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Finding God in All Things
O’Dowd Students in Service
Throughout the World
Champions of Service
Two students go above and beyond.
The Making of a Dynasty
Both the boys and girls track and field
teams capture West Alameda County
Conference titles.
Serving Up Success
Alumnus Derreck Johnson ’82 finds his
own recipe for success.
Fall 2014
Finding God in all things calls us to:
Community in Diversity
Strength of Character
Academic Excellence
Kinship with Creation
Social Justice
Stephen Phelps, EdD
Pamela Shay, MSA
Romeo Baldeviso, MS
Chief Information Officer
Kevin Cushing
Assistant Principal
Christine Garavaglia, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Brian Judd, MS
Assistant Principal
Jeanne Jenkins
Vice President for Advancement
Michelle Hawkins
Director of Development
Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76
Director of Communications
Lizadawn Ramirez, MA
Director of Alumni Relations
Nicole Demarais Shaw ’81
Director of Marketing
We welcome your comments, questions, or suggestions!
Please contact Dragon editor, Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76, at
510.577.9100, ext. 302, or [email protected]
Board of
Kim Walsh
Tracey Borst
Vice Chairperson
Kerwin Allen
David Bail ’87
Kevin Coldiron
Tom Counts
Jeannette DeLaGarza
Fr. Leo Edgerly
John Heagerty ’60
Glen Hentges
Kevin Kelly
Ellie Knauss
Anthony Mar
Fr. Jay Matthews
Alan McIntosh
Glenele Oberich
Mary O'Connell
Christopher Ohman
Michael Robarts
Roderick Roche ’81
Shonda Scott
Edward Vieira-Ducey ’97
James Wolfe
From the
As I begin my tenth year as the president of Bishop O’Dowd
High School, I have never been more excited about the
future of our school. We have begun work on our progressive
strategic plan, designed to realize O’Dowd’s tactical mission
through 2020—and beyond. Our plan details interesting new
programs, modern facilities and the purchase of adjacent property—about which you can read in upcoming issues of the Dragon.
Most important, our unwavering foundation of providing a
dynamic Catholic college preparatory education that fosters
an atmosphere and culture of excellence and love affords our
students the knowledge to grow in their faith and the inspiration
to strive toward creating a just, peaceful and joyful world.
Giving Back and Philanthropy are this issue’s themes and we
are proud to highlight our community members who create
powerful differences in others’ lives through their gifts of time,
talent and treasure. Our cover story, Champions of Service,
beautifully reflects our students’ commitment to serving others,
and many surpass the minimum 100-hour requirement for service learning which broadens their perspective of social justice
and enhances their awareness of our common humanity. They
have gleaned, already in their teenage years, what you know
as adults—that we can achieve abundant joy and satisfaction
simply by giving.
As Pope Francis so eloquently stated during World Youth
Day 2013, “No one can remain insensitive to the inequalities
that persist in the world! Everybody, according to his or her
particular opportunities and responsibilities, should be able
to make a personal contribution to putting an end to so many
social injustices. The culture of selfishness and individualism
that often prevails in our society is not what builds up and
leads to a more habitable world: it is the culture of solidarity
that does so, seeing others not as rivals or statistics, but as
brothers and sisters.”
Our faculty, staff and students strive toward this philosophy
each day. Together we know we can, and do, make a difference
in the world as we find God in all things.
Stephen Phelps, EdD
From the
With this fall issue, we unveil a revitalized look
for the Dragon magazine.
With great care, we’ve worked to create a publication that
invites and engages as you thumb through. We’ve developed a
spirited masthead and restructured the topic and article organization. That effort streamlines the layout flow and produces a
more accessible read. We’ll be using bigger, better photographs,
and we’ll be making good use of fine typography and texture. We think the contemporary design wonderfully captures
both O’Dowd’s classic traditions and our forward-looking
vision. We thank the team at Shelby Designs & Illustrates in
Oakland for helping us develop our new look!
There are, by the way, some elements of the magazine that we’ll
never change. As ever, we support our campus-wide sustainability efforts, so we’ll continue printing the Dragon on Forest
Stewardship Council-certifiable paper and using soy based inks.
Table of
The Bishop O’Dowd High School Magazine
02 7 Things ...about Annette Counts
04 Champions of Service
08O’Dowd Student-Athletes Serving
the Community
10 SAT Perfection
12 Their Gifts Will Change the World
18 Graduating Student Profiles
Please let us know what you think!
22 The Making of a Dynasty
Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76
24KaRa Awakoaiye ’16 Qualifies
for State Track Meet
Director of Communications
26 Athletics News
O’Dowd Receives Full
Six-Year Term of
Accreditation from WCEA
After an 18-month accreditation process, O’Dowd received a
full six-year term of accreditation from the Western Catholic
Education Association (WCEA) in June. A six-year term is granted when a school earns high marks
in the areas of academic excellence, Catholic identity, cocurricular programs, student support and effective strategic
planning and fundraising.
This accreditation affirms the professionalism, care and
commitment to the moral and spiritual education of our faculty,
staff and school leaders, and is supported by outstanding
student achievement and the support of our parents.
27 Alumni News
29 Class Notes
34 Alumni Spotlight
44 Donors Create Gathering Space on Campus
48 Inspiring Faith
51 Donor Listing, in Honor of the Class of 2014
52 Honor Roll of Donors
64 In Memoriam
O’Dowd Awards
Bishop O’Dowd High School was selected as the
Best Private High School in Oakland Magazine’s Best of
Oakland 2014 Readers’ Poll, and was recognized as the
Best Faith-Based High School in Alameda County for 2014
by the readers of Parents’ Press.
Annette Counts. Photo by Briana Loewinsohn.
2 // Dragon
Annette Counts
What inspired you to do
this kind of work?
I wanted to find a way to work in a school without having
tons of papers to correct! Also, when I taught at San Lorenzo
High School, the school librarian there, Mary Milton, was an
inspiration. She was always excited about research projects
and encouraged teachers to get their students into the
library to read, research and think. I loved her energy and
collaborative spirit.
What is your position
here and how long
have you worked at
Bishop O’Dowd
High School?
I’m the school librarian. I’ve been at O’Dowd for nine years.
I started working with the journalism class and teaching
one period of ninth grade English. Then I went to library
school—yes, there is a school for that—and became the
O’Dowd librarian.
What is the best piece
of advice you ever
received (generally—
it doesn’t have to be
related to O’Dowd)?
If you could rescue
only one thing from
your burning office,
what would it be?
My bulletin board! It’s covered with pictures and
drawings from students and colleagues about
libraries, books and reading. What about your
field or position do
you think would
surprise people
the most?
I have a friend who always asks, “Why do we even have
libraries anyway?” I think people would be surprised to
know how hard libraries and librarians work to stay relevant.
Today, school libraries (or any library for that matter) are
not like the libraries when I was a kid. They are evolving to
insure that the students get the tools they need to successfully access, organize and evaluate all the information that
flows our way. Luckily the kids at O’Dowd get the opportunity to practice these skills all the time. We have amazing
resources in print and on the databases. The kids learn
how to evaluate sources from the Open Web. Teachers
are committed to critical thinking and information literacy.
Be still and know that I am (Psalm 46). At times I need
to remind myself to slow down and soak in God’s
loving presence. Bonus questions:
What is your favorite
thing about your job?
I like alternative country bands such as Wilco. Also Ryan
Adams, but one year I bought tickets to three concerts and
he canceled all three. I wanted to hate him, but his music
wins me back every time.
When Ms. A (Library Assistant Genny Arechiga) tells me
to stop talking. Seriously, my favorite thing is working with
other teachers and students on research projects. I learn
something new with each project. I also love playing a supporting role in students’ learning. We aim to make the library
a place where students can count on getting access to the
resources and the studious venue they need to be successful.
What is the most
interesting or surprising
thing about you?
What is your favorite
kind of music? What are
your favorite bands?
What is your favorite
sports team or who
is your favorite
individual athlete?
The Bishop O’Dowd High School Dragons, of course,
especially the volleyball team.
Nothing—I’m an open book. Obviously, I like corny jokes,
which is one reason Mr. Lucas and I get along so well.
This is an installment in a new series of profiles called 7 Things about O’Dowd’s terrific faculty and staff that is regularly featured on our website.
Visit www.bishopodowd.org/7things to see more. Fall Magazine 2014 // 3
Polina Goncharova ’14. Photo by Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76.
4 // Dragon
Champions of
A hallmark of the Catholic faith tradition is
service to others. It is a foundation of our
school and central to our identity. Every
Bishop O’Dowd High School student is
required to complete a minimum of 100
hours of service throughout their four years
at O’Dowd. Polina Goncharova ’14 and
Jo Flashman ’14 went above and beyond
the requirement, logging in an amazing 772
and 795 hours respectively. These totals
are the most ever fulfilled individually by
O’Dowd students.
Fall Magazine 2014 // 5
Jo Flashman ’14 working with Amigos de las Americas in Nicaragua.
Organizations that benefitted from Polina’s service include
Jewish Family & Children’s Services of the East Bay, Oakland Zoo, St. Vincent de Paul Free Dining Room, Eden Villa
Castro Valley, Jensen Ranch Elementary School and Blind
Babies Foundation.
For Jo, service and personal enjoyment go hand-in-hand.
Whether she was working with the elderly at Berkeley Pines
Care Center, with children at Camp Winnarainbow in Mendocino County, helping out at the Berkeley Animal Shelter,
Working with children attending camps at the Oakland
Zoo was Polina’s favorite service experience. “It was really
wonderful to see the children become acquainted with one
another, make friendships that could potentially last a long
time, and at the same time learn about animals and the
environment,” she said.
Polina also gained valuable life perspective through her
service experiences. “I worked with people with a range
of disabilities and disadvantages, and seeing them strive
to achieve their goals, no matter what those were, always
inspired me to work through my problems and continue to
help those in need,” she said.
Balancing her service with schoolwork, drama rehearsals and
student council responsibilities—Polina was the president for
the Class of 2014—wasn’t always easy. But she never wavered
in her commitment.
“I loved all the places where I volunteered, and never had
the desire to stop. Had I stopped, I think I would have felt
as if I were abandoning people who needed my help, but
who also helped me grow as a person,” she said.
As she heads to Pitzer College this fall, Polina is certain
she’ll carry on her tradition of serving others. “The students
at Pitzer are very passionate about community outreach and
I am very excited to be able to share that with them!”
Jo Flashman ’14 at N/a’ankuse Animal Sanctuary in Namibia, Africa.
6 // Dragon
We have so many students who give in so many ways, and service is just one
way. It amazes me that the Class of 2014 had 28 students in the 201 Club.
That’s more than 11 percent of the class who volunteered more than double the
school expectations. The Bishop O’Dowd High School motto is Cor Unum in
Christo—One Heart in Christ. And it’s obvious to me that this school has a
very big heart.” —Greg Moore, Director of Campus Ministry
or volunteering with Amigos de las Americas in Nicaragua
and the N/a’ankuse Animal Sanctuary in Namibia, Africa,
Jo says she got as much as she gave. “The way I see it, I was
helping the community, but also having a lot of fun
with it,” she said.
Jo has a longtime connection at Camp Winnarainbow, a
circus and performing arts camp for children, and said it’s
her favorite organization to serve. She’s been both a camper and a volunteer. “It’s a really nice community,” she said.
She cites her service learning experiences as being the
most influential in her personal growth the past four years.
“I learned a lot about myself and how to deal with difficult
situations,” she said. “I also learned so much about working with people and how to express myself in a way that
makes sense to others.”
Her experience in Africa though, was a highlight. “I’ve
always felt very connected to animals, and have dreamed
of visiting Africa,” she said. At the animal sanctuary, Jo
was able to help care for orphaned or injured animals,
including meerkats, warthogs, baboons, an array of exotic
birds and even a cheetah.
“These two students are such great representatives of the O’Dowd student body. They see
service as a way to be connected. It seems like
Jo did service because it connected her with
causes and people she cared about, and Polina
simply loves helping people. I think service
brings vibrancy to her because she is
energized by people. —Greg Moore
Jo’s volunteer work in Nicaragua spanned seven weeks
during the summer between sophomore and junior year.
Living with a host family in a small town where Spanish
was the only language spoken, Jo helped host day camps
for children and assisted with a community-based initiative
in which three bus stops were constructed by residents of
the community.
A top student, who maintained a cumulative 4.0 grade
point average during her high school career, Jo was also
active in drama—starring in seven productions.
Read more about O’Dowd students serving the community in the
Urban Immersion story on page 17.
Jo Flashman ’14 in Nicaragua. All photos provided by Flashman.
Fall Magazine 2014 // 7
O’Dowd Student-Athletes
Small actions can have a big impact.That’s a motto the
cheerleading and softball teams have taken to heart.
These two teams regularly give selflessly during the course
of the school year, fundraising for non-profit organizations
and engaging in team service projects. These activities are
above and beyond the O’Dowd service learning program
requirement that students complete a minimum of 100
hours over the course of their four years.
“Giving back is really important to me,” cheerleader Kai Kendall ’16 said. “We need to help
others who aren’t as fortunate as we are.”
For the past several years, the cheerleaders have participated
in the PINCC (Prevention International: No Cervical
Cancer) Walk for Women in Africa, held in September
at Lake Merritt. This event raises money for screening,
treating and educating women in Kenya and Cameroon
to prevent cervical cancer.
8 // Dragon
PINCC Founder and Executive Director Kay Taylor said
the organization greatly appreciates the involvement of
the O’Dowd cheerleaders. “They are enthusiastic, helpful
and energetic, and raise money for our teams’ work every
year,” she said. “While raising funds is the primary purpose,
we also work to involve our community in understanding the challenges that women face in other parts of the
world, and help build a global network of people working
together to solve these challenges. It’s great to see our
youth developing a wider perspective and coming together
to extend a hand.”
The cheerleaders also regularly support Breast Cancer
Awareness month in October by selling items such as pins,
key chains and wristbands during lunchtime to raise funds
for the Women’s Cancer Resource Center in Berkeley.
“So many of our students have been affected
in one way or another by breast cancer,”
cheerleader moderator Marguerite Green said.
“We felt we wanted to do something to help.”
Contributed photos.
During the inaugural Health Week held at O’Dowd in April,
to benefit the American Cancer Society, the cheerleaders
baked and sold cupcakes for the cause and also participated
in the Powder Puff football game.
The cheerleaders also pep up community events with their
energy and enthusiasm. They gathered on the course at the
Transamerica Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon, in San Francisco,
to cheer on the participants, many of whom were running for
charitable causes.
“It makes you feel good knowing you’ve made a difference
in people’s lives, ” cheerleader Destyn Jones ’15 said. “These
activities also help shape us as we become adults and help us
learn how to give back and get involved in the community.”
Four-year varsity softball player, Marissa Eckman ’15, says
service projects offer an opportunity for teammates to
bond and help others at the same time.
At Thanksgiving, the softball team provides close to two
dozen meals, featuring turkey with all the trimmings and
pumpkin pie, for families served by San Leandro’s Building Futures with Women and Children. This organization
serves women and children building new lives after homelessness and domestic violence.
“For several years, the softball team has donated turkey
dinners for our clients at Bessie Coleman Court,” director
of development and communications, Patricia Bidar said.
“The athletes donate a dinner for every game won—which
fortunately for Building Futures—is a lot!”
“People often assume the organization gets lots of similar
donations at Thanksgiving, but that’s not the case. And the
fact that the donors are teens and that they have made this
much-needed donation for several years running makes it
even more unusual and very welcome,” Bidar said.
Team members also visit Baywood Court retirement center in Castro Valley during the holidays to sing Christmas
carols and visit with residents.
“I really enjoy the reaction we get from everyone,”
Marissa said. “The director at the women’s
shelter has tears in her eyes every time we show
up with the meals, and it’s great to see how much
the elderly folks appreciate our visit.”
The softball players also pitch in and help at local youth
clinics, sharing their love of the sport and expertise with
younger players.
The service of other O’Dowd athletic teams will be highlighted in future issues of Dragon.
Left Page: Softball team members delivered turkey dinners to Building Futures
last November. Standing, from left to right, O’Dowd parent Deborah Shields,
Haley Ferrufino-Jurs ’16, Julia Boyden ’16, Sarah Koplowitz ’16, Coach Mike
Cobb, Alexis Scalzo ’16, Allie Curtis ’17, Alexa Kemmerling ’15, Zoe Foster ’17,
and Building Futures Community Relations Coordinator Karen Stange-Herlihy.
Kneeling, from left to right, Olivia Olmos ’17 and Marissa Eckman ’15.
This page: Cheerleaders participating in last year’s PINCC Walk for Women in
Africa included (top row, from left to right), Elayna Thompson ’14, Zaria Graham
’16, D’Auria West ’16, and Kierra Harrell ’16; middle row, Martina Daniel ’16; and
bottom row, from left to right, Sydnei Lewis ’17, Yasmine Patton ’17, Josephine
Boyd-Conn ’17, Reece Norris ’14, Eryn Swarn ’14 and Christina Nwabuzoh ’14.
Fall Magazine 2014 // 9
Ryan Seideman ’15. Photo by Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76.
10 // Dragon
Ryan Seideman ’15 was up early on May 22, finishing some
homework before heading to school, and decided to check the
College Board website for his SAT score. Ryan had taken the
test for the first time a few weeks prior, and knew the scores
were to be released that day.
At first glance, Ryan was certain there was a mistake. He
couldn’t believe what he was seeing—a perfect score of 2400.
He refreshed the page, fully expecting to see different numbers populate the screen. But 2400 remained.
Ryan immediately woke his parents up to tell them the exciting news. “They didn’t understand for a second, but when
they got up and came into my room and looked at the score
on my computer screen they were happy,” he said.
Still, Ryan wanted additional verification. So he stopped
by Counselor Fran Warmerdam’s office when he arrived
at school.
“Ryan waited outside of my door through a long appointment.
Then he sheepishly came into my office, showed me the score
report on his phone, and said ‘Could you check this? I’m not
sure if I’m reading it right.’,” Warmerdam said.
“It clearly showed 800 on each section. I said,
‘You aren’t hallucinating, Ryan. You got a
perfect score!’”
scores on critical reading and writing without her help and
support,” she said. Achieving a perfect SAT score is no small
feat. Warmerdam said that during her 29 years as an O’Dowd
counselor, only one of her past students had done so.
Nationally, among the more than 1.6 million students in the
Class of 2013 who took the SAT, 494 achieved the highest
possible score. In California, among the 234,767 students in
the Class of 2013 who took the SAT, 98 achieved the highest
possible score.
Ryan was hoping for a score close to 2200. “I had no expectation of getting a perfect score. It was pretty shocking,
because there were a few questions that I didn’t think I got
right,” he said.
Ryan isn’t letting the accomplishment go to his head—
he’s quick to point out that he got a 9 out of 12 on the
essay portion of the test. “I don’t have any guaranteed college
admissions. I still have to keep working hard,” he said.
Active in drama and debate, Ryan has a cumulative grade
point average of 4.1. He visited Georgetown University over
Easter break and liked what he saw, none the less he’s planning to research other schools in the coming months.
What advice would he give to students taking the SAT for the
first time? “Take your time. You don’t need to rush,” he said.
What impressed Warmerdam the most was what Ryan did
next. “He went to thank his English teacher, Lani Wolf,
because he said he could have never earned those perfect
Fall Magazine 2014 // 11
12 // Dragon
Valedictorian Olivia Bernadel-Huey began her remarks at
Bishop O’Dowd High School’s 60th Commencement, held on
June 1 at Oakland’s Paramount Theatre of the Arts, with an inspiring
Harriett Tubman quote: “You have within you the strength, the
patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”
From left to right: Scholar-Athlete award winner Caroline Desler, Emma DeWitt, Zexi Ding and Niccolo Deluca. Photo by Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76.
Fall Magazine 2014 // 13
From left to right: Mikhala Armstrong, Janine Villanueva, Valedictorian and General Activity award winner Olivia Bernadel-Huey, and Julian Siow. Photo by Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76.
The Class of 2014
Bernadel-Huey went on to say that each member of the
Class of 2014 has the potential to make a difference in their
own way. “When I look at our class, I see that hopeful persevering spirit which has carried us these past four years
and which I know will continue to do so in the future,”
she said.
Named for the school’s motto, “One Heart in Christ,” the
Cor Unum Award is Bishop O’Dowd High School’s highest
honor. It is presented each year to select members of the
O’Dowd community whose lives and work embody the
core values of leadership, service, social justice and intellectual competence expressed in the school’s mission.
Class Salutatorian Yishan “Ethan” Wang, an international
student from China, also spoke of the importance of passion.
He noted that class members had devoted themselves to
their school activities, interests and goals with great passion,
commitment and positive attitudes.
Petrini was recognized for his 25 years of service to O’Dowd
as an English teacher, yearbook moderator, director of student activities, assistant principal, dean of supervision and
instruction, assistant principal for development and vice
president for advancement.
He thanked the O’Dowd teachers and staff for the time and
energy they devoted to guiding their students in both academics and extracurricular activities. “Your passions have
been passed down to us and we will make a difference in
this world as a result,” Wang said.
He launched the school’s development program in 1979,
enabling the school to fulfill its mission of offering an excellent Catholic, college preparatory education to students who
would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend O’Dowd.
One of the highlights of the Commencement was the presentation of the Cor Unum Award to former Vice President
for Advancement Michael Petrini.
14 // Dragon
“Oh, I know you are prepared to do these things,
to make a difference. You are sure and confident,
as you should be, for such is youth.”
From left to right: Loyalty Award winner Polina Goncharova, Isabelle Bales and General Activity award winner Dominic Drury. Photo by Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76.
Petrini also led O’Dowd’s successful Renaissance Campaign,
which raised $9.2 million to renovate and modernize the
school’s academic facilities, and directed the fundraising
for the recently completed $3.6-million Center for Environmental Studies.
In his remarks, Petrini said the students have been blessed
with a classical, liberating education at O’Dowd. “Now you
must take responsibility for it. You owe it to yourselves to
enjoy a full life, to be the leaders you are destined to be,
and as Ghandi tells us, to be the change you wish to see
in the world,” he said. “Oh, I know you are prepared to do
these things, to make a difference. You are sure and confident, as you should be, for such is youth.”
Meanwhile, several students received special awards
during the Commencement Exercises.
Bernadel-Huey and Dominic Drury received the General
Activity awards, presented to students who are distinguished
by scholarship, excellence in conduct and who show outstanding devotion to Bishop O’Dowd High School through
their participation and leadership demonstrated through
extracurricular and cocurricular activities.
Lucas Cortez, Polina Goncharova and Shelley Valdez
received the Loyalty awards, presented in recognition of
their consistent support of the student body, staff and
parents by carrying out activities, and by their willingness
to give of self through service.
Scholar-Athlete awards went to Bakare Awakoaiye and
Caroline Desler for distinguishing themselves through
consistent excellence in academics and athletics, and
exemplary sportsmanship on the athletic field.
Bakare Awakoaiye and Haily Peters received the Regents’
Award, given to the seniors who most exemplify the mission of Bishop O’ Dowd High School.
The members of the Class of 2014 are now attending
colleges and universities throughout the country. Following
is a listing of the students’ college choices known
at press time.
Fall Magazine 2014 // 15
The Class of 2014
Justin Gary Hawkins
Lily Shay Carter
Dominick Paul Mortarotti
Elayna Jazzelle Thompson
Xitiana Ome
Trevor Davis Ruth
Robert Matthew
Louie Achramowicz
Leonardo Calles
Majied Bey
Lanning Zhang
Sijie Xiang
Lucas Mathias Cortez
Maniya Isabella Luluquisen
ZeXi Ding
Samuel Blackwood Thudium
Niccolo Deluca
Aaron Promes Haynos
Julien Edmondson Rumsey
Richard Javier Sanchez
Matthew William Kaiser
Hongrui Peng
Ying Chen
Tasha Maryn Kretlow
Olivia Allen Knowlton
Chenoa Zazen Lewis
Joncarl Luckett
Aldo Joaquin Ordonez-Gauger
Elena Maria Aker
Cameron Neil Berkins
Kyle Viola Carlson
Sheila Rose Clapp
James Connor Holliman
Hans Archie Hustace
Elizabeth Ellis Alexander
Vanessa Irene Aragon
Shaye Loretta Brennan
Allisun Rishell Coote
Natasha Jade Doron
Katie Michelle Dunne
Hailey Alexa Miller
Mitchell Michael Sanchez
Julia Williams
Eric Alejandro Loza
Taylor Clarice Murray
Yasmine A. Wilson
Chloe Bridget Harig
Austin Carrington-Scott
Delliere Lyles
Nicolaas John ten Grotenhuis
Alexander Birge Holme
Emiley Sera Eassa
Adam Samuel Markowitz
Shane Pitcock
Adam Brandon Taylor
Austin Louie Tom
Grace Qiangwei Wyman
Christian Gregory Pesqueira
Janine Rebekah
Donida Villanueva
Yifan Liu
Tianming Wu
Tara Jean Viviani
Paige Annette Dolby
Jonathan Noe Pena
Jacob Daniel Sippel
Kameron Kristian Hawkins
Kiasi Monet Luboviski
Pamela Marie Rosa
Lisette Victoria Manriquez
Emiliano Jose Plazola
Jonathan Michael Rodriguez
Peter Oliver Wong
Nadia Perl
Emily Lillian Zeme
Erin Sidney Reilly
Bryanna Rosario Davis
Lucia Mae Wen Brammer
Dimetrius Adan Casares
Shane James Farley
Kiana Tyra Gums
Parker Marie Harrison
Sarah Stephanie Markowitz
Christina Nambia
Teizue Nwabuzoh
Nhandi Iman Scott
Christopher George Shelby
Buwei Wu
Julian Soto
Olivia Gail Ryan
Peter Dunlop Johann
Kathleen Kaye Xu
Jack Joseph Barbee
James Thomas Crudo
Abigail Rose Pulizzano
Eric Matthew Schwartz
Maya Zeleka Ephrem
Marisa Nicole Jamieson
Lily Virginia Zaballos
Nathaniel De’Andre
Isaiah Gregory Houston
Anika Jai Anderson
William Kazumi Phillips
Hannah Maureen
Ian James Abreu Fryer
Sienna Helena Sinense Parker
Andrew Noel Gates Benford
Lehnen Raphael
Johnson, Brandon Russell
Julia Anne Donovan
Keaton Howard McKoy
16 // Dragon
Cristina Soto
Maya Yvette Williams
Emma Caroline
Kidwell DeWitt
Loren Jenae Lassiter
Tae Li Shimamoto
Matan Ya'acov Bostick
John Tully Bowman
Samantha Coral Mladjov
Madelyn Ann Murray
Jill Catherine Pember
Siena Sage Vendlinski
Bakari Emanuel Ziegler
Bakare Ajamu Obasi
Jackson Awakoaiye
James Dominic Walker
Isabelle Lilianna
Grace Xiaol Bales
William Pynchon
Sahngmin Han
Vanessa JoAnn Kellar-Saxton
Anne Irwin Merritt
Haily Noel Peters
Garrett Lee Woodworth
Ximing Xiao
Caroline Concannon Desler
Emily Ann Fieberling
Claire Margaret Ganski
Karina Jiaqi Li
Lois Eileen Nersesian
Katelyn Lee O'Keefe
Rachel McKenzie Wilson
Chenli Yuan
Alexandra Marie Kalmbach
Cristina Marie Riani
John Frank Zelaski
Khalil Abiola Afariogun
Jelani Akil Baines
Paloma Navarro
Carl Michael Park
David Alex Pinon III
Devina Sophia Panagos
Yishan Wang
Zichao Sun
Polina Goncharova
Marco Xavier Amauta Zepeda
Chase Dean Anderson
Ana Grace Hurley
Jordan Ann Robinson
Colleen Elizabeth Anders
Daniel Aidan Murphy-Deak
Jacob Neilson Grassel
Elizabeth Anne Gonzalez
Sokha Kiyomi Grossman
Ramah Dawit
Kyle Xavier Debro
Dominic Drury
Randal Ularte Fraters Jr.
Jose Osvaldo Gutierrez
Daniel James
Robert Newell
Kayley Gina Wong
Samuel Deck ’15, center. Contributed photo.
Mikhala Lenae Armstrong
Cole Warren Benson
Cristian Nicholas Gleason
Johanna Irene
Richter Flashman
Juwan Anderson
Kevin Marcial Andrada
Trevor Alan Carter
Gabriella E. Conversano
Nathan Hartfield Dave
Laura Graham
Julian Michael Kremer
Alyssa Maria Lee
Sophia Elyse Manzanares
Yiding Mao
Sidonie Carmilla Osborne
Jasper Roberson-Schulz
Julian Siow
Mariah Jessie Texeira
Tyler Ross Williams
Isabella Francesca Frediani
Imani Monet Davis
Joshua Alexander Anderson
Sydney Alysha Bright
Sebastian Alejandro Flores
Minh Ho
Megan Margaret Lachelli
Khari Marshall
Christian Noel Martin
Tanner Sterling Massoth
Jesus Inocente Rios
Racheal Sims
Alison Susanne Tucker
Deja Bishop
Miranda Madeline
Carmen Dos Santos
Johannsen Louis Tan
Rosemary Lydia Barrionuevo
Justin Clark Mercier
Jada Imani Tillotson
Molly Ann Yoon
Alexander Sami Adranly
Andrew Parker Melendez
Shelley Brittany Valdez
Dezmond Trent Chatman
Parker James Hagmaier
Reece Alexandria Norris
Jessica Lyn Osterberg
Mekhon Asrat
Olivia Nia Bernadel-Huey
Abigail Betsy Campion
Joy Elizabeth White
Jackson Robert Kalmbach
Gregory Morris Wilson
Alexandra Eby McGrath
Monica Caron McNamara
Justin Matthew Adsuara
Bruno Walter Castro-Karney
Luke David Commins
Channing Harold Nesbitt
James Carlos Reynes
Jacob Matthew Shay
Cassandra Maritza Otero
D’Angelo Y. Guiton
Mary Denise Orbeta
Zhilong Zhou
Alison Lee Alston
Julia Rose Harder
Kyle Leary Johnson
Elizabeth Anne Richardson
Danielle Marie Scott
Taylor Delaney Hobbs
Caitlin Anne Walsh
Samantha Le Koepp
Nkosi Tyehimba Djehuti-Mes
Eryn Arianna Swarn
Nedir Nashon Bey
Taylor Nicole Green
Alexander Gordon Shields
Nathan Peter
McAndrew Myers
Carlo Robbert Silvestre
Samuel Deck ’15 participated in the 2014 Summer Urban
Immersion, held in June, working with low income/
homeless people in West Oakland and in San Francisco’s
Tenderloin District, learning first-hand about the challenges they face.
Samuel and fellow O’Dowd students served meals at
St. Vincent de Paul Free Dining Room, toured an urban
farm, where neighbors grow their own food in community and spent many hours working at St. Anthony
Foundation supporting their various programs—visiting
residents in senior housing.
There were some eye-opening moments. For example,
Samuel met a woman who initially appeared to be a
grumpy old lady. After talking with her, Samuel learned
the woman was simply sad and weary from having been
abused as a child.
“Fortunately I have lived a privileged life. On this trip
I learned what it really meant to not judge someone.
We always say we believe this, but it is never tested.
By living in solidarity with these people you learn and
understand,” he said.
Samuel said it was hard for him to hear peoples’ problems and not be able to offer solutions. But he came to
realize that simply being with a person and acknowledging his or her difficulty by saying “I see that you are in
pain and I'm sorry,” made a big difference.
“I learned how to listen and to respect all
human life because all life is sacred and
deserves respect,” he said.
A quote on a mural in Veterans Alley in the Tenderloin,
(part of the SF Veterans Mural Project), made a lasting
impression on Samuel.
Plant your feet
This is where I allow our minds to meet
Look to the street
Do you see...
...that you don’t care
Fall Magazine 2014 // 17
Lily Zaballos
It’s one of the most selective universities in the world—
and it’s the place Lily Zaballos will call home for the next
four years. Lily is headed to New York University’s Gallatin
School of Individualized Study, which gives students the
opportunity to design a program of study tailored to their
own needs and interests.
She’s excited about exploring multiple opportunities for
learning outside the traditional classroom, such as internships,
independent studies and private lessons in the arts, as well as
selecting interesting courses from among all of NYU’s distinct
undergraduate schools, colleges and programs.
“I knew I wanted a very unique, specialized education that I
could develop myself,” Lily said. “I’m interested in the cultural,
psychological and political aspect of art.”
Photo by Briana Loewinsohn.
Art is a subject that Lily has eagerly pursued at O’Dowd.
She took art each semester during her four years, including
AP Studio Art and AP Art History during her senior year.
“O’Dowd invests a lot in the arts, not only by building the program by offering lots of different courses, but making it seem
like it matters—like displaying student art in the hallways,” she
said. “The school encourages individual exploration of art and
creativity just as much as it does academics and athletics.”
Lily also flourished as a member of the Debate Team. “I
remember the day I tried out for debate—I was so nervous I
could barely talk in front of people,” she said. This year Lily
and her parliamentary debate partner Shawn Cunningham
made school history when they won the prestigious Stanford
National Debate Invitational. She also qualified for the California High School Speech Association State Tournament.
“Debate opened my eyes in ways that I never imagined. We
spend so much time reading about the world around us and
learning to understand and analyze political, economic and
diplomatic relations and policies,” she said. “It also allowed
me to be surrounded by a community of people who are very
driven to understand the world and who sincerely care about
making a difference.”
Student government, club, retreat and campus ministry activities rounded out Lily’s O’Dowd experience.
Home schooled until high school, Lily had never sat in a classroom nor done homework. “Coming to O’Dowd was definitely
life-changing for me because I was learning in a completely
different environment,” she said.
18 // Dragon
“I knew I wanted a very unique, specialized
education that I could develop myself,” Lily
said. “I’m interested in the cultural, psychological
and political aspect of art.”
Lily attributes her successful transition from home schooling
to the traditional classroom setting to the close-knit and supportive O’Dowd community. “I always felt that my classmates
and teachers wanted me to succeed,” she said. “And there were
so many avenues and opportunities to do so.”
As she begins the next chapter in her life, Lily is certain that
she wants to pursue a career that involves encouraging young
adults in art, communication and expression. “Coming to
O’Dowd, the investment in each student’s growth, helped me
realize that education is essential for every individual and that I
am passionate about it.”
Dominic Drury
This past year, Dominic worked as a reporter for a local media outlet dedicated to covering high school sports, giving
the broader community an inside look at Dragon athletics.
In May, Dominic was presented an Article of the Year
award and nominated for Writer of the Year for his skillful,
heartfelt coverage of two major 2014 O’Dowd sports stories—
the boys basketball team giving their first place North Coast
Section championship medals to members of the disqualified girls basketball team, and boys basketball team manager Lucas Cortez ’14 sinking a three-point shot during his first
opportunity to play in a game.
Dominic’s love of athletics and his knowledge of sports caught
the attention of officials at St. Mary’s College, where he was
accepted by early decision last December and offered a team
manager position for the Gaels’ Division I men’s basketball
team. He plans to major in kinesiology with an emphasis in
sports management/business, and hopes to pursue a sports-related career, such as team owner, manager, coach or reporter.
His involvement on campus wasn’t limited to athletics.
Dominic served as president of the Dragon Ambassadors,
was a member of the Career Partnership Program leadership
team, participated on two science field research trips, led
three Kairos retreats, and was a member of the 201 Club
(a club recognizing students with more than 200 hours of
service), recording more than 315 service hours during his
four years.
Photo by Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76.
Put simply, Dominic Drury = Dragon Pride. During his four
years at O’Dowd, Dominic attended 55 football, 75 volleyball
and more than 175 basketball games—not to mention a host of
lacrosse and soccer games. Working for the athletic
department, and acting as the athletic directors’ right-hand
man, Dominic assisted with a variety of duties, from taking
stats and filming games, to operating the scoreboard, running
the sound system, serving as an announcer and playing a key
role in game day set up.
“Going to Bishop O’Dowd High School was the
best decision I ever made. I went from being
a completely shy freshman to a mature young
adult who is prepared to take the next step in
my life,” Dominic said. “I have so many amazing
memories of my time at O’Dowd.”
Dominic says his O’Dowd experience was life-changing, helping him develop the confidence to pursue his future goals.
“Going to Bishop O’Dowd High School was the best decision I
have ever made. I went from being a completely shy freshman
to a mature young adult who is prepared to take the next step
in my life,” Dominic said. “I have so many amazing memories
of my time at O’Dowd.”
... continued on p.20
Fall Magazine 2014 // 19
... continued from p.19
Nathaniel Hancock-Harris
You’d be hard-pressed to find a student who has been
involved in as many O’Dowd activities as Nathaniel
A Campus Ministry Team (CMT) leader and a mainstay on
the rugby team, Nathaniel served as a Dragon Ambassador,
participated in the Career Partnerships Program (CPP), was
on the executive council of the Black Student Union, starred
in two drama productions, was a member of the chorus, was a
Kairos retreat leader and was active with several clubs during
his four years at O’Dowd.
Photo by Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76.
Given his wholehearted involvement on campus, Nathaniel’s
advice to incoming O’Dowd freshmen isn’t surprising. “Don’t
be afraid to do something that you haven’t done before, and
don’t let the mistakes of today affect your tomorrow,” he says.
“You only get one life, so you might as well live it to the fullest.”
Reflecting on his experiences at O’Dowd, Nathaniel says CMT
and Kairos stand out.
“I knew from freshman year that I wanted to be on CMT
because I wanted to help the school and the community,” he
said. “It was everything (and more) than I expected, and I
built lasting relationships with other students.”
“I knew from freshman year that I wanted to be
on CMT because I wanted to help the school
and the community,” he said. “It was everything
and more than I expected, and I built lasting
relationships with other students.”
Serving as a Kairos retreat leader challenged Nathaniel to
reach outside his comfort zone. “People know me to be an
outgoing person, but there are things about me that I don’t
feel so open about,” he said. “Going past that comfort zone
really helped me, and showed me the impact I can have on
peoples’ lives by sharing my story.”
While others always told Nathaniel he was a natural leader, he
never recognized that quality himself. “Coming to O’Dowd
helped me see it, and gave me the opportunity to excel as
a leader,” he said. “O’Dowd helped shape me as a man and
helped me develop my core values and morals.”
This fall, Nathaniel heads to University of Hawaii, Manoa,
where he will undoubtedly embrace many new opportunities
and adventures.
He plans to study engineering, after being exposed
to the field during an internship he landed at EBMUD
through CPP.
20 // Dragon
Olivia Bernadel-Huey
Valedictorian Olivia Bernadel-Huey had college choices
to envy. Columbia, Emory, Georgetown, Northwestern,
Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA and University
of Pennsylvania each offered the stellar student a spot in
their freshman classes.
In the end, Olivia chose Stanford, which accepted just
2,138 students from 42,167 applicants—which produced the
lowest admit rate in university history.
Olivia is ready to embrace the academic challenges that
lie ahead at Stanford. “I feel like I’ve received a good
foundation at O’Dowd,” she said.
Photo by Briana Loewinsohn.
Olivia challenged herself in high school taking rigorous
courses like AP Biology, AP Environmental Science, AP
Calculus, AP Psychology, AP English, AP Spanish and
Advanced Jazz Band.
She believes that one of the reasons she’s been so
successful academically is because O’Dowd teachers are
experts in the subjects they teach, and they care deeply
about their students.
“The teachers are always there to provide one-on-one help
if you need it. They want you to succeed,” she said.
And from debate, to rugby, to going on a science field
research trips to Baja and Montana, to participating in
Kairos retreats, Olivia has immersed herself in campus life.
“I wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t come to O’Dowd,”
Olivia said. “I had the chance to participate in so many
good academic and extracurricular activities, and I had
lots of encouragement to be a leader.”
“I wouldn’t be the same if I hadn’t come to
O’Dowd,” Olivia said. “I had the chance to
participate in so many good academic and
extracurricular activities, and I had lots of
encouragement to be a leader.”
Because of her experiences on the science field research
trips, Olivia is considering majoring in human biology at
Stanford. “It’s a more integrated look at biology and
incorporates social and cultural aspects,” she said.
Olivia also intends to continue playing rugby at Stanford—
an opportunity she’s not sure she would have had if she
had attended another high school. “Not very many other
high schools offer rugby,” she said. “Though I love the
sport, what I’ve valued most about my rugby experience
are the friendships I’ve made with teammates and the
strong sense of community.”
Fall Magazine 2014 // 21
The Making of a
For the second time in three years, last spring both the boys’
and girls’ track and field teams captured West Alameda
County Conference titles. For the boys, the finish couldn’t
have been more dramatic. On the final leg of the last event of
the meet—the exciting 4x400-meter relay—Joshua Hall ’16
moved past a San Leandro High runner to secure victory for
O’Dowd, giving the boys team a one point victory over Castro
Valley High in one of the most closely contested league
championship meets in years.
More than 30 runners from both the boys and girls teams
qualified for the North Coast Section (NCS) Bay Shore Area
Meet, held on May 24 at Castro Valley High, and close to 20
advanced to the NCS Meet of Champions, held on May 30–31
at Edwards Stadium on the UC Berkeley campus.
22 // Dragon
Left page: Girls track team. Top: Boys track team. Contributed photos.
KaRa Awakoaiye ’16 (see page 24) qualified for the California
Interscholastic Federation (CIF) State Track and Field Championships, held in Clovis June 6–7, in the 100-meter hurdles.
Reflecting on the twin conference championships, Director
of Cross Country/Track and Field, Dr. Jamal Cooks, said,
“We have some great teams in our conference and to win
a title over them is a huge accomplishment. I think we
have shown that we are one of the premier teams in
Northern California.”
Cooks says he’s proud of the fact that team members work
hard just as hard in the classroom as on the track.
“Being a student-athlete requires great time management
skills, a high level of motivation and outstanding drive and
determination for excellence. I’m proud of our student-athletes for being winners in the classroom and on the track,”
Cooks said.
The program’s success isn’t limited to the track. Both teams
received NCS Scholastic Championship Team Awards in the
spring—the boys for having the third best grade point average (3.28) and the girls for having the second best grade point
average (3.59) in the NCS Bay Shore category.
Fall Magazine 2014 // 23
Photos by Briana Loewinsohn.
24 // Dragon
KaRa Awakoaiye ’16
Qualifies for State Track Meet
O’Dowd track star KaRa Awakoaiye ’16 represented our
school at the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF)
State Track and Field Championships, held in Clovis
June 6–7.
Looking ahead, Cooks predicts that KaRa has a shot at being ranked in the national top 20 in her individual events
during her junior and senior years. “I think the sky is the
limit for her,” he said.
KaRa went into the state meet as the 14th qualifier in the
100-meter hurdles, and was ranked 23rd in California in the
event, with a best time of 14.35 seconds—achieved at the
NCS Meet of Champions on May 31.
While KaRa has had great success in individual events, she
says her favorite event is the 4x100-meter relay. “Track is
mainly an individual sport, but I like coming together with
my teammates to reach a goal,” she said.
At the state meet, KaRa placed 17th in the preliminaries of
the 100-meter hurdles, clocking in at 14.56, and is ranked
24th (as of July 30) in the state in the event.
One of KaRa’s pre-race rituals includes taking a deep
breath before competing to calm herself. She also sports
colorful knee high socks during competition, something
she’s done since she began running as a youngster.
Last year, KaRa helped the girls’ 4x400-meter relay team
qualify for the state meet, but this was the first year she qualified as an individual. “I’m more nervous this year going as
an individual,” she said before heading to Clovis for the meet.
KaRa began participating in age group track when she was
eight years old, and last summer captured first place in the
100-meter hurdles, clocking in at 14.56 seconds, at the AAU
Junior Olympics. She also earned a bronze medal in the
200-meter hurdles. She’s been ranked in the top ten in the
country for two years, in both events.
Like her older brother, Bakare ’14, a standout football
player and track athlete who received the Scholar-Athlete
award at graduation, KaRa excels in the classroom.
“It’s definitely hard balancing academics and
athletics,” she said. “But I’ve developed a schedule that helps me manage my time well,”
she said.
KaRa says what she enjoys most about competing is the
adrenaline rush. “It’s really exciting,” she said.
Another Awakoaiye—Bakare and KaRa’s younger brother,
Khukheper—is a member of the Class of 2018. He plays
football and runs track.
Director of Cross Country/Track and Field, Dr. Jamal
Cooks, said there are several qualities that make KaRa
a great runner. “She’s very coachable, works hard and
takes pride in her final product,” he said.
When asked who is the fastest of the Awakoaiye trio, KaRa
answers diplomatically. “I’m the only one who does sprints,
so I’m fastest. But my brothers probably have more endurance in long races.”
Fall Magazine 2014 // 25
Team Records and
Photo by Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76.
A host of Dragons was recognized as
All-League players by the West Alameda
County Conference (Foothill League). The
All-League selections are listed below by sport:
Baseball 7-3, 1st in WACC
Nick Adgar and David Kyriacou (first team); Robbie Achramowicz
and Leo Nierenberg (second team); Matt Achramowicz and Cory
Barrios (honorable mention)
Men’s Golf, 12-2, 2nd in WACC
Jason Brown, Tyler McDaniel and Marcus Williams
Dragons to
at the
Men’s Lacrosse, 5-6, 3rd in DVAL
Niccolo Deluca and Jack Ditzler (first team); Parker Halaburda, Isaak
Sparks and Alex Holme (second team); Christian Gleason, Justin
Mercier and Trevor Link (honorable mention)
Women’s Lacrosse, 3-7, 5th in DVAL
Alex McGrath (first team); Lily Carter, Janine Villanueva and Valeria
Amaya (second team); Lauren Jones (honorable mention)
Softball 4-6, 5th in WACC
The Bishop O’Dowd High School Athletic Department
celebrated and honored 11 student-athletes from the Class
of 2014 who signed National Letters of Intent, as well as
those who were recruited to play at the collegiate level,
at ceremony held in the theater on May 20.
Promise Burnett and Alexis Scalzo (first team); Marissa Eckman and
Hannah Rosenfeld (second team); Haley Ferrufino-Jurs and Olivia
Olmos (honorable mention)
Men’s Swimming 6-1, 3rd in WACC
Women’s Swimming 5-2, 3rd in WACC
Those honored included:
Men’s Tennis 8-6, 4th in WACC
Back row, from left to right:
Front row, from left to right:
Columbia University
La Salle University
Yale University
University of Washington
Seattle University
Spring Hill College SAMANTHA MLADJOV
Water Polo
UC Santa Barbara
South Dakota State
Cross Country/Track
Cross Country/Track
Santa Clara University
Menlo College
26 // Dragon
Travis Lynds (singles); Cole Stauffenegger (doubles); Neal Ghuman
and Julien Rumsey (honorable mention)
Men’s Track and Field, 1st in WACC
Austin Carrington-Scott, Nick Downs, Camilo Eifler, D’Angelo Guiton,
Joshua Hall, Matrix Shimizu and Bakari Ziegler
Women’s Track and Field 1st in WACC
KaRa Awakoaiye, Julia Cooke, Emily Fieberling, Alison Heywood,
Natalie Mitchell, Lauren Petry and Kaelyn Shirley
We look forward to seeing you all at our Alumni Homecoming
Beer Garden on October 17, 2014! This event is in response
to what many of you asked for—a fun and casual event that
brings you back to O’Dowd, gets you and your old classmates
together and reignites your school spirit. There's nothing like
having a cold beer with friends and then seeing the Dragons
dominate! Well, we’ve made it an annual tradition.
Keli Gebhardt Martinez ’02 and her husband, Brian Martinez,
welcomed their first child, Colin Michael Martinez, on February
13, 2014. After graduating from UC Davis, Keli worked as a
middle school teacher and vice principal, but has chosen to
stay home for a while to enjoy her bundle of joy. After living
in Davis for ten years, these two Aggies have settled in
Pleasanton and are loving life as parents.
Photo Credit: Jesse Leake Photography.
Greetings from
Director of Alumni Relations,
LizaDawn Ramirez
Contributed photo.
Remember to RSVP at
www. ourschool.bishopodowd.org/alumni-homecoming-beer-garden.
We also heard that you wanted other opportunities to get
together throughout the year. So far, we’ve held an alumni
Meet Up in Oakland in February and then another Meet Up
in June for our South Bay alums. Where do you think we
should hold our December Meet Up? We’re listening so let
us know!
We’ve also made it simple to stay connected as an O’Dowd
alum. Go to the LinkedIn website, search Bishop O’Dowd
High School Alumni and request to join. We have 660+
members, and you should be part of it too! It’s a tremendous
resource for job searches, filling jobs, internships, mentorships or even college research. You can also friend O’Dowd
Alums on Facebook.
As always, please contact me at [email protected]
or (510) 577-9100, ext. 317, if you have any questions or
suggestions. Thank you!
Sean McMahon ’99 married to Towela Sichinga on May 9,
2014, at the UC Botanical Garden in Berkeley. The couple met
in 2007 while Media Studies MA students at the New College
of California. Sean works at UC Berkeley in the Campus
Shared Services IT department, and Towela is a filmmaker
and works in Children’s Ministry. Sean was born and raised
in Berkeley, California, and Towela was born in Zambia, and
grew up in Canada and Zambia. The couple resides in Walnut
Creek, California.
Fall Magazine 2014 // 27
Alumni NEWS
... continued from p.27
Contributed photo.
Melissa Calavan Skogman '99 was married to Nicklas
Skogman in his hometown in Northern Sweden on June 21,
2014. The ceremony was attended by the couple’s immediate
family, including Rebecca Calavan ’01. The following weekend
Melissa and Nicklas celebrated with their 35 closest friends
on the south coast of Spain. Melissa also gained dual British
citizenship this year, having spent the past seven years living
in London. Melissa works in business development at Lonely
Planet, and her husband in equity sales at Carnegie Bank.
Thank you to those who recently stepped forward to
serve as class agents who foster relationships with
alumni and assist in sharing updates and spreading the
word about upcoming events.
Alumni from other classes interested in serving as class agents
should contact Director of Alumni Relations, LizaDawn Ramirez,
at [email protected] or (510) 577-9100, ext. 317.
Visit the alumni page of the school website
to see the comprehensive list of class agents.
28 // Dragon
Steve Mahoney and Bill Wiegmann
recently completed their fourth road
trip, traveling 2,777 miles, from Moraga,
Calif., to Atlanta, Georgia. They visited
presidential libraries, museums and
relatives, and attended two Giants
games at Turner Field.
James Negri is finishing his fifth
year as Superintendent of the Castro
Valley Unified School District, and
his twelth year as a superintendent.
He trains aspiring and new superintendents for the Association of
California School Administrators.
David De Mers’ son, Ensign Ryan
David De Mers, graduated in May
from the United States Naval
Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.,
and began pilot school in July.
Chief operating officer of Alta Bates
Summit Medical Center, Julie Petrini,
was named to the San Francisco
Business Times list of the Most
Influential Women in the Bay Area
in 2014.
Tom Oery competed in the Newport
Oregon Marathon on May 31, 2014.
He completed the 26.2 miles in
4:47:01—finishing 544th out of 798
runners that finished the race. Tom
and his wife, Kay, are both retired
teachers and have lived in Reno for
35 years.
Anne Marie Gonsalves, pictured with
her medal received for completing the
2014 Boston Marathon, is congratulated by Rev. Kenneth Hamilton. Prior
to her departure for the marathon,
Anne Marie received a blessing from
Rev. Salvador Macias. Anne Marie
also ran in the 2013 race, and although
not injured, she was unable to finish
because of the bombing.
... continued on p.30
Fall Magazine 2014 // 29
... continued from p.29
Adele C. Moore Berry ([email protected]
brandoracollective.com) recently
launched Brandora Collective (www.
brandoracollective.com), a new company specializing in business consulting and branding for entrepreneurs,
start-ups and small businesses in the
San Francisco Bay Area. Brandora is
the culmination of Adele’s 18 years
of cross-disciplinary experience in
marketing (branding, advertising and
photography) as well as her on handson experience in founding and running
four start-up companies.
D’Lonra Ellis graduated from
Columbia University, earned a law
degree from Stanford Law School and
passed the California State Bar Exam
on the first attempt. She has been a
practicing attorney for five years.
Ryan Jones had an art show, Tunnel
Vision, at the Campton Gallery in
New York May 22 through June 11.
Classically trained in fine arts at
Stanford University under Enrique
Chegoya, Kevin Bean and Matt Kahn,
and having worked as a matte painting supervisor at Lucasfilm for many
years, Ryan’s work is a unique fusion
of the real and the surreal. With large
30 // Dragon
roles in more than 14 major motion
pictures his work has been featured
on the covers of Entertainment Weekly,
Wired Magazine, Cinefex, Post and
Kult Magazine. Ryan’s art has been
showcased at galleries in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Singapore
and has been purchased by high
profile collectors in both the film and
technology industries.
Diana Vaughn worked as a business
development director with the American
Heart Association in San Francisco for
five years after graduating from the
University of Washington with degrees
in business administration and psychology. In June, Diana received her
MBA from the Tuck School of Business
at Dartmouth in New Hampshire. She
is excited to stay on the east coast as a
consultant with Axia, a Boston-based
strategy and implementation firm focusing on the healthcare and consumer
products industries.
Derek Halman II graduated from
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in June
with a bachelor’s degree in
Computer Engineering.
Kelsey MacIlvaine, better known
as Kelsey Mac, spent the last year
serving under-resourced youth in
south Florida with City Year Miami.
City Year is an AmeriCorps program
that combats the high school dropout
crisis in our nation. She continues to
do theatre on the side, is active in the
LGBTQ community and is a member
of the Coral Gables United Church of
Christ. Kelsey will remain in Miami
for another year to serve as a team
leader for City Year Miami.
San Diego Padres pitcher Tyson Ross
was named to the 2014 National
League All-Star team, played at Target
Field in Minnesota on July 15. This
was Tyson’s first career trip to the
All-Star Game in what is his fifth
Major League season.
After earning a bachelor’s degree in
Exercise Science from John Carroll
University in Ohio, Kate Mahoney
earned a master’s degree in Kinesiology, with a concentration in Sport
Psychology, from San Jose State
University in May. She is teaching
and coaching at Notre Dame
Belmont High School.
Jennifer Hinds graduated Summa
Cum Laude from Santa Clara University in 2011 and was a member of
the University Honors Program. She
recently graduated from Loyola Law
School Los Angeles, ranked in the top
10 percent of her class. An article she
wrote, “The One-Sided Games of the
NCAA,” was selected for publication
by the Loyola of Los Angeles Law
Review. She was to sit for the bar in
July 2014, and then begin work as an
associate with the Los Angeles office
of White & Case llp.
Jamal Habibi is serving as a political
appointee in President Obama’s
administration at the Department of
Agriculture. He’s the confidential
assistant to the undersecretary
for Farm and Foreign Agricultural
Services (FFAS). Jamal’s primary
role is to staff the undersecretary and
make sure he is prepared for meetings, whether they are related to the
2014 Farm Bill Implementation, or
internationally-related meetings that
focus on the Trans-Pacific Partnership
with specific countries in Asia or the
Transatlantic Trade and Investment
Partnership with the European Union.
Jamal has also had the opportunity
to staff Secretary of Agriculture, Tom
Vilsack, and work with his senior staff
to plan his international meetings and
provide him with the appropriate
briefing materials.
Hasani Burns earned a bachelor’s
degree in computer science from
Hampton University, a HBCU
(Historically Black Colleges and
Universities) in Virginia. During
college, he held internships at numerous companies, such as Accenture
and J.P. Morgan Chase, published
research in the fields of robotics and
artificial intelligence, competed in
numerous academic competitions
and participated in many outreach
initiatives. Currently, he is pursuing
his master’s degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering at the
University of Washington.
Ralph Long, Asher Hoffman and
Spenser Long were in Manaus, Brazil,
over the summer, where they attended
the USA vs. Portugal World Cup soccer
game together.
The youngest competitor in the 2014
Jersey Fresh CCI three-star horse
trials held in May, Maddy Mazzola
made the long trip from California
worthwhile when she moved up 14
places from 22nd after dressage to
eighth after cross-country with a
clear round riding Mojito, then maintained her placing in spite of three
rails down in the show jumping.
Shea Wales is attending Fort Lewis
College in Durango, Colorado, and
plans to major in biology and minor
in environmental policy and chemistry. She also plays lacrosse. This past
year, Shea was named the Outstanding
Freshman Environmental and Organismic Biology Student, received
the Dean’s Council 4.0 Award and the
Chemistry Recognition Award, and
was recognized as varsity women’s
lacrosse student-athlete.
Alumni gathered at BJ’s Restaurant &
Brewhouse in San Jose for the second
Alumni Meet Up of 2014. More events like
this will be scheduled in the future, so make
sure Alumni Director, LizaDawn Ramirez,
has your contact information. You can e-mail
her at [email protected]
Hope to see you at the next Meet Up!
Top Image: Class of 1985 members at the San Jose Meet
Up, KayDee Hackman and Iliad Rodriguez. Photo by
Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76.
Bottom Image: Gretchen Shaw ’13 (left) and Helen
Woodbury ’13 (right), of the University of Oregon, and
Caroline Sequeira ’12 (middle), of UC Davis, reconnected
at the women’s collegiate rugby playoffs in April 2014.
Contributed photo.
Fall Magazine 2014 // 31
Christina Jin ’03
Have you ever traveled extensively abroad and been unable
to find a familiar product that you can easily purchase at
a United States grocery or drug store? Maybe it’s a certain
hair product that tames your frizzy tresses, or good old-fashioned peanut butter for your PBJ. But maybe it’s something
more significant—like the only brand of over-the-counter
migraine headache medication that quells your pulsing pain
and nausea.
Or, have you ever set off for a vacation and left a bit of
extra space in your suitcase for anticipated purchases?
Consider SpaceHitch, a start-up recently launched by
Christina Jin ’03, that connects travelers with extra
luggage space to individuals looking for hard to find
products from around the globe.
“I spent about four years outside the states and traveled to
30-plus countries,” she said. “Eighty percent of the everyday
items you buy at home you can’t find outside of the United
States. And, if you can find the item, you can’t find the particular brand you want,” she said. “It’s really annoying.”
Born in Beijing and raised in Oakland, Jin earned a degree in
business administration from UC Riverside and also studied
the Turkish language at Ankara University in Turkey.
She founded a Los Angeles based independent production
company that developed, acquired and financed feature
length film scripts, and later took a break from living in the
USA, moved to Asia, and worked as the director of operations for a for-profit education company.
32 // Dragon
Jin began toying with the idea of starting SpaceHitch last
October, and began the process in earnest in early 2014.
Jin’s team includes a chief technology officer, a chief
creative officer and a community manager.
“We have an incredibly international team.
Between us, we have three different passports,
speak eight languages fluently, have lived in
10-plus countries, and visited half the world,”
she said.
Jin says there are a handful of competitors in the marketplace, but that doesn’t bother her.
“This concept of crowdshipping hasn’t quite reached
market acceptance yet, so competitors who are further
along are basically doing all the hard work for us,” she said.
“They are showing people that this kind of service is real,
possible, safe and something you can easily use.” SpaceHitch transaction guidelines are straightforward.
Both buyers and travelers can post or search and get in
contact with people. “Even if you don’t need anything in
particular, you can check out who’s coming to your city,
from where,” Jin said.
When a buyer and traveler reach an agreement about the
details, such as what items, where or when to meet, etc., the
buyer creates a Transaction Sheet that lists all the details
of the transactions. This sheet is much like a receipt, so
both parties have proof of evidence if there are any complaints, Jin explained.
After they both confirm the transaction, the buyer pays
SpaceHitch immediately. After the traveler delivers the
items, the buyer needs to login and confirm the delivery.
“Afterward, we forward the payment to the traveler,” Jin
said. “If there are any complaints, we hang on to the funds
until the situation is resolved. SpaceHitch will mediate disputes but we encourage people to work it out themselves.”
Contributed Photo.
SpaceHitch is unique, Jin said, in that it incorporates
an element of gamification, with the goal of creating a
community with an adventurer’s feel. “We’ll have quests,
allowing people to be part of SpaceHitch even if they don’t
need items or aren’t traveling,” she said.
Fran McGee
Passes Away
Jin is using social media to get the word out about SpaceHitch.
“We recently started interviewing travelers about how they
would use SpaceHitch and posted short clips on our Twitter
and Facebook pages. We are encouraging our followers to do
the same, creating organic growth,” she said.
The woman responsible for creating the hugely successful annual
Crab Feed, Fran McGee, passed away on March 14, 2014.
Launching a start-up can be intimidating at the outset, Jin
said. “You have to venture into a lot of red tape and legal
processes that seem out of your league,” she said.
“But the Crab Feed was her signature event,” said daughter Marilyn
McGee Briggs.
Creating a website, in particular, is much more complex
than it appears, Jin said. “You’ve got the terms of use and
privacy policy, which are a combined 30-plus pages of text
that someone has to draft. Every tiny piece of text has to be
created. We deal with monetary transactions, so we have to
do weeks of testing on the code to make sure it’s flawless.
You don’t realize the detail as a user, but as a creator it can
get a bit scary. But if you break it down and just take the
time to research things you don’t know, it’s pretty easy.”
While SpaceHitch isn’t vetting users, buyers, or travelers,
Jin says she’s incorporating certain safeguards to protect them.
“Users need to create and complete a profile on our site.
They’re welcome to sign up through and connect via a
social networking site, like Facebook. Users will be able to
leave comments about each other and report spam. This
promotes the growth of a self-aware and self-monitoring
community,” she said. “We have the right to terminate any
person’s access to our site for any reason at any time.”
Her bottom line advice? “SpaceHitch is huge on personal responsibility, communication and educating yourself. Whether
something is allowed by our terms of use does not mean you
should do it if there are dangers. At the end of the day, you are
responsible for your own safety,” Jin said.
Learn more at www.spacehitch.com.
The mother of Mary McGee ’68, Marilyn McGee Briggs ’72 and
Dan McGee ’75, Fran was a tireless volunteer at O’Dowd, establishing
and running many different fundraising activities including the
Black & Gold Ball, fashion shows and silent auctions.
“Mother organized everything, from doing the initial costing of the
crab and other foodstuffs, soliciting great donations for the raffle,
getting necessary police clearance for the influx of off-campus parking, parking and security details, setting up serving teams within the
rooms with volunteer parents as leads and more, and did it all seamlessly, effectively and efficiently,” Marilyn said.
“Each year the Crab Feed went off without a hitch, and rapidly
increased in popularity and demand. In fact, one year we served
over 2,000 people in both gyms and cafeteria in a three-hour time
frame. It was crazy, intense, hectic and non-stop, but went off
perfectly. I know, because I was one of the servers and ran my
feet off that night, and in fact, each year that Mom ran the Crab
Feed,” she said.
Marilyn said her mother relied on a cohort of like-minded and
dedicated repeat volunteer parents. “They enjoyed working for Mom
whenever she ran an event because she was so even-handed, capable
and efficient. And she always appreciated and thanked the volunteers for their tireless efforts in supporting her vision.” “Despite being a convert to the Catholic religion, Fran had a unique
ability to establish and maintain lifelong friendships with the clergy
and sisters, including Sr. Marie Wiedner, Sr. Mary Romayne and
Sister Katharine Emery,” Marilyn said.
After her children graduated from O’Dowd, Fran went to work as a
travel agent at Golden Gate Travels, owned by former vice principal,
Jack Dold.
“Jack had been so impressed with Mother’s abilities over the years in
running the various fundraisers at O’Dowd that he had implicit faith
in her abilities to learn the travel business. Again, she rose to the
challenge and didn’t disappoint,” Marilyn said. “She swiftly learned
the business and was solely responsible for researching, planning,
writing and leading various great travel tours, both domestically
and internationally, for California educators who needed continuing
educational credits to keep their credentials current or satisfy departmental requirements.”
After working for Dold for several years, Fran moved to Travel
Merchants West in Oakland, where she once again successfully
wrote and led tours for a retired corporate clientele. Fall Magazine 2014 // 33
Sponsored by the United States government, the Fulbright
Program is designed to increase mutual understanding
between the people of the United States and people of
other countries. It offers USA faculty, administrators and
professionals grants to lecture, conduct research in a wide
variety of academic and professional fields, or to participate in seminars.
In addition to her work at University of Zagreb, Fusich has
presented workshops for the greater community. Last fall
she held a “Smart Use of Smart Devices” session at the
Interliber Book Fair geared for high school students.
Fusich’s interest in the field of information services dates
back to her teenage years. “One of my mother’s best
friends was head of collection development at UC Berkeley
and she led such an exciting life—which included traveling
to France every summer. She was the exact opposite of the
typical stereotype of a librarian,” she said.
Monica Fusich ’75 second from left. Contributed photo.
Monica Fusich ’75
Spreading Digital
Literacy in Croatia
Monica Fusich ’75 recently completed a year-long Fulbright
scholarship at the University of Zagreb where she worked to
foster information and digital literacy in the 21st century.
Special Assistant to the Dean in the Madden Library at
Fresno State University, Fusich served as a guest lecturer
in the Information Literacy course at University of Zagreb,
trained librarians in the university’s library and consulted
with librarians and students.
“The level of digital literacy in Croatia is much different than
I expected, so my original projects had to be adjusted,” she
said. “For example, college students are adept on phone apps
and Facebook, but not so interested in using Pinterest or
Instagram. The faculty in the Department of Information Sciences are very interested in information literacy, sponsoring
such conferences as the European Conference on Information
Literacy (ECIL) which will be held in Dubrovnik this year.”
34 // Dragon
Fusich earned a bachelor’s degree in art history and a
master’s degree in information studies from UC Berkeley.
A librarian at Fresno State since 1996, Fusich’s primary
duties are to lead information literacy at the university
ensuring that all students graduate with the skills that
President Obama identified as twenty-first century learning skills. Previously she was the visual arts librarian at
the University of North Texas and the library instruction
coordinator at UC Riverside.
The field of information services has changed dramatically
during the course of Fusich’s career.
“In the past the librarian was a gatekeeper of
information. Now everyone has access to information but lacks the skills to evaluate it.
An analogy would be we can all use WebMD
to diagnose our health issues but need a doctor
for real assistance,” she said.
“We can all search Google for information, but how do
we evaluate the appropriateness of the sources? Digital
literacy is crucial because the review process, which was
obvious in the era of peer-reviewed journals and books, is
no longer apparent to researchers. Students are confused,
especially by citing, plagiarism and digital responsibility,”
Fusich said.
Fusich returned to the USA this past summer and was to
resume her work at Fresno State in the fall.
She enjoyed living in Croatia and reconnecting with family
members who live there.
Fusich has a 21-year-old daughter, Marianna, and lives in
Clovis, California.
Watch an interview of Fusich discussing her Fulbright opportunity:
Minister Will Brown ’91
Minister Will Brown ’91 attended Xavier University in
New Orleans, Louisiana, and in 1997 graduated from San
Francisco State University with a degree in biochemistry.
He received his professional
paralegal training from the
University of California, Berkeley
in 2000, and earned his Juris
Doctor with honors in constitutional law from John F. Kennedy
University School of Law in 2006.
Will has worked for Novartis
Vaccines and Diagnostics; The
Law Offices of Wulfsburg, Reese,
Colvig, and Firstman, Lafayette;
Kumagai, LLP; and Dade
Behring Medical Diagnostics.
In 2011, he received the Heidi Lynn Fuller Scholarship and
Grant for Ministry, and has been recognized with several
academic and employment awards over the years. In January 2012, Will established Christian Publishing
Company, LLC, a for profit corporation, which specializes in
publishing Christian literature. In the same year, he created
The Bring Restoration Over the World Now (B.R.O.W.N.)
Foundation, Inc. (a 501(c)(3), private, nonprofit) to bring
healing, comfort and restoration to the lives of those in need
around the world. He is also the sole proprietor of Sign On
The Dotted Line Notary Service, a mobile notary service
which specializes in loan document closings. Will is currently active in church and community leadership at Allen Temple Baptist Church. He feels blessed to
influence and minister to a wide range of audiences through
workshops, presentations, keynote speaking, motivational
speaking and seminars. He was recently a cast member of
the church’s production of Black Nativity Revisited.
Will is responsible for publishing H.O.P.E. (Hold on Praying Expecting), Faith the Substance and Wisdom is the
Principal Thing by Christian Publishing Company, LLC,
which can be found on Amazon, iBook, Lulu, Barnes &
Noble, in local bookstores and where most eBooks are
sold. He is also one of four co-authors of the book, Everybody Works, Everybody Wins which can be found on
smashwords.com. He is the proud father of Christian
Brown, 10.
Alumni Spotlight... continued on p.36
Fall Magazine 2014 // 35
Photo by Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76.
... continued from p.35
Edward Kelley ’56
Retirement doesn’t seem to be a word in
Edward Kelley’s vocabulary.
An international leader in strategy consulting and executive
search, who was nominated in 2008 by Business Week as one
of the world’s 50 most influential global headhunters, Kelley
’56 has attempted to ease out of the workforce several times,
but always returns. “I don’t know any other way,” he said.
In fact, it was three times that Kelley attempted retirement,
but each time he was back at work again. His first attempt
lasted seven months and neither of the other two lasted
more than three months.
For the past five years, Kelley has served on a pro bono basis
as the program director and faculty chair at The Citadel
Directors’ Institute, organizing an annual program to train
directors of USA public companies in their responsibilities.
He is responsible for setting the agenda and assembling
speakers and faculty for the program. The keynote speaker at the most recent program, held in Charleston, South
Carolina, was Myron T. Steele, former Chief Justice of the
Delaware Supreme Court.
“The faculty is a mix of lawyers who are specialists in
corporate government; sitting chairmen and non-executive directors; representatives from institutional investors;
government regulatory agencies and people from corporate
36 // Dragon
governance think tanks,” Kelley said. The total faculty for
the program numbers 20 to 25 people. He often leads or
participates in one or more sessions.
Kelley attended St. Elizabeth School before enrolling at
O’Dowd. His was the first class to spend all four years on
the then new campus, as the Class of 1955 started high
school in 1951 facilities provided by nearby St. Louis
Bertrand School because construction of O’Dowd had not
yet been completed. “It felt special to be there at the
opening of the campus,” he said.
He often reflects upon on the impact and influence an
O’Dowd education has made on his life, and made it a priority that three of his four children graduated from a Catholic
high school—Napa’s Justin Sienna—even though the family
lived abroad for most of his career. His children attended
schools in the Middle East, Switzerland, Italy and England.
Kelley earned both a bachelor’s and master’s degrees at
USC. He worked briefly in banking and as a management
consultant before he joined Booz Allen Hamilton as a
partner in 1974. As an international partner, he traveled the
world, working in Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, the
Middle East, Africa, Australia, Latin America, Asia and India.
Specializing in financial services and energy, Kelley focused
on strategic planning, acquisitions and divestitures, organizational development and change management in addition
to economic and financial analysis.
He later worked for Korn/Ferry, where he was a member of
the board of directors for the group and the president for
Europe. He was responsible for taking the firm into the then
emerging markets of Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, the
Middle East and India. During his time with Korn/Ferry he
completed what was at that time the largest merger in the
executive search sector. He retired in 1999—for seven months.
At the request of past clients, Kelley returned to consulting
and advised various global companies on human capital issues concerning restructurings due to market conditions or
planned or completed mergers, acquisitions or divestitures.
He worked with one major continental European financial
institution regarding to successfully integrate a number
of acquisitions. He also advised a number of companies
regarding restructuring their boards.
In 2006, after another brief retirement, he founded Edward
W. Kelley & Partners, a firm specializing in executive search,
executive coaching and board consulting. He’s since sold the
firm, but retained the rights to the Middle East arm of the
business where the firm continues to operate today. “Most
of my work now involves coaching chief executives and
chairmen, and advising on the transitioning from family-run
companies to professional management with a strong board
of directors,” he said.
Kelley believes his ability to build strong relationships and
his willingness to take the time to understand other cultures
are keys to his professional longevity. When you bring modern international management to other countries, you have
to demonstrate that you understand their culture and can
adapt,” he said. “You can’t just impose your standards
on them.”
Early on in his career, Kelley attended intercultural training at Farnham Castle which is geared for those working
internationally. He says that simple things like knowing the
appropriate way to present a business card to a colleague in
Asia and the importance of not showing the sole of your foot
to a client in the Middle East are critical for those engaging
in business overseas. “What we take as norms here in the
USA aren’t necessarily norms elsewhere,” he said. “We can
all learn from each other.”
When asked what advice he would give to a young person
whose firm offers an opportunity to work abroad? “Don’t
hesitate, raise your hand,” he said. “Getting that international experience is invaluable. It will open your eyes and
your mind.”
to Honor
Caesar Nuti
Longtime Bishop O’Dowd High School supporter Caesar Nuti,
80, passed away on May 12, 2014.
Caesar and his late wife, Norma, were active O’Dowd parents,
serving as co-presidents of the Parent Association and helping
shepherd the school’s first capital campaign. Norma also served
on the Board of Regents.
The couple’s five children—Peter ’80, Greg ’81, Larry ’88, Paul
’89 and Suzanne ’83—attended O’Dowd, as well as five of his 14
grandchildren—Arianna ’08, Angelina ’12, Grayson ’10, Corey ’13
and Jenna ’15.
“Caesar’s greatest attribute was leadership—leadership
in service and leadership in philanthropy,” former Vice
President for Advancement Michael Petrini said.
“Caesar and Norma convened a well-organized meeting, knew
what they wanted to achieve, galvanized the parents into action
and led their efforts toward successful fundraisers, events and
gatherings,” Petrini said. “As formidable leaders of the school's
first-ever capital campaign (the library expansion), Caesar and
Norma were lead donors, served as team captains and were key
fundraisers to successfully convert the old library into a modern
learning center.”
In recent years, Caesar volunteered his time at O’Dowd, helping
his son Peter cook for the freshman parent BBQ and the Crab &
Pasta Feed.
When Norma died of cancer in 1992, Caesar established the
Norma Nuti Scholarship, which provides a full scholarship for
one student each year based on financial need. He wanted other
children to have an opportunity to receive the solid academic
education, as well as spiritual and moral guidance, from which his
children benefited.
“As tuition increased over the years, my Dad knew there was even
more of a need,” Peter said.
Since Caesar’s passing, the fund has been renamed the Norma
and Caesar Nuti Memorial Scholarship Fund.
Alumni Spotlight... continued on p.38
Fall Magazine 2014 // 37
... continued from p.37
Rachel Nersesian ’10
Ready to Strengthen
Armenian Cultural Ties
Rachel Nersesian’s ’10 great-grandparents and their
families escaped the Armenian genocide decades ago,
coming to America and settling in Fresno—an Armenian
diaspora community.
This month, with a degree in international relations from
Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service in hand, Nersesian
heads to Armenia to engage in a year of volunteer
service with Birthright Armenia.
This non-profit organization seeks to strengthen ties between the homeland and diasporan youth by affording them
an opportunity to be a part of Armenia’s daily life and to
contribute to Armenia’s development through work, study
and volunteer experiences, while developing life-long personal ties and a renewed sense of Armenian identity.
As a youngster, Nersesian was obsessed with learning
about Armenia. “I am very excited to have the opportunity
to work in the place that I have been learning about my
entire life. I actually attribute my interest in international
affairs to my lifelong interest in Armenian affairs,” she said.
“Because I want my career to involve a lot of world travel, it
seems fitting to begin this stage of my life by going to the
place where it all started.”
Nersesian will live with a host family in Armenia and expects
to work with youth or women/family services while there.
Contributed photo.
“I am incredibly excited to begin my adventure in
Armenia. I look forward to learning Armenian,
meeting Armenians and diasporan Armenians,
learning how to cook Armenian food, and discovering more about my Armenian heritage. I know
about Armenian history and its role on the world
stage, but I am ready to learn more about
Armenia by actually living there,” she said.
At O’Dowd, Nersesian was a four-year varsity softball player,
leading the team to two consecutive North Coast Section
championships, was an active member of the Key Club and
was a leader on the Kairos 5 retreat—and, assisted by religion teacher Sara Bauermeister, Nersesian launched the
Armenian Club during her senior year.
38 // Dragon
She earned an athletic scholarship to Georgetown, where she
balanced the demands of college athletics with a rigorous
course load.
Nersesian settled on her major and concentration (culture
and politics, focused on the Middle East and North Africa)
after taking a class called “Map of the Modern World”
during her freshman year.
“We had to memorize the countries and capitals of the world
and major geographical landmarks. We also did broad
regional studies of the whole world. It was during this class
that I knew I was in the right place, as I actually enjoyed
learning what the capital of Tajikistan is,” she said. “Also
during this class, I decided I wanted to focus on the Middle
East/North Africa region. I can’t exactly pinpoint one factor
why I feel drawn to this region. Maybe it is because of the
perceived cultural divide, or that my interest in Armenia
growing up drew me to the region. In any case, I definitely
picked right, as my classes inspired me every day.”
Nersesian also studied Arabic during her freshman year
and earned proficiency in French.
“I took Arabic simply because I knew it would be challenging,” she said. It turned out to be a fantastic experience and
I was really good at it! It was fun/crazy to have to learn the
ABCs all over again and learn how to write letters—I felt
like I was in kindergarten,” she said. “The class took a lot of
time and effort, but I learned so much about the language
and the culture during that year.”
“When they first meet you, most of the kids are
guarded and come off as sassy or uninterested in
creating a relationship with the mentors. But that
moment when that barrier breaks down is the most
amazing thing,” Nersesian said.
“Being an ASK mentor was very challenging, but equally
rewarding. My biggest take away from my time in ASK is
that the actual activity doesn’t really matter—what matters
was that the kids had a mentor who genuinely cared about
them, who believed in them, who pushed them, and told
them they could be something,” she said.
Looking to the future, Nersesian’s eventual career goal is
to be a foreign service officer.
“I am on the public diplomacy career track and I would
ideally like to be a cultural affairs officer. My job would be
to promote American culture in the community and in the
media through planning cultural events and explaining
American policy in general. I am aiming for this position
because I believe culture is an incredibly powerful tool in
diplomatic relations and in bringing diverse peoples
together,” she said.
Alumni Spotlight... continued on p.40
Nersesian added, “Taking a non-romance language made
me appreciate the effort it takes for people to seek out and
learn another language. We Americans are used to everybody else in the world learning English, and we take this for
granted. Having a basis in Arabic is vital to my studies in
the School of Foreign Service and will be extremely useful
as I pursue a career in the foreign service/diplomatic world.”
Nersesian wasn’t shy about adding to her mix of studies
and softball, serving as a mentor with the Georgetown
ASK (After School Kids) program, which pairs student
mentors with adjudicated youth in the DC area ranging
in age from 11–18.
Nersesian worked with her mentees to create PowerPoint
presentations focusing on future goals, and helped them
search for jobs and learn about nutrition. She also chaperoned on field trips.
Fall Magazine 2014 // 39
... continued from p.39
Derreck Johnson ’82
Serving Up SUCCESS
Derreck Johnson ’82 has found the recipe for business
success—and its main ingredient is compassion.
Owner of the Oakland-based Home of Chicken and Waffles
restaurant chain, Johnson actively employs those on parole
or probation, giving them a second chance to be productive
citizens. He started this practice when he launched his first
business, a car detailing company, in 1988.
Johnson says there’s nothing more fulfilling than helping
ex-offenders secure a job and paycheck, which allows them
an opportunity to rent their first apartment or purchase
their first a car.
“Not every ex-offender we hire is successful, but we have
a really high percentage who continue to maintain their
employment,” Johnson said. “I think that’s because when
40 // Dragon
Photo by Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76.
they come here and work with others who have similar
backgrounds they don’t feel so isolated and ostracized.
It helps their confidence a lot.”
Most customers are aware of Johnson’s hiring practices,
and are understanding when there’s a hiccup in service.
“Many of the people I hire have never really worked before
and sometimes they might say or do something that’s not
appropriate. But we get through it,” he said.
Johnson believes the reason his staffing model works so well
is because he’s from an urban community and understands
the social and economic issues his employees face outside
the workplace. He can generally tell, at a glance, when an
employee is having a tough time and needs support.
“It’s rough and rocky at times, but at the end of
the day you have to open the door for those behind you, right? We’re going to be relying on that
next generation or two behind us,” Johnson said.
Launching Home of Chicken and Waffles
Johnson had never worked in a restaurant before he
opened Home of Chicken and Waffles in 2004. “I didn’t
know what I had gotten myself into until I opened the
doors,” he said. “I didn’t understand how many things you
need to manage at one time.”
So Johnson set out to learn the business by going to his
favorite San Francisco restaurant to observe. “I went there
every single day, for two or three months straight, with a
notepad and took notes,” he said.
“One day the manager came up to me and asked ‘How are we
doing?’” thinking Johnson was from the corporate offices.
Johnson confessed he owned a restaurant, but had no
idea what he was doing. “That manager came over to my
restaurant a few times and tutored me,” he said.
The Path Traveled
Johnson interned at IBM while earning a degree in business management from Fisk University. He subsequently
enrolled in the MBA program at Golden Gate University,
but quit midway during the first semester because the
program’s focus was too corporate for his liking.
The entire menu, named after family members, is creatively hand-painted on the restaurant walls. Johnson’s
dish—Derreck’s Deal—features a thigh or leg, candied yams,
greens and cornbread. The restaurant vibe is easy going,
with Motown and soul classics spinning in the background.
Johnson is also a staunch supporter of the local community.
He regularly supports local non-profit organizations, including the East Bay Youth Symphony.
He also gives back to his alma mater, providing on course
food for the Dragon Golf Classic because he feels the college prep education he received at O’Dowd set him on the
right path. “Since day one when you walk on campus there’s
never a conversation about ‘are you going to college?’ It’s
‘which college are you going to?’” he said. “That experience
was the start of me knowing that I could do better.”
Though the restaurant business can be challenging,
Johnson can’t imagine a more satisfying career. “We have
customers come in to celebrate birthdays and other special
moments. Couples sometimes come up to me and say they
met their wife or husband in here,” he said. “Those kinds of
stories make you feel good and make you feel like all the
craziness is worth it.”
Get more information at
So he launched a car detailing company, which he operated for 13 years. At the same time, he ran a production/
entertainment company and also worked with large firms
like Gallo, Hewlett Packard and Frito Lay on their urban
marketing initiatives.
Today, Johnson oversees two Home of Chicken and Waffles sites—in Oakland’s Jack London Square, and in Walnut
Creek. Two more locations are set to open soon—one in the
E One Entertainment complex on Hegenberger Road in
Oakland, and the other in the BART parking structure
in Richmond.
Johnson’s business philosophy is simple—provide a consistent and quality product. “The chicken and waffles concept
has become popular, but we keep it very basic,” he said.
Fall Magazine 2014 // 41
The Class of 1956 reunion group. Contributed photo.
Class of 1956 Holds
Belated 55th Reunion
The Class of 1956 made history on Saturday, May 10, when it
became the first class to hold a reunion in the newly completed
Center for Environmental Studies (CES).
The effort was led by Eric Jorgensen ’56, who worked closely with
former Vice President for Advancement Michael Petrini, Director
of Development Michelle Hawkins and Director of Alumni
Relations LizaDawn Ramirez, who initiated meetings with a few
dedicated classmates who still live in the Bay Area.
Eric got lots of help from Rita O’Neill Hill ’56, who set up a Class
of 1956 reunion website that became the principal means of
communication for classmates.
Reunion festivities began Friday, May 9, at the Hilton Oakland
Airport, where many classmates gathered for dinner and drinks.
The next day, transportation for out of town alumni from the
hotel to campus was provided by a yellow O’Dowd school bus.
Classmates first gathered in the Chapel for a Memorial Mass,
then moved to the CES for hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. A buffet
dinner was served in the cafeteria, followed by dancing and much
reminiscing, laughter and fun.
Eric says that no one was given detention for talking in the halls,
though several classmates joked about how strict times were
when they attend classes in the 1950s.
42 // Dragon
Those attending the reunion were:
John and
Jean (Pullan ’59) Kelly
Ed Gallagher and guest
Kevin Costello
Marion (Ferreira) Durbin
Richard “Skip” Bonetti
Ken and Carla Kemble
Larry and Nancy DaBroi
Eric and Connie Jorgensen
Richard Ryken
Rosaley (Pistante) Smith
Jim and
Diana (Padovani) Skokan
Frank and
Jean (Hudson) McNamara
Pat (Heeg) Devitt
Rita (O’Neill) Hill and
her daughter
Dr. Richard and
Carlyne (Medeiros) Durnan
Dick and
Norma (Lenardon) Guerra
Maureen (Gribben) Hepper
Dennis Penzel
Herman ’55 and
Lori (Grammatica) Canario
Sam and Sandy
(Berman) Hershenhouse
Joan (Simon) Spalding
Patricia (Murray) Baxter
Linda Slakey
George and
Thelma Gardiner
Jeanne MacCoy
James and
Diane (Waltjen) Brittain
Joel Guthrie
Rosalia Milan
Celeste (Lewis) Perry
William Spalding
Carol (Hillhouse) Fohl and
her daughter
Tom Gallagher
Denys and Donna Cazet
Ed Kelley
Vivian Guzman
Carl “Tiny” Ragusa
Pat and Cheri Cannon
and Allan Borges Marian Castelluccio
Attention O’Dowd Alumni!
You’re invited to the annual Alumni
Homecoming Beer Garden, where
we will be honoring the undefeated
1989 East Shore Athletic League
football champions!
Friday, October 17, 5–7 pm,
prior to the Homecoming football game.
Dominican Courtyard
Bishop O’Dowd High School
Alumni and their guests who RSVP will receive two FREE drink
tickets. Space is limited!
RSVP at www.ourschool.bishopodowd.org/alumni-homecoming-beer-garden.
Please note—only guests who RSVP will be permitted in the beer garden due to alcohol
present. Adults only, 21 and over. (Sorry, no children allowed.)
From left to right: Jerry Forristal ’90, Jason Kelly ’90, Omari Patterson ’90, Jason Concannon ’90,
Eric Bjornson ’90, Alex Quinn ’90, Brice McKeever ’90 and Chris Aparicio ’90.
Photo by Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76.
Save the Date
for the O’Dowd
Dragon Boosters
Crab & Pasta Feed
January 31, 2015
Enjoy great friends, great food and great
auction items. Be sure to mark your
calendars now, as this popular event is
always a sell-out! Fall Magazine 2014 // 43
Photos by Tom Tyler.
44 // Dragon
Donors Create Gathering
Faculty, staff and students are enjoying a peaceful gathering space, located underneath the shade of a stately
oak tree, adjacent to the recently completed Center for
Environmental Studies.
This new area was made possible by the generous donation of time and materials from Beyond Blue Consulting
and landscape architects Karen and Paul McArdle of
McArdle Design.
Former faculty member Tom Tyler is the CFO of Blue
Beyond Consulting, a company owned by his wife, Cheryl
Fields Tyler.
A co-founder of the Living Lab, Tyler helped develop
the field science program at O’Dowd, and continues to
volunteer in the Living Lab and is a frequent field trip
leader for students in AP Environmental Science—a course
he launched in 2009. He also served as chairperson of
the steering committee for the CES, helping facilitate the
process that envisioned, designed, funded and built the
state-of-the art facility.
Tyler says the oak tree gathering space project ties in
perfectly with Beyond Blue Consulting’s commitment to
giving back to help create a world where “we have a deep,
sustaining and conscientious connection to nature and an
enduring stewardship for our particular place on the planet.”
The McArdles are former O’Dowd parents who became
involved with the Living Lab in 2005 after learning about
the vibrant space during a campus tour taken with their
son Ian ’09. “We expressed an interest in volunteering and
Living Lab Director, Annie Prutzman, immediately roped
us in. It has involved a lot of planning and physical work,
but the students are great and the adult volunteers are now
our extended family,” Karen McArdle said.
During the ensuing years, McArdle Design prepared the
landscape plans (planting and irrigation) for the CES
building and the master plan for integrating the CES into
the Living Lab. They also prepared the schematic plan to
integrate the oak tree gathering space into the CES site.
For the gathering space project, Tyler and Paul McArdle
selected paving stones, sitting boulders, benches and
plants and, along with Karen McArdle and a crew of a
dozen Beyond Blue employees and their families, worked
during a Saturday in April to launch the project. In addition, the group put additional plantings into the ground in
the Living Lab, including another oak tree.
The project was completed in early May, just in time for
attendees at two functions held in the CES—an event honoring CES donors and the Class of 1956 reunion—to enjoy.
Since that time, the area has become a favorite spot for
faculty, staff and students to relax in the company of the
lovely oak tree.
Meanwhile, Karen McArdle said the Living Lab and CES
are vital O’Dowd assets. “The Living Lab provides a
hands-on opportunity to observe and investigate science
in the real world. The CES facility allows full integration of
academic and experiential learning in the science curriculum, as well as presenting many cross-curriculum opportunities,” she said.
... continued on p.46
Fall Magazine 2014 // 45
... continued from p.45
“For many students, the Living Lab workdays provide their
first experience using tools and digging in the dirt. The
projects involve both self-reliance and teamwork. Lessons
of respect for nature and sustainability abound. Students
can experience eating produce from seeds that they planted in soil that they amended with compost. The students
have an opportunity to make a physical, long-term impact
and watch over the years how their efforts made a positive
environmental difference,” she added.
“For many students, the Living Lab workdays
provide their first experience using tools and
digging in the dirt. The projects involve both
self-reliance and teamwork. Lessons of respect
for nature and sustainability abound. Students
can experience eating produce from seeds that
they planted in soil that they amended with
compost. The students have an opportunity to
make a physical, long-term impact and watch
over the years how their efforts made a positive
environmental difference,” she added.
46 // Dragon
We Would Love to
Your fellow alumni are interested in reading
about what you are doing. Please use this form to
keep your classmates and other O’Dowd friends
up-to-date on the activities in your life. Send us
news about career moves, publications, additions
to your family, awards, etc.
We especially welcome wedding, baby and group
gathering photos! By policy, we do not print
non-legal unions, engagements, or pregnancies,
and we reserve the right to edit submissions.
Full Name:
Maiden Name:
Class Year:
Street Address:
Home Phone:
News (please print or type):
Business Address:
Business Phone:
Colleges Attended/Degrees:
Spouse's Name:
Detach this form and mail to:
Alumni Relations Office
Bishop O’Dowd High School
9500 Stearns Ave.
Oakland, CA 94605-4799
You can also e-mail your news to
[email protected]
Fall Magazine 2014 // 47
Inspiring FAITH
by Diana Murray
Religious Studies Department Chairperson
Bishop O’Dowd High School owns a deep and rich heritage. We are part of the tradition of Catholic education that
spans centuries. Established by the third century, the systemization of Catholic education has lead to the existence
of approximately 49,000 Catholic high schools worldwide
with nearly 1,200 of those located in the United States. Of
those, Bishop O’Dowd is unique.
All Catholic schools share the same global mission of
the Church, and this is reflected in O’Dowd’s philosophy,
“Our integrated academic, spiritual, and extra-curricular
programs develop exemplary graduates who communicate Christ to others by their lives and enrich society with
Gospel values.” Yet, each school has its own distinct gifts.
These gifts of the Holy Spirit, called charisms, are used to
promote the common good and to praise God. These distinctive graces characterize our community, demonstrate
how we fulfill our mission, and define our core values.
O’Dowd’s charism declares, “Finding God in all things
calls us to community in diversity, strength of character,
academic excellence, kinship with creation, social justice
and joy.” We celebrate these gifts, and we cherish the diversity of our faith community.
This is a significant part of who we are, and it
is affirmed in our philosophy, “We welcome students of all faiths who embrace our mission and
are willing to contribute to it. We have rooted
our educational objectives in our Catholic heritage so that our graduates will care for creation
and live extraordinary lives dedicated to building a moral, just and peaceful world.”
As members of a Catholic community, we celebrate the best
traditions of the Catholic faith. Whether Catholic or not,
students need to learn what the Catholic Church truly represents and promotes, Catholicism shares many fundamental values with other faiths—values that can be embraced
by all who share a common vision of goodness in the world.
Our students must develop the tools needed to thrive in the
world community.
The social teaching of the Catholic Church calls us to
participate in society and work toward the common good—
especially on behalf of the world’s poor. Many schools have
outstanding service learning programs, but O’Dowd’s is exceptional. From weekly activities to immersion programs,
48 // Dragon
students participate in and provide meaningful outreach
services to many in need. There is schoolwide support of
these programs that provide opportunities that encourage
our students to develop compassion and consideration of
the poor and to infuse service into their lives.
It is the mission of the Religious Studies Department “to
inspire students to know the person and message of Jesus
Christ and to develop healthy attitudes about God and self,
to deepen spirituality, and to work for a just community.”
In concert with the school’s overall goals, this is what drives
the department in its implementation of its curriculum.
Although all students participate in religion classes, the
foundation of our Catholic values transcends any particular curricular department. As we strive for academic excellence, our actions consistently demonstrate who we are as
a Catholic community and our values permeate all that we
do. One of the most important goals in Catholic education
is to empower students to discover and embrace the sacred
in the secular world. Whether mastering French, designing
robots, reciting Shakespeare, solving equations, throwing
pottery, or scoring goals the principles of dignity and
respect are present and are clearly evidenced by the spirit
of collegiality, community and compassion that pervades
every corner of our community.
As we strengthen our kinship with God’s creation, we
embrace Pope Francis’ call to commit to stewardship of our
natural resources. O’Dowd’s commitment is evidenced by
the new Center for Environmental Studies and especially
its educational programs. These are powerful tools that
will better enable students to seek creative solutions to
present and future environmental challenges.
At O’Dowd, our mission and philosophy infuse our campus,
inform our actions, and are evidenced in the lived reality
of our core values. It is imperative that our students be
nurtured and challenged in such an environment that
is rooted in tradition, faith, dignity and respect, since
our students are the designers of our future. Our task is
crucial—depend on today’s youth to build and sustain a
better tomorrow. With great effort and support, they are
becoming litigators for justice, architects of service and
lifeguards of dignity.
Catholic faith is
at the heart of
Bishop O’Dowd High
School, and we provide
abundant, meaningful
options for service,
prayer and worship,
and then we integrate
these lessons of honor
and faith into the
day-to-day curriculum
of our students.
For the 2014–15 academic year, the school’s leadership team
is working to solidify our mission in Catholic education
with a deliberate re-grounding in the moral, academic and
spiritual heritage the church provides.
As always, students will be encouraged to grow in their faith
through retreats, immersions, service projects and engaging
religious studies courses, such as Christian Morality, Bioethics, Peace and Justice, Feminism, Christianity and Society.
The school’s expanding sustainability program will have
an intentional focus on the Catholic values that inform our
beliefs and actions as they relate to “Kinship with Creation,” an element of our Charism.
School leaders are exploring additional opportunities to
celebrate the school’s Catholic traditions, including hosting
a Founders Day that would honor Bishop James T. O’Dowd,
who was admired and respected by his colleagues for planning many new Catholic schools and promoting Catholic
education in the Bay Area and nationwide.
O’Dowd’s efforts to provide a quality Catholic education
were recently recognized by the Western Catholic
Educational Association (WCEA), which granted O’Dowd
a six-year accreditation. This affirms the professionalism,
care, and commitment to moral and spiritual education
by our faculty, staff and school leaders.
Fall Magazine 2014 // 49
Cor Unum
Former Vice President for Advancement, Michael Petrini, was presented the
Cor Unum award at the Class of 2014 Commencement in recognition of his
commitment to the core values of leadership, service, social justice and intellectual
competence expressed in the school’s mission.
Upon his retirement in October 2013, Bishop O’Dowd High School honored
Michael by the establishing the Michael A. Petrini Transforming Lives
Scholarship Fund.
This endowed scholarship fund recognizes Michael’s 23 years of loyal service to
O'Dowd, as a teacher, administrator and vice president for advancement. Because
of him, many deserving students had, and will continue to have, the opportunity for
a transformative O’Dowd education.
Save the Date
for the school’s inaugural
Transforming Lives Dinner! *
Proceeds will benefit the O’Dowd financial aid program.
Held on campus.
Look for your invitation! *Formerly the Fund A Dream Luncheon
50 // Dragon
November 13, 2014
In Honor of the
It seems like yesterday that our children were starting their
freshman year at Bishop O’Dowd High School. It’s hard to
believe that they have graduated and are beginning their
next journey in life.
The Class of 2014 worked so hard and took advantage of all that O’Dowd had to
offer—both in and outside the classroom. Their O’Dowd experience has prepared
them to take on the opportunities and challenges that college and the future
present. Now they are off to so many amazing adventures. Thank you to all of the students, parents and grandparents of the Class of 2014 for
joining us in raising $32,012 for the Center for Environmental Studies. This gift
provided the funds for the West Entrance and Walkway. The Class of 2014 will be
honored with a plaque in this prominent location which will provide a lasting
memory for all. Deanna Abreu
In honor of Ian Fryer ’14
Liat and Michael S. Bostick
In honor of Matan Y. Bostick ’14
Carole and Joel Achramowicz
In honor of
Robert Achramowicz 14’
Judith McNally Brennan ’70 and
William J. Brennan
In honor of Shaye L. Brennan ’14
Kathy J. and Sami Adranly
In honor of
Alexander S. Adranly ’14
Dr. David T. Hodul
In memory of
George and Frida Jaber
Heather and William E. Brown
In honor of Cole W. Benson ’14
Annie and Percival Adsuara
In honor of Justin Adsuara ’14
Stevie and Buzz Campion
In honor of Abigail Campion ’14
Laura and John Carlson
In honor of Kyle V. Carlson ’14
Natalie Skakun and Pablo Flores
In honor of
Sebastian A. Flores ’14,
Stephen Phelps
Grace and Randal Fraters
In honor of Randal Fraters, Jr. ’14
Anina Fuller
In honor of
Nicolaas ten Grotenhuis ’14
Richard A. Ganski
In honor of Claire Ganski ’14
Kathleen and Joseph Clapp
In honor of Sheila R. Clapp ’14
Sandra Backovich and
David Gleason
In honor of Cristian Gleason ’14
Kathy Claussen
In honor of
Alexandra McGrath ’14
Penelope Goldsmith
In honor of
Elizabeth Alexander ’14
Maureen and Eric Anders
In honor of Colleen Anders ’14
Claudia and Brad Conversano
In honor of
Gabriella E. Conversano ’14
Priscilla Gonzalez
In honor of
Elizabeth Gonzalez ’14
Angela B. and
Alfred J. Anderson, Jr.
In honor of Anika J. Anderson ’14
Mirtha Sanchez-Cortez and
Manuel Cortez
In honor of Lucas Cortez ’14
Lurdys Gordon
In honor of
Christopher Shelby ’14
Carol Grimm and
James Anderson
In honor of Chase Anderson ’14
Amy and James D. Crudo
In honor of
James "Jake" Crudo ’14
Jason Green and David T. Erwin
In honor of Taylor N. Green ’14
Cynthia S. and Victor M. Andrada
In honor of Kevin Andrada ’14
Ramona Davis
In honor of Trevor Ruth ’14
Kevin M. Andrada ’14
Christine and Karl Debro
In honor of Kyle Debro ’14
Lisa Gallegos and Scott M. Aker
In honor of Elena M. Aker ’14
Mr. and Mrs. James Alexander
In honor of
Elizabeth Alexander ’14
Jill Aragon
In honor of Vanessa I. Aragon ’14
Sarah Bremer
Sia and Jahi Awakoaiye
In honor of
Bakare Awakoaiye ’14
Sarah Tunik
Griselda Barajas and
Jose Gutierrez
In honor of
Jose O. Gutierrez ’14,
Tyler Kreitz ’97
Ray Lehner
Aileen and John A. Dolby
In honor of Paige Dolby ’14
Lisa Morbidelli and
Michael Barbee
In honor of Jack Barbee ’14
Flor and Jose Barrionuevo
In honor of
Rosemary Barrionuevo ’14
Eugenie M. and
Elliot G. Bernadel-Huey
In honor of
Olivia Bernadel-Huey ’14
Susan R. Biakanja Donovan
In honor of
Julia Donovan ’14
Mary Kamian
Sarah Tunik
Anne and Dudley Desler
In honor of Caroline Desler ’14
Susan and Jeff Dunn
In honor of William Han ’14
Patricia A. Hennigan Dunne ’84
and Mark Dunne
In honor of Katie Dunne ’14
Tosha Eagles-Williams ’84 and
Timothy Williams
In honor of Maya Williams ’14
Bendu Griffin
In honor of
Christina Nwabuzoh ’14
Janet Mitani and Paul Grossman
In honor of
Sokha Kiyomi Grossman ’14
Rachel J. Pinette
Sarah Tunik
Teresa Catlett and
Harvell Guiton ’80
In honor of
D’Angelo Y. Guiton ’14
Sally and Andrew Han
In honor of William Han ’14
Mary and Thomas Hennigan
In honor of Katie Dunne ’14
Jennifer Baptiste-Hobbs and
Vernon D. Hobbs
In honor of Taylor D. Hobbs ’14
In memory of Jack Nishida
Michael Ferra
In honor of Mitchell Sanchez ’14
Sarah and James D. Holliman III
In honor of
James C. Holliman ’14
Patricia Brennan and
Eric Fieberling
In honor of Emily Fieberling ’14
Margit Birge and John Holme
In honor of
Alexander B. Holme ’14
Hardy Nickerson
Tim Newman
Kathleen Riley
Nora and Ronald Holtman
In honor of Marco Zepeda ’14
Catherine and Patrick Hurley
In honor of Ana Hurley ’14
Esther Hutchinson
In honor of David A. Pinon ’14
Audrey Irwin and Robert Merritt
In honor of
Annie Merritt ’14
Renee Early
Michael Turnacliff
Lani Wolf
Judi and Leroy Irwin
In honor of Annie Merritt ’14
Pam and Thomas Johann
In honor of
Peter Johann ’14
George Watson
Emily and Walter Johann
In honor of Peter Johann ’14
Tracy and Edgar Johnson III
In honor of
Kyle Johnson ’14
Anthony Green
Dominic Henry
Eva Marlatt
Lisa M. and Robert J. Kalmbach
Jackson R. Kalmbach ’14
Alexandra M. Kalmbach ’14
Cathy and Wright Lassiter III
In honor of Loren Lassiter ’14
Bessie and Wright Lassiter, Jr.
In honor of Loren Lassiter ’14
Betty and Fee Louie
In honor of
Robert Achramowicz 14’
Susan Krowley-Markowitz and
Joel Markowitz
In honor of
Adam S. Markowitz ’14
Sarah S. Markowitz ’14
Dan Pitcock
In honor of
Shane Pitcock ’14
David Barrett
Bonnie Sussman
Elsie and James Race, Jr.
In honor of Loren Lassiter ’14
Kathy and Perry Riani
In honor of Cristina M. Riani ’14
Maureen and Arthur Richardson
In honor of
Elizabeth Richardson ’14
Julianne Rumsey
in honor of Julien E. Rumsey ’14
Karen and Darren K. Ruth
In honor of Trevor Ruth ’14
Melissa and John Ryan
In honor of Olivia G. Ryan ’14
Tomita and Mark Shimamoto
In honor of Tae Shimamoto ’14
Sheila and L. Darnell Sims
In honor of
Racheal Sims ’14
Brandon Sims ’00
Debra J. Farb and Eric M. Sippel
In honor of
Jacob Sippel ’14
Fran Warmerdam
George Watson
Lisa Fuller and
Dirk ten Grotenhuis IV
In honor of
Nicolaas ten Grotenhuis ’14
Susan and Dirk ten Grotenhuis
In honor of
Nicolaas ten Grotenhuis ’14
Phyllis Marshall
In honor of Khari Marshall ’14
Julie Benson and Kent Thudium
In honor of
Samuel Thudium ’14
Renee Early
Tim Newman
Rachel J. Pinette
Therese and John McAndrew
Lucy and Roger Tom
In honor of Austin Tom ’14
Nathan Myers ’14
Maryrose and
Tomas Valdez, DPM
In honor of
Shelly Valdez ’14
Jeff Beeby
Renee Early
Alex Macmillan
Judy M. and Howard V. McKoy
In honor of Keaton McKoy ’14
Anne and Michael Melendez
In honor of Andrew Melendez ’14
Elizabeth and Edward Mercier
Ruth Merritt and Daniel Merritt
In honor of Annie Merritt ’14
Nancy Lindsay and
Timothy Vendlinski
In honor of
Siena Vendlinski ’14
Kathleen Riley
Lani Wolf
Joyce and Chet Meurer
In honor of
Hannah Caldwell-Meurer ’14
Kimberly and Sean Walsh
In honor of Caitlin Walsh ’14
Esperanza Molina
In honor of Matthew Kaiser ’14
Barbara Leslie and
Michael Wilson
In honor of Rachel M. Wilson ’14
Elizabeth and John R. Murray ’82
In honor of
Madelyn A. Murray ’14
Michelle and Sang Yoon
In honor of Molly A. Yoon ’14
Hortencia Nevarez and
Ivan Otero
In honor of Cassandra Otero ’14
Patricia and Christian Zaballos
In honor of Lily Zaballos ’14
Justin C. Mercier ’14
Varsha and John Panagos
In honor of Devina Panagos ’14
Gretchen and Gilbert Zaballos
In honor of Lily Zaballos ’14
Carmela and Michael Park
In honor of Carl M. Park ’14
Nora Garcia-Zepeda, MD and
Frank X. Zepeda
In honor of Marco Zepeda ’14
Estrella and Stephen Parker
In honor of Sienna Parker ’14
Donna R. Ziegler
In honor of Bakari E. Ziegler ’14
Tracey Rattray and Joseph Perl
In honor of Nadia Perl ’14
Fall Magazine 2014 // 51
Honor Roll
Bishop O’Dowd High School
gratefully acknowledges the
2,002 alumni, current and
past parents, faculty and
staff, grandparents,
organizations and many
other friends who
generously contributed 2,364 gifts totaling
$2,423,589 during the
2013–2014 school year,
ending June 30, 2014.
Thank you for helping to assure that every Bishop O’Dowd
High School student receives the highest quality education. We want to especially acknowledge the 242 Loyalty
Circle donors who have consistently supported O’Dowd’s
annual giving program for the past 15 years or longer.
We also thank the 37 members of the Lifetime Giving
Society who have contributed $100,000 or more in
cumulative outright giving to the school.
We regret the omission of any names deserving of recognition from this report, and apologize
in advance for any such omissions. We also welcome and encourage any corrections to the report to [email protected] Additional donor lists, broken down by constituents
and programs, can be found at www.bishopodowd.org/giving/.
Above all, Bishop O’Dowd High School is grateful to all its supporters for their generosity and
their belief and confidence in an O’Dowd education.
* indicates deceased.
52 // Dragon
Benefactors Circle
$100,000 and above
Crescent Porter
Hale Foundation
Erin Jaeb and Kevin J. Kelly
Builders Circle
$50,000 and above
Deborah and John Edack
Susan and Peter Q. Scott
Amy Wang and Guijiang Xia
Platinum Circle
$25,000 and above
Anonymous (3)
Bowing Industry
Lillian and
Ross J. Cadenasso
Annette and
Thomas A. Counts
Emerald Packaging, Inc.
Mary and Glen Hentges
Connie and
N. Eric Jorgensen ’56
Nadine and John Mills
Cherrie Nanninga ’66 and
Reno Cappello
Linda L. Slakey ’56
Gold Circle
$10,000 and above
Anonymous (6)
Michael T. Alders
Carl A. Bergard
Tracey Borst and
Robert Menicucci
Jacqueline and
Andrew Burke
Elizabeth J. Cabraser ’70
Chevron Humankind
Matching Gift Program
Provencher and
Francois Choquette
Deborah B. and
Harold R. Collard, Jr.
Margaret and David Cooke
Lydia A. Tinajero-Deck and
Jerome B. Deck, Jr.
Diana M. and
Paul E. Dolan III ’68
Rebecca and James J. Eisen
Melinda A.
Eisenhut-Dunn ’74
Shannon and Jeff Faucette
Christopher R. Foley
Elizabeth Lake and
Daniel Francis
Susan and Dennis Gildea
Mary Hester
Jody and Arthur Hoffman
Yvette and Brad Hoyer
Ellie and Donald Knauss
Kevin C. Leader
Elizabeth and Ralph Long, Jr.
Francine T. Radford and
Thomas V. Loran III
Cindy and Kristoffer Lynds
Claire O. and
Thomas J. Marcel
Monica L. and
John M. Marcone
Imelda and Alan McIntosh
Ann Mohler and
William Moseley
Ana V. and Federico Moure
Katherine McGinty
Naas ’79 and
Paul Naas
Linda L. and
Michael V. Pirrotta
Laura and Ronald Post
Rafanelli & Nahas Mgt. Corp.
Bernice F. and Joseph Ratto
Teresa Sorisio Ritelli ’75 and
Edward J. Ritelli, Jr. ’75
Elena J. Mayorga-Rivera and
Daniel M. Rivera, Sr.
Robert and
Helen Odell Fund
Melissa and John Ryan
Judith Logan Smith ’64 and
Timothy J. Smith
Trust Funds Incorporated
Anthony B. Varni ’57
Mollie A. Westphal
Lisa D. White and
James D. White
Heather McCracken Wu and
Jonathan Wu
Silver Circle
$5,000 and above
Anonymous (2)
Sophia Bucheli and
Walid Abdul-Rahim
Linda D. and
Daniel B. Allen
Goretti Allenbach and
Bret Allenbach
Jessica M.
Gregory ’89 and
Jason Anderson
Michelle G. and
Robert Anderson
Judith and
Benedict R. Angeles
Arch Capital
Group Limited
Leslie Francis and
Jack T. Backus
David H. Bail ’87
Angelita Balbas
Romeo Baldeviso
Cheri M. Kucala and
Alessandro Baldo
Lisa Morbidelli and
Michael Barbee
Pavitdeep and
Gurjeet Basrai
Corine Li and
Thomas Berkins
James T. Bill ’55
Michelle and
John Brinnon
Shannon S. and
Greg Broome
Ron Brown
Moire M. and
William M. Bruin
Meri L. Soll and
Douglas H. Byles
Sharon and
Steven A. Callaway ’80
Michael Cameron ’85
Mary M. and
Paul G. Canales
Minnie R. and
Lester L. Cannon
James M. Canty ’60
Laura and John Carlson
Thérèse and
John Carper
Carolyn A.
Otis-Catanzaro and
Victor V. Catanzaro
Nancy and John Celick
Jenny C. and
Andy H. Chan
Marie T. and
Hsiu-Chaai M. Chang
Charles Pankow
Builders, Ltd.
Charles Pankow
Mercy W. Gitau and
John G. Chege
Yvonne and
Andrew Clough
Sarah and
Kenneth W. Cluff
Katherine A. Kerner and
Thomas Cometa
Christine A.
Keaney-Conley and
Reginald T. A.
Conley, Sr.
ThyDa Yim and
Bob Connor
Monina and
Anthony Contarciego
Betsy Cotton
Sharon E. and
Richard J. Curulla
Kathryn E. and
Andrew R. Danish III
Shana W. and
Richard A. Daum, Jr.
Rebecca and
Joseph M. DeLuca
Petra E. Fuxjaeger and
Juan M. DeOlivares
Margaret and
Michael Desler
Marjorie Kidwell and
Lyle DeWitt
Brooke D. Anderson and
Hugh W. Ditzler III
Jeannette V. DeLaGarza
and Edward J. Dold ’73
Jeanette Dong
Lisa Chavez and
Oscar Dubon
Kim and Malcolm Duff
Donna O. and
Timothy S. Dyer
Marsha L. Gonzales and
Thomas W. Edwards
Jordona Elderts ’87 and
Joe Restagno
Beth A. and
Demian E. Entrekin
Christine A. Marke and
Colin A. Forth
Christine and
Mark Garavaglia
Rohonoda and
Levack Gardner
Arlana J. and
David J. Garner
Michael and
Theresa Greening
Jill Rosenthal and
Steven Grossman
Dona and
Joel Gudger ’77
Patrick J. Hanavan ’85
Donna L. and
Stuart R. Hanson
Sarah Coulthurst and
Merwan Hastings
Michelle and
Joseph Hawkins
Regina A. Henry
Linda Pearson and
Jack Herbert
Amy Duffy Hester ’89
and Kevin P. Hester ’88
Carol Feinstein and
John R. Hillsman
Susan and
Michael J. Huaco ’79
Eleni and Andrew Hub
Susan S. and
Robert P. Hultgren
Catherine and
Patrick Hurley
Diana J. and
Ernest M. Isola
Ellen and Martin A. Jaffe
Regina and
Robbie Jamieson
Kurukulasooriya N. S.
Fernando and
G. P. Jayasuriya
Luz Salazar-Jed and
Jason Jed
Jeanne Jenkins and
Richard Baldwin
Lora and
Christopher Johnson
Lora R. Tabor and
Ronald A. Johnson
Kathryn J. and
Christopher C. Jolly
Vicki and Chris Joseph
Barbara Kefentse and
Anthony Kefentse
Anne T. Hassett and
Thomas J. Kirsch
Cynthia Koo
Nancy McPoyle Kretlow
and Joe Kretlow
Lita J. Krowech
Tammy T. Nguyen
Kutlik and
Roy L. Kutlik
Lisa R. La Fave
Chris U. and
Kenneth S. Lauer
Christina M. Tabet and
Jonathan M. Lawton
Meghan B. Leader
Candes A. and
Daniel G. Lecocq
Elizabeth A.
Goldmann and
Robert A. Leidy
Jingyi Yu and
Yadong Liu
Sonia and
Peter N. Loukianoff
Lisa Quan and
Stanley Low
Beth and Bruce MacLean
Nancy Mahallati
Debra W. and
Paul G. Manca
Melissa L.
Steven McCanne
Ingrid E. Nilson and
Mark T. McCormack
Nadia I. and
Brian T. McCroden
Kerri L. and
Michael A. McGoldrick
Lorna H. Mello
Loretta Cumming
Meyer ’74 and
Paul J. Meyer
Del N. and
Timothy A. Miller
Mary H. and
Michael J. Moran II
Tamara I. and
Todd W. Morrish
Alisa A. ’76 and
Ernest Morua
Stacy L. and
Bryan K. Murphy
Annie B. Kersting and
Gregory P. Murphy
Alexandra M. and
Niall J. Murphy
Erica J. Marr and
Xavier Murray
Nisha and
Sunil D. Nagdev
Molly and
Leon Natsues ’84
LaNettra D. and
William T. Norris, Jr.
The Oaks Card Room
Glenele Oberich and
Maxwell Rosenfeld
Barbara J. Harris and
Michael E. O’Brien
Christine S. and
Michael T. O’Callaghan
Chris and David Olofson
Therese O’Neill
Peters and
Elliot Peters
Pacific Gas & Electric
Matching Gifts
Elizabeth M. S.
Wardman and
Luke B. Pease
Mignon and
Marc A. Perkins
Heather R. and
Dirk Peters
Rebecca and Ross Petty
Sue and
Stephen W. Phelps
Carolyn Chun and
John Phillips
Robin and
Dominic M.
Pontrelli ’76
Isabel L. Brown and
Timothy A. Porter
Robin Dustan and
Kenrick Quamina
Amulya S. and
Prasad T. Rao
Sue and Joe Raphel ’70
Deborah and
Paul Ravetti
Lisa D. and Kevin B. Ray
Julie Smith
Richardson ’82 and
Thomas Richardson
Lourdes and
Roderick Roche ’81
Dante A. Rodriguez ’84
... continued on p.54
Fall Magazine 2014 // 53
Honor Roll of DONORS
... continued from p.53
Monique Rodriguez and
Albert Aldrete
Victoria M. and
Denis Ronquillo
Isabella Salaverry
Rosekrans and
Adolph Rosekrans
Karen and Darren K. Ruth
Jeffrey A. Samuels
Veronica Raymonda and
Alejo Santa Cruz
Lan Z. and Scott D. Schulz
Josephine Heminway and
Mark A. Showalter
Karen Chambers-Siegel
and Kenneth Siegel
Emma Silva-Fontana and
Gerard Fontana
Susan and Robert Smith
Laurie Halliday and
Scott Steinwert
Christina King-Sue and
Steven Sue
Jovita P. and
Richard A. Tamor
Sharareh Tavafrashti
Julie L. and
Robert Taylor, Jr.
Lisa Fuller and
Dirk ten Grotenhuis IV
Lisa and
Anthony F. Thompson
Mary D. and
John C. Tibbetts, Jr. ’70
Cynthia and Lester Tom
Michelle A. and
Kenneth J. Tompkins
Jennifer and
Laurence M. Toney ’84
Michael R. Torres, Jr.
Annette Tumolo and
Cheryl Applewood
Christine D. and
John T. von Seeburg
Lisa and Robert M. Wallace
Kimberly and Sean Walsh
Margaret A. and
Richard G. Walterhouse
Debra L. Yau and
Richard F. Weeks, Jr.
Wells Fargo Foundation
Education Matching
Gift Program
Tamara White
Isabel and
Dereck Williams
54 // Dragon
Chritine De Luca-Williams
and Mark Williams
Carolyn P. and Keith S.
Vanna Choi and
Antoney Wong
Mary K. Wren
Charlotte Standish and
David Wruck
$2,500 and above
Susan and Charles Adams
Kathy J. and Sami Adranly
AIG Matching
Grants Program
Lisa Gallegos and
Scott M. Aker
Leonor A. and
James Alexander, Sr.
Kate and Fernando Alvear
Maria and Mark Ambrose
American Brass &
Iron Foundry
Carol Grimm and
James Anderson
Bank of America
Deborah and
James K. Beck
Christine A. Mattsson and
John M. Benson
Deborah M. and
Samuel V. Berger
Elizabeth Z. and
Janusz S. Bialek
Angela M.
Miller Biggar ’89 and
Robert Biggar
Nancy Bilensky
Paula Yost-Boitano and
Paul Boitano
Lisa A. Magnani
Brackett ’81
The Mervyn Brenner
Foundation, Inc.
Caitlin King
Lempres Brostrom and
Nathan E. Brostrom
Aileen M. Stirling and
Gus Brown III
Helen E. and
Martin J. Brusco
Kristin and
Stephen Bunner
Mary E. Cahill and
James H. Cahill, Jr.
Yvonne E. and
Antonio A. Carter, Sr.
Debra and Glen Ceremony
Janice Lera-Chan and
Benson Chan
Susie and Russell Choy
Christin and Glenn Cooper
Michelle J. Cooper
Mirtha Sanchez-Cortez and
Manuel Cortez
Margaret Cornwall
Pamela and
Joseph De Luca
Robin A. and
Jeffrey M. Delaney
Nancy DeTurk
Aileen and John A. Dolby
George E. Donovan
Janelle M. Spear and
Thomas W. Downs
Amanda Feinstein and
Paul Leonard
Deborah Ale-Flint and
Victor L. Flint
Elizabeth M.
Varela-Gandhi and
Hector D. Gandhi
Alejandra and
William Gardner, DDS ’82
Marisa and
Michael Gonzalez
Claire Perry and
Giles Goodhead
Stuart J. Gruendl ’79
Mary Kate and
Ward Hallock
Sally and Andrew Han
Alan Harper
Jennifer Rose and
Richard Hart
Antoinette S. and
John D. Heagerty ’60
Martha and Michael Helms
Nancy and Mark Hull
Gina and Hamilton Hunt
IBM Employee
Services Center
Nadya E. Tichman and
John E. Imholz
Audrey Irwin and
Robert Merritt
Joseph John
Andrea C. Bohn and
Michael K. Johnson
Janice and Jeff Jorgensen
Myra D. and
Walter C. Keast
Joanne Devereaux and
Donald E. Keeley, PhD ’68
Beth M. Keer and
Mark V. Riley
James Kelly
Sheila Coffey Kilty ’79 and
Kevin Kilty
Sheryl Bregman and
Scott Kleinman
Lisa M. and
Paul R. Lamoureux
Bree A. and
Brian G. Lancaster
Nancy and Chris Larsen
Cathy and
Wright Lassiter III
Susan and Norman Link
Natalie B. and
Christopher R. Lucas, Sr.
Dawn Robinson and
Del Lyles
Judith and
Matthew M.
Malerich, MD ’62
Susan Krowley-Markowitz
and Joel Markowitz
Eileen and Gregg Marrama
Mary True and
David McAneny
Allison D.
McCovey-Patrick ’83 and
Philip L. Patrick, Sr.
Nancy and Jay McDaniel
Margaret and
E. Peter McNamara
Microsoft Matching
Gift Program
Diane Miller and
Greg Carrasco
Monica R. Lee and
Edward L. Molyneaux III
Sarah and Mark Moser
Jennifer Granholm and
Daniel Mulhern
Janice and James Murphy
Margaret B. and
Kevin E. Murphy
Elene and
George Mylordos
David A. Neumann
Jill Van Winegarden and
David Nix
Claire Jullien Nuti ’81 and
Gregory Nuti ’81
Tamara Uecker and
Christopher Ohman
Kathleen T. Olsen and
Robert W. Olsen
Felipa Ortiz-Pallen and
Jordan M. Pallen ’87
Perforce Foundation
Tracey Rattray and
Joseph Perl
Julie Wilson Petrini ’70
and Michael A. Petrini
Donna and Ted Platou
Rener M. Price
Antoinette and
Farid Radwan
Andrea V. and
Gerald J. Ramiza, Jr.
Jennifer and
John Rechenbach
Lisa M. Nash and
Robert M. Resnick
Kathy and Perry Riani
Marcia and Wayne Riley
Elizabeth and
Christopher Rivers
Julia and Michael Robarts
Julianne Rumsey
Anna Edmondson and
Peter Rumsey
Susie Debenham and
Robert M. Russell
Nicole Salois
Deanna and
Dominic Savant
Frederick M. Schnider
Tanesia A. and
Michael P. Sellman
Regina and Craig Shields
Melissa and Jay Shilliday
Tily Shue
Anna-Lisa and
Victor Silvestre
Diane L. Steccone
Smahlik ’62 and
Michael A. Smahlik
Carol E. Davis-Smith and
Lewis R. Smith
Victoria and Roger Smith
Andrea and
Benjamin L. Sparks ’87
Diane and
Avrum M. Spiegel
Stanley M. Davis &
Company Insurance
Chris and
Eric Stauffenegger
Agnes and J
ames Strandberg
Karen and Andrew Straus
Michele and
Todd Sundsmo
Roberta Santiago and
David Swanson
Diane Songey
Twomey ’71 and
Stephen E. Twomey
Caroline and
Joseph Van Remortel
John H. Vance II
Victoria L. Varieur and
Jonathan G. Velline
Yukari and
Robert Vincent, Jr.
Nancy Caldwell and
John Walker
Margaret A. and
Richard G. Walterhouse
Mary K. and
Michael R. Ward ’77
Danielle R. and
Michael V. Wenzler
Westphal Family
Tracy A. H. and
Paul A. White
Barbara and
Darren Whitfield
Joyce and
Garfield Windross
Laurie and James Wolfe
Paul Wong
Susan and Mark Zeme, MD
Black and
Gold Society
$1,000 and above
Anonymous (5)
360 TotalConcept
Carolyn Billings
Abrams ’61
Carole and
Joel Achramowicz
Lisette Adams
Maureen and James Adgar
Adobe System
Incorporated Matching
Gifts Program
Annie and
Percival Adsuara
Kimberly Overstreet and
Fola Afariogun
Lisa and Kerwin Allen
Susan L. Weiss and
Christopher H. Alonzi
Candelario and
Miguel Alvarado
Judith White Ambers ’90
Maureen and Eric Anders
Angela B. and
Alfred J. Anderson, Jr.
Sheree and
Jared Anderson
Maria Teresa A.
Abunto and
Raymund T. Angeles
Mary S. Collins and
Miles Appel
Apple Matching
Gifts Program
Genevieve and
Al Arechiga
Johnna K. Arnold and
Sean O’Connor
Ma. Rita C. and
Manolo C. Aseremo
Julie C. and Thierry Attias
Linda and David Avery
Danielle and
Brother Ayinde
Lisa and Michael Ayon
Sheryl A. and
Vito Badalamenti, Jr.
Maria and Kevin Baker
Bank of the
West Employee
Giving Program
Suzanne S. and
Gino J. Bartalotti, Jr.
Doris and
Philippe Bautista
Bay Alarm
Michelle M. Gildea and
Sean P. Beatty
Pam Beil and Gary Beil
Kathy Huff and
David Beittel
Mary-Alice P. and
John F. Benson
David Berger
Jeanne Ratto
Bettencourt ’64 and
Charles Bettencourt ’62
Olivia A.
Flores-Bevineau and
Joseph L. Bevineau III
Lisa Biasotti
Gail and Kevin Binder
Amber Bohanon and
Dante Wiley
Anne G. and
Daniel H. Bookin
Carol J. and
Thomas G. Borst
Michael Bowler
Maureen Boyle ’80 and
Mark Caldwell
Betholyn Otte and
David Braden
Andrew W. Brown ’62
Heather and
William E. Brown
Michele M. P. Pla and
Steven D. Brown
Colleen Z. and
Patrick C. Burns
Lizette and Adam Byer
Sophia L. and
Dwayne G. Byndloss
Maria Elena Alexis and
Osmundo Cabato, Jr.
Marian A. and
Richard J. Cadenasso ’77
Donna and
Kenneth G. Cala
Nicole and
Robert Campion
Martha and
Antonio R. Cardenas, Sr.
Paulette Paulos-Carr and
Eric J. Carr
Nancy and James Carriere
Priscilla and Peter Carson
Ruben Casares and
Jeffry Burch
and David T. Champion
Mary Ng and Gary Chan
Josephine and
James Chan
Chelsea and
Leonard Charles III ’80
Elizabeth and
John Christman
Debbora and
Christopher Chung
Anna Marie Clark
Class of 1968
Class of 1993
Clayton Partners
Nanci and Thomas Clifton
The Clorox
Company Foundation
Kathleen and
George Coaston, Jr.
Tracy A. Colbert ’83
James J. Collins ’76
Joyce E. Boyd and
Peter A. Conn
Margaret A. Connell
Kathleen A.
Connelly ’60 and
Parkes Johnson
Lili Cook and
Megan Tracey
Kevin M. Corbett ’76
Susana Corona
Barbara Cosentino and
Susan Merriman
Judy Wong and
Robert Craney
Helen and Marc Crawford
Denise and
William Crozier III
Jonar and Erlinda Cruz
James B. Curran ’56
Maria and Charles Cypher
Wanetta J. and
Calvin Davis
Kristina and Tracey Davis
Denise T. Jin and
David R. DeMent
Marilyn A.
Padovani Denham ’61
Bonnye L. Ingram and
Donald J. DePaolo
Doris S. and
Thomas A. DeTurk
Jeanette Di Giuseppe
Cameron C. and
Kevin Dobbs
Anna and
Arnold Dos Santos
Marilyn and
John R. Dougery ’58
Marie Chun and
Paul B. Duncan
Margaret B. Dunlap ’86
Dongsook and Isaac Durst
Kowalska-Ekstrand and
Steven Ekstrand
Claudia Toomey and
George Elkin
Kelli A. Cline and
Robert L. Ellis, Jr.
Dana and Robert Emery
Michele P. and
Steven V. Erquiaga
Jennifer L. and
Gregory T. Eslick
JoAnne and
Edward Espinosa
Demarris Evans
Sharon and Eric P. Ewen
Paula M. Mandel and
Michel P. Faure
Alison Townley and
Kurtis P. Fechtmeyer
Lee R. Slome and
Anthony L. Fenner
Cecilia and Tom Ferentz
Anne Marie and
Arvil Fernandez
Jennifer E. Andrews and
April D. Fernando
Virginia M. Jurs and
Mirella A. Ferrufino
Gloria Flores and
William Fine
Gary Firestone
Lauren Haughey-Fletcher
and Morgan Fletcher
Michelle and
Michael J. Flynn
Sharon F. and
Sean T. Flynn
Daniel Folkmanis
Judy Shimizu and
Creighton Fong
Andrea E. Williams and
Samuel A. Foresman
Grace and Randal Fraters
The Fremont
Group Foundation
Beth E. and Dean J. Fusco
Teri P. and David C. Gane
Judith Ganley
The Gap Foundation Gift
Match Program
Claire Leary and
Christopher F. Gauger
... continued on p.56
Fall Magazine 2014 // 55
Honor Roll of DONORS
... continued from p.55
Joanne and
Dan Gayton, Jr.
Milena and Scott Geary
Pauline Souza and
Andrew M. Gee
Joanne Roddy
Ghiglieri ’79 and
Stephen Ghiglieri ’79
Becky and
Harjeet Ghuman
Cathy Gibson and
Sylvia Watson
Deirdre and Mike Gipson
Kathleen Sereda
Glaub ’71 and
John C. Glaub
Sandra Backovich and
David Gleason
Karen J. Goelz
Michelle and Greg Gomez
Yuliya Berenshteyn and
Oleg Goncharov
Angie M. and
Carlos G. Gonzalez, Jr.
Martha G. Fairwell and
Stephen A. Goswell
Melodie and David Graber
Laura B. and
Sebastian B. Grady
Keith Grassel
Jason Green and
David T. Erwin
Patrick Greening
Jane and
Arnold T. Grisham
Janet Mitani and
Paul Grossman
Cynthia T. and
Eric Gullikson
Angela and James Hager
Marie Hairston
Elizabeth A. and
Wilbur J. Hall II
Donna Diamzon and
Oussama Hammoude
Tere and Douglas Hanson
Donna R. and
James E. Hardy, Jr.
Martina and
Mark A. Hauser
Blanca M. and
Christian F. Hausser
Susan Promes and
Mark Haynos
Judith Hayter
56 // Dragon
Susan E. and
David T. Hennigan
HERO, Inc.
Sylvia and
Michael M. Herrick
Janice and
Michael R. Hester ’81
Kristen Kwan and
Gregory Heywood
Stephen Hicks
Maryelena and
Leslie G. Hilger II, MD
Jennifer Cohen and
Kevin Hillesland, Sr.
Eugenia P. and
Bruce A. Hirsch
Kathryn and
Charles Hoehn III
Sarah and
James D. Holliman III
Susan and
Timothy Horgan
Marianna Caponigro and
Robert P. Houser
Joslyn and
Gregory Houston
Maria Flor C. and
Glen P. Hubahib
Susan Hudson O’Neil and
Benjamin O’Neil
Debra S. and Kent Hughes
Janice and Steve Hull
Carolyn T. and
Ronald W. Hutton
Yi-Li and David Hwang
Venus J. and
Christopher P. Indalecio
Intervest (a subsidiary of
Sterling Savings Bank)
Kathleen A. and
Kevin Isbell
Vicki C. and Michael J. Isip
Sylvia and John Jaber
Beruz A. Jalili
Janine Jason and
William R. Jarvis, MD ’66
Kim Anh and
Cedric Jernigan
Pam and Thomas Johann
Renee E. Goldsberry and
Alexis B. Johnson ’87
Carl Johnson
Janet Clitherow and
Christopher Johnson
Tracy and
Edgar Johnson III
Heidi J. and
Jay B. Johnson
Ursulla Johnson
Maxine and
Albert L. Joseph
Esther Molina and
Helmut Kaiser
Claire Castro and
William Karney
Gail B. and
James M. Keating
Rosaleen and
James P. Kelly
Lisa and Todd Kemmerling
Jamie and John Kepp
Eun K. and Kyung H. Kim
Nancy E. Goodrich-King
and Kerry M. King
Ruth E. Anderson and
Michael D. Kline
Sharon Schmitt Kluball ’61
Christine and
Steven L. Knott
Jerri and Robert Koplowitz
Carol A. Korade
Martha J. and
Steven Kracht
Kimberly and
Christopher J. Kuesel ’89
LaSalle Financial Services
Rebecca and
Peter Laufenberg
Nghia Nguyen and
Bach Le
Arlette R. and Scott K. Lee
Theresa Lee
Yvonne M.
van Leeuwen and
Russell M. Leefer
Darlene and Ben Levy
Sandra Mon Lew ’83 and
Darrell Lew
LexisNexis Matching
Gift Program
Peng Zheng and Charles Li
Denise and Chester Lievre
Mary Lu and
David Lillevand
Jodie A. Ruland and
Brian K. Linde
Anna and Mikhail Linetsky
Yuteh T. Cheng and
Zhishun A. Liu
Carolyn K. and
Matthew Lonner
Loreaner and Ivan Lopez
Amy Gurowitz and
Andreas Lorenz
Vanessa and
Edward Lowe III
Elena M. and
Adam L. Lucarelli, Jr.
Shujun Luo and
Samuel Mao
Saundra R. Anderson and
Shaun P. C. Lusan
Judith O. and
Theodore M. Lydon, Jr.
Kevin C. Maas ’83
Pamela Ellis Mack ’62 and
Stephen Mack
Isabel Tejeda and
Oscar Madrigal
May A. Magalong
Laury B. and
Michael Mainini
Reda Majiene and
Ginataras Majus
Julie Brown-Manzanares
and Roy Manzanares, Jr.
Sylvia Garcia and
Anthony C. Mar
Mary L. Stallard and
Robert K. Marinai
Griselda and
Johnny Marquez
Debbie A. Furino
Marshall ’82 and
W. David Marshall
Joyce and
Douglas Marshall, Sr.
Lorraine and
Ray D. Marshall
Lyn and John Matejczyk
Jill and Thomas McCleary
Mary and
Dan McEachern, Jr.
Cathy and Greg McFann
Elizabeth Y. and
Robert S. McGillis
Christina and
James McKenna, Jr. ’86
Judy M. and
Howard V. McKoy
Colleen and
James E. McLaurin
Susanne M. and
Jeffrey J. Medeiros
Anne and
Michael Melendez
Elizabeth and
Edward Mercier
Pauline DeBerry
Metzgar ’84
Marci L. and
Roger D. Miller
Jennifer Hugenberger and
Kevin Mintz
Nora and David Mitchell
Koree Moore
Elaine R. and
Matthew P. Murphy, Sr.
Elizabeth R. and
William C. Murphy
Elizabeth and
John R. Murray ’82
Siobhan Rigney-Myers and
Stephen E. Myers
Sangeeta and Vinay Nair
Roberta A.
Cunningham and
David W. Nelson
Hortencia Nevarez and
Ivan Otero
Vanessa D. Hernandez and
Joseph S. Nierenberg
Kaaren Fladager and
William Nieser
Dottie and
Geoffrey Nordin
Novartis Foundation
Caesar Nuti*
Stacy and Peter J. Nuti ’80
Oakland Community
Housing, Inc.
Steven and Kristin Oakley
Marlene and
Carlos Obando
Judy and Fabomi Ojuola
Daniel J. O’Keefe ’62
Simonne Dansereau and
Shawn O’Keefe
Mylene D. and
Jorn N. Olimpiada
Deborah J. Shields and
David R. Olmos
Maria and Sean O’Malley
Hortencia Nevarez and
Ivan Otero
Vicki Owens
Blanca Padilla
Nicole and Michael Paez
Vivien and Ryan Pagila
Maryann M. and
Thomas J. Parry
Mari and
Todd W. Parsnick
Susan M. Scott and
Ashesh H. Patel
Valerie L. Marchant and
Michael Pearce
Stephanie and
James Pearl
Camilla and
Richard Pember
Dawn Pieper
Brenda K. and
Benjamin T. Pierce
Mary Ann and
Patrick J. Piette
Lori Pettegrew and
Morgan Pike
Rosa A. and
Roberto R. Pineda
Maril Pitcock
Monica and
Carlos Plazola
Kathryn Mar and
Curtis Poon
Catherine and
Richard Powell
Maria H. and
Thomas O. Powell ’75
Virginia and
Joseph Pulizzano
Robert J. Ravano ’58
Karen Bozzone
Raven ’86 and
Dan Raven
Deborah and
Larry Reback
Delphine Regalia
Patricia A. and
Scott M. Rennie
Resco Development
Monique Reynolds
Dawn and
Michael Rezente ’79
Patricia and
Kevin Ridley
Amy and
Anthony Rimac IV
Seth Robbins
Leslie Sims
Robertson ’81 and
Keith Robertson
Lisa Kim and
Paul J. Robinson,
MD, DO ’87
Paulette Bickers
Roddy ’88 and
Robert L. Roddy ’85
Catherine Domdoma
and Michael Rodriguez
Dessa L. Rooney
Renee and Dennis Ross
Deborah Reed and
David Roth
Kathleen M. Rueger ’75
and Roy M. Kuga
Kathryn Dunn and
Lawrence Rugg
Miriam Salazar
Judith Blout Sanchez ’60
Mark Sanchez
Diana Cosio-Sandino
and Mario A. Sandino
Louise Martin and
Ciaran Scally
Shonda Scott
Ana Raphael and
Terrence L. Scott
Dana L. DuFrane and
Steven M. Selna
Lori-Jill Seltzer
Nina E. and
William R. Senn
Beverly Sereda
Jacqueline and
Edward E. Serres
Nicole DeMarais
Shaw ’81
Linda Beets-Shay, MD
and Gregory Shay, MD
Pamela and Bruce Shay
Kimberly A. and
Sean B. Shervais
Jane and Basil S. Shiber
Gabriel E. Silva
Tiffany G. Simpson
Denise M. Pinkston and
Jeffrey A. Sinsheimer
Terri Witriol and
Ralph Sklar
Sally Slome
Donna W. and
Frank W. Somerville
Victoria Bramsman
Srago ’62 and
Michael Srago
Catherine and
Michael Stearns
Linda P. Russell and
Charles E.
Steidtmann III
Jessica and
Greg Sterling
Emily and
Luther Strayer IV
Domenique A.
Lozano and
Morgan J. Strickland
Lauri and Scott Stroud
Anne E.
Symens-Bucher ’75 and
Terry M. Symens-Bucher
Suzanne W. and
Matthew Szuhaj
Eva and Gregg Takeuchi
Criselda and Luis Tan
Cheryll Anne and
Derrick Taylor
Jeanne C. and
Robert J. Taylor
Caroline and
Steven Taylor
Temple Sinai
Susan and
Dirk ten Grotenhuis
Liff and
Carey Thomas III
Jessica D. Clark and
Daryl L. Thomas
Trina L.
Thompson Stanley
Time Warner Cable
Arlene B. Fischhoff and
Richard P. Trevor
Tri-Valley Bank
Kathryn and
Christopher Ulrich
Maryrose and
Tomas Valdez, DPM
Theresa and
Daniel S. Vaughan
Nancy Lindsay and
Timothy Vendlinski
Ma. Lilian O. Viray
Christine and
Rene S. Viviani
Eileen and
James A. Vohs
Priscilla Browne and
Larry R. Vollintine
Nida E. and
Emile K. Wahbeh
Walter and
Elise Haas Fund
Tracy Smith and
Bryan Waters
Angela and
John Wawrzynek
Brandon Weir
Antonette Gullatt
West ’81 and
James West
Dwana Black and
Winslow West
Amy Price and
Mike Wiley
Ting and Peter Willett
Cassandra and
Laurence E. Williams
Kirsten M. and
Stuart Williams
Mary B. and
Robb Willliams
Willow Park Golf Shop
Barbara Leslie and
Michael Wilson
Rhea B. and
Michael P. Wisherop
Holly B. Kernan and
Michael Woitalla
Elaine M. O’Neil and
Andrew Won
Sylvana S. and
Jeffrey Y. Wong,
Jeanette H. and
Kevin Wong
Anne and Barry Woods
Donna and
Kerry S. Wooldridge, Sr.
Maria Sanchez-Wright
and Darin Wright
Keith D. Wright ’83
Audrey and
David Wulff ’84
Charis Moore and
James Wyman III
Dennis Yabuki
Shaohua Wang and
Jin Yang
Anna and Sung C. Yi
Geoffrey Yost
Patricia and
Christian Zaballos
Pamelia and
John Zelaski, Jr.
Kejia Wang and
Qing Jiu Zhang
Lori Zimmer
Dragon Society
$500 and above
All Bay
Vehicle Donation
Victoria and
Harry Arruda, Jr.
Sia and Jahi Awakoaiye
Azeb M. Jemmaneh and
Seyoum Awetu
Kimberly R. Carl and
Thomas E. Ballantine
Bank of the West
Griselda Barajas and
Jose Gutierrez
Mary Francis Corcoran
Barranti ’62 and
Richard Barranti
Laura Mayes Benz ’66
Eugenie M. and
Elliot G. Bernadel-Huey
Beth Jacob
Michelle D. and
Thomas J. Bilensky
Blaisdell’s Business
BMW of San Francisco
Kelli D. and
David W. Bordessa
Maureen and
Vince Bormolini
Jennifer A. and
Darren T. Boyden
Gail Hubbell and
Anton Brammer
Alexis and
Michael G. Branco
Andrea M. and
Kenyan L.
Branscomb, Sr.
Shirley Orille Brazis and
John Brazis III
Ruth A.
Broussard ’74 and
Ray West, Jr.
Raquel Brigham
Brown ’79
Betty J. Buettner
Lynn Cadwalader
Barrington Campbell
Patricia Canty
Bernadine Castagnola
Carpenter ’57 and
Robert Carpenter
Toinette and
Mark Carter
... continued on p.58
Fall Magazine 2014 // 57
Honor Roll of DONORS
... continued from p.57
Cass Inc
Karen M. and
Ross F. Catanzarite
Sara and Rick Caviglia
Dr. and Mrs.
Richard A.
Cerruti, MD ’58
Sheba and
Alan Challenger
Soraya Massoumi and
Frandics P. Chan ’81
Sabrina Chaumette ’82 and
Robert Brown
Floreine R. and
Christopher W. Kahn ’84
Chris Kahn Consulting
Sheila and Donald Cluff
Matthew Colvin
Suzanne Schofield
Connolly, MD ’65 and
Peter Connolly
Bishop O’Dowd
Counseling Department
Carol A. and
James Cramer ’78
CSDA Design Group
Maria and
Edgar Allan E. Daluz
Theresa DaSilva
Lekeisha P. Davillier
Bonnie J. and
Michael Davis
Celia Murphy and
Andreas P. Deak
Christine and Karl Debro
Margaret Hester
Deely ’84 and
Mike Deely
Tillin and
Ronald E. Dempster
Jacquelyn L. and
Loren R. Diaz
Don J. Dillon
Julie A. N. Dillon
Karen and David Dold ’61
Toni M. and
Brian T. Donahue ’69
Sandra and Jerry Dratler
Maxine and
Mark E. Drexler
Nancy C. and
Stephen Dunn ’71
Rachel Blau and
John Eckhouse
Cynthia Bagby and
Lorenzo Ellison
58 // Dragon
Epicurean Group
Lori R. Smith-Evans and
Gregory D. Evans
Julie and Peter Ferioli
Karen Ferra
Joanna W. and
Eric D. Figueroa
Jacqueline Richter and
Stuart Flashman
Kathleen M.
Kemp Forrest ’56
Gladys Fuentes
Christine D. and
Joseph A. Garofoli
Joseph Garrett
Lay Beng Peh and
Terrence E. Gentle ’68
Yuen Gin
Penelope Goldsmith
Fernando Gonzalez
Michele J. and
Newton C. Gordon
Vicki and Scott W. Gordon
Darlene Graham
Joan Grazzini
Wahiba Hall and
Efton Hall, Jr.
Ole T. Hall ’89
Michelle A. and
Patrick A. Hall
Marcia McKeirnan ’60 and
Al Haro
Gregory J. Harris
Anne Hester ’00
Moira Hester ’96
Anna Scott and
Stan Hindman, Sr.
Jennifer Baptiste-Hobbs
and Vernon D. Hobbs
Michele and
Matthew W. Hofherr
Adrienne Guyton Hogg ’82
and Warren Hogg ’82
Diana Engel and
Jack Holmes
Home Depot Foundation
Joyce and
James Huntington
Esther Hutchinson
Wendy N. and
Gerardo Ibarra
Nancy and
John M. Ironside ’62
Jacqueline Haake
Jacobberger ’55
Sue and
Robert F. Jardine ’62
Marianne Jiang and
Gabriel Abraham
Nina and Kenneth Jones
Kaiser Permanente
Community Giving
Matching Gift Program
Darlene and Daniel Kern
Judith and Michael Klein
Le and Todd Koepp
Sue and
James R. Kohles ’67
Janice C. Walters
Kroll ’79 and
Douglas Kroll
Kristine A. and
Terry Kvochak
Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory
Layas Partnership
Linda and
Brent A. LeBoa ’81
Maria Valerio and
Allan Y. Lee
Margaret and
Barry Luboviski
Mary and Michael Lucas
Lisa Coffey
Mahoney ’76 and
Robert D. Mahoney ’76
Marelich Mechanical
Kellie McElhaney
Gail Widener and
Michael McMaster
Patricia Santi
McMillan ’60 and
Edward F. McMillan
Terry McQueen
Philip A. Meany ’56
Ruth G. Tesfay and
Admasu G. Menlikalew
Cathy Miller
LoWanda and
Roderick Moore
Pamela and
Chris P. Murray
Rina and
James P. Negri ’68
New York Life Foundation
Octavia and David Norris
Kat and Afshin Nouri
Anne and Thomas O’Shea
Phillip Palmer ’87
John S. Pappas
Sally M. and
Mario G. Perez ’91
Dan Pitcock
Kelly and Bill Powers
Promo Dog
Gemilyn Bringas and
Mannie M. Rabara, Jr.
LizaDawn and Gil Ramirez
Patricia and
Ronald A. Ratto ’80
Michele Richards
Tracy and
Michael Robinson
Colette Roche
Katie and
Brian K. Rogers ’91
Raenna and
Scott R. Rorabeck
Mia Saetern and
San C. Saechao
Antone F. Salel ’56
Geraldine Graham
Sandor ’60 and
David Sandor
Gemma and
Patrick A. Scalise ’88
Gregory P. Schmidt ’65
Kathleen Schmidt
Padilla ’61
Karrie and
Paul A. Schmidt ’80
Reverend Paul J.
Schmidt ’56
Linda L. Schomaker
Michelle Shibata-Schwartz
and Kent Schwartz
Suzanne and Robert Scott
Kathryn and
William Selway
Andrea H. Share
Siegel & Strain Architects
Ute Vogrinec and
Alex Siow
Darlene and Richard Smith
Louise and
Wesley P. Smith ’62
Aimee Spanier
Monica A. Sullivan ’84
Myra and David W. Taylor
Michael G. Temple ’68
The VF Foundation
Leila Bulling Towne ’88
Bettina Fernandez and
Peter Towner
Margaret Gee and
Bruce Tran
Kim and Dan Truong
Anne-Marie and
Clark Tucker
Colleen Hester
Ustach ’86 and
Paul C. Ustach
Tomas Valdez, DPM
Rhonda and Silvestre Vera
David Weinerth
West Callaway Stotka
Jeffrey Windle
Thomas S. Woods
Mary M. and
Larry J. Wornian
Monica L.
Hayes Younghein ’69 and
John K. Younghein
Mary E. Rooney-Zarri and
Philip Zarri
Julie Vilardi and
Frank A. Zelinka
Donna R. Ziegler
Ron Zuzack
$250 and above
Lori Govan Adams ’83 and
Michael Adams
Suz and Doug Allen
Martina and
Ernesto Amaya
Tsehay T. Mesfin and
Dawit Amenu
Jill Aragon
Denise Worm
Armanino ’83 and
Andrew J. Armanino ’83
Christina R. Azouri
Kari D. Eells and
Margaret L. Bartelt
Patricia E.
Murray Baxter ’56
Pamela Warner Berry ’73
Helen and Bruce Beutler
Rosemarie Boothe-Bey and
Nedar Bey
Liezl and Sean L. Bilodeau
Alison and
William Blessing
Mialisa T. and
Robert A. Bonta
Isabel R. and
Richard A. Bordow, MD
Liat and Michael S. Bostick
Steven M. Boswell
Sue Chin and
John F. Bowman
Kathleen Heafey and
Charlie Boyle
Shamelle E. and
Kevin L. Bremond
Suzanne Montali
Brennan ’63
Jim Brittain and
Diane Waltjen Brittain ’56
Cara Logan
Brockbank ’88 and
Ryan A. Brockbank ’88
Eva Brown
Nicolette and
Nick Bruno ’76
Meredith E. Brown and
Guy A. Bryant
Stephanie L. and
Randy D. Budde
Yung L. and Dac H. Cao
Silvia and
Antonio Cardenas
Kay E. and
Carlos E. Cardenas
Antonieta and
Martin J. Carmody
Sherri A. Carpenter ’91
Carol and Joe Castronovo
Salvacion V. and
Rommel S. Catolos
Lyle C. Cavin, Jr.
Chubb & Son, Inc.
Kathleen and
Joseph Clapp
Class of 1970
Celia R. Adao and
Andreas F. Cluver
Lalane Coaxum and
Kory Watkins
Michael T. Cobler ’68
Porsche and
Benjamin Colbert
Claudia and
Brad Conversano
Jean Ingram and
Gregory Cook
Correia Consulting
and Design
Mr. and Mrs. John Correia
Vanessa and
William J. Correia ’66
Stephen J. Costa and
Kate Levinson
Gloria Cox Crowell ’80 and
Anthony Crowell ’80
Coulette Darbo
Anita and
Charles DeMarais, Jr.
Melinda and
George Dobbs
Adrian Smith and
Doherty-Smith ’82
Patricia A.
Hennigan Dunne ’84 and
Mark Dunne
Jeanne and
Jean-Luc Dupont
Tosha Eagles-Williams ’84
and Timothy Williams
Tina Benitez and
Thomas Edgerton
Burton P. Edwards
William T. Egan
Clothilde A. Escudero
Kamrin and Robert Evans
Patricia Brennan and
Eric Fieberling
James M. Flannigan ’56
Kathleen U.
Scannell Flood ’83 and
Patrick J. Flood ’81
Samantha E. Forde ’90 and
Eric Danner
Ardelina and
Pete Fortaleza
Marie and
Rocco Franciosa ’60
Naasir and
Roderick D. Gabriel ’87
Eurydice A. Thomas and
Scott R. Galka
Nora Garcia-Zepeda, MD
and Frank X. Zepeda
Claudia Y. Mendoza and
Ashpenaz Gaskin
Robin and David Gaskins
Gloria and
Ronald Gervasoni
Deanne M. Giacomelli
Marilyn E.
Whaley Gilliece ’56
Tsegereda Bekele and
Messay Girma
Annie Holt and
Donald Gomes ’62
Victoria Gonzalez
Gordon and
Betty Moore Foundation
Maricar and
Luisito Gravador
LaVette Gray
Nina G. Green
Joan E. and Stanley Grell
Nora Avalos- Gutierrez and
Jesus A. Gutierrez, Sr.
Reginald Hamilton ’82
Jeffrey J. Hansen ’70
Darren Patton, Sr. and
Harvey-Patton ’87
Crystal Henderson
Fionnuala M. and
Thomas M. Hennigan
Margit Birge and
John Holme
Sheerin Zehra and
Tanvir Hussain
Intel Volunteer
Grant Program
Patrice Jackson
Philip Jackson
Rachel and
Paul A. Jimenez, Jr.
Jessica Johnson
Connie E. and Lee Johnson
Alicia M. Jones
Karla F. Jones and
Franklin D. Jones
Susie and David Jorgensen
Adriana Fuentes and
Ramon Juarez
Sylvia Martin Kealy ’62 and
Michael J. Kealy ’60
Virginia and
Todd Keeler-Wolf
Cathy and Patrick Kelly
Jill V. McGill and
Richard Kerbavaz
Pheap So and Nay Khem
Kathryn Duke and
Niels Kjellund
Dennis M. Kohles ’69
Barbara Kotin and
Geoffrey Kotin, MD
Carla Menchini-Kreitz and
Tyler R. Kreitz ’97
Karlin and
Rodney I. Krug ’55
Ileana Krumme and
Robert Krumme
Suzanne and Gary Lachelli
Neuritsa N. and
Kevin Lancaster
Mary H. and
Stephen T. Lanctot
Bessie and
Wright Lassiter, Jr.
Maria Laxo and
Robert Limon
Christine and
Richard G. Logan, Jr. ’72
Debbi Long Mattoon
Marianne and
Michael Lonsdale
Nancy R. MacKinnon
Laurie and
Daniel Malmgren
Anne M.
Doran Marchetti ’63 and
Michael Marchetti
Tywanna and
Carlos Martin
Susi Marzuola
Theresa Masterson
Mr. and Mrs.
Brandon Maus
Kristin A. Porter and
Jim J. McAvoy
Roxanne and
Blaine McFadden, Sr.
Jane B. and
Richard A. McGregor ’59
Christopher R. Bailey and
Shiela T. Meadows-Bailey
Mark Miller
Linda and
Robert Mitchell, Jr.
Leslie A. Mladinich ’88
Magen Montez
Laura O. Tarango and
Victor B. Mora
Alison D. and
Robert A. Morgan, Sr.
Karin Morris
Sandy Muir and Pauli Muir
Cindy Lyon and
John S. Muller, DDS ’74
Dale A. Hampton
Muller ’75 and
Mark D. Muller ’73
Diana Murray
Noelle and
James D. Murray
Mimi Rohr Neema and
Frederic Neema
Nancy J. Negri ’70
Jill and Derrick Nesbitt
Jon Nishimoto
Ann Nordin
Maritza Nuno
Laura W. and
James P. O’Hare
Dorothy Okamoto
Julie Kwan and
Joe Omega
Oracle Foundation
Julie and Roberto Ortega
Leticia and Carlos Padilla
Carolyn and
Richard K. Palmer ’80
Varsha and John Panagos
Bryan Parker
Stacy J. and Kelly C. Parker
Estrella and
Stephen Parker
Michelle M. Ciruli-Parks
and Nathan Parks
Donald Parr ’56
Alicia D. and Ruben Perez
Zachary Polsky
Candice and
William J. Promes
Sion Kidane-Ralston and
David C. Ralston
Marcy and Alan Ramsey
Ursula Reed and
Willie Bullock
Mireya Reyes
Maria E. Rodriguez
Judith Seri and
Marin A. Rodriguez ’83
Sheanna and Karl Rogers
Deborah H. and
Michael A. Roosevelt
David M. Rose ’60
Henry Rose
Jean and Willie Ross
Jodelle M. Prola
Russi ’79 and
John F. Russi ’79
Ann and
Joe Saccomanno
Saint Elizabeth
Elementary School
... continued on p.60
Fall Magazine 2014 // 59
Honor Roll of DONORS
... continued from p.59
Geraldine Perreira
Sampson ’56
Elena Sanchez
Sonia and
John J. Sanchez
Monica and
Larry N. Satterthwaite
Jamie R. Schabbing
Catherine McDonald
and Joseph H. Schieffer
Jimin Yoo and
Peter M. Schroepfer
Chansook and
Robert Schwartz
Sandra R. and
Steven F. Sciamanna ’74
Lynette Scott-Barker
Tomita and
Mark Shimamoto
Virginia Sire
Charles Slyngstad ’72
Cheryl M. Smith
Patricia A. Smith
Frank Sparks
Lorna and
Arthur J. Spencer ’62
Martha O. and
Brian J. Staskawicz
Barbara R. and
John W. Tarabini ’55
Temple Beth Abraham
Alyson Hunter and
Michael Terrell
Amy B. and
Stephen P. Tessler
The Brittain
Family Trust
Ihly Shue and
Daniel R. Thibodeau
Julie Benson and
Kent Thudium
Mary and
Edmond E. Traille ’66
Valena and
Lonnie Turner
U.S. Bancorp Foundation
Terri LaBeaux and
Andrew Walker, Jr.
Beverly and
Randy Walker
Deborah and
Timothy Waters
Barbara and
Christopher Westover
Matt J. Whalen ’01
60 // Dragon
Suzanne A. and
James R. White ’67
Nicole R. White
Tracy P. and
Jason Whiteman
Lucia Hicks-Williams
and Jeffrey Williams
Stacey E. and
Derwin L. Wyatt
Nora Garcia-Zepeda, MD
and Frank X. Zepeda
Century Club
$100 and above
Suzanne A. and
James R. Abbey
Donna and Eric Abrams
Melinda Wilson
Abrazado ’61
Deanna Abreu
Mark A. Acuna ’74
Christine and
Kip D. Adam
Kathy and
Joseph E.
Addiego, Jr. ’60
Mary Ann Agno
Michael Aguiar ’59
LaVerne Murillo
Aguirre-Parmley ’61
and Richard Parmley
Lisa Ostroski and
Chiron E. Alston
Angela M. Alton
Susan Paul Alton ’74
Maria and
Vidal Alvarado
Karin Rimel
Amour ’75 and
William Amour
Roberta Souza
Andersen ’55 and
Robert K. Andersen
Herko-Anderson and
James G. Anderson
Ramona J. Anderson
Cynthia S. and
Victor M. Andrada
Carla R. and
Nwanneka I. Anene
Maria Lucy Armendariz
Katherine Arnerich ’64
Anne and Carlos Arriaga
Patricia and
Brent August ’60
Stephen M. Avery ’71
Sonia and
Vito Badalamenti, Sr.
Ellen and Dennis Baker
Helen Yolland
Bakke ’62 and
Charles Bakke
Deborah A. Baldwin
Jolie Bales
Damon Ballard
Flor and
Jose Barrionuevo
Michelle and
Cory Barrios, Sr.
Patricia Mitchell
Bartholomeu ’64 and
Carlos Bartholomeu
Margaret and
Scott Barton
Sara Bauermeister and
Fernando Mazzuca
Anna K. and
Robert A. Bauman
Wendy Bauman and
Sharon Krieger
Kate M. Beasley
Jason J. Beito ’92
Bridget McBride
Belick ’75 and
Michael P. Belick
Christine A.
Mattsson and
John M. Benson
Nmarisha Berry
Steven Bettcher ’63
Sharon Bettinelli and
Roger Olpin
Hilary E.
Bettinelli-Olpin ’01
Bettinelli-Olpin ’96
Susan R.
Biakanja Donovan
Eleonora Klima and
Steve Bittman
Rosemary and
Robert E. Blaylock
Mary and
Frederick Blume
Jovita and
Michael Boitano
Stephanie Hamilton
Borchers ’89 and
Jake Borchers
Amelia J. and
Kevin T. Bosque
Marna E. Mignone and
Mark S. Bostick
Judith McNally
Brennan ’70 and
William J. Brennan
Marcia and
Norman L. Brockbank
Marsha Broquedis
Kimberly J. Brown
Vanessa Brown
Janice P. and
David A. Brue ’81
Kimberly Bryant
Ann Thompson
Buckley ’56 and
Joe Buckley
Nick Buratovich ’69
Janice J. and
John P. Burke ’59
Maribel and
Rudolph Burnett IV
Tequila Bush
Sarah Blain and
Craig Byrne
Millicent and
Robert Cajina
Stevie and
Buzz Campion
Anneliese and
Salvatore Campo
Ariana Candell,
MFCC ’78 and
Mitchell Dale
Marianne Mosher
Carrasco ’78 and
Al Carrasco ’76
Jackie A. and
Michael A. Caruso ’67
Marisela and
Norbert Castro
Denis Chaix
Ken Chan
Ida and William Chang
Charles Schwab
Nancy Pekkari
Charlson ’61
Luz and
Carlton Chatman
Joya and
William Chavarin
Starla and
Robert E. Chimienti ’60
Sharon Chipman and
John Chipman
Carole and
Arthur J. P. Chu
Kimberly Claiborne
Jessica E. Kinman
Clark ’92 and
John Clark
Kimberly Clark
Class of 1983
Kathy Claussen
Mariah L. and
Stephen J. Cochrane
Cochran-Tinonga and
Luigi Tinonga
Judy Coleman
Sonya Coleman
Suzanne and
David Commins
Joyce Gunn and
Richard Conn
Sue and Samuel Cook
Veda and Alan Coote
Shawn and
Daniel Copenhagen ’84
Patricia and
Robert Cross
Amy and
James D. Crudo
Jennifer and
Kevin Cushing
Deborah L. Cussen
Madeline C.
Messina Cutino ’55
Debbie VanHecke ’70
and Gregor J. Cuzner
Carol A.
Russell Dabb ’60
Amy B. Gonzalez
Daniel and
Kent C. Daniel
Michelle and
Terrence Daniel, Sr.
Taffany L.
Jones-Davis and
Amudu B. Davis
Dennis M. Davis ’92
Jennifer Davis ’83 and
Michael Smith
Ramona Davis
Anne and Dudley Desler
Helena G. and
Steven D. Dietrich
Linda Krause and
Patricia Dillon
Alexia T. Dobbs
Theresa and
Joseph Doll ’60
Kevin J. Donahue ’63
Dennis Dougherty
Sherisse Dozier
Susan and Jeff Dunn
Marion Ferreira
Durbin ’56
Renee L. Early
Mai Eatherton
Dovie White and
Arnold Ellis
Hazel Ellis
Denise and
Mark Erickson
Theresa Bargiacchi
Erwin ’68 and
Michael L. Erwin
Katherine G.
Fabunan ’75 and
Frank L. Fabunan
Mary Mallon-Farley and
James Farley
Mary A. Pezzuto and
Paul J. Farrington
Tara Fauria
Veronica and
Dan Fenton
Clifford Ferreira ’57
Paul R. Ferreira ’64
Mark P. Fisher
Flavors of India
Karen L. Fleming ’98
Natalie Skakun and
Pablo Flores
Lillian and
Stewart Fong, MD
Elizabeth Carmassi
Fournier ’84 and
John Fournier
Alice H. Franco
Karen E. and
Michael M. Frandy ’69
Maria C. Risquez and
David M. Franklin
Maureen Croak
Freeman ’77 and
Seth R. Freeman
Susan M. and
Mark J. Freitas
Roberta E. Frick
Sara J. Frisbee
Anina Fuller
Yvonne and
Richard Gabor
Tyche Gage
Edward S. Gallagher ’56
Richard A. Ganski
Susie S. Geda
George Gee
Susan and Tom Gentile
Erica M. Gielow Gibb ’96
Tracy Creer and
Brian A. Gibson
Adam J. Gildea ’12
Robert F. Gilfether ’56
Sonja Godfrey
Patrick W. Golden, Jr. ’64
Judy Gong
Priscilla Gonzalez
Barbara and
Wayne Goodroe
Lurdys Gordon
Elizabeth and Don Goss
Tyler W. Graffigna
Janet Capurro
Graham ’71
Susan and
Richard Granzella
Sheryl L. Granzella
Ann J. Chiappelone
Graves ’68 and
Thomas Graves
Mia and
Christian A. Green ’91
Michelle Greene
Rosalyn E.
Ward Greer ’79
Natalina and
Osvaldo Guardamagni
Marco A. Guerra ’86
Teresa Catlett and
Harvell Guiton ’80
Elana H. Hall
Mary Lou
Sullivan Hallisey ’60
Lorraine and
Harold Halterman
Charley Hames, Jr.
Keishna and
Eugene Hamilton
Mary Schneider
Hanlon ’66 and
John Hanlon
Roxie Hardeman
Susan and
Richard H. J. Harder
Colleen Calhoun and
George Harig, Jr.
Patti Harjehausen
Brian E. Harkness ’67
Jeshawna R. Brown ’95
and Lonnell Harrell, Sr.
Eryn E. Murray
Harrison ’94 and
John N. Harrison
Lisa Hartfield
Rachel Hartshorn and
Ric Omphroy
Hatch Eco Lifestyle
Kevin J. Hatheway ’73
Martha Hawkins
Carol W. Heard ’74
Christina V. Koci
Hernandez and
Richard Hernandez
Cathy A. Hess
Angelica M. Stacy and
David T. Hodul
Nora and
Ronald Holtman
Bonnie Harvey and
Michael Houlihan ’63
Barbara S. and
Mark T. Hubbard ’72
Robert E. Huber ’88
Carol A. Hubert ’55 and
John R. Calvert
Heidi Hudson
Janet Huff
Patricia Bordonaro and
Jurdy Hughes
Eve and
William Hustace ’71
Peggy Huston
Matilda Ignacio
Gary Ireland
Judi and Leroy Irwin
Leslie Jackson
Mary Jacuzzi and
Rodolfo Jacuzzi
Drew S. Jaffe ’12
Eric S. Jaffe ’10
Donald F. Javete
Marilyn Price-Jefferson
and Eric Jefferson
Michael J. Jennaro ’99
Emily and
Walter Johann
Amal Johnson
Tina and
Aaron Jones, Sr.
Alisa and Ellis Jones
Stanley Jones
Kathleen Cummings
Jordan ’60 and
Armond C. Jordan
Beverly Kahn
Malissa Karsseboom
Genet Kebede
Yvette Kelly
Nancy Kemmerling
Mary Kennedy ’60*
Martha Huante
Kenney and
Michael J. Kenney
William F. Kenny
Kieran A. King ’83
Mamie and
Willie King, Jr.
Mary Knox and
Robert Promes
Danny Krebs
Alison Labra
Connie Land
Margaret W. and
Fred Lange, Jr.
Shirley and
Medardo M.
Largoza, Jr.
Brian P. Lee ’86
Anne E. Cairney and
James E. Lee
Patricia Lee
Yuriko Tada and
Stephen Leist
Levi Strauss Foundation
Lulu Lee Levy and
Albert Levy
Anita Gurrea Littman ’72
Betty and Fee Louie
Tracey Thomas
Lovely ’81
Ann B. Lovi ’89
Maria and Juan Loza
Dessiree and
Amado Lozano, Jr.
Rosalinda and
Amado Lozano, Sr.
Dorothy Mockus
Lubin and
James Lubin
Barbara Lucas
Richard Lucas and
Wanda Heffernon
Fredric D. Luckett
Brian D. Lucky ’81
Deborah and
Ronald Lumachi
Lars Lund
William Lyons
Jesse MacKinnon
Alexander P. MacMillan
Trudy C. and
David F. Macmillan
Judith Schiavenza
Madigan ’63
Gavin Maeda
Maria and
David Magallon
Jocelyn and
Gary K. Mann
Beth and James Mannix
Jean and Peter Marcuzzo
Eva Marlatt
Phyllis Marshall
Lynn P. and
Myron M. Martin ’67
Anne Marie and
Anthony Martinovich
Stephanie A. Krywe and
Michael A. Matthews ’74
Carolyn R. and
Raymond A. Maxwell
Therese and
John McAndrew
Colleen A. McCauley
Christine and
Jack McGuire
Jean and
Michael McGuire ’67
Foundation, Inc.
McNally Insurance
Maria Mena
Joyce and Chet Meurer
Carol Matthews
Milano ’57
Michelle Miller
Norimi Minatoya
Takao Minatoya
... continued on p.62
Fall Magazine 2014 // 61
Honor Roll of DONORS
... continued from p.61
Burgess-Mischeaux and
Louis Mischeaux, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs.
James Mitchell
Lynn and Vassil Mladjov
Thomas J. Moglia ’81
Esperanza Molina
Kathy and
Gregory Moore
Sturdivant-Moore and
Jeffery A. Moore
Mary C. and
Jeffrey E. Morelli
Morgan Stanley
Matching Gift Program
Normandie Ramirez and
Robin Mortarotti
Kathryn E. and
Richard K. Mosher
Virginia Moy
Alfred J. Musante, Sr.
Dale Newcomb
Christina Pitta
Nickle ’64 and
Gary M. Nickle
Barbara and
Herbert Nobriga ’58
Elizabeth and
Paul M. Nuti ’89
Olukemi B. Obayemi
Agnes O’Brien
Yasmine and
Michael M. Oiknine
Ol’ Yeller Cafe
Nancy Farnan Oliver ’60
and Richard Oliver
Judith Olson
Mary C. Oppedahl ’64
Barbara and
Robert Orbeta
Mary and John Orfali
Marsha Solomon and
Jesse Osborne
Donna and
Michael Ostrowski
Mary and
Glenn Otterman, Jr.
Danielle and
Jaseon Outlaw ’96
Ann and Howard Palmer
Becky and John Pang
Sharon and Victor Pang
62 // Dragon
Denise and
Steve Pangelinan
Mike Panico
Sara B. Bedford and
Michael C. Panori
Alai K. Papillon ’87
Meredith Parry
Darling Vinavong and
Brian M. Payawal ’92
Gerald Pedrera
Lara and
Michael Pendleton
Diana T. and
Celso A. Perez
Linda Oakes Perkins ’67
and Lowell Perkins
Rose Triplett Perry ’58
and Richard J. Perry ’56
Janice C. and
David Peterson
Ophelia L. and
Clifford Phifer
Rosanne T. and
Daniel Piccinini
Kerryn Pincus
Rachel J. Pinette and
Mark J. Durst
Mr. and Mrs.
Arnold Ponte
Adonica and
Freddy Powell, Jr.
Rubiel and
Lawrence L. Powell
Danielle and Dale Power
Philana and Jeffery Pride
Karen A. Proehl
Kathleen J. Purcell
Debra Vails-Qualters
and James Qualters
Eileen R. and
Marcelo C. Rabuy
Linda Barbo
Randolphi ’61 and
Dennis Randolphi ’59
Janet and
George Rathmell
Susan and Alex Ravnik
Lisa and
Dennis W. Reichert
Gail Dutton
Reilly ’79 and
Dennis Reilly
Patricia Reynoso
Maureen and
Arthur Richardson
Therese and
Donovan Rittenbach
Andrea and
Angelo A. Rivers ’82
Robert D. Rivers ’60
Marika Roberson
Rosette Nguyen and
Thomas P.
Roberson ’69
Mary Maloney Roberts
Eva and Carlos Rocha
Barbara J. and
James M. Rockett
Mary Ann Rokovich ’65
Patrick Romani ’70
Rhina and
David Ruggiero
Joanna White
Ryder ’69 and
Julian Ryder
Colette E. Ashby Sadler
and Mark M. Sadler
Donna and
Sagonowsky ’79
Saint Elizabeth
High School
Chad Salcido
Kyletta Sanchez-Turner
Lourdes and
Harry Santiago
Jesusa C. and
Floren B. Santos
Marlene Monese
Sartwell ’56 and
Robert Sartwell
Susan T. Biddle and
George G. Sauter
Shannon J. and
William L. Saxton, Jr.
Ellen and
James M.
Schiavenza ’67
Mary P. and
Trevor M. Schirmer
Daniel J. Schneider ’76
Josefa Tozer Scholz ’63
Schubert-Sanford ’84
and John Sanford
Marsha and
Alvin D. Scott
Jennifer Benford
Seibert ’80
Carolyn Serrao ’65
Thea Gorman
Shepard ’62 and
Ken L. Shepard ’59
Ann Sheridan ’62
Shondra M. Chavez and
Robert W. Shirley
Ching and Man Shiu
Jocelyn Sideco
Tahira Simon
Sheila and
L. Darnell Sims
Vera and Lionel Sims
Hoa and Chung Sin
Joan and Roger Sisneros
Aida D. Sixtos
Bobbe and
James W. Skiles
Diana Padovani
Skokan ’56 and
James Skokan
Ronny L. Smith ’06
Traci Smith
Thomas Snow
Carol N. Sommers
Lupe L. and Roberto Soto
Carla Spalasso
Anne and
Randy Spalasso
Dolores and
Dave Spallaso
Maureen Spranza
Elaine M. Coleman and
Jonathan R. Springer
Loah and
Donald Stallard
Otis Statum, Sr.
Christine Boscacci
Stefani ’57 and
Paul Stefani
Colinda Y.
Maria Mercedes
Agudelo and
Jose Suarez
Bonnie M. Sussman
Julie E. Sussman ’99
Cailen Sutherland
Frank Sweis
Patricia and
John Taggart, Sr.
Kristina and
Timothy Taggart
Robert Tavares ’56
Tina and
Jeffrey Taylor-Weber
Jamileh and
Victor Telhami
Anna R. Temple ’00
Pamela D. Terrell
Virginia and
Anthony Texeira
Jennifer L. and
John A. Thaete
Nanette Thomas
Tamika Thomas
Anne O’Malley
Thomasmeyer ’73 and
Bill Thomasmeyer
Jo Ann Thompson and
Bruce Thompson
Jennifer and
Marcus Thompson
Randal L. Thornally ’69
Michelle and
Kevin M. Thornton ’78
Cochran-Tinonga and
Luigi Tinonga
Lucy and Roger Tom
Camille Tompkins
Touchstone Strategic
Jane Ratto
Traversa ’70 and
Vincenzo Traversa
Lechi Nguyen and
Thong Trinh
Christine Pawloski
Tulin ’70
Michael M. Turnacliff
Kate and
Frederick M. Turner ’74
Helene Simi
Twyford ’55 and
Alfred T. Twyford
Cheryl Fields Tyler and
Thomas J. Tyler
Anne Cowie
Ulses ’55 and
Robert J. Ulses
Susana G. and
Manuel S. Uribe
Peter R. Van Tassel ’94
Carl E.
Vandendriessche ’66
Reverend Paul Vassar ’63
Kisitina and
Thomas Venegas
Verizon Foundation
Angela Verploegh
Stephanie and
Douglas T. Vierra, Sr.
Judith Gorman Vinci ’58
Suzy Vitale and
Richard Vitale
Reverend Frank
Wagner, OMI
Nina Woodruff and
Gregory Walker
Meghan Bailey
Wallingford ’89 and
Max Wallingford
Jeffrey W. Walters ’77
Patricia Menghini
Walters ’65
Adrienne Hanson and
Granville Walton
Carol Ward and
Richard Ward
Frances J.
Warmerdam and
James Patterson
Mary Watson
Susan and William Weir
Gail and John T. Weld
Kandis and
Darrin Westmore
Sarah White
Laurie Phillips
Whitsel ’58 and
Richard H. Whitsel
Pat and
William H.
Wiegmann ’55
Valerie Wiggins
Latonya Wilkerson-Knox
Claudette Cloudeane
Williams ’57 and
Ross Williams
Felicia R. Williams
Naela and
Shawny Williams
La Tanya
Buckley-Williams and
James Willliams
Marie Wilson
Georgia L. Trudrung
Winfrey ’57 and
Richard Winfrey
Linda and David Woo
Anne and
William Woodell
Kathleen M. and
David A. Woolsey ’59
Theresa K. and
Gene Yang
Andra Yeghoian
Sharon and
Olujimi Yoloye
Michelle and Sang Yoon
Gretchen and
Gilbert Zaballos
Ted Zambukos ’60
Elizabeth Zarlengo
Nancy and
Rick Zaslove ’75
Jennelyn and
Christopher Zelnik
Joan E. and
James H. Ziegler ’61
Mark Zitter
Patricia Zollars
Carmen and
Mario U. Zuniga
$1 and above
Anonymous (6)
Moonyeen and
Ronald A. Alameida
Sherry and
Yul T. Alexander
Kristofer Anderson
Kevin M. Andrada ’14
Cora and
Filipinas Antonio
A. Marice Ashe and
Larry Orman
Pam and Gary Badarello
Daniel J. Bajuk ’66
Damian Barnes
Joseph T. Barry ’72
Gladys Bauman
Darlene and
Nicolas Bearde
Grace Gordillo-Beatty
and Thomas Beatty
Julie Graffagna and
Jeff V. Beeby
Gary Beeler
Gerald D. Bennett ’93
Eliane V. B. and
Joshua Bennett
Karen BiancalanaLambright ’68
Diane M. Blue ’59
The Boeing Corporation
Gift Matching Program
Diana M. Bowen ’02
Sara Brabec
Alison and
Samuel Brathwaite
Sarah Bremer
Paula and
Michael A. Brodick ’63
Sharon Brostrom
Julia Burch
Dennise Burgess ’67
John Burns ’62
Barbara Burns
Cameron ’58* and
Darryl Cameron
Grace Prindiville
Campbell ’64
Edda M.
Caraballo ’68 and
Tony Caraballo
Sergio Carillo
Jovita Catlett
Carol and
Robert Chamberlin
Margaret Piper
Choy ’69 and
Joseph Choy ’69
Marcia Vallerga
Ciarlo ’73 and
Martin Ciarlo
Joyce and
Edward Conley
Kimberly E. and
Louis J. Conti
Janice Coonrod
Saloma Guesnon
Cordero ’58
Sharon R. Correia ’83
Jacqueline A. Cox
Joyce and
Bernard Curley
Siobhan T. and
Brian D. Cushing ’84
Sherri Dalton and
Kirk Dalton
Andrea and
Thomas Daniel, Jr.
Brion F. Daniels ’81
Chrissy DeFrance
Lori Demario and
Scott Demario
Chris LeMay
Dempsey ’72 and
Robert E. Dempsey ’72
Jackie Reid
Dettloff ’60 and
Frank Dettloff
Jennifer Pruitt
DeVinney ’90 and
Craig R. DeVinney,
MD ’92
Rhonda G. Dijeau ’71
Mona Ding
Else G. Dittmer ’96
Barbara A. and
David W. Dixon ’67
Marc and
Molleen Dominguez
Shannon M. Donahue ’95
Sophia H. and
Hamilton H. Du
Sara and
Emerson A. DuBois ’93
Christopher J.
Duncan ’94
Mrs. Norman Dunlap
Emilie A. Dupont ’02
Earlene F. Dutton
Thomas J. Dutton ’81
Dave Dwyer
Clara and Angel Dysico
Josephine and
Arnold Dysico
John P. Eckloff ’79
Laurant I. Edwards ’70
Sally M. Elizares ’73
Marilyn and Ted Evans
Michael Ferra
Jennifer G. and
Todd J. Ferrara
Kerry J. Ricketts and
Frederick S. Ferris
Megan L. Foley ’89 and
Neil Donovan
Footnotes Press
Shirley and
Charles Forcier
Tammy Freichels
Fae and Bill Gerkin
Nancy Souza Gilfillan ’72
Margaret B. and
Stephen R. Goebel
Elizabeth Welch
Golove, DC ’85 and
William H. Golove
Diane and
Nelson M. Gomes
Ellen Doctor Graham ’56
Tamara Green and
Brad Green
Ann Gressani
Bendu Griffin
Shirley and
Robert Hayman
Mary and
Thomas Hennigan
Ann M. Henning ’79
Dominic Henri
Hockey Dad
Sheelah Hogg
Tahira and
George Holland
Mani and
Marc Homertgen
Pamela R. Inbarhansen
Violet and
Jawad H. Jaber
Rebecca and
Paul Jackson
Jean and
George Jardim ’58
Andrea Daniel and
Emmanuel Jefferson
Andrew Jones ’86
Brian Judd
Solita and J. Perry Julien
Mary Kamian
Beatrice Churchman and
Kenneth Kaufmann
Timothy W. Kees ’05
Lynly and
Lamarr Kendricks
Vicki Prepouses
Kiningham, MD ’78 and
Robert Kiningham, MD
Joanne Kinyon
Paula Knapp
James Koeppen
Lori Koven ’75
Roberta E. Kreitz ’91
Holly Moore
Kropschot ’83
Jasvinder Kumar
Kandy and
Christopher Kyriacou
Nicole Pagano and
Mark Lederer
Allison and Ray Lehner
Levi Strauss & Company
... continued on p.64
Fall Magazine 2014 // 63
In Memoriam
Honor Roll of DONORS
... continued from p.63
Lorraine Brown
Mother of Linda Brown Palmer (Art) ’58 and Thomas Brown
Barbara Jean La Vaque Cameron ’58
Susan and Ed Levy ’72
Briana and
Stephen Loewinsohn
Michele M. and
Brian B. Longley
Carolyn Cranston
Lott ’69 and
Lonald Lott
Jeanne and Robert Lovi
Dolores Trindade
Lynch ’63
Donna and
Raymond Maas
Margaret and
Norman R. Madison
Rene Maher
Nancy Manning
Olga Manning
Eleanor M. Manuel
John Marcone
Patricia Chavez and
Troy McConico, Sr.
Lynn and Brian McCrea
Patrice and
Marvin McElroy, Jr.
Joan McIntosh
William McNeil
Thomas J. McPartland ’63
The Men’s Wearhouse
Ruth Merritt and
Daniel Merritt
Barbara and Jim Millett
Helen and Mario Nardi
Anaya Nassor
Rhea and
Michael Nersesian
Aprille C. and
Don Nethercott
James F. Nettleton ’84
Newcomb, EdD ’55
Timothy C. Newman
Jeanne and
Robert E. Nixon
Jeannie O’Brien
Trina Oliver
Laura Pacini and
Maria Pacini
Colleen Graney
Palia ’73 and
Rick G. Palia ’73
Carmela and Michael Park
Parker & Sears
Mary Passarella
Philippia and
Anthony R. Pegram
Wendy Peterson and
Steven Peterson
Thien Pham
Joan Pieri
Ethel Pont
Annie Prutzman
Elisabeth and Eugene Ptak
B. James Pullman ’64
Mary Maguire Pult ’63
Elsie and James Race, Jr.
Roxanne Race
Fred Randolph
Michael Ratto ’65
Sarah L. Raven ’11
Judith and Robert Raymer
Diane Reuland
Lidia Carlos
Reynes ’76 and
Charles Reynes
Llewellyn B. Richie ’89
Kathleen Riley
Elizabeth Prola
Roberts ’91 and
Ed Roberts
Okashi Robles ’85
Quisqueya M.
Rodriguez ’90 and
Jeremy Engleman
Nicholas W. Roosevelt ’04
Christopher Roscoe
Bonnie and
Paul Rosenstein
Jo Ann Schneider ’69 and
Jerry Rubino ’69
Karen M. Ruiz ’88
Mary Davis Salcido ’76 and
Jose Salcido
Sara Rosario-Sanchez and
Javier F. Sanchez
Nilda Santos
Andre Sartor
Starr L. Saunders ’98
Jordan Schalich
Christine A. Songey
Schmitz ’70 and
Gregory A. Schmitz
Jo Ann Schneider ’69 and
Jerry Rubino ’69
Lina Schoendorf
Patricia Pullman
Schoenstein ’61
Ronald Schwenzer, CSB
Greg Rose and
Donna Simonds-Rose ’73
Eleanor A. Smith
Judy Lawrence Smith ’70
Kristie L. and
Ronald L. Smith
Kathleen A. and
Alfred D. Soller
Judith Souza
Linda L. Spangler
Cathleen Springer
Jaylynn St. Julian
Janice and
John Steinkamp
John Stenmark
Ann M. Habermann
Sussman ’73 and
David Sussman
Paul Suter ’63
Marilyn Baeta
Teghtmeyer ’60
Laura L. Thirion ’93
Cynthia Thomas
Darla M. Thomas ’93
Marilyn Thomas
Jon Thorpe
TIAA-CREF Employee
Giving Campaign
Nomi Tichman
Maria R. and
Guillermo Topete
Gina Jackson and
Carlos Trujillo
Sarah Tunik and
Dan Oppenheimer
Jase Turner
Paula and John A. Tyler
Maureen Barry
Tyree ’77 and
Terrence Tyree
Pamela Ulmer
Barbara Daum and
Stephen Walsh
Margaret Zweiback and
Robert Z. Wasserman
George Watson
Maureen Watson ’74
Mary Henry
Welschmeyer ’70 and
Nick Welschmeyer ’70
Barbara Wiggin
Cassandra L. Williams
Lani Wolf
April Wong
Billie Wooldridge
YC Tax Service
Meredith L. Younghein ’00
Wife of Darryl Cameron and mother of Lorenza A. Stefani and
Laurie La Vaque Daw (Brian)
Christine Ann DaSilva ’77
Laura Rae Dougherty
Sister of faculty member Dennis Dougherty
Brent Edward Lindorfer
Husband of Martha, father of Jessica (James), Ben ’04 and Emily,
and grandfather of Andrew and Adriana.
James E. McGhee Sr.
Husband of Alison Little McGhee ’68
Loretta Lee Magnani-Williams ’70
Wife of William Williams, mother of Anna (Anthony) Alcozer,
grandmother of Taylor, Alexis and Giovanni, and sister of
Sharon (Jerry) McCormick ‘66
Jill Turnacliff Meda
Sister of faculty member Michael Turnacliff
Dana Neumann
Wife of Dave Neumann and mother of Travis and Torey ‘15
Caesar Nuti
Father of Peter ’80 (Stacy), Greg ’81 (Claire ’81),
Suzanne Peterson (Paul) ’83, Larry (Heidi) ’88 and
Paul (Elizabeth) ’89, and grandfather of 14 including
Arianna ’08, Angelina ’12, Annabella, Grayson ’10, Cory ’13
and Jenna ’15 Nuti
TD Passmore
Husband of Carol Passmore and father of Kimberly ’07,
Danny ’09 and Laura ’09
Mike Roldao ’74
James F. Russi
Husband of Arleen Russi and father of Jack ’79 (Jodie ’79), Tim ’80
(Alicia), Joe ’81 (Lynn), Cathy Thomas ’83, Patrick ’86 (Kelly) and
Shelley ’88 (Rahn Twitchell)
Barbara “Bobbie” Sanford
Mother of Ed Jr., Mary, Dan (Kim), Brian, Michael, Katie,
John (Greta Schubert-Sanford ’84) and Tom, and grandmother
of 18, including Matthew ’10, Eileen ’11 and Timothy ’16
Helen Sullivan
Wife of William Sullivan, mother of Joe Sullivan (Carol),
Lori Salamack (Joe), and Mary Alice McNeil (Tim), and
grandmother of Kelly ’09 and Allison ’10 Salamack,
Ryan Sullivan and Billy and Tommy McNeil.
Fedora and Sam Taormina
Parents of Rosanne (Dan) Piccinini, Salvatore Taormina,
Anthony (Elizabeth) Taormina, Carolyn (Steve) Boyce, and
grandparents of ten including Francesca Piccinini ’17.
Robert Terry ’57
Joyce Howard Thompson ’57
Sister of Vera Howard Linnell ’59 and Arlene Howard Bifano ’61
Raymond Ward
Husband of Peggy and father of Michael ’77 (Katie), Barbara Peters ’78
(Bill), Mary Pat Fredrick ’80 (Doug) and James ’85 (Laura)
Note: Listings are based on information known at press time and may not
include all surviving family members.
Bishop O’Dowd High School encourages Dragon readers to forward to the
school copies of obituary notices about the passing of O’Dowd community
members so that the names of the deceased can be listed in the In Memoriam
section of this magazine.
Please send notices to:
by mail
Lisa Coffey Mahoney ’76,
c/o Bishop O’Dowd High School
9500 Stearns Ave.
Oakland, CA 94605
64 // Dragon
by email
[email protected]
It’s a
On June 30, O’Dowd wrapped up its successful $3.6 million
fundraising campaign in support of the new Center for Environmental Studies (CES). We are grateful to the 522 donors who
generously supported our fundraising efforts over the past two
years. The CES building stands as a symbol of our 21st century
science program and our community-wide multidimensional
commitment to sustainability. Parent Tom Counts, who served
as CES campaign chair said, “O’Dowd is fortunate to have such
a generous community of supporters. Each gift to the CES effort
is a vote in favor of a more sustainable world for our children
and their children.”
Fall Magazine 2014 // 65
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