- World War I Exhibition
THE Town of Claremont’s
Freshwater Bay Museum’s
latest exhibition, The Western Suburbs at War, focuses
on the First World War and
the involvement and impact
on the western suburbs community. The exhibition incorporates a number of themes
based around the First World
War – some are general
(nursing display) and oth-
ers are more specic to the
Freshwater Bay area which
Nedlands, Dalkeith, Mosman Park, Peppermint Grove
and Cottesloe.
The exhibition features
displays about the 10th Light
Horse and the 44th Battalion
– a battalion that was raised
in Claremont in 1916, (their
colours are on loan from
the Western Australian Museum).
This has been a community project as researchers
from the museum have gathered local stories from the
community members about
their relatives. These stories
have been used in a variety
of ways – some stories were
used in displays – the mourning dress in the remembrance
room is an example. Also in
the remembrance room
there’s a video loop that features six stories about people
from the community and
their involvement during the
First World War – it gives
some different perspectives.
One story is told through
postcards to a child from his
father while he is away ghting. The remembrance room
also highlights the way we
remember the First World
War with monuments and
the like.
There is also a companion book that goes with the
exhibition, it goes into more
detail about the First World
War and also contains some
community stories that were
not used in the exhibition.
The Museum is located at
66 Victoria Ave., Claremont
in the scenic Mrs Herbert’s
Park. It is open Monday to
Friday – 1pm to 4pm (earlier by arrangement for group
bookings) and on the rst
Sunday of every month from
2-5pm. The exhibition runs
from now until 18 December.
Free parking is available
next to the museum complex
and a gold coin donation is
required for entry to the exhibition.
Baby boomers and country rockers dance nights
COUNTRY and country rock every Wednesday 8pm-11pm.
15 April - New Trix,
22 April - Single Phase
29 April - Brown Sugar
Entry: $5 pp. Doors open 7pm. BYO snacks/
food. Drinks at club rates. No BYO
Baby boomers meeting place, RSL Belmont, 22 Leake Street, Belmont.
(off Great Eastern Highway)
Need more info call Linda: 9354 3899.
May Queen & King cabaret dance night
Dance the night away to the Fab Hot Hot Hot
Help us fund our
vital programs
into the future by
including a gift
in your Will to
Cancer Council WA
Prize for the best dressed May Queen and
Entry: $12 pre paid $15 door sales (if
available - only 200 tickets so get in early)
Tickets: Linda: 9354 3899
Wanda: 9354 4063
BYO snacks & nibbles, food on sale,
drinks at club rate no BYO
Part proceeds to Samaritans (WA)
At: Cannington Bowling Club, George
Street West, Cannington.
On: Saturday 2 May from 8pm to midnight.
Gifts in Wills
make a real difference
To find out more call 9212 4391 or email [email protected]
ANZACs in Egypt featured at Curtin Gallery until October
The worried well
by Rhonda Parker
CEO Alzheimer’s WA
remember information as well
as they did, or they lose things
like their glasses. These usually are signs of mild forgetfulness, not serious memory
To quote the author William Gibson: “Time moves
in one direction, memory in
another.” The statement is a
generality for many people but
I would imagine if I surveyed
readers over 50, forgetfulness
would be a frequent change
people see in themselves.
Forgetfulness could be
many things besides normal
ageing. There is a condition
called mild cognitive impairment (MCI) which causes a
slight but noticeable and measurable decline in cognitive
abilities, including memory
and thinking skills.
Changes can be serious
enough to be noticed by the
individual experiencing them
but not severe enough to interfere with daily life or independent function. Not all
people with MCI get worse
and some eventually get better. MCI is not dementia.
If you are worried I implore
you not to self-diagnose. Your
of the worried well. Who are
the worried well? When referring to older people, the worried well refers to those who
are currently healthy but fear
that some of the changes in
function and ability may be
the start of something more
It’s important that we take
responsibility for our health
as we age, and seek medical
advice to keep us informed.
When it comes to memory,
don’t be part of the worried
well. Seek information from
the National Dementia Helpline on 1800 100 500 or talk
to your GP.
Forgetfulness is, in most
cases, not dementia. That is
something you should remember.
Back-Up Bra
for Relief
Straw Bale House
Perfect location, gardens
and views, low running
costs, set up for self
sufciency and healthy
lifestyle. Pesticide free.
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2 B/R, ofce, studio, easy
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Enquire via Gumtree Ad.
By just replacing your
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“Best Bidet in the
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Just quote this number 5GO4
THE National Dementia
Helpline run by Alzheimer’s
Australia WA frequently
hears from people concerned
about their memories. The
medical profession sometimes refers to them as the
‘worried well’.
It seems the older we get
the more we forget, and the
more we forget the more we
worry. I don’t want to trivialise this in any way, but I do
want to clarify the difference
between forgetfulness and
Are any of these scenarios
normal to you? You often
have no idea where your
car keys are; you know you
have something on Saturday
but what it is, you can’t remember; you love that actor
in that movie but their name
and what the movie is called
at the moment is a complete
In fact, people of a certain
age can often cite a string of
things they forget, especially
in the moment. We remember our kids’ birthday parties
25 years ago, but where did I
put the remote control? It is a
frequent topic of conversation
once you are over 50.
Does this forgetfulness
mean you have dementia?
I will quote from the TV ad
for the National Dementia
Helpline because the point it
makes is very pertinent; there
is a difference between forgetting your daughter’s birthday
and forgetting you have a
We all forget things from
time to time, but the loss of
memory with dementia is
very different. It is persistent
and progressive, not just occasional. It may affect the ability
to continue to work, or carry
out familiar tasks.
There are a number of
things to consider before you
start worrying about forgetfulness. Forgetfulness can be
a normal part of ageing. Dementia is not a normal part of
ageing. As people get older,
changes occur in all parts of
the body, including the brain.
As a result, some people may
notice that it takes longer to
learn new things, they don’t
rst consideration, if you have
concerns about your memory,
should be to see your GP as
early as you can.
A complete medical and
may identify an easily treatable condition.
Testing would likely start
with a detailed medical history. This helps to establish
whether the symptoms have
been slow or sudden, and
what impact they are having
on your life. A physical and
is also common. Cognitive
evaluations and/or neuropsychological testing of abilities/
issue areas such as memory,
reading, comprehension, insight and judgment are common in diagnosis as these
abilities may be affected by
There may also be psychiatric assessment to identify
treatable disorders such as depression, which can mimic
There are laboratory tests,
including a variety of blood
and urine tests called a dementia screen to test for a variety
of illnesses which could be
responsible for dementia-like
Or maybe you are just part
“Our aim is to promote
awareness of the commemoration of the Gallipoli campaign, to assist WAGs in its
identication project and to
inform living descendants
about their ancestors; the soldiers who took part in the Gallipoli campaign.”
Turn your toilet
into a Bidet
*Conditions apply
1915, Captain Barnes recorded in his diary: “After church
this morning the whole battalion was marched up to the
pyramid (Old Cheops) and
we had a photo took or at least
A HISTORIC photograph
of men of the ANZAC 11th
battalion posing on the great
pyramid of Khufu (Cheops)
Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, taken
on 10 January 1915 will be the
centrepiece of a display at the
John Curtin Gallery until October this year.
On Sunday, January 10,
to they have. If you think you
have a match, please send a
copy of your photo to WAGS
for independent assessment at:
[email protected]”
Chris Malcolm, curator of
the Curtin Gallery said the
photograph will be joined by
other items exploring events
before and after the photograph was taken.
“We are planning a presentation by a host of people
including RSL, WAGs and
university experts on 23 April.
“The image was rst published in March 1915 in a
Perth newspaper. Readers
then were asked to identify
the men.
“The original image was
made on a glass plate negative. We don’t know the size
but the resolution is amazing,”
he said.
by Frank Smith
training camp on the outskirts
of Cairo, Egypt.
Three months after this
photograph was taken, many
of these men were amongst
the rst ANZAC troops to
land on the beaches of Gallipoli in the early hours of
Sunday 25 April 1915.
Curtin Gallery, together
with the WA Genealogical
Society are hoping to identify
many of the men.
Chris Louden, webmaster
of the WAGS said the society
has identied 239 so far.
“Allan and Raye Ellam at
the Princess Royal Fortress
Albany Museum identied
125 men working from 1980s
with a magnifying glass.
Some were initially incorrectly identied and have since
been corrected. Some parts of
the image are not particularly
“We now know 239, others
are coming in at a dribble.
“We are asking relatives
to compare the image on the
WAGs website with any pho-
The “Bandeau Bra”
that promotes
better health,
posture &
Criss cross back support
excessive bra
strap pressure
& helps chronic
back pain.
Come in and
be tted
for your
Back-Up Bra.
Share a meal, create a memory
Support those with dementia
Register now for May or June 2015
Front fastening
Exclusive to
Stairlifts for straight and curved stairs,
indoors and outdoors, throughout WA.
Emprise Stairlifts
Call on 1300 507 217
Mobility solutions for all life’s seasons
Perth - Carillon City
9322 2907
EMAIL: [email protected]
OPEN Mon - Thurs 9.30am to 5pm
Fri 9.30am - 6pm Sat 9.30am - 4pm Sun 12 - 4
Photograph - Together 100 Years Apart
several of them.”
He concluded that for many
of the men this would be the
last photograph to be taken.
Captain Barnes was himself
killed in the Dardanelles on 28
April, 1915.
The 11th Battalion, A.I.F.
(Australian Imperial Force)
was raised in Western Australia within weeks of Britain’s declaration of war in
August, 1914. The battalion
arrived in Egypt in December
1914 to train for the Gallipoli
campaign and formed part of
the rst contingent of troops to
depart Australia in 1914.
The photograph, entitled
– Together 100 Years Apart –
was installed on 26 March at
the John Curtin Gallery. The
print is a huge 10m x 6m – almost lling the main wall of
the gallery’s Atrium.
This image shows 704 men
from the battalion’s total compliment of 1,023. The pyramids at Giza formed a majestic backdrop for thousands of
ANZAC troops at the Mena
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What is a forest worth in Margaret River?
Left; Karen Majer Right; Mowen cartoon coutesy of Kevin Schaffer
A beautiful rose garden with
hundreds of roses in the old
Archbishop’s holiday home
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Opening hours:
Sunday 10am-4.30pm
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appointment for tours
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Patsy Durack’s Rose Gardens
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w w w. p a t s y d u r a c k r o s e g a r d e n s . c o m
*ÀœÕ`Þ *ÀiÃi˜Ìà vœÀ ̅i ˆÀÃÌ /ˆ“i
7 ½
/…i œ…˜˜Þ >Å
quality timber products. Those
who argue that it is inconsistent
to live in a timber house and
protest for forest conservation
ignore the fact that harvesting
low-grade timber won’t help
build local homes.”
Environmental issues have
become even more pressing. Biodiversity decline and
the need to lock up carbon as
part of the response to climate
change stack up against logging native forest.
“Climate change has added
to the value of intact forests,”
Mr Lane said. “Carbon storage by forests is considered a
relatively inexpensive means
of addressing climate change,
and old trees are known to absorb more carbon dioxide than
young trees. Leaving the trees
to grow is an investment.”
Australia is facing an extinction crisis and has the
unenviable distinction of the
worst mammal extinction rate
in the world and the largest
documented decline in biodiversity of any continent over
the past 200 years. The southwest corner, a recognised
global biodiversity hotspot, is
under particular pressure from
a drying climate and other impacts of clearing and climate
Nearly 90 per cent of all eucalyptus woodlands has been
cleared throughout the south
west. Within this dire scenario,
Save Mowen Forest supporters argue that the remaining
native forest should be protected from logging.
In rejecting the community’s offer to save the trees, Premier Colin Barnett said “the
old growth forest is protected
– large areas, massive areas.
But we also have a forestry industry and this has been one of
the blocks that will be forested,
and it will re-grow. This is not
old growth forest.”
Mowen Forest does not t
the criteria for identifying and
protecting old-growth, but it
does not t the FPC denition for regrowth forest either.
Mowen exhibits the full range
of age classes and species
richness and diversity that
make up an intact jarrah forest ecosystem. It has not been
subject to gap creation or other
intensive, present day logging
Although not pristine –
areas have been selectively
logged – the forest provides
habitat for native species,
many of which are threatened
or endangered. They include
(small carnivorous marsupials), western falspistrelle bats
(a priority four threatened species), brush-tailed possums,
brush-tailed wallabies, vulnerable red-tailed black cockatoos and endangered Baudin’s
“The conversation has
progressed beyond the need
to simply protect old-growth
forests,” Save Mowen Forest
spokesperson Naomi Godden
said. “Native forests have far
greater value standing than
they do as low-value products
like rewood, charcoal and
woodchips. Mowen Forest is
valuable to the Margaret River
community, who have made
their wishes very clear.”
These community wishes
and other social issues, including employment and the interactions, positive and negative,
between forestry and other industries, are a complex factor
in valuing the forest.
Margaret River’s tourism
and economy are based on
its spectacular environment,
whereas Bunbury employment
is augmented by silica production which uses charcoal,
so priorities are likely to differ between regions. Forestry
employs people in harvesting,
processing and manufacturing
and has ow-on benets especially in mill towns, but the
number of direct jobs has been
“There should be no confusion over the extent of employment,” Mr Lane said. “Whereas the Minister for Forestry has
said the native forestry industry
provides 5500 jobs in the south
west, it is recorded in Parliament’s Hansard that there are
734 registered loggers and
truckers in the south west, representing both plantation and
native forestry. The Save Mowen Forest group calculate that
at most, 352 people are directly
employed in native forestry
in the region. No statistics are
available for direct or indirect
employment from logging
Mowen Forest but it’s likely to
be small.”
In the context of increasing
environmental pressures and
changing community values,
open dialogue is needed to
decide the fate of Mowen and
other forests.
The Minister for Forestry
has declined to meet with Margaret River’s community representatives.
“Our community, with the
support of the Augusta-Margaret River Shire Council, is
overwhelmingly opposed to
the logging of Mowen Forest,
and it is very disappointing
that in a democratic system,
an elected leader refuses to
discuss our legitimate and
evidence-based concerns,” Ms
Godden said.
In the meantime pre-dawn
vigils, lobbying, fund-raising,
community meetings and nonviolent direct action continue.
”For the threatened species
and their habitat, for clean air
and water, for carbon storage
and the rights of the people to
protect their natural environment, our journey will continue,” said Ms Godden.
Find out more: and www.mrrec.
 >L>œ ,iÜÀÌ
1 VÌ vÀ
- œ“
Patsy Durack’s Rose Gardens
es, state-subsidised native forestry competes unfairly against
plantation timber, hurting
many farmers and investors in
plantation timbers.”
The community put their
case to the Shire of AugustaMargaret River Council, who
voted 6-1 to protect Mowen
Forest. The petition to prevent
logging, with more than 1600
signatures, was presented to
the WA Legislative Council in
late November.
Angry at the prospect of
damage to the forest and loss
of wildlife habitat, a group
calling itself Save Mowen
Forest launched a campaign to
raise $90,000 through crowdfunding and pledges to pay the
State Government to permanently abandon logging there.
They set up a forest camp
and organised peaceful community meetings and protest
rallies. When logging started in
February, volunteers observed
logging activities. The group
initiated non-violent direct action, which they say is a last
resort. Two people were summonsed for locking themselves
to bulldozers in protest against
the destruction of old habitat
trees and operation of chainsaws and machinery during a
total re-ban period.
Incredibly, local people
chipped in and reached the
$90,000 target. Community
members representing a broad
spectrum of interests travelled
THE community of Margaret
River made history in February by raising money to ‘buy’
an area of native State forest
from the Government to save
it from logging. The Save Mowen Forest group offered the
State Government $90,000 –
the estimated net income the
Forest Products Commission
(FPC) would make from logging 1600 hectares of the 8000
hectare Mowen Forest – in
return for protecting the forest
habitat. To put this amount in
perspective, a 1.1 hectare bush
block in nearby Margaret River is currently on the market for
Protests began in November
when the community got wind
of plans for imminent logging
in Mowen Forest. The Margaret River Regional Environment Centre led the charge by
initiating a community petition
to stop the logging. Over 100
people heard a presentation by
local geologist and long-time
forest conservation campaigner Peter Lane, quoting data
from FPC reports to show that
logging native forests in southwest Australia is unsustainable
and loss-making.
“For the 2013-2014 nancial year, the FPC reported an
after-tax loss for south-west
native forest logging of $10.4
million. Since 2007, the State
Government has given $101.7
million to FPC to remain nancially viable,” he said. “As
well as draining state resourc-
by Karen Majer
to Perth to rally outside Parliament House and present a
cheque to the Government in
return for a Memorandum of
Understanding that the forest
would be protected. The offer
was rejected and logging continued.
Any attempt to characterise
this as a case of greenies and
tree huggers trying to stand
in the way of industry would
be wrong. The broad base of
community desire to protect
the forest is apparent from
1600 signatures, support from
the local council, the amazing
response to the fund-raising
campaign and backing of celebrities including author Ben
Naturally not everyone in
the Margaret River region is
anti-logging, but those who
are opposed cannot be pigeonholed. They are people from
teens to 80s, including retirees,
scientists, artists, farmers, business people and local developers.
The native forestry question
spans economic, environmental and social issues, many of
which have changed since the
FPC was established 15 years
ago. Mr Lane said that based
on available gures, a proper
business case would probably
rule out logging Mowen Forest
on economic grounds alone, let
alone ecological concerns and
the negative impact of logging
on the region’s ecotourism
“The quality of forest sawlogs extracted from our southwest forests is in catastrophic
decline,” he said. “Jarrah premium, rst and second grade
sawlog production has fallen
from 324,000 tonnes in 2002
to a mere 1,600 tonnes in
2014. Consequently the FPC
is searching for buyers of low
quality jarrah sawlogs.
“The logs taken from Mowen Forest will end up mainly
as rewood and charcoal, poor
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Anzac dawn service
IN RECOGNITION of the centenary of Anzac Day I wanted
to write something inspiring and betting this solemn and auspicious occasion. At rst I thought I might review the new coin
releases from the mints marking the anniversary and reect on
past issues released since 1990 when it was the 75th anniversary, however, because there are so many and I’m afraid to say,
somewhat repetitive, I found it difcult to satisfy my urge to
inspire. So, and I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to deviate
this month and, as an Aussie-born to 10 pound Dutch immigrants who came to this great country in 1956, I would like to
relate what Anzac Day means to me, but before I do, I wish
to also say that my father served in the Australian army for 12
years when I was a young lad and is proud to have done so.
My wife and I have lived across the road from the entrance
to Kings Park for 30 years. Every 25th of April we are woken around 5am or before by the sound of Harley Davidsons
spluttering and rolling up to park on the lawn at the entrance
of Fraser Avenue which is closed to trafc. I get up, make
a cup of coffee and look out to see a stream of black shadows slowly walking into the park. Cars pull up and park on
the verge, the islands down Kings Park Road and onto the
grassed lawns at the entrance, the only day of the year such
is allowed by the park’s rangers, I think, in consideration and
for the sake of the elderly.
Young and old peel out of their vehicles and buses and
make their way to the monument, silently and solemnly. It
is sensationally eerie and emotionally invoking. The black
silhouettes transform to shades of dark grey as the very
early morning light, before dawn, begins to take over the
night sky. By now Fraser Avenue is swarming with people, moving in a gentle wave spreading onto the lawns and
embankments, taking up their places amongst the outdoor
video screens of which there are many. And there they wait,
Every few years I’ll get dressed and join them. One year
when my son was three years old (he’s just turned 20) I took
him along. There we stood with him in my arms amongst the
crowd which was deay quiet listening to a hymn; at which
time he begins to sing the French nursery lullaby, Frère
Jacques. It was innocently delightful with people turning
around and smiling which only encouraged him to continue
and so after a bit I had to turn around and walk back a way so
as to redirect his attention.
If you’ve not been to a dawn service, you’re truly missing
a genuine moment of pride and gratefulness that is otherwise
not to be fathomed. To be amongst all those souls, thousands
of them, in their silence and contemplation, and to see the
serenity and respect in the expressions on their faces during the ode, the last post, the minutes silence, reveille and
the sun rising… is just surreal. And at some time during the
service, almost without fail, the kookaburras up in the trees
will break out into laughter which in itself may also bring a
tear to your eye and a shiver down your spine.
When it’s over, the sea of people turns and makes it’s way
back just as it came. An hour later, I look out over to the park
and it’s as if it never happened, but it did, thank goodness.
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World’s rarest stamp
auction mystery
EVERYONE enjoys a story
which includes the essences
of intrigue and mystery but
would you expect to nd
such in a philatelic tale?
Last year I reported on
the sale of the world’s rarest
and most valuable stamp,
the 1856 British Guiana
one cent magenta which
was auctioned by Sotherbys
for a new world record of
US$9.48 million. I speculated that it might have sold
for more if it wasn’t for the
fact it’s previous owner was
a convicted murderer, American, John du Pont, who died
in gaol. My reasoning was
I felt this would have put
some people off wanting to
own it. Then in the following month’s column I needed
to confess my outlook was
probably misguided because
the balance of his British
Guiana collection in which
this stamp once resided, was
sold by auction at prices that
were out of this world, for a
total realization just shy of
another US$9 million.
The collection was broken down into 131 lots and
offered by Swiss auctioneer,
David Feldman. Not only
was every lot sold, which is
Free Public Tours
State Parliament is a heritage building of 1904.
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Mondays and Thursdays at 10.30am
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with Mickel Smits
somewhat unusual in itself
but, staggeringly, the realisations amounted to almost six
times the pre-sale estimated
value. Such an outcome was
unprecedented and virtually
unbelievable. However, and
it’s a big however, it has since
transpired that 127 of the lots
were sold to one buyer which
again, is ultra extraordinary
and were not paid for. Why?
Because he died before doing so.
The buyer, Shiekh Saud
bin Mohammed Al-Thani,
was a member of the Qatar
ruling family. According to
Stamp News magazine, during the period 1997 to 2005
when he was president of
Qatar’s National Council for
Culture, Arts and Heritage,
Sheikh Al-Thani purchased
in excess of US$1 billion
worth of art, hence gaining
himself the reputation of being the world’s biggest art
buyer. He was an art collector who had a passion for
miniature art, in the form of
stamps and coins.
Having been dismissed
and charged with misuse of
state funds, the sheikh continued to build his private collections. But in time it seems
he not only suffered from
probably the world’s worst
case of retail therapy syndrome, he also didn’t have
enough money to feed his
insatiable desires. He became
known as being a slow payer
and even reneged on some
major purchases. Apparently
he owed money here, there
and everywhere, in particular, US$42 million to Sotherbys, which makes me think
it was probably fortuitous
the sheikh was supposedly
unaware of the earlier sale of
the 1856 British Guiana otherwise he may have been into
them for another 10 million.
So it makes one wonder
how Feldman got caught out.
According to him the sheikh
arrived unexpectedly only
minutes before the auction
began. Now I’m just reading between the lines here, as
I’m prone to do, but usually
collectors would view lots
they’re interested in before
the sale and so the auctioneer gains an insight not only
as to who is participating but
also as to what they will be
competing for. Because the
sheikh’s arrival took them
by surprise and even though
he was no doubt known to
them, can you imagine, there
and then, having to pluck up
the courage to question his
credit worthiness? After all,
they had no idea of his intention to try and buy the entire
collection, likewise, there
was only just over US$1.5
million involved based on the
pre-sale estimates. After the
sale the issue of payment was
raised and, you guessed it, he
needed terms which Feldman
was forced to succumb to by
accepting a 10 per cent deposit with agreed instalments
to follow but, four month’s
later, with no further payments having been made, the
sheikh suddenly dies, aged
48, which is another mystery
in itself.
Feldman et al are now in
the process of suing his estate
and in the meantime Sotherbys have sold his unique
Patek Phillipe gold watch for
US$24 million which they
were holding as collateral.
What an untimely sequence
of events and, who ever said
stamp collectors must be boring?
Mickel Smits
Phone: 9325 3252
Email: [email protected]
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Between 2 and 3 million adults have
pre-diabetes and are at high risk of developing
type-2 diabetes in the next ve years.*
T4DM is looking at the potential benets of
treating men with testosterone in conjunction
with a dedicated weight-loss program.
*Statistics from Diabetes Australia
Want more information?
Contact Helen Daniels on 0498 588 482 or
visit for more information.
Top; Blackboy Hill 1918 Courtesy the State Library of WA
Above; Blackboy Hill Memorial
TWELVE days after the
declaration of war, the rst
troops marched into Blackboy Hill on 17 August 1914.
Blackboy Hill is located in Helena Vale. It was
originally part of Captain
James Stirling’s 4,000 acre
Swan Valley estate that he
granted himself, soon after the establishment of the
Swan River Colony in 1829.
Having passed through several owners, it was advertised for subdivision early
in 1914.
From the time the camp
was set up, 32,000 men
were trained there for the
Australian Imperial Force.
Astonishingly, at the time,
this represented approxi-
mately 11 per cent of the
State’s population.
The West Australian
Newspaper reported at the
time: “The encampment at
Blackboy Hill, Helena Vale,
will be started today. The
military authorities state that
men who have been enlisted
at Perth and have passed the
medical examination will parade at the drill hall, Francis
Street at 1pm today. They are
requested to bring with them
a knife, fork, and spoon, towel and soap, and a change of
underclothing. Men enrolled
at Fremantle will leave for
Bellevue today by the train
starting from Fremantle at
Western Australia’s 11th
Battalion was the rst raised
in the state, and such was the
enthusiasm that there were
far more volunteers than
were rst required. Apparently, some of the rst to arrive were a group of navvies
(a name given to men who
built railways) and labourers who had been building
the Trans-Continental Railway Line in the Goldelds.
It is said that as soon as the
men from the railway heard
the call for volunteers, they
downed tools and went to
Kalgoorlie, where they were
passed as medically t and
were enlisted. Once signed
up, they boarded a train to
Perth and helped establish the
Blackboy Hill camp.
The original tent camp was
destroyed by a storm and in
1915 a more permanent camp
of timber huts with concrete
oors was built. The Midland Railway Workshops
(established in 1904), whose
workforce consisted of a
considerable number of European migrants, assisted with
the rebuild.
Those trained at Blackboy
Hill were well known as some
of the strongest, toughest and
most highly respected soldiers in the entire Australian
Imperial Force. The name
Australian Imperial Force
(AIF) refers to expeditionary
forces raised to ght overseas
during the World Wars. It was
an all volunteer force which
played a signicant role in
the nal Allied victory. The
1st AIF included the Australian Flying Corps (AFC) of
four combat and four training
squadrons. Following the war
the 1st AIF was disbanded between 1919 and 1921 and the
AFC evolved into the Royal
Australian Air Force.
After WWI, the camp was
used as an isolation hospital
during the Spanish Flu pandemic which swept the world
between 1918 and 1920. The
grounds then fell into disuse
until the Great Depression
during the 1930s, when it was
used to accommodate unemployed men.
A second Australian Imperial Force was raised in 1939
to ght in World War II and
once again the camp was in
In the 1950s the WA Government decided to develop
the site for housing. In 1957
the Returned Services League,
learning that the State Housing Commission intended to
build housing there, requested
a plot be set aside as a memorial to those who trained at
Blackboy Hill.
The site was dedicated
by Bishop Tom Riley in
1959, the rst sod having
been turned by Governor Sir
Charles Gairdner in 1958. The
precinct contains commemorative arches erected in 1962;
the memorial seat to honour
the Gallipoli legion erected in
1964 and a lone pine tree from
Gallipoli planted in 1969.
Today, other than the memorial, there is no trace of the
Blackboy Hill Camp and the
area is a housing estate and
For more information
about Heritage Perth, visit, follow
HeritagePerth or
More great entertainment at The Hollywood Tuesday Morning Show
by Michelle Davies
JENNIFER Merigan, from Have a Go News,
took time from her busy schedule to update
our audience on what’s happening in the city
– and tell us of all the prizes to be won!
We were entertained by the delightful and
talented Amy Heron, singer, who delighted
us with songs from the big band to Beatles,
torch songs to sing-alongs. Somewhere over
the Rainbow had us reminiscing, The Rose was
very moving, while Diamonds are a Girl’s Best
Friend, sung in Amy’s good strong voice had
us tapping our feet.
Amy Heron is much in demand and entertains for retirement and aged care homes,
parties, weddings, funerals, children’s parties,
cafes and all events. To contact Amy or hear
her sing, visit
Join us every Tuesday from 11am to 12
noon at the Perth Town Hall. Tea and coffee is
available until 10.45am for a small donation.
For enquiries and information on guests or
artists contact 9461 3145.
Your very last chance
to retire to Parkland
Villas Ellenbrook
Register your interest today
The final stage of Parkland Villas Ellenbrook is due to be completed in 2016. So, if you’ve been thinking about
moving to a vibrant community with exceptional facilities including a Clubhouse, heated pool and bowling green,
why not join us for a tour? Come and experience a Swan Valley lifestyle in a resort-style community ideally located
opposite The Shops at Ellenbrook, with public transport right on your doorstep.
To avoid disappointment and to find out more, register your
interest at and we’ll be in touch.
To arrange a tour and to find out more
call Louise 9296 7322
Parkland Villas Ellenbrook
25 The Parkway, Ellenbrook
fun for $5
Every day, 13 – 24 April
Crown Club members who ride the Crown Bus can purchase
a Fun Pack for half price. That’s just $5!*
The Fun Pack includes transport to and from Crown on any of the
routes below, lunch at selected restaurants and a bonus voucher
for a bit of fun!
Hop on the Crown Bus for a fun day out.
Valid for Crown Club members only. Non-members can purchase the Fun Pack for $15.
Regular Riders will not be stamped during the promotion period. $5 Fun Packs refers to
daytime visits only. Visit for full details.
Crown Bus Timetable
Northern Routes
stop no.
Bassendean Station - Stand 1
Maylands Shopping Centre
stop no.
High Wycombe (Wed & Sun)
Alexander Heights (Wed & Fri)
Alexander Heights Shopping Centre,
Mirrabooka Ave
Illawarra Cr before Kingfisher Ave, Ballajura
Beechboro Shopping Centre,
Beechboro Rd North
Walter Rd East Before Grey St
Eastern Routes
stop no.
Mandurah North (Wed, Fri & Sun)
Kalamunda Bus Station - Stand 1
High Wycombe Shopping Centre
Forrestfield Caravan Park
Forrestfield Forum (Church)
Bus Stop at Discovery Holiday Park
Mandurah Football Club
Silver Sands Shopping Centre
(Cnr Mandurah Tce and Anstruther Rd)
Meadow Springs Bus Shelter (Opposite
Shopping Centre)
Madora Bay Bus Shelter (near Madora Bay Rd)
Belmont Forum (Wright St Bus Stop)
Singleton Bus Shelter (after Singleton Beach Rd)
Arrive Crown Perth
Arrive Crown Perth
Depart Crown Perth
Depart Crown Perth
Arrive Crown Perth
Depart Crown Perth
Darling Ridge Shopping Centre, Swan View
Joondalup Interchange - Stand 7
Midland Station - Stand 7
Coolibah Plaza
Bassendean Station
Warwick 8 Cinemas, Dorchester Ave
Bayswater Station
Stirling Interchange Bus Station - Stand 7
Maylands Shopping Centre
Arrive Crown Perth
Depart Crown Perth
Arrive Crown Perth
Depart Crown Perth
Quinns Rocks (Wed & Sun)
Southern Routes
Armadale (Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri)
Munster (Tues & Thurs)
Swan View (Mon)
Joondalup (Tues to Sun)
RAAFA Estate, Hughie Edwards Dr
Southern Routes
stop no.
Cockburn Central Station - Stand 6
Munster Stargate Shopping Centre,
Rockingham Rd
Phoenix Shopping Centre opposite ANZ Bank,
Rockingham Rd after Kent St
Waverly Rd, Coolbellup, opposite
Coolbellup Hotel
Kardinya Park Shopping Centre, South St
Arrive Crown Perth
Depart Crown Perth
Rockingham (7 days a week)
Shenton Ave, Currambine Marketplace
Armadale Interchange - Stand 4
Whitfords City (Marmion Ave)
Karrinyup Shopping Centre (Karrinyup
Bus Stop) - Stand 5
Innaloo Bus Stop, Odin Rd at Bunnings
Champion Dr, opposite Coles
Before Warnbro Fair and Halliburton Ave,
on Warnbro Sound Ave
Opposite Waikiki Village, Read St
Kelmscott Interchange - Stand 4
Rockingham City Shopping Centre, Council Ave
Gosnells opposite Addie Mills Centre
Rockingham Interchange - Stand 7
Arrive Crown Perth
Thornlie Shopping Centre
Kwinana Hub Bus Station
Depart Crown Perth
Carousel Shopping Centre
Arrive Crown Perth
Park Centre Shopping Centre, East Victoria Park
Depart Crown Perth
Arrive Crown Perth
Depart Crown Perth
Central Routes
stop no.
Wanneroo (Tues & Thurs)
Wanneroo Central Shopping Centre
Newpark Shopping Centre, Templeton Cres
after Marangaroo Dr
Australia Post Wanneroo Rd, Westminster
Mirrabooka Bus Station - Stand 12
Dianella Plaza Shopping Centre
Arrive Crown Perth
Depart Crown Perth
Morley (Tues & Thurs)
Dianella Plaza Shopping Centre
Morley Bus Station - Stand 12
Walcott St (after Longroyd St)
Arrive Crown Perth
Depart Crown Perth
Fremantle (7 days a week)
Roe Street (Mon & Tues)
Fremantle Station - Stand 2
Corner Petra Street
Melville Shopping Centre
Myaree (Marmion Reserve Park ‘n’ Ride)
Booragoon Bus Station - Stand B4
Bus Stop after Como Hotel
Arrive Crown Perth
Depart Crown Perth
Roe St Bus Station - Stand 12
Arrive Crown Perth
Depart Crown Perth
Please ensure you follow the parking rules when departing
for Crown Perth. Arrival times should be only taken as a
rough indication.
To avoid missing your bus, please be available at the
departure area prior to the time stated on the timetable.
Mandurah South (Wed, Fri & Sun)
Corner of Old Coast Rd & Princeton
Drive Car Park
Falcon Oval (Tennis Court Car Park, Flame St)
Halls Head Central
Mary St (Car Park near Old Bridge)
Dudley Park Bowling Club (Club Car Park)
Arrive Crown Perth
Depart Crown Perth
17017 | 1800 556 688 | #crownperth
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Masters Swimming recognises
outstanding volunteers
Front L-R Gordon Medcalf, Sue Pow and Ron Gray with State
president Gary Bradley behind
by Wendy Holtom
SEVERAL wonderful volunteers were presented with
awards for their outstanding
contributions to our sport at
Masters Swimming WA’s
2015 annual general meeting
in February.
Honour Awards for
15 years Service
(Melville) has served MSWA
in several areas including his
current technical ofciating
role as referee since 2002
and presenting at technical
ofcials courses and workshops over the years. Gordon was also State Coach in
1989, 1996 and 1997.
Sue Pow (Beatty Park)
has also served MSWA in
the same areas as Gordon, as
a referee since 2002, mentoring trainee ofcials plus presenting at technical ofcials
courses and workshops over
the years. Sue was also State
coach from 1998 to 2001.
Ron Gray (Thornlie) has
served MSWA since 2000
when he was State meet director for several years. Ron
also qualied as a referee in
2002 and has mentored trainee ofcials and presented at
technical ofcials courses
and workshops. Ron served
on the State board for three
years from 2002 in the role
of director of programs. Ron
has been organising the pool
ofcials’ rosters for several
years as pool ofcials coordinator and has been the
chief referee for MSWA for
many years in both open water events and pool meets.
Excellence Award for
10 Years Service
Stadium’s ‘Tricia Summereld has served MSWA
on the board as director of
coaching since 2005. ‘Tri-
cia has been the driving
force behind the ongoing
development of coaches in
WA since that time. MSWA
has led the way in Australia
with accreditation of trainee
coaches with ‘Tricia leading
our coach education team.
Merit Awards for ve
Years Service
Belmont’s Lynne Hunter
has been the MSWA’s volunteer book-keeper since
2010, having taken over
from partner Robert. Keeping it in the family! Lynne
has kept the books monthly
apart from the odd overseas
holiday and has been an
absolute pleasure to work
Mandurah’s Ken Phillip
has served MSWA in the
technical ofciating area
since 2009 when he qualied as a referee. Ken has
coordinated and presented
at all ofcials courses and
workshops since then in his
role as technical ofcials
coordinator, whilst also
keeping up his referee duties
along the way.
Over the years many
readers of Have a Go News
have taken the step to nd
out how enjoyable swimming with a Masters Club
can be. So if you are a keen
swimmer and would like
some tness, friendship and
fun, then consider joining
a Masters Swimming WA
club. Check out our website for
a local club, make contact
with them to nd out when
and where, and have a guest
swim, without obligation.
For further information
regarding Masters Swimming WA or any queries
contact me via [email protected]
New knees and new phones
by Denis Martin
THERE ARE tremendous
benets associated with living a life of exercise and
activity; it builds an attitude
of “can do” and “let’s do it
However, those of us who
have constantly practiced
this way of life for three
score and more years have
to be prepared for some wear
and tear on the body.
For the last few years, my
lovely daughters have been
saying, in the nicest possible
way: “Dad, you are bow legged and bent over, maybe it’s
With 4 locations in the Perth
region there’s a Simplicity
nearby, or our Mobile Funeral
Director can come to you.
time to get the knees sorted!”
And, of course they were
After considerable homework, discussions with colleagues, consultation with
the medical fraternity and
even investigations into the
possibility of stem cell treatment, it became clear that
my only course of action was
the dreaded TKR (total knee
replacements) - two of them.
I know that there are many
of you out there who have
already experienced this reasonably invasive surgery and
you have your own successful or horror stories to tell
and I’m not going to burden
you with a running commentary of my experience so far
(one down - one to go).
However, may I highlight
the key factors that I believe
have made my experience
one of limited stress and,
subsequently, less painful
than many who have gone
before me.
For weeks before this
event, I cycled every day and
maintained a healthy level of
leg strength. I carried almost
nil excess weight; I actually
lost several kilos before the
Mentally, I set my focus
on the day after the operation, and did not stress about
the actual event - this works
for me.
I found the entire experience to be quite fascinating as I have never had an
extended stay in a hospital.
And I’m sure that there is
an element of luck to get
the right surgeon and good
support staff to ensure it all
comes together.
Now the rst knee is done
and I believe it to be very
successful. I am preparing
for TKR number two, which
I trust will be as good.
Now, (as Monty Python
would say) for something
Prepaid funerals available
We urgently need volunteer drivers
to transport our frail aged clients to various
appointments primarily within the
South West metro area.
COTA WA is now located in the Perron Centre
in Victoria Park
COTA WA has now the VisAbility Building at
moved to new premises in 61 Kitchener Avenue, Vic-
toria Park.
The new PO Box
number is: PO Box 923,
Victoria Park, 6979, and
people can call them on
9472 0104. The temporary
fax number is: 9472 0138
The Seniors Housing
Centre phone number
1300 734 838 remains unchanged.
Mail and phone calls to
the old address/number
will continue to be forwarded for the next few
If you can help we would love
to hear from you.
9331 2933
Want to become part of a fantastic volunteer team?
• Shopping
• Gardening
• Home visits
• Transport
Volunteer Task Force (VTF) supports frail aged people and younger people with
a disability and their carers to live independently in their homes.
If you would like to help us support our clients with weekend and weekday
gardening, home visits, shopping or transport, we’d love to hear from you.
Our volunteers are important to us and we offer regular volunteer events, training and
reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses.
Call the office on 9318 5700, email: [email protected] or
visit to nd out how you can make a difference.
ON THE 26 March SRCWA held the Bunbury Region
Live Lighter Aged Care Games at the South West Sports
Centre, Bunbury.
Hugh Rogers, SRCWA State president opened the
games, everyone sang Advance Australia Fair and MC
Phil Paddon explained all the games rules.
Sincere thanks to Betty McCleary who entertained the
participants during the lunch break with a demonstration
of Zumba Gold where she was ably assisted by the Bunbury TAFE students.
The games played were seated hockey, seated pass ball,
beanbag toss and skittles with the TAFE students and carers from each agency competing in a fun event.
The winners were Harvey Health Group with 281
points with Capel/Dardenup HACC coming second with
250 points and Pemberton Autumn Club coming third
with 246 points. The best presented team was Harvey
Health Group.
A big thank you to the Department of Corrective Services Access program for supplying the volunteers to set
up and pack down the sports centre and to Barbara Fleay,
Bunbury branch president and the Bunbury branch committee and all the volunteers from Bunbury TAFE & Perth
who helped make the day such a great success.
SRCWA Rockingham Branch,
Have A Go Day
On Wednesday 15 April, Seniors Recreation Council
of WA’s Rockingham branch is conducting a Have a Go
Day at the Aqua Jetty 87 Warnbro Sound Avenue, Warnbro.
This free event will showcase club/groups from Rockingham and surrounding areas. There will be many different activities to “Have a Go” at eg; Xbox kinect, line
dancers, tai chi, swing dancing, petanque, pole walking,
rock climbing, and many static displays.
For further information please contact Lesley Robson
9593 2419.
This event is Sponsored by ALCOA, City of Rockingham, Aqua Jetty, Have a Go News, Stockland, Coates
Hire, IGA, Dept of Sport & Recreation and Dept of Local
Government & Communities.
The SRCWA annual ball, a Teddy Bears Picnic will be
held in the Astral Ballroom at Crown on Wednesday 3
June 2015, 1pm to 4.30pm.
Teddy bears are a favourite with many young and young
at heart who are in care, SRCWA would like to invite ball
attendees to bring a teddy bear to the ball, the bears can be
included as part of the teddy bears photo booth and after
the ball be donated to a variety of agencies. Tickets are
$35pp group discounts available, afternoon tea is included,
tickets can be purchased by calling 9492 9773.
The live band “Offspring” will provide dance music and
the afternoon oor show is by Gary Lynn who presents the
“The Swinging Years”.
There will be many prizes to be won throughout the afternoon, door prize, spot prizes and free rafe prizes.
This event is proudly sponsored by Crown and Have a
Go News.
Have a Go Day 2015
a LiveLighter Event
11 November at Burswood Park 8am to 3pm –
REGISTRATION OPEN Have a Go Day, a LiveLighter Event is an activity/information sharing event for over 45s and last
year attracted an attendance of 15,000 participants
and 220 exhibitors.
Registration forms are now available for clubs/
groups, not for prot agencies and commercial entities; forms can be obtained by calling 9492 9773 to
register your interest.
This year’s event falls on Remembrance Day so
this will form part of the focus of the event.
We currently operate Monday to Friday
between 8am to 4pm and need drivers
for these times.
We are also looking to extend those times
from 6am to 6pm in two ‘shifts’ as well as
shorter hours on weekends.
LiveLighter Activity Aged Care
Games Bunbury
Annual Seniors Ball 2015
COTA has moved…
0428 808 240
completely different - the
world of iPads, iPods, smart
phones etc - a world which
scares me more and more
every day - and my newest
The time had come; I
boldly ventured into a Telstra shop and after a couple
of hours of “How does it do
that”? - And “You’re joking,” I left with a new home
phone set (three stations) and
a ‘you beaut’ smart phone
with access to more apps
than you can poke a stick at
(there is probably an app for
stick poking).
But there is one feature
that they did not tell me
about - my new phone has
the amazing capacity to refrain from ringing, especially
when you are waiting for an
important call, until it senses
that you are about to step into
the shower or go to the toilet
- then it will ring joyously how does it do that?
Senior’s Recreation
Council Update
For information
on any of the
events please
contact the
SRCWA office
on 9492 9772.
Hugh Rogers,
Seniors Recreation Council
State President
C/o Health Pride Locked Bag 2015 (Unit 3/81 Bassett St) Mona Vale NSW 1660
PHONE: 1800 898 218 - (02) 9997 5400 - 9am-5pm (ESDT) Mon-Fri - Fax (02) 9997 5122
healthy living
ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team) Assessment
Jemma Aldridge
by Jemma Aldridge
AN ACAT assessment is a
free assessment. It is completed by a health professional who comes to your
home and assesses you and
your personal situation with
the purpose of approving
home care services or sug-
gesting more permanent care
I have in the past written
about the many services that
you may be entitled to. These
can make life easier when
you live on your own or if
you are caring for someone.
However there may come a
time when staying at home is
too hard either for yourself or
your partner and you.
Do not hesitate to ask your
doctor or nurse practitioner
to initiate an ACAT assessment. Or you may like to
simply nd your local ACAT
team and arrange your own
assessment, call 1800 200
422 or search and nd your
local ACAT on a web browser.
The process may take a
couple of weeks as the referral has to be sent to the your
closest hospital where it will
be processed in a department
of social work. Then a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team will arrange to
come visit you at home and
talk to you about your current situation and work out
what you are eligible to receive in government-subsidised aged care services.
The purpose of the ACAT
assessment is to look at all
facets of your life to identify
the type of care services to
Health Notes
- Mint condition
Jeanette Woolerton
by Jeanette Woolerton
PEPPERMINT is the ultimate breath freshener, sweet
treat and the perfect companion to chocolate, but did you
know that it is also an ageold herbal medicine that is
used to treat a wide range of
abdominal complaints?
Peppermint oil contains a
host of compounds, but the
most abundant (and perhaps
the most pharmacologically
important) is menthol.
Most of us are familiar
with menthol as an effective cold/u relief, to clear
blocked noses and help
soothe sore throats.
Peppermint can also
temporarily relieve itching
caused by insect bites, eczema and other lesions, including the rash of poison ivy.
Peppermint tea can be
used as a mouthwash for babies with thrush (yeast infection in the mouth) or for reducing nausea and vomiting
during pregnancy, especially
for women who want to
avoid stronger medications.
For more refreshing news
on this wonderful herb,
please refer to:
w w w. h e a l t h n e w s .
Liver longer
Imagine a back up disc for
Free Appraisals,
Advice and Quotes
TEL: 9249 3867
help you to stay at home. It
may also provide you with
eligibility for care in a residential aged care home.
The purpose of the assessment is to identify your options. You can make a decision once you have received
the outcome of the assessment.
You will need an assessment if you want to:
• Access aged care services
through any type of Home
Care Package.
• Receive services through
the Transitional Care Program – when someone is not
ready to go home from hospital and needs some further
• Receive respite services –
carers can have their loved
one looked after in respite.
• Enter into an aged care
Until June 2014 aged care
homes had high care beds
and low care beds. The level
of care you or your loved
one needed determined
where you could go to live.
High care means you required more care and low
care means you are more
that has all changed; low
and high care beds no longer
exist and aged care homes
have to cater for all your
Volunteers wanted
for Heart Week
liver function, or a generator
kicking in when that vital organ’s power fails.
Well, that could soon be a
Scientists from Montana
State University (MSU)
and Sweden’s Karolinska
Institute have discovered an
antioxidant system that helps
sustain the liver when other
systems are missing or compromised.
“This is an important nding,” said Ed Schmidt, a
professor in MSU’s Department of Microbiology and
Immunology and co-author
of a newly published study
in Nature Communications.
“It tells us about humans
and all living things. It’s an
alternative way to maintain
the balance you need in your
cells to be alive.
“Some vitamins and
supplements act as antioxidants,” Schmidt said.
They help protect cells
from the damage that can
lead to ageing, cancers and
However, vitamins and supplements can’t replace two
known natural systems in
liver cells: the thioredoxin
and glutathione systems.
To investigate further,
Schmidt’s lab bred mice
whose livers lacked key
components of both systems.
The mice were not robust.
According to Schmidt, they
were on the brink of failure.
Yet they survived.
Interested in reading more
on the topic? See www.
htm for further information.
changing care needs.
You do not need an ACAT
assessment for aged care
services that are not subsidised by the government
such as those offered by volunteer groups and charitable
You also will not need an
ACAT assessment to receive
aged care services through
some government-funded
programs such as Home and
Community Care, Day Therapy Centres and the National
Respite for Carers Program.
Once you have had an
ACAT assessment you
will receive a letter to tell
you what type of services
ARE there people with have one or two hours to
spare? The Heart Foundation will provide a Heart
Foundation shirt, collection tin and ID badge to clearly
identify people as a Heart Hero.
Show a big heart to help raise vital funds for the
Heart Foundation’s life-saving research, education
and prevention programs.
Support Heart Week 3-9 May and volunteer for
the annual ‘Beating Hearts’ Street Appeal on Friday
8 May.
People can choose to join in the Perth CBD or at
a local railway station between 7am to 4pm Friday, 8
May, depending on your availability.
Contact Maya Cherian, donor and community
relations coordinator 9382 5934 or [email protected]
Lecture - How do I know if my child has a sleep disorder?
SLEEP Disorders Australia is presenting
a free public presentation by Dr Andrew
Wilson, paediatric respiratory and sleep
specialist. This presentation will look at
some sleep disorders that children can
suffer from, how they are diagnosed and
how they are treated.
These are the questions:
What are the normal sleep requirements for children?
What are common behavioural sleep
problems seen in children?
Could your child have sleep apnoea?
What can be done about it?
How do we treat children with sleep
Can sleep problems affect learning
and concentration?
To hear the answers come to the presentation on Saturday 2 May at 1.30pm in
the FJ Clarke lecture theatre, off Monash
Ave, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.
For any enquiries phone Lorraine on
0419 199 744.
Heart Foundation WA memorial and thanksgiving service
THE HEART Foundation
will launch National Heart
Week 2015, which runs from
3 to 9 May, at its memorial
and thanksgiving service at
St Joseph’s Church, Subiaco.
This moving service is
held each year to provide
family, friends and supporters with an opportunity to
light a candle in memory of
a loved one who has passed
away from heart disease,
give thanks for those who
survived and be uplifted by
music and prayer.
Pastor Graham Mabury
from Mt Pleasant Baptist
Church will act as master of
ceremonies and clergy from
the Salvation Army, Council
of Churches WA, St Joseph’s
Church and St Edwards Anglican Church will participate in the service.
Heart Foundation WA
president Graeme Robson
will welcome the congregation. Guest speaker John
Muir, who suffered a heart
attack while competing in
the 2014 Rottnest Channel
Swim, will deliver an inspirational address.
The One Achord Choir
will sing hymns during the
service and when names of
loved ones are read out by
clergy for the candle lighting
ceremony. Following the
service, Heart Foundation
staff will hand out red roses
and white doves will be released as a symbol of love
and peace.
A complimentary afternoon tea, sponsored by
Mareena Purslowe and Associates and prepared by
volunteers, will be served
in a marquee on the grassed
area of the church from
John Muir is getting his
mojo back one step at a time
When he competed in
the 2014 Rottnest Channel
Swim, the veteran of seven
solo crossings expected discomfort from jelly sh stings
and extreme cold; however the last thing the t and
healthy 48-year-old anticiHAGN#118/277
Why request
Women’s & Breast Imaging?
Women’s & Breast Imaging has been
serving the WA community for more
than three decades and is completely
committed to providing quality
diagnostic imaging and related
services, specically for women.
Our team of specialists are highly
skilled technical staff who are
dedicated to delivering the highest
level of clinical excellence and
accuracy possible.
Our focus is on patient care.
All of our sonographers and
radiographers are female to
help you feel more at ease.
Lupus is a disease that has no boundaries.
More than ve million people around the world have lupus.
Lupus is a disease that can develop in women, men and children and affect
any organ. Band together for Lupus and learn more at
Freecall 1800 632 766
T 9383 2799 E [email protected]
A 103 Forrest Street, Cottesloe
you’re eligible for and approved to receive. You will
also receive a copy of your
completed Aged Care Client
You should keep your
copy of your completed
Aged Care Client Record as
you will be asked to show
this record to organisations
to conrm you are eligible
to receive government subsidised aged care services.
This record is essential information for any aged care
home and you will need it to
view homes when you are
looking to nd a residential
place for yourself or a loved
The Lupus Group of WA PH 9224 3144
pated was a heart problem.
John experienced extreme
fatigue and felt like he had
‘hit a wall’ 12km into the
gruelling 20km open water
swim. Despite these difculties, he managed to nish
the race in a personal best
time of ve hours and 39
Fortunately, as he crossed
the nish line an observant rst aider noticed pink
phlegm at the corner of his
mouth – a classic symptom
of heart failure. He was
rushed by ambulance to the
island’s airport and own to
Perth by the Royal Flying
Doctor Service.
John said that following
his heart attack he had to regain condence in his heart.
“I had a bit of damage
from the incident, and I had
to learn the difference between heart pain and chest
pain. I also had to learn from
a physiologist ways to work
around the problem, and it’s
made a big difference,” he
“I’ve also been able to
help other people who have
told me they were active before their heart attack, but afterwards they lost their mojo.
“One guy said my advice
changed his life.”
John Muir will tell his
unique story when he is a
special guest at the Heart
Foundation’s memorial and
thanksgiving service at St
Joseph’s Church, Subiaco on
Sunday 3 May.
Please contact Linda Bolton 9388 3343 or email [email protected] for a complimentary
invitation for you, your family and friends.
This month it’s time to stand proud as Australians as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Anzac Day. Whether
you are participating or watching at home do so in comfort with one of our many products to make it easier.
3 positions,
170kg capacity.
Wallsaver, ideal for
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Tilt in space, great for
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Compact, lightweight,
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back for small cars,
available 3 seat widths.
Very economical.
Folds easily,
bag, basket TRAY WALKER
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The safe and easy
way to carry meals
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the home,
complete with
hand brakes.
Portability with all the
features. Swivel seat, flat
free tyres, easily
Top of the range in size
and features. 2Hp motor,
355mm mag wheels, full
adjustable seat
height chair. Can be
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bedroom and
lounge. Maximum
weight load 160Kg.
Four contrasting colours and
luxury fabrics. Fitted with high
quality actuators and steel
base frames plus removable
back rest cushion with zips for
adjusting padding thickness.
Multi-purpose chair that
is height adjustable. Ideal
for small areas, dining
rooms, units.
Ideal for users and
carers wanting quality,
lightness and flexibility
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wheelchairs. Easy
folding, easy opening,
easy to carry, easy to
Great space saving chair,
back remains upright
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Compact and easy to fold.
Multi height adjustable legs.
Padded seat and a full
backrest for superior comfort
Adjustable legs for
seat height.
Excellent lumbar
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Options available
include adjustable
height or removable
/swingaway arms,
tables, trays,
recliner, wheels,
ease-up seat.
Removable upholstery.
3 positions.Weight load
Very comfortable
high back with
excellent lumbar
and back
support. Fully
adjustable and
Choice of vinyl or
leg height,
back and
neck support.
seat and
backrest for
comfort and
Adjustable seat
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folds easily, hand
brakes, lift up
back rest,
roomy storage
With or
walking stick
with seat.
and folding
A design to
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Folds easily for storage. Timber panel head and foot boards.
3.5HP motor, “Harley-style” handlebars, fingertip
controls, full digital display, front and rear
lights, deluxe high back seat, soft-riding
suspension, 180kg
weight capacity,
19” tyres and 14”
alloy wheels.
Capable of
15kph and
up to 45km
per battery
Be part of the action!
Lightweight, portable, easily
disassembled, take anywhere.
Includes 3 interchangeable
colour panels - blue, red & silver.
Stay in the game with
wider wheels, 2.0hp
motor, golf bag bracket
Features handbrake, front and rear
suspension, feather-touch disassembly, a
wraparound delta tiller, high-visibility
automatic brake lights and an LED kerb light.
We have all your mobility aids to hire or buy AND we will come to you
OTs and Physios call us for a DVA Catalogue
MIDLAND Sun Medical Equipment Centre Corner Ferguson St & Great Eastern Hwy 9374 0577
LEEMING Suite 4, Corner Calley Drive & South Street (Opposite Bullcreek Shopping Centre) 9312 1700
SHENTON PARK 17 Lemnos Street (Located in Arthritis WA) 9388 8800
WANNEROO Shop 6, 771 Wanneroo Road 9206 2391
BAYSWATER Unit 1/514 Guildford Road 6278 3406
Photos for illustrative purposes only.
Midland, Leeming, Shenton Park & Wanneroo: Monday to Friday 9am-4pm Saturday 9am-12noon • Bayswater: Monday to Friday 9am-4pm Closed Saturday
HAVE-A-GO NEWS No. 277 APRIL 2015, drink and be merry...
Wines from the Land of the Kiwi
Villa Maria’s winemaker, Josh Hammond
by Frank Smith
UNTIL recently New Zealand
wines were epitomised by NZ
Sauvignon Blanc. They tasted
like alcoholic fruit juice and
Seniors’ Special: Meal and a Middy $15*
(Wednesday to Friday - bookings of 5 or more)
Come and relax in our beer garden and enjoy our handcrafted
award winning naturally brewed beers and ciders with great
Aussie Tucker to match!
Your choice of one of the following;
Wood red pizza (small)
Chicken or vegetarian baguette
Salt ‘n’ Pepper Squid
Fish and chip basket with tartare sauce
Spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce
PLUS 1 middy of beer/cider or
1 glass of wine or cup of tea or coffee
Phone 9377 4400 OPEN Wed to Sun
The Valencia Complex, 55 Benara Rd, Caversham
Rod Evans Community Centre
is offering
Senior Fitness Classes,
Nordic Walking, Bingo, Tai Chi,
Craft and Tiny Tots Playgroup
were much loved by young
But the industry has since
matured and several players
are producing drier avoursome wines for more sophisticated palates.
One of the leading NZ wineries is Villa Maria. Winemaker Josh Hammond was in Perth
recently and Have a Go News
was privileged to taste some
15 Villa Maria wines available
Villa Maria Estate picked up
ve gold medals at this year’s
Royal Easter Show Wine
awards and 200 of the world’s
top Masters of Wine named
Villa Maria as the fourth most
admired wine brand in the
world, the only New Zealand
winery to make the top 10 list.
Mr Hammond said Villa
Maria aimed to produce approachable easy drinking
wines at an under $20 price
point. These are our picks.
Villa Maria Lightly Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc 2014
from the Marlborough region.
The wine is bursting with passionfruit and fresh lime aromas. Vibrant and crisp with a
lingering sparkle in the mouth.
The small delicate bubbles of
this frizzante style wine enhance the fruit avours. Good
as an aperitif or with seafood.
RRP $19.99
Villa Maria Private Bin
Arneis 2013 from the east
coast has a fresh scented nose
with an array of melon, almond and honeysuckle characters leading to a delicate and
dry nish. Arneis is an Italian
white grape variety originating from Piedmont in Northern
Italy. The name Arneis means
little rascal due to its reputation
as a difcult variety to cultivate. RRP $11.99
Villa Maria Private Bin
Pinot Noir 2012 from Marlborough displays perfumed
aromas of red cherry and
bright berry fruits on the nose,
whilst on the palate the wine
displays succulent fruit with
complex spice, wild herb and
savoury elements. RRP $19.99
Villa Maria Vidal Merlot
Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
from Hawkes Bay This classic
blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Cabernet
Franc displays aromas of red
fruits and spice. With avours
of plum, blackcurrant and cedar, the smooth nish on the
palate is supported by supple,
tannin RRP $17.99
“It has been an awesome
year in the Hawkes Bay area,
from where Villa Maria draws
its Cabernet Sauvignon grapes,
producing a an easy drinking
wine that can be drunk while
young,” said Mr Hammond.
Villa Maria Vidal White
series Pinot Gris 2012 was
rst produced as an alternative
to traditional Sauvignon Blanc
from the east coast. It displays
aromas and avours of spiced
pear, quince and red berries are
supported by a soft textured
palate. The fruit driven avours are balanced by a gentle
dry nish. RRP $17.99
New Zealand wines have
come a long way in recent
Meals on Wheels, Hairdresser, Podiatry,
Reexology and Massage by appointment.
$12* Three course lunch commencing 12 noon sharp
*per person
Wednesday 29 April - Laughter Lady Janni Goss
“More laughter in your life” Show
Cost: $17 inclusive of $12 lunch + $5 show
53 Coode Street, South Perth
Phone the centre 9367 9880
160 Hay Street, East Perth
LIFESTYLE ACTIVITIES: scrabble, bridge, bingo,
chess, mahjong, rummicub, indoor bowls, yoga,
tai chi, heartmoves and zumba. Bus trips too!
Saturday afternoon tea dance.
Join us for a great 3 course lunch on Tuesdays
for $10 (members) or $15 for non-members.
Booking essential.
Email: [email protected]
by Noelene Swain
THE GREEK poet laureate
Homer refers to the pears as
a ‘gift of the gods’ in his celebrated work The Odyssey.
High praise indeed from a
bloke who’d seen a few things
in his time! Our West Australian pear season is now in full
swing, so whether you like
Josephine or Packham, there’s
plenty of fresh, juicy pears here
to be enjoyed.
Pears are unique in that they
should be ripened off the tree
rather than on. Purchase your
pears and let them ripen in a paper bag or a dark place. When
ripe, the esh at the stem should
give a little when you press
down lightly on it. Remember
that pears ripen from the inside
out, so the exterior may be a bit
rm, though they will actually
quite soft on the inside.
For those who love a crisp
pear, the Packham is the pick of
the bunch. It is green-skinned
and remains so, even when
ripe. It has a white, juicy esh,
which is ideal for both eating
fresh and cooking.
Another variety which is
certainly an eye-catcher is the
Red Sensation, the red-skinned
variety of the Bartlett or Williams. This pear is medium in
size and is full, sweet and aromatic, making them ideal for
both poaching and baking.
The cinnamon coloured
Beurre Bosc will be available
right up to November. Sweet,
buttery and delectable, it’s one
of the best all-rounders for
cooking. Beurre Bosc pears
are perfect baked, in tarts, pan
fried or used in salads, and, of
course, savoured on its own.
Goldrush® is a new Western
Australian pear which is exclusively grown under license in
the region between Pemberton
and Capel. It’s similar in appearance to Beurre Bosc with
exceptional eating qualities
enhanced by a high natural fruit
It is hard to improve on the
avour of a soft, juicy pear, but
when teamed with blue cheese
or prosciutto, you’ll have some-
Upside Down
Pear Pudding
Preparation: 30 minutes
Cooking: 1 hour
Serves: 4
Come join our vibrant and friendly
centre for 55s and over.
Annual subscription $15
Phone 9461 3921
Pears - fruit without par
thing truly divine. You can also
bake and pan-fry or use them in
tarts or salads – both sweet and
savoury. Wanting to treat yourself? Try whole pears poached
in a dessert wine; sinfully decadent on those colder nights…
Pears don’t let us down in
the nutrition stakes either, having one of the highest bre
rankings of all fruit, with each
containing about four grams,
and a very low GI status. These
high bre levels and low GI
rating helps you to feel full for
longer - a big bonus for people
wishing to achieve or maintain
a healthy body weight.
Pears are also a rich source
of vitamin C, with virtually no
fat or sodium and no cholesterol, and are one of the least
allergenic foods available. With
about one in 20 children having
some kind of food sensitivity,
they are ideal for kids and the
perfect rst food for babies.
Western Australian pears
are exceptional in quality right
now; be sure to indulge in the
fruits of the season whether
fresh from the hand or cooked.
Here is a lovely autumn recipe
to tantalise those tastebuds…
Brought to you by Fresh
Finesse Fresh Food
4 pears, peeled, halved and cored
1 cup caster sugar
3 cups water
3 tablespoon soft brown sugar
175 g soft unsalted butter
¾ cup caster sugar
4 eggs
1 cup self-raising our, sifted
1 teaspoon baking powder, sifted
3 teaspoon cinnamon
100g ground almonds
HEAT the oven to 180°C. Line a 23cm
cake tin with non-stick baking paper. Put
the caster sugar and water into a saucepan
and gently cook until the sugar dissolves.
Add the pear halves to the pan. Gently cook
the pears for 10 minutes or until tender.
Remove from the syrup using a slotted
spoon and cool. Discard the syrup.
Sprinkle a prepared cake tin with brown
sugar. Arrange pears cut side down over
the sugar. In a large bowl cream the butter
and caster sugar until pale and uffy. Add
the eggs one at a time, along with one tablespoon of our, beating well between each
addition. Fold through the remaining our,
baking powder, cinnamon and almonds.
Spoon batter over the pears and smooth
the surface. Bake in the oven for 50 – 55
minutes or until skewer inserted into the
pudding comes out clean. Remove from the
oven and carefully turn out onto a serving
plate. Cut into slices and serve with vanilla
FOOD & WINE, drink and be merry...
What’s Fresh?
Autumn giant plums: the name says it all,
as these lovely large fruit are the last of this
season’s stone fruit to arrive on the scene.
They ripen slowly, keep well, and have very
juicy, sweet esh, even though they remain
rm when ripe. Simply divine, they leave a
wonderful lingering memory of the stone fruit
Packham Pears: Buy when they are rm and
green and keep at room temperature. They
usually take about a week to ripen to their
sweet, juicy best - you’ll nd they are ready
to eat when the skin is tinged yellow. For a
simple autumn dessert, melt a little butter, cinnamon and caramel syrup together and pour
over pear slices in a heatproof serving dish.
Grill until browned and tender. Yum!
Parsnips: Mashed, chipped, or roasted, this
sweet peppery avoured root vegetable has
had a resurgence of popularity and it’s no wonder. Parsnip keeps well and there’s very little
waste. Dress with a little fresh orange juice or
rind, olive oil and freshly ground black pepper.
Okra: Otherwise known as lady ngers due to
their long elegant shape, okra adds an authentic twist of the deep south to a vegetable hotpot
or medley. Very high in soluble bre, the characteristic gel inside the pod can be minimised
by cooking pods whole or in acidic ingredients
or by long slow cooking as in a gumbo.
7 ½
/…i œ…˜˜Þ >Å
*ÀœÕ`Þ *ÀiÃi˜Ìà vœÀ ̅i ˆÀÃÌ /ˆ“i
Vince Garreffa’s
Asian greens
belly with Asian
PORK crackle will seduce
even those on diets. They will
want to know your Asian ancestry. The recipe is so easy it
is embarrassingly simple and
Ingredients for two or more
1kg boneless pork belly
with skin on and scored
Chinese ve spice
1 bunch of choy sum
chopped garlic
oyster sauce
sesame seeds
water or stock
sea or lake salt to taste
freshly cracked black
pepper to taste
olive oil
fridge on hour before cooking if possible (not critical)
as this helps the pork cook a
little faster. Now cook for 20
minutes then drop the temperature down to 200°C and
cook for an extra hour.
While waiting for the pork
to cook have a shower, make
a drink and then cook choy
sum 10 minutes before the
pork is ready. Wash and cut
the choy sum in short manageable lengths say 6 to 8cm
long. Keep the leafy sections
separate from the stalky sections. Now blanch the leaves
for one minute in boiling
water and the stalks for three
minutes and drain. Then fry
in a pan with a little olive oil
and the garlic for one minute.
Now add one or two tablespoons oyster sauce and make
the sauce by adding a little
stock or water to the pan. Mix
and stir fry then add some sesame seeds and put the greens
on a plate and serve with thin
slices of pork.
Buon Appetito.
BUY GOOD female pork
with a bit of fat under the skin
from your butcher. Season the
meat with the ve spice, salt
and pepper the night before
and rest unwrapped in the
fridge on a rack in the roasting tray, skin side up. Preheat
your oven to 250°C having
rested the meat out of the
Cooking Classes
How to make handmade sausages, brawn, rillettes, pate,
LEARN to make some sensational products that can be stored
for many weeks in the fridge and pulled out when you want to
Monday 13 April 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Back by popular demand, air-dried sausages, salami,
pancetta and coppa.
Let Vince share with you knowledge and recipes handed
down for generations that you can continue to hand down to your
grandchildren plus take home a gift from us to eat.
Monday 11 May 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Lamb extravaganza!
Vince will demonstrate how to cut and cook Western Australian lamb and how to use the whole carcass in many new and exciting ways. Five fabulous dishes will be served for your dining
pleasure. Learn many butchers’ secrets along the way as well as
lots of eating and learning.
Monday 8 June 6.30pm to 9.30pm
All classes are held at Mondos, 824 Beaufort Street, Inglewood. To book your place in these classes you must phone
9371 6350 Tuesday to Friday between 9am and 4pm or email
princeof[email protected] with telephone and other contact
Payment can be made by credit card over the phone or come
into the store to make the payment. All classes are $99 per person
and places are conrmed once payment is made in full.
Join the mailing list at and get your
friends to do so too.
Letters to a
Vin ce Garr
IF YOU want a particular recipe of mine, don’t hesitate
to drop me a line at Have a Go News.
Address your enquiry to Vince Garreffa
c/- Have a Go News PO Box 1042
West Leederville 6901, or email your question to
[email protected]
Please include your telephone number so I can call you!
 >L>œ ,iÜÀÌ
1 VÌ vÀ
- œ“
ally inspired meat and vegetarian dishes, and a range of
freshly prepared sandwiches
and rolls. Feast have something for everyone, to eat in or
They cater for functions.
From delicious Italian arancini balls to hand-rolled Peking
duck pancakes, Feast offers
a unique selection of dishes
perfect for any occasion. They
cater for: weddings, birthdays,
anniversaries, ofce parties,
product launches, fundraisers, family dinners and gettogethers.
Mother’s Day Sunday 10
May – bring the whole family. Family friendly with glass
front playroom at Wembley
to entertain the little ones.
Make a reservation to avoid
disappointment. Call the café
6389 1001 or visit our website
cakes and slices and freshly
ground Five Senses coffee. Fresh cooked gourmet
breakfasts include, Mexican
Eggs with tomato, avocado
and coriander salsa, pot of
baked ratatouille, chorizo and
ricotta with an ozzy egg to stir
through, cauliower fritters
with lemon wilted spinach,
avocado, poached egg, bacon,
and tomato capsicum relish
and many more options.
And of course, they do not
forget about the little ones. The
dino French toast at Wembley
is a favourite for many of our
regular kiddie customers.
By mid-morning the food
bar is full to the brim with colourful salads, homemade tarts
and pies and individual seasonal specials. Lunches are
full, bright and unique. With
at least three freshly prepared
salads, a host of internation-
,Ë¥âb•í ,ËkÏkžÙÏ
E ՘i >ÀÌiÀ
>˜ œÜiÃ
œ`i˜ ՈÌ>À
E …ÀˆÃ̈˜>
i ,œV…i
vÀœ“ 1-
Show Dates
9 May*
™Ì… “>Þ
Dinner $33pp
& Show
q ˆ˜˜iÀ E -…œÜ
-՘`>Þ] £ä̅ >Þ Óä£x
10 ՘V…
q -«iVˆ> œÌ…iÀ½Ã
E >̈˜ii
Special Mother’s
Day Lunch
A feast t for a family
AT FEAST, they only use the
freshest of seasonal ingredients to prepare dishes and desserts which celebrate originality, colour, and abundance in
There is always something
new and something for everyone in the seasonal menu
at the two location: Nedlands
and Wembley.
Mornings are freshly-baked
sweet and savoury mufns,
Matinee Package
œÜ œ˜ ™xÇÎ ÎÇÇÇ N&
>˜ Ì>Ìi
ň Ã
ÀœÞ` E
El Caballo Resort!
Friday 19 June*
Special Seniors Matinee Show
$55pp including lunch
; àò¬z
/1#. 11.__ ,.1
Matinee Show
## !#9
¬ÓÓÓ P ëëëº?ÏÙ¥Ëوk?ÙËk´kËوºX¥š
$49pp (Show and winter carvery lunch)
/13.;_ àÛ ; àò¬z
./#.1__ 9##.###
## !#9 ŸzÓÛ ÛÓÓÓ P ëëëºk•X?N?••¥ºX¥šº?â
$69 (Show only)
BOOK NOW 9370 1777
Saturday 20 June*
Evening Show
Dinner $33pp & Show $59pp
These shows will sell out!
PH 9573 3777 or online
*Booking fee applies for above shows
Meets Monday fortnightly at 10.30am
Heathridge Leisure Centre, Sail Tce, Heathridge
email [email protected]
Ph. Deb 0409 687 968
Alf Adams Pavillion, Solomon St., Mosman Park
Open day for Seniors Friday 17 April 9.30am-12.30pm
Morning tea, activities, sausage sizzle
Ph Sue 9384 4921
Tea dance on Saturday 2 May
Tickets $10 each
Held at the Senior Centre, 1 The Avenue Midland
Ellenbrook Senior College Band, afternoon tea and
music to dance to.
Booking and enquiries phone Carol 9297 1514 or
Mavis 9374 0225
Email [email protected]
15 May - 17 May
Antiques, collectables, arts and craft etc.
Event contact 9731 5017
Email [email protected]
Sharon Corr - new Australian tour comes to Perth
by Josephine Allison
COMBINING motherhood and life on
the road might seem daunting to some
but celebrated Irish singer Sharon Corr
takes it all in her stride.
“I’ve lost count of how many times
I’ve been to Australia but it’s one of
my absolutely favourite places to tour,”
Corr says, on the eve of an Australia
visit, this time with popular evergreen
rock group America.
Corr, who hails from Dundalk,
County Louth In Northern Ireland,
says she loves touring. Now a solo artist, the singer-songwriter, musician and
television personality is best known as
a member of the pop-rock band The
Corrs, which she co-founded in 1990
with brother Jim and sisters Caroline
and Andrea. She plays the violin, piano and guitar and sings backing vocals. She has played in national youth
orchestras and is qualied to teach the
The Corr siblings were awarded
honorary MBEs by Queen Elizabeth
II in 2005 in recognition of their musi-
Treasured nds...
COME ALONG to the Treasured Craft Creations’ 3 in 1
Market @ Showgrounds fair
on Sunday 26 and Monday 27
April from 9.30am to 4.30pm
where people can visit more
than 300 stalls from across the
three-way combined event at
the Claremont Showgrounds.
The event comprises three
individual fairs which include
handmade crafts, antiques
and collectables and the Polka
Dot Vintage Market, all conveniently located at the one
Handmade Crafts
The craft exhibitors offer
a wide variety of unique and
different quality handmade
Arthur Grady was the rst person to ride a motor cycle
around Australia in 1924. Huge display of veteran and
vintage bikes plus a replica of Arthur’s bike 1 June.
Kings Square from 9am onwards.
Dawn Service commences 5.50am
War Memorial at Monument Hill
Dawn Service commences at 6am
Birdwood House, Forrest St
Dawn Service commences 5.45am
War Memorial, Vic Square
Dawn Service/Gunre Breakfast
Followed by 11am procession at
Anzac Park and Youth Park
If you would like to promote your event
through the Community Notebook,
please email Pat, [email protected]
ing their wares through more
than 100 stallholders. Free antique valuations are also available from 12pm to 3pm daily
where customers can bring
along a family heirloom.
Stalls are situated inside the
Silver Jubilee Pavilion.
Polka Dot Vintage Market
People with a passion for
vintage and retro clothing and
accessories, can browse in
the 3 in 1 Market’s Polka Dot
Vintage Market? Whether
vintage, retro, pre-loved designer clothing and/or accessories, the fair’s Polka Dot
Vintage Market is worth a
Admission to the 3 in 1
Market is $7 with children less
than 10 years admitted free.
There will also be a chance
to be in the draw to win the
$2000 door prize.
The 3 in 1 Market @
Showgrounds is organised by
Treasured Craft Creations.
For further information about the fair, phone
9457 9315 or visit
To be in the draw to win a
double pass to 3 in 1 Markets,
phone the Have a Go News
ofce on 9227 8283 during
business hours (Monday to
Friday between 9am to 5pm)
or email [email protected] and include the word
vintage in the subject line.
Competition ends 20/04/15.
Only over 45s are eligible.
Time to honour the ANZACs
From left; Lynn Berry, co-founder of the 5,000 Poppy Project,
RSL(WA) president and Vietnam veteran Graham Edwards at
Phillip Johnson’s WWI stand
Seniors Recreation Council of WA Inc presents the
Sunday 3 May, 12-3pm Centennial Park
Food stalls, entertainment, workshops, displays and
Contact City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder events team on
9021 9600
Email [email protected]
Herb w/shops and demonstrations
Monday 27 April. Doors open 7pm
Cost $4 Visitors welcome
South Perth Scout Hall, 20 Pilgrim Street
Enquiries Ph 9459 2964
crafts for sale including jewellery, clothing for adults and
children, fabric craft, woodwork, toys, pottery, homewares, patchwork, scrapbooking and much more. Enjoy a
shopping experience where
the person selling the product
is the person who made it.
They also have a huge
range of food products including delicious sauces,
condiments, preserves, cakes,
biscuits, chocolates and confectionary.
Craft stalls are situated inside the Robinson Pavilion.
Antiques & Collectables
This fair includes antique
and collectable dealers sell-
piano player so you hear all that. My
concert reects my traditional roots
and love of music. I have three great
musicians with me and it will be an exciting, dynamic show.”
After Australia and WA, Corr says
her plans are to perform at summer
festivals and have a holiday with her
“I’ve been touring The Same Sun
album for more than 18 months now
– we started in Brazil in October 2013
so now I’m starting to think about the
next album and have started writing it.
“I will also be presenting a show for
BBC radio two which is a whole new
experience and very exciting musically.
“I am always songwriting, it’s what
I do and how I express myself. It’s my
therapy, how I get my thoughts and
feelings out – good and bad. I will
never need a psychologist when I can
Special guest Sharon Corr appears
with America the 45th anniversary tour
6pm Saturday, 9 May at Perth Red Hill
continued from front cover
A major annual arts and cultural festival
Friday 1 to Sunday 10 May.
Art markets, roving circus, stilt walkers, boardwalk
farmers market and much, much more.
Arts festival ofcer 9550 3270
St Lukes Church grounds Saturday 2 May 10am-4pm
Gold coin donation. 60-70 stalls offering eco friendly
foods, raw and vegan, all aspects of sustainable living,
Rafe, prizes include eco hampers, garden materials,
organic beef and more
cal talent and charity work.
Corr has released two albums,
Dream Of You and The Same Sun. She
has sold more than 45 million albums
“Sometimes my little family join
me when I’m on the road (Corr and
husband Gavin have a son and daughter),” Corr says. “Last time we met
was in Melbourne and we went on to
Brisbane and Adelaide. The kids love
seeing the world and hanging out back
stage, eating all the sweeties.
“Gavin is a great dad and husband
and understands what I do and really
appreciates it. So he looks after the kids
while I’m off gallivanting around the
This Australian visit is Corr’s rst
with America. She says the rst song
she ever sang on stage at 16 was their
hit A Horse With No Name.
“I love their music and how free and
optimistic it is, how pure and organic---they are the real deal. It’s going to be
a fun tour.”
Corr says her show is: “very organic. I’m a singer-songwriter violin and
Annual Seniors B
Teddy Bears
Wednesday 3 June
1pm to 4.30pm
Astral Ballroom, Crown Perth
Tickets: $35pp inc afternoon tea
Door and spot prizes
Entertainment: Live band Offspring
and Gary Lynn presents
The Swinging Years
For further information 9492 9772
by Josephine Allison
Dr King, who will be reporting back to differ- activities, live music, big screen broadcasts and
ent media from ANZAC Cove, says many peo- exhibitions.
Inside Perth Cultural Centre’s institutions
ple don’t even know where Gallipoli is located.
They also don’t know Gallipoli was a defeat be- (State Library of WA, Art Gallery of WA, WA
Museum, State Theatre Centre of WA), there
cause of all the fuss about it.
“Truth was the rst casualty of the war be- will also be activities, exhibitions and guided
cause Australian war correspondent Charles tours that are free to attend. www.visitperthcBean was censored, saying we were doing well
Details of all services are available on the
and our men were heroes. The truth was we lost
8709 Australians, 2701 New Zealanders, 21,000 RSL of WA website
School students across the State are producBritish and 13,000 French. I just nd it so tragic
walking around these graveyards and battle- ing commemorative crosses which will feature
in the Bankwest Gallipoli Run on 19 April and
elds, I just weep. We can’t do it again.
“I have counted 101 serious mistakes about will later nd their way to the gravesites of
Gallipoli that I want everyone to learn from. Australians buried overseas.
A series of musical programs are being perHopefully, Camp Gallipoli will teach people
formed for the centenary including an ANZAC
where we went wrong.
“The Prime Minister handed the Austral- Commemorative Concert on 23 April with
ians over to the British who were not experi- WASO, an ANZAC Requiem on 24 and 25
enced, many of them appointed by the old boy April by the Collegium Symphonic Chorus
network. Many Australians were sent to their and on 3 May, the University of WA Choral
deaths, especially at the Battle of the Nek 7 Society and the Royal Agricultural Society of
WA Brass join forces to present the WA preAugust 1915.
“All the ANZACS I interviewed for my lm miere of The Armed Man.
At Kings Park, a series of sunset services
said we should never have fought under a foreign power on a foreign shore that had noth- will be held at 5pm each day from 19 April
ing to do with Australia. And we shouldn’t do until 24 April. These short services will commemorate fallen soldiers and enable more
it again.”
In WA, ANZAC Day will impact like never people to greater participate in the commemobefore with tens of thousands of Western Aus- rations.
Also, well known Perth dancer and entralians commemorating the 100th anniversary
at more than 100 locations. The services are tertainer Adam Penn will stage the ANZAC
again being conducted by the Returned and concert and dance at Beckenham Community
Services League of WA (RSL of WA) from Centre on Saturday, 18 April. The concert ($10
per person) is from 4pm-6pm and the dance
Broome to Albany.
Special arrangements are in place to cater ($15 per person) from 7pm-11pm. Call Adam
for crowds at the traditional and iconic dawn on 0412 361 917 or email [email protected]
service in Kings Park with extra public trans-
A hybrid native Grevillea displaying lush
port services, catering and big screens so that
red owers has been developed by the RSL as
everyone can see.
The dawn service will be followed by the a tribute to Australia’s fallen.
The RSL Spirit of ANZAC Grevillea was
traditional 9.30am parade of more than 7000
veterans through Perth streets followed by the ofcially launched at Phillip Johnson’s WW1
11am commemorative service at the Supreme stand at the Melbourne International Flower
Court Gardens, where 1023 red balloons will and Garden Show by Veterans’ Affairs Minisbe launched to honour the Western Australians ter Senator Michael Ronaldson.
RSL (WA) president and Vietnam veteran
killed at Gallipoli.
ANZAC Day falls on a Saturday and during Graham Edwards who attended the launch,
the long weekend there will be some amazing said the plant is for the people, for gravesides,
ANZAC cultural activities at the Perth Cultural memorials or anyone wanting to participate in
Centre, Forrest Place and Northbridge Plaza the spirit of ANZAC on the eve of the Gallipoli
with lots of activities for families.
In 2013 Mr Edwards challenged plant
The RSL in WA is collaborating with the
Department of Culture and the Arts and the breeders at Perth’s Botanic Gardens and Parks
City of Perth to provide three days of free fam- Authority to propagate a plant suitable as the
ily activities and entertainment over the three commemorative plant for the ANZAC centecity locations, focussed on reection, gratitude nary.
The Federal Government formally approved
and education, to enable a further appreciation
the name.
and understanding of the Anzac legacy.
Mr Edwards said the plant was propagated
Families will engage in free outdoor displays, storytelling, dance, theatre, poetry, food because of its lush red owers and its tough
and information stalls, interactive children’s geographical heritage from across Australia.
let’s go
APRIL 2015
• WA's Great Outdoors • London Calling • Australia's North West
Have a Go News' travel liftout
...for the mature traveller
Ron and Michele Legge are legging it around the world on a motorbike. These 50 somethings have decided to take a ‘gap’ year and have a unique odyssey travelling
around the world on their motorbike – read more about their adventures on page 23.
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let’s go travelling
Jen Merigan
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This month for our Talking Travel session we have a guest speaker who will talk
to us about South Africa and answer all
your questions about this destination.
It’s the perfect opportunity to nd out
more about that beautiful country.
The front cover of this section features
Michelle and Ron Legge and we speak
to them about their gap year travelling
around the world. This adventurous couple tell us all about their journey and share
with readers some great tips.
Our holiday with dogs feature is a com-
prehensive guide of where you can stay in
WA and take your four-legged friend along
We also have a great offer from the
Travelodge Perth’s Armada Restaurant
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As the weather cools in Perth it’s the
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Happy trails
Jennifer Merigan
Travel Editor
Want to know about South Africa
- then join us at the Talking Travel session
THIS month we are going to talk about
South Africa, which is a popular destination and one which is on many of our
bucket lists.
The directors of No Worries African
Tours will join us to talk about South Africa as a travel destination. They will be able
to answer any questions you have about
visiting this country.
Join us for an enjoyable African afternoon followed by afternoon tea sampling
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let’s go travelling
Legges delight in couch-surng around the world
Ron and Michele Legge camel riding in the Gobi Desert
by Jen Merigan
and Josephine Allison
ple who are hosting around
the world,” said Ron.
“We started hosting and
have met many wonderful
people. Hosting has allowed
us to share Rockingham’s
beauty with others. Our favourite thing was to take visitors for a barbecue breakfast
at the beach. Simple as it may
sound, many of our visitors
say it was their favourite part.
“We ask our surfers to
cook for us so we get to try
food from all over the world.
Now our surfers and their
families welcome us into
their homes. In Denmark
we were welcomed with:
‘g’day mate’. Our host had
been watching YouTube
videos to learn how to speak
Australian and make us feel
The couple had a special
treat in Casablanca where
a young couch surfer and a
friend showed them around
the city for a day, making
it a true local experience.
Through couch surng they
have hosted Syrian engineers, a mayor of a city in
France, an Australian peace
clown and three Chinese students. They have stayed with
a Russian woman, a fellow
biker in Denmark and a family in Germany.
“Couch surng gives you
the chance to learn about the
local community and meet
local people,” Ron said.
The couple say they spend
around $A110 a day which
equates to around $3300 a
month. Some months it is
more and some less. They
are currently in Morocco
which costs around $80 a
day. Sometimes they rent
apartments. A month over
Christmas rented in the south
of Spain cost $A19 a night.
Favourite country?
“We are nding every
country we have visited has
something amazing but Ron
loved Mongolia,” Michele
Ron says: “The big sky,
washed-out landscape, the
local people and the simple
life. Driving through little
towns with no more than a
dozen houses. Outside the
capital, Ulaan Bataar, little
has changed and life still
revolves around the humble
“We took a trip to the
Gobi Desert and stayed with
a nomadic family. Seeing
the men mustering sheep,
goats, horses and camels on
their ponies while dressed
in traditional garb was like
stepping back in time.”
For Michele, Morocco
has been a favourite with
welcoming people. Country areas are desolate and
people are seen with goats,
sheep, laden donkeys and
horses with carts. Rural
markets offer everything
from second-hand shoes to
camels. Tents set up with
barbers give the locals a
good haircut for a small
The couple say they have
not had any major hassles
with travel but have experi-
enced challenging days such
as crossing from Cambodia
to Vietnam and catching the
train to Siberia. When they
caught a train they were
confronted by two Russians
in their cabin. Ron sorted
out the situation and the pair
were evicted.
The pair came off their
bike in torrential rain in
Spain but the kindness of
locals saw them none the
worse for their experience.
The Legges will return
home in June but plan to
continue travelling until the
money runs out.
They say having social
media with Facebook and
Skype/facetime has been a
big advantage in keeping
Advice and inspiration
for others?
Life is short, don’t waste
time wondering what if,
make a plan and go. Set
yourself a date and aim towards it. Otherwise it is just
something you will do in
the future and, suddenly, it
will be too late.
Follow the Legges journey on
au. Facebook Twitter Instagram www.
Day tours for your
club, retirement
village, or group
are our specialty…
Choose from more than
50 day tours around WA.
Discounted prices
for groups of 25 or more
Call Elite Tours 9314 2170 NOW
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Book & deposit by 30 April and receive a $50pp Coles/Myer Voucher
tropical winter getaway
T 2015
Tour Highlights:
 Breakfast with the Birds
 A day at Kuranda including the Kuranda
Railway and Skyrail Rainforest Cableway
 Atherton Tablelands, Curtain Fig Tree
 Jaques Coffee and Lake Barrine
 Daintree River Cruise
 Australian Muster Experience
 Cairns Night Zoo including dinner
Tour Includes: 9Home pick up and return 9Kings Tour Manager 9Return
economy airfares and taxes flying Qantas 9Exclusive Kings Tours of Cairns with luxury
coach travel 97-nights’ accommodation at the Pullman International Cairns 9Breakfast
daily, 3 Lunches, 1 Supper & 4 Dinners 9Sightseeing and entry fees as per the itinerary.
$4,050 Per Person Single
Phone us on
08 9380 6656
*Home pick up and return is within the Perth Metro area including Mandurah.
Ron and Michele Legge
have embarked on a brave
new world as full-time travellers, unafraid to take on
virtually anything that life
throws at them.
The inspiring couple travel
differently to most people. It
has paid dividends and they
have a wealth of advice for
people considering embarking on similar adventures.
The Legges have always
loved travel, especially when
Ron was in the navy. After
their daughters grew up they
explored different places and
came home always wanting
to stay longer.
“We were in Vietnam,”
Michele said, “when Ron
announced that he could live
there for a couple of years
and I said, why not. We returned home with that plan
and Ron obtained his motor
bike licence.
“We then hosted couch
surfers (people who sleep on
our couch) from around the
world who all encouraged
us to visit their country. We
decided to go to Europe and
then it became overland on a
motor bike . Our travel seems
to be an evolving thing, we
really have no set plan so we
are just going with the ow.”
The couple’s original plan
was to send a bike to Malay-
sia and ride across Europe
but they realised China was
a challenge. So the plan was
changed to take trains, buses
and boats from Malaysia to
England and buy a motor
bike there.
“We bought our rst bike,
a Honda Pan European, in
England,” Michele said “We
named her Queen Bessie and
she took us to our rst housesitting gig in Luxembourg.
Sadly, after 15 days, she died
on the side of the road, so
we bought a Honda Deauville 650 in Belgium (aka
the Princess). Then we found
you can’t register a vehicle in
Belgium if you aren’t a citizen, but we learnt you could
get export plates. So we returned to England via Germany, Denmark and Sweden
and registered her there.”
The Legges say when
parking overnight they try
and nd places with parking
or security parking nearby.
They have the Princess serviced along the way while
Ron does oil changes and
basic maintenance.
They have not travelled to
the Middle East yet. Morocco proved the most challenging though the locals were
excited to meet Australians
and fast-tracked the couple
through the entry process.
As for couch surng, the
couple say it is one of the
most rewarding things they
have done.
“Michele read an article
about it in 2009 and started
looking at the amazing peo-
Perth Airport road works
What’s happening? Road works are underway in and around Perth Airport,
which will change how you get to Terminals 1 & 2.
How does this affect me? Regardless of the direction you are travelling from,
you need to be aware of the changes. Construction is still occurring so please allow
some extra time to navigate through the works.
How do I find out more? Visit
for the different routes to take to T1 and T2.
Beautiful One Day…You Know the Rest!
Gateway to
the Far North
Classic Cairns
Tropical Delights
Port Douglas, Cairns
and The Daintree
Cairns is the gateway to tropical north
Spend 8 glorious days touring
Queensland. Unpack once at the
the beauty of North Queensland.
centrally located Novotel Cairns and
Cruise the Great Barrier Reef to
get ready for some fun! This holiday
Green Island and head north to
features all the classic highlights
Port Douglas and the Daintree
including spectacular Millaa Millaa Falls,
Rainforest. Enjoy the Kuranda
Savannahlander rail journey, a day in
and Village, and Daintree
Port Douglas and beautiful Paronella
Park plus a free day in Cairns to do as River cruise. A candlelit evening of
you please.
music and tropical dining amidst
9 Days 21 to 28 June 2015
9 Days 8 to 15 September 2015
From Bright Lights
to Rainforests
Gold Coast Hinterland
and Rainforest Retreats
the rainforest is also featured.
Begin your journey with 4 amazing
nights at the famous Jupiters Hotel
and Casino to enjoy all that the Gold
Coast is famous for. You will have the
option of seeing the Dockers take on
the Suns or enjoy a day to yourself
before heading inland to the incredible
O’Riellys Rainforest Retreat in Canungra
for a further 3 days. Step into a world
of ancient forest, fresh mountain air and
crystal clear creeks. Relaxation at its best!
8 Days 9 to 16 August 2015
7 Days 11 to 17 June 2015
Get Out the Back of Bourke
Small Group Adventure
Join us on this brand new discovery holiday
featuring the spectacular Blue Mountains before you
travel inland to explore outback New South Wales
and Queensland. Highlights will include Dubbo,
Bourke Outback Show, Darling River Cruise,
Charleville and Longreach. Get excited, we are!
Discovery The Outback Way
Blue Mountains to Longreach
10 Days 14 to 23 September 2015
Exclusive Solo
Traveller Holiday
Just for Singles
Tropical Cairns
Off the
Beaten Track
Discovery Queensland
Outback and
Rainforest Adventure
Exclusive to villa are our Just for
Singles range of holidays for those that Get Outback on this villa discovery
travel solo. This tropical QLD getaway
adventure. Explore the Undara
features all the highlights. Unpack
Tubes, travel the spectacular
once at the beautiful and centrally
Tablelands and be
located Novotel Cairns and begin
by the Daintree
your holiday with Millaa Millaa Falls,
2 nights at
Lake Barrine, Savannahlander Train
driving to
journey, tropical Green Island and
track in
Port Douglas. Remember, when you
a luxury 4WD coach.
travel with villa you’re never alone!
8 Days 26 July to 2 August 2015
11 Days 26 August to 5 September 2015
Head Across the Top
Small Group Adventure
There is not much time left to book your spot
on villa’s exciting journey from Darwin across
to Townsville. Along the way, experience the
outback way of life. Highlights include Katherine,
Tennant Creek, Mt Isa, Charters Towers plus visit
cattle stations, old mining towns and much more!
Discovery Across the Top
Drovers Dream
12 Days 19 to 30 June 2015
These amazing Queensland holidays depart from Perth, starting from as little as $3260* pp twin share These holidays are fully escorted and fully inclusive.
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Australia Your Own Backyard
Wonders of Burma and
Irrawaddy River Cruise – January 2016
Featuring Temples, Floating Gardens, Majestic Rivers
and the Buddhism Way of Life
Panama Canal Adventure Cruise – January 2016
Featuring Mexico, Cayman Islands and Central America
Jewels of the Baltic Sea Grand Voyage – June 2016
Come along to the State Library
Theatre on Tuesday 26 May 2015
to hear our travel experts showcase
villa’s fantastic range of Australian
holidays. From the outback to the far
north, rainforests and rail journeys,
we have you covered.
RSVP is essential so please
FreeCall 1800 066 272 or
email [email protected]
to reserve your seat today.
Featuring St Petersburg, Scandinavia and Northern Europe’s
immense beauty and history
Northern Isle Explorer Cruise – August 2016
B sure to F
FreeCall 1800 066 272 or email
[email protected] to get your copy today
Featuring Iceland, Fjords of Norway and the United Kingdom
All departures are fully escorted, leave from Perth and include courtesy home collection*, airfares, taxes, insurance*, tipping and gratuities*, attractions and entrance fees and most meals.
vill c rlott tr vel
email [email protected]
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Office Hours Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm Lic No 9TA 997
Door to Door Service All Holidays Depart from Perth
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Escape to the
Warmth of the North
Kalbarri Natural Wonders
Wilderness Cruise Historic Stations National Park Touring
5 Days 29 August to 2 September 2015
5 Days 17 to 21 September 2015
5 Days 29 September to 3 October 2015
Broome – Jewel of the North
Immerse yourself in the scenery, culture and
wilderness of Broome and its surrounds.
Taste of Broome Dinner Experience Pearl Farm and Luggers Tour
6 Days 16 to 21 July 2015
Coral Coast Treasures
Unspoilt the Coral Coast features WA’s most
famous wilderness experiences!
Shark Bay Monkey Mia Ningaloo Marine Park
10 Days 12 to 21 July 2015
North West Spectacular
Explore ancient and rugged landscapes where the
desert meets the ocean.
Karijini National Park Mt Whaleback Iron Ore Mine Tour Exmouth
9 Days 27 June to 5 July 2015
9 Days 8 to 16 August 2015
West Coast and Pilbara Adventure
Enjoy Kalbarri, Coral Bay, Karratha and
the stunning Ningaloo Reef
Fly from Broome to Perth
9 Days 2 to 10 June 2015
Just for Singles Coral Coast Treasures
Exclusive holiday for single solo travellers! Explore
the WA coast to uncover a treasure trove of
beaches, exotic marine life and national reserves.
10 Days 3 to 12 June 2015
These amazing holidays depart from Perth and start from as little as $1285* pp twin share. These holidays are fully escorted and fully inclusive.
FreeCall 1800 066 272 or email [email protected] to book your northern escape now!
Kimberley to Kakadu
Head for the
Northern Territory
Start your adventure in beautiful Broome and
traverse some of Australia’s most incredible
scenery on your way to Darwin. On the way,
see Lake Argyle, the Ord River, Katherine
Gorge, Mataranka Pool and Kakadu National
Park. Best of all, you see it all from the comfort
of your luxury coach!
Broome to Darwin Explorer
Featuring the Kimberley, Mataranka Pool and Kakadu National Park
13 Days 17 to 29 June 2015
Spend 7 amazing days exploring the best parts
of the Northern Territory on this Top End treat.
Including a full day Litchfield adventure, Darwin
sights, sunset markets and two nights in the
Kakadu National Park you will be left wanting
more of the Top End!
Kakadu and the Top End
7 Days 7 to 13 July 2015
See Australia’s Red Heart
Exclusive Solo Traveller Getaway
What better way to see Central Australia than
with your all-inclusive Gold Service aboard the
Legendary Ghan! Travel from Darwin down to
Alice Springs on this famous train. Be mesmerized
when you see the sun rise and set over the
‘Rock’ and enjoy all this holiday has to offer.
Ghan and Red Centre
Featuring Darwin, Uluru and Alice
9 Days 3 to 11 August 2015
Escape on this wonderful journey from Darwin
to Adelaide with fellow solo travellers. With
stops in Katherine, Alice Springs, Coober
Pedy and finally Adelaide, you will enjoy some
amazing off-train excursions. Did we mention
your all inclusive on-board Gold Service?
Just for Singles Transcontinental Experience
Featuring The Legendary Ghan Darwin to Adelaide
9 Days 19 to 27 August 2015
These amazing holidays depart from Perth and start from as little as $4085* pp twin share. These holidays are fully escorted and fully inclusive.
FreeCall 1800 066 272 or email [email protected] to book your northern escape now!
See the Eagles Live
in Melbourne
Head North to the
Batavia Coast
Highlights Optional Extra - North Melbourne v’s Essendon at the MCG
Melbourne City Coach Tour Yarra River Cruise
Tramcar Luncheon Famous Chapel Street Shopping
Old Melbourne Gaol Tour Free Time in Melbourne
Plus Much More
West Coast Eagles in Melbourne
5 Days 16 to 20 July 2015
Enjoy this wonderful short break to our midwest. Beginning your journey in Australia’s only
Monastic town, New Norcia, see the incredible
history of the monks and their way of life.
Journey further north to the Batavia Coast and
enjoy Geraldton and surrounds including the
moving HMAS Sydney Memorial.
Highlights New Norcia Town Tour Chapman Valley
West Australian Museum, Geraldton
HMAS Sydney Memorial Historic Northampton Greenough
New Norcia, Northampton and
the Batavia Coast
5 Days 15 to 19 June 2015
Price $2800 per person twin share
Single Option $220
Price $1295 per person twin share
Single Option $280
For all you footy mad Eagles supporters, have
we got the holiday for you! See your beloved
team play their arch rivals, Collingwood, at Etihad
Stadium plus have the opportunity to see another
game live at the MCG. Not to mention some
fantastic Melbourne touring opportunities as well.
All departures are fully escorted, leave from Perth and include courtesy home collection*, airfares, taxes, insurance*, tipping and gratuities*, attractions and entrance fees and most meals.
vill c rlott tr vel
email [email protected]
visit vill .com. u
Office Hours Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm Lic No 9TA 997
Door to Door Service All Holidays Depart from Perth
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let’s go travelling
ONLY $139
BEST WESTERN Esperance’s
seaside senior’s special
• GUEST BONUS - FREE welcome drink when dining at
The Emerald Room Restaurant
• FREE continental breakfast
• FREE in-house movies, FOXTEL and broadband internet
• FREE tea, coffee and biscuits in your spacious motel room
• POOL, restaurant, cocktail bar, BBQ & guest laundry
Left to right; Jayson Mansaray - Kate Adler and The Three Little Menin Grimm Tales,
The Bargehouse © Tom Medwell
ONLY $125
FOR 2!
*Subject to availability - bookings essential
BEST WESTERN Hospitality Inn Geraldton
169 Cathedral Ave, Geraldton
9921 1422
[email protected]
Each Best Western branded hotel is independently owned and operated. © 2014 Best Western International, Inc. All rights reserved.
• FREE continental breakfast daily
• FREE in-house movies, FOXTEL and broadband internet
• FREE tea, coffee and biscuits in your motel room
• FREE welcome drink when dining at the Seasons Restaurant
• CENTRAL town location opposite the bay
• POOL, restaurant, cocktail bar, BBQ & guest laundry
*Subject to availability - bookings essential - some block out dates apply
BEST WESTERN Hospitality Inn Esperance
44-46 The Esplanade, Esperance
9071 1999
[email protected]
ONLY 129
FOR 2!
Each Best Western branded hotel is independently owned and operated. © 2014 Best Western International, Inc. All rights reserved.
*Subject to availability - bookings essential
BEST WESTERN Hospitality Inn Kalgoorlie
560 Hannan Street, Kalgoorlie
9021 2888
[email protected]
Each Best Western branded hotel is independently owned and operated. © 2014 Best Western International, Inc. All rights reserved.
a day tour like
never before…
Day tours from $75
• FREE continental breakfast daily
• FREE in-house movies, FOXTEL and broadband internet
• FREE tea, coffee and biscuits in your spacious motel room
• FREE welcome drink when dining at the
Katherine Station Restaurant
• POOL, restaurant, cocktail bar, BBQ & guest laundry
Tour includes homemade morning tea and minimum of
2 course lunch (some tours include a 3 course lunch).
Call Elite Tours on 9314 2170
Seniors specials March - November 2015 inclusive
Check out our great holiday packages using your
free pensioner pass on TransWA
Holiday Units/Chalets,
Quiet, comfy, lovely garden setting. Free Wi.
Fully self-contained well-equipped units.
Only a 2 min walk to beach and Marina.
• 4 days/ 3 nights from $250 per person
• Includes FREE breakfast daily
• Courtesy coach pick up and drop off
• Welcome drink
• Discount, Restaurant dinner voucher
• Transfer to and from Rainbow Jungle
Ph 9927 2177 Email: [email protected]
On the Blackwood River, Bridgetown
RAC ★★★★ Your tranquil adult retreat in
a picturesque riverbank setting 2 kms from
Bridgetown CBD featuring
• Spacious, self-contained, luxury accommodation
• Stunning riverside location
• Bird lovers’ paradise with late afternoon feeding
• Unit for disabled available with King size
or twin bed conguration
View our website and/or give Julian and Jenny a call
[email protected]
1800 286 155
WHEN you are young, parents, grandparents and teachers alike create fantastical,
magical realms as they regale
you with fairy tales of old.
Giambattista Basile (Sleeping Beauty), Carlo Collodi
(Pinnochio) and Hans Christian Andersen (The Little
Mermaid) were the staples.
The medium for these fantasy worlds was Walt Disney,
Dreamworks and today Pixar
Most present in my mind
are the classics like Snow
White, Cinderella and The
Little Mermaid and you can
thank old Walt Disney for
making them palatable, romantic and package-able for
young minds.
But these versions of
events, like many fairytales
translated into English, were
not quite what the authors
intended, not quite how they
thought and certainly not
what they wrote.
You see in 1812 Snow
White was a rule-breaking
runaway and the queen
wanted not just her heart but
her lungs too. Cinderella’s
evil stepsisters didn’t just try
to squeeze their feet in, one
cut off her toes and the other
her heel to t into the glass
slipper and when they attended her wedding their eyes
were pecked out by birds. In
exchange for the little mermaid’s legs Ursula set a high
price, she took the aqua damsel’s tongue and for every step
on these new legs it would
feel like she was walking on
sharp glass.
Morose indeed and not
quite the tales we know, but
Luxury new resort next to town centre
by Jayson Mansaray
a freshly baked cottage and
a rancid old witch. But the
siblings have dealt with evil
adults before; it takes more
than a cackle and a cauldron
to outsmart these young ’uns.
Faithful Johannes
Loyal servant Johannes pledges to watch over a
young king, but when he fails
to protect his royal highness
from a pin-up princess with a
penchant for golden trinkets,
three clairvoyant ravens foretell the increasingly bizarre
tasks he must carry out in
order to save his master’s life.
The only thing is… if he tells
the king about it, he’s as good
as dead.
Escaping from her insanely
amorous father the king, a
princess disguises herself in a
coat of many furs and ends up
washing dishes in the castle of
a neighbouring, non-bonkers
young king. After Thousandfurs crashes a few royal raves,
the king gets an inkling that
the dishwasher is quite a dish
The Goose Girl at the Spring
An old woman who lives
with her geese incites the
customary fear and suspicion
from the locals, but holds a
kindly secret. After begrudgingly doing her a favour,
a young count leaves with
the gift of an emerald box; a
glimmer of hope for a grieving king and queen. With their
jewel of a clue, the courtly
three return to the goosey gaff
– to nd a pearl of a surprise.
The Three Little Men
In The Woods
While searching for summer strawberries in the winter snow on the say-so of her
diabolical stepmother, a girl
happens upon a trio of eccentric little men who reward her
generosity with magical gifts.
However, when her jealous
stepsister tries the same tack,
she gets the opposite results.
Our good girl is whisked off
by a king to get hitched, but
the subterfuge of her steprelations knows no end. Until
the very end.
Grimm Tales offers a sumptuous evening of storytelling
that will remind you, of being
told stories when you were a
Due to the restrictions of the
Bargehouse building and the
temporary nature of the show
accessibility is unsuitable
for anyone who would need
to use a lift. Tickets: Adults:
From £45, Children under 16:
£20, Family Ticket (2 Adults
and 2 Children): £125, Group
rate available for 10+ Adults:
Want to know more email
[email protected]
au or [email protected]
Tel: 9761 2828
Re la x a t C L O VE R C O TTAG E
BEST WESTERN Geraldton’s
senior’s special
Grimm Tales
FUNSEEKER TOURS have set their 2015 program, and
have some fun getaways planned for the year.
In August they will be cruising three southern rivers in
our beautiful state.
October is the wildower month, and December will
see a trip to Manjimup for the Cherry Festival and Busselton for a great ve-day Christmas tour.
All tours are inclusive of home pickup and return, all
meals, morning teas, twin share or single en suite accommodation and entry into attractions.
If you would like to receive details of Funseeker’s great
2015 tour packages, please call Sharon on 1300 660 668.
it is the true inspiration and
that’s where this month London Calling starts, with a tale
of old but not the Disney style
instead it’s raw, it’s obscure
it’s Grimm Tales.
After celebrated fantasy
author Philip Pullman retold
50 of his favourite fairy tales
from the Brothers Grimm in
2012 he has adapted a selection of six into an immersive
theatre experience called
Grimm Tales. An adventure
in storytelling; the audience is
taken by the hand to explore
different worlds, where once
set down in this version characters come to life and plays
are acted out around you.
Pullman’s Grimm Tales are
new twists on celebrated classics, the actors are convincing and you hold on wanting
to hear what happens next
and to nd out how each tale
will end. The most impressive thing is the set, which
is dressed to perfection, in
beautiful low light. The audience walks around London’s
Bargehouse and every new
room contains details of forgotten fairytales with incredible attention to detail. The
puppets and props are simple
and beautiful, inviting you to
use your imagination, as red
spools represent strawberries
and crayons transform into
Wondering around you
discover that some rooms are
empty, just traces of former
characters lie there. In one
room small beds are lined up,
with radios playing and maps
on the wall. You’re literally in
the witch’s cottage with Hansel and Gretel and you can
really sense the magic and
delight in the players and audience as each story unfolds.
With the help and direction
of Philip Wilson the 360 degree production uses storytellers, live musicians, 1,500 light
bulbs, 160 tea chests, 200 apple crates, 500 picture frames,
800 brass objects and over
6000 square ft of netting to
tell a selection of twisted tales:
The Frog King
or Iron Heinrich
A beautiful princess cuts a
deal with an ugly, well-dwelling frog to get back her beloved golden ball. Her promise
is ambiguous, but he gets all
amphibious and hops along to
the palace to collect his wellearned prize. But ugly is only
skin-deep of course, as the
princess duly discovers when
her temper frays.
Hansel and Gretel
In an age of recession you
have to shed the non-essentials, so Hansel and Gretel’s
parents ditch the kids in the
woods. The children’s rumbling tummies lead them to
Funseeker Tours
2015 program
Limestone Spa cottages with woodres
overlooking the river valley.
Trout stocked lakes and river shing.
Grass tennis court and
canoeing. Close to the many
wineries, restaurants and natural
attractions of Pemberton, Manjimup
and Walpole region.
Contact Paul or Petrina
9773 1262
[email protected]
let’s go travelling
Left to right; Jeanette Woolerton - The German Ace the Red Barron
by Jeanette Woolerton
FOR people fortunate
enough to visit Melbourne
this April, please note this
once in a lifetime, spectacular
exhibition in the diary.
London’s Imperial War
Museum (IWM) is sending
a specially curated exhibition
of a tour to nine cities across
the world and Melbourne is
not only the rst port of call,
but also the only city in Australia that will be hosting this
It is awe inspiring.
A hundred years since the
rst shots were red during
World War I (a war that instigated dramatic changes to
the global political and social
environment) we are now
faced with the opportunity
to commemorate the event,
with respect and reverence.
Melbourne will undoubtedly be inundated with
numerous national and international tourists for this
spectacular exhibition.
An impressive collection
of more than 350 historically signicant items will be
brought to life, using cutting
edge technology.
Lest we forget in Melbourne
Artefacts will be juxtaposed with leading audio and
visual displays that will immerse you in the atmosphere,
creating a realistic experience
of what it was like to live in
those dark days.
The exhibition will be
broken down into ten story
chapters that will guide you
through the entire process of
the war: from its outbreak,
through to the frontline as
well as the impact it had on
civilians left at home.
Throughout the exhibition,
lm animations and soundscapes will take you back a
100 years in order to witness
the devastation of the rst
global war.
People will hear personal
stories as well as consider
how it changed the path of
humanity irrevocably.
In the Shock of War chapter people will be confronted
by the sound of intensive artillery re and they will come
face to face with the deliverer
of destruction.
At the centre of the exhibition is a trench-like space that
will evoke the landscape of
trenches, with its twists, turns
and escalating, steep walls
(from which all to be seen is
the sky above).
Visitors will witness intimate objects embedded in
showcases along the way that
tell tales of real people and
their fate. The soundscape
will provide the sound of
tanks rumbling by, aircraft
swooping above and shells
bursting in the distance.
Combined, these sounds
create an incredibly emotive
and reective experience.
From the trenches people
will be drawn into Taking
War to the Skies by a huge
three metre high screen
showing a dramatic and
intense evocative animation of Manfred von Richthofen’s nal moments (renowned in popular culture
as the German Ace the Red
Airmen from both sides
fought gallantly and became celebrities for their
daring antics.
Along with uniforms,
equipment used by airmen
during the war and blue print
plans of the Red Baron’s
plane, the central space will
feature the original engine
from his crashed aircraft.
personal stories and intimate objects, this exhibition
brings the war to our door.
To experience the devastation and trauma in a safe
environment may well help
our current generation appreciate the heroism of the
soldiers who fought so gallantly, as well as highlight
the futility and devastation
of war.
Through 3D imagery and
incredible state of the art
technology, one cannot help
being immersed in the story.
This is a spectacular, premier and auspicious event,
exclusive to Melbourne and
certainly not an event to be
The exhibition commences on 18 April and
runs through to 12 July. For
further information please
refer to the website at www.
Enjoying the Armada Restaurant at Perth’s Travelodge
Left to right; The surf and turf is a highlight - The tasting plate offers a selection of dishes
by Jennifer Merigan
HOW does a tasting plate with delicious morsels which
include satay sticks, Arancini balls, chorizo, olives and
sticky ribs sound?
Or what about a classic surf and turf with a juicy rib
eye steak and fresh local prawns in a creamy sauce?
You can enjoy these and more at the recently refurbished Armada Restaurant at the Travelodge in Hay
Street, Perth.
The Armada offers casual dining in the city in a
modern environment.
It’s the perfect place to meet for a drink and some
snacks in the lovely terrace or enjoy a hearty meal in
the restaurant.
I had the opportunity to experience the restaurant and
found the food, service and surroundings very pleasant.
We started with the tasting plate which offered a selection of many of the entrees on the menu, everything
was delicious and I think my favourite was the sticky
I love steak, it’s one of those dishes I rarely cook at
home but always want to order when I go out and the
surf and turf did not disappoint.
A great sized steak with prawns and mash served in
a creamy sauce which was delicious.
After the massive entrée and main course we just
couldn’t t dessert in, but saw many other diners enjoying the home made sticky date pudding. Alas, I will
have to wait until my next visit to taste this.
Armada is a well-priced venue with good size portions, friendly service and a fresh modern feel.
Armada Restaurant at Travelodge
417 Hay Street, Perth WA 6000 (08) 9238 1888
To be in the draw to win a dinner for two people at
the Armada Restaurant at Travelodge Perth valued
at $200 simply send an email to [email protected] or send an envelope to Armada Competition – C/- Have a Go News – PO Box 1042, West
Leederville 6901. Please include your name, address
and phone number on the reverse side. Competition
closes 8/5/15.
Delivering Heatset & Coldset Printing
Heatset & Coldset
Pre Press
Call us for your catalogue work NOW !
b ou t U
Fairfax Media Mandurah is part of the Fairfax Media Printing and Distibution
group, the largest producer of newsprint publications in Australia with 14
print sites located across the nation.
If it is catalogues you are after then you have the option of inserting into one
of our countless newspapers printed on site. Use these products as the carrier
of your production giving you last minute deadlines.
Our state of the art site at Mandurah produces full colour heatset gloss and
newsprint publications in a range of sizes. This means that we are one of the
most flexible printing organisations in the world. No job is too big or too
If you want a stand-alone catalogue solution, then let us look after your print
requirements. We will even help organise your distibution!
We have the firepower and speed to produce mass quantities of catalogues
and newspapers for the West Australian market.
We also have the efficiency and skill to produce small orders.
CONTACT - Wayne Bailey
Our quality work, friendly and dynamic approach to printing and logistics
allows us to enhance your brand and always exceed your expectations
T (08) 9550 2700
M 0419 007 928
email: [email protected]
(B) Breakfast. (L) Lunch. (D) Dinner. (SD) Specialty Dinner.
DAY 1: Perth - Auckland
Today you will be transferred from your home to Perth Airport for
your overnight flight to Auckland.
Return airfares from Perth including taxes
s Meet & greet on arrival in New Zealand
s Return airport transfers in New Zealand
s HIGHLIGHT Milford Sound Overnight Cruise
s 17 nights superior hotel accommodation with 5 two night stays
s Luxury Coach travel throughout the tour
s Professional Coach Captain and Tour Guide in New Zealand
s 19 breakfasts including 1 specialty breakfast
s 15 dinners including 4 specialty dinners
s 1 specialty lunch
s 2 delicious morning teas
s Prepaid activities and attractions including Kauri Museum,
Skyline Rotorua Gondola, Agrodome, Thermal mud pools &
geysers, Larnach Castle and more.
s Enjoy 4 rail journeys - Glenbrook Vintage Railway, the Coastal
Pacific, the world famous TranzAlpine and the Taieri Gorge Limited.
s Relax with 5 cruises including Dolphin / Hole in the Rock Cruise
in the Bay of Islands, the vintage steamship TSS Earnslaw and the
Milford Sound Overnight Cruise.
DAY 2: Arrive Auckland (B,D)
On arrival in Auckland you will be met by a Grand Pacific Tours
representative and transferred to your hotel. You may like to take
advantage of the discount coupons in your Optional Tours Directory.
Hotel Rendezvous Grand Hotel Auckland
DAY 3: Auckland - Bay of Islands (B,D)
Today enjoy an Auckland city sights tour before travelling to the
Parry Kauri Park to see a magnificent example of a Kauri Tree.
Continue through Whangarei to the Bay of Islands. This afternoon
enjoy a guided tour of the Waitangi Treaty Grounds, the location of
the signing of the treaty between the Maori tribes and the British.
Hotel Scenic Hotel Bay of Islands (2 nights)
DAY 4: Bay of Islands (B)
This morning travel aboard a luxury catamaran to Cape Brett and
the famous Hole in the Rock. Keep an eye out for bottlenose and
common dolphins. The remainder of the day is at leisure. Choose
from the many optional activities available. This evening is also free
and you may like to enjoy a relaxing dinner cruise (optional).
DAY 5: Bay of Islands - Auckland (B,D)
Farewell the Bay of Islands and drive south via Whangarei and
Dargaville to Matakohe where you will enjoy a visit and informative
talk at the Kauri Museum. Continue to Auckland’s north shore for
some time at leisure. Why not take a stroll to the nearby beach for
views of Rangitoto Island, Auckland Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf.
Hotel Spencer on Byron
DAY 6: Auckland - Rotorua (B,L,D)
Depart Auckland and travel to Glenbrook Vintage Railway for a
nostalgic 15 kilometre trip back in time on a beautifully restored
vintage steam train. Visit the restoration workshop and on return
to Glenbrook Station, morning tea will be served. Depart Glenbrook
and travel through magnificent countryside to Longlands Farm &
Restaurant. Enjoy a delicious home cooked lunch hosted by a rural
New Zealand family. Next, continue to Rotorua and visit Paradise
Valley Springs, a superb wildlife park where you can hand feed
rainbow trout.
Hotel Sudima Hotel Lake Rotorua (Superior Room. 2 nights)
DAY 7: Rotorua (B,SD)
Today begins with a Gondola ride and breakfast at Skyline Rotorua.
There is also time for a luge ride! Next stop is the Agrodome for
an action packed hour of farming entertainment and education
that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before. Enjoy some free time this
afternoon before travelling to Te Puia to see the boiling mud pools
and awesome Geysers that Rotorua is famous for. This evening
experience an entertaining Maori Hangi and Concert.
DAY 8: Rotorua - Wellington (B,D)
Travel along the Thermal Explorer Highway to the spectacular Huka
Falls. Continue to Lake Taupo for some free time to enjoy this
scenic lakeside town. Travel via the Tongariro National Park and this
afternoon visit Southward Car Museum, home to a comprehensive
collection of veteran and vintage cars. Continue south along the
Kapiti Coast to Wellington.
Hotel James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor (2 nights)
DAY 9: Wellington (B)
Enjoy an extensive city tour in New Zealand’s capital, Wellington. A
highlight will be time to explore Te Papa, New Zealand’s National
Museum, with exhibits that embrace both Maori and European
views. Enjoy free time at leisure this afternoon. This evening is also
free to dine out at one of the many fine local restaurants.
DAY 10: Wellington - Kaikoura (B,D)
This morning board the Interislander Ferry, cross Cook Strait and
travel through the Marlborough Sounds to Picton. Join the Coastal
Pacific, a truly spectacular rail journey that showcases the Kaikoura
mountain ranges on one side and the rugged scenic coastline on
the other. Travel through numerous tunnels and across several
bridges before departing the train in Kaikoura.
Hotel Donegal House
into picturesque Queenstown, a year round resort situated on the
shores of magical Lake Wakatipu. This evening is free to dine at
one of the many fine restaurants.
Hotel Mercure Queenstown Resort (Lakeview Room. 2 nights)
DAY 11: Kaikoura - Christchurch (B,D)
A leisurely start this morning with time to enjoy the tranquil setting.
Travel south through some of the finest farmland areas to the
garden city of Christchurch for an introductory city sights tour.
Hotel The Quality Hotel Elms
DAY 14: Queenstown (Free Day) (B,SD)
Today is a free day for you to explore Queenstown. Your Tour Guide
and Coach Captain are available to assist with the many options
available. This evening board the vintage steamship TSS Earnslaw
and cruise across Lake Wakatipu to Walter Peak Station. Sit back,
relax and enjoy a gourmet barbecue dinner which the chef will
prepare in front of you at the Colonel’s Homestead. After dinner
enjoy a short farm tour then reboard the TSS Earnslaw for a sing
along by the piano on your return cruise.
DAY 12: Christchurch - Arthur’s Pass
- Franz Josef (B,D)
This morning board the TranzAlpine, one of the great train
journeys of the world. Travel over massive viaducts, river valleys
and spectacular gorges as you ascend to Arthur’s Pass located in
the centre of the Southern Alps. Board your coach and travel to
Hokitika, famous for its Greenstone before arriving at Franz Josef
where time is available to experience a scenic flight (optional,
weather permitting) over the spectacular glaciers.
Hotel Scenic Hotel Franz Josef Glacier (Douglas Wing)
DAY 15: Queenstown - Milford Sound Overnight Cruise
This morning travel to Arrowtown and visit the Lakes District
Museum. Continue via Te Anau to Milford Sound and board the
Milford Mariner for your amazing overnight cruise. There is plenty of
time to view the fiord’s spectacular waterfalls, rainforest, mountains
and wildlife - you’re bound to encounter seals and if you’re lucky
maybe dolphins and penguins. As evening falls enjoy a delicious
carvery buffet prepared freshly by the onboard chef.
Overnight Milford Mariner
DAY 13: Franz Josef - Queenstown (B)
See the snow capped peaks of the Southern Alps as you travel
south via the Haast Pass, an area of stunning beauty before arriving
DAY 16: Milford Sound - Te Anau (B,D)
Start the day with a hearty breakfast before heading back out to
the Tasman Sea (weather permitting) to explore more of the fiord.
Return back to the wharf to meet your coach and enjoy the scenic
drive to Te Anau. This afternoon enjoy a cruise across Lake Te Anau
to visit the Glow Worm Caves where you will admire the incredible
limestone caverns, waterfalls and mystery of the Glow Worm Grotto.
Hotel Distinction Luxmore (Deluxe Room)
DAY 17: Te Anau - Dunedin (B,D)
Travel via Gore and Balclutha to Dunedin to board The Taieri Gorge
Limited for a journey through spectacular scenery only accessible
by rail. On return to Dunedin’s historic Edwardian Railway Station
your coach will transfer you to your hotel.
Hotel Scenic Hotel Dunedin City (2 nights)
DAY 18: Dunedin (B,SD)
Today travel along the Otago Peninsula to Larnach Castle for a
guided tour. Next visit Glenfalloch Restaurant for a delightful morning
tea. Return to the city for an informative tour before some free time
to explore at leisure. Tonight a Scottish evening will be presented
comprising of bagpipes, great food, Haggis Ceremony and gift.
DAY 19: Dunedin - Christchurch (B,SD)
This morning visit Olveston House, a prestigious historic home
before travelling to Oamaru, famous for its limestone. This evening
enjoy a farewell dinner with your new found friends.
Hotel Sudima Hotel Christchurch Airport
DAY 20: Christchurch - Perth (B)
Time to say goodbye. You will be transferred to the airport for your
flight to Perth after a memorable New Zealand Holiday. On arrival
you will be transferred to your home.
Get on board with the Escorted Travel Specialists
(08) 9380 6656 or 1800 677 760 (Country Callers)
*Prices valid ex Perth and includes prepaid taxes from $135, correct at time of print. Prices and taxes are subject to change. **Private car transfers arranged by Kings Tours & Travel and are provided within the Perth Metropolitan area including
Mandurah. Early hotel check-in and breakfast included in itinerary. Travel Insurance recommended. Jacket & Cap is one per person. One Travel Guide per household. Diary is one per person. Pre tour get together is subject to minimum numbers,
for more information ask your consultant at time of booking.
WA’s GREAT Outdoors
let’s gotravelling
Caravan and Camping Show
Join us online
Above: Crowds were
entertained and informed
at the show
Left: Brad Elborough
by Brad Elborough
THE interest in caravan and
camping in Western Australia is certainly strong. More
than 48,000 people attended
the RAC Perth Caravan and
Camping Show, held at the
Claremont Showground in
A comprehensive Guidebook and Audio CD’s
providing historical and current information
and locality maps is available from
Visitor Centres and requested online at
If you missed it, don’t
worry, next year’s dates
have already been set –
Wednesday 16 to Sunday
20, 2016.
Caravan and Camping
Industry Association CEO
Simon Glossop said that
the change in opening days,
helped boost attendance by
almost eight per cent from
“This year the show opened
on a Wednesday for the rst
time and this proved to be
a popular move with more
than 5,000 people visiting on
the day,” he said. “We will be
sure to repeat the full ve-day
experience next year.”
The Show featured around
100 exhibitors, with more
than 400 brands and designs
of caravans and 130 camper
trailers available to be viewed.
Pundits certainly enjoyed
the rare chance to be able to
view them all in one venue
and compare the various
makes and models before
making a purchase. And purchases were made.
It’s difcult to keep up
with all of the new technology and designs, but the show
provides a rare chance also to
speak directly to manufacturers, in some cases.
The pavilions were also
full with exhibitors who were
selling gadgets and just about
every caravan and camping accessory that you could
think of.
And by the look of the parcel pick up area, where visitors to the show could leave
their purchases and then continue enjoying the event, these
were popular too.
Mr Glossop said that several initiatives that the show
took on this that would be repeated in 2016.
“With free travel on
Transperth included with online tickets, many people decided to leave the car at home
and this proved to be a winner
for visitors,” he said.
“And, thanks to the Department of Health, additional
parking was made available at
Graylands Hospital. The courtesy buses were full of people,
most seemed to be bringing
goodies from the show back
as well and the parking was
much needed over the weekend with so many visitors.
“Saturday and Sunday saw
the RAC Family Fun Zone
kick into action and there
seemed to be hundreds of
kids taking advantage of the
free rides and activities at any
one time. The rock climbing
wall was a hit as was the face
painting and fairy oss.
“Old MacDonald’s Farm
was the hot pick for the little ones and NaturePlay ran
a tent pitching competition
which, thanks to Getaway
Outdoors putting up a $50
voucher for the 10 races, saw
a lot of parents keenly cheering on their kids to win.”
The demonstrations were
well patronised and those in
attendance picked up some
handy tips.
There will be a lot of campsites in WA with smells of
sausage rolls and scones in
the coming months, courtesy
of Jo Clews recipes… while
we should also see an improved towing skillset. The
guys who demonstrated this
at the Show, did so by reversing between two very expensive cars… gutsy!
In fact, we should see an
overall increase in those heading out for an outdoors holiday – whether caravanning
or camping – as interest in the
industry continues to grow.
Kalgoorlie offers great value pensioner and senior packages
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0408 511 969
TRAVEL in Western Australia has never been
better value for pensioners and seniors on TransWA services. WA pensioners receive a free pass
on any TransWA service once a year. Using this
pass on the Prospector rail service to Kalgoorlie
is now one of the most popular travel choices.
The Prospector is a fabulous trip, offering a
comfortable air-conditioned ride through some
of Western Australia’s most scenic farm and red
earth country. Entertainment is provided on
board with easy access to snacks and meals as
you travel along.
Now this pensioner free pass can be used on a
package holiday to the Goldelds. Visiting Kalgoorlie and the surrounding region allows people to immerse themselves in the rich Goldrush
history and experience historic streetscapes
as you wander through the shops and call into
some of the galleries and museums.
There are now great value pensioner packages available starting from $299 per person, twin
share, for a return rail, three nights’ accommodation in Kalgoorlie.
The four-day Golf Extravaganza Package
allows you to play two rounds on the brand
new Graham Marsh designed Kalgoorlie Golf
For the more adventurous, there is even a
self-drive package providing car rental, allowing you to explore further aeld and perhaps
take in the fascinating Inside Australia Exhibit
with the famous Antony Gormley sculptures at
Lake Ballard.
For further information on these exceptional
value holidays, call the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Pure
Gold Visitor Centre on 1800 004 653.
4 Day Kalgoorlie Golf Extravaganza
from twin share
with pensioner free pass.
(adult $470)
Gold was discovered in Kalgoorlie in 1893 and the gold rush began,
but these days it’s the GOLF RUSH! Play one of the world’s greatest
desert golf courses, designed by Graham Marsh. Travel to Kalgoorlie
FREE on the prospector by using your Transwa pensioner pass.
Holiday includes
new Kalgoorlie Golf Course. inc.
2 days green fees & 2 days golf
buggy hire
Prospector extra $15 per bag each
way or rent clubs from KGC extra
$30 for the 2 games.
Day 2: Kalgoorlie Golf
After breakfast you are free to enjoy
the sights of Kalgoorlie or undertake
the first of your two 18 hole golf
Day 3: Kalgoorlie Golf
After breakfast you are again free
to enjoy the sights of Kalgoorlie or
undertake the second of your 18 hole
golf games.
Day 4: Kalgoorlie to Perth
After breakfast transfer to rail
station own expense. 7.05am depart
Kalgoorlie Station on the Prospector
with new in seat entertainment,
arriving Perth 1.45pm.
Day 1: Perth to Kalgoorlie
7.10am depart Perth on the
Prospector and travel through scenic
Wheatbelt in air-con comfort, arrive
Kalgoorlie 2pm. Transfer to your hotel
Departs Perth Monday or Tuesday,
at own expense then free afternoon to
every week
explore the city and book tee off times
at the new Kalgoorlie Golf Course.
Cost per person (twin share)
Ibis Styles
Rydges Resort & Spa
The View on Hannans
Pen Free Pass
4 Day Golden Quest Discovery Trail Drive
from twin share
with pensioner free pass.
(adult $485)
4 Day Kalgoorlie Step Back in Time
from twin share
with pensioner free pass.
(adult $515)
rental car. Perhaps visit The Superpit, Hannans North Tourist Mine and wander the historic streets
Discover the history and heritage of the Goldfields with this exclusive
to travel on the Prospector and undertake three tours.
Holiday includes
Holiday includes
U Return Prospector rail Perth to Kalgoorlie
book and CD
Days 1/2: Perth to Kalgoorlie
7.10am depart Perth on the Prospector and travel
through the scenic Wheatbelt in air-con comfort,
arrive Kalgoorlie 2pm. A representative from Racey
Rentals will meet you at the Station with your
rental car. The next 2 days are free to explore this
wonderful inland city. Wander its wide streets and
take in the vivid architecture, check out the view
from the Superpit and relive Goldfields history at
Hannans North Tourist Mine or the Kalgoorlie WA
Curtain and look down into an old mine shaft at the
Metropole Hotel.
Cost per person (twin share)
Ibis Styles
Rydges Resort & Spa
The View on Hannans
Day 3: Kalgoorlie – Leonora (235km)
After breakfast, explore the Northern Goldfields
coffee before heading to the Antony Gormley “Inside
perhaps drive to scenic Niagara Dam and historical
Kookynie, before arriving in Leonora for the night.
Day 4: Leonora – Kalgoorlie – Perth
After early breakfast head out to Gwalia. Wander
through historic prospector’s huts then Hoover House
Depart Leonora no later than 11am for the return drive
return the rental vehicle ready for a 3pm (Friday)
departure on The Prospector, arriving Perth 9.45pm.
accom, inc. cont b/fast
Tour with Goldrush Tours
Day 4: Kalgoorlie to Perth
After early breakfast, transfer to rail
station at own expense. 7.05am depart
Day 1: Perth to Kalgoorlie
Kalgoorlie Station and travel on the
7.10am depart Perth on the Prospector comfortable Prospector, arriving Perth
and travel through the scenic
Wheatbelt in air-con comfort, arrive
Kalgoorlie 2pm. Transfer to your hotel Departs Perth Monday or Tuesday,
at own expense then free afternoon to every week
explore the city.
* History and Heritage Tour subject to minimum
4 passengers travelling on the day.
Departs Perth Tuesday, every week
* Entry fees to suggested attractions and museums not included.
Car rental is for 3 x 24 hour periods, pick up return to Kalgoorlie
Train Station. Unlimited mileage and collision damage waiver inc.,
normal excess $1500. Drivers to be 21 and over, surcharge applies
for P plate drivers. Car to be returned with a full tank of fuel.
Pen Free Pass
Day 2/3: Kalgoorlie touring
After breakfast on these 2 days you
can undertake the full day History and
Heritage coach tour* (departs Tue, Wed
& Thu), the audio walking tour and the
Cost per person (twin share) Pen Free Pass
Ibis Styles
Rydges Resort & Spa
The View on Hannans
Hurry, book now with Kalgoorlie Boulder Pure Gold
Visitor Centre Cnr Hannan & Wilson Sts, Kalgoorlie
Tel: 1800 004 653 | Email: [email protected]
Prices correct at the time of publication but subject to increase. Pensioners & Seniors discounts only available for holders of WA Pension Card & Seniors Card. All products are subject to availability. Prices for tours are per person twin share, valid to 31/7/2015, extra cost for single accommodation. LIC 9TA70
Great V
of the outback
� home valley station �
Located on the famous Gibb River Road, at the foot of the
majestic Cockburn Range, Home Valley Station is engulfed
by a landscape of breathtaking contrast.
Experience the exhilaration of Barramundi shing on the
Pentecost River or enjoy the tranquillity of swimming in
natural sapphire pools dwarfed by ancient red gorges.
Soak in the unforgettable scenery on horseback or as you
venture on one of nine spectacular walking trails.
Home Valley Station is the perfect location to set up camp
for those travelling the Gibb River Road. You can relax in
comfort in the Station’s guesthouse rooms, stay in luxury in
one of the suites idyllically set on the edge of the Bindoola
Creek or opt for the Eco Tents which are a safari-style
tented cabin.
Arguably the most spectacular campground in the
Kimberley, the Pentecost River Bush Camp offers grassy
non-powered sites right on the edge of the Pentecost River
with stunning private views of the Cockburn Range.
While the main campground is located close to the
Station’s central guest services and facilities and offers
powered- and non-powered sites.
2 nights accommodation
in a Guesthouse Room
Delicious buffet breakfast daily
Access to 9 spectacular walking trails
Entertainment at the iconic Dusty Bar & Grill
Children 15 years and under stay free*
Call 1300 134 044 | Email [email protected] | Visit
*Conditions apply, subject to availability. Lead-in pricing per person based on 2 adults staying in a Guesthouse room using existing bedding. Book until 30 June 2015.Travel 1 to 31 May 2015 and 1 September to
31 October 2015. High season rates apply for travel 1 June - 31 Aug 2015 from $242 per person twin share. Children 15 years and under stay free using exiting bedding. Charges apply for a rollaway bed.
Voyages general terms and conditions apply.
North West
WA’s GREAT Outdoors Australia’s
let’s gotravelling
Cable Beach Broome © Tourism Western Australia
THERE is so much to see tralia’s North West. To help top-ranking highlights.
and do in the Kimberley you plan and make the most
and Pilbara regions of Aus- of your visit, here are the • Stroll along the pristine
white sand and swim in the
clear water of Cable Beach.
• Visit picturesque Gantheaume Point
- home of the 130 million
year old dinosaur footprints
and the remains of Anastasia’s Pool.
• Wander through ChinaYork, Toodyay, Northam & Ballooning Tour
town - home to ne pearl
Thursday 14 to Friday 15 May 2015
showrooms, retail outlets
COST Seniors $450
and sidewalk cafes.
Travel up to York, Northam overnight.
• Take a sunset cruise along
Optional $300 extra ballooning, champange breakfast included.
Cable Beach on a restored
pearl lugger.
Pilbara Discovery Tour
• Go for a leisurely camel
Saturday 18 July to Monday 27 July 2015
ride along Cable Beach.
10 days 9 nights
• Sit back in a deck chair at
COST Adults $2,550 Seniors $2,500 S/S $550
the oldest operating outdoor
Take the sights of the Geraldton, Carnarvon, Exmouth, Karratha,
picture gardens in the world.
Port Hedland, Karijini Newman, Meekatharra and more. Let us do
the driving.
• See the remains of the Catalinas - Dutch Flying Boats
Royal Gala Tours
bombed during World War
Please call 1300 233 556 now for a 2014-2015
• Meander through the
brochure or visit
Must see and do in the North West
famous Courthouse Markets
on a Saturday morning.
• Reect on the dangers of
the early days of diving at
the Japanese Cemetery.
• Venture out to the Broome
Bird Observatory to view
some of the 310 species of
migratory wader birds.
• Jump on board a shing
boat or go whale watching.
• Play a round of golf at the
fully grassed 18-hole course.
• Browse through the many
contemporary and Indigenous art galleries.
• View some of the largest
crocodiles in captivity and
other native Australian animals.
• Fish - with a local guide
and enjoy feasting on your
The Kimberley Coast
• Enjoy a freshly-caught dinner of sh, mud crabs, or
oysters on board a Kimberley cruise vessel.
• Land at the Horizontal Waterfalls in a oat plane and
experience this incredible
natural phenomenon.
• Dive or snorkel amongst
the rich marine life and coral
reefs of the Rowley Shoals
• Visit the Mermaid Tree – a
boab tree in Careening Bay
emblazoned by Captain
Philip Parker King in 1820.
• Learn from an Aboriginal
guide as they provide an insight into the amazing rock
art of the region.
• Take a helicopter ride
over the towering King
George Falls.
• Catch the elusive barramundi, or one of the many
other trophy species that
inhabit these waters.
• Hike inland and discover
freshwater pools and waterfalls.
• View the massive
Montgomery Reef as it is
exposed at low tide, creating
a series of waterfalls as
the ocean cascades off the
Gibb River and
Kalumburu Roads
• Four-wheel drive adventure of a lifetime.
• Hike through spectacular
gorge country.
• Spot unique ora and fauna
of the Kimberley.
• Swim in fresh water rock
pool and lagoons.
• Fish for a magnicent barramundi.
• Canoeing and camping.
• Stay at outback retreats for
cattle mustering, helishing
and unique indigenous cultural experiences.
Fitzroy Crossing
• Visit Geikie Gorge
National Park, cruise the
river and learn from
Aboriginal guides
• Explore the fascinating
Mimbi Caves.
• Find a good spot along
the mighty Fitzroy River to
camp or sh for barramundi.
• Visit an Aboriginal Arts
Centre to see local artists at
Tuesday 2 June – Friday 5 June 2015
$1100 per person Twin share. $300 Single Supps.
Includes: All meals, accommodation, entries as per
itinerary and luxury 5 star coach travel
DAY 1 Depart Perth for Albany, morning tea in Armadale,
Williams for lunch in the park by the river, afternoon stop at Mt.
Barker Roadhouse.
Quality, Affordable, Comfortable
Premium Camping Tours for mature travellers
DAY 4 Departing Albany for Perth, Kojonup for morning tea,
continuing through Arthur River to Williams for picnic lunch, Nth
Bannister for an afternoon stop before arriving back in Perth.
Kimberley Tour, Broome, Gibb River Road, Windjana Gorge,
Tunnel Creek, Bell Gorge, El Questro Station, Home Valley Station,
Kununurra, Geikie Gorge, Purnululu and The Bungle Bungles
1800 359 008
Plan, Drive and Save
on your WA Holiday with
Kimberley cruising
for adventures!
Enjoy sailing, shing, exploring,
mud crabbing, swimming, island
hopping, whale watching and more...
Call Elite Tours on 9314 2170
DAY 3 Walpole, morning cruise, Greens Pool, Denmark
DAY 2 The Gap, Natural Bridge for morning tea, Mt Clarence,
guided tour of The Albany Forts, the new National Anzac Centre,
picnic lunch, afternoon visit to Mt. Romance with a tour of the
art and craft galleries.
• View spectacular Argyle
Diamond collections - some
of the nest gems in the
• Drive out to historic Ivanhoe Crossing, the old concrete causeway over the Ord
River – a great picnic spot
or try your luck shing for a
• Take in the spectacular
view of the Ord Valley from
the Kelly’s Knob Lookout.
• Take a tour of the town and
irrigation area of the Ord Valley.
• Swim in one of the nearby
waterholes and springs, that
are particularly exhilarating
in the wet season.
• Take a drive to the Five Rivers Lookout and absorb the
sweeping views and spectacular sunsets.
• Step back in time on the
Wyndham Port Heritage
Trail walk/drive.
• Call into the Wyndham
Museum, situated in the old
courthouse building.
• Visit Wyndham Wireless
Station and enjoy 360 degree
views from Telegraph Hill.
• Take a drive out along King
River Road to Moochalabra
Dam. Keep an eye open for
the Prison Boab Tree and Aboriginal rock paintings along
the way.
• View tropical birds and
crocodiles from the bird hide
and boardwalk at Marglu
Kimberley adventures await
12 Day Kimberley Tour
$3200 pp
• Drive or walk across the
original causeway crossing
in Old Town.
Halls Creek
• Take a scenic ight over the
world heritage listed Purnululu National Park, Bungle
Bungle Range.
• Check out Wolfe Creek
Crater, the second largest
meteorite crater in the world.
• View the China Wall, a
sub-vertical quartz rock
protruding six metres off the
• Enjoy the tranquil scenery
of fresh water springs at Palm
Springs or Caroline Pool.
• Go swimming, picnicking
and shing at Sawpit Gorge.
• Visit Old Halls Creek,
16km from the Great Northern Highway, home to the
rst gold discovery in WA
in 1885.
• Explore Mirima (Hidden
Valley) National Park.
• Cruise the Ord River,
swim, relax and check out
the vast array of ora and
• Take a scenic ight over
Purnululu National Parks
Bungle Bungle Range, the
massive Argyle Diamond
Mine or the spectacular
Mitchell Plateau.
• Spend a few days barramundi shing on the Lower
Ord River.
• Cruise the vast inland sea of
Lake Argyle.
• Visit the town’s many indigenous and contemporary
THE Kimberley has been described as one of the ‘Last Frontiers’
on earth and David Attenborough has called it one of the ten natural
wonders of the world.
We are constantly reminded about this unique and amazing landscape that is practically in our own backyard, but how do we get to
see this for ourselves?
For the last nine years, a West Australian company, Adventure
Wild Kimberley Tours, has been quietly working away to solve this
They have built up a small eet of modern, well equipped, custom built four wheel drive coaches to take small groups into this
remote and amazing area in safety and comfort.
They have employed and trained the most competent, friendly
and motivated tour guides who bring The Kimberley to life with
their knowledge, anecdotes and absolute professionalism to make
this tour a trip of a lifetime!
They have tested and tweaked their tour itinerary over time and
developed a 12-day Kimberley tour that gives a great balance between seeing and experiencing as much as possible,whilst still having enough leisure time to truly soak up and enjoy the journey. After
all, the journey is just as important as the destination.
Adventure Wild know that food and entertainment is as much
a part of a vacation as seeing the sights, so with this in mind they
have developed a very exible, fun and delicious menu that offers
fantastic, tasty, good quality and delicious meals. The setting is not
ve star, it is a million stars!
Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. A comfortable swag under
the stars or in a fully sealed up safari tent, after a great day of exploring, will give you that.
With a number of established campsites with permanent tents,
Adventure Wild has made camping especially easy with their guests
only having to put up a tent three times on the 12-day journey.
For those worried about the facilities, this has been taken care
of with ushing toilets and showers at all the overnight camp-sites.
All in all, this is one of the easiest ways to see this remarkable part
of our great country without breaking your own vehicle or the bank.
For further information contact Adventure Wild Kimberley Tours
on 9193 7778 or email [email protected]
Broome’s Gateway Caravan Park and Lodge
to our Driving Holidays WA
Drive Come
Information Centre for brochures,
Cruises depart weekly from Broome
on Mondays, returning Saturdays
5 nights from $1,650 all inclusive. BYO alcohol
Bookings and enquiries:
Ph: 9193 7650 e: [email protected]
Simply visit our easy trip planner
National Parks passes, tickets,
WA Pass, free maps and info
Get WA Pass for 100s of
holiday & leisure discounts
Grab our $10 Seniors Special
Join online at
206 Adelaide Tce, Perth WA
Tel: 9425 5550
E: [email protected]
Pet friendly, relaxed, open living style of accommodation.
Located just 20 minutes from Broome.
Stay on a large acreage and surrounded by shady trees,
wallabies, a variety of bird life, wildlife,
and tranquil shady ponds.
Solar powered and eco friendly resort
3000 Broome Hwy, Broome Ph:0437 525 485
Email [email protected]
WA’s GREAT Outdoors
let’s gotravelling
Make a date at the Noosa Food Festival
Travel Author Ann Rickard invites you over to her home town in
WHO needs an excuse to visit Noosa?
Yes, you have glorious beaches in WA and more than your share of
sunshine as well as a vibrant food and wine scene, but May in Noosa
is when the Noosa International Food and Wine takes place (14 - 17)
We’ll look after you in
and the town overows with celebrity chefs, wine luminaries and foodie
Noosa is my home town and I’ve attended, and taken part in, every
one of the 12 food festival. Each year they get better and better with
more ambitious events, more personalities and more colourful highlights than the year before.
In May the average temperature in Noosa is a beautiful autumn 21
degrees and the water is still warm enough for a swim, making it the
perfect time to party.
From a very small beginning 12 years ago, when founder and restaurateur, Jim Berardo, took a group of southern media to the Coolabine
Goat Farmstead in the Noosa hinterland and showed them local produce
before sitting them down to lunch, the festival has grown to the country’s
most prestigious food and wine event.
But it is not just for foodies.
Despite the large number of hospitality heavy weights and personalities who descend on the town for the four day mega event, the festival
is about lifestyle, about enjoying a celebration of the good life in one of
Australia’s most beautiful beach front towns (actually the most beautiful
if you ask the locals).
Jim Berardo, a New Yorker who has lived in Noosa for 15 years and
loves it every bit as much as the locals, shamelessly uses Noosa’s charms
as a backdrop for a number of ambitious events during the festival.
Every year he has upped the festival ante, bringing on more and more
daring events over the four days.
Lavishly lined marquees are erected on Noosa’s Main Beach to hold
champagne breakfasts and cocktail-making competitions with some of
the country’s top mixologists.
Noosa Lookout with its spectacular views is the tableau for sunset
cocktails and orchestral concerts before grand multi-course dinners.
The Noosa River becomes the backdrop for seafood lunch cruises.
The hinterland towns of Kenilworth, Maleny formed the montage for
intriguing food trails.
The Noosa Heads Lions Park transformed into a Festival Village with
a massive 70 metre by 25 metre marquee its man hub and a 20 metre
covered stage the centre for entertainment.
Noosa is beautiful all year round, but from 14 though 17 May, it is
something special.
For a full program of events and highlights go to noosafoodandwine.
Taste of Perth festival returns
Great road trip
adventures with Villa
Graham Mabury and Vince Garreffa
Another highlight of the
tour will be Vince and Anne’s
special guests Graham and
Merle Mabury.
They joined Vince and
Anne on their initial tour in
2013 and loved it so much
that they couldn’t resist coming along again.
This 23-day tour is fully
escorted by Vince and Anne
and includes return economy
airfares on Emirates, luxury
coach travel, English speaking
tour guide, 20 nights deluxe
accommodation, sightseeing
and entry fees, daily breakfast,
nine lunches, seven dinners all
with wines included and gratuities and porterage at hotels.
This will be a tour of a
lifetime, not only will you discover Italy through an Italian’s
eyes you will feel like you are
part of their family.
For a copy of the itinerary or for further information contact Kings on
9380 6656 or call Vince direct
on 0411 881 193.
The festival is held at Langley Park
© Jessica Wyld
FOLLOWING a hugely successful launch in 2014, Taste of Perth in partnership with
Electrolux returns for its second year to the stunning outdoor setting of Langley Park,
Perth for three days from 15 – 17 May.
Over three indulgent days you will rub shoulders with Perth’s top chefs and like-minded foodies as you graze through your dream tasting menu designed by Perth’s latest,
greatest and hottest restaurants.
This year’s festival will host 50 per cent more restaurants, with hot new additions to
the restaurant line up Mary’s and Asado joining last year’s festival favourites - Print Hall,
Lalla Rookh, Bib & Tucker, Bistro Guillaume, Nobu, Silks and el Público. Each restaurant will fashion three to four exquisite signature dishes in tasting sized portions, allowing
people to create a dream tasting menu at the ultimate restaurant festival.
“Taste of Perth 2015 is an event not to be missed, particularly for foodies, restaurantlovers, chef-enthusiasts and those looking for a great day out with friends and family,”
says Taste of Perth’s event director, Simon Wilson.
Visitors can relax in Langley Park and indulge in the collection of delights from award
winning, highly regarded restaurants, inspired by some of Perth’s nest chefs, all in the
one place. Bring a friend, bring the family, take a master class and enjoy the live music.
For more information visit
Adventure at Home Valley Station, Kimberley
THERE is nothing better than heading off on a road trip! Actually there is, when someone else does all the driving! Let Villa
Carlotta Travel take the hassle out of your next adventure by
letting them do all the work!
All you need to do is pack your bags and enjoy yourself.
Villa has a huge range of amazing fully escorted and fully inclusive holidays to choose from. Whether it’s up north or across
the top, they’ve got it covered.
Head north with Villa’s Broome to Darwin Explorer departing 17 June. Enjoy 13 days of amazing scenery including the
Kimberley and Kakadu National Park.
Alternatively, why not head in the opposite direction from
Darwin to Townsville on the discovery Across the Top Drovers
Dream holiday, departing 19 June. Learn about life on the land
in this incredible outback adventure.
Or why not get right off the beaten track on Villa’s discovery
Arnhemland and River Lodge Adventures departing 24 August.
Featuring Mt Borradaile and Davidson’s Arnhemland Safaris,
this will be one to remember!
Closer to home, check out the Kimberley Experience featuring the Gibb River Road, Broome to Kununurra. This holiday
departs 10 August and is one for those who love to get out into
the wilderness.
Finally, Villa’s North West Spectacular is nine days of scenic touring beauty. Seated in your luxury coach, witness vistas
that will leave you breathless. With two departures, 27 June and
8 August, this will be one of the best holidays you’ve been on!
To book any of these amazing villa holidays FreeCall
1800 066 272, email [email protected] or visit www.villa. now.
JOIN VINCE and Anne Garreffa on this magnicent food
and wine tour of Italy in September and not only enjoy the
delights of this indulgence
tour of northern Italy but enjoy being hosted like never
They have specially designed this itinerary to highlight the north of Italy and
coincide with some of the autumn festivals.
Some of the highlights
include four nights in Lake
Como, ve nights in Verona
and three nights in Sestri Levante.
The tour is set at a leisurely
pace to really get to know the
places that you will visit.
Of course with Vince, food
will be one of the main focuses and you will enjoy tours of
markets with local chefs, indulgent tastings, lunches and
dinners with wine and experience the autumn festivals one
of which includes a donkey
$24.95 for 12 months
Have a Go News is available on a 12 month or 24 month subscription. This will
ensure the delivery to your home of a copy of each issue as well as chances to enter
our monthly competitions.
$24.95 for 12 months or $49 for 24 months, covers postage and packaging from your
rst delivered copy. Simply ll in your details, cut out and send to:
‘Subscriptions’ Have a Go News, PO Box 1042, West Leederville WA 6901 or email
payment details to [email protected]
Discover the Kimberley at Home Valley Station
HOME Valley Station will re-open its doors to guests on 1 May following its annual hiatus over the wet season. This
unique working cattle station in Western Australia’s East Kimberley will celebrate the launch of the 2015 season by
inviting guests to save with a stay-ve-pay-three nights offer.
Save with the stay-ve-pay-three night package starting from $705* per room, twin share which includes ve nights
accommodation in a guesthouse room, buffet breakfast daily, entertainment at Dusty Bar and Grill and access to nine
spectacular walking trails.
New this season at Home Valley Station are adrenalin fuelled airboat adventure rides for the wild at heart. Board a
500 HP Chevy V8, a custom Australian made commercial airboat for an experience along the mighty Pentecost River.
Purpose built to enter the tidal waters of the Kimberley, the airboat is capable of climbing over mud banks and shallow waters to increase one’s chances of spotting the famous saltwater crocodiles who inhabit this part of the country.
There are plenty of other things to see and do at Home Valley Station from horse riding tours, heli and boat shing
tours, and plenty of scenic tours. There are also nine self-guided walking trails, each trail is unique and features the
beauty only found in the Kimberley wilderness.
To make a reservation at Home Valley Station, contact the Voyages Travel Centre on 1300 034 004 or email [email protected]
*Conditions apply, subject to availability. Book now until 30 April 2015. Home Valley Station operates during the
dry season between 1 May through to 31 October, annually.
Name: _______________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________
Phone: ________________________ Email: ________________________________
Signature: __________________________
Payment (please circle): Cheque / Credit Card / Money Order
 Enclosed is $24.95 for 12 months subscription, covering postage & handling
 Enclosed is $49.00 for 24 months subscription, covering postage & handling
WA’s GREAT Outdoors
let’s gotravelling
Going Fishing with the family
Family shing from small boats can be a great bonding experience
by Mike Roennfeldt
SPENDING a few hours shing
in a boat is absolutely one of the
best ways for a family to share
some quality time. In the con-
nes of a small craft there’s no
escaping, no wandering off, and
everyone is part of the special
experiences that can come from
a day on the water.
Depending on the age of the
kids, it can be anything from a
learning experience to full blown,
good natured family rivalry. And
there’s nothing quite like that
moment when a wee angler lands
that rst sh. Pride in the accomplishment is usually followed by
a gradual growing in condence
as more sh are caught. Play
it right and before you know it
they are baiting up themselves,
removing hooks and letting you
know if a sh is too little to keep.
But where to start? What type
of boat is right for you?
I have friends who went
down what seemed to me like a
perfect path years ago, starting
when their two boys were three
and six.
They enjoyed an enormous
amount of pleasure regularly
shing as a family, crowded into
a little 3.4m Stacer aluminium
dinghy during their annual trip
to Monkey Mia. Fishing was
restricted to within a couple of
kilometres off shore on ne days
and a certain amount of well
organised cooperation was involved.
A big sh on the line brought
a cry of ‘battle stations’ and the
boys would turn around and put
their feet out of the way into the
little bow section as the sh was
brought into the middle between
the seats. They shed for three
years that way and had great success.
Things were getting a bit
squeezy by the time the boys
reached six and nine, so they upgraded to a 3.8m Savage Snipe,
powered by a 15 hp outboard.
Because they towed a camper
trailer they needed something
that could be used as a car topper and this was the biggest they
could handle. The extra room
and sea handling capabilities of
the Snipe made things a bit more
comfortable and that did them for
a further three years.
But they had a yearning to explore wider horizons and hopefully catch even bigger sh so
they took delivery of a 4.5m aluminium centre console, this time
powered by a 50hp outboard.
This was obviously a towing
proposition, so the camper trailer
had to go and their holiday accommodation moved to on-site
The expansion of what they
could do on their annual Monkey
Mia trip was enormous. Now
they were running 20km out,
with all the excitement of nding new country to explore. They
didn’t necessarily catch more sh
or have more fun but the exploration and adventure side of things
added a new dimension to their
Three years later they continued the family boating odyssey,
moving up to a 5.5m breglass
twin-hulled centre console, complete with 135hp outboard. It
added an extra level of comfort,
safety and shing room. Their
boating options became almost
limitless and they had nally arrived in serious offshore shing
The path they followed over
the nine years of gradually upgrading their boats as needs dictated and budgets allowed, was
a shining example of making the
right boating choices according
to circumstances.
Come and enjoy Broome’s Gateway Caravan Park and Lodge
G’DAY from Broome’s
Gateway! There are rustic
Broome-style accommodation and sites for camping,
• Powered van sites • Shady grassed sites
• Underground TV systems
• Onsite accommodation (no pets)
• Camping facilities & campers kitchen
• Clean modern ablutions
• BBQ area
• Disabled facilities
• Washing machines and dryers
• Dogs on leads welcome
(excludes Christmas & Easter)
Ph 9752 1516 Mob 0419 959 365
Email [email protected]
Corner of Marine Terrace and Brown Street, Busselton
caravans and motor homes.
Great people, great location, farm style living.
Located at the gateway to
Broome. Make it a base
camp to explore the region.
Caravan Park
• Avoid the crowds. Ample
facilities to enjoy.
• Relaxed camp re sunset
and watch the moon rise.
• Great re pit for camp
cook-ups and sunset drinks.
Ask about the pancake
mornings, sausage sizzles
and camp oven cook ups.
There are barbecues enough
for everyone.
• Arguably the best facilities
in Broome. Disabled friendly, seniors friendly, family
friendly, pet friendly.
• The van sites are huge,
ranging from 220m2 to
• Storage for all types of
• The water at the park is
great and there is plenty of
• High pressure wash down
bay available or just wash
down on site.
The Lodge
Queen and twin rooms
with air conditioning, en
suites, alfresco area, TV
lounge, stove, microwave,
fridges, coffee machine,
pizza oven and all cooking
and eating utensils.
Great Discounts
The gateway to the beautiful South West
All cooking facilities are supplied. TVs, fans and blankets
provided. Reverse cycle aircon & heating. Campgrounds
have facilities required for a comfortable stay. Pet friendly
• Park Homes: Peak Times - $110 to $150 per night
twin share, $10 extras
• Off Peak - $90 per night twin share, $10 extras
• Sites: Peak Time $46 per night twin share
• Mid Season $34 per night twin share - Feb to May
• Off Peak $32 per night twin share - May to Sept
Special Stay 3 nights get 1 FREE (valid 1/05/15 to 1/09/15)
10% Discount for Pensioners Monday to Friday
Mid Season (valid February to May)
Bookings Phone: 9575 7566
Email [email protected]
“Just like a National Park with modern facilities”
Experience Campre Camping (Seasonal)
Escape to this unique bush hideaway - 25 acres of natural
bushland, home to local birds, emus, kangaroos and Henry
the peacock.
Experience the old style way of camping with open camp
res (in season), OR stay in our accommodation - We
have something for everyone.
Self-Contained Chalets with log res - Large Open
Powered and Unpowered Caravan and Camping sites
Modern, Clean Amenities - Campers Kitchen - On Site
Vans - Portable Wood Fire Pits and Gas BBQs
Playground - Kiosk - Dogs allowed on leash
Rally’s welcome and itineraries can be arranged - Pick up
and Drop off at Train Station (by prior arrangement)
- Opposite Golf Course and Large Nature Reserve
SPECIAL: 3rd night half price in low season
Racecourse Road, Toodyay PH/FAX 9574 2534
Ph 0417 969 770 or 9757 2277
Situated in a great rural setting with
large grassed powered and non
powered sites. Pet friendly with full
amenities, including wheelchair
access. Beautiful gardens with
Country hospitality
abundant bird life.
at its best
• Located only 1 hour north of Perth
• 5 mins to Gingin Observatory & Gravity Centre
• 15 mins to Guilderton Beach/Moore River and Gingin Township
• Complimentary freshly baked scones, jam, cream
served every Sunday morning
• Campres in season
• Dump point
• Sheep, cow and alpaca feeding for children daily
For bookings phone 9720 1057
or email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Dog friendly accommodation
Phone Anne & Dave 9938 2524
Five spotless holiday homes located in
Margaret River, some with ocean views.
Easy walks / access to pristine dog beaches
Priced from $175 per night
Opposite local store and cafe
Things to see and do
around Broome
28 km/25 min; 12 Mile
Bird Park; 9 km/10 min;
The Mango Pizza Place:
10 km/10 min; Malcolm
Douglas Crocodile Park;
12.5 km/l2 min.
Look for the entrance
sign on: Broome Rd, Roebuck Plains, Western Australia 6725. GPS: 17’51.22S
Phone: 0437 525 485
Bookings and general enquiries or email [email protected]
Please like them on facebook and comment on Wiki
Come visit them soon!
1679 Gingin Brook Road, West Gingin
• Self contained park homes
• Budget cabins
• Free gas BBQ
• Spacious caravan bays
• Miles of beach
• Dogs allowed
• New ablution
• Great shing
• Shop
Panoramic Ocean Views • Disabled facilities
• Swimming pool
NW Coastal Hwy
• Liquor store
-10 mins North of Geraldton
• Internet
Nestled in tranquil bushland • Book on line
Bring original copy of
this article from Have a Go
News for 10 per cent discount.
Caravan and Campers
get the seventh night free if
booking for a week.
We are proud to offer a
10 per cent discount for Pet
City Club members.
Conditions apply, refer to
website for more information.
And there is more. On
Ask about the pet minding – while in town or on a
tour relax knowing pets are
being loved. Staff are pet
friendly to friendly pets.
People can book tours
through the friendly staff,
usually at a cheaper rate
than anywhere else!
a B&B
DR SARAH Rossetti, a
personable TV screenwriter, has been successfully running Above
Bored Bed and Breakfast
in North Perth for the
past 11 years.
“In addition to the
price advantage B&Bs
offer, it’s the comfort of
knowing that an experienced host lives on-site.
B&B guests are looking
for something different to
bog standard, often overpriced, hotel rooms,” said
Dr Rossetti.
“We have many regulars, who know they cannot run up a bill once
here. They enter via a
code and pull the door
behind them when they
leave, so it’s relaxed. We
include free breakfast,
WiFi and parking, and if
they book more than one
room or stay for a week,
they receive great discounts.”
Above Bored is a AAA
4 star rated, 1927 Federation home and cottage
just ve minutes north
of Perth CBD, in a quiet
“We are child friendly
and pet friendly accommodation. Pets stay free
and can stay in guests
bedrooms without a pet
“It’s knowing what
pleases guests, like spacious rooms, no shared
bathrooms or stairs, the
comfort of knowing children are never frowned
upon, and pets always
“My personality as a
writer and diver is reected in the king room
bathroom’s amazing underwater fresco ceiling,
which kids adore; in the
romantic en-suited master room with French
doors and a gas log replace. Pet owners and car
fanatics love the garden
room cottage because
pets romp freely in the secure back yard, and cars
are tucked away safely in
their own remote controlled garage,” said Dr Rossetti.
WA’s GREAT Outdoors
Golden rules for pet holidays
Taking a rst aid kit
JUST like us needing to keep a rst aid
kit at home, pets need one too! This kit
should include the following: bandaging material, cotton wool, gauze swabs,
irrigating solution, an antiseptic solution
such as Betadine (avoid Dettol as it is
too strong for animals), antiseptic cream,
bite solution, thermometer, tweezers and
Is it OK to travel by car?
Yes! It is ne for pets to travel by car to
a holiday destination. There are however,
a few things you need to be aware of.
Just like babies, pets cannot be left in a
hot car as their temperature will rise and
this can be fatal! Short nosed pets, such
as pugs, and pets with medical conditions are at higher risk.
If you must leave your pet in the car,
be sure there is enough cool ventilation
coming in. Also make sure lots of cold
water is available for your pet to drink.
Take regular breaks. Just like everyone else, pets need to get out and stretch
and walk around once in a while. Some
pets may get aggressive and/or sick if
they aren’t given this opportunity. Treat
your pooch as you would want to be
Preparing yourself and your pet
Ensure your pet is well trained and
under control. You will not have an enjoyable holiday with your pet if he/she
is disobedient! Maybe consider enrolling your pet in some obedience classes
before going away.
Your pet will need to be able to re-
Holidaying with Dogs
12th Edition
THE 12th Edition of
Holidaying with Dogs
has more Australian pet-
friendly places to stay than
ever before. Including host
farms, B&Bs, cottages,
motels, holiday houses,
caravan parks and camping grounds.
Order your copy now
and you will receive it in
the post within ve working days.
The 12th Edition of
Holidaying with Dogs is
available for $24.95 plus
postage and handling.
For more information
spond to your commands when not on
a leash. They must also have controlled
barking. Nobody will be impressed if
your pet starts barking at ungodly hours
of the morning.
If you know your pet has separation
anxiety (eg. samoyeds are known for
their serious separation anxiety), do
not leave them alone whilst on holiday.
If you know that you will want some
pet-free time alone, perhaps consider a
You, as a pet owner, need to be
prepared to clean up after your pet all
times. It is not only for your own sake,
but also for the sake of the accommodation proprietor and other holiday
makers and pets in the area.
Paws for a cause
WHEN you see a current Five Paw certicate on the wall of
an accommodation facility or a Five Paw symbol beside a
listing in the book you can be sure that you and your pet will
be in extra friendly hands.
The Five Paw Dog Friendly Accommodation Awards
were created to give special recognition to accommodation
facilities that go to special trouble to make dogs welcome.
The most important qualication for Five Paw rating is
that accommodation facilities make dogs and their owners
feel like valued and welcome guests.
You can vote for any dog friendly accommodation facility
by emailing your vote to [email protected]
Are you looking for a
pet-friendly holiday park?
Foundation held a picnic at
Point Walter Reserve On Sunday 15 March to acknowledge
the walkers who had registered an end-to end on the
Bibbulmun Track since it was
ofcially opened in 1979.
Despite the ominous
weather forecast it was a
great success. More than 100
people attended to meet old
friends, make new ones and
reminisce on their journeys.
“This is the rst picnic
we have been to and we really enjoyed the occasion to
be able to mix with so many
other achievers, meet up with
a few old faces, and have a bit
of a chat. A bit of an emotional
walk down memory lane via
the campsite register books
was also a highlight,” said
Keith and Gloria Hunt, aka
Wobbly Wanderers
Jim Baker, an end-to-ender
and valued volunteer at the
Bibbulmun Track Foundation
shared his experience.
“The real value of the event
is the personal contacts. Meeting up with people that you
had met previously out in the
bush – my God, I’ve never
seen you clean before! – last
time I saw you, you had a big
bushy beard! – and the track
names – so you were Wildgoose? I walked behind you
for six weeks! – Pseudo Solo
Steve; what does that mean?
– the Silver Tops, Iplod and
Ipack, the Bibbulbums, Wobbly Wanderers – who are they
all? That marks the essence of
the Bibbulmun Track – friendship, camaraderie, meeting
like-minded people who love
the bush and who appreciate
the silence, the solitude, the
beauty and the magnitude of
the surroundings.”
An end-to-end walk entails
completing the entire length of
the Bibbulmun Track which
stretches over 1,000 kilometres from Kalamunda in the
Perth hills to Albany on the
south coast. The Foundation
PH 9761 1200 600 Maranup Ford Rd, Bridgetown
[email protected]
Nestled on 6 acres of semi rural land. Tranquil setting with
kookaburras, wrens and red-robins. Relax in the garden.
Enjoy the views. Pets welcome.
• LCD TV, DVD player with extensive library and books.
• DVDs, games, tea and coffee making facilities
• 2 bedrooms, comfy beds and quality linen.
Phone 9571 4765, 0411 018 565 or 0420 300 136
289 Powderbark Rd, Lower Chittering
house, set in a
Karri forest, situated
between Albany and
Denmark, close to
many attractions.
Pets welcome.
Phone Nadia 0439 411 880
Email: [email protected]
BIG4 Emu Beach
Holiday Park
Described by many as a country
hideaway at the beachside
Sheltered by shady Peppermint trees just 30
metres from the beach, offering pet friendly sites
(bond & conditions apply). Excellent BBQ and
camp kitchen facilities and FREE Wi-Fi.
Stay 7 nights pay 6 nights
BOOKINGS 9755 4082
585 Caves Road, Busselton
14 Norham St, North Perth
Tel: 9444 5455 Mob: 0419 838 282
Email: [email protected]
B&B at Treetops
Guest House WA
Ph: 9755 5266 Web:
Email [email protected]
Lot 5023 Caves Rd, Cowaramup WA
Above Bored Bed and Breakfast offers exclusive, non-intrusive, boutique
hotel accommodation in North Perth, Western Australia. Catering equally
to the lone traveller looking for an inexpensive home away from home,
couples seeking a romantic getaway, or families where the children and
pets aren’t frowned upon, this charming Bed and Breakfast suits all.
Pets stay for FREE. No Pet Bond. Pets can stay in guest rooms.
Free wi and parking all rooms all stays. Take a virtual tour on our website.
The replacement of infrastructure could take many
months as the Bibbulmun
Track is just one of many
Parks and Wildlife managed
assets which have been affected.
The Bibbulmun Track
Foundation is a not-for-prot,
community organisation dedicated to provide support for
the management, maintenance
and marketing of the Bibbulmun Track to ensure its longterm sustainability.
The Foundation has a fantastic team of nearly 300 volunteers and is committed to
assisting the Department of
Parks and Wildlife in doing all
we can to get the Track fully
re-opened. In the meantime
we are appealing for people
to join the Foundation, donate
funds and to contact us if they
can offer skills and equipment
for the re-build.
Around 70 per cent of
the Track remains open and,
when the weather gets cooler,
there will be plenty of options
for day and overnight walks.
We encourage you to support
the bushre affected towns
over Easter.
For more information about
the Bibbulmun Track or to donate funds, become a member
or volunteer call 9481 0551
email: [email protected] or visit the website
Step back in time
Heritage homestead - Powered caravan sites
Bed & Breakfast - Close to the Bibbulmun Track
Children and Pets WELCOME...we even like Adults!
has over 1600 registered endto-enders from all over the
Walking the entire length
of the Bibbulmun Track in
one go is an awesome challenge and generally takes between six to eight weeks to
complete. But not everyone
has this amount of time to
spare out of their busy lives.
Many achieve their end-toend by walking the track over
a number of years, starting out
with day walks then spending
their holidays walking different sections.
70km of track has been severely damaged from the
recent bushres and sections
remain closed. At the moment
walking an end-to-end is not
possible and the foundation
has advised walkers planning
a trek to defer their plans.
The most signicant loss
was the Long Gully Bridge
south of Dwellingup. This
stunning heritage listed bridge
was not only a highlight for
walkers but, at 128 metres
long, an essential crossing
over the Murray River.
Up to 25 per cent of track
walkers in the southern section are from interstate and
overseas and this loss of visitors will be felt by the smaller
towns such as Walpole and
Northcliffe that are already
facing tough times in the wake
of the bushres.
1 and 2 Bedroom a/c, self contained,
rustic loft style chalets, nestled in 64 acres
of natural bushland in the heart of the
Margaret River Wine Region.
Close to wineries, town, beach, all natural
and tourist attractions. Abundant birdlife
and wildlife, pet friendly too.
Spirits high as Bibbulmun end-to-enders reect on their journeys
ed by a ‘Dogs Welcome’
icon, or simply use the
search below to spot a
park that suits you…and
your pet.
Now that you know
holidaying with your dog
is an easy proposition, it’s
time to unleash the entire
family on an adventure.
let’s gotravelling
DOES YOUR heart sink
when those big, droopy
eyes catch your gaze as
your dog realises it won’t
be joining you on holiday? Suddenly, the excitement surrounding your
upcoming trip has been
However, with BIG4
Holiday Parks, you don’t
have to be in the doghouse with your fourlegged friend. They recognise that for many of
their guests the pet pooch
is just another member
of the family. So BIG4
Holiday Parks provide the
exibility to choose from
a range of dog-friendly
camping, caravan, and
destinations across the
Pet-Friendly Holiday
Parks are clearly identi-
You’d be barking mad not
To ensure the safety,
comfort, and wellbeing of
all our guests, BIG4 has a
standard set of terms and
conditions for guests travelling with pets.
BIG4 Holiday Parks located in Western Australia
• BIG4 Emu Beach
Holiday Park, Albany
• BIG4 Beachlands
Holiday Park, Busselton
• BIG4 Plantation Caravan
Park, Carnarvon
• Denmark Ocean Beach
Holiday Park, Denmark
• Dongara Denison Beach
Holiday Park, Dongara
• Sunset Beach Holiday
Park, Geraldton
• Discovery Holiday
Parks - Lake Kununurra,
• Ledge Point Holiday
Park, Ledge Point
8 Medcalf Parade, Albany WA
Ph: 1800 984 411 or 9844 1147
We’re going your way.
o s!
50 unt
Transwa connects more than 250 destinations within Western Australia.
To see where Transwa can take you, and to find out about the 50% discount for seniors, WA Pensioners,
Concession Card Cardholders and Students, visit or telephone 1300 662 205.
Celebrating Mother’s Day 2015 - Sunday 10 May
• Babies • Kids • Adults • Sportswear
• Sun protection • Fashion
• Plus sizes (to 30) • Mastectomy
• Knits • Jackets • Tees • Scarves • Ruanas • Pants
...from Equus, Jillian, Sportswave, Emily Adams,
Duchamp, Jendi... and more
Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat 9-1
PH: 9354 4124
MOTHERS come in different shapes and
sizes, nationalities and cultures yet we all call
our mothers “Mum” and they are dear to our
Make your mother feel special this Mother’s
Day with some excitingly different ideas for
Mother’s Day gifts and make her day memorable.
Donating money to a charity on her behalf
is always a good idea, or taking her to a high
tea or restaurant or café for a lunch special. If
mother is an early bird take her for a lovely
stroll around the river and out for breakfast.
She may like some delicacies or a food tour
and there is always that special treat of a gift
Need a holiday but don’t have time…then
oat away in Perth
by Jennifer Merigan
(value $242)
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valid for 6 months
Afnage Professional Salon
64 Walter Rd, Bedford
Ph: 9271 1176
Mother’s Day
Sample the best of the west
- nuts hand crafted in WA
Alert Pendant
(after the $200
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Finally an Alert Pendant that works almost anywhere!
Noties your loved ones. . . even when you can’t
No monitoring fees
2-way voice communication
Remote GPS tracking
See the full range of Mobile Alerts at:
Call 6336 9448
*Free to WA Seniors Card holders after the
$200 rebate. Offer good until Mother’s Day.
62 Angelo Street, South Perth
Ph 9474 2649
E: [email protected]
Open 7 days 9am to 5pm
Wrap your mum up with
LOVE this Mother’s Day...
Gift ideas
Mattress protectors
Quilt covers
Unit 4/40 Prindiville Drive, Wangara (opp Wanneroo Markets)
Ph: 9309 5910 Email: [email protected]
After the Battle
of Britain, badly
burnt airmen filled
the childhood
home town of
Liz Byrski. Now
the bestselling
novelist returns to
uncover the secret
history of the
nurses who saved
our heroes.
Tearooms & Res
decadent Crunch and Peanut Brittle. For those with a
taste for the exotic and that
little extra bite, Morish have
developed their own brand
of Hot and Spicy caramel
coated peanuts, cashews and
Only premium selected
nuts from Australian producers are used whenever
possible. They roast and
lightly caramel-coat them
to enhance the natural avour of the nuts and kernels,
and no colorant, additive or
preservative is added. Their
savoury Morish Nuts products are also an excellent
option for those who prefer
a healthier snack.
Morish Nuts are available
at craft fairs, agricultural
shows, eld days or special
events. Buy them from mobile market barrows, at our
stall at the Heritage Listed
Fremantle Markets or at the
new factory and gift shop at
640 Great Northern Highway, Herne Hill. Should
people nd it difcult to attend fairs or shows, they do
offer a comprehensive mail
Unique Gifts - Boutique Nursery
MORISH Nuts is a family
owned and operated business. Archie Moroni and
Marie Mapp started Morish
Nuts in a rented town house
in Cottesloe, with Archie
cooking half-kilo batches
on a camping gas ring and
Marie bagging and tying the
cellophane bags with curling ribbon.
These rst offerings were
then sold at the local universities and markets. The reception to Morish Nuts was
so enthusiastic that more
time had to be allocated to
Morish Nuts and less to Archie’s studies at university,
until eventually his studies
were placed on long term
hold to concentrate on producing Morish Nuts.
Morish Nuts are still
made the same individual
way, except they can now
produce more from their
factory in the Swan Valley, at 640 Great Northern Highway, Herne Hill.
Their spacious new kitchen
enables them to experiment
with new products for your
enjoyment, such as their
order service and would
welcome adding your name
to our list of satised customers.
Morish Nuts’ MM, Nuts
and Nougat Cooler Hamper
A cornucopia of crunchy,
sweet or savoury Morish Nuts, Peanut Brittle,
Crunch, Pop-a-Jack – plus
Mouth watering Mondo
Nougat accompanied by a
refreshing Sparkling Oakover Chardonnay Pinot
All presented in a Morish
Nuts cooler bag.
When everyone has consumed and enjoyed all your
goodies – pack the cooler
bag for a picnic and enjoy a
day in the Swan Valley.
Finishing off a special
day with a visit to Morish
Nuts-Mondo Nougat and
Oakover Wines to refresh
your supplies of scrumptious goodies.
To be in the draw to
win a Morish Nuts’ MnM
Nuts n Nougat Cooler Bag
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Mother’s Day 2015, email
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au and include the word
morish in the subject line.
Alternatively, address an
envelope to Morish Nuts
Competition, c/- Have a Go
News PO Box 1042 West
Leederville WA 6901 with
your contact details on the
reverse side. Competition
ends 30/04/15.
South Perth Retail Plant Nursery
Give MUM the securityy she
WHEN I was a child I used to have a daydream
about oating on a cloud.
It provided me with great comfort as I imagined being whisked around the world wrapped
in said cloud.
I couldn’t imagine that I would ever actually
experience anything like I imagined as a child
but after experiencing a oat in a otation tank
at Beyond Rest I came close to how I imagined
oating on a cloud would feel.
You may ask what is a oat?
Flotation tanks have been around since the
1950s, the tank is a pod lled with water and
which can be closed for complete darkness and
is lled with over 500kgs of Epsom salts. This
ensures that you are not ghting gravity and this
gives you the oating on a cloud feeling.
Beyond Rest supply earplugs and this ensures
that the water doesn’t get into your ears and dis-
tract you from pure relaxation.
The water temperature is 35.5°C, which ensures that you lose track of where your body
ends and the water begins.
Noise from the outside doesn’t reach you and
you are cocooned in a safe and warm environment to relax and rejuvenate.
As our lives seem to have gotten busier over
the past few decades there’s been a growing
need for many of us to switch off.
And this is the absolute point of the Beyond
Rest otation tank.
It allows you to completely relax and it allows
your body to rest, de-stress and heal.
The oat increases your dopamine and endorphin levels naturally, which leaves you feeling
happy and relaxed.
I loved the experience, it was an opportunity
to shut the world out for an hour and leave most
thoughts behind. I was in state of half asleep and
half awake and I didn’t even realise the hour
had gone by, it felt like I was in there for ve
That evening I drank a lot of water and had
one of the best sleeps I have had for ages. The
owners of Beyond Rest, Nick and Ben said that
many people use the pods for healing of injuries,
it’s very popular with sportspeople and people
from all walks of life have found benets from
Do you want to ‘have a go’?
You can book your oat by calling 9228 4062
or visit and you can
watch the Beyond Rest video about my experience at our website at http://www.haveagonews.
Mother’s Day Special
Receive a colour all over
5 Fashion foils
Luxury basin treatment
with hot towel
Glamour blow dry or H2D
curls PLUS take home a RE9
smoothing cleanser for
effective renewing of skin
surface OR Makeup Primer
that diminishes ne lines
and pores (RRP $61)
or food hamper. For our glamour mums out
there they may like a glamour photo package
to make her feel special.
Handmade gifts like pot critters or a plaque
for the wall, with her grandchildren and children’s names etched in the picture for a keepsake, make a personal touch.
Flowers are always well accepted as a fragrant gesture and have an exciting selection
of arrangements with her favourite owers to
display in the home.
A day spa is a warm inviting way to say
I love you and massage all the woes away.
Handmade soaps body scrubs, cookies and
sweets will tantalise your mums taste buds.
Make mum feel special on
Mother’s Day
PH: 9574 1387
9 Yates Street, Bakers Hill, WA
Pleasure in the tasting
Email: [email protected]
Pure Baker’s Hill Honey Homemade Ice Cream
Country Style Home Cooking
Retail/Wholesale Tea & Coffee Sales
Fresh home grown salad and vegetables in season
Home made bread. All home cooking.
Set in historic rural setting with pleasant surrounding.
We offer special group prices for coaches.
Coach parking available
Spoil your mum at Manager’s Tearooms & Restaurant
A school holiday guide for parents and grandparents
School Holiday Fun
on the Bibbulmun Track
Bullcreek Drive, Bullcreek W.A.
Call 9311 4470 for information
Childs Entry
When you bring
in this page
• Children
Adults $10 Family $25
ENTRANC Pensioners $7.50 • stored
Students & d see our fully re r !
Come an ancaster Bombe
THE Bibbulmun Track Foundation is running
two events for the kids these April school holidays: Camp Cooking for Kids and Dr Dolittle
Goes Bush.
These hands-on events are a great way to
escape the city and get the kids away from the
X-Box and PlayStation. Experienced guides will
keep them occupied while parents or grandparents can sit back and enjoy just being in the outdoors. Both events include a short walk on the
Bibbulmun Track.
1. Camp Cooking for Kids
School Holiday Fun! Enjoy a 4 km return
walk to a typical Bibbulmun Track campsite
where kids learn to make things like damper and
pizza and get to eat their creations. The kids will
love this hands-on camp cooking experience,
only one hour from Perth. Choose from two sessions. Suitable for ages 6 to 12 years.
When: Tuesday 14 April. More details:
Session A, 9.30am to 12.30pm:
Session B, 12.30pm to 3.30pm:
With Dinosaurs
Our museum is housed in two huge pavilions and
contains a magnificent display of 30 civilian and military
aircraft, aero engines, models and aviation memorabilia.
The Museum is open to the public seven days a week
between 10am and 4pm.
Take a unique Inside Tour of the Lancaster Bomber,
only $100. Please book a week in advance.
Est 1984
“It’s always beautiful and relaxing to get out
onto the track. We had magnicent weather too,
perfect for walking. Really loved the animals.
What a treat to get so close to some of those beautiful animals,” said Simone, event participant.
2. Dr Dolittle Goes Bush
A 2 km return stroll on the Bibbulmun Track
for children (5-12yrs) to a typical campsite to see
and learn about our native animals from the Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Watch their
faces light up as they interact and learn about our
native animals.
“Our four grandsons had a wonderful day. The
hike was just the right length and the cooking
class with hands on participation was excellent.
A very good and enjoyable day. They will sleep
well tonight.’ Vicki & John Grinceri.
When: Saturday 18 April 3.30pm to 6pm.
More details:–
Bookings essential. Contact the Bibbulmun
Track Foundation Phone: 9481 0551 or Book
WA’s rst and foremost
colonial festival
Sunday 3 May
Free event 9am - 4pm
THE Walking With Dinosaurs – Arena Spectacular will commence it’s strictly limited tour in
Sydney and then take over arenas in Melbourne,
Brisbane, Newcastle, Adelaide and Perth. Walking with Dinosaurs will be in Perth from Friday
17 until Sunday 19 April.
Worldwide, more than eight million people
in 243 cities have seen the show. In 2010 it was
named the number one worldwide tour by Pollstar. Internationally renowned designers have
worked with scientists to create 20 life-size dinosaurs, including the terror of the ancient world,
Tyrannosaurus rex! It’s a dazzling $20 million
arena spectacle of unprecedented size and quality
set to captivate young and old alike.
This updated production will showcase spectacular and colourful changes to the dinosaurs
based on the latest scientic research including
the likely feathering of some species.
The show depicts the dinosaurs’ evolution
with almost cinematic realism. Walking With Dinosaurs - The Arena Spectacular has scenes of
the interactions between dinosaurs, how carnivorous dinosaurs evolved to walk on two legs, and
how the herbivores fended off their more agile
Visit ticketek to purchase tickets for this
fabulous spectacular at
To be in the draw to win a family pass to
Walking With Dinosaurs be among the rst
callers to phone the Have a Go News ofce
during business hours (Monday to Friday 9am5pm). Competition ends 15/04/15.
Come and see the stars at the Gingin Observatory!
*SPECIAL: Receive 20% OFF
*Not to be used in conjunction with any other discounted events.
ONLY 1 per senior - Advertisement has to be shown as proof when booking in.
Phone 9575 7740 or email
[email protected]
Meet Moondyne Joe - Colonial Village
Fun for the whole family - Street theatre
Plenty of great food - Dress in pioneer costume!
11am 2pm 3.45pm
10am 4.30pm
Coming from Perth? The Avon Link train runs
between Midland and Toodyay for the Festival
10am 1pm 3pm
Whiteman Park
(off Lord St
or Beechboro Rd)
Phone 9248 1984
Open all day
DISNEYTOON Studios returns to Pixie Hollow with the
heartwarming adventure Tinker Bell and the Legend of
the NeverBeast.
The new story explores an ancient myth of a fabled
creature whose distant roar sparks the curiosity of Tinker
Bell’s good friend Fawn (voice of Ginnifer Goodwin), an
animal fairy who’s not afraid to break the rules to help an
animal in need. But this animal, massive and strange with
glowing green eyes, is not really welcome in Pixie Hollow, and the scout fairies are determined to capture the
mysterious beast before it destroys their home.
Fawn, who sees a tender heart beneath his gruff exterior, must convince Tink (voice of Mae Whitman) and the
girls to risk everything to rescue the NeverBeast before
time runs out. Directed by Steve Loter (Kim Possible)
and produced by Michael Wigert (Secret of the Wings),
Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast roars to life
these school holidays.
Opens in cinemas for the school holidays.
To be in the draw to win
one of 10 family passes to
Tinker Bell and the Legend of
the NeverBeast, be amongst
the rst callers to phone the
Have a Go News ofce during business hours (Mon to
Fri, 9am to 5pm) and leave
your details. Alternatively,
email [email protected] and include the name
of the lm in the subject line.
Competition ends 17/04/15.
Experience the ultimate
in luxury cinema
Check web for more details at
Bookings are essential for our events
Tinker Bell and the
Legend of the
Email [email protected]
on the corner of Knutsford
Avenue and Fulham Street,
Belmont, Reading Cinemas
Belmont is a 10-screen cinema complex featuring wallto-wall screens, digital sound,
stadium seating, comfortable
seats with movable arms, rst
release movies, value packed
candy bar deals, arcade video
games and two quality restaurants.
Enjoy $10 movie tickets
for a limited time in Reading
Cinema’s standard cinema.
School holiday fun
Treat the grandkids to a
great selection of movies
these April school holidays
with Cinderella, Shaun the
Sheep, The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water and
Tinkerbell and The Legend of
the Neverbeast.
Or enjoy The Book of Life,
Fast & Furious 7 or Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Reading Cinemas Belmont
also have unlimited free parking at the door everyday.
For further information call
6272 9900 or visit
To be in the draw to win
a double pass to see a lm
of your choice at Reading
Cinemas Belmont, send an
envelope to Reading Cinemas Competition c/- Have
a Go News PO Box 1042
West Leederville WA 6901
with your contact details
on the back or email [email protected] Only
over 45s are eligible. Competition ends 20/04/15.
To downsize or not
- that is the question…
WHEN THE kids leave
home, they leave empty
rooms that need cleaning
and maintenance but provide
nothing in return.
If you live in a big house
and the house makes up a
large part of your assets, it
is worthwhile to consider
downsizing. That is sell the
old house and move into
something smaller, cheaper
and more manageable and
have cash in hand.
Downsizing can make a
tremendous improvement in
older people’s lifestyles.
But it is not that simple.
That’s why over 90 per cent
of older Australians intend to
stay in their current accommodation for life according
to a report, The Desire To
Age In Place Among Older
Australians published by
the Australian Institute of
Health and Welfare (AIHW)
in 2013.
The cost of moving can
be signicant. These include
stamp duty (WA has one of
the highest stamp duty rates
of all Australian state), real
estate agent fees, furniture
removal, property inspections, preparing the existing
home for sale, borrowing
costs if you need a bridging
loan and conveyance costs to
name a few.
Stamp duty alone on an
average $500,000 value
house comes to over $17,000
in WA with a transfer fee of
$250 on top of that.
will only produce surplus
funds if you buy a cheaper
house. If you buy a better
quality home, or move to a
higher priced suburb or an
area with superior amenities,
or the new property needs
renovation, you may nd
yourself out of pocket.
Moreover, after selling
your house and buying a
cheaper one and meeting all
these expenses, if you are an
age pensioner any surplus
may reduce your pension
due to the workings of the
asset test.
Centrelink will let you
quarantine the sale proceeds
from the asset test for a time,
while you buy another property, but eventually your pension may be docked if you
are single and your assets
(other than your home) exceed $202,000 or $285,000
for a couple, even if the assets produce no income.
There are other potential
lifestyle pitfalls that you
should also consider. A survey of 7000 older households conducted by the National Seniors Association in
2005 found that when people
consider that their home is
affordable, comfortable and
in a good location, or when
they feel an emotional attachment to it, they are likely
to nd their existing housing
situation the best.
Owners answered ‘cannot afford to move’ least
frequently, suggesting that
if they wanted to move they
were not inhibited by affordability, which strengthens the
claim that they do not just
intend to stay, they also want
to stay.
Location rated highest as a
reason to stay. Comfort was
next, followed by nancial
suitability. Emotional attachment was lowest as a reason
to stay.
Despite all this, some
house owners will nd it
worthwhile to downsize, but
the important thing is to get
good advice before signing
on the dotted line.
Downsizing can make a
big difference to people’s
lifestyle, but like marriage,
it should not be undertaken
ELDER abuse has become a
disturbing problem in Australia, one that will only escalate
according to a report released
recently. The report provides
the rst snap shot of elder
abuse nationally, and this maybe only the tip of the iceberg.
The rst National Elder
Abuse Annual Report found
help lines from across Australia assisted 6,104 victims of
abuse during the year.
Research into the extent
of elder abuse suggest that as
many as one in 20 older people
may be experiencing abuse.
The report also says that 32
per cent of perpetrators were
the older person’s son, and 31
per cent were the older person’s daughter.
Shrouded by self-blame,
shame and fear, many cases
are not reported and older people suffer in silence.
Just as child abuse and domestic violence were once
unrecognised, elder abuse is
a hidden social issue that involves the mistreatment of an
older person, typically in their
homes, usually at the hands of
family and friends.
Elder abuse comes in many
forms – nancial, psychological, social, physical and sexual
abuse and neglect.
Elder abuse advocates are
calling for the Federal Government to take action by developing legal and policy frameworks to deal with abuse.
Greg Mahney the Chief
Executive Ofcer of Western
Australia’s peak elder abuse
support agency, Advocare,
wants more reforms and a national approach to the issue.
He has suggested several
measures to crack down on
abusers, including random
audits of enduring powers of
attorney, to ensure they are being used legitimately, reforms
to the banking industry, to alert
older customers of unusual activity, and clarity to legislation
about family agreements.
However, he said tougher
penalties may lead to fewer
cases being reported.
“Prosecuting may lead to
family back-lash, or in many
instances older people want
the abuse to stop without
breaking the relationship,” Mr
Mahney said.
Initiatives by the WA State
Government on tackling elder
abuse have been a positive
step in the right direction. It
has included funding of a WA
elder abuse helpline and establishment of an alliance of
state government agencies to
facilitate developments in WA
elder abuse policy and raising
“The ultimate outcome
if no multi-disciplinary response is given, will be that
thousands more seniors
experience abuse” said Mr
Mahney. “The question we
all ask is when will this issue be addressed nationally
to ensure our seniors and our
future seniors no longer suffer
But until then, Australian
seniors wait.
FROM $210,000
Sell your home, free up capital
Join so many other over 50s
2462 Albany Hwy, Gosnells
om E*
a RE
F fe r
ers ENT er of
a h R un d
rc o n t e s
es ne m to ho
t o o p ly
ad tate not a
Th u r e s r d o e
o f fe
9490 4793
[email protected]
The opportunity you’ve been waiting for...
3 Bed 2 Bath House & Land
309,900 315,600
4 Bed 2 Bath House & Land
Where is CAPEL?
Capel is a well kept secret in Western Australia. Situated
midway between Bunbury and Busselton. Goodwood Estate
is only minutes away from Peppermint Grove Beach and has a
unique, but perfect balance of country, coastal and urban living.
This pristine small town boasts a community lifestyle that is quiet
but with all the modern amenities you need for a great lifestyle.
• 25km of pristine beaches
• Jarrah and Karri forests
• Enjoy 18 holes of golf with the
kangaroos at Capel Golf Club
• Have a wine or two at
Capel Vale Winery
• A range of community sporting
activities plus water sports, shing,
scuba diving, surng and boating
Tuart Forest National Park;
• Ironstone Gully Falls
• Visit the water birds at Capel Wetlands
You can purchase
a package subject to the
sale of your house
You can move directly from your
existing home without need to
rent during construction.
Display home located at Lot 117 Kwenda Loop, Capel (viewing by appointment)
For further information phone Peter Snook
at Professionals Capel 0419 924 197 or 9727 2555
2 G
by Frank Smith
Australia’s growing elder abuse problem
“O Death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”
- Is it acting as an executor?
by Lynn Adamson
A FAMILY member asks
you to be the executor of
their will. You’re attered
and agree immediately, but
what are you letting yourself
in for?
First, the deceased’s assets
have to be protected. This
may mean changing locks
on the their residence.
Next you will probably
have to assist in arranging
the funeral. Check whether
the deceased had a pre-paid
funeral plan. It is the executor’s responsibility to carry
out the deceased’s wishes.
Often the family knows the
deceased’s preferences or
their wishes are in their will.
Then there is applying
for probate. The will may
be among the deceased’s
personal papers, or the deceased’s solicitors may advise that they hold the will. If
there is more than one will,
a later will revokes an earlier
one, but the executor should
keep all the wills in case the
validity of the latest will is
Be sure not to clip or pin
anything to a will as the Supreme Court will want to
know if a codicil has been
removed from the will.
Holes or indentations on the
will have to be explained in
the executor’s afdavit when
applying for the grant of probate.
The Supreme Court reHAGN#113/277
quires a statement of the
deceased’s assets and liabilities. Valuations of real estate
and of all shares held by the
deceased at the date of death
may be needed. The deceased’s accountant should
be able to assist.
Don’t forget the deceased’s online assets.
Hopefully the deceased
has a record of user names
and passwords for online
accounts, share trading accounts, time share credits,
frequent yer points, Facebook, Flickr, blogs and eBooks.
The family may not be
aware of online assets and
valuable family photographs
and other content may be
Once the Supreme Court
has granted probate the executor can deal with the assets
and follow the deceased’s instructions in their will.
An income tax return for
the deceased must be lodged
from 1 July to the date of
death and for the estate from
the date of death to 30 June.
The executor must apply for
a Tax File Number for the
The person appointed as
executor is usually the person appointed as trustee of
any property held on trust,
e.g. if there are children who
are minors, but this is not always the case.
The grant of probate for a
straightforward estate may
take a few weeks to gather
the information required to
support the afdavit of application, register it at the Supreme Court’s Probate Registry and for the Registrar
to examine the afdavit and
the supporting documentation and make the grant. The
grant may be delayed if the
Registrar issues requisitions
(i.e. questions on any matters in relation to the will
or the estate). If the estate
is complex, or if any of the
beneciaries indicate that
they want to make a claim
or challenge the validity of
the will. Then obtaining the
grant and administering the
estate may be delayed until
all the issues are resolved to
the Registrar’s satisfaction or
the matter has been resolved
by the Court.
The executor should get
expert advice if an estate
is complex, for example
involving the deceased’s
testamentary trusts or foreign assets. Those costs and
the costs of the application
for the grant of probate are
borne by the estate and that
may remove some of the
This article is provided
for your information only.
It does not constitute legal
advice and is not intended by
the author to do so. It should
not be relied on as providing
advice and you should obtain your own legal advice
before acting on any information in the article.
Seniors welcome reversal of government cash grab
Affordable housing. Independent living for over 55s.
No GST or Stamp Duty applicable.
Not-for-prot organisation. Fully renovated units set in beautiful grounds.
Close to shops and transport. Solar panels.
re. CCTV.
Friendly atmosphere with social centre.
UNITS priced
$249,000 -
Bull Creek Village
Webber Gardens and Weeronga, Willagee $249,000 - $309,000
For further information or to view, call 9314 5884 or 0429 893 018
Lifemark Accredited, Member of Property Council of Australia
on vulnerable members of society.
“We are glad that today’s announcement also includes changes to strengthen and protect the privacy of individuals.”
Accounts are regarded as inactive if
no deposit or withdrawal takes place.
The change will apply from 31 December 2015.
O’Neill urged older consumers to
complete a transaction on their idle accounts every few years to prevent being
caught out by the seven year cut-off.
With around 200,000 individual
fee-paying members Australia-wide,
National Seniors is the consumer lobby
for the over-50s. It is the fourth largest
organisation of its type in the world.
your p lac e
unclaimed or inactive.
“The former legislation was ridiculous. This is the people’s money – not
the government’s money. Today is a
win for common sense.”
National Seniors had also raised concerns with the previous and the current
government over violations of privacy
regarding how personal information on
inactive accounts was published.
“Previously, a simple name search
for unclaimed money via the MoneySmart website could reveal sensitive
information about a person including
their address and the amount of money
“This raised many serious concerns
over identity theft and people preying
SENIORS have welcomed moves to
protect Australians’ savings for longer
by amending the inactive bank account
The Federal Government today announced it would reverse the former
Labor government’s cash grab by
restoring the timeframe that bank accounts and life insurance policies are
deemed to be inactive back to seven
years from three years.
National Seniors chief executive
Michael O’Neill applauded the move
to revert the change back to seven
“Older Australians may not touch
their secondary or back-up accounts
for a few years. It does not mean it is
Don’t miss out on retiring in
Affinity Village’s vibrant community.
for a brand
new home
Affinity Village is perfectly positioned within the established
Settlers Hills Residential Community in Baldivis.
Conveniently located opposite the Baldivis Shopping Centre,
enjoy the ease of having everything you need on your doorstep.
Affinity has been carefully designed to give you the perfect blend
of a relaxed, friendly, secure and vibrant retirement community.
Shopping Centre
Nairim D
Settlers Hills
Norwood Avenue
• Open plan living area
• Spacious bathroom and
powder room
• Alfresco courtyard under
the main roof
• Brand new villa, large main
bedroom and generous
second bedroom
• Open plan living area
• Private alfresco courtyard
• Brand new villa, 2 bedrooms
and 2 bathrooms
• Tandem garage with storage
• Large rear alfresco area
• Designer kitchen with stainless
steel appliances
Clyde Avenue
Visit us today at
38 Norwood Avenue,
Call now to receive your free information pack
1800 72 71 70 or visit
^Prices correct as at 28 March 2015. Exit fees and other charges are payable. For details call 1800 500 733. Subject to availability. Photographs and illustrations are indicative only. Furniture not included.
The best location…
for the perfect lifestyle.
Imagine downsizing to a low maintenance home, upgrading your lifestyle and having more time to do the things you love!
Whether you’re after a sea change or a tree change, you’ll always find a lifestyle to suit you at a Lend Lease Retirement Village. Every one
of our ten WA locations offers a friendly, connected community where it’s easy to meet new people and stay active. And you’ll love the superb,
fully-maintained facilities; your own pool, clubhouse and activity rooms in a beautifully-landscaped and secure environment.
Join us for a tour of village facilities and current homes available for sale today!
April Feature Villages
The Pines
1 bedroom homes from $315,000
2 bedroom homes from $329,000
2 bedroom plus study homes from $360,000
3 bedroom homes from $450,000
Timberside Villas
1 bedroom homes from $355,000
2 bedroom homes from $380,000
2 bedroom plus study homes from $489,500
For a guided tour of the village facilities and
homes for sale please call 9296 9914.
For a guided tour of the village facilities and
homes for sale please call 9403 8101.
Call us on 1800 550 550 to book a tour of village facilities and homes for sale at all ten locations listed below.
BIBRA LAKE Lakeside Gardens 14 Lewington Gardens, Bibra Lake
HALLS HEAD Parkland Villas Mandurah 2 Hungerford Avenue, Halls Head
BOORAGOON Parkland Villas Booragoon 510 Marmion Street, Booragoon
MINDARIE Harbourside Village Mindarie 7 Honiara Way, Mindarie
BUNBURY Woodstock West 146 Strickland Street, Bunbury
QUEENS PARK Homestay Village 267 Wharf Street, Queens Park
ELLENBROOK Parkland Villas Ellenbrook 25 The Parkway, Ellenbrook
WOODLANDS Parkland Villas Woodlands 52 Liege Street, Woodlands
ELLENBROOK The Pines 21 Ponte Vecchio Boulevard, Ellenbrook
WOODVALE Timberside Villas 10 Timbercrest Rise, Woodvale
View all homes for sale at
Pricing and availability advertised are correct at the time of printing but subject to change without notice. Information about the services and facilities provided
in the village is correct at the time of printing but may change as the needs of residents change. Photographs are for illustrative purposes. March 2015.
Portfolio construction…the Fixed Interest sector
by Greg and
Sonya Soudure
OF the four major asset
classes – cash/xed interest, property, Australian
shares and the international
arena, getting an adequate
return from your cash and
term deposits is proving to
be the hardest to achieve at
the moment, so it is appropriate to have a look at the
alternatives that we have at
our disposal, and the risks
associated with them.
Aside from cash and
term deposits, investments
in the bond sector considered to have the lowest
level of risk are Australian
Government bonds. This is
due to the expectation that
the Government will be
able to pay the agreed interest when it is due and repay
the capital at the maturity
date of the bond. Therefore
the risk of default on interest or capital is considered
to be very low, but this also
means that the interest, or
coupon rate, offered on
these investments is generally the lowest in the sector.
So while you can buy these
investments for your super
fund or private investment
portfolio, with some maturities longer than 20 years,
the current yields on offer
are less than three per cent
per annum. The main risk
for this type of long-dated
bond, especially when you
are not being compensated
by a high level of ongoing
income, is a capital loss
should you need to sell it
prior to maturity. If interest
rates do rise and the investor wants to liquidate these
bonds, perhaps to get into
higher yielding ones, they
will have to take a loss on
their original purchase to
do so. This is because, as
interest rates rise, bond
prices fall as the holders of
the lower yielding bonds
have something which no
one else wants unless they
can get them at a discount.
Conversely, if interest rates
fall even further, the prices
of the current long-dated
bonds will rise.
Should investors want a
higher level of income from
their capital, they may turn
to corporate bonds. These
tend to be shorter duration
than the Government’s instruments, and offer higher
yields. This is a reection
of the higher credit risk
of these bonds, that is the
risk that the investor won’t
receive interest payments
and/or be paid their capital
in full at the agreed time.
Therefore investors want a
higher level of interest and
a shorter term to maturity to
compensate for this greater
level of risk. Consequently
the risks on these bonds
share further similarities
with buying shares, in that
they trade in a secondary
market that can rise and fall
like all bonds, but the risks
around returns are higher
given the greater chance of
corporate failure compared
with the Government.
Corporate bonds, however, usually rank ahead
of shareholders if the company fails.
A few years ago a new
class of securities called hybrids came onto the market,
which has the characteristics of both an interest-bearing security and equity, i.e.
both bonds and shares. Like
bonds, these pay an income
stream and the face value is
repaid at a future date. The
rate of income return, often
a franked dividend, is set
at the outset and will either
be xed or oating (mean-
ing that the income return
increases or decreases with
changes with interest rates).
On a future agreed date, the
issuer will either repay you
in cash or you will receive
ordinary shares at a predetermined conversion rate.
The income returns on the
hybrids are higher as the
risk is higher than other
debt instruments. While
investors rank ahead of ordinary shareholders for the
payment of interest and recovery of capital if the company fails, they rank behind
other creditors. Additionally, hybrids can trade more
like equities, usually due to
some of the terms embedded within them. Therefore
the credit quality of the hybrid issuer is fundamental
to your decision to invest
in any offering. Companies
with long histories of profitability and strong balance
sheets offer the greatest
likelihood of income being paid and capital being
maintained at maturity.
All of the aforementioned investments should
knowledgeable and wellresourced advisers who are
able to provide intending
investors with all of the relevant information needed
to make those decisions.
This article is general
advice. Greg and Sonya
Soudure are authorised
representatives of Hartleys
Ltd (ABN 33 104 195 057)
(AFSL 230052). Please call
08 9268 2834 or 08 9268
2865 or visit for further information.
Caralee Choir commemorates ANZACs
Alchera Living Weeronga resident,
Olga on the piano
ALCHERA LIVING’S Weeronga residents, along with staff
from the Willagee Community
Centre, are organising a commemoration in recognition of
the 100 years since the ANZAC
landing. Students from Caralee
Community School have been invited to join the commemoration
and their choir will be performing
on the day.
On a recent visit to the school,
residents were impressed to hear
the children talking about the stories of ANZAC and other theatres
of war that they had heard about
from both their families and their
Maximus said that “one pop
went into the war and the other
couldn’t go because he had something wrong with his foot.”
Margaret, who emigrated from
the Philippines, has only heard
about ANZAC since she started
school and has participated in Caralee’s school commemorations.
Tiana told the residents that, as
well as learning some songs from
the period, they are also hearing
stories and reading novels in class
and drawing pictures that are related to the impact of war.
The residents are looking forward to sharing stories with the
children and always enjoy hear-
ing Caralee’s choir perform. The
children are excited about seeing
the vintage car display along with
the other events which will be at
the ANZAC Commemoration on
22 April between 10am and 1pm.
The event will be held jointly
at Alchera Living’s Weeronga
Village and Willagee Community Centre. All are invited. Dig
out your dusty photos and join in
with some war time songs.
Morning tea will be provided,
so for catering purposes just
call Barbara on 0419 914 871
or leave your name at the front
counter of Willagee Community
FROM $450,000*
The Grandstand heralds a new era
of sophisticated living in one of
Perth’s most sought after suburbs
known for its long-established
restaurant scene, high end fashion
and prestigious schools.
You can choose from a selection
of luxury 1, 2 and 3 bedroom
apartments and 2 bedroom
terrace homes.
Secure your brand new apartment
off the plan with only a 10%
deposit and nothing more to pay
until settlement.
Adjacent to
Claremont Oval.
Artist’s impression
*Price correct at 27/03/15. May be subject to change.
Artist’s impression
by Mike Goodall
working up to a fever pitch
about this general election.
According to them it is going to be the hardest election
to predict in generations. It
appears that the Scottish National Party (SNP) is set to
take over about 41 seats held
by the Labour Party in Scotland. Labour has traditionally
relied on these seats to give
them a majority over the Conservative Party. However the
avowed aim of the SNP is to
control the balance of power
in the UK Parliament with the
explicit intention of breaking
up the union, so that they can
form an Independent Scotland.
The Conservatives are
therefore stating that a vote for
the Labour Party or SNP is a
vote to break up the UK. On
the other hand we have the UK
Independence Party which is
intent on taking the UK out of
Europe. Therefore the Labour
party are saying that a vote for
the Conservatives or UKIP is a
vote to take the UK out of Eu-
rope. Now I personally consider that a UK outside Europe
would be much stronger and
able to control its own destiny
without all the peculiar rules
and regulation that have been
imposed by Europe over many
years, many of which have
held back the UK recovery.
Traditional Labour voters
are concerned that if they vote
for Labour they are voting for
the destruction of the union
but feel unable to vote Conservative. Could they possibly
create a swing to UKIP or any
other of the minor parties as
many Labour and Conservative voters are agreed that Europe is bad news?
It nearly happened in Heywood and Middleton near
Manchester where at a recent
by election a 2010 election
majority of 5971 votes over
the Conservative (with UKIP
in fourth place) was reduced
to 617 votes.
For those interested in politics it’s a matter of hold on to
your hat for a hectic ride.
Anyone who would like
to discuss the above further
is welcome to contact Brit-
ish Pensions in Australia on
1300 308 353 or Mike Goodall,
BPiA’s Coordinator in Western
Australian on (08) 6364 0859
e-mail:- [email protected]
while being recognised by
the Australian government
are not recognised by the UK
Government, which only recognises relationships that have
a document to conrm that
they have been through a legal
This effectively means that
if you are in a de facto relationship and your partner dies
you would not be entitled to
receive a widows or a widowers State Pension from the
UK or even an occupational
pension. While I am not recommending that anyone in
this position rushes down to
the celebrants ofce to book
a ceremony I just want you
all to be aware that if you are
relying on a partners UK pensions and have not a formal
certicate you could be left in
serious nancial hardship.
Every week I hear people
say that it is not worthwhile
making additional voluntary
Different slant on defacto relationships
contributions to enhance your
UK State Pension. If any of
you read Nick Bruining’s article in The West Australian
dated 16 March you would
understand that this is untrue.
In almost every case that I
have worked with when they
become a pensioner they will
be better off. Ironically if you
are a self-funded retiree it
can work even more in your
favour. As I have said many
times it’s a no brainer. Please
contact me for more information if you need help to get you
Following last month’s article on the overseas voting
rules I had hoped to report that
the Private Members Bill had
passed through the UK Parliament on 6 March. However
the Bill has been delayed until
27 March which will now be
too late to be affected before
the general election. Of course
the law could still be passed
latter depending upon the result of the election.
UK television channels are
Doctor home visits are invaluable
IT’S the middle of the night and you or a
family member is suddenly unwell. The
rst thought can often be to drive to your
local hospital accident and emergency department where you nd yourself sitting
for several hours. Another option is just
a phone call away – dial 9321 9133 and
let Doctor Home Visits come to you whilst
you remain in the comfort of your own
home. After all – your home is the most
comfortable waiting room in town!
Set up as a not-for-prot organisation
working for doctors back in 1977, Doctor
Home Visits (WADMS) is one of the oldest established and only 24 hour, 365 days
of the year locum service operating in WA.
“We have been servicing the greater
Perth Community for almost 40 years
with a core focus on prompt, reliable and
quality patient care,” says general manager
Trudy Mailey.
The mobile doctors are all fully registered general practitioners and come well
equipped with a variety of diagnostic appliances to treat all routine care and unexpected illness and often dispense starter
medication packs until a prescription can
be lled.
Detailed clinical notes are also forwarded to your nominated GP within a few
hours of the locum home visit to facilitate
continuity of your treatment and ongoing
With the onset of the ‘u season upon
us, if you are not able to visit your regular
GP, our locum doctors are able to administer a u injection in the home providing the
patient has the u vax ready. Make sure
you are covered!
If you nd yourself in need of medical
assistance during the hours your regular
GP is open, rst telephone them and they
will arrange for a home visit on your behalf. At any time when your practice is
closed, you can just call WADMS direct.
Akora Lifestyle Apartments
Peace of mind with full care
The ultimate retirement lifestyle
An exciting opportunity now exists for people
wishing to combine the freedom of modern,
low maintenance living with the comfort and
security of a retirement village.
Akora Lifestyle Apartments are light, bright
and central to everything. And with high quality
sound attenuation that exceeds required
standards, they’re also very quiet.
Akora is part of the SwanCare Bentley Park
community, so you can join in the many
activities and outings on offer to residents.
You can lock up and leave if you like to travel
and if the time comes when you or your loved
one requires assistance or care, you have the
peace of mind that comes with knowing it’s
available if you need it.
Akora is packed with features that will suit
your lifestyle now and in the future:
s Mezzanine area overlooking green room
s High security, low maintenance
s Central to all amenities
s Beautifully landscaped
s High quality sound attenuation
s 100% smoke-free
Now selling off the plan. 1 Adie Court, Bentley.
Only 44 apartments are available so don’t delay. For enquiries call Harry Pearson on
6250 0016 or email [email protected]
The best move you’ll ever make
Household movingdownsizing-estate
- full relocation
Program for a healthier future launched by Bethanie and HBF
A Tim
me To
o Mo
specialises in
relocation and
downsizing for seniors.
We can do as much
or as little as you need,
from packing and
to cleaning and
staging the home
for sale
Call for a consultation
0407 672 878
Bethanie CEO Chris How with HBF,
executive general manager - Health and
Wellness Jennifer Solitario
WA’s largest not-for-prot aged care and retirement living provider, Bethanie, has partnered
with WA’s leading health insurer HBF to start a
new health support program for people suffering
with a range of chronic health conditions.
The health support program is free for HBF
members with certain levels of cover. It aims
to help members live a happier, healthier life
through providing tailored health advice and
The four level program will consist of faceto-face visits with a designated Bethanie health
coach, phone support, a review of the member’s
current health status as well as educational information and resources.
Bethanie will provide the health coaches
working on the project. They come from a range
of clinical backgrounds, all are either registered
nurses or allied health professionals.
They will also liaise with members’ general
practitioners to ensure that the very best support
is offered, with all health status factors taken into
The program can range from three to six
months and members may qualify for one of
four different tiers of services, which vary in
degree of participation. The health support plan
aims to assist members to manage their chronic
health conditions, set and achieve their wellness goals, improve coordination and success
of treatments, and increase satisfaction in health
and wellbeing.
Bethanie, strongly emphasises the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle to its
clients. It is very excited to be part of this project
says Bethanie CEO, Chris How.
“Bethanie is now a 60 year old WA company
thus we thought it only appropriate to partner
with another WA business icon, HBF, as we are
Handicrafts - a handy way to stay healthy and make a difference
Collet Barker Court:
FEW activities can stimulate your
mind, test your skills and help you
connect with other people like handicrafts such as sewing, knitting and
There’s a reason why these traditional crafts survive and thrive in a
post-Internet world – those who enjoy
them well know their social, emotional and physical benets.
The long-term benets have also
recently come to the attention of the
scientic community, with some
studies undertaken to determine the
benets these activities have on hu-
28 Marion Street, Mount Barker
man health.
But beyond the health benets,
there is a real feeling of reward in creating something with your own hands
– a reward that is never more evident
than when you see the product of
your creativity making a difference.
Such a difference can be seen at
WA’s Rockingham Hospital, where
garments for premature babies and
a total of 300 teddies – for children
admitted to the emergency department - have been knitted by the folk
at Afnity Village in Baldivis. Having something to cuddle can help take
their minds of their afictions.
Afnity Village has also made a
difference for WA foster children by
making 20 single-bed quilts last year,
with more in production for donation
July of this year. They’ve also raised
money, through craft stalls and rafes, for the Smith Family and Beyond Blue Men’s Group.
In helping people in need, the knitters gain a great sense of satisfaction
through doing something positive for
their community.
And community is really what it’s
all about – handicrafts are a great way
Retirees WA at Carlisle
9851 1666
both established on the premise to provide great
services to the WA community.”
“HBF is always looking for ways to improve
the wellbeing of our members and help them
live healthier, happier lives. Partnering with
Bethanie to provide tailored support to members
will help them take control of their own health,
and ultimately help them achieve a better quality
of life,” said Jennifer Solitario, executive general manager - Health and Wellness, HBF.
Bethanie looks forward to continuously improving the lifestyle and well being of its clients,
this time in partnership with an organisation that
cares equally as much for its members.
To nd our more information contact
Bethanie’s HBF Health Support Line on
1300 55 11 13 or visit the website www.
THE CARLISLE branch of Retirees
WA meet on the second Monday of the
month for a meeting and guest speaker,
on the third Monday for a concert and
then again on the fourth Monday for
the craft/knitting group. They also have
a travel club that meets once a month
on Fridays for outings.
The branch welcomes anyone who
would like to attend. Meet at the Harold Hawthorne Community Centre, 2
Memorial Avenue, Carlisle. For further
information contact Fiona Tatham on
0418 902 363 or Kay Cooper on 9479 1149.
for people to come together to share
time, stories and knowledge in the
creation of beautiful things.
At Afnity Village, the benets of
handicrafts are well known. That’s
why they have a dedicated arts and
crafts room for their craft, patchwork
and knitting group - just one of the
many facilities designed to promote
an active, healthy and social lifestyle.
If that sounds like you, it’s well
worth a visit. New homes for sale
from $329,000. Call 1800 72 71 70
or drop into the village at 38 Norwood
Avenue, Baldivis.
University of the Third Age Bunbury
U3A meets every second and fourth Friday from 9.30-11.30am
in block 3: room 119. Edith Cowan University SW Campus on
Robertson Drive in Bunbury.
Visitors are most welcome. After the talk there will be an opportunity to socialise over morning tea and ask questions. There
is a small charge of $2 for refreshments and a parking charge of
$4 if applicable. Tel: 9721 4752 for information about the U3A.
Live grand at Claremont on the park
Perth CBD and nearby beaches.
The Grandstand will deliver beautifully designed one, two and three bedroom apartments, and two bedroom
terrace homes. Designed for luxurious living, The Grandstand combines
character, quality and style in a superb
location, creating new opportunities for
those looking for change in lifestyle
within the western suburbs.
Mirvac Group executive residential,
John Car said The Grandstand is an
ideal setting for anyone looking to embrace the best that Claremont has to
PRICES From $143,000
Equipped With Appliances, Fitted Carpets, Blinds, Lock-Up Garage etc
Why Buy and Live at Willow Creek Mews?
• Purchase Now Before Prices Start to Rise!
• Keep All Growth on Your Investment when Selling - No Exit Fees!
• No Stamp Duty - No Settlement Agents Fees
• Receive Ongoing Home, Garden and Village Maintenance
• Spacious Recreation Centre - Available Now for Residents Use
• On Site Villager Manager
• Discounted Utility Charges & A Low $14 Weekly Service Fee
• Receive Security of Tenure through the Retirement Villages Act
• A Secure Village Setting… Ideal for ‘Lock & Leave’ Retirees
• Designed to AS 4288/99 for Access, Wheelchairs and for
‘Ageing in Place’ - No Other Village Provides These Features!
Willow Creek Mews, Legend Cresent, Greenfields, Mandurah
Contact: Stephen May 0419 042 300
Retirement Living You CAN Afford
Secure your site
Exclusive Home Builder
A Lifestyle Village Development
El Caballo Lifestyle Village is a master-planned
community for over 45’s with resort-style facilities.
The village is surrounded by an 18-hole
international golf course, set on 200 acres of
natural bush and rolling hills.
This secure, lock-and-leave village is situated in
the picturesque Avon Valley, just 50 minutes from
Perth, 25 minutes from Midland and only 15 minutes
from Mundaring – where a full shopping complex is
PH: 9573 3777
now under construction
GRAND living opportunities are coming soon to the prestigious Claremont
on the Park precinct. With a range of
sophisticated apartment living options available and starting from just
$450,000, The Grandstand will deliver
spacious, contemporary homes overlooking the Claremont Oval in the heart
of the western suburbs.
Located on the northern boundary
of the historic Claremont Oval, The
Grandstand will be just minutes from
the Claremont shopping district, longestablished restaurants and cafés, and
convenient train access to both the
“Whether downsizing from a family
home or moving into the area for the
rst time, this is a unique opportunity
to secure a new luxury apartment in
Claremont,” he said.
Overlooking the oval and connected
to beautifully landscaped surrounds,
The Grandstand also boasts a dramatic
internal courtyard with a green veil that
lines the gallery walkways incorporating the notion of discovery into the essence of The Grandstand and bringing
nature into the heart of the building.
The spacious apartments include
high ceilings and quality furnishings to
create a feeling of openness and opulence.
The six-storey building will follow
the curve of the oval in a contemporary
design that celebrates the history of the
iconic site. The Grandstand’s unique
exterior incorporates organic design
elements, integrating timber panelling,
stone cladding, painted masonry and
moveable balcony screens.
Mirvac design director, Michael
Wiener, said the overall design goal
was to create an environment rich in
visual features and living amenities, a
place that linked the community and
inspired interaction.
“We wanted the design to create a
quality environment with a true sense
of community. Residents should feel
secure and connected to everything and
everyone that makes life enjoyable,” he
Sustainable design principles have
been applied to ensure the environment
has been considered at every stage of
the design and construction of The
Grandstand. The building is designed
to achieve an average seven star NatHERS rating and ensure sustainability
measures for the future life of residents
and the community.
Register your interest by calling
9424 9999 or visit www.claremont.
• New clubhouse*
• Indoor & outdoor pools
& spas
• Bowling greens & tennis courts
• Licensed cafe restaurant
• Cocktail lounge with
grand piano & fireplace
• Wine bar & garden
• Banquet room
• Business centre facilities
• Extensive gymnasium
• Cinema theatre
• Library & internet hub*
Stunning landscaped gardens
Billiards & games room*
Men’s Shed / Workshops*
Arts & crafts centre*
Horse stables available
e: [email protected] fax: 9573 1085
* Proposed Stage 2/3 facilities.
Wish you had a
new home but love
the locality of
where you live?
Apartment living at Bethanie Esprit, Eaton
Do you live on a subdividable block?
(If you’re not sure, please give us a call)
Can you build a new home at the rear of your block?
Stay at Home Seniors can build you a brand new
custom designed home on your rear block,
and we also purchase your existing home.
PLUS you get CASH back at settlement!
‘We can also just buy your rear block’
WA’S LARGEST not-forprot aged care and retirement
living provider, Bethanie, has
released plans for two blocks
of independent living apartments at their Bethanie Esprit
site in Eaton.
The two-block development
will feature 26 luxury apartments.
Each beautifully nished,
stylish, architecturally de-
signed apartment will offer
two bedrooms, a full sized
bathroom (with some apartments offering access from
both bedrooms), laundry and
spacious living areas with
modern design and full sized
Construction is scheduled to
begin mid year with a completion date set for late 2016.
Located just 200 metres
from Bethanie Fields, Bethanie
Esprit offers South-west residents the chance to enjoy quality oliving and the very soughtafter lifestyle that is associated
with a Bethanie village.
Bethanie Esprit residents
will have access to the brand
new clubhouse, which will be
the centre piece of the development.
Built for the exclusive use of
residents, facilities for outdoor
activities will include a bowling green, golf putting course,
a relaxing courtyard, barbecue
area and a heated swimming
South of Bethanie Esprit lie
coastal hinterlands and vineyards; east are the picturesque
Ferguson Valley and hills of
the Wellington District bush-
lands; go north to Mandurah
and Perth; and a short journey
west takes you to clean beaches and the Leschenault Estuary
for swimming, diving, crabbing and shing.
Medical facilities, shopping
outlets and close proximity to
public transport are just some
of the conveniences offered to
the residents of Bethanie Esprit, all nestled between vineyards and beaches.
For more information or
to register your interest in
apartment living at Bethanie
Esprit, please contact Century
21 sales agent Craig Balme
on 0408 086 029. To learn
more about Bethanie and their
various sites across WA, call
131 151 or log on to www.
Enjoy a new lifestyle in Walpole
Call Stay at Home Seniors’ and ask our friendly team
about our simple 6 step process:
1300 669 438
WALPOLE is a small town situated between the forest and the ocean. It has a
strong community network which has
resulted in the provision of many support
and recreation resources. If you enjoy
walking, cycling, sailing, golng, bowls
or tennis these facilities are all available
and the mild climate allows year round
participation. Local artists have established small galleries and they take part
in the Southern Art Trail which displays
works during a two week period in September/ October. The local library and
the Community Resource Centre support
computer groups, book clubs, the Historical Society and the National Parks Association.
A community group began to work on
their dream of a Life Style Village for the
town, 10 years ago. This has come to fruition with the construction of quality aging in place units centrally located within
walking distance of the CBD and all resources. Attention to detail and a thought-
ful architect has resulted in individual
homes which are spacious and comfortable. The passive solar design including
north facing living areas, effective insulation, reverse cycle air-conditioning and
enclosed courtyards maximises the benets of the cooler summers. Direct access
from the attached garage ensures that you
avoid the discomfort of winter weather.
These features have earned the development a level six energy efciency rating.
With active retirees in mind a second
roller door in the garage allows for the
parking of a small boat or camper in the
courtyard area and there is still plenty of
space to personalise the area with potted
owers or vegetables. A central landscaped garden is planted with water wise
native plants. However the community
garden is just a stone’s throw away for
those who enjoy working a plot of land.
The open plan living area is ideal for
family gatherings, while the village social
centre offers more space and a gazebo for
larger events. With two bedrooms and a
separate activity/ computer room there is
plenty of personal space. A second toilet is a comfort feature for residents and
visitors. Built-in robes and well located
cupboards provide excellent storage. Economical vacuum tube solar hot water and
low energy wall mounted heating panels
in the bedrooms are low cost features for
residents in these homes.
Despite Walpole’s low crime statistics,
attention has been given to security with
the installation of security doors and external lighting.
A recent review of the lease has allowed amendments which provide an
entry age of 55 years, pet friendly policy,
12 month settling in period termination
rights and 100 per cent of gain in market value. Priced at $295,000 with low
weekly levies the four available units are
great value. Visit the website at, email [email protected] or phone 9840 8421.
Bethanie Beachside Lifestyle Village
Image: Residents Jann & Alan - Lagoon Beach, Yanchep
Live like you are on holiday every day...
Join a lively, social and engaging village situated in beautiful Yanchep just minutes from the beach and let Bethanie take care of the hassle for
you! Nestled between pristine beaches and a tranquil national park, Bethanie Beachside offers a truly exceptional setting ensuring a lifestyle
that’s as close as you can come to really having it all. Complete with Resort Clubhouse, undercover heated pool, bowling green, gymnasium,
elegant bar / lounge, crafts room plus workshop all for you to enjoy with family and friends.
Brand New Villas from $475,000! Now is your chance to secure one of our brand new two bedroom plus study double brick and garage Villas
in Stage 3 with construction nearing completion. Choose from a selection of spacious designs. Pets welcome. Pay no stamp duty.
7o ğnd out more contact Bethanie
131 151
[email protected]
80 Lindsay Beach Boulevard, Yanchep
Or Justin at
Century 21 Clarkson
0407 577 865
Village Open every Friday 10am - 12pm or by appt
Garden Festival Fever comes to McCallum Park
Colin Barlow
Left to right; McCallum Park, the new venue for Perth Garden Festival - Pick up some expert gardening advice and tips at this year’s Festival - Enjoy seasonal favourite chrysanthemums this autumn - Go potty for tulips
Go potty for Spring Bulbs
Gardens as a celebration of outdoor life, hor- on Sunday. Enquiries call Margaret Baker on
family. You can even take along your fourby Colin Barlow
9398 2684.
I have to admit it that I am crazy about ticulture and bespoke Australian products.
legged friends as long as they are on a lead.
The Forresteld Forum Marketplace is
The other three other winners of the Gold
The show is a great place to pick up gar- growing bulbs. It started when I grew a
THIS YEAR the Perth Garden Festival
takes on a whole new look that will hope- dening advice and tips from the experts. hyacinth in a jar of water for a kindy school Show Garden category were Ian Baker the new venue for the WA Chrysanthemum
fully re-invigorate the nursery and garden Throughout the Perth Garden Festival there competition and ever since I have been Gardens who designed Crossroads, Vivid show and display from 6 – 9 May. Call
industry in Western Australia. The event will be a wide range of talks and seminars. I hooked. Having for the last two years seen Design who created Resonate and Nathan ‘Chrissie or pot mum’ expert Frank Blackwell on 9534 8238 for more details.
will be held later this month from Thursday will be talking about ‘Vertical Gardens - life the best display of tulips and bulbs in the Burkett Designs Equilibrium.
Colours of autumn
30 April to Sunday 3 May at a new venue, on the edge’ at 1.30pm on Saturday 2 May, world at Keukenhof in Holland as a tour
The autumnal colours are beginning to
the scenic McCallum Park, located just off so don’t forget to come along and say hello. guide for Ross Garden Tours, I have been inThis year the Perth Garden Festival will spired even more. Again we have teamed up show and it is show time for seasonal faCanning Highway in Victoria Park. Situated overlooking the beautiful Swan River, also play host to the 2015 Tree Climbing with Tulips with a Difference to offer some vourites like chrysanthemums, roses and
this new location provides improved onsite WA tree climbing championship and an inspiring prize bulb prize packs containing gerberas.
The Western Australian Gerbera Society
parking, access to public transport and at axe chopping demonstration. WA’s top tree either tulips, Dutch iris, daffodils, ranunculi
land for easier public and exhibitor move- climbers will converge on McCallum Park, or hyacinths and a beautiful and informative Autumn show and plant sale brightens up the
South Perth Civic Centre, corner of Sandgate
Victoria Park for the annual WA Champion- bulb calendar.
ment and use.
You can plant bulbs for spring colour well Street and South Terrace, South Perth on 18
There will be more than 100 exhibitors ships on the weekend of the 2 - 3 May. The
at the 2015 Perth Garden Festival including top competitors will go on to the national into May. Check out Tulips with A Differ- April. With bold brilliant blooms and sunny
ence at the Perth Garden Festival where they colourful owers, the show will be open
some of Perth’s best local garden centres, championships.
Competing will be qualied arborists, will showcase the best bulbs for growing in from 10am to 3pm. For further information
nurseries and retailers offering a huge variety of plants for sale. This is a great chance tree surgeons and trainees who will partici- Western Australia along with a few rare and call Joyce Riordan on 9594 0374.
Roses are looking delightful again with
for garden lovers to do all their plant shop- pate in a range of events to challenge their hidden gems for the collector. You can even
To be in the draw to win one of ve
ping in the one spot. Lack of nurseries and climbing skills, with a focus on sound tech- order online from the comfort of your home the milder weather. It’s the ideal time to Tulips with a Difference prize packs simstop and smell the roses at the Rose Soci- ply email [email protected] and
green life at last year’s festival and previous nique, safety and speed. Real life situations at
Melbourne Medal winners
ety of WA autumn show. Held at the Guild- include the word tulip on the subject line
Garden Weeks has been a problem so this are recreated in events including aerial resThe 20th annual Melbourne International ford Town Hall from 2 - 3 May there will or address an envelope to Tulips with a
cue, throw line, speed relay, work climb and
should be a welcome change.
Flower and Garden show (MIFGS) which be refreshments, rafes and plants for sale. Difference Comp c/- Have a Go News PO
The SunSmart Landscape Show Gardens foot lock.
The festival is open from 9.30am to 4pm ran from 25 - 29 March is over for another So don’t miss out, as it’s the perfect time to Box 1042 West Leederville WA 6901 with
are set to be a show highlight with innovative displays set to inspire homeowners. each day with admission $20 for adults, year and it was almost a case of déjà vu with plant them too. Contact Sandy Beverley on your contact details on the reverse. ComFrom a full scale Anzac Cottage to Water- concessions $14 and children (6-16) $5. the coveted City of Melbourne Award of 0416 141 042 for further details.
petition ends 1/05/15 to be in the running
The Gosnells Horticultural Society Show to win. Each prize consists of one pack of
wise plants and products there are ideas Children under 6 are free. Call 9436 0203 Excellence for Best in Show won by Cycas
to cater for most tastes. Live music and a for more information or go to www.perth- Landscape Design for the gold medal win- is on from 2 – 3 May at the Addie Mills Cen- either Dutch iris, daffodils, jonquils, tulips
designated children’s activity area will pro- or www.facebook. ning garden Quietude. This year the garden tre, Astley Street, Gosnells. Featuring oral or ranunculi and a 2015 bulb calendar
was designed in conjunction with Lisa Ellis art exhibitions, and chrysanthemums for sale valued at $25.
vide fun and interest for all members of the com/perthgardenfestival
with FOUR SEASONS Gutter Protection
SEE US at the Perth Garden Festival 30 April to 3 May
Secure to roof
Clips to gutters
Leaf debris slide off
roof on to ground
Denise’s gutters BEFORE
Denise’s gutters AFTER
“The best thing I ever did was get Four Seasons
Gutter Protection installed.” - Denise Drysdale
15% off and a FREE gutter clean*
✔ Stops overowing gutters
✔ Prevents birds, possums and vermin
✔ No more roof and ladder injuries
✔ Fire protection from ember attack
✔ Maximise quality water collection to
your rainwater tank
✔ Stop leaves and debris in your gutters
1300 30 25 23
Offer expires 29/05/15. *Valid on the day of quote only. Not to be used with any other special.
Never clean your gutters again
15% off and a
FREE gutter
Join us online:
Colin Barlow
A living rose at Perth garden festival
BEVAN AND Ann own Living Roses. They are passionate
about their roses and love to share this passion with their clients.
Bevan has a background in horticulture and Ann has a background in agriculture and oral design.
Ann and Bevan grow both standard and bush roses from
newly budded to mature. They will advise on planting, growing, pruning, weed and pest control and carry out site visits to
ensure the roses are suited to the appointed area. They will even
plant them if required.
Another popular service they offer is rose hire in decorative pots. These roses add colour to weddings, sporting and
corporate events. The roses can also be hired for birthdays,
naming days and funerals with the option of purchase as a
commemorative rose or gift. Living roses are often for sale
at Mt Claremont Growers Market
This is the rst year Living Roses has exhibited at Perth
Garden Festival. They are looking forward to showing off
their roses and meeting new clients. It is anticipated the Gallipoli rose will be available for sale to commemorate the centenary of the rst landing at Gallipoli.
Living Roses is a small rose nursery located in Ascot.
Their nursery is open to the public by appointment; ring
0403 315 538.
Come visit us, we will be right
near the plant market
• Debris free gutters
• No blocked downpipes
• Extends the life of your gutters
• Prevents vermin and wasps from
entering the roof through your gutters
• New angled design directs water
into your gutters
• HDPE Plastic (high density
polyethylene) with the highest
UV stabiliser that meets
Australian Standards
• Range of colours to suit your roof
• Skilled installers
• FREE quotes
• Gutter Protection
including Valleys & Box Gutters
• Gutters & Downpipes
• Re-roong (Tile & Tin)
• Roof restoration
• Patios & Pergolas
Servicing the Entire South West
1300 660 978
benecial microbes in the soil.
To feed this ecosystem,
feed it with high energy liquid
plant and microbe foods such
as Eco-Vital. Make sure your
soil is wettable and if needed
apply Eco-Wet. As improves
it should naturally become
more wettable. However the
key to this is to always keep
soil covered with living plants.
Bare soil is dead soil, mulch is
wonderful but plants are best,
so cover up with plants and nature will do the rest!
People will never smell
roses so sweet or taste food
so good as what you grow
yourself in a healthy beautiful
Home in WA returns...
YES WE have sandy soils
in WA, but by adding EcoGrowth rock minerals and
bionutrients people can start to
change that.
Rock minerals don’t leach
from the soil like salt based
fertilisers do, in fact they can
help turn sand into soil. So to
build a healthy garden choose
plants that like the neighbourhood and plant with rock minerals, composted mulch and
As bigger plants grow, add
an understory of little plants to
build an ecosystem. This will
help your plants and soil stay
cool, reduce water use and
create a sustainable home for
Are you prepared
for the
winter rains?
30 April - 3 May 2015
McCallum Park, Victoria Park
You are what you eat
goes for your plants too
JUST a quick reminder that the new season of HOME in WA
airs on Saturday 2 May at 4.30pm.
HOME in WA is thrilled to be celebrating its 16th year on
Channel 7 and GWN7.
Dan Paris and the team will be back to show you the best
ideas and products for your home.
If you miss the Saturday viewing, you can see it on the website at and don’t forget to like them on
All Seasons Synthetic Turf
Greener - Tougher - Better
WA owned and operated
Premium Australian made Articial Grass to suit every budget.
Latest “IR” CoolPlus Yarn technology, can be up to 30% cooler.
We have several displays around Perth suburbs
or visit our main showroom to see the full range.
Products: Synthetic Grass - Articial Plants - Rubber Mulch
P: 1300 931 443 or 9524 6065
E: [email protected]
Call showroom for display locations
AWA Dual Purpose Smart Mesh
For a free measure and quote call Darryl or Trish
1300 399 145
‘Have a go at gardening’ - WA Garden clubs
Ellenbrook Community
Garden Club Inc.
Noelle Edgecombe
Ph: 9296 7780
Email: [email protected]
Epiphytic Cacti
& Hoya society Inc.
Alf Gaebler
Ph: 9444 6694
Email: [email protected]
Four Seasons Garden Club
Doreen Dekin
Ph: 9574 6979
[email protected]
Albany Horticultural
Society Inc.
Paul Higginson
Email: [email protected]
Frangipani Society of
Augusta & Districts
Garden Club
[email protected]
Friends of Kings Park
Bushland Restoration,
Growing Native Plants
Ph: 9480 3643
Blackwood Country
Ph: 9764 1111
Email: [email protected]
Gerbera Research Group
Ph: 9349 5396
Boddington Arts Council/
Garden Group
Jill Duxbury
Ph: 9883 8282
Bonsai Society of
Western Australia Inc
Nigel 9330 6242
Dianne 9362 6996
Brunswick Agricultural
Society Inc.
Leanne Juricev
Ph: 9796 0468
Busselton & Districts
Horticultural Society Inc.
Kay Miller
Ph: 9754 1362
Email: [email protected]
Cactus & Succulent
Society of WA
Shirley Laslett
Ph: 9277 3924
Email: [email protected]
Camellia Society of WA Inc
Peg Ellis
Ph: 9313 8117
Canning Agricultural,
& Recreational Society
Canning River Gardens
Ryan Schultz
Ph: 9451 1820
Email: [email protected]
Carnarvon Garden Club
Rosie Da Luz
Ph: 9941 2098
Cymbidium Orchid Club
of WA (The)
Jeanine Giorgi
Ph: 9313 6020
Narrogin Agricultural
Society Inc.
Rob Madson
Ph: 9881 4515
[email protected]
Northern Districts Orchid
Society Inc.
Steve Bowman
Ph: 9444 2411
[email protected]
Northern Distsricts
Gerbera Society
Beryl, Ph: 9387 5942
Palm & Cycad Society Inc
Karen Surace
Ph: 9444 7233
Rockingham & Districts
Garden Club
Diane, Ph: 9592 4197
Toodyay Garden
Club Inc.
Gayle Anderson
Ph: 9574 4740
Email: [email protected]
WA Iris Society Inc.
Jean Waghorn
Ph: 9255 3957
[email protected]
Rose Society of WA Inc.
Ruth Foley
Ph: 9313 2109
Email: [email protected]
Upper Blackwood
Agricultural Society Inc.
Eric Biddle
Ph: 9765 1317
[email protected]
Wanneroo Agricultural
Society Inc.
Rhodry Korb
Email: [email protected]
South Eastern Orchid
Society of WA
Sue Pearson
Ph: 0402 832 437
Email: [email protected]
WA Bromeliad Society Inc.
Margaret Walters
Ph: 9337 7283
Rockingham & Districts
Garden Club Inc.
Dorothy Singleton
Ph: 9593 4175
South West Rose Group
Marian Lawrence
Ph: 0418 972 957
Email: [email protected]
Southern Districts
Agricultural Society
Busselton Inc.
Nikki Davies
Ph: 9754 2241
Swan View & Districts
Agricultural Society Inc.
Tracey Salmond
Ph: 9574 2465
WA Chrysanthemum
Society Inc.
Frank Blackwell
Ph: 9534 8238
[email protected]
Wanneroo Joondalup
Orchid Society Inc.
Tony Watkinson
Ph: 9342 3799
Email: [email protected]
Wildower Society of WA
Ph: 9383 7979
York Garden Club Inc.
Mary Hervey
Ph: 0419 922 939
Email: [email protected]
The Fruit Plant Specialist
Gard at the
en F
WA Fern Society Inc.
Jill Watson
Ph: 9417 1274
[email protected]
WA Fuchsia Society Inc.
Ph: 9404 7835
Wanneroo Joondalup
Orchid Society
Tony Watkinson
Ph: 9342 3799
Email: [email protected]
OPEN 9am-5pm
Cnr Toodyay & Wilson Rd, Middle Swan WA
WA Gerbera Society Inc.
Joyce Riordan
Ph: 9594 0374
Ph 0419 988 344
Gosnells Horticultural
Society Inc.
Ph: 9398 2684
Harvey Agricultural
Society Inc.
Dom Fazzolari
Ph: 9729 2333
Email: info#@harveyshow.
Herb Society of WA Inc.
Vanessa Scotford
Ph: 9459 2964
Heritage Roses
of Australia Inc.
Lea Newing
Ph: 0417 989 098
Email: [email protected]
We provide a range of exceptional
gardening services, performed by highly trained
gardeners. We do once off tidy ups, ongoing
garden maintenance, garden makeovers
and everything in between.
For more information, visit our website or
call our friendly ofce girls...
Phone: 9450 6165
Email: [email protected]
Hibiscus Society
of WA Inc.
Shirley Laslett
Ph: 9277 3924
Email: [email protected]
Kalamunda & Districts
Agricultural Society Inc.
Pamela Edwards
Ph: 9454 5228
Email: [email protected]
Katanning Agricultural,
Pastoral & Horticultural
Society Inc.
Ailsa Thomas
Ph: 9821 1828
[email protected]
Kelmscott & Districts
Garden Club Inc.
Jeff Upton
Ph: 9459 4526
Living Roses is a small rose nursery
located in Ascot offering both standard and
bush roses from newly budded to mature.
They can advise on planting, growing,
pruning, weed and pest control.
The nursery is open to the public by appointment.
Ann: 0403 315 538
Bevan: 0431 098 759
Email: [email protected]
Dalwallinu & Districts
Agricultural Society Inc.
Justin Curry
Email: [email protected]
Gidgegannup Agricultural
Society (Garden Group)
Nadine Rawlings
Email: [email protected]
Midland Friendly
Garden Club Inc.
Laurel Digby
Ph: 9279 2858
The Orchid Society
of WA Inc.
Kaye (Pres) 9337 6210
Nancie Treas) 9417 2862
WA Horticultural Council
Ph: 9404 7835
Email: [email protected]
Bindoon & Districts
Agricultural Society Inc.
Jan Cooper
Ph: 9571 0660
Email: [email protected]
Geranium & Pelargonium
Society of WA Inc.
Joy Coy
Ph: 9527 8668 or
0409 807 7885
Mandurah Garden
Club Inc.
Val Rayner, Ph: 9535 1483
Email: [email protected]
Begonia Society of WA Inc.
[email protected]
Gardeners’ Circle Inc.
Chris Hardie
Ph: 0418 145 608
[email protected]
Mandurah and Districts
Orchid Club of WA (inc)
Douglas Meadows
Vice president MDOC (inc)
Ph: 9582 2009
Email: [email protected]
Perth Garden Club Inc.
Kay Pearce, Ph: 9447 7577
Email: [email protected]
Colin Barlow
African Violet Society Inc.
Barbara Johnson
Ph: 6304 2261
[email protected]
Kelmscott Agricultural
Society Inc.
Val Brown, Ph: 9525 65578
Freo Grasshoppers sing of global warming
Trades and
We service and repair evaps
most makes & models
Silvadee and The Grasshoopers
“Surprisingly, the title track of the rst album, I Guess I’m Lucky has been picked
A SONG about global warming and the up by Trinity Productions in the US to
use of coal by local band the Freo Grass- be used in a documentary, Signs of Our
hoppers has ignited keen interest in the Times, about the plight of the homeless,
United States because of its environmen- especially in the US.
tal theme.
“The song can be viewed on YouTube.
Eight years after the band was formed I’m humbled at the opportunity and hope
by Dee Silva (known as Silvadee), the the interest in both these songs might be
Grasshoppers album, Taking You Home the start of something bigger.”
Tonight, has sold more than 1000 copies
When the Freo Grasshoppers was
with the last song, Burning Away, attract- formed in 2007 Silvadee’s brother Juning the attention of a US publisher.
ior was on bass with various drummers
“Burning Away really remained un- lling in. The next year Silvadee sent
noticed until a year ago,” Silvadee said. solo, touring with local band Easy Tigers
by Josephine Allison
• Breezair • Cool Breeze Air • Bonaire • Brivis • Coolair •
• Braemar • Celair • Mitsubishi Electric • LG Life’s Good •
• Hoshino Wall Units • Refrigerated Units •
email: [email protected]
Call John today 0417 177 920 or 0458 124 878
and Small
Retaining Walls
Carpentry Work
Skirting Boards
Roof Repairs
Evap Service
& Repairs
& Installs
Down Pipes
Soak Wells
email: [email protected]
Call John today 0417 177 920 or 0458 124 878
PL 7849 GF 9742 SERVICES
• Blocked drains
• Hot water systems
• Leaking taps and cisterns
• Burst pipe detection & repair
24 hours
• Gas installations & servicing
9341 8486 0417 957 026
YOU’RE never too young to have fun sailing…
This is Bob Meredith (pictured above), one
of those unique characters that make up the
volunteer sailing crew aboard Duyfken.
At a youthful 74 years Bob enjoys nothing
All Hot Water
Plumbing & Gas
1300 130 827
or 9335 1552
more than climbing up the foremast to prepare
the sails for Dufken’s next sailing adventure…
no mean feat when you consider that when he’s
working up near the top of the mast he is 60 feet
above the ship’s deck!
The story for Bob though doesn’t begin
around water. For 30 years he lived and worked
in rural Western Australia as the manager of
a 17,000 acre wheat and sheep farm that was
located 50 miles north of Mukinbudin… not
much water out that way!
Along the way he played competitive football
until he turned 50.
Relocating to Perth in 1987 he took up a role
with Curtin University where he spent 10 years
as the grounds curator.
It was during the late 90s after a visit or
two to Fremantle that he discovered Duyfken
under construction. Being very inquisitive he
started chatting with the build team. By the
time Duyfken returned to Fremantle after her
2002 voyage to Holland for the 400th anniversary of the VOC, Bob was hooked.
He started to read more about the original
ship’s history and with this new found knowledge it wasn’t long before he was invited to
it has reached epidemic proportions, yet so few men talk
openly about it.
For those who have approached their doctor for advice, more often than not, an
effective treatment is quickly
and conveniently made available. Surgery is usually the
last-resort due to the unpleasant nature of side-effects
such as incontinence and
impotence. Most cases can
be adequately treated with
orally taken over-the-counter
medication such as the popu-
lar Magnus Shield, developed
and distributed by Graminex
According to Mr. Indra,
spokesperson for Graminex
Australia, men in general tend
to be tight-lipped about their
current condition.
“It’s normal for men to feel
uncomfortable talking about
their prostate and their symptoms (of BPH) that’s okay,
we understand,” says Indra,
who does his best to personally answer questions from
individual callers. He has also
Phone Wayne 0412 886 898
ABN 13180313206
• Excellent services • Honest and reliable
• Seven day services • Discount for seniors
• Guaranteed the lowest rate in the city
• Perth metro and regional (POA) areas
• Roller shutters
• Security doors
• Security windows
• Glass door and window
• Aluminium gates and panels
Police Clearance No. 01131
9279 7444
join the volunteer team as a ship guide. From
this beginning he joined the maintenance team
and then once the local day sail program commenced he joined the sailing crew migrating to
the role of climber… a role that involves climbing to high points on the mast to release the sails
for sailing.
Today Bob is actively involved in training a
new crop of trainee climbers eager to embrace
the joy of tall ship sailing from the highest vantage points on the ship.
From all this Bob has developed some great
principles to live life by… in his words “if you
rest you rust” and “you’re never too old to have
To meet Bob and the crew of Duyfken there
are a couple of options for Have a Go News
readers. During the winter months, April to
September why not put together a group of
12 or more and join us for the Coffee ‘n Cake
Tour ($15/person) of Duyfken at her Fremantle
And then come October we re-launch the
Seniors Sailing Program on the Swan River so
get your club to email Peter Bowman for details
at [email protected]
Prostate health problems - a thing of the past?
ONE IN three men over 50
have benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) commonly
known as an enlarged prostate, this number rises to nearly 80 per cent of men when
they reach 70. While BPH is
not fatal, like prostate cancer,
it can cause a lot of pain and
Common symptoms are
frequent and painful urination, and for some cases
sexual performance is affected. It is no wonder that
Lic. 6465
mother Kathleen where he released his
rst album, Nose Power, which he says
was: “more or less a learning curve.
“I returned to Perth with one aim and
that was to continue my music,” he said.
“Western Australia is denitely the music hub, especially for singer-songwriters
where there are so many opportunities to
tour up the coast and inland. Many musicians now strutting their stuff overseas
come from WA.”
Junior D’Silva, who has been playing bass guitar for the past 20 years, is
renowned for his genetic harmonies and
humour. Reggie D’Souza has played
the drums since he was a child and also
teaches drumming at local schools. Keyboardist Thierry Nogang performs most
Sundays at the Crown Burswood. Originally from Mauritius he adapts well to
the Grasshoppers mission to play across
various genres.
“Our band is now recording its third
album and there’s already interest which
is encouraging,” says Silvadee.
The Freo Grasshoppers perform at
Cicerello’s boat harbour, Fremantle,
midday to 3pm, Monday, 27 April.
To be in the draw to win a copy of the
Freo Grasshoppers CD simply email
[email protected] with the
word grasshoppers in the subject line.
Competition ends 30/04/15.
Tales from the Duyfken
Your complete property maintenance
and make-over specialist
Yard & Site
Clean Ups
Tree Lopping
Foot Paths
Brick Paving
Brick Laying
Brick Pointing
to the North-West and Darwin, gigging
extensively up the coast including inland
country towns and mine sites.
In 2009 the Grasshoppers reformed
and started gaining a name slowly but
steadily, according to Silvadee. In 2010
Silvadee released the Grasshoppers rst
album, I Guess I’m Lucky which sold
more than 1000 copies. By then, the
band was gathering a fan base, especially with its live performances throughout
the Perth area.
In 2011 dynamic drummer, Reggie
D’Souza, joined the band to take it to
another level.
“The hunger was growing to get into
the studio to lay down another album
and, by December 2013, Taking You
Home Tonight was released,” Silvadee
The Freo Grasshoppers perform
regularly at Fremantle’s National Hotel
and the Governor’s Lodge on Rottnest,
as well as at private and corporate functions doing covers and originals.
Silvadee, the front man, singer, songwriter and guitarist, has been playing and
performing since age 11 after settling in
WA with his family from India in 1974.
He has also performed on television as a
solo artist and with the Grasshoppers on
ABCs Stateline program.
After his father, Eddie, died in 1987
Silvadee moved to Sydney with his
“Providing Quality
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spoken to many concerned
wives whose husbands are
reluctant to acknowledge the
The key to this problem
he believes, is to slowly encourage a culture where men
should not feel ashamed to
talk about their medical condition, especially if it concerns their personal equipment.
For the men who are willing to seek help to ght for
their health and well-being,
Magnus Shield has proven to
be a very effective solution.
Bill was suffering from
the symptoms in silence on
a daily basis and at rst believed that it was part of the
normal ageing process all men
go through. That was until
he spoke to a close personal
friend who suggested that he
get some medical advice. This
led to him being prescribed
some Magnus Shield by his
family doctor and the results
have been positive thus far.
“Since taking Magnus
Shield tablets for the past
three months, I have noticed
an improvement. Previously I
would go to the loo ve or six
times a night, and now I only
go two or three times, even
less sometimes,” said Bill.
Another long-time sufferer
Paul, did not wait around for
help and instead actively
sought it out. One day he
stumbled upon an article written in a health magazine about
the prostate and this led to him
trying out Magnus Shield for
“I found about these tablets
Magnus Shield tablets from a
magazine. I found it helps me
to empty my bladder in night
time and relieves the pain
while passing water. It really
works for me. I’m feeling better now,” says Paul.
The good news is that more
men like Bill and Paul are
taking a proactive approach
to taking care of their own
health. In order to further encourage this trend Graminex
Australia has been working
together with non-prot prostate support groups in Victoria
to help increase awareness
amongst men.
Indra feels it’s only a matter of time before practically
all men learn the ins and outs
of taking care of their prostate.
“Eventually we hope to get
more men to come forward
and share about their prostate issues. This is our way
of showing our support for
this common condition,” says
Trevor Cottle, who is in
charge of running the regular
meetings with his prostate
support group in Box Hill,
Victoria, underwent prostate
surgery eight years ago and
also lost his brother to prostate
cancer, feels the same way.
“Prostate support groups
have been formed by men,
for men, who are interested in
prostate health issues and want
to do something about it.”
For enquiries about joining
a prostate support group, visit for
more information.
For enquires about Magnus Shield, call 1300 760 627.
Celtic Woman coming to Perth
Mineelds and Miniskirts
IF HISTORY is told by the victors, the story of
war is usually told by the blokes. Now it’s the
‘sheilas’ turn. Nearly 1000 Australian women
had a part in the Vietnam War as entertainers,
journalists, volunteers and nurses. The one thing
they have in common is that their lives were
changed forever by Vietnam. For many of them
it was the most vital and alive they have ever felt.
This is their story.
Directed by the award winning Peter Kirkwood, Terence O’Connell’s adaptation of Siobhan McHugh’s book of the same name, Mineelds and Miniskirts reveals through words,
action and songs from the era, a collage of true
stories about the extraordinary experiences of ordinary women in surviving a war. Mineelds and
Miniskirts presents a completely different look at
the Vietnam War. It is told from the perspective
of ve women who were involved in diverse
ways with the conict. The play is based on true
stories and covers all the aspects of the war that
so polarised a generation in Australia.
Director Peter Kirkwood saw this play per-
formed at the Playhouse a number of years ago
and it made a huge impact.
The director has assembled a highly experienced and dedicated team of actors with extraordinary talent who bring to life these stories of
happiness, heartbreak, fear and bravado.
“We are also delighted to be able to donate
$2 from every ticket sold to Legacy to assist our
needy veterans and their families”
Mineelds and Miniskirts was adapted by Terence O’Connell from Siobhan McHugh’s book
of the same name. It is directed by best director
award winner Peter Kirkwood
Mineelds and Miniskirts plays at 7.30pm
on 15, 17, 18, 20 and 22 April at 7.30pm with a
matinee on 19 April at 2pm
Book through 9255 3666 or www.taztix. (bookings and transaction fees apply).
Members and Friends of MosArts bookings
9433 6260 or [email protected]
Harbour Theatre is back by popular demand
as part of the 2015 ANZAC commemorations
supported by the Town of Mosman Park.
Toodyay Moondyne Festival 2015
Celtic Woman members from left to right; Mairead Nesbitt - Susan McFadden - Lynn Hilary and Mairead Carlin
by Josephine Allison
away from friends and family
but everyone is so lovely here
they make it easy for you. We
are treated incredibly well.
“For me, it’s a big part of
caring for myself so I look
to other things. I’m quite a
spiritual person and do things
such as yoga and I have
started eating healthy. It’s so
easy not to and it really affects your state of mind. You
come off stage and you might
eat chips and wake up next
morning angry with yourself.
For instance, I had cous cous
salad for dinner tonight.”
As a vocalist, Carlin also
plays the accordion and piano and a little bit of ukulele.
She says audience appreciation stems from the fact that
Celtic Woman’s music is
very honest and treated in an
honest way.
“For example, we discovered the other day that
Amazing Grace has had
something ridiculous like 27
million views on YouTube.
It touches people when we
sing this kind of music, it
also touches you as a performer. Our music director
David Downes has a way
of making the music move
and head towards a climax.
It takes you on a journey and
back again. Our songs and
music tell a story and people
love that.”
As for the often-asked
question about four women
working and living together
in such close proximity, Carlin says things wouldn’t work
if they didn’t get on.
“They’re all nice people
and it’s an important part of
why we get on so well. It’s
a lovely atmosphere to be
Celtic Woman return to
Australia on their 10th Anniversary World Tour in September. For ticketing details
go to
Celtic Woman perform
Friday, 25 September at the
Perth Arena.
To be in the draw to win
one of three double passes
(gold tiered tickets - RRP
$131.52 each) to see Celtic
Woman perform at the
Perth Arena email [email protected] and
include the word Irish in
the subject line. Or to enter
via postal entry, address an
emvelope to Celtic Woman
Comp. c/- Have a Go News
PO Box 1042 West Leederville WA 6901 with your
contact details on the reverse side. Competition ends
“Thousands of Australians are confused and end up
buying the wrong bed”
II MIGHT be some ungodly
hour of the morning but the
lilting Irish voice coming
down the line from Denmark
sounds fresh and invigorated.
Mairead Carlin of popular
Irish singing group the fourmember Celtic Woman is
winding down after their nal European concert in Aalborg before heading home to
Ireland for a much deserved
break ahead of a US tour and
an Australian visit later in the
Carlin, who joined the
group in August 2013, has to
stop and think for a second
when she considers how long
it has been.
“It’s been an unbelievable experience,” she says.
“There’s not a day goes by
when I don’t pinch myself
about how lucky I’ve been
there so long – it seems like I
only joined yesterday. It kind
of shows how much I love it.
If you are counting the days,
it seems like forever but time
has own by and it has been
a truly amazing experience.”
Named Billboard magazine’s World Albums Artist
of the Year six times, Celtic
Woman is a one-of-a kind
musical entity that showcases four gifted Irish women;
three world – class vocalists
and a brilliant Celtic violinist,
whose talent and charisma
help bring centuries of musical and cultural tradition to
life in the group’s recordings
and concert performances.
Since its formation in 2004,
Celtic Woman has sold more
than eight million copies of
its nine CDs and eight DVDs,
making it the only all-female
act to achieve multi-platinum
success in the classical crossover and world music genres
during the past decade. Other
group members are Lynn Hilary, Susan McFadden and
Mairead Nesbitt.
And, it seems, new member Carlin is enjoying the ride.
From Denmark, the group
was ying back to Dublin for
a few hours of rehearsal.
“From there, I return home
to Derry for a week off,” Carlin says. “It’s nice to go home
and I spend most of my time
in the kitchen baking and
cooking for friends and family. It’s my favourite thing; I
love it. My sister is a vegan
and we both love food and
cooking. For my whole family, it’s part of our way of life.”
Carlin says she always
wanted to be a singer and
“I had my rst singing
lesson aged four; my father
was a bass player, my sister
a violinist and my granny a
singer so I was surrounded by
“Derry is a very cultured
and musical place, wherever you turn there’s music.
That was especially true in
my family. We would just
sit around the re, sing and
drink tea – there was no alcohol involved, despite what
people always think about
the Irish.”
After nishing her studies
at Trinity College of Music in
London, Carlin was signed to
Decca Records and recorded
her debut album, Songbook,
in 2014. She toured Britain
and Ireland with legendary
American singer-songwriter
Don McLean, including a
sellout concert at Royal Albert Hall.
On St Patrick’s Day, Carlin was in Manchester, New
York, for the occasion before
heading to Newark, New Jersey to celebrate the group’s
10th anniversary tour. Celtic
Woman toured Australia and
Perth last year and Carlin is
looking forward to returning
here where she has a cousin
and a good friend.
With such constant touring, she says it’s important to
try and nd a balance in her
“I hadn’t done a long tour
until last year and I wasn’t
sure how I would cope. Four
months is a long time to be
THE TOWN of Toodyay
will step back in time to celebrate the annual Moondyne
Festival in May, bringing the
infamous West Australian
bushranger Moondyne Joe
and his escapades to life.
Street theatre will have
Joe and his gang wreaking
havoc throughout the town.
Joe may be found aunting
with the oozies, defying the
tedious temperance ladies
whilst trying to evade the
local constabulary, intent on
locking him up and throwing away the key.
The festival celebrates
Toodyay’s colonial past and
the town is transformed into
a lively festival of community fun and entertainment.
Everyone is invited to
dress in 19th century costume for a colourful procession down the main street,
headed by the musket-ring
Rie and Artillery Regiment
1860 with the boisterous entourage of colonial oozies.
Attractions include a
variety of stalls, displays
entertainment and demonstrations. Local art exhibitions are held in the CWA
Hall and Irish and Highland
dancers will provide ongoing
entertainment in the main
street throughout the day.
There will be vintage cars
and bicycles on display and
visitors may experience the
historical art of morse code
telegrams with the Morscecodians Society. Engage
with the Sherlock Holmes
Society of WA and admire
the displays of the Hand Tool
Preservation Society of WA.
Visiting the Antique
and Collectors Fair is also
a must. The festival ows
through the main town site
to the beautiful Stirling Park
resting on the banks of the
Avon River where people
will nd the ever popular
fun fair plus tasty refreshments.
Festivities include the
log chop, stilt walkers,
Clydsedale horses and sheep
shearing. Watch the blacksmith and the wood-turners
demonstrate their art. Be enthralled by the Kalamunda
Pipe Band and the ever popular swaggie stew at their
makeshift camp. Enjoy bush
poetry and Moondyne Joe
laments throughout the day.
Families are invited to
join WA Circus School for
children’s games in the
park and perhaps having a
ride on the Toodyay Miniature Railway, Lil Louie and
the Toodyay Lions Wiggly
Worm. Face painting, balloon twisting and the adorable baby animal petting zoo
will delight visitors.
Join in the fun at the annual Moondyne Festival - an
event for the whole family of
all ages and interests.
Free entry and entertainment at Toodyay Moondyne
Festival on Sunday 3 May
9am – 4pm at Toodyay town
More information: www.
to be in
the draw
to WIN...
6PR, Mercure Perth and Have a Go News give readers the chance to
win tickets to The Glenn Miller Orchestra live at Perth Concert Hall on
11 June. Plus one lucky winner will win the ultimate night out for their
mum. Including VIP Seats, an overnight stay with breakfast at the
Mercure Perth Hotel plus a pre show dinner for two in their brand new
Beccaria Restaurant.
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Name the regular host of 6PR’s Perth Tonight Program.
Chris _
NAME: ____________________________________________________________
CONTACT NUMBER: ________________________________________________
ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________
Entry limited to one per person, winners drawn on Monday 4 May.
Entry closes last mail received Monday 4 May, 2015. Send completed entry form to
Have a Go News PO Box 1042 West Leederville WA 6901
Book at Ticketek on 132 849
The Glenn Miller Orchestra features America’s finest musicians together
with the Moonlight Serenade Singers and The Broadway Swing Dancers,
this year, the concert will pay tribute to the spirit of Anzac including a
special feature of music and songs from the years of the Great War.
Simon Gallaher © Stephen Reinhardt
by Josephine Allison
POPULAR Australian entertainer Simon Gallaher
is such a trooper; he handles his big work load with
ease, itting between directing Pirates of Penzance
and appearing on stage in Wicked, set to open in Perth
next month.
Gallaher had just emerged from rehearsal in Brisbane directing a short run of the 30th anniversary of
Pirates of Penzance before our appointed phone interview. Then it was a back to the hotel for a brief rest
before an early-evening performance of Wicked.
“I’m currently directing Pirates and have just left
Simon’s a wickedly different wizard
actor John Wood in the theatre to take your call,” Gallaher says, barely missing a beat. “How do I juggle so
many hats? I ask myself the same question when I go
to bed at night.
“Apart from the early show of Wicked, the usual
show starts at 8pm and ends at 11pm. I’m in one
theatre as the Wizard while all the pirates are running
around in the theatre next door. I return to the hotel to
unwind and be up and about by 8am the next day. But
there could be worse things; we are not solving the
problems of the world but we are bringing some joy
to it and that’s a good feeling.”
Gallaher, 56, is well-loved as one of the country’s
leading musical theatre performers. He is also a television star, theatre performer, singer, musician, pianist, songwriter and successful theatre producer.
Apart from Pirates, Gallaher has performed starring roles in Hello Dolly, The Student Prince, My Fair
Lady, The Mikado, HMS Pinafore and The Merry
Widow. He marked 25 years in show business by returning to the concert platform in 2000. In 2012 he
returned again with a series of tours and also a return
to musical theatre when he starred in the role made
famous by Harvey Fierstein and John Travolta in the
musical Hairspray for Brisbane’s Harvest Rain Theatre Company.
He confesses to being a latecomer to Wicked but
when he nally got to see it, he was hooked.
“Firstly because the story is so cleverly engineered
around the Wizard of Oz story; you know the characters but you don’t know the story they are telling. I
think as an audience it gives you a good comfort zone
and a good anchor to start from, but with the original
story to go with it and a terric original score from
Stephen Schwartz. This very clever writer also composed the music for Godspell and Pippin.”
Gallaher has only played in Wicked since the Brisbane run, after being own to Sydney to learn the role
and rehearse it there. Coming in the footsteps of Bert
Newton and Reg Livermore, his will be a decidedly
different wizard.
“They tell me I’m the only wizard who sings the
notes. It’s a lovely score, written for good singers, so
it’s a great opportunity to sing the part as well as act.
This wizard is a little more multi-dimensional than he
is in the lm; he has a more sinister side.
“There’s a lot of collusion between him and Madame Morrible (Maggie Kirkpatrick) with plotting and
scheming going on. He has to be your lovable uncle
but there’s a subplot with Maggie. They are trying to
weave their little spells to ensure everyone’s under
their thumb.”
Gallaher says he is especially looking forward to
his Perth visit after revisiting Pirates 30 years later.
“We nished our last season in Perth and that’s
when I met my wife Lisa. I took her out for her 20th
birthday all that time ago and she has just celebrated
her 50th birthday.
“Lisa’s brother is Todd McKenney who was in
Sydney with an Andrew Lloyd Webber show, Song
and Dance, which closed prematurely. The director
of Pirates saw the show and went backstage to offer
Todd a role in the Perth show because of his aerial
acrobatic skills.
winning author and poet;
manuscript assessor, publisher and editor who will
help you set a solid foundation for your novel.
“These classes will help
writers set a solid foundation
to their story by focusing on
theme, plot, the develop-
Leslie Hinton and Roy Ortuso proudly present
ment of unique characters
readers will want to join
on their journey, and sound
writing techniques. By setting the building blocks in
place the novel will start to
write itself,” says Helen,
who is also the president of
the Society of Women Writers WA.
The course runs for three
full days on 2, 9 and 16 May
from 9am to 4pm at Citiplace Community Centre in
the Perth Railway Station
The classes are open to
men and women. Cost is
$180 for society members;
$240 for non-members.
Bookings are essential as
places are limited. To book
or for more information,
call 0415 840 031, email
[email protected] or
check the website:
A little chaos
REUNITED for the rst
time since Sense and Sensibility, Alan Rickman directs
Academy Award winner
Kate Winslet in the romantic
drama A Little Chaos. The
lm follows Madame Sabine
De Barra (Winslet), a strongwilled landscape designer
who challenges sexual and
class barriers when she is
chosen to build one of the
main gardens at King Louis
XIV’s (Rickman) new palace at Versailles, causing her
to become professionally
and romantically entangled
with the court’s renowned
landscape architect André
Le Notre (Matthias Schoenaerts, Rust and Bone). Also
starring Stanley Tucci.
The book of life
From producer Guillermo del Toro and director
Gutierrez comes an animated
and I‛ll die if I want to!
by arrangement with
Cameron Cresswell
Agency Pty Ltd
Camelot Theatre, Mosman Park Memorial Hall
16 Lochee Street, Mosman Park
A huge tribute to the Temptations, The Supremes,
The Four Tops, The Pointer Sisters, Marvin Gaye,
Stevie Wonder and many many more.
Wed 24 June Mandurah Performing Arts Centre
9550 3900
Thu 25 June Astor Theatre
Stagetix 9370 1777
Directed by
Brendan Tobin
family 2ad+2ch
curtain up 8pm ★matinees 2pm
Bookings: Gwyne 9255 1783 or
Fro enc
rec Sio m th e O’
ted bha e bo Con
by n Mc ok b ne
Pe Hu y ll
ter gh
• 13 to 14 and 16 to 17 April, 12-2pm
Kids Pottery Workshop
• 13-17 April, 10am to 12noon daily, extra class 1-3pm
Kids Holiday Programme - Animals of Oz
- take a trip around Australia in 5 days the animal way
If history is told by the victors, the story of
war is usually told by the blokes. Now it’s the ‘sheilas’ turn.
Peppered with songs from the era, this is their story.
• 13-23 April, Artists by the River - The culmination of
a 20 week project with the theme ‘The Natural World’
15, 17, 18, 20 & 22 April @ 7.30pm
Matinee: 19 April @ 2pm
• 27 April - 9 May, A Source of Pleasure - artworks by
The Riverside Collective
BOOKINGS: 9255 3336 or
TICKETS: $25.50 full/$23.50 conc $20.50 f/t student or child under 15
$2 from every ticket sold will be donated to
Legacy to help our needy veterans and their families
Riverside location on bus route - Plenty of parking - air conditioned
586 Canning Hwy, (Cnr North Lake) Alfred Cove
*Proceeds to the Atwell House Restoration Fund
Ph: 9330 2800
comedy with a unique visual
style. The book of life is the
journey of Manolo, a young
man who is torn between
fullling the expectations
of his family and following his heart. Before choosing which path to follow, he
embarks on an incredible
adventure that spans three
fantastical worlds where he
must face his greatest fears.
Rich with a fresh take on pop
music favourites, The book
of life encourages us to celebrate the past while looking
forward to the future.
A recent migrant to France
(Omar Sy, The Intouchables)
ghts to stay in his adopted
country with the help of a
rookie immigration worker
(Charlotte Gainsbourg), in
this winning drama from the
directors of the breakout hit
The Intouchables.
Black Sea
A suspenseful adventure
thriller directed by Academy
Award winner Kevin Macdonald, centring on a rogue
submarine captain (two-time
Academy Award nominee
Jude Law) who pulls together a mist crew to go after a
sunken treasure rumoured
to be lost in the depths of
the Black Sea. As greed and
desperation take control onboard their claustrophobic
vessel, the increasing uncertainty of the mission causes
the men to turn on each other
to ght for their own survival.
Director: Kevin Macdonald. Cast: Jude Law, Scoot
McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn.
To be in the draw to win
a double pass to one of the
above lms, simply email
[email protected]
au and include the name of
the lm in the subject line or
be among the rst callers to
phone the Have a Go News
ofce on 9227 8283 during
business hours (Monday
to Friday between 9am to
5pm) and leave your contact
details. Competition ends
(opposite Windsor Hotel)
For further information and membership enquiries visit
“Nine months later I came to Perth and Todd offered me digs at his mother’s house, saying there was
a spare room because his sister was away dancing in
Japan. I arrived and later there was a knock on the
door. It was Lisa surprising her mother – I think she
went and stayed with her father and the rest, as they
say, is history.”
Lisa will accompany her husband to Perth and the
couple plan to rent a home in Subiaco for several
months, bringing their two dogs with them.
Gallaher believes Australian musical theatre is in a
good state at present.
“Unfortunately, it’s an expensive exercise to go to
the theatre but when you see a show like Wicked and
all the spectacle of it, you realise where the money
goes. It’s by far the biggest show I have ever worked
on in terms of scale. The number of people backstage
let alone on stage is amazing. Some individual costumes cost around $25,000 each so no money has
been spared.
“Wicked is a real spectacle and audiences are in for
a treat.”
Wicked plays at Crown Theatre, Perth from 3 May.
To be in the draw to win one of two double passes for Thursday 7 May performance of Wicked at
Crown Theatre at 8pm, email [email protected] and include the word wicked in the subject
line. Alternatively, address an envelope to Wicked
comp c/- Have a Go News PO Box 1042 West Leederville WA 6901 with your contact details on the reverse side. Competition ends 30/04/15.
On the Silver Screen
Writing a novel? The Society of
Women Writers can help
THEY say everyone has at
least one good book in them.
Are you attempting to write
that great novel? Need help?
The Society of Women Writers WA is again conducting
Saturday writing classes.
Writing a Novel, will be
run by Helen Iles, award
Old Mill Theatre presents
An irreverent comedy
Written and directed
by Noel O’Neill
10, 11, 15, 16,
17, 18, 22, 23,
24 April @ 8PM
19 April @ 2PM
TICKETS: $25 full,
$20 concession
BOOKINGS: 9367 8719 or [email protected]
Moscow Ballet’s Sleeping
Beauty returns to WA
GRAND International Concerts proudly presents the
welcome return to Australia
of Moscow Ballet La Clas-
and the magic of Sleeping
Beauty, a hugely enjoyable
dance spectacular for ballet
lovers of all ages.
Performances Sunday 3
and Thursday 7 May at the
Regal Theatre, Perth. Bookings: 132 849 www.ticketek. or 9388 2066.
Monday 4 May at the
Albany Entertainment Centre. Bookings: 9844 5005 or
1300 795 012 www.ticketek.
Tuesday 5 May at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.
Bookings: 9550 3900
Wednesday 6 May at
Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre. Bookings:
1300 661 272
Glengarry Glen Ross
their jobs if they don’t make enough sales.
The twist? They only have access to most undesirable properties and the most unwilling
buyers. The pressure is on, and the guys will
do anything they can to move the properties,
from bribery to burglary and everything in
David Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize-winning
story is a master work of modern theatre
about greed, desperation and ruthless ambition. Black Swan State Theatre Company
presents Glengarry Glen Ross at the State
Theatre Centre from 23 May – 14 June.
More information can be found on our
glengarry-glen-ross/ or Facebook page:!/BlackSwanStateTheatreCompany
To be in the draw to win a one of ve
double passes for Glengarry Glen Ross on
Saturday 23 May, 7.30pm in the Heath
Ledger Theatre of the State Theatre Centre, email [email protected] and
include the word Chicago in the subject
line. Alternatively address an envelope to
BSSTC Comp c/- Have a Go News PO Box
1042 West Leederville WA 6901 with your
contact details on the reverse. Competition
ends 30/04/15.
Testament of youth
TESTAMENT of Youth is a powerful story of
love, war and remembrance, based on the First
World War memoir by Vera Brittain, which has
become the classic testimony of that war from
a woman’s point of view. A searing journey
from youthful hopes and dreams to the edge of
despair and back again, it’s a lm about young
love, the futility of war and how to make sense
of the darkest times.
Director: James Kent (TVs The White Queen,
The Thirteenth Tale). Writer: Juliette Towhidi
(Calendar Girls). Cast: Alicia Vikander (A Royal Affair, Anna Karenina), Kit Harington (TVs
Game of Thrones). In cinemas 23 April.
The age of Adaline
The age of Adaline is a romantic drama
which tells of the miraculous life of Adaline
Bowman (Blake Lively), who remains 29 years
old for almost eight decades following a near
death experience. Over the course of the 20th
century, Adaline leads a solitary existence, never
allowing herself to get close to anyone who
might reveal her secret. But a chance encounter with charismatic philanthropist Ellis Jones
(Michiel Huisman) reignites her passion for life
and romance. When a weekend with his parents
(Harrison Ford and Kathy Baker) threatens to
uncover the truth, Adaline makes a decision that
will change her life forever.
Director: Lee Toland Krieger. Cast: Blake
Lively, Harrison Ford, Ellen Burstyn, Michiel
Huisman. In cinemas 16 April.
A troubled eleven-year-old boy at a prestigious east coast music school who clashes with
the school’s demanding choir master (Dustin
Hoffman), in this inspiring drama co-starring
Kathy Bates, Josh Lucas, Debra Winger and
Glee’s Kevin McHale.
From acclaimed Canadian director François
Girard (Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn
Gould, The Red Violin) comes a drama that the
entire family can enjoy. Boychoir is the story of
a talented youngster struggling against the odds
to nd his voice. Directed by François Girard. In
cinemas 23 April.
To be in the draw to win a double pass to
one of the above lms, simply email [email protected] and include the name of
the lm in the subject line or phone the Have
a Go News ofce on 9227 8283 during business hours (Monday to Friday between 9am to
5pm) and leave your contact details. Competition ends 20/04/15.
wundowie iron festival
“It’s about our iron history”
FREE entry to the festival
FREE entertainment and activities for the kids
Art Competition and Exhibition for both adults and youth
Iron Beast - Circle of Swords
Produce and craft stalls - Show bags
Food and refreshments available
Sunday 17 May 2015, 9am to 4pm
Wundowie Community Hall and Oval
Visit our website for more information
INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed and the
subject of a critically admired lm, David
Mamet’s Pulitzer Prize-winning story of
salesmen struggling to stay aoat in the cutthroat world of Chicago real estate is not to
be missed.
Set in the cut-throat world of Chicago real
estate, Glengarry Glen Ross follows the lives
of four down-on-their-luck salesmen under
tremendous stress, threatened with losing
Films screening in April...
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Bin there bins
The Beat Goes On
Liverpool (1950 - 1999)
Who can forget the fabulous
Mersey Sounds of The
Beatles, Gerry and
the Pacemakers, Cilla Black
and more.
Come, enjoy and relive those
famous sounds. Let your
hair down, relax and join us
at the Tivoli Cavern Club.
© Alan Studt
FRIDAY EVENING SHOWS 17, 24 April and 1, 8, 15 May
Doors open 7.30pm Show starts 8.00pm
Friday 8 May, fundraiser charity show for Surf Life Saving!
TICKET PRICES $20 Adults, $17 Pensioner, $10 Child
Ticket includes chicken and chips meal, tea and coffee. BYO alcohol and
BOOKINGS Phone 9364 5463 (please leave a message)
Email [email protected] Web
VENUE Applecross District Hall, Kintail Road, Applecross
(opposite The Rafes at Canning Bridge)
X+Y follows Nathan, an
awkward, idiosyncratic
teenager, grappling with
the sudden death of the
one person who understood him – his father.
As he struggles to connect with those around
him, he is introduced to
an anarchic and unconventional maths teacher
who takes Nathan under
his wing.
Soon Nathan nds
himself selected for the
UK Mathematics Squad
and, against the odds,
representing his country
in Taipei. Over there,
the academically gifted
aren’t bullied but celebrated, envied and even
invited to parties. Nathan’s rational brain can
cope with the most complex of maths problems
just ne; the real test
comes when he meets
his female exchange
partner, Zhang Mei, and
has to cope with falling
in love – the most irrational thing of all.
X+Y is written by
James Graham and
directed by BAFTA
Award winner Morgan Matthews. Starring
Sally Hawkins (Blue
Jasmine, An Education),
Asa Buttereld (The Boy
in the Striped Pyjamas,
Hugo), Rafe Spall (Life
of Pi, Prometheus), Jo
Yang and Eddie Marsan
(War Horse, Sherlock
X+Y screens in cinemas from Thursday, 9
April, exclusive to Cinema Paradiso.
To be in the draw to
win one of 10 double
passes to X+Y, call the
Have a Go News ofce
on 9227 8283 during
business hours (Monday to Friday 9am to
5pm) and leave your
details or email [email protected]
and include the word
maths in the subject
line. Competition ends
sique spectacular masterpiece
and ballet’s most loved fairytale, Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping
Beauty, touring nationally.
The great success of Russian Theatre is undoubtedly
classical ballet. The highlyacclaimed and respected
Moscow Ballet La Classique
was established in 1990 by its
current artistic director Elik
Melikov and has since earned
the reputation for their internally-acclaimed ballet skills,
lavish costumes and magnicent stage sets.
The illustrious Moscowbased company will take
Australian audiences on a
mystical journey to the fairytale world of Princess Aurora,
the Sleeping Beauty. In this
two-act fairytale performance
Moscow Ballet La Classique
will capture the imagination
Friend to Friend
For over 45’s only.
Please nominate a category for your advertisement.
Tick one box only.
Abbreviations used in Friend to Friend
Travel companion
GSOH: Good sense of humour
ND: Non drinker
Pen friend
SD: Social drinker
NG: Non gambler
Seeking a friend
NS: Non smoker
NOR: North of River
SOR: South of River
TLC: Tender loving care
Seeking a partner
ALA: All letters answered DTE: Down to earth
WLTM: Would like to meet
Each person may submit
an entry every month.
STOP: Please read new instructions carefully
Write your advertisement in the grid below. Please
print clearly in ink using only one square per word.
Send the completed coupon to:
Friend to Friend
PO Box 1042
West Leederville WA 6901.
Name ..................................................................................... Address ..........................................................................................................
......................................................................... Postcode .............................................................................
Phone ...................................................................... I am over 45 years of age ................................................. (Signature)
Seeking a Friend
ACTIVE gent, happy NS,
enjoys movies, sport, dining
out, picnics, walking etc. I
WLTM an Asian lady sometime soon. Take care.
Reply Box 6618
AN easygoing, slim lady,
many attributes with GSOH,
WLTM gent 75+, happy in
each other’s company, sharing similar interests; travel,
dance, theatre etc. Long term
if compatible. NOR.
Reply Box 6619
A SINGLE, 64 year old man
is seeking a friend to have
coffee now and then or to
the movies. Lives alone and
seeks company, NS, ND,
NG, happy person.
Reply Box 6633
Australian lady, 70 plus,
well educated, seeks dancing companion, unattached,
SOR, NS, ND with a love of
classical music. If this sounds
like you, let’s waltz into the
sunset together towards happier times.
Reply Box 6613
and warm hearted WLTM
gent, NS, SD, 75 plus. Quiet
nights, movies, occasional
dinners and good conversation would be ideal. Be nice
to meet for coffee. ALA.
Reply Box 6607
FIT, active, Bunbury lady
66, seeking honest, genuine
friendship, male or female,
interested in water sports,
skiing, biscuit and tube, kneeboard etc, must have recreation boat ticket.
Reply Box 6630
who enjoys the simple life.
WLTM lady who enjoys
same and wants to become
a friend and lover, age or nationality not an issue. Let’s
meet for coffee and chat.
Reply Box 6611
GENT 65, 180cm, ex UK,
presentable, well educated,
easygoing, VGSOH, n sec,
WLTM compatible lady, 5260, attractive, slim for friendship, social activities, outdoors and importantly, travel
(Australia, overseas), maybe
relationship later. NOR, genuine only, coffee.
Reply Box 6608
9371 0380
MANDURAH LADY 50 Slim, petite & pretty blue eyed
brunette, t, young for age, bubbly but not overbearing,
sociable, honest, reliable and a loveable human being.
Sk gent 47-56 who communicates well and wants
a serious r/shp.
TRIGG LADY 53 Tall, slim, indep, modern woman. Attr,
feminine, condent, intell, brn eyed brunette. Love the
o/doors, good food, wine and music. Would suit tall,
smart, honest, sociable gent 50-60.
WEST PERTH LADY 60 Stunning blue eyed blonde, (looks
50), t, petite gure, joyful, good company, bright,
positive, full of life & has a really warm heart.
Sk gent 55-65 condent & funloving.
SOUTHLAKE LADY 45 Pretty Thai (resident), sweet, girlish,
slim, very well grmd, hd working, homeloving & loves a
simple life, enj cooking good food, the garden & would
suit kind, loving man 50-65 view perm r/shp.
YOKINE LADY 64 slim, brn eyed brunette w/ a positive
o/look on life & a GSOH. Is an active, vibrant, happy & woman who looks after herself, walks to keep
t, has lots of hobbies. Sks loving r/shp w/ gent 60-70.
MARANGAROO LADY 68 An interesting woman, very
comfortable in her own skin, funloving, a bit cheeky, kind
hearted & so easy to talk to. Still an attractive blonde
w/pride in grooming & appearance. Sk gent 70-80.
CARINE LADY 55 successful, self emp, very attr, blue
eyed blond, takes great pride in herself, her work & her
grooming. Youthful, slim/t, happy-go-lucky.
Sk gent 52-62 who participates in “life”.
*EXCLUSIVE OFFER for Have a Go News readers:
Join now - Half price membership! Offer ends 30/04/15
*Conditions apply
GSOH, lives NOR, looking
for companion. DTE, into
music, sport, outings, any
age, open. I’m 60+.
Reply Box 6632
GREAT guy, 58, active,
kind, comfortably off. Likes
to travel, walk, shows, seeking a nice lady.
Reply Box 6606
HAPPY sincere, Aussie lady
78 likes reading, gardening,
the sea. WLTM kind gent,
GSOH, Mandurah area for
reciprocal friendship, travels.
Photo appreciated.
Matching mature singles since 1995
Reply Box 6625
WIDOW 70s, slim, warmhearted, peaceloving, optimistic, cultured, musical,
artistic with spiritual, psychic
and gardening interests. Sincere, compatible souls, value
the beautiful simplicities of
life, the upward, fullling
spiral is limitless.
Reply Box 6610
Reply Box 6620
LADY 70+, rened, 5’3”,
good cook, keen sense of fun,
seeking sincere single gentleman, NS, ND, loves roasts,
trie, beach and river walks,
words, music, healthy, 5’6”
minimum, 77 tops, companionship and friendship, reading.
Reply Box 6616
LADY, 6163 postcode, English and Australian, 70, t,
healthy, happy, active, NS,
WLTM gent for genuine
friendship, enjoys walking,
beach, outings, movies etc.
Let’s meet for coffee.
Reply Box 6631
LADY Dutch Australian
5’9”, slim, into health, creativity, inner peace. Enjoys
tennis, nature, swimming.
WLTM tallish, educated, single gentleman, 60 to 70, well
presented, positive, positive,
kind, natured, coffee. See if
we click!
Reply Box 6622
to meet gent 75+ for friendship and outings NOR.
Reply Box 6621
MARRIED but lonely mature gent WLTM occasionally with a friendly local or
visiting country gent or/and
lady. Thank you.
Reply Box 6627
MATURE gentleman, tall,
good looks, 59, good dresser,
NS, SD, GSOH, travel, movies, picnics, keeping t, good
heart. WLTM beautiful lady,
55-65, who likes red roses,
holding hands, genuine, photo, TLC.
Reply Box 6636
SEEKING Australian Italian lady companion/partner,
60s, elegant appearance,
dress, maximum 5’4”, NS,
SD, NG. Myself; early 70s,
retired professional, caring,
sincere, quietish, strong, believer, space, communication, sharing, active physically, intellectually varied.
Interests; travelling.
Reply Box 6605
SINCERE lady SOR, well
educated, pretty, seeks a gent
late 40s to mid 50s with equal
quality. Hope to enjoy spending mutual time together with
various activities.
Visit Have a Go News online:
Seeking a Partner
ACTIVE, slim, t gent, tall,
68, semi retired professional
living in western suburbs,
DTE, NS, SD, GSOH, many
interests, especially outback
touring. WLTM special lady
to share interests and to give
my love and care too.
Reply Box 6629
ALLURING gent 58, enjoys companionship, going
places, doing things together,
being active. WLTM a similar lady.
Reply Box 6623
Australian lady, 60+, petite,
feminine, rened, intelligent,
educated, GSOH, DTE,
WLTM well mannered, sincere, unattached, business or
professional gentleman, 60 to
75. I love reading, walking,
gardening, city and country
life, genuine replies. Photo
Reply Box 6615
AUSSIE male, 70, postcode 6163, retired. Interests;
dining out, movies, shing,
beach, horse racing, NS, SD,
not a world traveller, WLTM
slim lady similar.
Reply Box 6612
AUSSIE widow 75, 5’2”,
NS, SD, rocky area. Like to
meet sincere guy love art gardening GSOH, DTE.
Reply Box 6628
DOWN to earth lady in her
60s with GSOH who likes
to keep t WLTM honest
gent with whom to attend
concerts, theatre and travel
if compatible. I’m sincere,
friendly, happy and healthy.
Reply Box 6635
GENT, Aussie, 71, WLTM
retired lady 65-68, slim,
medium and pretty, partner, lover, travel, Darwin,
motorhome in Perth winter
months loves travel, cruises,
t and healthy, SD, GSOH,
DTE, TLC, photo please.
SOR, I live 6168.
Reply Box 6634
HAPPY kind, easy going, blue-eyed, blonde, well
groomed, lively and out going, seeks young minded, active gent who enjoys travel,
concerts and is well mannered, decent and knows how
to treat a lady. ALA.
Obtaining replies to your Friend to Friend
Reply Box entry:
Please include two stamped ($1.40) self addressed
C5 envelopes. These envelopes measure approx.
23x16cm and are obtainable from Australia Post.
Entries not accompanied by the correct sized
envelopes will not be considered for publication.
Friend to Friend
When replying to an entry:
LADY 63, life would be enhanced with the right piece to
make it complete. That being
a gentleman 63 to 70, SOR,
with good manners and quality communication. Say hello
if you WLTM.
To reply to the advertisements in Friend to
Friend nominate the reply box (the number
located at the right hand bottom corner of the
ad) concerned and post to:
eg. Reply Box 4100
c/- Friend to Friend,
PO Box 1042, West Leederville, WA 6901.
(example only)
Send your reply on a single sheet of paper.
Place in a small envelope 11B
(measures approx. 14 x 9cm).
No greeting cards or bulky items.
All replies will be forwarded at the end of each month.
All replies are strictly condential and are not opened.
LADY 69 WLTM gent so
we can both get a life. Travel
in Australia going to shows,
outings, have fun together,
live, laugh, enjoy each others company, NS, SD, SOR,
GSOH, TLC, ALA, be happy.
Friend to Friend
Reply Box 6624
Reply Box 6614
Reply Box 6626
SOUTHWEST lady looking for gent to 68 with brains,
brawn and a pocket full of
money, prefer widower. I’m
63, med build, VGSOH, SD,
loves shing, music, gardening, easygoing, own home by
the sea.
Reply Box 6609
Seeking a Pen Friend
LADY 65 Christian. WLTM
friend, male or female to
share outings Freo area. My
family is overseas, friends
married. DTE, fun loving,
enjoy walks, golf, dancing,
movies, coffee, young attitude and looks.
FRIENDLY tips for maximising your use of this free service;
• Use the grid, write your entry in ink using one space per
• Your entry must t into the 35 spaces of the grid - NO EXTENSION OF GRID IS PERMITTED.
• Post the entry to Friend to Friend PO Box 1042, West
Leederville WA 6901 by the 20th of the month preceeding
• Your entry must be accompanied by two C5 envelopes
(which measure 23x16cm and are obtainable from Australia
Post) Each envelope must have $1.40 postage.
Please follow these instructions to guarantee your entry
will be considered for publication.
Reply Box 6617
Aspiring and emerging writers
workshop at Margaret River
AN all-day workshop will be held for aspiring and emerging writers as part of the
2015 Margaret River Readers and Writers
Festival, 29 - 31, May.
Festival director Helen Allan said three
publishers and a self-publishing expert
would present workshops to writers.
“We are fortunate that our festival, the
seventh run by Arts Margaret River, attracts a range of authors, journalists and
publishers from around Australia. Consequently the festival committee felt we
should take advantage of their expertise
and hold some workshops for aspiring authors.”
Ms Allan said the rst workshop, run
by New Age Publishing proprietor Anita
Revel, would guide people through how
to publish their own books both hard copy
and online.
“Ms Revel has self-published 18 books,
in both print and digital formats and she
specialises in giving seminars on how to
self-publish. Her workshops help authors
to learn about the pitfalls and the pleasures
of self-publishing and how to take their
initial concept through to a nished product,” she said.
The second workshop will be conducted
by Margaret River Press director Caroline
Wood, Spinifex Press director Dr Susan
Hawthorne and publisher Nicky Zubriski.
“These publishers will review the rst
chapter of emerging writers’ work and
give them specic feedback on how to
make sure their manuscript is noticed and
gets the best chance of being published,”
Ms Allan said.
Margaret River Press director Caroline
Wood said established writers were well
aware of the benets of going with a small
publishing house.
“Small publishers are often overlooked
by emerging writers, but in truth many
small publishers are renowned for their
author care and are often more engaged
with authors,” Ms Wood said.
She said emerging and aspiring authors
should come to the workshops to hear
what small publishers could offer, but
more importantly what their obligations as
authors are in the publishing process.
The workshop, which costs $150, will
be held at the Margaret River TAFE on
Friday, 29 May from 9.30am to 3.30pm.
Tickets can be booked by phoning Arts
Margaret River on 9758 7316 or www.
Scene Socially
At the midnight hour:
Motivation and
a cup of coffee
Jon Lewis
SCENE (1): THE Aspinall Lifeline Brunch was held for
the 19th time this year at Vince and Anne Garreffa’s backyard to raise much needed funds for Lifeline. The brunch
includes a superb array of food donated by many of Perth’s
top chefs as well as many items for the auction. The day organised by Mondo Community Warriors ensures that every
dollar raised goes directly to that charity. All this is made
possible by the organisers Vince Garreffa, Michael Tambori
and Stefan Jenner. More than $350,000 was raised on the
day for Lifeline.
SCENE (1): Top row from left; Bre Cavallaro and Jillian McHugh - Patron Graham Mabury and his wife Merle - Sharon and Matt Sevior - Shelley and Abbey
Thompson and Allison and Lyn Travis.
Second row from left; Jen and Bronson Franchesci - Russell Woolfe and Sophie Budd - Vince Garreffa and Stefan Jenner - Carolyn, Malcolm, Tonya and Mary
McCusker and Verity James.
Third row from left; Rick Ardon and the paddles were raised to buy training packages for Lifeline counsellors.
SCENE (2): On the 6 March, Government House was the venue
for the International Women’s Day 2015 Hall of Fame induction
ceremony to recognise and celebrate the achievements of 10 outstanding Western Australian women.
SCENE (2): Top row from left; Nigel Reynolds, Dr Bridget Boultwood,
David, Mary and Jane Cannon - Wendy Ryan and Lennie McCall.
Second row from left; Nasim Khamsen, Rehab Ahmed, Selene Hui and
Celeste Brand - Liz Allison and Irene Porter - Dr Bernadette Wright
and Lois Gatley
SCENE: (3) ANTONIO Carluccio hand carved the
walking stick which was sold at the Aspinall Lifeline
Brunch last month for $15,000. The lucky buyer was
Valerie Garreffa who bought the stick for her husband Charlie who recently broke both legs. Local
jeweller Rohan set three diamonds into the stick.
SCENE (3): Pictured above is Vince Garreffa, Valerie,
Charlie and Rohan the jeweller.
Style for the mature woman
Clockwise from left;
Zoa St James Classic basics are
essential for
dressing well
by Zoa St James
AS a personal shopper and stylist, the questions I have
been most asked over the years have been regarding
colour, age appropriate dressing, nding clothes that
t body shapes and where in the scheme of fashion
does a lady over a certain age actually t in.
Firstly, before we even hit the stores is that you
have to have, even just a little bit of condence and a
sense of yourself and how you’d like to look and feel
when you’re at home and head out.
I love fashion, of course, but I feel most denitely a
viewer of it rather than a participator most of the time.
I love its inuence and how it can shape what is
essentially our own style whilst keeping us looking
up-to-date and fresh.
It’s nothing to shy away from and be scared of and
believe me I have dealt with women who feel this
way. But an example of having this condence I speak
of was seeing my son-in-law’s grandmother attend his
wedding, dressed in the most beautiful colourful silk
kaftan from Forever New. It would require almost
a stiff drink to get some ladies to even contemplate
crossing the store’s threshold. Talk about wow factor.
Being styled or even just shopping for oneself requires
knowing yourself and your taste. The pieces need to
resonate with your personality and lifestyle so that
when you wear something it’s a part of you.
I have always prided myself on the ability to understand the brief from a client and to full this; interpreting her desires and nding the exact right pieces.
Fashion is fun or should be, it’s as simple as one or
two new things and enjoying the new seasons colour
palette that can keep us looking and feeling modern.
That’s what it’s all about.
As this year sees me shin deep into my 50s, my
look is more about the basics and really always has
When I say basics I actually mean classics as well.
There is something to be said for uniform dressing and
by that I mean a wardrobe that has well cut, quality basics that take the guess work out of dressing daily and
earn their keep by tting the different scenarios in life
we have, but at the same time provoke compliments
on how effortlessly to put together a look.
My favourite colours to stock basics in are black,
white, navy, khaki and grey. These colours are for
pants, tops, T Shirts and jackets. Colour is then applied by way of accessories, scarves, shoes, bags,
coats and jewellery.
An example would be a light grey pair of pants or
even jeans, a white shirt or t-shirt and adding a saffron
yellow jacket or coat. You take the colour palette that’s
featured that season and nd a shade that suits your
complexion or one that you are comfortable wearing.
In other words take what’s in but bend it to suit you.
This season my heart is set on a nding a trench
coat. Of course I don’t have a budget that can see me
enjoying a Burberry shopping excursion, hence I am
very grateful for the stores that provide fantastic alternatives at reasonable prices.
Okay, this is the plan. First up go through your
wardrobe. Be ruthless and throw away pieces that you
deem old and outdated and no keeping stuff to just
wear around the house.
Compile a wish list.
Now have a open mind, visit some stores you may
not have considered but stock many age appropriate
styles like; Seed Heritage, Zara and Witchery.
Be playful with fashion; it doesn’t bite but we do
want to wear it with a kick. Having great style 101:
It’s not about a huge budget, its about being savvy and
informed with the way you shop. Being well groomed
(hair and makeup) is as important as any accessory.
Attention to the smaller details like treating yourself
to a manicure or pedicure make you feel like a million bucks.
Choosing a new scent, don’t forget there are lots of
affordable options at Chemist Warehouse.
Having great style is about living stylishly also.
Taking pride in your environment is as exciting and
inspiring as dressing well. Buy owers just for you!
Well on that note I will sign off but please feel free
to email me with any questions or advice on zo[email protected] I would love to hear from you.
“HA, ha, ha... it certainly
can be easy to put it off until
tomorrow...” he wrote as his
eye caught nothing at all.
A small pool of blue ink
formed from where his thin
pen now sat on the brown
paper. The new pen’s box
sat close and the wrapping
string sat coiled considerately nearby.
Waking from yet another
day dream he peered down
to the paper and perceived
a face in the growing puddle
of ink. A little ick of the nib
here... and a little slide there
completed the image.
He sipped from his double
espresso that had now cooled
far too much for his liking
and yet he still savored it as
if it was at a perfect 78 degrees. A beep of an electronic watch focused his attention on the elapsing time. He
put down the small cup with
a considered “clink” and sat
up straight. Looking at the
well dressed people pass by,
he breathed in the city air and
again picked up the thin pen.
“I really need a better
pen,” he spoke to himself
with a smile... and he looked
at the now slowly expanding image of a face that was
becoming interestingly more
A waiter paused as if to
ask the customer did he
require another coffee and
sensing quiet from him,
shufed on. Pausing only
a moment and returning
briey, the waiter left a little
white piece of paper uttering under his table number.
He did actually see the
waiter and felt a little annoyed that the bill had been
deposited in such a hurry....
after all he had only been
sitting there a few minutes?
“Oh dear” he thought as
that same electronic watch
beeped a second time. Had
he been there for an hour or
more? Again he picked up
the thin pen of seemingly
endless blue elapsing ink and
drew a body absent mind-
edly to the now drying face
as he considered the pen’s
“It looks a little like me”
he thought and wished he
had drawn a slimmer body...
A thought bubble grew
from the mouth of the image and his pen lled in the
“Why let your time slip
away, why let it disappear,
why think about the reasons
to not do it, instead think
about the reasons to do it.
You may be surprised.” And
the words stopped.
Next to the blue image he
drew up a column with two
headings. “Good reasons
to leave it until tomorrow”
and “Better reasons to do it
For the rst time he was
off to a ying start! Many
words, sentences and emotions came to him as his
pen scribbled to the left of
the column. Then he paused
and sipped from his deep
black cold double espresso.
Picking up his pen, slowly
one reason came to him and
dutifully wrote it down this
time to the right of the column. Another reason came
and he also wrote it down.
Then a surprise! He laughed
a little. A reason came to
him hardly before he had
nished writing the previous one. And then another...
He quickly swallowed his
coffee as though he was in
movie scene and the director
had called “Action”.
The surprising one good
reason had been enough to
make him act. The many
before had been enough to
make him see. The words
to the left of the column had
been more than enough to
make him want to do.
With now refreshed energy he propped up the blue
man’s image by the clean
white small espresso cup. He
reached over for the bill... reected for a moment. Then
he turned it over and wrote
his newspaper column.
All the best,
Jon Lewis
Jon Lewis can be heard
on 6PR 882 AM, Monday
to Friday from midnight to
Is your club looking for a
Quiz Master? Jon is available as your Quiz Master.
Text him on 0404 005 882 or
email [email protected]
For more details, visit the
Flex your body,
relax your mind...
and make the time for YOU!
Yoga2Fitness offers classes for adults, teens and
children. You don’t need to be exible or t or have had
any previous yoga experience. You are welcome to join
a class anytime during the term.
Life is busy enough, no need to rush, push or strain.
You will benet most from the class when you are relaxed
and explore the movements within your own abilities.
Lots of options are given for all levels
... listen to your body and make this time for you!
Classes are held in comfortable church halls in
Heathridge and Beldon and the upstairs meeting room
at Joondalup library.
Your rst trial class is free!
mobile: 043 8800499
Facilitated by Bettina Gould,
Yoga Instructor, Cert III/IV Fitness,
ChiBall™ Instructor, Children &
Teens Yoga & Fitness Instructor.
Level 2 member Yoga Australia
and Fitness Australia.
SAVE with the
over 50’s insurance
At Australian Seniors we provide real value for money without compromising
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Home &
Our policies aim to provide all the necessary
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Motor Vehicle
Our car insurance policies are easy to
understand. We offer a great range of
benefits and savings, including:
✔ Lower car insurance premiums, means
savings for you
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We offer low-premium travel insurance
offering world- wide protection (both
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✔ Unlimited overseas medical expenses
cover (Worldwide Plans)
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for loss of luggage, cancellation charges,
replacement of money and more
✔ Competitive policies
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10% discount for all
online purchases
Plus many more benefits including competitive
premiums for Landlords Insurance.
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Home & Contents and Motor Vehicle Insurance - Australian Seniors Insurance Agency Pty Ltd (Seniors) is an authorised representative (AR No. 270983) and acts for the insurer The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd ABN 78 090 584 473 AFSL 241436. Seniors may receive a
commission on premium paid. Any advice provided is general only. To decide if this product is right for you read the PDS available on our website. Travel Insurance - Seniors travel insurance products are issued and underwritten by ACE Insurance Limited ABN 23 001 642 020,
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Important Note: To decide if any of these products are right for you please carefully read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement which is available at or by phoning the relevant customer service contact number. † Offer for 1st year only and valid for new home
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