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30t h A n n i v e r s a r y
1983- 2013
a vital force for gender equality
2013 Annual Report
(l-r) Lee Roper-Batker and Julia Classen
Dear Friends,
On August 21, 2013, we lost a cherished friend
and ardent catalyst for change: Mary Lee Dayton,
founder of the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota.
It is with reverence, gratitude and celebration of
her life and contributions that we dedicate this
30th anniversary issue of the annual report to her.
Mary Lee was a pioneer. In 1983, she made the
first $1 million gift ever given to a women’s
foundation to launch our foundation, the first
statewide women’s foundation in the country.
Every milestone achieved over three decades,
each captured in the timeline across the bottom
of every page of this publication, is directly and
irrevocably connected to Mary Lee.
Said Mary Lee, then: “I feel a responsibility as a
privileged person, as a woman of wealth, not just
to share my resources with others, but to actively
work toward changing the status of women in our
And actively work toward that vision, she did.
Throughout our history, Mary Lee was a guide,
resource, and champion. So as we celebrate our
30th anniversary year by honoring our past and
looking to the future, we will carry on her legacy
and leadership to achieve equality for all women
and girls in the state.
“Women know what they’re doing.”
Mary Lee Dayton
(1925 - 2013)
Great progress was made toward this goal over
the past year, as our combined investments
totaled nearly $2 million in statewide grantmaking.
Through the Social Change Fund, we awarded
$285,000 to 18 nonprofits for an initial year of
multi-year funding and $10,000 in planning
grants (see pgs. 4, 6-9). Through the girlsBEST
(girls Building Economic Success Together) Fund,
we renewed grants to 17 nonprofits for a third
and final year of funding, and awarded $77,900 in
planning grants (see pgs. 4, 12-15).
It was a pivotal year for MN Girls Are Not For Sale
(see pgs.4, 10 -11). We played a lead advocacy
role in passage of the landmark Safe Harbor
legislation. While it was an incomplete and underfunded victory, it brought us $2.8 million closer to
the $13.3 million needed to provide safe housing
and trauma treatment for child sex trafficking
victims in Minnesota. We also awarded $350,000
in grants to nine organizations focused on
advocacy, housing, and addressing demand.
We took our 2012 Status of Women & Girls in
Minnesota research on a summer listening tour to
eight Minnesota cities (see pgs. 5, 16).
None of this work would be possible without the
commitment and support of our donor-partners.
In these pages, we are thrilled to feature a profile
on one such donor, Margo Maris, a member of our
Legacy Circle for Women & Girls since 2007 (see pg. 18).
For 30 years, you have stood beside us for equality
and justice. Thank you for being a part of this rich
history and for helping us shape a better today and
future for the state’s women and girls.
Lee Roper-Batker
President & CEO
Julia Classen
Chair, Board of Trustees
A Fund is Born
Innovative Grantmaking
Minnesota Women’s Fund established at
The Minneapolis Foundation, the first statewide women’s
fund in the nation.
Launches a $10 million endowment campaign,
the first women’s fund in the world to do so.
Receives $1 million gift from Mary Lee & Wallace Dayton, first
women’s fund in the world to receive a million-dollar gift.
Distributes first grants, awarding $115,000 to
16 projects, statewide.
Fiscal Year 2013 (April 1, 2012 - March 31, 2013)
OVERVIEW OF GRANTMAKING: In fiscal year 2013, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota distributed $1,961,433 in
grants through the Social Change Fund, MN Girls Are Not For Sale campaign, girlsBEST (girls Building Economic Success
Together) Fund, donor advised funds, giving circles, discretionary grants, and program related investments.
Social Change Fund
We award grants and provide technical
assistance to nonprofits across the state
working to achieve equality for women in
Economic Opportunity, Safety & Security,
Health & Reproductive Rights, and Political
FY2013 Highlights
• GRANT TOTAL: Awarded $285,000 to
18 nonprofits for an initial year of multiyear funding, and $10,000 in planning
grants (see pgs. 6-9).
• Served approximately 13,000 women,
with an estimated total impact on over
100,000 women.
• Allocated 50% of total funding to
organizations working towards economic
opportunity for women including
education, workforce development, job
training, employment opportunities, and
financial literacy.
• Convened “Igniting Change: Fueling
Progress for Women and Girls,” with
grantees from all funds – Social Change
Fund, MN Girls Are Not For Sale,
girlsBEST, donor advised funds, and
giving circles – for a day of learning and
capacity building.
• Engaged grantees in seven technical
assistance workshops on organizational
and program capacity building, leadership
and youth development, grant writing,
advocacy, and research and evaluation.
SALE Campaign
A five year, $5 million campaign to
galvanize resources to end the sex trafficking
of Minnesota girls through grantmaking,
research, and public education.
• 2012 Mission Award for Responsive
Philanthropy for MN Girls Are Not For
Sale campaign (Nov. 2012).
• Joined MN State Senate Pres.
Sandra Pappas (St. Paul), MN State
Rep. Susan Allen (Mpls.) and partners
to announce landmark legislation
to address child sex trafficking in
Minnesota (Feb. 2013).
• Grant to the University of MN to
analyze and define the child sex
trafficking market in the Twin Cities.
FY2013 Highlights
• Raised $4.7 million (as of Mar., 31,
• GRANT TOTAL: Awarded $350,000 to
nine nonprofits for one year of funding
(see pgs. 10 -11).
• Led cross-sector delegation of state
leaders to Washington, D.C. (June 2012)
to share state model to address child sex
trafficking with congressional delegates
and federal agencies.
• Led strategy among public and private
partners to advocate full funding for sextrafficked children in state Gov. Dayton’s
biennium budget (2013-’14) for needed
services, training, housing, and state
costs (Jan.- May 2013).
• Participated
in stakeholder
(Dec. 2012)
with national
leaders at The
White House,
Victim Services
for Survivors
of Human
(girls Building Economic Success Together)
We award grants to statewide programs
that prepare girls for future economic
well-being in four program tracks:
Academics, Entrepreneurship, Public
Education & Advocacy, Employment
Development & High-Paying/High-Skill
FY2013 Highlights
• GRANT TOTAL: $182,500 to 17
nonprofits for a third and final year
of funding, and $77,900 in planning
grants (see pgs. 12-15).
• As a Partnership for Women’s
Prosperity member fund, received
$650,000 from Walmart Foundation to
support girlsBEST for two years.
• Independent evaluation outcomes: 100%
of programs improved girls’ academic
success, leadership development, and selfesteem; 95% of girls identified as a leader,
mentored others, and aspired to work for
equal opportunity for women and girls.
• Survey results of girlsBEST programs
proves its success in building girls’
future economic well-being: 1,278 girls
served; 100% graduated from high
school; 97% pursued post-secondary
education; and teen pregnancy rate of 3
per 1,000, compared to 132 per 1,000 in
Minnesota, overall.
• Shared girlsBEST model with the
Women’s Fund of South Florida and
Washington Area Women’s Foundation
for replication and localization of a
similar model in their regions.
• Celebrated and nurtured leadership of
11 girl grantmakers on girlsBEST Fund
Committee (see pg. 28).
We move Minnesota forward by educating
and influencing leaders, institutions and
communities to invest in economic, political,
and social equality for women and girls.
FY2013 Highlights
• Released ON THE ROAD TO
EQUALITY: Statewide Findings &
Policy Recommendations (Nov. 2012),
a supplement to the 2012 Status of
Women & Girls in Minnesota research
(see pg. 16).
• Travelled to eight cities on biennial
Road to Equality Tour to share the new
research, conduct focus groups (10),
and learn communities’ priority issues
for women and girls.
• Trained 600+ people through 15 workshops on GENDER EQUALITY Explorer
to create tables, maps, and reports to
illustrate, analyze, and understand the
status of women and girls in their community (genderequalityexplorer.org).
Funding by geographic Area
Jacquie Berglund (back, third from left), founder and CEO of FINNEGANS Inc., delivered an
inspirational keynote at The Stir in March 2013. (L-r, back: Terry Williams, Mary Beth Hanson,
Jacquie Berglund, Kerry Blevins, Lee Roper-Batker, Mpls. City Attorney Susan Segal. L-r,
front: Nicola Dixon, Saanii Hernandez, Robyne Robinson, Mary Jane Melendez.)
• Maintained partnerships to add
gender lens to policy discussions:
MN Council on Foundations’ Advancing
Voices Task Force, MN Trafficking Task
Force, Start Early Funders Coalition
for Children & Minnesota’s Future,
and Women’s Funding Network.
CEO, FINNEGANS Inc.; 2013 Champion
for Equality Award to Carlson.
• Member of Partnership for Women’s
Prosperity with five other women’s
funds and Walmart Foundation to share
best practices and find solutions to
systemic problems facing economically
vulnerable women and girls in communities nationwide.
Ripley Memorial Foundation awarded
$62,000 to 12 nonprofits for one year
of funding. Welcomed two new donor
advised funds, including Midwest
Legacy Fund, formerly Midwest Health
Center for Women (see pg. 17).
• GIVING CIRCLES: Women of Influence
awarded $29,300 to seven nonprofits
(see pg. 17).
Engaging diverse, new generations of
Minnesota donors to practice social change
philanthropy for women and girls.
FY2013 Highlights
• Convened annual fundraising event,
The Stir, with keynote Jacquie Berglund,
Focus Area
Twin Cities Metro ... 52%
Foundation staff made it clear what their position was on the state
constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage (November
2012). Human rights for all won out when the ballot measure failed
and same-sex marriage became law in May 2013.
Statewide ............. 29%
Greater MN ........... 17%
Other .................... 2%
• Leadership Circle level ($1,000+) grew
to 213 donor-leaders and welcomed
three new members to the Legacy Circle
(see pg. 18).
• Engaged one Philanthropy Fellow,
one Reatha Clark King Fellow, and two
Diversity Interns to create a pipeline of
leadership opportunities for women of
color in philanthropy and nonprofits
(see pg. 28).
• Benefitted from the generosity of
43 volunteers (see pg. 29).
Funding use
Safety & Security .......... 39%
Economic Opportunity ....36%
Health &
Reproductive Rights ...... 15%
Political Power .............. 10%
Program ..................... 67%
Advocacy/Public Policy...19%
General Operating ....... 14%
Halfway Mark
AFFECTING Change Through Research
Raises $5 million of $10 million endowment goal.
Minnesota Women’s Fund becomes independent charity;
Board of Trustees appointed.
Publishes research, Reflections of Risk:
Growing Up Female in Minnesota.
Board approves five-year strategic plan.
Create Economic
Opportunity for Women
Our Vision: Women have increased economic opportunity and
fairness because of access to education, employment opportunities,
availability of child care, and workforce development.
Legal Services of Northwest
Minnesota (Moorhead) | $15,000
To broaden employment access, enhance
economic opportunity and address needs
of women in workforce development.
Project 515 (Minneapolis) | $10,000
To educate the state about discrimination
of same-sex couples and advance policy
YWCA of Minneapolis
(Minneapolis) | $15,000
To conduct research on the intersection
of racial equity and early education and
support advocacy efforts to bring this
information into the public debate around
childcare policy.
Planning Grants
Midwest Community Development
(St. Paul) | $5,000
Jeremiah Program (grantee) is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization whose
proven, holistic approach transforms families from poverty to prosperity, two generations
at a time.
To provide funding for planning a homebased child care mentoring programs for
East African refugee women.
Grantee Partners
In February 2013, the Women’s Foundation
awarded grants to eight grantee-partners in
this funding cornerstone for an initial year of
multi-year funding, and one planning grant.
Multi-year grants will be renewed for up to
three years, based on an annual grant review
and approval of progress towards goals. The
grant period is through January 31, 2014.
Arrowhead Economic Opportunity
Agency (Virginia) | $15,000
To support the Lake County Workforce
Development Project collaboration to
bring a gender lens to post-secondary
technical education for welding and
millwright work in the region.
Asian Economic Development
Association (St. Paul) | $15,000
To increase and support the leadership
of Asian women business owners and
managers by providing business
counseling and training.
Comunidades Latinas Unidas
En Servicio (St. Paul) | $15,000
To develop and implement a financial
empowerment program to educate
survivors of domestic violence/sexual
assault about economic self-sufficiency.
Jeremiah Program
(Minneapolis) | $15,000
To develop an advocacy program to
build knowledge and skills for women
to become active citizens and leaders
within the school systems, health care
systems, and in public arenas focused
on economic issues and creating
Latino Economic Development
Center (Minneapolis) | $15,000
To involve more women in its micro
entrepreneurship trainings and to
expose Latinas to career opportunities
in the construction trades.
Indicators of success enable us to evaluate
Social Change Fund grants. Examples of
social change that grantees will measure:
• Adequate social safety net services
assure economic self-sufficiency, through
child care, housing, educational access,
and workforce development.
• Decreased pay gap: between men and
women, between white women and
women of color.
• Full and equal access to educational
and employment opportunities for
women and girls.
• Decreased discrimination on the basis
of race, gender, sexual orientation, legal
status, ability, and other systems that
oppress women.
Our Vision: Women have the right to experience the world as a safe place.
Advance Women’s
Safety & Security
Grantee Partners
In February 2013, the Women’s
Foundation awarded grants to four
grantee-partners in this funding
cornerstone for an initial year of multiyear funding. Multi-year grants will be
renewed for up to three years, based
on an annual grant review and approval
of progress towards goals. The grant
period is through January 31, 2014.
Breaking Free, Inc.
(St. Paul) | $15,000
General operating support.
Breaking Free serves women and
girls involved in systems of
commercial sexual exploitation
and sex trafficking.
Kwanzaa Community Church –
Northside Women’s Space
(Minneapolis) | $15,000
General operating support.
Northside Women’s Space provides
a safe place and supportive services
for girls and women who have been
exploited by sex trafficking and the
sex trade.
Through partnerships and collaboration, North Shore Horizons (grantee) is leading efforts
in northern Minnesota’s Lake County to strengthen the community and system response to
sexual and domestic violence crimes, crime-victim rights, and healing for survivors of all ages.
Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource
Center (Minneapolis) | $15,000
General operating support. Minnesota
Indian Women’s Resource Center
addresses systemic gender inequities
across boundaries, focusing on the disproportionate gender violence against
American Indian women and girls.
North Shore Horizons
(Two Harbors) | $15,000
Indicators of success enable us to evaluate
Social Change Fund grants. Examples of
social change that grantees will measure:
• Reduction in the number of American
Indian and Alaskan Native women and
youth who have been sex trafficked in
• Increases in the number of immigrant
women and women of color responding
to and reporting domestic violence to
better educated, culturally sensitive
government agencies.
• Effectiveness of coalitions and key
messaging to affect changes in current
state child custody policies that are
harmful to battered women and their
• Degree to which service and systems
gaps have been identified and addressed
to meet the immediate and long-term
needs of girls and women who have
been sex trafficked.
To strengthen women and girls’
crime-victim rights in Lake
County, North Shore Horizons
works with partnering
agencies to improve the system
and community response to
sexual and domestic violence
crimes through a multi-agency
Statewide Investments
Grantmaking Grows
Focus on Girls
Annual grantmaking at $222,660, a 44% increase
from 1987.
Establishes fellowship program to create a pipeline of
opportunity for women of color in philanthropy.
Reaches $2 million mark in total statewide grantmaking.
Establishes Girls’ Advisory Committee to institutionalize
girls’ needs and voices in program work.
Women’s Health &
Reproductive Rights
Our Vision: Women should have access to local, legal, and affordable
health care, access to comprehensive sex education, and healthcare
systems responsive to their needs.
Expand Women’s
Political Power
OUR VISION: Women will enjoy equal influence at all levels of government,
business, and nonprofits bringing new perspectives and expertise that advance
equality and justice.
Grantee Partners
Indicators of success enable us to
evaluate Social Change Fund grants.
Examples of social change that
grantees will measure:
• Health policy and practice
adequately meet women’s health
needs, protect women’s reproductive rights, and provide comprehensive sex education.
• Gender, race and equity lens is
applied in health research and
In February 2013, the Women’s Foundation
awarded grants to four grantee-partners in
this funding cornerstone for an initial year of
multi-year funding. Multi-year grants will be
renewed for up to three years, based on an
annual grant review and approval of progress
towards goals. The grant period is through
January 31, 2014.
American Indian and Rural Women’s
Leadership Project (Moorhead) | $15,000
To confront and challenge political
inequality and change the cultural context
of political leadership by providing
practical skills, support, ongoing relationships, and training for American Indian
and rural women.
• Women’s health, wellness, and
prevention are promoted within
Community Action Duluth
health systems and communities.
(Duluth) | $15,000
To implement Getting Ahead, a 10-week
economic opportunity leadership program
to help participants understand issues of
poverty and overcome barriers.
Centro Cultural Chicano (grantee), a partnership with Latino and Chicano families that seeks to build resources to build a united community,
received Foundation funding to develop evaluation protocols in order to improve and strengthen its health program.
Grantee Partners
In February 2013, the Women’s Foundation
awarded grants to four grantee-partners in
this funding cornerstone for an initial year
of multi-year funding, and one planning
grant. Multi-year grants will be renewed for
up to three years, based on an annual grant
review and approval of progress towards
goals. The grant period is through
January 31, 2014.
Centro Cultural Chicano
(Minneapolis) | $10,000
To support and develop systems and
evaluation practices related to its health
program, including logic models, work
plans, and performance monitoring
plans for program implementation.
Planned Parenthood of Minnesota,
North Dakota, South Dakota
(Statewide) | $15,000
General operating support for public
policy work to advance reproductive
Pro-Choice Resources
(Minneapolis) | $10,000
Women’s Health Center of Duluth
(Duluth) | $15,000
To build community capacity by
strengthening women leaders, increase
access to resources, and create effective
Planning Grants
To build a coordinated, long-term
organizing effort that strengthens
organizational, policymaker, and public
support for public coverage of abortion.
Everyday Miracles
(Shakopee) | $5,000
To provide program planning for
Isis Rising, a prison-based pregnancy,
birth, and parenting project for women
prisoners at the Shakopee Women’s
Prison to improve maternal and health
outcomes in the context of incarceration.
Milestone in Growth
Establishes “Women, Money & Social Change” grant to
help women-focused nonprofits fundraise effectively for
corporate and foundation dollars.
Reaches founding goal of $10 million in invested assets, the
largest of any statewide women’s fund in the country.
OutFront Minnesota Community
Services (Minneapolis) | $15,000
To identify and develop leaders within
the lesbian, bisexual, and transgender
women of color communities around
economic justice and marriage equality.
Community Action Duluth (grantee) uses innovative strategies to mobilize low-income
people in the city and broader community in order to build assets that prevent poverty,
create equality, and strengthens all.
Women’s Action for New Directions
Education Fund (Statewide) | $15,000
To support a comprehensive, multi-year
program to build the leadership and communications capacity of women leaders in
Minnesota in order to advance long-term,
sustainable solutions.
marginalized communities – in local,
state, and national office; more
women elected to office.
Indicators of success enable us to
evaluate Social Change Fund grants.
Examples of social change that grantees
will measure:
• Increased number of women voters.
• Increased women’s leadership in
public, private, and nonprofit sectors.
• Increased number of women
engaged in systems change work in
their communities.
• Increased representation of
women – particularly women from
Assessing Impact
Changes name to Minnesota Women’s Foundation.
Completes evaluation to assess impact since 1983.
MN Girls Are Not For Sale is a five year, $5 million campaign launched by
the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota in November 2011 to galvanize resources to end the
sex trafficking of Minnesota girls through grantmaking, research, public education and convening.
While we recognize that the prevalence of child sex trafficking has a complex
set of root causes, the MN Girls Are Not For Sale campaign is specifically
focused on decreasing the sex trafficking of underage girls by addressing the
following three goals, plus the outcomes that we will evaluate and measure:
Goal 1: Redefine sex-trafficked girls
as victims of a crime and ensure
access to housing and treatment.
Addressing Demand
Minneapolis Police Department
(Minneapolis) | $47,500
To expand ongoing work in investigations
of sex-trafficking cases; increase
partnerships with City of Minneapolis;
and develop protocols that are victimpartnered, cross-disciplinary, and rapid
The Women’s Foundation of Minnesota received the 2012 Mission Award for Responsive
Philanthropy for its MN Girls Are Not For Sale campaign. (L-r: Suzanne Koepplinger,
Jess Kubis, Dorothy Skobba, Erin Ceynar, Lee Roper-Batker, Wade Fauth, Mpls. City
Attorney Susan Segal, Rosa Tock, Julia Classen, Nicole Cooper, Valerie Spencer,
Mary Beth Hanson, Katharine L. Kelly.)
In March 2013, the Women’s Foundation
awarded $350,000 in grants to nine organizations through MN Girls Are Not For Sale.
The grant period is through January 31, 2014.
Grantee Partners
The Family Partnership/Polaris
Project (Statewide) | $50,000
For advocacy efforts focused on implementation of the Safe Harbor provisions
to ensure publicly-funded housing and
services for sexually trafficked girls,
and federal advocacy activities to pass
and enact Trafficking Victims Protection
Reauthorization Act to position Minnesota
as an applicant for federal support.
Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource
Center (Minneapolis) | $30,000
To conduct statewide public awareness
about the needs of sexually-exploited
victims; and complete development and
field testing of core training curriculum for
professionals to recognize, intervene, and
prosecute sexual exploitation crimes perpetrated against American Indian girls.
Ramsey County Attorney’s Office
(St. Paul) | $50,000
Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual
Assault (Duluth) | $30,000
To organize a multi-jurisdictional
response between law enforcement and
advocates by designing effective treatment
interventions, implement new police
protocols, and provide advocacy response
to victims of trafficking.
To Breaking Free (St. Paul) | $50,000
To expand housing, educational
programming, and trauma-informed,
culturally-specific services for sextrafficked girls, and develop model
protocols for victim-centered services
among law enforcement, courts, and
service providers.
Heartland Girls’ Ranch
(Benson) | $50,000
To develop a comprehensive, culturally
specific housing model program based
on survivor leadership, in order to meet
the safety and healing needs of
domestically sex-trafficked girls, ages
13 to 18. (Extended grant.)
To transform police and prosecution practices to address juvenile sexual
exploitation throughout the state; develop
and analyze research database of sexual
exploitation cases; and improve crossdepartment referral protocols.
Social Change Outcomes
• Legal policy recognizes girls
under the age of 18 who have been
sex-trafficked are victims of a crime.
• Sustainable, specialized housing
and treatment are provided for
sex-trafficking victims.
Goal 2: Decrease the demand that
results in the sex trafficking of girls.
Goal 3: Raise awareness and
engage the public until there is
zero tolerance for the sex
trafficking of girls.
Social Change Outcomes
• Public education strategies aimed
at youth, men, and the broader
community to prevent the sex
trafficking of Minnesota girls.
• Public activism results in changes
to laws, policies, business, and
community practices that reduce the
sex trafficking of Minnesota girls.
Social Change Outcomes
• Criminal justice systems implement
blueprint for safety, which results in
increased arrests for traffickers and
At a press conference at the state Capitol,
MN State Senate Pres. Sandra Pappas
(St. Paul; pictured) and MN State Rep.
Susan Allen (Mpls.; not pictured) announced
the landmark Safe Harbor legislation to
address child sex trafficking in Minnesota
(Feb. 2013).
St. Paul Police Department
(St. Paul) | $47,500
To transform police and prosecution
practices to address juvenile sexual
exploitation across Minnesota and
develop a toolkit that consists of
protocols, investigative tools, internal
training resources, and community
outreach materials to share with police
and prosecutors, statewide.
Planning Grant
Kwanzaa Community Church/
Northside Women’s Space
(Minneapolis) | $5,000
To decrease the sex trafficking of girls
by increasing the number of girls served
through holistic partnerships and
referral systems, and by increasing
their access to supportive services.
In Dec. 2012, the Foundation brought our partners to Shared Hope International’s conference (Washington, D.C.) for multi-sector training
and best practices to address child sex trafficking. (L-r: Vednita Carter, Terry Williams, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi, Cece Terlouw,
Lee Roper-Batker, Artika Roller, former U.S. Congresswoman Linda Smith, Khadra Abdi, Mpls. City Attorney Susan Segal, Mary Beth Hanson,
Valerie Spencer).
Listening & Responding
Focusing on Girls
Changes name to Women’s Foundation of Minnesota;
reaches $2.8 million in total statewide funding.
To improve and expand grantmaking, goes on 14-city
listening tour; communities advise: focus on girls
to change the future for women.
Launches girlsBEST, a grantmaking and public awareness
program to build the future economic power of girls.
Celebrates 20th anniversary; awards first girlsBEST grants;
reaches $5 million in total statewide funding.
girls Building Economic Success Together FUND
girlsBEST Notable Practices
Grantee Partners
Independent evaluation of girlsBEST programs shows that those most successful in developing the economic potential
of girls share the following six notable practices:
Through the girlsBEST Fund, the Women’s
Foundation awards grants to programs
that build the future economic success
of Minnesota’s girls. Priority funding is
given to underserved, underrepresented
populations of girls around the state.
1. Mentoring. Programs with women
mentors from the community to serve as
cultural and professional role models for
girls to help them build confidence and
economic readiness.
2. Diversity. Programs serve underrepresented and underserved girls throughout
the state, including low-income girls, girls
of color, immigrant and refugee girls, and
girls in greater Minnesota.
3. Leadership Development. Programs
build girls’ leadership by allowing them
to plan, design and implement program
and evaluation strategies and take activist
roles in the community.
4. Cultural and Community Awareness.
Programs focus on helping girls build
self-esteem within their cultural traditions
and community identities enhances girls’
leadership skills and self confidence.
5. Collaboration. Programs build
collaborative relationships between
schools, community agencies, religious
institutions, and nonprofits.
6. Financial Literacy. Programs offer a
variety of financial literacy curricula to
help girls learn how to manage and save
money as well as plan for the future.
In August 2012, the following girlsBEST III
grantees were awarded their third and
final year of funding.
Augsburg College –
MN Urban Debate League
(Minneapolis) | $10,000
Program Track: Academic
To engage Minneapolis middle and high
school girls of color in regional debate
tournaments. The girls meet with diverse
women leaders in academia, law, corporations, and politics and are mentored by
women from the Women’s Studies department at Augsburg College.
Justice and Opportunity for Youth
(Rochester) | $11,000
Minnesota African Women’s
Association (Twin Cities) | $12,500
Bagosendaan (Mahnomen) | $11,000
Program Track: Academic
Program Track: Academic
Program Track: Academic
To utilize the Art of Yoga Project, a
program for at-risk teen girls that leads
them towards accountability to self,
others, and the community by providing
tools fo behavior change.
To support the African Girls Initiative
for Leadership & Empowerment
(AGILE) program to increase the future
economic success of African immigrant
girls through leadership development,
academic and career goal-setting, and
post-secondary education.
To partner with at-risk Native American
girls (10-18) to increase their self-esteem
and leadership skills through
Bagosendaan’s Talking Circles and
equestrian program.
Dakota Wicohan
(Redwood Falls) | $11,000
Program Track: Public Education
& Advocacy
To support the Wikoska project to build
Native American high school girls’
leadership and self-sufficiency through
culturally relevant curriculum to
ensure academic achievement and postsecondary success.
Girl Scouts River Valleys
(Southern Minnesota) | $12,500
Program Track: Academic
Bagosendaan’s (grantee) equestrian program engages at-risk Native American girls (10-18) in riding lessons and the care and maintenance
of horses as a way to increase their self-esteem and leadership skills, and help them stay in school and remain chemically free.
Commissioner Charlie Zelle (far left; MN Dept. of Transportation) and Mpls. Mayor
R.T. Rybak (far right) were judges for a debate about Twin Cities transportation
that featured Lillie Oullette-Howitz (second from left; Mpls. South High School) and
Browerti Koffah (third from left; Washington Technology Magnet School, St. Paul),
members of the Augsburg College – MN Urban Debate League (grantee).
To support Girl Scouts Connectz to help
middle and high school girls from diverse,
low-income communities discover new
skills and values, connect with each other
and positive adult leaders, and take action
in their communities to create a positive
Laura Jeffrey Academy
(St. Paul) | $11,000
Program Track: Academic
To support girls’ (ages 10-13) project
that applies STEM (science, technology,
engineering, math) concepts to the planning, designing, and building of a new
gym changing room for the school, in
collaboration with a female carpenter.
MIGIZI (Minneapolis) | $11,000
Old Arizona Collaborative
(Minneapolis) | $11,000
Program Track: Entrepreneurial
To support the teen-girl launched and led
29th Street Petal Pushers flower shop,
building girls’ leadership skills, selfesteem, and financial literacy through
management and operation of the business.
Parenting Resource Center
(Austin) | $10,000
Program Track: Public Education
& Advocacy
To support the In the Footsteps of Our
Grandmothers project to help Native
American girls (ages 14-18) of the
Ojibwe People reclaim tribal matriarchal
traditions and learn to assume positions
of leadership in their community.
Program Track: Public Education
& Advocacy
To support the Girls Are in the House
program and two listening circles
for teen girls: “Paths to the Future”
for girls (ages 12-14) to build skills
and self-esteem, and “Honoring Our
Diversity” for girls (ages 14-17) to
strengthen positive identity, and promote
understanding and respect for others.
Publishes Status of Women in Minnesota Counties, first
statewide study to rank, by county, data on women’s
economics, reproductive rights, health and leadership.
Publishes Status of Women of Color in Minnesota; launches
$15 million endowment campaign; hits $6 million mark in
statewide funding.
Annual statewide grantmaking at $1 million,
a Foundation milestone.
Establishes Reatha Clark King Fellowship to build the
leadership of young women of color in evaluation and research.
girlsBEST fund
Grantee Partners I cont.
Peacemaker Resources
(Warroad) | $11,000
Southwest Minnesota Private Industry
Council (Marshall) | $11,000
Program Track: Public Education
& Advocacy
Program Track: Entrepreneurial
To support the Girls Lead and Leaders
of Tomorrow programs for girls (grades
9-12) to build leadership, team-building,
public speaking and promote community
outreach through work on a public issue
of their choice during the summer with
a mentor.
Planned Parenthood of Minnesota,
North Dakota, South Dakota
(Rochester, Duluth) | $7,000
Program Track: Public Education
& Advocacy
To position girls for future economic
success by reducing teen pregnancies,
promoting healthy choices and
developing girls’ leadership skills
through the Teens Teaching Teens
To encourage girls to achieve academic
success as well as developing business,
financial literacy, leadership, and public
advocacy skills through a girl-led small
business model to develop, manage,
market, and maintain a sustainable
community garden.
SURGE! (Mankato) | $12,500
Program Track: Academic
To support the SURGE Youth Leadership
Program for junior and high school girls
designed to help girls understand their
ability to control their future through
leadership development, goal setting,
and achievements, including high school
graduation and post-secondary enrollment.
WE WIN Institute
(Minneapolis) | $10,000
Program Track: Academic
leadership, cultural identity, and
academic success for African American
high school girls through layered mentoring and positive peer relationships.
Women’s Initiative for Self
Empowerment (St. Paul) | $11,000
Program Track: Academic
To support the Girls Getting Ahead in
Leadership (GGAL) program for immigrant/refugee young women in their
junior and senior years of high school
to improve leadership and academic
skills and increase economic well-being
and readiness to access higher education.
YWCA of Minneapolis
(Minneapolis) | $9,000
Program Track: Academic
To support Discovery Leadership and
Girl Power for girls of color in the Twin
Cities (grades 4-8) to build academics,
financial literacy, and leadership skills
through afterschool and summer programs.
To support the Women of Distinction Girls Mentoring Program to develop
Planning Grants
In December 2012, four-month planning
grants were awarded 16 organizations to
launch the fourth generation of girlsBEST.
Bagosendaan (Mahnomen) | $4,600
(Program Track: Academic)
Boys and Girls Clubs of the Leech
Lake Area (Leech Lake) | $4,800
(Program Track: Academic)
Casa de Esperanza (St. Paul) | $5,000
(Program Track: Public Education
& Advocacy)
Hmong American Partnership
(St. Paul) | $5,000
(Program Track: Academic)
St. Cloud State University – Native
Skywatchers (St. Cloud) | $5,000
(Program Track: Employment
Development & High-Paying/
High-Skill Careers)
Justice and Opportunity for Youth
Western Community Action, Inc.
(Marshall) | $5,000
(Program Track: Academic)
Old Arizona Collaborative
Willmar Community Education
& Recreation (Willmar) | $5,000
(Program Track: Academic)
Peacemaker Resources (Warroad)
Laura Jeffrey Academy (St. Paul)
MIGIZI (Minneapolis)
Parenting Resource Center (Austin)
Planned Parenthood of Minnesota,
North Dakota, South Dakota
(Rochester, Duluth)
Challenge Grants
La Oportunidad (Minneapolis) | $5,000
(Program Track: Academic)
Congratulations to the following
girlsBEST grantees that received
challenge grants and helped ensure
their programs’ long-term sustainability
and fundraising capacity:
Men as Peacemakers (Duluth) | $5,000
(Program Track: Academic)
Augsburg College–MN Urban Debate
League (Minneapolis)
Minneapolis Community and
Technical College Foundation
(Minneapolis) | $4,500
(Program Track: Academic)
Bagosendaan (Mahnomen)
Dakota Wicohan (Redwood Falls)
Southwest Minnesota Private
Industry Council (Marshall)
WE WIN Institute (Minneapolis)
Women’s Initiative for Self
Empowerment (St. Paul)
YWCA of Minneapolis
Special thanks to the Walmart Foundation
for its generous support
of the girlsBEST Fund.
Minneapolis Public Schools-Broadway
High School (Minneapolis) | $5,000
(Program Track: Entrepreneurial)
Minnesota State Community and
Technical College, Detroit Lakes –
Business and Entrepreneurial Services
(Detroit Lakes) | $4,000 (Program
Track: Entrepreneurial)
Pillsbury United Communities –
Brian Coyle Community Center
(Minneapolis) | $5,000
(Program Track: Entrepreneurial)
Project FINE (Winona) | $5,000
(Program Track: Academic)
Redeemer Center for Life
(Minneapolis) | $5,000
(Program Track: Employment
Development & High-Paying/
High-Skill Careers)
SELF International
(Minneapolis) | $5,000
(Program Track: Academic)
Laura Jeffrey Academy (grantee) is a tuition-free charter school in St. Paul that offers a year-round, girl-focused educational experience for
grades five through eight. Students learn through rigorous study, by asking questions, solving problems, and participating in the community.
Project FINE received a planning grant to develop a new immigrant girls program focused on
building identity, strengths, and creating a road map to pursue dreams.
Listening & Responding
Research Informs Action
Publishes Status of Girls in Minnesota; establishes permanently
endowed fund for girls, the first of its kind at any
women’s fund in the world.
Achieves $15 million endowment goal; launches
Status of Women & Girls in Minnesota in partnership with
the U of MN’s Center on Women & Public Policy.
Publishes Status of Women & Girls in Minnesota, takes it on
statewide listening tour to inform grantmaking
and public policy.
Launches five year, $5 million campaign to end the sex
trafficking of Minnesota girls, the Foundation’s first
single-issue campaign.
We move Minnesota forward by educating and influencing leaders, institutions, and communities to invest in economic,
In fiscal year 2013, charitable gifts from donor advised funds and giving circles held at the Women’s Foundation helped
move economic, social, and political equality forward for all women and girls in Minnesota and across the nation.
political, and social equality for women and girls
2012 Road to Equality Tour: Engaging and learning from Minnesota communities to affect
policy and achieve equality for all Minnesota women and girls
held in eight Minnesota communities:
Duluth, Grand Rapids, Marshall,
Moorhead, Rochester, St. Cloud, Twin
Cities, and Willmar.
In November 2012, the Women’s
Foundation released, ON THE ROAD
TO EQUALITY: Statewide Findings &
Policy Recommendations. The report
is a supplement to the 2012 Status
of Women & Girls in Minnesota (Feb.
2012), research by the Women’s
Foundation in partnership with the
U of MN’s Humphrey School’s
Center on Women & Public Policy.
and an array of community leaders
from nonprofit, public, education, law
enforcement, philanthropic and
business sectors in each of the other
Key research findings from the 2012
Status of Women & Girls in Minnesota
research were shared and community
input gathered regarding women
and girls’ equality. The goals of the
listening tour were to learn, firsthand,
how the Status research represents
what women and girls are experiencing
in Minnesota’s communities and to
inform the Foundation’s grantmaking
and policy priorities.
Annually, data is gathered and
analyzed in economics, safety, health,
and leadership. The Foundation then
applies a gender-race-place-equity lens
to the findings in order to gauge the
progress of Minnesota’s women and
girls, and offer solutions.
In addition to the community
presentations, 11 focus groups were
held, including targeted sessions
with Latinas in Willmar, Native
American/American Indian women
in and near Leech Lake, refugee and
immigrant women in the Twin Cities,
In June and July 2012, the Women’s
Foundation and Center on Women
& Public Policy embarked on the
Foundation’s biennial Road to Equality
Tour. Community presentations were
To read the policy recommendations
report and access all of the Foundation’s
research, visit www.wfmn.org.
ACORN FUND | N. Jeanne Burns
Pangea World Theater $1,000
Nordhaus/Holasek Family
ARTEMIS FUND | Blanche and
Thane Hawkins, Lisa Hawklove
Great River Greening $500
Oxfam America, Inc. $600
WATCH $1,000
ASTIA FUND | Lee and John Roper-Batker
CONCOLE FUND | Barbara Smith Reis
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota $31,464
Kay and Martin Harris
Hmong Women Achieving Together
Jan Malcolm, Kris Carlton
Courtney’s House $2,500
MCTC Foundation $5,000
Midway Contemporary Art $250
New York Women’s Foundation, Inc. $2,500
Pathfinder International $500
Women’s Funding Network $11,000
Photo 1: Bremer Bank was a strong partner and generous host in Willmar (L-r: Debra Fitzpatrick, dir., Humphrey School’s Center on
Women & Public Policy; Mary Ann Doyle, president, Bremer Bank, Willmar; Lois Schmidt, Bremer Nonprofit Resources; Foundation’s
Saanii Hernandez and Kim Borton). Photo 2: In Marshall, teens from the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council (girlsBEST grantee)
attended the community presentation. Photo 3: Mary Beth Hanson (Foundation) and Deb Fitzpatrick take a break on the way to Grand
Rapids. Photo 4: In Grand Rapids, the community turnout was strong and feedback about the research findings was rich and informative.
Karen Leonard
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota $5,000
Kathryn Glessing
Achieve Minneapolis $1,000
Art Buddies $500
Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery $1,000
MinnPost $1,000
Park Square Theatre $500
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota $10,000
Women Venture $25,000
Terry Williams and Susan Cogger
LEXI FUND | Lynne Hardy
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota $3,000
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota $2,500
Fisher Johaningsmeir
Muskoka Foundation $5,000
Empowering Communities
30th Anniversary
Launches GENDER EQUALITY Explorer, a free online tool
that enables users to illustrate, analyze, and understand
the status of women and girls in their community.
Invested $15 million+ in total funding, statewide, since 1983;
new address, new brand and logo, and new website.
Center for Victims of Torture $5,000
WATCH $1,000
Wilderness Inquiry $5,000
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota $21,495
Mary Hilfiker
St. Paul Parks & Recreation $1,200
Metropolitan Consortium of Community
Directors $26,000
Philanthrofund Foundation $2,500
Southside Family School $2,000
YMCA Camp Widjiwagan $20,000
RENOTA FUND | Anonymous
Aeon $200
Annex Teen Clinic $6,000
Centro $6,000
Division of Indian Work $4,000
Employment Action Center $6,000
Family Tree Clinic $7,000
Hmong American Partnership $3,000
Lao Family Community of Minnesota, Inc.
Planned Parenthood of MN, ND, SD $7,000
Plymouth Christian Youth Center $7,000
Way to Grow $3,000
West Suburban Teen Clinic $4,000
YWCA of Minneapolis $6,000
Karen and Kathryn Finney
Black Girls Code $5,462.67
Rutgers University Foundation $1,000
Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation
SANDO-NEIMAN | Deanne Neiman
Romaine Scharlemann, Richard Baker
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota $1,000
Southside Family School $15,000
Lauren Weck
Pro-Choice Resources $99,000
Alexandra House, Inc. $4,700
Augsburg College-MN Urban Debate
League $4,300
Breaking Free $3,900
FamilyWise $3,000
Jeremiah Program $4,100
Laura Jeffrey Academy $4,800
Old Arizona Collaborative $4,500
Established in 2000, the Legacy Circle for Women & Girls is our way of thanking and recognizing donors who have
remembered the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota through a planned gift. When the Foundation is placed in a will or
trust, or named as a beneficiary of a retirement fund or life insurance policy, the donor is invited to become a member of
the Legacy Circle for Women & Girls.
We thank the donors for their partnership to move equality forward for all women and girls in Minnesota.
profile: Margo Maris
Legacy Circle member since 2007
A Generous Heart Revealed
It is said that charity begins at home, and
this was certainly true for Margo Maris.
As a child, her mother taught her how
to properly answer the door whenever a
charity, such as the March of Dimes, came
calling, and then to give ten dimes from
her piggy bank. Generosity and a responsibility to help those less fortunate were
family values Margo grew up with.
Sometimes, however, a charitable nature
can result in unanticipated, unexpected
consequences. As a young woman, Margo
learned that not all of her relatives were
as charitable as her own family. Margo
shared with several aunts and uncles her
desire to give most of her estate to charities. None agreed with her sense of
In 2007, Margo crafted her legacy
plan and the Women’s Foundation
of Minnesota was selected to honor
her lifetime commitment to women’s
equality. Her legacy includes a Charitable
Remainder Unitrust, which will provide
care for her disabled daughter for her
lifetime, with the remainder coming to
the Women’s Foundation.
giving, and in one case, her portion of an
estate was considerably less than others.
Teaching school in Berkeley, Calif.,
during the late-1960s, Margo became
fascinated with the intersectionality
between political power and spiritual
power. Eventually, this fascination led
her to the Graduate Theological Union
(Berkeley, Calif.). After years of study, she
was ordained as an Episcopal priest. Prior
to becoming a priest, Margo worked in
other nonprofit organizations in Berkeley,
helping foundations, like the Rosenberg
Foundation, assess nonprofit grants.
And in 2013, Margo created a charitable
gift annuity at the Women’s Foundation,
in which she receives annual income and
the Foundation will receive the remainder
at the end of her lifetime.
We honor Margo Maris as a member
of the Legacy Circle for Women & Girls
and her philanthropic commitment to
create a legacy of social change that
levels the playing field for all women.
From childhood to adulthood, the
important lessons about the power of
charitable giving had come full circle.
2013 Legacy circle Members
Barbara J. Andersen
John E. Andrus III
David Baginski
Beverly Louise Balos
Sue Bateman
Grayce Belvedere Young
Inez W. Bergquist
Priscilla W. Braun
N. Jeanne Burns &
Elizabeth A. Oppenheimer
Erin Ceynar & Kevin Dalager
Julia E. Classen
Gloria Contreras Edin
Julie Corty
Mary Lee Dayton
Barbara L. Forster
Linda Ganister & Sue Duffy
Joan Gilbertson
Deborah L. Goodwin
Sheila M. Gothmann
Elizabeth C. Grant
Nancy Halverson
Teresa A. Hanratty &
Luz Maria Hernandez
Lynne Hardey
Blanche and Thane Hawkins
Carol and Bud Hayden
Mary Ellen Hennen
Julia A. Kelly
Frances A. Kolb
Sally T. Koplin Trust Estate
Kay Kramer & Sally Johnson
Marleen Kurschner
Margo Maris, member of the Foundation’s Legacy Circle for
Women & Girls since 2007.
Karen Leonard
Llewellyn H. Linde
Ann Lonstein
Carol Ann Lowinske
Jan Malcolm
Margo Maris
Julia Maritz
Kris Maritz
Roberta A. Megard
Deanne Neiman
Ellen O’Neill & Sue Lawson
Elinor K. Ogden
Constance S. Otis
Jean E. Phillips
Jane B. Ransom
Barbara Smith Reis
Lee and John Roper-Batker
Terry Saario
Susan Sands
Susan M. Sanger
Romaine Scharlemann
Barbara Schmitt
Jan Schwarz
Nancy Slaughter
Irene Steiner
Evelyn J. Swenson
Emily Anne S. Tuttle
Janet B. Watson
Lauren P. Weck
Terry Ann Williams &
Susan Cogger
Barbara J. Zimmerman &
John Dickey
$500,000 plus
Otto Bremer Foundation
Patrick and Aimee Butler
Family Foundation
Carlson Family Foundation
Mary Lee Dayton
Walmart Foundation
The George Family
Midwest Health Center
for Women
Pohlad Family Foundation
Margaret and
Angus Wurtele
April 1, 2 012 - March 31, 2 013
Susan and Bill Sands
Margaret and Phil Soran
Mary Vaughan
Wheelock Whitney and
Kathleen Blatz
Terry Williams and
Susan Cogger
Women’s Funding
Julie Corty
Carol and Bud Hayden
Krisbin Foundation
Kim Lund
Mardag Foundation
Kris Maritz
Edson Spencer
Ameriprise Financial
Connie Archbald
Page and Jay Cowles
Mae and Toby Dayton
Marion Etzwiler
Polly Grose
Hugh J. Andersen
Faye and Kenneth LeDoux
Karen Leonard
Ann Lonstein
MOA Youth Authority
Wendy Nelson
Susan Oppenheim
Nan Owen and
John Lavander
Eloise and Carl Pohlad
Family Fund
Brenda Radichel Quaye
Barbara and Jack Reis
Anne Simonson
Surdna Foundation
Janet B. Watson Fund
Weck Charitable Trust
Wells Fargo Bank
Julie and Charlie Zelle
Patrice D. Cooper
Wendy and
Douglas Dayton
General Mills, Inc.
Polly Grose
Nor Hall and Roger Hale
Nancy Halverson
Blanche and
Thane Hawkins
Katharine and Tom Hull
Susan Kinder and
David Vealitzek
Marbrook Foundation
Margo Maris
Gail Polley-Nordhaus
Lee and
John Roper-Batker
Ascent Private Capital
Management of
U.S. Bank
Grayce Belvedere Young
and Daniel Young
Jane Brattain
Faegre Baker Daniels LLP
Sally Hwang
James R. Thorpe
Kay Kramer and
Sally Johnson
Land O’Lakes, Inc.
Jan Malcolm and
Kris Carlton
Katie and
Timothy McGinley
Blandin Foundation
Carmen and
James Campbell
Charlson Foundation
Beverly Grossman
Katharine L. Kelly
Joyce and
Richard McFarland
Valerie and Ed Spencer
MSP Communications
Emily Soltvedt
The Private Client
Reserve at U.S. Bank
The Allegro Fund Account B of
The Saint Paul
Elizabeth Andrus
Marion H. Andrus
Endowment Fund MWF of Minneapolis
Katherine Austin Mahle
Shayna Berkowitz and
Phyllis Wiener
Kimberly Borton
Brown Family
Marilyn Bryant
N. Jeanne Burns and
Elizabeth A.
Julia Classen
Brenda and Jim Coulter
Delta Dental
Elizabeth C. Grant
Joanne Green
Elizabeth Hannaford
Lynne Hardey
Elizabeth Hawn
Hays Companies
Sarah and
B. John Lindahl, Jr.
Mortenson Construction
Molly O’Shaughnessy and
Mike Monahan
Piper Jaffray
Lucy Rogers
Romaine Scharlemann and
Richard Baker
Julie Steiner
Still Ain’t Satisfied
a Foundation
with Attitude
Sunrise Community Banks
Thrivent Financial
for Lutherans
Marie and Jim Uhrich
Nancy Ward
Pamela Weisdorf
Winthrop and Weinstine
Last September, Bud and Carol Hayden received the
2012 Mary Lee Dayton Catalyst for Change Award at
the Foundation’s annual luncheon for Leadership & Legacy
Circle members. The Hayden’s have been Foundation
donors since 1985 and Legacy Circle members since 2002.
Anonymous (2)
Jean Adams
Betty Albitz
Sally Anaya-Boyer
Sarah Andersen and
Christopher Hayner
Andersen Corporation
John E. Andrus III
Julie Andrus
Sally Anson
Constance Ash
Associated Bank
Minnesota, N.A.
Abby Bailey
Bank of America
Connie Barry
Benjamin F. Edwards
& Company
Sue Bennett
Patricia Benson
Tamra Borton
Roger Bredeson
Bremer Bank
Joan Campbell
Jude Anne Carluccio
Diana and Robert Carter
Erin Ceynar and
Kevin Dalager
Charter Solutions, Inc.
Janet Conn
Anne Cross
Cushman & Wakefield/
Susan Denk and
Deborah Cundy
Toni D’Eramo
Sandy Dischinger
Mary Dolan
Mary Dorn
Laurie Duxbury
Karla Ekdahl and
Peter Hutchinson
Betty Emarita
Evans Larson
Communications, Inc.
Fafinski Mark
& Johnson, P.A.
Connie Foote
Shelly Franz
Caroline and
Robert Fullerton
Debra Gardner
Heidi Gesell and
John Edgerton III
Sharon Gifford
Grant Thornton LLP
Lili Hall Scarpa
Mary Beth Hanson
Justine and
Robert Haselow
Heartland Financial
USA Inc.
Saanii Hernandez-Mohr
and Adam Mohr
a Deceased
Debra Heuer
Joan Higinbotham
Mary Hilfiker
Tina Hoye
Elizabeth Huey
Toni Jelinek
Michele Jensrud
Jessen Press
Jane Kaufman
Gretchen Kelly
Rosemary Kessler and
Kevin Filter
Jessica and Ricardo Khan
Rebecca Klevan
John S. and James L.
Knight Foundation
Jodee Kozlak
Anna Mae and
Doug Lambert
John Larsen and
Mike Stewart
Janet Leslie
Katharine Lindahl
Lindquist & Vennum
Jeri and Stephen Lose
Rachael Marret
The Minneapolis
Phyllis Moen
Anne and Thomas Mootz
Morgan Stanley
Wealth Management
Sandra Morris
Mortenson Family
Newman Long Term Care
Beth Nordin
Toni Nosbush
Sheryle Ohme
Patricia and
Daniel O’Leary
Deirdre and Sheff Otis
Carolyn and Robert Papke
Joyce Prudden and
Michael Shoop
Roo Solutions
Teresa Rothausen-Vange
Salo, LLC
Ann Scovil
Nancy Slaughter
Paula Speltz Roe
Karen Sternal and
William Lahr
Evelyn Swenson
Jean Thomson and
John Sandbo
Thrivent Financial for
Lutherans Foundation
Laura Tiffany and
Edward Foster
Jane Treston
Carol and Lynn Truesdell
Emily Anne Tuttle
Stacie Usem
Maxine Wallin
Tonia Weber
Elizabeth Wexler
Julie White
Sharon Williams
Linda Wilson
Penny Winton
The Woman’s Club
of Minneapolis
Mary Wong
Angela Woodhouse
Anonymous (2)
Alliant Energy
Foundation, Inc.
Marcia Appel and
Vincent Giorgi
Connie Ardin
Nan Bailly
Sharon and Mike Bauerly
Sarah Bell Haberman
David Berger
Leslie Bergland
Patricia Bloodgood
Diane and David Borton
Diana Brashears
Susan Breon
Timothy and
Regan Byrne Palmer
Maura Cahill
Lois Carlson
Curtis L. Carlson
Alexina Chai
Kristen Christianson
Reatha Clark King and
N. Judge King
Nicole Cooper and
David Znameroski
Helen Crosson
Elisabeth Dayton
Karen Diver and
Arnold Selnes
Mark Eliason
Jennifer Facciani
Meleah Follen
Kay Fredericks
Laurel Gamm
Susan Gross
Dolores Gutierrez
Katherine Hadley and
Cynthia Fay
Keith Halperin
Gayle Hayhurst
Ruth Hendrickson
Gina Holje
Sabrina Hoppe
Kim Howard
Paul Jackson
Women’s Initiative for Self Empowerment, Inc. (grantee, pg. 14).
Terri Johnson
Dr. Art and
Martha Kaemmer
Janis Keil Day
Laura Kinkead and
Richard Neuner
Jess Kubis
Linda Kummer
Katherine and
Patrick Leighton
Alice Lesney
Lommen Abdo
Peggy Lucas
Janet McFarland
Kathleen McKay
Mary McKay
Victoria McWane-Creek
Jill Meyer and
Louise Hotka
Bev Mooney
Kate Mortenson
Margaret Murphy
Dr. Katherine Nevins
Ann Newhall and
Rick Schleuss
Debra Newman
Oak Grove Foundation
Mary Jo O’Hara
Elizabeth Olson
Meredith Olson
Gale Pearson
Carol Peterson
Jean Phillips
Sally Pillsbury
Sheila Plunkett
Constance Pries
Jeff Prouty
Ashley Rajaratnam
RBC Foundation
Diana Rehnberg
Laurie Rice and
Brad Frederiksen
Bonnie Russ
Patricia Samuel
Susan Sanger
Denny Scharlemann
Julie Schroeder
Mary Sill
Jeffrey and Helene Slocum
Harlan Smith
St. Paul’s Parish
April Sutor
June and Brent Thielen
Kris Ulland
Mary Vaughan
Anna Vignetti
Suzanne Weinstein
Sue Westerman
Margaret Winters
Anonymous (5)
Veronica Ahern
Amy Andersen
Angie Andresen
and Randall Larson
Jennifer Barrett
Marion Bauer
Diane Berthel
Beth Bird
Tawanna Black
Sally Blanks
Kerrie Blevins
Carla Blumberg
Nina and Ken Botsford
Priscilla Braun
Ellen Breyer
Kim Brunner
Rudy and Elvi Brynolfson
Sai Chang
Jan and Scott Cheney
Sadie Christianson
Jeff Coate and
Sylvie Martinez
Dr. Yvonne Condell
Diane Cooke
Nancy Cosgriff
Laura and John Crosby
Lesley and Stewart Crosby
Deborah Cundy
Terrell Daniels
Abby Dawkins
Maria Dillon
Lois Dirksen
Eagle and The Hawk
Patricia Egan
Kristin Eggerling and
Paul Blomquist
Kelly Elkin
Joan Endres
Nancy Etzwiler
Christianna Finnern and
David Hunt
Catherine Fischer
Pauline Fofana
Margene Fox
Leslie Frecon
Marna Fullerton
Patricia Gaarder
Leslie and Robert Goodale
Karen Grabow
Peter Hamilton Connor
Teresa A. Hanratty and
Luz Maria Hernandez
Ruth Henderson
Joanne Hitch
Marilyn Hoegemeyer
Diane Hoehne
Penny Hornig
Katherine Hubbard
Denise Isaak
Ann James
Suzanne James
Dan Jasper
Phyllis and Donald Kahn
Brenda Kaminski
Michele Kimball
Dag Knudsen
Susan Lacek
Stephanie Lauenstein
Llewellyn Linde
Donna Lindsay-Goodwin
Monica Little
Corie Loes
Judith Mandile
Phyllis Maritz
Jennifer Martin
Erin Mattson
Jaclyn May
Jennifer McGee
Anna McNanley
Maren Milbert
Janis Moebus
Joan Moser
Kate and Claude Nielson
Laura Oberst
Linda Ojala
Kaye O’Leary
Helene and
Martin Oppenheimer
Mari Oyanagi Eggum
Diane Page
Cheryl Paullin
Dan Pederson
Adaire C. Peterson
Mary Ellis Peterson
Lynne Rasmussen
Wynne Reece
Kathleen Riley
Linda and John Satorius
M. Patricia Schaffer and
David Weissbrodt
Gail and Patrick
Barbara Schubring
Susan Segal
Elizabeth Shober
Dorothy Skobba
Robert Simonds
Ginger Sisco
Kathryn Sloper
Ann and Conrad Smith
Susan Stacey
Lynne Stanley
Leslie and Don Stiles
Susan Stiles
Kari Suzuki
Dinah Swain
Sandra Swami
Mary Tambornino
Patricia Tanji
Terri Tersteeg
Diane Thibodeau
Charlaine Tolkien and
Karen Hawley
Clara Ueland
David Wagner
Heidi Walsh
Margaret Webb
Whitney Foundation
Sara and Doug Wolff
Barbara Wood
Catharine and
Michael Wright
Nou Yang
Anita Young
Kathleen Zeug
Lee Zurek
Anonymous (33)
Roberta Abdo
Theresa Abdo Whelan
Laura Abraham
Mary Adamski
Cheryl Alexander Stearns
Mary Allen
Dr. Susan Alpert
Charlene Altman
Lorie Alveshere
Becky Amble
Wendy Amundson
Gail Anderson
Pennie Anderson
Rosella Anderson
Susan Anderson
John and
Rebecca Arenivar
Jane Arsenault
Sara Aulizia
A. Austin
Jane Bacchus
Dennis and
Jeannette Bailey
Ann Bancroft
John and Julie Bandemer
Mary Bang
Julie Banker
Katherine Barton
Cynthia Bauerly
Edie Baumgart
Shannon Baynard
Paula Beck
Jen Beckham
Joan Bednarczyk
Carol and Thomas Beech
Barbara Belew
Kari Berg
Patricia Berg
Janet Berry
Carolyn Bingham
Pamela Binns
Teresa Biss
Bonnie and Cam Blodgett
Bloomington Federated
Woman’s Club
Margie Bodas
Ryan Bolin
Haley Bonar
Sharon and Carl Borine
Jerra Boudjouk
Becky Boyd
Mary Bren
Sandra Brenny
Mary Brindley
Carol Broback
Erin Broviak
Meg Brudney
girlsBEST Fund grantees displayed their hopes and
Denise Byers
dreams at the annual grantee convening in April 2013.
Jacqueline Byrd
Leslie Cadle
Ann Cadwallader
Kimberly DeBaere
Bobbie Fredsall
Patricia Callaghan
Ann DeGroot
Carol Freeman
Amanda Cammack
Molly DePrekel
Lan Freitag
Christine Cammack
Royetta DePrycker
Nancy Fulton
Dr. Karlyn Kohrs Campbell Beth Dhennin
Mary Gabler
Linda Campbell
Eugenia Dixon
Jane Galbraith
Pat M. Carlson
Kathleen Dolphin
Michele Garnett McKenzie
Heidi Carpenter
Rick Groger and
Karen Garvin and
Mary Carpenter
Don Yager
Jan Brundige
Mary Carter
Mary Donnelly
Enrique Gentzsch
Barbara Case
Robert Donnelly
Nicola Giancola
Julie Causey
Libby Doran
Kathleen Gill
Karen Chandler
Amanda Downs
Julie and Thomas Johns
Stuart Chastain
Phyllis Dozier
Katherine Golden
John Choi
Marta Drury
Linda Goldenberg
Debby Christakos
Julie DuBois
Melinda Grace
Margaret Chutich and
Marilynn Dunbar
Gretchen Grey
Penny Wheeler
William Egan
Gregory Grinley
Susan Cipolle
Maryann and
Katherine Grumstrup and
Megan Clapp
Robert Eliason
Michael Bing
Darolyn Clark
Susan Emerson
Stephanie Gunderson
Jill Colvin
Jean Enloe
Preeti Gupton
Community Shares
Janet Entzel
Donald Hadfield
of Minnesota
Karen Erickson
Kristen Hager
M Conlin
Sara Evans
Jason Halupnick
Jeanne Corwin
Wendy D Evans
Michelle Halverson
Michelle Courtright
Connie Evingson and
Amber Hanson
Laurie Coyle
Ross Fefercorn
Margaret Harder
Ginny Craig
Jill Farris
Jill Harmon
Jeanne Crain
Nancy Feldman
Erin Harney
Eleanor Crosby
Stephanie Fenner
Helen Hartfiel
Shelly Crowley
Ester Fesler
Connie Hartshorn
Tharangi Cumaranatunge Gregory Filice
Randy Hartten and
Anita Cummings
Antonia Filipiak
Ron Lotz
Marilyn Cuneo
Rosalyn Fineran
Lucy Hartwell
Monica Dahl
Rachel Flanders
Mary Hartwig
Tracy Dalager
Christine Fleming
John Hartzheim
Cynthia and Jasper Daube Mindy Flood
Eric Haugee
Mary Davidson
Gretchen Fogo
Kathy Havlik
Laurie Davis
Terri Foley
Heidi Hawkins
Aimee Dayhoff
Tammie Follett
Alice Hawks
Suzanna de Baca
Beverly Forsman
Jelan Heidelberg
YWCA of Minneapolis (grantee, pg. 14).
Gretchen Hengemuhle
Sandy Herman
Bill and Paula Hicks
Mary Kay Hicks
Christopher Higgins
Bert Hill
Karen Himle
Cecily Hines
Anne Hodgson
Judith and Alan Hoffman
Kathleen Hokemeir-Seim
Dr. Wilhelmina Holder
Hollstadt and Associates
Sally Hornig
Norman Horns
Linnea House
Jennifer Houston
Kathryn Houston
Jennifer Hovelsrud
Ruth Howe
Patricia Hummel and
Richard Mammen
Heidi Humphrey
Carole Hunter
Kim Hunwardsen
Connie Iversen
Rebecca Iverson
Beth Jackson
Julia Jackson
Ruth Jackson
Marlene Jacobs
Jacqueline Jarosz
Jacquie Jaskowiak
Jenny Jefferds
Angela Johnson
Holly Johnson
Jill Johnson
Katherine Johnson
Roberta Jones
Catherine Jordan
Lisa Jore
Ann Juergens
Nan Kafka
Deborah Karasov
Darla Kashian
Jane Kay
Sally Kellogg
Michele Kelly
Amy Kenzie
Pam Kerber
Deb Kierstead
Courtney Kill
Judith Kim and
Gary Larson
Rocel Kingman
Michael Kithcart
Wendy Klager
Lisa Klein
Winnie Klick
Julia Knight
Tracy Kochendorfer
Katy Kolbeck
Andrea Kopfmann
Sheila Kramer
Pam Krank
Leslie Krona
Jan and John Kronholm
Teresa Kruse
Carolyn and Larry Kuechle
Amy Kuester
Marleen and
Richard Kurschner
Lori La Bey
Melissa Lally
Jill LaMere
Anne Larsen Hooley
Mardi Larson
Marjorie Larson
Karen and Will Law
Eleanor Layton
Debbie and Andy Lee
Jewelly Lee
Pamela Lehan
Gwen Leifeld
Gwen Lerner
Virginia Levy
JoAnne Lewellen
Anne Lewis
Searcy and John Lillehei
Jacqie Lind
Carolee Lindsey
Joyce Lizzi
Alice Lloyd and
Jeff Crawford
Kendal Loewen
Mari Lowe
Carol Ann Lowinske
Sharon Lubinski
Betsy and Brian Lucas
Judy Lysne
Katie Maas
Ann MacDonald
Jean and Brian Machart
Camilla Madson
Marilyn J Maloney
Mary Marseden
Emma Marshall
Karen Martin
Kimi Martin
Sylvie Martinez
Julie Matonich
Maria Maughn
Shannon Mayer
Catherine McBride
Wanda McCaa
Mary McCarten-Doyle
Mary Ann McCauley
Carolyn McClay
Jeannine McCormick
Monica McCrackenTietjen
Shannon McDonough
Alison McElroy
Carla McGrath
Heather McKay
Tammis McMillan
Theresa Mehen Velner
Maggie Menk
Jeri Meola
Lisa Meredith
Sonja Mertz
Dr. Christopher Meyer
Lindsey Middlecamp
Kelly Miller
Laurie Miller
Anna S. Min
Kathy Mock
Lynn Moline and
Becca Norris
Judith and
Michael Mollerus
Patricia Moore
Julie Moore Rapacki
Louise and Jon Morgan
Stacey Morken
Joe and Diane Moseley
Wendy Motzel
Bonnie Mulligan
Molly Muniz
Linda and Reid Murchison
Monica Murphy
Gwen and Mason Myers
Karla and Peter Myers
Navigate Forward, Inc.
Carol Neeser
Dr. Audrey Nelson
Deb Nelson
Kristen Nelson
Nancy and Russell Nelson
Ann Ness
Judith Neumeier
Barbara Norrgard
Grace Norris
Ann Novacheck
Mary O’Broin
Margo O’Dell
Judith O’Donnell
Elinor Ogden
Susan Olsen
Cathryn Olson
Karin Olson
Laurie Olson
Nancy Olson
Randy Olson
Ellen O’Neill
Kelley O’Neill
Anneliese Opitz
Elizabeth Ordal
Renae Oswald-Anderson
Stephanie Ott
Lorena Palm
Alyson Palmer
Senator Sandy Pappas
K Pardoe
Melissa Parker Lindsay
Tiffany Parr
Mary Jean Pearson
Joy Pecchia
Gloria Perez
Mary and Paul Perron
Mary Lynne Perushek
Kael Peterson
Ed and Josie Phelps
Dave and Abby Pinto
Geoffrey Pletz
Maureen Plitzuweit
Plymouth Congregational
Paquita Poindexter
Janet Polach
Jennifer Polzin
Lucinda Pratt
Terese Pritschet
Joanne Provo
Anne Pryor
Charlie Quimby and
Susan Cushman
Mary and
Thomas Racciatti
Diana Rankin
Susan and Gary Rappaport
Linda Rebane
Victoria Reinhardt
Marianne Remedios
Eileen Rice
Emily Riddering
Amy Roberts
Ingrid Roberts
Cynthia Rodahl
Donna Rodel
Irene Rossman
M.E.G. Roy
Barbara Rummel
Judith Russell
James Rustad
Sandra D. Sandell and
Clayton F. Giese
Kathleen Sandstede
Patricia Saunders
Gloria Schmid
Sarah Schmidt
Karen Schneider
Melissa Schoech
Mary Schoessler
Elizabeth and John Schott
Gwen Schultz
Erica Schumacher
Judy and
Anthony Schumacher
Vicki Schwartz
Kim Schwichtenberg
Maria Schwingler
Penelope Scialla
Karen Scofield
Jean Scoom
Carolyn Shrewsbury
Doris Skalstad
Hannah Skildum
Sam Skoda
Norma Skordahl
Natalka Slabyj
Joanna Slominski
Samantha Smart Merritt
Kathleen Smith
Kelly and Mark Smith
Natalie Smith Carlson
Paula Soholt
Sue Sorenson
St. David’s Episcopal
Jo-Anne Stately
Mary Ann Stauffenecker
Dr. Nardie and Sally Stein
Ann Stewart
Jackie Sticha
Betsy Stites
Marcia Stout
Strategic Dreaming, Inc.
Libby Strong
Karen Sturm
Tara Sullivan
Tamera Tesky Ausen
Carol Thompson
Jackie Thompson and
Eugene Frazer
Linda Thrasher
Sara Thurin Rollin
Peter Tiffin
Karen Trouba
Katherine Tunheim
Ann Turbeville
Leslie Turner
Robin Tutt
Abby Uhrich
Mary Vang and David Her
Patti and Paul Vincent
Charlene Wade
Steve and Mary Walsh
Ginger Wange
Carol Washington
Kathy Waters
Dr. Jeanie Watson
Susan Weedman
Mary and
Jerome Weigenant
Kelly Weight
Susan Weinberg
Deb Weiss
Steven Wells
Lou Welter
Gretchen Westbrock
Westminster Presbyterian
Dr. Deborah Wexler
Barb Whiting
Joan Wigginton
Anne Wight
Lynn Willenbring
Laura Willette
Sandy Williams
Rufus and
Elizabeth Winton
Paige Wittman
Louise Wolfgramm
Carol Woods
Elizabeth Wray
Elaine Wyatt
M Hannah Young
Michelle Young
Joan Yue
Carol Zapfel
Jane Zilch
Kristine Zulkosky
Anonymous (42)
AAUW Minnesota
Julie Abel
Lisa Ackerman
Diann Albers
Christine Albrecht
Jessica Altmann
Sandra Andersen
Cheryl and
Douglas Anderson
Donna Anderson
Elizabeth Anderson
Emily Anderson
Kari Anderson
Marna Anderson
Stephanie Andrews
Patricia Angell
Sandra Antonelli
Amy Ariel
Louis Asher and
Lisa Wersal
Tamara Asher
Virginia Ashlock Harn
Lesley Atwood and
Richard Smith
Cynthia Rae Babcock
Sharon Bahensky
Peter and Tanya Bailey
Anne Baker
Cathy and Gary Ballman
Joan Banashek
Alyssa Bance
Mary Banwell
Kathleen Barber
Debra Barnes
Sandra Barnes
Regina Barr
Amber Barrus
Emily Barter
Elizabeth Bartlett
Nancy Bauer
Suzanne and
Warren Bauerfeld
Rita Bauerly
Sally Baumgartner
Susan Baysden
Jocelyn Beard
AnnMarie Becker
Michelle Beeman
Mary Begalle
Kathleen and Gale Benson
Jennifer Berg
Jenny Berg
Heather Berglund
Barbara Bergman
Farrel Bergner
LeeAnn Bezek
Patricia Biermann
Lisa Bigaouette
Sharon Bigot
Ray Bissonnette
Kathy Bjerke
Tassie Blackstone
Ellen Blanchard
Mia Blanchett
Kristin Blenkush
Buffie Blesie
Mary Beth Block
Barbara Blumer
Kevin Bogle
Nicole Boldt
Catherine Borgert
Caitlin Borgert-Spaniol
Diane Boruff
Robert Bothmann
Lauren Boulware
Katlyn Bourget
Susan Boutwell
Katie Bowman
Emilie Branca
Kathryn Brandes
Adrienne Breiner
Patricia Brinton
Barb Brotherton
Ashley Brown
Meghan Brown
Laurel Browne
Ryan Buck
Kathy Buggy
Joan Buie
Kathleen Burke
Julia Burman
Stacey Burns
Mary Butler
Susie Byers
Carolyn Cade
Briana Cain
Tyler Candee
Parrel Caplan
Beverly Carlson
Patty Carlson
Susan Carter
Toni Carter
Karen Cavanaugh
Cecilia Cervantes
Helen Charles Doyle
Michael Chmiel
Christy Christensen
MIGIZI (grantee, pg. 13).
Dee Ann Christensen
Rachel and
Donald Christensen
Kristina Clark
Jean Clarke
Deborah Cochran
Jennifer Cole
Beverly Conerton
Harriet Conkey
Barbara Conti
Katie Cooney
Anne Core
LaVonne Craig
Barbara Crosby
Beth Dahl
Lorie Dahlheimer
Kaila Dalager
Katherine Dalager
Piyali Nath Dalal and
Justin Felicetta
Mary Lynn Dana
Julie Daniels
Emily Darling
Patricia Davis
Anthony De Angelis
Maria de la Cruz
Rosario de la Torre
Chitralekha Deka
Julie Dekker
Karen Dekker
Lara Delamater
Margaret Dennison and
Corey LeVasseur
Lisa Desotelle
Denise DeVaan
Christina Devine
Mona Diebold
Loretta Diez
Becky Dobbs
Suzanne Donsky
Wyn Douglas
Kathy Drazen
Nkayo Drepaul
Carol Drinkard
William Drury
Megan Dulgar
Lynette Dumalag
Aydin Durgunoglu
Timothy Dykstal
Estella Eckart
Joye Ecklin
J. Michele Edwards
Mary Eggen
Barbara Ego
Deborah Eisenstadt
Nancy Elleby
Suzanne Elwell
Kelli Enders
Linda Engberg
Linda Engebretson
Julie Engel
Alice H Engelman
Ruth Engelstad
Dan Erhart
Nancy Erickson
Jean Esbensen
Julie Esch and
John Young
Bonnie Esposito
Jenny Evans
Kiera Faber
Ronit Falck
Cynthia Farrell
Elizabeth Feckter
Florence Felknor
Judith and Roger Felton
Nicole Ferholz
Julianna Finzen
Kathie Fitzenberger
Emily Fitzgerald
Alyce Flowers
Leah Flygare
Rachel Flynn
Nancy Forman
Denise Fosse
Dianne Frantz
Laura Freas
Julia French
Josie Fritsch
Rosemary Froehle
Barbara Frohnert
Lori Gallagher
Lynn Galle
Heather Gardner
Allison Garside
Areta Garthune
Dorothy Gascoigne
Nancy Gellerman
Ruth Mary Gens
Elizabeth Gergen
Nan Gesche
Cynthia and
Robert Gilbertson
Rhonda Gilbraith
Ruth Glaser
Barbara Gleason
Mimi Gleekel
Cathy Glover
John Goggin and
Julie Weighter
Jacqueline Gohdes
Goldstein Family Fund
Alison Goodwin
Abby Gossman
Katherine Gowans
Pamela Green
Aretha Green-Rupert
Kristy Griffin
Louise Griffith
Diane Grinde
Sharon Grosh
Gail Gruis
Lori Gubash
Angie Guggisberg
Brianna Gunderson
Sylvia Gunderson
Julie Guth
Cathy Guthrie
Dr. Heather Haakenson
Marianne Hageman
Beverly Hall
William Halverstadt
and Donna HoltanHalverstadt
Stacy Hanley
Kathryn Hanna
Brighid Hansen
Christine Hansen
Jaime Hansen
Diane Hanson
Cindy Hardel
Jane Hardy
Martha Hardy
Suzanne Hargis
Rene Hari
Mary Harrington
Kay Harris
Juliana Hass
Jody Hauer
Kim Havey
Dr. Rebecca Hawthorne
Terri and Jack Hawthorne
Alana Hedlund
Elizabeth Heefner
Linda Hegg
Laura and
Mark Helmueller
Kelly Hendrickson
Kaaren Hensrud and
Carol Hubbard
Mai Her
Volunteers drive so much of the Foundation’s annual
work. Here, some of our very favorite volunteers
prepare gift bags for our annual fundraising event,
The Stir.
Sandra Herzog
Ruth Hiland
Louise Hiller
Jodi Himmer
Lisa Hinz and
Stuart Macdonald
Nicole Hittner
Nora Hoaglund
Amanda Hoang
Maggie Hoeg
Bethany Hoerter
John Hoffman
Douglas Hollie IV
Grace and David Holm
Rachel Holman
Heather Holmes
Margaret Holste
Elizabeth Horton
Kathryn Houge
Sarah Howard
Mary Huettl
Cynthia Hunt
Roben Hunter
Thelma Hunter
M. Hurwitz
Mildred Huttenmaier
Loan Huynh
Jo Irons
Frances Iverson
Jennifer Jackson
Mary Jacobson
Tammy Jamieson
Judith Jaskowiak
Kira Jasper
Rosemary Jennings
Dana Jensen
Gina Jensen
Wendy Jerome
Bridget Jewell
B Jodi
Casey Johnson
Constance Johnson
Kirsten Johnson
Kristine Johnson
Jan Jones
Sarah Jones
Bradley Jordahl Redlin
Linda Jordan
Ross Jordan
Sue Jung
Sue Justice
Cynthia Kahrmann
Joy Kalt
Linda Kaner
Step Kaufenberg
Mary Keirstead
Laura Keller
Gretchen Kelly
Mary Jo Kelly
Cheryl Kempe
Diane Kern
Maggie Kirchoff
Judy Kishel
Monica Klimek
Sharda Kneen
Leslie Knoblauch
Katie Knutson
Joanna Koenig
Kimberly Kokett
Frances Kolb
Rebecca Kopka
Rand Kopycinski
Debbi Korstad
Lori Korte
Luanne Koskinen
Kristin Kramer
Sherri Krueger
Linda Krugman
Ann Kuitunen
Rebecca Kutty
Aleesha Kveton
Allison La Pointe
Elizabeth Lambrecht
Simeon Lancaster
Larissa Land
Leslie Langsev
Colles Larkin
Jennifer Larson
Mary Larson
Dr. June LaValleur
Myhanh Le
Barbara Leary
Nila LeDuc
Amy Lee
Don and Marlyce Lee
Kathryn and Theodore Lee
Lindsey Lee Hutchins
Lisa Leet
Julie Lehr
Beth LeMieux-Madson
Kim Lemke
Amber Lemna
Bernie Lesser
Anna Levine
Rep. Tina Liebling
Andrea Liming
Theresa Lippert
Lisa Litchfield
Mary Loberg
Rep. Diane Loeffler
Carol Ann Logan
Ann Longfellow
Hubertina Loobeek
Jessica Looman
Carol Lord
Victoria Lou
Carol Lovegren
Kristy Lucksinger
Becky Ludvigson
Kristen Lund
Margaret Lund
Catherine Lundoff
Raymond Lundquist
Celine Lyman
Elda Macias
Nicole Madsen
Kim Mageau
Lisa MaGee
Kathy Magnuson
Kathleen Maleck
Shari Maloney
Mary Jane Manion
Kelly Mansell
Renee Marino
Lynne and Howard Markus
Bruce Martin
Jennifer Mathews
Gail Maudal
Stephanie Mayerle
Patricia McArdle
Elizabeth McCambridge
Ilona McCauley
Tracey McCoy
Catherine McDonald
Susan McDonald
Kelly McDyre
Mary Jo McGuire
Sally McGuire-Huth
Jeffrey McHugh
Avange McKnight
Thomas McNanley
Jill Measells
Roberta and
Robert Megard
Andrea Merims
Nancy Merritt
Melissa Metzler
Monica Meyer and
Michele Steinwald
Midwest Blinds
Athena Mihas
Ben Millard
Carrie Miller
Laurie Miller
Barbara Milon
Toni Mindrup
Margarrette Minor
Tracey Mittelstadt
Renee Moelders
James Mogen
Pamela Moore
Susan Moore
Megan Morley
Nancy Morrison
Mary Mortenson
Elizabeth Mosiniak
Sara Mountain
Sharon Mrocek
JoAnne Mueller
Mary Ellen Mueller
Carol Mulligan
Kristine Mullmann
Bonnie Munger
Kathleen Murphy
M. Kathleen Murphy
Sue Murray
Shehla Mushtaq
Calla Nassif
Mary Neal
Sharon Negley
Linda Nelson
Mary and Ronald Nelson
Muriel and
Norwood Nelson
Rebekah Nelson
Heidi Nemcek
Brooke Newfield
Linda Nguyen
Andrea Nordaune
Nancy Grace Norman
Stacy Nystrom
Arlene Nystuen
Barbara Obershaw
Tom O’Brien
Diane O’Connor
Elizabeth Odegaard
Leah Olm
Claire Olson
Kelly Opdaul
Charles and
Margaret Opp
Angela Orfield
Rachel Orvik
Laverne Orwoll
Elizabeth Ossers
Sharon Oswald
Kerri Pacholke
Amber Paniaqua
Jen Parshley
Janet Parta
Aleina Pastwa
Elizabeth Pavlica
Suraj Pelluru
Happy Peris
Jose Peris
Annie Perkins
Shirley Perkins
Kristen Perron
Robin Persons
Ruth Peterson
Sharon Pfeiffer
Jennifer Phelps
Sara Pierson
Robert and Roxanna Plouff
Stephanie Podulke
Lisa Pogoff
George and Sharon Polley
Susan Popkin
Andrea Porter
Angie Porter
Christine Pouliot
the Prouty Project
Janelle Prusi
Quickway Rigging
& Transfer, Inc.
Elizabeth Quinn
Trish Quistgaard
Roberta Radford
Elizabeth Rammer
Patsy Redfield
Jessica Reilly
Christine Reisdorf
Gretchen Reisetter
Carla and Howard Rekstad
Barbara Renshaw
Angela Riniker
Amy Robare
Annemarie Robertson
Heather Rogers
Sara Rollin
Stephen Rose
Amy Rosenberg
Debra Rosenberg
Kathy Rosenberg
Mark Rossi
Roberta Roth
Nancy Rotramel
Mark and Nancy Rubin
Anne Russell
Drs. Barbara W. and
Roy H. Saigo
Karen Sakamoto and
Robert Angell
Patricia Sandin
Margaret Sannerud
Cindy Sattler
Barbara Saunders
Jude Schaaf
Carolyn Schaefer
Paula Schaefer
Nancy Schafer
Pat Scherven
Karen Schlotthauer
Barbara Schmitt
Theresa Schneidar
Edward Schneider
Jacinda Schneiter
Claudia Schnitker
Betsy Schollmeier
Arlis Schroeder
Robin Schroeder
Judith Schuster
Belle Scott
Diana and Thomas Scott
Teri Searles
Julie Seidlitz
Faith Sell
Joe Selvaggio
Anne Sempowski Ward
Angela Sersha
Janice Shardlow
Murtice Sherek
Elizabeth Shippee
Gail Shore
George Shuffelton
Lina Shurslep, DDS
Galina Sidorova
Several times a year, the Foundation hosts a luncheon for Fellows from nations
around the world enrolled in the University of MN Humphrey School’s International
Fellowship Programs.
Bethany Sievert
Wendy Simon
Judith Sims
Blanche Singer
Reverend Theodore Sitz
Kari Sivula
Cynthia Slater
Linda Smaller
Annette Smith
Eve Smith
Janice Smith
Joan Smith
Katelyn Smith
Michael Smith
Carolyn Sneep
Teresa Sonier
Jennifer Sowieja
Jeanne and
Richard Specht
Kathleen Spehar
Sandra Sponem
Cindy Spreiter
Timothy Stanley
Erin Stanly
Janet Stark
Cynthia Stauffer
Dawn Stebbing
CeLois Steele
Claudia Stegora
Laura Stellmacher
Jane Sternberg
June and Ken Stewart
Claire Stokes
Melissa Stone
Dr. Susan Strauss
Diane Stroot
Rachel Stulen
Rachel Sturgis
Michele Sullivan
Marcia Summers
Rose Svitak
Anita Svoboda
Audrey Swanson
Anne Sweeney
Pamela Sweet
Cynthia Swessel-Hofer
Deborah Talen
Valerie Tanner
Karen Tarrant
Charisse Tester
Dr. Kay Thomas
Erin Thompson
Karen Thompson
Thomson Reuters
Deborah Thorp
Rosemary Thorsen
Berne Thury
Sandra Tighe
Stephani Tikalsky
Betty Tisel
Sharon Tolva
Patti Totozintle
Dianne Tuff
Janis Tweedy
Margaret and
Robert Twiton
Wendy Underwood
Mary Van Evera
Van Haaften
Diana Vance Bryan
Nancy Vanderburg
Bernadette and
Phetsy Vang
Traci Vibo
Jennifer Vickerman
Joyce Vincent
Stephanie Vitt
Peter Voelker
Sarah Vogt
Jacquelyn Vranicar
Louise Waddick
Amy Wagner
Deborah Wall
Jayna Wallace
Nicholas Wallin
Darlene Wallner
Brendan Walsh
Shauna Walsh
Anita and Lee Ward
Sandy Warner
Summer Watson
Esther Wattenberg
Virginia and Adam Waud
Carol Waugh
Sara Weathers
Dianne Wegscheid
Judith Weir
Emily Welna
Carol Wenner
Erica West
Darrell and Judith Westby
Julie Westerlund
Lynne Westphal
Molly Weyrens
Lynette Wheelock
Laura Whisney
Sarah Whiting
Karen Wick
Marguerite and
Alex Wilson
Vanessa Wilson
Kathleen Winters
Judith Wise
Gail and Peter Wollan
Pepe Wonosikou
Howard Yee
Gina Zaffarano
Wilfred Zalaznik
Karen Zeleznak
Judy Zimmer
Fran Zimmerman
a Deceased
Mary Jean Sampson
Laurie Duxbury
Caitlin Carnahan
Sheila Plunkett
Betsy Good
Terri Foley
Desi Kneen
Sharda Kneen
Ferne M. Noreen
Jane Hardy
Pauline Sarbaum
Roberta Radford
Erin Ceynar
Linda Nguyen
Kacey Kroeck
Regina Kroeck
Joanne Norman and
M. David
Molly Weyrens
Marilyn Schneider
Karen Schneider
Julia Classen
Maria de la Cruz
Betsy Stites
Mary Tambornino
Gloria Segal
Susan Segal
Lucia Cowles
Page Cowles
Arlene Skoglund
Michelle Halverson
Creek Family
Victoria McWane-Creek
Rena Smith
Suzanne Hargis
MN Girls Book Group
at Cristo Rey Jesuit
High School
Meg Brudney
Mary Ellen Thompson
Jackie Thompson
Dakota Wicohan (grantee, pg. 13).
Barbara Allen
Judith Kim
Jean Bailey
Diane and David Borton
Mary Ballard
Jacquelyn Vranicar
Geraldine Barton
Katherine Barton
Marcia Batzlaff
Audrey Swanson
Sue Garnett
Michele Garnett McKenzie
Ina Kuoksa
Lisa Meredith
Marilyn Grahek
Penelope Scialla
Loren Maker
Mary Davidson
Catherine Griffin
M.E.G. Roy
Rumohr Gulhaugen
Laurel Gamm
Carolyn Hoegemeyer
Marilyn Hoegemeyer
Rachel P. Bissell
Carol and Lynn Truesdell
Lois Houkom
Sally Baumgartner
aura Borton
Dennis Bailey
Tamra Borton
Alice Jarrard
Amy Jarrard
Doris McKay
Heather McKay
Mary Esther McKay
Kathleen McKay
Melanie L. Moen
Phyllis Moen
Donna Waldhauser
Mary McKay
Christine Walthour
Tracey Mittelstadt
Janet B. Watson
Antonia Filipiak
Barbara Wilhelm
Winnie Klick
Bobbie Wilson
Vanessa Wilson
Louise Mordorski
Carol Mordorski
Sophie and Rose Dalager
Erin Ceynar and
Kevin Dalager
Tess Dayhoff
Aimee Dayhoff
Mary Lee Dayton
K. Deka
Chitralekha Deka
Lt. Nancy Dunlap
Susan Segal
Abby Engelmann
Terri Foley
Eleanor G. Nelson
Kristen Nelson
Elizabeth Olsen
Susan Olsen
All Involved
Anna S. Min
Zora Fosse
Denise Fosse
Kristy Olsen Juergens
Ann Juergens
Pennie Anderson
Erin Ceynar
Dorothy Fox
Karen Tarrant
Marjorie Osborne
Anita Cummings
Maddie Aulizia
Sara Aulizia
Gail Frazer
Preeti Gupton
Kathleen Pecchia
Joy Pecchia
Aunt Maren
Kay Harris
Mina Garthune
Areta Garthune
Olivia Rosemary Kafka
Nan Kafka
Florence Posthomas
Gretchen Reisetter
Tobias Ball
Lisa Pogoff
Daniella Maria
Anna Vignetti
Elinore Kees
Joan Wigginton
Janet Prosser
Anita Cummings
Susan S. Engel
Linda Engebretson
Paulette Kelly
Karen Law
Carter Fairfield
Marcia Stout
Berneice Freund
Barbara Norrgard
Barbara Bowman
Barbara Saigo
Janet S. Burns
Judith B. Schuster
Mary Castor
Patti Totozintle
Patrice D. Cooper
Elizabeth Gergen
Victoria Tolbert
Dr. Wilhelmina Holder
Samantha Rei Crossland
Betty Tisel
Herdis Jensen
Maren Milbert
Amy Ariel
Elizabeth C. Grant
Denise Byers
Nora and Sian Last
Ann Higgins
Noa Grosby
Darla Kashian
Karen Leonard
Rick Groger and
Don Yager
Michael Guest
Joy Kalt
Nadia Levine
Kay Harris
Mari Oyanagi Eggum
Sue Sorenson
Madeline Haakenson
Heather Haakenson
Mary H. Lewis
Anne Lewis
Mary Paulsen
Rene Hari
Beverly J. Hall
Susan Popkin
Eileen Longden
Ellen Breyer
Mary Ellis Peterson
Christine Fleming
Darlene Harbour
Laurie Miller
Junice Lysne
Judy Lysne
Robin Phillips
Loan Huynh
Carol and
Bud Hayden
Joe Moseley
Jean Thomson and
John Sandbo
Elizabeth Macaulay
Leah Olm
Gail Polley-Nordhaus
Dan Jasper
George Polley
Elsiana Hittner
Nicole Hittner
Martha Malan
Brendan Walsh
Cathryn Quinn
Elizabeth Quinn
Julie Hottinger and
M. Bamonti
Eric Haugee
Dorothy Maleck
Kathleen Maleck
Nancy Reilly
Jessica Reilly
Julia Maritz
Geoffrey Pletz
Emmy and Rylee Rjos
JoAnne Mueller
Kris Maritz
Phyllis Maritz
Geoffrey Pletz
Lee Roper-Batker
Terry Williams and
Susan Cogger
Grace Hubbard
Katherine Hubbard
Katharine and Tom Hull
Nina Botsford
Margene Fox
Heidi Humphrey
Kate Nielson
Jose Peris
Valerie and Ed Spencer
Jerry MacInnes
Patricia Angell
Mary Beth Hanson
Lee Roper-Batker
Anne Hunter
Thelma Hunter
Midwest Health Center
for Women
Jill Farris
Nicole Madsen
Grayce and Sophie Genz
Kathleen Burke
Katharine L. Kelly
Mary Brindley
Diane Page
Terry Williams and
Susan Cogger
Leslie Bergland
Elizabeth Shober
Carol Moore
Nicola Dixon
Sharon Bauerly
Cynthia Bauerly
Samantha Gilats
Kay Harris
Anna Kerber
Pam Kerber
Sienna Mullmann
Kristine Mullmann
Bernice Rand
Senator Sandy Pappas
Dawn Bird
Julie DuBois
Girls in Duluth
Amber Paniaqua
Euan Kerr
Nardie and Sally Stein
Sophia Mushtaq
Shehla Mushtaq
Adam Klosowski
Kelly Weight
Dee Reisdorfer
Vicki Schwartz
Blasphemina’s Closet
Betty Tisel
Kim Keul
Shannon Baynard
Jenna Nand
Arleen Nand
Kari Ann Koskinen
Luanne Koskinen
Kaki Riesner
Julia Knight
Erin Bogle
Kevin Bogle
Girls and Women
Peter and Tanya Bailey
Kaila Dalager
K. Pardoe
Dan Pederson
Helen Kline
Kay Harris
Anya Nordstrom
Dianna Seltz
Verlyn Johnson
Suzanne Bauerfeld
Kathleen Benson
Judith Felton
Carla Rekstad
Jeanne Specht
Elizabeth Olson
Cathryn T. Olson
Elizabeth A.
Helene Oppenheimer
Patricia Provo
Joanne Provo
C. Rossi
Mark Rossi
Bonnie Russ
Darolyn Clark
Carolee Lindsey
Dorothy I. Russell
Anne Russell
Natalia Salinas
Rosario de la Torre
Lilyanna and
Isobel Sampson
Susan Sands
Gloria Perez
Paula Schaefer
Louise Wolfgramm
Lupe Serrano
Amber Hanson
Amber Shipley
Kimberly Borton
Carol Shorrock
Ruth Mary Gens
Barbara Sill
Mary Sill
Natalie and
Nicole Spehar
Kathleen Spehar
Harriet Spencer
Valerie and Ed Spencer
Valerie Spencer
Nina Botsford
Rocel Kingman
Linda Murchison
Kate Nielson
Peacemaker Resources (grantee, pg. 14).
Betty Swain
Dinah Swain
Sandra Swami and
Ward Green
Nancy Grace Norman
Tom O’Brien
Lee and
John Roper-Batker
Terry Williams and
Susan Cogger
Anne Tatlock
Kim Schwichtenberg
Third World Women
Margie Bodas
J. Michele Edwards
Edie Thorpe
James R. Thorpe
Tho Vang
Nou Yang
Holly Varni
Erica Schumacher
Nancy Ward
Anita Ward
Sarah E. West
Annemarie Robertson
Patty Wiens
Mary Sill
Terry Williams
Janet Berry
Lee Roper-Batker
Katie and Sarah Wright
Catharine Wright
women’s foundation of minnesota
Staff, Board and President’s Advisors
(l-r) Nicole Cooper,
Charisse Tester,
Mary Beth Hanson,
Heidi Walsh, Jess Kubis,
Dorothy Skobba*,
Erin Ceynar,
Romaine Scharlemann,
Terry Williams,
Saanii Hernandez,
Lee Roper-Batker,
Kim Borton. (Not pictured:
Naomi Marx.)
* Indicates former staff
Kim Borton,
Dir. of Programs
Julia Classen | Chair
Principal Consultant & Partner,
Aurora Consulting, Inc.
Erin Ceynar,
Dir. of Corporate
Sponsorships & Events
Nicole Cooper,
Communications Assoc.
Mary Beth Hanson,
Dir. of Communications
Saanii Hernandez,
Senior Program Officer
Jess Kubis,
Executive Assistant to the
President & CEO
Naomi Marx,
Reatha Clark King Fellow |
Program & Development
Lee Roper-Batker,
President & CEO
Romaine Scharlemann,
Senior Gift Planner
Charisse Tester,
Jean Adams | Vice Chair
Chief Operating Officer/
Chief Financial Operator, The Minneapolis Foundation
Joanne Green | Treasurer
Budgeting & Finance
Reporting Manager,
University of Minnesota
Suzanna de Baca | Secretary
Vice President, Wealth
Strategies, Ameriprise
Financial, Inc.
Tawanna Black,
President & Consultant, Innovations by Design
Cecilia Cervantes,
President, Hennepin
Technical College
John Choi
County Attorney, Ramsey
Julie Corty
Community Volunteer
Susan Denk
President & Owner, White
Crane Construction
Pauline Fofana
Dr. Wilhelmina Holder
Executive Director,
Women’s Initiative for
Self Empowerment, Inc.
Katharine L. Kelly,
Community Volunteer
Victoria McWane-Creek,
Youth Counselor, Catholic
Charities - St. Cloud
Children’s Home
Elizabeth Olson,
Chief Financial Officer,
Grassroots Solutions, Inc.
Ashley Rajaratnam,
Proposal Editor, International
Development Division, Land O’ Lakes
Michael Resnick, Ph.D,
Professor and Director, U of
MN Healthy Youth
Development - Prevention
Research Center
Lucy Rogers,
Development Director,
Wolf Ridge Environmental
Learning Center
Valerie Spencer,
Community Volunteer
April Sutor,
Vice President, Community
Impact, United Way of
Olmsted County
Rosa Tock,
Associate Coordinator of
the International Fellowship
Programs, Humphrey School
of Public Affairs
Pauline Fofana | Chair
Katy Kopp Adam
Brenda Coulter
Jess Kubis
Jane Treston
Lee Roper-Batker
Heidi Walsh
Maureen Wilson
Joanne Green | Chair
Elizabeth Olson | Chair
Jean Adams
Mary Bredeck
Suzanna de Baca
Rebecca Klevan
Jess Kubis
Catherine McBride
Lee Roper-Batker
Carol Peterfeso
Heidi Walsh
Terry Williams
Victoria White
Director, Leech Lake
Child Welfare
Karen Diver
Blanche Hawkins
Carol Hayden
Kristine Maritz
Wenda Weekes Moore
Heidi Walsh,
Dir. of Finance & Human
Terry Williams,
Vice President
Sharon Hwee
Sarita Mutha
Catianne Ngante
Commitees & Volunteers
(l-r) Terry Williams, Katharine L. Kelly, Julia Classen, Cecilia Cervantes, Tawanna Black, Pauline Fofana, Victoria McWane-Creek,
Elizabeth Olson, John Choi, Valerie Spencer, April Sutor, Joanne Greene, Dr. Wilhelmina Holder, Michael Resnick, Julie Corty. (Not pictured:
Jean Adams, Suzanna de Baca, Susan Denk, Ashley Rajaratnam, Lucy Rogers, Rosa Tock, Victoria White.)
* Girl Member
Board Member in blue
Staff Member italicized
Nelle Anderson
Debra Balazovic
Roger Bredeson
Beverly Carlson
Emily Cerkvenik
Susan Cogger
Samantha Daddi
Judi Dalager
Kat Dalager
Neva Dalager
Sylvia Doerr
Laurie Duxbury
Jaclyn Farrell
Victoria White | Chair
Ashley Rajaratnam
| Vice Chair
Grayce Belvedere Young
Tawanna Black
Kim Borton
Sean Buehlmann*
Alice Bygd*
Nicole Cooper
Terrell Daniels
Joanne Green
Alexis Hayden
Diane Hayden
Saanii Hernandez
Joan Higinbotham
Wilhelmina Holder
Kristal Jackson*
Tabitha Jackson
Chanel King*
Karen King
Caroline Kupchella*
Naomi Marx
Clare McGinley*
Katie McGinley
Ming Montgomery*
Maddy Norgaard*
Lily Rogers-Grant*
Lucy Rogers
Lee Roper-Batker
Romaine Scharlemann
Delilah Schuster*
Sarah Stinson
Dinah Swain
Lorri Todd
Adele Watkins*
Terry Williams
Lucy Rogers | Chair
Grayce Belvedere Young
Kim Borton
Cecilia Cervantes
Julia Classen
Jess Kubis
Ashley Rajaratnam
Rosa Tock
Terry Williams
Christianna Finnern
Mindy Flood Werner
Julie Froslan
Betty Grant
Molly Harden
Jessica Henderson
Ruthie Henderson
Julia Holtemeyer
Kim Kokett
Jessica Khan
Rosalie Kurtz
Karen Leonard
Lauren Livingston
Jaclyn May
Arlene Nand
Elise Parks
Gail Polley Nordhaus
Patti O’Leary
Rhetta Power
Diana Rehnberg
Emily Riddering
Kathy Schaaf
Carolina Schuster
Razeena Shrestha
Linda Snouffer
Kaylyn Sudik
Monique Thompkins
Bobbi Wrona
Emma Zelles
Elizabeth Zelles
April Sutor | Chair
Victoria McWane-Creek
| Vice Chair
Amira Ahmed
Margie Andreason
Susan Beaulieu
Kim Borton
Julie Corty
Susan Denk
Amy Cram Helwich
Saanii Hernandez
Jess Kubis
Naomi Marx
Anna Min
Astia Roper-Batker
Lee Roper-Batker
Lois Schmidt
Barb Schubring
Roderic Southall
Pheng Thao
Terry Williams
Pepe Wonosikou
MN Girls Are Not
For Sale |
Valerie Spencer | Chair
Grayce Belvedere
Barbara Forster
Brighid Hansen
Katharine Hull
Heidi Humphrey
Katharine L. Kelly
Dick McFarland
Lucy Rogers
Lee Roper-Batker
Romaine Scharlemann
Kate Strickland
Terry Williams
Suzanna de Baca | Chair
Cordelia Anderson
Kim Borton
Vednita Carter
Joy Friedman
Mary Beth Hanson
Amy Hartman
Saanii Hernandez
Beth Holger-Ambrose
Roberta Jones
Katharine L. Kelly
Suzanne Koepplinger
U.S. Marshal Sharon
Naomi Marx
Lauren Martin
Karen McElrath
Beatriz Menanteau
David Nelson
Wendy Nelson
Kate Richtman
Artika Roller
Lee Roper-Batker
Mpls. City Attorney
Susan Segal
Shunu Shrestha
Bethany Snyder
Valerie Spencer
Rosa Tock
Patty Wetterling
Terry Williams
Katharine L. Kelly | Chair
Jeff Bauer
Kim Borton
Mark Cross
Deborah Cundy
Lisa Duff
Mary Beth Hanson
Luz Marie Hernandez
Wilhelmina Holder
Laura Keller
Jeff Moravec
Samantha Capen
Gayle Ober
Liz Richards
Sarah Riley
Lee Roper-Batker
Terry Williams
Julie Zelle
Since 2007, the Reatha Clark King Fellowship has
provided renewable, two-year fellowships to women of
color in evaluation and research. (L-r: Saanii Hernandez,
Reatha Clark King, Nicole Cooper.)
Summarized Financial Information
Statements of Financial Position
Operating Cash
1,497,375 1,335,947
Accounts Receivable
6,438 23,767
Contributions Receivable, Current
760,167 1,039,972
Prepaid Expenses
50,094 27,448
Property & Equipment, Net
172,953 38,896
Restricted Cash
Long-Term Investments
16,514,082 15,772,689
Program Related Investments
600,000 500,000
Beneficial Interest in Trust
36,182 30,429
Employee Receivables
Contributions and Pledges
Receivable - Long-Term, Net
802,355 972,353
Total Assets
20,439,647 19,741,501
Liabilities and Net Assets
Accounts Payable
Accrued Expenses
Grants Payable
Gift Annuity Liability
Total Liabilities
61,784 45,238 385,000 72,769 564,791 343,062
Unrestricted, Including
Board Designated
Temporarily Restricted
Permanently Restricted
Total Net Assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
717,913 5,133,552 14,023,391 19,874,856 20,439,647 612,206
Statements of Activities
Temporarily Permanently 3/31/13
Support and Revenue
Unrestricted Restricted Restricted Total Total
Grants and Contributions
434,507 1,768,661 24,000 2,227,168 3,819,897
Special Events, Net
121,666 121,666 159,637
Other Operating Income
16,796 16,796 5,392
Investment Income, Net
54,682 1,190,649 5,753 1,251,084 (156,460)
Net Assets Released
from Restrictions
2,026,661 (2,026,661)
Net Asset Transfers
591,692 167,538 (759,230)
Total Support and Revenue
3,246,004 1,100,187 (729,477)
3,616,714 3,828,466
Grants, Research, and
Public Education
2,699,645 2,699,645 2,523,755
403,580 403,580 356,589
37,072 37,072 64,460
Total Expenses
3,140,297 3,140,297 2,944,804
Change in Net Assets
Net Assets, Beginning of Year
Net Assets, End of Year
105,707 1,100,187 612,206 717,913 4,033,365 5,133,552 (729,477)
14,752,868 14,023,391 The above financial information is summarized from our records. To receive a copy of our audited financial statement,
please call Jess at the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota at 612-337-5010.
476,417 883,662
19,398,439 19,874,856 18,514,777
a vital force for gender equality
We invest in social change
to achieve equality for all women
and girls in Minnesota.
30th Anniversary
1983 - 2013
105 Fifth Avenue S., Suite 30 0, Minneapolis, MN 55401- 6050
612.337.5010 • WFMN.ORG • Find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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