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“There is nothing more powerful
than an idea whose time has
come.” – Victor Hugo
The First
It’s here to stay.
Number 11
P. O. Box 385 Silverhill, Alabama 36576
Self-government begins at home
Y’all have a nice day.
Volume 16
SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: First-time readers of
alternate news, especially boob tube babies, may experience
severe loss of confidence in the Establishment press and TV.
November 2014
Perversophobia defined
Inviting the Zionist-controlled media¢cracy to meet a rising free South
The continuing war against the South
Page 24
Germany’s mistakes
in Afghan war
Page 6
Page 9
“Treason doth never prosper:
what’s the reason? For, if it
pros per, none dare c all it
trea son.”
– Sir John Harrington (1561–1612)
By Dr. Michael Hill
Page 10
Tribute to
Federal Reserve Notes
ruled unconstitutional,
null and void
Page 19
What happened
to Al Qaeda?
War is a racket
Page 4
Page 8
Lebanon welcomes Iran’s
military aid
Page 9
My Life
Page 13
the boycotters
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Page 13
Greg Kay on the Scots’ vote
Page 15
Page 16
America’s enigma
The counterfeiters
Louis Marshall
The Lobby boasts having
bagged a freshman
Page 12
Page 22
at the Fed
Page 7
Page 9
His death
How America brought
“Democracy” to Egypt
Page 18
Page 13
Constitutional money
must be backed by
silver or gold
Page 14
It’s legal to
Page 19
quest for
Per fection
Page 12
A war is still being waged against the
South, not by bullets and bayonets but by a
campaign of demonization. As a political
and social stratagem, demonization is a ploy
as old as civilization itself. The objective
of the game is to dehumanize an opponent,
individual or a group in order to gain public
sup port for diminishing his power and
influence in one or more spheres: political,
social, economic or cultural.
Mod ern Amer ica over the past two
decades abounds with examples of the
demonization pro cess, most of them
perpetuated by the Left (which includes
many on the Republican “Right”) against
the traditional Right. The Oklahoma City
bombing, Black church burnings and the
Atlanta Olympics pipe-bombing in the
1990s; the 9-11 “Truther” movement, the
Obama birth certificate “Birther” movement
and the anti-ObamaCare movement thus
far this century have all been used by the
government and its lapdog media to portray
anyone to the right of the mainstream GOP
as dangerous to the public weal. But the
boogie-man singled out to receive the
lion’s share of this liberal/neocon hostility
is the tra di tional South erner, who is
uniformly presented by the media, the
academy and popular culture as Beelzebub
incarnate. Unfortunately, the demonization
of Southerners and their region is not of
recent origin.
The origins of conflict
Southerners of both high and low estate
contributed mightily to the founding and
advancement of the American Republic.
Despite that, they have been subjected to a
long-running campaign of demonization that
has turned them into national whipping
boys in this post-modern, post-Christian
era. The demonization of the South did not
begin, as some may think, with the Civil
Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s,
though it did take on a particularly hostile
tone during those decades. Rather, the
campaign to portray the South as the sole
blot on an otherwise pure and shining
“City on a Hill” began in earnest in the
1830s with the rise of the Yankee reformist
impulse (i.e., Abolitionist, women’s rights,
temper ance and other like-minded
movements) and fears that the so-called
“Slave Power” of Southern aristocrats
threatened American democracy. The three
decades from the publication of William
Lloyd Gar rison’s Lib er a tor in 1831 to
the outbreak of The War for South ern
Independence in 1861 witnessed a virulent
crusade to vilify not only the South’s
culture and institutions but Southerners
To understand why the Yankee thought
it necessary and profitable to demonize the
South, we must trace briefly the dichotomy
between a rapidly-changing antebellum
North and a stable, conservative South.
Southern men-of-affairs, especially South
Carolina’s John C. Calhoun, understood
that un checked con soli da tion and the
campaign against slavery would result in
either the destruction of the South or in the
dissolution of the Union.
The gathering forces against which the
South had to contend were foreboding.
(See “Southern culture,” page 3)
The First Freedom
— Southern Poverty Truth Center —
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
Both Bill and Hillary were once anti-Ashkenazis
MONICA JEWINSKY, whose sex role
as a White House intern in 1998 brought
then-President Bill Clinton to heel for that
little rogue State of Israel, recited a much
different story on October 20 at Forbes’
“Under 30 Summit” in Philadelphia. No, it
wasn’t a voluntary setup, letting herself be
wired so that the Jewish mediacracy could
blackmail Slick. “The FBI” made her do it.
ANSCHLUSS. On October 22 Naftali
Bennett, leader of the Jewish Home
party, warned Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu that his party will destabilize
the coalition government if the premier
doesn’t expedite settlement construction
in the West Bank.
OCTOBER was a juicy month: Arms
sales soared amid war against ISIS. It was
exactly one month since the U. S. started
its bombing campaign on the Islamic State
in Syria, and quite a profitable operation
for the arms industry of course. On the first
day, 47 Tomahawk missiles worth over 65
million dollars were dropped. One month
on and the jihadists were still in place,
but the war had produced new contracts for
American weapons makers.
MOSCOW will reduce gas supplies if
Kiev starts siphoning deliveries destined
for Europe, warned Russia’s President
Vladimir Putin during a visit to Serbia
last month.
FOR FEAR of the Ebola virus, North
Korea has announced that it will not accept
any foreign tourists, three agencies that
take tourists to the isolated State said on
October 23. The news came as the country
said it was stepping up inspections and
quarantine measures at its airport, borders
and ports to guard against the spread of the
deadly virus, which has killed thousands of
people in the latest outbreak.
SKY NEWS reveals that passports
belonging to foreign militants serving in
the Islamic State (IS, a.k.a. ISIL or ISIS)
all display official exit stamps from the
Turkish border control.
SOUTH MIAMI passed a resolution
last month in favor of splitting the State
in half. Vice Mayor Walter Harris felt
Tallahassee was not providing South
Florida with proper representation.
“Tallahassee doesn’t really, I’m sorry
to say, care too much about South
Florida,” Harris said during the city’s
commission meeting. Mayor Philip K.
Stoddard agreed. “South Florida would
be better off making its own rules,”
Stoddard told Local 10 News.
HIT and kicked by police after leading
them on a high-speed chase, an Alabama
man who sued will now receive $1,000 in a
settlement with the city of Birmingham,
while his attorneys get $459,000, officials
said on October 22.
AMONG those going into battle from
the Ukrainian side are some 500 trained
fighters in a self-declared Azov battalion
backed by Jewish energy magnate and
Dnipropetrovsk region governor, Igor
Kolomoisky, according to an article in
Israel’s Ma’ariv daily.
THE UKRAINIAN Army has fired
cluster munitions on several occasions into
the heart of Donetsk, weapons banned in
much of the world, upon a rebel-held city
with a peacetime population of more than
one million, according to physical evidence
and interviews with witnesses and victims.
ISIL terrorist group leader Ibrahim
Samarrai, known by the alias Abu Bakr
al-Baghdadi, works for the U. S. Central
Intelligence Agency and is supported by
western secret services, according to
Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov.
BRAZEN C.I.A. agents impersonated
Senate staffers in order to gain access to
Senate communications and drafts of the
Intelligence Committee’s investigation. “If
people knew what they actually did, to
hack into the Senate computers and search
for the torture document, jaws would drop.
It’s straight out of a movie,” said one
Senate source familiar with the document.
The First
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excellent paper. In the spirit of Christ,
White survival, Nationalism and White
pride worldwide, keep up the good work!
Kent, England
I recently received my third issue of
your publication and like it very much. I
wasn’t born in the South but sure am
glad I’m here now!
Dickinson, TX
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Challenging a Zionist-controlled mediacracy to tolerate the truth
COLOR of revolution: The “umbrellas”
for Hong Kong’s are made in Washington,
as proven not only by the obscenely-rapid
White House open support just hours after
it began, but the model is no different from
what they used in Ukraine.
“Be assured that if this new provision
[the 14th Amendment] be engrafted in
the Constitution, it will, in time, change
the entire struc ture and texture of
our government, and sweep away all
the guarantees of safety devised and
provided by our patriotic Sires of the
Revolution.” – Orville Browning
Sec. of the Interior (1867)
Scalawag of the Month
Larry Martin
Open carry law killed in S. C.
South Carolina is a shall-issue
State. Authorities are required by
law to issue a carry permit to every
applicant at least 21 years old and
not barred from possessing a gun
under State or federal law.
By Herschel Smith
while back, open carry was defeated
in South Carolina.
A bill allowing South Carolinians to
carry guns openly or concealed without
first receiving the State’s sanction through
a permit was killed by Republicans. It
failed to get out of the State’s Judiciary
Committee – despite a large Republican
majority – under strong opposition from
Republican Senator Larry Martin.
The bill was called Constitutional Carry.
Backers had its premise based on the fact
that the 2nd Amendment is the only permit
needed to carry a weapon.
Understanding the Republican statist
position against that bill required following
tortured logic. It was best described by
Martin himself in response to a constituent
who asked him to vote to advance the bill,
as reported by
“If the 2nd amendment has been as you
interpret it, why hasn’t S. C. law reflected
that for the last 140 years? I’m sorry but
you are describing an “unlimited” right
that has never been the case with the
2nd Amendment. My view of the 2nd
Amendment has always been the right to
own guns and keep them in our homes,
business, and property and not to wear a
gun whenever to wherever I pleased.”
He just thinks that be cause he is a
Communist. Comments at Mike’s place
seem to indicate that it was the tourism
lobby in Charleston that defeated the bill. I
make no claims to knowing the real story
behind the bill’s demise. But one thing is
certain – Senator Larry Martin of Pickens
is either the ring leader or a stooge and
tool. In any case, he is now the target.
Gregory Smith observes “South Carolina
has a pro-gun governor and an anti-gun
Senate. This defeat is shameful, this is the
work of self-hating Southerners, scalawags
The First
Self-government begins at home
Speech and religion were already ours
back when FDR named “four freedoms.”
But he would whip hunger, fear and oppression,
abstaining forever from Europe’s wars.
When politicians lie, the State bites off
what only individuals can chew.
It’s time we recovered
those powers not delegated.
Editor: Olaf Childress
Editorial faculty: Nancy Hitt, Christine Miller,
Donald Sullivan, Valerie Protopapas and Ingrid
Rimland Zündel.
Correspondents: Mark Anderson, Bill Ebb, Lloyd
Caperton, Chris DeHuff, Jason Gerhard, Bill Ivy,
John Kaminski, John Peeples and Carolyn Yeager.
Telephone: 251-945-5130
Email: [email protected]
Correspondence about subscriptions or changes of
address should be addressed to The First Freedom,
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576.
that would rather kiss the carpetbaggers
than pass pro-gun laws … I believe there’s
gonna be political hell in South Carolina. I
want to know who are the 17 bastards that
voted against the 2nd Amendment; are any
of them Republican? If so then it’s time to
excommunicate them from public office.”
I think the retribution needs to be greater
than that. Mr. Martin needs to feel uncomfortable even being out in public. He has
now declared himself to be an enemy of the
people. And oh, by the way, as to the LEOs
who helped to kill the bill, you are also an
enemy of the people.
Seriously, now
A man who sees his dog in the back yard
shaking and tossing something into the air
rushes out to find that it was the neighbors’
rabbit, now a very dead Mr. Bun Bun. The
corpse is filthy with dog drool and mud,
but thankfully no blood, its back no doubt
broken at the first shake.
Feeling he can’t possibly explain to the
neighbors how his dog got into their yard,
entered the rabbit cage and killed Mr. Bun
Bun while they were away, he bathes Mr.
Bun Bun until completely clean and dry,
places him back in his cage, re-latches the
door and hopes they’ll think their rabbit
died peacefully.
Days later, the man notices his neighbor
mowing the lawn, walks over and asks
how things are going.
“Not so well,” the neighbor says. “We
lost Mr. Bun Bun last week, and are still
very upset about it all.”
“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”
“Yes, we found him one day on coming
home, probably died in his sleep because
he looked so peaceful.”
(Whew!) “Well, that doesn’t sound too
“No, we were not surprised. I mean, he
was very old, really starting to show his
age the last few months.”
“I guess I’m a bit confused then, as to
why your family is still upset.”
“Well, we buried the little guy out by the
back fence and thought that was it. But –
You’re not gonna believe this! – some jerk
dug him up, cleaned and put his body back
into the cage as a mean and nasty practical
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— First things —
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
What would Jefferson say?
By Clyde Wilson
o wonder Jefferson arouses a negative
reaction among today’s prevailing intelligentsia. It is impossible to imagine an American
society that is more unJeffersonian than the
regime we live under today.
Jefferson abhorred entangling alliances
and hoped to pre serve the great gulf
between the New World and the Old. The
U. S. today has a military presence in over
a hundred places around the globe.
Jefferson envisioned a continent filled
with the descendants of Americans, a few
Europeans with valuable skills invited in.
Today the descendants of the original
Americans are an ever diminishing minority
in an international unmelting pot.
Jeffer son’s ed u ca tional sys tem was
designed to nurture natural aristocrats who
might be born into the unprivileged ranks
of society, so that their talents and virtues
would not be lost to the commonwealth.
In stead, Amer ica early adopted the
Massachusetts/Prussian system of public
ed u ca tion de signed to cul ti vate mass
conformity and obedience.
Jefferson believed in the freedom of the
mind to seek the truth and did not fear any
genuine truth. We live in a society virtually
with out any real de bate, domi nated by
Political Correctness.
Your “representatives” – forbidden by the Southern Puberty Lechery Center, a
federal Affirmative Action Apparatchik and those new voting machines to display
such reminders in a building full of judges, lawyers and politicians – have banished
the Ten Commandments from Alabama’s Supreme Court now for
Southern culture is worth saving
(Continued from page 1)
the idea that “all men are created equal.”
The sweep of “progress” was already While New Englanders called down the
grip ping the North (es pe cially New wrath of God’s “terrible swift sword”
England), urging it toward finance and against the South, western men in Ohio,
industrial capitalism and the
Indiana, Illinois and Michigan,
ex ploita tion of “free” la bor.
writes historian A. O. Craven,
William H. Seward warned the
“had a way of viewing evil as
South that unless it voluntarily
something there ought to be a
discarded its old ways – particulaw against.” This combination
larly an outmoded adherence to
of sanctimony and the ap peal
States Rights and the “peculiar
to laws that surely would be
in sti tu tion” – it would later
enacted by John Randolph of
yield them amidst a sea of
Roanoke’s “King Numbers”
blood. Such threats to the well
served to unite the disparate
being of their region caused
elements of the White South and
thoughtful Southern leaders to
gird them for the impending
consider what sort of checks
Dr. Michael Hill
might be imposed against an
Bloody solution
increasingly hostile North.
The war waged from 1861-1865 was
But progressive Northern leaders were
in no mood to be checked by a numerical pre cip i tated in no small part by those
mi nor ity in the slaveholding South. Abolitionists who had for thirty years
Undermining the Southern way of life fanned their flames of hatred against the
would be the first step in the triumph of the South. When the fighting broke out in
Yankee worldview, and to accomplish this April 1861, they all re joiced, some at
the South had to be demonized in the eyes finally being rid of the South and others at
of a majority of Northerners before the the opportunity of destroying her. One of
radicals could hope for its actual physical their own, Julia Ward Howe, while in
Washington during the early days of the
war, penned the lyr ics to what became
Yankee revolution
the Unitarian-Abolitionist anthem – “The
Revolutionary change in the North’s Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Her words
economic and political systems had been hailed the advent of a holy war against an
accompanied by European-style reform evil South and equated the crucifixion of
movements of every stripe. Indeed, New Christ with the present crusade against
England and parts of the Midwest now slavery. The South Carolina Presbyterian
produced a breed of perpetual reformers in divine, Rev. James Henley Thornwell, well
whom emotion trumped commonsense understood the nature of the “irrepressible
and hard experience. Eventually, all the conflict” waged against his homeland. He
reformist strands were woven together into wrote: “The parties in this conflict are not
the rope of Abolitionism, and by the 1830s merely Abolitionists and slaveholders,
the anti-slavery movement had become a they are Atheists, Socialists, Communists,
messianic, apostate religious crusade. Red Re pub li cans, Jaco bins on the one
Radical abolitionist propaganda found its side and the friends of order and regulated
way not only into literature and public freedom on the other. In one word, the
oratory, but into juvenile story books, church world is the battleground, Christianity and
hymnals and even almanacs as well.
Atheism the combatants, and the progress
Boston in the mid-nineteenth century of humanity the stake.”
was the center of a Unitarian-Universalist
Four years of Jacobin-inspired warfare
revolt against traditional Christianity in devastated the South. In addition to some
which sinful mankind was transformed 450,000 Confederate soldiers killed and
into a creature of innate goodness and wounded, the region’s civilian population
light. If mankind was inherently good, then suffered horrendously, especially during
all social problems were external ones that the final campaigns of the conflict. The last
could be eradicated by one sort of reform months of the Confederacy were filled
or another. Perhaps even the Southern with arson, robbery, rape and murder,
slave-driver could be redeemed if only he crimes perpetrated more often than not
could be made over in the image of the with the ap proval of Un ion mil i tary
sturdy, democratic New Englander and his officers and civilian officials. Much of the
cousin in the Midwest who knew the destruction was pure vandalism directed
proper interpretation of the Declaration of against defenseless women and children
Independence. To these abstract idealists and represented a deliberate policy to
the South seemed woefully out of step with strike terror in the hearts of the Southern
people. What General William T. Sherman
called the “holiest fight ever fought on
God’s earth” made little distinction between
Black and White. A reporter for the New
York Herald, who witnessed the sack of
Columbia, South Carolina, in 1865, noted
that “Negro women were for the most part
victims of the [Union] soldiers’ lust. A
number of them were woefully mistreated
and ravished.”
War’s aftermath
In the wake of this carnage, Northern
business interests began a systematic and
wholesale economic plundering of the
South that would con tinue through
Reconstruction. Oppressive taxes were
levied on cotton, and in just three years
(1865-68) over $70 million was expropriated from the Southern economy. As late as
1880 the value of Southern agricultural
lands was only two-thirds of what it had
been in 1860. Gross farm income did not
rise above 1859 levels until the early
1880s, though the South’s population rose
nearly fifty percent during that period. In
the decades following the war, the South
became an economic colony at the mercy
of Northeastern plutocrats who exacted
enormous sums of capital through usurious
interest rates, stole lands and resources
through tax foreclosures and rigged local
elections at the point of a bayonet. Famine
and pestilence stalked the land, and it was
common to see home less wid ows and
orphans begging bread from door to door
and once-proud vet er ans re duced to
destitution. Indeed, abolitionist Wendell
Phillips summed up the situation well
when he remarked after the war: “This [the
North’s victory] is the new dispensation.
This is the New Testament. 1860 is the
blank leaf between the old and the new. . . .
We have conquered not the geographical
but the ideal South . . . and we have a right
to trample it under the heel of our boots.
This is the meaning of the war.” So it was.
American Empire
The South’s defeat in 1865, as
Thornwell predicted, cleared the way for
the triumph of a Jacobin/Marxist worldview
in a consolidated American Empire. Wasted
by war and military occupation and swindled
by crooked Car pet bag and Scalawag
“en tre pre neurs,” the South ern peo ple
could do nothing to halt the centralizers’
jug ger naut. One would think the
demonizers’ work done at this point. But,
after a truce of sorts prevailed for several
decades, especially during times of war
when America needed the services of
Southern manhood, the demonization of
Jefferson abhorred judicial oligarchy
that thwarted the will of the people. Today
the Supreme Court, not the people of the
States, has sovereign power.
Jefferson feared banks and paper money.
Our society is now dominated by banks
that are Too Big to Jail. Jefferson hated
public debt. It placed a tax burden on the
productive in order to profit the privileged
unproductive, John Taylor’s “paper aristocracy.” Not only that, Jefferson’s constant
theme throughout his life was that “the
earth belongs to the living.” For the current
generation to bind down future generations
with debt was deeply immoral and antidemocratic. What would he make of our
catastrophic national debt? That much of it
is owed to foreign governments he would
undoubtedly label as treasonable.
Jefferson was a patriot. He was not an
advocate of “one nation indivisible.” During
and after his time, nationalism was becoming
a dominant force in the Western world,
in clud ing the plu ral States United. For
Jefferson one could be an American patriot
without requiring total and unreserved
obedience to the central government or
believing that the people were spiritually
inseparable from that government.
all things traditionally Southern resumed
apace in the 1950s and 1960s during the
Civil Rights Movement and the age of
leftist revolution. And it continues to this
day, the perpetrators showing no signs of
letting up.
The prevailing question for traditional
Southerners is this: How long will you
patiently remain as a second-class citizen in
this current political arrangement, hoping
it can be reformed? If you do choose to
re main on the flimsy hope of re form,
you likely will lose everything dear to
you, including your children’s and grandchildren’s future. You must recognize that
the war against you continues and will not
end until everything you cherish has been
destroyed. Such was and is the definition of
“war” by the forces of evil in this conflict.
And the prevailing evil is the USA.
Dead end
The demonization and destruction of the
traditional South has removed a counterweight from the political entity known as
The United States of America. Without that
counterweight of Southern conservatism
and tradition, America descended into the
pit of Enlightenment-inspired left liberalism
from which it has not, will not, and cannot
Here are some concrete examples. Since
the South’s defeat in 1865, America has: 1)
fought a war for empire (the SpanishAmerican War); 2) helped destroy the old
Euro pean order (World War One); 3)
provided aid to the communists in Spain
(the Span ish Civil War – which saw
Amer ican vol un teers in the Abra ham
Lincoln Brigade fight against Franco);
4) allied itself with the Communist USSR
under Stalin (World War Two); 5) provided
political and economic support for Black
Communist-backed regimes in Rhodesia
and South Africa (in the Bush Wars and
anti-Apartheid campaign); 6) supported
the pro-Muslim forces against Christian
Ser bia in the 1990s; and 7) cur rently
sup ports anti-Christian Muslim rebels
against the Syrian government, including
perhaps ISIS itself. Without a vital and
viable old Southern conservatism – that
“old time re li gion” that theo log i cally
defined the South – to provide balance, the
USA has consistently pushed a leftist/
godless ideology worldwide.
Thus, without the South to reel her in,
America has become an unholy terror to
the whole world. Perhaps a revitalized and
independent South will be the necessary
antidote to such hubris. And perhaps this is
why the powers-that-be in the USA still
demonize her.
The First Freedom
— Media bypass operation —
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
Meanwhile, what ever happened to Al Qaeda?
By Bernie Suarez
atching world events lately one cannot
help but to wonder: what ever happened to
the war in Afghanistan? Are U. S. soldiers
supposedly still exchanging fire with Al
Qaeda as (supposed) payback for 9/11?
For a couple years I had been offering cash
rewards for anyone who can prove the war
in Afghanistan to be a real “war” scenario;
you know, the one with the video proof of
the opposition actually firing back at our
That’s right, for years I offered a cash
reward for anyone who can prove that
there is a real conventional war (like the
Vietnam footage) going on in Afghanistan.
Challengers needed only to show actual
video footage of U. S. tank and artillery
positions in place and firing on the enemy
(Al Qaeda), then gather some concrete
evidence (meaning video footage) of the
Al Qaeda military resistance. What military
resistance? The one that justifies the U. S.
military’s long stay in Afghanistan.
To this day I’m not aware of any video
evidence showing Al Qaeda’s tanks and
artillery firing back at U. S. positions (i.e.,
proof of an actual war). The mainstream
media have never produced evidence that
would make a reasonable person logically
deduce that there is an actual war going on
in Afghanistan. Not video of U. S. military
blowing up a building or “target,” but an
actual war with two participants firing on
each other.
Even Fox News reported years ago that
the U. S. was “helping” grow Opium in
Afghanistan; all the while no one has ever
pro duced ev i dence of any ac tual war.
In cred ibly, de spite years of ev i dence
proving that there has never been any war
(but instead an occupation) in Afghanistan,
mainstream-media-watch ing Americans
have blindly believed and accepted that
some how the world’s most pow er ful
military (the U. S.) has been in an equallymatched war against the dangerous and
powerful Al Qaeda military forces, thus
rationalizing and justifying this long “war”
and occupation in Afghanistan.
As the ridiculous ISIS script continues
to play out in what I con sider to be a
psychological operation on Americans and
the world, and as we now see ISIS tagged
as the new military might to compete with
the U. S. military, the question has to be
asked: Where is Al Qaeda? What is Al
Qaeda doing?
We know that ISIS was originally
named “Al Qaeda in Iraq”; does that mean
that members of Al Qaeda made a deal
with the U. S. to fly to Iraq, created an Iraqi
movement then switch their names to ISIL
or ISIS? If so, how many Al Qaeda
members switched groups? Is there any
difference at all or just the location? How
about the war in Afghanistan – which
members of Al Qaeda are still fighting
there? Where is Al Qaeda and how come
they are no longer in the news?
The origins of ISIS are fully exposed to
anyone who is awakened, but what should
we say about the official status of Al
Qaeda? Or should I say, what would the
establishment (and its mainstream media)
have us believe about the 2014 current and
official status of Al Qaeda? Is there room
for logic and reason anymore in this crazy
geo-political new world order scheme; or
should we all just accept such craziness
without asking simple questions? Notice I
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The First
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said simple questions not critical Opium harvest: Is this Al Qaeda?
questions, because the questions
we are asking aren’t trick questions
on forensics or science; they are
simple straightforward questions.
Where is Al Qaeda now? Do they
no longer exist? If so, then when
did they cease to exist and why
is the “war” in Afghanistan still
going on?
As the new ISIS psychological
operation on humanity rolls along,
we have to stop and ask these
simple questions because these
are the very challenges that will
continue to expose the globalist criminals.
Afghanistan continues year after year.
Here are some questions:
By the way, has anyone seen the video
1. Why has Al Qaeda never attacked evidence of ISIS overcoming the Iraqi
army? How about the recent battles
2. Why do our politicians’ stated goals claimed by mainstream media: has anyone
always seem to fit in nicely with Al Qaeda seen actual evidence of ISIS firing U. S.
and ISIS?
tanks and artillery weapons? Where are
3. Can any one pres ent a shred of these videos? And, by the way, who trained
evidence proving that Al Qaeda is not ISIS? ISIS to fire our tanks and Howitzers?
4. Hey, if ISIS is acting alone, would it Remember that having the weapons is not
be possible for ISIS to attack Al Qaeda or enough; you must learn how to use the
vice versa?
weapons as well. U. S. military cannoneers
5. How does Israel avoid having to deal train for al most two months to fire
with attacks from both of these groups?
Howitzers. Who trained ISIS how to fire
U. S. military weapons?
Reason and logic
Alternatively we should be asking: when
As long as we feel that there’s something will Americans as a whole have enough of
worth fighting for, we have an obligation this nonsense? When will we pull together
to ex pose all this po litical the ater, the to turn justice on the globalists and their
propaganda and monkey business being phony patsy terror groups that change
imposed on humanity. Sadly, all too many names all the time and always end up with
Americans will never attempt to answer U. S. weapons? When will humanity pull it
even one of these questions, and instead together and see that, coincidentally, none
label such ideas as nonsense, conspiracy, of these en gineered terror groups ever
even anti-government propaganda. Sadly, attack Israel, yet they always seem to want
too many Americans who are now deeply to get their hands on U. S. civilians who are
en trenched in the ISIS psy cho log i cal not part of their war? There are no accounts
operation won’t ever get beyond what of any direct full military battles against U. S.
CNN or Fox News and Sean Hannity tell military, and even now that the globalists
them. Everything else is simply conspiracy. are scripting this recent military battle
No thinking, reasoning, no asking simple against ISIS in Syria (as they did with Al
questions, no logic, no true journalism, no Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan) we
real reporting, nothing.
are being fed stories and reports from
Digging and poking at the Al Qaeda mainstream media sources without any
psyop is one way to expose the ISIS psyop real evidence of a war going on.
since it came first. Un for tu nately, our
Our eyes glaze over
government has control freaks who believe
in imposing mass mind-control operations
Al Qaeda has supposedly challenged
in order to corral the masses with fear and the U. S. military to the tune of a 13-year
it is up to us to find creative and interesting war (and still counting) even as naïve and
ways to expose their lies and deceit. So dumbed-down Americans blindly accept
today I want to know what did Al Qaeda do these bizarre statistics while consumed by
yesterday, where are they now, and why are sports and entertain ment. Now ISIS is
they no longer being mentioned as a threat supposedly withstanding air strikes with
by the Western media while the “war” in ease, yet we are not told how they are
doing it. ISIS has the ability to
embarrass the U. S. by showing up
on the battlefield with sufficient
ammuni tion; all the while, the
U. S. runs out of bullets. Imagine
that, remember we’re talking the
worlds greatest military here.
Mass theater
The fact of the matter here is
that many of us have personally
had enough of this hyped ISIS
psychological operation and we
are reminded (literally by an Al
Qaeda commander here) that Al
Qaeda is (was?) no different. The difference
is that much more of humanity is awakened
to the globalist plans and determined to
fight back against these de struc tive
psychological terror scripts imposed on us.
Life is too precious to have to deal with
“ISIS” or “Al Qaeda” or any Intelligence
synthetic terror groups. We can’t afford to
have a staged elimination of terrorism (Bin
Laden death hoax) only to suddenly find a
brand new terror organization, and again
conveniently funded and armed by the
U. S., Israel and its Middle East buddies to
wreak havoc on humanity while giving a
free pass to its creators.
Keep at it
I say let us roll with the ISIS operation
like a good martial artist and use their ISIS
psyop against them. Let’s all keep pushing
to expose this ISIS agenda and hope for
something to crack. The globalist agenda
must crack, and it will crack. It is up to each
and every one of us to see to it that the plan
cracks. One way to help crack this plan is
by sharing this message with someone,
staying strong, keeping your mind clear,
your eyes wide open and continue to view
our current-day narratives in the context of
history and known facts in stead of the
context of CIA-controlled mainstream
media-guided emotion and propaganda.
Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio
host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and
the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV
American Free Press
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Will ISIS soon have flying saucers?
By Brandon Turbeville
o ISIS has developed an air force and
NATO wants its “no-fly zone” over Syria?
If Wile E. Coyote were a terrorist, his
name would be ISIS. Or at least that is
what the mainstream media and Western
governments intent on overthrowing the
secular government of Bashar al-Assad
would have you believe.
According to the mainstream press, in
spite of being highly-trained supermen
who are ten feet tall and invincible, ISIS
continues to make every public relations
step it takes in the wrong direction. The
recent announcement that ISIS possesses
an air force now is a case in point.
On October 17, FOX News told us that
“ISIS could be soon taking its terror fight
to the sky, after a report that former Iraqi
pilots are training Islamic militants to fly
captured Syrian warplanes.”
According to the death squad friendly
propaganda organization known as the
Syrian Observatory For Human Rights, a
number of for mer Iraqi air force pilots
are now training ISIS fighters to fly three
warplanes captured in Syria – MIG 21 and
MIG 23 jets – in apparent preparation to
launch air attacks in the Middle East.
Observatory director Rami Abdurrahman
says the planes are flying at low altitudes,
“apparently to avoid being detected.”
Fearing the local deer population might suddenly
turn tyrannical, the Founding Fathers hastily
drafted the 2nd Amendment.
“The principle for which we
contend is bound to reassert
it self, though it may be
at an other time and in
an other form.”
– Pres i dent Jef fer son Da vis
Whew, that was a close one.
— Southern Culturalism —
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
Big bash in Memphis
By Hunter Wallace
ames Edwards hosted The Political
Cesspool’s conference in Memphis last
month for friends, family and supporters in
celebrating the 10th anniversary of that
phenomenal radio program.
For understandable reasons, this was not
open to the public. When the League of the
South publicized our demonstrations in
Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, a group
calling itself the “Tennessee Anti-Racist
Network” succeeded twice in getting our
hotel reservations cancelled. That same
group harassed the Southern National
Congress at its annual conference in Fall
Creek Falls State Park. They protested and
harassed the last two Amren conferences in
Montgomery Bell State Park near Dickson,
Tennessee. Finally, a EURO conference
was cancelled near Memphis in 2008.
Had this conference been publicized on
the internet like the recent NPI conference
in Hungary, the ho tel would have been
harassed by that usual coterie of “anti-fa”
slacktivists who would have made phone
calls, a small handful of whom would have
probably showed up to provide us with
some entertainment. Rather than in vite
unnecessary harassment, the decision was
made to keep this conference in-house at a
nice, upscale private location where we
could relax and enjoy a weekend of fellowship and camaraderie without any last
minute disruption of anyone’s travel plans.
The conference began on Friday evening
and culminated on Sunday morning at the
Na than Bed ford For rest me mo rial in
Forrest Park. Because Renee and I were so
late leaving St. Louis, we missed the events
on Friday, and were too exhausted to do
anything on Sunday. On Saturday, there
were five speakers who addressed a range
of topics which included Nathan Bedford
Forrest and the myth of the Fort Pillow
Massacre, Christianity, ethnonationalism,
and race realism in America, the Jewish
Question, the problem of Americanism
and practical tips for our people on how to
safeguard their social and financial well
being (jobs, house, children) while living
in the context of an anti-White society.
This was followed by a banquet and a live
broadcast of the The Political Cesspool in
which we sung “Dixie” at the end.
There was a flurry of cancellations in
the weeks before the conference, but the
ballroom was packed for an event that
was in vite only. Had more people been
privately invited, I have no doubt that
many more would’ve come, but we would
have needed a larger venue. A scheduling
conflict meant that lots of people who were
at the League demonstration in Cartersville,
Georgia, couldn’t be in Memphis on this
weekend and vice versa.
The attendees were predominantly
Southerners, but people from New York,
California, Canada, Vermont and Illinois
were also there. Unsurprisingly, there was
no infighting on display anywhere this
weekend, as most of us are already known
to each other from previous events, and we
continue to coalesce around common
The dys func tion that is al ways on
display on the internet is a product of low
trust/low social capital within the sphere
that we call the movement which itself is a
symptom of anonymity and overreliance
on the internet. Generally speaking, online
relationships are more fragile than real
world re la tion ships. The internet is a
paradise for trolls, cranks, misfits, and
losers who don’t last long in real life. It is a
great communications and networking
tool, but also a place where paranoia and
misunderstandings tend to flourish.
View from the center of the ballroom
By James Edwards
have emerged from what was easily
the most mem o ra ble
weekend of my political
After nearly a year of
planning, The Political
Cess pool’s ten year
anniversary celebration
and family reunion was
executed flawlessly! It
quite literally could not
have been any better.
Fans from all over
the coun try packed a
sold-out ballroom in Memphis to help us
celebrate a decade of radio excellence. The
feelings of family and camaraderie were
palpable. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a
room where spirits were so high.
It started off on Friday evening, when
the ballroom opened and we were treated
to a per for mance from a pro fes sional
entertainer who tickled the ivory keys of a
beautiful grand piano. After an hour of
inspirational music our first dinner banquet
was served, which was fol lowed by
welcoming remarks delivered by yours
On Saturday we were treated to one
phenomenal speaker after another, each
touching on vitally important issues: Faith,
family, the South, the media, contemporary
politics, practical applications for daily
life and much more. The diverse lineup of
presenters guaranteed that there would be
something for everyone.
Came Saturday afternoon, we once again
were gathered together for a wonderful
re cep tion fea tur ing the mu sic of our
maestro, who continued to play for the
crowd during the breaks of our live remote
broadcast that evening! That show was one
I’ll never forget, especially the end when
we engaged in a group singing of Dixie
that came straight from the heart. I noticed
the glistening eyes of more people than just
myself during that emotional moment. I
hope those who could not be there with us
in person were able to draw inspiration
from this very special presentation of TPC.
On Sunday morning those who did not
have to catch early flights home traveled
from our venue to the Nathan Bedford
For rest me mo rial where we had the
opportunity to salute a
true American hero and
learn more about a man
whose real life rivals the
exploits of any myth o log i cal god. It was a
fitting end to a truly
magnificent fellowship.
This is just a tiny
re view of what was
experienced over the
course of those three
days, though we have
asked an attendee to pen an official report.
We joined together not just to discuss the
things in which we believe, but to celebrate
who we are, and that’s something that cuts
to the very fiber of our beings. As I shared
with one gentleman, it is difficult for me to
put into words the amount of respect and
admiration that I have for our audience.
Though I was full of these feelings before
we gathered on that Friday, October 17,
they seem to have grown exponentially
since then.
My biggest supporter, who is 38 weeks
pregnant, lets our daughter take a nap on
her lap dur ing the din ner ban quet. In
addition to my wife, there was no shortage
of gorgeous young ladies in attendance.
Though most folks had to get on the road or get to the airport on Sunday morning, a
small contingent met for the final event of our weekend at the Nathan Bedford Forrest
monument. A local historian provided us with information about General Forrest’s life.
This beautiful flag, which was presented to me by a gentleman from Arkansas, was on
full display at Forrest Park.
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
— Duty well met —
A tribute to James Anthony Traficant, Jr., 1941-2014
By Lt. Colonel Donald Sullivan (Ret)
[email protected]
ormer Congressman James (“Jim”)
Anthony Traficant, Jr., died on September
27, 2014, at St. Elisabeth Health Center
in Youngstown, Ohio, after suffering an
apparent heart attack while moving his
vintage 1943 Ford tractor inside a 140-foot
pole barn on the family farm. He was 73.
At 7:50 PM on September 23rd, Andrew
Thomson of Mercer, Pennsylvania, was
looking at farm equipment with Traficant
and talking with him as “The Vindicator”
drove his tractor into the barn. When
Thomson didn’t get a response from the
Congressman, he checked the barn, saw
him un der the trac tor and called 911.
Apparently, the tractor had struck a large
steel blade on the ground rolling forward
with the unconscious driver on board,
which caused it to flip with Congressman
Traficant still trapped in the vehicle’s seat
and the tractor on top of him.
Emergency responders were there in
minutes, lifted the tractor off Congressman
Traficant and administered CPR to him.
They also got him out of the barn because
gas was leaking from the tractor. He was
initially transported to Salem Regional
Hospital, then relocated to St. Elisabeth’s
where he was pronounced “brain dead.”
The family decided to disconnect him from
life support at 2:00 PM on Friday, September
26th. He survived another 21 hours before
sliding away. He had been in a medically
induced coma since the accident.
My brush with Jim Traficant
I wrote the following article about Jim
Traficant for the May edition of TFF, but
space limitations prevented its publication.
Here it is, slightly modified to reflect
Congressman Traficant’s untimely death:
On April 4-6, I attended the annual
Freedom Rally presented by the Freedom
Law School in Orlando, Florida, at the
Holiday Inn near Orlando International
Airport. There were many outstanding
presenters at the seminar, but the most
memorable was former Ohio Congressman
Jim Traficant (Democrat), “son of a truck
driver,” local football star from Youngstown,
Ohio, who was once elected sheriff of his
home county and a man on a mission. He
had every one in the room standing and
applauding throughout his first speech on
Saturday (You can catch the entire speech
at http://financearmageddon.blogspot
.com/2014/09/james-traficants-last-publicspeech.html). At 73 years old, he was a
He described to us how, by amending
the IRS Restructuring and Reform Act of
1998 while in Congress, he had succeeded
in moving the burden of proof from the
taxpayer to the IRS in criminal litigation as
part of the taxpayer’s declaration of rights,
Item B022
Did Six Million Really Die?
By Richard Harwood
The most controversial and “expensive”
little English language publication printed
in modern times; millions of words have
condemned and praised this booklet. More
millions of dollars have been spent on both
sides in litigation as the result of the two
major Zündel Holocaust Trials. Anybody
who wants to study the
fundamental arguments
of Revisionism should
start here!
Large-format, 30 page
saddle-stitched booklet
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also adding the requirement that the IRS
follow due process procedures or face a
hearing before a judge if timely requested
by the taxpayer. That effort resulted in the
“Collection Due Process Hearing,” and we
have Congressman Traficant to thank for
it, among others.
In the year before his due process
amendment passed, there were 3.6 million
wage garnishments by the IRS, 677,000
prop erty liens and 10,073 seizures of
family-owned homes; in the year after the
bill 560,000 wage garnishments, 161,000
property liens and only 57 seizures of
family-owned homes by the IRS! We can
thank him for that as well.
His reward? He was wrongly accused
and prosecuted for taking bribes while in
Congress. Jim spent seven years in federal
prison, and not any low security prison,
mind you, but maximum security. He said
he was asked every year by the DOJ to
“confess to his crime” in exchange for his
freedom; and he declined, six times, when
serving his full sentence and graduating
with honor.
Mahoning Valley’s most famous, and
infamous, politician of the last half-century
was indicted by a federal grand jury on
May 4, 2001. The family farm where he
was later injured was a key location in his
political corruption trial of 2002. Among
his convictions was having contractors do
work at the farm for political favors, and
having congressional staff members work
there while on federal time. Jim maintained
to me that he had been con victed with
absolutely no evidence presented against
him. He had beaten his ac cus ers once
before in court representing himself, but
this second time was overwhelmed. They
not only took his Congressional pension
but also his wife’s. Traficant vehemently
maintained his innocence for the rest of his
life. I can’t help but wonder how many
other members of Congress have been
found guilty of stuff and never had their
pensions snatched away.
He blamed the Democrats (his party)
mostly for the fix we’re in, saying “they get
elected by campaigns which divide the rich
and the poor, promise to stop wars and tax
the rich; then, once in office, they pass
laws which cut deals for the rich and
increase funding for their wars.” The Fair
Justice Act he was trying to pass when he
was taken out would have created a new
agency whose sole mission would have
been to investigate crimes committed by
the DOJ and IRS.
In his second presentation on Sunday,
he said, “We have the 16th amendment
because the Found ers did n’t want the
personal industry of the people to be taxed.
It’s no longer a problem of taxation, it’s a
problem of freedom. The Congress had no
program for freedom.” Jim Traficant had
a program for freedom, and he called it
“Project Freedom USA” (see details at This grassroots project calls for
eliminating the income tax; eliminate the
Federal Reserve; repudiate and discharge
all U. S. debt to the “banksters” (his word)
in clud ing the fed eral re serve, but pay
legitimate debt, i.e., bond debt; return to
Congress the power to issue debt-free
money backed by our gold, silver, national
assets and the full faith and confidence of
our powerful American economy; eliminate
the Departments of Energy, Education,
Health and Welfare, sending responsibility
for those programs back to the States
where it belongs; end withholding taxes on
wages and salaries; end all taxes on savings;
elimi nate cor po rate, cap i tal gains and
inheritance taxes; eliminate tax on social
security payments; eliminate all record
keeping by citizens previously needed to
satisfy their perceived income tax liability;
and put an end to the Medicare tax.
Although he would like to repeal the
16th and 17th amendments and restrict the
14th to those truly “under the jurisdiction
of the United States,” he does not include
these goals in his Project Freedom because
he does not trust a constitutional convention.
Rec og niz ing that the ex penses of
government must come from somewhere,
Project Freedom USA would add a 15%
flat tax on all new goods and services at
final retail sale along with a 35% reduction
in government spending, to start. (I would
personally also support enforcement of the
Internal Revenue Code only against those
to whom it applies: Americans receiving
income overseas or from U. S. possessions,
foreign corporations and non-resident aliens,
legal or otherwise.) Any surplus revenues
would be refunded to each household
annually. Traficant suspected the trade
deficit, currently around three quarters of a
trillion dollars a year, would be reversed
very quickly. Everyone paying the tax, our
underground economy would disappear.
The mechanism for collecting the tax is
already in place. It would piggy back on
the State excise tax in States having such a
tax. In the four States which have no excise
tax, a new federal tax mechanism would
have to be added. The en tire burden of
income tax reporting and collection would
be gone. The industry created to support
the income tax would be gone. With the
Federal Reserve gone, there would be no
“fiat” money. Americans would at last be
freer than they have been in over a hundred
While I personally do not support any
legislation which would give the Congress
a new power to tax, Project Freedom USA
would work if it spe cif i cally took out
enforcement of the income tax as we now
know it and directed it at only those with
the liability as stated in the IRC: Americans
receiving income overseas or from U. S.
possessions, foreign corporations and nonresident aliens, legal or otherwise.
Congressman Traficant quoted an IRS
commissioner as having stated under oath:
“Without the element of fear, we would not
be able to collect our taxes.” Which brought
Traficant to observe, “We need to eliminate
this fear of gov ern ment. If we move
Congress to implement Project Freedom, it
would save America. With entrepreneurs
taking risks, you will see jobs created the
old way. The Freedom Bill will protect
social security and Medicare with sufficient
money coming in constitutionally to pay
for them. Any item sold as used will not be
taxed. Garage sales, lawn sales – no tax.
Only new goods and services will be taxed.
The trade def icit will kill us before the
budget deficit does, if the economy doesn’t
kill us first. If any of these happens, our
economy will implode within a year…
“I introduced a bill to put 10,000 federal
sol diers on the bor der to stop il le gal
immigration. Instead, we got DHS and
open borders… Medicare, Social Security
and the debt are not included in budget
audits because they are at the whim and
control of Congress and can be eliminated
at any time.”
As Traficant said, Project Freedom USA
is a grassroots movement. It is not a sprint
but a marathon. It starts with local meetings
in every State, intended to generate support
for the program while it builds momentum
as the word gets out. Each State is to have a
coordinator who will attend national update
meetings and spread the information. It
was to be a mostly internet project, of
course, although Congressman Traficant
had aimed to visit as many local meetings
as possible to explain the plan. He was at
the time developing a video presentation to
help promote Project Freedom.
It is hoped that a mainstream presidential
candidate will pick up on this idea for his
campaign, if Project Freedom USA can get
legs in time for 2016. There is also support
for an as yet unnamed freedom-minded
individual to run as a third party candidate
using the Project Freedom platform. Those
at this initial conference tried to insist that
Congressman Traficant run as his or her
vice-president, but no commitments were
When Congressman Traficant announced
Freedom Project USA as established, he
also informed us that Freedom Law School
had agreed to support his nationwide tour
promoting the project, whose progress
was to be reported weekly in the American
Free Press newspaper, cosponsor of the
Congressman Traficant was convinced,
as am I, that America is running out of
time. Project Freedom USA looks like the
quickest way to throw the bums out and get
the American economy back on the freedom
road. At the very least, it provides the
mechanism to undo the damage which has
been done over the past 150 years. Jim
asked me to direct the project for North
Carolina; but, due to my overwhelming
challenges with the legal system and the
IRS, I told him I could not accept because I
would not do the position jus tice, and
recommended another for the job.
Jim closed his presentation with this
unrelated comment: “Snowden should be
brought back in a chariot as a hero in his
own parade.” I agree completely, only Jim
Traficant says it louder than I can.
Smart men listened when Jim Traficant
spoke, for he had been there and done that.
Some say Jim Traficant was murdered
to abort his efforts to save the republic, that
he was framed and con victed with out
evidence against him by those who were
sworn to “protect and serve” him as an
American, one more disgraceful example
of the criminals in government. His death
also trumpets to his colleagues the message
of “Be careful of what you say and do
around here, lest the same happen to you.”
In an interview done six months ago just
after launching Project Freedom USA,
Traficant repeats a warning from a friend:
“They’ve already destroyed you. They’ve
taken away your name. Be careful you
don’t get in too much of the public eye
again because they’ll kill you.” Check and see a list of others
silenced under questionable circumstances
for protesting the questionable practices of
our current federal government online at
In any event, U. S. Congressman Jim
Traficant will be greatly missed and fondly
remembered, both as a friend and as one
of the greatest American patriots of our
generation. May he rest in peace.
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— Behind the scenes —
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
Top cleric: Saudi regime source of all Mideast problems
A senior Iranian cleric has dismissed
as “false” recent allegations by the Saudi
foreign minister that Iran meddles in the
internal affairs of regional countries, saying
the Persian Gulf monarchy is the source of
all problems as it sponsors terrorists in the
Addressing worshippers at the weekly
Friday Prayers in the Iranian capital, Tehran,
Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami ex pressed
surprise over the allegation by Saud
al-Faisal, say ing the Saudi re gime is
attempting to shift the blame for fueling
tension in the Middle East to Iran.
“Of course, we totally understand why
you are upset,” Khatami said, noting that
Saudi Arabia has spent billions of dollars
to topple the Syrian government and to
achieve its objectives in Iraq, but all its
plots have failed.
Speaking in a joint press conference
with his German counterpart, Frank-Walter
Steinmeier, in the Saudi city of Jeddah on
October 13, Faisal had claimed Iran was
“part of the problem, not the solution” in
the Mid dle East, al leg ing that Teh ran
“cannot play any role in the region” if its
policies remain unchanged.
The Saudi foreign minister
also accused Iran of having
“occupying forces” in Syria
despite the fact that Iran has
firmly dismissed reports about
its military involvement in
Syria and Iraq, stress ing
that Tehran’s support for the
two Arab nations is in the
form of hu man i tar ian aid
and military consultation.
The allegations against Iran come as the
Iraqi and Syrian authorities repeatedly
have criticized Riyadh and its Persian Gulf
Arab allies for fomenting terrorism in their
Saudi-Israeli axis
He went on to ask, “Doesn’t everybody
know that your petrodollars created the
ISIL? To whom is it unknown that every
act of terror in the Islamic world is carried
out with your petrodollars?”
Addressing the Saudi officials, the cleric
added, “If you want to know the truth, it is
that you are not part of the problem but the
whole problem [in the Middle East].”
ISIL Takfiri terrorists
Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf
kingdoms are widely known as being the
major sponsors of Takfiri terrorist groups,
including ISIL and al-Nusra Front, which
are operating in Iraq and Syria.
U. S. issues undisguised threats against Hungary
After Washington had imposed travel
restrictions on several Hungarian citizens
accusing them of corruption, the Hungarian
ministry of foreign affairs summoned U. S.
Embassy secretary André Goodfriend on
October 16 to explain, since it might be due
to the fact that Hungary’s Tax Department
is investigating several U. S. companies
and institutions in Hungary, reports Napi
Gazdaság. By threat en ing Hun gar ian
officials with punitive measures, it may be
that the American side wants to influence
the outcome of those investigations.
Hungarians suspect that the punitive
measures are part of a covert operation to
undermine the Hungarian government’s
reputation in domestic and international
relations and eventually replace it with an
atlanticist puppet regime. These hostile
acts by the Americans can only increase
anti-American sentiments in Hungarian
One of the signs of this American effort
was seen in Hungarian Foreign Minister
Péter Szijjártó’s visit to the U, S., where he
was to be received only by a lower-ranking
ministry official – Victoria Nuland – in
Washington rather than the U. S. Secretary
of State.
A U. S. Embassy official claimed the
United States from time to time imposes
these sorts of punitive measures against its
allies, but, asked to give a specific example
when was this punitive measure used the
last time and name the coun try that was
targeted by it, he couldn’t give any.
Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó called
on the American government to provide
specific information about the corruption
case. Otherwise, these allegations raise a
suspicion that the U. S. wants to interfere
in Hungary’s internal affairs.
The foreign minister said the United
States Embassy in Budapest so far hasn’t
disclosed the names of those Hungarian
citizens banned from entering the United
States, nor has it disclosed any evidence or
credible information regarding the alleged
corruption case.
The Parliament’s National Security
Committee has held a special meeting in
this case to inform faction leaders.
Foreign Ministry Press Officer Judit
Fülöp announced that Peter Szijjártó has
informed the opposition on government
efforts to make the United States Chargé
d’Affaires in Budapest release credible
information about the alleged corruption
case and publish the names of Hungarian
citizens affected by the travel restrictions.
Péter Szijjártó noted that the Hungarian
Government fully agrees with the opposition
in this case and demands full disclosure of
all relevant information concerning the
corruption allegations.
Zionism is Communism
By Senator Jack Tenney, once head of California
Un-American Activities Committee. Studies Zionism
and finds that it is another form of Communism.
82 pages, $8 PPD
Truth at Last Books
P. O. Box 1211, Marietta, GA 30061
Ebola and the wicked Western conscience
English translation exclusively for TFF
by Richard Noegel, [email protected]
By Charles Demassieux
Never at a loss for euphemisms, the
French media these days are covering the
“psychosis” that has gripped the United
States over the spread of the Ebola virus
following the death of a man on American
soil which was linked to the virus.
Obviously, I am not going to contest the
fact of the frequent and excessive alarmism
of the Americans, because they are fed a
steady diet of alarmism by their television
sets, but what is all the talk about?
What we are talking about is a virus for
which, at present, we know of no certain
treatment that is capable of protecting us
definitively; about a deadly virus that can
be transmitted with disconcerting ease. But
what is hidden behind these journalists’
condescending detachment with regard to
the Americans’ fears?
Our [French] television networks gave
us the beginnings of an answer to that
ques tion when they brought us the
“poignant” testimony of the mother of a
family that springs from our “diversity,”
and who lives in Boulogne-Billancourt,
and one of whose children recently made a
trip to West Africa (Guinea), a region that
has been ravaged by the virus, as everybody
already knew.
What did this new “drama of intolerance”
re veal? It re vealed that some French
families had chosen to take their children
out of the school attended by the immigrant
child, as a safety measure.
After her misfortune was put on display
for the whole of the French people, the
immigrant mother chose to file a complaint.
But on what grounds? The fear of French
parents, whether irrational or not, is this
now a crime? In other words, and to pursue
the reasoning to its logical conclusion, are
ordinary Frenchmen now to face [legal]
condemnation just for saying that they are
not going to do their Christmas shopping in
large department stores for fear of an
Islamist attack, which has been promised
by certain jihadists – attacks, according to
them, using the virus, and other calamities
of the same sort?
The fear is unavoidable; it is a present
reality: Some thousands of individuals have
already made round-trips between West
Africa and Europe, Air France having, for
the present, maintained their connection with
Conakry (Guinea), even as the epidemic is
gaining ground. The incubation period of
the virus “varies from two to 21 days, more
often from four to nine days” (source:
Wikipedia). How, under these conditions,
can we be certain of the efficacy of the
health measures belatedly put in place here
in France, and thus avoid the “psychosis”?
Some cagey analysts are even putting
for ward the idea that the spread of the
epidemic in Africa can be blamed solely on
Westerners, whom journalists have shown
once again are…racists! Read this quote
from the LCR website [Translator’s note:
LCR is the Ligue Communiste
Révolutionnnaire, the Com mu nist
Revolutionary League):
“If we consider the way in which the
international community has reacted to the
current Ebola epidemic, one can’t help but
think that racism had a big part in it. The
foreigners [meaning “Whites” – translator]
affected by the illness have not been
treated in the same way as those in the
original countries hit by the epidemic. The
latter have been kept in under-equipped
installations and have not been evacuated
to specialized units in Europe and North
America. As for the recently developed
ex per i men tal ther a pies, they are not
available except in small quantities, which
poses the prob lem of jus tice in their
disposition, if they really work” (source of
Incidentally, readers [of ripostelaïque]
will appreciate the LCR’s logo, which
shows a veiled woman seated on a throne,
right next to Karl Marx, the symbol, as
everybody knows, of lib erty and so cial
Which will it be?
“Philosophy teaches us to doubt that
which seems obvious to us. Propaganda,
on the other hand, teaches us to accept as
obvious that which it would be reasonable
to doubt.” (Aldous Huxley)
Nobody stops this private printing press
Census Bureau, half of Americans are now
considered poor and the country’s income
inequality is the worst in the developed
According to a Gallup survey, twenty
per cent of Amer icans said in May that
un employ ment or jobs were the most
important problems they faced.
Over 100 officials at the Washington
headquarters of the U. S. central bank –
the Federal Reserve – get an average of a
quarter of a million dollars per year, which
is more than what Fed Chair Janet Yellen
Yellen earns $201,700 a year, but her
113 staff ers make $246,506 an nu ally,
excluding bonuses and other benefits, the
Reuters news agency reported on October
Reuters obtained these details under a
Freedom of Information Act application
for data on all members of the Fed’s board
whose salaries are over $130,810, which is
the top of the administration’s pay scale in
most areas.
Supporters of higher salaries at the U. S.
central bank say that the Fed needs top
talent, and claim that its expenses are not
At least 113 staffers at the U. S. Federal Reserve
get more than Fed Chair Janet Yellen.
paid by Amer i can tax pay ers. Oth ers,
however, do not agree with these claims.
“It certainly bolsters the case for more
oversight,” said Maggie Seidel, a spokeswoman for New Jersey Republican Scott
Garrett, a co-sponsor of a bill in the U. S.
House of Rep re sen ta tives that would
require the central bank to publish that
This is while, according to the U. S.
The Fed
The First Freedom
— The awakening —
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
Smedley Butler and the racket that is war
By Sheldon Richman
rom 1898 to 1931, Smedley Darlington
Butler was a member
of the U. S. Marine
Corps. By the time
he retired he had
achieved what was
then the corps’s
highest rank, major
general, and by the
time he died in 1940,
at 58, he had more
dec o ra tions, in clud ing two med als of
honor, than any other Marine. During his
years in the corps he was sent to the
Philippines (at the time of the uprising
against the American occupation), China,
France (during World War I), Mexico,
Central America and Haiti.
In light of this record Butler presumably
shocked a good many people when in 1935
– as a second world war was looming – he
wrote in the magazine Common Sense:
“I spent 33 years and four months in
active military service and during that
period I spent most of my time as a high
class muscle man for Big Business, for
Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was
a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism
[corporatism]. I helped make Mexico and
especially Tampico safe for American oil
interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and
Cuba a decent place for the National City
Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped
in the rap ing of half a dozen Cen tral
American republics for the benefit of Wall
Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the
International Banking House of Brown
Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to
the Dominican Republic for the American
sugar interests in 1916. I helped make
Honduras right for the American fruit
companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I
helped see to it that Standard Oil went on
its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I
might have given Al Capone a few hints.
The best he could do was to operate his
racket in three districts. I operated on three
Confessions of a hit man
That same year he published a short
book with the now-famous title War Is a
Racket, for which he is best known today.
Butler opened the book with these words:
“War is a racket. It always has been.
“It is possibly the oldest, easily the most
profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the
only one international in scope. It is the
only one in which the profits are reckoned
in dollars and the losses in lives.”
He followed this by noting: “For a great
many years, as a soldier, I had a suspicion
that war was a racket; not until I retired to
civil life did I fully realize it. Now that I see
the international war clouds gathering, as
they are today, I must face it and speak
Butler went on to describe who bears the
costs of war – the men who die or return
home with wrecked lives, and the taxpayers
– and who profits – the companies that sell
goods and services to the military. (The
term military-industrial complex would not
gain prominence until 1961, when Dwight
Eisenhower used it in his presidential
farewell address. See Nick Turse’s book
The Complex: How the Military Invades
Our Everyday Lives.)
Writing in the mid-1930s, Butler foresaw
a U. S. war with Japan to protect trade with
The First Freedom is spreading “hate!” whine
those who misapprehend us survivors. It’s really
out of pity that we try so hard to de-program the
brainwashed. Order a box of 100 extra copies for
$35 or $40 on page 24 and help distribute the truth.
China and investments in the Philippines,
and declared that it would make no sense to
the average American:
“We would be all stirred up
to hate Japan and go to war
– a war that might well cost
us tens of billions of dollars,
hundreds of thousands of
lives of Americans, and many
more hundreds of thousands
of phys i cally maimed and
mentally unbalanced men.
“Of course, for this loss, there would be
a compensating profit – fortunes would be
made. Millions and billions of dollars would
be piled up. By a few. Munitions makers.
Bank ers. Ship build ers. Man u fac tur ers.
Meat packers. Speculators. They would
fare well.…
“But what does it profit the men who are
killed? What does it profit their mothers
and sisters, their wives and their sweethearts? What does it profit their children?
“What does it profit anyone except the
very few to whom war means huge profits?”
Empire racket
Noting that “until 1898 [and the SpanishAmer i can War] we did n’t own a bit of
territory outside the mainland of North
America,” he observed that after becoming
an expansionist world power, the U. S.
government’s debt swelled 25 times and
“we forgot George Washington’s warning
about ‘entangling alliances.’ We went to
war. We acquired outside territory…
“It would have been far cheaper (not
to say safer) for the av er age American
who pays the bills to stay out of foreign
entanglements. For a very few this racket,
like bootlegging and other underworld
rackets, brings fancy profits, but the cost
of operations is always transferred to the
people – who do not profit.”
But ler de tailed the huge prof its of
companies that sold goods to the government
during past wars and interventions and the
banks that made money handling the
government’s bonds.
“The nor mal prof its of a busi ness
concern in the United States are six, eight,
ten, and sometimes twelve percent. But
war-time profits – ah! that is another matter
– twenty, sixty, one hundred, three hundred,
and even eighteen hundred per cent – the
sky is the limit. All that traffic will bear.
Uncle Sam has the money. Let’s get it.
“Of course, it isn’t put that crudely in
war time. It is dressed into speeches about
patriotism, love of country, and ‘we must
all put our shoulders to the wheel,’ but the
profits jump and leap and skyrocket – and
are safely pocketed.”
And who provides these returns? “We
ex cept on an er rand of
all pay them – in taxation…
mercy, more than five
But the sol dier pays the
hun dred miles from our
biggest part of the bill.”
His description of condi§ Aircraft of the Army,
tions at veterans’ hospitals
Navy and Marine Corps is
reminded me of what we’re
hereby pro hib ited from
hear ing to day about the
fly ing, for any rea son
dilapidated veterans’ health
what so ever, more than
care system. Butler expressed
seven hundred and fifty
his outrage at how members
miles beyond the coast of
of the armed forces are
the United States.
essentially tricked into going
He elab o rated on the
to war – at a pitiful wage.
amendment and philosophy
“Beautiful ideals were
Smedley Butler
of defense in an article in
painted for our boys who
were sent out to die. This was the “war to Woman’s Home Com pan ion, September
end all wars.” This was the “war to make 1936.
It’s a cliché of course to say, “The more
the world safe for democracy.” No one
mentioned to them, as they marched away, things change, the more they stay the
that their going and their dying would same,” but on reading Butler today, who
mean huge war profits. No one told these can resist thinking it? As we watch Barack
American soldiers that they might be shot Obama unilaterally and illegally reinsert
down by bullets made by their own brothers the U. S. military into the Iraqi disaster it
here. No one told them that the ships on helped cause and sink deeper into the
which they were going to cross might be violence in Syria, we might all join in the
torpedoed by submarines built with United declaration with which Butler closes his
States patents. They were just told it was to book:
To hell with war!
be a ‘glorious adventure.’
Postscript: In 1934 Butler publicly
“Thus, having stuffed patriotism down
their throats, it was decided to make them claimed he had been approached by a
help pay for the war, too. So, we gave them group of businessmen about leading half a
million war veterans in a coup against
the large salary of $30 a month.”
Butler proposed ways to make war less President Franklin D. Roosevelt with the
likely. Unlike others, he had little faith in aim of establishing a fascist dictatorship.
disarmament conferences and the like. This is known as the “Business Plot.” A
Rather, he suggested three measures: (1) special committee set up by the U. S. House
take the profit out of war by conscripting of Representatives, which heard testimony
“capital and industry and labor” at $30 a from Butler and others, reportedly issued a
month before soldiers are conscripted; (2) document containing some confirmation.
submit the question of entry into a proposed The alleged plot is the subject of at least
war to a vote only of “those who would be one book, The Plot to Seize the White
called upon to do the fighting and dying”; House, and many articles.
(3) “make certain that our military forces
Sheldon Richman is vice president of The Future of
are truly forces for defense only.”
Freedom Foundation and editor of FFF’s monthly
Eternal armchair warriors
It’s unlikely that these measures would
ever be adopted by Congress or signed by a
president, and of course conscription is
morally objectionable, even if the idea of
drafting war profiteers has a certain appeal.
But Butler’s heart was in the right place.
He was aware that his program would not
succeed: “I am not a fool as to believe that
war is a thing of the past.”
Yet in 1936 he formalized his opposition
to war in his proposed constitutional
“Amendment for Peace.” It contained
three provisions:
§ The removal of the members of the land
armed forces from within the continental
limits of the United States and the Panama
Canal Zone for any cause whatsoever is
§ The vessels of the United States Navy,
or of the other branches of the armed
service, are hereby pro hibited from
steaming, for any reason whatso ever
jour nal, Future of Freedom. For 15 years he was
editor of The Freeman, published by the Foundation
for Economic Education in Irvington, New York.
He is the author of FFF’s award-winning book
Separating School & State: How to Liberate America’s
Families; Your Money or Your Life: Why We Must
Abolish the Income Tax; and Tethered Citizens: Time
to Repeal the Welfare State. Calling for the abolition,
not the reform, of public schooling. Separating
School & State has become a landmark book in both
libertarian and educational circles. In his column in
the Fi nan cial Times, Michael Prowse wrote: “I
recommend a subversive tract, Separating School &
State, by Sheldon Richman of the Cato Institute, a
Washington think tank… I also think that Mr.
Richman is right to fear that State education undermines personal responsibility...” Sheldon’s articles on
economic policy, education, civil liberties, American
history, foreign policy and the Mid dle East have
appeared in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal,
American Scholar, Chicago Tribune, USA Today,
Wash ing ton Times, The American Conservative,
Insight, Cato Policy Report, Journal of Economic
Development, The Freeman, The World & I, Reason,
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, Middle
East Policy, Liberty magazine and other publications.
He is a contributor to the The Concise Encyclopedia
of Eco nomics. A for mer news pa per re porter and
senior editor at the Cato Institute and the Institute for
Humane Studies, Sheldon is a graduate of Temple
University in Philadelphia.
Voice of sanity falls on deaf ears
Putin tells Obama that sowing
discord between nuclear powers
can undermine strategic security.
By Paul Craig Roberts
an October 15 interview with
Politika, a Serbian
newspaper, Russia’s
president, Vladimir
Putin, said that it is
futile and dangerous
for the U. S. and its
European puppets to
blackmail Russia and that the Exceptional
Nation and its vassals should consider the
risks that are inherent in aggressive disputes
be tween coun tries heavily armed with
nuclear weapons. Putin noted that Obama
took a hostile attitude toward Russia in his
U. N. speech to the General Assembly on
Sep tember 24 when Obama de clared
Russia to be one of the three threats to the
world along with the Islamic State and
Ebola. President Putin said that unilateral
and punitive actions taken against Russia
can provoke a crisis, and if Washington’s
purpose is to “isolate our country, it is an
absurd and illusory goal.”
Here are some of Pres i dent Putin’s
direct quotes:
“How can we talk about de-escalation in
Ukraine while decisions on new sanctions
are introduced almost simultaneously with
the agreements on the peace process?”
“Together with sanctions against entire
sectors of our economy, this approach can
be called nothing but hostile.”
“We hope that our partners will realize
the futility of attempts to blackmail Russia
and remember what consequences discord
between major nuclear powers could bring
for strategic stability.”
If we don’t all die from nuclear blasts,
radiation, and nuclear winter, it will be
because of the humanity and common
sense – both of which are miss ing in
Washington – of the President of Russia.
Paranoid ZOG
Look around you. The economies and
stock markets of Western civilization are
in retreat. Stupid and incompetent public
authorities have brought Ebola to America.
And what is Wash ing ton do ing? The
energies of the Exceptional Government
are focused on combating the Islamic
State, a creature created by Washington
itself, and on demonizing Russia.
Has any country, anywhere on the fact
of the earth, at any period of history been
so totally misruled as the United States?
Americans need to understand that their
government is not merely incompetent and
immoral, but that it is evil. Washington
hides behind moral language but is itself
devoid of moral conscience. There is no
evil of which Washington is incapable.
Those who support Washington support evil.
— The tasks before us—
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
One State can lead the charge
By Dave Benner
t times, the federal government seems
overwhelming. Frankly, it often appears
as an unstoppable juggernaut without any
obstacle in its path. Undoubtedly, the scale
of power assumed by the federal government
has been immense. It has morphed from the
stated purpose of a “more perfect union” to
an unconstrained Nationalist State.
Despite this perception, Judge Andrew
Napolitano recently suggested that if a
single State acted to obstruct fed eral
mandates, it would make new federal gun
laws “nearly impossible to enforce” within
that State.
Napolitano’s words are not
based on theory, they have been
definitively proven.
strategy, and the cooperation needed from
State of fi cials to pur sue and se cure
This phenomenon of successful resistance
is not restricted to substance control.
Growing resistance
In 2007, immediate controversy arose
over the federal government’s desire to
issue identification card standards for the
States. In doing so, the federal government
was interested in making identification
data uniform, requiring the States to adopt
the same process to obtain an identification
card, and linking State information databases.
The REAL ID Act, as it wanted
to be called, imposed a National
standard by forcing the States to
adopt uniform standards for their
One State
identification cards – or did it?
Washington recently stood
Maine responded by passing a
up to the federal government’s
resolution in 2007 that refused
anti-marijuana mandates in a
any type of REAL ID adoption in
direct way. After gathering the
the State. Surely, Maine’s legisrequisite amount of signatures
lature was warned by opponents
Judge Andrew
in 2011, Wash ing ton passed
who dreaded the thought of
Initiative 502 after a successful referendum opposing the federal juggernaut. Leading
on the November 2012 general ballot. This the charge, Maine showed that one State
ini tiative is cred ited with spur ring an can stand up against the iron will of the
81% electoral turn out in Washington, federal State.
the highest in the union. While the State
When Maine stood up, Utah took notice.
retained regulatory power over marijuana Utah passed a similar bill a month later.
usage, it turned its back on and intentionally
disregarded federal restrictions toward the
Af ter ob serv ing Wash ing ton gather
enough sig natures for its ref er en dum,
Colorado followed suit in opposing federal
drug pro hi bi tions. Once started as a
proposal in January 2012, the State passed
a constitutional amendment to legalize
marijuana usage after its own referendum
on November 6, 2012. As a consequence,
another State stood firmly against federal
Shalah stressed that “the Palestinian people
pol icy and pro duced an in ten tion ally have gained their will and resistance from Allah’s
will and Israel no longer has any weight before our
conflicting license to possess and use a people and the free peoples of the world.”
substance banned by the federal government.
The Utah law noted that REAL ID is “in
opposition to the Jeffersonian principles
of individual liberty, free markets and
limited government.” Since that time, 22
States passed similar bills and resolutions,
creating additional opposition toward the
National standard. Similar resolutions are
pending in over a dozen additional States.
Case closed
As a result, the REAL ID Act has been
effectively neutered in much of the country.
The federal government has not elected to
devote its resources to enforce the mandate,
sue the participating States or send in the
tanks as a result.
From these two ex am ples, we can
ob serve that a large part of the fed eral
government’s contemporary supremacy is
reliant on the cooperation it receives from
the States. Absent this cooperation, the
federal gov ernment is not as fierce and
imposing as it may seem.
Po lit ical phi los o pher and econ o mist
Hans-Hermann Hoppe realized this, noting:
“Without local enforcement, by compliant
local authorities, the will of the central
government is not much more than hot air.”
Willing tolerance
Surely, our contemporary perception
toward the federal government is at least
partially because of the “built in” State
cooperation that contributes to its power
In The Federalist #46, Madison suggested
shattering this type of cooperation through
State barricades, which could be utilized
to block unconstitutional and unpopular
fed eral law. He wrote that “re fusal to
cooperate with officers of the union” would
be a viable strategy, and said multiple
States taking this approach would create
“obstructions which the federal government
would hardly be willing to encounter.”
Madison did not suggest waiting for the
federal courts to weigh in on controversial
policy, either as a final hope or last resort.
Self-preser vation
Recent history suggests that when States
invoke Madison’s advice and refuse to
cooperate, the ambitions of the federal
government can be rendered impotent and
ineffectual. Federal authority is not infallible
or impervious.
The next time the federal government
seems too powerful and imposing, or
naysayers doubt the anti-commandeering
doctrine or nullification strategy, consider
the alternative. In these recent instances,
States have proven the federal government
simply cannot enforce all it wants to in the
face of blatant opposition. The States that
stood up first on these matters began the
charge toward liberty.
Iran helps Gaza rebuild and defend itself
Nullification does it
The ac tions of Wash ing ton and
Colorado seem to have forced the hand of
the union’s capitol. At this point, the White
House has conceded the use of its power to
prosecute marijuana usage in these States.
This development can only be attributed to
the amount of resources the government
would have to devote to this enforcement
“The reconstruction of Gaza and the
development of its defense capabilities in
the face of the Zionist entity’s crimes are on
Iran’s agenda,” Ali Shamkhani, secretary
of the Supreme Council of the Iranian
National Security, has promised.
Dur ing a meeting with Sec re taryGeneral of the Islamic Jihad Movement of
Palestine Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad
Shalah in Tehran, Shamkhani said: “The
brilliant victory achieved by the resistance
during the 51-day war was achieved due to
their adherence to Palestinian principles
and the sacrifices they made in the face of
the Zionist’s ambitions.”
He stressed that “Tehran
will continue to support the
Palestinian resistance and
the Palestinian people and
send humanitarian aid to the
people of the Gaza Strip.”
The two sides discussed the region’s
developments and the Islamic State (ISIS).
Shamkhani said: “The aim behind creating
ideological groups is to distract people,
econ o mies and de fense ca pac i ties of
Islamic countries from the Palestinian
cause and cre ate di vi sions be tween
Muslims over providing security in the
occupied Palestinian territories.”
Saeed Jalili, member of the Expediency
Council, which also met Shalah, said:
“Gaza has become a model for the victory
of the resistance and the defeat of America
and Zionism.”
The Secretary-General of Islamic Jihad
described the Iranian Islamic revolution as
“the biggest political earthquake in the
20th Century.”
He thanked Tehran for “supporting the
Palestinian resistance,” adding that “the
Palestinian resistance has gained experience
in the non-compliance of the Zionist entity
with the ceasefire agreements,” stressing
the re sistance’s readi ness “to face any
Israeli aggression”.
Shalah stressed that “the Palestinian
people have gained their will and resistance
from Allah’s will and Israel no longer has
any weight before our people and the free
peoples of the world.”
Lebanon welcomes Iran’s military aid: Larijani
Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani says
his Lebanese counterpart, Nabih Berri,
supports the Islamic Republic’s provision
of military aid for the Lebanese army.
Speaking to reporters in Geneva on
Leb a non has been rocked by the
spillover of the conflict in Syria, where the
Takfiri ISIL terrorists are operating.
Syria has been gripped by deadly
vio lence since 2011 with ISIL Takfiri
terrorists currently controlling parts of it,
mostly in the east and north.
Larijani, who was in Switzer land at
the head of a parliamentary delegation to
partake in the 131st Assembly of the
Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), further
pointed to his separate meetings with his
Syrian, Lebanese, Serbian and Bangladeshi
counterparts and said, “Many countries,
particularly European States, are concerned
about the vio lent and sav age terror ist
movements in the region.”
He noted that many countries support
Iran’s role in the fight against terrorists and
are keen to strengthen ties with Tehran.
Iran has been providing support for the
Iraqi and Syrian governments, including
humanitarian aid and consultation, in their
campaign against the Takfiri militants and
was the first country to provide military
assistance to Iraqi Kurdish forces fighting
Germany’s major mistakes in Afghan war
On October 12, the German foreign
Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani
October 13, Larijani added that order and
security in the region will increase with the
strengthening of the defensive power of
the Lebanese army.
“The Islamic Republic of Iran aims to
sup port the security of the region and
Lebanon and has no other intention in this
regard and such issues will naturally be
settled between the two governments,” he
minister admitted that Berlin had made
major mistakes in its military engagement
in the war-torn country, noting, “There is a
lot to indicate that our biggest mistake was
to create expectations that were too high.”
He added that Berlin had made efforts
“at high speed” to guide Afghanistan “into
a future according to our own vision.”
“But we also need humility. We must
On Sep tember 30, the Sec re tary of
Iran’s Supreme National Security Council
(SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said in Beirut that
Tehran would provide military equipment
to the Lebanese army for the fight against
Foreign Minister Frank Walter Steinmeier
accept sometimes how little can be
changed from the outside,” the German
foreign minister said. He also warned
against a hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan
“like the Americans did in Vietnam in
1975,” noting that Kabul is still fighting a
thriving drug trade and corruption.
This comes as the newlyelected ad min is tra tion of
Afghan Pres i dent Ashraf
Ghani signed an agreement
that will allow soldiers from
Germany, Italy and other
NATO member States to join
the 9,800 re main ing U. S.
soldiers. A total of 12,500
soldiers are expected to stay
in Afghanistan.
The United States and its allies attacked
Afghanistan in 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called war on terror. The offensive
removed the Taliban from power, but insecurity remains in the country, despite the
presence of tens of thousands of foreign
of empires
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
— The problem and the solution —
inter views White Nationalist Robert Ransdell
Marcus Cicero
he following transcript relates the
content of an enlightening phone interview
I held with White Nationalist Kentucky
Senate candidate Robert Ransdell. As many
already know, Ransdell has been viciously
attacked by the Jew and other as sorted
critics for his outspoken patriotic stance
against these subversive parasites and his
campaign slogan, “With Jews, we lose.”
During the dialogue, reconstructed as
accurately as possible from copious and
detailed notes, we cover a variety of topics
including the origin of Mr. Ransdell’s
beliefs, historical figures that have inspired
him, his policies for dealing with serious
issues plaguing the West such as Jewish
and non-White problems, and the future of
our Movement: what it needs to rise from
the ashes of a dying society.
Marcus: How did you come into your
political and social worldview? Who or
what inspired you, and was there any early
family history of racialist ideas?
Ransdell: To start with, my family was
never overtly racialist in the way we understand it. The only comment I remember
hearing along those lines as a child was my
mother telling me to “never bring home a
Black girl.”
As for my politics, I had been interested
in the subject from a very early age, and
re al ized the fool ish hy poc risy of the
average “Conservative” by my teenage
The real start of my final awakening
followed a chance viewing of the History
Channel documentary “Nazi America: A
Secret History,” which exposed me to
George Lincoln Rockwell and Dr. William
Pierce for the first time. I discovered
Pierce’s The Turner Diaries, and graduated
into many of his recorded audio programs
explaining the logic of White Nationalism.
Marcus: How did you learn to understand the West’s Jewish Problem? Was it
an instantaneous revelation, or a slow
evolution of thought?
Ransdell: Again, the realization came
quite early for me when compared to many
people. I was exposed to the standard
American educational system, where one
is told that the Jews are an ever-oppressed
group that has never committed a wrong
throughout history. I saw that wherever
the Jew entered, the resident population
eventually either raged against, expelled,
or violently crushed him, and wondered
why this was the case.
By study ing the phi los o phies of
Rockwell, Pierce, and, of course, Adolf
Hit ler, as well as the up heav als of
European societies, I began to awaken to
the idea that the Jew is the eternal bringer
of destruction and filth, and has wrought
chaos in every country that has taken him
Marcus: For our readers, would you
describe yourself as a White Nationalist,
National Socialist or some combination of
both? Why?
Ransdell: As an individual man, I would
consider myself a National Socialist along
the lines of George Lincoln Rockwell.
However, that does not mean I cannot
reach common cause with, and cooperate
with, pro-White organizations and groups
that do not follow NS ideology.
Marcus: What do you mean when you
say this? Do you believe that some type of
“coalition” agreement is necessary in
America, and in other parts of the West?
Ransdell: Yes. We as a People face a
slow extinction if we do not get our act
together, and to alienate other White
racialists be cause of mi nor po lit i cal
differences is tantamount to suicide. There
will be a time to bring oth ers into the
National Socialist fold, but for the time
being, we must learn to work together.
If a White individual understands the
con cept of race, ac knowl edges ra cial
differ ences, sees the ab so lute need to
The man the Jewish press has demonized so greatly is in reality an extremely intelligent but humble
individual who is doing all he can to save our race from extinction. A great example for us all.
establish “pure” White nations, and realizes
the nature of the Jew as a parasitic and
corruptive influence, then he or she is fit to
be a part of our Movement. However, these
issues are non-negotiable, and cannot be
compromised for any reason.
Marcus: You have mentioned that
George Lincoln Rockwell and Dr. William
Pierce have been a great influence in your
life. Could you explain a bit about each of
them for those, especially our younger
readers, who may not be well-informed on
these men?
hap pen ing with my sched uled ra dio
programs, they risk screwing up massively,
and expose themselves as the hateful scum
that they are.
Also, I have to ask the question of what
else are we White Nationalists doing? I for
one am not going to be scared into silence.
Marcus: If the day comes in which you
are in a place of serious authority and
power, what would you do to handle
America’s Negro situation? Does it involve
deportation programs, an autonomous
homeland for Blacks, or a type of caste
since the mid-1960s, have hijacked the
immigration/deportation process, and have
complicated things to the point where
solutions seems a lot harder to implement.
If only we had the guts to stand up and
act, we could be rid of the problem quite
quickly, and could easily stop the flood by
treating border jumpers like the invaders
they are. After a few military shootings,
even the simple, stu pid Mex i cans will
realize trying to immigrate is useless.
Marcus: How about the millions of
Muslims currently residing within the
United States?
Ransdell: We seem to have a policy that
consists of loving the Muslims over here,
and hating them over there (Middle East).
How can people not realize the stupidity of
bombing half the Middle East in support of
the Jews of Israel, while at the same time
inviting millions of these people into our
country? Do people not see that this blind
support of the Jews and Israel fuels much
of the hatred the average Arab has for the
Although the plight of many of these
groups, especially Palestinians, is sad to
hear about, the fact remains that these
Muslims have no place in White countries.
Along with a complete break with Israel,
all of these foreigners need to be deported
back to where they came from, along with
any Whites who have decided to race mix
with them, or have converted to Islam.
Marcus: One of the main
questions readers probably
want answered is how would
you deal with Amer ica’s
Jewish Problem if in power?
Trea son tri als per haps?
Would you handle the higherrank ing Jews dif fer ently
than the common garden
variety parasite, or not?
How can you not ad mire Commander Rockwell? This is a man who was one of the first to bring
National Socialism out of the ashes.
Ransdell: George Lincoln Rockwell was
one of the first Americans in modern times
to take the fight directly to the Jews. Like
myself, he started out as a “Conservative,”
but quickly realized they have little chance
of succeeding by fighting with one arm
tied behind their backs. His strategy, often
insulted today, was intended to break
through the Jewish media barrier, and was
originally designed for shock value. Like
Adolf Hit ler, Rockwell be lieved in the
attack, and believed that average White
Americans could be inspired by his heroic
example. It was Dr. Pierce who said that,
“If America had 1,000 men like Rockwell,
we would be living in a healthy and clean
country today.”
With Dr. Pierce, you had a man of
extreme intelligence who was able to get
his message across in a simple, easy to
understand way that could reach average
Americans who knew nothing but Jewish
propaganda all their lives. His style was
different from Rockwell, but it was said
that he truly hated our enemies. There was
a reason the Jews at the SPLC (Southern
Poverty Law Center) labeled him, “The
most dangerous man in America.”
Marcus: What made you decide on a
Senate campaign, and how do you intend
to reach out to the average White American
Ransdell: The run for the Senate allows
our program to reach a wider audience than
ever before, using mainstream outlets like
radio shows. It lets those who are disgusted
with the sys tem see that we are a real
alternative, and are not just an anonymous
internet phenomenon. By having the Jews
lash out at us even harder than before, as is
Ransdell: To start with, we have to
understand the fact that the interests of
Whites has to come before anything else,
and this cannot be compromised. At this
stage in time (2014), and in the immediate
future, we still have the means to deport
the savages back to their African lands of
origin. No amount of American territory
needs to be conceded as of now, although
we have to, and this is very impor tant,
remain flexible in our methods. If we don’t
reach power before say, 2044, then by that
time we may have to consider other plans
to acquire racial separation.
A genius in every sense of the word. Dr. William
Pierce turned the National Alliance into the world’s
largest pro-White organization for many years.
Marcus: What about the Mestizo
groups, along with the Puerto Ricans and
Dominicans who are overrunning parts of
the country?
Ransdell: We have to realize that the
only reason these people are migrating into
America is because there is the opportunity
for unlimited handouts, with no real White
op po si tion to worry about. The Jews,
Ransdell: There can be absolutely no
compromise with the Jew. They have done
so much damage to our country, and others,
that we cannot risk another infiltration in
We need to provide a viable alternative to win
the average White man and woman to our side.
Then we can discuss neutralizing the Eternal Jew.
the future. We must not waste time with
these parasites, and cannot treat them as
merely traitors, as that implies that they
are, or were, American in some sort of way.
The Jews in our country would have to
choose what will happen to them, and fast.
If not, then we would decide for them, and
I don’t care what happens to them either
way, no matter how harsh. And we have to
remember that there are no good Jews, or
are at least incredibly, incredibly rare.
Marcus: In your opin ion, what
con sti tutes a bi o log i cal Jew? Do you
follow the standards set forth by the Third
Reich’s Nuremberg Laws, or do you differ
in your definition?
Ransdell: I would say that if someone is
at least one-eighth Jew, then he is one of
them, maybe even one-sixteenth depending
on other circumstances. Anything less than
that, and we can evaluate them on some
kind of individual basis. The main thing is
that they go, and quickly.
Marcus: Do you believe that a future
White Amer ica would need a strong,
authoritarian type of government, or can
we make do with a more loose style of
Federalism, along the lines of the early
— The problem and the solution —
United States?
Ransdell: I believe that a
loose government is possible
for Whites, although there
would have to be a period of
transition while we fix the
many problems we currently
have. Only the non-White
nations teeming with hordes
of savages need a permanent
authoritarian system in place
to keep them in check.
When in power, we will have to act
directly and forcefully to break the grip
multiculturalism has placed on so many
Marcus: What would have to be done to
crush the degeneracy and filth so prevalent
among Whites? Can it be done without
drastic measures?
Ransdell: Once in power, we have to
establish a list of specific standards, made
by good and honorable White men who
would not be afraid to enforce them. The
new generations especially are filled with
complete degenerates who no longer have
any concept of right and wrong, and have
to be taught to act with dignity and restraint,
by force if necessary.
Many will reform themselves during this
time, but some, even of pure racial stock,
will be unable to get their act together, and
will eventually be dealt with. We cannot
The First
isn’t for everybody. But
you know someone who
needs it.
allow the spirit of the Jew to continue in a
White country, and the sexual filth would
have to be crushed to bring back some kind
of innocence to society, especially for
young children.
Marcus: So, no more gay pride parades
and homosexual flaunting in public?
Ransdell: Absolutely not. That would
be the first thing to be done away with.
Marcus: Do you believe that America
needs a political party along the lines of the
NSDAP or Golden Dawn, or can less
organized, “lone-wolf” tactics work?
Ransdell: We have to start building a
leadership cadre for a future organization,
consisting of the cream of the crop of our
members. The leaders especially need to be
entirely incorruptible, and have to be totally
dedicated to the Cause they support.
Above all, our organization will have
to be flexible to combat possible system
attacks upon it. If one group is crushed or
fragmented, another must spring up in its
place, until we finally achieve the goals we
have set up.
Marcus: What would you say to those
who think that any organized effort is
doomed to failure, and that the Jews will
squash any opposition to their agenda?
Ransdell: Our people need to stop
fearing the Jew. If someone asks why we
need to organize, I ask them, why not? If
White Nationalists can’t show the common
man and woman that we are a vi a ble
alternative that actually has a chance at
fixing society, then why do we even talk
about these things?
Marcus: Do you think that infiltrating
the current system is a viable idea? Why or
why not?
Ransdell: I think that when peo ple
at tempt to go down that route, they
eventually become lovers of the material
wealth and prosperity that comes along
with collaborators of the Jew. Instead of
sending out individuals, three-quarters of
whom will probably falter, we should
listen to what Dr. Pierce suggested, and
reach out to those mainstream folks who
have become disgusted with the current
situation in our countries.
Marcus: How long do you think White
America, and the West in general, has left?
What is our logical window of opportunity,
in your opinion?
Ransdell: Like I have said before, we
have to remain flexible in the details of
what we wish to accomplish. Someone in
the National Alliance once said that when
someone gives a specific timeline of what
we have left, they are in reality referring to
the amount of time they are willing to put
into the fight. Instead of looking at years or
time, we should look to changing goals and
aspirations. The playing field in 40 years
will look a lot more different than it does
today, and we should never contemplate
The White Race has over come
monumental odds many times before,
sometimes by blind luck, and we can do so
again. Above all, we need to recognize that
the race overrides any single nation or
geographic location. Just because one
falls, doesn’t mean all is lost.
Marcus: Are there any inspirational
words you would like to conclude this
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
interview with? Any closing statements?
Ransdell: We have a golden opportunity
to take advantage of the chaos currently all
over the news. With the ISIS problem,
Obama’s nonsense, and the Blacks and
Jews bringing Ebola to America, there is
plenty of material to use as an outreach
platform. When people start dropping dead
in the streets while bleeding from their
eyes, the average White man will no longer
think about being labeled a “racist” or an
The Jew and the Black have to be
dehumanized in the eyes of our people, as
when this kind of talk becomes mainstream,
our chances of success rise as well.
A few words from Robert Mathews’
(founder of The Order) speech “A Call To
Arms” will do to end the interview. “Mr.
Smith, to his credit, took a long good look
at his problem and how he arrived at so
sorry a state. Now take heart, kinsmen, for
what did Mr. Smith say when he came to
the root cause of his problem? Mr. Smith
said, ‘JEW! JEW! JEW!’ Not only did Mr.
Smith say ‘JEW!’ he yelled ‘JEW!’ His
neighbors started yelling ‘JEW!’”
At least this man, and others before him,
tried. Many have given their lives fighting
for our people, and should be remembered
as heroes and martyrs.
Robert Ransdell visits City Hall
By Nancy Hitt
[email protected]
Don’t expect to receive the key to the city of
Robert suggested that the apparent lack of action
might be due to its being a Black-on-White crime.
Robert was then verbally insulted, berated and
yelled at. So much for Southern hospitality in River
Lou is ville, Ken tucky, from
Dem o cratic Mayor Greg
Their day outside court
Fischer if you are a pro-White
Kentucky candidate for the
Following those two experiences, Robert and
U. S. Senate. On the contrary, Danny protested with signs in front of the Court
you’ll be treated with contempt. House about the inaction in this case. Security
The write-in candidate had watched from the steps as a Black male bemoaned
filed an application for a the death of heroic Trayvon Martin while our White
meeting with Mayor Fischer victim had only been beaten. I am sure security
to discuss a 2013 Black upon would have looked the other way if we had been
White assault and robbery that knocked down by this brute.
has failed to go to trial. Our
Robert discovered that the Louisville Sandiford
Louisville Mayor was fully aware of the date for the Airport has a free speech zone. At the last minute, he
proposed meeting.
received a permit allowing him to protest in that
When Robert Ransdell entered the Jefferson specified free speech area on both Monday and
County Court House on Monday, October 13, 2014, Tuesday. During Monday’s airport protest, Robert
in expecting speak with the Mayor, his receptionist was verbally abused with typical Jewish vigor by a
held up a paper which contained photographs of supporter of candidate for Judge Sandy Berman. I
Robert. She told Robert that he was not allowed to was unaware of such areas having been set aside at
enter this public building paid for with the earnings various U. S. airports. Activists should keep this in
of taxpayers. Yes, they were well prepared for his mind as a platform for future protests. Why should a
planned visit.
permit be required to protest anywhere in public?
Robert “With Jews We Lose” Ransdell visited
This proves that one man alone with a spine of
Louisville on Monday, October
steel can shake up a city
13 and Tuesday, October 14,
with his courage. Robert is
2014. Next on the agenda was a
an un flinch ing stan dardvisit to the prosecutor’s office to
bearer for our race. His
find out why the victim, “Danny”
example is a lesson for us.
Rountree, did not have his day in
So take a stand, even if you
court. Requiring hospitalization,
do not expect to receive the Robert Ransdell in front of the Court House at Louisville after Mayor Greg Fischer
he had suffered a violent assault
red carpet treatment!
refused to see him, confirming this U. S. Senate candidate’s “With Jews we lose.”
by four Blacks during a robbery
in a park near where he lives. One
of them had even bragged about
his in volvement in that racial
three weeks earlier.
attack on social media.
rotests turned violent in Guerrero on October
The students of Ayotzinapa Teacher Training
The female prosecutor did not
22 as demonstrators looted shops and smashed College in Guerrero disappeared on September
come out from behind the locked
windows, leaving devastation and blood stains. 26 in Iguala, after a confron tation with local
glass doors in side of the old
An ambulance and several shops were damaged. police. The original confrontation left six people
converted jail house. Rather than
Local police made several arrests.
dead and 25 injured. They have been missing
her, two detectives emerged and
The scenes follow teachers setting the town ever since.
took us into the inner sanctum.
hall of Iguala ablaze in anger. The violence is
Arrest warrants have been issued for the local
One of those paid-by-taxpayers
and his wife in that southwestern State of
Black-on-White crime victim Joseph
“Danny” Rountree with Mr. Ransdell
detectives grew combative when
43 missing students, who had gone missing over Guerrero where the students disappeared.
Mexico’s continuing drug war
The First Freedom
— Bluffing weaklings into obedience —
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
How the Israel Lobby set Beto O’Rourke right
The above headline and boasting
which follows appear here exactly
as gushed by The Forward in its
issue of October 03, 2014.
What Happens When
Freshman Lawmaker
Misses the Memo
magazine took note of what had happened
to O’Rourke.
In an in-depth report on the work of the
American Israel Public Affairs Committee,
the large Washington-based lobby, during
the Gaza war, New Yorker writer Connie
Bruck recounted the blasts that rained
down on the El Paso con gress man
following his vote.
By Nathan Guttman
It took only one wrong vote
to teach a freshman Democrat
from Texas how sensitive, and
even wrath ful, the Jew ish
com mu nity can be when it
comes to Israel.
But the real story of what
happened to Rep. Beto O’Rourke
did not stop with the angry reaction he got
when he cast one of only eight votes in
Con gress against spe cial fund ing for
Israel’s Iron Dome rocket defense system
during the recent Gaza war.
What is no table is how quickly the
carrot followed the stick.
It was almost a textbook case of how the
establishment pro-Israel lobby works its
magic – and a story not yet completed in
early September, when The New Yorker
The re ac tions, as Bruck re ported,
included a mass email blast labeling
O’Rourke as “an anti-Israel congressman”
and denouncing his vote as “shameful.”
Critical local press coverage included a
public comment by one of his own Jewish
donors to the El Paso Times that in voting
as he did, O’Rourke “chooses to side with
the rocket launchers and terror tunnel
builders” of Hamas.
But since then, behind the scenes, what
has followed is a long process of mutual
out reach and hours of hash ing out
differences, until the final act, which is
now in the works: an El Al flight to Tel
Aviv on the pro-Israel lobby’s dime.
“He’s a good guy, but he didn’t know
how the Jewish community would react,”
said Daniel Cheifec, executive director of
the Jewish Federation of El Paso. “Now he
knows that this community is not going to
be very happy if he screws up again.”
O’Rourke, in fact, had no prior record of
criticizing or voting against Israel. He did
not even oppose more funding for the Iron
Dome system. He only opposed rushing
through the large appropriation with no
de bate as members of Con gress were
hurrying home for the summer recess when
a more con sid ered vote to boost the
program was coming in October.
Israel, which receives more than $3.6
billion per year in various forms of aid
from Washington, is already the single
largest recipient of American largesse. But
the August 1 House vote appropriating
$225 million to Israel above and beyond its
usual aid was meant to allow the Jewish
State to restock on Iron Dome interceptors
that had proved effective in countering
Hamas rocket attacks into the country.
Congressional leaders squeezed the
vote into the legislative schedule just as
members were packing up to leave for their
summer recess. The overwhelming support
of 395 representatives with only eight
voting against was not unusual for a proIsrael piece of legislation, especially one
that deals with military assistance at a time
of war.
“I really don’t understand how he makes
his decision,” Rabbi Stephen Leon of
Con gre ga tion B’Nai Zion, a lo cal
synagogue, told the El Paso Times even
before The New Yorker piece picked up on
the pushback. “It’s a great, great disappointment to the Jewish community here.
We had meetings with him prior, to talk to
him about the importance of Israel, and the
way he voted makes very little sense.”
“Congressional leaders squeezed
the vote into the legislative schedule
just as members were packing up to
leave for their summer recess.” Isn’t
that remarkably similar to how the
Federal Reserve act was made “law”
back at Christmas 1912, before these
parasites became so chutzpish as to
slap all of us, not just Rep. O’Rourke?
Blueprint for success: Turning federal acts into hot air
“Without local enforcement, by
compliant local authorities, the will
of the central government is not
much more than hot air.”
– Hans-Hermann Hoppe
By Michael Boldin
n what should be seen as a blueprint
for effective resistance to federal power,
the Nashville Police refused to help the
Secret Service after a “frantic call for
backup” to enter and search a resident’s
home without a search warrant.
According to News Channel 5:
“A Secret Service agent made a frantic
call for backup to Nashville police after he
and another agent went to the home of a
Nashville man, investigating threatening
comments on Facebook about the President.
The man who posted them had refused to
let the agents into his house.
“‘He shoved the door in our face and
went around the corner. Looks like, we’re
not sure if he… possibly he had a gun in his
hands,’ the agent told a 911 operator.”
Kept his castle
“The resident refused to come outside
and shouted back, ‘Show me your warrant,’”
said Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson.
While much of the me dia at ten tion
focused on the fact that the SS agents asked
a po lice ser geant to “wave a piece of
paper” in an apparent effort to dupe the
resident into thinking that they in deed
had a war rant when they did not, most
coverage missed what might be even more
Refusal to participate with federal acts
on a local level is legal, constitutional –
and effective.
This is exactly what James Madison, the
“Father of the Constitution” recommended
as our way to stop federal overreach –
whether federal acts are unconstitutional or
merely unpopular.
In Federalist #46, Madison advised a
“refusal to cooperate with officers of the
Un ion” as a way to stop such fed eral
acts. He also said that should this and
three other steps be taken in mul ti ple
States simultaneously it would “present
obstructions which the federal government
would hardly be willing to encounter.”
They need help
In other words, those federal acts would
be “nearly impossible to enforce,” as Judge
Andrew Napolitano put it earlier this year.
While the fed eral pol i ti cians and
bureaucrats would like you to believe that
the federal government is all-powerful and
will do what it wants, when it wants, this
couldn’t be further from the truth.
The Secret Service wasn’t able to carry
out its warrantless raid without help from
local police. In fact, they were so desperate
for help, they were “frantic.”
A vast majority of raids carried out by
the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms
and Explosives (ATF) only occur with
significant assistance from State or local
resources. The Drug Enforcement Agency
(DEA) barely has resources to shut down
just a fraction of marijuana businesses in
just one city out of the 20+ States nullifying
the unconstitutional federal prohibition on
that plant.
Hot air
When the NSA builds a new facility to
house all your private communications, it
relies on things like water and electricity
provided by State or local agencies, or it
won’t have the resources to stay operative.
The Afford able Care Act is al ready
being crippled by States that have refused
to implement parts of the federal program,
and further State resistance is likely to
bring the entire Act down.
Voluntary participation
The National Park Service can’t shut
down a park without help from States, the
FBI’s facial recognition program won’t
go anywhere without images supplied by
State Departments of Motor Vehicles, and
most unconstitutional foreign policy relies
heavily on State national guard troops
carrying much of the load.
During the partial federal “shutdown”
of 2013, the Na tional As so ci a tion of
Governors admitted, “States are partners
with the federal government implementing
most federal programs.”
Partnerships rarely work when only half
the partners are involved.
“I do not ask that you place hands upon
the tyrant to topple him over, but simply
that you support him no longer” Thus
spake Étienne de La Boétie.
Like the proverbial house of cards, the
federal government cannot continue on its
path without help. It needs help from State
governments, from local governments –
and from you.
Every State, every locality and every
individual should “refuse to cooperate with
officers of the Union” in every possible
situation, as James Madison advised.
Deflating the bluff
With time, dedication and persistence,
people can turn federal gun control, NSA
surveillance, hemp farming bans, national
health care and so much more into what
they should be:
Hot air.
How to tell when the huckster is lying
By Christine Miller
[email protected]
he quest for perfection never ends
well. “You shall be like God, perfect,” the
snake promised Adam and Eve, and thus
we lost paradise. Communism promises a
perfect world, but only after all of it has
been converted. “From each according to
his ability, to each his needs” was a slogan
practiced by the early Christians.
But, despite the fact that early Christian
Communism was voluntary, there were
already problems in “paradise.”
That brings me to Prohibition. A group
of American women in the grip of moral
fervor, energy and conviction attempted to
design their perfect man – one who could
not be drunk, and was necessarily ever of
sober rectitude.
The breweries had been founded by
German immigrants. They put up a good
fight against Prohibition and, due to the
revenues the States collected from them,
enjoyed tremendous clout. But in 1920 the
newly instituted income tax undermined
their influence. One aspect of the success
those perfectionists had in pushing their
18th Amendment through is seldom if ever
mentioned, namely the hate hysteria at that
time against everything German including
“German” breweries.
What were the results of Prohibition? A
whole branch of the economy based on a
few innocent beers after work, on weekends
or in the Turner and Sänger Vereins of the
Germans was eliminated. Not only did the
employees of those beer companies lose
their jobs, so did distributers, caretakers of
the horses, hoof smiths, the pubs, the barrel
makers, etc.
Unintended consequences
That stone thrown into the water didn’t
just destroy German breweries but had a
wide ripple effect hurting the legal economy
which was replaced by an illegal one.
Before Prohibition, Americans were not
a Nation of drunkards, but, with the lure of
the forbidden, began drinking illegally in
countless speakeasies. And who supplied
that illegal booze? Newly-created crime
syndicates, something the United States
had never before seen. The Bronfman
family made its fortune distilling alcohol
legally in Canada, then shipping it illegally
into the United States.
These crime syndicates, more solidly
founded than any trust of Vanderbildt or
Morgan, thrived on terror and bribes. Al
Capone could at any time murder anybody
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truth gather.
and nothing would come of it. Morgan
could not.
The judiciary was either terrorized or
bribed into silence. The same held true for
the police force. Illegality was accepted by
the public. Countless numbers died in the
gang wars and from adulterated booze.
Another aspect made its appearance in the
American character – hypocrisy.
An American socialite, working to have
the 18th Amendment repealed, complained
bitterly that the staunchest supporters of
Prohibition expected her to serve them a
drink when they were guests in her house.
In 1933 Roosevelt finally laid the 18th
Amendment ad acta, which he celebrated
with a drink.
When deceptions multiply
If you imagine this was the end of those
crime syndicates, you think wrong. The
gardener who can’t make any more money
selling roses simply switches to carnations.
The crime syndicates shifted from dealing
illegal liquor to selling illegal drugs. Those
gangs are still with us, and have become a
permanent fixture not only of American
society but hold the whole world in their
grip. I have this gut feeling that there was a
link between all the anti-German hysteria
that got the United States into WWI and
the victory of those “drys” over the “wets.”
“Original sin” starts us upon a long trail
of consequences.
— International developments —
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
Egypt court gives life terms to 25 Morsi supporters
A court in Egypt has sentenced 25
supporters of ousted president, Mohamed
Morsi, to life in prison over al leged
involvement in violence following a coup
that removed the country’s leader from
Judicial tyranny
A judicial source said on October 16 that
a court in the southern province of Assiut
handed down life sentences to twenty-five
defendants, while three received three-year
terms, and two others were jailed for two
A life sentence in the North African
country amounts to 25 years in jail.
The court found the defendants guilty of
Egyptian defendants stand behind bars during a trial session in Alexandria, Egypt, 29 March 2014.
setting police stations and government
The development comes as authorities
buildings on fire in the
in Egypt have launched a brutal crackdown
town of al-Ghanaim on
on supporters of Morsi since his ouster in a
August 14, 2013, shortly
military coup led by Abdel Fattah el-Sisi,
af ter po lice harshly
the current president and former head of
dispersed thousands of
the armed forces, in July 2013.
Morsi supporters at two
On October 11, a Cairo court sentenced
squares in the capital,
Brotherhood leaders Mohamed al-Beltagy
Cairo, killing hundreds
and Safwat Hegazy as well as a journalist
of them. Another 141
and another defendant to 15 years in
de fen dants, in clud ing
an offi cial from the
The court also sentenced four other
Mus lim Broth er hood,
were ac quit ted, the Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi (R) meets on September 18, 2012, defendants, including Osama Yassin, the
former minister of youth under Morsi, to
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi at the presidential palace in Cairo.
source added.
three years in jail.
Sisi is accused of leading the suppression
of Brotherhood supporters, as hundreds of
them have been killed in clashes with
Egyptian security forces over the past year.
Human rights groups say the military
crackdown on the supporters of Morsi has
left over 1,400 people dead and 22,000
arrested, while some 200 people have been
sentenced to death in mass trials.
Remember: “Democracy” was the
aim behind those “color revolutions”
sponsored by Rothschild, Soros & Co.
But what if the people don’t vote
as instructed? Well, in that case, their
elected President of Egypt has got to
go. Hail the once and reinstated coup!
Boycotting the Zionist boycotters
up trade between the two countries who are
aiming to reach $100 billion by 2015.
Trade between Russia and China is already
nearly $90 billion and is scheduled to hit
$200 billion in the next six years.
hina finance the Russian economy?
The central banks of China and Russia
have signed a 3-year ruble-yuan currency
swap deal of up to $25 billion, in order to
boost trade using national currencies and
lessening dependence on the dollar and
On October 13, China’s Central Bank
an nounced the 150 billion yuan (815
billion ruble) currency swap between the
Co op er a tion be tween Rus sian and
Chinese banks is also on the rise, and
China’s Import Export Bank, which is
100% State owned, has pledged to help
Russian banks now cut off from Western
capital markets, due to the latest round of
The Export-Import Bank (Exim) has
Defying the dollar, Russia and
China have agreed on a currency
swap worth over $20 billion.
Russian ruble and Chinese yuan. In terms
of the Chinese currency, that is $24.5
billion, in Russian rubles $20.1 billion.
“We must expand the practice of using
national currencies in trade. Currently they
only account for seven percent of turnover,”
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at the
18th annual Russian-Chinese Commission,
also at tended by Chi nese Pre mier Li
The deal is valid for three years, and can
be extended if both Russia and China
agree. The draft currency swap was settled
in August, but details on the size of the deal
were sketchy.
Using more local currencies will speed
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The First
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agreed to establish a credit line equivalent
to $2 billion for Russian State Bank VTB,
and has also signed agreements with VEB
(Vnesheconombank) and the Rus sian
Agricultural Bank.
The credit lines can be used to finance
imports from China, from agriculture to
high tech equipment.
Medvedev and Li signed over 40 other
agree ments at the meet ing, in clud ing
outlining plans to add another pipeline
from Russia to China. Li was in Moscow
for a three-day visit.
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historiography, Sand questions whether
the Jew ish Peo ple ever ex isted as a
national group with a common origin in
the Land of Israel/Palestine. He concludes
that the Jews should be seen as a religious
community comprising a mishmash of
in di vid u als and groups that had
converted to the ancient monotheistic
religion but do not have any historical
right to establish an independent Jewish
State in the Holy Land. In short, the
Jewish People, according to Sand, are not
really a “peo ple” in the sense of having
a common ethnic origin and national
heritage. They certainly do not have a
political claim over the territory that
today constitutes Israel and the occupied
Pal es tin ian ter ri to ries, in clud ing
Je ru sa lem.”
– Leon T. Hadar
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Europe needs partnership with Russia
beneficial effects of coop erating with
Russia, a country that is extremely rich in
natural resources. Combining this with
European high technology could produce
a win-win situation for all participating
coun tries. Events in Ukraine and the
sanc tions com bined work against the
interests of all European countries, said
the foreign minister.
Europe needs a strategic partnership
with Russia to recover at least part what
has been lost since the beginning of the
2008 economic crisis, stated Hungarian
Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó before the
Hospodárské Noviny Slovak economic
news portal.
This head of Hungarian diplomacy
pointed out that the Hungarian economy
loses 300 thousand euros per day due to the
sanctions against Russia, while there are
no signs that the anti-Russian measures
helped resolve the Ukrainian crises. “But
exactly the opposite has been happening;
hostilities have flared up and we are further
away from solving the crisis than ever.
Europe is suffering as its economies suffer
(due to sanctions) and you can see that the
policy of sanctions, in a long term, work
against European interests.
Limited options
“Europe has lost it competitive edge
since the 2008 economic crisis; strategic
partnership with Russia is the only way to
recover at least a part of what has been
lost,” said Szijjártó. He noted the possible
Regarding energy security, Szijjártó
stressed that Hun gary is committed to
the construction of the South Stream gas
pipeline even if this is not a de fin itive
an swer to solve the long term en ergy
security of the country. The real solution
would have been the Nabucco gas pipeline,
but since the European Union scrapped the
project no other option was left but the
South Stream gas pipeline.
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
— 150 years of subjugation —
Stating the South’s case for a much-delayed hearing
Again our Confederate States of
America ask the world for belated
recognition of a sovereign republic
suffering United States occupation
since 1865, to censure that illegal
invasion and declare secession as
Part 5
By John Peeples
Lincoln told Orville Browning, an old
political ally from Illinois, that “The plan
succeeded. They attacked Sumter; it fell,
and thus did more service than it otherwise
Abraham Lincoln could not possibly
have identified his true motives any more
clearly than that.
Myopic news then as now
The Yan kee news pa pers had a field
day with the Fort Sumter bombardment:
Innocent U. S. soldiers attacked without
cause by the dastardly “rebels” (and many
so-called historians today still take that
spin). Now Lin coln had his ex cuse to
invade and conquer the C.S.A. He ignored
Congress, also the U. S. Con stitution’s
prohibition against exactly such treason as
defined in Article III, Section 3, Clause 1:
“Treason against the United States, shall
consist only in levying War against them”
(States); notice the plural them, that is, the
State or States.
John Brown, the rabid abolitionist and
political extremist, murdered innocent farm
families in Kansas. Brown led thirteen
White men and five Blacks to capture the
Harpers Ferry, Virginia, armory to acquire
more weapons for his future army of runaway slaves. The local militia responded, a
fight ensued and men died on both sides.
Colonel Robert E. Lee was sent from
Washington, DC, on the 17th of October
1859 with 100 U. S. Marines to end the
siege. Brown refused to surrender. Lee’s
men broke down the arsenal doors, entered
into close combat and, when the smoke had
cleared, Brown had lost ten men. John
Brown survived and was tried for treason,
found guilty and hanged on 2 December
In retrospect
Brown’s raid is instructive toward the
clarification of two contentious points that
usually surround the War of 1861.
1.) The U. S. Constitution, at Article III,
Section 3, Clause 1, defines treason (see
above). Federal troops from Washington,
DC, under the command of Colonel Robert
E. Lee, had put an end to that insurrection
in Virginia. Treason is a crime against a
Nation. John Brown was found guilty of
treason against the “Commonwealth of
Virginia,” and not the United States. Thus
did the federal government under U. S.
President James Buchanan admit Virginia
was a sovereign nation, and in accordance
with Article I, Section 8, Clause 15, the
federal government had suppressed a true
2.) Certain uninformed persons contend
that Robert E. Lee committed treason when
resigning from the U. S. Army on 20 April
1861 to eventually lead an army defending
his home State of Virginia. The federal
government had admitted that John Brown
committed treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia by raising arms against
that State two years earlier, from which it
can only be concluded that if Colonel Lee
had remained in the federal army and were
raising arms against the Commonwealth of
Virginia, he too would have been guilty of
treason against his Nation. Lee was forced
to abandon his home, which, confiscated
(stolen) by the U. S. government’s Union
army, was made into Arlington National
Cemetery. Robert E. Lee sacrificed all; the
charges against him will not stand!
As the Southern States began seceding
on 20 December 1860 (South Carolina),
they reclaimed their sovereign rights even
C. S. President Jefferson Davis
before entering into the Confederacy on 8
February 1861.
My State of Florida on 10 January 1861
became the third Southern State to secede
from the Union. I have a copy of Florida’s
original Constitution. The Preamble reads:
“…admission into the Union, as one of the
United States of America with the principles
of the Federal Constitution*… do mutually
agree, each with the other, to form ourselves
into a Free and Independent State, by the
name of Florida.”
My State of Florida Constitution’s Article
One says “That all political power is inherent
in the people, and all free governments are
founded on their authority and established
for their benefit; and therefore, they have at
all times, an inalienable and indefeasible
right to al ter or abol ish their form of
government as they may deem expedient.”
Inherent: Established as an essential
part of something: uninfringeable, unquestionable and unchallengeable.
Inalienable and indefeasible right:
In sep a ra ble, in dis sol u ble; in ca pa ble
of be ing sur ren dered or trans ferred
(rights); not ca pa ble of be ing an nulled
or voided.
Expedient: Adapted for achieving a
particular end, marked by concern with
what is advantageous; especially governed
by self-interest.
Thus the people who are the State of
Florida reclaimed their sovereign rights
even before they joined the Confederacy
on 8 February 1861.
Arrival of tyranny
The above definitions behind legitimate
constitutions notwithstanding, the Federal
occupation inaugurated for us a “new” State
government at bayonet point.
The Second Reconstruction Act of 23
March 1867 had the U. S. Army oversee
the registration of eligible voters in each
Southern State for the election of approved
delegates who would rewrite for each of
our States a “new” State constitution. That
accomplished, the martial law occupation
would end. It didn’t.
Besides my copy of Florida’s original
Constitution I have also their replacement
thereof dated 25 February 1868. This new
version leaves out “Free and Independent
State,” changing Florida’s Article One to
“…but the paramount allegiance of every
citizen is due to the Federal Government,
and no power exists with the people of this
State to dissolve its connection therewith.
As noted previously, after the first seven
States had seceded and coalesced into the
Confederate States of America, U. S. Senator
James Doolittle, an anti-secession ist, on
2 March 1861 proposed a Constitutional
amendment which read: “No State or any
part thereof, heretofore to be admitted into
the Union, shall have power to withdraw
from the jurisdiction of the United States.”
This attempted amendment by Senator
Doolittle of Wisconsin to prohibit future
*In The Federalist Paper #39, Paragraph 7, second
sentence, James Madison declares: Federal regards
the Union as a Confederacy of Sovereign States.
States from having that right – to secede –
shows the anti-secessionists allowing that
it was legal for the then-existing States to
secede. But it soon became unnecessary to
“amend” anything, for, with that Northern
victory came the “power to enforce” every
unconstitutional mandate by military rule
at the point of the Federal bayonet.
“…but the paramount allegiance
of every citizen is due to the Federal
Thus the U. S. Government was itching
to charge C. S. President Jefferson Davis
with treason.
On 10 May 1865, the military occupiers
from the United States of America captured
the President of the Confederate States of
America, Jefferson Davis. The authorities
in Washington, DC, at the very outset of
their war, had promised that they would
“hang Jefferson Davis from a sour apple
And now, after four long and bloody
years of war, they could deliver Jefferson
Davis his dues under “American justice.”
Within a matter of weeks in captivity,
the deposed Confederate States President
found himself in chains at Fortress Monroe,
Virginia, a political prisoner of the U. S.
charged with treason. From the time of his
imprisonment, President Davis demanded
a trial on any charge against him, especially
treason. But, in spite of former boasting,
the U. S. authorities carefully side-stepped
giving President Davis “his day in court.”
The no-show trial
According to R. G. Horton’s 1868 A
Youth’s History of the Great Civil War, the
Confederate States President’s legal team
demanded a speedy trial; but the Federal
Government postponed his day in court for
three years.
When the lower court finally called that
case to trial, Supreme Court Chief Justice
Salmon Chase (Lincoln’s former Secretary
of the Treasury) interceded with an order
of certiorari changing its venue from the
lower court in Richmond to the Supreme
Court’s docket. On 13 May 1867 President
Davis walked free on bond, his case still on
the docket but remaining tactfully never to
be heard.
Why did the United States Government
not “bring to justice” this man it branded a
19th Century Benedict Arnold? Why was
Confed erate States President Jefferson
Da vis ar rested, impris oned at For tress
Monroe, Virginia, chained and shackled,
indicted for treason, yet never given that
Constitutional precept freely granted to the
most vulgar of common criminals, the right
of a speedy and fair trial? Did those U. S.
authorities fear the the outcome of such a
In preparing its later abandoned charges
against President Jefferson Davis, the U. S.
Government’s War Department presented
its “evidence” to the eminent New England
jurist Francis Lieber, LLD, who, after he
had reviewed the case, declared: “Davis
will not be found guilty (of treason).” Thus
the realization dawned on those authorities
that giving the Confederate President a fair
trial might produce a not guilty verdict and
thereby undo in a courtroom what perfidy
the United States had so cruelly wrought
by four years of aggressive warfare.
Concise statement of fact
“If you bring these leaders to trial, it will
condemn the North, for by the Constitution
secession is not a rebellion. His [Jefferson
Davis’s] capture was a mistake. His trial
will be a greater one. We cannot convict
him of treason.” – Salmon P. Chase, Chief
Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court, 1867
The U. S. Supreme Court’s realization
that it could not convict Jefferson Davis of
treason renders Lincoln’s War unjustifiable
and unconstitutional!
Mr. Lieber had based his findings on A
View of the Constitution of the United
States of America, written in 1825 by
Judge William Rawle of Philadelphia,
Since the defeat of the Confederacy,
many Northerners have referred to Judge
Rawle’s book as a radical and seditious
view of the Constitution. Yet, if Rawle’s
book was laced with radical and seditious
(secessionist) views, they were overlooked
completely by a review of his book that
came out in 1826. A year after Mr. Rawle’s
book had appeared, an eminently respected
Boston journal, The North American Review,
gave it a full and complete analysis (over
1,900 words), disclosing that Mr. Rawle’s
book was “a safe and intelligent guide” for
understanding the Constitution. In light of
the later charge of treason leveled against
Robert E. Lee
Jefferson Davis, the question begging to be
asked here is, “Why did this eminent New
England journal not recognize treason in
Mr. Rawle’s book?” Certainly this was one
of the questions that Jefferson Davis hoped
to bring before an American court when he
was tried for treason. Equally as certain,
this is why many Northerners did not wish
for Confederate States President Jefferson
Davis to have his day in court.
Common acknowledgment
Not only was Judge Rawle’s book
warmly reviewed when it first appeared
in print, but also 28 years later it was still
being recommended. On Civil Liberty and
Self Government, Francis Lieber, LLD,
recommended Judge Rawle’s book, A View
of the Constitution of the United States of
America, among others to his students and
former students as a guide to Constitutional
issues. Mr. Lieber’s recommendation was
made in 1853, only seven years before the
secession of South Carolina from the Union
on 20 December 1860.
Unfortunately for America, Lincoln did
not read and comprehend this “safe and
intelligent guide” of the Constitution. But
surely the great attorney for the railroad
(before he became President) had heard of
The North American Review and renowned
scholar Francis Lieber? One might think
he had discussed the secession issue with
outgoing President Buchanan and sought
legal advice as well from the U. S. Attorney
Strange man
Earlier, on the floor of Congress in 1847,
U. S. Congressman Lincoln from Illinois
had made this statement:
“Any people, anywhere… have
the right to rise up and shake off the
existing government, and form a
new one that suits them better.”
If “Honest” Abe were truthful and meant
what he then said, how is it that, fourteen
years later as President, he denied that the
Southern States had that right to “shake off
the existing government”? Could it be that
Lincoln had spoken truly his belief – that
he could personally shake off the Nation
established by our Founding Fathers? If so,
Lincoln was already committed in 1847 to
destroy the U. S. Constitution’s federation
of States. Indeed, after assuming the office
of President, he stated that the “Old Union”
could not be saved and that a new Union
must be established in its place.
So it must be allowed that the greatest
usurpation of Constitutional law began at
the White House on 4 March 1861 when,
on his first day in office, Lincoln claimed
in his Inaugural Address that “No State, on
its own mere action, can get out of the
— Truth of the matter —
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
We see both a giant and the vultures who pick his bones
The Jews, still trying to “get”
Henry Ford, show themselves ever
more contemptible to those people
he has awakened to the problem.
By Lt. Colonel Donald Sullivan (Ret)
[email protected]
Henry Ford has been my hero since
as long as I can remember.
It probably started in 1967
when I got my first Mustang,
a white GTA-390 fastback
with all the bells and whistles.
It cost $3,200.00 out the
door, and since then I’ve
been a “Ford man.” Through
the years I read everything I
could get my hands on about
Henry Ford and his motor company and
have most of the books written by him, or
for him, and many about him in my library.
But, for many years I wouldn’t read his
book or collection of articles entitled The
International Jew, considering that to be
his “dark side.” It wasn’t until I was 50,
had been “gored by the bull” and became
enlightened, that I did go there. It was
worth the wait.
As TFF readers know, this newspaper
features excerpts from The International
Jew and other articles by Mr. Ford (They
Never Called Him “Henry”) in each issue
and has done so for many years. The words
and evidence presented from Mr. Ford’s
personal experiences and awareness of the
times contained in those writings are a
source of extreme wisdom from a man who
knew exactly what he was writing about.
Ford, and no self-respecting Jew un til
recently would own a Ford product. Jews
continued to disparage the achievements of
Mr. Ford whenever possible, such as the
response of the Jewish owners of SearsRoebuck to a request to include Henry and
Clara’s first home in their campaign to paint
a “Great American Home Like Yours”:
“Sears is not interested in including
the Ford home in its campaign.
Henry Ford was an enemy of labor.”
Nothing could be further from the
truth, though Mr. Ford was an avowed
enemy of “organized” labor; but the
truth never stopped a good Jew from
smearing his perceived enemies.
That may all change with Mark
Fields as the new president and chief
executive of Ford Motor Company since
July 1 of this year. He is the first “openly”
Jewish president of one of the “Detroit
Three” automakers, notes his Wikipedia
bio. His family name, until a generation ago
when his Jewish grandparents immigrated
from Russia and settled in New Jersey, was
Finkelman. Ironically, Henry Ford’s article
in the September issue of TFF was all
about this Jewish propensity for changing
surnames to protect identities and better
hide their Jewishness from Gentile hosts. It
seems to have worked for Mr. “Fields.”
I learned of Mark Fields’ meteoric rise
at Ford just last month from the quarterly
“@ Ford” magazine. As soon as I saw his
picture with the caption touting his rise to
the helm of Ford, I became suspicious. He
was too young to have risen naturally to
that job. A quick search at Wikipedia
confirmed my suspicions. “Fields” joined
Ford in 1989, having worked six years at
IBM prior, and by 1997 was in charge of
Argentina operations. Shortly thereafter he
took over as president of Ford-Mazda in
1998 at the age of 37. Four years later, he’s
the head of Ford’s “Premier Group” which
in cludes Lin coln, Land Rover, AstonMartin, Volvo and Jaguar badges. In 2005
he headed Ford of the Americas division,
followed closely in 2006 by being named
business unit chief of the Americas group.
Final takeover
He became Chief Operating Officer in
2012 followed by his appointment in April
of 2014 to CEO. Then, on July 1, 2014, he
was selected President and CEO of the
company by Bill Ford, Jr., great grandson
of Henry Ford and current Chairman of the
company. We will have to see whether or
not he becomes the first Jewish Chairman
of the Board of Ford Motor Company and
seals the deal.
The Jewish community is very pleased
with his appointment. Quoting the Detroit
Jewish News from an article by Bill Carroll
in November 2012:
“A Jew running Ford, the company
founded by Henry Ford, one of the most
notorious anti-Semites in American history?
Veteran observers of the automotive scene
thought it could never happen. But it’s a
His counter propaganda
Mr. Ford did many great things in his
outstanding career, not the least of which
was his personal attempt in 1916 to prevent
America’s entry into the First World War.
That experience may have been the catalyst
which piqued his interest in the Jews in the
first place, his not being unfamiliar with
their drawing us kicking and screaming
into that needless war which he recognized
as none of our business.
Mr. Ford’s writings on the Jews were
not well received by the elite “members of
the tribes,” who did everything possible to
put Ford Motor Company out of business.
Ultimately, because he was trying to have a
successful launch of the new Model A in
the mid-twenties, a letter of apology was
issued in his name to self-avowed leaders
of the Jewish community in New York, and
a brand new Ford Model A went with the
deal. Even so, the Jews never forgave Mr.
“The only state ment I care to make about the Pro to cols is that they fit in with what is go ing on...
[I am] only trying to awake the Gentile world to an understanding of what is going on. The Jew is a mere
huckster, a trader who does n’t want to pro duce, but to make something out of what someone else
produces.” – Henry Ford, when asked why he published The International Jew
new era at Ford, an era that actually started
when the elder Ford’s grandson, Henry
Ford II, took over the company in the
1940s and launched his ver sion of
affirmative action. Ford II, a friend of
philanthropist Max Fisher and other Jewish
leaders and frequent contributor to the old
United Jewish Appeal, hired Jewish, African
American and other minority employees,
and installed minority dealers and suppliers.
What’s even more important, many of the
minority employees rose to higher ranks
within Ford than did those at GM and
The Crescent City Jewish News of New
Orleans, writing of Fields’ rapid rise to the
top in April 2014, is even more specific on
the “anti-Semitism” of Mr. Ford:
“Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, the
Ford Motor Company has never had a
Jewish CEO before. Ford was a pronounced
anti-Semite whose dealings with the Nazis
during World War II are well known.”
There’s more than a lit tle gloat ing
evident here. In addition to being credited
with “affirmative action” at Ford (The
original Henry Ford was hiring minorities
and foreigners long before in great numbers,
although not in management. He hosted a
big event every July 4th to celebrate the
new citizenship of those foreign employees
who swore their allegiance to the United
States. He even incorporated a town just to
house the Negro employees – “Inkster,
Michigan”.), Henry Ford’s grandson, the
“Deuce,” is responsible for the company
going public in 1956, a slap in the face of
his grandfather who went to great lengths
in 1919 to take the company private after a
wrenching court battle with the Dodge
brothers over how profits should be spent.
The Dodge boys wanted the profits to be
distributed as dividends to stockholders,
and Mr. Ford wanted to re-invest them in
the company. He lost the court battle, but
spent the next few years buying up all
the outstanding stock and privatizing his
company to keep that problem from ever
happening again.
Now that I’m aware of the appointment
of Mark Finkelman to head the Ford Motor
Company, I know not what course others
may take, but as for me and my house,
we’ve bought our last Ford product.
Henry Ford, who took great pains to
insure his legacy from encroachment by
the “international bankers,” must be rolling
over in his grave, his spirit looking down
on his family with disgust.
The explanation is the cure
My Life and Work
By Henry Ford
The work which we describe as “Studies
in the Jew ish Ques tion,” and which is
variously described by antagonists as “the
Jewish campaign,” “the attack on the Jews,”
“the anti-Semitic pogrom” and so forth,
needs no explanation to those who have
followed it. Its motives and purposes must
be judged by the work itself. It is offered as
a contribution to a question which deeply
affects the country, a question which is
racial at its source, and which concerns
influences and ideals rather than persons.
Our statements must be judged by candid
readers who are intelligent enough to lay
our words alongside life as they are able to
observe it. If our word and their observation
agree, the case is made. It is perfectly silly
to begin to damn us before it has been
shown that our statements are baseless or
reckless. The first item to be considered is
the truth of what we have set forth. And
that is precisely the item which our critics
choose to evade.
Readers of our articles will see at once
that we are not actuated by any kind of
prejudice, except it may be a prejudice in
favor of the principles which have made
our civilization. There had been observed
in this country certain streams of influence
which were causing a marked deterioration
in our literature, amusements and social
conduct; business was departing from its
old-time substantial soundness; a general
letting down of standards was felt everywhere. It was not the robust coarseness of
the White man, the rude indelicacy, say,
of Shakespeare’s characters, but a nasty
Orientalism which has insidiously affected
every channel of expression – and to such
an extent that it was time to challenge it.
That these influences are
all traceable to one racial
source is a fact to be reckoned
with, not by us only, but by
the intelligent people of the
race in question.
It is entirely creditable to them that steps
have been taken by them to remove their
protection from the more flagrant violators
of American hospitality, but there is still
room to discard outworn ideas of racial
superiority maintained by economic or
intellectually subversive warfare upon
Christian society.
Our work does not pretend to say the
last word on the Jew in America. It says
only the word which describes his obvious
present impress on the country. When that
impress is changed, the report of it can be
changed. For the present, then, the question
is wholly in the Jews’ hands. If they are as
wise as they claim to be, they will labor to
make Jews American, instead of laboring
to make America Jewish. The genius of the
United States of America is Christian in the
broadest sense, and its destiny is to remain
Christian. This carries no sectarian meaning
with it, but relates to a basic principle
which differs from other principles in that
it provides for liberty with morality, and
pledges society to a code of relations based
on fundamental Christian conceptions of
human rights and duties.
As for prej u dice or ha tred against
persons, that is neither American nor
Christian. Our opposition is only to ideas,
false ideas, which are sapping the moral
stamina of the people. These ideas proceed
from easily identified sources, they are
pro mul gated by eas ily discoverable
methods; and they are controlled by mere
exposure. We have simply used the method
of exposure. When people learn to identify
the source and nature of the influence
swirling around them, it is sufficient. Let
the American people once understand that
it is not natural degeneracy, but calculated
subversion that afflicts us, and they are
safe. The explanation is the cure.
This work was taken up without personal
motives. When it reached a stage where we
believed the American people could grasp
the key, we let it rest for the time. Our
enemies say that we began it for revenge
and that we laid it down in fear. Time will
show that our critics are merely dealing in
evasion because they dare not tackle the
main question. Time will also show that we
are better friends to the Jews’ best interests
than are those who praise them to their
faces and criticize them behind their backs.
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The First Freedom
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— The International Jew —
America’s Jewish enigma – Louis Marshall
What this inventor/writer warned
our forebears about is the greatest
problem we have today.
By Henry Ford
The Dearborn Independent
26 November 1921
omething of an enigma is
Louis Marshall, whose name
heads the list of organized Jewry
in America, and who is known
as the arch-protester against
most things non-Jewish. He is head of
nearly every Jewish movement that amounts
to anything, and he is chief opponent of
practically every non-Jewish movement
that promises to amount to something. Yet
he is known mostly as a name – and not a
very Jewish name at that.
attorney. Sulzer was removed from the
of fice of gov er nor. The case of Leo
Frank, a Jew, charged with the
peculiarly vicious murder of a
Geor gia fac tory girl, was
defended by Mr. Marshall. It was
one of those cases where the
whole world is whipped into
excitement because a Jew is in
trouble. It is almost an indication
of the racial character of a culprit
these days to note how much
money is spent for him and how much fuss
Singular exception
It would be interesting to know how the
name of “Marshall” found its way to this
Jewish gentleman. It is not a common name,
even among Jews who change their names.
Louis Marshall is the only “Marshall”
listed in the Jewish Encyclopedia, and the
only Jewish “Marshall” in the index of
the publications of the American Jewish
Historical Society. In the list of the annual
con tri bu tors to the Amer i can Jew ish
Committee are to be found such names as
Marshutz, Mayer, Massal, Maremort,
Mannheimer, Marx, Morse, Mackler,
Marcus, Mor ris, Moskowitz, Marks,
Margolis, Mareck – but only one
“Marshall,” and that is Louis. Of any other
prominent Jew it may be asked, “Which
Straus?” “Which Untermeyer?” “Which
Kahn?” “Which Schiff?” – but never,
“Which Marshall?” for there is only one.
This in it self would in di cate that
Marshall is not a Jewish name. It is an
Amer i can, or an An glo-Saxon name
transplanted into a Jewish family. But how
and why are questions to which the public
as yet have no answer.
Louis Marshall is head of the American
Jewish Committee, and the American
Jewish Committee is head of all official
Jewish activity in the United States.
As head of the committee, he is also
head of the executive committee of the
New York Kehillah, an organization which
is the active front of organized Jewry in
New York, and the cen ter of Jew ish
propaganda for the United States. The
nominal head of the Kehillah is Rabbi
Judah L. Magnes, a brother-in-law of
Louis Marshall. Not only are the American
Jew ish Com mit tee and the Kehillah
linked officially (see chapter 33, Volume
II, reprint of this series), but they are linked
domestically as well.
Targeting Palestine
Louis Marshall was president of all the
Jewish Committees of the world at the
Versailles Peace Conference, and it is
charged now, as it has been charged before,
that the Jew ish Pro gram is the only
program that went through the Versailles
conference as it was drawn, and the
so-called League of Nations is busily
carrying out its terms today. A determined
effort is being made by Jews to have the
Washington Conference take up the same
matter. Colonel House was Louis Marshall’s
chief aid at Paris in forcing the Jew ish
Program on an unwilling world.
Louis Marshall has appeared in all the
great Jewish cases. The impeachment of
Gov ernor Sulzer was a piece of Jewish
revenge, but Louis Marshall was Sulzer’s
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The First
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Leo Frank, age 29, was convicted and sentenced
to death for the brutal rape-murder of 13-year-old
Mary Phagan in 1913. Frank came from a wealthy
Brooklyn family. He was hired by the New York
mil lion aire Jew, Adolph Montag, to run the
National Pencil Factory in Atlanta. Frank was the
president of the Atlanta chapter of B’nai B’rith,
the secret Jewish businessmen’s fraternity. After
the surprising commutation of his death sentence
by Gov er nor John Slaton, a group of lead ing
citizens of Marietta, Georgia, took matters into
their hands and lynched Frank. Below, his victim.
generally. It is not without reason that the
Ku Klux Klan was revived in Georgia and
that Jews were excluded from membership.
Conspiracy, not theory
Louis Marshall is chairman of the board
and of the execu tive committee of the
Jewish Theological Seminary of America,
whose principal theologian, Mordecai M.
Kaplan, is the lead ing ex po nent of an
educational plan by which Judaism can be
made to supercede Christianity in the
United States. Under cover of synagogal
activities, which he knows that the well
known tolerance of the American people
will never suspect, Rabbi Kaplan has
thought out and systemized and launched a
program to that end, certainly not without
the approval of Mr. Marshall.
Louis Marshall is not the world leader of
Jewry, but he is well advanced in Jewry’s
world counsel, as is seen by the fact that
international Jewry reports to him, and also
by the fact that he headed the Jews at the
“ko sher con fer ence” – as the Ver sailles
assemblage was known among those on
the inside. Strange things happened in
Paris. Mr. Marshall and “Colonel” House
had affairs very well in hand between
them. President Wilson sent a delegation to
Syria to find out just what the contention of
the Syrians was against the Jews, but that
report has never seen the light of day. But it
was the easiest thing imaginable to keep
the President informed as to what the Jews
of New York thought (that is, the few who
had not taken up their residence in Paris).
For example, this prominent dispatch in
the New York Times of May 27, 1919:
“Wilson gets Full Report of Jew ish
Protest Here.
“Copyright, 1919, by the New York
Times Co.
“By Wireless to The New York Times.
“Paris, May 26. – Louis Marshall, who
has succeeded Judge Mack as head of the
Jewish Committee in Paris, was received by
President Wilson this afternoon, and gave
him a long cabled account of the Jewish
mass meeting recently held in Madison
Square Garden, including the full text of
the resolutions adopted at the meeting . . . .
and editorial comment in The Times and
other papers . . . .”
Revolution made in New York
When Russia fell, Louis Marshall hailed
it with delight. The New York Times begins
its story on March 19, 1917:
“Hailing the Russian upheaval as the
great est world event since the French
Revolution, Louis Marshall in an interview
for the New York Times last night said” – a
number of things, among which was the
statement that the events in Russia were no
surprise. Of course they were not, the
events being of Jewish origin, and Mr.
is raised concerning him. It seems to be a Marshall being the recipient of the most
part of Jewish loyalty to prevent if possible intimate international news.
Even the new Russian revolutionary
the Gentile law being enforced against
Jews. The Dreyfus case and the Frank government made reports to Louis Marshall,
as is shown by the dispatch
case are examples of the
printed in the New York
endless publicity the Jews
Times of April 3, 1917, in
secure in behalf of their
which Baron Gunzburg
own people. Frank was
reports what had been
reprieved from the death
done to assure to the
sentence, and sent to
Jews the full advantage
prison, after which he
of the Russian upheaval.
was killed. That horrible
This glorification of
act can be traced directly
the Jew ish over throw
to the state of public
of Rus sia, it must be
opinion which was caused
re mem bered, oc curred
b y r a u c o u s J ew i s h
before the world knew
publicity which stopped
what Bolshevism was,
at nothing to attain its
and before it realized that
ends. To this day the
the revolution meant the
State of Geor gia is, in
the average mind, part of French artillery officer Alfred Dreyfus, withdrawal of the whole
court-martialed in 1894 for selling secrets
an association of ideas to the German military attaché in Paris, eastern front from the
directly traceable to this was deported to Devil’s Island off the war. Russia was simply
taken out of the war and
Jew ish pro pa ganda. coast of French Guiana.
Jewish publicity did to Georgia what it did the Central Powers left free to devote their
to Russia – grossly misrepresented it, and so whole attention to the western front. One of
ceaselessly as to create a false impression the resulting necessities was the immediate
entrance of America into the conflict, and
the pro lon ga tion of the hos til i ties for
nearly two more years.
As the truth be came known, Louis
Marshall first defended, then explained,
then denied – his latest position being that
the Jews are against Bolshevism. He was
brought to this position by the necessity of
meeting the testimony of eye-witnesses as
given to con gres sio nal in ves ti ga tion
committees. This testimony came from
responsible men whom even Mr. Marshall
could not dispose of with a wave of his
hand, and as time has gone on the testimony
has increased to mountainous proportions
that Bolshevism is Jewish in its origin, its
method, its personnel and its purpose.
Herman Bernstein, a member of Mr.
Marshall’s American Jewish Committee,
has lately been preparing American public
opinion for a great anti-Semitic movement
in Rus sia. Cer tainly, it will be an antiSe mitic movement, be cause it will be
anti-Bolshevist, and the Russian people,
having lived with the hybrid for five years,
are not mistaken as to its identity.
Pathological complainer
During the war, Mr. Marshall was the
arch-protestor. While Mr. Baruch was
running the war from the business end (“I
probably had more power than perhaps any
other man did in the war; doubtless that is
true”), Mr. Marshall was running another
side. We find him protesting because an
army officer gave him instructions as to his
duties as a registration official. It was Mr.
Marshall who complained to the Secretary
of War that a certain camp contractor, after
trying out carpenters, had advertised for
Christian carpen ters only. It was to the
discrimination in print that Mr. Marshall
chiefly objected, it may be surmised, since
it is the policy of his committee to make it
impossible, or at least unhealthy, to use
print to call attention to the Jew.
It was Mr. Marshall who compelled a
change in the instructions sent out by the
Provost Marshal General of the United States
Army to the effect that “the foreign-born,
especially Jews, are more apt to malinger
than the native-born.” It is said that a Jewish
medical officer afterward confirmed this part
of the instruction, saying that experience
proved it. Nevertheless, President Wilson
ordered that the paragraph be cut out.
It was Mr. Marshall who compelled the
revision of the Plattsburg Officers’ Training
Manual. That valuable book rightly said that
“the ideal officer is a Christian gentleman.”
Mr. Marshall wrote, wired, demanded, and
the edition was changed. It now reads that
“the ideal officer is a courteous gentleman,”
a big drop in idealism.
There was nothing too unimportant to
draw forth Mr. Marshall’s protest. To take
care of protests alone, he must have a large
And yet with all this high-tension
pro-Jewish activity, Mr. Marshall is not a
self-advertising man, as is his law partner,
Samuel Untermyer, who has been referred
to as the arch-in quis i tor against the
Gentiles. Marshall is a name, a power, not
so much a public figure.
Strictly “religious”
As an informed Jew said about the two
“No, Marshall doesn’t advertise himself
like Sam, and he has never tried to feature
himself in the newspapers for personal
reasons. Outside his professional life he
devotes himself exclusively to religious
affairs.” That is the way the American Jew
likes to describe the activities referred to
above – “religious affairs.” We shall soon
see that they are political affairs.
Mr. Mar shall is short, stocky, and
aggressive. Like his brother-in-law, Rabbi
Magnes, he works on the principle that
“the Jew can do no wrong.” For many
years Mr. Marshall has lived in a four-story
brownstone house, of the old-fashioned
— The International Jew —
type, with a grilled door, in East Seventysecond street. This is an old-time “swell”
neighborhood, once almost wholly occupied
by wealthy Jews. It was as close as they
could crowd to the choice Fifth Avenue
corners, which had been pre-empted by
the Vanderbilts, the Astors and other rich
That Mr. Marshall regards the whole
Jewish program in which he is engaged,
not in its religious aspect alone, but in its
world-wide political aspect, may be judged
from his attitude on Zionism. Mr. Marshall
wrote in 1918 as follows:
“I have never been identified and am not
now in any way connected with the Zionist
organization. I have never favored the
creation of a sovereign Jewish State.”
Mr. Marshall says, “Let the Zionists go
on. Don’t interfere with them.” Why? He
“Zionism is but an incident of a farreaching plan. It is merely a convenient
peg on which to hang a powerful weapon.
All the protests that non-Zionists may make
would be futile to affect that policy.”
He says that opposition to Zionism at
that time would be dangerous. “I could give
concrete examples of a most impressive
nature in support of what I have said. I am
not an alarmist, and even my enemies will
give me credit for not being a coward, but
my love for our people is such that even if I
were disposed to combat Zionism, I would
shrink from the responsibilities that might
be entailed were I to do so.”
And, in con clud ing this strange
pronouncement, he says:
“Give me the credit of believing that I
am speaking advisedly.”
Of course, there is more to Zionism than
appears on the surface, but this is as close
as anyone can come to finding a Jewish
admission on the subject.
If in this country there is apprehension
over the Jew ish Prob lem, the ac tiv ities
of Louis Marshall have been the most
powerful agents to evoke it. His propagandas
have occasioned great resentment in many
sections of the United States. His opposition
to salutary immigration laws, his dictation
to book and periodical publishers, as in the
recent case of G. P. Putnam’s Sons, who
modified their publishing program on his
order; his campaign against the use of
“Christological expressions” by Federal,
State and mu nic i pal of fi cers; all have
resulted in alarming the native population
and harming the very cause he so indiscreetly advocates.
That this de fender of
“Jewish rights,” and restless
ad vo cate of the Jew ish
religious propaganda, should
make himself the leader in
at tack ing the re li gion of
the dominant race in this
country, in ridiculing Sunday
laws and head ing an antiChristianity campaign, seems,
to say the least, inconsistent.
Mr. Marshall, who is regarded by the Jews
as their greatest “constitutional” lawyer,
since the decline of Edward Lauterbach
(and that is a tale!) originated, in a series of
legal arguments, the contention that “this
is not a Christian country nor a Christian
gov ern ment.” This ar gu ment he has
expounded in many writings. He has built
up a large host of fol low ers among
contentious Jews, who have elaborated on
this theme in a variety of ways. It is one of
the main ar gu ments of those who are
endeavoring to build up a “United Israel”
in the United States.
Mr. Marshall maintains that the opening
of deliberative assemblies and conventions
with prayer is a “hollow mockery”; he
ridicules “the absurd phrase ‘In the name
of God, Amen,’” as used in the beginning
of wills. He opposes Sunday observance
legislation as being “the cloak of hypocrisy.”
He advocates “crushing out every agitation
which tends to introduce into the body
politic the virus of religious controversy.”
But Mr. Marshall himself has spent the
last twenty years of his life in the “virus of
religious controversy.” A few of his more
impertinent interferences have been noted
above. These are, in the Jewish phrase,
“religious activities” with a decid edly
political tinge.
The following extracts are quoted from
the contentions of Mr. Marshall, published
in the Menorah Journal, the official organ
of the Jewish Chautauqua, that the United
States is not a Christian country:
“Is Ours a Christian Government?
“By Louis Marshall
“When, in 1892, Mr. Justice Brewer, in
rendering the decision of the Supreme Court
of the United States in the case of the Church
of the Holy Trinity against the United
States (144 U.S. 457), which involved an
in ter pre ta tion of the Alien La bor Law,
indulged in the obiter remark that ‘this is a
Christian nation,’ a subject was presented
for the consideration of thoughtful minds
which is of no ordinary importance.
“The dictum of Mr. Justice Story in Vidal
against Girard’s Executors (2 How. U.S.,
198), to the effect that Christianity was a
part of the common law of Pennsylvania, is
also relied upon, but is not an authoritative
judicial determination of that proposition.
The re mark was not nec es sary to the
de ci sion.
“The remarks of Mr. Justice Brewer, to
which reference has already been made,
were also unnecessary to the decision
rendered by the court.
“The fact that oaths are administered to
witnesses, that the hollow mockery is
pursued of opening deliberative assemblies
and conventions with prayer, that wills
begin with the absurd phrase ‘In the name
of God, Amen,’ that gigantic missionary
associations are in operation to establish
Christian missions in every quarter of the
globe, were all instanced. But none of
these illustrations affords any valid proof
in support of the assertion that ‘this is a
Christian nation.’
“Our legislation relative to the observance
of Sunday is such a mass of absurdities and
inconsistencies that almost anything can be
predicated thereon except the idea that our
legislators are impressed with the notion
that there is anything sacred in the day.
According to the views of any section of
the Christian church, the acts which I have
enumerated as permitted would be regarded
as sinful. Their legality in the eye of the
law is a demonstration that the prohibitory
enactments relating to Sunday are simply
police regulations, and it should be the
effort of every good American citizen to
lib er al ize our Sunday leg is la tion still
more, so that it shall cease to be the cloak
of hypocrisy.
“As a final resort, we are told by our opponents that this is a Christian government
because the majority of our citizens are
adherents of the Christian faith; that this
is a government of majorities, because
government means force and majorities
represent the preponderance of strength.
This is a most dangerous doctrine . . . .”
Outsiders by choice
If the Christianity of the United States is
to be questioned, the last person to initiate
the in quiry should be a member of that
race which had no hand in creating the
Constitution or in the upbuilding of the
coun try. If Chris tian prayers in pub lic
are a hollow mockery, and Sunday laws
unreasonable, the last person in the world
to oppose them should be a Jew.
Mr. Marshall has the advantage of being
an Amer i can by birth. He was born in
Syracuse, New York, in 1856, the son of
Jacob and Zilli Marshall. After practicing
law in Syracuse, he established himself in
New York, became a Wall Street corporation
lawyer, and his native country has afforded
him generous means to win a large fortune.
Invasion of misfits
The question arises whether it is patriotic
for Mr. Marshall to implant into the minds
of his foreign-born co-religionists the idea
that this is not a Christian country, that
Sunday laws should be opposed, and that
the manners and customs of the nativeborn should be scorned and ridiculed. The
effect has been that thousands of immigrant
Jews from Eastern Europe are persistently
violating Sunday laws in the large industrial
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
6,000,000 in the United States now! But
the Government of the United States is
entirely at sea, officially, as to the Jewish
population of this country, except as the
Jewish government in this country, as an
act of courtesy, passes over certain figures
to the gov ern ment. The Jews have a
“foreign office” through which they deal
with the Government of the United States.
Mr. Marshall also fought the proposed
naturalization laws that would deprive
“Asiatics” of the privilege of becoming
naturalized citizens. This was something
of a confession!
Wherever there were extradition cases
to be fought, preventing Jewish offenders
from being extradited, Mr. Marshall was
frequently one who assisted. This also was
part of his “religious activities,” perhaps.
Advocated open borders
Louis Marshall
centers of the country, that they are haled
to court, lectured by judges, and fined.
American Jews who are car ry ing into
practice the teachings of Mr. Marshall and
his followers are reaping the whirlwind of
a natural resentment.
Forever stirring up trouble
Mr. Marshall was the leader of the
movement which led to the abrogation of
the treaty between the United States and
Russia. Whenever government boards or
committees are appointed to investigate the
actions, conduct or conditions of foreignborn Jews, great influences are immediately
ex erted to have Mr. Mar shall made a
member of such bodies to “protect” the
Jewish interests.
As head of millions of organized Jews
in the United States, Mr. Mar shall has
invariably wielded this influence by means
of a campaign of “protests,” to silence
criticisms of Jewish wrongdoing. He thus
protested when testimony was made before
the Senate Sub-Committee in Washington,
in 1919, that the Jew ish East Side of
New York was the hotbed of Bolshevism.
Again he protested to Norman Hapgood
against the editorial in Harper’s Weekly,
criticizing the activities of Jewish lobbyists
in Washington.
Mr. Mar shall de scribes himself in
“Who’s Who” as a leader in the fight for
the abrogation of the treaty with Russia.
That was a distinct interference in America’s
political affairs and was not a “religious
activity” connected with the preservation
of “Jewish rights” in the United States. The
limiting expression “in the United States”
is, of course, our own assumption. It is
doubtful if Mr. Marshall limits anything to
the United States. He is a Jew and therefore
an internationalist. He is ambassador of
the “international nation of Jewry” to the
Gentile world.
The pro-Jewish fights in which Mr.
Marshall has been engaged in this country
make a considerable list:
He fought the proposal of the Census
Bureau to enumerate Jews as a race. As a
result, there are no official figures, except
those prepared by the American Jewish
Committee, as to the Jewish population of
the United States. The Census has them
listed under a score of different nationalities,
which is not only a non-de scrip tive
method, but a deceptive one as well. At a
pinch the Jewish authorities will admit of
3,500,000 Jews in the United States. The
increase in the amount of Passover Bread
required would indicate that there are
He fought the right of the United States
Government to restrict immigration. He
has appeared oftener in Washington than
any other Jew on this question.
In con nec tion with this, it may be
sug gested to Mr. Mar shall that if he is
really interested in upholding the law of
the land and restraining his own people
from lawless acts, he could busy himself
with profitable results if he would look into
the smuggling of Jews across the Mexican
and Canadian borders. And when that
service is finished, he might look into the
national Jewish system of bootlegging
which, as a Jew of “religious activities,” he
should be concerned to break up.
Louis Marshall is leader of that movement which will force the Jew by law into
places where he is not wanted. The law,
compelling hotel keepers to permit Jews to
make their hotels a place of resort if they
want to, has been steadily pushed. Such a
law is prac tically a Bolshevik or der to
destroy property, for it is commonly
known what Jewish patronage does for
public places. Where a few respectable
Jews are permitted, others flock. And
when one day they discover that the place
they “patronize” is becoming known as “a
Jew hotel” or a “Jew club,” then all the
Jews abandon it – but they cannot take the
stigma with them. The place is known as “a
Jew place,” but lacks both Jew and Gentile
patronage as a result.
Jews overrule Congress
When Louis Marshall succeeded in
compelling by Jewish pressure and Jewish
threats the Congress of the United States to
break the treaty with Russia, he was laying
a train of causes which re sulted in a
pro lon ga tion of the war and the ut ter
subjugation of Russia. Russia serves the
world today as a living illustration of the
ruthlessness, the stupidity and the reality of
Jewish power – endless power, fanatically
mobilized for a vengeful end, but most
stupidly administered. Does Mr. Marshall
ever reflect on the grotesque stupidity of
Jewish leadership?
It is regretted that space does not permit
the publication here of the correspondence
between Mr. Marshall and Major G. H.
Putnam, the publisher, as set forth in the
annual report of the American Jewish
Committee. It illustrates quite vividly the
methods by which Mr. Marshall secures
the sup pres sion of books and other
publications which he does not like. Mr.
Marshall, assisted by factors which are
not mentioned in his letter, procured the
sup pres sion of the Pro to cols, af ter the
house of Putnam had them ready to
publish, and procured later the withdrawal
of a book on the Jewish Question which
had attracted wide attention both here and
in England.
Mr. Mar shall ap par ently has no
confidence in “absur dities” appear ing
absurd to the reader, nor of “lies” appearing
false; but he would constitute himself a
censor and a guide of public reading, as
well as of international legislation. If one
might hazard a guess – Mr. Marshall’s kind
of leadership is on the wane.
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
— Where we were and are —
How Muammar Gaddafi’s death reshaped destinies
By Phillip Butler
t is three years since Libyan dictator
Muammar Gaddafi was shot by National
Transitional Council (NTC) forces. That
fateful day when NATO intelligence and
military as sis tance spelled the end of a
dictator, the future of our world was also
reshaped forever.
Beyond Benghazi
Most Americans have forgotten all
about Gaddafi these days. As for Libya,
Hillary Clinton’s possible malfeasance
over the Benghazi incident is all one hears
now. The killing of the U. S. ambassador is
now a political football for opponents of
the Obama White House only. Whatever
the former Secretary’s role in the Libyan
Civil War may be, America’s role in the
“so-called” Arab Spring is monumental by
Of the flamboy ant, even no to ri ous,
Colonel Gaddafi, much was written on the
anniversary of his demise. Underneath the
drama of his longstanding impact on
Libya, and his antagonism of the Western
allies, his “removal” needs intense scrutiny
for the future impacts the event will have.
Gaddafi, a symbol of extremism and some
say evil on the one hand, was a stabilizing
factor across North Africa. America’s, and
the United Nations’ intervention in 2011,
as we see now, extended far past that desert
nation’s borders. Beyond the humanitarian
di sas ter in Libya, past the cor rup tion,
vio lence, and even the Western banks’
interference there, the world community
needs to look at how NATO’s meddling
has and will affect us all.
Muammar Gaddafi
Such was the damage inside the burnt U. S. consulate building in Benghazi on September 13, 2012,
following an attack on the building late on September 11 in which the U. S. ambassador to Libya and three
other U. S. nationals were killed.
(AFP Photo / Gianluigi Guercia)
in Saudi Arabia, not to mention more
complex and hazardous conflicts. Make no
mistake, this friction between the two
branches of Islam is key to the causes of
ISIL, and to America’s “new war” in Iraq
as well.
For those who remember when Russian
President Vladimir Putin’s mediation in late
2013 cut short the Obama administration’s
Syria intervention, Arab Spring has now
expanded to include Europe. In fact, it can
be said that the Arab Spring upheaval has
begun a long-term social transformation
marked by not only political turbulence
but vast economic problems and deadly
conflicts across the world. The positive
change these uprisings were “supposed to”
fos ter have so far not ended well for
citizens. The political and economic gains
that people in these countries foresaw
when Gaddafi and others were usurped are
farther off than ever now. But it’s worse.
What America and other nations at that
time instigated is appearing more like an
Arab fireball setting aflame everything in
its path than any “beacon of freedom.”
America is at war still, and on the threshold
of world war some insist.
(AFP Photo / Jose Luis Roca)
An Arab fireball
Regime change across the Middle East
was supposed to be a positive outcome,
from the Western perspective of the Arab
Spring. With the situation in Syria and Iraq
today though, we have a shining example
of how “intended” results can end as failed
foreign policy strategies. Unless the West
had intended to set the world on fire on
purpose, our role in these upheavals just
seems insane.
ISIL, as the American administration
likes to refer to it, is a manifestation of the
sectarian civil war in Syria, not to mention
shadowy CIA operations worldwide. For all
intents and purposes, the unrest the U. S.
and NATO fostered across North Africa
has now man i fested into a proxy war
be tween the Shia of Iran and the Sunni
Bold U. S. policy spike
When United Nations Security Council
Resolution 1970 sanctioned Libya and
Gaddafi, a precedent was set which further
embold ened Wash ing ton to es ca late, to
in ter vene. In ter estingly, in the orig inal
resolution Russia insisted on the move not
being used as a pretext for intervention.
Also, the “no-fly zone” instituted later,
which crip pled Gaddafi’s forces, was
initially rejected by the council. After the
“no-fly” restriction was enforced, the civil
war in Libya took on a complexion that
mimics what we’ve seen in Ukraine.
Gaddafi never recovered; the die was cast.
A ceasefire continued back and forth, then
shelling and civilian deaths ensued and a
general degrading of the situation in favor
of what the United States and Western
alliance policy realized. However, we see
now the costs of one Gaddafi gone may
equal tens of trillions in monetary damage,
and untold human suffering.
Today Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen are
staggered by continual civil war. In Egypt
one authoritarian rule has been replaced by
another. In fact, of all the nations stricken
by upheaval across the region, only Tunisia
seems to have survived, however tenuously.
As calm as Tunis seems by comparison,
just last month in Algeria police made an
unprecedented attempt to barge into the
country’s ailing president’s offices. President
Abdelaziz Bouteflika is a key ally in U. S.
efforts to bat tle ter ror ism in Af rica’s
larg est country. Countries to the south
bordering the North Africa nations have
been neg atively affected as well. The
Central African Republic (CAR), Sudan
and South Sudan appear ready to explode.
According to global risk analytics firm
Maplecroft, all-out war may be on the
horizon now in several sub-Saharan nations.
So, if United States foreign policy under
Bush and Obama has focused on worldwide
upheaval, then the world we live in today is
a symbol of superior leadership thinking
and intellect. Otherwise, suggestions we’re
led by madmen seem more feasible. As a
consequence of U. S. interference in the
world, hun dreds of mil lions are now
impacted negatively, Afghanistan to Tehran
and Timbuktu.
This anniversary of Muammar Gaddafi’s
execution begs the question; “Was Libya
and the world better off with him?” As
crazy as that sounds, what about American
taxpayers funding genocide in Gaza at the
hands of the Israelis, or promoting the
shelling of civilians from Damascus to
Donetsk? It is utter madness. Whether the
Obama ad min is tra tion is ar ro gant and
embold ened, or simply me di o cre and
incompetent, the effect on the world is the
same. Not many are freer than before
Gaddafi died; that’s for certain.
Arab Spring turns to Winter
Please don’t think for a moment the
Arab Spring was simply about some far off
Arabs in unnamed deserts. An Independent
article in February of this year compares
Syria and Ukraine as parallel geo-political
conflicts. By now, reasoning individuals
understand U. S. policy is nothing if not
focused on adversarial relationships. Just
why the United States today treats most
nations as either outright enemies, or at
best rivals, is anyone’s guess. Where trust
in the U. S. is concerned though, even the
E. U. now suffers from doubt. Sanctions
mimicking those imposed on Gaddafi,
enacted against Russia over speculation
alone, have cost Europeans dearly. Add to
this the lost opportunities had the U. S. and
E. U. followed through on promises to
North African nations economically, and
you’ve a chaotic recipe for worldwide
economic disaster. The E. U. lost a huge
opportunity not investing in Arab Spring
affected countries. Decades of instability
will likely follow. At behest of the Obama
administration, NATO and the U. N. blew
The Jewnighted States
Finally, if the Benghazi Select Committee
investigating Hillary Clinton is for real,
then Washington politicians had better
broaden their detective work to discover
how this administration has affected our
world posture overall. Has the will of the
people been served? Was our involvement
in Arab Spring in the best interests of the
people of the United States? When one of
the world’s most controversial and highly
divisive leaders represents more stability
than American democracy does, it’s high
time peo ple of the world ex amine our
definition of democratic reform. Instigating
wars, funding future terrorists, endlessly
attempting police actions around the world,
this in no way resembles free republics of
any sort. Defending freedom is one thing,
assassinating stability in favor of chaos
and impoverishment is quite another.
I was taken last week by an interview
given to CNBC by Russian Prime Minister
Dmitry Medvedev. In the interview he
was characteristically straightforward in
saying; “a reset of relations with the United
States is impossible.” The Prime Minister
also made a statement about U. S. President
Obama’s speech before the U. N. General
Assembly in which he labeled Russia a key
threat, second only to the deadly Ebola
virus and ahead of the terrorist threat posed
by Islamic State. Medvedev called the
speech commentary “sad; it’s like some
kind of mental aberration.”
Let me end by saying Americans once
thought Muammar Gaddafi unstable or
insane for his peculiar brand of authoritarian
rule. Now my country makes enemies
faster than friends, in a world dominated
by news of death, disease and chaos. When
Gaddafi was alive back in 2010, the Obama
White House sought a relations “reset”
with Russia which was highly publicized.
It appears to me NATO expansionism has
signaled a betrayal of the treaties signed
there. So who can blame Medvedev for
won der ing? Even in san ity has to be
considered when the world goes insane.
Phil Butler is a prolific technology, travel industry
and news journalist and editor. He’s also a partner at
one of Europe’s leading PR and digital marketing
firms, Pamil Visions PR. Phil contributes to the
Huffington Post, The Epoch Times in print and online,
and is a regular public relations analyst for Russia
Today as well as other international media.
Syria wants free trade zone
Syria has applied to be part of a free
A rebel fighter keeps watch over the Karm al-Jabal neighborhood of Syria’s northern city of Aleppo.
(AFP Photo / AMC / Zein Al-Rifai)
trade zone with Russia. The proposal will
be dis cussed at a Eur asian Eco nomic
Commission’s (EEC) session scheduled for
December 23.
Russian Deputy Economic Development
Minister Aleksey Likhachyov announced
on October 24 that Syrian authorities had
submitted an application earlier. He said
talks on forming a free trade zone had been
held before the war erupted in Syria.
“We have reached agreements in some
sectors that are of particular importance for
our country. And there are more hidden
op por tu ni ties that will let us de velop
further cooperation,” said Syrian Finance
Minister Ismail Ismail on the same day
dur ing a ses sion of the Rus sian-Syr ian
Intergovernmental Commission in Sochi.
The parties discussed bilateral projects
in the areas of trade, agriculture and energy,
TASS reported. Russian Deputy Prime
Minister Dmitry Rogozin stressed Russia
is willing to assist Syria. “Our government
has to provide personal support to all the
most important projects that exist in our
relationship,” he said, noting that this is the
case when economic cooperation is vital in
the struggle of the Syrian people.
— Where we were and are —
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
His stance on Russia puts Obama’s sanity in doubt
cancellation of this policy there can be no
return to partnership.
The Russian Prime Minister
has suggested that Obama’s
charges against Russia were
caused by a “brain aberration”
and added that such rheto ric
saddened him.
“I am very upset by the fact
that Pres i dent Obama, while
speak ing from the United
Nations’ podium and listing the
threats and challenges humanity
is currently facing, put Ebola in
first place, the Russian Federation
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, left, gives interview to
sec ond and the Is lamic State CNBS
in Moscow. Right: journalist Geoff Cutmore.
orga ni za tion was only in the
(RIA Novosti / Ekaterina Shtukina)
third place. I don’t even want to comment
on this; this is some sort of aberration in
the brain,” Dmitry Medvedev said in an
interview with CNBC television.
5,000-ton Russian cargo ship has
Demands fair play
docked at the northern Iranian port of
The top Russian official stressed that Astara in the Caspian Sea, in what has been
his country was not isolating itself from the first such event in this Iranian port’s
the rest of the world, but sought mutually history.
Rasoul Bahrami, the manager of Astara
beneficial cooperation with foreign nations.
“We want to communicate with all civilized Port, said the ship, Pyotr Strelkov, carrying
peoples on friendly grounds. Of course, 1,175 packs of raw medium-density fiberthis includes our partners from the United board (MDF) entered the port in Gilan
States of America, but for this the situation Province on October 16.
He noted that the cargo vessel had left
must be leveled,” Medvedev said.
However, the Russian Prime Mimister the Russian port of Astrakhan three weeks
also noted that the Western sanctions have earlier.
Bahrami added that 40 cargo vessels
inflicted considerable damage to Russia’s
cooperation with the U. S., and without have loaded and unloaded more than
Cooler heads will prevail
“Let us be frank; it was not us who
in vented these sanc tions. They were
invented by our partners in the international
community. As our saying goes, let God
be their judge. Without any doubt we can
survive these sanctions, I am sure that
sometime later the sanctions will evaporate,
simply cease to exist. But there is no doubt
that they have dealt some damage to our
Medvedev ruled out the possibility of
an immediate reset in relations between
Rus sia and the West, add ing that he
expected the process to be composed of at
least two stages.
“What sort of reset can there be under
such conditions? We must first distance
from all this and re turn to a nor mal
position, at least to the starting position,
and only then can we start elaborating on
the development of relations in the future,”
he said.
If America must reject trade
The Rus sian Prime Min is ter also
stressed that Russia can and will find new
part ners for rou tine trade and nor mal
investment projects.
Strengthening neighborly trade ties
bans against Russia over the crisis in
Ukraine have prompted Teh ran and
Moscow to boost economic cooperation.
Not exactly helpless
Russian ship Pyotr Strelkov
100,000 tons of goods at the port since
March 2014.
Unilateral sanctions imposed on Iran’s
banking sector by the United States and the
European Union over Tehran’s nuclear
energy program as well as recent Western
Iran and Russia also plan to establish a
joint bank as an effort to boost bilateral
trade and bypass sanctions on the Islamic
Republic’s banking sector.
Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and
Russian President Vladimir Putin have
held four meetings on different occasions
after the Iranian president took office in
In September, Iran and Russia agreed to
use national currencies in bilateral trade.
Constitutional money must be backed by silver or gold
No State shall… make any Thing
but gold and silver Coin a Tender
in Payment of Debts…”
– Article I, Section 10
The issues in this case were simple.
There was no material dispute of the facts
for the Jury to resolve.
Plaintiff admitted that it, in combination
with the fed eral Re serve Bank of
Minneapolis, which are for all practical
purposes, because of their interlocking
activity and practices, and both being
Banking Institutions Incorporated under
the Laws of the United States, are in the
Law to be treated as one and the same
Bank, did create the entire $14,000.00 in
money or credit upon its own books by
book keeping entry. That this was the
Consideration used to support the Note
dated May 8, 1964 and the Mortgage of the
same date. The money and credit first came
into existence when they created it. Mr.
Morgan admitted that no United States
Law Statute existed which gave him the
right to do this. A lawful consideration
must exist and be tendered to support the
Note. See Anheuser-Busch Brew ing
Company v. Emma Mason, 44 Minn. 318,
46 N.W. 558. The Jury found that there was
no consideration and I agree. Only God can
create something of value out of nothing.
Even if Defendant could be charged
with waiver or estoppel as a matter of Law
this is no defense to the Plaintiff. The Law
leaves wrongdoers where it finds them.
See sections 50, 51 and 52 of Am Jur 2nd
“Actions” on page 584 – “no action will lie
to recover on a claim based upon, or in any
man ner de pend ing upon, a fraud u lent,
illegal or immoral transaction or contract
to which Plaintiff was a party.”
Plaintiff’s act of creating credit is not
The First Freedom is spreading “hate!” whine
those who misapprehend us survivors. It’s really
out of pity that we try so hard to de-program the
brainwashed. Order a box of 100 extra copies for
$35 or $40 on page 24 and help distribute the truth.
authorized by the Constitution and Laws of
the United States, is unconstitutional and
void, and is not a lawful consideration in
the eyes of the Law to support any thing or
upon which any lawful right can be built.
Nothing in the Constitution of the United
States limits the jurisdiction of this Court,
which is one of original Jurisdiction with
right of trial by Jury guaranteed. This is a
Common Law action. Minnesota cannot
limit or impair the power of this Court to
render Complete Justice between the
parties. Any provisions in the Constitution
and laws of Minnesota which attempt to do
so is repugnant to the Constitution of the
United States and void. No question as to
the Jurisdiction of this Court was raised by
either party at the trial. Both parties were
given complete liberty to submit any and
all facts to the Jury, at least in so far as they
saw fit.
No complaint was made by Plaintiff that
Plaintiff did not receive a fair trial. From
the admissions made by Mr. Morgan the
path of duty was direct and clear for the
Jury. Their Verdict could not reasonably
have been otherwise. Justice was rendered
completely and without denial, promptly
and without delay, freely and without
purchase, conformable to the laws in this
Court of December 7, 1968.
December 9, 1968
Justice of the Peace
Credit River Township
Scott County, Minnesota
No more debt “currency” out of thin air
The following commentary is by
Defendant Jerome Daly approving
Justice Mahoney’s memorandum.
he above Judgment was entered by
the Court on December 9, 1968. The issue
there was simple. Nothing in the law gave
the Banks the right to create money on
their books. The Bank filed a Notice of
Appeal within 10 days. The Appeals statutes
must be strictly followed, otherwise the
District Court does not acquire Jurisdiction
upon Appeal. To effect the Appeal the
Bank had to deposit $2.00 with the Clerk
within 10 days for payment to the Justice
when he made his return to the District
Court. The Bank depos ited two $1.00
Federal Reserve Notes. The Justice refused
the Notes and refused to allow the Appeal
upon the grounds that the Notes were
unlawful and void for any purpose. The
Decision is addressed to the legality of
these Notes and the Fed eral Reserve
Sys tem.
The Cases of Edwards v. Kearnzey and
Craig v. Missouri set out in the decision
should be studied very carefully as they
bear on the inviolability of Contracts. This
is the crux of the whole issue.
Zimbabwean “money”
Special notation
Justice Mahoney denied the use of
Federal Reserve Notes, since they represent
debt instruments, not true money, from
being used to pay for the appeal process
itself. In order to get this overturned, since
the bank’s appeal without the payment
being recognized was out of time, it would
have required that the Bank of Montgomery,
Minnesota, bring a Title 42, Section 1983,
action against the judicial act of Justice
Mahoney for a violation of the Constitution
of the United States under color of law or
authority, and if successful, have the case
remanded back to him to either retry the
case or allow the appeal to go through. But
the corrupt individuals behind the bank(s)
were unable to ever elicit such a decision
from any federal court due to the fact that
because of their vile hatred for him and
what he had done to them and their little
Queen’s Scheme, had him murdered (same
as them murdering him) just about six
months later. And so, the case stands, just
as it was. Amazingly, if they hadn’t been
so arrogant about the value of their federal
reserve notes and paid the Justice just two
measly silver dollars, or else four measly
half dollars, or else eight measly quarters,
or else twenty measly dimes, or else forty
measly nickels, or else two hundred measly
pennies, they could have had their appeal
and would not have had to get blood on
their hands.
As it is, they are now known for their
bloody ways, and the day will come when
the American people reap vengeance upon
them for such a heinous and villainous act.
Ebola hits the Big Apple?
Dr. Craig Spencer, having returned to
New York City from Africa 10 days earlier,
was rushed in an ambulance with a police
escort from his Harlem home to Bellevue
Hospital on October 23, sources said. He
was suffering from Ebola-like symptoms –
a 103-degree fever and nausea. While he
was in Africa, the doctor had been treating
Ebola patients in Guinea. He’s undergoing
testing at Bellevue to see if he has the
deadly virus, sources said.
I just did a google search for this story. It
is being carried in small media outlets
Business Insider Australia and WPIX-TV,
and even in the Daily Mail in the UK, but
not a word in any major American media
Is a one dollar “note” backed by a Silver Dollar?
The First Freedom
— MLK Boulevard —
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
Whites stay armed; it’s unsafe at State capitol
Race War! Four Black males
open fire on two White State Reps
in Pennsylvania!
Two White male Pennsylvania State
Reps, both Democrats, were leaving the
State capitol when four Blacks males
opened fire on them. It was a completely
unprovoked attack right down the street
from the State capitol. The four Black
males saw two White guys in suits and decided that it would be fun to try to murder
The thugs walked up to them, and one
pointed a gun at the head of representatives late Tuesday night, October
Rep. Ryan Bizzarro. That is 14, in Harrisburg, according to police.
when Rep.
“Jamani Ellison, 17;
Marty Flynn
Jyair Leonard, 15; Derek
saved both of their lives
Anderson, 17 and Zha-quan
by pulling out his own
McGhee, 15, have been
con cealed hand gun.
charged with attempted
Flynn exchanged fire with
ho mi cide, con spir acy,
the thug. Then Flynn
rob bery, ag gra vated
chased the gunman and
as sault,
reck lessly
“sacked him.”
endangering and carrying
Flynn said he could
a firearm without a
tell the as sail ants were
license, according to a
up to no good as they
news release issued by
ap proached him. (The
police in Harrisburg.
Left calls this “ra cial
“House Democratic
pro fil ing.”)
Caucus spokesman Bill
Patton said State Rep.
“Four teenagers have
Marty Flynn, D-Scranton,
been charged with the
and State Rep. Ryan
State Rep. Flynn saved both of their
attempted homicide and lives by returning fire with a concealed Bizzarro, D-Erie, were
rob bery of two State handgun.
walking from the Capitol
to the house they stay in when
they were approached by
their assailants.
“The incident happened between North
Second and Third streets, around 11 PM
near the 200 block of Herr Street, police
Good gun control
“Po lice said one of the teens pointed
a gun at the head of Bizzarro, moments
before the suspects and Flynn exchanged
“‘Shots were exchanged between the
suspects and the victim and the robbery
suspects then fled the area. The suspects
were located a few blocks away and were
positively identified by the victims. A third
suspect, who was in their company, was
charged as an accomplice in the robbery. A
fourth, Zha-Quan McGhee was arrested at
his home, after a follow up investigation,’
according to the news release.”
More happenings on MLK Boulevard than space for here
Black is suspected of abducting,
raping and – in separate crimes –
killing one of two White women.
s investigators are now determining
whether a skull and bones discovered
behind an abandoned Central Virginia
home on October 18 are those of Hannah
Graham, a lone suspect in her disappearance
has been indicted in an assault from almost
a de cade ago – a case that po lice say
forensically links him to another female
college student who vanished from the
same area as Graham.
included attempted murder and abduction.
According to the indictment, Matthew,
32, “did feloniously, willfully, deliberately,
intentionally and with premeditation attempt
to kill (the victim) in the commission of or
subsequent to an abduction with the intent
to defile.”
Morgan Harrington, another victim of the Black
rapist, was found dead in January 2009.
First clues
The then-26-year-old victim in that
attack was able to pro vide enough of a
de tailed descrip tion to yield a po lice
Preliminary charges
Jesse Matthew was indicted by a grand
jury in Fairfax, Virginia on October 20 for
the 2005 sexual assault on charges that also
sketch, one that years later would link
Matthew to the case of Morgan Harrington,
the Virginia Tech student who vanished in
Charlottesville in October 2009.
Harrington was found dead the following
January. Police at the time said “forensic
evidence” linked the two cases.
Fairfax County prosecutor Ray Morrogh
said on October 20 that he could not
comment on how this investigation and
indictment relates to the Harrington or
Gra ham cases, but said “the facts and
details will be revealed in the judicial
Jim Camblos, Matthew’s Charlottesville
attorney in the Graham case, declined to
comment when reached by CNN.
Jess Matthew is prime suspect for the abduction
of Hannah Gra ham, whose pos si ble body has
recently been found.
Her visit to the zoo
Surveillance camera captures vicious
hate crime mob attack against a White
female. If the races had been reversed,
this would have been a national news
rown Heights has been one of the epicenters
of ra cially mo ti vated Black-on-White mob
attacks for a while now. On October 2, a White
female was walking by herself when three Black
males attack and brutally pummel her.
The sickening racially motivated hate crime
left the victim hospitalized with a broken nose
and lacerations.
It appears that the media completely
censored this hate crime mob attack. It
wasn’t until police released the video on
Oc to ber 20th, and some one posted it
All-out race War! Black men
on line, that this story saw the light of and woman attack White people as
day. Even then, the major media outlets they leave the Rams game.
censored the race of the victim and called it
“a robbery.”
any leaders of the Ferguson protest
Only the went out and crowd have been calling for racial violence
interviewed the victim. The woman is 21- against White people. A panel on MSNBC
year-old Gwendolyn Reyes who is trying urged Ferguson protesters to go to White
to make it as a model in NYC.
“safe havens” and make White people feel
As White people left following the
Rams/Seahawks game, Black men and
women screamed profanities and racial
slurs. They spit on White peo ple and
The people of Italy have had enough of this filthy simian enrichment. The racialist right is gaining
support at an exponential rate, as Europeans awaken from their slumber. –
And the media drumbeat goes on
physically attacked multiple victims. At
least two of whom were injured.
Police moved in to contain the violence.
Two perps, a mother and daughter, were
arrested for spitting on and punching a
White female.
The First Freedom is spreading “hate!” whine
those who misapprehend us survivors. It’s really
out of pity that we try so hard to de-program the
brainwashed. Order a box of 100 extra copies for
$35 or $40 on page 24 and help distribute the truth.
Will you SHARE
The First Freedom
with someone,
or just keep all this to yourself
This White female was attacked by a Black
mother/daughter team. The perps were arrested.
MSNBC urged Blacks to go to White “safe havens” and make White people feel “uncomfortable.”
Others in Ferguson have simply called for violent attacks on White people.
— More profiling —
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
League’s Cartersville and Calhoun immigration protests
By Michael Cushman
n Saturday, October 18, the League
of the South held demonstrations near
Rome, Georgia, in the towns of Cartersville
and Calhoun. This area in particular, as
well as north Georgia in general, has been
flooded with Third World immi grants,
primarily Mexicans and other Hispanics,
resulting in profound social, cultural and
demographic change, formerly Southern
areas being repopulated by immigrants.
One result of this influx of Third World
immigrants is the dramatic rise in poverty
here. Another has been the tide of Hispanic
street gangs and violent crime. Given the
advent of these social problems brought on
by open-borders Third World immigration,
it was unsurprising that the several dozen
demonstrators were warmly received by
the vast majority of local Southerners,
many of whom signaled their support for
the League’s message of “Immigration
hurts Southern workers.”Very few locals
voiced any disagreement with the message.
On the other hand, many of the Hispanic
immigrants passing by the demonstrations
re acted in an ger. Some used ob scene
gestures while others shouted angrily out
of their car win dows at the South ern
Nationalists. One immigrant, identifying
himself as a gang member (MS-13 is now a
problem in the area), stopped and insulted
the demonstrators. Near the end of these
protests a Mexican woman stopped and
tried to argue with protesters.
Then a couple of cars full of young
Hispanic males pulled in behind her and
began insulting the local Southern people
of the area, calling them “lazy,” among
other things. The Mexican woman insisted
it was “racist” to defend the interests of
Southerners and oppose their demographic
replacement. She and her fellow immigrants
shouted in an ger and for a short time
refused to move their vehicles, blocking in
the demonstrators who were attempting to
While the League members refused to
argue with those Mexicans, at one point the
woman asked, “What do you want?”
She heard it from a League organizer:
“We want you to leave – preferably our
Whereupon the Mexican woman became
ex tremely irate, in sulted the South ern
Na tion alists and in sisted, “We are not
going to leave.”
She and the cars full of Hispanic males
did leave though, and the event ended
without further con flict. Several local
Southerners stopped to inquire about the
League and voiced their approval for the
demonstrations. The picture of a polarized
community emerged: local Southerners
who oppose the Mexican influx versus
His panic immi grants who op pose any
display of Southern solidarity.
Italy: “Stop the invasion! Stop Mare Nostrum!”
English translation exclusive for TFF
By Richard Noegel
[email protected]
Compiled from reports by
with this. The situation in Italy has become
insupportable, with nine million Italians
living below the poverty level; with a
youth unemployment rate of 40%; and
with Italian retirees living beneath bridges
or in their cars, while illegal African and
Arab immigrants are housed and fed at
public expense and given 40 Euros (about
U. S. $50) per day “pocket money.” And
this is while unemployed ethnic Italians
receive only 240 Euros per month.
Danielle Borer & Bernard Migy
On Sat ur day af ter noon,
October 18, 2014, a crowd of
approximately 100,000 persons gathered in the Piazza del
Duomo (Cathedral Plaza) in
Mi lan, It aly, to “ Stop the
invasion!” The demonstration, organized
by the League of the North (Lega Nord),
“administration” of illegal immigrants
from Af rica, was also a fo cus of the
demonstrators’ anger. The atmosphere in
the piazza was congenial. There was no
violence, no disturbances.
Doing something about it
The League of the North, guided by
charismatic new leader Matteo Salvini,
staged a hugely successful demonstration
showing that the Italian people are fed up
illustrated the anger of the Italian people
over the invasion of their country by illegal
immigrants from Africa. Between 800 and
1,000 illegals per day arrive in Italy on
impromptu flotillas on the Mediterranean
Sea, the ancient Roman name for which
was Mare Nostrum, or “our sea.”
Mare Nostrum, now the name of an
Ital ian gov ern ment agency for the
As space for housing them decreases,
the “refugees” are more and more often
being housed at public expense in threestar hotels. Nevertheless, they are still not
content. They frequently take to the streets
of Ital ian cit ies to complain about the
quality of the food they are given and to
demand “African food,” among other
The demonstrators in Milan had some
demands of their own. They demanded the
ab o lition of this gov ern ment’s Mare
Nostrum agency. Currently, it is the policy
of the Italian government to send the
Italian Navy into the Mediterranean in
search of the flo til las of illegals, even
beyond Italian territorial waters. The
League of the North points out that the
invasion affects not Italy alone, but also
her neighbors, mainly France, Switzerland
and Germany.
It is hoped that this strong mobilization
in Mi lan will have some influence on
such bewildering policies by the Italian
government, but, if not, the League’s
leader, Matteo Salvini, has promised to go
Go, Dutch !
By Paul Fromm
For example, immigrants will be required
to learn the Dutch lan guage, and the
government will take a tougher approach
to immigrants who ignore Dutch values or
disobey Dutch law.
[email protected]
o, Dutch! . . . But why wait
until 2015?
The Netherlands, where six
per cent of the population is now
Muslim, is finally about to scrap
The Dutch government says it
will abandon the long-standing
model of multiculturalism that
has encouraged so many Muslim
immigrants to create a parallel
society within the Netherlands.
A new integration bill, which
Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner
presented to parliament on June 16, reads:
“The government shares
the social dissatisfaction over
the multi cul tural so ci ety
model and plans to shift
priority to the values of the
Dutch people.”
In the new integration system, the values
of Dutch society play a central role.
A return to what works
With this change, the government steps
away from the model of a multicultural
The letter continues: “A more
obligatory integration is justified
be cause the gov ern ment also
demands that from its own citizens.”
It is necessary because otherwise the
society gradually grows apart and eventually
no one feels at home anymore in the
The new integration policy will place
more demands on immigrants.
The government will also stop offering
special subsidies for Muslim immigrants
because, according to Donner;
“It is not the gov ern ment’s job to
integrate immigrants.” (How bloody true).
The government will introduce new
legislation that outlaws forced marriages
and will also impose tougher measures
against Muslim immigrants who lower
their chances of employment by the way
they dress.
More specifically, the gov ernment
imposed a ban on face-covering, Islamic
burqas as of January 1, 2014.
Holland has done that whole liberal
thing, and realized – maybe too late – that
creating a Nation of tribes will kill the
Nation itself.
The future of Australia, the U. K., U. S.,
Canada and New Zealand may well be read
Muslim immigrants leave their countries
of birth because of civil and political unrest
…created by the very nature of that culture.
Countries like Holland, Canada, the U. S.,
U. K., Australia and New Zealand have an
established way of life that actually works,
so why embrace the unwork able? If
Muslims do not wish to accept another
culture, the answer is simple; “Stay where
you are!”
This gives a whole new meaning to the
term, “Dutch Courage” ... Unfortunately
Australian, U. K., U. S., Canadian, and
New Zealand politicians don’t have the
guts to do the same. There’s a whole lot of
truth here!
Elections are coming!
A Republic if you can keep it
A Nation of sheep breeds a government
of wolves!
Let’s Take a Stand!
Borders: Closed!
Language: English!
Culture: The Constitution and our Bill
of Rights!
No freebies to non-citizens! We the
people are coming!
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
— Decision time —
Scotland’s vote: what happened and why it matters
By Gregory Kay
[email protected]
any of us in the Southern Nationalist
Move ment watched the
Scot tish ref er en dum on
independence with great
interest. Part of the reason
is that most of us have at
least a few ancestors who
came from there, but the
other part is that we knew
instinctively we could learn
from it, and, boy, was it a
useful lesson, both in the
similarities as well as the differences.
Comparatively speaking
For starters, the Scots are the U. K.’s
“South ern ers.” Not geo graph ically, of
course, but culturally; they’re the first ones
to be mocked and maligned, to be the butt
of every joke, to be accused of taking more
than they give in the social safety net, and
yet are inevitably the first to come charging
toward the sound of the guns when Britain,
like the U. S., gets involved in yet another
endless war of empire. Scots, no different
from Southerners, have traditionally been
the backbone of their occupier’s armies,
whether it be from a fighting spirit or just
the conditioned desire of a brainwashed
people wishing to please their masters so
they will finally be accepted. They’ve been
occupied for 120 years longer than we
have, so perhaps it’s not surprising at this
point that over twice as many of them want
independence than do Southerners: 45%
(not exactly, but more on that in a moment)
compared to about 20% of Southerners,
according to recent polls. So, in essence,
the Scottish referendum can teach us some
lessons about what to do, which tactics to
use and the obstacles we’ll face, along with
illusions we’d better get rid of right now.
There have been Scottish Nationalists
since England and Scotland joined in the
United Kingdom, especially after the effort
to place “Bonnie Prince Charlie” Stuart on
the joint kingdom’s throne was drowned in
blood on Culloden Moor, and particularly
following the Highland Proscriptions that
came afterward: Scotland’s version of our
Reconstruction. Their scarlet history with
England certainly provided material to
base a Nationalist movement on, but its
growth was languid, so slow many thought
it an empty dream. Part of what kept them
going was the example of Ireland, less than
fifteen miles away across the water. Some
used to say a free Ireland was an empty
dream, too, and so it would have been had
the Irish not possessed a stubborn, violent
streak that refused to knuckle under for
800 years, finally proving it could be done
if a people wanted freedom badly enough.
Less determined
Unlike the Irish two-pronged model of
politics and paramilitary action, the Scots
went a purely political route, concentrating
on work instead of working while fighting.
As a result their accumulation of power
was gradual, but they managed because,
unlike the U. S., the U. K. had had its fill of
internal violence with the Irish struggle for
independence and, wishing no repeat in the
Scottish north lands, began throwing the
Scots political bones such as referendums
and the devolution of certain powers from
London to Edinburgh. The leading Scottish
Nationalist group – the Scottish National
Party – used it, along with another strategy,
The First Freedom is spreading “hate!” whine
those who misapprehend us survivors. It’s really
out of pity that we try so hard to de-program the
brainwashed. Order a box of 100 extra copies for
$35 or $40 on page 24 and help distribute the truth.
to secure and expand their own power base
until they became the de facto spokesman
for Scotland. Their other strategy? They
understood the mood not only
of their hardcore Nationalist
base, but of Scots in general,
and then tailored their politics
Like it or not, the majority of
today’s Scots lean a little more
to the left than the Eng lish,
despite the English themselves
being to the left of American
Democrats, but that’s neither
here nor there. They saw the public mood,
tapped into that and ran with it, achieving a
better result under the circumstances than
most people could’ve imagined.
Although the Scottish National Party
bound together a politically diverse base
ranging from starry-eyed youngsters who
were more likely to support independence
(and they had already used those devolved
powers in lowering the voting age to 16) to
right wing Nationalists so hardcore the
British labeled them “Nazis” all the way to
wild-eyed leftists, they ran on a platform of
nationalistic emotion, pride in Scotland,
nuclear disarmament, nationalization of
the oil industry and the breakup of the big
banks, with oil and gas payments going to
the citizens.
There was a lot to like there, but not
everybody was buying, and London, the
banksters and big business did their best to
see to it that those voting didn’t buy it.
At home in the comfort zone
First they enlisted the myopic Scottish
“patriotards,” not too unlike a common
species we have in the South. You know
the ones I’m talking about, who recognize
Dixie as a distinct Nation, but only under
the power and control of D. C. Its version
across the pond regards the Union Jack the
same way ours views the Stars and Stripes:
“My father/grandfather/whatever fought
under that flag!” and so on and so forth,
steadfastly clinging to the Union with all
the desperate tenacity of a born serf.
Next, they went after the cowards. “If
Britain leaves, Russia, China or Al Qaeda
will invade Scotland and take
over!” This argu ment would
ob vi ously only con vince a
complete idiot, one having no
knowl edge of in ter na tional
af fairs; but, un for tu nately,
Scotland has its share of those
the same as we, and a small but
significant number of Chicken
Littles promptly ran in panicked
cir cles fully con vinced that
independence meant waking up
with Vladimir Putin sharing the
Fol low ing that, de spite an ex cel lent
economic plan put forth by the SNP, the
British brought out their big business guns
and pulled out all the stops, appealing to
the easiest demographic of all: the greedy.
With carefully cooked figures they claimed
to “show” that Scotland would be bankrupt
within a few years, and that the Scots must
lose their generous benefits including free
health care and their version of So cial
Security. The elderly and many middle
aged females promptly went apoplectic,
turning their backs on the very idea of
cutting Mother England’s apron strings as
“too risky.”
Finally, Britannia put to use their secret
weapon, a certain class of the Scottish
As anyone who has hung around the
Southern National Movement for a length
of time knows well, some “Nationalists,”
while using the word, don’t have a clue
what it means. Those who strive for blood
and soil, standing for their native culture,
are Nationalists. Those whose worldview
is hitched irrevocably to some particular
political philosophy are not Nationalists
but politicians, no matter what they call
themselves. Despite the glaringly obvious
fact that a yes vote only meant that there
would be elections in 2017 to determine
who and what parties would lead Scotland,
these guys got it into their heads (or, far
more likely, were paid to get it into their
heads) to haunt the internet, loudly and
endlessly proclaiming to all and sundry
that a successful bid for independence
would only put “the socialists” in charge.
Seriously; what does anyone think the
U. K. is if not a socialist country? So it was
far better to live under Britannia’s heel
than undertake such a risk as governing
themselves. In other words, Scots are too
stupid to be trusted in making their own
decisions. Doesn’t sound very Nationalist
to me!
Then entered the Doo-Dah Parade of
the totally pro-British radical Protestant
Orange Order marching and threatening
violence. These are the equivalent of some
of our so-called “patriot groups” here, who
worship the Union rather than the people
and would attack secessionists who looked
like they had any chance of success. Oddly
enough, the Orange protests put them
squarely in bed with the Pope of Rome,
generally their arch enemy, but who also
came out against Scottish independence.
Not to mention the U. S., of course; Obama
had to stick his wide brown nose into the
fray in opposition as well, which is not
surprising, considering that the U. K. is
widely considered America’s poodle, so
maybe he did have a dog in that fight after
Balking points
Still, the polls weren’t going Britain’s
way, so they tried another old fashioned
method: bribery. “If you just stay within
the Kingdom, we’ll give you all these new
powers so you can rule yourselves.” In
fact, Prime Minister Cameron virtually
promised them the moon and stars, so
much so that Parliament stood aghast, and
several members quickly pointed out there
was no way they could follow through on
that, especially when Wales spoke up and
declared that, if the U. K. gave that much to
Scotland, they’d darned well better give it
to the Welsh too, or they just might have a
second independence referendum on their
hands. Of course, the Scots would have all
of that and more if they went independent,
but it did convince a few more of those too
cowardly to risk freedom. Still, the election
was too close to call, so the British took a
page out of the American political play
They cheated.
Several people were discovered voting
multiple times, and, in one par ticu larly
blatant case, a vote counter was literally
caught on film switching stacks of YES
votes into the NO pile. At first the British
denied it, then they said that since the
source was the Russian press and since the
video had been taken by a Russian film
crew, it wasn’t reliable, finally falling back
on the assertion she was just removing
YES votes to the NO pile temporarily for
some unknown reason.
So the Scots lost… for now.
Their new battle cry
45% of Scots voted for independence; a
remarkable number, considering that one
of the most important years in Scottish
history is “The ’45,” referring to the defeat
of the Stuart forces on Culloden Moor, and,
where “Yes!” was the former SNP slogan,
the new one is “45!” its double meaning
ringing a loud bell and provoking a
knee-jerk reaction in the heart of every
Scot. Then, after pointing out the cheating,
the lying and the fact that Britain would do
literally anything to prevent them from an
honest victory, they switched to a new
strategy. “We’re not going to demand a
recount; instead, we demand you follow
through with everything you promised!”
Secession remains viable
Which is something impossible for the
London liars to do, and it’s already in the
preliminary planning stages for another
referendum when they fail to deliver, thus
handing the SNP an enormous propaganda
stick to beat them about the head and
shoulders with. Also, following that failed
referendum, within two weeks the SNP’s
membership had jumped six-fold. Very
likely, when (and not if) there is another
referendum, assuming the fraud
can be stopped independence
will almost be a given.
So, what can we Southern
Nationalists learn from all this?
First, that we’re unlikely to get
any will ing agree ment for a
referendum; the U. S. is not as
free in that regard as the U. K.
We need to make them become
willing to allow it, if need be as
an alternative to the threat of
worse things. Once they allow
that opener, they’ll have to face
others. If nothing else, a credible threat of
unrest or a rising demand for independence
may force Washington to devolve more
powers to us.
Second, we need to study the methods
of the Scottish Nationalists and those who
oppose them, initially to learn what works
and doesn’t, also what we will face, so as to
have plans ready tailored to suit our own
people. And we should come up with a
strategy to stop vote fraud in its tracks.
Third, and finally, we need to take heart
from this effort; freedom is possible, if we
want it badly enough.
Russia tells E. U. to stay out of Moldova
Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs
Sergei Lavrov warned the European Union
on October 20 against trying to impose a
Ukrainian style scenario in Moldova as
there would be serious consequences of
such a move; the Russian foreign minister
said this at the ruling United Russia party
event in Moscow.
According to Russia’s foreign minister,
interference in Moldova’s internal affairs
by the Eu ro pean Un ion would fur ther
damage already tense relations between
Russia and the West. Lavrov believes the
western powers are planning to introduce a
Ukrainian style scenario in the Republic of
Moldova because the Transnistrian region
is seeking to separate from Moldova.
Lavrov called the E. U. plan to sign an
association treaty with the Republic of
Moldova contrary to Russian interests.
Such a move would pre vent the re gion
of Transnistria from joining the RussiaBelarus-Kazakhstan customs union and
the Eurasian Economic Association.
The breakaway region of Transnistria
unilaterally declared independence from
Moldova in 1990.
The Dniester Republic has every right to
define its own future if Moldova’s neutral
status changes, as the treaty signed to settle
the sta tus of Transnistria in cludes this
option according to Lavrov.
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1) “Interracial Marriage - Right or Wrong?”
Mixed race offspring have lower IQ, goes
against nature and Biblical law.
2) “Martin Luther King Holiday Should
Be Repealed.” FBI files document his
Communist ties.
3) “Kosher Food Tax Raises Food Prices.”
Every food item featuring a “K” or “U”
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Your signed letter with phone number and address is welcome, but will be edited as necessary to fit available
space. Send to The First Freedom, P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576 or email [email protected]
Well, glory be! Today’s paper carried a
picture of Robert E. Lee’s slaves. Here are
four women dressed in beautiful hoop
skirts and ballroom clothes, women who
were pivotal in preserving the archives of
George Washington and the home of Robert
E. Lee from warring Union soldiers!
Where are the chains and dungeons and
trees decorated with the remains of slaves!
Where are the fancied shackled ones who
es caped from their pris ons to join the
underground railway?
As the article stated, this is something
for historians to learn from. As for me, I
would rather be a slave of Robert E. Lee
or Washington than the Social Security
System or the Department of Safety. How
are their slaves marked?
Dayton, TN
I especially admired your excellent
commentary, “Nobody becomes enslaved
unwillingly.” I also like the full range of
opinions offered in The First Freedom. I
finally believe that if this country continues
on its current path, there will be a greater
focus on the secessionist movement.
I view the threat posed by Islam as a
scourge upon this Nation. While political
correctness is prevalent, where Muslims
are involved, it is more than just political
correctness. I sense a growing fear among
many, a fear of being branded with some
form of a derogatory label – Islamophobe,
racist, bigot, etc., comes to mind. Many are
fearful of violence from the jihadist strain
of militant Islam.
This scourge can be soundly defeated by
exercising unfettered, politically incorrect
and informed free speech. Again, I thank
you for your diligent exercise of the First
Port Haywood, VA
Our White Nation must stop the flood
Mideasterners, Africans and Mexicans,
send them home and be more alert to the
Ashkenazis stirring them up against us.
We hear the promises of our candidates
to fix a bankrupt Social Security system
and retirement system. Well, Adolf Hitler
ac tu ally did it! Moth ers and chil dren
became a high priority, free health care for
everyone, not at the taxpayers’ expense. I
would like to live by example and allow
someone of my kindred White Germanic
race who believes in Primitive Christianity
to live in my large country home on ten
acres with spring-fed creek 12 miles from
Andalusia, Alabama, no neighbor in sight.
How does free rent sound? All inquiries
will be answered.
TONY DuPREE 120528
253 SE Corrections Way
Lake City, FL 32025
I read with interest the article written by
Sarah Jean Seaman of in the
October issue on the subject of educating
illegal aliens in our public schools and the
burden it places upon the budgets of our
school systems.
In stating that “communities are required
by law to educate illegal immigrants in
public school” she is mistaken. What the
law actually says, unless it has changed
recently, is that States may lose federal
funding if they don’t comply with the law
on educating all within their districts. It’s
the lie that school boards nationwide have
been led to believe and, by association, so
have we all. It’s not unlike our public and
private hospitals which proudly display
signage telling us the law requires them to
treat and stabilize anyone who comes thru
the doors regardless of ability to pay. Again,
what the law (EMTALA) actually says is
that the hospital may lose federal funding
(read, “Medicare/Obamacare) if it fails to
treat those who cannot pay. I’ve personally
raised these issues to school boards and
hospital administrators, but they have all
sold out. Lies, lies and more lies.
Lumberton, NC
Stan Rittenhouse has a simple way to
remove Obama from the White House
directly to jail. He’s the author of For Fear
of the Jews, 1982. Bottom line, lying on a
resume warrants being removed from any
position: Congress, Senate, Judges, etc.
Since Obama has committed treason
and numerous criminal felonies, he and his
cohorts deserve the death penalty.
For a longer route to remove Obama, a
man from Georgia explained on the Joyce
Riley program, send pertinent information
to the Attorney General who can demand
Obama step down. Would TFF compile
the info we should submit to the AG?
Woodford, VA
The Kenyan will step down or be shot
down only when the Jewish cabal orders
it, likewise “his” AG and entire cabinet.
Please do not send the paper to me till I
let you know it is OK. The Post Office has
been closed for weeks now and they talk of
not reopening till middle 2015! Yes, you
read correctly 2015. It can be that some
miracle happens; it can be sooner rather
than later. There is no money to pay the
personnel so something must be sorted out,
whatever that may mean.
I am upset that I do not get my books
and newspapers, but must tell you honestly
if this situation can bring the total collapse
of this farcical government I do not mind at
South Africa
DAI Deputy Director
Department of Corrections
2729 Plaza Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Your Correctional Facility at Mineral
Point is withholding TFF from subscriber
Austin Gallup because it “poses a danger
to the institution.” The facility quotes
“Mothers of Palestinians must be killed,”
which did not advocate any such action,
but only reported that such killings were
called for by an Israeli newspaper. Did the
censor not understand that?
Many call for diversity and tolerance,
yet some in positions of authority fail to
practice what they preach. Nothing in this
newspaper advocates inappropriate action.
To the contrary, warnings of where all the
outlawry is coming from is a valuable part
of each issue. So it’s a little diverse right
there, and useful to everyone whether they
realize the value of a second opinion or
not. For example, Black-on-White crime
far exceeds the opposite kind. Does that
make publishing truths the captive liberal
media may not touch something worthy of
censorship? Forbid it, Almighty God!
Please allow this informative “alternate
news” the same public access as granted
today’s omnipresent liberal viewpoint, as
your ward and my subscriber would like to
read his paper.
Silverhill, AL
I was very interested to see the story on
the Front National in TFF. Thanks for
running it. Encouraging news. Funny how
Britain and America have turned out to be
totally revolutionary and atheistic but that
it is France that turns out to have a deep
conservative streak a mile wide. Odd, ain’t
it! Americans and Britons will “accept the
court’s decision” on (fill in the blank) – no
matter how outrageous it is, but the French
might very well take to their cherished
barricades. They do keep threatening to
bring down Hollande’s government. We’ll
see. Anyway, interesting story about the
National Front. I didn’t know it. I don’t
have much time to read much these days.
In fact, for the first time ever, I didn’t read
the entire issue of TFF when I got it out of
the mailbox because I fell asleep while
reading. So I have it to look forward to for
this evening.
Augusta, GA
Amnasty in the cards as govmint prints
up muy mucho millions of ID cards for soon
to be amnestied embedded kookaroaches.
It’s a happening thing. The aftershocks will
be worse than the low blow itself as the
now encouraged hordes waiting in the
wings spill across the border like a swarm
of locusts.
Silver Spring, MD
I absolutely loved the September issue,
the best all year in my opinion, particularly
the Benjamin Freedman speech given at
the Willard Hotel in 1961. It’s a sure way to
educate someone who doesn’t understand
“the Jewish Question.” I know it awakened
me the first time I heard that speech awhile
back, after a friend took the time to bring
me the hidden truths. Anyways, I thought it
might be useful if we let readers know it’s
available as a 2-CD set for a mere $2 from
CSCS or White Cross Ministries, PO Box
188, Kodak, TN 37764 which is online as
well at . So let’s get
this audio-recorded speech out there to
those who don’t read – you know the type –
but they’re interested in TV “news,” etc.
I’m waiting on “Facts Are Facts” right
now. You have no idea how excited I was
and literally jumped around when I got the
September TFF and saw it there. And to
think – out of a Jew’s mouth even. I hate to
praise one section over another as, truly,
guys, a great, great issue, but I gotta applaud
the Ferguson uprising coverage as I’m from
Cameron, MO
As an Identity Christian I am familiar
with Benjamin Freedman’s writings and
teachings, but we as Christians should put
such things out there for the public to see,
especially these “Israel” supporters, all the
mainstream pulpit preachers and everyone.
I believe I’m going to customize some of
my own flyers containing that particular
speech. It was a great article, “A Christian
view of the Holocaust.”
The mainstream churches teach that the
“Jews” are God’s chosen people, and love
your neighbor as yourself. Now these are
true, yet my doctrine does not teach to go
adopt your local Negro child, or allow your
daughter to bring little Tyron home. But
Churchianity does teach this. I am not at all
for taking God out of schools. Absolutely
not! I’m just saying there’s extreme danger
to our race by leaving the mainstream’s
doctrine in there, Johnny and his Niglet
friends having the Diary of Anne Frank
and such stuff drilled into their heads.
Terre Haute, IN
Weogufka, AL CSA 35183 (256)249-9100
$1.75 lb.
Farm Raised
“You Catch”
Guns · Tools
Shirts, Caps
Belt Buckles
All 6 flags
Knives · Ammo · Bumper Stickers · Beverages · Tobacco
Building erected in 1853
Lloyd Caperton @ Facebook – [email protected]
Treasurer, Alabama League of the South
Cash Loans
Pawn · Buy
Sell · Trade
The First Freedom
November 2014
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
— Self-government begins at home —
Perversophobes denounce the inciting of perversophobia
By Olaf Childress
[email protected]
ince 1964, our enemy has relentlessly
coined words that divert us from the truths
all see, putting White men on the defense.
Racism is just pride
in knowing who we
are, so what’s wrong
with being proud? A
few find themselves
bluffed out by dumb
newspeak terms like
“homophobia,” fear
of a “gay” “lifestyle”
supposedly, without
bothering to look up
the separate meanings of homo and phobia.
Are they afraid of “men”? No! It’s not fear
but abhorrence, pity for humans who have
deserted nature, that alerts perversophobes
to the dangers stalking children in today’s
public schools.
So, with hopes of inducing great masses
into a single mob condemning manhood,
these media munchkins are swarming like
witches all over whoever questions their
volatile new vocabulary. Disagreeing with
any of it labels us “haters.” And that’s not
completely off the mark, for we do detest
such falsehoods as keep bubbling up from
the newspeak cauldron.
Nation, n. [< OFr. < L. natio < pp. of
nasci, to be born], 1. a stable, historically
developed community of people with a
territory, economic life, culture, and
language in common. 2. The people
of a territory united under a single
government: country. 3. a people or tribe.
We observe Islamic and African tribal
Nations, somewhat stable until the worldwandering/hungering Jewish cabal nags its
venal District of Corruption lieutenants to
bomb them into submission under what
George H. W. Bush first named (reading
his lines) a New World Order.
Different roadmap
But the Protocols for getting there may
not go the same route here at home, since
we Whites alone among the Nations are
still fully armed and capable, a historically
developed community sharing its territory,
economic life, culture and language in
common. Which means that, following
the lessons Big Blubber learned at Ruby
Ridge and Waco, then finally wised up
enough to pull out from the Bundy Ranch
before tea time, we are vulnerable now
only by way of “sensitivity training.”
Although ours is a less pure Nation than
one consisting solely of, say, Germans or
Scots, today’s European expatriates living
in these Jewnighted States have until lately
circled the wagons necessarily against
non-Whites, a simple understanding that
required no further elaboration. But those
1960s immigration “reforms” should’ve
given notice that we were becoming too
sensitive to the cosmopolitan worldview
while insufficiently looking after ordinary
American interests. What’s with all these
caucuses, scholarships and postage stamps
suddenly honoring every other ethnicity in
the world except White men? Do our acres
contain greater natural resources than lie
beneath Mexican, African and Asian feet?
The First Freedom
P. O. Box 385, Silverhill, Alabama 36576
ð Here’s $25 for a one-year subscription
ð $48 for same, but in 1st class envelope
ð $40 for 100 extra copies of current issue
ð $35 for 100 back issues; prefer_______
ð $20 for 22 extra copies of current issue
ð $15 for 10 extra copies of current issue
ð $_________as a patron. Keep it going!
No! Then this conspiratorial inpouring of
dark races disappointing the mediacracy’s
gleeful forecasts cannot keep pace with us
once we stop playing the No Incompetent
Left Behind game, therefore any dignified
Guatemalan slipping uninvited across the
Rio Grande betrays himself by becoming a
self-acknowledged second-class groveler.
It’s easy enough to fall in love (vacate
one’s better judgment) with what the media
munchkins keep crooning about, but true
happiness is that attitude which sees every
problem as an opportunity. The Salvadoran
living within his means gets an improved
environment once all the malcontents have
abandoned that same heritage. In a coming
age of worldwide liberation from drudgery
by way of robotics, such cheaply-imported
human labor, no longer marketable among
the White Nations, will yearn for those old
days back home.
The present deadlock
Internet research brings quick results, so
no need for any compulsive missionary to
wander afield; he can skip the browbeating
and state his case. Ours rests on simple and
incontrovertible proofs: With God’s help,
White men have created the most advanced
civilizations, constitutions and technology
to date; yet, given the current sabotage and
reversal of that march through history, it’s
embarrassing to see misguided Germans
mimic these Made-in-America stupidities
that are holding both Nations in present
Marxist hectoring would mobilize many
others into forever playing catch-up, as if
we Whites had snatched our trophies from
their fingers, justifying whatever means in
taking them back. But, while monitoring
all venues for trading physical values and
rational ideas, such kooks don’t give a hoot
which Nation ranks third or fourteenth,
long as they control the media of exchange
with which to cynically hype “equality”
among their lessers.
They did not start “correcting” political
opinions overnight. First came the Jekyll
Island conspiracy of Christmas 1912, then
the 1913 “Federal” “Reserve” act by which
those crooks using printed notes cleaned
out all the gold in Johannesburg and Fort
The U. S. Congress had already become
corrupted during its so-called Civil War,
which invasion was illegal. U. S. Attorney
General Jeremiah Black said so. President
James Buchanan knew it. Secession was
legal. Neither the North’s Union nor the
Confederate States of America recovered,
so it was easy in 1913 for the international
banksters to bribe that coterie of scalawag
“representatives” and bluff those returning
after Christmas; thus the Jews gained their
money-laundering machine.
Meddlesome mobilizing
Next under assault and falling was the
once-virulent media resistance to entering
that catastrophic-for-frontline-participants
Great War, quickly followed by a still more
disastrous second world bloodbath, while
those singing brother against brother loved
the governmental borrowing, mobilizing,
winking, delegating and, most especially,
their spoils-dividing “peace” conferences.
Money was the first domino, media next,
until finally total domination by way of a
global currency? That decision is yours
and mine, brothers and sisters.
And remember: not to decide where you
stand on an idea whose time has come, one
that will attempt altering history’s course,
may be the worst decision you’re capable
Look to your own
Nationalism is the answer. We must now
separate ourselves from the Jews, Negroes,
Islamists and Asians, all who have no use
for our sense of fair play except to turn it
against us. Please retain that sympathy for
the downtrodden but salvageable White,
even while cold-heartedly resolving to quit
making excuses for and feeding explosive
foreign populations.
Rendering this decision in your heart is
sufficient at the moment; its confirmation
must await certain eventualities. Rome did
not fall abruptly, nor can White civilization
reassert itself in a season. First comes our
commitment to separateness, no more than
an understanding, a little hello to rattle the
media munchkins while confound ing their
bosses: our actual enemies who control the
federal reserve notes and mediacracy.
Eventually this blather against “racism”
will fall on deaf ears, real race wars having
established ancient truths the munchkins
can no longer sit on, at which time we’ll
begin convening our gatherings for Whites
only and against which the Chicano gangs
can have no argument.
Contrary to what some prison wardens
employed by the corporate “corrections”
investment sector opine for the record, we
only predict and anticipate such as would
likely be due soon coming down the pike,
and that’s not the same as barging in on the
mediacracy’s dominion which advocates
violence. Here the axiom Past is prologue
applies, as an internet search for “birth of a
nation” and “d w griffith” will introduce
any novice to how White men pacified the
rampaging Negroes in 1866-67 and can do
so again.
Preaching White guilt and “equality” to
the Negro’s baser passions all these years,
our munchkins really should take a look at
the above video clips in order to prepare
for their coming shock upon first realizing
how wrong they’ve been regarding almost
We realists, having real understandings
about cognitive dissonance and an average
person’s willingness to accept its presence
except within himself, must go all the way
and confess that No Child, neither you nor
I, feels altogether Left Behind. How much
of this “advanced” thinking is valid? As
Socrates admonished those who answered
truth’s beckoning, self-government begins
at home.
So, if we can’t have White communities
in the mediacracy’s waning days just now,
let us at least meet separately and pray as
one for God to restore our virtue, morality,
integrity, numbers and distinct territories.
By acknowledging that we’ve all tried a
bit too hard sometimes “to fit in,” yes, even
articles appearing in The First Freedom
bending over backwards toward political
correctness when calling for a Convention
of States, we here confess that such a move
would prove, as things now stand, not only
premature but suicidal. First we retake the
No matter how few or many salvageable
Whites understand that what we stand for
is the sine qua non of their future, let’s get
our people back in charge of Constitutional
coinage, first by knowing who we are and
then reasserting ourselves. The separate
and sovereign State of Alabama must exist
before discussing any convention with its
territorial neighbors. Of foremost concern,
then, is the election of sheriffs who will
work with us. We need militias, both State
and private, whose members are all well
versed in Constitutional law.
Also required are media sleuths who can
quickly discern the differences between a
fully-informed White Nationalist website
and its perfectly-silent-on-the-Jews direct
opposite. It were otherwise well and good
to lionize Hitler and Fascism at the same
time ignoring the Jewish Question, except
that as things now stand this would jump us
from a growing Police State’s skillet into
Zionism’s totalitarian fire.
Again, first we’ve got to have the media
back in honest hands, then a government of
our own. The international socialism these
munchkins are promoting is Communism
plain and simple. State Socialism worked
laudably under the Nationalsocialistische
Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), where
all the people and especially their leaders
were of a common blood. But the stuff that
this Jewish Nation orders its untouchable
Kenyan to poop on America isn’t exactly
what the mediacracy claims it’s promoting,
namely diversity.
Where they’re headed
No, variety is the last thing those ruling
psychopaths care for. They much prefer
regimentation, that science which moves
mountains when all lemmings lift as one
or, if ordered to commit suicide, together
leap into the sea. Communist feudalism
speaks of a single “People’s Dictatorship,”
both the dictators and their thralls knowing
it’s a lie, yet that’s the logical end station
toward which this diversity train is roaring.
For, in forcing vastly different peoples into
a totally integrated “Democracy” ruled by
oligarchs fully separated from any human
consensus, media munchkins are punching
their own tickets to hell.
How does National Socialism compare
with such chaos? Well, like this tabloid, it
isn’t for everybody. The NSDAP wouldn’t
work even in today’s occupied Germany.
The task here is enormous, yet it begins
with a first step. We concentrate on living
among our kind, celebrating how diverse
Whites remain as compared with the dark
races, educating ourselves on the political
expediency of electing leaders who look,
act, speak and think like us, so that we do
not soon again yield to the wiles of those
who, lacking scruples, would manipulate
our innate sense of fair play against every
principle a White Nationalist holds dear.
Most people capable of rational thought,
including many Blacks, now agree that the
sitting U. S. President, unqualified to begin
with for such office and having committed
treason many times over, should have been
impeached long before now. Therefore the
political process isn’t working as planned?
Verily, it is! Evil ones calling themselves
Neocons – who did the planning that put a
Negro nominally in charge, twice – watch
with glee as no one in Congress, for fear of
the Jew, dares begin the proceedings.
Divide and conquer was the strategy of
Caesar’s legions, and every Roman shared
in that heady glory at first. But then came
the decay. A Cincinnatus wants nothing to
do with ruling the world, sufficient his own
back yard. Yet vultures, flies and Neocons
obey their calling; they turn opportunities
for minding one’s own business into the
problems we see about us: decadence and
today’s dumping grounds of an imploding
While there’s no exact path to a White
National State nor formula for keeping it
going at present, let us work toward that
end. Every individual officer serving in our
government of the future should withstand
a renewal vote on its birthday each year,
staying or stepping aside immediately. One
backup plan were requisite to temporarily
continue vacated offices and another in
case the entire government fails, even as
signed, verified petitions weigh more than
purchased exposure for any candidate or
party. Libertarians imagine no government
at all, but the Nationalist knows some form
of authority will always prevail, either to
maintain order or tyrannize.
Decisiveness and diplomacy
With Whites exclusively in charge, no
more Coca Cola government teaching the
world to sing in perfect harmony, fair play
as the understood behavior expected only
among ourselves since Ashkenazis and the
minorities they manipulate won’t observe
such rules, we’ll explain in no uncertain
terms that our excluding them has nothing
to do with hate, just good sense. Let Jews
connive and Blacks jive among their own.

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