GTU PMMS – User Manual for Student

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GTU PMMS – User Manual for Student
1. How do I register on Portal?
 Go to the URL :-
 The following homepage will open.(A)
 Click on “Student Registration” link
 Once you click on “Student Registration” link, you will be redirected to Student Registration Form.
 Once you insert your Enrolment No., following fields will be auto filled up based on your
Enrolment No:
 Year
 College
 Department
 Discipline
 After filling all the fields, once you click on REGISTER button, your Student Registration request will
be sent to HOD and Principal.
 Once HOD/principal approves your Student registration request, your registration will be
successful and you will be sent an email with your Login credentials (your username and
 One sample filled Student Registration form is as below:
2. How do I do Team Registration?
 Login into the system with Username/password
 Once you login to the system, you will see following screen:
 Click on “TEAM REGISTRATION” button and you will be redirected to following page:
 If you are not able to find Internal Guide, you can click on this link:
Didn’t find your Internal Guide Name? Please, click here
 Following screen will open up:
 You have to insert details in above form: Select Internal Guide’s College, Department and Discipline.
 In Title field, you have to select “Missing Faculty”.
 In Description, you have to provide details of your Missing Faculty (Internal Guide) like, Name, Email
ID, Mobile no., etc. Once you submit it, your Department’s HOD will receive a request of your query.
Your HOD would take necessary actions.
 At last in Team Registration form, you have to add your Team Members to register as a Team. Just
insert his/her enrolment no. and details will be automatically shown.
 Once you do Team Registration, your request will be sent to your Internal Guide for Approval. Once,
Internal Guide approves your request, your Team is formed.

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