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Pre-Camp Information
WINTER (September 1, 2013 - June 15, 2014)
Phone & Fax
P.O. Box 585
Exmore, VA 23350
(757) 789-3477
SUMMER (June 16 - August 30, 2014)
Route 2, Box 5A
Alderson, WV 24910
Phone & Fax
(757) 789-3477
Office Hours
8:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
1:45 p.m - 6:30 p.m.
[email protected]
First Term Dates:
June 29 to July 19, 2014
Second Term Dates:
July 20 to August 9, 2014
Dear Camp Parents,
Hello from all of us at Camp Greenbrier for Boys.
Although we are a couple of months away, we are
already excited about our 116th summer on the banks of
the Greenbrier River!
Please take a few minutes to read through this
booklet. It contains quite a bit of information about your
son’s stay with us.
Included with this booklet are several forms and a
Statement of the balance due for your son’s camp fee.
No Statement is enclosed if your son’s camp fee has been
paid in full. Please return all of the necessary forms
and fees to our Exmore, Virginia office by May 15,
2014 – this applies to both first and second term
campers. There is a checklist on the last page of the
booklet that will assist you.
Also, a reminder that campers are not permitted
to have cell phones or any electronic devices that can
play videos, games, or can access the Internet. Please
be sure that your son(s) knows these guidelines.
Feel free to contact us if you have questions about
Thank you,
The Camp Greenbrier Family
Basic Information
We provide a nurse or doctor on site in our Infirmary.
There is also a local doctor’s office a few hundred yards
from the camp entrance, the local ambulance service is two
miles away, and the regional hospital is 13 miles away. We
do not provide accident insurance nor prescription
PROVIDE HEALTH INSURANCE for your child. In the
event there is a need for medical treatment outside of camp,
the local doctor’s office, hospital, or pharmacy will bill you
for services that your own medical insurance may cover.
Medical Policy
We expect all of our campers to be healthy when they
arrive at camp and to remain healthy throughout their stay.
However, with 145 boys in our care for six weeks, we
know that there will be some mishaps and routine illnesses.
If your child becomes ill or is injured during his stay at
Greenbrier, our medical staff will be available 24 hours a
day to attend to his needs. If we feel that his infirmity
warrants your concern, we will notify you by telephone.
Please keep in mind, however, that on a day-to-day basis,
boys may get minor cuts, sore muscles, earaches, upset
stomachs, etc., and that such routine ailments may not be of
enough gravity to warrant notifying parents.
We will always contact you when a doctor’s visit or
hospital visit, such as for an x-ray, is necessary.
Remember that a minor health problem, such as a nagging
case of poison ivy, may require prescription medication. In
such cases, you may receive a statement from the local
pharmacy even though we have not notified you of a
problem. Rest assured that this indicates your child's
illness or injury was judged to be mild and expected to be
Routine Medication
The doctor or nurse administers all medication that campers
and counselors take, usually at mealtimes, or at bedtime, as
directed by your child’s doctor. If you send prescription
medication for your son, be sure to send it in the original
bottle from the pharmacy. All medications are stored in
the Infirmary.
Health History and Examination Form
The parent or guardian of each camper must complete the
Health History for Campers form included with these
materials and sign and date the second page. Physicals
are not required for the campers.
Please make a copy of your health card and prescription
card, if two separate cards, and include them with your
health form when you send it in. This way we can provide
them to any health care provider your son sees and you
may not have to file an insurance claim after the fact.
The 2014 Pre-Camp Form is included with this booklet.
Please complete it and return it with payment to our
Exmore, Virginia address by May 15, 2014. Feel free to
combine payment for all fees and expenses on one check or
on one credit card charge. Payment may be made by Visa,
MasterCard, or check payable to Camp Greenbrier for
A Statement detailing any outstanding tuition, room &
board, and tax is enclosed. No statement is enclosed if
these fees have already been paid in full. Any balance is
due by May 15, 2014.
Store Account
Single term campers should have $75.00 in their store
account. Full Season campers should have $150.00. Please
indicate the spending money amount on the enclosed 2014
Pre-Camp Form.
Any money left in your son’s account at the end of the
session will be given to him to take home. If your son
spends more than he has in his account, we will bill you for
the difference. We will do our best to make sure that your
son does not overspend his account.
Camp Store
Items such as stamps, envelopes, snacks and drinks, tennis
balls, toothpaste, batteries, etc., can be purchased at the
Camp Store. Our store also has a great selection of high
quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, and hats that are suitable
for your child to wear at home and at school.
Clothing Items in the Camp Store
The following items can be purchased prior to camp. See
the 2014 Pre-Camp Form for details on ordering.
Camp Greenbrier T-Shirts
Boys’ Sizes: S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16)
Men’s Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Camp Greenbrier Sweatshirts (without hood)
Boys’ Sizes: S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16)
Men’s Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Camp Greenbrier Hooded Sweatshirts
Boys’ Sizes: S(6-8), M(10-12), L(14-16)
Men’s Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Camp Greenbrier Shorts
Boys’ Sizes: S, M, L
Men’s Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Camp Greenbrier Baseball Caps
One size fits all
All items ordered will be held at camp until the camper’s
arrival to ensure proper fit. Tax is included in the sales
price for all items. Most campers purchase at least one
Camp Greenbrier for Boys t-shirt. We will put your son’s
name on his clothing when he receives it.
Tutoring is optional for the campers. Campers can receive
instruction in Math or English. The cost of tutoring is
$130.00 per subject for one term of tutoring (13 hours), and
$260.00 for full season tutoring (26 hours). Campers may
receive no more than one hour of tutoring per day. If
tutoring is desired, please note the subject on the enclosed
2014 Pre-Camp Form.
If your child is going to be tutored at Camp, it is very
important for him to bring everything he needs with him.
We do not provide any tutoring materials. When he
arrives, he should have a detailed description of what is to
be covered in the 13 hours of tutoring, along with all books
and other materials he will need.
IMPORTANT: On the 2014 Pre-Camp Form, be sure
to include information regarding how your son will
come to camp and go home, regardless of the mode of
transportation to and from camp.
Buses - General Information
We will provide chartered and chaperoned buses from the
locations listed on the following page. The buses will
travel on the first and last days of each term. Each camper
will need a bag lunch and a drink for the trip to Camp.
When sending your son to Camp on the bus, please arrive
30 minutes prior to the departure time to allow for loading
of the bus.
When picking your son up at the end of a term, be sure to
check with the chaperone prior to leaving the drop off site
so that the chaperone can check your son off the list of
travelers and can make sure he has all of his belongings.
Please understand that traffic and other factors may affect
times of arrival and departure. We will make every effort
to adhere to the schedule as stated.
Bus fees cover the cost of transporting the camper, his
luggage (trunk and duffel), and an extra or two (fishing rod,
etc.). If you are sending information on the bus for the
Camp Office or for the Infirmary, including camp forms or
money, tutoring information, prescription medications, etc.,
do not put these items in your son’s trunk. Please put such
items in a marked envelope and give the envelope to the
bus chaperone.
Remember that buses travel on the first and last days of the
sessions - Sunday, June 29 and Saturday, July 19 for first
term, and Sunday, July 20 and Saturday, August 9 for
second term.
Bus Pick Up Information
Departure Point:
Pikesville Middle School
7701 Seven Mile Lane, Pikesville
Departure Time:
9:00 am
$70.00 one way; $140.00 round trip
Departure Point:
Walt Whitman High School
7100 Whittier Blvd., Bethesda
Departure Time:
10:45 am
$60.00 one way; $120.00 round-trip
Departure Point:
Northampton High School, Eastville
Departure Time:
8:00 am
$70.00 one way; $140.00 round-trip
Departure Point:
Quality Inn, Lake Wright
(Across from Norfolk Academy)
6280 Northampton Blvd., Norfolk
To the left behind the motel by
Dominion Hall
Departure Time:
9:00 am
$65.00 one way; $130.00 round-trip
Departure Point:
Departure Time:
Collegiate School
North Mooreland Road, Richmond
(lot in front of Fine Arts Building)
11:30 am
$55.00 one way; $110.00 round-trip
Return Bus Times (same locations):
Approximate arrival times for campers riding the bus home
are as follows: Baltimore, MD - 4:00 pm; Washington, DC 2:30 pm; Eastern Shore - 4:30 pm; Norfolk - 3:30 pm; and
Richmond - 1:00 pm.
NOTE: If there is any significant change in the above bus
schedules, we will contact you at your home telephone
Campers traveling to camp by car should be dropped off
between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the first day of the term.
Please do not plan to drop your campers off before 10:00
a.m. – our gate will not be open. Please state your estimated
time of arrival on the enclosed 2014 Pre-Camp Form.
Parents picking boys up at the end of a term should pick up
their children between 9:00 a.m. and noon.
Greenbrier Valley Airport in Lewisburg, West Virginia, is
about 20 minutes from camp. We will pick up campers
flying into Greenbrier Valley Airport on the opening day of
either session. Campers may also fly home from Greenbrier
Valley on the closing day of either session. There is no fee
for pick ups or drop offs from Greenbrier Valley Airport.
We can also pick up and drop off campers flying into and out
of Dulles International Airport. We can only pick campers
up from Dulles who fly in the day BEFORE their camp
session begins. We pick them up, put them up for the night
with long-time camp friends, and put them on the camp’s
chartered bus the next day. There is a $135.00 fee for the
pick up, the place to stay overnight, meals, and the bus trip to
Campers flying home from Dulles should book flights that
depart AFTER 3:30 p.m. on the last day of the session. This
gives us time to get them to the airport for their flights.
There is a $100.00 fee for the bus to Dulles.
Please mark all flight information on the 2014 Pre-Camp
Some cities offer train service to camp. You should check
with Amtrak for the schedule to Alderson, West Virginia.
You are required to make a reservation in advance. Please
mark the time of arrival or departure on the travel slip so we
can meet your son’s train. There is no fee for this pick up or
drop off.
Traveling West on Interstate 64: Take the Alta Exit, also
known as Exit 161 and Route 12; go left (south) at the end of
the exit ramp. The entrance to Camp is 11.6 miles on the left
just past the Subway Sandwich Shop.
Traveling East on Interstate 64: Take the Alta Exit, also
known as Exit 161 and Route 12; go right (south) at the end
of the exit ramp. Then follow the above instructions.
See for more detailed directions.
Places to Stay Near Camp
In White Sulphur Springs (35 minutes east of camp on I-64)
James Wylie House B & B
Lillian’s B & B
White Oaks B & B
The Greenbrier Resort
304 536-9444
877 536-1048
304 536-3404
304 536-1110
In Lewisburg (20 minutes east of camp on I-64)
Quality Inn
Relax Inn
General Lewis Inn
Hampton Inn
304 645-7722
304 645-2345
304 645-2600
304 645-7300
A What to Bring list is enclosed with this booklet. It can
also be found on our website,
Under “Other Info” on the menu bar click on “How to Sign
Up & Forms.” The general practice is for each camper to
bring a trunk for clothing and small articles, and a duffel
bag for bedding and larger, bulky items. Please tape the
enclosed What to Bring list to the inside of your son’s trunk
so that we know what he brought to camp. Some campers
bring hinged, plastic trunks rather than the traditional camp
trunks. Either is fine.
Please bear in mind that anything your son brings to camp
may be lost or broken. With 145 campers and 44
counselors running around, jumping in the river, etc., items
are sure to be misplaced or broken. For this reason, we
strongly urge you not to send anything your son, or you,
cannot live without.
Some campers bring their personal fishing equipment, golf
clubs, lacrosse sticks and gloves, archery bows, or baseball
bats. Immediately upon arrival at camp, bows, baseball
bats, and golf clubs are to be turned into the Office. These
items will be given to the appropriate activity heads for use
by the camper during regular activity periods.
EVERYTHING!! Really, Everything!! His trunk,
toothbrush, shampoo, flashlight, every shoe, books,
everything! Because campers often do not recognize their
own belongings, their name or initials will help us return
misplaced items. Use a permanent laundry marker to mark
your son’s belongings. For shirts and pants, the normal
place to put your son’s name or initials is on the tag, or next
to the tag.
Please note that we may need to go through your camper’s
belongings for a number of reasons. Whether it is to make
sure that he goes home with everything he brought to camp,
to look for a lost item, or for some other reason, this will be
done as discretely as possible and only if absolutely
necessary. Please make sure that your son is aware of the
guidelines in this section prior to his coming to camp.
Campers should not bring knives, hatchets, firearms,
matches, lighters, fireworks, or weapons of any type.
Campers are also prohibited from bringing cell phones
to camp. Electronic devices that play games, videos, or
can access the Internet are also not allowed. Campers
can bring devices that play music but if they also do any of
the things mentioned above, or if they are cell phones, they
are not permitted.
Additionally, we recommend that you do not send
valuables to camp with your child. Items such as radios,
cameras, watches, and cd players are easily broken or lost
and are certainly not necessary ingredients for a happy
camping experience. We cannot be responsible for these
items. But for those campers who do choose to bring these
items, send a generous supply of extra batteries.
General Information
Please do not send food, candy, or gum to camp. If food,
candy, or gum is received, it will be discarded. In a
supervised situation, the campers are able to get snacks and
goodies from our Jigger Shop (camp store). We ask that
you not send food or candy for a number of reasons
including the dangers that some foods, like peanuts, can
present to campers with potentially life-threatening
allergies. Also, storing these items safely away from bugs
and other critters is difficult. We suggest in lieu of food:
letters, postcards, comic books, yesterday's sports page or
comic strips, paperback books of interest, games to play
during Rest Hour, etc.
Please be sure to pass on the contents of the “What to
Send” list below to all relatives and friends.
What to Send
YES: Paperback books, Sunday comics, comic books,
books of puzzles, stories, sports pages, magazines, playing
cards, baseball cards, post cards, letters, hacky sacks,
Frisbees, yo-yos, inexpensive toys, disposable cameras, and
happy news.
NO: Candy, gum, food, fireworks, sparklers, cap guns,
expensive toys, enormous bags of popcorn, magic markers,
laser pointers, balloons, or sad news.
The camp phone is for camp business only. Campers may
not receive telephone calls nor may they use the phone to
place calls except in the case of an emergency (as
determined by the Camp Director). A telephone call will
often create homesickness where none existed. We
encourage parents and relatives to send mail every couple
of days. Mail call is important when you are at camp; but
avoid sending letters or packages every day.
The camp fee covers the cost of laundry. Unlimited
laundry is done in camp for every camper once a week.
Please make sure that the two laundry bags you send with
your son have string ties at the top of each bag.
Campers are not permitted to have visitors. We do not
permit visiting because we have found that it is generally
not in the campers' best interests. Visitors often cause
homesickness where none previously existed, even in a
camper who merely sees another camper’s parents visiting.
We do, however, want you to meet our staff and see our
facilities, so we suggest you either bring your son to camp
or pick him up at the end of his stay. Please understand
that our visiting policy is for the well-being of all campers.
Campers are not permitted to use, or have in their
possession, tobacco, alcohol, or unprescribed drugs in any
_____ Complete the Pre-Camp Form and return it with the
appropriate payment & a picture of your son
_____ Complete the Health Form and return it with a copy
of your insurance and/or prescription cards
_____ Put your son’s name on absolutely everything with
a permanent laundry marker
_____ Tape the What to Bring list to the inside of your
son’s trunk lid
_____ If your son will be tutored, prepare all tutoring
materials for your son (instruction letter, books,
worksheets, paper, etc.)
_____ If your son is taking one of the camp buses to camp,
prepare a bag lunch and drink for him to take on the
_____ Share the “Packages from Home” information with
relatives and friends
Please send all payments and forms to:
Camp Greenbrier for Boys
P.O. Box 585
Exmore, VA 23350
Additional Forms:
This booklet and the accompanying forms can be printed
from our website Click on
“Other Info” on the menu bar and then on “How to Sign Up
& Forms” from the drop down menu for the forms.

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