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This effective, game-based curriculum for students in grades K–5 fits
perfectly into the developmental progression of writing. It teaches
pre-keyboarding and keyboarding alongside general computer readiness,
digital citizenship, and digital literacy.
• Developmentally appropriate lessons by grade
• Assortment of engaging keyboarding activities
to develop typing fluency
• Efficient and intuitive learning
• Lessons reinforce language arts instruction
• Uses Handwriting Without Tears® child-friendly
teaching strategies
• Builds skills needed for PARCC,
Smarter Balanced, and other online testing
• Develops foundational technology skills
to meet ISTE® and Common Core standards
• Browser- and app-based
• Runs on PCs, Macs, interactive whiteboards,
iPads, and other tablets
• Easy online progress monitoring
Try sample lessons:
View a video demo:
Grade-level bundles start at $10.00 and include one Keyboarding Without Tears student license
and one Handwriting Without Tears® workbook.
Individual student licenses start at $6.50.
Quantity discount student licenses start at $5.50.
Keys for Me
My Keying Board
Key Power
Get children ready
for keyboarding with
activities that develop
fine motor skills, introduce
keyboard and mouse functions,
and reinforce handwriting skills
with typing games.
Dive into first grade lessons
with game-based tools for
finger dexterity, finger-key
association, and typing letters
and words. Students collect
awards as they progress through
the keyboarding map.
Develop key power with engaging
keyboard activities to build muscle
memory. Complete the teaching
of the entire keyboard and build
skills through practicing common
letter combinations, frequently
used short words, and sentences.
Keyboarding Success
Can-Do Keyboarding
Third grade starts with review
and mastery of second grade work.
It quickly moves into introducing
number and function keys,
formatting, and writing paragraphs.
Students will reinforce their fine
motor memory and increase
their accuracy.
Succeed in keyboarding with
speed and fluency. The typing
activities strengthen muscle
memory in frequently used
combinations. Activities enhance
language arts and creative
writing instruction.
Your students will develop the
accuracy and speed necessary
to handle the demands of schoolwork
and testing in higher grades.
Learn about interesting subjects
with paragraphs and creative
writing opportunities.
Grade: Kindergarten
Grade: 3
Grade: 1
Grade: 4
Grade: 2
Grade: 5
System Requirements
Hardware: 1GHz processor or faster, 1GB RAM or more, minimum screen resolution 1024 x 768
Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Chrome OS (Chromebook), Apple iOS 6 or 7, Mac 10.7, 10.8, and 10.9
Browser: Internet Explorer 8+, Safari 5+, Firefox 3.6+, Opera 11+, Chrome 8+XJUI'MBTI1MBZFS
iPad: iPad 2 or newer
Networking: Wired or wireless Internet connection
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