Continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of “

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“Continue to
grow in the
grace and knowledge of
our Lord Jesus Christ”
2 Peter 3:18
Please inform the Church Office
and/or pastors when friends or
family are sick or in hospital so that
they can be visited. Please advise
the office of concerns for the prayer
list by Thursday morning.
Prayer Page
the Grampians parish and their pastor, Chris Raatz.
our own congregation, especially for the group organizing ‘Journey with Jesus to
the Cross’.
the chapel services at the school on Tuesday and Friday mornings.
Julet & Graham Schultz who are mourning the death of Julet’s brother Ivan Werner
whose funeral will be at St Peter’s Lutheran Church Dimboola at 11am on Thursday
12th of March. Also a brother-in-law of Rex & Jeanette Graetz and Jill Graetz.
For the sick and recovering: John Young, Bev Miatke, Myra Anderson,
Meryln Herrmann, Dot Gerecke
Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village Residents and Staff
Long-Term Patients: Rodney Eldridge, Kevin Creasey, Dorrie Janetzki,
Dora Gregurke, Glenyce Hughes; Warracknabeal: Lorraine Preuss,
Jeparit: June Matuschka, Minyip: Olive Semmler, Dimboola: Ruby Boehm,
Mata Liersch, Naracoorte: Melva Peterson, Stawell: Eric Boschen, Len Barnett.
Contact us
Pastor Gus Schutz
Pastor Jonathan Williams
Pastor Greg Koch
Mrs Lynda Henstridge
Office Staff
Church Office
22 Bowden St, Horsham 3400 Ph: 5381 0602
35 Rennison St, Horsham 3400 Ph: 5382 2039
32 Duncan St, Murtoa 3390
Ph: 5385 2169
30 Edward St, Horsham 3400 Ph: 0422 821 829
Heather Petering
22 McPherson St, (PO Box 14) Ph: 5382 1325
Horsham 3402
Fax: 5382 1527
Hours: 9am - 1pm Monday – Friday
Email: [email protected]
Holy Trinity Lutheran School Trinity Dve, Horsham 3400
Ph: 5382 2529
Jeff Gork
Jacob’s Well Bookshop
Roberts Avenue, Horsham 3400 Ph: 5382 3769
Julie Hedt
Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village Trinity Drive, Horsham Ph: 5382 0034
Chief Executive Officer:
9.00am HTLS Middle School Chapel in the school library
Our Week Together
Please pray for:
8 March 2015
Peter Jenkin
Today– 8 March, Lent 3
Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village (M Rudolph/Pam Rethus)
Holy Communion
10.00am Kids’ Time
10.30am Holy Communion
Holy Communion
Readings: Exodus 20:1-17; 1 Corinthians 1:18-25; John 2:13-22
Monday, 9 March
Public Holiday – Church Office Closed
7.30pm Rest in Prayer in the Education Centre
Tuesday, 10 March
9.00am HTLS Middle School Chapel in the school hall
7.30pm Pastoral Assitants meet in the Board Room
Wednesday, 11 March
9.30am ‘Wed Wildflowers in the Board Room
7.30pm Lenten service in the Church
Thursday, 12 March
8.45-9.30am Staff Bible study & weekly meeting
11.00am Holy Communion at Garden Village
Friday, 13 March
9.00am Holy Trinity Lutheran School Chapel
10.00am Playgroup in the Education Centre
Holy Communion
“Jesus says: “My flesh is real food; my blood is real drink, whoever eats my
flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him: John 6: 55-56
We welcome all who come seeking healing through forgiveness, and strength for
daily living, God comes to us in the Lord’s Supper in a personal and intimate way
offering these through His Son’s body and blood.
Celebrating with God
Mid Week Lenten Service, 11 March
7.30pm Holy Communion
Readings: Psalm 79:4, 8-10; Mark 14:53-72; John 17:20-26
Next Sunday, 15 March, Lent 4
Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village (Pastor Greg)
Holy Communion
10.00am Kids’ Time
10.30am Holy Communion
Café Church with Holy Communion
Readings: Numbers 21:4-9; Ephesians 2:1-10; John 3:14-21;
Mid Week Lenten Service, 18 March
7.30pm Holy Communion
Sunday 22 March, Lent 4
Holy Communion (Baptism – Harlow Janetzki)
10.00am Kids’ Time
10.30am Holy Communion
Holy Communion
A service is held at Sunnyside Lutheran Retirement Village every Sunday at 9.00am.
Coming Events
20 to 22
28 to 30
2 to 6
7 to 10
Lutheran Men of Victoria Retreat
Journey with Jesus to the Cross
Easter Camp at Araluen
Kids’ Camp at Tandara
Attendance 9am - 231; 10.30am - 62; 7.00pm - 29; 4 Mar - 53.
For Lenten Service 11 March, 2015
Pastoral Asst
Worship Asst.
Treasury Steward
Projector 7.30pm Fran Durow
Colin Kreymborg
Music 7.30pm David Tonissen
Ian Walter
C Hill, J Ackland
Reader 7.30pm Ian Walter
Flowers 7.30pm n/a
Colin & Gloria Hill
Melva Schneider
Bruce Harberger, Paul Rudolph, Graeme Werner
For Sunday, 15 March 2015
9.00am Andrew Sanders
9.00am Jarrod Morrow
Amplifier 10.30am Tim Nuske
6.30pm Bianca Rudolph
6.30pm n/a
Camera 9.00am Ryan Morrow
9.00am James Schwarz
9.00am Wade & co
10.30am Geoff Nuske
Music 10.30am John Rurade
6.30pm Phil Pietsch
6.30pm Youth Band
9.00am Greg & Pauline Huff
9.00am Lynda Henstridge
10.30am John & Eleanor Fulwood
Reader 10.30am Naomi Nuske
6.30pm Gordon & Lorna Mills
6.30pm Phil Pietsch
Imogen Foster
Assistants 10.30am Colin Puls, Andrew Rudolph
9.00am Norm & Beris Tepper
10.30am Volunteers
9.00am Denise Milich, Simon Rethus
Ushers 10.30am Garry Starick, Glenys Dixon
Prayer Writer
6.30pm Gordon & Lorna Mills
Verna Rudolph
9.00am P & C Pietsch, A, C & E Sanders
Prayer Leaders
10.30am Colin & Loloma Puls
R Cramer, J Nagorcka
Treasury Stewards E Hedt, S Cramer, T Schultz
Flowers Carmel Pietsch
Tape Courier Brian Schwarz
Chancel Grant & Imogen Foster
Lawnmowing Lyall Wheaton
Ministers: Every disciple of Christ at Holy Trinity
Weekly Offering Report
Responding to Sexual Abuse Complaints
A confidential service for responding to complaints of sexual abuse/harassment by church
employees has been set up with trained advisers to help. Write to: The Supervisor, PO Box 519,
Marden SA 5070 or use the freecall number, 1800 644 628 or email
[email protected]
Lenten offerings
Lenten Appeal
News from Tandara
The Trinity View is available today
Over the past 12 months there have been some big
changes at Tandara. The intern program started in 2014.
It has been a great benefit to Tandara as a camp and also
the people of the wider Victorian/Tasmanian District. The
job of managing the camp has become a much bigger
workload. Therefore in 2015 James and Judi Doecke
were also welcomed in part-time roles. From Darren Linke
Please pick up your copy from the tables in the hall. Please remember to do this so we
can save on postage and extra work for our volunteers.
New Holy Trinity Address Books Available
Contact the church office or pick up a copy from the box on the table in the hall. You
are being asked to contribute $5 to cover the cost of producing the book. Most people
find these very helpful, to contact other members easily or pray for them
Lutheran Men of Victoria 2015 Retreat
New Staff
Josh Tedham
I was born in Millicent. South Australia, went to Millicent
High School and St Martin’s Lutheran College. My
interests include video games, reading, clay sculpting,
bird watching and palaeontology (study of fossils).
I applied for the internship because I thought it would be a
great opportunity to help me grow in confidence around
others, gain more fitness and grow more spiritually.
James Ker
I am the son of the pastor at Warrnambool.
My greatest passion is computers. I love their logical
complexity. I also find the internet to be one of
mankind’s most fascinating creations. The biggest
challenge for me at Tandara has been dealing with so
many people. I’m not very comfortable around others,
but as they say life’s no fun if you never leave your
comfort zone so I’ve been welcoming the opportunities.
James & Judi Doecke
James was LCA Director for Lay Ministry,
then Interim Manager at Warrambui Retreat
and Conference Centre. They planned to
travel Australia in their caravan but after a
few months God challenged them with the
position at Tandara. They accepted after
many prayers and discussions.
Kids Camp: 7 to 10 April
Ages 9-13 years
Registration close 27 March
Cards Camp
17-19 April
Register online by 10 April
Email: [email protected] , Website:
Held at Tandara Lutheran Camp from 20 to 22 March. Pastor Harry Ludwig is leading
studies on “Vocation and Station” and “Where love comes to life”. Guest speaker for
Saturday night is Pastor Mathew Anker (African Ministry). Full camp fees for the 3
days are $100. Registration by 6 March 2015. Registration forms are available from
the table in the hall or the church office. Keep this event in your prayers.
Lenten Appeal
Brochures for this annual Lenten Appeal are available from the church office if you
haven’t already received one. Your gift will support District and Congregational
Projects that are designed to especially help people who are migrants, needy, and
lonely. It also supports the Hospital and Aged Care Chaplaincies as well as the African
Community Development. See the brochure for donation options.
Journey with Jesus to the Cross
28, 29 & 30 March
You are being offered an opportunity to strengthen
your faith in the Saviour who died for you through
reflection, meditation and prayer as you follow his
steps from the Upper Room to Calvary and the
Open Tomb through interactive displays in the
Education Centre. Open each day from 9.30am to 4
– no cost. You may spend as much time as you
need at each stopping place. Put this on your
calendar now and take advantage of this
A Reminder
Good 2nd hand clothes are needed for the Dimboola Bargain Centre. If you have some
that are clean and ready to go, mark them as such and leave them on the stage in the
Great Christian Resources for Families
God’s World – In the Beginning
Slide and See $10.00
A wonderful re-telling of the best – loved Bible story of all – the Story of
Creation. Pull the pages apart to reveal the wonders of God’s work and
enjoy a world teeming with life. Hidden pictures within each leaf
take us step by step through the seven days of the Creation.
Promenade of Sacred Music at Hamilton District
This annual event will take place from Thursday, 16 April to Sunday 19 April with a
Friends of the Promenade Concert on Friday 13 March at St Mary’s Catholic Church.
The event includes Trax Big Band, Airing of the Quilts and Devonshire Tea (Tabor
Lutheran Church), Organ plus Soprano, The Soul of Anzac, The Big Hymn Sing (St
Michael’s Lutheran Church, Tarrington) Jazz Trio, Twighlight Recital – Organ and Bach
(Good Shepherd Lutheran Church) and much more. Internationally Renowned Tenor
David Rogers-Smith, cellist Santiago Cañón Valencia, organist Rhys Boak and the
Church Hill Singers will be among the featured performers. A Gold Pass which covers
all the events costs $120 but attendance at individual performances may be
purchased. For more information or for a full program check out
www.promenadeofsacred music.
Have a look at these
Check out the lca website ( for featured stories on Respect.
Bishop John Henderson challenges us to listen. We might be surprised at what we
hear. Listen to the story, or read the transcript. Also look at the story on Prayer. We
do not all pray the same way and each of us finds some styles of prayer easier to
practice than others.
Easter Camp – 2 to 6 April at Araluen
Theme “Cross Cultural”
This camp for 16 to 30 year olds wil be an exploration of what it truly means to claim,
proclaim and live out our Christ-bought freedom in an increasingly challenging,
constantly changing and frequently hostile world. For more information speak to
Lynda or one of the pastors or see

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