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San Elijo Lagoon CONSERVANCY
Winter 2008
Preserving, protecting and enhancing the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve and its watershed
This Issue
Lagoon Tidings
Hydrology News
Staff Addition
Board Transitions
County of San Diego
San Elijo Lagoon
Nature Center Project
Expected Completion: January 2009
Spring Docent Training
Funded by: Proposition 40, HUD, CDBG
and General Funds
Donor Recognition
Administered by: County of San Diego
Parks and Recreation Department
Calendar of Events
Project manager: Patrick McDonough at
858 966-1341
Bird Count on 2nd Mondays
February 11, March 10, April 14
Rios Ave. trail head
7:30 am–noon
The parking lot is closed during construction this year. The trails are open during daylight hours
and can be accessed from Manchester Avenue. Please take care parking on the street.
Why Environmental
Nature Walk on 2nd Saturdays
February 9, March 8, April 12
Rios Ave. trail head, 9–11 am
Learn about the reserve on a free
guided walk open to the public.
Environmental education (EE) is rooted in the belief that humans
can live compatibly with nature and act equitably toward each
other. Another fundamental belief is that people can make
informed decisions that consider future generations. EE aims for
a democratic society in which effective, environmentally literate
citizens participate with creativity and responsibility. EE often begins
close to home, encouraging learners to understand and forge connections with their immediate
surroundings. The awareness, knowledge, and skills needed for this localized learning provide a
basis for moving out into larger systems, broader issues, and a more sophisticated comprehension
of causes, connections, and consequences. EE is good education. It is learner-centered and provides
students with opportunities to construct their own understanding through hands-on, minds-on
investigations. Engaged in direct experiences, learners are challenged to use higher order thinking
skills. EE provides real-world contexts and issues from which concepts and skills can be learned.
Quality EE programs are multidisciplinary and facilitate teaching of science, civics, social studies,
mathematics, geography, english language arts, economics, the arts, and history.
Spring Docent Training
Begins March 30, see back for details.
For a scheduled guided walk for your
class, designed to meet California
Academic Content Standards, call the
office or email [email protected]
Taken from “Environmental Education Materials: Guidelines for Excellence—Bridging Theory & Practice”, North American
Association for Environmental Education, 2000.
Community Outreach Coordinator Position
Office Space Needed for Conservancy Office
For detailed information about the new position available
at the Conservancy, go to About Us
1,500–2,000 sq.ft. near lagoon and preferably
donated. Please call Doug at 760 436-3944.
1 | Lagoon Tidings
Andy Mauro, President
Denise Stillinger, Vice-President
Barbara Moore, Secretary
Craig Olson, Ph.D., Treasurer
Sally Foster
Mark Huffman
Kevin Johnson
Peter Johnson
Jim McCall
Bob Moore
Margaret Parry
Robert Wilder, Ph.D.
Celesd F. Willoughby
John Seiber, ex officio
Doug Gibson
Executive Director/Principal Scientist
Maryanne Bache
Education Director
Elaine Dodge
Development Director
Amy Trujillo
Barry Lindgren
Debby Strauss
Program Assistant
Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 230634
Encinitas, CA 92023-0634
Office Address:
2049 San Elijo Avenue
Cardiff, CA 92007
T: 760 436-3944
F: 760 944-9606
E: [email protected]
Layout: Artefact Design
2 | Lagoon Tidings
How’s the Water?
By Barry Lindgren
Hydrology is the study of the movement, distribution, and quality of water throughout the Earth.
A practitioner of hydrology is called a hydrologist.
San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy manages a
network of hydrologic monitoring stations
on five creeks in the Carlsbad Hydrologic
Unit (CHU) to provide automated stream
flow and precipitation information for its
major watersheds. These sensors are part of
the San Diego County ALERT (Automated
Local Evaluation in Real Time) flood warning
network, with transmitted data being shared
continuously with other ALERT subscribers
throughout the region.
Flood Hydrograph at Escondido Creek—Camino
Del Norte (showing stream level in feet)
Beyond the obvious benefits for flood warning
and forecasting, stream flow and rainfall
information can provide:
• The total amount of water available during a
given season, and the total volume of water
that reaches a receiving water, such as San
Elijo Lagoon or the Pacific Ocean
• The frequency of its deficiencies and excesses
• The volume of storage in the watershed required
for specific flow conditions, such as a storm
• The changes in storm flows and urban runoff
due to changes in land use upstream
Flood Hydrograph at East Basin of San Elijo
Lagoon (showing stream level in feet)
Note the very rapid rise in the channel upstream of the lagoon—
this is due to confining channels upstream and impermeable
surfaces such as sidewalks and driveways. It is this rapid rise in
a hydrograph that often means damaging flooding.
Downstream, in San Elijo Lagoon, one can see the lag time in
Simply measuring the concentration of flood waters reaching the lagoon and the muted rise time due
to the ability of water spread out over the East Basin, as a river
contaminants, without knowing the volume of would use a natural flood plain.
water carrying those contaminants, does not
provide enough information for a regulator or resource manager to make informed decisions
about the effects of upstream sources on downstream environments.
These benefits are particularly important in a region like southern California, where the variability
of runoff tends to be much greater with more arid conditions. In this setting, the rapid pace of
development and urbanization makes it far more difficult to predict the effects of development on
the watershed without the validation provided by actual measurements.
Welcome Debby Strauss
SELC’s new Program Assistant
Debby was hired as a part-time employee in October to support
the program managers with day-to-day operations in the areas of
development, education, outreach and general administration. Her
primary duties are related to stewardship and acknowledging member
contributions. Debby first came to SELC as a temporary employee last
summer working on the Birds of a Feather Gala.
Prior to joining SELC, Debby had a successful career in human resources/employee relations
working for various corporations and as an independent consultant. For many years, she has
volunteered for numerous North County non-profit organizations, including the San Dieguito
River Park for the past four years. Debby has lived in Encinitas for the past 23 years with her
husband and two sons.
Board Transitions
By Andy Mauro
In our twenty-year history, the Conservancy has grown from a small
grassroots bunch of activists to a well-respected, highly effective nonprofit conservation organization. As we have grown over the years, our
mission has remained constant, and the composition of our governing
board notably consistent. For 2008, however, we will be experiencing
a change in our ranks. We are very pleased to welcome four new
board members, but sorry to report that two of our long-standing
board members will be stepping down.
Cardiff resident, Carl Biel, was a founding member of the Conservancy
back in 1987, and served as our first president. Several years later,
after the organization was up and running, Carl took a leave of
absence from the board. Of course, passion for the environment is
a powerful force, and Carl was easily convinced to rejoin the board
about six years ago. During his second stint on the board Carl served
several terms as treasurer. You may have met Carl and his wife, Janice,
at the Encinitas Street Fair or the Solana Beach Fiesta del Sol—for
the last six years they have been fixtures at just about every booth
the Conservancy has hosted. Thank you, Carl, for your long-standing
support of the Conservancy.
lives in Solana Beach, just a stone’s throw from the
Rios Avenue trailhead. About seven years ago she became one of our
docents, and then came to the board’s attention by quickly moving up
to the job of docent coordinator. It wasn’t long before she was asked
to join the board. With her experience in media relations and career
as a freelance writer for a number of publications, Lynne helped guide
the organization in developing new outreach materials and media
releases. She obtained a substantial grant for the Conservancy which
resulted in the design, production, and publication of our acclaimed
booklet “Birds Don’t Use I-5”. Lynne has served as committee chair
for a number of community events held by the Conservancy over the
years, and most recently was an invaluable asset in helping organize
and conduct the 2007 “Birds of a Feather” gala. We will miss her
friendly spirit and creative ideas at our board meetings, but look
forward to still seeing her out on the trail, helping others in the
community discover the beauty of nature at San Elijo.
Lynne Friedman
I am very excited with our new additions to the board Sally Foster,
Peter Johnson, and Celesd F. Willoughby. Our fourth new member,
John Seiber, is the newly-elected chairman of the Conservancy’s
President’s Council. As a founding member of the President’s Council
in 2000, John has helped oversee significant growth in the size of the
Conservancy’s operating endowment. We will profile John and the
President’s Council in our next newsletter.
Sally Foster is the current Provost of the San Elijo campus
of MiraCosta College, a site which borders the reserve.
Previously she was a full-time faculty member at MiraCosta
College teaching Psychology classes at both the Oceanside
and San Elijo campuses.
A native of Michigan, Provost Foster moved to the San
Diego area in 1974. She attended graduate school at Chico
State and was hired as a counselor at Butte Community
College and a lecturer at CSU, Chico. She joined the faculty
of MiraCosta College as an Associate faculty member in
1982 and became a full-time faculty member in 1987.
Sally lives in Encinitas and has two sons who are away at school. Several favorite pastimes are
reading, listening to music, ballroom dancing and bird watching. Working with the members
of the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy and faculty at MiraCosta, Sally helped sponsor the first
Lagoon Lecture Series in 2007. Sally is passionate about environmental issues and hopes that
the current generation of involved and caring citizens will exert political pressure on policy
makers to halt global warming and will volunteer their own time and effort so that we leave
the earth a better place to live for generations to come.
Peter Johnson has been changing the world one taco at a time
at Las Olas Mexican Restaurant in Cardiff with co-owner
Dave Murphey since1981 (and Carlsbad since 2004). He
sponsored and installed the educational panel “Dining at
the Lagoon” with a view of the west basin. Check it out next
time you’re at Las Olas in Cardiff. It’s his commitment to
quality, value and close proximity to the lagoon that make
him a valuable addition to the board.
Peter moved to the San Diego area in 1970 and has been an
active participant in community organizations ever since.
He has served on the board of directors of the YMCA; was
president of the Cardiff Chamber of Commerce; served on the subcommittee for the City of
Encinitas Sand Replenishment Project; and currently sits on the board for TERI, Training
Education & Research Institute, an Oceanside-based nonprofit offering educational programs
for children and adults with developmental disabilities.
The father of two young children, Peter is a physically active participant in life, surfing,
bicycling, golfing and bird watching to name a few of his outdoor sports..
Celesd began her association with the conservancy by first
becoming enchanted with the lagoon and its inhabitants.
What started out as her being dragged along on birding and
photography trips by business partner, Heather Kinch, soon
turned into a love of the beauty and serenity of this “natural
treasure” and a desire to get involved. Membership led to art
donations, marketing consulting and finally the duo being
asked to co-chair the publicity committee for SELC’s 20th
Anniversary “Birds of a Feather” event.
Celesd currently serves as Senior Vice President, Sales &
Marketing of a national financial services company and
comes to SELC with over 25 years of sales, marketing and
entrepreneurial experience. She is also co-owner of Heather KiNCH Studio, Winged Light
Gallery and Red Raven Publishing. In keeping with their sense of respect and responsibility for
the environment and their commitment to making a difference, Heather & Celesd donate a
portion of all sales of their enterprises to support the conservancy’s efforts.
Celesd lives in Encinitas with her extended human and animal family.
3 | Lagoon Tidings
By Elaine Dodge, Development Director
2007 was a milestone year for San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy in
each of our program areas. We treated over 90 acres of invasive
plant species covering 130 separate properties. We substantially
expanded our water quality monitoring program both in the
lagoon and in North County. We celebrated 20 years of preserving,
protecting and enhancing the ecological reserve at our Birds of a
Feather Gala. We developed education curriculum for 3rd and
5th grade students based upon California’s State Standards. All
of these successes would not have been possible without the
support of members like you.
Great Horned Owl - $10,000+
Agri Chemical & Supply, Inc.
Frances Hamilton White
Ilse Epprecht
Calif. Brown Pelican - $5,000+
Carol Childs & Peter House
Christina & Carl Fredericks
Denise & Dave Stillinger
Elizabeth Keadle & Nicholas Leibham
Joy Marie & Janet Simon
Las Olas Mexican Restaurant
Mary & Robert Engman
Noreen Kukkonen
Patty & John Queen
UBS Financial Services, Inc.
Union Bank of California Foundation
Clapper Rail - $3,000
Bill Gish
Donna & Tom Golich
Elizabeth Venrick
Ellen Taylor & Jim Drhues
Karen Miller Clotfelter & Tom Clotfelter
Kathie Jackson
Liz & Tony Salant
Neil Hokanson
Celesd F. Willoughby & Heather Kinch
Susan & Robert Schade
Qualcomm Corporate Giving
Great Blue Heron - $2,500+
Cameron James & James Gilmore
Cardiff Seaside Market, Inc
Jeanne & Craig Olson
Kathleen & Andy Mauro
Laura & Eric Drummond
Nicole & Anthony Macaluso
Smith Barney
Wendy Globe Tsien & Roger Tsien
Red-tailed Hawk - $1,000+
Ann Hunter-Welborn
Ann-Charlotte & Jeffrey Chandler
Anne & John Feighner
Audrey & Mac Elliott
Barbara Moore
Bernice & Steve Baran
Carol & Mark Levin
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Cindy & Bob Moore
4 | Lagoon Tidings
Dede & Peter La Dow
Diane Hollister
Elaine Dodge & Martin Staubus
Ford Country
Gail & Chuck Kendall
Georgia Jenks
Gerald Johns
Gillian & Tony Thornley
Gladys Baird
Glenn Oratz
Hansen Surfboards Inc
IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program
Jake’s Del Mar
Jane & Paul Woody
Jane Fantel & Laura Galinson
Janice & Carl Biehl
Jean Hahn Hardy & Capt. John Hardy
Jean Lowe & Kim MacConnel
Jeffrey Busby
Joan & Bill Wilson
Joyce & Gary Pickersgill
Judy Thum
Julie & Michael Luther
Karen & Wolfgang Berger
KI’s Restaurant
Linda & Ron Hahn
Maggie Houlihan
Marcia & Dr. John Trombold
Margaret Parry
Mariette Pinchart
Mary & Rankine Van Anda
Mayme Kline
Merrill Lynch
Nicki & Keith Brandt
Pam & Steve Fitch
Patricia & John Seiber
Penny & Frank Dudek
Peter Zahn & Family
Phyllis & Jerry Olefsky
Risty Marckx
Rita & Brys Myers
Sandy & Norman C. Roberts
Scott Jewett
Sherry & David Winkler
Susie & Steve Hedrick
Suzanne & Tim Ryan
Todd J. Plastino
Tracy & Todd Jones
Val & John Zagara
Weingart-Price Fund at
The San Diego Foundation
William Finan
See the Lagoon on YouTube
Local musician, Rob Gironda has produced a video
featuring San Elijo Lagoon. Set to his original
composition entitled “Leave Your Feet” his footage
highlights cormorants, egrets, willets, buffleheads
and other birds. You can watch it on YouTube at...
White-tailed Kite - $500+
Abe Ordover
Alexander Giritsky
Barbara & Ken Holland
Betty & William Steele
Candy & Tom Shepard
Carlana & Andy Maduza
Cathie & Gordon Dixon
Cheryl & Alan Barnebey
Christy & Bill Johnson
Cynthia & Richard Ansede
Dareen & James Starck
Davi & Mark Huffman
DeeDee & Ned Reynolds
Denise Jackson & Doug Lee
Devron & Chris Averett
Donald Thomson
Donna & Rich Johnson
Doug Schnorr
Dr. Rob Wilder
Eva & Paul Linke
Frances Arnold
Gioia Messinger
Gretchen Gerlach
Jan Wier
Jane & Gary Krisel
Jane & Steve Dempsey
Janet & Jonathan White
Jean & Mike O’Leary
Jenny & Guy Freeborn
Jill & Darrell Shrader
Jocelyn Bennett
Joyce & Jere Oren
Karen & Glenn Doshay
Karen Messer & Robert Turner
Kathleen & James Stiven
Kim Lande & Scott Henry
Lauren & Doug Gibson
Linda & Graham Milner
Linda & John Alspaugh
Lois & Bob Chaddock
Lois & Jack Martin
Lynne & Marc Friedmann
Mary & Martin Lighterink
Mary Ann & Leonard Rogers
Mona Baumgartel & John DeBeer
Nan Sterman & Curt Wittenberg
Pamela & Dr. Nojan Omidi
Patricia Young
Penelope & Bill Shelly
Ruth & Charles Dealy
Sally Foster
Shauna & Robert Patton
Stephanie Wilde & Tom Heywood
Steve Brad
Susan & Bill Hoehn
Susan & Doug Jensen
Suzanne & R. Craig Johnson
Teri & Chuck Lang
Terrie Boley & Joe Markee
Will Sooter
Western Scrub Jay - $250
Alice De Celles
Ann & Peter Linz
Ann & Robert Sensibaugh
Ann Hannon
Barbara & Bill Berrier
Barbara & Edward Pearson
Barbara Swanson
Carol & Larry Papay
Catherine Santone
Cindy Pedersen
Clifford Keller
Constance & Randall Malin
Cynthia & Byron Calos
Dana Friehauf & Douglas Gillingham
Debby & Barry Strauss
Deborah & Donald Halliday
Deborah & Frank McRock
Dennis Astroth
Diane Dudek
Dr. Sherri Mead
Elaine & Kaveh Barjesteh
Ellen Fujikawa
Florence Harrod & Gary R. Johnson
Franci & Scott Free
Gamini Ratnavira
Gary Moinet
Hewlett-Packard Company
Jan Ann & Richard Kahler
Jane & Donald S. MacKinnon
Jane Larsen
Janie DeCelles
Jeanne & Michael Kew
Jennifer & Michael Tillman
Jenny & Mark Dowling
Jewel & James Edson
Joan & Andrew Chitiea
June Collins
Karen & Daniel Henderson D.D.S.
Karen & Robert Budetti
Karen Haubrich & Geoffrey Miller
Katherine White
Kevin Parra
Lannie Allee
Lauren & Brad Greider
Lindy & Rich Schermerhorn
Madeline Butler
Marcia Schofield
Margaret & Thomas Greubel
Maria & Gary Walker
Marie & Bruce McFarland
Mary & Tom Evers
Miguel Elias
Mr. & Mrs. James Callan
Nancy Perry-Sheridan & Richard Sheridan
NPN Landscape
Pam & Andy Kurz
Pam & Hal Fuson
Pat & Dick Robertson
Peggy Martin
Phyllis & William Paul
Ruth & Ed Evans
Salah Hassanein
Sarah & Steven Henriksen
Seaside Center for Spiritual Living
Shannon & Michael Dempsey
Suellen & Eric Lodge
Susan & Jeff Harvey
Susie Armstrong & Keith Marzullo
Teresa & Don Barth
The Bridges At Rancho Santa Fe
Tracy & Terrence Weiss
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Diego
American Avocet - $100+
Aaron Weiss
Abbie & Josiah Sand
Amber Sogorka
Ann Pogue
Anne Davis
Audrey & John Bromstad
Audrey Terras
B. Buechler
Barb & Bob Alpers
Barb Potts & Nancy Gordon
Barbara & Frank Skopec
Barbara & John Mullen
Barbara Derrick
Barbara Queen-Bennett
BD - Beckton Dickinson & Company
Bette & Will Childs
Betty & Wells Lange
Betzi & Mike Weinberg
Beveryly & James Boyce
Bonnie & Thomas Minamide
Brenda & Virgil Thompson
Bridgette Hadorn
Cardiff School
Carol & Gary Coburn
Carol & George Law
Carol & James McCall
Carol M. & David W. Arnold
Carol & Vann Parker
Carol Ball
Carol Stallings & Pat Edinger
Caroline DeMar
Carrie & Jim Greenstein
Catherine & Henry Graham
Cathy & Dan Gill
Charles Nelson
Charles Plost
Cheryl & Richard Gross
Cherylann & Steve Deering
Choi Ngam Jean Law
Christa & Bob Stahl
Christie & Tony Hamel
Christy Hendrickson
Clemencia & Jon Appel
Colleen & Edson Rood
Conant, Nelson & Conant, LTD.
Cora & Murray Simpson
Cristina & Steve McSkimming
Cristina Burlem
Dadla Ponizil & Judy Berlfein
Daina Krigens & Hugh Lawrence
Dale Smathers
Danie & Wayne Warren-Angelucci
Daniel Essig
David Holzman
David Roberts
David Rose
Debbie Hauser
Debbie Struck-Shampain
Deborah & Mark Whitehouse
Deborah Ackerman
Deborah Altsbuter & Carole Meredith
Debra Dominski & Candace Curlee
Debra Saum
Diana & Jim Burdick
Diane Capps
Donna & Charles Randolph
Donna & Thomas Birks
Donna Blackman
Donna Ray
Dottie & Ken Metzgar
Downtown Encinitas Mainstreet Association
Dr. J. Steven Poceta
Dr. Keith Vrhel
Dr. Maida Soghikian
Dr. Pete Schroeder
Dr. Terence Maloy
E Street Café
Edith Fine
Eleanor Morecraft
Elena Pitt
Elizabeth Meier & Michael Fisher
Elizabeth Moore & Steve Mayer
Eloise & Scotch Comer
Erika & Gregg Solomon
Erin Thomas & Robert Jensen
Francine & David Busby
Fred McClain
Georges M. Argoud
Gerri Retman & Ira Opper
Gloria & Tom Taylor
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Holly & Bill Gastil
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Jeff Moore Family
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Joan & Don Grine
Joan & Ken Bunyard
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Roxie Graham & David Blanton
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Sachiko Kohatsu & James Held
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San Dieguito Riders
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5 | Lagoon Tidings
Wendy McWethy
Willie & Bob Ginaven
Wilma & Mary Coriden
California Quail - $50
101 Artists Colony
Adrienne & Jack Samuels
Alan Russell
Alby Quinlan & Alan Schmidt
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6 | Lagoon Tidings
Dan Mercola
Dana & Richard Torykian
Daniel Wulbert
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David Levenson
Deana & Barclay Noble
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Deb Weir & Joseph Bunn
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Diane & Jerry Rothenberg
Diane & Marc Capitelli
Diane & Mel Male
Dianne & Jim Wadley
Dixie Curran & Gilbert Combs
Dolores & Jack Bradshaw
Donald York
Donna Agnew
Dorothy & John Green
Dorothy Sears
Dot Renshaw & Zack Taylor
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Moore
Dr. James Payne
Dr. Leslie Kuhn
Dr. Stuart Grauer
Dudney & George O’Dell
Edith & Edward Drcar
Eleanor & Emil Rothenberg
Eli & Michal Margalith
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Emmy Garnica & Don Geiger
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Feather Acres Farm and Nursery
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Jill & Jeremy Martin
Jim Mosher & Sharon Omahen
Jim Weinel
Joan Fisher
Joanne & Barry Butler
Joanne & Emery Smith
Joanne & Ron Orlo
Jocelyn & Mark Seamans
John Dewald
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Joyce & Dave Carlson
Joyce Nathan & Russ Gold
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Rock Crab - $30+
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If you believe your name has been left off this list in error, please call Elaine at 760 436-3944.
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Gobi - $25+
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Zoe & Niels Mohler
Contributor - <$25
Judith Barney
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Kathleen McDonald & Hal Handley
Marni & William Hayman
John Howard
Caroline & Paul Howard
Ketsela Mengistu
Tina & Larry Pryor
Marjorie Sponholz
David Theno
George Tomaszewski
Keith Harold
Linda Beth & Martyn Widgery
Adrienne Adams
Joyce Anderson
Norene Claeyssens
Nora Cochrane
Courtney Griffith
Louise & Jim Julig
Maria McClurg
Jane & Allen Monts
Jamee & Jay Moorman
Mr. & Mrs. Earl Schweizer
Roseann & Warren Peterson
Julia Burgess-Perrot
Bertha Ficaro
David Meza
7 | Lagoon Tidings
US Postage
San Elijo Lagoon CONSERVANCY
Preserving, protecting and enhancing the San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve and its watershed
Encinitas, CA
Permit No. 23
P. O. Box 230634
Encinitas, California
Change Service Requested
San Elijo Lagoon
Docent Training
Six sessions beginning Sunday, March 30–May 1, 2008; 1–4 pm
Sunday, March 30, 2008
1–4 pm
Please wear comfortable hiking
shoes and a hat, and bring a
pencil, notepad, and water.
Call 760-436-3944 or email:
[email protected]
SELC members
Have you wondered about the birds and plants you
see at the San Elijo Lagoon? Are you interested in
learning more about coastal wetlands and sharing
your knowledge with others? Now is your chance to
join a dedicated group of volunteers who lead walks
at the reserve.
In 2007 we hosted over 172 groups on guided
nature walks at San Elijo Lagoon. These groups
ranged from preschool to college level. Six
outstanding docents who led over 60% of all the
walks in 2007 were recognized and awarded prizes:
Peter Ash, Bob Chaddock, Kathy Dickey,
Joan Herskowitz, Margaret Parry, and
Elizabeth Venrick.

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