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Oct/ No v
Perth Edition
Find out how your business can benefit from it.
KF K & Friends
Property Investment Trade & Marketing
Jason Coy
Managing Director
28 Ninth Avenue
Maylands 6051
Western Australia
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Tel: 61 8 9271 8980
Fax: 61 8 9271 8981
Mobile : 0416 471 983
Email : [email protected]
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I would like to extend a warm welcome to the readers
of the October 2011 edition. ‘The Nifnex Review’ has
a strong focus on SME growth, education, networking
and self development. We pride ourselves on the fact
that we concentrate our efforts on small to medium sized
businesses and our publication is the only one in Perth
doing so. We reach business owners as well as decision
makers of businesses. We do what we can to ensure
this paper gets to the desk of a business decision maker
without intruding their personal space and causing any
Below are a few key points that we pay close attention to:
• Distribution is done by our own Nifnex team. No
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• Management edition stated on the paper and a
business card picked up by our team member sends
a psychological message to the staff at the front
reception to ‘hand it’ rather than ‘bin it’.
• Following up the percentage of businesses in each
suburb via phone call to get feedback.
In this edition we have implemented the QR codes and
are using it effectively to engage our readers.
This will benefit readers who can access the websites,
online forms, videos and also contests quickly. The QR
codes will draw the print media and the internet closer as
well as complement each other.
A huge welcome to Jenny Towers, Robyn Moyle, Dinesh
Aggarwal and Zubin Fitter – local business owners /
professionals in Perth who have come on board to write
for us. Sherryn McBride and George Helou, thank you for
continuing to provide us and the readers with valuable
articles from your field. I would also like to give a warm
welcome to Yunhi Mook who joins the team as a designer
and photographer.
The Nifnex Review has now been given ‘Media
Accreditation’ to CHOGM and the team is looking forward
to some interesting encounters. We are looking forward
to addressing issues that impact small businesses and
it would be great to get some inspirational words for our
readers from world leaders. On that note, I hope you
enjoy this edition and looking forward to hearing your
Zeeshan Pasha
Founder / Managing Director
Why Australians can’t afford to
turn their backs on the future?
Superannuation reform should encourage
people to support themselves in
retirement. A hundred years ago not many
people were concerned with outliving
their money. In 1909, when the national
old age pension was introduced for people
over 65 to provide them with an income
in retirement, average life expectancy was
around 55 and our average age under 30.
and clearly articulate its retirement income strategy going forward, to
provide certainty to older Australians.
How much is enough?
How much money an individual will have access to under the retirement
income system depends on a broad range of factors, including taxation
of super contributions, taxation of earnings during accumulation
and during retirement, government super co-contributions, access
to the age pension, caps on super guarantee contributions and caps
on concessional contributions and non-concessional voluntary
Today, Australia has the 4th highest life
expectancy in the world at over 80 and
our average age is around 37. In other The latest Westpac ASFA Retirement Standard Index says a couple
words, old age is not what it used to be. looking for a comfortable retirement need $54,562 a year, while those
Australians are living longer, healthier seeking a modest lifestyle need $31,263 a year.
lives than ever before - sometimes living
Have you looked at your projections?
30 adult years out of the workforce.
Despite this increase in life expectancy, the
pension age has not kept pace (it has been
65 since 1909) and with a superannuation
system still in infancy, older Australians
are feeling the pinch in their hip pocket.
There is confusion about where retirement
incomes are headed. Reforms are
important but with the weight of change
under way, people are uncertain about
what the future holds and it is impacting
their decision-making about their own
retirement. This is an opportunity for the
government to lay out a five-year plan
About the author:
Dinesh Aggarwal Director of Noble
& Associates is highly qualified and
has a wealth of business and tax
knowledge secured over fifteen years in
both commercial and Public Practice
environments. Dinesh was awarded the
coveted Order of Merit for his result in the
Chartered Accountants tax module. With a
powerful, analytical mind, Dinesh excels
in providing solutions to even the most
complex tax & business problems.
visit www.candidatedatabase.com.au
October / November Edition 2011
Business Networking in Perth
What’s Inside?
Interview with
Steve Tippett & Michael Worthington
Wayne Collyer Talks about
Business Rebranding, Employing
fresh graduate and learning new skills
Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Inspiration… Admiration … Leadership …
What are QR Codes?
QR stands for Quick Response. It is a square barcode that can be scanned by a mobile
phone’s built-in camera. They are free and easy for anyone to make and use. By scanning a
QR Code, the mobile user can instantly get data without having to type, call or text. Originally
created by a subsidiary of Toyota; Denso-Wave in 1994 in Japan, they are only now getting
popular in Australia.
The QR codes are more powerful than what you would see on product bar codes in shops
because these codes have embedded data including url links to websites, videos, geo
coordinates, text, sms,phone numbers, calendars, email addresses, blogs, coupons or even
a contest like the one you may have noticed on our front page to win a $5000 video for your
It can be downloaded in minutes if not seconds by smart phones like iPhones, Androids etc.
Follow the steps below and you can put it to action right now.
They are only getting more and more common.
Step 1
Go to your phone’s app store or Android
‘Market’ and Search for ‘QR’ or ‘QR reader’.
There are plenty of good ones like i-nigma,
QR Droid. Look for star rating and reviews.
Step 2
Download the QR reader. Literally takes a minute.
Step 3
Open the application and using the camera
lens take a picture of a QR Code. Once the
page loads you can also complete the form to
subscribe to our electronic newsletter.
It’s as simple as that!
Top 5 expert tips
from Real Logic Members
articles in this edition
Create impact with your image.................................................................. 4
Database marketing................................................................................... 4
Does your business have a WOW factor ................................................... 4
Is your Smart Phone making you work harder?......................................... 5
5 Key principles to bring you happiness.................................................... 6
Boost productivity and look after your health............................................ 6
Positioning your business in Google ......................................................... 7
Expert tips from Perth business owners..............................................8 & 9
Secrets to online marketing success....................................................... 10
Spotlight on Peter Taliangis ..................................................................... 11
HR compliance & best practice ............................................................... 11
Socialmedia for SMEs. Fail? Or is it a WIN?............................................ 13
Business opportunities ............................................................................ 15
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Create Impact with Your Image
4 THE NIFNEX REVIEW October / November Edition 2011
Natasha Di Ciano,
Founder of Egami Style
When an important person walks into a
room-you can feel it instantly. There’s
something different in the air around
them-something special. You can’t
quite pinpoint exactly what it is that
makes them so different- but you can
feel it, and so can the other 99 people
in the room.
What this person has is the ability to
draw on the different aspects of their
image to create impact and influence.
That something special that they to make a judgment based on what
wield, you can have it too- it’s all in we see and what we know. There
your image.
are perceptions associated with
the different roles and industries
Think of your image like a recipe.
in which we work and when we
It involves a lot of different
meet someone for the first time
ingredients coming together to
(in a business situation) we expect
create a positive outcome- your
that they project the ‘right’ image
personal brand. You are your own
because at a very subconscious
brand and it’s your responsibility to
level what we are looking for is
self-package and market your skills,
their visual credibility.
experience, knowledge and positive
attributes to better position yourself, These perceptions are made
create presence and have influence. within the first few seconds of
meeting someone and leave an
To build the brand of you, the first enduring impression. There is a real
step requires you to be yourself. Be opportunity to maximise the first
authentic. When you are authentic impression you make and influence
it then becomes easy to follow step the way you are perceived by others
two; be congruent. A successful by ensuring that your personal
brand becomes your trademark presentation projects all of the right
and what you are remembered for; messages about you before you
hence it is imperative to manage even say a single word. In some
all elements of a positive image situations (i.e.: an interview) it may
consistently to project you at your only be later that you are able to
demonstrate how intelligent and
Your appearance is one of these capable you are.
elements and it is an important Beyond the first impression, your
ingredient in the recipe of communication style, from the
your personal brand. Take into words you choose to the gestures
consideration the first impression. and facial expressions you make,
We may have been told a thousand play a big role in your total image
times that we shouldn’t judge a book projection. Your understanding and
by its cover, but it’s human nature practice of business etiquette and
protocol could be your point of
difference and the final touch
to your personal brand, which
makes you memorable. What then
brings together each ingredient is
your ability to build relationships
with others for this is how you
will truly achieve success.
So next time you see an influential
figure, someone who commands
your attention and your respectlook closely. How are they
leveraging the different aspects of
their image and what techniques
can you apply to your own image
to maximise your influence and
Sherryn McBride is a freelance marketer, copywriter,
trainer and ebook writer. Her knowledge is drawn from 25
yrs managing national corporations and SMEs. Grab the
free resources and register for the monthly marketing tips
newsletter at www.marketingtalk.com.au or email Sherryn for
your next marketing presenter [email protected]
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ur business
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ve visual
with creati
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PreSS & MaGazine adS
editOriaL deSiGnS
BOOk deSiGnS
Print MaGeMent …
Yunhi Mook
0416 471 983
[email protected]
Does your business
have the WOW
By Sherryn McBride,
Director of Marketing Talk
Would You Prefer To Spend 4 Hours
Or 5 Minutes Increasing Sales?
Is all your energy focussed on attracting new customers? Then look no further than your existing
database. It is a far more cost effective option and less labour intensive to spend time keeping in touch
with your existing customers than constantly looking for new ones.
So... would you prefer to spend 4 hours or 5 minutes increasing sales?
Consider the downtime
involved in sourcing every
new client. How long does
it take you to:
• spend the time
researching a new and
potential client
• decide the best way to
present your product/
service to meet their
• prepare a marketing
proposal with a pitch
directed to attract interest
from your prospect
• get to speak to the right
person to schedule an
introductory meeting to
make your pitch
• follow up that
introductory meeting with
that resulted from the
• nurture the relationship
until you have an
So, is that 3, 4, 5 or more hours of your precious
hings are tough out there. We are reminded daily by
the media, economic experts and financial gurus. There
is another recession glooming. Retail is suffering.
WA is the boom state. Mining is keeping us afloat. But at what
With such predictions happening so often, what are you doing
to protect your business?
We have got very comfortable in Western Australia, with most
businesses thinking they will be alright whilst the rest of the
country suffers. With this blasé attitude we have forgotten one
very critical component of how we do business – the importance
of customer service!
Now compare that to a simple 5 minute telephone
call building a better relationship with an existing
customer. Someone you have already established
a relationship with. It is far more cost effective
to build upon the loyalty factor you have already
developed with an existing client:
On a recent trip to Queensland I was blown away by the service
that was provided to us everywhere we went. I could not fault it
(and yes, of course I was looking too!). We do a lot of mystery
shopping in Perth and WA and to be honest, the service in this
state has a lot to answer for. Why is it that we feel it is fine to
give our customers average service instead of WOWING them
• pick up the phone
• dial an existing or past client
• ask for genuine feedback on their experience
with you
Pick up the phone and dial a past or existing client
every day because:
• personal attention is always going to be a winner
• satisfied clients will always mean repeat business
• happy clients by the laws of attraction will always
look forward to doing more business with you
• it is a fact that regular clients will refer you more
• happy clients are your best advocates, your raving
• regular clients provide you with great testimonials
• regular clients and great testimonials bring you
qualified leads and new business
Jenny Towers - Customer Service Specialist
SIMPLE: Next time you are thinking
about ways to increase your sales
and grow your business, need some
testimonials to add credibility to your
business, want referrals from happy
clients to attract new prospects or
increase the frequency by which clients
use your services then ... instead of
sourcing new clients, look no further
than your existing client base!
With tough times like we are experiencing now, it is time to
go back to basics with your business’s customer service. Start
WOWING your customers like you never have before! By
making a few minor changes to your customer service plan (and
yes, this is just as important as a business plan) you could have a
lot of new customers that become loyal and raving fans!
What can you offer that your competitor doesn’t? When I make
that statement I am not talking about just discounting your
products or putting on a sale. I am talking more about making
the transaction a personal one. Use the customer’s name. Offer a
freebie. If you have their birth date on file send them a birthday
card! Find something that you can do to make a difference. Get
out there, have some fun and start WOWING!!
visit www.candidatedatabase.com.au
October / November Edition 2011
Get better quality clients and sales
guaranteed or your money back
Is your smart phone making
you work harder?
With a range of new technology
entering our markets at every turn, it’s
hard not to be reliant on these gadgets
to make managing work schedules a
little easier and also keep us in touch
with work when we are not even at
work (which could be argued by many
as a negative point). iPhones and
Android phones are revolutionising
the telecommunications industry
by providing people with not just
a method to make phone calls but
to send emails, use the internet, set
reminders, view documents and even
download applications that assist with
day-to-day activities. When Apple
launched its Ipad in 2010, it sold 3
million worldwide in just 80 days,
which is evidence that we have a very
What’s that buzzing?
Another new email from work?
But it’s the weekend!
Well...according to a survey
70% of you actually do receive
updates and emails on weekends.
technology savvy consumer society.
To find out what types of gadgets
people use for their careers and
what their opinions were on certain
technologies, the Nifnex team set out
to conduct interviews in the Perth
When asked what their favourite
business gadget was, the answer
among the participants was obvious.
The iPhones has the highest percentage
of users with 45% using their phone
for work related purposes.
Among the people who preferred using
Android phones as their main business
gadget, HTC ranked as the most
popular. It was interesting to also note
that the majority of participants did
not turn emails off from work during
the weekend, with many commenting
that their workplace required that
they had to receive emails at
all times of the week. This
raises the question about
where do we draw the
line between work and
home since 70% of
people we interviewed
said that their workplace
required them to receive
email at all times.
Is your Information Technology
Systems letting you down?
> email internet problems ?
It was surprising to find out that only
35% of the participants interviewed
said they were an early adopter of
67% of the participants interviewed
that were waiting for the launch of
a new business gadget chose the
Iphone 5.
From the data collected, Apple is
the clear winner and choice of most
participants’ favourite business
gadget. With the majority owning
Iphones and Ipads, the multinational
corporation is definitely keeping its
consumers satisfied and on the edge
of their seats for their new releases
in the technology industry. At the
end of the day it doesn’t matter what
brand of phone, tablet or laptop
a person has, we all use business
gadgets because we consider them
useful tools in our working careers
and perhaps these little devices
make our lives a little easier.
However considering the fact that
there are new technologies being
released at every turn, those who
are early adopters of technology
face the challenge of having to learn
and adapt to these new devices....so
are they actually making us work a
little harder?
Visit our facebook page for more
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investment within 6 months
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Rapid Experts in Information Technology Systems
Support and Advice
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> poor or no security ?
> networking not performing ?
> no backup redundant systems ?
> costing your business money & time ?
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6 THE NIFNEX REVIEW October / November Edition 2011
Are you looking for staff?
key principles
to bring you
Peter Abetz, WA Liberal MP
Where do you draw
There is a common belief that to be successful and happy, we
must leave our problems at the door and be conscious of what
state of mind and mood we are in.
he reason we sometimes struggle to apply this simple advice is
because we carry emotional baggage that does not belong to us,
according to mind power expert, Mr. George Helou.
“To be happy begins with not believing the lies about yourself that
convinces you that you’re not good enough or capable. There are many
ways to do that and you need to find the ways that best suit you,” Mr.
Helou said.
“It’s very tempting to hide mistakes and bite your tongue on important
issues if you believe your worth is going to be knocked down by your
manager or peers. That always makes things worse,” he said.
By Zeeshan Pasha
“Successful people connect with key empowering principles that
allow them to take responsibility, learn from their mistakes and not
get trapped in a stressful downward spiral caused by making excuses
and blame.”
Hart; Executive Chairman Kitchen Headquarters, John
Poulsen; Managing Partner, Squire Sanders Australia,
formerly Managing Partner at Minter Ellison and
Peter Abetz; WA Liberal MP aka “Man from Southern
River”.The questions centred around who they look up
to, where does their inspiration come from and leaders
they admire the most.
Mr. Helou recommends five key empowering principles that people can
learn to connect to and live by for immediate results in the workplace
and in relationships:
Self Worth; It’s important to acknowledge you are bioengineered
like every one else on the planet. Draw confidence from connecting
with your amazing potential.
Causality; Happiness comes from being able to identify root causes
to effects. Ask more ‘why’ questions and stay open to learning from
whatever you find.
Context; Learn to lay down a detailed context in all your
communication on every level. Being understood easily increases
productivity and satisfaction.
Resilience; Life will always have its ups and downs. Obstacles
provide the means for growth, progress and success. Enjoy your
ups and seize the downs for learning and evolving in preparation for
the next up to be even higher.
Light Heart; If you lighten up your mood, people will enjoy
being around you and helping you out. Allow some fun and casual
connections to strengthen your relationships.
George Helou is a Perth based Life Coach, best selling author and the
founder of MindPowerCoach.com You can reach him on 08 6102 1055
or email [email protected] or go to www.lifecoachperth.
net for more information.
John Poulsen, Managing Partner,
Squire Sanders Australia
I was privileged to have met the 4 people in Perth who
have done so much for the WA economy and have
inspired and helped so many people and are continuing
to do so. Meeting them one on one and talking to
them about various topics gave me a true sense of the
leadership qualities they have within them.
We are all inspired by leaders within our field and
sometimes outside of what we do for a living. I was
so intrigued by the wide range of responses I received
from the 4 leaders. Michael Malone; CEO of iiNet, Rick
Would you have thought Rick Hart would be inspired
by Sam Walton, the US retail giant in the 1990s?
Absolutely! But, would you have also thought that the
former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani and Jack
Welch, former CEO of GE would inspire Rick Hart?
I probed into it further…as you do and I can see why
they are inspiring. Rudi Giuliani gained international
attention and also won Rick over for his leadership
during the September 11 attacks. As for Jack Welch,
according to Wikipedia, during his tenure with GE
from 1981 to 2004 the company had gone from a
market value of $14 billion to more than $410 billion
at the end of 2004, making it the most valuable and
largest company in the world. At the time of his
retirement, Welch received a salary of $4 million a
Business Feature: Kathy Menon (KMI) Structural Integration
Boost productivity and look after your health!
Mridula R.
In the work place, corporate massages
if frequently used can lead to increased
worker comfort, productivity, decreased
stress and a great morale booster. The
downside of a corporate massage is
that it wastes time on the job, relaxes
someone when they should be alert,
and that ‘good feeling’ post massage
only lasts a few hours – if ever.
It is easy to think that this style of
massage is good for you. Unfortunately
however, this is rarely the case. While
massages make you feel good for a while, it also
makes your problems worse. This is because
pain is usually felt in muscles that are stretched
and as a massage works to lengthen muscles,
and focuses on where you FEEL pain, making
you feel better by working on muscles that
are already over lengthened. By getting these
lengthened muscles stretched even more, it
actually exacerbates the dysfunction.
Structural Integration (SI) is an advanced form
of structural bodywork that has its foundations
in soft tissue osteopathy, yoga and various
movement therapies. It works by resolving
the deeper structural patterns that lead to pain,
so that one can truly heal for long-term relief.
The goal of SI is to align and balance the body
and thus is applicable to a vast array of health
issues. It also delivers improved biomechanics
and self-awareness, thus reducing the likelihood
and severity of injuries and improving recovery
post injury.
By resolving these long held patterns, SI increases
productivity – less sick days are needed, time
taken for physiotherapy, chiropractic or other
therapy appointments are reduced and better job
performance is achieved as people understand
how to use their body more efficiently. In
addition, increased comfort in doing the job also
leads to increased worker satisfaction.
In the long run, SI saves money with less sick
days per year, more efficient use of time on the
job and better quality work correlating with
increased worker comfort. Furthermore, as SI is
not an ongoing therapy, its cheap preventative
care is relative to the cost of physiotherapy or
chiropractors. By promoting awareness and
providing movement education, individuals are
less likely to injure themselves again.
Kathy is located in the Armadale area and is
a certified practitioner of Kinesis Myofascial
Integration (KMI) and Remedial Massage. For
more information, call 0403 840 502 or email
[email protected]
visit www.candidatedatabase.com.au
October / November Edition 2011
Your Business
in Google et al
Charles Ryder, SEO Specialist
Rick Hart, Executive Chairman Kitchen
Michael Malone, CEO iiNet
your inspiration from?
Admiration… Leadership …
year, followed by his controversial retirement plan of
$8 million a year, which included GE’s $80,000 per
month luxury apartment in Trump Tower (New York
City), free food and wine, access to a $300,000 per
month B737 corporate jet and in 2006 Welch’s net
worth was estimated at $720 million.
John Poulsen and Michael Malone draw inspiration
from their family.
John Poulsen gets his daily inspiration from people
who have energy which is self sustaining in its own
way. John gets inspired by his wife, an amazing lady
who has done two solo swims to Rottnest, the first
being a 22km swim in 11 hrs and the second time
clocking 8hrs. So when faced with challenging times
John Poulsen thinks how his wife was ploughing away
and that is inspirational. John also finds the speeches of
Sir Winston Churchill very inspirational.
Michael Malone looks up to his parents and admires
their leadership qualities. “My parents have taught me
all the fundamentals of business” says Michael. It was
great to hear from the internet evangelist about work
life balance, business plans, marketing which I will
cover in the forthcoming editions. Stay tuned.
Peter Abetz’s response to leadership was also very
insightful. Peter draws inspiration from the Bible as he
has strong Christian values. Peter hates injustice and
a leader that he admires is William Wilberforce, who
was a British politician, a philanthropist and a leader of
the movement to abolish the slave trade.
We have 4 different answers from the 4 leaders within
corporate business, retail, legal and politics and hope
you are all as fascinated as I was when I heard them.
I would like to conclude with John Poulsen’s theory
on leadership which is so apt. “Leadership is about
using the positive energy to influence and inspire
others to be the best they can in an ethical way”.
I hope we can all take some positives out of that and be
a great leader, influencer and a role model within our
own workplace or at home and let’s also aspire to have
the lifestyle of John Welch!
Have you ever wondered how you can take advantage of the sudden
shift in the marketing landscape lately without becoming a victim of
Internet sales hype? Have you ever been a victim of the quick sale
web designer or the number 1 on Google brigade? Which keyword
you may well ask?
So, you know that consumers are not using Yellow Pages and
broadcast mediums the way they used to and they are becoming
more ‘connected’ and discerning in their research and consumer
choices. But are you really equipped to handle your own online
marketing, assuming you now have a kick-butt website? Or are
you prepared to let a ‘builder’ of websites ‘market’ your business
online just because they understand your content and how you want
to build and present it in a browser?
Will your web designer appreciate that a shift towards Internet
enabled mediums doesn’t necessarily mean you should throw away
other forms of marketing and that being aware of other marketing,
in your particular business, may impact on Google or your Internet
Who will focus on the true value proposition of organic search
versus paid search versus display advertising in your particular
Half the battle with online marketing and search engine
optimisation (SEO) in particular, is knowing what questions to
ask and who to ask.
Surely, these questions should be asked of a specialist in online
marketing, someone without a vested interest in designing bigger
and fancier website properties, assuming such questions could
potentially have a significant bottom line effect over time?
By all means, ask your web designer or branding agency. However,
be sure to also ask an experienced SEO/ online marketing specialist
firm to do a little real keyword and market research and come up
with a proposal that covers a full year!
Why a full year? Well these days, organic positioning on Google
and other search engines is neither easy nor quick, and like many
other forms of marketing, it should never be considered a one-time
exercise. It pays to have a well-researched, industry appropriate,
strategic proposal or plan.
(08) 9361 9534
[email protected]
8 THE NIFNEX REVIEW October / November Edition 2011
Enrico Gismondi,
Top 5 reasons why
Enrico Gismondi
is a Director of
MondoTalk Pty
Ltd and is a
expert. Enrico
founded MondoTalk
in 2006. MondoTalk
operates a global IP
Telephony network
with dozens of
strategically placed
servers around the
world to ensure the
same premium call
Are you looking for staff?
Top 5 Tips for earlier
Always be profitable.
Always pay for advice
(Free advice is costly!)
Sallie Tanuwidjaja, StarLink
Always be scared when others are
5 questions you have
to ask yourself before
Always be greedy when others are
a logo
Voice over IP
may be the solution
for your business
Spend less than you earn.
Terry Lee CFP
(Mgr Osb Pk Reallogic)
What’s the business
Feature rich.
VoIP may bring the power of software to your
communication needs.
Director Terry Lee Financial
Low setup cost.
VoIP may have a very low setup based on how
providers deploy and price services.
VoIP may give your business unprecedented
flexibility in operations and phone presence.
What’s the business goal?
(it’s quite important as we
know what sort of design we
should look at)
VoIP services may be able to scale as required.
There may no longer be a need to future plan for
business growth infrastructure needs in several areas.
Low running cost.
Say Thank
in a special way
Give gifts for good referrals you receive to say
thank you even if you did not win the business.
Whatever the size of the order you receive a
great gift small or large would be appreciated.
Never give a gift that you would not like to
receive yourself.
Try and colour coordinate your gift or tailor it to
an interest that recipients might have. Eg. Golf.
When possible, deliver the gift yourself as it is
great to see the smile on the face!
There are so many reasons to give a gift and not
all are just to say ‘Thank you’. The Smiling Gift
Company www.thesmilinggiftcompany.com.au has
a motto “Give a gift and receive a smile!” Janice
Allen started the business 5 years ago and makes
gift baskets and gift boxes for all occasions to suit
all budgets. This ‘WA only’ business handles all
deliveries themselves throughout the metro for a
set delivery charge and no couriers are used.
Who are the target audience?
Are they female or male,
young or middle age.
Janice Allen, The Smiling Gift
Who are your competitors?
And how do you differentiate
yourself from them?
What do you want your
customer to feel when they
walk in your office/shop?
(for example, warm, classic. etc)
When was the last time you gave a gift to say
thank you?
VoIP may offer a reduction on current
telecommunication costs.
Top tips for online
Do your homework. There are a whole range of
suppliers out there with some great deals on the
same products. Make sure you check clearance stores
like OO.com, Overshipped.com before buying from a
specialist store
Research shipping costs and policies. Some prices
may seem cheaper than others but freight may be
higher. Often stores have free freight for orders over $X so
bulk buying you can save you a fortune.
Is the site secure? Most sites are very credible however
make sure there is notifaction ( often at the bottom of
the page ) about being 100% secured site etc. Also try to
do most if not all of your online shopping from your home
computor rather than work or public systems
Keep an eye out for vouchers
or other limited time specials.
Most of the larger online stores will
run specials from time to time like
an extra 15% off or free shipping.
Have you looked overseas
yet? The US has huge savings
compared to most Australian
sites. Yes you pay freight but again
check the rates, they are often not
too bad and given the price of the
item, you’ll still be well in front.
Justin Sambell is the Global
Business Development Manager
for eDosh – a very exciting, brand
new online, discount shopping
portal and cash back rewards
from Real Logic
Top 5 tips for effective online marketing in 2012 using
web video
Be clear on your outcome
Don’t get a video for the sake of getting
a video. The most powerful web video
strategies revolve around the video driving
viewers to a specific call to action. Do you
want people to request a quote? Subscribe
to your newsletter? Opt-in for a free report?
Define your outcome before you start
planning your video.
Josh Williams,
Director of Myvids.com.au
Web Video Marketing
Josh Williams is the founder and
Managing Director of Myvids.com.
au. Since 2008 Josh and his team
have produced over 416 (at the time
this was written) Remarkable web
videos and focuses on achieving
Remarkable Results for his clients.
Myvids is based in Osborne Park and
works with clients of all sizes, and has
solutions for any budget. Check out
the results Josh’s web videos have
achieved for his clients by watching
the video on his homepage at http://
Work with an experienced script writer
The most important part of your video is
getting the message right. How are you going
to draw people in to watch beyond the first
ten seconds? What are people going to hear
in the voice over? What are they going to
see in the video as they hear these words?
Without a good script, it doesn’t matter how
good the video might look. You need the right
message if you want results.
Plan the production carefully
It’s not as easy as most people think.
You can’t just find someone with a camera
to come and film your business. If you want
the video to be an effective sales tool for
your website that you’d be happy to use for
months (or years) on end, you need to plan
it well in advance before you start filming.
It really helps to have a dedicated project
manager to oversee the production from
start to finish.
Edit for engagement
Most people don’t realise how hard it is to
keep someone’s attention when they press
play. If it starts with getting the script and
message right, it ends with the way the video
is edited to deliver this message. You need
different camera angles, graphics appearing
in the video and professional editing if you
want people to watch the video to the end so
they can take action when you direct them
Don’t rely on one video to do it all
For most businesses, it is almost
impossible to fit everything you want to
say into one video. Avoid the tempation to
attempt this - it will only confuse the viewers
and dilute your message. Focus on one main
idea or message per video. It’s better to have
ten short videos around a minute long each,
rather than one ten minute video to cover
them all.
Gary Pontifex “The Networking Guy”
Reallogic www.reallogic.com.au
How many times have you gone to Networking
functions and been asked for your business card
only to never hear from that person again?
I would suggest that you may only ever hear
from about 10% of the people that you have
ever handed your business card to, except for
the times where you get bombarded with emails
selling something or wanting you to suddenly join
Linkedin or Facebook.
Networking is a commitment to the people you
meet, by taking an interest in them and what they
do. My suggestion is to not waste your precious
time and money “networking” if you don’t want to
build quality relationships and in turn grow each
others business.
visit www.candidatedatabase.com.au
October / November Edition 2011
Top five tips for
Peter Veenhoven, Sales
Office Choice Malaga
is an all-round office
products supplier that
can serve you with
solutions for your office
needs. We specialise in
personal service. Try us
and find out.
Develop and maintain an open
relationship with your bank.
Conrad Francis, Inspired Money
Top 5 Tips Financial
Goal Setting
Identify and write down your financial
goals, do not fall into the trap of leaving
it in your head!
Breakdown your goals into achievable
targets, the old saying that eating an
elephant is achieved only by taking one
bite at a time.
Develop your plan of attack...whoops I
meant action! This aids in keeping you
focused and less distracted.
By seeking expert help, you’ll be able
to plan, identify solutions to potential
problems, and improve the chances
of your business surviving any rough
financial periods.
Peter Fear, Suncorp
5 Tips to manage your
Ensure you have access to a relationship manager and a network of
specialists within the bank.
Managing any type of stock can be challenging at the best of
times. Stock comes in and goes out at irregular intervals. The
same probably happens with your stationery cabinet. Here are 5
tips that could help you stay organised and stocked.
Relationship managers facilitate financial needs in an efficient manner,
while the support of a strong network of specialists will help you assess
your business needs and provide solutions to a broad range of everyday
business and personal financial challenges.
Do your homework on the options available and how they can fulfil your
Ask yourself some questions before asking or approaching the bank. For
example, what funds are going to be required, and how long are they going
to be required for?
Obviously overriding all of this is if you are
in a relationship then consulting with your
partner is extremely important.
Your business needs to make a profit, but so does a bank. You are asking
the bank to consider your business plan, agree with your strategy, approve
your expenditure and accept some of the risk that the business may not
succeed. Banks are in the business of supporting sound and viable financial
decisions, therefore every request must be considered on its own merits.
Finally evaluate and reward yourself. This
is crucial to keep you on track, remember
if you cannot measure it you cannot manage
it. This should be done regularly!
Grow your financial knowledge, engage
experts, talk to friends and read
read read. This will help make you fully
conversant with investment options.
Make an inventory of all the items that you use in and around
your office and put those on a list complete with a description
and item code.
Analyse the usage of these products over a period of 6 or 12
months (depending on the size of your business) and note
the average quantity ordered on your list. This will be your usage
level on a monthly basis.
Be realistic about the funds you require and can afford.
To be certain that you never reach for an empty space
determine a re-order point for your items. If you take 20% of
your usage level, this will give you a reserve for those moments
of high usage that can appear in a given month.
Again, ask yourself some questions. Like, what level of security can you
offer? How will the bank view the value of the security? How will the bank
assess “risk” for your business?
Remember your bank is also a business that has to answer to its
Try to organise an order once a month by taking stock of your
stationery cabinet. This will reduce the time spent managing
the stationery and help you keep a better overall control.
Always keep a spare cartridge for your printer on the shelf.
½ Consult your office products supplier for assistance.
Angela Caroleo, Wesfarmers General Insurance
A friendly face for your local business or strata insurance needs is not far away
with WFI, part of Wesfarmers Insurance.
Angela Caroleo is your local WFI area manager. She has a good knowledge of
the surrounding area and can provide information on our range of insurance
products for business, strata and workers’ compensation.
WFI is a trading name of Wesfarmers General Insurance Limited
ABN 24 000 036 279 AFSL 241461. Contact WFI for the PDS to help
decide if our policies are right for you.
Top 5 Tips for Business
Make sure you know what kind of insurance you
need for your business. Many businesses are
either under insured or over insured. Talking with
an insurance representative can help clarify what
kind and how much insurance is needed for your
Let’s see how you can be different:
Business Networking
from the Networking Guy himself
When you receive a business card why not jot down a
few things about the person or your promises to them,
before you move on around the function. This will assist you
in your follow up over the coming days.
Don’t withhold any important information from
your insurance representative about your business
and its exposure to loss to ensure you are offered the
right level of insurance cover. Providing the insurance
company a complete history of your business may
also result in a lower insurance premium.
The next day sort through the cards you may have
collected. Generally you have asked for or taken
someone’s card for a reason. The reason will be marked on
the back of the card along with your way of remembering
that person.
Having sorted the cards into priority order start your
follow up. If you have promised that person something
then follow it up immediately in two ways: 1) A phone call to
acknowledge having met them. 2) Give them whatever you
may have promised them.
Assuming you just wanted to learn more of their
business and how you could help them further, set up an
appointment to meet.
Do not forget to Data Base these important people into
your computer and your phone for future reference and
continued follow up.
“ Do not be one of the serial business card collectors who just
wants to have the most contacts on LinkedIn or Facebook. Look to genuinely help people in their business first and
the rewards will flow by way of direct business and quality
If you want to develop your business further then please drop
me a line and I will discuss your requirements with you.”
Shop around but don’t choose a company just because they give
you the cheapest quote. Business insurance can be complex,
check to make sure that the insurance plan will actually cover your
needs. Make sure you also read what is not covered in the exclusions
Don’t risk being underinsured. Thoroughly review your sum
insured every year, remembering to increase it if you puchase new
equipment for your business or make changes to your business.
If your finances are tight, you may want to consider a higher level of
excess rather than reducing your sum insured.
and get paid painlessly
Founded in Melbourne in 2002 and in New
Zealand in 1998 to help small to medium sized
enterprises (SMEs) get paid without stress
and without upsetting customers our local
outsource professional debtor management
service means we act like a member of your
staff without being on your payroll – and this
can be from as little as $75 per week.
Top 5 tips to outsource your
credit control
If you don’t have a dedicated credit
controller working in your business, then
outsource the function to an experienced
professional such as Accounts Receivable
Solutions. Not only will you see the benefits in
your cash flow but also in the reduced stress
which the burden of collecting your money can
If you do have staff to perform the function,
ensure they are fully trained in effective
techniques and are actively in contact with
your customers. Building and keeping good
relations with your customers is paramount to
future success and a proficient Receivables
team can do wonders for your business.
Ensure you have up to date Terms
of Trade that protect your interests in
collecting money fully. This includes the
ability to charge debt collection costs,
the right to lodge the debtor’s name
on a credit default register and which
incorporate the soon to be implemented
Personal Property Securities Act which
WILL affect every business selling on
terms. Ensure the customer knows the
terms under which the sale or service
will operate BEFORE you enter into
it. Leaving it until after the sale has
occurred will drastically restrict your
rights to recover.
An unpaid invoice over 90 days
old has a 25% chance that it will
never be paid. At 180 days there is
a 51% probability you will never see
your money.
If you want to maintain ongoing
good customer relations with your
debtors be professional in requesting
payment. It is okay to be assertive
but not aggressive or passive.
Ensure your customer understands
your need for payment and don’t be
afraid to ask for what is yours.
10 THE NIFNEX REVIEW October / November Edition 2011
Are you looking for staff?
Secrets to Online Marketing Success
If you’re investing in online advertising to get more website traffic and more
customers, there is more to just a corporate website to ensure that your site visitors
become your customers. To drive the best results from your online marketing
activities, you must optimise other areas of your online presence. Factors such as
Website landing pages, keywords, text ad, brand recognition, customer service, and
business reputation, all impact whether a customer clicks on your ad, looks for more
information or contacts you.
Here are the essential tips to online marketing success:
Website Pages – Your website should have a clean layout, contain relevant
photos and videos, and prominently display your call to action and phone
number at the top of your page. Your website pages should be specific
to the product, service or special offer mentioned in your text ad and should
contain the same keywords that brought the people to your site. Remember,
you have less than 10 seconds to capture and retain the interest of your website
visitors, so your website pages should create a positive experience, establish
credibility, provide relevance, present what you do and clearly provide them
with details on how to get in touch with you.
Quality Score – Search engines have a special formula called quality
score for deciding where and when to run your ad and for what price. You
need to maintain keyword consistency between your text ad and your
website pages, to enhance your quality score, which can improve your page
rank, increase the number of times your ads are shown and make better use of
your budget.
By Stefan Jadlowkier, National Brands Manager.
Future Conversions – Many visitors do not contact a business on their
first visit to a site. So, you need to make sure that your business is
memorable and stays front of mind. Remarketing technology displays
your ads to consumers who have previously clicked on your ad and visited
your website. Seeing your display ad and business name reinforces familiarity
and in turn reminds them of your products and services, which will bring
them back to your site when they are ready to buy.
Customer Service – How your staff interacts with customers who call
or visit can impact the number of conversions you get from your ads.
Recording the phone calls generated from your search campaign can
help you discover training opportunities for your business. It is an effective
way to grade and improve the way your staff responds to customer inquiries,
greet visitors and solves problems. Great customer service can result in
more sales and return visits, which will help generate positive reviews and
referrals. You are also directly influencing the reputation of your business,
what is being said about you, and the likelihood that your customers will
spread the good word about your business. More happy customers lead to
great referrals and of course – more business.
Do you want more tips and advice on how to make the most of the internet, to
generate more customers for your business? Then, contact Stefan Jadlowkier
your business development manager at ReachLocal Australia. Stefan will
provide you with a free consultation, and tailor a special online marketing
package to suit your precise needs and budget, thus ensuring more success for
your business. Contact Stefan via email on [email protected]
com.au or call 0403 084 700.
Brand Recognition and Awareness – Searchers are more likely to click on
a text ad from a brand they recognise than from one they don’t, so make
sure you are targeting your search ads to local areas where consumers
are most likely to recognise your brand name. Convenience is a top factor for
consumers looking for a local business, so it is important that your ads appears
in front of the right people. You can build brand awareness with online display
advertising that is highly cost-effective for reaching local consumers. Using
display advertising in conjunction with search can lift the results of your online
marketing campaign.
Are Your Potential Customers Finding You Online?
Make Sure They Do. With ReachLocal.
Sophisticated Technology automatically optimises your campaign, shifting more of your
advertising dollars to the keywords and sites that give you the most phone calls and contacts.
Extensive Reach places your business on the networks which provide the best return and
where 97%* of consumers search online. *Nielsen/NetRatings 2005-2006
Call Stefan Jadlowkier to
get your business found online
0403 084 700 or 08 6369 9063
or visit
Transparent Reporting lets you see the value of each dollar spent offline and online. You will
see every click, visit, e-mail, download, web-form and phone call made from your ad. Our optional
Call Recording feature even lets you listen to each call so you discover training opportunities for
your business.
Nifnex_halfpagead.indd 1
6/10/2011 8:38:20 PM
visit www.candidatedatabase.com.au
Peter Taliangis
October / November Edition 2011
The motivation was always to achieve the goal that I set and
re-evaluate the goals as I went along. I did further study
along the way with a Post Graduate degree in Marketing
and an MBA – which were the tools that ultimately gave
me practical experience that got me the opportunity to
advance my career and achieve my goals.
4. Where do you draw your inspiration
Peter Taliangis
If you haven’t seen this gentleman’s name on the Home for
Sale signs and all over social media, I would be surprised.
We had the privilege of finding out more about Peter
1. For the benefit of the reader, could you
tell us a little bit about yourself, the
business and the space it operates in?
I am a 20+ year marketing, sales and business development
professional, who is currently a Real Estate Agent’s Sales
Representative. I work for a company called Realty One
(http://www.realtyone.com.au). Realty One is a Real
Estate company based in Perth that does residential sales,
property management and commercial and industrial
property. I have worked primarily in sports, arts,
fundraising, non-profit and manufacturing. I have been a
CEO of a business, as well as been a manager of sales staff
and Marketing Manager for various businesses.
2. What was your first job and how has the
journey been from then to where you are
My first full-time job was as National Marketing Manager
for Australian Junior Chamber in Canberra.
This job was designed to look after a direct sales team,
plus create new products and make existing products more
desirable to a changing market.
The journey has been interesting indeed however I have
always stuck to sales, marketing, business development,
public relations despite changing industries along the way.
3. Did you ever question your path? What
motivated you to keep going?
Never questioned the career path – my goal was set early
on – to become a CEO of a company was the goal. Once I
achieved that goal I started making plans for my new goals
of working for essentially myself or being completely
responsible for my income.
I am inspired by the need to achieve a goal for myself and
my family. There’s no greater inspiration than providing
for people who are relying on you.
5.What is the most innovative business
decision you’ve made that you are very
proud of?
Possibly the most innovative and ground breaking work I
was involved with was getting the West Coast Eagles on
the web back in 1995 – it was a time when the internet
was really just kicking off – and I managed the content,
marketing and member communication through the
website for 6 years. The website created a whole new
world of opportunities, fan, member, sponsor engagement
and revenue opportunities. In this site we also created West
Coast Eagles radio – which was essentially a streaming
webcast, before anyone knew what a webcast even was.
6. How do you manage work/life balance?
Any tips for our readers?
Work/Life balance can be a really difficult thing to achieve,
particularly when you are searching for a goal or have
demanding targets etc.
I think the most important thing is to stay as fit as possible
and look after your health – I do most of my exercises
between 5am and 7am.
It is also important to try and finish work by a certain time
each day, not bring work home if you can and turn off your
mobile devices particularly if they have e-mail feeds after
a certain time as well.
Bad habits can creep in at any stage – so you have to keep
reminding yourself of your health, stress and commitment
7. If you were a car, what make and model
would you be and why?
I would be a Magna Executive – big car, reliable and
comfortable to drive, without being overly flashy.
8. Please complete the sentence. To unleash
your potential …
You must have goals and stick to them.
Would you like to be featured in this section?
Tell us your story.
SMEs ‘Don’t Know what they
Don’t Know’ When It Comes to
HR Compliance & Best Practice.
And the $$costs of getting it
wrong can be huge!
The Fair Work Act and
Standards (NES) have placed
requirements on business that
many, particularly those small
to medium enterprises, are
completely unaware of, or are
perhaps simply not positioned,
resource wise, to address.
requirements in all areas of the
employment cycle (Recruitment
–Induction & On-boarding –
Performance & Development –
Retention – and the Separation
Process) and attention needs to
be drawn to many of these.
For the past three months, I’ve
been providing a service to
business where I come into the
business, undertake an HR audit,
and produce a report that outlines
current areas of risk to business
in the HR compliance and
best practice, and it’s become
very apparent to me that many
business owners have a huge
lack of understanding in these
Of particular note and concern:
• The wording of employment
adverts and also some
interview questioning that
could fall foul in the area of
EEO (Equal Employment
• The lack of understanding of
which Award is applicable to
their staff. I’ve had people
tell me that “it doesn’t matter
what Award covers us,
because I pay above award”;
strange statement when if
they don’t know which award
covers their staff, how do
they know they pay above it.
There’s also the requirement
to have the applicable award
available for staff to view.
• Many business owners are
confused about whether they
employ casuals, perm-part
time, or full time. I’ve had
people say I employ full time
casuals, and others who were
even unaware that casuals
receive casual loading.
• The requirement to provide all
staff with a pay slip within 24
hours of being paid, despite the
fact they may receive the same
pay every week/fortnight.
• And a very big lack of
understanding of the effects and
requirements of the NES, such as
the process to follow should an
employee wish to extend their
parental leave.
• Many
understand the potential impact
of sexual/racial harassment and
bullying; not only the impact
on victims themselves but the
ramifications to their business;
not only in monetary terms (the
average cost for a stress claim is
$41,000 compared to $23,500 for
a physical injury claim – source:
WorkCover (ACT) 2005) but
also in terms of brand damage
and damage to staff morale.
• The potential cost to business
under an unfair dismissal claim,
even if it doesn’t go to the
tribunal, can be huge; in the tens
of thousands.
My best advice to business owners,
is to gain an understanding of
their obligations and to, obtain or
develop, a comprehensive policy
and procedures manual specific
to their particular business, that
captures these requirements and sets
out a clear process and procedure to
administer all of these requirements,
thus removing any grey areas for
both the business owner and their
Robyn Moyle
A Corpora te Decision –
HR Consultant & Virtual HR
You don’t have to wear
every hat in your business
Outlining current areas of risk to business
in HR compliance and best practice,
in the areas of:
Free Check .
Hea ited time 0
for a
at $
Fair Work Act;
New Modern Award System;
National Employment Standards;
Avoiding unfair dismissal claims which have the potential to cost $thousands;
Effective policy and procedures;
Training and policies against harassment and bullying
to avoid potential expensive claims;
> Current business culture assessment; and
> Retention strategies to help you keep your best people.
IT Manager
HR Manager
Marketing Manager
Contact Me on 0402 232 946 or [email protected]
12 THE NIFNEX REVIEW October / November Edition 2011
Exclusive Interview with
Wayne Collyer
Managing Director, Polytechnic West
Are you looking at Rebranding your business?
Looking at employing fresh graduates? Or
Refreshing your knowledge or learning new skills?
The Nifnex Review MD, Zeeshan Pasha met
with Wayne Collyer to share his thoughts on
the above topics. We are very honoured to have
Wayne give us his views.
I understand you have been instrumental
in facilitating the rebranding exercise for
TAFEs in WA. Could you please tell us
the reasons why this was important and how it
has helped Polytechnic West?
We have been very fortunate in WA to have a
Minister and Government who are committed
to delivering a more flexible and responsive
Training system to deal with the significant skills
challenges on the horizon in terms of catering for
the predicted upturn in the resources sector and
the consequent flow on effect to other industries.
As a result the opportunity to reposition the
public training providers, then called ‘TAFEWA
Colleges,’ was made available. For Polytechnic
West, which was then Swan TAFE, this was great
timing. We have been working for a number of
years to reposition the organisation with a ‘point
of difference’ as both a leading provider of high
quality vocational training as well as a provider of
leading edge applied associate degrees. The new
identity is Polytechnic West: The Polytechnic of
Western Australia, is about more than changing
the sign on the door, it is a fundamental shift in
the focus of our business.
Rebranding is generally an expensive
exercise. There are a lot of businesses
who at some point re- think this and
wonder if rebranding to suit their current target
market is a good idea. What steps and actions
would you suggest to these business owners.
When contemplating a significant change like
rebranding it is important to know your market
and talk to your clients. We talked to our students,
our industry contacts and staff about our brand
identity. Polytechnic means “many-skills” which
encompasses what we do nicely. We wanted
our brand to be internationally recognised and
something our clients and staff could be proud of.
The change also coincided with a major review
of our strategic plan and the development of
a new vision for our organisation: “Your
Future: Our Business.” That is something
we are very clear about; we don’t offer our
clients just a qualification, we offer them a
better future and that goes for our students as
individuals and the businesses we work with
to build the capacity of their staff to enhance
the future of their business.
We are finding that large companies are also
seeking to engage with us more and more
to customise training solutions for their
particular business needs. There is a greater
need for companies, large and small, to
customise their workforce development plans
to achieve their potential and we recognise
this is more than just training. Through
our commercial training arm – Platinum,
Polytechnic West is big on hands
we offer customised high quality training
on approach to learning. Is this
solutions for businesses in the specific skill
something that you see working very
sets they require and we further assist them
well for businesses as well as students/
to address their workforce development
needs in a holistic way that assists them to
That is certainly true, especially in the current fill skill shortages, retain and up-skill current
labour and skills market. Businesses want staff as well as training their new recruits.
staff who can hit the ground running, they are
Fresh graduates have a lot to offer
‘job-ready’ and that is the real advantage we
to their employer but they do need a
have over our competitors. For students it’s
lot more time and guidance in getting
all about engagement. We pride ourselves on
Do you have any suggestions
providing training that is very close to what
owners on why they
our students experience in the workplace.
graduates and tips on
In the case of apprentices and trainees we
best in them?
try to supplement the learning that already
occurs ‘on-the-job’ rather than duplicate New and highly motivated graduates will
it. In the case of our full time students we often provide a catalyst to business growth
simulate learning environments that closely with new ideas and the energy to ‘get things
reflect the type of work they would be doing done.’ Through Polytechnic West’s programs
as a graduate and ensure they can perform many of our students are linked to industry
to the standard that their industry expects. opportunities as a way forward to future
This also means that our graduates quite employment. All of our qualifications right
often have excellent career progression after up to associate degree level are developed
leaving us and our experience is that many through a process of industry engagement.
return to the Polytechnic to add to their skill This means that we ensure that the products
base when they are ready for the next move we design meet the needs of businesses and
up the ladder or to enter into a business of ensure there are real job outcomes available
their own.
for students.
Large companies have always made
Another method of doing this is through a
it a point to visit universities and
cadetship model, which the Polytechnic is
colleges at a career fairs/open days
currently developing. A cadetship designed
etc to grab fresh graduates even before
and supported by Polytechnic West would
they finish their courses and graduate.
allow a company to engage and utilise a new
They see a huge potential in fresh young
employee while they are studying a higher
talent. Do you see that happening within
level qualification. For the company this
the small to medium business market in
offers a great result – not only do they have
new and fresh graduate talent who have all
One of the great strengths of the vocational
training system is that we do offer graduates
that have been exposed to real world
experiences. For example, every year our
Fashion graduates from the WA Institute of
Fashion and Textiles are showcased in a high
class fashion parade and have been picked up
by local and international designers such as
Wayne Cooper, Daneechi and Second Skin.
Are you looking for staff?
Polytechnic West has a number of
courses for mature age students or
adults who wish to learn new skills or
refresh their knowledge. How important do
you think this is, especially in this economy?
In the current labour market and over the next
period of economic expansion in Western
Australia there are great opportunities for
people of all ages to re-engage with training.
We like to think that learning is a life-long
experience and there are many programs that
mature age students have to access further
training to change their life direction, give their
careers a push or to learn something they’ve
always aspired to master.
The incentives for mature age apprenticeships
are better than ever and I think business is
beginning to see that there are inherent benefits
in hiring apprentices and trainees who have
some existing experience to bring to the table.
There are also opportunities we can offer for
people to have their existing skills recognised.
For example if you, or your staff, have been
working in an area for a length of time and have
skills that can contribute in part or full towards
a qualification we have a specialist team to help
you get your skills recognised formally through
a Recognition of Prior Learning process. We
also offer Adult and Community Education
and short courses for those looking for short
professional development or leisure courses
that can either lead to a new skill or as a nonthreatening pathway back to study.
The opportunities available for mature age
people, women returning to work, migrants,
indigenous people and other groups that
are underrepresented in the workforce are a
reflection of how important it will be to increase
workforce participation over the coming months
and years. The possibilities are endless and the
time to take advantage of the current focus on
skills development by both the state and federal
government is now.
Anything else that you would like to say
to the readers.
Polytechnic West trains over 35000
people a year across a significant number
of programs. To discuss your businesses
workforce development needs we have a team
of highly skilled education specialists who
will consult with you about the best training
options for your business or customise a course
to suit your specific needs. Platinum is located
at the CBD campus on Wellington Street and
would be happy to hear from you. Platinum can
be contacted on 1300 188 717 or through our
general enquiries line 9267 7500.
of the theoretical underpinnings of the role,
but the cadet graduate would also have been
trained from within that organisation and
their skills are contextualised to the industry
and organisation they are working for. It’s a
great outcome for the individual and business
alike and is something we are developing in
conjunction with some very large industry
It’s great to be recognised as Western Australia’s leading training provider...
although there’s so much more to Polytechnic West.
We proudly make it our business to prepare successful futures for our
two student winners, Jonté and Ailin - and thousands like them.
Whether it’s providing solutions for high demand sectors, or new and
emerging industries, you can see why Polytechnic West is the provider
of choice for over 35,000 satisfied clients.
Polytechnic West - Large Training Provider of the Year
Ailin Gay – Apprentice of the Year
Jonté Pike – Vocational Student of the Year
Call us today to find out how you can be part of the future.
Your future. Our business.
9267 7500
visit www.candidatedatabase.com.au
October / November Edition 2011
Socialmedia for SMEs.
FAIL? Or is it a WIN?
What do SMEs and Social Media (SM)
have in common? Probably nothing,
according to the majority of Small
to Medium Enterprises in Australia.
Today, thoughts fueled with emotions
of how SM is just another FAD are
verbalised in open forums. They then
become a ‘referred source’. We are
all strapped for time and SM is no
exception. All other reason for not
having a SM presence is failure to see
the big picture of your communication
What determines success in this
evolving digital world? Here are some
pointers I hope, will help you block the
white noise to keep you on the right
What does success look like? Clearly
define the objective of your SM
presence. Many businesses approach the
most influential and talked about media
by having an experimental presence
internally with infrequent updates if
they have time. Can you really afford to
compromise and experiment with your
Sell ‘yourself’, not the product. Start
selling on SM and you will lose your
fans. It is SMS (Social Media Suicide).
There is a way in which you can draw
new customers using SM. Create
compelling conversations. Engage
them and they will invest the time to
know more about you and your product.
working week to individually manage
your SM. The right combination of
skills, time and research, is the recipe
to success.
Emerging media stretches us all to
the limit and challenges the norms of
traditional marketing. Feeling a bit
overwhelmed and strapped for time?
Only relationships matter. A World of Leave it to the professionals.
Mouth surrounds us. This is your ‘rock
Socialite Media is a company that
star’ moment to use SM to communicate
bridges the gap between a SM strategy
to the world the emotion, the ethics and
and its desired results through seamless
the personality that are the DNA of your
execution of SM. The model we
business. A rule of thumb - everything
implement is intrinsically designed to
you can’t place on your balance sheet
manage the execution of SM for SMEs
should be used as levers for creating
to deliver clients. The team at Socialite
engaging content on SM.
Media lives these platforms daily and
Listen to everything everyone says we understand how to drive success.
about you. You cannot ban negative We seek your audience and interact
comments in an open forum. with them daily. So, now is the time you
People don’t need SM to voice their stop thinking and start acting on your
dissatisfaction. It happens regardless. SM plan. With the experts on your side,
Be open to criticism. It delivers a there are no ‘real’ excuses anymore.
priceless opportunity to interact with Your customers expect to find you on
your customers. Respond to the negative social media, today.
and let the world know the outcome of
any risk you have mitigated. This is
your moment to shine.
with a
Tattoo 2 Pebble 4
Dualys 3
$ 5 0 0
Comparing SM to traditional media is
understandable. Unlike an ad, you can’t
start and stop your SM presence. There
is a bigger picture. Continue engaging
with your customers. On average it
takes approximately 26% of your
Zubin Fitter
Are you looking for staff?
Visit Candidatedatabase.com.au to search,
shortlist and employ.
OFFICE : (08)94406600
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in various industries.
Large database of jobseekers available with
Business Networking in Perth
he Business Growth Centre is an initiative of the state
government to assist existing small business owners
to remain competitive in a changing economy.
BGC offer a range of programs including:Small Business Solutions - a program designed to provide affordable
one-on-one mentoring for small business owners. Our advisors work
with you in your business and help point you in the right direction
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The highly affordable subsidised rate for this service is $350.
Green Business Skills - assists small business owners to become environmentally
sustainable by providing relevant and tailored solutions in reducing waste, cutting
energy costs and recycling. Also helping small businesses in developing a ‘Green
policy’ to allow engagement with large companies.
Aboriginal Business Mentoring - Offering culturally appropriate and
personalised mentoring and coaching services across metro and regional WA.
This is done via one-on-one mentoring in the workplace providing relevant support
and advice.
Tourism – The Business Growth Centre hold seminars and training
sessions across WA on subjects relevant to tourism operators
including customer service, business planning, marketing, social
media, recruitment and staff retention.
Business Theft Prevention - Minimize, Maintain and Secure.
Valuable theft prevention training for retailers across WA.
Networking – Put simply networking is actively building contacts.
It is about meeting people, sharing ideas and building relationships.
Business Growth Centre holds a networking event each month
attended by likeminded small business owners.
To find out more visit the Business Growth Centre
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October / November Edition 2011
Interview: Steve Tippett and Michael Worthington
Steve and Michael are business coaches in Perth who have
owned and operated their own businesses and have been
helping other businesses grow theirs.
We caught up with these two gentlemen earlier this month
to gain an insight of what they do and how they do it.
Thank you for your time Steve and Michael. As
many people around Perth may already know you
as successful business coaches, you have stayed clear
from being called that. What would you like to be
referred to other than ‘Business Coaches’?
Even though I don’t have an issue with the name Business
Coaching the problem is that many so called business
coaches have done a degree of damage to the name in the
past. I remember employing a Business Coach/consultant
in the advertising agency. They really just took my watch
and told me what time it was. To me, to be called a true
business coach you have to have worked, managed
and run your own business. Business coaching is not a
textbook, you have to take into account and filter so many
obstacles as to why someone is not being successful. What
you have to realise is you are dealing with individuals
that are business owners. We all have different make ups,
views and opinions on how things should be done. For us
to do our best work with someone, we have to understand
and work with all areas to get the best results. Too many
business coaches rely on textbooks and that will not get
you the best result. Between Michael and myself we have
owned and operated a dozen businesses so we are able
to bring experience and exceptional value to the name
Business Coach.
Let us get to know you a bit better. How would
your co workers describe you and what are people
most surprised to learn about you?
The area that continues to surprise most of the people
we work with is our ability to pull apart major issues in
their business and come up with a myriad of solutions and
ideas that are quick and simple to implement. We are often
asked “where does that come from” and I would have to
say it’s real life experience and our passion for continuing
to learn what is needed. These ideas quickly transfer into
large amounts of profit for the businesses that implement
these strategies. Sometimes it takes fresh eyes to look at
a business from the outside and not be clouded by past
problems and thoughts “That’s the way we have always
done it”
On the business front, could you give the readers
an insight on your business background and
reasons why you got into this business?
Both Michael and I see business coaching as a real
opportunity to grow a nation wide coaching business in
Australia. There is a real lack of experienced business
owners in the coaching field. Our aim is to train business
owners in the most difficult area that businesses face today
and that is how to attract new customers and increase sales.
Over the years you have come across many
‘business owners’ from various industries. Is there
a pattern of generating leads, making appointments,
presentations, closing and retention that you see very
often? Would you say there is a right or wrong way?
Unfortunately many businesses are great at the product or
service they provide and in many cases that is what stops
their success. What we are saying is you can have the
greatest product or service in the world but if you don’t
‘With VISION you can
become your own boss’
have marketing skills and systems you will struggle. You
are in the business of marketing! And with most business
owners, marketing is not their prime skill. Add to that,
most businesses are educated about marketing by sales
reps for particular publications and they obviously have
a bias to their type of media. Add to that again the need
to copy what others are doing in their advertising and
marketing because you think they have it right and this is
the trend we see all the time. If you have been to one of our
Customer Explosion Workshops you will have come away
with a real understanding of how to correct this trend and
get your customers actively buying from you.
This can be a controversial question but what
would you say are the main reasons why people
who attend your 3 hour seminars or the longer
formats actually go ahead and implement what you
have presented to them.
Gabriel Worthington from Maytag washing machines
answered this perfectly. She said “after attending your
workshop we could see all the things we were doing well,
it’s now quite apparent where in some parts we’ve ‘gone
Recruitment Vision is a Franchise
that allows proven achievers to
maximise real income potential
and focus on their business
aspirations and lifestyle choices,
whilst being fully supported
by a group of like – minded
We are a boutique player in a
very large marketplace and as
such, finding quality people to
enhance our brand’s growing
reputation, is everything to us.
So if you think you have what
it takes, then why not have a
confidential chat with us today
and see what we can do for you!
You have to remember, we have found the answers to
customer attraction through years of studying what works
and what does not work and have rolled this all out for you.
You will not find these answers in a marketing text book, I
know, I have read them as well.
Please give the readers / business owners 3 tips that
they can put to use straight away.
1) If you keep doing the same things over and over
expecting a different result you will go mad. Look and
find what is going wrong and find ways to fix it. Don’t
be prepared to accept “that is how we have always
done it”. Start small and when the new system works,
up the anti.
2) Find easy ways to get others to do the hard work for
you. Use the power of good quality testimonials that do
the selling for you. Create joint ventures with referral
partners that can bring customers to you constantly and
with a system.
3) Spend your money on the customers that give you the
greatest return on your investment. Don’t waste your
money on the wrong prospects.
4) And to jam a 4th in. Get a good coach on board the
same as you would a good quality accountant, book
keeper or solicitor.
Steve and Michael, Thank you so much for your valuable
time and it has been a pleasure talking to you. See you at
your next seminar on the 4th of November.
In the very South Asian culturally populated
area of Canningvale, an Indian grocery shop
needs capital investment for Stock and
marketing. Setup is done and is available
on a walk in walk out basis.
Ideal for business migration or just be your
own boss. Suitable for a couple who have
always wanted to work for themselves. The
owners will negotiate the best deal with
interested clients with or without support.
Price on request.
Call Savio on 0469 265 282
are YOu lOOKIng fOr technIcal staff?
let maxx prOfessIOnals help YOu! We specIalIse
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an hourly basis or for a pre-negotiated bundle of services.
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maXx Consultants have successfully participated in the acquisition
and retention of critical business talent for a variety of clients across
a large number of industry sectors including: Manufacturing, Construction,
Engineering, Mining, Oil and Gas, Outsourced Services, Consulting,
Government, Telecommunications, Software Services, Infrastructure,
Managed Services.
email: [email protected]
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Attention business owners...
be our speciAl vip guest
Marketing is everything
When you first went into business you probably thought
“technical” knowledge about your product or service was
all you really needed to be successful. That expertise and
“professionalism” would be the keys to your success. That
clients would seek you out when they heard how “good” you
were. “Training” was probably related, not to your profession,
but to getting financial and legal advice about starting and
operating your business. Perhaps you set up an office or place
of business of your own. You had phone lines and equipment
installed. You learned to make coffee, your way. Then, you
sat down and used the phone book to start making cold calls,
or get the Yellow Pages rep in to see you. You may have had
ideas in mind about “personal promotion,” or other imagebuilding techniques. Most certainly, you had all kinds of
information about your product or service and how to be “the
best” in your field. You believed you or your business really
had built a better mousetrap. That, with a few phone calls and
some publicity, the world would pay attention and, indeed,
beat a path to your door! Are we right?
let’s speak candidly.
As you learn our systems, you’ll see we’re very blunt. We
don’t pull punches. We believe in being honest, which means
we’re not going to tell you just what you want to hear. we’ll
only say what we know to be the truth.
When we speak of truth, we don’t mean our opinions. They’re
only as valuable as anyone else’s. No, truth is information.
And, not just any information, but information based on years
of experience and results. That’s what we’ll be sharing. In
marketing, it’s the only thing that counts. You see, we’re not
in love with all the secrets we’re revealing because we made
them up, or because we think we’re smart...or anything based
on ego.
in fact, we’re only interested in winning and seeing others
win. Basing our suggestions on anything other than proven
winners just isn’t going to happen. It’s a waste of time and
money. We wanted to share that upfront, so you know where
we’re coming from. We enjoy helping people. And we Want
to help you make more money, to enjoy your business more,
to feel the power that comes from success and a high It’s true!
we really feel good when you not only make more money...
but gain the inner peace that comes from feeling great about
yourself and your life! And though this may sound crass...
getting business customers without suffering the tortures of
cold-calling, knocking on doors or wasting money on useless
and non-responsive marketing is the best way I know to help
you feel great!
Which brings us to our first, and possibly most important,
point: Knowing how to get customers is infinitely more
important than any other knowledge you may attain!
That’s it. we’ve never known any way to make our business
better unless we have a constant, never-ending flow of
prospects and customers who come to us! I know this statement
upsets some people. That’s really not our intent. But the fact
is – and it’s a very important fact that every business person
must grasp – you’re not in the business you think you’re in
you’re in the business of
MArKeting proDucts AnD
That’s the bottom line. It’s true. No matter what business
you’re in, no matter what you sell, you’re not really in
that business! You’re in the marketing of that business!
So, what does this mean? Well, it means you must
change your thinking. You must accept the fact that you
are a marketer first and a contractor, or salesperson, or
tradesperson, or planner, or consultant, or physician or
whatever, second. Until you do this, you’ll never make
the kind of money you want to make.
The acceptance of your role as marketer is paramount.
It’s the only way to change the size of your bank account
and gain success otherwise unattainable.
Let’s face it, in any business...and yours is no different...
the best marketer wins! Period. Is this rule breakable
or flexible in any way? No! Why not? Because it’s true.
It’s always been true and always will be true. He or she
who markets best, makes more money. Now, beware.
This doesn’t mean you can market better and deliver
substandard products or services. No way. You must not
only work to be best marketer; you must also work to be
the best plumber, or printer, or doctor, or salesperson,
as well. people want and deserve the best. But...and
this is a BIG but...it doesn’t matter if you’re “the best” if
you have no one to talk to except co-workers and family.
They’re nice enough people, I’m sure, but they’re not
substitutes for paying customers. getting customers is
the name of the game, and marketing is the way to get
Now, as you move along in this course, keep in mind that
the kind of marketing we teach here is different from
anything you may have seen or heard before. We teach
you how to get responses and customers...without feeling
nauseous or spending money on promotional items like
refrigerator magnets, calendars, wasted advertising that
“gets your name out there”, pre-approach letters, etc.,
etc. No more “hope and pray” marketing or prospecting.
As you learn our marketing techniques, you’ll quickly
recognise the difference between two ways to market:
1. traditional, wasteful, pushy ways that leave you
feeling stressed, and
2. inexpensive, response oriented ways that leave you
feeling great–and your bank account feeling greater!
We’ll focus on # 2, if that’s okay with you.
We all know there are too many traveling sideshow
seminar people, or countless books and tapes willing to
teach you how to create press releases, make cold calls
or how to buy a Jaguar and look more “powerful.” You
can learn Type #1 stuff anywhere.
What’s not available anywhere are the marketing
techniques you’re about to embrace. We teach them
because they work, they’re fun, and they’re legal. Our
secrets are direct responseoriented.
They’re never sleazy or obnoxious. They’re simply ways
to market products and services so people are touched
emotionally and respond accordingly. In short, they’re
ways that worK! But, they are admittedly “different.”
unfortunately, many people think “different” means
“bad” or “unprofessional”. That’s fine, because we’re not
trying to impress anyone. We’re trying to be successful
in our field, not look a certain way to our peers. The
same is true for you, right? so, it’s time! Fasten your
seat belt, and open your mind; we’re taking a marketing
See our special offer and
FREE gift below valued
at $497 (limited time only)
We show you how marketing can be fun! Fun because
it’s easy, and fun because it works!
Be our Special vip guest the Next Customer Explosion Workshop
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secret you can about marketing so that
you can create all the success in your
What you will learn in this workshop:
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NIFNEX as the Guest Registration Code
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own business the very next day.
See you at the next workshop!
Workshop Presenters
Steve Tippett and Michael Worthington
Both have extensive experience in
business, both as owners and coaches
that now specialise in training and
coaching businesses owners with their
biggest concern “How to get more
customers in a failing market”
Discover the biggest marketing mistake 80% of
all businesses make and how to avoid it.
Learn the best time to make quick and easy sales
to existing and new customers
The Key Tactic to reduce competition by 80%
when advertising
How to close sales without selling using our
simple AB tactic.
5 Simple tactics that will result in a 60%
increase in your profits
The number one tactic to shift from you trying to
sell to customers to customers wanting to buy
from you.

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