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How To Make $100 A Day With Google Adsense
If you are looking to make money online from your blog but do not how to do it, let me tell you one thing – you are not alone.
There are thousands of bloggers that feel the same way as you do. Fortunately unlike others you have landed at the right place.
I had been asked several times on Twitter, Facebook and my blog to share the secrets that will help them make $100 a day with
Adsense alone.
This ebook is designed is such a manner keeping both newbie as well as professional bloggers in mind so as to enable them to make
money online using the most common and infamous program Google Adsense. Google Adsense is the easiest and the best way to
make money online. All one is required to have is his very own website and you can start earning money with Adsense within five
minutes. Yes it is very easy to set up Adsense on your site and make money from it.
This ebook will not only tell you how to use adsense on your site and make money from it but also how to improve your blog and
methods to get free traffic to your blog in order to maximize the revenue from Adsense program.
This book is written keeping a newbie blogger in mind. Hence every single concept right from site building to choosing a new template
and setting up your site is explained in detail. For experienced bloggers, it is recommended that you finish the initial chapters at a
much faster pace.
The concepts are introduced in the introduction of each posts with illustrative examples in order to help you grasp the topics easily
and effectively. It is recommended that you go through one article of this book everyday and try to perform the task mentioned in the
article. This will give you ample time to understand and do research which will prove beneficial for your blog in the long run.
Vinay Rai is a member of Elite Marketing Secrets group. This group is primarily a U.S based group which helps online marketers
make the most out of their online campaigns. He is in the field of marketing and SEO for the past four years and has completed many
successful online marketing campaigns. At the age of 25 he is the youngest online marketer from India, a job which according to him
is a dream job and one which he enjoys the most. He has met various celebrities like Hritik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra and Mukesh
Ambani because of his work.
All rights reserved. No part of this book shall be reproduced either in part or whole without prior written permission of the author.
Al though every effort is made to publish information which is authentic and can be proven using real life examples, readers are still
advised to take it with a pinch of salt.
Neither the author of this book, nor the publishing house should be held responsible for any damages caused to anyone for not
following the instructions as mentioned in this book. Also, the results experienced by users would be different depending upon his/her
efforts and author should not be help responsible if the targets mentioned in this book are not met by the readers.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 1 (How To Choose A Profitable Niche) - page 4
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 2 (Site Building Process) - page 6
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 3 (Adsense Templates For Your Site) – page 8
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 4 (Deciding Domains And Subdomains For Your Site) – page 10
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 5 (Why You Need Vistors To Your Site?) – page 12
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 6 (How To Get Visitors To Your Site For Free – Part I) – page 14
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 7 (How To Get Visitors To Your Site For Free – Part II) – page 17
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 8 (How to Effectivley Manage Your Site In Order To Get Maximum Hits To Your
Site) – page 21
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 9 (Add Scrollbars To Your Sidebars) – page 24
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 10 (How To Create An Adsense Ready Website In Less Than An Hour?) – page
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 11 (How To Add Rotating Content To Your Website) – page 28
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 12 (How To Add A Random RSS Feed To Your Site) – page 30
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 13 (Track Your Adsense Earnings) – page 32
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 14 (The Most Important Thing Required To Make Money Online Successfully) –
page 34
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 15 (Signing Up With Adsense) – page 36
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 16 (Alternatives To Google Adsense) – page 37
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 17 (Complete List Of Adsense Alternatives) – page 38
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 18 (Common Mistakes Made By Adsense Publishers) – page 39
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 19 (Reasons For Rejection Of Sites BY Google) – page 40
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 20 (Reasons For Getting Banned From Google Adsense) – page 41
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 21 (How To Get Your Adsense Account Reinstated?) – page 42
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 22 (Why Adsense Is Still First Choice Of Most Publishers?) – page 43
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 23 (Power Of Adsense For Search) – page 44
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 24 (How To Make Money From Adsense Program?) – page 45
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 25 (Google Adsense For The Employed People) – page 48
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 26 (How to Build Your Adsense Empire?) – page 49
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 27 (Unleash The Full Potential Of Your Website) – page 50
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 28 (How To Remove PSA In Google Adsense) – page 51
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 29 (How To Make Your Ads Work For You?) – page 53
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 30 (What Are Text Ads?) – page 54
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 31 (What Are Image Ads?) – page 55
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 32 (What Are Link Ad Units?) – page 56
Online Money With Google Adsense Part 33 (What Is Adsense For Search?) – page 57
What To Do Now? – page 58
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
Online Money With Google Adsense Part - I
How To Choose A Profitable Niche
Hello and Welcome to the 33 part series in which I would discuss all the tips and strategies you should use to make more than $100
per day from Adsense Commissions alone. I hope to answer all the queries and doubts which are present in the minds of everyone
using Google Adsense and help them make huge money from the Internet by putting minimum of efforts which only a handful of
people are doing successfully.
The first thing that people ask me after looking at my site is why I am not displaying Google Ads on my site. Well my site is 12 months
now and I like to experiment with different Advertisement sponsors. Now the second question people generally ask me is how long
have I been working on this topic. I have been trying to understand the basics, the strategies for over three years now and during this
time I have had a chance to discuss this topic with various persons who are using Adsense successfully and were quite happy to
share their secrets with me. That is all about me; now let’s get down straight to our topic.
I have been using Internet for the past 10 years, during this time I have come across many good sites and blogs which had potential
to be a great success but could not sustain the competition due to lack of readership and not being monetized properly.
Let me ask all of you a question what do you blog about? The obvious answer by all of you would be that you blog on your area of
interest. This is the first mistake that all the bloggers make who intend to make big money from their blog. While writing a blog on your
area of interest would make you feel satisfied personally, but it cannot bring in the cash flow you desire. This happens because your
area of interests might have only a few people interested.
It is much better to find hot and profitable markets (topics) and try building a site on these instead of your area of interest. So it is
imperative to just do some market research to understand the necessities of people and then build a site to provide them with what
they need. It can be looked in this way, rather than manufacturing a product and then looking for the people who might be interested
in that product you can ask them what they need and then provide them whatever they asked for.
How to Choose a Profitable Niche?
A lot of people end up choosing wrong niche for their blog or website and end up being frustrated because they cannot make any from
it. There are some niches which are never profitable and then there are some which are very profitable. So if you are using a non
profitable niche it is best to switch over to a more profitable one now. Search the net to prepare a list of profitable keywords and
categorize them. Try and keep adding new keywords to your list as and when you discover them. The suggested profitable keywords
may not work the same way as they do for others. So it is imperative that you build more than one site, each one with a different
keyword and keep a track of each of them.
There are few tips that I would suggest while looking for a niche that will profitable for you .While doing a keyword research focus on
the following details:
1. Average CPC
2. Number of Advertisements for that Particular keyword.
3. Number of searches for the particular keyword over the past three months.
4. Less number of websites competing for the keyword.
Just acquiring keywords is not enough; you need to properly categorize them into main categories and subcategories. I will illustrate
this with an example.
Insurance (Main Category)
Life Insurance
Car Insurance
Home Insurance
And so on
Sports Merchandise (Main Category)
And so on
Once you have decided which the right niches are for you, you need to move on the next step of building your website.
The topic Site Building will be discussed in my next post. Till then i hope you all decide a profitable niche for your post.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
Online Money With Google Adsense Part - II
Site Building Process
In my last post I have mentioned points you need to keep in mind while choosing a niche for your site. I hope all of you might have
decided a profitable niche for your site. So the next step after deciding a profitable niche is the actual site building process.
The initial site building process can be very tough and might take more time than you normally expect. But after you have gone
through these steps things become very easy and you can finish your work in minutes rather than hours.
Before you start building your site you are expected to do the following things:
1.Decide a profitable niche for your website.
2. Create a header image for your site and it should match the niche you have chosen for your site. There are many image editing
tools available that you can use for generating your image.
Creating a header image which matches your niche is the best way to attract the attention of the audience towards the topic and a
very common thing which is neglected by most of the webmasters. If you cannot find a image matching your niche you can use a
more general image which will relate to any topic.
3. Decide the template for your site because templates go a long way in attracting visitors and keeping them glued to your site. Your
site's overall success depends on your template and how well and effectively you can organize information on your site.
Step # 1 - Select a Keyword
Select a primary keyword for your site. For example if your selected niche is Ringtones, your primary keyword has to be "ringtones".
Remember the keywords must be in lower case only because people generally don't have time to follow all the grammatical rules
when they are looking for a particular piece of information. So if you choose "Ringtones" as your keyword instead of "ringtones" you
would lose out on valuable search engine traffic. Then you can use other keywords related to your niche for building your site. Keep
the number of keywords used to a maximum of 25 in order to have a site of good quality content.
Step # 2 - Select a Template
After you have selected a list of keywords for your site, you need to select a template for your homepage as well for the individual
keywords, make sure you use no more than three keywords per page. It is always better to have a slightly different template for each
of your web page. It is important to choose the extension for the web page, while most of the sites use the default HTML extension it
is better to use PHP mainly because you can easily add great features like rotating text,Rss feeds to your web page easily.
Step # 3 - Create Web Content.
This is a very important step in site building process; you need to decide the content for your site. Make sure you keep the keywords
used on the web page to a minimum or you will be accused of keyword stuffing which may result in your site being banned by search
engines. Ideally you need to create the content on your own, but you can't because you don't have the time and patience to do it.
Secondly,most of the profitable niches are quite boring(don't worry that's my opinion) and if you don't have much idea and interest
about the niche you are better off not spending too much of your time trying to write articles on them. So you can use PLR articles for
building your site,but make sure that you edit them before you use them on your site. It is 100% unique and quality content that drives
traffic to your site, and also helps you to get the most appropriate Google Ads. So it is much better off to write content yourself or in
worse case get someone other to write it for you. You can also add RSS feeds from other related sites to your site,this will help keep
your site's content fresh even when you don't update it regularly.
Step # 4 - Other Customizations
After you have chosen a template and added content to your site, you may want to customize the look of the website by
experimenting with different colours and layouts before deciding the best one that suits you. You may also want to add some widgets
to your site which will help you interact with your readers. Basically this step relates to how well you can organize your site's
information without compromising too much on speed.
Step # 5 - Publishing Google Adsense on your site
After you have finalized your site's content and look, its time to do the most important thing i.e putting Google Ads on your site. There
are various predefined templates that you can use on your site. Choose the ones that match with your template and layout.
There are many templates that you can use for your site but there are only three templates which give a better CTR than others.
What are these three templates and how you can utilize them in your web page to earn maximum revenue will be covered in my next
post choosing the Right templates for your site.
Online Money With Google Adsense Part - III
Adsense Templates For Your Site
So far we have discussed site building process and how to choose a profitable niche. After you have finalized your niche and
completed site building process, its time now for you to insert Google Ads on your site.
A lot of you might have experimented with various templates. You might have also tried placing the ads at different locations on your
website. But is very hard to find the correct locations and correct template sizes which would give you the highest CTR.
Example of some of the ad template sizes are:
1. Leader Board (728 x 90)
2.Banner (468 x 60)
3.Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600)
4.Skyscraper (120 x 600)
5.Large Rectangle (336 x 280)
6.Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)
7.Square (250 x 250)
I am sure all of you must have tried these templates on your website sometime or the other. But most of you would still be confused
as to which template to use to get the best CTR and maximum revenue.
After discussing with several people who are using Adsense successfully on their sites and have a good CTR and good revenue, I
have come to the conclusion that the following three ad formats work the best and generate the best CTR as compared to others:
1. Large Rectangle (336 x 280) at the top of the page.
2. Medium Rectangle (300 x 250) in between two posts.
3. Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600) in the sidebar .
Note that Large Rectangle (336 x 280) has the highest CTR and amount per click amongst all the ad formats.
If you use the above mentioned ad formats you not only blends your content with ads in a manner which is appreciated by most of the
visitors but you also get high CTR. Never highlight your ads by using any text or images to grab the reader’s attention as this is
against the TOS of Google Adsense.
Focusing on your sites content and relevance would help you get highly targeted ads to your site. This would help you get high CTR
and pay per click.
Essentially the background of your site must match to the background of the ads being displayed on your site. Thus it would give a
nice mix to your site's content and the ads being displayed.
Having images next to the ads improves the CTR to a very high value. It was a method use by most of the webmasters to get a high
CTR. But due to recent changes in Google Adsense Program policies webmasters are prohibited from displaying images close to the
ads. Also the policy is confusing in itself, but it is better not to take any chances. Avoid displaying any kind of images next to Google
So make sure you have a highly targeted content for the keywords you choose. Use the above mentioned ad formats and make sure
you don't violate any TOS to keep earning from Adsense Program.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
Online Money With Google Adsense Part - IV
Deciding Domains And Subdomains For Your Site.
Till now I have discussed how to find a profitable niche for your site, the actual site building process and what are the best Google
Adsense templates. So let us now discuss about the domain selection for the site.
As all of us have experienced that it is very difficult to earn a decent income from Google ads if you are running a single site and focus
on single niche for your site. So you need to have several sites each for a different niche in order to maximize your Adsense revenue.
Now the question arises that do you need to have a separate domains for each of your site. It is advisable to have a separate domain
for each of your site. But all of us cannot afford to pay for multiple domain names and hosting.
So it is advisable to keep all your sites under one domain. You can create a sub directory for each of your site. for example if you have
a site for Insurance you can use the domain name which would look like
If you plan to make decent money using Google Adsense, you need to build at least 100 sites each one on different niche. Shoe
Money who is the third highest in the list of top earners from Google Adsense earns more than U.S $ 0.2 million per month by
displaying Google Ads on 2,500 sites designed and run by him. Its easy for him to have a separate domain for each of his sites
because of his high Adsense earnings. But if we try and register a domain name for each of the sites, we would be wasting a lot of
money and effort just for registering a domain name. Although having different domain for each of your site may help in SEO but it has
no other immediate profits. So its better to stick to few domain names and rather create a subdirectories for each of the sites.
- 10 -
So if you intend to make 100's of site, my suggestion would be to buy 1-2 domains and create a sub-directory for each of your site.
You need to constantly monitor the performance of your sites, if you find a site is performing well constantly over a large period you
can buy a separate domain name for it.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 11 -
Online Money With Google Adsense Part - V
Why you need Visitors To Your Site?
In my earlier posts I had discussed the entire steps to set up a site for Google Adsense. So, once you have selected a profitable
niche, built your site on that particular niche, installed the Adsense templates on your site and site, it is time for you to think of the next
important step. The following step is the most important step in making money online with any PPC or affiliate ads you display on your
How are you going to get visitors to your site? What are the different options available to you to get traffic to your site
The most obvious and the common answer to these questions would be to get traffic from Google, Yahoo or some other search
engine results. Getting traffic from search engine results is great, and frankly speaking nothing is better than that. However, the
process itself is very complicated and time consuming and not desirable for people who want instant results.
This is the reason most of the advertisers use PPC search engines. They are to be utilized when you need instant traffic for your site.
The best PPC that I can recommend is Yahoo Sponsored Search. There are other small PPC search engines which are much
cheaper but there is a fear of click fraud being rampant in these search engines.
To get Traffic from any PPC search engines you need to take the following steps:
1.Choose keywords for your marketing campaign:
Whenever a keyword related to your campaign is searched on Yahoo,Google or any other search engine you wish to use for your
PPC campaign,your ad will be displayed as sponsored search result on right hand side of the search results. If you prepare an
attractive ad campaign,visitors will click on your ad and visit your site. For example you select keyword wallpaper for your site, then I
believe you need to prepare a list of 250-400 keywords matching your niche and add them to your PPC campaign. A sample list of
keywords related to wallpapers might look similar to the one alongside.
2.Create your PPC campaign and select ad group:
You need to register for an advertisers account on Google, Yahoo, MSN or any other search providers. You need to specify your
campaign name and geo targeting. After specifying your geo targeting option,you need to create an ad group within your campaign.
- 12 -
Then enter the keywords for your campaign.
3.Bid for the keyword and set your budget:
This step is very important and it determines the amount of traffic your site will receive. Ideally it is suggested to bid as low as possible
for the particular keyword. The lowest PPC for Google is $0.01 and for Yahoo is $0.10. So for every instance a visitor clicks on your
ad and visits your site, you are supposed to pay the amount you have bid for the particular keyword.
4.Create your ad:
This is the step where you create you ad. Add a nice and appealing title which will grab readers attention.Then write a short
description and make it as sensational as possible without being too harsh or criticising any of your competitors. Then you need to ad
the destination URL and display URL. Note that ads should be relevant to the searched keywords for better CTR.
5.Activate your ads
After you have created your ad, you need to preview your ad before it goes live. Then,you need to check the allocated budget to your
campaign and schedule the time slots during which your ads will be displayed. After following these steps you need to activate your
ads in order to get PPC traffic.
You have learnt how to get traffic by spending money on PPC campaign. These campaigns are good source for getting genuine traffic
to your site. But since most of us prefer getting traffic without spending too much money, so in my next post I will discuss the methods
of getting visitors to your site without spending a penny.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 13 -
Online Money With Google Adsense Part - VI
How To Get Visitors To Your Site For Free - Part I
In my last post I had discussed the strategies you can use to get traffic to your website by paying from your pocket. In this post I will
list out all the options you can use to get traffic to your site for free. Since the list of options available is quite big, I will discuss this
topic using two posts.
Note that the list includes options you can utilize to get short term traffic and long term traffic to your blog. You need to plan
accordingly to build short term traffic and long term traffic to your website. So let us begin with the list of options available to get traffic
to your site:
SEO Strategies:
1. Choose the right URL.
The URL you choose for your site should be short, self explanatory and must be easy to memorize. Even search engines do not like
sites which have a long URL. It is beneficial if you have a dot com domain which is much easier to remember.
2. Write a web page title.
Write a descriptive title for your site and make sure you minimize the number of filler words like "the", "and", etc. Your page title will be
hyperlinked in the search engine results, so make it as appealing as possible without using too many words. Make it as proactive as
possible so that readers are enticed to click on it and visit your site. Use some descriptive text along with the niche you promote. If you
are blogging about affiliate products, don't simply title your blog as "Make Money Online". A more appropriate title would be "Make
Money Online using Affiliate Products". Remember, people recognize your site by its title. The highlighted blue words catch the most
attention, so if it is attractive people are more likely to click on it.
- 14 -
3. Add a keyword and meta description tag.
The meta tag should ideally consist of no more than three sentences summarizing the web page content. Include the keywords which
are related to the web page content. If you include keywords which are not part of the content this could have a negative impact on
your SEO.
4. Make sure you include all your keywords in the first paragraph
As I had mentioned in my earlier posts Google indexes only first 101 K of your web page content, so don't waste your time writing an
introduction in the first paragraph of your post. Google expects that your first paragraph must contain most of the keywords you are
focusing on. Make sure that the keyword density is no more than 2% of the total web content.
5. Highlight keywords using hyperlinks.
Remember bots are blind and they will feed only on what you want to feed them with. So anything which is underlined or highlighted is
considered to be important by these bots. Try to hyperlink all your important key phrases and keywords with a site name which
essentially contains your highlighted keyword. For example if you select make money online as the key phrase,then you should
hyperlink it to a site such as This is a very important but most neglected part in SEO,so be careful to
the sites you hyperlink to.
6. Design pages which are search engine friendly
Having multiple frames or pop ups on your site can stop a search engine from crawling on to your web page and indexing your site.
Avoid JS and Flash navigation menus because search engines cannot read them.Make sure you submit a sitemap to all the major
search engines to ensure that all your pages are indexed properly.
7. Create separate page for each keyword.
Rather than stuffing all the keywords on a single page develop multiple pages for your site,each focusing on a particular keyword. This
helps your site get better rankings for each of the selected keyword. This would help bring traffic for each of the keyword separately
and which would boost overall traffic to your site.
8.Fine tune your pages for SEO
Check your position as compared to your competitors for a particular keyword in search engine rankings.Analyse other page which
are ranked higher for the particular keyword and check out what search engines prefer for the particular keywords and optimize
- 15 -
9. Submit your site to major search engines
You should personally try and submit your site to all the major search engines and check regularly that your recent pages are indexed
properly by these search engines.
Submit your site to Google Search Engine
Submit your site to Yahoo Search Engine
Submit your site to MSN
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 16 -
Online Money With Google Adsense Part - VII
How To Get Visitors To Your Site For Free - Part II
In my last post I had discussed the SEO techniques you need to use to get more visitors to your site through organic search engine
traffic. In this post I will discuss the remaining techniques to get long term as well as short term traffic to your blog or website.
Linking Strategies
1. Submit your site to major directories
Besides getting a free backlink to your page,you will also get free targeted traffic to your site.The major directories to which you can
submit your site are listed below:
Yahoo Directory
Dmoz Open Source Directory
2.Submit your site to Specialized Directories.
Try and figure out directories which primarily focus on your nice and submit your link to these directories. This will help improve your
page rank since you would be getting a backlink from a site related to your domain.
3. Ask for a reciprocal link exchange
Try link exchange with webmasters having similar amount of traffic and niche as yours. Never try automated link building software’s
- 17 -
like Zeus and Arelis, they do more harm then good. Never go for link brokerage sites because Google frown these kinds of sites and it
may result a ban by Google.
4. Write articles for other webmasters.
You can write a guest article for other webmaster in which you can include a backlink to your site. This gets you a free backlink and
helps get traffic from the article as well.
5. Issue press releases for important post.
You can issue a press release for an important post or topic using any of the free press release services. They help bring instant
traffic to your site. Here is a list of some services you can use for your press release. (Alexa Rank 3,700) (Alexa Rank 38,000) (Alexa rank 6,800) (Alexa Rank 32,000)
6.Use a "signature" in your email
Design a nice email signature to use at the end of each mail. Include your name and URL and describe your site in one sentence.
This will help potential customers to contact you.
7. Publish a monthly ezine
Publishing a newsletter takes a lot of commitment and time and doing it on a monthly basis is one of the best ways to keep in touch
with your prospect customers and build business.
8. Rent email list
If you have build your list of email subscriptions, you can exchange this list with someone in your niche so both of you can mutually
benefit. While buying an email list can cost $ 40 per thousand but it gives you list of prospective customers and it is much better than
PPC advertising.
Miscellaneous Strategies
9. Use online groups and forums to promote your site.
Join Google groups related to your niche and participate in the discussion and contribute a little. Try and build a nice reputation and
eventually people will trust you, do business with you and will visit your site. Join forums related to your niche. They are a great source
of short term and long term traffic to your site. Try to be amongst the top commenter on any topic and more often than not if you have
made a good and valid point, people will like your opinion and visit your site to know more.
10. Start a contest
Every one likes free stuff. So if you are giving a valuable stuff which would be of great help to your visitors, you can expect to get more
traffic than usual.
- 18 -
11.Use Social Bookmarking
This is the most effective way to get traffic to your site. The social Bookmarking sites you can use are:
StumbleUpon is the best social Bookmarking site ,it brings more than 100 visitors the day you bookmark your site on StumbleUpon.
12.Join a blog network
Blogging communities are a great way to get traffic to your blog and discover new and interesting blogs. Being an active member will
help you get good traffic to your website and make some good long lasting relationships with the blog members.Here is a list of blog
networks you can join to help boost traffic:
iii.Weblog Empire
- 19 -
13.Utilizing Traffic Exchanges.
Traffic exchanges are a great source of free instant traffic to your site and there is no limitation as to how much traffic you can get to
your site. If channelized properly the traffic from these exchanges can be rich source of income for your website. Never promote your
site directly, instead design a splash page and promote your site using a splash page to get targeted visitors to your site.
In my next post I will discuss on how to utilize your time effectively to get maximum visitors i.e above 300 visitors per day by spending
only an hour to your site without violating Google Adsense TOS.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 20 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part VIII
How To Effectively Manage Your Time To Get Maximum Hits To Your Site?
During my last posts I had discussed ways of getting traffic to your site both using free or paid services. Most of us don't have time to
surf for long duration every single day. Effective time management in this case may help you make the most of the limited time
available with you and ensure that you get maximum hits to your site. So how do you go about managing your time effectively.
1. Join BlogCatalog.
BlogCatalog is a social Community for Bloggers. It is one of the largest Blog directories on the Internet. If you are looking for blogs,
connect with others, learn about blogging tips, promote your blog, participate in Group discussions, find the right gadgets.
BlogCatalog is the right place for you. If you devote 10-15 minutes daily to BlogCatalog, you can expect 25-50 visitors to your blog.
2. Join MyBlogLog
MyblogLog is a social network for Bloggers. Bloggers can sign up for free accounts and start their own community for their blogs.
Bloggers can display widgets on theirblogs, showing the total number of members of the community and recent visitors to the blog.
You can send 15 messages a day to other members, join maximum of 15 communities each day. 10-15minutes spend each day can
get 15-30 visitors to your site.
3. Join Link Referral
Linkreferral is a directory consisting of over 200,000 sites. You can earn top ranking in at the top of your category, by visiting other
member's sites, writing a review for their sites and picking a favourite site.You can also get indirect search engine traffic
via linkreferralsearch engine. It takes only 20 minutes to complete the process and can expect between 20 - 60 visitors per day
through Linkreferral.
4. Join Twitter
- 21 -
Twitter is one of the best social messaging tools that helps users to connect in real time. Users can send or receive updates known as
tweets in real time. It takes less than a minute to send a tweet and depending on number of followers can bring huge traffic to your
5. Join Technorati
Technorati is a search engine dedicated to blogs, competing with biggest search engines like Google and Yahoo. Technorati indexes
more than 140 million blogs and websites. If you have a blog with good Technorati ranking known as authority, you can get a
hundreds of visitors to your site daily. The blogs ranked in the top hundred of the list get huge amount of traffic. The technorati
authority tells you how popular your blog is on the internet.
6. Join Traffic Exchanges
People have a misconception that using traffic exchanges can lead to a ban by Google. Well it certainly can, but there is a way you
can use traffic exchanges to promote your site without getting your site banned. This technique has been used by many
successful Internet marketers to promote their products successfully without getting banned by search engines. All you need to do is
prepare an attractive splash page and promote it on traffic exchanges. You can redirect users to your site using your splash page.
This way you are not violating any TOS of Google Adsense and still getting traffic from traffic exchange sites. You can also use
banner and text links on traffic exchanges to promote your site. If utilized properly, traffic exchanges can be the biggest source of
traffic for your site.
- 22 -
7. Join Digital Point Forum
Digital point forum is a place where you can discuss topics related to SEO, marketing, blogging tools and resources and other
technical resources. It helps you get a back link to your site because you are allowed to use your website address in your signature.
Always try to be the top commenter on a post. A dedication of 10 minutes to digital point forum and giving honest reviews can get you
tons of traffic to your sites .
8. Commenting and Following the blogs you visit.
If you stumble upon a new blog and if it is good, try to follow the blog and give your valuable reviews for the blog. This will get the blog
author to visit your site and if your reviews are really honest and good, readers will visit your site to learn more about you.
A lot of people might not want to do this, but I will share main sources of traffic to my site with you which will help you get an idea of
how to plan your time to get maximum visitors to your site.
1. BlogCatalog- 30 to 35 by spending 20 minutes everyday
2. MyblogLog - 25 to 30 by spending 15 minutes everyday
3. Linkreferral - 25 by spending 15 minutes everyday
4. Twitter - 15 to 20 by spending 10 minutes everyday
5. Technorati - 10 to 15 spending 10 minutes everyday
6. Visiting other blogs - 20 to 30 spending 30-60 minutes everyday
7. Various Forums - 30 to 50 spending 20-30 minutes everyday
8. Traffic exchanges - 100+ everyday by using autosurf while performing the above tasks.
So by spending two hours every day I get more than 300 visitors each day. I know it is difficult to devote 2 hours everyday, but devote
as much time as possible especially when you have just started blogging. This will help expose your blog or website to thousand of
potential long time readers.
In my next post I will discuss about how to add a scroll bar to your sidebar to effectively save space, thus you can use more
advertising options on your website
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 23 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part IX
Add Scrollbars to your sidebars
We can add scrollbar to some widgets to save some space on our blog. Scroll bar is particularly useful if you have a long link list, blog
roll or blog archive. Also, this gives you enough space on your blog to publish Adsense ads.
Adding scrollbar to widgets saves space but the content remains intact. If the widget size exceeds the maximum specified height, a
vertical scroll bar would be added.
Here are the various ways in which you can add scroll bar to your sidebar depending on your need
A. Adding Scrollbar Option for all widgets
STEP I - Goto > Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML.
STEP II - Add the following code in your template immediately after sidebar content(use Ctrl+F and search for sidebar content) -
sidebar .widget{
B . Add Scrollbar Option for all widgets in one of the sidebars Find out the name of the sidebar in which you want to add scrollbar e.g. lsidebar,rsidebar(Use Ctrl+F to find the name of sidebar).
Now depending upon the name of your sidebar add this code instead of above sidebar .widget
- 24 -
where 'lsidebar' is the name of your sidebar.(you should put your sidebar's name instead of 'lsidebar' in above code.)
C . Add Scrollbar for only a specific widget -
Every widget you add in your sidebar is allotted certain specific ID . Now you can find out the ID for your widget by looking for similar
looking code in your template -
Here LinkList1,HTML1,Label1 are the name of specific widgets.
After finding your widget's ID, add this code below sidebar content -
Replacing 'Label1 ' with your widget ID.
In my next post I will discuss how to churn out sites on a particular niche without spending too much of time and how to get the
content for the sites.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 25 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part X
How to create an Adsense ready website in less than hour
As I have mentioned in my earlier posts in order to boost your Adsense Earnings you need to have multiple sites. It becomes quite
difficult to write original content for each of your site and it will take too much of your time to build each site. I will give you some tips
which you can use to design a website with original content without having to write the content yourself.
Step - I
Define your niche and select keywords
Choose a profitable niche by doing some market research and select a list of at least 50 related keywords you want to build your site
Step - II
Choose a Website Template
After selecting keywords for your site you need to select a template which goes with the main theme of your website.
Step - III
Getting the Content for your site
To make a site which is SEO and visitor friendly don't use too many keywords, I suggest a maximum of four keywords per page. You
can use PLR (Private Labelled Rights)articles as a source for getting primary content of your website. Make sure you put them in
content spinner to make them as unique as possible. Then you can use rotating content, RSS feeds and random descriptors which
provide fresh content and avoid duplication penalty by search engines.
Use RSS feeds only as content filler for your web page. It is always a good practice to keep 50% of your article above the feed and
50% of your article below the feed.
a. Rotating Content
The Rotating Content Tool helps you add dynamic content to your web pages. You will have to organize your content in advance and
this content will be rotated automatically using the dates specified by you or randomly. All you need to do is to convert your content
into a script (usually PHP or Java Script) and add this script to your site. Every time your page is refreshed it generates different
- 26 -
content and hence different Google ads. So even if a reader refreshes your page several times, you won't be accused of cheating
because the content as well as the ads are dynamic and in real time. This technique is particularly useful for the authors who don't
update their content very often. This gives visitors new content every time they visit your blog. You can have rotating headers, rotating
quotes, rotating sidebar images, random posts being displayed depending upon your wish and requirement.
b. RSS Feeds.
You need to get RSS feeds related to your niche and content. RSS is an easy way of getting fresh content for your website. RSS
feeds stream content which is free to add to your web pages. RSS feeds provide content which you can add to your web pages
directly without having to change a single word. If you have a website and use RSS for your content you will never have to update
your site for fresh content ever again. RSS provides rich keyword targeted content to your web pages for free. For any niche there are
millions of feeds available which you can use for your websites content.
c. Random Descriptors
These are scripts or plug ins which you can use to change the description on your blog's header. It allows you to specify more than
one description for your blog, and one from out of the specified descriptions chosen randomly would be displayed on your blog.
Using the above steps you can create a website with at least 25 pages in less than an hour. I will discuss the above mentioned tips i.e
how to use PLR articles without being penalized for duplicate content, using rotating content effectively on your website, filling content
with RSS feeds and Random descriptors features separately in my subsequent posts.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 27 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XI
How to Add Rotating Content to your site
During my last post I had discussed minutes. In that post I had mentioned the use of Rotating content tools to keep your content fresh
for search engines as well as for your visitors. So let us discuss how we can utilize the rotating content tool to randomize our content
and to generate dynamic web pages. The Rotating Content Tools provide a very simple method to make your sites content dynamic in
real time. This is useful especially when you have large number of posts on your site. With the help of these tools you rotate all the
pages of your site. There are two methods in which your sites pages will be rotating which are fixed method and random method.
In fixed method a particular page will be displayed as the home page of your site for the selected date. In random method any page of
the site will be chosen randomly and displayed as the homepage of your site, in this case if the page is refreshed by the user a new
page will replace the page shown previously.
There are 5 steps involved using which you can convert your static pages into dynamic ones.
1. Select the type of content.
a. Fixed date content
In this method every post is assigned a fixed date and year. The coding script will automatically detect the date and year allotted and
will display the content on your site's homepage. Note this page only changes home page of your site.
b. Randomized Content
In this method script is designed in such a way that a new post will be displayed every time a page is refreshed. Note that this script
changes your homepage as well as other pages of your site.
2. Create the input template
In this step you have to specify the number of posts you wish to add to rotator. You can add two or more posts for rotation.
3. Add content to the template.
You need to download a html template and add your content to it. Make sure that you don't change .html extension of the file.
- 28 -
4. Convert template to script
After you have added content to the template you need to convert it to script which could be a Java Script or PHP script. Although
PHP scripting is faster and content loads faster but I recommend Java Scripting because this is the scripting used by most of the sites
especially Blogger sites.
5. Add Script to your site
After you have successfully converted the template into a script you can upload this script to your site and your site now has a
dynamic content.
This is exactly the method in which content is rotated on Traffic exchange sites. So if some of you ever wondered how do Traffic
exchange produce dynamic content you know the answer to it now.
If you want to create a rotating content for your site you can visit the site Rotate Content now and add dynamic content to your site for
There are methods to improve the look of your site by adding rotating elements to your site.Here are some of the suggestions which
you can use to jazz up your site.
Rotating Header Images
Copy the following code where the header image is called.Then place your header images into themes images folder and be sure to
name them as header1,header2,and so on... Make sure that you use only .jpg images, if not then change the file extension in the
above code.
Rotating Quotes
Just copy the following code and place it wherever you want to place rotating quotes on your site. Just replace quote number one,
quote number two by real quotes you want to display on your site.
In my next post I will discuss how to get the RSS feeds matching your content and niche.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 29 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XII
In my last post I had discussed how to rotate the content that is available on your website to keep it fresh for search engines. There is
another way to keep your site's content fresh and add fresh content to your site without having to move a muscle of your body. You
can achieve this by adding RSS feeds to your site. So let us see how we can add RSS feeds to our site.
How to add random RSS feeds to your site.
One thing which is very important when you are doing Internet marketing is to pump in fresh content each day. This helps to grow
your subscriber base and keep returning visitors happy. But the real problem arises when you don't have the content and/or time to
update your site. Adding a RSS feed is one of the best ways to add fresh content to your site, only problem being that most of the
feeds are not updated on a daily basis.
If you are looking to gradually make your way up the search engine rankings then you must provide fresh content to the search bots.
After searching Internet I found a few sites that were claiming to find the feed for me automatically. But the price of the product was
too high for me to even try one of those.
Since I have been using Internet long enough I knew that by refining my search phrases I can actually find it for free. I found a really
good product and what more it is for free. The script may require some changes to suit your requirement but it is worth all the hard
work you put in, because the results obtained are quite awesome.
Here is the Java script that you can use:
- 30 -
If you use the original script it will display a content box of 130 x 130.Transfer the JavaScript to the text Editor and make the following
changes to suit your requirements.
Width=130 height=130
Set it to a new value to fit your content.
Setting width = 450 and height = 900 is recommended for most of the sites but you can customize it as per your site's requirement. If
you do not wish to have a frame around your content, simply change the following code:
frameborder="1" to frameborder="0".
For displaying content, you need to add some web pages to the randomizer. For the moment create a blank html page and later you
can add rss scripts to generate a full fledged web page with rotating content. You can display unlimited number of pages using the
script.All you need to do is to is just addrandomcontent[4]="random5.htm", randomcontent[5]="random6.htm" , to the code where
random.htm is the url of the web page you want to add to the randomizer.
Just add this script to any page you want and it will randomize the content of that web page. I suggest this code to be added at the
homepage, to randomize your content and keep it fresh for search engines.
Now the next important thing is to get RSS content to rotate. You need to visit, the web's largest free
content directory. You can use any of the feeds available to provide fresh content to your site. Add the code for rss scripts to the blank
pages created in the earlier step and upload it to your server.
If you want more feeds you can visit where you can find free as well as paid feeds which you can use for
your site.
This is the easiest way to add fresh content to your site using rss and that too for free. Using this technique you can add fresh content
to your site regularly and expect increased traffic to your site.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 31 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XIII
Track your Adsense Earnings
In previous posts we have discussed how to choose a niche, build a website and then make the content of the site more dynamic by
adding RSS feeds to it. Once you have your website ready and running with Adsense on it, next step is to track your earnings. You
can make a separate channel for each block of Adsense template you place on your site. I wonder how many of you would have
actually created a channel to track the Adsense earnings. Making a separate channel for each ad block you place on your site helps
you determine which template is performing well and which isn't.
To make things simpler there is tracking software available in the market which will track your clicks and help you determine the
performance of each ad unit and each web page of your website. This will help you to make changes to the web pages and ad blocks
which are not performing well. This software doesn't have the limitation of number of channels like Google Adsense where you cannot
create more than 200.
But since we are discussing about Adsense let us stick to tracking Adsense earnings by using Google Adsense channels. According
to Google you can use URL channels to track performance of your ad blocks without modifying the original Adsense code. You can
track performance of a particular page on your site, particular ad block or entire website by specifying the URL of it.
For example if you have a, you can create a custom Google Adsense channel by specifying the same
URL( After creating this channel you can track the performance of your entire website. If you want to track
performance of a particular web page, you can set up a channel for that particular URL
Channels are very useful if you have multiple sites and want to track your earnings from different niches. These channels are very
easy to set up and information provided by these channels is easy to understand.
Once you have set up URL channels to track your earnings, you can check which sites and which web pages are performing well.
Drop the sites and niches which are not making you any money and start building a new site by choosing a different niche.I suggest
you track the performance of a website for at least a month before deciding to keep it or scrap it and build a new website.
- 32 -
So I will summarize the entire process discussed till now:
1.Select a profitable niche.
2. Select a template matching your niche.
3. Make sub directory for each site if your having multiple sites to cut hosting cost.
4. Select keywords for your site.
5. Add content to your site either by writing your self or hiring someone to write for you.
6. Add dynamic content to your site by making use of RSS feeds.
7. Add most profitable Adsense templates to your site.
8. Create Adsense channels to track your site's performance.
9. Repeat the above process for new site and different niches.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 33 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XIV
The most important thing required to make money online successfully.
Most of the people who use Adsense on their sites don't treat it as a business, because running a business requires a lot of hard work.
And just because Adsense is free to set up, lot of people think of it as a get rich quick scheme without putting too much of effort into it.
To be successful with Google Adsense you need to have lots of original content on your site, optimize each and every page of your
site for getting traffic through search engines and market your site using any and all the strategies possible.
Most people do not make enough money with Google Adsense because they don't know how to attract targeted traffic to your site.
The marketing aspect is the one which is neglected by most of the Adsense publishers.
If you can't get at least 100 unique visitors to your site each day, you are probably not going to make enough money with this program
that will make you happy. It is not like an offline business, where you open an ice cream store on a busy street during summer and
expect people to come and buy it.
Online business is totally different. In online business you have to be proactive, presell is going to get you results. If you think that you
can make money with Adsense without putting in any effort, then Adsense is not meant for you. Some people get so desperate to
make money online that they are willing to take any short cut legal or illegal to make it work for them.
I have to tell you that there are no shortcuts to make money online successfully. You have to work your socks off to get traffic to your
site in order to make money with Google Adsense. I had to visit 1,000 sites to get 27,000 visitors to my site. You need to understand
the basics of website creation and marketing in order to succeed and the learning process takes time. That is the precise reason why
Google has stopped approving websites which are less than 6 months old.
Setting up Google Adsense is simple but making money from it surely isn't. So if you think it as a get rich quick scheme, you will be in
for a shock. But if you put in the hard work, money will start rolling in even when you are sleeping, awake, out for vacation, out for
work. If your goal is to make $ 1,000,000 p.a with Adsense then you need to devote your precious time into marketing your site
- 34 -
People find blogs using Google search engine. Google recommends sites which provide the most relevant information and are
recommended by authority sites. Authority sites are the sites which are considered useful by Google because of high traffic and
quality back links.
When I say Google recommends a site, it means the placement of that site in search results for a particular keyword. A site ranks
higher in search results because there are other authority sites linking to that site using the phrase or keyword. So it is your job to
become a site which people recommend in your niche and link back to you.
If you provide useful information on a particular topic which is unique and not copied from other site, people will link to you without
And what are the other ways to get quality traffic to your site.
1. Join SEOmoz to learn how to get popular search engine traffic. you can submit your site for free on this website. Don't pay anyone
to submit your site to search engines or directories.
2.Be creative and learn how to effectively market your site on social networking sites
like Digg,StumbleUpon,Twitter,Facebook,Myspace,etc.
3. Join forums/message boards related to your topic/niche. Join and promote your site in your signature which will be
displayed every time you post a thread or reply.
4. Join to help drive more visitors to your blog.
5. Last but not the least keep coming back to my site as I dig deep to get you all the tips and tricks to build a successful web business.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 35 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XV
Signing Up with Adsense
Once your website is fully constructed and more than six months old you can apply for an Adsense account. Your site needs to have
at least 10 pages in order to qualify for the program(not 15 not 20 as others may tell you, just 10 pages are sufficient). Google has
started to approve sites very quickly, so you should get approved within 48 hours of your application. It may take more time if you
apply during holidays or weekends.
Quick checklists before you apply for an Adsense account.
1. Be sure that your site has a clear and specific theme or topic.
Remember you are now the partners of Google, the biggest online advertising agency in the world. They are looking for quality sites
which have a definite theme and purpose for their advertising to be successful.The more you focus on a particular niche, the better
targeted ads will be and hence a good click through-rate. A site with no clear focus or niche is likely to be rejected. Also gambling or
poker sites are likely to be rejected.
2. No Grammatical mistakes and no broken links
Google has a reputation and certainly would not want to partner a site which has sloppy content and broken links for hosting its ads.
3. Do not put put any signs on your website suggesting that your site is under construction
According to the TOS laid down by Google, it is very clear that they will not accept any site which is still under construction. You
website should be completely constructed before you apply for Adsense.
4. No Free hosted sites
This may come as a shock to many bloggers but Google has changed its policy since January 2009 and has stopped approving and sites which are hosted for free. So if you are thinking about Adsense, you need to buy a personal
domain and hosting to qualify for Adsense.
5. No use of Local language
Google has a list of 15 languages. All sites must host content in any of those 15 languages in order to qualify for Adsense. If you are
blogging in your local language, then your site may not be approved for Adsense. English is the preferred language for content.
In Indonesia and Phllipines Adsense for content is not available. In this case how do you go about monetizing your site properly with
Adsense and what are the contextual ad options available will be discussed in my next post.
- 36 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XVI
Alternatives To Google Adsense
Google has stopped approving blogspot hosted blogs. Only thing being you need to copyright your material and have a strict privacy
policy. Please refer my site for both of these.
1. Yahoo Publisher Network
For the publishers located in USA, Yahoo publisher Network is probably the best alternative to Adsense. In fact you can more amount
per click if you use Yahoo ads on your website.
2. Adbrite
Adbite is a good alternative to Adsense, but you need to have decent traffic to your blog to make a good money out of it .The click
through rate is good and the full page ads are available which are excellent ways to monetize your blog.
3. Clicksor
Clicksor ads are have an excellent payout and share 85% of the revenue with publishers. Only requirement being you need to have a
monthly page views of at least 100,000 pages per month.
4. Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser is currently the best option for small publishers. The minimum payout is at $ 10 as compared to $ 100 by Google. If you
have a highly targeted niche , you can make more money per month by Bidvertiser as compared to Adsense. Best part being your site
is approved within 48 hours and it does not have to be six months old to open a publisher account.
5. Kontera
Kontera Content Link is the leader in inline advertising. So you in fact do not need to lend any adspace in order to publish Kontera
ads. Go ahead and open a Kontera content link publisher account now.
I will publish the list of alternatives for my fellow Indonesian and Philippines friends in my next post.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 37 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XVII
Complete List Of Adsense Alternatives
As I had promised in my earlier posts, I will be displaying a complete list of Adsense alternatives you can use for monetizing your blog.
Following are the first 15 alternatives that you can use instead of Adsense on your blog.
1. Accelerator Media
2. Ad Pepper Advertising Network
3. adagency1
4. Adbrite Ads
5. Adconian Media group
6. AdDynamix A Ybrant digital Network
7. Adgenta Qads it's that simple
8. ADEngage Engaging Internet Advertsing
9. Adify Vertical Ad network solutions
10. AdJungle Manage and sell your site Advertising
11. AdKnowledge Convert Traffic Beyond Google and Yahoo
12. Adlink Media UK
13. AdOrigin Advertisers Welcome
14. Adtegrity a different kind of ad network
15. Adtoll your tollgate to web traffic
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 38 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XVIII
Common mistakes Made By Adsense publishers
1. No use of Adsense Channels.
Most of the people don't use Adsense channels to track their sites performance and development. Channels help you determine what
is working for you and what isn't. You will come to know the pages which are generating less income and need to be revamped to
boost your Adsense earnings.
2. Use of horizontal ad format
It has been proved in a case study by Google that the vertical ad formats bring in more click through rate(CTR). So try to use vertical
ad formats on your blog or website and avoid horizontal ad formats especially the ones placed below the fold.
3. Placing the ads on the border of your page
A lot of you may tend to agree that the ads placed on the border of a web page don't attract attention as compared to the ones placed
in the middle of the page and in between the posts. The visitors are now immune to the traditional ad placements, so try something
new and innovative to increase the click through rate.
4. Not testing your ads
Once you place ads on your site, you need to test them to see how targeted ads are in relation to your site's content. You need to be
particular careful of the ads as ill targeted ads would decrease your CTR and Adsense earnings.
5. Applying too early
You need to have a site with alt east 10 web pages with good quality content and decent traffic in order to qualify for Adsense. A lot
publishers applying for Adsense get rejected because they do not have any traffic to their blog. So only good content is not essential
to get Adsense account you need to prove to Google that you get decent traffic to your blog as well to qualify for Adsense account.
Friends I have decided to with hold the list of Adsense alternatives that I was supposed to display. I think it is better if I finish off the
discussion about Adsense first before giving the list of alternatives. That is my opinion,please let me know you thoughts and opinions
on this matter I will highly appreciate it.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 39 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XIX
Reasons For Rejection Of Sites By Google
1. Is it a personal website?
Google usually rejects personal sites because they do not have a definite theme or niche. These sites have a random content and you
do not know what to expect from the next post. It is difficult for Google to display targeted ads on such websites because the topics
are random. Google is looking for a website concentrating on a particular theme or niche with loads of useful information. This would
enable Google to display targeted ads to your website.
2. Is the site organized?
Make sure that all the information on your site is well organized and there is no broken links on your site. Don't use artificial colors and
make sure each page has a similar look to the others.
3. What are the numbers of pages on your site?
Even though Google has not laid a minimum page requirement but be rest assured that you should have minimum of 10 pages on
your site with rich content and less flash or photographs.
4. Is the content worthy of getting Google Adsense?
The content of your website should be original and one which is beneficial to others. Just posting links to other sites sends a wrong
signal to Google that you are not willing to put in the hard work to develop the content yourself. Be sure you have a good niche and
informative content.
5. Do you use content copied from other website?
If your site is exact carbon copy of other site, you may never get Google Adsense and your site will be banned from google search
engine as well. It will also have legal implications if you steal someone else's content and put it on your site.
6. Have you read the TOS of Adsense?
Don't just blindly accept the TOS, make sure you go through it before accepting it to make sure that your site is not violating any of the
TOS. This increases your chances of getting Adsense with your first application.
In my next post I will discuss the reasons for which you may get banned from Adsense.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 40 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XX
Reasons For Getting Banned From Google Adsense
From my experience I can tell you that there are two types of Publishers who get banned from google Adsense.
1. Who have read all the TOS but deliberately push the limits. They perfectly understand that they might get banned
from Adsense and are hardly surprised when they receive the notice from Google Adsense.
2. Who are so busy that they don't get time to read all the TOS of Google Adsense and are devastated on receiving the notice from
Google Adsense.
For the publishers falling in the first category all I can say is that they know the risk and deserve to get banned for not being using the
program honestly enough. For the publishers falling in second category all I can say is that there is no excuse for their mistakes as it
is the responsibility of a publisher to read all the TOS before signing up for Adsense and follow them .
Here are the possible reasons for which you can get banned from Google Adsense:
1. Clicking on your own ads.
Agreed that we all are humans and mistakes do happen but if a mistake is repeated several times, then it doesn't remain a mistake
anymore. It becomes a crime and an offender must be punished for a crime, so it is appropriate when such publishers get banned
from Adsense. If you happen to accidentally click on your own ads unknowingly, then you must report this matter to Google
2. Displaying ads on questionable websites.
If you put Google Adsense on sites such as warez, porn, hacker and poker sites which are against the TOS, then you may run the risk
of getting banned from Adsense.
3. Showing ads on registration pages.
Showing Adsense on pages like thank you, registration or acknowledgement pages is against the TOS and may lead to a ban by
Google Adsense.
4. Placing relevant images next to ad blocks.
Tricking people to click on your ads by placing a relevant image next to the ad block is against the Adsense TOS and you may get
banned from this.
5. Registering for multiple accounts.
You are allowed to open only one Adsense account. It is not legitimate to open multiple accounts under the same name and address.
You may get banned if it comes to Google’s notice.
6. Re registering for an account after getting banned.
There is no legitimate way by which you can re open an Adsense account on your name once you are banned by Adsense. You
cannot cheat Google; they will sooner rather than later find it out and ban your account again. So it is better to look out for alternatives
once you are banned from the Adsense program.
- 41 -
7. Participating in Adsense click ring.
Adsense click ring is a group where each member of the group clicks on the other members ads. Google is smart enough to find it out
and ban your account.
8. Intentionally highlighting your ads.
Highlighting your ads by placing an arrow mark or any other method which will draw the attention of readers towards the ads is
against the TOS and may get you banned.
9. Asking people to click on your ads.
Never use a phrase or a sentence which resembles "Please click on the ads" on your blog.
10. Disclosing the CTR, earnings or impressions to others.
It is against Adsense TOS to disclose the account details to others. I know this point is debatable but better not do it to avoid any
11. Use of automated programs "bots" for clicking on your ads.
Never use automated programs that promise an increase in your Adsense earnings by artificial means. Google has a mechanism to
determine the valid and invalid clicks.
12. Displaying ads on pages with zero content.
Some publishers may open a new blog and put only google ads on it. It is not recommended as you may get banned for posting ad on
site with no content.
13. Hiring overseas personnel for clicking on your ads.
There are firms and individuals who do nothing but click on google ads. Google has blacklist of such sites and individuals and using
them will get you into trouble.
14. Creating Made for Adsense Websites.
Google is finally cracking down on MFA sites to maintain its reputation as no 1 online ad companies.
15. Displaying ads on hatred or militant websites.
Do not put your ads on sites which show hatred towards an individual or a group. Displaying ads on violence based sites is not
16. Artificial key word stuffing.
It is a big No-No and it may lead to account suspension or ban from Google.
17. Excessive profanity
I am not sure what is the limit but excessive profanity might get you a permanent ban from google.
18. Use of Pop up windows.
Putting ads on pop up windows which generate new pop ups when they are closed. This increases your page impressions artificially
and is against the TOS. you cannot put your ads even on pop under.
- 42 -
19. Promoting your site on traffic exchange.
Directly promoting your site on traffic exchange is not recommended as it may increase your page impressions artificially. You can
instead promote a splash page on traffic exchanges which will redirect to your site, this is the best way to use traffic exchange without
violating TOS.
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- 43 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XXI
How To Get Your Adsense Account Reinstated?
It has happened with most of us, worst email a blogger can receive: Your Adsense account is disabled. You are no longer part of the
program and you are deemed as a cheat by Google.
Here is what you need to do to get your Adsense account back in 7 days.
1. Never panic.
Google is not the only PPC advertising company in this world, there are better options like Yahoo, Bidvertiser which you can move to
instead of Adsense. There are thousand other ways to monetize your blog. Keep a cool head and don't panic.
2. Investigate the matter.
Information is everything in this case. It could be a friend, relative, colleague or competitor who would have accidentally clicked on
your ads. Gather the information and pass it on to Google.
3. Make an appeal.
Fill out an appeal form for disabled accounts. Telling the truth will only help solve the matter.Any suspicious activity is to be brought to
Google’s notice.
4. Be patient.
It is mentioned that it may take up to 48 hours for them to hear your appeal but in reality it may take upto 100 hours to hear your
appeal. be patient and don't bombard them with too many emails to be labeled as a spam.
5. On reinstatement, be happy
If your appeal is successful be happy and be careful to go through the TOS. It takes 48 hours to display google ads on your sites
again. You might not lose too much in those two days as compared to the amount of money you will earn for the rest of your life.
6. Appeal one more time.
If the ban is not lifted from your account, be patient and polite, make sure you appeal again. wade your way through the information
and see if there is something important which you might have missed. Are you sharing the same IP address with someone else, this
might be the case when you use a cyber cafe or office PC. You are told not to appeal again by Google but you should , this time with
much more information that will help Google investigate the matter in a better way.
7. Email the authorities.
Google employees are hard to trace, but you can trace them by using the Google search engine itself and email them explaining the
whole scenario. You can also go to Adsense help forum and get help from Google employees which visit the forum very often and are
always willing to help you. If you don't get anything from this at least you can get some traffic to your blog by pasting your link on the
If this doesn't work, try Adsense alternatives on your blog.
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- 44 -
Online money with Google Adsense - Part XXII
Why Adsense is still first choice of most publishers?
There are many PPC advertising companies but Google is still number one company in PPC advertising both for advertisers as well
as the publishers. Le.t us see what makes google number 1 and what separates it from the rest of the companies.
1. Highest PPC.
There is a tough competition for all the keywords in Google. Advertisers are willing to bid as high as possible to get the top slot for a
particular keyword, so that there ad is displayed on most number of sites and they get maximum traffic to their site. Google generates
huge revenue and it passes most of the revenue to its publishers. People like it because it is very high paying program.
2. Targeted Contextual ads.
Only Google has the ability to deliver ads matching the content of your site. This increases the chances of getting more clicks since
the ads blend smoothly with the content and look part of the sites content.
3. Huge advertising base.
Google has the largest advertiser base in PPC advertising. Both the services Adwords and Adsense are very well designed for the
benefit of general public. Others are hot on the heels of Google but it will take sometime to displace Google from the number 1
position in PPC advertising.
4. It is free.
The best part of the Adsense program is that it is free to join and anyone that has a website can join the program. There is no limit as
to how much money you can make with this program.
5. Easy implementation.
It is very easy to display Google ads on your website. There is a ready made code which you need to embed on your website to start
displaying ads and making money online.
6. Easy to track your Adsense earnings.
You can track the performance of individual ad block on your site or the performance of ads on a particular page by making Adsense
Adsense is a good program. It does most of the difficult work for you and all you have to do is collected the money accumulated by
displaying ads on your site.
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- 45 -
Online money with Google Adsense - Part XXIII
Power Of Adsense For Search
A lot of publishers have always wondered if there is a way by which you can increase your Google Adsense earnings. Is there a
different kind of Adsense which can give you high CTR and high revenue? If you think plain text ads are turning your readers off, then
there is an alternative for you called the Google Adsense for search.
Adsense for search allows you to add a Google search box to your site. This allows readers to use Google search right from your site.
The search results are displayed along with sponsored results and if anyone clicks on the sponsored links you get paid by Google (or
in particular the advertiser of the sponsored link). This helps your readers find useful information on your site or the web and gives you
insights of your readers.
Not many of the publishers might know the following fact about Adsense for search: The search results page can be easily
customized to fit your site's theme and content. This increases the use of Google search box on your site and hence increase in
overall click through rate(CTR). Your Adsense for search reports shows top 25 queries on your site. This information is particularly
useful when you want to decide the next post for your site or to determine the information which your site lacks. If a particular topic is
searched frequently on your site, you might as well consider adding the information instantaneously to improve traffic and fulfill the
demands of your readers.
Adsense for search feature is not used by most of the sites even though it is a good resource to increase your CTR and revenue, but
webmasters are slowly becoming aware of the earning potential and are adding it to their websites to increase the readers
experience, earn revenue and to very clearly understand the needs of their readers.
It is the right tool that should be used by webmasters who have low Adsense revenue to significantly boost your Adsense earnings.
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- 46 -
Online money With Google Adsense - Part XXIV
How To Make Money From Adsense Program?
Adsense by Google is a program that allows webmasters to display ads on their sites and getting paid for every ad that is clicked on
their site. As easy as it may sound , making money from Gogle Adsense is very difficult and only a handful of them have successfully
achieved financial freedom by using this program.
Why are people finding it tough to make money with Adsense?
The rules are very clearly laid down and as long as one follows these rules one can make good money from the Adsense program.
Going through the TOS laid down by Google has the following advantages:1. Avoid possibility of Getting banned. It is easy on the part
of publisher to break the TOS and getting slapped with a ban by Google and there is no possibility of getting back into the program
once banned. The TOS laid down by Google is to protect the interest of the advertisers and to avoid fraudulent activities. If you
wonder how often publishers get banned let me tell you that at least 1000 of them get banned everyday for breaking TOS.2.Learn
Adsense optimization tips. There is Adsense demo video which you can watch in order to optimize Adsense on your site. For new
publishers they have a detailed explanation on how to set up Adsense on your blog or website.
What should be your website content?
The following things you need to take care with the content of your website:
1. Unique Content. This helps you get higher rank in search engine rankings and provides your users with content they will not find
anywhere else.
2. Targeted Keywords. You need to be really particular about the keywords and niche of your website. This helps you get highly
targeted ads for your site because your site's content is highly targeted to a particular topic. If the crawler cannot decipher what is the
content of your website, you will end up getting ads which are highly ill targeted and do not match your site's content. In worse cases I
have seen public service ads being displayed because the crawler could not find any regularity in the content. Displaying public
service ads will not get you any money only targeted ads will.
What kind of traffic is helpful for your blog?
1. Targeted Traffic. You need visitors who are actually interested on your blog's content and you need thousands of them visiting your
blog on a daily basis. It is to be noted that you earn only a few cents per click , so to earn a decent amount you need good number of
clicks and hence large number of visitors to make it happen in reality.
2. Search Engine Traffic. Search engine traffic is a highly targeted traffic and for this reasons usage of proper keywords is absolutely
essential .Search engine traffic gives a high CTR. People visit your site through search engine because your site can provide
particular information which no their site in the world can provide.
Website Size.
The more number of pages you have on your site, more chances of getting traffic through search engines and more chances of
satisfying the needs of your readers.
So in conclusion I can say anyone who is willing to persevere can make decent money with Google Adsense program.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 47 -
Online money with Google Adsense - Part XXV
Google Adsense For The Employed People
A lot of people do not look for an alternative source of income because they are happy with the money they are getting from their full
time jobs as an engineer, consultant, etc. The thought of leaving the job and working from home to make the same amount makes
them nervous. These people believe in the proverb "A bird in Hand is worth two in the bush." A lot of successful people had to make a
choice between a 9 to 5 job and running a successful business of their own. Only a few of them made the right choice and these
people are looked up as achievers by others. If you can't leave your job and still are looking for an alternative source of income,
Google Adsense is just the right thing for you.
Google Adsense is the easiest and highly profitable business that you can start with zero investment. If you are already employed full
time then it makes your online business extremely easier. It makes your job a whole lot easier as you have a source of income until
you start making decent money through your online venture.
You are not required to own a web empire or have knowledge of programming to set up online business of Google Adsense. You
don't have to take a leave or meet people to make it a success.
To start making money from Adsense without leaving your current job all you need to have is a website and a webmaster friend who
can help you optimize your blog or website to make the most out of Adsense. If you know a little bit of programming knowledge of
ASP or PHP it will be of great help as you can play around with the look of your website until you find a design which suits you.
Now you need to decide a niche for your website. You need to pick a template matching your niche. You can have two types of
content on your website, one where you add the content manually or automated where others can actually add and edit content of
your site e.g Wikipedia. You may choose one of the following niches: Business, Finance, Forex , Sports , Travel. and invite people to
submit their articles which would be displayed on your blog.
Internet marketers would post lots of articles on your site, thereby bringing lots of visitors to your site. There would be some
webmasters which would copy your articles and post it on their site with a link back to your site. This would give you added visitors
and free back links which would help increase your search engine rankings and Google Page Rank.
All this you get while you are in your office. So you are making money from two sources instead of one. Isn't this easy?
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- 48 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XXVI
As I have been busy promoting my site on forums and blogs related to my niche, I was asked few questions which I would like to
address to in this post.
I have always stressed on a point that unique content is essential to get you good traffic from search engines and will help you build
website traffic in the long run. On the other hand I have suggested use of PLR articles & RSS feeds if you cannot update your site
frequently. The second method is not advised as you are not creating any content on your own and you could end up with duplicate
content as there might be other sites which would be using the same PLR articles as you are using. This brings us to a very important
question which will decide whether you achieve success with Adsense or not.
How do you prefer to build your Adsense empire?
There are two ways in which you can earn money with Adsense:
1. Have hundreds of websites with Google ads and each site giving you a $1 profit.
2. Have a single website which earns you $100 or more every single day.
In reality however most of the Adsense publishers fall somewhere in between these two categories. Having hundred websites will take
a lot of effort to maintain and manage each websites. Creating a unique content for each site would also be a problem. On the other
hand if you have a single website, it will be prone to fluctuations in search engines rankings, market trends, etc. You can choose any
of the two and plan in such a manner that you make more than most of the publishers using the Adsense program. I believe having a
single site with unique content would be much better than having hundred sites as you can promote a single site in a much better
manner and have ample of time for optimizing that site for a better search engine rankings.
How to decide niche for your site?
There are two ways to decide niche for your site:
1. Write on a topic which you are familiar and something you would enjoy blogging on.
2. Choose a topic which has a huge market demand with high paying keywords.
If it is your first site then I suggest you choose a topic which you would enjoy writing about. It could be your hobby or something you
have learnt in your professional career. This would make the process of creating the content easier and would involve less stress on
you. You need to just make sure that the topic or niche is not very uncommon and you would get sufficient ads for that topic or else
you would end up displaying public service ads which would get you anything. For example there are very few advertisers for the topic
ancient culture.(in fact there are virtually zero advertisers for this topic on Adwords). Once you have gotten hang of things and learn a
few tips about Adsense you may want to experiment with a few high paying keywords.
It is a proven fact that sites with a clear niche and high paying keywords perform well than suit built around a particular hobby or
interest. The ads a highly targeted and if you have a clear focus on a particular topic you will become an expert in the field. This would
make you understand the needs of the people and pump in the content according to their needs.
Don't run about very high paying keywords as you cannot compete with big shots and end up making no money at all. You should
target medium paying keywords which have moderate competition so that you stand a chance to make decent money from Adsense
- 49 -
Online money With Google Adsense - Part XXVII
Unleash the full potential of your website.
The best way to maximize your earnings is to use Google Adsense on your blog. Why should you choose Google Adsense over other
advertising options available?
1. Get better ads for your site.
Google Adsense program is meant for publishers who want to maximise their earnings from advertising, while maintaining a good
quality website which provides useful and unique content. Many publishers are faced up with a situation where they have to choose
between unsold ad inventory and highly untargeted banner ads. This ambiguity is overcome by using Google Adsense text ads which
are relevant to your site's content.
2. Maximized revenue.
With absolutely no investment required this program is free and recommended for all. You get highest paying ads on your website and
hence a high PPC.
3. Customize the appearance of your ads.
Use every inch of space available on your website. You can choose from any of the available templates to suit your needs. Customize
the color of the ads to match your sites content and look. Change the set up of ads on your site often so that your readers are not
getting used to it, which will help improve the CTR.
4. Serve ads from over 1,00,000 advertisers.
By using Google Adsense on your site, you can display ads from over 1, 00,000 advertisers who have chosen to partner and advertise
using Google. With advertisers ranging from huge corporate firms to small local business houses, you are 100% sure to get relevant
ads to your site.
5. Filter out ads from your competitors.
Filter out ads from your competitors to maintain a competitive edge . This helps your business grow while you safeguard your rights.
6. Getting started is easy.
You need to paste a few lines of HTML codes on your pages and within 10 minutes your site is up and running with Google Ads on it.
So if you are not using the program, I suggest you start using it now. You are losing valuable money if you are ignoring this program.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 50 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XXVIII
How to Remove Public Service Ads (PSA) in Google Adsense?
Google Adsense is a very good program for publishers who intend to make money from their website. With the help of Google
Adsense you can display targeted ads that match your site's content. But sometimes Public Service Ads are displayed on your site
instead of regular ads. These PSAs are displayed because Google could not find any regular ads matching your site's content.
Public service ads are bad because you don't get paid for clicks on PSAs . These ads are highly untargeted and never match your
site's content. It spoils the layout of your site. For example you have placed a vertical 160 x 600 template on your site; you expect at
least four regular Adsense ads on your site. Instead of that a single PSA will be displayed with large font size which will destroy your
site's regularity and make it look awful and bad.
Lets us discuss how to avoid public service ads being displayed on your site.
1. Create a good quality and original content for your website. Google rewards sites with quality original content. This will help you get
targeted ads and good search engine rankings.
2. Make sure that you use proper meta tags for your site's 'title' and 'description' which matches the content of your site. The headline
tags 'h1' and 'h2' should match the content of your post. It is used by Google to determine the search engine placement and finding
ads for your site.
3. Add the keywords which are you are targeting making sure that you don't overload your site with it. It will help you get ads for the
particular keywords you want and desire. Don't repeat a keyword more than three times as this will be considered as keyword stuffing
and that keyword will be ignored while finding ads for your site.
4. Focus on a definite theme for your website and make sure you write posts which match your site's theme. Never deviate from your
site's main theme in order to get targeted ads.
5. Never place multiple ad units on your site if your site's theme is very abstract and there are very less advertisers for that particular
product or service.
6. Use section targeting to find highly relevant ads for your site. In section targeting you ask Adsense crawler to spider only a part of
the content for which you want ads to be displayed.
If you still cannot get rid of the PSAs then it may be due to one of the following reasons:
1. If you have updated your site's content then it may take 48-72 hours for Google to index your page. The Adsense crawler
will immediately index your post and start displaying the ads , which will become more focused after your site is indexed by Google
search engine crawler.
2. Your site may contain some objectionable content. Your site may contain an objectionable phrase or keyword which may have
been added to your site accidentally. Remove the phrases and keywords which may have violated the Adsense TOS and PSAs will
- 51 -
3. The robots.txt file of your site may not be properly configured which may prevent Adsense crawler from spidering your sites content.
Add the following code to your robots.txt file: User-agent: Mediapartners-Google*.
4. Do not use frames as they make crawling your site's content difficult. Also IFRAME'S prevent proper indexing of your site resulting
in PSAs being displayed on your site.
5. There may not be ads available in your region. There may be a case that ads may be displayed on your site in USA but PSAs may
be showing in Zimbabwe. This may be due to advertisers choosing a selective list of countries to target for their ads.
6. Check whether you have installed the Adsense code properly on your site. Do not modify the code as this will be against
the Adsense TOS.
7. If you are using a password protected page make sure you enable access for Adsense crawler or else PSAs will be displayed on
your site.
8. Reduce the number of blocked URLs , to have enough ads to be displayed on your site.
9. Remove Session ids from your site's url. If your site's URL is dynamic and not static it will not be indexed by Google and hence you
will get PSAs being displayed on your site.
Methods to block PSAs:
1. Fill the ad block by solid colour instead of Public Service Ads. You can suggest any particular colour to be filled in the ad template
space when there are no ads matching your site's content.
2. Suggest ad from an alternative ad agency like Bidvertiser or YPN instead of PSAs.
3. You can use collapsible ad. Instead of PSA nothing will be showed at all.
So each time you update your site make sure that all the pages are displaying proper ads and not PSAs. If any of the pages are
showing PSAs then change the page accordingly to stop PSAs from displaying on your site.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 52 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part XXIX
How to make your ads work for you?
Choose the correct ad format:
Dress them for success. How do you want the ads to be displayed on your site? Banners? Rectangles ? Square ? or even
Skyscrapers ? What about the border colors and background for ads?
The choices are multiple and confusing. Many people don't experiment and stick to the default settings provided by Google. From my
experience I can tell you that you are committing a big mistake if you are doing this. It is the difference between earning $ 10 instead
of earning $ 100.
If you are running a website with Google ads using the default ad settings believe me you have earned only 10 % of the amount you
actually should have. There are thousand of combinations and you can experiment till you find out a combination which works well for
your site. But for the really impatient ones who don't want to spend long hours experimenting with the ad combinations, here are few
tips that will help skyrocket your Adsense CTR and earnings.
The most important point to be kept in mind here is that people visit your site to get information and not for ads. Do not make your ads
stick out from the site's content by using peppy colors, images, borders which make people easy distinguish them as ads and avoid
them. The ads placed on top and bottom are very easily ignored.
If you to have a high CTR, make your ads look like an integral part of your content. But before that we need to understand what the
types of ads available are and their uses.
Text ads- Probably the finest ad type. This type of ad is suitable for most of the sites. A small headline followed by a description and
and a link to the advertisers website. There are various shapes and sizes available from which you can choose the most suitable ones
for your site.
Image ads- Very easy to ignore. These ads stand out from the content and thus are very easily ignored by the readers. Make sure
that text ads is always your first choice as people give preference to content rather than images.
Link Units- To be used as fillers.These ad units occupy the least space and can be as profitable as the text unit. The are small and
most often go unnoticed, this in no way reduces their effectiveness.
We will discuss each type of ad and their possible utilization in the next post.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 53 -
Online Money With Google Adsense - Part 30
What are Text Ads?
One of the most commonly used ad formats by webmasters all over the world. It consists of a box with a catchy headline a short
description and a webpage URL. There is a small ads by Google logo at the bottom of the ad block. There are eight different types of
text ads made available by Google to the publishers.
Leaderboard(728 x 90)
The most common among these is the 728 x 90 leader board which covers the entire screen and is usually placed at the top of the
page. For me it is a smart choice, it is the first thing visitors see and gives them a good number of options to choose from. It is
recommended for beginners which are still experimenting and trying to find out what is the best ad type suited to their site. It is one ad
type you can use as default and make money till you find the right combination and balance of ads for your site. You can use 728 x
90 leader board in between forum posts as well but generally 468 x 90 is well suited for such type of ad placement as it blends easily
and looks more natural than 728 x 90 leader board. Never put 728 x 90 leader board at the bottom of the page as the chances of
getting clicks is little unless you have only one post on your webpage. So 728 x 90 leader board should be place beneath the
navigation bar, in between the forum posts to be effective and have a high CTR.
Full Banner ads and half banner ads
You can use a full banner ad (468 x 60) on top of page just like the leader board. You can use leader board on your site for a week
and then switch over to Full banner for a week, compare the results of both and keep the one which is more profitable and brings in
more clicks. Personally at the top of the page I think leader board would do well than Full banner ad format. A Full banner would leave
too much blank space on one side of the page, this can be annoying and eye catching for your readers. Mostly I prefer to put Full
banner (468 x 60) ad and half banner (234 x 60) ad in the middle of the page. Full banner and half banner ads should be your default
option for end of posts and bottom of the blog.
Squares, Small rectangles, medium rectangles, Large rectangles and buttons.
The most common use of these ad blocks is at the beginning of the articles. you can wrap the text around the article , so if the reader
has to read the content he has to look at the ad block as well. This is a very effective way to get reader to notice your ad and get a
high CTR. The best part of these type of ads is that you can put them almost anywhere on the page and they will be very effective.
You can place two rectangular blocks of 336 x 280 at the top of the page instead of a leader board and it will be very effective to get
you high CTR. Buttons are generally used on the sidebars as fillers.
Final ad type The Skyscrapers.
These come in three basic types - skyscraper (120 x 600), wide Skyscraper (160 x 600) and banner (120 x 240). These are generally
placed in the sidebars of the webpage. I believe that using a wide skyscraper is the best option for your sidebar. The sidebar should
be placed on right hand side of the webpage. The reason being that most of the users are right handed and placing ads on RHS will
reduce the distance readers will have to move their mouse over to click the ads and hence you will get a high CTR.
In my opinion putting vertical ads in sidebar so that they blend with each other and give the page a cleaner look is the best way to
monetize your site with text ads.
Make Money Online With Google Adsense - Vinay Rai (
- 54 -
Online Money With Google Adsense – Part 31
Image ads - Easily Ignored or more eyecatching than conventional text ads.
Text ads are always the first choice when are looking to monetize your site. Publishers are always hesitant to display image ads on
their site. Text ads have certain advantages over image ads which are listed below:
1. If you choose the correct font size and color for your text ads, they can easily blend with the content of your site and make your
readers feel that they are part of the content and thereby generating more clicks are readers clicks on the ads to gather more
information on the topic. With image ads you cannot change the color, only thing you can do is to change its position and size. Thus it
becomes difficult to make it look like a part of the content.
2. You can display more number of text ads in the space which is occupied by an image ad. More number of choices to your reader
better is the chance of enticing a click on your ads.
3. The font size of the text in the image ad will never match with your content thereby making them look like a clutter and annoying the
4. People love banners but rarely click on them. A more appropriate choice in this case would be to use text ad which looks like part of
the content.
This doesn't necessarily mean that you should stop using image ads on your site. One of the best advantages of an image ad is that it
will give you more per click than all the text ads combined for the size you choose. This means a very high CTR, but you should only
you image ads as a filler for left over space and preferably place it very close to bottom of the page.
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Online Money with Google Adsense – Part 32
Link Units- Invisible ads that pays
Ad link are potentially as profitable as your conventional text and image ads and the best part is that they require less space than any
other ad format. They are very small, and go almost unnoticed but they can be extremely profitable when you use them effectively on
your site.
Link units generally contain four or five ad links. Their size varies from 20 x 90 to 200 x 90 and is generally meant to be placed on top
and bottom of your webpage. Since you can place various ad formats on your webpage, sometimes you would be spoilt for choice.
The best option in this case would be to display at least one block of each ad type (text, image and link). The main reason being that if
a user doesn't find something interesting in one ad type he might as well find it in another ad block. This would help you generate
good revenue and it should be implemented by all the webmasters who wish to earn decent money from the site and have a decent
Ad link units only display a list of certain topics that Google believes are relevant to your site's content. These should not be mistaken
as ads, when a reader clicks on a particular topic he is redirected to a page which contains targeted ads for that particular topic.
One of the biggest disadvantages of ad link units is that users have to go through two clicks for you to get paid. That is correct;
publishers are only paid for the second click and not the first. The best part of using this type of ad unit is that you can click on the
topics displayed on your website to check for the relevance of ads served, without the threat of getting banned by Google for clicking
on your own ads.
Some experts argue that if someone clicks on a topic in the ad link unit he is very much interested in that topic and there are very high
chances that he might click on the ads that are being displayed on the results page. On the other hand it is a very time consuming
process and if the results are not relevant to topic it may annoy the reader and he may not visit the site again. So link unit is a two
edged sword which should be used carefully to take advantage of it or else it will end up hurting you very badly.
Link ads should be placed
1.On a site with a specific theme - The site should be meant for a particular group of audience with highly targeted and focused
topics. Link ads should not be used for sites meant for general public as it will give general ads and very few clicks.
2. Above the fold- The link unit should necessarily be placed quite close to the top of the page to entice more clicks, it is best to place
it just below your site's headline.
There are two types of link units Horizontal and Vertical. From my personal experience I can tell you that using Horizontal link units
can shoot up your CTR by as high as 200%.The horizontal link units can be quite a good alternative toleaderboard, since it occupies
less space and is very subtle. Keeping link units for sites with high paying keywords as you can get very high cost per click.
So you can use link ads to increase the CTR and give your readers more alternatives to choose from.
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Online Money With Google Adsense – Part 33
Use Google Search to give your readers what they want.
Even though you are writing on a particular topic for a long time it may happen that you may not have covered all the topics in your
niche. What happens when a reader who visits your site doesn't find all the information on a particular topic on your website? They
might leave your site , perform Google search and visit other site which may provide them with the information that they are looking
for. Now imagine if you have a Google search box on your site, these readers would use it and you can make money if they click and
visit sponsored listings in the Google search results.
While most of the webmasters use Google search box above the fold, I recommend placing the search box at the bottom of the page.
The reason being that your ads above the fold wont be ignored and this will increase the time your readers spend on your site. You
can add a simple message like 'cant find what you were searching for? Use Google search for your search box.
A Google search box is similar to Google search except the fact that along with search results, some sponsored results are displayed
which are nothing but the targeted ads for the keyword specified in search term. Thus you can be assured that the ads displayed are
highly relevant and will give you more CTR than conventional text ads. The search box is extensively used by sites having original and
rich content. The Google search box is being used extensively by popular forums to help them earn from relevant ads for the search
Putting a Google search box on your site has its share of advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage being that the ads
displayed will always be relevant and thus will help you get more CTR. User searches for the keyword and hence there are very high
chances of him clicking on the ads. On the other hand it becomes very obvious that you have no control over the ads being displayed
and you cannot control the keywords being searched. You have to accept what you get. This means that even though you may have a
very high CTR but low revenue because the keywords being searched would be very low paying ones. Also there is no guarantee that
every time user will click on sponsored listings instead of the regular listings.
Any reader will never stay on your site for eternity and why not try and make some money by giving them an option to find information
that they are looking for. Even if Adsense for search doesn't bring you appreciable amount of money, you add extra functionality to
your site and earn extra amount by using it on your site.
Encourage your readers to set your site as their homepage and search using the Google search box that you have provided on your
site. If you do that you provide your users the site with same functionality as Google with better search options are sponsored listings
are not displayed in regular search results by Google.
Finally, you need to customize your search box just like you customize text and image ads on your site. You need to make the search
box look like a part of the site, only thing being that keep the color of the search button grey. It will remind people of Google and they
are more likely to use your search box than go to and search.
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