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Miley to throw
£6000 party
for homeless
8P 18-19
Affleck praises
Garnerís effort
to promote
child education
Speaks for you
Saturday, November 22, 2014 Issue No. 6477
face death
Global oil
climbs on
8P 9
8P 12
8P 32
Hamilton tops
8P 24
8P 5
Elections Abdulla bin Hassan
Al Buainain met many
he wait has ended, and ambassadors of friendly
the time is here again as countries to brief them on
the nation is all set to cast its the electoral process and
the Kingdom’s keenness on
franchise today.
All preparations have been transparency and honesty.
Authorities concerned
completed by the elections
also took the necessary
executive committee
measures to ensure
to ensure a smooth
Related success of the
STORY on elections and further
will cast their
page 2-3 civilisational
franchise under
Among them was the
of 56 judges and 300
monitors from eight non- state-of-the-art media centre
government organisations set up by the Information
Affairs Authority to facilitate
Executive Director of 2014 coverage of the elections
DT News Network
Elections at a glance
Voting centres
Eligible voters
Parliamentary seats
Parliament candidates
Municipal seats
Municipal candidates
Overseas votes
House to fight against Obama
Washington DC
.S. House Speaker John
said that President Barack
Obama’s executive action on
immigration has sabotaged
Boehner said House of
Republicans intend to fight the
president’s action, which was
announced on Thursday, but
did not detail a course of action.
He indicated Obama’s decision
to use his executive authority
and bypass the U.S. Congress,
where immigration legislation
has stalled, could taint future
“All year long I have
warned the president that
by ... threatening action
repeatedly on immigration, he
was making it impossible to
build the trust necessary to
work together,” Boehner told
reporters. “With this action,
the president has chosen to
deliberately sabotage any
chance of ... bipartisan reform
that he claims to seek.”
Obama, in a televised speech
from the White House on
Thursday night, said he intended
to sign an order that would ease
the threat of deportation for
some 4.7 million undocumented
immigrants, setting up a clash
with congressional Republicans
who opposed the move.
Full report on page 24
for local and foreign media
personnel and journalists.
Al Wefaq claims rebuffed
Coalition for Election
Observation has denied Al
Wefaq claims that 300,000
Bahrainis are boycotting
elections. The coalition has
termed the statement as a
blatant lie.
The statement is just an
attention seeking bluff, said
Integrity Coalition for Election
Observation(ICEO) General
Coordinator Faisal Fulad.
He said that the figure is
neither backed up by evidence
nor logic.
All roAds
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Elections today
UN adopts resolution to
prevent child marriage
United Nations
The United Nations yesterday adopted the first-ever resolution calling on governments
to stop child marriages, despite
misgivings from countries,
which had hoped to include sex
education as key to preventing
the practice. About 15 million
girls worldwide become child
brides each year and globally,
more than 700mn women were
married before the age of 18.
Unless action is taken, some 1.2
billion girls will be married by
2050, says the Girls Not Brides
coalition of non-governmental
DT News Network
itizens aged 20 and above
will head to the polling
centres across Bahrain today
to take part in the Kingdom’s
fourth parliamentary and
municipal elections since
the launch of the pioneering
reform project by His Majesty
King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.
As many as 349,713 eligible
Bahraini voters will have
to choose 39 members for
the Representatives Council
from 266 candidates and 29
municipal councillors from 153
candidates. Two candidates
have already won their
parliamentary and municipal
seats unopposed.
witnessed an unparalleled
compared to the previous
Biden arrives in Turkey
US Vice President Joe Biden
yesterday arrived in Turkey
for a three-day visit aimed at
persuading Turkish leaders to
play a bigger role in the coalition against Islamic State (IS)
militants. Biden is expected to
seek to soothe tensions that
have emerged between the
two NATO members, traditionally strong allies, over Turkey’s
reluctance to play a major role
in the fight against the jihadists
who have captured swathes of
Iraq and Syria. The US number
two evening landed at Istanbul
airport and immediately went
into dinner talks with Prime
Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. Karachi attack injures fifteen
At least 15 people including
three parliamentarians were
injured when gunmen opened
fire on a political party camp
in the southern Pakistani city
of Karachi, officials said yesterday. The incident occured in
the city’s restive eastern district Orangi Town when the
Muttahida Qaumi Movement
(MQM) membership drive
meeting came under gun and
grenade attack. “At least 15 people including three parliamentarians of the Sindh provincial
assembly were injured when
gunmen riding on motorbikes
hurled hand grenades at the
camp and started indiscriminate firing,” senior police official
Irfan Baluch said. He said the
injured were moved to the government-run Abbasi Shaheed
hospital adding that all were in
a stable condition.
Necessary steps taken
to ensure smooth polls
DT News Network
he Chief of Public
Security Major-General
Tariq Al Hassan yesterday
announced the completion of
security preparations for the
Parliamentary and municipal
elections. He said this
included a heightened security
presence in all areas and villages.
The Chief stated that the
police had taken appropriate
measures after receiving
complaints from a number of
citizens who received threat
calls asking to stay away from
elections. The Interior Ministry calls
upon those effected to report
violations to the police hotline
at 80008008, he stated. “The
General Directorate of Anticorruption and Economic and
Electronic Security has taken
legal steps against suspects
before referring them to
the Public Prosecution. A
number of illegal gatherings
were dealt in accordance with
the law and seven individuals
were arrested,” he pointed
out. The Chief asserted that all
necessary steps were in place to
ensure a smooth voting process.
[email protected]
l Wefaq’s statement, which claims
that 300,000 Bahrainis are boycotting
elections is a blatant lie, stated Integrity
Coalition for Election Observation
The statement is just an attention seeking
bluff, said Integrity Coalition for Election
Observation(ICEO) General Coordinator
Faisal Fulad.
He said that the figure is neither backed
up by evidence nor logic.
Speaking to DT News, Mr. Fulad said,
“From what we can see, not more than
1,000 people attend
their gatherings. How
can they claim such a
higher number when
there are no substantive
He stressed that Al
Wefaq’s figure was a
mere bluff. “It’s a lie
and this exaggerated
figure does not make
any sense. If they are Mr. Fulad
insistent on making the
claim, let them bring the proof.” He said that anti-nationals would try
their best to disrupt the electoral process.
Cyber attack
Mohammed Zafran / DTNN
[email protected]
Maj. Gen. Al Hassan
‘Statement lacks proof’
Mohammed Zafran / DTNN
ones of 2002, 2006, 2010 and
2011 by-elections. An overall
of 490 candidates entered the
fray last October but with
the withdrawal of 11 and the
ineligibility of other candidates,
the number settled at 419 in the
final list.
Twenty nine Bahraini
diplomatic missions, consulates
witnessed a massive turnout
of voters whose number has
topped 1667, thus marking an
increase of 1195 compared to
Registered voters can cast
their ballots at 40 sub-polling
stations across the country,
which will be open from 8am
to 8pm. Previously polling in
the municipal elections used to
end at 6pm.
The elections Executive
Committee has completed
“In many areas including Sitra
and Bani Jamra, they will try
their best to prevent voters
from exercising their civil
right,” he pointed out.
However, Mr. Fulad said
that elections would run
smoothly regardless of
disruptive attempts. “ICEO
will monitor and document
the election process. Apart
from monitoring the elections
we also have a media team
including social media experts to keep
the international community aware of
the events here.”
part from burning vehicles
houses, anti-nationals have
even explored cyber route to
intimidate candidates, it was
According to the Interior
Ministry General Director of
Anti-Corruption, Economic
and Electronic Security, many
Parliamentary and Municipal
election candidates received
abusive messages.
“These messages were sent
from certain websites and we
are further investigating into the
incident,” the General Director
Meanwhile, Integrity Coalition
for Election Observation General
Coordinator and Bahrain
Human Rights Watch Society
(BHRWS) Founder Faisal Fulad
said that cyber bullies were
hackers who sought to disturb
the electoral process.
“They operate from different
countries including United
Kingdom, Iran and Iraq under
various names. We’ve also
experienced the same issue with
BHRWS website,” he added.
to booths
Saturday, November 22, 2014
all preparations to ensure readiness of
the polling centres to receive the voters
and monitors under the supervision of
The Supreme
Council for Islamic
Affairs has urged all
Bahrainis to exercise
their constitutional
right and take part
positively in the
electoral process
to choose their
and municipal
56 judges and 300 monitors
from eight non-government
organisations (NGOs).
Executive Director of 2014
Elections Abdulla bin Hassan
Al Buainain met many
ambassadors of brotherly and
friendly countries to brief
them on the electoral process
and keenness on transparency
and honesty.
Relevant authorities also
took the necessary measures to ensure
success of the elections and further
project Bahrain’s civilisational image
Among them was the state-of-the-art
media centre set up by the Information
Affairs Authority to facilitate coverage of
the elections for local and foreign media
personnel and journalists.
Minister of State for Information
Affairs and official Government
spokesperson Sameera Rajab, while
inaugurating the media centre on Friday,
Voting centres
had pointed out the presence of a large
number of journalists from across the
A contingency plan has also been
put in place by the Interior Ministry
to prevent any attempt to impede the
elections or jeopardise citizens’ safety.
The Supreme Council for Islamic
Affairs has urged all Bahrainis to
exercise their constitutional right and
take part positively in the electoral
process to choose their Parliamentary
and municipal representatives.
long wait ends for candidates and voters
People attend an election campaign rally for Adel Al Thawadi who is a candidate from Hamad Town.
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Three sTripped
of ciTizenship
of assault
DT News Network
Left, a file photo of rioters throwing rocks during a riot in Al Aker and right, policemen arriving at the scene to restore peace and order in the area.
DT News Network
he High Criminal Court,
under a new anti-terror
law, has stripped three accused
men of their citizenship for
taking part in terror-related
also been jailed for 10 years
after being convicted of
possession of explosives, as
well as receiving training to
manufacture bombs.
The trio was arrested in
connection with a blast that
occurred in the village of Al
Aker on August 14, 2013,
targeting police officers. The
explosion happened amid
a riot, which broke out in
the area, and investigations
unearthed the involvement of
the first defendant.
He later revealed the
identities of his co-accomplices,
admitting that they had taught
him how to use explosives.
“The third defendant made
a pipe bomb and he gave it
to me to plant it to an area
where rioters were planning to
lure policemen to go to that
place,” the first defendant told
prosecutors in his statement.
“My role in the riot was to
plant the bombs, but the third
defendant proposed to teach
me how to make bombs,” he
added. The first defendant is already
The trio was arrested in connection
with a blast that occurred in the
village of Al Aker on August 14,
2013, targeting police officers. The
explosion happened amid a riot,
which broke out in the area.
serving one year behind bars
on rioting charges, while the
second and third defendants
were earlier sentenced to 7 and
15 years in prison, respectively
on similar accusations. HOOKED ON FASHION
Fashion has always captivated people from all walks of life. What’s new and what’s in each season and the top fashion trends now are very hard to resist
as seen in this photo, which DT News snapped at around 7:45pm yesterday, in front of a fashion house located along Salmaniya Avenue in Manama. The
two ladies seemed to be contemplating which dress they should pick and why.
35-year-old Bangladeshi
man, has been acquitted
of sexual abuse charges
before the High Criminal
Court due to lack of proof.
The defendant, who
is working as a cashier,
was accused of sexually
assaulting a 30-year-old
Filipino domestic servant
when she went to the cold
store, where he is working,
to buy some items.
He was claimed to
have touched the woman
inappropriately in the
broad daylight, taking
advantage of the fact that
she was alone with him.
denied the accusations
against him and also
pleaded not guilty before
the court.
Judges explained their
decision to clear the
defendant by stating that
the Public Prosecution
was unable to provide
sufficient evidence to
hold him guilty of such
a crime. The 35-yearold defendant,
who is working
as a cashier,
was accused
of sexually
a 30-yearold Filipino
servant when
she went to
the cold store,
where he is
working, to buy
some items.
TerrorisTs geT
10 years in jail
Saturday, November 22, 2014
DT News Network
ight men, including two
brothers, were sentenced
to ten years in prison for arson
and carrying out sabotage acts.
A ninth co-defendant was
given three years behind bars
for the same charge, because he
is below 18 years old.
reportedly set tyres ablaze
on Shaikh Salman Avenue
before pouring oil on the
damages to a bus, as well as a
police patrol jeep.
Moreover, a police officer,
who was inside the jeep was
severely injured as a result of
the attack.
A medical report conducted
A file photo of rioters burning tyres during a riot in Manama.
long time, owing to the
injuries he sustained on
his back, foot and pelvis. Two of the defendants
were arrested while hiding
in a house.
They had admitted
to their involvement in
the crime and they also
gave the names of their
other accomplices to the
authorities later.
The third defendant
told prosecutors that he
had received BD20 in
return for participating in
the sabotage.
All the men were
convicted of setting
tyres ablaze, possessing
firebombs and arson, as
well as causing damages to
two cars.
The accused men
reportedly set tyres
ablaze on Shaikh
Salman Avenue before
pouring oil on the
street, causing serious
damages to a bus, as
well as a police patrol
jeep. A police officer,
who was inside the jeep
was severely injured as
a result of the attack.
on his condition showed that
the victim couldn’t stand for a
Three years for
assaulting cop
DT News Network
accused of attacking
an on duty policeman was
sentenced to three years
behind bars by the High
Criminal Court. It was alleged that the
assaulted his victim while
the latter was serving an
arrest warrant against him. The incident happened
at the Driver Training
School in A’ali, when
the defendant is a wanted
fugitive, as he was taking a
driving test. He was suspected of
having links to riots, which
broke out at Al Jabriya
Secondary Technical Boys
The incident happened at the Driver
Training School in A’ali, when police
discovered that the defendant is a
wanted fugitive, as he was taking
a driving test. He was suspected
of having links to riots, which
broke out at Al Jabriya Secondary
Technical Boys School.
The 18-year-old Bahraini
was told that he would be
detained and handed to
the competent authorities,
pending his legal status. “We kept him in custody
and I was guarding him,
awaiting the arrival of police
to transport him from the
driving school,” the victim
told prosecutors earlier.
“He later told me that he
needed to go to the toilet
and we allowed him. I was
ordered to accompany him,”
he added. It was said that the
defendant escaped from
prompting the officer to
pursue him. “He fled the driving
school and when I went
outside to look for him, I
didn’t find him. Suddenly,
he appeared from nowhere
and punched me on the
face. I fell down but I got
hold of his trousers so I
managed to arrest him,”
the officer concluded in
his statement.
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Saturday, November 22, 2014
Mr. John (sixth from left) along with panel members at the Press conference.
Incumbents brush aside allegations
DT News Network
ismissing all allegations
raised by the Progressive
Parents Alliance (PPA) - the
major opposition group at the
Indian School Bahrain (ISB),
the sitting administration has
stated that the audit account
for the year reflected the
school’s healthy and sound
financial condition.
The panel, during a Media
conference held yesterday
stated that the financial
condition remained stable
even after the unprecedented
procedures and BD58,500 as
rent for Sitra school campus.
during the conference also
said that the annual general
body meeting is scheduled
for December 5 and seven
members among the parents
shall be nominated to the new
executive committee.
“Four prominent members
from the Indian community
have been appointed as
returning officers to conduct
the election procedures,” said
Abraham John, Chairman of
ISB during the Press meet.
According to the managing
committee, the school has
received 750 more new
applications for admissions
for the next academic year.
“The fact that the present
managing committee of the
school stands for the interests
of the Indian Community is
evident in the growth of the
school strength from 6,700
to 12,100,” the Chairman
He further said that the
PPA was creating baseless
allegations and many of its
members were mere pawns in
the hands of ISB competitors
who were envious about the
school’s achievements. Audit reports revealed by the panel.
OverflOwing sewage
trOubles pedestrians
Elayath Pragit
Parameswaran/ DTNN
[email protected]
tinking sewage that
has been overflowing
from at least three
manholes is making lives
difficult for passers-by at
Salmaniya and Bengali
Galli in Manama.
Residents of these
localities as well as
pedestrians in the area are
worried as overflowing
sewage could trigger
infectious diseases.
Speaking to DT News, Overflowing sewage is causing difficulties to passers-by.
Abdul Nabi, a cold-store
owner in Bengali Galli,
said, “I can see children
jumping and splashing
water, overflowing from
manholes. They can get
infected as sewage is the
number one carrier of
infectious diseases.
“Making our lives
miserable, it seems the
Galli will soon become
marshy if authorities don’t
take action.”
Moreover, he said
that the health risks
were aplenty with the Most often vehicles splash drainage water on pedestrians.
area hosting a fruits
Earlier DT News had
pedestrian who doesn’t want to
and vegetable market.
“I’ve many times seen fruits, be named told DT News, “We published
vegetables falling into dirty have to be very careful while of overflowing sewage in
water when vendors move walking along the footpath here Gudaibiya. Subsequently, the
their handcarts over the slabs. as the vehicles splash the drainage Ministry of Works responded
They pick them up and sell water. The administration should explaining that the sewage
to innocent customers,” he take immediate steps to seal these flood was occurring due to
manholes before the rains start restaurants dumping oil into
the sewage network.
Perturbed with “floods”, a pouring.”
t dawn Syrian civil
servants Abu Asaad and
Abu Abdo each begin their
commutes across the wartorn city of Aleppo, a onceshort journey that now takes
10 hours.
A frontline slices through
the former economic hub
from north to south, with
rebels in control of more
than half of the devastated
People like 45-year-old
Abu Asaad, who works as
a driver for the state, must
travel for more than 400
kilometres (250 miles) by
bus just to get from one
side to the other.
They face grave danger
as they detour through
an area under the control
of the Islamic State (IS)
jihadist group, which has
seized large areas in Syria
and neighbouring Iraq.
residents could cross from
one side of Aleppo to the
other through a checkpoint
at Bustan Al Qasr. But
because of snipers, it was
After working for 10 days
straight in a regime-held
neighbourhood, Abu Asaad
waits for the bus at a station
in the New Aleppo district
to go home to Shaar, a rebel
area just five kilometres
(three miles) away.
To get there the bus must
first cross an area that is
under army control, before
reaching a desert zone that
has become a no-man’s
land over the course of the
more than three-year-old
He and other passengers
then risk their lives as their
bus drives through Al Bab,
an area of Aleppo province
that is controlled by IS.
From there, the bus travels
back into Aleppo city.
“Before we reach the IS
checkpoint, women climb
into the back of the bus and
veil their faces completely,”
said bus driver Mohammad,
who makes the risky journey
three times a month.
“They are not allowed to
travel alone, according to
the laws imposed by the
jihadists. So we must make
sure they are accompanied
by their husband or
brother. I check carefully,
because I will pay the price
if anything goes wrong,” he
told AFP.
For Abu Asaad, each
journey is now a dive into
the unknown.
“A jihadist from Daesh
gets on the bus, armed
with a sword rather than
a Kalashnikov,” he said,
using an Arabic acronym
for IS.
“He checks everyone’s
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Syrian bus commuters
face grave danger as
they detour through an
area under the control
of the IS, which has
seized large areas in
Syria and neighbouring
Iraq, to travel from one
side to another.
documents, and forces
suspects to get off the bus,
threatening them with his
weapon. I always say I am
a tailor, because if I admit
I am a civil servant, they
will throw me in jail,” Abu
Asaad said.
But all of the forces on
the ground - loyalists, the
IS and the rebels - have
their databases.
“One mistake, and you
disappear,” he said.
Extreme danger - Abu Abdo lives in the
rebel district of Sakhur. He
too crosses the frontline to
get to the ministry where
he works.
“Our journey from one
side of Aleppo to the other
is filled with danger. It used
to take 10 minutes, but now
it takes 10 hours because of
a big detour,” he told AFP.
checkpoints and dangers
along the way, but I must
make the journey because
I am a civil servant and
I have no other source
of income. Sometimes, I
make the journey twice or
three times a week. God
have mercy on us,” he
The bus ticket price has
shot up because of the war.
It used to cost just 20
Syrian pounds to get from
one neighbourhood to the
other. Now it costs 2,500
pounds ($12.5) from the
government to the rebel
About 800 people make
the journey each day from
the regime side, while
roughly the same number
leave from the rebel area,
said Munir, who runs the
bus station.
People living on both
sides say loyalists and rebels
demand bribes to let them
through their checkpoints,
but IS poses the biggest
danger for drivers.
One told AFP he received
30 lashes because the
jihadists thought his beard
was too short.
Another said he was
lashed because he forgot
to switch off the radio
before he reached the IS
A third driver said he
spent 48 hours in an IS jail,
and that he was only set
free when he could recite a
prayer correctly.
Many passengers make
sure to have one last
cigarette before climbing
on board, because IS
forbids smoking.
“This is the road
of fear. It is absurd to
have to drive for hours
through the desert to get
from one side of the city
to the other,” said Abu
Ahmad, who travelled to
the regime-held side of
Aleppo to see his doctor. “This
Aleppo is absurd.”
Saturday, November 22, 2014
receives call
from Kuwaiti
Crown Prince
offers a deal
to millions of
illegal immigrants: “They
are a part of American life”
strategy aimed
Hillary Rodham
Clinton if she runs for
president, @KThomasDC
Republic of
Congo is free of
Ebola after an
outbreak there,
World Health Organization
Biden denounces Putin’s action
in Ukraine
P o p e
says greed will
‘destroy the
balcony collapse kills two
success of the
#post2015 agenda depends on
how much we
make use of The Power of 1.8
Billion youth! #SWOP2014
Modi races
to give 1.2B
Indians biometric IDs to save
about $12B a
year in corruption
Illegal immig r a n t s
see hope and
#Obama action.
Readers’ VIEW
No one likes taxes
Dear editor, When
“Economy at Crossroads”
struck on the front page
of the November 16 issue
of DT News, I felt as if
somebody was hitting my
My late mother had always
warned us to remember
that whether we are
locals or foreigners, we
should be acquainted with
the government’s budget,
that we live in, whether it is
running on a surplus or on a
deficit. It’s just like a mother
having a sufficient cash
to feed her children and
and to run the household
expenses. Economics is intricate to
comprehend and you will
not be able to speculate
about where the trend
leads to, unless you are
well-taught. So, we had
neglected to ponder about
it. If you are not taught, instead
of making a self research,
you will see the interview
between Tahir Haneef and
the managing partner of
KPMG Bahrain and the First
Vice President of the Shura
Council Jamal Fahko on the
November 16 issue of DT
News valuable.
Top minds have big
ideas and solutions and
they had hit the right chord.
It was concise, precise,
interesting to comprehend
and relevant to the issue.
The last resort of the
government to have the
revenue is a wish to fill the
oil wells or to impose taxes.
No citizen would like to
have taxes imposed, so let’s
pray to Allah to fill all oil
wells right up to the brim,
May May Nu
Do you feel strongly about commenting on any
issue of social relevance or on any report we carried?
Be it bouquets or
bricks, you can
explore this space
by airing your
views, opinions or
comments. The
best letter, selected
once in a week, will
receive five tickets
for watching a blockbuster at Dana Cinema. Letters
can be sent at letters
Elected leaders must Rest in peace beautiful angels!
be accountable
Dear sir,
This may seem like a
perennial question but it
is one that needs to be
asked again and again and
again, especially now that
elections are taking place
today in the country.
What should we expect of
our newly elected officials?
Should we expect them
to be the perfect man or
woman for the position?
Should we expect them
to obey the laws of the
Or should we look the other
way, when their actions
result in fines and penalties
and if they do not live up to
our expectations?
Should we expect them
to honour their word
municipalities and the
Or are we willing to take the
consequences of our wrong
choices of candidates?
Can we say that this is a
small issue when it will
affect the future of our
children and country in
Perhaps, some of us won’t
care whatever happens in
today’s elections and they
might think that this would
not affect them in any way!
Think again!
Next time, it could be
something that you truly
care about that is destroyed
by those unworthy officials,
who will be elected by the
people in today’s elections.
One thing is certain,
elected leaders must be
accountable to the people.
Whatever they do, while
in office, will be recorded
before the eyes of the
public and they will be
made to answer for it in
the end.
Remember, no politician or
government official would
stay forever in office.
Better shape up or quit if
you cannot handle the job
given to you by the people.
Ali Mohammed
Dear sir,
It broke my heart when I read
your report about Honduran
Miss World contestant , 19-yearold Maria Jose Alvarado, who
was found shot dead, along
with her sister Sofia, 23, in what
police now have said to be a
‘crime of passion.’
The bodies of the sisters were
buried near a river in the
mountainous region of Santa
Barbara according to the Head
of Criminal Investigation,
Leandro Osorio.
The sisters went missing on
November 13, when they were
last seen leaving a party.
Reports revealed that Sofia’s
boyfriend Plutarco Ruiz, shot
her first, in a fit of jealousy
because she ‘danced with
another man.’
Poor Maria, who happened to
be at the wrong time and at the
wrong place, was only a victim
of circumstances.
It was said that Maria tried to
run when she saw Ruiz shoot
her sister and she was shot
twice in the back.
Jealousy cut short the life of the
beautiful and promising Maria,
who was scheduled to fly to
Maria, right, with her sister Sofia.
London on Thursday, to take
part in the Miss World pageant.
Now, Honduras announced
that it would no longer take
part in Miss World pageant this
year, because of the death of
I feel sad that a bullet and
an insane and jealous man
ended the life of Maria, who
could have done a lot more
for her family and country,
if only this tragedy did not
My prayers are with the family
of Maria and Sofia. Rest in peace
beautiful angels! Our love and
prayers are with you and your
Fareeda Mohammed
Saturday, November 22, 2014
would-be defectors kept IS
ranks secure for the most part.
difficult,” said Furat Al Wafaa,
adding that those who get
caught are “slaughtered, of
everal foreign jihadists
who joined the Islamic
State in Syria but then tried
to desert have faced arrest and
execution at the hands of the
radical group, activists said
Those who have tried to flee
are usually young and mostly
non-Arabs who regretted
joining the IS once they saw
the reality on the ground,
several activists told AFP via
the Internet.
The reports came a day after
the IS arrested a 17-year-old
jihadist in the group’s selfproclaimed capital of Raqa
in northern Syria, according
to the Syrian Observatory for
“He was probably Russian
or Chechen,” said Observatory
Two killed for joining
hands with Iraq forces
IS militants stand just before explosion of an air strike on
Tilsehir hill near Turkish border on October 23, 2014, at
Yumurtalik village, in Sanliurfa province.
The young man was arrested
at a call centre in Raqa, after
contacting his family. “His (jihadist) friends
attacked him and beat him up,”
said the Observatory, adding
that he was then taken to an
unknown location.
An IS translator understood
the teenager had been telling
his family “about how he
wanted to go home,” the
Observatory said.
Activists in Raqa said the
case was by no means isolated,
but that the dangers faced by
Jihadists launch
attack on Ramadi
he Islamic State (IS) jihadist group
launched a major attack yesterday
on the Iraqi city of Ramadi, capital
of the troubled western province of
Anbar, security officials said.
IS fighters pounded the city centre
with mortar rounds, while clashes
broke out all around Ramadi, one
of the last urban areas partly under
government control in Anbar.
“IS launched a surprise attack from
four directions - north, west, east
and south of Ramadi,” a police first
lieutenant in the city told AFP by
He said the jihadists had also
detonated car bombs targeting Iraqi
security forces.
“Clashes are ongoing around the
city. A series of mortar attacks have
targeted areas inside the city, including
provincial council buildings and a
police post,” the officer said.
He said it was too early to estimate
the number of casualties from the
lies 100 kilometres (60 miles) west of
“The mortar fire has been
continuous since midnight,” police
captain Qusay al-Dulaimi said. Parts
Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and the
Baghdad governorate - have been out
of government control since January.
unmen from the
Islamic State jihadist
group yesterday publicly
executed two young men
for allegedly cooperating
with Iraqi security forces,
officials and witnesses
The killings were carried
out in the middle of the
crowded main market in
the Zab area of Kirkuk
‘Real cooperation
needed to crush IS’
Bashar Al-Assad
said on Thursday
that “international
necessary to crush the
Islamic State group,
which is the target of a
“The region is
going through decisive
times” and the most
in determining the
outcome is whether
there is “real and
sincere international
cooperation” against
the jihadists, Assad
“Terrorist groups,
led by IS, did not
emerge from nothing
but are the fruit of
the mistaken and
aggressive policies of
those who have waged
war on Syria,” state
news agency SANA
quoted him as saying.
Assad was speaking
to members of his
ruling Baath party,
just days after US
Obama rejected any
alliance with the Syrian
president against the
Qaeda vows onslaught
he Al-Qaeda military chief
in Yemen has vowed to
launch fierce attacks against
Shia Huthi militiamen sweeping
across the country, in an audio
message posted yesterday on
jihadist websites.
“To the Huthis we say: brace
yourselves for horrors that will
make the hair of children turn
white,” said Qassem Al Rimi,
the military chief of Al-Qaeda
in the Arabian Peninsula.
AQAP, which is considered
by Washington as the most
dangerous arm of the jihadist
organisation, said several
attacks targeting Huthis and
claimed by the group were only
“Today you are our target...
and don’t even think that your
crimes will go unpunished,”
Huthi rebels overran the
capital in September and then
began taking territory east and
south towards areas where the
Students demonstrate against the deployment, at
Sanaa University campus, of armed Yemani militia
from the Shia Huthi movement in the capital Sanaa
in this November 12, 2014 file picture.
ick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a combination of ailments
associated with an individual’s place of work, office building
or a residence.
With new technological developments and energy efficient
attitudes, buildings are becoming airtight cesspools of germs and
toxins whereby building occupants may experience symptoms of
acute discomfort and health problems.
SBS usually occurs in the airtight operational buildings
containing many people who are working close together with
poor ventilation increasing the risk of getting any illness that
others may have in the same building.
SBS occurs mostly in office buildings and in other communal
buildings such as schools, residential and apartment buildings.
A World Health Organization report has suggested that around
30% of new and remodeled buildings worldwide may be linked
to symptoms of SBS.
SBS is frequently caused by flaws in the heating, ventilation,
and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, humidity, volatile organic
compounds (VOC), airborne pollutants (dust, carpet fibres or
fungal spores), indoor allergens (dust mites, plant products,
fungal products), moulds (Stachybotrys), chemical pollutants
(cleaning materials), design of the built environment, ozone
(produced by office machinery), tobacco smoke and toxins
common to the interior environment (benzene, formaldehyde,
and trichloroethylene). Although we may not be able to see,
smell, or feel the molecules of dirty air infiltrating our lungs and
body, sick buildings harbor dangerous pathogens that we are
inhaling with every breath and clinging to our skin.
SBS is a broad label that covers a range of symptoms thought
to be triggered when the sufferer spends time in a particular
building with no specific cause or illness can be identified. The
symptoms of SBS are watery eyes and nose, burning in trachea,
increased nervousness, depression, headaches, dizziness, nausea,
difficulty in concentrating, dry and itchy skin, rashes, dry
coughs, sore throat, exhaustion after normal activity, fatigue,
heart palpitations, increased irritability, nosebleeds, sensitivity
to odors, shortness of breath, tremors etc.
In SBS, building occupants often complain of the above
mentioned symptoms. These complaints vary from individuals
based on age, sensitivity and health status. The allergic people
tend to be more susceptible as well as people with hyper tensions.
In hot and humid climate like in Bahrain, moisture is the
primary culprit of SBS. The
trapped moisture within the cavities reaches to saturation
favouring thriving of moulds producing generally toxic
substances that create unhealthy environment for bacteria and
insects. In hot and humid climates, the worst months for mould
are from October till March when air conditioners rarely operate
and moisture saturation increases most rapidly.
In USA, the EPA has reported that sick buildings cause an
estimated loss of $61 billion a year in employee absenteeism,
medical costs, reduced productivity and lower earnings. To
make sick buildings livable and reduce the impacts, following is
• Monitoringofairquality.
• Improvedplanningofbuildingventilation.
• Restrictingsmoking.
• Increasethenumberofliveplantsinbuildings.
• Replacementofwater-stainedceilingtilesandcarpeting.
• Improveentryofnaturalsunlight.
• Usepaints,adhesives,solvents,andinsecticidesinwell-
• ProperandfrequentmaintenanceofHVACsystems.
• Openingwindowsperiodicallyforventilationwithfreshair.
*Head, Waste Disposal Unit, Supreme Council for Environment,
Bahrain (Email: [email protected])
(The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of
the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position
of this newspaper.)
Saturday, November 22, 2014
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Midnight only on
thurSdAyS, fridAyS
And holidAyS
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Sunday, November 25, 2012
Saudi Riyal Saudi
211.4165 214.5923
Indian Rupee 160.7717
Indian Rupee 137.9310 144.5087
Sell Cash
Bahrain (10gm) Bahrain BD 212.
London (1 ounce)London $ 1,730.00
New York (1 ounce)
New York
ECB ready to act ‘without undue delay’: Draghi
London $110.55
with Bahrain after ranking
second overall in 2011 with a
score of 7.9. Jordan moved into
ahrain and the United Arab the third spot from eighth
Emirates (UAE) are home to overall, improving its score to
the highest levels of economic 7.9 from 7.4 last year, showed
freedom among Arab nations, a the report.
the Freedom
Morgan international eco- moves
comnomic report has unveiled.
the report
pares andbeing
Arab nationsisin
Economic measures
uropean Central
five areasquantitative
of economic freedom:
of the Bank
ArabPresWorld so-called
ident is
said or size
of government,
by German
QE, the
large-scale purchase
government bonds,
a policy
taxes, and
enterFriedrich Naumann Foundation of expenditures,
to roll
new policy(FNF),
measuresthe hitherto
by other and
prises; used
ecofor out Liberty
to ward
off deflation in theResearch
euro banks
law andthe
of propInternational
area “without any undue delay.” viewed sceptically in Europe.
Foundation (IRF) of Oman and erty rights; access to sound
“We will use all means availcritics,
to trade interFraser
Canada's The
to us,
our mandate,
bank orof
and regulation
public policy
tank. German
to return
such meacredit, labour,
and business.
-– and
anyfirst sures
would report
undue delay,” Draghi told a mandate by effectively printing
score congress
to 8.1 outinofFrankfurt.
10 from 8.0. loaded as a PDF, free of charge,
to finance a country’s
8.1, tying money
the pressure
debt. Until now, the ECB has
and broaden even more the focused on buying packages of
channels through which we in- loans known as asset-backed
tervene, by altering accordingly securities (ABS) and so-called
the size, pace and composition covered bonds to pump cash
of our purchases.”
into the economy. It has also
In a bid to ward off defla- launched a series of targeted
tion -- a dangerous downward longer-term refinancing operaspiral of falling prices -- in the tions or TLTROs -- cheap fundeuro area, the ECB has not only ing made available to banks
cut its interest rates to new all- on condition they lend it on to
time lows, but also embarked businesses.
on a series of asset purchase
“With our monetary policy
programmes to pump liquid- decisions in June and in parity into the financial system.On ticular in September, we have
top of this, the ECB has said it transitioned from a monetary
is actively preparing additional policy framework based preDT Business Desk
[email protected]bh
Economic freedom is based
on the cornerstones of personal choice, voluntary exchange,
freedom to compete, and security of private property.
Research shows that individuals living in countries with
high levels of economic freedom enjoy higher levels of
prosperity, greater individual
freedoms, and longer life
The report is based on data
from 2010 (the most recent
year available) but also examines more recent data to mark
out trends for individual
nations. This is crucial since
the key question in future years
will be whether the changes
underway result in greater economic freedom or whether
economies in the region continue to stagnate.
The report measures available
data on economic freedom in 22
nations of the League of Arab
States, but due to data limitations, calculations of the overall
level of economic freedom are
only available for 16 jurisdic-
Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt,
Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon,
Mauritania, Morocco, Oman,
Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria,
Tunisia, and UAE. The rankings
are entirely based on third-party
data. The full data sets are available at
that it is now changes in the size
and composition of our balance
sheet that determine our monetary policy stance –- or to be
more specific, the markets in
on Thursday, is currently finalising its acquisition of another
French mobile phone operator
“At this time, we are in the process of integrating SFR, but if we
receive a call from Bouygues yesterday, well why not?” said Altice
CEO Dexter Goei, quoted by Dow
Jones Newswires. The company
owned by French-Israeli billionaire Patrick Drahi beat Bouygues
in the race for SFR in April, of-
New York
S stocks followed global
equity markets higher
yesterday, powering to new
intra-session records in
opening trade after China’s
surprise interest-rate cut.
Five minutes into trade, the
Dow Jones Industrial Average stood at 17,871.75, up
152.75 points (0.86 percent). The broad-based S&P
500 gained 16.16 (0.79 pc)
to 2,068.91, while the techrich Nasdaq Composite Index rose 43.76 (0.93 pc) to
which we intervene, and the
magnitude and pace of our
purchases. We expect such interventions to affect output and
inflation,” Draghi said.(AFP)
Bouygues shares soar on Altice telecoms interest
hares of French group
Bouygues rose yesterday after Altice, the parent company
of cable operator Numericable,
showed interest in its telecoms
subsidiary, signalling another
possible tie-up in France’s mobile
phone market. In morning trade
in Paris, the stock climbed 3.66
percent to 29.89 euros in a market
up 0.94
pc. Altice,
An aerial
of the
Bahrain Bay.
its interest in Bouygues Telecoms
Japan-bound All Nippon Airways jet returned to Manila airport and
made an emergency landing
yesterday after pilots reported smoke in the cockpit,
Philippine authorities said.
were which
no reported
has been
presented since 2005, is one of a
and 10of crew
barked from the Boeing 767,
based in part or in whole on the
said Manila International
Authority annual
affairs officer
Ariel ofArcilla.
“The plane safely landed the
levels ofIt144
there was
no panic.
pears the pilot just followed
safety protocols,” Arcilla told
US stocks at new
records after China
rate cut
dominantly on passive provision of liquidity to a more
active and controlled management of our balance sheet,”
Draghi explained. “This means
Japanese plane
makes emergency
landing in
fering Vivendi 13.5 billion euros
in cash as well as an eventual additional sum of 750 million euros.
If the Bouygues group, which also
includes construction and media
units, exits the telecommunications business, “it can only be
positive for shareholders while
the fundamentals of the sector
and those of Bouygues Telecom in
particular are expected to remain
under pressure,” a Parisian trader
said requesting anonymity. (AFP)
is expensive
as wellsense
as torather
than legal reference.”
Alibaba raises $8
billion in bond deal
New York
giant Alibaba raised
$8 billion in a bond offering, the Wall Street Journal said. The company announced one week ago that
it planned to make the sale,
with the intention to repay
an $8 billion loan owed to
banks. Maturities ranged
from three to 20 years in
the six-part deal, the Journal reported. It called the
transaction one of the largest corporate bond deals of
the year. Alibaba completed
the world’s largest stock offering with its listing on the
New York Stock Exchange
in September, with an offer
price of $68.
Saturday, November 22, 2014
lobal oil prices
rallied yesterday on fresh hopes
that the OPEC cartel will overcome
internal resistance
to trim output,
while upbeat US
economic data also
provided support,
analysts said. Nearing midday, Brent
North Sea crude for
delivery in January
jumped $1.27 to $80.60 a barrel. US
benchmark West Texas Intermediate for January advanced 93 cents to
$76.78 per barrel.
“Brent ... rose to $80 a barrel on
Friday on speculation that OPEC
could agree to output cuts at its
meeting next week, with strong
29,638.4114 31,505.9861
1UK Stg
100 Yen
US economic data also bolstering
oil prices,” said ETX Capital analyst David Papier. Prices recovered
slightly after three days of losses
owing to “changing expectations”
Prices recovered
slightly after
three days of
on the outcome of an OPEC production meeting on November 27,
added analysts at Singapore’s United Overseas Bank (UOB).”Investors
are now speculating that OPEC will
be able to agree to a small cut or a
stronger commitment to rein in ex-
cess oil production and keep to its
30-million barrels per day quota,”
UOB said in a commentary.
Despite a drop of more than 25
percent in prices since June, the
Organization of the Petroleum
Exporting Countries (OPEC) has
been divided on whether to reduce output and prevent further
falls. Cartel kingpin Saudi Arabia
has so far resisted calls for a cut, in
contrast to Ecuador and Venezuela.
Venezuela is ready to cut its own oil
production as a way to boost falling prices if OPEC agrees to curb
output, Foreign Minister Rafael
Ramirez said Thursday.
Ramirez, who served as oil minister for 12 years until September
and as longtime president of the
state oil firm PDVSA, said the fair
price for a barrel of oil is $100. He
said his country would make the
proposal for cuts when OPEC holds
talks in Vienna next week. But Gulf
members of OPEC, led by Riyadh,
are poised to reject production cuts
unless they are guaranteed market
share in a highly competitive market, according to analysts.
The kingdom, which is the
world’s top producer, earlier this
month slashed prices on exports
in order to maintain market share.
Crude futures had risen on Thursday following strong economic
reports from the United States -the world’s biggest oil consumer
-- which offset disappointing data
from China and the eurozone. A
regional manufacturing index from
the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia surged unexpectedly, while
the Conference Board’s Leading
Economic Index also improved.
India targets reforms in Skymark Airlines
new parliament session shares soar
Arun Jaitley
New Delhi
ndia’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley
promised yesterday to make progress during the upcoming parliamentary session on a string of economic reforms, including a national tax to create
a single internal market. The right-wing
government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was elected in May with the
biggest parliamentary mandate in three
decades on a pledge to take tough action to revive India’s stumbling economy. Jaitley has declared the government
wants to pass the goods-and-services
tax (GST) by next April, one of the
reforms cited by economists as key to
cutting the cost of doing business and
boosting India’s sluggish growth.
Jaitley said he was “almost ready”
with the GST proposal to end India’s
patchwork of state taxes and confident
a constitutional amendment bill to
change the tax law will be introduced
hares in Skymark Airlines
soared 25.6 percent yesterday on a report that the
troubled Japanese carrier was
in tie-up talks with Japan Airlines (JAL). The Tokyo-listed
stock skyrocketed 50 yen to at
245 yen ($2) after the leading
Nikkei business daily’s online
edition said the firm was negotiating code-sharing with
JAL on some routes. The deal
would broaden Skymark’s sales
channels, as it now mainly sell
tickets through its website, the
Nikkei said.
A spokeswoman for Skymark, Japan’s number-three
airline declined to comment
on the report. The news came
as Skymark negotiates with
Airbus to reduce a breach-ofcontract penalty tied to the collapse of a $2.2 billion jet order.
Airbus had previously called on
Skymark to merge with a bigger
airline after the cancelled order,
in the next session starting Monday.
The tax change is one of the most complicated reforms to achieve, requiring
a constitutional amendment involving
consent of a majority of India’s states
-- some of which object to ceding their
right to levy taxes -- as well as approval
by both houses.
While the government holds a majority in the lower house, it is still in a
minority in the upper house. But Jaitley said he did not expect legislators to
hold back the GST once he wins state
approval for the tax change. “I am quite
sure once the state governments across
political parties agree, we should be
able to push this (GST),” he said. Jaitley also said the government is aiming
for passage of a long-pending insurance
bill that involves hiking the foreign direct investment (FDI) cap in the insurance sector to 49 percent from 26 percent.(AFP)
a proposal the Japanese firm’s
top executive flatly rejected.
The Nikkei report said JAL was
“unlikely” to inject capital into
Skymark as part of any deal,
but could benefit from the bigger airline’s strong relationship
with Airbus.
However, the report added
that the transport ministry was
reluctant to allow the reported
deal with JAL, whose 2010 collapse was one of Japan’s worstever corporate failures and required a massive state bailout.
JAL’s management remains
under the ministry’s supervision until early 2017 as part of
its restructuring, with the government reviewing any fresh
investments or acquisitions by
the airline, the Nikkei said. The
government was, instead, pushing for rival All Nippon Airways (ANA) to help Skymark,
either on its own or together
with JAL, according to the report.(AFP)
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Turkey to bridge the Dardanelles in new mega project
Fulya Ozerkan
urkey is planning to build
a bridge across the famed
Dardanelles strait to help ease
traffic congestion in Istanbul, a
minister said, revealing the latest in a string of mega projects
under President Recep Tayyip
Erdogan. The straits, which separate Europe and Asia, were last
bridged by Xerxes the Great, the
The Dardanelles
lead into the
Sea of Marmara
which then
goes into the
Bosphorus in
Persian “king of kings” in 480 BC
on his way to defeat the Greeks at
“We are planning to construct
a new bridge across the Dardanelles strait,” Transport Minister
Lutfi Elvan said in an interview
with Turkish television the other
day. The Dardanelles lead into the
Sea of Marmara which then goes
into the Bosphorus in Istanbul
itself. The waterway is one of the
world’s busiest shipping lanes,
and is 1.2 kilometres (0.75 miles)
wide at its narrowest point. So far
the Dardanelles strait can only be
crossed by ferry. “We will turn
the entire Marmara region into a
ring road, so this ring system will
ease the Istanbul traffic to a great
extent,” Elvan added.
The Dardanelles, which played
a key role in the great sea battles
of ancient history, were also the
site of one of the most famous
battles of World War I when
Ottoman troops resisted an invading Allied force. It was also
where the founder of modern
Turkey Mustafa Kemal, the man
who would later become known
as Ataturk, made his name as a
heroic military leader.
Turkey’s Islamic-rooted government is under fire for its
ambitious construction projects
for the mega city of 16 million
people, which critics have condemned as wildly excessive and
damaging to the environment.
The projects include a massive
new Istanbul airport, a third road
bridge across the Bosphorus, and
a canal parallel to the waterway
to ease the permanent bottleneck
of tankers and freighters waiting to pass through it. Elvan said
the government was keen on the
third airport project, which is expected to cost over 10 billion euros ($12.5 billion), but declined
to provide an exact time for the
start of construction.
The gigantic new hub could
be named after Erdogan, he said
in August. Erdogan, who once
served as mayor of his home city
of Istanbul, has proudly dubbed
the pharaonic Canal Istanbul a
“crazy project”, boasting it could
not even be compared to the
Panama or Suez canals. Feasibility studies are still continuing
for the project -- which will be
between 45 and 50 kilometres
(28 to 31 miles) long -- aimed at
reducing shipping traffic in the
Bosphorus, which has been the
scene of several accidents and oil
spills, said the minister.
Nor is the sky any longer the
limit for the government’s ambitions, with Turkey also working
to create a homegrown space industry overseen by its own space
agency, Elvan said. “With the
creation of a space agency, we
will very rapidly activate the activities in this sphere,” he said. The
president has said the projects are
needed to create a fast-developing
and prosperous “new Turkey” that
will be one of the world’s top 10
economies by 2023. The building industry has boomed in recent years, but while Erdogan was
prime minister his government
was shaken by a now-stalled corruption probe into allegations of
high-level bribery linked to some
construction projects.
Elvan vowed that the government would move ahead with
mega projects, saying the government was planning a 17 billion
Turkish lira ($7.6 billion/6 billion euros) investment in Istanbul. Among the new projects is a
direct metro line from Kadikoy
to the Sabiha Gokcen airport
on the Asian side of Istanbul, he
added. Last year amid great fanfare the government opened the
first ever undersea metro link beneath the Bosphorus connecting
the European and Asian sides of
Istanbul. This year it opened the
first high-speed train link between Istanbul and the capital
Turkey poised for growth
ingapore yesterday announced new rules for mobile taxi booking apps, including US-based Uber, in the latest
move by governments around
the world to regulate the increasingly popular services.
Taxi-booking and ridesharing apps like Uber, Hailo
and Lyft have spread rapidly in
recent years, drawing protests
from cabbies in cities from
Apps operating
in Singapore will
need to agree to
despatch only
licensed taxis and
London to San Francisco who
say it has led to soaring competition from unlicensed drivers.
Singapore’s Land Transport
Authority said the apps will
have to apply for a three-yearly
“certificate of registration”
starting from the second quarter of next year. “Third-party
Saturday, November 22, 2014
taxi booking services facilitate
more efficient matching of
taxis with commuters and have
become increasingly popular,”
the LTA said, adding the new
rules are designed to “safeguard commuter safety and
Apps operating in Singapore
will need to agree to despatch
only licensed taxis and drivers, while information on fare
rates and other fees payable for
a ride must be disclosed to passengers.The apps will be barred
from requiring passengers
to disclose their destinations
when they make bookings due
to concerns some taxi drivers
may try to avoid certain routes,
the LTA said. Operators are
also required to provide “basic
customer support”, including
lost and found services and a
platform for customers to file
Passengers in Singapore
can only use Uber to connect to registered taxis and
limousines, unlike in some
other cities around the world
where the app is used to hire
private cars and ride-share to
cut fares. Other similar apps
operating in Singapore include
Britain’s Hailo, regional player
Easy Taxi and Malaysia-based
At present, these apps already comply with Singapore’s
new requirement for the taxis
to be licensed. Michael Brown,
Uber’s Southeast Asia general
manager based in Singapore,
on Friday welcomed the new
rules. “We appreciate that the
LTA has acknowledged the
benefits our technology brings,
and like Uber, is putting the interest and safety of consumers
and drivers first,” Brown said
in a statement to AFP.
Uber has been battling scandal in recent days, scrambling
to allay fears that its employees have spied on passengers
through a “God View” feature
that shows where riders are lo-
cated at any given time. Emil
Michael, Uber’s executive vice
president of business, also
sparked anger by outlining a
vision of spending $1 million
on digging up dirt on journalists critical of the start-up. Michael apologised for the comments and stressed neither he
nor Uber would ever actually
resort to the kind of tactic he
Nicaragua to
build $50 bn
icaragua said a Hong Kongbased company will start
building a $50 billion waterway
next month, despite opposition
from farmers and environmentalists against the mega-project
aimed at rivaling the Panama
Canal. Hong Kong Nicaragua
Development won the contract
to build the waterway -- which
will link the Caribbean and the
Pacific. Presidential adviser Paul
Oquist said initial groundwork
will begin December 22. He
said environmental impact reports paid for by HKND would
be completed before the start of
The canal was designed to limit
environmental and social effects,
and construction will be staggered to minimise impact. Water
levels, fishing activity and biodiversity in Lake Cocibolca “will
not be affected,” said HKND deputy construction manager Pang
Kwok Wai. But environmentalists
are worried about the effects of
ship traffic on the health of Lake
Cocibolca, the largest freshwater
body in Central America. Farmers have demonstrated against
the canal, fearing it will strip
them of valuable land.
tion figure of 525 million tonnes
of oil for 2015 “had not been
President Vladimir Putin said
at the G20 Summit in Brisbane
on Sunday that “the fall in oil
prices does not affect Russia’s
budget.” “I am sure that for the
year as a whole, the prices (for
oil) will be the same as we calculated in our budget,” Putin
said. Russia’s budget for next
year, passed by the lower house
Yen recovers from
multi-year lows
he yen clawed back
some losses in Asia
after a steep slide over the
past week left it at multiyear lows against the dollar and euro, but analysts
said another fall could be in
store. In Tokyo, the greenback slipped to 117.85 yen,
against 118.22 yen in New
York, where it almost broke
the 119 yen level for the first
time since August 2007.
The euro bought 147.23
yen compared with 148.25
yen, a six-year high, while
it weakened to $1.2492
against $1.2540. Comments
from Japanese finance minister Taro Aso appeared to
briefly cap the yen’s losses
after he told a regular news
briefing that the pace of the
decline in the past week has
been “too fast”.
Hong Kong shares
end higher
Russia considers cutting oil production
ussia is considering cutting
its oil production in a bid
to revive prices, energy minister
Alexander Novak said yesterday as the falling price of crude
along with Western sanctions
over Ukraine have led to the
ruble plunging in value. “Is Russia ready to lower production to
support prices? This question
needs to be looked into carefully since the budget is strongly
dependent on the price of oil,”
Novak was quoted as saying by
Interfax news agency.
“There is no final decision,”
Novak said. “We are discussing
the question. We are working
inside the government on the
expediency of such methods.”
He said all oil exporting nations
are concerned about the slump
in oil prices. “This calls for careful analysis and possibly the development of some coordinated
actions,” Novak said.
Russia gets around half of its
revenues from oil profits and
its non-diversified economy
has been badly hit as global oil
prices have fallen by more than
25 percent since June, coming at
the same time as the West imposed economic sanctions over
Ukraine. Novak said however
that Russia’s planned produc-
of parliament on Friday, is based
on an oil price of $96 per barrel.
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
said Friday that if oil suppliers
“see supply or demand is being
artificially distorted... of course
they have the right to take measures that will correct these nonobjective factors.”
“We take this as our basis,
so do many of our partners,”
Lavrov said, after being asked
to comment on Novak’s state-
ment. Russia’s oil extraction has
exceeded 10 million barrels per
day since 2010, rivalling top
producer Saudi Arabia. However it has been predicted that its
surge of production will fall next
year due to factors including
the depletion of key oil fields in
West Siberia. Western sanctions
against Russia are now making
it harder to gain financing and
buy technology for exploration.
Hong Kong
ong Kong stocks ended 0.37 percent higher
yesterday, snapping a fourday losing streak, following a record close on Wall
Street, although a muchvaunted trading link-up
with Shanghai’s exchange
suffered a disappointing
first week. The Hang Seng
Index added 87.48 points
to 23,437.12 on turnover
of HK$71.09 billion ($9.17
billion). It was down 2.7
pc for the week. US shares
provided another recordbreaking lead Thursday
on the back of more positive economic indicators.
A regional manufacturing
index from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
surged unexpectedly.
World’s ultra-rich
getting much
bare 0.004 percent of
the world’s adult population controls nearly $30
trillion in assets, 13 percent
of the world’s total wealth,
according to a new study
released the other day. And
perhaps unsurprisingly, the
study by the Swiss bank
UBS and luxury industry
consultant Wealth-X said
the concentration of money
in the hands of the ultrarich is growing. The report
said 211,275 people qualify
as “ultra-high net worth”
(UHNW) -- those with assets above $30 million. Of
them, 2,325 have more than
$1 billion. Their numbers
grew 6 percent over the past
year, but their wealth grew
7 percent, as asset markets like stocks and property soared in many places
around the world.
Saturday, November 22, 2014
okyo investors are likely
to be cautious next week
about a possible market downturn, analysts said yesterday,
while political developments
in Japan will be a focus ahead
of an election next month. “The
market continues to show all
the signs of being technically
overbought and potentially
ready for a pullback,” said Masayuki Doshida, senior market
analyst at Rakuten Securities.
Prime Minister
Shinzo Abe
dissolved the
lower house
of parliament
Yesterday the Nikkei 225 index
at the Tokyo Stock Exchange reversed early losses to end 0.33
percent, or 56.65 points, higher
at 17,357.51. The Nikkei lost
0.76 percent over the week.
The Topix index of all firstsection shares edged up 0.18
percent, or 2.54 points, to
1,400.18. It eased 0.02 percent
over the week. The Nikkei hit a
seven-year high last week after
the Bank of Japan expanded its
monetary easing programme
on October 31, sending the
yen into a freefall. A weak yen
is generally positive for Japanese exporters, but the unit
won back some ground yesterday. “The dollar had been bid
so high so quickly that a sudden, deep selloff would be totally logical,” said Daisuke Uno,
strategist at Sumitomo Mitsui
Banking Corp.
“Still, the longer-term direction of the dollar remains
higher, perhaps to the 120-125
yen range. Investors see the
current recession, the delay in
next year’s sales tax, and particularly the Bank of Japan’s
stalwart stance for aggressive
monetary easing as simply too
powerful to bet heavily against.”
On forex markets, the dollar
bought 117.87 yen, down from
118.22 yen in New York, where
it nearly broke 119 yen for the
first time since August 2007.
Japanese finance minister Taro
Aso said Friday that the yen’s
steep slide over the past week
had been “too fast”.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
dissolved the lower house of
parliament yesterday as he prepares for an election he called
for next month after Japan’s
economy sank into recession in
July-September and he decided
to delay a sales tax hike. “Players are seeing the latest political development as a positive
factor,” said Toshikazu Horiuchi, a broker at IwaiCosmo
Securities. “(They) expect Abe
will win and push for his policies against deflation, which is
good for Japanese stocks. But
if he fails to win considerable
support from voters, it will be
a different story.” In share trading, Toyota fell 0.12 percent to
7,089.0 yen, Canon rose 0.96
percent to 3,711.5 yen and air
bag maker Takata jumped 9.15
percent to 1,252.0 yen.
On Thursday, a senior Takata
executive defended the auto
parts firm before a US Senate panel investigating faulty
airbags tied to several deaths
and hundreds of injuries. Hi-
roshi Shimizu, Takata’s senior
vice president for global quality assurance, said his company
took responsibility for three
US deaths related to what he
labelled “anomalies” in its airbags. But he did not expand
that acceptance of responsibility to a broader series of airbags
installed for at least a decade in
millions of cars from 10 major
Blue diamond sells for record $32.6m
New York
magnificent blue diamond
has fetched $32.6 million
in New York, breaking the
world auction record for any
diamond of its colour, auction
house Sotheby’s announced.
The stunning 9.75 carat, pearshaped diamond was bought
by a Hong Kong private collector after 20 minutes of competitive bidding on Thursday
evening, Sotheby’s said. The
price also set a new world auction record for price-per-carat
for any diamond, the auctioneers said.
The jewel had been owned
by Rachel Lambert otherwise
known as Bunny Mellon, the
art collector wife of the late
philanthropist and racehorse
breeder Paul Mellon. She died
in March aged 103. “Mrs. Mellon’s diamond absolutely deserves the place in the record
books that it achieved,” said
Gary Schuler, head of Sotheby’s
jewelry department in New
York. It was the highlight of a
collection of Mellon’s jewels
and objects of vertu that Sotheby’s sold for more than $42
million in New York on Thursday, well above the pre-sale estimate of $19.2 million.(AFP)
extensive cost and distraction
of defending drawn-out litigation in several courts,” the
company said in a statement.
Aereo’s case became a highprofile test of technology that
could have dealt a major blow
to cable and satellite television by delivering over-theair programs via the Internet
through individual antennas,
for a fee.
The Supreme Court in June
ruled 6-3 that Aereo violated
US copyright laws, opening
it up to massive liability from
the major broadcast networks.
Aereo’s chief executive Chet
Kanojia said the court ruling
“effectively changed the laws
that had governed Aereo’s
technology, creating regulatory and legal uncertainty,”
and added that following
the decision, “the challenges
have proven too difficult to
The Zoe Diamond, property
from the collection of Mrs. Paul
overcome.” Aereo, backed by
media mogul Barry Diller,
launched in early 2012 in the
New York area and was immediately sued by the major
over-the-air television broadcast networks -- ABC, NBC,
CBS and Fox -- for copyright
Even though consumers
may watch broadcast television for free with their own
antennas, a cable or satellite
firm which retransmits to a
larger group must pay fees to
broadcasters. Justice Stephen
Breyer wrote in the Supreme
Court’s majority opinion that
Aereo effectively operates like
a cable company and must
therefore pay for broadcast
rights. A decision for Aereo
could have disrupted the business model for broadcasters
and their partners in cable
and satellite.(AFP)
its services in the country.” In
France, being placed under formal investigation is the nearest
equivalent to being charged,
and occurs when an examin-
ing magistrate decides there is
a case to be answered. The bank
said it had been asked to deposit a bail bond of 50 million
euros ($62 million), and would
“continue to cooperate with the
French authorities to the fullest
extent possible”.
HSBC says target of French tax fraud probe
SBC Private Bank, the
Swiss subsidiary of British
banking group HSBC, said yesterday that it had been placed
under formal investigation
as part of a French tax fraud
probe. The bank said magistrates were “examining whether
the bank acted appropriately
between 2006-07 in relation
to certain clients of the bank
who had French tax reporting
requirements, as well as in relation to the way the bank offered
European space
plane set for
February launch
urope’s first-ever “space
plane” will be launched
on February 11 next year,
rocket firm Arianespace
said yesterday that after a
three-month delay to finetune the mission flight plan.
The unmanned, car-sized
vessel will be sent into low
orbit by Europe’s Vega light
rocket, on a 100-minute
fact-finding flight to inform
plans to build a shuttlelike, reusable space vehicle.
Dubbed IXV, for Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle,
the plane will be boosted
from Europe’s space pad
in Kourou, French Guiana, and separate from its
launcher at an altitude of
320 kilometres (200 miles).
According to the European
Space Agency website, “it
will attain an altitude of
around 450 km, allowing
it to reach a speed of 7.5
km/s (4.7 miles/s) when
reentering the atmosphere
at an altitude of 120 km
-- fully representative of
any return mission from
low orbit.” The vessel is expected to collect data on its
hypersonic and supersonic
flight phases, before plunging into the Pacific Ocean
with a parachute. The initial
launch had been scheduled
for November 18, but Arianespace in October announced a postponement
“to carry out additional
flight trajectory analyses”.
Juncker to
unveil giant
investment plan
TV startup Aereo in bankruptcy after US court defeat
elevision startup Aereo,
which lost a US Supreme
Court test of its system to bypass cable with tiny, personalised antennas, announced
yesterday it was filing for
bankruptcy protection. The
filing in New York federal
court “will permit Aereo to
maximize the value of its business and assets without the
Commission chief Jean-Claude
Juncker will next Wednesday unveil his long awaited
investment plan to boost jobs and
growth in the EU’s flagging
economy, officials said.
Juncker will present details
of the ambitious plan to
a session of the European
Parliament, which is sitting
in Strasbourg, France, at
9am, the official parliamentary schedule said. Parliament’s political groups will
be able to respond afterwards. The plan is the centrepiece of a wide-ranging
reform agenda by the former Luxembourg premier,
who took charge of the
Commission, the 28-nation
European Union’s executive
branch, on November 1.
But it has been overshadowed by a row over revelations about huge tax breaks
for international firms that
Luxembourg handed out
during Juncker’s 19 years as
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Industry and Commerce Minister Dr. Hassan Fakhro visited the Seef Mall yesterday. On the
occasion, the minister expressed Government’s keenness in providing all facilities and praised
the initiatives of the private, commercial and industrial sector in revitalising the economy of
the country.
Minister of State for Electricity and Water Affairs Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza, receives Eyad Ali Sabt
on the occasion of him receiving a Master’s Degree in Accounting from AMA University. Mr.
Eyad Ali is a specialist accountant in the Directorate of Financial Affairs and the minister praised
the efforts of Mr. Eyad Ali in improving his professional development.
Ministry of Industry and Commerce, represented by the Small and Hand Crafts Directorate and the International Financial Corporation, organised a training workshop on ‘Electronic Portal for Tools
Assisting Small and Medium Enterprises’. During the workshop, employees from the ministry, Tamkeen, Bahrain Development Bank and the BCCI, were given training on the use of the electronic
Sheraton Bahrain Hotel organised a Family Fun Day for children with cancer. The event was organised in association with Bahrain Cancer Society (BCS).
Saturday, November 22, 2014
British Ambassador to Bahrain Iain Lindsay opened the International Family Fair at the British School of Bahrain (BSB) yesterday. The one-day event started at 10am and lasted till 3pm.
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Ce leb s
Gere and
Los Angeles
ollywood star Ryan
Gosling has obtained
a restraining order against a
woman who allegedly has been
stalking him for the past three
The 34-year-old actor
alleged in court documents that
Grace Marie Del Villar has been
sending harassing emails and
packages, reported TMZ.
Del Villar has claimed to
be Gosling’s ‘twin flame’ and
sent him a torn magazine
page featuring his 40-yearold partner Eva Mendes with
contact information stapled to
the page, according to court
The actor also claimed that
Del Villar has been bombarding
his older sister Mandi with
email messages, including one
that read: ‘I am kicking your
brother’s head.’
Lowell wants
fare share in
Gere’s fortune
Los Angeles
ichard Gere’s estranged wife, Carey Lowell
is said to want more than $100 million of
the actor’s $250 million fortune in their divorce
“They are not getting along and they are very
far apart on how much money she will get in their
divorce,” quoted a source as saying.
“She can claim she gave up her career for him
and for their son Homer, and that she deserves half
of all his earnings since they got married in 2002,”
the source added.
Gere reportedly earned $82 million in 2013.
Lowell’s lawyer Robert Cohen said it was too
early to discuss finances.
Acting passe,
Jolie to go
behind camera
ollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie says she
plans to give up acting after a “few more”
films and switch her focus to directing.
Jolie walked the red carpet in Sydney with
husband Brad Pitt this week at the premiere of
her new movie, World War II epic “Unbroken”,
which was filmed in Australia.
It was her second foray behind the camera after
the critically-acclaimed 2011 “In the Land of Blood
and Honey” and she said directing was now her
passion and where she saw the future.
“I’ll do a few more, but I’ll be happy to
let that all go at some point,” she told the
Sydney Morning Herald of acting, in comments
published online on Thursday.
“I love directing and I’m much happier
directing,” added Jolie. “I like following a project
all the way through. I like spending two years on
something and learning about it. I like being
pushed mentally to have to learn so much and
be a part of every single aspect of a production.”
She separately told The Australian newspaper
that “unless I’m sure there’s a role or something
I should do or (that) really means something
to me, I’d rather be spending my time telling
stories from behind the camera.”
Los Angeles
who is set to welcome her third baby in
December, says she won’t get a nurse to help
her after the birth of her baby.
The 34-year-old will not be turning to a nanny
to help with the new arrival. Instead, Kourtney
plans on taking a few months off from work and
concentrate on her baby.
“I love doing everything myself at the
beginning. I’m not getting a baby nurse. I take
two months off and no one is allowed to bother
me or talk to me about anything work-related,
Los Angeles
inger Miley Cyrus is throwing a 6,000 pound Christmas
party for homeless people.
The 21-year-old is determined to show her ‘’caring and
sensitive’’ side by employing a chef to cook a three-course
dinner for her guests and enlisting waiters and waitresses
to wine and dine them reports
“Most people only see the Miley who puts on a show.
But she’s really caring and sensitive and wants to make
a difference to the lives of homeless people,” said a
“She’s putting a lot of effort into this party, there
will be waitresses to serve them. The whole thing
will cost her around 6,000 pounds but she feels
that it’s the least she can do,” the source added.
The hitmaker is also set to put on some
entertaining games for her guests and she is said to
b e
planning to perform at the festive bash.
“There will be fun and games after the food too, and Miley is
bound to put on a little show for them to get the party started,”
said the source.
or maybe three months this time,” said Kourtney.
Kourtney, whose deliveries were filmed for the
family’s reality show on hand-held cameras, is
hoping for a quick recovery from childbirth like
her past pregnancies.
“Both were really easy. I actually pulled both
babies out of me. I was out of the hospital
so fast both times because I just wanted to
get home. I stayed in my pajamas for 30
days and kept the house really quiet,”
she said.
“It’s the only time I feel I have
that excuse to shut everyone
out and shut everything off.
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Los Angeles
rish singer Nadine Coyle says
she is psychic.
The singer says that she has had visions
and also has the gift to peer into the future and
to see what will happen in her life and the lives
of her friends and family.
“I am psychic. I had a vision when I was
nine about being in a dressing room and getting
angry at a person banging on the door. Some
years later, on a tour, it happened,” dailymirror. quoted her as saying.
Los Angeles
Actor Ben Affleck praised wife Jennifer Garner
for her dedication to philanthrophy at Save the
Children Illumination gala.
The annual event helps support Save the
Children’s objectives to work to eliminate
preventable childhood deaths worldwide and
ensure every US child has access to high-quality
early childhood education.
This year, it was hosted by Jennifer Garner, who
was honoured at last year’s gala. The actress also
brought her daughter, Violet to the event, on
This year, her husband, Affleck, was
honoured along with others who’ve done
exemplary work to help children around
the world, reports hollywoodreporter.
“Look, I know a lot of celebrities.
I’ve seen a lot of celebrities do good
work, philanthropic work,
show up, take a picture,
raise a little money, go to
a hospital, shake a kid’s
hand, get a picture taken,
you know, do their part, be it
a minimal one.
The 29-year-old, who released her
debut solo album, “Insatiable”, in 2010
, talked about another example of
a situation when she used her
sixth sense to warn a pal
about subsequent
Los Angeles
ctress Anna Faris and husband
Chris Pratt say that they were
devasted when informed about the
premature birth of their son.
However, their faith in God was
restored when they saw the child. The
couple welcomed their first son Jack
into the world in August 2012, nine
weeks before the actual day. They
were warned that challenging times are
ahead because he was so early,
“He was born at
three pounds. And we
were told, ‘Okay, you
need to be prepared
for raising a specialneeds child’,” Faris
said. “It also felt like,
you know, ‘We can do
this’,” she added.
Now the couple
are happy to know
their little boy has
problems aside from
wearing glasses, and
Pratt says his faith
was “restored” in God
following the experiences.
“It restored my faith in
Keira feared
being fired
Los Angeles
eira Knightley said she
learned to work hard and
keep her head down after
bad press over her weight
and acting in her early
“Being a teenager
that’s come out of sort
of big blockbuster
films, there was a
lot of criticism,”
she said at a
at the Standard,
High Line. “People
saying, ‘She’s s - - t,
she can’t act, she
can’t do it. What’s
the point? She’s pouty,
she’s thin.’ Being a
teenager, you do read it all
. . . you go, ‘Oh, my God, I’m
that awful.’”
God, not that it needed to be restored,
but it really redefined it. The baby was
so beautiful to us, and I look back at the
photos of him and it must have
been jarring for other people
to come in and see him, but
to us he was so beautiful and
perfect,” the actor said.
Kim and North
Los Angeles
eality TV star Kim
Kardashian says she will
support her daughter North
West in whatever she wants do
in her life.
Kim, who is married to rapper
Kanye West, would have no
problem if her daughter decided
to follow in her mom’s modeling
footsteps, reports
“I would support anything she
wants to do. I don’t do anything
with the intention to promote
anyone else doing it, that’s not
even what I’m trying to do.
“I do it because I’m proud of
it. And it empowered me to feel
good about myself after I had
gained 500 pounds and looked
like a huge slob for so long,” said
Pratt and Faris
Saturday, November 22 , 2014
by John Graziano
wife was very fond of travelling by air, even against the wishes of her
husband. One day, she read a news in the newspaper, regarding a
rail accident in which several people died and the Govt announced an
immediate payment of $ 1 million to the next of kin in each case of death.
She showed this news item to her husband , who said, “ Look, this is the
reason why I have all along been telling you to travel by rail !”
20th March 20th April
If the conversation
turns to raging and
ranting, it’s in your best
interests to stop it right away.
Don’t be afraid to step up
and take a leadership
20th July
- 20th Aug
Your mood should
be quite good today,
Leo, although there
may be some strong
forces at work trying
to subvert this positive
attitude. Try not to
let other people’s
disagreements bring
you down. Take the
high ground and
you will certainly
20th April - 20th May
You might feel like you’re
getting worked up from all angles
today, Taurus. Find comfort in knowing
that things will definitely improve by
tomorrow. You might get the feeling that
somehow you’re all alone despite the
circle of friends that surrounds
and loves you.
20th Aug - 20th
There will be no
shortage of energy to
work with or opinions
coming from you. Realize
that your words have a
greater potency about them
as people become more
intent on uncovering
the truth.
20th Nov - 20th Dec
Take an active role to get
involved. Say your peace, but
don’t get so attached to the results
that you get upset and discouraged if things
don’t exactly work out according to plan.
Independence is an important
virtue to hold onto today.
20th May - 20th June
Try to rise above the potential
tension and rough spots of the day,
Gemini. Do yourself a favor and don’t feel
like you have to stoop to another’s level. Take
pride in your actions and do things
with confidence.
20th Sep - 20th Oct
Hold onto your hat, Libra, and
make sure you have your actions
well aligned with your soul or else you
could be thrown into a battle that has
nothing to do with you.
20th Dec - 20th
Make sure your opinion
doesn’t get lost in the frenzy
of the day, Capricorn. Your
words may not quite fit with
the things that people want
to hear. Try not to take
this personally.
20th June - 20th
You might want to
escape the frenzy of
the day by going shopping,
Cancer. Align yourself with
partners and allies who
share your views. Try to
keep the disagreements
to a minimum.
20th Oct - 20th
These consequences
might rear their ugly
heads on a day like this. Use
your incredible perception and
intuition to hone in on the
best solution possible and
work toward that goal
before things get out
of hand.
20th Jan - 20th
You have two choices
today. Either jump into the thick of
the mess with both feet or stay out of
it altogether. There are definitely
two distinct camps setting up
their arsenals for battle.
20th Feb - 20th
You may end up being
the peaceful savior that
calms everyone down
today, Pisces. Use your
artistic nature and love
of beauty and harmony
to inspire others
to put away their
differences and
concentrate on
the positive
Saturday, November 22, 2014
1- Card game also called sevens; 7- DDE’s predecessor; 10- P.M.
times; 14- English Channel swimmer Gertrude; 15- Eureka!;
16- Internet writing system that popularized “pwn3d” and
“n00b”; 17- No kidding!; 18- Bandleader Brown; 19- ___ boy!;
20- Capital of Utah; 23- Unordered; 26- That girl; 27- King
with a golden touch; 28- To ___ (perfectly); 29- Lubricate; 30Ocean; 31- Cheese; 33- Not ‘neath; 34- Rocker’s show; 37- One
circuit; 38- Surgery sites, briefly; 39- Fall back; 40- Memorable
time; 41- Naval rank, briefly; 42- Got together; 43- Endless;
45- Pot top; 46- Small batteries; 47- ___ kleine Nachtmusik;
48- Series of metal rings; 51- Court fig.; 52- ___ the hole; 53Cornucopia; 56- “___ quam videri” (North Carolina’s motto);
57- Country bordered by Canada and Mexico; 58- Secret stuff;
62- Agitate; 63- Hi-___; 64- Satan; 65- Soviet news service; 66Fast flier; 67- Boil;
Yesterday’s solution
1- Gave grub; 2- Foofaraw; 3- Can be used to catch fish or
surf!; 4- Braided; 5- Put to rest; 6- 1994 Jodie Foster film;
7- Hebrew liturgical prayer; 8- Clip wool; 9- Assignment;
10- Actress Silverstone; 11- Stinking; 12- Seed covering; 13Remains; 21- Need for liquid; 22- Come out; 23- Twinned
crystal; 24- Patriot Allen; 25- Oozes; 29- Paddled; 30Chairs; 32- Gaming tile; 33- Soap ingredient; 34- Bottled
spirit; 35- Teheran native; 36- Ancient physician; 44- Adapt
for new use; 45- Passenger ships; 46- Finally; 48- Thorax; 49Plantain lily; 50- Upbeat, in music; 51- Church areas; 52- Up
___ (trapped); 54- Animal pelts; 55- Apprehends; 59- Small
island; 60- Slangy denial; 61- Malt beverage;
Just for the camera
Hoy en la Historia
November 22, 2005
Angela Merkel formally became
Germany’s first female Chancellor.
She is now the longest-serving
incumbent head of government in
the European Union
1975: King Juan Carlos was sworn in
as Spain’s first monarch for 44 years
1989: Lebanon’s newly elected
president, Rene Muawad, was
assassinated in west Beirut as his
motorcade passed through the city
2001: Pope John Paul II sent the first
official papal e-mail from a laptop in his
office in the Vatican
2010: A stampede during the Khmer
Water Festival in Phnom Penh,
Cambodia, killed over 450 people
Picture: Associated Press
ticking out his tongue and licking his
lips these are the hilarious portraits
showing a dog enjoying a treat of peanut
Doberman Arnaque, which appeared in
Daily Mail, were snapped by his owner
Catherin Arsenault and show him
lapping up the attention in front of the
The pet photographer from Quebec
in Canada has been taking pictures of
Arnaque since he was just a 10-week-old
And now she is determined to show off
her pet’s wild side to the rest of the world.
Ms Arsenault said: ‘I received a new
backdrop that I wanted to test in my
studio and I’ve been doing tests with my
dog since he was 10-weeks-old.
‘When he sees my camera he knows he
will have a lots of treats and he starts to
‘To get those licking pictures I gave
him peanut butter and just shot plenty of
‘It was a surprise each time I looked
at the picture on my camera - I couldn’t
stop laughing.
‘When people look at those pictures
they are surprised at first - they aren’t
pictures you see every day. How to play:
Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column
down and each 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.
Yesterday’s solution
She added: ‘I have a lots of ideas and
trying new things gives me more ideas
for new shoots.
‘A year before I graduated I got my first
dog and I bought a better camera and
started practising with him - I haven’t
stopped since.
‘Eight years on and he still loves to
play the model and patiently wait for his
treats. ‘It’s been a great experience and I’m
hoping to carry on for many years to
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Immigration plan riles Republicans
Sri Lanka minister defects to challenge president in polls
Amal Jayasinghe
senior minister quit Sri
Lanka’s ruling party yesterday to stand as the main opposition’s candidate in January
elections, accusing President
Mahinda Rajapakse of leading a corrupt “dictatorship”. As
organisers confirmed the election would be held on January
8, Health Minister Maithripala
Sirisena said he was confident
of toppling his boss in an announcement that resulted in
his dismissal from his other
post as general secretary of the
president’s Sri Lanka Freedom
Party (SLFP). The defection by
Sirisena to the main opposition
United National Party (UNP)
appears to have taken Rajapakse by surprise and represents a
major challenge to the authority of the region’s longest-serving ruler.
“I thank the UNP for choosing me as the common opposition candidate,” Sirisena told
reporters in Colombo. “We
will definitely win.” Sirisena
was joined in his defection announcement by former president Chandrika Kumaratunga
Sirisena was
joined in his
defection announcement by
former president
Chandrika Kumaratunga.
Sri Lanka’s former health minister Maithripala Sirisena (right) addresses journalists while former
president Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga gestures during a Press conference.
who declared she fully supported his move. Three other ministers, including the fisheries
minister, and a backbencher
appeared alongside Sirisena to
declare they were also defecting. Rajapakse said on Thursday that he will seek an unprecedented third term as president
-- a move only made possible
after he pushed through changes to the constitution.
While Rajapakse remains
generally popular with majority Sinhalese voters after overseeing the end of a 37-year war
against Tamil separatists in
2009, critics say he has become
increasingly authoritarian. “He
projects himself as virtuous, but
he leads a dictatorial regime,”
said 63-year-old Sirisena, who
also accused the president of
nepotism and corruption. “The
entire economy and every aspect of society is controlled
by one family.” The president’s
brothers include the speaker of
parliament Chamal Rajapakse,
the economic development
minister Basil Rajapakse and
the powerful defence secretary
Gotabhaya Rajapakse. His eldest son, Namal, is a lawmaker
and heads the SLFP’s youth
“Corruption is rampant,
there is no rule of law,” added Sirisena, who promised
to reverse the constitutional
People wave Second Spanish Republic and Catalonia independence flags during an anti-monarchy
demonstration in central Valencia(file photo).
earthquake struck eastern
Indonesian islands yesterday,
according to the US Geological Survey (USGS), but no
tsunami alert was issued. The
undersea quake, at a depth
of 38 kilometres (24 miles),
struck the Molucca Sea between Sulawesi and the Maluku chain of islands. “The
quake was felt strongly for
five seconds, causing people
to run from their homes,”
the National Disaster Management Agency spokesman
Sutopo Purwo Nugroho said.
The quake was initially measured at 6.9-magnitude and
48 kilometres in depth but
was later revised by the USGS
amendments brought in under
Rajapakse that have increased
the powers of the president. “I
urge you to support me to scrap
the executive presidency. I will
scrap this executive within 100
days.” His endorsement by the
former president Kumaratunga, who is the daughter of two
former prime ministers, is seen
as a major boost to Sirisena’s
electoral fortunes. “After nine
years I am ending my silence. I
have decided to re-enter active
politics to help bring down a
corrupt regime,” said Kumaratunga, who has kept a low profile since handing over the leadership of the SLFP to Rajapakse
in 2005. (AFP)
Legal action against Catalan president
panish prosecutors launched
a legal case yesterday against
Catalan president Artur Mas
for going ahead with a symbolic independence referendum in
defiance of a court injunction.
Mas, along with his deputy Joana Ortega and the Catalan government’s education minister,
Irene Rigau, will be prosecuted
6.5-magnitude quake hits
eastern Indonesia
for civil disobedience, abuse of
power, usurpation of duties and
embezzlement of public funds,
the public prosecutor’s office
said in a statement. Prosecutors
said on Wednesday that they
would take legal action against
the three but did not specify for
what crimes.
If Mas is found guilty of civil
disobedience or abuse of power
it could eventually mean that he
would be banned from standing for public office for several
years. A sentence for embezzlement of public funds could
lead to a jail term of between
three and six years. Mas has
said it is “very disappointing”
that prosecutors will take legal action against him over the
referendum which was run by
grassroots pro-independence
organisations. “It is sad to see
that when the Catalan people
want to express their opinion...
the reaction of the state comes
from the courts and prosecutors,” he said during a news
conference on Thursday. The
Catalan government says 2.3
million people took part in the
vote on November 9 which Mas
held after a legal block from
the central government on his
plans to hold an official, nonbinding referendum on the issue that day.
Roughly 80 percent of those
who took part in the vote, or
1.86 million, favoured independence. A total of 5.4 million
voters aged over 16 were authorised to cast ballots. Mas hailed
the ballot as a “total success”,
but Spanish Prime Minister
Mariano Rajoy dismissed it as
a “deep failure” since “two out
of three Catalans paid no attention”.(AFP)
to 6.5 in strength and 10 kilometres shallower than earlier
reported. In West Halmahera, an area close to the epicentre, panicked people took
refuge to higher grounds for
fear a tsunami might hit, a
local disaster management
official told. A 7.3-magnitude
quake struck in the same area
last weekend, prompting authorities to issue a tsunami
alert, although it only generated small waves. Officials
said there were no immediate
reports of damage or casualties from yesterday’s quake.
Indonesia sits on the Pacific
“Ring of Fire” where continental plates collide, causing
frequent seismic and volcanic activity.
Togo police fire teargas
at opposition
olice in Togo’s capital
Lome yesterday fired
teargas at protesters defying
a government ban on marching to the country’s parliament, an AFP reporter said.
The police resorted to the gas
to push back thousands of
demonstrators, most of them
from the main opposition, as
they approached to within
400 metres (yards) of the
National Assembly. The government of President Faure
Gnassingbe had previously
ordered the marchers away
from the parliament building and told all schools in
the capital to close in case of
civil unrest. “We have come
out to put pressure on the
government and the powers
that be to ensure that political reform is implemented,”
said Jean-Pierre Fabre, the
head of the National Alliance
for Change. “We are going
to keep up the pressure to
have all these reforms before
the presidential elections in
2015,” Fabre, who was this
month chosen to stand at the
vote, told AFP. A meeting between Fabre and Gnassingbe
has been scheduled for today.
The stand-off led to tensions
with the protesters, some of
whom brandished banners
proclaiming “Two terms is
enough!”, “50 years in power. That’s enough!” and “We
want institutional and constitutional reforms”.
Niger to elect new
parliament speaker
iger will elect a new
parliament speaker on
Monday to replace the incumbent who fled to France
after being named in a baby
trafficking scandal. A parliamentary source said the decision was taken at a meeting
yesterday, a day after the west
African country’s top court
declared the post vacant.
The constitutional court on
Thursday also asked lawmakers to elect a new head within
15 days, in line with the constitution. The parliament
began its budget session on
October 4. The former speaker, Hama Amadou, who had
been seen as a leading challenger to President Mahamadou Issoufou in 2016 elections, left Niger on August
27 after lawmakers approved
his questioning in the scandal. He went to Burkina Faso
and then to Belgium and is
currently in France. Niger
issued an arrest warrant for
Amadou at the end of September. Seventeen people, 12
of them women -- including
one of Amadou’s wives -were arrested in late June for
their suspected involvement
in a baby-trafficking ring between Nigeria, Benin and Niger. Amadou says the charges
are politically motivated.
Putin supporters march
in Kremlin
arack Obama’s Republican
rivals yesterday heaped
scorn on his plans to offer up
to five million undocumented
migrants protection from deportation, as the US president
went on the road to defend
the bold measures.The controversial overhaul provides
three-year relief for millions
of undocumented people who
have lived in the country for
more than five years and have
children that are US citizens
or legal residents. According
to the president, it also channels more resources to the US
border with Mexico and shifts
deportation priorities toward
expelling felons. But critics
blasted the action as “illegal”
and “unconstitutional” as soon
as Obama unveiled Thursday
night, bringing tensions with
Republicans to a boil.
Already emboldened by their
sweeping midterm election
victory, Republicans vowed to
thwart Obama’s plans. “With
this action the president has
chosen to deliberately sabotage
any chance of enacting bipartisan reforms he claims to seek,”
House Speaker John Boehner
declared yesterday. “We are
working with our members
and looking at the options that
are available to us,” he told reporters. “But I will say to you:
the House will in fact act.” In
a prime-time address, Obama
said nearly a dozen commanders-in-chief before him have
acted unilaterally over the past
half century on some facet of
Speaker of the House John Boehner talks
with reporters in his office in the U.S. Capitol.
immigration reform.
“There are actions I have the
legal authority to take as president -- the same kinds of actions taken by Democratic and
Republican presidents before
me -- that will help make our
immigration system more fair
and more just,” Obama said in
his speech. Republicans were
not buying it. “The constitution
does not grant the president
the power to act as a one-man
legislature by appealing to ‘tradition,’” Republican National
Committee chairman Reince
Priebus fumed on Twitter. The
RNC also urged opponents of
the reform to contribute money
to the party to help fight the
said. Obama was travelling
Obama was quick to stress Friday to Las Vegas, Nevada to
that the sweeping order “does further explain his immigranot grant citizenship, or the tion orders. The state is home
right to stay here permanently, to many undocumented Laor offer the same benefits that tinos. “The president is going
to undertake a
citizens receive.
very aggressive
“Only Congress
RNC also urged
sales job on the
can do that,”
he added. “All
opponents of the actions he anwe’re saying is
reform to contrib- nounced last
” White
we’re not going
ute money to the night,
House senior
to deport you.”
party to help fight advisor DanPeople living
iel Pfeiffer said
and working
the order.
at a reporters’
illegally in the
breakfast, addcountry
who meet the criteria can apply ing that Obama saw immigrafor deferred deportation from tion as an “incredibly impornext spring, the White House tant” priority.(AFP)
HK democracy activists protest outside British consulate
Pro-democracy protesters(file photo)
Hong Kong
ozens of protesters gathered outside Hong Kong’s
British consulate yesterday,
accusing the former colonial
power of failing to pressure
China to grant free elections in
the city and protect freedoms
guaranteed in a joint treaty. The
demonstration comes after the
last UK governor of the territo-
ry Chris Patten urged Britain to
emulate the United States in offering more strident support to
democracy protests that erupted nearly two months ago. Up
to 100 people assembled outside the embassy, some waving
the yellow umbrellas that have
become the symbol of pro-democracy occupations that have
paralysed parts of the city.
“The UK is obligated to solve
the problem... Britain bears
half of the responsibility as it
signed the joint declaration,”
21-year-old student organiser
Daniel Ma told reporters. Britain and China are signatories
of the 1984 Sino-British Joint
Declaration, an agreement that
enshrines rights and freedoms
unavailable on the mainland.
It also asserts that “the current
social and economic systems
in Hong Kong will remain unchanged” for the 50 years following the 1997 handover.
Pro-democracy groups say
Beijing has breached the agreement and its legal embodiment,
a mini-constitution called the
“Basic Law”, after it declared
in August that candidates for
Hong Kong’s 2017 leadership
election would be screened by
a loyalist committee. The announcement was the spark for
the occupations, which have
seen support wane in recent
days due to an attempted breakin at parliament and frustrations over traffic disruption and
sporadic street clashes. “Democracy should be based on
Hongkongers’ will,” Ma said. “It
was a promise that for 50 years
we have would have a high level
of autonomy.”
“The UK cannot stay silent.
If you are silent you are part of
the same evil,” he added. After handing over a petition to
consulate officials, Ma said the
group would camp outside until Britain officially condemns
China for breaching the declaration. The group also wants
to meet a delegation of British
MPs when they visit Hong Kong
in the coming weeks. Hong
Kong’s last governor Patten on
Thursday told a US Congressional advisory committee that
Britain had been “restrained” in
commenting during the weeks
of protests. (AFP)
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Obama to visit India in January
S President Barack
Obama will travel to
India in January for its Republic Day celebrations, and
talks with Prime Minister
Narendra Modi, the White
House said yesterday. His
trip follows up on Modi’s
debut visit to Washington as
India’s leader in September.
The charismatic Hindu nationalist prime minister has
been courted by the United
States as a key partner in its
attempt to rebalance US diplomatic weight toward Asia.
“The president will meet
with the prime minister and
Indian officials to strengthen
and expand the US-India
strategic partnership,” White
House press secretary Josh
Earnest said. Earnest did not
give precise dates for the trip,
but Republic Day commemorates the adoption of India’s
constitution on January 26,
1950. The White House said
Obama would be the first US
president to attend India’s
Republic Day celebration.
In November, the two countries reached a breakthrough
agreement in a bitter row
over food subsidies that for
months had been blocking a
landmark global agreement
to reduce trade barriers. The
deal marked a crucial step
towards the full implementation of a World Trade Organization agreement reached
in December 2013 in Bali,
which would streamline
global customs procedures.
Chile jails colonels for torturing
president’s father
Chilean judge jailed two
retired colonels yesterday for torturing President
Michelle Bachelet’s father,
who was arrested for opposing the country’s 1973 coup
and died after repeated beatings and electrocutions. Ramon Caceres Jorqueda, 80,
was sentenced to three years
in prison for his role in General Alberto Bachelet’s death,
while Edgar Cevallos Jones,
83, was sentenced to two
years. Judge Mario Carroza
said in his sentence that the
two former air force colonels
had “repeatedly committed
the crime of applying torture”
on their one-time superior.
General Bachelet, who opposed his army colleague Augusto Pinochet’s overthrow
of socialist president Salvador Allende, was jailed at
Chile’s War Academy in the
aftermath of the coup. After
being beaten, tortured with
electric shocks and forced to
stand for long periods with
a hood over his head, he had
to be hospitalised. He died in
1974 under house arrest of a
heart attack that the courts
ruled was caused by his torture. His daughter Michelle,
who was herself jailed and
tortured under the dictatorship, served as Chile’s first
woman president from 2006
to 2010.
All victims identified in
Air Algeria crash
he identification of victims from a mysterious
Air Algeria crash in Mali in
July has been completed, allowing the remains to be
returned to their families,
the French foreign ministry
said yesterday. “This identification allows the return to
their families of the mortal
remains of those who disappeared in this catastrophe
and bring an end to a painful wait,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.
Flight AH5017, a McDonnell
Douglas 83 jet that had taken
off on July 24 from Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso
bound for Algiers, crashed
in the Mali desert after its pilots asked to turn back as bad
weather struck. All 116 passengers and crew killed. The
cause of the crash is still not
known. An initial report said
the crew was experienced,
not hampered by fatigue, and
prepared to deal with difficult weather. France bore
the brunt of the tragedy with
54 of its citizens on board.
Other passengers came from
Burkina Faso, Lebanon, Algeria, Spain, Canada, Germany and Luxembourg. For
a week after the crash, international experts combed the
site near the town of Gossi to
collect human remains. They
later processed some 1,000
DNA samples to identify
the victims. The identification was officially completed
on Wednesday with a presentation of findings by the
team of French and Algerian
experts at the Criminal Research Institute in Paris.
Snow storm
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Protests Anniversary
A woman lays flowers next to portraits of dead people at the Monument of Heavenly Hundred during a
memorial ceremony in Kiev yesterday.
Katherine Haddon
kraine’s new coalition
government made joining NATO a priority yesterday in a move likely to provoke fresh Russian anger as
thousands gathered in Kiev
to mark the first anniversary
of protests which unleashed
a year of turmoil. A crowd of
several thousand gathered in
Kiev’s Independence Square,
known as Maidan, late yesterday to remember the more
than 100 protestors who died
in demonstrations that started
on November 21 last year.
Many mourners were draped
in Ukrainian flags, while some
cried and laid flowers in memory of the dead. On a hectic day
of politicking, Ukraine’s leaders
announced a new coalition following October elections which
affirmed that joining the NATO
military alliance would be a
priority. It agreed to pass a law
by the end of the year confirming this intention. Such a move
threatens to further provoke
Russia, which denies Western
accusations that it is provid-
ing military support to proMoscow separatists in eastern
Ukraine as part of a strategy to
thwart the country’s pro-Western course.
The five-party parliamentary
coalition -- which will have a
big enough majority to make
constitutional changes -- features the groupings of President
Petro Poroshenko, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and
former premier Yulia Tymoshenko. Poroshenko confirmed
that pro-Western Yatsenyuk
will keep his post to head the
coalition government, which
faces a mammoth task dealing with the gravest crisis in
Ukraine’s post-Soviet history. During a visit to Kiev yesterday,
US Vice President Joe Biden
told Russia it faced paying an
ever-higher price over its policies in its western neighbour.
Biden described as “unacceptable” the Kremlin’s role in the
crisis in eastern Ukraine, but
stopped short of offering lethal military supplies to Kiev
forces battling rebels in a sevenmonth conflict which has killed
4,300 people. Hinting at possible new sanctions, he warned Russia had
failed to fulfil its commitments
under a September peace plan,
adding: “So long as that continues, Russia will face rising costs,
greater isolation.” As Biden met
Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk,
Kiev claimed that shelling was
taking place from across the
Russian border for the first time
since a tattered ceasefire was
signed in September. (AFP)
Thousands gathered in Kiev to
mark the first
anniversary of
protests which
unleashed a year
of turmoil
US House Republicans sue over ‘Obamacare’
S House Republicans
filed a lawsuit against
President Barack Obama’s administration yesterday over
his signature health care law
and unilateral actions they say
amount to an abuse of executive authority. The suit, which
Republicans have threatened
for months, was filed in US
District Court in Washington
against the secretaries of the
Treasury and the Health and
Human Services Department
and focuses on the administration’s “unconstitutional and
unlawful” rewriting of segments of the law commonly
referred to as Obamacare.
The legal action addresses
president’s unilateral move last
year to defer the Affordable
Care Act’s employer mandate,
which requires that employers with 50 or more workers
offer health coverage to their
full-time staff or pay fines,
until 2015. It also challenges
what Republicans described
as illegally transferring about
$175 billion to insurance companies under Obamacare over
the next 10 years. Congress
has not appropriated funds for
the program.
While the non-partisan
Congressional Budget Office
reported that the administration will repay the costsharing subsidies, the lawsuit
charges that the administration is unconstitutionally using funds from a separate
Treasury account to pay the
insurance companies. “Time
after time, the president has
chosen to ignore the will of the
American people and re-write
federal law on his own without a vote of Congress,” House
Speaker John Boehner said
in announcing the lawsuit.
“The House has an obligation
to stand up for the Constitution, and that is exactly why
we are pursuing this course of
action.” Republicans framed
Germany sends motorbikes
to speed Ebola testing
ermany has sent 400
motorbikes to the areas
of west Africa worst hit by
the Ebola epidemic to speed
up testing for the virus. The
specially adapted fleet of
bikes will be able to rush test
samples to laboratories from
remote areas, where patients
can often wait nine days or
more for results. The UN’s
World Food Programme
(WFP) said the motorbikes
should cut transport delays
to a day. Experts say faster
test results could help slow
the spread of the epidemic,
which has so far claimed
more than 5,400 lives, ac-
Pakistan detains 60 Indian
akistani marine forces
have arrested more than
60 Indian fishermen for
violating territorial waters
in Arabian Sea, police said
yesterday. The fishermen
strayed into Pakistani waters yesterday and Pakistan’s
Maritime Security Agency
(MSA) arrested them and
handed over to the police.
“MSA has handed over 61
Indian fishermen to us and
11 of their boats,” senior
police officer Sheeraz Nazir
told AFP. The fishermen were
handed over to the police
for further legal proceedings
that generally mean months
or even years in prison.
the lawsuit as a broader challenge to what they see is systematic executive overreach
by the president. Top House
Democrat Nancy Pelosi dis-
missed the “meritless lawsuit”
and said it marks Republican
leadership bowing to “impeachment-hungry extremists.” (AFP)
Such arrests are frequently
carried out by both countries,
as the maritime border in the
Arabian Sea is poorly defined and many fishing boats
lack the technology needed
to be certain of their precise location.The fishermen
often languish in jail even
after serving their term, as
poor diplomatic ties between
the two arch-rivals mean
fulfilling official requirements can take a long time.
Relations between the nuclear-armed neighbours have
taken a turn for the worse in
recent months, with some of
the worst shelling in years
on the disputed border in
Uganda jails five for genital
ive men and women in
Uganda have been jailed
for mutilating the genitals
of girls, a rare conviction in
the country which is trying to stamp out the often
deadly practice. The five, including those who carried
out the mutilation -- which
can range from hacking off
the clitoris to the removal of
the entire female genitalia
-- were arrested in eastern
Uganda’s Kapchorwa district last week. All pleaded
guilty to aiding or procuring female genital mutilation
(FGM), which was outlawed
in 2010. They were jailed for
four years, according to the
Daily Monitor newspaper.
Uganda’s law makes it a crime
Barack Obama
cording to the UN. “The
samples coming from 53
districts in the three worstaffected countries -- Sierra
Leone, Guinea and Liberia -will be able to be taken to the
closest laboratory in less than
24 hours,” said WFP spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs. The
announcement comes as a
new airlift by the agency,
the fifth since September,
landed in the Liberian capital Monrovia carrying water
kits and generators. The WFP
estimates that 1.7 million
people in the three countries
are threatened by hunger,
200,000 of them directly because of the Ebola outbreak.
to not only carry out FGM
or participate in any event
leading to its practice, but
also to discriminate against
a woman who hasn’t had it
done. While dozens of arrests
have been made since the
law’s introduction, there have
been few prosecutions. Police spokesman Fred Enanga
said although the practice
was “dying out” in some regions, it was still considered
“a tradition” in Kapchorwa
district and many continued
to practise in secret. “The
law has created fear within
communities, you won’t find
them having these cultural
days where families bring out
their girls,” he told AFP. “It is
no longer a cultural event like
male circumcision.”
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Toll rises to 13 in NewYork state
Jennie Matthew
New York
This aerial photo obtained courtesy of the Erie County Sheriff’s Office shows the snowbound Ralph
Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park, NY.
China building possible airfield
hina is building a massive
island in the South China
Sea that could host an airfield in
an area where Beijing is locked
in bitter territorial disputes with
neighbouring states, a US military spokesman said yesterday.
The vast land reclamation project on the Fiery Cross Reef in
the Spratly Islands is one of several pursued by China but the
first that could accommodate
an airstrip, Lieutenant Colonel
Jeffrey Poole said.There is also
a harbor on the east side of the
reef that appears large enough
for tankers and naval warships,
he added. In the past three
months, China has used dredgers to construct an island about
3,000 yards long and 200-300
meters wide on the reef, which
was previously under water, according to a report yesterday by
IHS Jane’s Defence. The results
of the dredging are captured in
satellite pictures obtained by
IHS Jane’s that cover a period
between August 8 and November 14. “The land reclamation
at Fiery Cross is the fourth such
project undertaken by China
in the Spratly Islands in the
last 12-18 months and by far
Philippine military’s Western Command (WESTCOM) shows Chinese
fishing vessels anchored at Fiery Cross Reef (Kagitingan) on the
disputed Spratly islands.
the largest in scope,” the report
Before the latest dredging
work, the Chinese navy had
used a concrete platform and
no artificial island had been
created. China already has built
islands at Johnson South Reef,
Cuateron Reef, and Gaven
Reefs, it said. Beijing claims
nearly all of the resource-rich
South China Sea, while Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines,
Taiwan and Vietnam have asserted their own claims by
building structures on reefs or
occupying islands. The other
Southeast Asian countries already had airfields in the area
and China’s latest efforts could
put it in a stronger position as
Beijing pursues its claims. The
United States has urged China
and other states to settle the territorial disputes peacefully and
without coercion while urging
Beijing to support a regional,
multilateral maritime “code of
conduct” to defuse confrontations at sea. But Beijing has
tended to prefer bilateral talks
with its smaller neighbours,
which are heavily dependent
on Chinese trade. (AFP)
he death toll rose to 13
yesterday from a killer
snowstorm in western New
York state where rising temperatures and heavy rain will
compound misery by causing
severe flooding into next week.
Blizzards dumped a year’s
supply of snow in just days
south of Buffalo city, bringing down 30 buildings, imperiling mobile homes and
paralyzing communities. Erie
County chief executive Mark
Poloncarz said 13 people had
died and warned that further
deaths could not be ruled out
as rescue workers continue to
dig out vehicles trapped in the
snow. The latest fatalities were
two elderly people who died
during and immediately after
being evacuated from a nursing home, and a 50-year-old
man found dead in his vehicle.
The National Weather Service
says “lake effect snow,” created
when frigid air moves over
warm lake waters, remains a
risk until noon but that only a
few more inches are expected
to fall Friday.
New York state Governor worst he could remember and
Andrew Cuomo announced said the worst-hit areas had
the state thruway would re- been affected more than duropen in parts to essential travel ing the deadly blizzard of 1977.
The flood risk will remain
from 3:00 pm but warned
against unnecessary journeys until Tuesday with some areas
as conditions remain perilous. set to receive five to six feet
The improving weather would (1.5 to 1.8 meters) of water in
a very short
also allow for
period of time,
snow removal
Buffalo Mayor
effort to quicken pace, with dumped a year’s Byron Brown
the National
supply of snow said
trucks have alGuard bringing
in just days
in extra people
and the arrival south of Buffalo 32,000 tons of
out of
of additional
city, bringing snow
south Buffalo.
Cuomo, who
down 30 build- The National
Serhas declared a
ings, imperiling Weather
vice warned of
state of emermobile homes severe winter
gency, said he
and paralyzing driving
tions with very
to the White
low visibility
and deep snow
Thursday and
cover on roads.
said President
Barack Obama sent his best The state of emergency has
wishes and that a full damages forced the National Football
assessment could yet prompt League to relocate Sunday’s
a federal disaster declaration. game between the local BufPoloncarz described “Win- falo Bills and the New York Jets
ter Storm Knife” as one of the from Buffalo to Detroit. (AFP)
Prisoner on death row freed after 39 years
57-year-old US prisoner
who was sentenced to
death for a murder he didn’t
commit walked free from
court yesterday after spending
39 years behind bars, prosecutors said. Ricky Jackson was
only 18 in 1975, when he was
convicted of murder in Cleveland, Ohio. His prosecution
was based largely on testimony
of a 12-year-old witness who
later admitted he had not seen
the crime and had given a false
statement. A beaming Jackson
left a court hearing a free man
yesterday, even telling reporters he was prepared to forgive
the witness whose evidence
had put him behind bars. “I
guess a lot of people will want
me to hate that person and carry animosity towards them but
I don’t,” Jackson said. “People
see him as a grown man today,
but in 1975 he was a 12-yearold kid and he was manipulated and coerced by the police
and they used him to get us in
prison. “As far as that young
man is concerned, I wish him
the best. I don’t hate him, I just
wish he has a good life.”
According to the National
Registry of Exonerations, a
University of Michigan project
which tracks wrongful convictions, Jackson’s 39 years in
prison make him the longest
serving exoneree in history.
“It’s extraordinary. I’m glad to
be out ... It has been an emotional roller coaster. The Eng-
lish language doesn’t have the
words to express how I’m feeling right now,” Jackson said. He had been convicted with
two other men of shooting
dead a businessman outside a
store in Cleveland in 1974.
His death sentence had been
commuted to life in prison
in 1977. One of Jackson’s coaccused was released in 2003.
The other remained in custody but will now be freed after prosecutors in Cuyahoga
County dropped all charges
against the men. Joe Frolik, a
spokesman for the prosecutors
office told “all charges were
dropped and he was free to
go. The decision was taken after the recanting of the witness
who was 12.” (AFP)
Man shot by police was ‘total innocent’
New York
n unarmed 28-year-old
man shot dead in a dark
New York stairwell by a rookie
police officer was a “total innocent” killed accidentally,
police commissioner Bill Bratton said yesterday. Akai Gurley
just entered the stairwell at the
Louis H. Pink Houses, a housing project in Brooklyn, with
his girlfriend when he was shot
once in the chest at around
11:15 pm Thursday. He was
taken to Brookdale Hospital
and pronounced dead. Bratton
told a news conference yesterday that the victim appeared
to have been a “total innocent”
engaged in no criminal activity. Gurley was shot as a pair of
rookie officers were conducting a routine interior patrol of
the apartment building, which
has been a scene of crime and
homicides in the recent past.
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Embassy of India, PO
Box 26106, Manama,
invites applications from
(with residence permit of
Bahrain) for a temporary
post of CLERK.
candidate should be a
graduate, fluent in English
& Hindi, have good
working knowledge of
computer and medically
fit. Signed applications,
with bio-data, a passportsize
contact details may be
submitted within 10 days
of publication of this
Nader & EBRAHIM group looking for a FEMALE EXECUTIVE
SECRETARY. Minimum 4 years
experience in the same role, dependable, efficient in handling
the day-today operations of the
office. Send your CV to [email protected]
We Require a full time Restaurant ACCOUNTING CLERK.
Candidate should have the following experience and qualifications: Attention to detail; Interpersonal Skills; Analyze daily/
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FOREMAN experienced in road
projects. Please send your CV
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Urgently Required FEMALE
BEAUTICIAN for ladies Salon.
Preference given to candidates
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Interior Design Company offers
two positions: (1) ARCHITECT/
INTERIOR DRAFTSMAN expert in AutoCAD, SketchUp, and
Revit. Minimum 6 years experience. (2) VISUALIZER expert
in photorealistic 3D renderings.
Email CV to [email protected]
Alsaleh Manpower agency looking for: NAIL TECHNICIAN,
AND SALESLADIES. Candidates with minimum 2 years
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Saturday, November 22, 2014
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1. Rolloutthepastrytoa24x26cmrectangle.Brush
with a little egg and place 4 spaced-out rows of
2. Rollupthepastryfromeachlongsidetomeetin
the middle, brushing with a little egg to help it
Place slices a little apart on a baking sheet lined
3. Heatovento200C/180Cfan/gas6.Bakefor12-15
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HONDA ACCORD, 2007 model for sale. KM 112000, price
BD 3,400. Engine Size 20013000CC. Contact: 33936825
model for sale, engine Size
2001-3000CC. Price BD 1,900.
Contact: 32229226
HONDA ACCORD, 2009 model
for sale. KM 92000, Engine Size
2001-3000CC. Price BD 4,500.
Contact: 36485501
BMW 3-SERIES, 2007 model
for sale. Engine Size 30014000CC. Price BD 6,300. Contact: 39787898
model for sale. KM 190000, Engine Size 1000-2000CC. Price
BD 1,750. Contact: 39754346
TOYOTA ECHO, 2004 model
for sale. KM 150000, Engine
Size 1000-2000CC. Price BD
1,450. Contact: 39435292
KIA SPORTAGE, 2006 model
for sale. Engine Size 10002000CC. Price BD 2,200. Contact: 39900609
BMW 7-SERIES, 2005 model
for sale. KM 112000, Engine
Size 3001-4000CC. Price BD
4,800. Contact: 33467388
BMW 3-SERIES, 2008 model
for sale. KM 95000, Engine Size
3001-4000CC. Price BD 4,200.
Contact: 39826557
BMW 7-SERIES, 2007 model
for sale. KM 144000, Engine
Size 4000+CC. Price BD 5,800.
Contact: 33741525
LEXUS IS-SERIES, 2006 model for sale. Engine Size 20013000CC. Price BD 5,300. Contact: 36611106
FORD GT, 2006 model for sale.
Engine Size 3001-4000CC.
Price BD 4,300. Contact:
HONDA CIVIC, 2002 model
for sale. Engine Size 10002000CC. Price BD 1,350. Contact: 33855420.
model for sale. KM 114000, Engine Size 1000-2000CC. Price
BD 2,950. Contact: 39423886
CADILLAC SRX, 2004 model
for sale. KM 10000, Engine Size
4000+CC. Price BD 3,500. Contact: 33114486
model for sale. Engine Size
3001-4000CC. Price BD 2,500.
Contact: 33878520
HONDA ACCORD, 2006 model
for sale. Engine Size 20013000CC. Price BD 2,700. Contact: 33363243
model for sale. KM 28000, Engine Size 2001-3000CC. Price
BD 8,400. Contact: 34443543
HONDA CIVIC, 2006 model for
sale. KM 99000, Engine Size
1000-2000CC. Price BD 2,400.
Contact: 33597896
model for sale. KM 174000, Engine Size 1000-2000CC. Price
BD 1,200. Contact: 39478699
model for sale. KM 46000, Engine Size 1000-2000CC. Price
BD 5,900. Contact: 39909915
[email protected]
Reaching the right audience
Saturday, November 22, 2014
DT News Network
ahrain yesterday opened
its medal account at the
Fourth Asian Beach Games,
being held in Thailand.
With only two day remaining for the Games, the Bahrainis stamped its authority
in the cross country event and
clinched six medals – including four gold and two silver –
on the inaugural day of athletics events at Naiyang.
Billsuma Gelassa opened
Bahrain’s medal account in
the men’s 8,000m cross country race, where he clocked
28 minutes and 41 seconds
to clinch the competition’s
gold medal. Another Bahraini Aweke Yimer followed
in second place in 29:01, edging Qatari Abubaker Kamal
who rounded off the podium
in 29:13. Bahrain’s Dejenee
Billsuma Gelassa, centre, along with Aweke Yimer and Abubaker Kamal.
Mootumaa missed the podium after coming fourth in
29:14. Other Bahrainis in the
fray were sixth-placer Julius
Kalekem (30:00) and Zelalem
RRgasa, who was unable to
complete the race.
Overall, Bahrain won the
men’s team gold, with Iran
taking the silver and Qatar
claiming the bronze. Athletes from Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam were also in
the fray.
There was even more
joy for Bahrain in women’s
6,000m cross country race
Bahrainis clinched
six medals
including four
gold and two
as Tejitu Chalchissa (23:39)
and compatriot Ghladys
Kibiwot (24:04) sealed a remarkable 1-2 finish for the
Kingdom. Jemila Robele,
also of Bahrain, narrowly
missed the bronze as she finished the race in 25:23, just
before third-placer Kit Chin
Yiu (24.48) of Hong Kong.
The results saw Bahrain
win the overall gold medal
and ahead of silver medalist
Indonesia, while Thailand
took the bronze medal. Vietnam was the other country
battling for podium in this
closely-contested race.
Meanwhile, three of Bahrain’s best bodybuilders qualified for the final show in the
bodybuilding championship,
set to take place today – the
penultimate day of the Games
– at Karon South Beach.
The prejudging of six
bodybuilding weight categories were held yesterday. They were under-60kg,
under-75kg, under-80kg and
under-85kg. Ali Abdrasool
(fly weight), Yaseen Husain
(welter weight) and Khaled
Abdulaziz (open weight) all
qualified for today’s medal
final show, which gets underway at 1pm (Bahrain
Mohamed Seroor was the
only Bahraini bodybuilder
failing to qualify and is out
of the competition. Bahrain
also sent six more sports
disciplines for the 10-day
Games. They were beach
football, beach volleyball,
Winners of Police Sports Association triathlon honoured
DT News Network
upreme Council for Youth
and Sports Chairman and
Bahrain Olympic Committee
President HH Shaikh Nasser
bin Hamad Al Khalifa, along
with members of the Bahraini
triathlon team, participated in
an Olympic triathlon race that
was organised by the Police
Sports Association yesterday.
The event was part of Bahrain’s
preparations to host the “Challenge Bahrain” international
triathlon championship, which
will be held on December 6
within the Kingdom’s celebrations of National Day. The race
was attended by Ministry of Interior Chief of Public Security
Major-General Tariq Al Hassan and a number of senior officers in the ministry. The race
began from Bahrain Bay with
a 1.5km swim, followed by a
40km cycle from Bahrain Bay
to the first tunnel to Hamad
Town Highway, then return.
The race ended with a 10km
run near Bahrain Bay. On the
occasion, Shaikh Nasser expressed full appreciation with
Lt. General Shaikh Rashid bin
Abdullah Al Khalifa, Minister
of the Interior, for his support
for the race, praising at the
same time the pursuit of Major General Al-Hassan for the
race. He stressed that participation in this tournament with
a group of Bahraini triathletes
came with the aim to gear up
for “Challenge Bahrain”, in addition to the opportunity for
everyone to participate.
Shaikh Nasser added that
such events will continue for
different age-categories and
in cooperation with various
parties in order to spread the
triathlon sport among young
people. He said of Bahrain that
the presence of young people
in the race is a good indicator
of the interest for the sport.
He also praised all the facilities that are available and the
efforts made by the organising
committee. On his part, Major
General Al-Hassan, expressed
his thanks and appreciations
to Lt. General Shaikh Rashid
on his support and wise direction in the interest of the
triathlon sport and its athletes, noting that this backing
helped the Ministry of the Interior organise such competitions. He also thanked Shaikh
Nasser for his participation in
this race where he is considered as a supporter of youth
and sports in the Kingdom of
ARABCO Saudi in finals
DT News Network
RABCO Saudi were last
night playing Indian Club
at press time in the final of
the Kerala Catholic Association (KCA)-Zayani Motors
International Volleyball Tournament 2014 supported by
Lulu and UAE Exchange at
its premises in Segaiya. Pool
B winner ARABCO reached
the final after coming from
two sets down to defeat Pool
A runners-up Ruby KCA 2025, 22-25, 25-22, 25-20, 15-11.
The other finalist was Pool B
runner-up Indian Club who
defeated Pool A winner Khobar Brothers after coming
from a set down to win 1925, 28-26, 25-21, 25-20. This
Winners on the podium
Table Tennis Tournament begins
skar Hall at its premises in
Gudaibiya. Matches will be in
the singles/doubles formats
for men and mixed doubles.
Total prizemoney of $1,250
is up for grabs and players
wishing to participate can
register for BD5 by November 28 which entitles them
to a commemorative Indian
Club Bahrain Centenary polo
Ashour wins third World Open title
a display of extravagant emotion with victory coming at the
end of a frustrating six-month
injury absence. First he tried
to walk up the front wall, did
a little dance, and eventually
lay coiled up in a ball on the
floor. It earned him his third
world title and certainly his
most memorable, though there
were moments when it seemed
he might fall foul of the referee,
and that, in a match decided
by such narrow margins, this
might cost him.(AFP)
DT News Network
s part of the Indian Club
Centenary Celebrations
an Expatriate Table Tennis
Tournament will be held on
December 1 at the club’s San-
amy Ashour clinched his
third World Open title yesterday when he saved a match
point in a marathon 13-11,
7-11, 5-11, 11-5, 14-12 triumph
against Egyptian compatriot
Mohamed El Shorbagy. Shorbagy, who became world number one for the first time only
this month, proved a hero himself, saving five match points in
The ARABCO Saudi and Ruby KCA teams.
tournament began over two
weeks ago with 10 teams split
into two pools of preliminary
round-robin matches with the
top two in each qualifying for
the knockout semi-finals. The
final was followed by a prize
distribution for the winning
teams and best individual
a row from 5-10 down in the
final game, and six altogether.
After 90 minutes of sensational ups and downs, contentious incidents, and a wonderful contrast in styles Ashour’s
brilliant creativity prevailed by
the narrowest margins over El
Shorbagy’s power and strength.
When Ashour’s final backhand
drop shot slipped like a quiet
dagger into an empty space
at the death, he erupted into
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Aidan Payne
[email protected]
ormer Liverpool and Republic of Ireland international stars striker John Aldridge and midfielder Jason
McAteer believe Liverpool will
have to take some drastic action
if they are to turn around their
season very quickly. The pair
were here in Bahrain last night
to give an after dinner speech
organised by Sports Speaker
MENA who served up yet another great evening of entertainment with the ‘Irish Affair’
featuring the two footballing
legends at the Radisson Diplomat Hotel starting at 8pm. Both
players spoke about their careers at both club and international levels as well as the highs
and the low points. Liverpoolborn Aldridge now 56 years
represented his country at two
world cups and was capped 69
times scoring on 19 occasions.
Asked what’s wrong with Liverpool he said, “When you had
two strikers last season in Luis
Suarez and Jason Daniel Sturridge notching up 50 or more
goals, it was obviously going to
be difficult to replace one or the
other, but with Suarez leaving
and Sturridge injured, it is up
to the other strikers to step up
and try to fill the gap.” Aldridge
suggests that Belgian striker
Divock Origi on loan at Lille in
France should be brought back
in January. “Liverpool desperately need a proven striker or
even two as Mario Balotelli
doesn’t appear to be the answer.
I would give Liverpool-born
local lad Rickie Lambert an
extended run along with Fabio
Borini who works hard.”
With Sturridge again injured
Aldridge concedes he is one
of those injury prone players,
“Daniel is a great player when
fit but Brendan Rodgers wlll be
feeling the pressure even more
if his strikers don’t start scoring soon.” Aldridge who works
for Radio City in Liverpool as
an analyst said playing in two
world cups and signing for Liverpool were the highlights of
his career. “It is a great feeling
signing and playing for your
hometown club.” Referring
to the Hillsborough stadium
disaster in 1989 when 96 supporters were crushed to death,
“That was the low point in my
career and the grieving with the
families and attending funerals was tough, it’s taking a long
time for justice but slowly but
surely we are getting there,” said
The former Liverpool striker
played 673 league matches during his career scoring 363 times
after being discovered playing
for non-league South Liverpool,
then joining Newport County
before moving on to Oxford
United, Liverpool, Real Sociedad in Spain and Tranmere
Rovers who he later managed.
His honours include a Welsh
Cup win with Newport County,
Division two and three titles
and a League Cup with Oxford
United, Division one title and a
FA Cup win with Liverpool and
managing Tranmere Rovers to
a League Cup final before losing
to Leicester City. Birkenheadborn McAteer now 43 and
capped 52 times for his country
said the highlights of his career
were joining Liverpool and getting the chance to play twice
in the world cup finals. Commenting on Liverpool’s defence,
“Last season they were banging
in the goals and the defensive
frailties were plastered over, but
losing their two potent strikers
for various reasons has proved
Liverpool’s downfall this season
so far.” McAteer said the two
biggest disappointments of his
career were losing as a Bolton
Wanderers player to Liverpool
in the 1995 League Cup Final,
and to Manchester United at
the 1996 FA Cup Final.
“It’s a horrible feeling reaching Wembley and then losing
out winning the big occasion,”
said Mc Ateer. He represented
Mr. Aldridge, left, and Mr. McAteer.
his country 52 times scoring
three times and playing in two
the world cup finals in a career
playing 420 league games scoring 24 goals after beginning
with non-league Marine before
moving on to Bolton Wanderers then Liverpool, Blackburn
Rovers, Sunderland and Tranmere Rovers. Both player also
reflected on the present plight
Interior Ministry, Contax Partners lead
DT News Network
he Independent 3 team of
the ministry of the Interior
(51.3 points) stayed on top of
Hospital Island Classic Charity Golf Tournament at His
Majesty the King’s private golf
course at Al Safriya. This popu-
An action from the Tournament.
the Championship category after the second day of the threeday 17th American Mission
lar annual event is being played
under the patronage of His
Majesty King Hamad bin Isa
Al Khalifa. Yesterday a further
15 teams were in action playing in both Championship and
Premiere categories with more
than 40 in the fray. Moving into
second place in the Championship is Saffriya 1 (53.8) with
Bahrain Confidential (54.6)
droppingdown to third.
In Premiere category action,
Contax Partners (55.3) remain
on top, followed ib second by
Lexus 2 (56.2) with RCSI (57.4)
in third. The tournament format is the ever popular Texas
Scramble on the nine-hold
course which provides every
team a chance to win the prizes
with side contests adding to the
excitement along with a HoleIn-One Competition being
held on the second hole with
the first player achieving the
feat winning a JAC J5 – Luxury
1.81 Sedan.
The three-day tournament is
a high-profile charity tournament organised by the American Mission Hospital to raise
funds for the Hospital’s Community Outreach program,
new clinics and equipment
fund, to ensure that the hospital can continue to provide
quality healthcare at reasonable prices to the people of
Today the final day of competition tees off at 7.30am. The
culmination of the event will be
a luncheon held in Al Khayma
at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and
Spa where sponsoring companies will be honoured and the
golfers from the winning teams
will be awarded their prizes.
Simeone treating game like final
tletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone has warned
his side there is “no room for
error” against an improving
Malaga on Saturday. Malaga
won five games in a row before the international break,
climbing to sixth in the table
only two points behind Atletico in fourth “We have no
room for error, we must treat
the game like a final,” Sime-
one said in his pre-game press
conference. “They have been
doing well for a while. We can
see their results and we also
know they stopped Barcelona
playing well (in September).
They have a very strong offensive unit, much technical
ability and experience on the
Atletico will be without
defender Miranda, who suffered a hamstring injury while
on international duty with
Brazil. Simeone has tasked
Jose Gimenez with the job
of replacing him in central
defence. “He has been biding his time since December,”
Simeone said of Gimenez.
“He has had opportunities
at the World Cup and for his
country. We know he is ready.”
Malaga coach Javi Gracia recognises the challenge of playing away to the defending
champions, but does not wish
to curb the attacking tendencies which have served his
team well in recent weeks.
“We want to be an ambitious team, to create as many
as we can while maintaining
a strong defence,” he said.
“They have a lot of power with
set-pieces, they are strong in
the air, and have very good
strikers upfront.
of former club Tranmere Rovers, “Its sad as they are now
under tremendous financial
constraints and the only way
forward is for them to go back
up.” The evening package also
included Irish comedian Rory
O’Hanlon, Irish ‘shin dig band’
The B Side, a gourmet dinner,
prize raffles and signed memorabilia. Previous personalities
who have graced these shores
and evenings in the past year
have been former Tottenham
Hotspur, Southampton and
Liverpool ‘hard man’ Neil Ruddock, ex Manchester United
manager Ron Atkinson and
in June, former internationals,
Chris Waddle of England, Gary
McAllister of Scotland and Dietmar Hamann of Germany.
Shaheen Group beat Star Eleven
DT News Network
haheen Group crushed Star
Eleven by 130 runs in the
latest match in the Bahrain
Cricket BTC T20 League played
at the Busaiteen Grounds in
Muharraq. Batting first, Shaheen Group scored 130 for five
in 20 overs with opener Thilini
(105 off deliveries, 1x4, 1x5,
10x6) the stat performer, with
the wickets claimed by Anurjana Kirthi (two for 34) in four
overs, Arun Kushanath (two
for 35) in four overs and Joby
Abraham (one for 34) in four
overs. Star Eleven in reply were
dismissed for just 30 in nine
overs with the only batsmen
scoring being Sanil Kumar (8),
Joby Abraham (8), Mathews
Ninan (7 not out), Rony Abraham (4) and Bijumons Mohan
(2), with the pick of the bowlers being Majid Razaq (four
for seven) in four overs and Saranga Mahesh (four for 10) in
three overs.
Diego Simeone.
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Australia down South Africa to take series
teve Smith hit a thrilling
century to propel Australia to a three-wicket victory
over South Africa to clinch
the five-game one-day international series in Melbourne
yesterday. Man-of-the-match
Smith cracked 104 off 112 balls
as Australia stormed home to
overhaul South Africa’s 267
for eight to win with an over
to spare. The victory wrapped
up the ODI series 3-1 over the
Proteas ahead of Sunday’s final
game in Sydney. The Proteas
looked in control for most of
Australia’s innings, reducing the
home side to 98 for five in the
25th over, before Smith turned
Australia win by
three wickets
the tide with a ground record
121-run sixth-wicket stand
with wicketkeeper Matt Wade.
As Smith and Wade accelerated the scoring rate the South
African bowling and fielding
became ragged under pressure
and in the end the Australians
were an irresistible force surging to victory. When Wade was
brilliantly caught in the outfield
by a diving Ryan McLaren for
52 off 94 balls, James Faulkner
came in and took up where
Wade left off slamming an unbeaten 34 off 31 balls with six
Smith has proved the thorn
for the Proteas in this series,
hitting an unbeaten 73 to help
the Australians win in the third
ODI in Canberra on Wednesday. He was annoyed to be
bowled by Robin Peterson as he
attempted to go after the winning run, but the damage had
ustralia’s Michael Wright
consolidated his lead at
the halfway stage of the Australian Masters as Adam Scott
failed to make much headway at Melbourne’s Metropolitan yesterday. Starting the
day tied for the lead, Wright
carded a four-under 68 to be
two shots clear of the field on
nine-under 135. World number two Scott, chasing his
third straight Masters title,
trailed Wright by six shots
in joint 11th spot. The 2013
Augusta Masters champion
posted a four-under 68 to
lie three-under 141 heading
into the weekend rounds. “I
felt, certainly, on the front
nine, there was a low round
out there,” Scott said. “If it’s
South Africa. 4“I
was lucky enough to have some
partners out there,” Smith
in Bpraising
the contribuG. BAILEY
STEYN Faulkner.
of C DE
match Cfinished
on a video
adjudication after
Pat Cummins appeared to be
OUT 34
by NOT
a diving
David MillP. CUMMINS
OUT decision
only for
to 1be
when49 OVERS)
replays showed
Steven Smith bats.
the ball had bounced before
Miller’s hands. That proved to
be the winning run as Cummins and Faulkner crossed for
the Australians to celebrate a
psychological series victory
ahead of next year’s World Cup
in Australia and New Zealand.
Compounding South Africa’s
woes was an apparent rib injury
for skipper AB de Villiers, who
Wawrinka returns a backhand.
a big smash that appeared to
loosen some of his nerves. A
hakib Al Hasan starred
with bat and ball to lead
Bangladesh to a crushing
87-run victory in their first
one-day international against
Zimbabwe in Chittagong
yesterday. Shakib scored 101
off 99 balls to lead the team
to 281-7 and then grabbed
4-41 as the home side dismissed Zimbabwe for 194 in
42.1 overs to take 1-0 lead in
the five-match series. Shakib
shared 148-runs in a record
fifth-wicket partnership with
Mushfiqur Rahim to help
Bangladesh recover from
4-70 to a competitive score
after they were put in to bat
first. Shakib, who also had
a hand in Bangladesh’s previous highest fifth-wicket stand
of 119 runs, against South
similar conditions tomorrow,
with three par-5s on the front
nine, someone is going to turn
low, it’s possible.” “But, I still
have to hit a lot of good shots
and make a lot of putts to do
it.” Scott is using the Masters
as preparation for next week’s
showdown with world number one Rory McIlroy in the
Australian Open in Sydney.
Wright was a model of consistency, backing up his fiveunder 67 in the first round to
capture the outright lead after
he was one of four players
to lead after the opening 18
holes. Australian Paul Spargo
went around in five under to
be two shots behind Wright,
local professional Richard
Green also produced a 67 to
move to six under.
Shakib leads Bangladesh
to crushing win
suffered the injury while fielding and looked in discomfort.
De Villiers hit a masterful 91
before South Africa’s innings
stalled and finished at 267 for
eight batting first after winning
the toss. International one-day
cricket’s leading batsman was
in typical free-flowing form,
hitting six fours in his 88-ball
knock. (AFP)
Wawrinka gives Switzerland 1-0 lead
tan Wawrinka gave Switzerland the perfect start
to the Davis Cup against
France yesterday by defeating French number one JoWilfried Tsonga 6-1, 3-6, 6-3,
6-2. With Roger Federer to
follow against Gael Monfils in
the second singles clash, the
Swiss, who have never won the
premier tennis team trophy,
hoped for a 2-0 first day lead.
Watched by an all-time Davis
Cup record crowd of 27,432,
crammed into one half of a
roofed Lille football stadium,
Tsonga looked and played tight
from the start. World number
four Wawrinka converted his
third break point of the match
to lead 3-1 with his superb
one-handed backhand drive
regularly leaving Tsonga for
dead. The Frenchman saved
a break-point in the opening
game of the second set with
Wright leads Australian
Wawrinka double fault in the
fourth game gave Tsonga his
first break of the match to lead
3-1. He held onto to that lead
to level the rubber and the two
went head-to-head in a tightly
contested third set.
The turning point came in
the sixth game when Tsonga’s
big first serve deserted him
and a sloppy forehand drive
wide put Wawrinka 4-2 and
eventually 5-2 ahead. The
fan support had been muted
to that point, but Tsonga got
them going as he saved two
set points with a thumping
forehand winner and a blistering ace. Wawrinka was at
0-30 on his following serve,
but worked his way out of that
hole and took a two set to one
lead after a long rally that tested both men. Tsonga had his
back to the wall and the tightness he had shown in the first
set returned as he dropped
serve to open the fourth set.
Africa in Dhaka in 2008,
struck 10 fours. Rahim
made 65 off 72 balls with the
help of two fours and as many
sixes. Debutant Sabbir Rahman provided a late sparkle
hitting an unbeaten 44 off 25
balls, which included three
fours and three sixes. Tinashe
Panyangara claimed highest
three wickets for Zimbabwe
at the expense of 66 runs. Zimbabwe started their chase
positively, reaching 46 runs
in the first seven overs, before Shakib put a brake on
their innings with two wickets in his second over. Fellow
spinners Arafat Sunny (2-22)
and Mahmudullah (2-40)
and paceman Mashrafe Mortaza (2-33) gave him ample
support making regular
Mourinho backs Costa to
play key role
ose Mourinho believes
Diego Costa has recovered from his long-standing
injury problems and is now
ready to play a full part in
Chelsea’s testing run of fixtures to the turn of the year.
Chelsea manager Mourinho
has maintained the Spain
striker has required careful
handling after suffering injuries while away on international duty this season. But
after criticising the way Costa
has been used by his country,
Mourinho is convinced the
player has benefitted from
being left out of Spain squad
for the recent round of international matches. Despite
a lingering hamstring complaint, Costa has struck ten
goals in his first nine Premier
League games since a £32
million move from Atletico
Madrid. And with Chelsea
facing a gruelling run of 12
matches in 41 days between
Saturday’s clash with West
Bromwich Albion and the
January 1 visit to London
rivals Tottenham Hotspur,
Mourinho is satisfied Costa
is fully prepared for the demanding programme.
Henrik Stenson leads at midway stage in Dubai
Saturday, November 22, 2014
25-under par, made just one
enrik Stenson continued mistake early in his round,
his amazing dominance when he dropped a shot on the
at the Earth course of Jumei- long par-3 fourth hole, but puttrah Golf Estates as his 11th ed beautifully to make amends
consecutive round in the 60s with seven birdies, includgave him a two-shot lead half- ing a brilliant two-putt birdie
way through the $8 million DP from 80-feet on the final hole.
World Tour Championship yes- The 38-year-old has played 18
terday. The Swede, who is also rounds in the tournament so
a brand ambassador for the golf far (he did not qualify in 2011)
course, shot a six-under par and has 17 sub-par rounds. His
66 round in the second round worst score is a 73 in the fiand is now 10-under par af- nal round of the 2010 edition.
ter 36 holes. Overnight joint And Stenson said: “I just came
leader and world number one in knowing that I have got a
Rory McIlroy was among three good gameplan to play this golf
players at eight-under par 136. course and I’m trying to stick to
The Northern Irishman strug- that one. So far, so good. I am not
gled a bit and then hit his tee
shot into the water hazard on making any changes really
and hopefully
the 18th hole
I keep on proin his round of
two-under par
Stenson shot a ducing birdies.
“I was hitting
70. Also at 136
were Scotland’s six-under par 66 it all right, but
Rishi Ramsay round in the sec- I was good
the greens
(69) and Engond round and on
land’s Danny
some nice putts
is now 10-unday long
Spain’s Rafael
der par after 36 all
and that really
helps. The one I
shot the lowholes
made on 16 and
est round of
the one on 18,
the day – an
eight-under par 64 – to join were nine. It was a pretty solid
Ireland’s Shane Lowry (71), round of golf, but more than
the overnight leader alongside anything, it was made up on the
McIlroy, England’s Justin Rose greens.” McIlroy started with a
(66), Sweden’s Kristoffer Brob- birdie, but then did not make
erg (67) and Denmark’s Olesen another until the 14th hole. In
between, on the par-5 seventh
(70) at tied fifth place at 137.
Defending champion Sten- hole, he hit an embarrassing
son, who won the tournament second shot with a five-wood –
last year with a record tally of a fat, ugly duckhook. (AFP)
ardan Mamat of Singapore and South Korean Wang Jeung-hun jointly
held a two-shot lead after two
rounds at the Philippines’ Resorts World Manila Masters
golf tournament yesterday.
Opening round co-leader
Mardan, 47, was one over
par through 12 holes before
brilliantly sinking five birdies over his six closing holes
to score a four-under-par 68
for the day. Both Mardan and
Wang are at 11-under-par
133 over two rounds at the
million-dollar golf tournament, the country’s richest
pot so far for the sport. “I
couldn’t get my momentum
right on my front nine. I told
myself to stay patient and I
managed to finish well,” Mardan said. Wang kept pace
with nine birdies to go with
two bogeys for a seven-under
65 yesterday.
facing Manchester City away
on Tuesday in the Champions League with the Germans
already in the last 16. Guardiola warned that Schweinsteiger is “not 100 percent fit
and will need time to find his
old form”. Schweinsteiger’s
return is welcome news after
Bayern lost captain Philipp
Lahm on Wednesday for the
next three months with a
fractured ankle. Guardiola is
having to use his full squad
with defender David Alaba
joining the long-term injury
list alongside Javi Martinez,
Thiago Alcantara and Holger
Olympic hopes boost world
champs ambience
Henrik Stenson of Sweden plays his second shot of the 16th hole
Pakistani batsman Asad Shafiq (right) plays a shot as New Zealand
wicketerkeeper BJ Watling (left) and teammate Tom Latham (centre) look on
Mardan, Wang lead Philippines
Manila Masters
ermany captain Bastian
Schweinsteiger is set
to make his first Bundesliga
appearance since the World
Cup final today, Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola
said. Schweinsteiger, who last
played in Germany’s extratime win over Argentina at
Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana
stadium, should play at lease
part of the home game against
Hoffenheim. Schweinsteiger,
30, has been out for 132 days
after an ankle injury, then a
strained knee ligament. Saturday’s match at the Allianz
Arena is Bayern’s last before
the tempo with Shafiq hitting
two boundaries off Mark Craig
but the off-spinner derailed
the chase when he dismissed
Younis with a turning, rising
delivery that took the edge and
was well held at slip by Taylor. Younis hit three sixes and
two boundaries in his 84-ball
knock. Boult finished with miserly figures figures of two for
12 in 10 overs while Craig took
two for 66 in 17. (AFP)
beaten 24 as Pakistan finished
on 196 for five, with the draw
preserving their 1-0 lead in the
three-match series following
last week’s 248-run win Abu
Dhabi. It was an exciting finish
before an 8,000 holiday crowd
who anticipated a Pakistan
win after New Zealand captain
Brendon McCullum had sportingly declared his side’s second
innings on 250 for nine. That
was made possible after Taylor
notched a brilliant 104 for his
12th Test century.
McCullum praised New Zea-
Schweinsteiger poised for
Bayern return
Pakistan salvage draw
akistan salvaged a draw
in the second Test against
New Zealand in Dubai yesterday after being set a challenging target of 261 off 72 overs on
the back of a brilliant hundred
by Ross Taylor. The early loss
of four Pakistani wickets meant
all results were possible come
tea but in the end Pakistan
finished 65 runs short of victory when bad light ended play
five overs before the scheduled
close. Asad Shafiq scored 41 not
out and Sarfraz Ahmed an un-
land’s resolve, saying: “Obviously it was a very very good
Test match. t was a great effort
and I think the toss was really
important and we managed to
put on a good total (403 after
he elected to bat) and that really lifted us. I am proud of the
boys.” Younis (44) and Shafiq
lifted Pakistan from a precarious 75 for four after Trent Boult
had dismissed Shan Masood
(40) and skipper Misbah-ul
Haq (nought) in his successive
overs. Pakistan, needing 130
in the last 20 overs, picked up
New Zealand 2nd innings:
(overnight 167-6)
T. Latham c Shafiq b Shah 9, B.
McCullum lbw b Babar 45, K.
Williamson c Umar b Babar 11, R.
Taylor st Ahmed b Shah 104, C.
Anderson b Shah 0, J. Neesham
b Babar 11, BJ Watling c Shafiq b
Shah 11, M. Craig c Rahat b Shah
34, T. Southee c Ali b Babar 20, I.
Sodhi not out 2
Total: (for nine wkts dec; 64.5
overs) 250
Pakistan 2nd innings:
Shan Masood lbw b Boult 40,
Taufeeq Umar c Watling b
Southee 4, Azhar Ali c Neesham
b Craig 24, Younis Khan c Watling
b Craig 44, Misbah-ul Haq c
Watling b Boult 0, Asad Shafiq
not out 41, Sarfraz Ahmed not
out 24
Total: (for five wkts; 67 overs)196
quash’s reignited hopes
of a place in the Olympic Games has transformed
the climax of a World Open
championship whose final was taking place Friday amidst a dramatic new
mood of optimism. That is
because an extraordinary
session of the International
Olympic Committee (IOC)
at Monte Carlo next month
looks likely to approve a
change in entry regulations
which would greatly improve
squash’s chances of becoming part of the Olympic programme at Tokyo in 2020.
The change involves capping the number of athletes
instead of the number of
sports, and it makes World
Squash Federation (WSF)
officials believe a door has
been opened for their sport
whose footprint is light and
whose presentation last year
was well received by the IOC.
This is the first time that
squash officials have made a
public statement about their
sport’s change of circumstances since wrestling was
bizarrely ejected and quickly
reinstated for the 2020 Games
by a ballot at Buenos Aires in
Zidane wins appeal against
coaching ban
Spanish sports court yesterday backed Zinedine
Zidane’s appeal against a three
month ban from coaching
Real Madrid’s reserve team
over his disputed qualifications. Spain’s football federation imposed the ban at the
end of October, arguing the
former France midfielder did
not have the right licence to
coach in Spain. Real appealed
and the three-time World
Footballer of the Year was
allowed to continue coaching while the Court of Arbitration for Sport considered
the case. Zidane’s assistant
Santiago Sanchez, who was
also sanctioned by the Spanish federation, the RFEF, was
also cleared to continue his
duties while the case was considered. Real Madrid initially
initially went to the RFEF
appeal committee but when
that was rejected, the 10-time
European champions turned
to the Court of Arbitration.
Real insist that Zidane has the
proper qualifications to coach
their reserve team, although
he needs a UEFA ‘A’ licence
level three badge to do so and
he only holds a level two.
P31 Stenson shines
Saturday, November 22, 2014
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Abu Dhabi
leader Lewis Hamilton
struck the first blow over his
Mercedes team-mate and only
title rival Nico Rosberg in yesterday’s opening free practice
ahead of Sunday’s decisive Abu
Dhabi Grand Prix. On a hot
day of blue skies and a track
temperature of 44 degrees, with
an air temperature of 28 degrees at the Yas Marina circuit,
the two Mercedes men were a
class apart from the rest of the
field as they began preparations
for their ‘double jeopardy’ duel
in the desert. Hamilton clocked
a best lap of one minute and
43.476 seconds to finish quickest by 0.133 seconds ahead of
Rosberg, the pair finishing the
session more than 1.7 seconds
clear of the Ferrari of Fernando
1. Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes 1:42.113, 2. Nico Rosberg (GER)
Mercedes 1:42.196, 3. Kevin Magnussen (DEN) McLaren 1:42.895,
4. Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull 1:42.959, 5. Valtteri Bottas (FIN)
Williams 1:43.070, 6. Daniel Ricciardo (AUS) Red Bull 1:43.183, 7.
Kimi Raikkonen (FIN) Ferrari 1:43.489, 8. Jenson Button (GBR)
McLaren 1:43.503, 9. Daniil Kvyat (RUS) Toro Rosso 1:43.546, 10.
Felipe Massa (BRA) Williams 1:43.558, 11. Sergio Perez (MEX) Force
India 1:43.746, 12. Pastor Maldonado (VEN) Lotus 1:44.005, 13. Nico
Hülkenberg (GER) Force India 1:44.068, 14. Jean-Eric Vergne (FRA)
Toro Rosso 1:44.157, 15. Esteban Gutierrez (MEX) Sauber 1:44.316,
16. Adrian Sutil (GER) Sauber 1:44.763, 17. Romain Grosjean (FRA)
Lotus 1:44.986, 18. Kamui Kobayashi (JPN) Caterham 1:45.505, 20.
Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari.
Alonso, in his last race weekend with the Italian team. With
just Sunday’s race remaining,
Hamilton holds a 17 points
lead in the title race and must
finish second, if Rosberg wins,
for him be certain to take the
Rosberg, in turn, must finish
18 points ahead of his teammate to take his first title, a
situation that requires him to
win or finish second and then
hope for Hamilton to suffer a
setback. Alonso’s successor at
Ferrari, four-time champion
Sebastian Vettel was fourth
quickest as he began his final
Grand Prix with Red Bull, back
at the track where they began
their cycle of success in 2010.
Behind the outgoing champion, his current Red Bull teammate Daniel Ricciardo was fifth
fastest ahead of Frenchman
Jean-Eric Vergne and his Toro
Rosso team-mate Daniil Kvyat,
Hamilton clocked
a best lap of
one minute and
43.476 seconds
to finish quickest
by 0.133 seconds
ahead of Rosberg
who will join Ricciardo at Red
Bull next year.
Valtteri Bottas was eight
fastest for Williams, his team
unable to produce their expected pace due to bodywork
problems that left them busy
with alterations and repairs
throughout the session. His
team-mate Felipe Massa managed only seven laps to Bottas’
eight and was down in 13th.
Sergio Perez was ninth ahead of
his Force India team-mate Nico
The two McLarens of Jenson Button, whose future is the
subject of much speculation,
and Kevin Magnussen, were
17th and 11th respectively on
a day when 20 cars were involved with Caterham rejoining the fray after missing the
races in the United States and
Brazil. That meant Briton Will
Stevens made his Formula One
debut, in a Caterham, winding
up in 20th place behind teammate Kamui Kobayashi, who
was 18th and Adderley Fong, of
Hong Kong, driving for Sauber.
Sebastian Vettel leaves the pits during the first practice session.
Lewis Hamilton drives.
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