2013-2014 Fiscal Year Giving

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2013-2014 Fiscal Year Giving
Thank you to all who have supported Hospice of Central New York over the years. We especially recognize the
following for their contributions made between June 1, 2013 and May 31, 2014. To find out how you can
contribute to the work of the Hospice Foundation of Central New York, click on “Donate” at our website,
www.hospicecny.org or call 315-634-1100 for more information.
Caring Visionary - ($25,000 + )
Estate of Mary D. Dodds
Estate of Elizabeth Lutz
Piparata Living Trust
Syracuse Auto Dealers Association, Inc.
Caring Sustainer - ($10,000 - $24,999)
Green Family Foundation, Inc.
Hematology-Oncology Associates of CNY
United Way of Central New York
VNA Homecare
Caring Partner - ($5,000 - $9,999)
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Bossong
Jim and Juli Boeheim Foundation
Central New York Community Foundation, Inc.
Community Bank, N.A.
CNY Outsourcing
Mrs. Joyce Homan
Mrs. Carole J. Neuburger
Estate of John A. Santelli
Specialty Surgery Center of CNY
Caring Patron - ($1,000 - $4,999)
The Allyn Foundation
Ms. Dorothy Anderson
Bagozzi Twins Funeral Home
Mr. Michael T. Beresik
Jeffrey A. Bogart, M.D.
Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Carnese
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Colomb
Columbus Foundation, Inc.
Community Health Charities of New York, Inc.
Costello, Cooney & Fearon, LLP
Courtyard By Marriott
Dannible & McKee, LLP
Dignity Plus, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dana E. Eischen
Empire State Container, Inc.
Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.
ENV Insurance Agency, Inc.
Excellus Health Plan, Inc.
Fallon Fallon & Bigsby
Firley, Moran, Freer & Eassa, P.C.
Franciscan Companies
Mrs. Kathryn Furgal
GE Foundation Matching Gift
Mr. and Mrs. Judson J. Gostin
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Gouldthorpe
Mr. Raymond W. Hackbarth
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Haller
E. Robert Heitzman, Jr., M.D.
The Eleanore and Herbert Howard Foundation
Dr. Harold L. Husovsky and Dr. Susan E. Stred
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Infanti
Jewish Community Foundation of
Central New York, Inc.
JGB Enterprises
Kinney Drugs Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Patricia Luke-Perless, CPA
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Luton, CPA
Mr. Merle D. Melvin
Mirabito Fuel Group
Ms. Susan J. Mitchell
Ms. Starr Moore
Mr. James J. Moran
Mrs. Violet M. Morris
Mr. Jeffrey D. Nels
Drs. Michael and Colleen O'Leary
Estate of Jean Grams Oberg
Planned Results, Inc.
Print Solutions Plus, Inc.
Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
Frank and Frances Revoir Foundation
Mr. Donald W. Scholl
Mrs. Eleanora M. Selwach
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Sessler
Mr. Gary R. Sirotiak
Mr. E. Carlyle Smith
Sports Physical Therapy of New York
Mr. David Strabo
Strategic Financial Services
Summit Automotive
The Sutton Companies
Truist Connect
Upstate University Radiation Oncology
Usherwood Office Technology
Hospice Champion - ($500 - $999)
ACMG Federal Credit Union
Ahepa Syracuse Foundation, Inc.
Airside Technology Corp
Anaren Microwave, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Willard A. Anderson
Andrews Technical Services
Mrs. Diane L. Anguish
Anonymous (6)
Ms. Jeanette Artini and Mr. James Corbo
Estate of Edna W Bailer
Dr. Robert Battle and Dr. Martha Battle
Blue Water Capital Management
Bowers & Company CPAs PLLC
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Brandt, Jr.
Bream Orchards, Inc.
Mrs. Marie D. Brownell
Byrne Dairy, Inc.
Ms. Linda Caiella
Mr. and Mrs. E. William Celano
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth P. Cherchio
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Cifaratta
CNY Family Care
Mrs. Karen Colin
Mrs. Nancy Collins
Mr. W. Carroll Coyne
Crouse Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Curtin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Devorsetz
Mr. Thomas Droz
Mr. Neil Falcone
FamilyCare Medical Group, PC
Farone & Son Funeral Home
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Fecteau
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Franchini
Frasier-Shepardson Funeral Home, Inc.
Mr. Daniel Gardner
Geddes Federal Savings and Loan Association
Mr. Thomas J. Gensler
Mr. Peter W. Glocker
Mrs. Ruth Hancock
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory E. Henson
Home Aides of CNY, Inc.
Mrs. Mary P. Huntington
Mr. William Huntley
Mr. William Imperiale
Mr. Richard J. Jones
King of Kings Lutheran Church
Mr. Harry F. Klodowski, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard M. Kronhaus
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hume Laidman
Mr. Colin Lautz
Leader Auto Resources
Liberty Mutual Group
Mr. Ernest L. Longyear
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Lundquist
Ms. Stacey A. Lyon
Ms. Christine Mandel
The Medical Imaging Center
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mezzalingua
Mohawk Global Logistics
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Maroney
Mr. John D. Murray
National Philanthropic Trust
Dr. M. Janice Nelson, Ed.D, R.N.
Nottingham Advisors Asset Management
Patricia Electric
PCI Paper Conversions, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John Penoyer
Pfizer Corporation
The William G. Pomeroy Foundation
Rich & Gardner Construction Co.
Robert F. Rohner, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Arndold J. Rubenstein
Mr. John G. Rubino
Sam Rao Florist
Ms. Shelley M. Santos
Dr. Judith Setla and Dr. Peter Cronkright
Mr. Mansukh J. Shah
Dr. Jeremy M. Shefner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shevlin
Solvay Bank
SRC, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Stipanovic
Ms. Rita J. Stock
Mr. Raymond Stummer
Mr. Francis Szatanek
Mr. Michael Taskey
Mrs. Patricia A. Thayer
Joan E. Thornton, M.D.
Ms. Phyllis A. Tipper
Ms. Wanda J. Trudo
United Way of Greater Capital Region, Inc.
Vanguard Charitable
Mr. Donald E. Weber
Mrs. Carol Welch
William Fuegel Engineering PC
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Yarwood
Hospice Advocate - ($250 - $499)
Mr. and Mrs. George P. Adams
Tracy E. Alpert, M.D.
Anonymous (8)
AXA Foundation
B.L. Bush & Sons Funeral Home
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Bebernes
Mr. John P. Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Becksted
Berks County Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Besanceney
BNY Mellon
Mr. Michael Boudreau
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Britt
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Broedel
Brophy Services, Inc.
Mr. Gerald D. Brown
Mr. Richard H. Bunce
Busch Products, Inc.
Mr. Joseph Cali
John J. Cambareri, M.D.
Mr. Hugh L. Carson, Sr.
Centers for Specialty Care
Central New York Surgical Physicians, P.C.
Ms. Cynthia L. Chandler
Mr. Joseph L. Charles
Ms. Jeanette E. Claus
Ms. Antonietta Clemente
Mr. Thomas H. Coe
Mrs. Karen A. Conklin
Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Connolly
Constellation Energy Group Employee Fund
Ms. Eileen S. Crafts
Crest Cadillac
CSW Granite Company, Inc.
Dairylea Cooperative, Inc.
Mrs. Rosemary DeJoseph
Pamela S. Horst, M.D. and Thomas Dennison, Ph.D.
Mrs. Sally Dewitt
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Didio
Ms. Geraldine M. Downey
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Downs
Mr. Mark Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Feldmeier
Mrs. Florence Felt
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Fergerson
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Fey
Mr. Richard D. Fiddler
Ms. Jacqueline Fields
Mrs. Mary Ann Finn
Ms. Christine R. Flaherty
Mrs. Mildred Fox
Dr. and Mrs. Alan D. Freshman
Mr. Milton L. Fuller
Fust Charles Chambers, LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Galvin
Mrs. Edith Gambee
Ms. Swata Gandhi
Mr. and Mrs. William Gilbert
Ms. Eileen A. Glahn
Dr. Michael Gordon and Dr. Wendy Evers Gordon
Mrs. Judith L. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gray
Ms. Marie D. Greener
Dr. and Mrs. Seth S. Greenky
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Greiner
Hansen Quality Printing
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Haven
Mr. William O. Headlee
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Hettler
Mrs. Robin J. Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Hooker
Mr. Herbert C. Hooley, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hopper
Mr. and Mrs. George Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Humez
Hummel's Office Plus
Mr. Michael Humphrey
Dr. and Mrs. Giampaolo Huober
Ms. Colleen Hyland
IBEW Local Union 43
Insurance Auto Auctions
J & K Auto Gallery
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Jennings
Mrs. Natalie Jivoff
Ms. Melinda J. Johnson
Ms. Cynthia Karkut
Dr. Lisa Kaufmann
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander W. Keilen
Michael J. Kendrick, M.D.
The Key
Andrew M. Knoll, M.D. and Maritza Alvarado, M.D.
Mr. Douglas J. Kobuszewski
Koenig & Selzer Asset Management Group
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Koerner
Mrs. Linda O. Krupka
Susan A. Lang
Ms. Georgia Lattimer
Ms. Theresa C. Leahy
Mrs. Mary Lerner
Ms. Rosaline Letiecq
Local 317 Int. Brotherhood of Teamsters
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Loffredo
Mr. Robert Luce
Mr. Douglas H. Lyon
Mr. Kevin MacDonald
Mackenzie Hughes, LLP
Mr. and Dr. Donal Mackey
Mr. and Mrs. Rocco Mangano
Mr. John F. X. Mannion
Dr. Peter J. Mariani
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Marko
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Marsellus
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Marsh, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Martino
Ms. Margot McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. William L. McDermott
Ms. Mary Jane McMonagle
Mr. Donald W. Meinig
Renee S. Melfi, M.D.
Mrs. Susan R. Michaels
Ms. Katharine Mooney
Mr. Donald Moyer, Jr.
Mr. Martin Mullane
Multimin USA, Inc.
Mrs. Dorothea P. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Louis D. Neuburger, Jr.
Newcomer Funeral Home
O'Connell Electric Co.
Mr. Jerome Orton
Ms. Meredith Otero
Mrs. Teresa Paige
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Parsons
Mr. Keith Peden
Mrs. Helga M. Pendall
Mr. and Mrs. J. Daniel Pluff
Plumbers & Steamfitters
Ms. Ellen E. Potter
Ms. Elizabeth T. Pronesti
Mr. and Mrs. Omar M. Rahim
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rebman
Reliable Auto Sales
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Reynolds
Ms. Maryann Roefaro and Mr. Thomas Carranti
Mr. Michael Royce
Mr. Daniel J. Rush
Mr. Anthony Sapienza
Mrs. Anita Schmidt-Kyanka
Drs. Ted and Lois Schroeder
Mr. Martin A. Schwab
The Brad and Carroll Scribner Donor Advised Fund of
Berks County Community Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. D. Robert Shallish, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Michael C. Shende
Ms. Chrystine C. Shepard
Mr. Peter Shephard
Mr. Stephen H. Simon
Ms. Ethel L. Skinner
Skyhook, Inc.
Mr. Douglas G. Smith
Mr. Taylor Spencer
Mr. David R. St. Germain
St. Michael's Lutheran Church
St. Stephen Lutheran Church
Syracuse Fire Dept Employees Fed Credit Union
Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists
Mr. Jeff Szatanek
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Taylor
Mr. George J. Tucci, Sr.
United Church of DeRuyter
United Way Of Cayuga County, Inc.
United Way of Massachusetts Bay and
Merrimack Valley
United Way of San Diego County
Upstate Home Care
Mr. John R. Urciuoli
Mr. John Volturno
Mrs. Sara Warner
Ms. Kelly Wenger
Mr. and Mrs. Barry F. Wishengrad
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Wittenburg
Yankee Candle
Young & Franklin, Inc.
Hospice Supporter - ($100 - $249)
Ms. Cynthia A. Abiecunas
Mr. Matthew D. Abraszek
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Abt
Ms. Cynthia L. Ackerman
Adirondack Bank
Aetna Giving Campaign
Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. Aiello
Allstate - The Giving Campaign
Aloha Foundation
American Legion Auxiliary Valley Unit #1468
Ms. Edith L. Amsterdam
Ms. Anne Anderson
Ms. Diane L. Anderson
Mrs. Mary Ann Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Angotti
Anonymous (43)
Arctic King Corp.
Dr. and Mrs. Stergeos G. Arvantides
Ms. April Ashby
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Asch
Ms. Patricia Ashmore and Ms. Theresa Ashmore
Mr. Thomas Ashmore
Mrs. Clara B. Ashworth
Mr. and Mrs. Thaddeus J. Astemborski
Autotech of Syracuse, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Avery
Ms. Mandi Avery
Ms. Sarah Jean Avery
Ms. Andrea Ayers
Ms. Joyce M. Ayling
B & B Lumber Company, Inc.
B & N Delivery LLC
Babbitt Bearings, Inc.
Mr. George Babikian
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Bacon
Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Badami
Dr. and Mrs. Jarrod L. Bagatell
Mrs. Muriel E. Bahan
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Baichi
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Baird
Ms. June Baker
Mr. Frances Bakken
Mr. and Mrs. John Balcom
Mr. David Balenski
Ms. Elaine Balitz
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Ball
Mr. and Mrs. David Balliette
Ms. Kathleen Banaszek
Mrs. Elizabeth T. Bane
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bane
The Bank of New York
Mrs. M. Patricia Banks
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baracco, Jr.
Ms. Patricia Baran
Mrs. Marion Barbero
Barling Bay, LLC
Ms. Karen C. Baron
Mrs. Donna Baroni
Mrs. Doris Barr
Mrs. Celeste R. Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Barry
Barsplice Products, Inc.
Mrs. Christine A. Bateson
Mrs. Mary Jo Beamish
Mr. John Beardslee
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Beaudoin
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Beebe
BeKen Contracting Services, LLC
Mr. John J. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Mark F. Bellinger
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Bellotti
Mrs. Jean M. Benedict
Berkshire United Way
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Berndtson
Ms. Erica Bernhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Jay G. Bernhardt
Ms. Judith F. Bernier
Mr. Steven Betts
Mr. and Mrs. JP Bierl
Mrs. Beverly A. Bilbo
Mrs. Roslyn Bilford
Bill Rapp Super Store
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Black
Mr. Richard Blair, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Blake
Ms. D. Angelika Blanchard
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Blanchard
Blitman & King LLP
Mr. Richard Block
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Bodine
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Bodley
Ms. Susan D. Boettger
Ms. Paula Boghosian
Mrs. Patricia A. Bolt
Ms. Deborah J. Booth
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Booth
Mrs. Tina M. Borte
Mrs. Elizabeth E. Bouchard
Mr. Nicholas J. Bourg
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Boyea
Mrs. Margaret M. Boyle
Mr. Patrick M. Boyle
Mr. Daniel Brady and Mrs. Carol Sheldon-Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Brassil, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bregou
Ms. Robin F. Brewer
Mrs. M. Grace Brittain
Mr. Harold Brown, III
Mr. Robert Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Brown
Ms. Jackie L. Bryans
BTI The Travel Consultants
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Buckley, Jr.
Ms. Jean M. Buddie
Mr. Charles S. Bullen
Ms. Stacy Bullock
Ms. Patricia A. Burnham
Ms. Roseann Button
Ms. Becky A. Bye
Ms. Roberta A. Byron-Lockwood
C & O Properties, LLC
C&S Engineers, Inc.
C.O. Falter Construction
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cady
Mrs. Bianca Caiella Breed
Ms. Jennifer A. Caldwell
Mr. John H. Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Calley
Mrs. Elizabeth P. Calnon
Mrs. Vickie Campany
Mr. George S. Campbell
Mr. Steven Campbell
Cardiovascular Group of Syracuse
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carley
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Carmichel
Mr. George O. Caron
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carroll
Mr. Richard M. Carroll
Mr. William Carroll
Carrols Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Neil D. Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Casey
Mr. Jimmie D. Cassenti
Catholic Education Foundation of the Southern Tier
Mr. Thomas Cauthorn
CB Richard Ellis/Syracuse LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Cebeniak
Mrs. Doris Celi
Central Co-Operative Insurance Company
Century Decorations
Ms. Helen Chambers
Mr. Philip P. Chang
ChaseDesign, Inc.
Mr. John Childs
Chittenango Rotary
Chloe's Ornaments
Mr. Scott Chontos
Mr. George M. Chrisogonou, CLU, ChFC
Ms. Mary S. Christie
Christopher Community, Inc.
Mrs. Nancy A. Ciampi
Dr. and Mrs. Armand J. Cincotta
Ms. Barbara A. Ciricillo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Clark
CNY Auto Auction
Mr. Dominick Cogliandro
Dr. and Mrs. William N. Cohen
Ms. Patricia M. Colbert
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cole
Arthur F. Coli, M.D.
COMBO Local 3829
Commercial Maintenance Supply
Community Computer Service, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Congel
Mr. and Mrs. William Connor
Mr. David A. Contiguglia
Ms. Jacqueline M. Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Coppola
COR Development Company, LLC
Mrs. Julie P. Corbett
Mr. Mark R. Corp
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Costa
Mr. Gerald A. Coye
Ms. Kelly B. Crawford
Ms. Linda A. Crawford
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Creamer
Mrs. Glenda G. Crenshaw
Ms. Marcia Crosby
Dr. and Mrs. Jacinto M. Cruz
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cubito
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cuff, Jr.
Ms. Jennifer L. Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cummiskey
Mr. Lee Cunningham
Ms. Linda K. Cunningham
Mrs. Carol A. Curreri
Curtin & DeJoseph, P.C.
Ms. Bridget Curtis
Dr. Michael Cynamon and Ms. Wendy Ressler
Ms. Kristie Dahlia
D'Arcangelo & Co., LLP
Ms. Lisa DaRin
Davis Mechanical Service
Ms. Carol E. Dawson
Delaney & O'Connor, LLP
Ms. Christine DelBalso
Ms. Margaret E. Demko
Ms. Natasha Demlein
Ms. Marlene J. Denney
Mrs. Virginia R. Denton
Mrs. Stephanie DeSantis
Mr. and Mrs. David Devendorf
Biswa N. Dey
Diana Jewelers of Liverpool
DiMarco, Abiusi, and Pascarella, CPA'S, PC
Mr. Raymond Dionne and Ms. Clairese Russell
Ms. Jill Diorio
Diversified Capital Management LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Doherty
Ms. Joan Dolinak
Dominick Falcone Agency, Inc.
Mr. James M. Donegan
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Donegan
Ms. Mary E. Donovan
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Dopkowski
Ms. Susan P. Downey
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Dracker
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Drumm
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Duda
Mr. Mack D. Duett
Mrs. Lynwood B. Duffy
Duke's Root Control, Inc.
Mr. Robert Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Durfey
Mr. James A. Durham
Ms. Nadine E. Durisek
Mr. Russell G. Durkovic
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Dutcher
Mrs. Doris W. Eagan
Lois M. Easterday, Ph.D. and Susan Lamanna
Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Easton
Mr. Marc E. Eberhart
Rev. Msgr. Charles H. Eckermann
Mrs. Nancy M. Edinger
Mr. Mark R. Edwards
Mr. Stephen Edwards
Mr. Thomas Egan
Mr. William J. Egenhofer
Ms. Carolyn J. Eich
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Elliott
Ms. Margaret Elliott
Ms. Laurette D. Elsea
Ms. Jody S. Engel
Ms. Amy C. Enzerillo
Eric Mower & Associates, Inc.
Erie Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Ervin
Mr. Francis I. Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Etoll
Mrs. Jean Eustis
Express Tire Delivery
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Eyer
Mr. Dominick Falcone, III
Family Practice Associates
Ms. Elizabeth Farranto
Mrs. Frances M. Farrell
Ms. Lori L. Faso
Ms. Ellen Fay
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Fearon, Jr.
Mr. Paul W. Fenwick
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ferranti
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Ferrara
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic A. Ficarra
Mrs. Teresa Figueroa
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Fireman
Mrs. Helen Fischer
Ms. Carole Fitzpatrick
Mr. Michael R. Flannery
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Flath
Ms. Susan Fleming-Brusino
Ms. Marie Flynn
F-M Returnables
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fofi
Robert A. Ford, CPA
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Foresti
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Fox
Mrs. Phyllis C. Fox
Mrs. Carolyn Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Fraser
Ms. Judy R. Freshour
Fulton Savings Bank
Mr. Thomas J. Furze
Mr. Gerald K. Gable
Ms. Nancy E. Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Galson
Mr. and Mrs. John Ganotis
Garden Fence Farm
Ms. Michele Gardiner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Garner-Richards
Mr. Charles Gates
Ms. Karen Gavenda
Gaylord Bros, Inc.
Mr. Donald F. Geisser
Gary R. Germain, Esq.
Ms. Sally A. Gewinner
Ms. Sandra L. Gewinner
Mr. Joel Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. John Jureller
Mr. Dennis Gilbert
Ms. Kim M. Gilberti
Mr. Carl W. Gildemeyer
Ms. Sarah Gilleskie-Hoverstad
Gillette Road Middle School
Mr. Daniel O. Gillson
Mr. Mark Ginestro
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ginestro
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Gingold
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ginsky
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Giordano
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Glashauser
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Glauber
Gleason Chemicals, Inc.
Mr. Michael Glennon and Ms. Patricia Driscoll
Mrs. Margaret A. Golembiewski
Mr. and Mrs. Nick J. Gonchoroff
Mrs. Zoe Anne Gonza
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gould
Mr. William D. Gowan
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Gozzi
Ms. Ruth Grant
Ms. Sophie Grassia
Mr. Jack E. Graver
Greater Syracuse Association of Realtors, Inc.
Mrs. Patricia A. Greco
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Greenberg
Ms. Donna Greene and Mr. Timothy Bost
Ms. Ellen Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Grome
Mr. Thomas J. Grooms
Ms. Margo A. Nichols
Ms. M. Fern Gruhlke
Mr. Joseph R. Guarglia, Sr.
Mr. Leslie Guertin
Ms. Sharon Guglielmi
Ms. Carol Guido
Ms. Kathleen M. Guido
Ms. Adele H. Haas
Mr. Thomas J. Hachey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hafner
Mr. Duane Hall
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Haller
Mr. and Mrs. James Hallock
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Halsey
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Halsey
Ms. Lorraine A. Hand
Ms. Kathleen Hanna
Ms. Kathleen Hannon
Mr. and Mrs. H. Baird Hansen
Rev. Arthur R. Hapanowicz
Mr. Michael P. Harders
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Harper
Mr. Ronald R. Harrington
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Hartzheim
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Harvey
Mrs. Barbara M. Harvie
Mr. John L. Hatcher
Mrs. Arlene J. Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Burnett D. Haylor
Haylor, Freyer & Coon, Inc.
Ms. Stacey Hazard
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Heagerty
Ms. Amy L. Heath
Ms. Monica Heath
Mr. James Heick
Mr. Tom Heindorf
David G. Heisig, M.D. and Donna Mahar Ph.D.
Mr. Roy Helmetag
Ms. Mary Jane Hennigan
Mr. Donald C. Herb
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Herbst
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Herholtz
Heritage Homes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Herman
Ms. Emilie Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall G. Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. George Hildebrandt
Mrs. Joan D. Hiller
Ms. Robin R. Hills
Mr. James L. Hinker
Hiram's Tire & Service Center
Hiscock & Barclay, LLP
Mrs. Ann T. Hoadley
Mrs. Angela Hoch
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Hoepner
Mr. James J. Hogan
Mr. John E. Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Holstein
Ms. Suzanne Holton
Mr. and Mrs. William Holtzman
Homewood Suites by Hilton - Syracuse
Honda City
Horizon Solutions
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Hotaling, Jr.
Mr. Keith Hoverstad
Mr. Charles D. Hubbard
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hughes, II
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Humphrey
Mr. Paul Hunter and Ms. Nancy Bergeson
Ms. Debra L. Hutchison
Mr. Seth Hyman
IBEW Local 325
ICM Controls
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ireland
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Irvine
Dr. Martin Irwin
Ms. Helen J. Jackson
Mr. James M. Jackson
Ms. Teresa C. Jacobson
Mrs. Merianna Jacopelle
Ms. Marcia H. James
Ms. Michele James
Mrs. Cathleen Janowski
Ms. Libby Jasmer
Mr. Gordon B. Jeffris
Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnsen
Mrs. Helen L. Johnston
Mrs. Suzanne M. Johnston
Ms. Shirley A. Jones
Mr. John R. Jorgensen
Mr. Richard Jost
Ms. Norma H. Jozwiak
J R Auto Parts
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Kaczmarek
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kaderli
Ms. Catherine M. Kahl
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Kaplan
Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Kasowitz
Mrs. Paula M. Katz
Mrs. Florence D. Kawa
Robert W. Kawa, CPA
Mrs. Stephanie Keefe
Dr. and Mrs. David V. Keith
Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Kelly
Mr. Joseph W. Kelly
Ms. Theresa A. Kelly
Ms. Heather Kelsey
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Kennedy
Mr. Kenneth E. Kenyon, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene G. Kershner
Ms. Mary Alice Kiah
Mrs. Kathleen E. Kiggins
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Killorin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kimatian
Kimry Moor Home Owners Assoc
Ms. Barbara King
Mr. Francis C. King
Ms. Mary C. King
Mr. Russell A. King
Mr. Timothy King
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kinne
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Kinsella
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Kirby
Mr. Jason Klaben
Ms. Joan M. Klomparens
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick W. Knapp
Mr. Richard G. Knowland, Jr.
Koerner Ford of Syracuse, Inc.
Dr. Leslie J. Kohman
Mr. Donald J. Kral
Mrs. Barbara Kriesel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Krisak, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krupa
Kruth, Stein, Squadrito, Lieberman, and Silverman
Mrs. Diane M. Kubarek
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Kuppel
Mr. Michael Kyle
The LaFayette Apple Festival
Mr. and Mrs. Warren LaFrance
Mr. Thomas LaLonde
Ms. Susan J. Lamanna
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lamson
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Landel
Mr. Bruce K. Lane
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Lanzafame
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin V. Laramie
Ms. Josephine D. Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas LaSorsa
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Laufer
Laurel Creek Country Club
Mr. Steven C. Laws
Mr. Mark Lawson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Lawton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Leach
Mr. Michael Lefancheck
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Legnetto
Mr. Donald R. Lehtonen
Mr. E. Kenneth Leins
Mr. Patrick Leitgeb
Mr. John Lepkowski
Mrs. Marilyn Lerman
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Lewis
Mr. Thaddeus Lewkowicz
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Lind
Lions Club of Chittenango
Lipsitz & Ponterio LLC
Dr. Gary Livent
Local 317 Teamsters Retirees Association
Mr. and Mrs. Murray W. Locke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Loftus
Mr. Cleo Logothetides
Ms. Theodora R. Lohnas
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt J. Lohr
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Lombardi
Mrs. Patricia A. Lonergan
Mrs. Elizabeth Long
Mr. Thomas M. Long
Mr. and Mrs. William Longcore
Ms. Virginia Lostumbo
Mr. and Mrs. Melville Love
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Love
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Lucak
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Luckett
Mr. and Mrs. J. Barton Luedeke
Ms. Pamela Maas
Mr. Robert MacBain
Mrs. Kathleen T. MacCallum
Ms. Caroline Maestri
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Mahunik
Maico Hearing Aid Service
Mainstream Innovations
Mr. Walter Malowany
Mr. Michael A. Mammolito
Mr. and Mrs. Rein Mannik
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Manns
C. D. Manwaring
Mrs. Nancy S. March
Mrs. Margaret Marko-Sprague
Mrs. Kathleen Marquardt
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Marsallo, Sr.
Mrs. Jennifer L. Marsh
Emile Martin, D.D.S.
Mr. Peter J. Martuscello
Masello Enterprises
Mr. Gerald C. Mastrodonato
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Maurer
Mr. and Mrs. John Maurer
Mr. Michael Mazza
Mr. and Mrs. Mark McAnaney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCallum
Dr. James McCasland and Dr. Margaret Maimone
Ms. Susan McCormack
Ms. Kathleen McGahan
Mr. William A. McGann
Ms. Signe L. McGowan
Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. McGrath
Mrs. Diane McHale-Mix
Mr. J. Kenneth McInerney
Mrs. Marilyn H. McKnight
Ms. Katherine E. McLaughlin
Ms. Gail McNamara
Mr. William Meader
Stanley P. Meltzer, M.D. and
Patricia Randall-Meltzer, M.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Meltzer
Melvin & Melvin, PLLC
Ms. Ann Melvin
Members Give
Menter, Rudin & Trivelpiece, P.C.
Mrs. Evelyn B. Mercer
Mrs. Beverly Merola
Dr. and Mrs. Bertram S. Mersereau
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Meyer
Miceli Dairy Products
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Michael
Mr. and Mrs. David Michelson
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne F. Mierke
Mr. Cornelius F. Miller, Jr.
Ms. Donna Z. Miller
Merrill L. Miller, M.D.
Mr. James R. Mitscher
Ms. Paula J. Modafferi
Mr. Bernhard P. Molldrem
Ms. Tracey Montgomery
Ms. Nancy Morrell
Dr. Linda S. Morris and Dr. Howard J. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Morris
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Mosher, Jr.
Mrs. Teresa Mosher
Mr. Neil Moss
Ms. Pamela Mould
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Mueller
Mrs. Kathleen L. Mulcahy
Mrs. Sandra Mullane
Mrs. Mary Ann Mulrooney
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Munroe
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Murphy, III
Ms. Margaret Murphy
Mrs. Letty M. Murray
Mr. Richard R. Murray
Mr. Mark Muthumbi, MBA
Mr. Mike Muzi
My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Anne V. Naples
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin E. Nass
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Natalizio
National Grid Matching Gifts Program
Mr. and Mrs. William Naughton
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Nauseef
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Nazzaro
Ms. Elaine Nelepovitz
Mr. H. Steven Nemec
Mr. Daniel Netro
Mr. Douglas C. Neu
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Newton
Drs. Quoc and Elizabeth Nguyen
Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppe
North Country Children's Clinic
North State Shooting Club
Northeast Association Management
Northern Ready Mix, Inc.
NRG Global Giving
Patricia J. Numann, M.D.
NYS Plantation Walking Horse Club
Mr. Lance Oberlander
Mr. and Mrs. Frank O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. John A. O'Brien, Jr.
Mr. Alfred Obrist
Ms. Karen A. O'Connell
Ms. Helen M. O'Donnell
Mr. James O'Hara
Ms. Sally A. O'Herin
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Oliva
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. William F. O'Neil, III
Options For Independent Living, Inc.
Gary Orenstein, Esq.
Ms. Denise Oster
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ottaviano
Otto Shortell Middle School Sunshine Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John Owen
Mr. and Mrs. John Padula
Ms. Elizabeth A. Page
Mr. and Mrs. Eric H. Pahl
Ms. Denise J. Pallone
Mrs. Faye A. Panasci
Mrs. Jeanne R. Paratore
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Pardee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parke
Mr. and Mrs. John I. Parker
Mrs. Elvira W. Parolin
Mr. Robert B. Parrish
Ms. Melinda Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Paterniti
Mr. Richard Patterson
Ms. Linda M. Payne
Mrs. Jane L. Pearse
Mr. Brian D. Peck
Ms. Jennifer L. Perkins
Mrs. Jean A. Perry
Ms. Mary Kay Peters
Mr. Alonzo Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Petro
Mrs. Kathleen T. Petronio
Dr. Paul E. Phillips and Ms. Sharon Sullivan
Mr. David A. Phinney
Mr. Jeffrey L. Phoenix
Mr. Christian Pieklik
Mr. and Mrs. Barry N. Pierce
Pinckney Hugo Group
Ms. Mary Jean B. Piraino
Janice K. Pliszczak, D.D.S.
Plumley Engineering
The PMA Insurance Group
Mrs. Nadine Pollard
Mr. Philip Pollock
Pompey Lions Club
Mrs. Catherine Poniatowski
Dr. Joel Potash and Ms. Sandra Hurd
Practice Resources LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Loren Pratt
Mrs. Ellen C. Priest
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Procopio
Mr. Donald Prokop
Mrs. Beverly Proulx
Mrs. Jane M. Puttkamer
Ms. Janet Qubain
Mr. John J. Quigley
The R/E/D Group, LLC
Mr. Ralph H. Radley
Ms. Barbara Rapke
Ms. Kathleen A. Real
Reeves Farms
Ms. Rita L. Reicher
Ms. Elaine R. Reilley
Mr. Serle T. Reome
Resource Management
Mr. Peter E. Rhodes
Mr. Donald A. Richards
Mr. and Mrs. David Ridings
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Riley
Mrs. Mary A. Rinaldi
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Rinefierd
Mr. and Mrs. Larry I. Ripley
Mr. Gerald Riter
Mr. and Mrs. John Rizzo
Mr. Gerald S. Roach
Ms. Mary Robert
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Roche
Rochester-Syracuse Auto Auction, LP
Ms. Renee M. Romance
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Romeo
Ms. Ann F. Roock
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosenberg
The Lewis Roth Family Foundation
Ms. Geraldine E. Roycraft
Mrs. Elaine Rubenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rubury
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Rudd
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Russo
Mr. Neville W. Sachs
Mrs. Betsy A. Sacks
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Salisbury
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Salmon
Sandblasted Mirror Grafix
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Sargent
SAS Institute
Mr. and Mrs. Sal Sassano
Saunders Companies
Mr. Joseph Savage and Ms. Kimberly Blomgren
Ms. Deborah J. Sawmiller
Mr. Peter Saya
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Schader
Rae Schirrmacher
Mr. Dan Schmidt
Mr. George Schmidt, Sr.
Schneid Construction Company, Inc.
Mr. Brant Schneider
Ms. Noel Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Schotthoefer
Mr. and Mrs. William Schrader
Mrs. Barbara A. Schramm
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Schwarzlander
Mr. Robert E. Seaman, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Kendrick A. Sears
Mr. James Seeley
Ms. Lois R. Seigal
Selflock Screw Products Co, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Seminara
Mr. Timothy J. Sennett
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sessler
Ms. Laura M. Sgouris
Mr. Carl L. Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Shaw
Mr. James Sheedy
Indi L. Shelby, R.N.
Ms. Audrey Short
Mrs. Sarah Short
Mr. John Shott
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shutt
Ms. Teresa Simek
Ms. Thelma E. Simon
Mr. Edward Sirhal
Ms. Norma L. Sjoblom
Mr. Robert E. Skopek
Mr. Donald C. Slate, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin M. Slotnick
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Smith
Ms. Margaret Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Smith
Mrs. Sally A. Smith
Smola Consulting, LLC
Ms. Nancy Sniffen
Ms. Joan H. Snihur
Mr. Michael Soeder
Mr. and Mrs. Dirk E. Sonneborn
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Sorensen
Mrs. Sonja R. Sorensen
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sosonka
Ms. Phyllis Spagnola
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Spear
Ms. Karen Spence
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Spereno
St. Anthony of Padua Chuch Alumni Association
Mrs. Helen Stacy
Dr. Martin Staller
Mr. Mark Stanbro
Ms. Cynthia Standen
Ms. Cynthia L. Stanton
Ms. Debra L. Stanton
Dr. and Mrs. George S. Starr
Mrs. Jane Starring
State Farm Insurance Company
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Steenberg
Ms. Marcia I. Steinberg
The Craig D. Stephens Memorial Fund
Ms. Lisa Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Steves
Ms. Cheryl L. Stier
Mr. and Mrs. Mel Stills
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stinziano
Mr. Gary Stockman and Ms. Jennifer Swift
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Stone
Ms. Maria G. Stotz
Mrs. Devon Straub
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Straub, Jr.
Ms. Hollis A. Strong
Mr. Kraig Stube and Mrs. Cindy Hustad
Mr. and Mrs. Everett D. Sullivan
Mr. Theodore T. Sullivan
Mrs. Virginia H. Sullivan
Summit Realty Advisors
Sun Chevrolet, Inc.
Dr. Pamela Sunshine and Dr. Lawrence Stewart
Syracuse Adelphi Club
Syracuse Postal FCU
Syracuse University Alumni Club of Central New York
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Szymaniak
Tactair Fluid Controls, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Taormina
Mr. Paul Taylor and Ms. Catherine Pastore
TDC Risk Management
Ms. Jeanice T. Tedesco
Mrs. Mary Ten Eyck
Mr. Lloyd D. Tepper
Mrs. Toni A. Terpening
Mrs. Janet D. Terwilliger
Ms. Sharon Thacker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Thebert
Mr. David F. Theiss
T & K Thomson
Thomas J. Pirro Jr. Funeral Home
Three Saints Bay, LLC
Mr. Walter Timmerman
Toomey Residential & Community Services Corp.
Ms. Annette Totten
Ms. Crystal Townsend
Mr. and Mrs. H. Edward Tracy
Transport The People, Inc.
Travelers, Inc.
James A. Traver, M.D. and Marguerite Conan
Ms. Rebecca A. O'Kane
Ms. Jennifer Trecartin
Mr. and Mrs. John Trendowski
Mr. Tim Trimper
Mrs. Barbara Unger
United Materials, LLC
United Radio, Automotive Division
United Steelworkers Local 2924
United Technologies Corporation
United Way of Central & Northeastern Connecticut
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Uryniak
US Airways
Ms. Laura Valentine
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Van Auken
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Van Dyke
Van Liew Service
Diana L. Veith Ph.D.
Dr. and Mrs. I. Michael Vella
Mrs. Rosemary Verrillo
Vertical LAX, Inc.
Vindigni and Berto, PLLC
Mr. Louis J. Viviani
Mr. and Mrs. Christian von Tippelskirch
Mrs. Karen K. Waelder
Mrs. Patricia K. Waelder
Ms. Shirley G. Wagner
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Scott Wales
Ms. Jeanne S. Walewski
Ms. Beverly J. Wall
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Wallace
Mr. Richard H. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walter
Ms. Patrice L. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Ware
Ms. Rose A. Wawrzaszek
Wealth Resources Network
Ms. Michaelene Webb
Ms. Wendelyn Weinstein
Welch Allyn Inc Matching Gift Program
Ms. Laura L. Welch
Mr. Phillip K. Welch
Ms. Joyce L. Welitschinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald F. Welles
Judge Peter N. Wells
Mr. Steve White
Mrs. Lorraine Widrick
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. Gary E. Wilbur
Ms. Sandra Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. James Wiley
Ms. Deborah Williams
Mrs. Florece G. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Willoughby
Ms. Jackie L. Wilson
Mrs. Pearl Wilson
Ms. Rachel Windover
Ms. Karen K. Wise
Ms. Barbara A. Wisneski
Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard I. Wolff
Mrs. Jean B. Wolff
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Wolsley
Ms. Pamela L. Wondro
Mrs. Donna M. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Wood
Mrs. Mary P. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Wood
Mr. Jody Wozniczka
Mr. John P. Wozniczka, III
Dorothy Urban Wright, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Wright
Mrs. Therese Wright
WSYT -TV, Sinclair Communications
Ms. Sandra Wynne
Xylem Applied Water Systems
Ms. Maria A. Ylitalo
Mr. Ryan York
Mr. James Young
Ms. Joan M. Yungwirth
Ms. Themal A. Zacharek-Barros
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Zide
Ms. Lillian S. Zongrone
Hospice Friends ($1 - $99)
We would like to thank the numerous donors who made contributions totaling over $100,000 during the past year.
AC Moore
ACMG Federal Credit Union
Adam's Eden Campground
American Food & Vending Corp.
Aspen Athletic Clubs
Attilio's Restaurant
Auto Zone
Avalon Document Services
The Bank of New York
Beak & Skiff Apple Farms Inc.
Ms. Sue Benjamin
Best & Company
Big Don's Wild River
Body Works Massaage
Boldt Castle
Ms. Deborah Bondi-Ellison
Bonnie Dexter Massage
Boom Boom Mex Mex
Bruegger's Bagel Bakery
Buffalo Bills Football Team
Ms. Jenny Burrows
Mr. and Mrs. Chet Bush
Business Art & Framing, Inc.
Byrne Dairy, Inc.
Ms. Patt Carpenter
Carrabba's Italian Grill
Cazenovia Jewelry
Ms. Cynthia L. Chandler
Chocolate Pizza Company
Christmas Tree Shops
Chuck Hafner's Farmers Market
Citizen's Bank
Clinical Leadership at Hospice of Central New York
Colonial Voluntary Benefits
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Conover
Cornell University Athletics
Costello, Cooney & Fearon, LLP
Courtyard By Marriott
Mrs. Cheryl M. Crosier
Ms. Joann Crosier
Cross Creek Nursery Inc.
Crown Chem Dry
Ms. Gwendolyn Davis
Dellas Graphics
Delmonico's Italian Steakhouse
Dinosaur Bar-B-Que
Doggie Play Day and Grooming Salon
Dominick's Restaurant
Double Tree Hotel Syracuse
Dunk & Bright Furniture
Dunkin Donuts
Edgewood Gallery
Edible Arrangements (Camillus)
Elan Therapeutic Massage
Elsbeth Rose East
Embassy Suites Hotel
Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.
Enchanted Forest Water Safari
ENV Insurance Agency, Inc.
Everson Museum of Art
Excellus Benefit Services, Inc.
Excelsior Service Window Cleaners
Ms. Vicki Feldman
Ms. Jacqueline Fields
Flamingo Bowl and Legends Pro Shop
Four Seasons Golf & Ski Center
Francesca's Cucina
Frankie's Piccolo Bistro
Friends of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo
Fuccillo Hyundai of Syracuse, Inc.
Funny Bone Syracuse
Glimmerglass Festival
Gold's Gym
Mr. Jason Grasso
Great Lakes Golf Cars
Greek Peak Mountain Resort
Green Hills Farms Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Grenier
Mr. and Mrs. Everett K. Griffith
Mr. Michael P. Harders
Henderson Wholesale Lamps
Herb Phillipson's
Hilton Garden Inn Syracuse
Home Depot Camillus
Mr. and Mrs. George Hughes
Hullar's Restaurant
Hunt Country Vineyards
Dr. and Mrs. Peter P. Huntington
Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse
In Good Health
James Flowers
James P. Reagan Agency, Inc.
Janitronics Facility Services, Inc
Joe's Pasta Garage
Justin's Tuscan Grill
Kelley's Bar & Restaurant
The Keys Program
Koto Japanese Steakhouse
Laboratory Alliance of CNY
Labrador Mountain
Landscaped Interiors, Inc.
Dr. Karen Lawitts & Dr. Nancy Yeates, DDS
LeChase Construction Services, LLC
Lehigh Valley Lumber
Ms. Rosaline Letiecq
Limp Lizard Syracuse
Lindt Chocolatiers (Destiny USA)
Liquor City
Lonsdale Salon
Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse (Camillus)
Luigi's Restaurant
MacKenzie Childs
Mario's Bakery
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Maroney
Mary Christmas Tree Farm
Mento Produce
Merry Go Round Playhouse, Inc.
Merry Maids
Mid-Lakes Navigation Co, LTD
Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science
Mimi's Bakery & Cafe
Mirabito Fuel Group
Mirbeau Inn and Spa
Moe's Southwest Grill
Morgan's Restaurant
Ms. Patricia Moriarty
MQ-Connect Fundraising
National Baseball Hall of Fame
New York Giants Football Team
New York Jets Football
New York Yankees Baseball
Newschannel 9 WSYR
Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppe
Office Solutions
Olive on Brooklea
Onondaga County Parks
Onondaga Flooring Inc.
Orchard Vali Golf Course
Outback Steakhouse Dewitt
Panera Bread
Paola Kay Gifts
Patchwork Plus
Paul Karaz Shoes
Pepsi Bottling Group
Pole Position Raceway
Pompey Club
Portrait Innovations
Price Chopper Western Lights
Princess Cruises
Project Linus
Quest Diagnostics, Inc
Ra Lin Incorporated
Recess Coffee House & Roastery
Rejuvenations Day Spa
Mrs. Denise Rife
Royal Beauty Supply
Royal Treatment Day Spa
The Salvation Army Family Place
Sam Rao Florist
Sammi's Beauty Box
Saunacuse Infrared Sauna Studio
Ms. Kate Scheibl
Dr. Judith Setla and Dr. Peter Cronkright
Sheraton Syracuse University Hotel and
Conference Center
Singer Castle - Dark Island Tours
Solvay Bank
Spaghetti Warehouse
Speach Family Candy Company
Sports Physical Therapy of New York
Stack Veterinary Hospital
State Chemical Solutions
Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Steenberg
Strategic Management Solutions
Styleworks Salon
Sweet On Chocolate
Syracuse Chiefs
Syracuse Crunch Hockey Club
Syracuse Laser Spa
Syracuse Opera Company, Inc
Syracuse Stage
Syracuse University Athletics Department
Syracuse University Department of Recreation Services
Sysco Food Services
Target (Fairmount)
Texas Roadhouse
Tim See Ceramic Artist
TOPS Friendly Market
Total Chiropractic of North Syracuse PLLC
Town Mechanical, Inc
Twin Trees Too!
Mr. and Mrs. Damian M. Ulatowski
Uncle Sam Boat Tours
Uno Chicago Grill
Mr. Peter Valenti
Vesper Hills Golf Club
Vince's Goumet Imports
Wal-Mart (Camillus)
Wal-Mart (East Syracuse)
Walt Disney World Co.
Wegman's Food Markets, Inc
Western Lights Liquors
Ms. Carol A. Wierzbicki
WRVO Public Media
WSEN, WFBL (92 fm-1050 am)
Ms. Maria A. Ylitalo
Zebb's Restaurant
We work diligently to ensure that our supporters are recognized properly. We apologize in advance for any errors or
omissions. Please let us know of any errors or omissions by calling us at (315) 634-1100 so that we may correct our
records. Thank you for your understanding.

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