Level 1 BID WINNERS Listed by Level

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Updated November 19, 2014
Listed by Level
Level 1
Small Youth:
Large Youth:
Small Junior:
Large Junior:
Small Senior:
Tumble Cheer All Stars (AL)
Twist & Shout - Junior Loyalty (WC)
Terre Haute All-Star Cheer University (P)
Arlington Cheer Legend Extreme (WC)
Champion Cheer Ember (WC)
Elite Cheer & Dance (WC)
Nfinity Athletics (WC)
Large Senior:
Level 2
Small Youth:
Large Youth:
Small Junior: Express Cheer - Extreme (WC)
The Cheer Center (WC)
GymTyme All Stars - Steele (WC)
Corpus Christi All Stars - Tiger Sharks (WC)
Southaven Wildcats (WC)
Legends Cheer Academy II Black Diamond Divas (WC)
United Elite - Monsoon (WC)
Dakota Spirit - Fury (WC)
Large Junior: Reflex Jags (WC)
South Texas Xtreme - Lady Pumas (WC)
Small Senior: Platinum Athletics Diamonds (AL)
Corpus Christi All Stars - Great Whites (WC)
Southaven Wildcats (WC)
Large Senior:
Level 3
Small Youth:
Large Youth:
Small Junior: Jaguar Athletics - Leopard (WC)
Blaze Cheer & Tumble Arson (WC)
C.S. Premier All Stars - Topaz (WC)
Allstar Athletics - Vanquish (WC)
Express Cheer Executioners (WC)
ICE Indiana Arctic Chill (WC)
Bullitt Athletics Emeralds (WC)
Pinnacle Cheer Team Black (WC)
Elite Cheer & Dance Venom (WC)
Premier Athletics Legacy (WC)
X-Cel Athletics - Integrity (WC)
Large Junior:
Small Senior: Northern Elite (AL)
The Cheer Connection - Shock (WC)
Prodigy All Stars Blue Flame (WC)
Large Senior: GymTyme All-Stars Crimson (WC)
Small Senior Coed: Natural Venum Blackout (Paid)
Connect Cheer NW Midnight (AL)
Premier Athletics - Knoxville North - Cali Sharks (WC)
Valley All Stars - Wild Stars (WC)
Large Senior Coed: ACE Legacy (WC)
Level 4
Small Youth:
Large Youth:
Small Junior: Pinnacle Cheer - Team Coral (WC)
Large Junior:
Small Senior: Valley Stars (AL)
Findlay Cheer Elite - Senior 4 (WC)
Bullitt Athletics Black Diamonds (WC)
Power Cheer Prestige (WC)
United Elite - Hurricanes (WC)
X-Cel Athletics - Intensity (WC)
Large Senior: ICE Illinois (AL)
Illinois All Stars - Lady P's (WC)
Cheers & More - Rubies
Small Senior Coed : Twister Cheer Company - Storm (WC)
Large Senior Coed:
Level 4.2
Small Senior: White Lightning (WC)
Large Senior:
Level 5
Small Youth:
Large Youth:
Small Junior:
Small Junior Coed:
Large Junior Coed:
Cheer Extreme Junior Elite (WC)
Prodigy All Stars Moonlight (WC)
Small Senior Restricted:
Large Senior Restricted:
Small Senior Coed Restricted:
Memphis Pride Allstars (AL)
Large Senior Coed Restricted:

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