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Research Center
in Social and Humanistic Sciences
Working Papers of
International Conference
5th edition
21-22 November 2014
Târgovişte, România
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 3
Table of Contents
Organizers, Committees And Partners..............................................7
Scientific Papers Sessions 1st Day- 21st of November 2014 ........ 15
Scientific Papers Sessions 2nd Day- 22nd of November 2014....... 21
Open Space - Poster Sessions.......................................................... 31
Open Space - Book Exhibition........................................................ 41
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 5
LUMEN International Conference is an international
scientific manifestation with multidisciplinary character, whose
general objective is to promote scientific excellence, encouraging
a broad spectrum of contribution of scientific papers in social
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 7
Lumen Association, Lumen Publishing House,
Lumen Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences
Valahia University of Targoviste, Faculty of Political Sciences,
Letter and Communication, Romania
 Higher Education Research and Consulting Company – SUA
 Faculty of Law and the Legal Research Center within “Petre
Andrei” University of Iasi
 Faculty of Philosophy and Social and Political Sciences within
“Al. I. Cuza” University of Iasi
 “Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava
 “Babes Bolyai” University, Cluj Napoca
 Romanian Association of Semiotic Studies
8 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
Organizing Committee
Director of LUMEN 2014 Conference:
Professor PhD Antonio SANDU – “Ştefan cel Mare” University
of Suceava, President of Lumen Association, Iasi
Co-directors of LUMEN 2014 Conference:
Research Assistant Ana FRUNZĂ – PhD candidate at “Al. I.
Cuza” University from Iasi, Lumen Research Center in Social and
Humanistic Sciences
Associate Professor Ph.D. Tomiţă CIULEI, Valahia University
from Targoviste, Romania
Committee Members:
 Pompiliu ALEXANDRU – “Valahia” University of
Targoviste, Romania
 Marius BADEA - “Valahia” University of Targoviste,
 Daniel COJANU - “Valahia” University of Targoviste,
 Gabriel GORGHIU - “Valahia” University of Targoviste,
 Simona UŞURELU – Lumen Research Center in Social
and Humanistic Sciences
 Elena UNGURU – Lumen Research Center in Social and
Humanistic Sciences
 Cristian Sergiu VUSATIUC – Lumen Research Center in
Social and Humanistic Sciences
 Cezar VUSATIUC – Lumen Research Center in Social
and Humanistic Sciences
 Roxana Demetra STRATULAT – Lumen Research
Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 9
Scientific Committee
 Nadia Cerasela ANIŢEI, Professor PhD, “Dunarea de
Jos” University from Galati, Romania
 Arup BARMAN, Professor PhD, Assam University,
Silchar, India
 Aurora CIUCĂ, Professor PhD „Stefan cel Mare”
University from Suceava, Romania
 Dan CRĂCIUN, Professor PhD, The Bucharest
Academy of Economic Studies, Romania
 Alberto CRESCENTINI, Professor-researcher Scuola
Universitaria Professionale Della Svizzera Italiana, Switzerland
 Marius DUMITRESCU, Professor PhD “Al. I. Cuza”
University, Romania
 Petre DUMITRESCU, Professor PhD “Mihail
Kogalniceanu” University from Iasi, Romania
 Fernando Diez ESTELLA, Professor PhD, Antonio de
Nebrija University, Madrid, Spain
 Nicu GAVRILUŢĂ, Professor PhD “Al. I. Cuza”
University, Iasi, Romania
 Viorel GULICIUC, Professor PhD, “Ştefan cel Mare”
University of Suceava
 Uday JAIN, Professor PhD, Psychology Barkatullah
University Bhopal, India
 Alexandru JIVAN, Professor PhD, West University of
Timisoara, Romania
 Petre MAREŞ, Professor PhD, “Valahia” University of
Targoviste, Romania
 Sorin Tudor MAXIM, Professor PhD, “Ştefan cel Mare”
University of Suceava, Romania
 Carmen NĂSTASE, Professor PhD, “Ştefan cel Mare”
University of Suceava, Romania
10 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
 Dario De NOTARIS, Professor PhD, University of
Federico II, Naples, Italy
 Radu NICOLAE, Commissar in chief, Professor Ph.D.
Supervisor interuniversity cooperation, Ministry of Internal
Affairs; Police Academy “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Romania
 Daniela PASNICU, Professor. PhD Scientific Researcher
II, Spiru Haret University, National Research Institute for Labour
and Social Protection, Romania
 Valentina PRICOPIE, Professor PhD, Romanian
Academy, Sociology Institute, Romania
Associate Professor, “Al. I. Cuza” University of Iasi, Romania
 Carlos VALIENTE-BARROSO, Associate Professor
PhD, Researcher Competence University of Madrid, Spain
 Diego CARDONA, Associate Professor, Universidad del
Rosario Calle, Columbia
 Moise CINDEA, Associate PhD, University Petre Andrei
of Iasi, România
 Gabriela CIURARIU, Associate Prof PhD, University
Petre Andrei of Iasi, Romania
 Venera-Mihaela COJOCARIU, Associate Professor PhD,
University “Vasile Alecsandri” of Bacau, Romania
 Wojciech CYNARSKI, Associate Professor PhD.
University of Ryeszow Wzdyial,, Poland
 Dan-Cristian DABIJA, Associate Professor, PhD, BabesBolyai University, Faculty of Economics and Business
Administration, Department of Marketing, Romania
 Maria DUMITRU-NICA, Associate Professor PhD,
Petre Andrei University of Iaşi, Romania
 Elena GHEORGHIŢĂ, Associate Prof. PhD, Moldova
State University , Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature,
Republic of Moldova
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 11
 Beatrice IOAN, Associate Professor PhD “Gr. T. Popa”
University from Iasi, Romania
 Daniela JEDER, Associate Professor, “Ştefan cel Mare”
University of Suceava, Romania
 Gianina-Ana MASARI, Associate Prof. Alexandru Ioan
Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
 Saied H. MOHAMED, Associate, Prof. PhD, Benghazi
University, Faculty of Dentistry Prosthodontics Department,
 Cristian SANDACHE, Associate Professor PhD, Rector
of “Mihail Kogalniceanu” University from Iasi, Romania
 Liliana STAN, Associate Prof. PhD, “Al. I. Cuza”
University from Iasi, Romania
 Mihaela Laura PAMFIL, Associate Prof. PhD, Petre
Andrei University of Iasi, Romania
 Svitlana PASCHENKO, Associate Professor PhD, in
Education, Dr., Post-Doc Researcher, Taras Shevchenko
National University of Kyiv, Ukraine
 Teodora PRELIPCEAN, Associate Prof. PhD, “Petre
Andrei” University from Iasi, Romania
 Latisha Asmaak SHAFIE, Senior Lecturer, Universiti
Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
 Seçil BAL TASTAN, Lecturer PhD, Marmara University,
Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Business
Administration, Istanbul, Turkey
 Iulia CINDEA, Lecturer PhD, University Petre Andrei of
Iasi, Romania
 Viorica CHIRILĂ, Lecturer PhD, University Alexandru
Ioan Cuza, Iasi, Romania
 Laura DIACONU, Lecturer, PhD, Alexandru Ioan Cuza
University of Iasi, Romania
 Mihaela DIACONU, Lecturer PhD, Technical University
”Gheorghe Asachi” of Iasi, Romania
12 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
 Mirela DOBRILĂ, Assistant Professor Alexandru Ioan
Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
 Marius-Costel EŞI, Lecturer PhD, ”Stefan cel Mare”
University of Suceava, Romania
 Pia Simona FAGARAS, Lecturer PhD., University “Petru
Maior” Tg. Mures, Romania
 Angelica HOBJILĂ, Lecturer PhD, “Al. I. Cuza”
University, Romania
 Camelia IGNĂTESCU, Lecturer PhD, ”Stefan cel Mare”
University of Suceava, Romania
 Adrian IOANA, Lecturer PhD, Engineer, Politehnica
University of Bucharest, Romania
 Michail KALOGIANNAKIS, Lecturer PhD, University
of Crete, Department of Preschool Education, Greece
 Claudia Neptina MANEA, Lecturer PhD, University
Ovidius of Constanta, Romania
 Iosif Florin MOLDOVAN, Lecturer PhD, ,,Vasile
Goldis,, West University of Arad, Romania
 Navid MOLLAEE, Lecturer PhD, Teheran Institute of
Technology, Iran
 Gina Aurora NECULA, Lecturer PhD, Faculty of
Letters, University Dunarea de Jos, of Galati, Romania
 Gabriela NEMŢOI, Lecturer, “Ştefan cel Mare”
University of Suceva, Romania
 Nicoleta Laura POPA, Lecturer PhD, Alexandru Ioan
Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
 Ileana Monica POPOVICI, Lecturer PhD, “Alexandru
Ioan Cuza” University from Iasi, Romania
 Liliana-Elisabeta RADU, Lecturer PhD, “Alexandru Ioan
Cuza” University from Iasi, Romania
 Cristian Mihail RUS, Lecturer PhD, Al. Ioan Cuza
University, Iasi, Romania
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 13
 Mihaela RUS, Lecturer PhD, Ovidius University of
Constanta, Romania
 Cristina Marilena PARASCHIV, University of Bucharest,
 Laura Rebeca PRECUP –STIEGELBAUER, Lecturer,
PhD “Vasile Goldis” Western University of Arad, Romania
 Rina Manuela CONTINI, PhD, Department of
Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, University of ChietiPescara, Italy
 Kamil KOPECKY, PhD, Palacky University Olomouc,
Czech Republic
 Silvia Mihaela GRIGOREAN, Researcher Postdoctoral
“Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj Napoca, Romania
 Raluca IORDACHE, Scientific Researcher III, National
Institute of Research – Development for Labour Protection –
Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection, Romania
 Srikant MISRA, Research Scholar, Faculty of
Management and Research, Integral, India
 Serghei SPRINCEAN, Senior researcher, Institute of
European Integration and Political Sciences of Academy of
Sciences of Moldova, Republic of Moldova,
 Alina MANTALUTA, Biochemist Dr., Research and
Development Station for Viticulture and Enology, Iasi, Romania
 Emilian CIONGARU, Associated Scientific Researcher,
Institute of Juridical Researches”Acad. Andrei Radulescu” of
Romanian Academy, Hyperion University of Bucuresti,
“Constantin Brancusi” University of Tg.Jiu, Romania
 Abeer M. ESHATER, Assistant Professor, Department
of Urban Planning & Urban Design, Ain Shams University,
 Tekalign AYALEW, PhD candidate and Researcher,
Department of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University,
14 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
 Amir GHAHRAMANPOURI, PhD Candidate (Urban
Design) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Johor Bahru,
 Dragos HUŢULEAC, PhD Student, university assistant,
“Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 15
1st Day – Friday, 21st of November 2014
Venue of the Conference:
International Conference Center of Valahia
University of Targoviste
39 Maior Ion Alexandrescu Street
130021, Targoviste, Dambovita Romania
(Str. Maior Ion Alexandrescu, nr. 39 130021, Targoviste, Dambovita)
(5 minutes walking distance from Valahia University of
Targoviste, No 2 Carol I Avenue, Targoviste)
Plenary Sessions:
Oral Sessions:
Registration Desk:
Poster Sessions:
Red Hall - International Conference
Center of Valahia University of Targoviste
Red Hall, White Hall, Blue Hall, Green
Hall - International Conference Center of
Valahia University of Targoviste
Hallway of the International Conference
Center of Valahia University of Targoviste
Hallway of the International Conference
Center of Valahia University of Targoviste
16 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
Registration Desk (12:00 - 12:45)
Opening Ceremony (12:45 - 13:00)
Professor PhD Antonio SANDU (Romania) Director of
LUMEN Research Center in Social and Humanistic Sciences, Iasi
Professor PhD Petre MARES (Romania) Vice-Dean of Faculty
of Law and Administrative Sciences,Valahia University of
Professor PhD Gabriela TEODORESCU (Romania) Vice Rector
on Research and Artistic Creation, Valahia University of
Plenary Session I - Room Red Hall (13:00 - 15:00)
Moderators: Professor PhD Antonio SANDU
Language of Presentation: Romanian
Keynote speakers:
1. Professor PhD Adrian-Paul ILIESCU (Romania)
Conceptual Difficulties, Categorical Errors and Limits of
2. Professor PhD Traian D. STĂNCIULESCU (Romania)
Semiotics of the Light-Sound: Transdisciplinary Horizons of the
Word Genesis
3. Professor PhD Sorin-Tudor MAXIM (Romania)
Democracy as Tolerance. People Exercising a Different Kind of
Power in a Global World
4. Professor PhD Petre MAREŞ (Romania) Redistribution and
Recognition – Two Spheres of Social Justice
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 17
Plenary Session II - Red Hall (15:00- 17:00)
Moderators: Professor PhD Antonio SANDU
Language of Presentation: English
Keynote speakers:
1. Professor PhD Sana LOUE (Skype) (USA) Bridge to the
Unconscious: The Combined Use of Kalffian Sandplay and Vocal
2. PhD Associate Professor Mariella ESPINOZAHEROLD (USA), PhD Researcher Rina Manuela
CONTINI (Italy) (Skype) Intercultural Education in the U.S.
and in Italy: the Results of a Binational Inquiry
3. Academician Alexandru BOBOC (Romania) title reserved
Coffee Break (17:00 - 17:30)
18 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
Parallel Oral Session I – Room White Hall (17:30 - 20:00)
Philosophy and Humanities
Moderators: Tomiţă CIULEI, Daniel COJANU
Language of Presentation: Romanian /English
1. Tomiţă CIULEI (Romania) From Ideas to Words or how
Discourse Lies within the Truth. The Occam, Locke and Hume
2. Rodica POP (Romania) Short History of a Paradox or How
the Reason can be a Person
3. Marius Costel EŞI (Romania) The Significance of the Mission
Statement Compared to Organizational Culture Concept
4. Narcisa Loredana POSTEUCĂ (Romania) Ethical and
Humanistic Counselling for Organizational Actors. Social
Discourse and Discretionary Responsibilities
5. Dan Ioan DASCĂLU (Romania) Individualism and
Humanism in the Era of Globalization
6. Daniel COJANU (Romania) Homeland vs Ethnoscape. The
Symbolic Emplacement of Cultural Identity in a Cosmopolitan
7. Liviu PETCU (Romania) Penance (μετάνοια) and Renewal in
Romanian Hesychastic Spirituality
8. Adrian IGNAT (Romania) Relationship of Human Being with
Nature on Orthodox View
9. Florin VÂRLAN (Romania) THE WORD and Its Biblical
10. Oana VODA (Romania) A Cluster Account of Art
11. Mimi Carmina COJOCARU (Romania) Religious Discourse
in Blaga's poetry
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 19
Parallel Oral Session II – Room Green Hall (17:30- 20:00)
Social Sciences
Moderators: Clementina MIHĂILESCU, Angela STĂNESCU
Language of Presentation: English/Romanian
1. Clementina MIHĂILESCU (Romania) Through the Looking –
Glass of Sociology and Hermeneutics: Mimi Khalvatiʹs the Woman
in the Wall
2. Lukas VALEK (Czech Republic) Time Banks and Knowledge
Sharing: Link to the Knowledge Management
3. Andreea ACASANDRE (Romania) “Musealisation” of the
Urban Memory in Paris
4. Alina STAN, Ana Rodica STĂICULESCU (Romania) The
Corruption of Public Organizations: Mobbing as a Form of Negative
5. Andra-Bertha SĂNDULEASA (Romania) Gender Roles and
Attitudes towards Family Life and Paid Work in Romania
6. Elena BASARAB (Romania) Social Dialogue, Communication,
Integration of Social Interaction and Relationships in Environments
Romanian Immigrants
7. Angela STĂNESCU (Romania) A Thriving Latter-day Rome:
London’s Multicultural, Multiethnic and Multilingual Identity
8. Aniela MATEI (Romania) Developing ECEC in Romania:
Between Perceptions and Social Realities
9. Ana-Maria CHEŞCU (Romania) The Activities and Attributes
of Sardinians Consul in Galatz in the First Half of the 19th
20 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
Parallel Oral Session III - Room Blue Hall (17:30- 20:00) –
Moderators: Marius BADEA, Marina MIHĂILĂ
Language of Presentation: Romanian/English
1. Viorel MIHĂILĂ (Romania) Romanian Public Diplomacy Between Academia and Institutional Design
2. Marina MIHĂILĂ (Romania) Communicating Architecture –
Activities, Actions, Exercises, Mission Statements
3. Ştefania ZLATE (Romania) The Role of Communication in the
Process of Negotiation
4. Marius BADEA, Ionela-Cristina PESETZ (Romania) The
Psychological Impact of Advertising Towards The Society
5. Cristina ARITON-GELAN (Romania) Constitution of Reality
Through Communication
6. Cosmin Sergiu CREMENE (Romania) Theoretical Aspects of
Social Life Reflected in the Daily Press
7. Dumitru BORŢUN, Corina Sorana MATEI (Romania)
How Do We Train Today’s Children? A Criticism of the
Opposition Rational Thinking - Symbolic Thinking
8. Manuela ARBUNE, Costinela GEORGESCU, Gabriela G.
C. IORDĂCHIŢĂ, Michaela DOBRE (Romania)
Assessment of the Information Level in Health Insurance Fields on
Medical Students
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 21
2nd Day – Saturday, 22nd of November 2014
Registration Desk (08:00 – 9:00)
Parallel Oral Session I - Room Red Hall (9:00 - 12:00)
Educational Sciences
Moderators: Gabriel GORGHIU, Ana-Maria PETRESCU
Language of Presentation: Romanian
1. Crinela DUMITRESCU, Radu Lucian OLTEANU
(Romania) Students’ Involvement during Science Lessons in the
Frame of Integrated Science Modules
2. Pompiliu ALEXANDRU, Cristina DINU, Gabriel
GORGHIU (Romania) The Role of the European Projects in the
Area of Education, Revealed in Local Media
3. Gabriela TEODORESCU (Romania) Promotion of Education
in Sustainable Agriculture
4. Gabriela Alina ANGHEL, Agnes Terezia ERICH,
Luminiţa Mihaela DRĂGHICESCU (Romania) The Role of
the Libraries in Promoting the Responsible Research and Innovation
5. Ana-Maria PETRESCU, Gabriela Alina ANGHEL,
Gabriel GORGHIU (Romania) Results of a Need Analysis
Concerning the Development of Digital Competences of Mathematics
and Science Teachers
6. Gabriel GORGHIU, Carmen ANTONESCU, Gabriel
STATE, Ana-Maria PETRESCU (Romania) An Approach
22 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
Related to Nanotechnology / Nanobiomimetics in the Context of a
Non-formal Educational Activity
Luminiţa Mihaela DRĂGHICESCU, Ioana STĂNCESCU,
Gabriela Cătălina CRISTEA (Romania) The Students’
Perception on the Sciences Lessons Based on IBSE Strategy
Ana-Maria SUDUC, Mihai BÎZOI, Laura Monica
GORGHIU (Romania) Sustaining Development in Early School
Education - Results of the Implementation Process
Dan TANISLAV, Teodor SIMION (Romania) Innovative
Trends in Continuous Professional Development of History and
Geography Teachers - From the Necessity to Sustainability
Constantin PEHOIU (Romania) The Olympic Education and
Its Role in the Shaping of the Preadolescents’ Psychic and Motor
Constantin PEHOIU, Andra Georgiana PEHOIU, Monica
MOACĂ (Romania) Study on the Role of Sport Extracurricular
Activities in Reducing Stress and Increasing Socialization and School
Laura Monica GORGHIU, Călin Dinu OROS, Gabriel
GORGHIU (Romania) Implementing NanoScience and
Nanotechnology in Secondary Education - the NTSE Project
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 23
Parallel Oral Session II - Room Green Hall (9:00 – 12:00)
Social Sciences
Moderators: Iulian APOSTU, Irina STAHL
Language of Presentation: Romanian/English
1. Miroslav TASCU-STAVRE (Romania) Rational Choice
Approaches and the Analysis of Institutional Changes
2. Cristina DÂMBOEANU (Romania) Predictors of
Institutional Misbehaviour in Romanian Prisons
3. Iulian APOSTU (Romania) Legislative Attempts for
Legalizing Common-Law Marriages and the Dilemma of
4. Sergiu-Lucian RAIU (Romania) Work Experience of Students
from Romania
5. Andrei POMANĂ (Romania) Design Approach for Autism
Treatment Centers
6. Rebeca POPESCU (Romania) The Abandonment Of
Children with 0 - 3 Years in Romania - Institutionalization And
7. Camelia Delia VOICU (Romania) Maternal Identity Salience
- A Key Factor in Reconciliation of Family and Professional Life
8. Barry Lee JACKSON (SUA), Irina STAHL (Romania) Is
There a Place for Religion in Contemporary Psychology?
9. Irina STAHL (Romania), Barry Lee JACKSON (USA)
Belief in Miracles: Divine Intervention or Psychological Delusion?
10. Daniela GABA (Romania) New Evolutions in Social Work in
the Context of Development: Toward a Paradigm Shift?
24 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
Parallel Oral Session III - Room Blue Hall (9:00 – 12:00)
Moderators: Emilian CIONGARU, Mircea TUTUNARU
Language of Presentation: Romanian
1. Mihail NIEMESCH (Romania) Determinant Role of the
General Principles of Law in the Elaboration of Legal Norms
2. Emilian CIONGARU (Romania) The Concept of
Aculturation and of Legal Acculturation
3. Mircea TUTUNARU (Romania) Interpretation and
Application of Constitutional Rules Concerning the Rights and
Freedoms of Citizens in Romania
4. Dănuţ NEACŞU, Luminiţa SIMA (Romania) The Place and
the Role of the Prosecutor in the Criminal Trial according to the
New Code of Criminal Procedure
5. Dănuţ NEACŞU, Luminiţa SIMA (Romania) Preliminary
Chamber Judge in the New Code of Criminal Procedure
6. Denisa BARBU (Romania) Contributing to the Development of
International Law of International Judicial
7. Denisa BARBU (Romania) Analysis on Genocide Infraction
Regarding the Article 438 in Romanian Criminal Jurisdiction
8. Rodica PANAINTE (Romania) The Principles of Humanism
and of the Opportunity of the Punishment – New Concepts and
Directions in Realizing the Purpose of the Criminal Law
9. Nadia-Cerasela ANIŢEI (Romania) Can Liquidate
Matrimonial Regime under the Provisions of the Romanian Civil
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 25
Parallel Oral Session IV - Room White Hall (9:00- 12:00)
Social Sciences- Varia
Moderators: Raul-Constantin TĂNASE
Language of Presentation: Romanian/ English
1. Adriana Ana Maria DAVIDESCU (Romania) A Reestimation of Romanian unofficial Employment Using the Labour
2. Vasile Alecsandru STRAT (Romania) The Relationship
Between the Education System and the Inflows of Foreign Direct
Investments for the East European EU New Member States
3. Amalia Florentina DRĂGULĂNESCU (Romania) The
Decadence of Postmodernism and the Incipit of Transmodernism in
the Romanian Culture
4. Gabriela G. C. IORDĂCHIŢĂ (Romania) Aspects of
Capitalism, Cognition and Subjective Reflexivity
5. Raul-Constantin TĂNASE (Romania) The Diplomatic
Byzantine Ceremonial in the Western Chronicles of the Crusades
(1095-1204). Positive References
6. Dana Camelia DIACONU (Romania) IT Vocabulary vs.
Common Vocabulary. Linguistic Enrichment of Romanian
Autochthonous Vocabulary
7. Dana Camelia DIACONU (Romania) Communicative and
Phonetic Characteristics of Loans’ Adaptation in Romanian IT
8. Raluca Felicia TOMA (Romania) The Book of Proverbs Speech Teaching
9. Raluca Felicia TOMA (Romania) Negative Formulations of
Biblical Parables’
26 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
10. Adriana GÎRNEAŢĂ (Romania) The Importance of Textile and
Clothing Industry in Romania’s Economy
Lunch Break (12:00 - 13:00)
Parallel Oral Session V - Room Red Hall (13:00 - 16:00)
Educational Sciences
Moderators: Claudia VLAICU, Cristina STAN
Language of Presentation: English/Romanian
1. Regina LENART (Poland) Factors of Absorptive Capacity in
2. Blanka Frydrychova KLIMOVA (Czech Republic)
(Skype) The Analysis of the Development of Receptive and
Productive Language Skills at Czech Schools
3. Cristina STAN (Romania) Managerial Competence in
4. Cristina MOCANU (Romania) Who Should Provide with
Knowledge and Skills Required on the Labour Market? An
Analyse on Students’ Perspective
5. Adriana BRĂESCU (Romania) The Next Frontier –
Neuroscience of Education
6. Mariana VÂRLAN (Romania) The Language of the Internet,
Between Model and Anti-Model
7. Sorin ARSENE, Ioan SEBEŞAN, Gabriel POPA, Ştefan
VALERIU (Romania) Analysis of the Aerodynamic Resistances
Determined by Rolling Equipment on Electric Locomotive LE 060
EA 5100 KW
8. Sorin ARSENE, Ioan SEBEŞAN, Gabriel POPA
(Romania) Vertical Overloads Caused by Wind, in the Case of
Arrangement a Pantograph on the Bodywork
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 27
9. Ioan SEBEŞAN, Sorin ARSENE (Romania) Simulating the
Influence of Air Currents on People Near the Railway
10. Claudia VLAICU (Romania) The Importance of Role Play for
Children's Development of Socio-Emotional Competencies
Parallel Oral Session VI - Room Blue Hall (13:00 - 16:00)
Moderators: Ana Maria VASILE, Constanţa MĂTUŞESCU
Language of Presentation: English/Romanian
1. Mihai FLOROAIA (Romania) Types of Torture Used by the
Inquisitorial Courts
2. Roxana Gabriela ALBĂSTROIU (Romania) Council
Regulation (Ec) No 2201/2003 – Mechanism of Modernisation
for National Legislations in the Field of Family Relationships
3. Oana GHIŢĂ (Romania) The Right of Spouses to be Informed
– Expression of Their Autonomy of Will
4. Ana Maria VASILE (Romania) Legal Aspects Concerning the
Report of Donations
5. Ana Maria VASILE (Romania) Legal Considerations of the
Inheritance Notary Procedure
6. Mihaela Magdalena DÎRNEA (Romania) A Short History
of Appeal in the Romanian Law
7. Constanţa MĂTUŞESCU (Romania) National Identity in the
Legal Framework of the European Union
8. Dan ŢOP, Loredana Adelina PĂDURE, Adrian
ŢUŢUIANU (Romania) New Legislative Framework on
Regulating the Volunteering Activity in Romania
9. Loredana Adelina PĂDURE, Adrian ŢUŢUIANU
(Romania) Ways in Which Some Countries which had
28 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
Totalitarian Regimes Have Solved the Issue of Restitution of the
Property Abusively Confiscated - The Chosen Solutions in Terms of
10. Nikola DUJOVSKI, Goce DZUKLESKI, Snezana
MOJSOSKA (Macedonia) (Skype) Police Officers and the
Rights of Victims of Criminal Acts
11. Livia MOCANU (Romania) Features of States Accountability
for the Prejudices Caused to Environment
Parallel Oral Session VII - Room White Hall (13:00 - 16:00)
Economics and Political Sciences
Moderators: Lucreţia Mariana CONSTANTINESCU,
Language of Presentation: English /Romanian
1. Tania Issa Eid MARJI (Romania) Analysing Work
Motivation from the Perspective of Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory
2. Marinela Daniela MANEA (Romania) Romania’s Public
Government Debt – Between the Financial Crisis’ Constraints and
the Economy’s Evolution
3. Lucreţia Mariana CONSTANTINESCU, Dorina
TĂNĂSESCU (Romania) Binomial Inseparable of the
Emerging Countries Between the Financial Development Level and
Their Economic Growth
4. Lavinia DOVLEAC (Romania) A New Approach of
Consumer Behaviour Regarding High-tech Products in KnowledgeBased Society
5. Radu Matei TODORAN, Ruxandra LAZEA (Romania)
Management by Participatory Monitoring of Large Industrial
Projects - Case Study Rosia Montana
6. Laura MANEA (Romania) Advertising Strategies of Romanian
Producers of Organic Products
7. Iris MIHAI (Romania) Beyond Economic Productivity
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 29
8. Teodora GHIVIRIGA (Romania) Citation Practices in a
Corpus of Romanian Texts of Economics
9. Gabriela TĂNĂSESCU (Romania) Styles of Political
Leadership and the Etiology of Post-Communist Romanian
Political System Malfunctioning
10. Olesea ŢĂRANU (Romania) The Evolution of the Security
Agenda between the Traditional, Militarized Approaches and the
New Post - Cold War Realities
11. Pompiliu ALEXANDRU (Romania) Ochlocracy versus
12. Emilia-Elena CLUCERESCU (TĂNASE) (Romania)
Collectivization of Romanian Agriculture - Between Ideology and
Effective Existence. Implementation and Implications at the Local
13. Elena Maria EMANDI (Romania) Values and Behaviours in
Romanian Commercials
Coffee Break (16:00- 16:30)
Parallel Oral Session VIII – Room Red Hall (16:30- 18:30)
Educational Sciences
Moderators: Horaţiu CATALANO, Cristina ŢÎMPĂU
Language of Presentation: Romanian/English
1. Cristina-Georgiana
Phenomenological and Cognitive Image of the Self as a Cultural
Mediation Tool
2. Filip STANCIU (Romania) A Necessary Debate: The
European University between the Traditional and the
Entrepreneurial Model
30 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
3. Elisabeta DOBRESCU, Mihaela GEORGESCU, Florin
TOMA, Andrei ZELENCO (Romania) The Conversion of
Non-Functional Urban Spaces into Educational, Scientific and
Cultural Spaces by Landscaping Refunctionalisation
4. Cristina ŢÎMPĂU (Romania) Proposal Optional Cross
Discipline: "Man in Ancient and Medieval Society"
5. Horaţiu CATALANO (Romania) Social-Ecological
Approaches Specific to the Teaching Process
6. Ioan Constantin ENACHE (Romania) Marketing Models
for Educational Institutions
7. Cătălin GLAVA, Adina GLAVA (Romania) Educational
Policy in Romania. Principles and Functionality in Initial and
Continuing Teacher Training
8. Gabriela SAFTA (Romania) Gender Stereotypes and Learning
Patterns in Television Advertising
9. Mihaela Ioana GEORGESCU, Elena SĂVULESCU,
Elisabeta DOBRESCU, Florin TOMA (Romania)
Inventory of Flora Dobrogea - Basic Step in Preserving the Natural
Heritage of the Area
10. Cristina MORARU, Liliana Elisabeta RADU, Emilia
Florina GROSU (Romania) Aspects on the Type of Motivation
in Sports
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 31
Posters Session – Philosophy and Humanities
1. Loredana TEREC-VLAD, Daniel TEREC-VLAD
(Romania) Transhumanism, Personality Drugs and Soft Slavery
2. Ştefania Maria CUSTURĂ (Romania) The Image of Alterity
in Queen Mary’s Memorials
3. Roxana Ionela ACHIRICESEI (Romania) Communicating
in Postmodernism
4. Oana LENŢA (Romania) Consumer Society And The Risk To
Globalize A Culture Of Violence
5. Marius Liviu CIURARU (Romania) Romanian Public Sphere
and Christian Religious Tradition in the Secular Age
6. Ecaterina CROITOR (Romania) Social Responsibility and
Ethics of Discussion in Knowledge Society
7. Liviu PETCU (Romania) The Notion of θέωσις (Deification)
in Gregory of Nyssa
8. Alina Mirela COCALIA (CRĂCIUN), Andreea Anişoara
BONDAR (Romania) The Ethics of Modern Society. The
Oscillation Between Existentialism and Christianity
9. Antonio SANDU (Romania) Appreciative Ethics as
Constructionist Semiotics
10. Viorel GULICIUC, Roxana-Ema DREVE, Valeria-Alina
MIRON (Romania) Romania Facing Social Networking’s
11. Ana FRUNZĂ (Romania) Social Work between Applied
Ethics and Social Pragmatics
32 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
Posters Session – Law
Ada HURBEAN (Romania) Disciplinary Responsibility of the
Teaching and Research Staff from the Academic Field
2. Ioana Andra PLEŞA (Romania) The Offence – Legal Institution
and Social Phenomenon. Overview on offences Against the Life of
3. Mihai FLOROAIA (Romania) The Inquisition Ridiculed in Art
and Literature
4. Lavinia Andreea BEJAN (Romania) The Qualification as a
Crime Against Humanity of the Armenian Genocide and the Issue of
5. Diana Geanina IONAŞ (Romania) Liberalities and Selfless
Acts in the New Civil Code
6. Lavinia Andreea BEJAN (Romania) The Conclusions of the
Commission on the Responsibility of the Authors of the War and on
Enforcement of Penalties Regarding the Violations of the Laws and
Customs of War
7. Simona MIHAIU (Romania) Family Homicide
8. Maria Luiza HRESTIC (Romania) Considerations on
Interpretation in Private International Law
9. Laura CETEAN-VOICULESCU (Romania) Considerations
on Civil Cases Involving Minors, in Light of New Regulations
10. Remus Daniel BERLINGHER (Romania) The Conflict of
Laws in Time and Space in International Private Law
11. Maria Beatrice BERNA (Romania) Reformulating The Legal
Pattern Of Women’s Rights Protection: A Complementary Pattern
Of Equality and Equity Within The Legal Discourse
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 33
12. Maria Beatrice BERNA (Romania) A Jus Cogens of Women’s
Rights within the International Legal Framework. The
Demonstration of the Inconsistency Theory
13. Gabriela NEMŢOI (Romania) Theoretical Landmarks on the
Constitutional Role of the Government and its Connection with Other
Bodies of Power in a Democratic State
14. Aurora CIUCĂ (Romania) The Death Row: An Argument for
the Death Penalty Abolition?
15. Daniela TARĂU (Romania) Criminal Law’s Principle of
Humanism in Romania at the Beginning of 2st Century
16. Maria
(Romania) Replacing the Culpable Insolvency Practitioner,
According to Law no. 85/2014 on Insolvency Prevention and
Insolvency Proceeding (Romanian Code of Insolvency)
17. Diana Geanina IONAŞ (Romania) The Consent - Condition of
Force in the Matter of Mortis Causa Liberalities
18. Irina LAZĂR (Romania) A Trilogy of Participatory Democracy
in United Kingdom, Germany and Nordic European Countries
19. Claudiu Ramon D. BUTCULESCU
Considerations Regarding the Structural Matrix of Legal
20. Liviu-Bogdan CIUCĂ (Romania) Some Considerations
Regarding the Inheritance Succession Procedure with Extraneity
21. Codrin CODREA (Romania) Behind the Animus Donandi –
An Analysis of the Cause of the Donation Contract in European
Private Law
22. Codrin CODREA (Romania) An Application of Jean
Carbonnier’s Non-law Hypothesis in the Field of Gifts
34 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
Posters Session – Economics
1. Eva MILITARU (Romania) Income Distribution and the TaxBenefit System in Romania
2. Mihaela Sabina JUCAN, Cornel Nicolae JUCAN
(Romania) Relevant Trends and Their Implications for Tourism –
an Interdisciplinary Approach
3. Teodora Mihaela TARCZA, Marcela Sefora SANA
(Romania) Critical Review of the Applicability of Psychographic
Models in Traditional Food Consumer Behaviour
4. Camelia Elena POTCOVEL, Remus CIOCAN
(Romania) The Path of Failure through Lack of Communication
5. Beatrice Adriana BALGIU (Romania) Ambiguity Tolerance
in Productional Creativity
6. Costin RUDĂREANU (Romania) Challenges for adapting a
successful WEEE Management System in a South-Eastern
European Country. A Case Study for Switzerland and Romania
7. Ramona BIRĂU (Romania), Jatin TRIVEDI (India)
Investigating Long-term volatility of R.P.G.U Stock Markets
Based on Risk Management and International Portofolio
8. Gabriel POPA, Cătălina BONCIU, Cristian SIMA, Sorin
ARSENE (Romania) Managerial Formation and Company's
9. Olivia - Roxana POPESCU (Romania) Organizational
Change. Changing Leaders
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 35
Posters Session – Political and European Studies
1. Costel STANCA, Simona MINA, Felicia SURUGIU,
Viorela Georgiana CRISTEA (Romania) Debates on Private
Sector Participation’s in Water Governance in Europe. Veolia’s
Qualitative Analysis in Romanian Case
2. Mădălina Virginia ANTONESCU (Romania) Feminine
Meanings of Power and Authority
3. Vladimir Ionuţ BOC (Romania) Human Security: from
National Security to Sustainable Human Development
4. Eugen LUNGU, Ioana-Bianca BERNA (Romania)
Civilizational Geographies and Human Rights in Southeast Asia
and Middle East. An Approach From Comparative Area Studies
5. Ioana-Bianca BERNA (Romania) The Pacific Islands Forum
– Inspiring Pacific Regionalism?
6. Dorina ŢICU (Romania) Knowledge-based Management of
Organizations: from a Comparative Analysis to Dimensions of
Organizational Logic in the Romanian Public Administration
Posters Session – Social Sciences
1. Maria BOSTENARU DAN (Romania) Research in
Architecture Conservation - A Multi-, Inter-and CrossDisciplinary Domain
2. Nela MIRCICĂ (Romania) Intentional Communication
3. Vladimir POTOP, Vasilica GRIGORE (Romania) Victor
BOLOBAN (Ukraine) Didactical Technology Of Handspring
Vaults Learning In Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
4. Gabriel Nicolae PRICINĂ (Romania) Joint Efforts to
Increase the Quality of Life in Romania
36 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
5. Francisc MAIER (Romania) Social Causes of Drug
Consumption Amongst Teenagers
6. Alexandra Georgiana PARASCA, Andreea MORARU
(Romania) Migration and Religion in Romania: A Study
Regarding the Influence of Migration Behaviour on Religion
7. Ştefania BEJAN (Romania) The Issue of Cognitive Consistency
in Current Mass Media
8. Nina Mihaela MIHALACHE (Romania) The Poverty and
Representations of Traditional Romanian Social Economy
9. Maria-Mirela GHEORGHE (USTUCĂ) (Romania) The
Use of Information Technologies - A Benefit in Accomplishing
10. Magdalena Roxana NECULA, Cătălin ASĂVOAEI
(Romania) Factors that Threaten the Success of Professional
Training Programs Inside the Social Assistance System
11. Roxana Daniela PĂUN (Romania) Competition in
Contemporary Society
12. Cristina PĂTRAŞCU (Romania) Communication in the
Totalitarian Regimes: Media Constructions of Identity in
Communist Romania
13. Ragîp GÖKCEL, Ioana-Bianca BERNA (Romania)
Performative Language and Cognitive Universals in Social IdentityBuilding. Cultural Claims from Southeast Asia
14. Gabriel POPA, Cătălina BONCIU, Sorin ARSENE
(Romania) Sustainable Transportation - An Imperative Necessity
for Local Administrations
15. George NICULESCU, Dumitru-Cătălin ROGOJANU
(Romania) Research to Design a Model for Development a
Support Innovative SMEs focused on Cultural Tradition
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 37
16. Ileana TĂNASE (Romania) Communication as Social
17. Ileana Nicoleta SALCUDEAN (Romania) Creative
Industries in Romania. Film, Video, Photography
Posters Session – Psychology and Educational Sciences
1. Marina MIHĂILĂ (Romania) Unfolding Cultural
Surfaces_Investigating (Museum) Architecture Tendencies
2. Viorica-Torii CACIUC (Romania) The Role of Virtue Ethics
in Deontological Training of Prospective Teachers
3. Nicoleta Laura POPA (Romania) Learning by Research in
Initial Teacher Education: A Qualitative Study on Student
Teachers’ Views
4. Emilia Florina GROSU, Vlad Teodor GROSU, Cristina
Elena MORARU, Costinel MIHAIU (Romania) Specifics of
State Anxiety and Attention in Sport Judo and Alpine Skiing
5. Theodora MICHEL (Romania) The Experience of Positive
Approach in Mass Education
6. Carmen ALEXANDRACHE (Romania) Perspectives for an
Affectivity Theoretical and Practical Approach to Learning History
in Contemporary Romanian School
7. Roxana Ionela ACHIRICESEI (Romania) Being a Teacher
in the Digital Era
8. Florina Irina DIMA (Romania) From Visual Literacy to
Literary Competence
9. Anca SIMION (Romania) The Influence of Music in the
Context of Informal/Extracurricular Activities in Young Pupils
38 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
10. Elena SEGHEDIN (Romania) Leadership and Work
Engagement – Romanian Educators Between Personal Values and
Social Responsibility
11. Claudia SĂLCEANU (Romania) Thinking Style and Moral
Values in Adolescence
12. Gabriela Elena CHELE, Şerban TURLIUC (Romania)
The Study of Predictive Role of Personality Traits on Internet
Addiction in Romanian Students and Psychosocial Correlates
13. Bogdan-Daniel CHIRILĂ, Ilinca UNTU, Marius Neagu,
Simona-Irina DAMIAN, Beatrice-Gabriela IOAN,
Cristinel ŞTEFĂNESCU (Romania) Features of Suicidal
Behaviour in Abused Children and Adolescents
14. Călin SCRIPCARU (Romania) title reserved
15. Alina Marieta RUCĂREANU (Romania) The Revealed
Divine Word, the Path to Truth Through Education
16. Loredana Adriana TUDORACHE (Romania) The Quality
of Special Education Today and the Educational Practices that
Enhance the Quality of Life for Children with Special Needs
Posters Session – Varia
1. Anca STĂNESCU, Elisabeta DOBRESCU (Romania)
Study of Urban Landscape Development of the Waterfront Morii
Lake Bucharest
2. Alexandra NISTOR-LUNG (Romania) Human Evil –
Concept and Conceptualism
3. Ioan SEBEŞAN, Sorin ARSENE, Valeriu ŞTEFAN
(Romania) Determining the Forces Generated by Friction and
Creepage the Wheel-rail Contact Area
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 39
4. Cristina DRAGOMIR, Liliana POPA (Romania)
Performance Assessment of ship Manning Service in Crewing
1. Barbara KOŻUCH,
SIENKIEWICZMAŁYJUREK (Poland) Inter-organizational Collaborative
Performance in Public Safety Management Process
2. Silvia RUBIN RUIZ (Mexico) Theoretical Approach from the
Communication for the Development Toward the Intervention Projects
3. Fatbardha KADIU (Albania) Instability of Finance in Local
Government. Case of Albania
4. Fatbardha KADIU (Albania) Instability of Finance in Local
Government. Case of Albania
5. Joselaine Andréia de GODOY STÊNICO, Joyce Mary
Adam de PAULA E SILVA (Brazil) Brazilian Professional
Education: Analysis, Discussion and Trends
6. Marina MATEJEVIC, Dragana JOVANOVIC, Bojana
VUKOSLAVOVIC (Serbia) Functionality of Family Realations
and Adolescents' Achievement at School
Jana SLADOVA (Czech Republic) How Czech Teachers in
Lower Secondary Schools Understand "Reading Literacy"
8. Radka CHMELINOVA (Czech Republic) Students of
Teaching and their Pedagogical Preconceptions of Literature Teaching
9. Sedigheh ABBASNASAB SARDAREH (Malaysia)
Improving Assessment for Learning in Malaysian Primary Schools:
ESL Teachers’ Voices
40 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
10. Miroslava DLUHOŠOVÁ, Hana MAREŠOVÁ (Czech
Republic) Multi-user Virtual Environment and Its Use in the
Teaching of the Mother Tongue
11. Hercules HONORATO (Brazil) Differentiation of Higher
Military Formation Curriculum: The Discipline of Military
Organizational Culture
12. Dragana JOVANOVIC, Marina MATEJEVIC (Serbia)
Leadership Styles and Educational Outcomes – Review and Analysis
of Some Researches
13. Lila BUKURIE, Orjeta BUNECI (Albania) Parent-Adolescent
Relationship as an Important Factor in the Socialization Process
14. Marjeta MILLOSHI (Albania) The Role of Media in the
Treatment of Crime and Domestic Violence
15. Aleks NIKOLLI (Albania) Overcrowding of Albanian Prisons.
A Quantitative Analysis of Evolution and Causes
Alternatives to Suspending African American High School Males
(USA) How Did a Mentor-to-mentee High School Program Helped
African American Males Graduate?
18. Tereza SEMERÁDOVÁ, Petr WEINLICH (Czech
Republic) Managing Information During the Design of a Mobile
19. Abdelkader BENSAFA (Algeria) Using Video Conferences for
ESP Postgraduate Students: An Example of Distance Learning at
the University of Tlemcen/ Algeria
CLOSING CEREMONY (18:50 – 19:00)
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 41
1st Day – Friday, 21st of November 2014 – 12:00- 20:00
2nd Day – Saturday, 22nd of November 2014– 09:00- 19:00
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Lumen Media Publishing © 2013 is a new British
Academic Publisher whose aim is to promote knowledge and
learning through the production and distribution of valuable
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Lumen Media Publishing began its activity starting with
2013 and develops its programs as a new branch of Lumen
Publishing House, Romania.
42 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 43
44 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 45
46 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action
LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action | 47
48 | LUMEN 2014 - Transdisciplinarity and Communicative Action

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