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In God We
Trust Plates
Cobb Elected
VFW Chaplin
Vol. 32 no. 3
working together
november 6, 2014
As the end of the calendar year approaches, opportunities abound for everyone to support major fund-raising efforts
conducted by both the VFW and its Ladies
Auxiliary in the Department of Wisconsin.
The VFW 2015 Raffle Calendar sales
begun in late June at the Program meeting in
Oconomowoc are drawing to a close. Sales
of the 30,000 limited printing calendars have
been brisk, but NOW is the time to pull out
all the stops and finish with strong results.
The $20 calendar offers 365 prizes totaling
$33,450. Winners selected in each weekly
drawing are returned to the barrel for the
chance to win multiple prizes throughout the
year. And they make GREAT gifts!
Your November and December events
are EXCELLENT places to make these
calendars available to the PUBLIC, most
of whom are very interested in supporting
Veterans’ causes. And don’t forget to get
the calendar monies and stubs delivered to
State VFW Headquarters before Christmas!
Remember: by law, these items CANNOT
be mailed. Get out there and buy one/sell
one. Our Veterans Service Office in Mil-
The VFW 2015 Raffle Calendar and the Great American Wisconsin Cookbook are great fund-raising efforts for
the VFW and its Ladies Auxiliary.
waukee – and our Veterans across the state
– are counting on You!
Just as the VFW major fundraiser is winding down, the prime Ways and Means project of the Ladies Auxiliary is gearing up for
a whirlwind of sales for holiday gift-giving.
The Great American Wisconsin Cookbook
– all 312 pages of it! - is being printed and
bound as you read this. This beautiful spiralbound treasure of over 900 recipes is sure to
be a great gift and keepsake for every cook
and baker on your gift list. And at just $15
per book, it’s very affordable!
See PROGRAMS, Page 4
WI Honor Guard Leads the Way
Editor: Marla J. Morgan
Phone: (715) 384-2500
E-mail: [email protected]
VFW Department Headquarters
Phone: (608) 221-5276
Fax: (608) 221-5277
E-mail: [email protected]
It has been a number of years since the VFW
National Convention events have included a
traditional, outdoor parade. Over the years, an
indoor Patriotic Rally has been the main opportunity to parade Department Officers and Honor
Guards. The 2014 venue of St. Louis, Missouri
was a real game-changer. Not only was it a wonderful location for a parade in the heart of the
city, the weatherman provided a picture-perfect
summer evening. But here’s the best part:
In an unprecedented move, VFW National
chose a Department to lead the parade ... and
you guessed it, the award-winning Wisconsin
State Honor Guard was selected as that Parade
leader. Members participating include Sgt. David Schmid, Major Michael Eggleston, Gerald
Parchem, John Schultz, Thomas Tradewell, John
Giese and 1St Lt. Steven Pepper. 2013-14 National Commander William Thien and National
Auxiliary President Armithea Borel ride in the
car behind them, with 2014-15 Commander-inChief John Stroud and National President Ann
Panteleakos following in the next vehicle. Other
National Officers for both organizations followed
in other vehicles.
Once again, our State Honor Guard has made
us “Wisconsin Proud”. A job well done!
Shown here in their usual fine form (front l-r) are: Sgt. David Schmid;
Major Michael Eggleston; Gerald Parchem; John Schultz; Thomas
Tradewell and John Giese, with 1St Lt. Steven Pepper calling cadence
behind them. Photo contributed by District 9 Commander Leroy Jansky.
no one does more for veterans
Department of Wisconsin
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the
United States of America
See inside back cover for
rules and more information
Prizes: 2 x $2,500.00
4622 DUTCH MILL ROAD, MADISON, WI 53716-4108
8 x $1,000.00 - 6 x $500.00
349 x $50.00
All proceeds will be used for VFW programs supporting Wisconsin Veterans
Raffle sales end 12/23/2014
There are 365 prizes drawn
on 52 dates thru the year.
The 2015 Calendar Raffle is Here
Name _______________________________________________________
Address ______________________________ City __________________
State ______ Zip ________ Phone ____________________
$33,450 in prize money
- Buy one, sell one
See your Post Quartermaster
Page 2
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
Here we are again, seems like I just put a colJohn
umn together. That’s probably because I did!
Well we’re into the fall sessions of our District
meetings and from what I’ve seen and heard
from those State Officers attending, people are State Commander
working hard at the business of the VFW. A
lot goes into making a Post work towards our
[email protected]
common goals of serving our Veterans.
Of the 283 Posts we have in the Department, we are down to our final Post getting
everything correct and up to date. This is no
easy task as it takes a lot of effort from everyone to do the job correctly. Those smaller Posts
are in many cases going through some difficult times, and between all of us are coming along
to a point they can succeed. No one likes to see a Post fail and close down. Some Posts are
seeing the need and the benefit of combining with others to make a solid cohesive unit. I am
in District One and we have had 4 Posts combine to make 2 (includes my own). Having good
Officers including Trustees, ensures success.
As members, it’s important to attend as many of your Post meetings as possible. Without
attending, many times things get passed that you do not agree with and have to try changing.
It’s always easier to change things when they’re being discussed instead of fighting them later.
Whether you sometimes believe it or not, all of our State Officers and District Commanders are
there to help you. When calling or e-mailing our Madison or Milwaukee offices, you WILL
get answers and help.
As your Commander, it is my job to help you succeed. Please realize that we all need to follow
State and National By-Laws so there may be from time to time, certain things we cannot do.
Working Together
Hello to All,
Here we are, well into the 2014 year. I have
been attending and inspecting several Districts
and am pleased to say our Commander’s
theme “Working Together” is starting to take
State Jr. Vice
hold. It is good to see Posts helping other
Posts, and Districts helping their Posts that
need the help. We still need to work on getting
more Posts to attend the District meetings and [email protected]
this is no surprise, but we need to get more
members to attend our Post meetings. One thing we are doing in my Post is sending
a letter or postcard to remind the members of our meeting date and time.
Over all I am very pleased with what I am seeing at the District meetings. I commend the Post
Officers and members that take the time to attend and participate in the District meetings. And
let’s not forget all the fantastic work that is done every day by the almost 260 Posts throughout
the state of Wisconsin. PLEASE, PLEASE remember to enter all these great things you do on
the State website so you get recognition for your efforts - it’s quick and easy.
The new and reinstate membership numbers are starting to come in from National and Wisconsin is off to a great start to the year. Let’s all keep our focus on finding new members as
time has a way of slipping by. We have the Big Ten Conference coming up October 17th - 19th
in Indianapolis, Indiana and it would be great to have Wisconsin on top for recruiting.
Once again, remember the Line Officers and Chairpersons are all ready to help. Deadline
dates for Patriot’s Pen and Voice of Democracy are coming up soon so start checking with
your schools about their entries. Thanks for all you do.
What is diabetes? It is a word that we
hear all the time. Most of us think about
our Vietnam comrades who have had a
higher risk of developing diabetes due to
Agent Orange. Diabetes affects how our
State Surgeon
bodies process sugar (glucose). Your brain
and cells need glucose in order to properly
function, but there are times that the body
will no longer process the sugar properly [email protected]
and thus can lead to diabetes.
There are two types of diabetes: Type 1,
which is also called childhood diabetes, and
Type 2, which is usually developed as we grow older. As the baby boomers are aging,
we have a higher risk of developing diabetes than our parents’ generation. According to
the American Diabetes Association (ADA) web site, diabetes has increased by 1 percent
of the population from 2010 to 2012, or from 8.3% of the population to 9.3%. That is an
increase of almost 4 million people. Those of us who are over 65 years of age are susceptible to developing diabetes. According to ADA almost 26% of seniors have developed
Our race does play a role as to whether you have a better chance of developing diabetes 2
or not. ADA statistics stats that the rates of diagnosed diabetes by race/ethnic background
are: 7.6% of non-Hispanic whites; 9.0% of Asian Americans; 12.8% of Hispanics; 13.2%
of non-Hispanic blacks; 15.9% of American Indians/Alaskan Natives. See more at: http:// The web site breaks down the race/ethnic
groups even further.
If diabetes is left undetected or untreated it can lead to various other health issues.
Some of these are high blood pressure, heart attacks, high cholesterol, stroke, blindness,
kidney disease and more. According to the Mayo Clinic website, some of the symptoms
of diabetes are: increased thirst, frequent urination, extreme hunger, unexpected weight
loss, fatigue, irritability and more. Plus if your parent(s) or siblings have been diagnosed
with type 2 diabetes, you have a greater chance of developing it also.
What can you do to either identify that you may be pre-diabetic or already have diabetes?
The first thing is to visit your doctor annually and have the doctor take a blood sample to
see if you are diabetic. Here are some things you can do to help to try and prevent diabetes.
If you are overweight, lose some weight. Watch your diet: too much food made with white
flour turns into glucose; too much soda, candy, ice cream, cakes and pies or anything else
that has a lot of sugar in it can cause you to develop type 2 diabetes. This does not mean
that you have to stop eating or drinking everything, just do it in moderation.
Plus we need to get some exercise. Yes, that is a “dirty word”, but it can help prevent
diabetes 2. If you can take time to walk for 30 minutes a day, it can help lower your blood
sugar. If you prefer to go swimming instead of walking, that is another good exercise.
Even if you watch what you eat and exercise, there is still a possibility that you can develop
diabetes. There are various drugs that your doctor can prescribe for you so that you can
continue to lead your life as you want.
state officers
Our Fund-raising Ideas
are Moving Forward
Mike Borg
Comrades & Sisters, I want to take
State Sr. Vice
this opportunity to thank you all for your
participation in past & present calendar,
car, and other raffle sales and for your re920-739-5730
sponse to my previous articles asking for [email protected]
additional VFW Department fund-raising
ideas. Your Ways & Means Committee
will be working diligently to come up with
some unique ideas to raise the funds our
Department needs to meet the goals set for us.
Recently, I had the privilege of representing our State Commander and the Department at a very special event: the presentation of funds raised for the production of the
new Wisconsin “In God We Trust” license plates. Please see the article and photos
elsewhere in this paper. After reading that article, you will see that dreams and goals
can be achieved when we work together to achieve them.
Get excited, get involved, and together we can make this a year of success for our VFW!
I can’t believe that 2014 will be ending soon.
I want to thank all of the Post Commanders and
Tom Heath
Quartermasters for responding to the Headquarters in a timely manner when we have questions
or need information. This year’s roster is out
and we know there are some errors. 95% of the
information that goes into these all comes from
the election reports. It should be a top priority to [email protected]
submit next year’s election reports timely with
all details accurate.
We have all heard… be prepared, adapt and
overcome, roll with the punches, you got to
know when to hold them, live and love, count your blessings, when pigs fly and yes even “damn
the bad luck”. PHRASES, SUGGESTIONS, ADVICE. Everyone can give them and some
will even tell you they know better than the next guy. But the way to get the knowledge you
need to succeed as a new Post Officer is to find a mentor. It could be a Past Commander, Past
Quartermaster, someone who has been around the post for several years or even a Past Auxiliary
President or Treasurer. These individuals are great sources of knowledge and they can give you
great suggestions and advice. Be prepared and find a mentor.
Reminder: When sending checks to the Department Headquarters, make your checks payable
to the: VFW Department of Wisconsin. Don’t forget to then note on the memo line what the
check is for.
Be safe as the weather conditions begin to change and have some great holidays these next
two months.
Please support this year’s calendar raffle!
At a recent District meeting, a comrade asked
a simple question: “Why should a Post be incorBill
porated?” The answer is similarly simple: To
protect individual members from legal actions
that may be brought against the Post.
Your Post may, in the course of carrying
out various activities, find itself at potential
risk of lawsuit at any time. The most obvious
[email protected]
sources of these kinds of problems are bar
and restaurant operations open to the public.
(Alcohol and accidents are twin brothers of
different mothers, and most problematic to
their enablers!) But even without an obviously high-risk activity such as a canteen, even
seemingly innocent activities like a brat fry or picnic or even a marching unit can become
a catalyst for calamity.
The first line of defense, of course, is liability insurance. But insurance has its limits, spelled
out literally in dollars and cents! Adequate insurance coverage is an absolute must. But a lawsuit
may be filed for an amount well above and beyond the limits of your insurance coverage, and in
the fine print of your insurance policy you’ll probably discover that the company has no incentive
to fight a judgment beyond its maximum claim amount. The excess amount of some enormous
judgment would be dumped on the individual members of your Post! That’s why Post Incorporation is critically important.
By incorporating, you are literally creating an entity that takes the place of individual members as
the “owner” of your Post’s assets. A corporation is a legal entity. The fee for creating a Wisconsin
Non-Profit Corporation is only $35.00.
For more information, please refer to Article VII, Section 708 of both our National By Laws
and Manual of Procedure. You may also find an Articles of Incorporation form on the Wisconsin
Department of Financial Institutions (WDFI) website or download it from our Wisconsin VFW
website’s ( Down-loadable Forms page. It is recommended that you consult with
an attorney to make sure all your documents are compliant with both our 2015 Bylaws and WDFI
Bylaws, rules and behavior are three factors that can spell success or failure in the conduct of
your VFW Post or District business. I know of a situation wherein a good set of Proposed Bylaws
were scrapped because one blowhard member groused that “we don’t need any damned bylaws...
never have, never will”, and the Commander just shrugged and dropped the whole idea. Later,
the same grouch complained because something had been rescheduled from a traditional date
because it “conflicted with” something else, and the member now groused that we should just
“remember this stuff and quit changing it around!”
Hello? That’s what the Bylaws had been proposed to do: Create a corporate memory on how
and when stuff gets done. The Commander could have simply followed good parliamentary
procedure and probably accomplished passage of the Bylaws, but didn’t. And the grouch? His
behavior was self-centered and self-important posturing that had no place in a meeting. Proper
procedure would have allowed all interested voices to be heard when properly recognized by the
chair, but the chair allowed this character to dominate by intrusion without proper recognition
Bylaws create a reliable set of goals and standards for the existence of your group. Parliamentary procedures are there to keep a meeting from being a mob scene. And individual behavior
establishes a level of maturity that is respectful of other comrades and their viewpoints. That’s
called “civility”, and while it is a quality in short supply in our nation lately, it should be our stock
in trade as a Veteran’s organization.
state officers
As your National Council of Administration
member from Wisconsin I feel it is my duty
to periodically report on pertinent activities of
your National organization. This month I’ll
provide some basic information about National
National District
finances and how they affect the Department
Council Member
of Wisconsin and us as individual members.
(608) 248-3230
I’ll provide only the minimum amount of potentially confusing numbers and some general [email protected]
Our 2013-2014 budget came out 3.5 million
in the black. This was largely due to a slight
improvement in the interest received on your investments and sizable bequests. Yes, all of the life
membership dues that have been paid over many years are securely invested. These investments
are what makes the annual payouts to the Department and Posts possible. The 2014-2015 budget
was passed at the Council meeting in August in Kansas City. At 93.2 million it represents a 3
million dollar increase over the 2013-2014 budget.
It is most interesting where this money comes from. Twenty years ago our entire budget came
from within the organization such as dues, insurance sales, investments and QM supply. This
year, only 8 million of the 93.2 million will come from membership dues!!! The rest primarily
comes from solicitations (mailings) to non-members and of course to some members and from
corporate America as well as from many Veterans and their families that give large bequests to
us. We are aware that solicitations are declining for all organizations and other revenue sources
will need to be found.
The $10.00 per annual member dues increase that went into effect 1 Jan 2014 is now flowing
to the places specified in the resolution that was passed. One dollar is going directly back to the
states; $7.00 are going to fund our National service office fund - Wisconsin is seeing an increase
in the amount received - and the remaining $2.00 are going to our National Military Assistance
What do we do with the general budget money? First, we administer the National organization. Of course this includes a couple of hundred line items of details. Payroll is a major expense.
We have an authorized work force of 207 employees, 188 of these positions are presently filled.
We have recently experienced a reduction of 15 employees as we have gone to more online and
automated dues processing.
During recent years, VFW National has provided ever increasing financial assistance to all of our
Departments in response to their requests. We have considerable ability to solicit revenue and hence
share it with Departments. Wisconsin received $167,170.00 during the last full year of payments,
2013. This is a good percentage of the Department’s approximately $900,000.00 budget.
The remaining money is funneled into all of our programs. These large amounts put added
meaning into our tag line “NO ONE DOES MORE FOR VETERANS”.
Thank you for the trust you have placed in me as your National Councilman. I will always do
what is best for our beloved VFW and America’s Veterans.
• From the frequency of the falling leaves
AND the falling temperatures, it looks like
Marla J.
they are serious about having fall and winter
again. I hope you have been able to complete
all of your projects in preparation for the
colder weather. Hang in there - we’re only
a little over 4 months away from the start of
(715) 384-2500
[email protected]
• Thank you for the overwhelming response
to my request for Honor Flight items and photos. I received many great items – so many
that the feature article is now scheduled for the
January 2015 paper, so that I have enough time and space to include all usable items. Be on
the lookout for it in early January.
• As this paper went to press, we received word that the new guidelines for the VFW National
Publications Contest are on their way to all Departments. I’ve seen a “sneak peak” and I think
you’ll find the new program both exciting and challenging. Watch for complete info and entry
forms in the January 2015 News also.
• Photo tips to ask yourself BEFORE you take and submit that next group photo:
• Are there glaring lights or items in the
background or foreground that will detract
Wisconsin VFW News
from your photo?
Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars
• Is the photo in focus?
News is published six times per year by the
• Can you see everyone’s face? If the anDepartment of Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign
swer is no, move people around so you can!
Wars of the United States, P.O. Box 6128,
• If award recipients are holding a plaque
Monona, WI 53716-0128.
certificate with a shiny surface, is the item
Periodical Postage Paid at Madison, WI
angled down just a bit to avoid unnecessary
and additional office: Stevens Point, WI.
Subscription rates $6.00 per year for non• Individual recipient pictures are nice, but
members. $.60 per year membership dues is
did you gather everyone for one group photo
for the official publication Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News.
• Are you sure about the spelling of the
Postmaster: Send address changes to:
names you are submitting? Everyone likes
V.F.W. Circulation Department, 406 West
to see their name listed correctly.
34th Street, Kansas City, MO 64111.
Just a few tips to help you get quality items
of interest printed to share with others.
I.S.S.N. #1061-4591 U.S.P.S. #007787
Wisconsin Veterans of Foreign Wars
And finally, to all Veterans in this great
and nation, my heartfelt thanks to you
for your service, sacrifice and courage. God
Joel Walker, PSC, Chairman
bless you always.
Jr Vice Cdr Mike Eggleston, Member
Best wishes to all for peace in your home,
Dave Zien, Member
love in your heart and joy in your life as you
Russ Iwen, Member
celebrate the holidays and traditions of your
Patrick Wollenzien, Member
choosing. See you next year!
Bill “Knoot” Knudson,
VFW Ad Manager
[email protected]
editor VFW:
Marla J. Morgan
P.O. Box 223, Marshfield, WI 54449
Phone: 715-384-2500
[email protected]
Deb Esselman
[email protected]
Month • Issue Vol./No. Deadline to Editor
January • Vol. 32, No. 4
Dec. 15, 2014
March • Vol. 32, No. 5
March 1, 2015
April • Vol. 32, No. 6
April 10, 2015
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
Page 3
Still Serving
Charlene Cobb
Are you still serving? How does that look
today? What are you doing? Many of us talked
State Chaplain
about taking it easy once we got out, that we
wouldn’t have to serve or sacrifice anymore,
that it would be someone else’s turn. Then
[email protected]
we actually got out and all of a sudden we
find ourselves in the thick of it again only this
time we are fighting the enemies of avarice,
complacency and ignorance. How do you
make someone understand the value and importance of your service if they have never done it? We need advocates, those that are willing
to stand up and say not today, not on my watch! I would like to tell you about one such group
of advocates and their history in Wisconsin.
Their story begins at the end of World War I as our returning “doughboys” were
eligible for federal and state benefits but found utilizing those programs difficult. The
state Veteran’s organizations provided help with volunteer Service Officers. Unfortunately the depression made it extremely difficult for volunteers to continue to provide
that necessary assistance so those Veterans’ organizations lobbied their local officials
to hire Service Officers to attend to the needs of their Veterans. Fond du Lac County led
the way and in January 1932 the very first County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO) in
the United States was hired. Other counties followed suit and in December 1935 when
they gathered in Fond du Lac there were 18 Service Officers and 12 others interested in
learning about establishing positions in their counties.
By the end of 1936, those CVSOs had formed the County Veterans Service Officer Association of Wisconsin that is still an essential voice for Veterans today. December 7, 1941 saw fiftynine of the counties in Wisconsin with a Service Officer. Following World War II, the needs of
our Veterans made having that Veteran Service Officer vital and in 1945 our State Legislature
made it mandatory for every county to have one. Since then the roles and responsibilities have
grown into the Veterans Service Officer that you encounter in those offices today.
Twenty years ago, but still applicable, Mark Van Ells wrote, “In Wisconsin, the County
Veterans Service Officer is the state’s front-line soldier in its efforts to assist Veterans in
utilizing their hard-won benefits and easing the transition from military to civilian life.
CVSOs have attended to the needs of the Badger State’s Veterans and their families for
60 years. Wisconsin’s CVSOs, in essence, serve those who served.”
County Veteran Service Officers are professional advocates and in Wisconsin mandated to be Veterans. They do understand and can relate when they help you navigate
the daunting tiers of the federal and state governments for your benefits. CVSOs are as
crucial now if not more so, than when they first began. Our Veterans need advocates
and watchdogs to ensure that the government takes care of them and their families, and
doesn’t forget about them when they go to balance a budget, cut spending or are no
longer needed having served their purpose.
I encourage you to engage your CVSO and learn how you can partner together to make
not only your local communities and counties a haven for our Veterans and their families,
but become a united force in the fight against avarice, complacency and ignorance wherever
it is found. Together we can have a profound impact, not only on our Veterans and their
families but on our state and country. The story has not ended – STILL SERVING…
Editor’s note: VFW State Chaplain (and National Chaplain too!) Charlene Cobb has
served as the County Veteran Service Officer in Sheboygan County since October of 2008.
Upcoming Meetings
n2015 Department Mid-Winter Conference
Fri. - Sat., February 20-21, 2015
Radisson Paper Valley Hotel
333 W. College Ave., Appleton, WI 54911
920-733-8000 • $89 + tax, single and double
n2015 Department Convention
Wed. - Sat., June 3-6, 2015
Plaza Hotel & Suites
201 N. 17th Ave., Wausau, WI 54401
715-845-4341 • $89 + tax, single and double
n2015-16 Program Kickoff/C of A
Fri. - Sat., July 10-11, 2015
Hotel Mead & Conference Center
451 E. Grand Ave., Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
715-423-1500 • $84 + tax, single and double
n2016 Department Mid-Winter Conference
Fri. - Sat., February 12-13, 2016
Fox Hills Resort, Mishicot, WI
$62 + tax
n2016 Department Convention
Wed. - Sat., June 8-11, 2016
Radisson Paper Valley Hotel, Appleton, WI
$95 + tax, single and double
n2017 Department Mid-Winter Conference
Fri. - Sat., February 10-11, 2017
Location and rates TBD
n2017 Department Convention
Wed. - Sat., June 14-17, 2017
Location and rates TBD
Page 4
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
I do realize that this is a volunteer organization, an organization that does affect
many people’s lives. Many of you have
State Membership
taken great strides and made sacrifices
for this organization, for that- being told
thank you countless amount of times is
not enough for what you do. I can only
[email protected]
pray that the efforts that you, the dedicated
comrade, can keep this organization moving forward.
Looking at our current membership numbers, I have to admit, I am disappointed at our current retention percentages for each
Post. For our state, at the time of this writing, the average for all of our Posts is only
about 50% retention with only a small handful having met the 100% retention. No matter
what the excuse or “reason” why a Post’s retention isn’t 100% or another Post’s is, the
simple fact is that, out of all your Post’s annual members, only about half of them are
coming back. As leaders, we need to figure out why. As members, we need to challenge
the officers to identify these issues. We can’t be leaving our comrades behind- we need
to bring back all of our members. It’s not about the number, 100% only signifies that
none of your annual members have been left behind.
This is the time where your Post’s retention should be nearing 100%. Posts should
have already been contacting your annual members, see how they are doing. Letting
them know that their membership is about to lapse. The changes to the system this year
do not short-change people for paying their dues early as they had in the past. Don’t
wait for people to get their renewal notice in the mail- there is a good chance it will end
up as junk mail. Take the few minutes, call that comrade- talk to them. Let them know
that they matter.
Posts that have done the hard work and followed up on retention should be at a point
where they know everyone wants to come back to the Post, major issues have been
addressed and turning their focus at recruiting new members. These Posts should be
considering possibly holding at least one major event that recruiting can be incorporated
into. It doesn’t mean that the event has to be solely recruiting, but it should be a part
of the event. Post leadership should have an understanding as to what their Posts have
to offer and able to explain not only what benefits a prospect might benefit from the
organization as a whole, but also from their individual Post.
One thing I do wish to add is that, this article, is not meant to scold or berate anyone’s
efforts- but to challenge every comrade to the reality our organization. Membership is
the lifeblood of every aspect of our organization, from voting to even existing- it is up to
the membership. I only ask that you take a moment to consider what can be done within
your own Posts. If we can keep just one more member who otherwise would have left
our organization, we have succeeded.
I do wish to make mention of one Post, 8123 De Soto, that at the time of this writing, is exceeding all expectations in recruitment and retention. Keep up the good work
In closing, with the holiday season upon us, please allow me this early opportunity
to wish each and every family within our town good health and prosperous yuletide
greetings. Most importantly, from my house to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy
Commander Appoints Committee
To Help Posts In Need of Assistance
In a move to help Posts in need of
assistance, State Commander John
Giese has put together a group of
highly skilled individuals from around
the state. These individuals each carry
expertise in an area where most of the
Posts and Districts in the State seem
to struggle. In discussing the need for
the new Committee, Commander Giese
said, “I am hoping you use them and
find how to improve the things that
can be difficult to find success with in
the VFW.“
He also stated, “To get help with
something, you need to first contact
our Chief of Staff Phillip Allen or me.
Once you have done so, we can assess
your need and get the right info, help
or what you need. We will work to help
you to learn how to operate correctly
so you can become self sufficient and
not need us.”
The goal is to eventually not have
a need for this committee. If you are
struggling with reports; entering or
checking items in the system; elec-
tions; audits or any of the multitude
of other things you’re required to do,
please call Chief of Staff Phil and get
things started.
Members of the Post Intervention and
Assistance Committee include:
• Chairman, Chief of Staff Phil Allen, [email protected]
• Bruce Sorensen, State Inspector,
[email protected]
• Rodney Fifield, Emergency/Disaster Chairman, [email protected]
• Telemachos” Tim” Agoudemos,
Membership Chairman, [email protected] 262-706-3020.
• Dale Kerkman, Quartermaster,
In addition the following are assigned
to assist as needed:
• William “Bill” Knudson, Judge
• Thomas Tradewell, Past Commander in Chief, Past State Commander.
Continued from Page 1
Plans are in place to make the first books available to those Auxiliaries holding special holiday bazaars and events in November, but
all will have an opportunity to secure the books they need in plenty
of time for Christmas. Detailed ordering info is available from Auxiliary Ways and Means Chairman Karen Delis at [email protected]
com or by phone at 715-650-1925. Look for more info in upcoming
Auxiliary mailings also. Help us celebrate our 90th Anniversary year
and continue our efforts for Veterans by making this very special
project a rousing success!
state officers
You often hear that “No one does more
for Veterans than the VFW”, and you have
John Schultz
heard that we need to push our calendar
sales to support our VFW Service Office
State Veterans
in Milwaukee at the VA Regional Office.
Service Office Mgr.
Before I started working here, I thought this
office in Milwaukee was here to serve our
Milwaukee Veterans. Wrong. There are [email protected]
72 Counties in the state who feed claims
and requests for Veteran Benefits into our
office to assist Veterans with their compensations, pensions and other benefits.
This is not just an office for Milwaukee walk-ins, but an office that services the entire
state from every county. Listed below is a snapshot of what this office did for Veterans
of the State of Wisconsin and how much money was approved to be put back in the
hands of Wisconsin Veterans for the Month of September. Lump sum or retro is money
that was awarded to our Vets, back dated to the date of the initial claim till now when
the decision was made, or a lump sum, one-time payment, like a burial benefit. The
annual amount is the amount of money these Vets will receive on an annual basis for
those approved claims for the month of September only.
Awards Approved
Compensations 50
Lump Sum or
Retro amount
$ 98,064
Death Benefits 22
Voc Rehab and
Other Misc.
Initial Claim interviews via telephone were 140 with 74 office interviews. Claim correspondence received by mail from Counties or the VA was 1,610 and we originated
874 pieces of correspondence back to Veterans or their families. We filed over 240
initial claims and assisted with over 48 appeals or case file reviews. We received 62
new clients and their Power of Attorney to represent them. Plus our outreach programs,
District Trainings, Hospital Visits, and our VA meetings. Not bad for a three person
office. Many thanks go to John Schultz, Susie Eulo and Sandra Leer.
For the month of September your VFW Service Office helped put $1,436,462.00 of
Federal Veterans Benefits in the hands of Wisconsin Veterans. That almost doubled
August’s $782.232.00.
Your VFW Service Office is very dependent on your Post’s calendar sales to support the Department’s budget and this office. No one does more for Veterans and their
families than the VFW.
Please, push the VFW Raffle Calendar sales so we can continue supporting our
Wisconsin Veterans.
I have a couple of web site links I would like to share with all Veterans. If you know
of a Veteran that would like an updated DD-214, DD-215 or copies of their military
service records, or military medical records, or a one-time free re-issue of all their awards
decorations, have them go to:
• and fill out the online SF-180.
• If a Veteran is looking for easy online assistance for their Veterans benefits, go to:
• And the third useful link to access your Veterans Health Benefits and fill prescriptions is:
Driscoll To Join Wisconsin VFW As
VSO In Milwaukee Regional Office
Dan Driscoll joins the Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars after twenty-seven years of
Active Duty with the United States Navy.
He will continue our rich tradition of serving
Veterans, military families and communities
as our Department Veterans Service Officer
in Milwaukee’s VA Regional Office. Dan’s
first day on duty is November 17th.
A Navy Intelligence Officer serving in
Afghanistan (2011) and Iraq (2008), Dan was
also directly involved with military operations
after 9/11 as a member of the U.S. Fifth Fleet
stationed in Manama, Bahrain. Dan was
in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during DESERT
Central Command. Additionally, he participated in operations in the Balkans, Haiti, North
Arabian and Mediterranean Seas, Korea, and
Japan. Driscoll ended his career as a U.S.
Navy Captain, overseeing Specialized Intelligence Operations in Europe, Africa, and the
Middle East for the Department of Defense.
Dan continues to volunteer his time and efforts for fellow Veterans since his retirement
from the Navy in August 2012, working with
the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative, a
non-profit organization providing housing and
assistance to Veterans and their families in need.
He also collects personal histories of Veterans
as an Oral Historian with the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. Residing in Bayside, Wisconsin
with Mary Jo (also a Navy Veteran) and two
teenage sons who are active in high school
sports, he is an avid cyclist and hopes to learn
woodworking in his spare time.
Welcome Dan!
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
Page 5
TAPS TAPS TAPs taps taps TAPS taps
Helge Abrahamson
Eau Claire, WI
William D. Bottoms
Eau Claire, WI
Edward P. Eckhoff
Eau Claire, WI
Juul H. Noer
Colfax, WI
Gaylen M. Teigen
Eau Claire, WI
Orville I. Teigen
New Brighton, MN
Rudolph C. Thews
Altoona, WI
Arthur R. Wagner
Eau Claire, WI
James B. Whipple
Eau Claire, WI
Bernard J. Beckwith
Stoughton, WI
Sigurd J. Olson
Palmyra, WI
Leonard Brzezinski
Wausau, WI
William X. Blashka
Manitowoc, WI
Charles A. Wilda
Milwaukee, WI
Richard Breed
Franklin, WI
Thomas E. Gilbertson
Ashland, WI
William T. Melby
Waukesha, WI
David A. Nowicki
Waukesha, WI
Frank L. Capps
Lake Mills, WI
Monroe C. Hein
Baraboo, WI
Ralph H. Rubenzer
Rice Lake, WI
Oliver K. Hedlund
Menomonie, WI
Forrest D. Jones
Menomonie, WI
Harvey G. Bong
Superior, WI
Howard E. Sandberg
Superior, WI
Bert C. Mueller
Racine, WI
Howard P. Antony
Onalaska, WI
Gerald E. Sullivan
Tomah, WI
Joseph G. Callewaert
Sturtevant, WI
Jeron K. Chapman
Racine, WI
Francis A. Geraets
Waukesha, WI
Enzo H. Lucarelli
Racine, WI
Nickolas J. Mastous
Racine, WI
Victor H. Mycon
Racine, WI
Merlin E. Geidel
West Bend, WI
Richard A. Weis
West Bend, WI
Allan O. Guberud
La Crosse, WI
Keith B. Straight
La Crosse, WI
George J. Arndt
Beloit, WI
Robert W. Church
Tomah, WI
William X. Kealey
Janesville, WI
Francis N. King
Janesville, WI
James M. Mesler
Janesville, WI
Francis E. Truesdill
Janesville, WI
Norman E. Zitzner
Beaver Dam, WI
Donald A. Benz
New Berlin, WI
Joseph M. Kohler
Milwaukee, WI
Robert E. Kaschinske
Portage, WI
James L. Simonson
Portage, WI
Gerald H. Davis
Burlington, WI
Daniel Greenwald
Beach Park, IL
Anthony S. Vranak
Elkhorn, WI
Eugene T. O’Neil
Fort Atkinson, WI
Ronald J. Ostrander
Baraboo, WI
Gerald F. Kappen
Black River Falls, WI
Bob M. Harrill
Green Bay, WI
Donald A. Hockers
De Pere, WI
Joseph E. Nies
De Pere, WI
Larry G. Walen
River Falls, WI
Norbert J. Grishaber
Appleton, WI
Tilmer I. Jacobson
Colby, WI
Gilbert Kattre
Abbotsford, WI
Richard C. Peters
Milwaukee, WI
Ralph D. Seidl
Butler, WI
Arlin E. Erickson
Monroe, WI
John T. Folk
Monroe, WI
Edward Brecka
Baraboo, WI
Homer D. Ralph
Longmont, CO
Herbert J. Cobian
Delavan, WI
Victor F. Carpenter
Marshfield, WI
Leon A. Peters
Rudolph, WI
Dwaine C. Herter
New London, WI
Joseph J. Spitz
Appleton, WI
Peter R. Stark
Columbus, GA
James J. Mc Kusker
Burlington, WI
Clarence P. Gabor
Milwaukee, WI
Bert L. Gerhardt
Milwaukee, WI
Richard C. Rodensal
Berlin, WI
Alfred L. Buyatt
Gilman, WI
James Hudson
Viroqua, WI
Ben Logan
Westby, WI
Keith L. Mills
Viroqua, WI
John R. De Vault
Sturgeon Bay, WI
Maurice W. Millard
Appleton, WI
Donald A. Schafer
Chilton, WI
Arthur C. Gandt
Kaukauna, WI
David L. Kilgas
Appleton, WI
Willis F. Meisenhelder
Kissimmee, FL
Theodore S. Enz
Appleton, WI
Chester A. Hansen
Kewaunee, WI
John E. Voyles
Casco, WI
Robert N. Grover
Reedsburg, WI
Raymond N. Martin
Reedsburg, WI
Ralph F. Ruhland
Plain, WI
Francis Schakelman
Jefferson, WI
Joseph J. Hosmanek South Milwaukee, WI
Arthur Kohlhaas
Delafield, WI
Lynn A. Carpenter
Platteville, WI
John D. Kastner
Platteville, WI
Floyd J. Mann
Wauwatosa, WI
Robert J. Meana
Platteville, WI
Daniel E. Carstensen
Medford, WI
Audie Christianson Jr
Exeland, WI
Thomas Prorok
Chetek, WI
Manford Kirchoff
Bellevue, WA
David R. Czappa
Nekoosa, WI
Howard E. Gaffney
Westfield, WI
Richard Przybylski
Hancock, WI
Gary A. Buzzell
Hancock, WI
Victor F. Cicvarek
Nekoosa, WI
James M. Kane
Friendship, WI
Glen E. Katzman
Adams, WI
Joseph S. Niewinski
Adams, WI
Jerald C. Simon
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Robert F. Dailey
Milwaukee, WI
Ralph W. Haas
Bullhead City, AZ
Ernest F. Petsch
Elkhorn, WI
Raymond A. Ratajczyk
Franklin, WI
Roy W. Roggenbach
Dousman, WI
William Ubert
Milwaukee, WI
Jerome J. Steffel
Green Bay, WI
Norman L. Beer
Chilton, WI
Alvin C. Theiler
Kiel, WI
Gerald E. Paulson
Mondovi, WI
Robert A. Rowe
Palmdale, CA
Douglas W. Cassidy
Mesa, AZ
David Rubitski
Chippewa Falls, WI
Sherri G. Wasielewski
Springfield, MO
Clifford Weingarten
Hayward, WI
Roman H. Floryance
Janesville, WI
Ellis J. Wallenfang
Milwaukee, WI
Ron Selissen
Green Bay, WI
Delbert F. Meloy
Campbellsport, WI
Harley C. Burnson
Madison, WI
Alfred J. Helminski
King, WI
Ralph F. Luther
Madison, WI
Richard L. Mackesy
Cottage Grove, WI
Linus E. Odegaard
Madison, WI
Orvell A. De Bruin
Seymour, WI
Gilbert J. Vosters
Kaukauna, WI
George E. Plansky
Two Rivers, WI
Glenn E. Grimstead Jr
Green Bay, WI
Robert W. Morrisard
Benton, WI
Sidney Ellingsworth
Amery, WI
Norman L. Rose
Westby, WI
Daniel Kleman
Hatley, WI
Robert W. Lamken
Wausau, WI
Dallas R. Whitewing
Wittenberg, WI
Richard Voss
Waunakee, WI
Kenneth A. Olson
La Crosse, WI
Martin W. Kurschner
Nashville, TN
Wayne L. Matthys
Barron, WI
Seymour W. Wintrone
Madison, WI
James L. Freyermuth
Burlington, WI
Joseph A. Galich
Lake Geneva, WI
Roger Saucerman Sr
Silver Lake, WI
James A. Baerwolf
De Forest, WI
Robert L. Bergman
Madison, WI
Richard A. Heft
Beaver Dam, WI
Michael N. Meddings
Madison, WI
John T. Randall
De Forest, WI
Vincent R. Ryan
Madison, WI
Urban J. Werla
Middleton, WI
Alfred Bartoszewski
Unity, WI
Richard H. Bergquist
Prentice, WI
Fred C. Bertram
Eau Claire, WI
James M. Oium
Cashton, WI
Oral H. Schuelke
New London, WI
Arnold E. Dieball
Hartford, WI
Adrian F. Wagner
Cleveland, WI
Edward R. Gosse
Withee, WI
Eugene G. Buhler
Oostburg, WI
Frederick H. Henckel
Sheboygan, WI
Gene P. Krueger
Sheboygan, WI
Raymond W. Kuhn
Sheboygan, WI
Lloyd R. Petermann
Sheboygan, WI
Norbert C. Pfingsten
Sheboygan, WI
Donald L. Damman
Sun Prairie, WI
Eugene E. Hahn
Reeseville, WI
Leo T. Hartzheim
Beaver Dam, WI
John G. Godfrey
Milton, WI
Clyde L. Eisenmann
Green Bay, WI
Edward A. Kukla
Green Bay, WI
Bernard D. Van Pay
Green Bay, WI
Marshall D. Katch
Racine, WI
Arnold E. Lifke
Theresa, WI
Otto Manthey Jr
Mayville, WI
Daniel L. Lemke
Wausau, WI
Gerald Braaksma
Pardeeville, WI
Lester F. Gammeter
Oregon, WI
Harvey W. Powers
Oregon, WI
Hans L. Jacobs
Chetek, WI
Gunars Briedis
East Troy, WI
Randall A. Prieve
Elk Mound, WI
David S. Harmon
Milwaukee, WI
John R. Engels
Cuba City, WI
Howard E. Milbrath
Madison, WI
Charles Gibbs
Larsen, WI
Dennis C. Crombie
Burlington, WI
Gary Mayhew
Madison, WI
Robert Peterson
Rio, WI
Clement R. Wachuta Prairie du Chien, WI
Former Editor of Wisconsin VFW News, Bill Bottoms, passes away
The VFW is an organization made up of outstanding
members who are committed
and dedicated to a very special
cause. On October 13, 2014,
the organization lost one of its
very special members when Bill
Bottoms, Editor Emeritus of the
Wisconsin VFW News, died
at the Chippewa Manor Nursing Home. Bill is survived by
his wife or 45 years, Marjorie;
daughters, Deborah Bottoms
Johnston and Melodie Bottoms Robson; son, W. Joseph
Bottoms; as well as his niece,
nephew, five grandchildren, and
seven great-grandchildren.
Bill Bottoms, age 85, of Eau
Claire, was a veteran having
served with the USAF in the
South Pacific. As a member of
Bill Bottoms
the VFW, he served as Iowa
State Commander and edited
the Iowa and Wisconsin state
newspapers. He was currently
a member of VFW Post 305 in
Eau Claire and had been associated with VFW Post 8512 in
Almena, WI.
Bill’s passion for the VFW and
journalism was a perfect fit. He
earned several national awards as
the editor of the Wisconsin VFW
News in the national publication
contest in which most states
participate. Bill also authored
the first published history of the
Veterans of Foreign Wars of the
United States. This monumental
accomplishment was symbolic
of Bill Bottoms’ commitment to
and knowledge of the VFW. The
opening quotation in his book
sums up Bill’s feelings perfectly:
“The VFW is not really an organization, it is a concept—an
idea—an endless devotion—a
center of patriotic concern and
love of fellow man such as the
world has never seen.”
A close friend of Bill’s was Ty
Gonyo, president and publisher
of the Berlin Journal Newspapers, who knew and worked with
Bill for over 22 years. Ty reflects
on Bill’s character, “Very seldom
do you go through life and meet
somebody with as much courage
and dignity as Bill, and the Berlin
Journal Newspapers was fortunate enough to have Bill as a true
friend. I never questioned Bill’s
commitment to the VFW.”
Ty fondly recalls, “Bill’s passion for the VFW and for journalism was second only to his passion for his wife and family.”
“Bill was not afraid to make
sure the true story came out and
that a spade was called a spade.
I recall a time when Bill did not
receive one of the State Officer’s
columns for the Wisconsin VFW
News, and after several times
contacting that person, Bill
published the column with only
three letters, ‘MIA.’ Needless to
say, this Officer’s column was
always submitted on time from
this point on.”
“Just as the VFW has been an
important voice to all veterans,
Bill was the voice for the Wisconsin VFW News.”
Bill’s words and committment
to the organization will certainly
be missed.
Memorials may be sent to
the VFW Unmet Needs Fund
at VFW Headquarters, PO Box
6128, Madison, WI 53716.
Page 6
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
Hospital Program Donations Made
Time spent to take care of our nation’s heroes
Hospital visits with Veterans
Auxiliary members volunteering
Now is the time to show our gratitude
“Knock-Out” 100% plus in membership
Scholarships Veterans and youth
Give a Veteran a “Hug”
I pledge to do all I can
Very special times with VFW & VFW A Family
Imagine what we can do working as a team
Never forget … those who gave us our freedom
Give thanks … for we belong to the greatest organization
May you and yours have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Victoria Newbauer
Auxiliary Membership Notes
Thanks to our Auxiliary Treasurers for getting those dues in! Our
Department President, “Upper Cut
Victoria”, as Membership Ambassador Tami Elliot calls her, received
a Porcelain box from National for our Jr. Vice President
first challenge, which was having the
highest percentage of annual dues in
Membership Group 8. Way to go [email protected]
Auxiliaries and Treasurers!
Now we need to keep our momentum
going and get out there collecting dues
so we can be 100% Plus. Auxiliary Presidents: if you attain 100% Plus by December
31, 2014, you will get a special invitation to our Dutch Treat Dinner (dinner is paid by
you) at our Mid-Winter Conference in Appleton. All qualifiers will get their name in
a drawing for $15 and the winner gets reimbursed for their dinner! So let’s get calling,
visiting, or sending out notices to those members to pay their dues. Tell those prospective
new Sisters why you joined the Auxiliary - the more you tell your story to our community
members, the more they will want to join us in our endeavors.
VFW members: if you are reading this article we need your help! We need your
wives, sisters, daughters, granddaughters, mothers and grandmothers to join the
Auxiliary. If one member of your family would join an Auxiliary, our Department
would double in size! Please, please, help us get to where we need to be – 100%
PLUS! - so our Auxiliary can continue its great work for our Veterans.
Remember: “Patriotism Begins at Home” as we bring our Veterans “Christmas
Magic All Year Around”. Thank you for all you continue to do for our Veterans,
their families and our communities.
The first few months of the program year are filled with many wonderful activities and events, not the least of which are visits to our
VA Medical Centers and Wisconsin Veterans Homes. Above, WI Veterans Home at King Commandant Jim Knights receives our Department Auxiliary donation from Dept. President Vicki Newbauer. Below, Dept. President Vicki presents a check to Robert Beller, Director of the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center.
Cancer Research Gets a BIG Check
Merry Christmas from
the 2014-15 Line Officers:
President Victoria Newbauer
Sr. Vice President
Judy Borg
Jr. Vice President
Karen Johnson
Secretary Jackie Gregory
Treasurer Lenore Otto
Chaplain Helen Stearns
Conductress Ann Wirth
Guard Mary Brown
Chief of Staff Diane Hogan
One of the biggest honors for an Immediate Past Department Auxiliary
President is the awarding of the ‘rebate’ of Cancer Aid and Research donations, returned to the state from our National organization. This year, the
Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation was the selected as the recipient
of $8,765.73, donated from our 2013-14 funds raised for Cancer Research.
Shown here (l-r) with the ‘Big Check’ are: PDP and 2013-14 Dept. Hospital
Chairman Madge Murphy; 2013-14 Cancer Aid and Research Dept. Chairman
Michele Patterson; Pete Schmeling, CFRE, Development Officer – Research
at Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation and 2013-14 Department President
Dorothy Genthe. The presentation was made in the beautifully-appointed
lobby of the Melvin R. Laird Center at the Marshfield Campus. Dorothy has
the REAL donation in her hand at right. And yes, that is Barbara Bush with
Melvin Laird looking over her shoulder in the photo at right!
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
Page 7
Draping of the Charter
District Name
Lillian Pfarr
Marie Kerkman
Deloris Lorenz
Joyce Harrison*
Delores Walker*
Silver Lake
Silver Lake
Helen McGurk
Irene Burczyk*
Delores Wegner*
Lorraine Krenzien*
Rosetta Grob*
Donna Jean Parr
New Berlin
Phyllis Gokey*
Christine Kitelinger*
Mary P. Koeller*
Gladys Walker*
Dorothy Bradway
Everner Rae Buck
M. Weinberger
Rogene Faust
Evelyn Ortlieb
Alice Pethan
Mary Guerts
Lilliane Ruckdashel
Wavaglee Gordon
Donna Buza
Phyllis Dent
Carol Lambert
Viola A. Selner
Wilma Danforth
Ann Goosen
New London
New London
Dorothy Dutton
Helen Kozey
Linda Lou Raether
Donna Grittner
Mary Buckie
Martha Friend
Susan Losby Beller*
*Life Member
Eagle River
The new Wisconsin ‘In God We Trust’ license plate, available starting in January
Auxiliary 2336 Says Thanks
Shown with a $9,000 donation to the Department of Transportation are from left, VFW
State Sr. Vice Commander Mike Borg; WDVA Deputy Secretary Michael Trepanier; David
Hinds; VFW PSC Bill Hustad and VFW PSC Renee Simpson.
Wisconsin ‘In God We Trust’
License Plate Becomes a Reality
The members of the Ladies Auxiliary to Parshall-Cummings VFW Post 2336 in Baraboo recently presented Marjorie Zimmerman with a patriotic red, white and blue floral arrangement in recognition of her 36 years of dedicated service as the Auxiliary Treasurer. Connie Mae Schultz has assumed the position of Treasurer effective July 1st. Thank you
Marjorie for your dedicated service to our organization! Submitted by Auxiliary 2336 Treasurer Connie Mae Schultz.
Thanks to the hard work of an Appleton man, Wisconsin drivers will get the opportunity to purchase
an “In God We Trust” Wisconsin license plate, beginning in January 2015. As reported previously in
the July 2014 Wisconsin VFW News, the longtime
dream of David Hinds became a reality with the
signing of Wisconsin Act 188 this past April.
After traveling for years looking at “In God We
Trust” license plates in other states, Hinds, a 61
year-old non-veteran from Appleton, made it his
personal goal to get Wisconsin State Legislators to
approve a license plate for the State of Wisconsin
embellished with our national motto “In God We
Trust”. Funds derived from the sale of the plates
(after licensing fees are collected by the Division
of Motor Vehicles), will go to the State Veterans
Trust Fund to support Wisconsin Veterans Homes
in King and Union Grove.
Following the bill signing, the next task was to
raise the $9,000 needed for the set-up costs of the
new specialty plate. Special arrangements were
made with the Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Wisconsin so this fund-raising effort could
be handled through our VFW Foundation overseen
by Past State Commander Bill Hustad. (This
“pass-through” process allows for donations to be
Earlier this month, David Hinds gathered with
local and state public officials and representatives
of various Veterans’ organizations at the VFW
Post 2778 Clubhouse in Appleton. The event was
organized by VFW Past 8th District Commander
Joe Cahill, now a member of Plover VFW Post
10262. Also in attendance representing the VFW
were Sr. Vice Commander Mike Borg; Immediate
PSC Renee Simpson and PSC Bill Hustad.
Following statements from public officials in attendance, David Hinds had the privilege of presenting two checks. Michael J. Berg, Deputy Secretary
of the Department of Transportation received a
check for $9,000 for the production start-up costs.
Additional donations totaling $1,271 were presented
to Michael Trepanier, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Those funds will go
directly to the State Veterans Trust Fund.
When you initially request the new plate, fees due
include a $15 issuance fee; an annual $15 personalized plate fee (if requesting a personalized plate);
a $25 donation which will be transferred to the
WDVA for the Veterans Trust Fund and the regular
vehicle registration fee if current plate is expiring
within 3 months. Subsequent renewal fees include
the $25 donation and the vehicle registration fee as
well as a personalized plate fee if applicable.
Story info and photos contributed by State Sr. Vice
Commander Mike Borg.
Page 8
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
Cootie Corner
Listen Cooties:
It is with great pleasure that I announce
this year’s Supreme Aide-de-Camp
appointments awarded at the Tomah
cookout weekend last month. The appointments are:
1. Ken Patterson, PT- 15, Supreme
Deputy of Staff
2. Pat Moran, PT-23, Supreme
Larry Green, Commander
Deputy Inspector
Linda Moran, President
3. Dale Hundt, PT-41, Supreme
4. Rod Fifield, PT-23, Supreme
5. Bruce Sorensen, PT-23, Supreme Cootie Supporter
6. Mikey Johnson, PT-9, Supreme Seam Worker
7. Dave Schmidt, PT-8, Supreme Juicer
8. Wayne Woodman, PT-21, Supreme Comedian
9. Gene Smith, PT-6, Supreme Cheerleader
10. Bill Knudson, PT-38, Supreme Newshound
I would like to congratulate and thank each one of them for their help in the past
and future.
Our year is progressing nicely with hospital visits and inspections. Planning is
well underway for both Tomb Trek and Veterans Day observances. I will report on
Tomb Trek in the next paper. Thank you for all you continue to do to “Keep ‘em
smiling in beds of white”.
Let’s Increase and Multiply
Larry Green
2014-15 WI Grand Commander
[email protected]
(262) 496-8319
THANK YOU to all the Sisters and Comrades for a job well done at the Tomah
VA Cookout and Bingo Party. The Veterans who attended appeared to enjoy
themselves and appreciated all that we did for them that day. Audits are due for
July- September and should be mailed to Grand Treasurer Dolores Sorensen. The
80th Annual Trek to the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery
in Virginia is Sunday November 9th, 2014 at 11am. I plan on attending so will
report on this event next time.
From Supreme President flo, “We have moved the MOCA into the 21st Century.
E-mail, texting and phone calls have become part of our corresponding methods.
Letters are wonderful, but are costly with the way postage keeps raising. So if you
get an e-mail, text or phone call from one of your officers, PLEASE work with that
person. We are all busy ladies and we try to do MOCA work along with our family
life, our jobs, etc. Work with those who have been appointed or asked to assist. We
are all supposed to be working for our veterans and any hurt feelings, grudges, etc.
are to be left at the door and not brought into the intent of this organization.”
That being said let us have a fantastic year. Most of the Auxiliaries have been
inspected and all are doing a great job for our Veterans. As always, membership is
a concern, but with a little extra push, I know we will be at 100% again this year.
Until next time, I hope these bring a smile:
• Before I share a man’s company, I make sure he owns it.
• As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way.
• Age is a number and mine is unlisted.
• Every time I find Mr. Right, my husband scares him off.
• Always treat others with dignity, honor and respect. Keep secrets secret and
guard others’ privacy.
God Bless everyone and especially
our hospitalized Veterans and their
Linda Moran
MOCA Grand President
[email protected]
(920) 337-9922
Weekend in Tomah
A hale and hearty group of twentytwo MOC and MOCA members teamed
up for the annual cookout at the Tomah
VA in mid-September. Gathered for a
group photo behind “Harvey” front
and center are (seated left to right):
Jean Hoium; MOC Grand Commander
Larry Green; MOCA Grand President
Linda Moran; Michele Patterson and
Kathy Johnson. Middle row (left to
right): Marie Severson; Richard Hoium; Judy Borg; Dale Hundt; “Mystery
Cootie in Black jacket”; Dave Jacobson; Heather Fifield; Karen Johnson;
Audrey Dotzauer and Tracy Woodman.
Back row: Rod Fifield; Don Lynch;
Twiggy Johnson; Brian Rickman; Mike
Borg; Dave Schmid (we think?) and
Ken Patterson.
Military Order of the Cootie & Women’s Auxiliary
Midwinter Conference
and Testimonial for
Grand Commander Larry Green
and Grand President Linda Moran
January 16-18, 2015
Holiday Inn – Manitowoc
4601 Calumet Avenue
Manitowoc, WI 54220-9299
Phone: 920-682-6000
Room $82 + tax - single/double
Dinner tickets are $23 per person
if reserved by December 25, 2014,
$25 after that date.
Meetings on Saturday morning,
Bingo at Nursing Home
in afternoon
Testimonial Dinner
Saturday evening
(Cocktails – 5:00 pm; Dinner at 6
with program to follow)
Sunday meetings 9:00 am - Noon
Please make dinner checks payable to Grand of Wisconsin and mail
to Grand Adjutant Ken Patterson at W11624 Hwy. 64, Withee, WI 54498.
Name _________________________________ Phone _________________
Total number attending ______ Note meal choices below with a # in each.
Stuffed Pork Chops ___ Shrimp Scampi ___ Chicken Cordon Bleu ____
Calendar of Events
December 7
December 14
December 15
Jan. 10, 2015 January 10
January 24
January 25
January 25
January 25
January 31
February 8
February 15
Feb. 20-21
March 1
April 10
June 3-6
6th District (VFW) 12-3:30 pm, VFW Post 1230, Sheboygan
4th District (VFW) 8 am-12 pm, VFW Post 2304, Milwaukee
DEADLINE for January 2015 Wisconsin VFW News
1st District – 8:30 am-12:30 pm, VFW Post 5811, Lake Geneva
11th District – 10 am-3 pm, VFW Post 1530, LaCrosse
9th District – 9 am-2 pm, VFW Post 1038, Chippewa Falls
2nd District – 9 am-12 pm, VFW Post 7591, Madison – Day
3rd District – 9 am-12 pm, VFW Post 9336, Arena
7th District – 9 am-3 pm, VFW Post 1638, Merrill
8th District – 10 am-3 pm, hosted by VFW Post 7534 at Rock
Garden Comfort Suites, 1951 Bond Street, Green Bay, WI 54303
6th District – 12-3:30 pm, VFW Post 1908, Oshkosh
4th District – 11 am-2 pm, Hart Park, Wauwatosa
Dept. Mid-Winter Conference, Radisson Paper Valley Hotel,
Appleton, WI (see Registration forms in this paper!)
DEADLINE for March Wisconsin VFW News
DEADLINE for April Wisconsin VFW News
Dept. Convention, Plaza Hotel & Suites, Wausau
Page 9
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
mid-winter conference
Santa’s ‘Fan Club’
#____________ at $10.00 Each
#____________ at $10.00 Each
Post #_________
Aux #_________
Past Commander Dinner - 6:00pm
Friday, February , 1
#____________ at $1.00 Each
Make ~
Payable To:
Awards Luncheon - 12:30pm
6aturday, FebUuary , 201
Awards Luncheon - 12:30pm
Saturday, February , 201
VFW Dept of WI
Earmark as
#____________ DW(DFK
#____________ at $25.00 Each
#____________ DW(DFK
#____________ at $25.00 Each
VFW TOTAL AMOUNT DUE: $___________________
LAVFW TOTAL AMOUNT DUE: $___________________
Contact Phone #__(_______)________-____________
Total Amount Due & Enclosed: $___________________
Santa (a.k.a. District 6 Commander James Smith) cools off after his surprise visit to the late June informal gathering honoring State Commander
John Giese and Department President Vicki Newbauer. While the ventilation in the party tent made things quite comfortable for those in the usual
summer picnic attire, it really wasn’t conducive to wearing a thick, furry
winter suit! We think however, that pretty soon this year, Santa isn’t going to need the fan anymore.
Any Questions? Call )-
Please attach a list of additional persons attending and reserved on this form.
Rooms Will Be Assigned At Check_In
Check-in Time: 3:00pm ---- Check-out Time: 11:00am
&KHFN2QHSingle/Double $ Triple $
Or use A Major Credit Card
$33/(721, WI. 6(1'5(48(6772
The Wisconsin
VFW News salutes
these local
Wisconsin Posts
and thanks them
for their patronage!
Gross-Yaksh Post 6498
Home Post of Past
Tommy “T” Tradewell
& Walter G. Hogan
Home of the National Chaplain’s
H H Recognition Program H H
Junker-Ball VFW Post 1865
and Ladies Auxiliary
Supports the VFW News
The Albert H. Groska
Past “All-State”
VFW Post 8320
Quad $Plus Tax
Public Bar Opens 9 a.m.
7 Days a Week
6618 39th Avenue, Kenosha, WI
Daily Specials • Full Catering
2 Halls for Rent
Phone: 262-652-2751
VFW Post 7232
Located on Eau Claire’s West Side
2900 W. Folsom Street
Bar Open to Public
7 Days a Week!
pewaukee memorial
post 9537
Hall Rental Available
Phone: 715-832-3528
Full Menu Daily
Meetings on the 3rd Wed. of the Month
Post is Open 4 til 8 p.m., Mon.-Fri.
home of the state honor guard
The greatest little post in the state 3/14
Page 10
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
That’s a LOT of stone to spread.
F-4s Phantom II display
The F-4S Phantom II sits proudly at its new home at VFW Post 8483.
Post 8483 Proudly Displays F-4S Phantom II
When Bill “Doc” Stephens
of Truax-Longmire VFW Post
8483 was looking for a Huey
or a 105mm Howitzer to add to
the Post’s grounds, he got an
unexpected surprise from the
National Naval Aviation Museum
in Pensacola, Florida. An F-4S
Phantom II aircraft on display at
the Indiana air National Guard’s
181st Intel Wing/Det 1 at Camp
Atterbury was being returned and
needed a new home. Post 8483
enthusiastically brought their
“Million Dollar View” to the
On New Year’s Eve, Doc notified Post Commander Mike
Wenger that they had won the
award! By then it had been over
six months of anxiously waiting
for news, and everyone’s hope
came back to life. But now, they
had to find a way to get it there.
The commercial bids ranged from
$40,000-$50,000, which was way
out of their league.
Doc and Mike started talking
with Army and Air National
Guard units for assistance. The
115th Maint Group of the Wisconsin Air National Guard enthusiastically responded with a
proposal for a Crash Damage/
Disabled Aircraft Recovery (CDDAR) exercise that would support
their certification requirements
while providing the key assistance the Post would need. The
181st Intel Wing of the Indiana
Air National Guard was able to
assist with most of the costs on
their end, leaving the Post with a
fighting chance to seek donors for
the rest of the funds. But, it came
with a hitch. The schedule was
cast in stone for a September 20th
arrival, meaning the Post would
have less than a month to find
donors and prepare the site!
The funds from a recent Camper
Raffle and Donation Jugs would
cover their share of the transportation. The over-the-top successful
The wings are loaded for the trip from Camp Atterbury near Bloomington, IN to Post
8483 in Madison.
Ready and waiting to hit the road!
efforts of a combined Post and
Auxiliary team of Tom Jones,
Bruce Squires, and Steve Corbin
to seek donors for site preparation
and a crane would position the
Post to pull off a near miracle.
Their mission was to go to our
friends in the community and ask
for the necessary labor, equipment, and materials. It would
have to be now, and it would have
to be free, and the response was
nothing short of amazing!
Steve & Patti Olp immediately
donated the labor and equipment
to excavate the site, dig the holes
for the pads necessary to hold
the aircraft, and install the cement provided by Lycon. Hatch
Building Supplies donated the
necessary materials, and Dick’s
Superior Welding manufactured
six tie downs. The pads were in
place in less than a week giving
the necessary time for the cement
to cure.
On Sunday, September 14th
the Phantom’s seven day journey
to Post 8483 began. The 115th
Maint Group’s CDDAR team began the disassembly process. The
wings and fuselage were separated and prepared for transport on
two trucks. By Wednesday their
work was done, and by Thursday,
Les Chapman’s Warbird Specialists and the Phantom were on the
specially permitted route to support the over-length, -height and
-width requirements. By Friday,
the Phantom was staged at a
nearby truck stop in Madison.
Meanwhile, a small team of
highly motivated Post and Auxiliary members augmented by
non-member volunteers, quickly
installed the weed block and
white stones donated by Midwest
Decorative Stone. With only two
days to spare before the arrival
of the aircraft, a very successful
site preparation and landscaping
effort had been accomplished,
thanks to many VERY generous
donors and hardworking volunteers. Johnson Industries will be
adding a plaque and stand made
of stainless steel as well.
On Saturday, September 20,
2014, the aircraft arrived to a
waiting 70-ton crane donated
by Ideal Crane of Madison. A
fascinated crowd watched as the
crane operators and 115th Maint
Group crew members skillfully
first lifted the wings and set them
on stacks of pallets, then lifted the
fuselage and lowered it onto the
wings. In less than three hours,
it was looking like a jet fighter
By Sunday morning, the aircraft
was fully reassembled, proudly
assuming its new assignment
to join the Post’s T-33 aircraft
and proud Eagle in guarding the
Post. Pointing over the hill to
the Post and towards the sunset,
it provides an inspiring moment
each evening. It will remain on
duty to project a lasting memory
and tribute to all who so proudly
served this great nation.
Story and photos contributed
by Post 8483 Commander Mike
Editor’s note: Post 8483 continues to bring in donations to
maintain the F-4S. The next
project on deck is working with
the 115th Maint Group to plan
the repainting of the aircraft in
2015. Stay tuned - and be sure to
visit Post 8483 when you are in
the Madison area to see this magnificent addition to their grounds
for yourself!
Man and machine work in tandem to guide the fuselage
to its final perch.
military casket cart
The finished Military Casket Cart proudly display the 5 seals of our Armed
Forces branches.
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
Page 11
The double doors at the rear of the cart deliver a simple but powerful
Military Casket Cart Honors Our Fallen
The dream started in 1969, the
year Richard Kalashian of Genesee returned from combat in Vietnam. Like most of his comrades
of the time, he didn’t return to a
hero’s welcome. There were no
parades or parties for those who
survived a very unpopular war.
Fast-forward to 2014. Now
serving as the Service Officer
to Marshall-Johnson VFW Post
5158 in Hartland, Kalashian
works tirelessly in a variety of
venues as a dedicated advocate for
Veterans and their families. And
he has never forgotten his dream.
Here it is in his words:
“About a year ago I was waiting
for a flight to arrive at Mitchell
Field. While looking out the concourse window, I noticed a flag
covered Military casket being unloaded from a plane onto a standard
baggage cart to be transported to
the waiting family who were grieving. As I watched the cart bobble
along I thought, ‘what a shameful
way to honor and show respect to
a fallen solider and his grieving
family - surely they deserve a
proper patriotic entrance.’ As a
Vietnam Veteran, I remembered
very clearly how I was treated
when I came home. I was hated
A proud eagle soars over the American Flag on the side curtain of the Cart.
- there were no celebrations of
any sort. I started the project with
Southwest Airlines back in March
of 2014 - it took about five months
to get the Military Casket project
approved - a lot of paperwork and
corporate communication.”
The paperwork completed, the
former standard baggage cart
was finally transferred to Rich’s
employer, S & S Research Inc.,
an auto body and repair shop in
Mukwanago. S & S donated all
of the labor needed for the project
as well as the space to perform the
work. Donations from a host of
others have provided the necessary materials for the final “look”
With curtains and hardware removed, the cart awaits the
next processes.
Standard Southwest Airlines Baggage Cart HR-160 begins its journey to transformation.
An unnamed S & S Research technician sands the cart
frame to receive final painting and decoration.
of the Military Casket Cart.
The top is painted red with
a decal saying, “Freedom Isn’t
Free”. Both sides of the cart have
a movable curtain, each displaying a flying eagle with American
Flag in the background. The front
and back are red, white and blue
with a military eagle insignia on
the back, and the seals of the five
Armed Forces branches on the
front. The words NEVER FORGOTTEN appear on the frame
on all four sides. Chrome wheels
and a safety painted yellow handle
complete the transformation. Simply. Stunning.
While the cart has been re-identified with its Southwest Airlines
number HR-160, it will be made
available for use by any airline
at General Mitchell International
Airport. Initially, there were no
plans for a second cart, but that
may change. Kalashian has found
out that O’Hare Airport in Chicago might be interested in their
own Military Casket Cart. “It’s
a dream! It just keeps growing.
That’s important, that we all share
in that dream,” says Kalashian.
“This’ll make it a little easier
for them [military families] to
accept their loved one - knowing
that they’re being transported in
something that’s beautiful and
respects their service.”
Well said Comrade. And a job
VERY well done!
Story and photos contributed by
Post 5158 Service Officer Richard
Page 12
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
cobb re-elected surgeon
Woodworth Announces Council Candidacy
PSC Dewitt ‘Woody’ Woodworth
Wisconsin Past State Commander Dewitt “Woody” Woodworth
has announced his intention to run
for the position of National Council
of Administration Representative
for Wisconsin. The election for the
4-year term will take place at the
2015 State Convention in Wausau
next June.
Since his term as State Commander in 2012 – 2013, Woodworth has continued to serve in a
number of capacities at all levels,
including Immediate Past Commander on the State Council of
Administration; Finance Committee Member; Veterans Service
Committee Member; the Commanders Advisory Committee; the
Ways and Means Committee; Post
1530 Adjutant and currently, Post
1530 Quartermaster. Woody also
M. Hurley
J. Johnson
R. Leikness
G. Fjelsted
J. Voita
H & B Werner
R. Sparks
Oakdale, WI
Ft. Atkinson, WI
Stoughton, WI
Strum, WI
Amery, WI
Waupaca, WI
Bancroft, WI
M. Collins
R. Bleohm
B. Buck
J. Warnock
J. Casey
B. Clemmons
T. Hendrickson
Racine, WI
Brownsville, WI
Pulaski, WI
St. Francis, WI
Stoughton, WI
Sugar Grove, WI
Eau Claire, WI
C. Poquette
H. Henning
J. Gilbertson
T. Dahlnan
S. Voigt
G. Murawski
D. Schmeip
Fall River, WI
Whitehall, WI
Deerfield, WI
Muskego, WI
Merrill, WI
Green Bay, WI
St. Nazianz, WI
For Sale: 2009 Triton 17 Pro Bass Boat,
swing-tongue trailer, 50 HP Mercury and
factory cover. All services $12,000. Contact:
Mary Ann Christopherson,630 Fleming
Avenue Eau Claire, WI 54701. Or call: 715835-9238. 01/15
S. Castanzo
M. Hasenhorl
T. Lewis
A. Brand
C. Suhr
A. Kochenderfer
M. Powell
Union Grove, WI
Nekoosa, WI
Seymour, WI
Hartland, WI
Janesville, WI
Cochrane, WI
Baraboo, WI
Classified Listings
R. DeCristofaro
B. O’Neil
B. Nuckolls
A. Heus & VJZ
M. Nichols
B. Shanks
D. Knuth
Sussex, WI
Milwaukee, WI
Pewaukee, WI
New Holstein, WI
Milton, WI
Stratford, WI
Pewaukee, WI
J. Storck
T & L. Hau
G. Thompson
J. Stark
D. Sinniger
D. Fogeltons
C. Koser
Kansasville, WI
Kiel, WI
Holcombe, WI
Marshall, WI
Stoddard, WI
Kellnersville, WI
Menomonie, WI
A. Woodworth
M. Kramer
K. Hahn
D & A. Shoemaker
Post 7485
B. Haase
A. Kaiser
Tomah, WI
Green Lake, WI
Milwaukee, WI
Osseo, WI
West Allis, WI
Waupaca, WI
Stratford, WI
G. Johnson
M. Zolandz
C. Girtman
J. Brazeau
S. Roberts
S. Merkel
A. Klawitter
Brodhead, WI
Greenfield, WI
Strum, WI
Oconto, WI
Eldorado, WI
South Milwaukee, WI
West Allis, WI
D. Brown
G. Messmer
B. Christianson
F. Karrels
M. Moser
A. Voell
J. Ketter
Milwaukee, WI
New Berlin, WI
Wis. Rapids, WI
Port Washington, WI
Freedom, WI
Oconomowoc, WI
Fond du Lac, WI
Wanted to Buy: Pre 1970 Packer
Memorabilia (Programs, Yearbooks,
Bobbleheads, etc.) and Pre 1970 Sports
Cards. Box 61, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235.
Phone: 920-743-6322. 01/14
For Sale
1973 - 2-1/2 6x6 Jeep. Cargo winch,
canvas, steps, manuals, new batteries.
w/small car. Parade ready. Flags, Posters.
$12,000 for both. Call Ralph at VFW 3143
Rhinelander. 715-369-1451. 01/14
For Sale: 1984 Ford F-700 Dump. 377 Gas
Engine,SA,5 x 2, 7-yard. Last licensed 2009,
ran good. $3,000 OBO. Call Ralph E. Larson
in Rhinelander @ 715-369-1451. 01/14
Classified Listings
You get up to 25 words for $25.00 in 3
issues (over 45,000 circulation each) of
our newspaper, plus a 3 month listing on
our website
We are accepting listings for:
• For Sale – Autos, trucks, boats,
motorcycles, furniture, etc.
• Rentals – Homes, apartments,
equipment, storage, commercial, etc.
• Service – Repair, cleaning, roofing, heating/cooling, painting, etc.
• Notices – Meetings, Professional,
Auctions. Travel, etc.
• Want to Buy – Merchandise, homes,
equipment, etc.
• Want to Rent – Apartments, equipment, etc.
• Employment – Help wanted, work
wanted by job type.
Sorry, no personals.
Please include a phone number, ad
copy, typed or printed and a check for
$25.00 per ad and send to:
Veterans of Foreign Wars,
Department of WI
Newspaper / classifieds
P.O. Box 6128
Monona, WI 53716-6128
Cobb Nets Second Term
Raffle Calendar Winners
Wanted to Buy
war relics wanted: VFW member
will buy your relics for cash – any country, any
period. Craig Luther, P.O. Box 63, Oak Creek,
WI 53154-0063. (414) 571-6589. 07/11
continues to serve in a capacity especially near and dear, that of VFW
Hospital/VAVS Representative at
the Tomah VA Medical Center.
When asked why he is running
for the National Council, Woody
said, “I am running to continue
my service to Veterans and the Department of Wisconsin, taking my
service to the next level.” He also
indicated he “would like to focus
on ways in which our money can
do more for Veterans, especially at
the National level.”
Woodworth welcomes feedback
and comments from his comrades
of the Department. He can be
reached at 608-317-5627. His
mailing address is 635 S. K Street,
Lot 96, Sparta, WI 54658. Email
reaches him at: [email protected]
Congratulations to Wisconsin State Chaplain Charlene Cobb who was elected to serve
a second term as National Chaplain. Cobb
was installed at the 115th National Convention in St. Louis, MO in July. She has served
as State Chaplain since 2003.
Transportation Service
Announced for Tomah VA
The Tomah VA has implemented “The Veterans Transportation Service Program” for all of the 16 counties
located in their service area. This program consolidates
several transportation services and streamlines the “behind the scenes” operations of getting Veterans to their
appointments and access to VA health care. Additionally,
it serves inpatients transported to other facilities.
Tomah VA Region consists of the following counties: Price, Taylor, Clark, Marathon, Lincoln, Portage,
Wood, Waushara, Adams, Juneau, Monroe, Jackson,
Trempealeau, Vernon and La Crosse in Wisconsin as
well as Houston County, MN.
The program does not replace any existing program,
but adds the benefit of picking up rural Veterans right
at their doorstep, instead of them having to travel to a
pickup location. This transportation is to the Medical
Center and to the Community Based Outpatient Clinics
(CBOCs) in LaCrosse (VA River Valley); Owen (Clark
County); Wausau (Marathon County) and Wisconsin
Rapids (Wood County).
YOU NEED A RIDE TO GET TO YOUR APPOINTMENT, CALL 888-969-8048. This phone number gives
Veterans direct access to the VA program dispatchers to
help them find transportation solutions.
As part of the new program, the Tomah VA and the
Scenic Mississippi Regional Transit (S.M.R.T.) commuter bus system also announced in September, a
partnership serving Veterans in southwest Wisconsin’s
Crawford, Vernon and La Crosse Counties. Those
Veterans can ride S.M.R.T. buses for $3 each way to
appointments at the River Valley Outpatient Clinics.
Information can be found at or by
calling 877-444-6543. For additional information about
the new Tomah program, please visit http://www.tomah.
Need To Get
The Word Out?
If you have a business, if you are running
for a political office, or whatever the
need may be, you can place an ad in our
Wisconsin VFW News
Bill Knutson • (715) 384-2500
[email protected]
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
around the state
Celebrating a Super-Salesman
Bower-Gunnill-Dalton VFW Post 2267 of Richland Center has plenty of
reasons to celebrate their “Super-Salesman” - Post Jr. Vice Commander Kevin Novy (center). Actually, 259 reasons to be exact! This persistent Veteran sold 120 Raffle Calendars for 2014, and then jumped right
in last spring to sell 139 Vehicle Raffle tickets. He even went door-todoor! Congratulating Kevin are Past Post 2267 Commander and Immediate Past 3rd District Commander Dan Foley (at left) and Post 2267 Commander Tim Perry (at right). Thank you Kevin for your service – then
and now! Submitted by Past Post 2267 Commander Marge Freeman.
Clintonville Fundraiser
Page 13
Veterans Day 2014
Every November we take pause to John A. Scocos
remember those who have served their
country as a member of the Armed Forces.
This year, the Wisconsin Department of
Veterans Affairs will be honoring our miliWisconsin
tary Veterans at the Wisconsin State CapiDepartment
tol November 7 at 11 am. with a special
Veteran Affairs
ceremony: “Never Forgotten – Honoring
Wisconsin’s Veterans.”
Since the birth of our nation, American
soldiers have continuously and determinedly shown how far they will go when their country has called upon them. For more
than 200 years, the ordinary citizens around us have gone on to do extraordinary things
while serving our nation in the military.
From the very beginning, there were those who fought for our independence, and in
the following years fought to maintain it. As a fledgling nation we survived in large part
due to the willingness of those first American Veterans to fight against an overwhelming
foe that was Britain. Those brave patriots persevered and won our freedom that allowed
the United States of America to exist.
We have been tested time and time again, at home and abroad. During the Civil War,
many of our Wisconsin ancestors fought to preserve that Union built by previous generations. World War I saw many of our best go off to war in Europe in a conflict that
touched nearly everyone across the globe. The peace following the Great War only set
the stage for another massive, worldwide war – World War II.
The world after World War II has been full of challenging, large scale military conflicts:
Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Our Veterans who are alive today have served in
one of these wars – all gave a part of themselves in service to their country when their
country called upon them. Of those who answered the call, many did not return. Others
made extreme sacrifices as prisoners of war. Many others are still missing.
It is Veterans who won our freedom, fought to maintain it, and worked to spread it to
other people and nations around the world. Please join us at the Capitol November 7 to
honor these great heroes - our Veterans – and hear their stories.
I would also like to remind Veterans and their family members of the online survey
to provide feedback to the agency concerning their state and federal Veteran benefits.
The survey, which only takes a few minutes to complete, can be found at www.WisVets.
com/survey. The questions asked are to help the WDVA direct programs, benefits and
services. All responses will be kept strictly confidential. The survey is only available
online. Veterans and their family members have until Veterans Day, November 11, 2014
to complete the survey.
John A. Scocos is the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs. He
is an Iraq War veteran.
Dates to Remember
Smiling for the camera are two hungry members of the Clintonville community, supporting the recent fundraiser Brat Fry conducted by Arthur
Gensler VFW Post 664 and its Ladies Auxiliary. Preparing their food order
in the stand are Audrey Adams (at left) and Nancy Fields. With matching
funds provided by Thrivent Financial, the event helped fund donations to
a variety of programs benefiting Veterans and their families. Submitted by
Auxiliary 664 President Ella L. Kratzke.
Post 9719 Supports Food Banks
November 10
November 11
November 21
November 27
December 5
December 7
December 8
December 10
December 11
December 15
December 15
December 20
December 31
December 31
January 1
U.S. Marine Corps established in 1775.
Veterans Day/Signing of WWI Armistice in 1918
Grenada Campaign ended in 1983.
Thanksgiving Day
Somalia Campaign began in 1992.
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Daylight
War declared on Japan in 1941.
Human Rights Day
Germany and Italy declared war on the U.S. in 1941.
Iraq War ended in 2011.
Bill of Rights Day
Panama Campaign began in 1989.
Official end of WWII in 1946.
Kosovo Campaign ended in 2013.
New Year’s Day
You’re NEVER Too Old to Join!
Pulaski VFW Post 9719 spread some Christmas cheer late last year
to three area Food Pantries with donations to help make the holidays
a little nicer for those in need. Here, Post 9719 Jr. Vice Commander
Roger Karcz, Jr. (at left) and Post QM George Kasch present a check
for $500 to two unidentified volunteers at the Kingdom Come Food
Pantry in Oconto Falls. Similar checks were presented to the Shawano Food Pantry and the Pulaski Community Food Pantry. Submitted by Post 9719 Quartermaster George Kasch.
You’re never too old to join the
VFW. Ninety-six year old Adam Viellieux of Somerset, WI. recently
joined VFW Post 10818 of New Richmond, WI. As a gift, his daughter
Wanda Viellieux, Patriotic Instructor of the VFW Auxiliary, created a
shadowbox for him. With help from
the Post, Wanda found and identified the medals and ribbons Adam
earned while serving in the Army in
Manila and the Philippines. Along
with a picture of Adam in uniform,
Wanda created the shadowbox.
Earlier this summer, Post 10818
Commander Vern Loehr and Post
Sr. Vice Commander Leroy Meyer along with Wanda and her two
brothers (also Veterans), presented Adam with his shadowbox after which they enjoyed war stories
and refreshments. Congratulations
to all! Submitted by Auxiliary 10818
Secretary Wendy Burnett.
Page 14
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
Burger king fundraiser
Indy BK Franchise Operators Have Given Over $2M to VFW
Since 2004, the Veterans
of Foreign Wars has awarded
grants of nearly $5-million to
military families to help cover
basic needs in times of crisis.
Over the past seven years, the
independent Franchise Operators of Burger King Restaurants
across the country have generated nearly half that amount
through a direct campaign to
solicit donations from their
customers. [See VFW National poster elsewhere in this
It’s an effort that began right
here in Wisconsin with franchisee Mike De Rosa who kicked
off the concept with his local
Burger King operations in Eau
Claire and western Wisconsin.
Mike has been the sparkplug
behind the amazing growth in
participation as he encourages
other operators, like himself, to
join the effort. This year there
are roughly 800 Burger King
restaurants across the country
taking up this great cause.
This is a great time for you,
your comrades and your Post to
get behind this effort in a big
way. To begin with, use your
social media to spread the word
Burger King Stores Participating in the Program
2250 Neva Road
2511 West College Avenue
919 W. Wisconsin Avenue
2020 East Northland
West 3154 Vanroy Road
2430 South Oneida Street
909 Highway 54 East
Black River Falls
100 Express Way
228 West River Street
Chippewa Falls
2752 120th Street
Chippewa Falls
101 Dix Street
1600 Elm Street
105 Evco Circle
De Forest
2582 Monroe Road
De Pere
1007 Main Avenue
De Pere
2511 Main Street
East Troy
926 South Hastings Way
Eau Claire
6124 North Crossing
Eau Claire
2626 Golf Road
Eau Claire
2833 North Clairmont Avenue
Eau Claire
1285 Madison Avenue
Fort Atkinson
1005 South Military Avenue
Green Bay
2219 Main Street
Green Bay
W6318 Highway 10
711 Memorial Drive
1120 WI Dells Pkwy S
Lake Delton
2221 Freedom Road
Little Chute
665 East Avenue
6909 Odana Road
719 W. Badger Road
3235 Calumet Avenue
2760 Roosevelt Road
1520 Appleton Road
544 Main Street
740 East St. Mary Street
8733 Highway 51N
548 8th Avenue
977 Green Bay Road
984 North Shawano Street
New London
343 East Highland Drive
Oconto Falls
810 North Main Street
2000 East Main Street
1130 South Main
Rice Lake
1242 East Green Bay Street
906 South Black River Street
1535 Sunset Beach Road
724 Belknap Street
111 Julie Street
1141 15th Avenue
Union Grove
106 State Road #67
2723 Beck Drive
510 West Main Street
1096 Fulton Street
111 North Pioneer Park Road Westfield
611 North Frontage Road
WI Dells
and get your friends to drop
by their local Burger King and
make a donation of as little as
a dollar while they have their
meal at Burger King.
Secondly, your Post members
can arrange with your local
Burger King to come in wearing
their VFW gear and spend some
time showing customers that
there are Veterans among them
who appreciate their support of
this great program. PLEASE:
You’re there to promote the
Unmet Needs campaign, but not
any other fund-raising, so no
raffle sales, Buddy Poppies or
other efforts detracting from the
Unmet Needs Campaign.
If your Post would like to be
a visible presence as your local Burger King participates in
the program, please call Mike
De Rosa or our State Headquarters for the right contact
information to coordinate your
activities. Below is a list of
participating Wisconsin Burger
King locations and their Store
Numbers. To get individual
store contact information, call:
Mike De Rosa at 715-379-0471
or Wisconsin VFW State Headquarters at 608-221-5276.
Editor’s Note
Editor’s Note
Following the publication of
our September NEWS, I received
a number of responses to the front
page story recognizing Burger King
franchisee Mike DeRosa’s contributions to the VFW Unmet Needs
program. The most oft repeated
theme was along the lines that “the
VFW shouldn’t be associated with
a corporation that is leaving the
United States”. This of course is a
by-product of the merger of Miami,
FL-based Burger King with the
Oakville, Ontario (Canada)-based
Tim Hortons chain of cafe and bake
shops. Here are the FACTS resulting from that merger:
•Burger King and Tim Hortons
continue to operate as independent
•Burger King Headquarters remains in Miami, FL as it has for the
past 60 years.
•Tim Hortons remains headquartered in Oakville, Ontario.
•The new parent company created by the merger will be based in
Canada, as it is the largest market of
the combined company.
•Burger King will continue to
pay U.S. taxes on the profits earned
in this country, and it will continue
to be taxed on profits earned in other
countries by those countries.
And that being said, most
•Burger King franchisees will
continue to pay their respective U.S.
taxes, - federal, state and local.
•AND, many of them will continue to go “above and beyond” as
local employers, showing their appreciation to their communities and
its Veterans through their generous
support of the VFW Unmet Needs
Program – helping our Military
families cover their basic needs in
times of crisis.
And that’s REALLY the most
important bottom line isn’t it?
In a related topic, one comment
about the VFW’s “corporate con-
nections” stated that “we shouldn’t
be ‘in bed with’ these big companies
and let them take over our conventions and organization.” Here’s a
news flash: without the generous
support of entities like AnheuserBusch, Sport Clips, Humana, Life
Lock, Burger King and countless
others who have supported our National Convention over the years, we
probably couldn’t afford to hold the
Convention let alone any of us afford
the registration fees that would be
necessary to attend.
celebrating freedom
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
Page 15
Celebrating America’s Freedom 2014: Fort McHenry
O say, can you see, by the
dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at
the twilight’s last gleaming?
Those stirring words, penned by
lawyer and amateur poet Francis
Scott Key 200 years ago during
the War of 1812, are familiar to
even the youngest of patriots as
the opening lines of our national
anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”. Key was moved to write
the four emotional stanzas of his
original lyrics “Defence of Fort
M’Henry” after witnessing the
bombardment of Fort McHenry
and Baltimore Harbor in the
Chesapeake Bay, by the British
Royal Navy. Contrary to popular
belief, the words did not originate
as a poem, but were written to fit
a popular tune at the time, the
Anacreontic Song. While somewhat challenging to sing, that
tune stands today as our national
It was certainly no coincidence
Our ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ flies proudly in the breeze over Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Maryland.
Star-Spangled Banner
O say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming!
And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there:
O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the mornings’ first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines on the stream:
‘Tis the star-spangled banner! O long may it wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!
And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
A home and a country should leave us no more?
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!
Department Presidents and Flag Bearers line up for the Aisle of Flags prior to the
Josie Bowers poses in front of some of the cannons at Fort McHenry.
O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved homes and the war’s desolation!
Blest with victory and peace, may the heaven-rescued land
Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation
Then conquer we must when our cause it is just
And this be our motto: “In God is our trust.”
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!
that Ladies Auxiliary VFW National President Ann Panteleakos
selected Fort McHenry as the
site of the 2014 Celebrating
America’s Freedom event. After
years of celebrating the birthday
of the Statue of Liberty on October 28th, the new series of late
October events will now feature
other great places in our country
that figure prominently in our
heritage of freedom.
The Department of Wisconsin
Ladies Auxiliary was represented
at the event by Past Dept. President and current Dept. Historian
Linda Moran and her granddaughter Josie Bowers. In Linda’s
“Beautiful day and ceremony.
National Sr. Vice Francisca Guilford was the Mistress of Ceremonies for the event. Fort Mc Henry
Park Ranger [Jeff Brucculeri]
gave us a very informative presentation about the Fort. National
Cmdr. [Stroud] was present and
spoke along with President Ann.
A check for $2,000 was presented
to help maintain the Memorial.
What we saw was impressive-well kept grounds and several
beautiful statues. Also a beautiful rendition on how the Star
Spangled Banner came about
with cannons booming in the
background ---it gave you chills,
felt like you were there.”
According to the Ladies Auxiliary National website, over 500
people attended to help celebrate
this very special event and place
in our country’s history. The site
for the 2015 Event has not yet
been announced, but we’re sure
it will continue to build on the
success of this newest tradition of
the Ladies Auxiliary VFW.
Thank you to PDP and Dept.
Historian Linda Moran for
submitting the photos and
story info.
Page 16
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
car raffle winners
Car Raffle Winners Claim Prize
The timing could not have been better. Their old car was just about worn out. And then they bought a VFW Limited Vehicle Raffle ticket from VFW
Post 2260 in Oconomowoc: PROBLEM SOLVED! Congratulations to Angela and Mike Popp of Muskego, winners of the $30,000 Grand Prize toward a
U.S. made vehicle of their choice.
After reviewing their many possibilities, the Popps selected a beautiful red 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe, shown at left below, from Bergstrom Chevrolet of
Milwaukee. Celebrating the moment in the right photo above are (from left); Post 2260 member and ticket seller Chris Lewein; VFW State Commander
John Giese; winners Mike Popp and Angela Popp; Immediate Past State Commander Renee Simpson; and Raffle Chairman Frank Wilke. Not shown
is Matt Skutley, General Manager of Bergstrom Chevrolet of Milwaukee.
Other Vehicle Raffle winners include: Leonard Wendler of Neenah (2nd prize - $2,500); Dan Reinerio of Ashland (3rd prize - $1,000); Daniel Teschner of
Hancock (4th prize - $500); and Phil Kraemer (5th prize $500). Congratulations to all of our winners, and thank you to all who sold and purchased tickets. And many thanks to the Bergstrom Automotive Group for your continued support of the VFW Department of Wisconsin.
Story info contributed by Frank Wilke; photos by Susie Sydor.
Turkey on the Loose
We’ll give you a lot more
to talk about than just the weather
A gem like no other, the Wisconsin Veterans Home
at King is a long term care facility serving Veterans and
their eligible dependents. We offer quality medical and
nursing care that enhances each individual’s quality of life.
Our highly trained, dedicated staff strive to meet the unique
needs of Veterans by providing compassionate care built on
the foundation of integrity, honor and respect.
Space is available. Please feel free to call us for more
information or to arrange a tour. We offer tours 7 days a
week. We look forward to talking with you to further assist
you with any questions you may have.
715.258.5586 | 888.458.5586
N2665 County Road QQ | King, WI 54946
Word has it there was a turkey on the loose in the Milwaukee VA building on Halloween. Apparently it roamed
the halls and offices, garnering candy hand-outs wherever possible. VSO Office Manager John Schultz managed to capture this photo of the bird . . . who strikes an
uncanny resemblance to Claims Examiner Susie Eulo,
don’t you think?
isle of valor banquet
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
Page 17
Post 2126 Holds 4th Annual Isle of Valor Banquet
Veterans of Foreign Wars Nicolet Post
2126 in Menasha held their Fourth Annual
Isle of Valor Banquet on September 9 at the
Stone Toad Bar in Menasha. The Banquet
is held each year to honor the winners
of the Post’s Student Essay contest, The
Isle of Valor Citizen of The Year, and to
honor those who died during the events of
September 11, 2001. The event is always
held on the Tuesday closest to September
11, now known as “Patriot Day”. Following the social time and dinner, Post 2126
Commander David Mix acted as Master of
Ceremonies, introducing the Essay Contest
Winners and other honorees.
The subject of the Essay Contest is
Patriotism and the contestants must be
children or grandchildren of Post members.
The winners each receive $500 and an Isle
of Valor certificate after reading their essay
to the gathering. Students compete in two
age brackets.
Sophia Kubiak, 13, won the age 11-15
bracket. She is an eighth grade student
at Shattuck Middle School in Neenah
and attends St. Margaret Mary Catholic
2014 Isle of Valor Honorees pause
for a group photo (left to right): Guy
J. Smith, Citizen of the Year: Sophia
Kubiak, Essay Contest Winner (1115 bracket); VFW Life Membership
recipient Donald Carpenter; Denise
Sitzberger, mother of Essay Contest
Winner Megan Sitzberger (16 - 19
bracket); and Post 2126 Commander David Mix.
Church. Sophia enjoys playing soccer for
the Neenah Nitro; the outdoors; traveling,
and spending time with her friends and two
younger sisters Estelle and Bea. She is the
daughter of Brian and Liz Kubiak, and the
granddaughter of Tim and Mary Hewitt.
Grampa Tim is a Post 2126 member.
Winner of the age 16-19 bracket Megan
Sitzberger could not attend the dinner due
to her Nursing studies at Marquette University in Milwaukee. Her mother Denise
Sitzberger represented Megan and presented her winning essay. Megan attended
Greenville Elementary and Middle Schools
and is a 2014 graduate of St. Francis Xavier
High School where she played Volleyball
and Varsity Softball all four years. She
was Rookie of the Year her freshman year
and was All-Conference Honorable Mention her junior year. She played clarinet in
the band and was a member of the Color
Guard. She was in Girl Scouts from the
first grade to her sophomore year, earning
the Scouting Silver Award. Graduating
with a 3.68 GPA, Megan was also a 3-year
member of the National Honor Society
and Foreign Language Honor Society.
Year Book, Student Government and Peer
Helpers were some of her other activities.
Megan is the granddaughter of Post member Cliff Fischer.
Guy J. Smith received the Post’s 2014
Isle of Valor Citizen of the Year Award.
Commander Mix stated “this citizen of the
year, Guy J. Smith, is deeply committed
to supporting military and police because
they place service to others above their own
safety and often their own lives”. A native
of Appleton and graduate of Appleton East
High School and the Milwaukee School of
Engineering, Smith is a registered professional engineer and is currently President
and CEO of Suburban Electrical Engineers
and Contractors, Inc. which operates internationally out of Appleton. Guy is married
to Karen R. Smith. Suburban Electric
service trucks are seen quite often at the
Wisconsin Veterans Home at King, a place
dear to all Wisconsin Veterans.
In other awards, Post Member Donald
Carpenter received a VFW Life Membership for his work on getting the Isle of
Valor listed on the records of the Wisconsin State Historical Society. The evening
closed with a salute to the Colors and Taps
to honor those lost on 9-11.
Photo and story contributed by Post 2126
member Richard Meyer.
Page 18
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
around the state
Denmark Vets Host Students
Greendale Post members pictured are (back row, l-r): Mike Kieck, Bob
Karwowski, Zach Mayo and Ken Kieck. In the front row (l-r) are Post 10519
members Harold Kuehnnel and Don Furdek, along with Past National Commander Tommy “T” Tradewell, Post 10519 Commander John Ustruck and
PSC Phil Jasinski. Tommy showed that beautiful ‘56 T-Bird and Phil his
terrific ‘55 Chevy. Many thanks to Gus Hosseni for his generous support –
you are a true friend to Veterans! And to the other volunteers present but
not pictured: Bill Poulter, Steve Sahs, Bob Birmingham, Auxiliary members Nancy Ustruck, Kristen Mielke (and son Mitchell), Jill Woznicki (with
Isaac & Eve), Karen Janizec and Joann Winkleski, along with Russ Owens,
Commander of Hales Corners-Franklin VFW Post 10394.
Post 10519 Teams with Gus’ Cantina
Greendale VFW Post 10519 joined
forces with Gus’ Mexican Cantina in
Franklin to hold an end of the year car show
fund raiser for Veterans. The September
weather was picture-perfect and over 110
collector and show cars were registered for
the event. Gus absorbed all the expenses
involved with putting on the show and as a
result, the $1,000 collected at the show was
all donated to the Zablocki VA Medical
Center in Milwaukee. Post 10519 volunteers helped with the event and the Ladies
Auxiliary was also on hand to assist, accepting Buddy Poppy donations and selling
2015 VFW Raffle Calendars.
Story info and photos submitted by
Greendale VFW Post 10519 Commander
John Ustruck.
Proceeds from the car show were presented to the Spinal Cord Injury
Department and Women Veterans Health programs at the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center in Milwaukee. Dr. Kenneth Lee, Chief of the Spinal Cord Injury Department accepted the two $500.00 checks on behalf of
Zablocki VAMC. Gathered for the presentation are (back row, l-r): Post
10519 Officer of the Day Harold Kuehnel; Post Trustee and Historian Don
Furdek; Dr. Lee; Post Commander John Ustruck and Post Jr. Vice Cdr.
Zach Mayo. Rounding out the group at the far right rear and in the front
row are comrades who are Spinal Cord Patients at Zablocki
Denmark VFW Post 6705 along with American Legion Post #363,
entertained students from the Denmark Early Childhood Center during a field trip to the VFW Clubhouse this past summer. Thirty-seven
students, 4 teachers and 9 Veterans from three different wars participated. The students presented the Veterans with red, white and blue
cookies and a thank you poster. Veterans from World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War were on hand to answer questions from
students and share pictures, souvenirs, medals and information. Veterans participating included: Willard Bielinski (Army - Korean War);
Curtis Schoen (Marine Corps - Vietnam); Francis Rabas, (Army -Vietnam); Dave Knoll (Army - stationed in Germany); James Carriveau
(Army – Vietnam); Marvin Kostka (Army - Korea); Bob Bielinski (Army
– WWII); Alan Malewiski (Army - Vietnam) and Milton Schley (Army –
Vietnam). Well done Comrades! Submitted by Auxiliary 6705 President
Chis Schoen, photos and info courtesy of the Denmark News.
Kobbervig Recognized by Post, District
Dodgeville Memorial VFW Post 7345 recently recognized Comrade
Donald E. Kobbervig’s 30 years of service as Post Quartermaster and
also his many years of service as District 3 QM. In all that time, he attended every District meeting except September 28, 2014, when he
had to attend to another matter. He was presented with an engraved
plaque honoring his service. Don is a WW II Veteran and a most loyal Comrade. Pictured (from left) are: District 3 Chief of Staff and Past
Dist. Commander Joe Ricco; Post 7345 Cdr. Terry Wilkinson holding
Don’s plaque prior to presentation; Comrade Kobbervig and PSC Gary
Erickson. Submitted by District 3 Commander Gary Young.
Post 1904 Remembers Nieto, USS Cole Bombing
Bohlman-Grimes VFW Post 1904 of Fond du Lac recently
marked the 14th anniversary of the October 12, 2000 bombing
of the USS Cole in Aden, Yemen, which killed 17 shipmates
and wounded 39. Among those killed was Engineman Second
Class (Surface Warfare) Marc Ian Nieto, 24, of Fond du Lac. Nieto was just two weeks away from finishing his Navy stint when
he was killed. His mother, and stepfather Sharon Priepke and
Norman Priepke (front row), attended the wreath-laying ceremony conducted by the Post 1904 Honor Guard. The Honor
Guard included (back row, l-r): John Lipinski, Steve Pepper,
Lenny Ziegler, Joel Walker and George Kaprelian. Submitted
by Post 1904 member George Kaprelian.
legislative priority goals
Page 19
Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
VFW 2015 Legislative Priority Goals
This following are the VFW 2015 Legislative Prority Goals.
• Ensure proper funding so VA can provide
timely health care and benefits delivery.
• Pass full Advanced Appropriations for all
of VA to ensure budget battles have no impact
on the delivery benefits to veterans.
• End of budget sequestration and ensure
Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation
(Requester Publications Only)
1. Publication Title
Wisconsin VFW News
2. Publication Number
4. Issue Frequency
Every other month
5. Number of Issues Published Annually
3. Filing Date
7. Complete Mailing Address of Known Office of Publication (Not printer) (Street, city, county, state, and ZIP+4 ®)
Physical Address - 4622 Dutch Mill Road, Madison, WI 53716
Mailing Address - PO Box 6128, Monona, WI 53716
September 30, 2014
6. Annual Subscription Price
(if any)
60¢ Member
$2.00 Non-Member
Contact Person
Thomas Heath
Telephone (Include area code)
(608) 221-5276
8. Complete Mailing Address of Headquarters or General Business Office of Publisher (Not printer)
Physical Address - 4622 Dutch Mill Road, Madison, WI 53716
Mailing Address - PO Box 6128, Monona, WI 53716
9. Full Names and Complete Mailing Addresses of Publisher, Editor, and Managing Editor (Do not leave blank)
Publisher (Name and complete mailing address)
Thomas Heath
Physical Address - 4622 Dutch Mill Road, Madison, WI 53716
Mailing Address - PO Box 6128, Monona, WI 53716
Editor (Name and complete mailing address)
Marla Morgan
505 S. Apple Ave., Marshfield, WI 54449
Managing Editor (Name and complete mailing address)
Marla Morgan 505 S. Apple Ave., Marshfield, WI 54449
10. Owner (Do not leave blank. If the publication is owned by a corporation, give the name and address of the corporation immediately followed by the
names and addresses of all stockholders owning or holding 1 percent or more of the total amount of stock. If not owned by a corporation, give the
names and addresses of the individual owners. If owned by a partnership or other unincorporated firm, give its name and address as well as those of
each individual owner. If the publication is published by a nonprofit organization, give its name and address.)
Complete Mailing Address
Full Name
11. Known Bondholders, Mortgagees, and Other Security Holders Owning or Holding 1 Percent or More of Total Amount of Bonds, Mortgages, or
Other Securities. If none, check box.
x None
Full Name
Complete Mailing Address
12. Tax Status (For completion by nonprofit organizations authorized to mail at nonprofit rates) (Check one)
The purpose, function, and nonprofit status of this organization and the exempt status for federal income tax purposes:
x Has Not Changed During Preceding 12 Months
Has Changed During Preceding 12 Months (Publisher must submit explanation of change with this statement.)
PS Form 3526-R, July 2014 [Page 1 of 4 (See instructions page 4)] PSN: 7530-09-000-8855
13. Publication Title
Wisconsin VFW News
PRIVACY NOTICE: See our privacy policy on
14. Issue Date for Circulation Data Below
May 2014
15. Extent and Nature of Circulation
Veterans Newspaper - every other month
Average No. Copies
No. Copies of Single
Each Issue During
Issue Published
Preceding 12 Months Nearest to Filing Date
a. Total Number of Copies (Net press run)
Outside County Paid/Requested Mail Subscriptions stated on PS Form 3541.
(Include direct written request from recipient, telemarketing, and Internet
(1) requests from recipient, paid subscriptions including nominal rate subscriptions,
employer requests, advertiser’s proof copies, and exchange copies.)
b. Legitimate
Paid and/or
In-County Paid/Requested Mail Subscriptions stated on PS Form 3541.
(Include direct written request from recipient, telemarketing, and Internet
Distribution (2) requests from recipient, paid subscriptions including nominal rate subscriptions,
(By mail
employer requests, advertiser’s proof copies, and exchange copies.)
Sales Through Dealers and Carriers, Street Vendors, Counter
the mail)
(3) Sales, and Other Paid or Requested Distribution Outside USPS®
Requested Copies Distributed by Other Mail Classes Through the USPS
(e.g., First-Class Mail®)
c. Total Paid and/or Requested Circulation (Sum of 15b (1), (2), (3), and (4))
d. Nonrequested (2)
(By mail
the mail)
Outside County Nonrequested Copies Stated on PS Form 3541 (include
sample copies, requests over 3 years old, requests induced by a premium,
bulk sales and requests including association requests, names obtained
from business directories, lists, and other sources)
In-County Nonrequested Copies Stated on PS Form 3541 (include sample
copies, requests over 3 years old, requests induced by a premium, bulk
sales and requests including association requests, names obtained from
business directories, lists, and other sources)
Nonrequested Copies Distributed Through the USPS by Other Classes of
Mail (e.g., First-Class Mail, nonrequestor copies mailed in excess of 10%
limit mailed at Standard Mail ® or Package Services rates)
Nonrequested Copies Distributed Outside the Mail (Include pickup stands,
trade shows, showrooms, and other sources)
defense funding supports Quality of Life
programs for service members and families,
training and readiness, troop end strength and
equipment needs.
VA Health Care
• Ensure that VA capacity meets the demand
for care by properly funding infrastructure
maintaining adequate staffing levels.
• All non-VA care must be high quality,
and delivered in a well-coordinated, timely
• Fully update antiquated VA scheduling
software and fully implement an appointment
making policy that focuses veterans’ needs and
is not susceptible to data manipulation.
• Provide sufficient funding for updates
to VA’s VistA health care treatment record
• Continue to expand the sue of telehealth
services, especially in rural areas.
• Authorize VA to receive reimbursement for care provided to Medicare eligible
• Address the national crisis of suicide
among service members and veterans by
ensuring proper funding for DOD and VA
suicide prevention programs and mental health
• Extend VA caregiver benefits to those who
care for severely injured veterans of all eras.
• Increase research into women’s health
care needs and the disease and treatments of
toxic exposure.
• Ensure VA has appropriate resources to
adequately care for and reintegrate our homeless veterans’ population.
VA Compensation & Benefits
• Provide oversight and the resources necessary to hire, train, and sustain a workforce
and IT system sufficient to provide accurate
and timely decision ratings to those claiming
benefits or appealing decisions from VA.
• Approve a presumption of service connection for the conditions associated with
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).
• Provide the survivors of veterans who
were in receipt of or entitled to receive VA
compensation at the time of death for a serviceconnected disability rated totally disabling are
eligible for Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC).
• Appropriate the resources required to
meet the burial needs of all veterans who
have served their country so honorably and
• Pass a Fully Developed Appeals legislation
that will allow veterans who wish to appeal
but do not.
Transition Assistance
• Provide oversight for development and
implementation of a comprehensive interoperable electronic medical and service record
that is easily accessible for veterans, DoD
and VA.
• Ensure the Transition Assistance Program is relevant to meet the needs of service
members and all veterans at all phases of the
transition process.
Education & Empowerment
• Ensure that military-trained professionals receive the proper licenses, credentials or
academic credit to allow them to transition into
similar civilian careers after military service.
• Protect the integrity of earned educational
benefits like the Post -9/11 GI Bill and military
tuition assistance.
• Work to improve federal programs designed to help veterans find and retain quality
post-military careers.
• Hold the federal government accountable
for its obligation to hire veterans and do business with veteran entrepreneurs.
Defense/Homeland Security
• Fully support U.S. troops and their mission
to prosecute the war on terrorism, as well as
to protect our nation’s citizens and interests
around the world.
• Halt the development and/or proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, while
continuing to develop and deploy a ballistic
missile defense system to protect the U.S.
and our allies.
• Secure America’s borders from all threats,
foreign and domestic, and identify and deport
illegal aliens who commit crimes.
Military Quality of Life
• Ensure DoD maintains a quality and comprehensive benefits and retirement package, so
the service branches can continue to recruit and
retain the highest quality service members.
• Protect Quality of Life programs for active duty and Reserve Component service
members and their families.
• Support full concurrent receipt of military
retirement pay and VA disability compensation without offset, and regardless of the rating
• Back efforts to lower the Reserve Component retirement pay age to 55.
• Eliminate the SBP/DIC offset.
• Achieve the fullest possible accounting
of U.S. military personnel missing from all
• Ensure the U.S. government keeps the
POW/MIA issue elevated as a national
• Monitor the reorganization of the POW/
MIA accounting mission.
For more information regarding the 2015
goals, please contact:
Bruce A. Sorensen
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Wisconsin Veterans
of Foreign Wars News
This is the starting point for the Post 11038/Home Depot project.
Home depot project
The back yard is ready for the next steps.
Post 11038 and Home Depot Get It Done
It began with an idea at the Post
level, continued with a grant application and subsequent award and
finished strong with a beautifully
refurbished home for single Dad
and Navy Veteran Greg Jacobi and
his two children.
The source of the funds is the
Home Depot Foundation, which
has placed special emphasis on U.S.
military Veterans facing growing
financial and physical hardships at
home as they return to civilian life.
In 2011, the Foundation made a
three year, $30 million pledge to
Veteran’s housing initiatives, completing that plan over a year ahead
of schedule. In September 2012,
another $50 million was committed
to Veterans’ nonprofits for another
three year plan. The Celebration
of Service Initiative coordinates
projects to take place between September 11th and November 11th.
Aspinall-Bair-Stober VFW Post
11038 of Rochester Quartermaster
Telemachos “Tim” Agoudemos
spearheaded the idea, completing
the grant application to the Home
Depot Foundation. The intended
recipient of the grant, Greg Jacobi,
served in the U.S. Navy from 19831993. As a result of his service
in the Gulf Peninsula, he suffered
a debilitating injury on an aircraft
carrier when caught in the jetwash
of an F-14, launching 15 feet up and
throwing him 70 yards. Suffering
both spinal and head injuries, Greg
is currently dealing with epilepsy,
constant pain meds and spinal pain
that limits his mobility. He is also
60% deaf and suffers from PTSD.
He is a single father of 2 children,
ages 9 and 11. And their home in
New Berlin was in serious need of
numerous repairs.
At the end of July, the Post
was notified that $14,000 had
been approved for the project, in
The project included beautiful new landscaping.
Workers dismantle the old deck.
Team Depot makes its mark.
conjunction with Team Depot
from the Home Depot Store in
Mukwonago. Plans were put into
place to complete the work in mid
to late September. The work list
was extensive, including replacement of 11 windows; 4 entrance
doors, including a patio door; the
water filtration system; repair and
replacement of a deck as well as
accompanying landscaping around
the home.
Initially, a 2-day work plan was
slated, but the Team ultimately
completed the appointed tasks and
then some in 3 days. Other added
items included demolition of an
old hot tub and gazebo; flattening of unused raised garden beds;
complete landscaping cleanup and
replanting; and demolition of the
old deck among other items. Team
Depot workers were assisted by
member of Post 11038 as well as
Post 5716.
The Jacobis even received a
beautiful new barbecue grill and a
fire pit courtesy of the store, nice
additions to their beautiful enlarged
and leveled rear deck and patio
area. The home’s inside trim is
replaced with new, stained properly
fitting trim and the energy efficient
windows and doors will pay off
in lower energy bills for years to
come. A great Team effort – over
600 labor hours of sweat and toil
– but one bringing results that will
truly improve the independence and
quality of life for a real American
Hero and his family.
Thanks to the Home Depot Foundation; Mukwanago Home Depot
employees and Store Manager Jeff
The new deck takes shape.
Boss; Jeld-Wen for their generous
support on the purchase of the
doors; John and Bob and The Water
Doctors for their also very generous
support and pricing with the water
treatment system; Amber Atlee and
the Twisted Bistro in West Allis for
providing lunch on Friday; BoiseCascade for their assistance with
the pricing of the lumber materials
for the project and Advanced Disposal for the donation and servicing
of the dumpster.
And thank you Greg Jacobi for
your service to our country. Enjoy
your beautiful home!
Thanks to Post 11038 QM Tim
Agoudemos, Jeff Boss and the
Home Depot Foundation for story
information, emails and photos.
And congratulations on a job
VERY well done!

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