How to Get Everything You Can Out of Joint Ventures

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How Oprah Winfrey created a multi-million dollar
stream of income with one simple joint venture…and
how you can “adapt” what she did and do the exact
same thing!
A simple little “trick” you can use to get almost anyone
you joint venture with to deal with you honestly and
ethically all the time!
A special way to use the Yellow Pages, the Internet and
a simple mathematical formula (so easy an 8th grader
can understand) to make a six-figure monthly income!
A “last stop” option that will get people who are
skeptical of joint ventures to not only eagerly want to do
business with you…but also give you up to 50% more of
the profits per sale!
How to quickly and easily “arrange” it so you are
automatically paid for each sale made in your joint
venture…as soon as they happen!
What exact words to say when you talk to investors so
they immediately respect you and take you
seriously…even if you are a “rookie…just starting out!
An exclusive look at how Wal-Mart generates millions
of dollars per year using joint ventures…and how you
can “model” what they do and pay yourself a bundle
How to take the sting out of negotiating your fees for
setting up joint ventures without feeling awkward or
having to be an expert negotiator!
A sure-fire way of knowing – with almost 100% when
getting a investor to finance one of your joint accuracy –
if you should trust someone enough to joint venture with
them…after just one conversation!
The easiest way to keep track of sales so you know
exactly how much money is being generated by your
deals at any given time!
How to instantly “train” yourself to spot profitable joint
venture deals everywhere you go!
How acting “dumb” can put money in your pocket when
getting a investor to finance one of your joint ventures!
Eye-opening advice on making your deals and offers so
irresistible…people will bend over backwards to work
with you!
A “no-brainer” secret to getting joint venture partners
eagerly seeking you out – saving you hundreds of hours
in time and energy!
Table of Contents
Introduction.................................................................................. 1
The Most Powerful Profit Generating System Ever Created!!!................ 3
Advantages Of Joint Venture Marketing............................................. 5
Why Joint Ventures Work................................................................ 7
Three Powerful Ways to Use Joint Ventures and Pull in Big Bucks ......... 9
Telephone Contact ....................................................................... 15
Product Owner and Deal Maker...................................................... 19
Making Contact ........................................................................... 25
Phone Contact............................................................................. 29
Deal Maker ................................................................................. 33
Examples Of Joint Venture Partnerships .......................................... 35
Choosing the Right Opportunities ................................................... 41
Creating Irresistible Deals That Will Make People Bend Backwards to
Work with You............................................................................. 43
Overcoming Objections................................................................. 47
How To Find Investors and Finance Any Joint Venture Deal................ 49
Negotiating Tips and Tricks ........................................................... 57
Tracking and Testing .................................................................... 61
Writing Endorsement Letters That Practically Pull Money Out of People’s
Wallets and Into Your Bank Account ............................................... 63
Writing Sales Letters .................................................................... 69
Copywriting Worksheet................................................................. 81
Direct Mail Tips ........................................................................... 83
Examples of Joint Ventures ........................................................... 85
Examples of Agreements .............................................................. 87
Joint Venture Questionnaire Form .................................................. 91
Creating A Backend...................................................................... 93
New Joint Venture Project Checklist................................................ 95
Final Tips.................................................................................. 101
Conclusion ................................................................................ 103
JV Business Resources................................................................ 105
FREE REPORTS: ....................................................................... 111
Thousand-Year-Old Money-Making Secret Works Even Better
Today With the Internet ................................................... 111
Become A High Paid Marketing Consultant in 45-Days or
Less...Without Any Prior Marketing, Business Or Consulting
Experience ..................................................................... 128
How to Buy Your Own Million-Dollar Business...Without Needing
Banks, Credit, or Prior Experience ..................................... 149
Secret "Loophole" In World Economic System Lets You Buy
Almost Anything At 80% Off Or Less.................................. 168
What would it take to improve your business today?
You may have heard about joint ventures before, multimillion-dollar companies
partnering up and ethically using each other’s resources to make more money than
you’ve ever imagined.
Maybe you think joint ventures are just for giant companies. I thought the same
thing when I first started, but I was wrong. A company of any size can profitably use
joint ventures. Here are the reasons why you should start hunting down joint ventures
everywhere you go.
1. They cost nothing! - It costs you nothing to set up a joint venture. You
only have to pay when sales are made.
2. There’s Zero Risk! - If it doesn’t work out, you’ve lost nothing, so who
cares? If it becomes successful, you’ll make great profits.
3. Everybody Can Use Joint Ventures! - Right now, there are thousands of
people that you can setup a joint venture with.
4. They Require Little Time! - You can set up and start a joint venture in a
few weeks or a few days.
5. They Quickly Produce Profits! - After implementing a joint venture, it
starts producing traffic and sales. So you don’t have to wait around for a
long time.
These five reasons alone should make joint ventures a very exciting and profitable
system for you to pursue. This is just the beginning.
You can even make money with joint ventures if you are dead broke and have no
experience or resources at all.
You Don't Even Need To Have A Product To Do This!
That’s right, I said you don’t need to have a product. So many people want an
instant product that will get eaten up by a starving crowd. It takes time, hard work, and
confidence to create and make your own profitable product, I should know. Not everyone
is motivated to CREATE their own product.
Page 1
What would it take to improve your business today?
Everyone Needs To Do Joint Venture Deals!
You can search out deals by finding two companies that should be doing joint
ventures, introduce them to the concept of joint ventures and help them to arrange the
deal. You get to take a percentage from either or both sides of the deal.
I’m working on a deal between a copywriter and an envelope business. I want to
get the envelope company to offer its list of business accounts the opportunity to have
copywriters create newsletters, sales letters, etc., to increase their profits. It’s a perfect
partnership because the business owners will buy even more printing paper and envelopes
from the envelope business. Businesses would love to send out more mailings, but many
times they just don’t have the in-house talent to get the job done. The copywriters get
more work and hopefully on going jobs. This is a great opportunity to create an ongoing
monthly profit center.
If you do joint ventures right, you’ll actually see a profit from each deal. You
could be doing a deal a month and earn $10,000 on average (sometimes more).
In order to make the most out of this experience, you need to look at the world
with the eyes of a marketing/joint venture expert. You’ll soon see opportunities pop up in
front of you, where you never saw them before.
1. Even if you don’t have a lot of capital right now, think about everything as if
you have lots of money and soon you will.
2. You must have the attitude that you have no problem walking away from a deal
no matter how good the opportunity may look. You must be willing to walk
away and keep looking ahead for better deals.
3. If you begin to take any and all offers that come your way because you need
money, soon both you and your bank account will be very sorry.
4. No amount of money is worth doing business with people that you can't stand.
Remember this when someone approaches you or you approach someone with
an offer.
5. Finding the owners of products and lists is simple. You can find them in many
different ways. I’ll cover these different ways in another chapter.
Going through this course, hopefully, will help you avoid any possible pitfalls and
land mines on your way to success. So, turn to the next page and let’s get started.
Page 2
What would it take to improve your business today?
The Most Powerful Profit Generating
System Ever Created!!!
Joint venturing is a very simple process, and powerful marketing tool. However,
less than 5% of business owners use joint ventures properly and most don’t use it at all.
Joint ventures aren’t very complicated; they’re based on the business rule that says,
“People like to buy from someone they know and trust.”
The relationship between a business owner and his/her customers is the most
valuable asset that business has. This asset isn’t measured in dollars, but if you learn how
to leverage it, it’s as good as gold.
Joint ventures are very powerful and profitable when you consider the marginal
net worth of a buyer/subscriber list.
It can cost six times as much to sell to
a new buyer than to resell to an existing buyer.
It costs less and less every time a client buys from you. Eventually when they buy
from you, all the money earned is practically pure profit. On the flip side using other
people’s mailing lists, allows you to use their assets without paying for them. This way
your acquisition cost is ZERO dollars. More of the profit is yours, because you don’t
have to pay for advertising expenses to get them.
Most people understand the idea of working with others as opposed to working
strictly by themselves. You probably do it all the time, you meet someone that has
resources you could use and you have something that they are interested in using. You
get together, say “Let’s do a deal!” A joint venture is born.
You understand the basic idea. The really important things to understand now are,
first that joint ventures can be applied many ways and second, you can earn anywhere
from 25%, 50% or even 75% of the profits. Here are some examples of different joint
1. Going to a business owner whose product or service is synergistic with yours
and adding totally fresh unrecognized avenues of ongoing business (sales of
your product/service, using your unutilized production or personnel capacity,
etc.) or a new profit center, that you operate in concert with the business
Page 3
What would it take to improve your business today?
2. You can buy the rights to someone’s product, process, or system and market it
to other competitors who w ill pay a licensing fee or a royalty. You can do this
with a company’s techniques, technology, products, marketing, resources,
people…practically anything.
3. Distributor agreements: You let others be distributors for your products and
services. You can also approach other companies and distribute their products
in your business.
4. You can do a full-blown partnership agreement with someone, where they
invest assets into the partnership along with you. You both own a part of the
company or the project. Just remember that both of you are liable for each
other’s actions. Check with your lawyer before doing a partnership.
5. Do you know something (process, technique, strategy etc.) that would be
useful to other companies? If so, you can work as a consultant and get a piece
of the improved profits generated from the information you gave the company.
In many cases you can end up owning the company.
6. Do you have an idea for a book or manual, but you don’t know everything
there is to know about the subject? You can partner up with someone who
does know and form a Co-authorship agreement. You have now “joint
ventured” each other’s minds.
This is just some of the many different ways you can profit from joint ventures.
Now I’m going to outline the basics
that make successful joint ventures.
Page 4
What would it take to improve your business today?
Advantages Of Joint Venture Marketing
Joint Venture Marketing is a Win-Win-Win situation for everyone involved.
The product owner benefits, because he gets to sell his product to many other
markets that wouldn’t have been available any other way. This can be done with virtually
no expense.
The list owner benefits, because she basically gets free money. By endorsing the
product owner’s products, she gets to utilize her business’ hidden asset, the customer list.
Finally the buyer(s) wins, because they get to learn about new products and
services they never would have heard of before. They might even get it at a better price
than anywhere else.
There can also be a fourth win, if there’s a joint venture deal maker/broker, who
got the whole ball rolling.
Joint ventures become very profitable, especially when you understand the
lifetime value of a customer. When the product/service is really great and it serves the
customer beyond expectations, he/she will buy again and again from that business.
The real profits aren’t the ones made from the first sale. The real profits come
from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th sale, etc. It’s really exciting when you think that there are zero
expenses of acquiring the existing customer because they have already been recovered by
the first sale.
Fun Fact
Many infomercials lose money on
every sale they make. They’re
willing to lose money on 10,000
customers a month so that they can
make money on the backend.
Haven’t you ever wondered why
they give you so much for just
So by doing joint ventures, the money
that’s generated is virtually all profit. Either the
list owner has already paid those expenses or you
are the list owner and this is the second time
you’re selling to the same list.
By carefully creating a killer sales letter
and then renting a list of names and addresses
from a list broker, your letter might pull a 1%-3%
According to the mail order industry standards, 1%-3% is a very effective direct
mail offer. That means if you mail to 10,000, you will get 100 responses. With numbers
like that, you may or may not make money. Even if you make a profit, much of it is
Page 5
What would it take to improve your business today?
eaten up in the expenses. You don’t make much profit on the first sale to the customer.
You make REAL profits on the backend product you sell them in the future.
However, sending a killer letter though a joint venture endorsement can change
those numbers completely. The list owner just has to write about how great the product
owner is, how great the product owner’s service is, the high quality of the product, and
how he considers this opportunity to be valuable.
An endorsed sales letter can sell 10 times better than the same letter to an
unendorsed list. That means the same offer, which pulled just a 1% - 3% response, can
now generate 10% to 30% and MORE!!!
Why…because, the buyers on the list trust the list owner. They have done business
with him in the past and are willing to buy again based on his recommendations and
You can even increase your profits more by using the Internet. Joint ventures work
fantastic in the real world, but they have an even greater chance of being successful on
the Internet. The reason is that the cost of sending letters through direct mail can add up
to hundreds of dollars, really fast.
On the Internet though email is free. With zero printing costs, no envelope stuffing
and no postage expense, the product being offered can have a lower price and it can still
generate great profits for you to pocket.
Joint venture opportunities are all around you. You just have to be able to open
your eyes and mind completely. So, ask yourself these questions:
1. Who do I know or do business with that has buyers who would be interested
and can benefit from my product or service?
2. What products and/or services can I offer to my buyers that they would benefit
from the most? Make a list, contact key people in those kinds of companies
and start making deals.
3. Do I know of a great product and some other business that has a large list of
buyers? How can I partner them together?
Do this and you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that come up.
Page 6
What would it take to improve your business today?
Why Joint Ventures Work
Ok, now you understand a little better about what joint ventures are. Let’s get into
why they work and learn about the major factors to make them work. Here are the top
reasons why joint ventures are successful.
1. Zero Advertising Expense…you pay only for results the joint venture brings.
2. You are getting/giving an endorsement to a client list that has a good
relationship with the owner, so the response to the offer goes up dramatically.
3. There is very little cost. By putting the endorsement in an email or newsletter,
there are no costs for printing and shipping unless you’re asked to pay for part
of the printing.
4. Because of the strong relationship between the list owner and the clients,
usually you can make one-step sales, because it is an endorsement.
5. You can make more money from all back orders. This is where the real profit
is made. You could even give the list owner 100% of the up-front profits,
because you will be making all your money on the backend.
6. Clients/subscribers pay attention to and respond to endorsements much more
than the list owner selling her own products to them. She would only get 25%
of the response that she would have had by selling someone else’s products to
the same list.
7. In almost every industry there’s at least one magazine, newsletter, website,
Ezine, etc. Contacting at least one of these publications is a simple way to set
up joint ventures. Many small businesses are very receptive to these joint
You can set up a joint venture deal in one of three ways:
1. Product Owner: Thousands of businesses, mailing lists, opt-in email lists,
discussion boards and websites are being published and read every day. Those
hosts have built relationships with their subscribers. These are targeted lists of
consumers that want your kind of products and services. By leveraging their
customer list and sharing the profits with them, you can build a business
almost instantly.
Page 7
What would it take to improve your business today?
2. List Owner: By finding the right product and offering it to your 5,000
subscribers and clients, you can very quickly earn thousands of dollars for
your business. This way, you’re helping your subscribers and clients without
spending a minute on developing a new product.
3. Deal Maker: Even if you’re just beginning and have no product or list, you
can still make money and benefit from Joint ventures. You can make deals
setting up opportunities between product owners and list owners. You can
easily earn 10% - 30% of the profits, from one or both sides of the deal.
Joint ventures are profitable
if you’re the endorser, the seller,
or the dealmaker.
Page 8
What would it take to improve your business today?
Three Powerful Ways to Use Joint
Ventures and Pull in Big Bucks
Now that you’ve learned why joint ventures are successful, let’s make your joint
ventures as successful as possible.
List Owner or Deal Maker
There are great benefits to hosting a joint venture. The response rates are
incredible when you are hosting a joint venture. Also, if the product is very successful,
maybe you can add it to your line of products.
The other great thing about joint ventures is that since you don’t have the
resources, money or time or to create every product that would interest your customers by
yourself, you have thousands of ready-made products and services to offer instead. You
get profits from the sales even though you didn’t create the product or service.
So, what should you endorse? The best products/services to go after are those
constantly being rerun in ads and offers. Make sure you endorse something before its life
cycle/trend dies out. This can happen when something is advertised too much in
associate/affiliate programs etc. Look for ads that are constantly rerun, to catch
opportunities. Contact them before they become too big.
It can be very easy to do joint venture deals as a list owner. W ho would pass up
the opportunity to have their product endorsed to thousands of new prospects under
reasonable conditions? They would be fools to turn down something like that.
You need to find a high profit quality service and/or product to endorse. Whatever
you choose, it needs to make at least $35 net profit per sale. I suggest you endorse a highprofit product. It’s easier to get 100 people to send $250, than to get 1,000 people to send
$35. These are usually your best bets when doing joint ventures.
Finally, it’s better to have many deals going on, so that if something goes wrong
with one or more of the deals, it won’t hurt as much because you have the multiple
streams of income concept working for you.
Page 9
What would it take to improve your business today?
There Are Many Different Ways to Find Products.
Put a classified ad in a newspaper or online to find people with products they want
to sell. A simple ad would look something like this.
Entrepreneur looking for profitable direct
mail project. Do you have a product you’d
like to sell through direct marketing? If so,
please email or mail information to:
Here is a website that lists all the newspapers all around the world. They’re even
listed by category.
You can use the Internet to find great products. First, you have to figure out the
best keywords to find the most profitable deals.
The best keywords are the ones that are related to what you sell. Make a list of
words related to subjects your clients are interested in. Search for those keywords
on the Internet. To do this you can use free software or a search engine.
Go to or use a multi-search program like Copernic and type in your keywords.
Copernic 2001 Basic is my favorite and it’s FREE. It’s a search engine that you
install on your computer. Copernic organizes information sources into different
categories. Some of the categories are: The Web, Newsgroups, E-mail Addresses,
Auctions, Encyclopedias, MP3, Software Downloads, Games, etc.
For our purpose, we’ll only be using The Web option in Copernic. You can
organize and save your favorite searches, so they’re ready when you need them.
Use the “Validate Button” and the program will remove any dead websites.
The program can translate Web pages from foreign languages. There are three
versions of the program. The free version has access to different search engines for
web pages, newsgroups, email addresses, books, hardware & software. You’ll
need to purchase the other versions to access all the capabilities of the program.
However, all you’ll need is the basic search engine.
Page 10
What would it take to improve your business today?
You can always narrow your search by typing in the exact words on your list.
Search through the websites to see if they are selling something or if it’s just an
information portal.
Whichever you decide to use, Copernic or Google, make a list of about 20 of the
best sites with products/services you think your list would be interested in. Make
sure to get all of the contact information from the site.
You can go to, type in the domain name and the site
will return all the contact information you need.
Send them a letter similar to the one on the next page. You can also send the same
letter as an email.
Contact your own list of subscribers, ask them if they have the rights to any
products/services. Ask if they would like to joint venture with you and offer what
they have to your list of buyers. There can be a great, untapped resource here.
Meet product owners at trade shows. See if they will do a deal with you.
Seminars are a great place to find JV partners. I am talking about the $2000 $20,000 range seminars, not the freebies. You’ll find serious business people
attending these seminars. They expect to make a profit from their time invested.
You’ll find many of them have great products/services that you can offer to your
Page 11
What would it take to improve your business today?
Jim Smith, President
Quality Products Inc.
123 Moneymaker Road
Any Town, USA
Dear Mr. Smith
I was visiting at your website, store etc., and want to tell you that your product/services look
(Talk a little about their product/service and how much you like it or it interests you.)
You seem stable in business and I know you’ve been in business since _________ with a level of
success in what you’re doing. I w ant to share a concept with you that I believe will make you a
very generous second stream of income while requiring very little effort or time.
My name is _________________. I have (talk briefly about your business). I think my customers
would be just the right prospects for your business and vice-versa.
Since your product is noncompetitive, but it’s needed and wanted by customers like mine, I
would like to offer your product to my customer list. I believe you’ll do rather well so I’m
prepared to absorb all risk and monetary costs.
When you call me between ___ and ___ one day this week, we can talk about the details. It will
only take about 10 minutes of your time and it can mean thousands of dollars in your pocket. My
number is 555-123-4567 and just tell whoever answers I’m expecting your call.
P.S. If you prefer I call you, just reply to this message with your telephone number and the best
time when I can reach you. Let your assistant know to expect my call. Make sure you reply with
your name in the Subject line so I can notice it from the many other emails I receive.
Page 12
What would it take to improve your business today?
Dear Mr./Mrs. _______,
I have a rather unusual proposition for you. It’s something that I believe could
provide a great deal of profit to you with absolutely no risk.
My name is _________________ and I own company/product name.
(Mention one or two things about your company/product and what it does.)
As you can see, our (products/services) are complementary to what you offer. This
is why I wanted to write and introduce you to an idea that can create another stream of
income for you while providing a valuable service to my customers.
I would like to send a letter to my list of clients endorsing your products and also
giving them a special discount/offer on your product/service.
Plus I’ll make even easier for you by writing the entire letter. However, you will
have complete editorial control of it.
What I would like to know is, for every one of my clients who takes advantage of
this offer, would you be willing to give me ___% of the profit?
When this sounds like a good idea (and it really is), I’d like to discuss it with you
over the phone, I’ll give you a call next Wednesday at 9:00. Please ask your secretary to
expect my call. Or you can call m e at xxx-xxx-xxxx and I’ll explain everything in detail.
Your Name
Page 13
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 14
What would it take to improve your business today?
Telephone Contact
After sending the letter wait a few days and then phone them if they haven’t called
you. Here’s an example of what you should say when you make the call:
You: Hello, Mr. Smith. This is (your name). I’m calling about a letter I
sent you. Did you receive the letter?
Smith: Oh yes. Hello (your Name), I did get the letter.
You: Did you read it?
Smith: Yes I did. So, tell me about how we can work with each other. How
does it work? What’s it about?
You: Well, Mr. Smith (may I call you John?)
John: Yes of course
You: If I was to show you how to increase your sales 10 times using
your current resources, without charging you a cent, where I do all the
work, would you be willing to share 50 cents out of every dollar of the
revenue with me?
John: Well, yes, that sounds interesting. Tell me more.
You: Well John, we both have non-competing businesses that sell to the
same kind of customers. If we worked together to recommend each
other’s business, it would be very profitable for both of us.
John: So, what do I do? What do I get out of it?
You: You have a product that does ______________. I have a large
mailing list of clients who have bought from me. I believe that your
product would benefit my clients. Since I don’t offer such a product, I
want to recommend you to my customers. In return, you’ll ship out the
products from the orders you receive from my clients. We’ll split the
profits 50-50.
Page 15
What would it take to improve your business today?
John: Sounds good. I’ve been involved in different kinds of marketing ideas
that were foolproof, but ended up failing. So, why will your concept work?
You: John, I know how you feel, I felt the same way when I got
introduced to this kind of concept. And here’s what I have found out,
joint ventures just work. Right now, I’ve got similar deals with other
businesses that are complementary to mine. About 20% of my clients
are taking advantage of the endorsement and we’re making great
Why does it work? Well, you’ve created a quality product that your
clients have bought and are satisfied with. Is that true, John?
John: Of course. What does that have to do with anything?
You: Well, although you’ve created a quality product, the people who
bought from you for the first time, didn’t know your product would
work. They didn’t know who you were and they didn’t know if they
could trust you. They took a chance and now they do trust you.
Gaining their trust and getting the order is a big hurdle to jump.
Probably a small percentage of the people you offered your product to
actually buy it. My current subscribers trust me like your clients trust
you. When I recommend my clients to your service/product that they
already have an interest in, a much bigger percentage will respond.
You’ll benefit from the trust that I’ve already built. You don’t have to
pay the expenses in acquiring these new customers because I’ve
already paid for it.
John: I get it. We use each other’s credibility among our customers to
promote each other’s services.
You: That’s right, John. This is called Joint Venture Marketing and it
works for all types of businesses. It’s literally a win-win situation.
John: So, what do we do next to get started?
Page 16
What would it take to improve your business today?
Once you have their attention, here are a few concepts to make sure you get
1. What you’re offering only augments their profits.
2. They don’t have to lift a finger or spend a cent if they don’t want to. If they do
join in, that’s great too. You can lower your investment.
3. If they don’t have the sales letters, you can generate the marketing/
endorsement letters (subject totally to their approval). If you can, offer to pay
the printing, postage, and other expenses. Of course, their profits will be less
since you are investing more.
4. You can have them process all the credit card orders for verification.
5. Point out that it will be purely bonus income for them. Do this especially with
companies that don’t use their customer/mailing list.
You probably have the basic idea of how this call should go. Here are a few tips
you need to make sure you understand.
1. It’s natural for most people to be doubtful and cautious when strangers call
them. People have been scammed in the past. You must first gain their trust.
Explain to them clearly what’s in it for them when they partner with you.
Depending on the deal, the benefits will be different. Remember, “Features
tell, Benefits sell.”
2. Give solid proof. Give examples of how your past/current joint ventures are
doing. Give exact numbers. It’s more believable to give exact numbers instead
of ballpark numbers. If you haven’t done any joint ventures yet, don’t lie. Use
other people’s JV deals as examples.
3. Always promise only what you can deliver. Always be conservative with your
estimates. This way when you over achieve, you’ll look that much better.
Much better to promise the moon and deliver the stars, instead of the opposite.
Page 17
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 18
What would it take to improve your business today?
Product Owner and Deal Maker
If you have a product or service that you are trying to get endorsed, you’ll be
searching differently than a list owner. You’re looking for companies with a huge
customer list that would be interested in your product/service.
Here are some of the places you can search for unlimited Joint venture associates.
These are listed in no particular order:
Newsletter Directories
Newsletter directories are one of the best resources to find joint venture prospects.
Publishers of newsletters have powerful relationships with their subscribers. Many
publishers who list themselves in newsletter directories are interested in joint venture
deals, although you may find some who are not.
Of course just because someone says “No” that doesn’t mean no forever. It could
really mean, “I don’t know” or “I need to know more.” Remember, people may have
heard about joint ventures, but few truly understand them like you do.
Most publishers are in constant contact with their subscribers on a monthly,
bimonthly, weekly, and sometimes even daily basis.
Since your offer will most likely be made in the newsletter itself, you don’t even
need to pay for printing or shipping in many cases. You can have the publisher make
your offer become their feature story. It saves them time from actually writing a sales
They can even interview you for the newsletter and include a plug for your
Http:// - is one of the best Internet directories for
newsletters that list more than 80,000 newsletters.
Http:// - If you’re interested in more specialized newsletters, you
can try the SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service). It lists every kind of industry
newsletter out there. Just go to your library and ask the librarian for the SRDS guide for
newsletters. They also have other newsletter directories available.
Page 19
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Ezine Directories
Ezines are the same as newsletters, but they are sent though email instead of
regular mail. To find possible joint venture endorsements with Ezine publishers, start
looking through the Ezine directories available on the Internet. Many ezines have
between 5,000-10,000 subscribers.
Find frequently published ezines, but not so frequently that it becomes overkill.
Daily ezines may create less of a response. I delete a lot of the daily ezines I get because I
don’t have the time. You don’t want to be in that group.
I tend to keep ezines mailed every two weeks or every month to read. Work with
ezines that aren’t published more than once a week. There are exceptions to the rule, but
for now stick with this.
Make a list of 30 ezines in your niche with 1,500 subscribers or more. This will
give you the fastest and highest responses to your offers. - This site can search for ezines
based on the number of subscribers. They’re also constantly
updating their Ezine database. - Here you can browse
through different Ezine categories to find the ones you want.
Listings have the number of subscribers for each Ezine. - This site offers a
whole list of Ezine publishers who want to do joint ventures with
business people just like you. - yep you guessed it,
more people who want to do joint ventures.
These four sites alone should keep you busy finding new joint venture partners.
Although some of the Ezine directories give the contact information for the publishers,
the number of subscribers, and subscription information, there are others that don’t. No
problem because you can sign up for the Ezine (which you should do anyway) and you’ll
find the contact information there.
You can also just go to and enter the domain name to
get the contact information.
Page 20
What would it take to improve your business today?
Mailing List Directories
Mailing list directories have the names of mailing list companies who sell lists
they bought or broker for direct marketers. There are even some direct marketers who put
up their own lists for rent.
Contact those lists you’re interested in and ask for their data card. The data card
gives you information about what products are sold to the list, number of subscribers,
average price of products offered to the list, and the list owner’s contact information.
You can use the SRDS in your public library. You’ll find other mailing list
directories at the library.
Business Directories
Most business directories are great for finding joint venture partners. Most of these
businesses have a large customer base. Here are websites you can try.
Thomas Register -
The Thomas Register directory lists more than 170,000 USA and Canadian
manufacturers and it’s one of my favorites because you can search by company name,
product/service, or brand name.
After you enter a keyword for a product/service, for example, it gives you other
relevant categories. Click on the category that interests you. A list of the company names
will come up, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can view the companies in a
specific state.
Once you have the list of the manufacturers you want, click on one of the
companies to show the listing.
The company profile button gives detailed information about the company.
The web page button will take you either to the company’s homepage or the
catalog page on Thomas Register’s site.
The email button will allow you to send a message directly to the people who
would be of most help.
However, if you want to send the same message to multiple companies, go back to
the page that listed all the companies you are interested. Follow the instructions at the top
of the list, where it says to send e-mails.
Page 21
What would it take to improve your business today?
Thomas Regional - You can search just as you did with Thomas Register, but you need to also select
which region you are interested in. If you have trouble thinking of what to search for, at
the bottom of the screen various industries are listed. Click on one and it will take you to
a more detailed directory.
Thomas Global Register -
The third Thomas Register in the series covers 500,000 industrial suppliers in 28
countries. You have to register with the site before you are able to search. Don’t worry
the registration is free.
After logging in, you choose to search for either a company name or a product.
Enter the search words and press the search button. There are many manufacturers listed.
You’ll get company name, address, telephone, number of employees, and what they
specialize in.
Network Associates
In your local area there are probably many networking groups: Kiwanis, Chamber
of Commerce, Toast Masters, Industry Associations. Use them to build a contact base of
business associates who would be interested in doing joint ventures. This will bring you
all types of joint venture opportunities. Make sure that you keep in constant contact with
Discussion Groups
Discussion Groups and chat rooms that are related to your area of business are
great ways to find joint venture prospects. You build relationships with key people as you
participate in chat rooms. With many of these people you’ll be able to set up joint venture
You can submit a link to your website, autoresponder, or email that will send them
a form asking them joint venture questions. Here are some great discussion groups
websites that are great for posting that you’re searching for joint venture partners:
Page 22
What would it take to improve your business today?
Ok, you must think that I’m crazy telling you that you can create a joint venture
with your competitors. Well, actually you can. Think about it, like any business, your
competitor gets more leads than they do sales. Every business has this same situation. Not
everyone interested will actually buy.
Maybe the prices are too high, not enough quality, or bad service. There could be a
whole host of reasons why someone doesn’t buy. The businesses still have to pay to
acquire those leads. Don’t you think they would like to recoup the expenses they paid to
get those leads? I bet they would.
So, while they won’t let you make an offer to their buying customers, maybe
they’ll let you send an offer to their non-buying leads. They probably are never going to
sell to them again. If they let you mail an offer to their list, they’ll make really good
money. Just make sure to explain that you’re only selling to people who have never
bought from them.
Let’s remember the other ways you can find joint ventures…radio ads/shows,
newspaper articles, television ads, and billboards. Just open your mind. Keep your eyes
and ears open for ads that complement your business, especially those with key codes and
those that give special offers. These people understand marketing and would be more
open to joint ventures.
Call, email, write, or visit and tell them how impressed you are with their
advertising. Ask them if they would be interested in doing a deal.
Trade Shows
Meet the product owners; find out if they also have a list of buyers and if they
would like to do a deal with you.
This is a great place to meet big partners, not so much in the $50 or free seminars;
I mean the $2000 - $20,000 range seminars. These are very serious business people that
attend those seminars. They expect to make a profit from their time invested there. You
will find many of them with great lists of buyers for you to offer your product to.
Page 23
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 24
What would it take to improve your business today?
Making Contact
Once you find your potential partners:
1. Use,, or the address you
can find from the site.
2. Make a list of`15-20 businesses that you want to work with.
3. Prepare a letter or an email and send to the decision maker in the company.
Approach each company with a letter
like the examples on the next pages.
Page 25
What would it take to improve your business today?
Joint Venture Proposal Offering Percentage
Dear Mr./Mrs._______,
I have a proposition for you that I believe would generate a great deal of profit for
you with absolutely zero risk.
My company __________ is (describe one or two things that your company does
best). I believe that our products are very complementary to what you offer your
buyers. That’s why I wanted to write and introduce you to an idea that could create
another source of revenue for you while providing a valuable service to your
Since my product is a non-competitive, but its needed and wanted by customers
like yours, I would like to send a letter coming from you recommending my
product to your customer list. I believe you’ll do rather well, so I’m prepared to
absorb all risk and monetary costs.
I’ll make this as simple and easy for you as possible by writing the entire letter for
you, although, you will have complete editorial control over it.
When this sounds like a good idea to you, let’s talk personally over the phone and
go over some of the details. I’ll give you a call next Wednesday at 10:30am.
Please ask your secretary to expect my call. Or if you want, you can contact me at
555-123-4567 and I’ll explain everything in full detail.
Page 26
What would it take to improve your business today?
Jim Smith, President
Quality Products Inc.
123 Moneymaker Road
Any Town, USA
Dear Mr. Smith,
I was visiting at your website, store etc., and want to tell you that your product/services
look great!
(Talk a little about their product/service and how much you like it or it interests you.)
You seem stable in business and I know you’ve been in business since _________ with a
level of success in what you’re doing. I want to share a concept with you that I believe
will make you a very generous second stream of income while requiring very little effort
or time.
My name is _________________ I have (talk briefly about your business). I think my
product would be something that your subscribers/customers would be very interested in.
This product is non-competitive to your business, but customers like yours want it. I
would like you to offer my product to your customer list. I believe that you will be able to
receive some very impressive profits. Also, I’m prepared to absorb all risk and monetary
When you call me between ___ and ___ one day this week, we can talk about the details.
I will only take about 10 minutes of your time and this can mean thousands of dollars in
your pocket.
My number is 555-123-4567, just tell whoever answers I'm expecting your call.
P.S. If you prefer I call you, just reply to this message with your telephone
number and the best time when I can reach you. Let your assistant know to expect
my call. Make sure you reply with your name in the subject line so I can notice it
from the many other emails I receive.
Page 27
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 28
What would it take to improve your business today?
Phone Contact
To give you an idea about what you should say when you make the call, I have
included a short conversation with Mr. Smith from the earlier example.
You: Hello, Mr. Smith. This is (your name). I’m calling about a letter I sent
you. Did you receive the letter?
Smith: Oh yes. Hello (your Name), I did get the letter.
You: Did you read it?
Smith: Yes I did, so tell me about how we can work with each other. How does it
work? What’s it about?
You: Well, Mr. Smith (may I call you John?)
John: Yes of course.
You: If I was to show you how to increase your sales 10 times, using your
current resources, without charging you a cent, and I do all the work myself,
would you be willing to share 50 cents out of every dollar from the revenue
with me?
John: Well, that sounds interesting. Tell me more.
You: Well John, in order to make the best use of each other’s time. Let me
ask you a few questions.
John: OK, go ahead.
(Ask him these questions one at a time & write down the answers.)
You: How many customers do you have?
Do you have all their names & addresses?
How often do they buy from you? (Daily, Weekly, Monthly,
How much do they spend when they buy from you?
Page 29
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(If any of the answers are too small or the customers don’t buy and aren’t in
frequent contact with the owner, it may not be that good of a joint venture
partnership. So, cut the phone call short telling him that you are sorry, but
those aren’t the numbers you’re looking for right now. Perhaps you could do
a deal with each other in the future.)
(Otherwise if the answers sound good to you then continue.) We both have
businesses that sell to the same kind of customers. If we worked together it
would be very profitable to recommend each other’s business, especially
since we’re not competing with each other. It would be very profitable for
both of us.
John: So, what do I do? What do I get out of it?
You: I have a product that does ______________. You have a large mailing
list of clients who have bought from you. I believe that your clients would
benefit greatly from my product, since you don’t offer such a product. If you
recommend my product to your customers, in return, I’ll ship out the
products for the orders received from your clients and we’ll split the profits
John: Sounds good. I’ve been involved in different kinds of marketing ideas that
were supposed to be foolproof, but ended up failing. So, why will your idea
You: John, I know how you feel. I felt the same way when I got introduced to
this kind of concept, but here’s what I have found out, this concept just
works. Right now I’ve got similar deals with other businesses that are
complementary to mine. About 20% of my clients are taking advantage of
the endorsement and we are making great profits. Why does it work? Well
you’ve collected a list of quality buyers/subscribers who trust your judgment
and are satisfied with what you offer to them. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be
doing business with you. Is that true, John?
John: Of course, what does that have to do with anything?
You: Well, although you have many subscribers/buyers on your list, the
people who bought from you didn’t know if what you offered would work
because they didn’t know you and they didn’t know if they could trust you.
They took a chance on you anyway and now they do trust you.
Page 30
What would it take to improve your business today?
Gaining people’s trust and getting the order is a big hurdle to jump.
Probably only a small percentage of the people you offered your product
actually bought it. Now since they trust you, when you recommend to them a
quality product or service that they already have an interest in, a much
bigger percentage of them will respond.
So, we both get to benefit from the trust that you have already built. Also, we
don’t have to pay for the expenses in acquiring these customers because it’s
already been paid for.
John: I get it. So we use each other’s credibility among our customers to promote
each other’s services.
You: That’s right, John. This is called Joint Venture Marketing and its
worked for all types of businesses. It’s literally a win-win situation.
John: So, what do we do next to get started?
Once you have their attention, here are a few concepts to make sure you get
1. Your product or service is totally noncompetitive to what they are offering.
2. You aren’t going to take away any profits that they ordinarily would get.
3. What you’re offering will only augment their profits.
4. They don’t have to lift a finger or spend a cent if they don’t want to. If they do
want to join in, that’s great too. You can lower your investment.
5. You can generate the marketing/endorsement letters (subject totally to their
approval). If you can, offer to pay the printing, postage, and other expenses.
Of course, their profits will be less since you are investing more.
6. You’ll hold them harmless of any problems that arise with any of the buyers
plus you’ll unconditionally guarantee every item or service sold.
7. You can have them process all the credit card orders for verification.
8. Point out that it will be purely bonus income for them, especially with
companies that don’t use their customer/mailing list.
Page 31
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 32
What would it take to improve your business today?
Deal Maker
These deals are so sweet, since your downside is nothing more than the time it
takes to put the deal together, which can be as little as 10 minutes. Your return on
investment can be thousands, tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in immediate sales.
As a deal maker, you have neither a product nor a customer list to offer, although
you do have something just as valuable, if not more. You’ve got the knowledge about
how to set up joint ventures and that gives you lots of leverage.
Less than 5% of the businesses in the world use joint ventures and even fewer
understand how to set up joint ventures. They may have heard that it is something big
companies do, but it’s not something they would consider.
Like I said, as a deal maker you have neither a product nor a customer list to offer,
so you are going to have to do double duty in getting one of each.
First, you need to decide what kinds of businesses you want to be involved with. I
suggest you work in something that already interests you so that you can enjoy it, as well
as make money. It will give you the extra edge to keep going in the event that profits
might take a little longer to come in than you thought.
What’s that? You can’t think of something that interests you or you need some
help figuring out what products or businesses would compliment each other? No
problem, on the next page you’ll find a list of the major categories of different businesses
and products. You can get ideas on which ones compliment each other.
Page 33
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 34
What would it take to improve your business today?
Examples Of Joint Venture Partnerships
Audio book club / travel organization (or business people’s organization)
Auto detailer / car dealership / car wash / car parts store / auto insurance company
Beautician / tanning salon / sunglass store / grooming products
Beauty school / plastic surgeon / doctors with skin/health products
Beekeeper / orchards / gardening supply store
Boarding kennel / pet groomer / pet product vendor
Bookstore / publisher / self publisher
Bridal store / wedding photographer / wedding planner / printer / limo service / florist
Business success book seller / business success seminar giver / entrepreneurial lawyer
Camera store / photo restorer / photography teacher
Car dealership running out of room / business with a huge parking lot
Chiropractor / health supplement vendor / health product manufacturer
Comedian / joke writer
Computer hardware stores / computer software dealers
Construction company / architectural firm / interior designer / landscaper
Copywriter / company with a sales force (writing sales presentations)
Do it yourself craft people / businesses with unused storefront window space
Credit card company / holiday tour operator
Doctors / drug companies / health supplement companies / pharmacists
Dentist / tooth whitening products / pharmacists
Diaper service / baby photographer / children’s clothing store
Dry cleaner / restaurant catering to power-lunching businesspeople
Film developer / camera seller / travel agency / party planner
Florist / candy store / funeral parlor / restaurants
Gas station / video store / fast food place
Golf pro shop / golf instruction video producer / golf instructor
Graphic designer / printer / copy writer
Grocery stores / cookbook publishers
Gym / karate instructor (or a beauty parlor) / nutritional supplements
House painter / carpenter / carpet store / appraiser
Insurance company / financial consultant / stop-smoking, weight loss, credit repair course
Jeweler / honeymoon hotel / winery
Kitchenware store / cooking instructor / butcher / grocery store
Landscaper / lawn care service / plant nursery / garden supply store
Law firm / financial consultant / accountant
Moving company / packaging store / storage facility
Newspaper or magazine / local expert / article writer
Plumber / electrician / carpenter / handy man
Real estate agent / security company / Doctors / carpet companies / restaurant
Resort hotel / seminar presenter
Page 35
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Restaurant / radio station
Software developer / internet company / seller of videos/courses for new computer users
Tackle/bait shop / pay-to-fish pond owner
Tailor / jeweler
Toy maker / health clinic / day care
Toy shop / party planner / magician
Tree surgeon / firewood vendor / landscaper / garden supply
Wedding planner / marriage councilors / prenuptial attorney
…And all the ones you've thought of after reading this!
Even that list doesn’t begin to cover it…
Ok, do you have an idea now of which businesses you want to pursue? If not, keep
working on it. If you do, congratulations! Your next task is to find a company that has a
positive and healthy relationship with its large customer list.
You can find people with products later; first you need people who would be
willing to buy what you’re endorsing. The right list is the most important part.
Contact the potential endorser and “educate” him about the resource (the buyer
list) that cost him so much to acquire, yet is being tremendously under utilized. Most
businesses spend thousands, if not millions of dollars acquiring their customers and then
maintaining a relationship with those customers. However, some don’t keep contact with
their clients. You might still succeed here, as well.
After you have a list of owners ready to do business with you, find people with
great products who want to make more money. The products don’t necessarily have to be
related to the products/services that the list owner sells, but the results will be much
Use the resources in the list owner section to find potential product owners. Once
you have found some good ones, send them one of the letters.
Deal Maker Example
An endorsement is sent out to 6,000 buyers, 600 orders result, which is. 600 x
$200 = $120,000. From that amount all the expenses are paid out leaving $82,000 profit.
From that everyone would get their agreed cut, i.e., one-third product owner, one-third
list owner, and one-third for you. Or you can do it like this: the product owner 50%, the
list owner 50%, and you take 40% of each of their profits.
Page 36
What would it take to improve your business today?
Percentages can be different for each deal, it should always be a win-win situation,
this way everyone will want to do deals together again.
It’s important that you make your initial joint venture proposal by mail, fax, or
phone. Ultimately, you want to contact the person on the phone.
Use the phone scenarios found in the two previous sections when talking to either
side. Instead of being the person with the product or the list, just say that you have a
contact/business person who is interested in doing a joint venture with them.
Write a letter similar to the one below. Also, be sure you follow up the letter with
a phone call. DO NOT share the intellectual property you have to offer until you have
your agreement signed and “in hand” by both or all parties who will be participating.
Here’s a sample “ice breaker letter” that will ring your phone off the hook:
Page 37
What would it take to improve your business today?
Jim Smith, President
Quality Products Inc.
123 Moneymaker Road
Any Town, USA
Dear Mr. Smith,
My name is your name. I’m a marketing consultant that specializes in uncovering
the hidden assets in businesses and creating immediate additional cash flow at literally no
cost to you. I have a number of intellectual property concepts, which have been proven to
increase cash flow almost immediately by using little known and overlooked techniques.
The concepts that I want to introduce to you have been tested and profited from by
people in almost every industry. I have studied your business and from what I gather, I
feel I can create a large amount of cash for you.
I’m very contingency-oriented. You will not pay me, unless you get paid first. I’ve
already found the perfect deal for you. I will put my money into the marketing of the
concept, so there is no expense to you.
I’ll do all the work, and you’ll reap the benefits. I’m very selective in the clients I
pick to share this incredible concept. I must ask you sign an “Intellectual Property Rights
Agreement” before I can tell you the details of the deal I have in mind for you.
I will call you on _________ at _________, to discuss this in greater detail. If this
isn’t a good time for you, all I ask is that you call my voice mail, state your company
name and specify the day and time that’s best for you so we can get together. I have other
businesses I’m working with, please call right away so I can fit you into my schedule on
the day you request.
Your Name
PS. If the dates I’ve specified are inconvenient for you, g o ahead and call just to let me
know you are interested. I’ll try to arrange a time that is mutually convenient, since the
deal I have in mind for you is rather significant.
Page 38
What would it take to improve your business today?
Dear ______,
As you can see, I’ve attached a dollar with this letter. Why did I do this? Well, there are
two reasons:
ONE, I have something very important to tell you and I needed some way to make sure
this letter got your attention.
AND TWO, since what I have to tell you concerns money, I felt that some sort of
financial eye catcher was appropriate.
I have a proposition I believe will generate more of these digital dollars for you with
absolutely zero risk to you.
My name is ___________, I’m a marketing leverage specialist with access to information
that literally has produced millions of dollars in profits for businesses and professionals across
the country.
I search for tangible and intangible assets; businesses that aren’t using and turn them into
streams of ongoing income. I’m looking for business owners who promote non-hype marketing
concepts in their company.
While visiting your website and looking at your great products, I noticed you’ve been in
business for some time and have quite a few satisfied clients. Because you’re using the Internet
to build and grow a reputable business, I feel you might be a very good prospect for an
opportunity of mutual profit and benefit to your customer base.
The products and information I have the rights to are complementary to what you offer
your buyers. Based on this, I want to share a concept I believe will generate for you a generous
second stream of income, while requiring very little effort or time.
The ideas and techniques I’ll introduce and recommend will be so clearly viable, logical
and intuitively verifiable that the moment you hear them you’ll really appreciate the time we
spent together.
When this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, let’s talk on the phone
and go over the details. I’ll call you next Wednesday at 10:30am. Ask your secretary to expect
my call or you can call me at 555-123 -4567 and I’ll explain everything.
Your Name
Page 39
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 40
What would it take to improve your business today?
Choosing the Right Opportunities
You need to pick the right opportunities because just accepting everything that
comes along will hurt you more than help you. So, there are a few things to know about
getting the sweetest opportunities.
Screen prospects quickly. If they don’t really believe you or aren’t really
interested, move on. There are lots and lots of people out there who are interested in
doing joint ventures.
Deal mainly with people and small businesses that want to make money so badly
that they are drooling for the opportunity. For some reason many of the big companies
aren’t interested in making money. It’s weird.
Just stick with small businesses for now and you’ll be better off. With the
relationships the small business owner has created with his/her clients, your response will
be as if you contacted a big company’s list.
You need to feel comfortable with your prospective partners. No amount of money
in the world can make it worth my time to deal with people that I don’t trust or like. All
prospects must be stand-up, honest people who are more than willing to stick to the
agreement. If you doubt them in anyway, just walk away from the deal. There are lots of
people who are more than willing to do honest deals with you.
You want to find people you like, you’re able to work well with, and are good
joint venture partners. The reason is because you want to be able to do as many deals
with them as possible.
Get exclusivity from the product owner. It’s good to have a special bonus or
something (discounted price, bonus report, etc.) that can’t be bought anywhere else.
This way you can say in the ad, “Because you are a subscriber/preferred buyer
etc., I’ve cut a deal on for you on this Subscribers Only Moneymaker Special Report.”
This strengthens the bond and gives great value.
Be sure that they have a large enough mailing list or database of subscribers
willing to spend money on your products or services. Look for joint venture partners
whose subscribers/customers want to spend the right amount of money on the kind of
product or service.
If the mailing list you are working with is full of buyers used to purchasing items
and services for $300 and up, don’t insult them by selling them a $19.95 item.
Page 41
What would it take to improve your business today?
When looking for something to endorse, work with product companies. These
deals are the simplest offers to get. Money tends to come in a lot slower with service
companies (attorneys, accountants, landscapers, etc.).
Look for those companies who already have an established customer database and,
more importantly, have a good, strong relationship with their customers. A stronger
relationship provides a stronger endorsement. A stronger endorsement provides greater
Place 20 of the ezines on a list. Choose 10 from your list of 20 ezines to advertise
in this time around. Place as many ads in the higher circulation OR the most targeted
Overall, though, the top three things to look for in a great JV partner are:
Desire to make money.
An upstanding, honest businessperson.
Own the rights to a great product or a list of 5000+ names on a
mailing list.
Page 42
What would it take to improve your business today?
Creating Irresistible Deals That Will
Make People Bend Backwards to Work
with You
Note: I believe that eventually everyone who does joint ventures should
be involved in all three aspects of joint venturing: working as a product
owner, list owner, and deal maker. So, this section has been written so
that no matter where you are starting, you get to know the other two.
It’s time to get to the nitty-gritty of negotiating deals. So, lets go over a few things.
I use an agreement of nondisclosure before I ever share the secret to using this
incredible concept. This isn’t a steadfast rule. Be as flexible as necessary to get the deal
going. Just make sure that the size, volume and type of deal and your involvement in the
deal are worth the risk of not getting a nondisclosure signed.
Keep all intellectual property secret until you have signed agreements by everyone
who will be participating in your possession. Always tie up the deal. As my friend Jim
Straw loves to say,
“Put it in writing. Get it in writing.”
If you’re the list owner seeking the product owner, tie them up so that you have
exclusivity. This way they don’t do the same deal elsewhere without you.
If you’re the product company, try to tie up the list owner so that once you prove
joint ventures work, they can’t drop you and do it somewhere else and they can only do
the deals that you bring to them. However, try to keep yourself flexible so that you can do
deals with other businesses.
When dividing the money, refuse any standard distributor or associate fees. After
all, you’re making a real endorsement. You’re not an affiliate or a distributor. You’re a
joint venture partner. You should get more than an affiliate would get. I often get 50/50
split on the net profit generated by the joint ventures.
You don’t even have to split the money 50/50. You can negotiate lower splits to
get the first deal, especially if two things are true:
1. The list owner has a large list.
Page 43
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2. The list owner agrees to have you bring other deals each year for
endorsement that are good for his buyers.
The split can be anything that you both agree on. When you’re negotiating deals,
you can charge anything you want.
If you’re the list owner, explain to the product owner that you have a great
relationship with thousands of subscribers and your endorsement can generate tens of
thousands of dollars.
Take-away risk. Make sure the host knows that his customers can buy from both
of you. You won’t be taking away any customers or any business. You are willing to test
the endorsement on a portion of his audience to see if they respond positively. If they do
respond, then he can mail the endorsement to his entire list.
When negotiating costs in an agreement, be conservative and honest with each
other. If you don’t, you could just end up shooting yourself in the foot. Joint ventures are
built on trust and strong relationships.
Cheating someone makes the profits seem much less than they really are. They
may decide the joint venture isn’t worth doing after all. If they ever do find out, you can
bet that they’ll tell everyone they know about how you cheated them out of money and
not to trust or do business with you.
In my experience, telling people the truth is the best way to negotiate.
Usually they are expecting lies and half-truths. Telling them the truth
sets them off balance and they will want to deal honestly with you. It’s
the most powerful thing you can do to people.
Instead, make the deal so incredibly profitable for your partners and they’ll be
very eager to do more deals with you. You want to keep doing deals with them so that
you can both keep making money.
Offer to help write the endorsement. (You already have some great examples here.
If you need more help, check the last page of this manual.) If he wants to, you can do an
interview with him and make that the endorsement.
Maintain control. If you’re the list owner, have the orders, and maybe the money,
as well (if it makes sense), come to you. Distribute the money and the orders to the
product owner. If you’re the product owner, you might want to give control to the list
owner. This way they’ll be certain to get paid and that the orders are filled. You can do
Page 44
What would it take to improve your business today?
this by having the orders come to you so you know you got the order. Fax the orders to
the list owner, have him/her process the credit cards and send you your part of the money.
Keep control of your clients, if you’re the list owner. Make sure the agreement
states that all resulting customers are your property. This way, the product owner can’t
re-solicit the customers without your approval. However, if you are the product owner
and you’re able to offer other items to the resulting buyers, then that’s all the more profit
for you. Either way keep sending more offers to the list.
Make the joint venture financially appealing. If you’re the product owner, tell the
list owner that responses to endorsements are usually four to seven times higher than just
offering their own product to their list. That being the case, with one shot deals, they will
get 40% of the initial profits and 60% of the back-end sales made from the list. However,
if the backend is really good, offer them at least 60% of the up-front profits so that you
can make a lot of money on the backend.
Based on how many subscribers/clients he has, you could say:
“Well, since you have 7,000 subscribers/buyers, if just 10%
ordered, that’s 700 times $80 which equals $56,000 before
expenses. And after the costs, 60% of the profits would be
$33,600, and I have some other products we could offer to the
list and get the same great results. Then say, “so how good
does 60% of the profits sound to you?”
When you’re the list owner you want to make sure that you maintain flexibility to
work with whomever you want. If you get into negotiations to do a joint venture with a
product company and they want to have a perpetual contract with you, don’t give it to
When you’re the product owner do your best to have the list owner guarantee,
when the test is complete and it makes a predetermined amount of profit, the joint venture
is automatically renewed for a period of time (12 - 18 months). This way you can’t be
locked out of the deal or have the deal killed after you’ve proved joint ventures work.
This isn’t a deal breaker though, if you can’t get the person to agree, you can still take the
All things being equal, splitting the profits 50/50 is fair both ways. The profits
have to be high enough for both sides to makes a lot of money. You don’t want a onePage 45
What would it take to improve your business today?
shot deal. You want to be able to keep the product owner with you as long as possible.
The best situation is where you get to the point that the joint venture is an on going
activity, and you get a check in the mail each and every month.
Page 46
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Overcoming Objections
Objection 1 - “How can I make sure that you’ll pay me?”
Answer: “I understand your concern. I would be wondering the same thing in your
position. There’s a simple way to make sure you get paid. You control the money and I’ll
collect it from you. The orders will come to me and I’ll fax them over to you so that you
can process the credit cards. You’ll send me my part of the profits. This way I’ll trust
you, even if you don’t trust me. Or, we can have an escrow account with the bank of your
choice. They’ll have instructions that 50% of every dollar in profit I deposit into the bank
is automatically transferred to your account. So, this way there are systems in place to
make sure you get paid. Fair enough?”
Objection 2 - “I don’t feel comfortable having someone else in control of my
Answer: “We will make sure that you control the quality of our product, you can look
over my company as much as you like, you can set whatever standards or checks that you
want. We can even change the product to suit your subscriber/ buyer’s wants, such as a
longer guarantee, a higher or lower price, etc. We can do almost anything you want.”
Objection 3 - “How can I be sure that you’re not going to take away my
Answer: “That’s a big concern that many of the people I’ve partnered with had before
we worked together. First, we do testing on a small percentage of your buyers to see if it
works. We can compare the test profits versus your profits from the rest of your business.
I’m here to improve business for both of us, not take it away. We can test as much as you
want and prove to you that I just want you to make more money.”
No matter what position you’re in list owner, product owner or deal maker your
ultimate goal is to get the most profit possible and to take your ideas to as many
companies as possible.
Introduce joint ventures to the local businesses in your area, then take the proven
techniques and license them to as many people as possible outside your area. Licensing is
a great way to go national with a product or service.
And if none of this works, you can try…
Page 47
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The Last Ditch Effort
If ultimately they’re still not convinced, interested in doing the work or putting up
the money, you can say:
“Okay, Mr. Smith, I know how you feel. You’ve tried a lot of things,
you’ve been approached with other ideas, and you’re tired of not having things
work out. It’s been frustrating because you also have to run your business day to
This idea of doing a joint venture and increasing your profits is exciting and
may be a bit confusing to you. Let me make you an offer that I believe is much
smarter than just saying no and walking away. I believe in the possibilities of this
deal and in my abilities to make it work. I also believe in the worth of your
customers (or whatever you want to get) so much that I’ll reverse the deal.
I’ll put in all the money (or get someone to put in the money) and do all the
work myself. All I want from you is the rights to do it and I’ll give you 25% of the
profit I make.”
Now all you have to do is just put in your own money or find someone to finance
the testing of the offer. You’re now making 3 times what you would have made for the
same amount of work. You keep 75% and give them 25%. You’ve reduced their risk and
increased your profits at the same time.
What? You don’t have the money and don’t know anyone who does? Well, then
let’s go find some. In the next chapter, we’ll find out how to get serious investors shoving
money in front of you and forcing you to use it!!
Page 48
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How To Find Investors and Finance Any
Joint Venture Deal
There may come a time that you need OPM (Other People’s Money) to finance the
joint venture deals you do. Usually the people you’re joint venturing with are more than
willing to at least split the costs. You may need to find investors from time to time, so it’s
good to know how to find them if you need to.
Where Do You Find Investors?
You can find investors absolutely everywhere, except possibly prison and a few
other not so nice places.
An investor can be a real estate broker, stockbroker, doctor, merchant, lawyer,
manufacturer, family member, heir, etc. Finding an investor, though, can be done many
ways. You’ve got something working for you that is very important. You have the fact
that the investor is looking as hard (maybe harder) for you, as you are for him/her.
Time is money and the longer they wait for a deal to find them, the more money
they’re losing. The best place to find these investors and have your opportunity ad be
seen is in the advertising/classified/business pages of financial and local newspapers.
There are two advantages to using newspaper ads.
1. Newspapers reach lots of interested risk capital investors AT ONCE!
2. Investors respond quickly to ads that peak their interest. A well-written ad
placed properly in the right publication will put you in touch with risk capital
investors very quickly.
Writing The Ad To Get Investors To Contact You.
Here are some rules for creating your ad. You don’t have to be a great copywriter
to write an ad that will attract the attention of interested investors.
1. Describe the kind of business you are working with. Some investors are only
looking for certain deals, no matter how much profit they make.
2. Specify the amount of money you need. Ask for a little more than you really
need just in case unexpected things come up.
Page 49
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3. Describe what kind of return on investment they can expect.
By including these items in your ad, you will pre-screen the people responding.
People that have no interest in your deal won’t respond to your ad. This is because your
ad does two things:
1. The ad makes sure the inquiries you get are from people who are interested in
the business you are dealing with, and they have the amount of money you
2. It lets the potential investors know what they are most interested in, which is
what they can possibly get from this investment.
“Investor Wanted Investment firm and hard money newsletter
Joint Venture being formed. ROI 10-15 times investment
seriously possible. Minimum investment $X,XXX. Full details
to qualified investors. Reply to 555-123-4567"
An ad similar to this is what you should run. It gives the full idea in just a few
words. This way you waste little time in weeding out the looky-loos and tire kickers.
(Every business opportunity ad will get some of those.)
On the next page you’ll find a bigger ad you can put in the pages of your local
Sunday newspapers. Place it in the business and/or financial sections. This is for finding
investors to finance more than one deal for you, but you can modify it for your own
Page 50
What would it take to improve your business today?
Investor Wanted. 10-15 Times Investment Annual ROI Very
Possible. Probable Downside, at Most a Few Hundred Dollars.
I help businesses turn hidden assets into streams of residual income. I do
this with very simple and easy to understand tactics. Business owners are
amazed that they never realized them, because these tactics are very obvious
and overlooked.
I take only opportunities that have a 90% chance of profiting. I perform
small tests on all the deals I do to verify the profitability of each strategy before
I spend a lot of money on rolling it out. The money will be used to pay for
marketing, advertising lists, etc. Also, I don’t ever have to deal with the money,
you can just write the check directly to the vendors.
I need investor(s) to finance one or two new deals I am taking on for a
maximum investment of $5,000 each. The money is fully secured by the first
monies back. Typically a good promotion ROI is in the 10,000% to 15,000%
per year range. Even better is that the returns are usually fully banked within 6
to 8 weeks or less. The profits that come in will be separated and you’ll get first
monies back. The profits are split 50-50 after you’ve recouped your investment.
I can explain everything over the phone in a matter of five minutes or
less. When you’re interested, call me at 555-123-4567.
When you write your ad keep in mind that you’re not dealing with a bunch of
idiots. These investors didn’t get surplus investment capital by being stupid. Whatever
you do, avoid statements such as:
You’ll get rich quick ...
Fantastic returns ...
World’s greatest opportunity...
Can’t fail...
These statements simply turn investors off and make them go far away.
I suggest you first use classified ads to save money. The larger display ad will
generally get a better quality of replies than those from classified ads. Also, use display
ads if you need larger amounts of money. The problem is that a display ad can cost ten
times more than a classified ad.
Page 51
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Where Do You Run The Ad?
Now we need to find out what newspapers are best to use.
Stay with local papers if you need the investor to give both capital and
participation, then you stay with the nearest large newspaper. If you just need the money
then you can go anywhere.
Sunday papers printed and distributed in major metropolitan areas give you the
most action and are read by most risk capital investors. Try smaller papers if you don’t
need too much money (under $50,000).
If you just want capital investment from the investor(s), then the Sunday Wall
Street Journal in your region is a great bet. Try any other similar regional financial
newspapers. This way you’ll reach a much larger potential investor market in other areas.
You might have to go meet them or have them come to meet you.
If you need a very large amount of money…$1,000,000 or more…then use
nationwide financial newspapers and magazines. Start in your own area and spread out if
you need more.
Here’s a website that lists all the newspapers all around the world. It even lists
them by category. NewsLink -
You Just Need ONE Investor.
Most of the time you only need to find one investor. You’re looking for
QUALITY inquiries. That’s what counts. You don’t care about the quantity of replies
you get.
How often do you run the ad? Run the ad just once on Sunday in the publication(s)
you choose. Remember, you’re looking for one investor in most cases. You’ll be weeding
through the initial replies before you’ll need more.
Reply to the inquiries right away. Speed is the key. Capitalize on people’s interest
and curiosity while it’s high before they find something else to invest in. When you’ve
run out of prospects, then run the ad again.
Just don’t keep running the ad everyday. When potential investors continuously
see the ad, they think something must be wrong with the deal since it’s being advertised
for such a long time.
Page 52
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Handle The Inquires That Come In.
You’re going to get inquiries to your ad. You might get things like:
1. A postcard with a couple of words written on it, SEND DETAILS, it might be
barely understandable.
2. A desk memo from some small company that was a promotional gift.
3. A letter typed beautifully on company letterhead.
You are going to have the urge to only respond to the nicely typed letters and
forget all the rest. PLEASE FIGHT THIS URGE!! Business people often just write one
word and two word letters. That’s all that is really needed.
If you get phone numbers, then call them for an appointment. Just get the
appointment, no selling on the phone.
If you get mailing addresses, then send a letter asking for an appointment. You
w ill give them the details w hen you meet.
Reply the same day they arrive.
If you wait, who knows what you might miss out on?
Be very businesslike when contacting them. Say something like:
“Thank you for your interest. I am looking to establish an investor
relationship for my business and I am in the process of interviewing several
investors who have inquired. Rather than go into details over the phone (or letter),
I’d like to set up a time to meet with you and talk personally. Would Tuesday at
9:00 AM be good or would Thursday at 2:00 PM be better?”
By asking the last question it gives them the feeling of having a choice, but to you
it doesn’t matter which they choose. It just means that you have an appointment.
If neither is good for them, they’ll offer another time. If the time they want to meet
with you isn’t good for you, then say “no” and counter offer with another time. This way
they realize that you’re professional and can take them or leave them. You’re someone
worth seeing and you have a very good deal for the right person.
Meeting With The Investor.
Be prepared to present your deal to the investor in simple language so they’ll
understand it. This will help to build their confidence in you and in the deal. Practice what
Page 53
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you’re going to say; these investors are probably very sharp. You need to cover all the
major points and be able to answer their questions.
Be prepared to present your deal to the investor in simple language so they’ll
understand it. This will help to build their confidence in you and in the deal. Practice what
you’re going to say; these investors are probably very sharp. You need to cover all the
major points and be able to answer their questions.
Set up the first meeting at a neutral location, some place where neither of you will
be interrupted with phone calls or visitors. Make sure that you’re presenting to the main
decision maker(s). Why waste your time talking to the wrong person or only to some of
the right people? You want the people who ULTIMATELY will decide. Be sure that you
have enough time to fully explain the joint venture and to answer any questions. If it’s
lunch or dinner, be sure YOU pick up the first check. This Is Very Important.
The Presentation
The goals of your presentation are:
To get the investor’s confidence in the joint venture and your ability to
manage it.
To make the investment attractive to him.
To prove the possibilities of profit are above average.
After giving your presentation there should be definite visible signs of enthusiastic
interest from the investor(s). If you don’t sense that there is, then end the meeting right
there. You have too many potential investors out there to waste much time trying to
convince someone too hard.
If you feel there is enthusiasm, then it’s your turn to ask questions.
1. Ask what is his/her/their background?
2. Can they show proof that they have the capital before you both go into
serious negotiations?
3. What type of ventures do they like to invest in?
4. What was the last deal they didn’t invest in and why?
5. What was the last deal that they did invest in and why?
Page 54
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6. Can they give examples of past deals they’ve done?
7. Is there any conflict with their present investments and this deal?
The investor(s) w ill respect you for asking these questions and will understand
that you’re a responsible business person, the kind they want to do business with and
invest money on. If he/she gets annoyed or refuses to answer, end the meeting and go to
your next prospect. Forget about people who are just wasting your time.
Page 55
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Page 56
What would it take to improve your business today?
Negotiating Tips and Tricks
Ask For More Than You Expect To Get
First of all, the higher price will increase the perceived value of the deal, but more
importantly, this gives you negotiating room. You can always come down, but you can’t
go back up. Ask for the maximum plausible amount you expect you would need because
it includes extra money for any unforeseeable expenses.
By having this room for negotiating, it keeps negotiations from deadlocking. If
you have to come down a bit in price, the other side feels as if they have won. The best
negotiation is when the other side feels they got the better of you, but you end up getting
everything you wanted.
Never Say, “YES,” To The First Offer
People will throw out a number to see how you will react to it. If you say, “YES”
to the first offer, it automatically triggers two thoughts in the other side’s mind.
A. “I could have gotten in for less of an investment.”
B. “There must be something wrong with the deal.”
Respond with something like, “$_______ dollars? I couldn’t possibly do it for just
$______dollars.” After such a flinch the other side will make a concession and adjust
their offer to suit your needs.
They’ll Try To Get Control Or Change The Investment Amount
This is a test to see if they can steal the deal and get in with less money, but still
get the same profit. They’re interested, otherwise they wouldn’t try to steal it or get in for
a less price. Do some negotiating, but have a limit that you won’t go beyond. When the
limit is reached, make them put up or shut up.
They may want to bring along a major advisor (attorney, accountant or expert
friend). Say “Yes,” but bring your own backup. Whomever they bring, you bring as well.
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Partners And The Higher Authority
Investors might have other partners (the spouse, a relative, friend or business
associate). Make sure you’re presenting to all the decision makers at the same time.
These advisors can be deal killers. If they weren’t at the meeting, they know nothing
about the details, but they still want to get involved and influence the investor.
Sometimes the investor might not even have another partner or a higher authority,
it may just be a ploy to keep control of the negotiations. Either way, make sure you
diffuse the chance for them to use the ploy or to have the partner change the investor’s
mind. Say something like:
“Just to be certain that I understand, if we are
able to come to an agreement today, is there any
reason whatsoever why you wouldn’t make a
decision today?”
They will either say NO or they will mention that they need to talk to the partner.
Tell them that you have to be able to present to all the decision makers at the same time.
If they don’t agree, FORGET ABOUT THESE PEOPLE.
If the prospect’s mind can be changed so easily by the advice of someone who
doesn’t even know the deal, it’s better to get rid of them now. It’s better than having to
deal with the advisor in the future. Thank the prospect for his/her time and walk away. If
they call you back, then you’re the one in control from now on.
Keep Your Deadline A Secret
If you have to get a joint venture project done by a certain time, keep that
information to yourself. You must feel that you have many options and all the time in the
world to negotiate this deal. The other side is losing more money the longer they keep
negotiating. People become more flexible under time pressure.
Be Prepared To Walk Away
Set a price limit that you will not go below. If the negotiations get to the point
where you are about to cross that price limit, just walk away from the table. There are
many other options for you out there.
Page 58
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Avoid Confrontations In Negotiations
Keep good relations with the other side, especially early on or else you will create
hostility and confrontations. If the other side throws out an unexpected hostile question,
use the FEEL FELT FOUND technique. Say something like this:
“I know how you FEEL. I FELT the same way, and
when I look at it differently, this is what I found....
(now state all the facts that make your point).”
Having this in the back of your mind allows you time to think and defuse a
situation before it get s out of hand. The other side realizes that you have though about
the same things they have. Since people like people who are like themselves, the other
side feels you understand them.
Negotiation Principles
1. Assume that you have the upper hand.
2. The side with the most information has the power.
3. Get the other side to commit first.
4. Make sure that you write the contract.
5. If you can’t write the contract, make sure you READ the contract. Understand
every line.
6. It’s okay to ask questions, especially when you ask open-ended questions.
7. You will be smart by acting dumb. It makes the other side give you more
information than they expected to. It’s okay to act dumb except in your area of
8. Keep numbers specific: $105,425 sounds a lot more credible than $100,000.
9. “NO” is just the other side’s opening negotiating offer.
10. Always congratulate the other side.
Page 59
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Page 60
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Tracking and Testing
Once you’ve made the deal, don’t do things too big. Track and test properly. First,
test small to make sure the hosted product sells.
Especially with a large list, ample testing should be performed before rolling out
an endorsement to the entire list. If you don’t succeed at first, just keep tying until you hit
pay dirt.
In other words, different approaches or endorsement letters should be tried to a
portion of the list before opening the floodgates to the rest of the list. If the test doesn’t
work, find a different product or service and try it all over again.
The first time you tap into your customers or client’s good will by endorsing
something, sales should shoot to the moon.
Just keep testing.
There is no failure,
only testing and feedback.
How do you track orders so you know which sales came from the endorser? Track
the orders coming in by using a special code identifying that your letter created the order.
You can key your ads in the return address. It should look something like this:
James Johnson
Money Maker, Inc.
123 Prosperity Road
Suite #535
Any Town USA 11111
Suite #535 is a code that tells you that your joint
venture resulted in this order.
You can also set up a special phone number for
people to call.
On the Internet it’s a little simpler because you can just set up a Web Page and
track it with affiliate codes. However the quickest way to kill an endorsement is to link to
a website like this
Anyone familiar with the Internet will recognize it as an affiliate site and realize
that you haven’t arranged any special offer. If you want to create your own tracking just
make sure that you use names instead of those affiliate code numbers.
Page 61
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If a website owner you’re working with doesn’t know about tracking orders from
his website in order to pay you, you can get your own affiliate scripts.
Here is a website with CGI scripts that you can use. There are free, low cost, and
expensive options.
Page 62
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Writing Endorsement Letters That
Practically Pull Money Out of People’s
Wallets and Into Your Bank Account
Joint ventures work best when the endorsement seems like any other message the
list owner would send to the mailing list, either a newsletter or personal letter. However,
before that can happen, you must make sure that there’s a strong relationship between the
list owner and the buyers, and the stronger the relationship, the greater the response.
If you’re endorsing joint venture products, you must make sure you build a strong
relationship with your clients/subscribers. If you’re the product owner, work only with
those list owners that have strong relationships with their buyers.
The right list is an integral part of a successful direct mail campaign/joint venture.
Professional copywriters will admit that the right list is responsible for more than 50% of
the mailing success. List selection is one of the most important details to take care of.
Give it whatever time and attention is necessary to do the job right.
Look for list owners that are regularly supplying helpful information to their
audience. This is the strong relationship you are looking for. When making an
endorsement, it must be written to genuinely show the clients/subscribers a new value or
special offer available ONLY to them. It isn’t helpful to just write an obvious sales letter.
Do you really think people will buy or even care about your offer if they think that
all you care about is making money from them and filling your pockets? You have to care
about more about them than you do making money. Do this and the money will follow.
That’s why I mentioned that
when you key your ads, you should make it
look like a unique offer just going to that
group. If you offer the same thing
everywhere, it will seem as if you just started
an affiliate program, and everyone has the
same offer available. It will water down the
strength of the endorsement and people will
resent it.
A Pitney-Bowes study discovered that
60% of small businesses don’t do any
kind of direct mailing. However, of
the40% that do, 90% of those say it
gets the most results out of any other
marketing they use.
Whether your joint venture offer is being made from a phone call, a newsletter, a
ride along with the invoice, or a personal letter, it must look as genuine and appealing as
Page 63
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possible. You can even find different reasons to explain why they are receiving the offer.
Here are some ideas:
“I’ve just finished reading this incredible information and trying
the product, just had to pass this onto you…”
“A friend of mine just came out with a new product and after
trying it out, I contacted him to find out if he would cut me a
special deal for you, my client. So, he said…”
“I was looking for a Christmas gift for you, my loyal clients, and
then I found this…”
“I have to get this off of my chest and I needed to let you know
before everyone finds out.”
“I couldn’t believe it when my friend showed me this product, but
when I tested it for myself, it worked! So, I just had to tell you
about it.”
On the next few pages you’ll find copies of endorsement letters and scripts to use
when selling to a list of buyers.
Page 64
What would it take to improve your business today?
Endorsement Letters
October 5, 2007
Dear Clients,
A couple of days ago I was looking for a holiday card to send you to express our
appreciation for your patronage.
There were so many different holiday cards to choose from--Christmas, Hanukah,
Kwanzaa, etc.--we couldn’t find one card that expressed our caring and appreciation for you as
our client. It is people like you that have helped us to build our business to be one of the most
profitable _________ in the area. So finally, I chose instead to say thank you in a very special
and different way - with our actions, instead of our words.
Let me explain. My friend ___________________owns a ______________ business,
with the (largest, fastest, strongest) ___________ in the area, but more importantly, he has a
fabulous method of _________ that lets him save a fortune. While we were having lunch, I
mentioned that I was going to give a great gift to my clients this holiday. I was going to give you
a gift that would express my appreciation for your business. I also told him that I didn’t want to
just send a card or something like that. I wanted to do something a little more meaningful.
After some talking he agreed to allow you, my clients to bring in this very letter to his
store during your holiday shopping and you will get a 30% discount! The offer is good for
anything you want to buy this year. So by doing this, I’m saying “thank you” in my special way.
Since he will be giving you finest quality ________, I feel that you’ll continue to buy from him
for years to come.
So, go ahead and take this letter to _________ anytime from now till December 31st,
20__, so that you’ll get the “special discount” of 30% off anything you buy and incredible VIP
treatment from ________________.
Because so many people buy ____________ during the holidays, I figured this would be
a much better thank you than any card we ever could send.
Enjoy and Happy Holidays.
PS. By the way, ________ asked that when you come to his store if you would “pass this letter”
to him in a discreet way so his other clients won’t feel bad because they are not getting the VIP
discount you are getting. Please do this favor for him when you go in.
Page 65
What would it take to improve your business today?
October 5, 2007
Dear Friend and Customer,
A few weeks ago a woman in New York contacted me and told me about a
____________ that she’s created. I’ve gone through lots of different courses, manuals,
systems, etc., so although I really wasn’t that excited, she seemed very excited about it so
I asked her to mail me a copy of the course!
A week or so later it came in the mail. When I opened it, I decided to just browse
and flip through it.
I ended up browsing and flipping for about 5 hours. Amazingly it is actually some
of the most powerful ___________ information that I’ve ever read!
When I woke up the next day, I contacted her and asked for all the information
about her course. She told me that she sells the course for $317. I told her that I would
like to let my clients in on this course, but no way would I offer it to you unless she gave
you a better deal.
After some negotiating back and forth for a while she agreed to include a special
and videotape set, which she sells for $150 and give it to you at a wholesale price of
____________. I checked the set out and it’s just as good as the course.
This new complete package I think is the perfect package for you. I’ve included
some of the order forms that she sent me.
If you’ve ever wanted to learn about ______________ or how to _________, then
I suggest that you get t his course right away.
She also said to tell you that if for whatever reason your not 100% satisfied with
the course, you can send it back within six months for a 110% money back guarantee!
Page 66
What would it take to improve your business today?
October 5, 2007
Dear Customer,
As one of our most loyal and special (customers or clients), I decided that I wanted
to give you a really wonderful gift for (holiday/occasion).
However, I didn’t want to just send you a card or a box of chocolates. Instead I
figured I would give you something that would hopefully be more appreciated; a gift of
(benefit of your product/service, knowledge, prosperity, etc.).
That’s why I’m buying you a (product/service).
This (product/service) normally costs $______, but it’s my gift to you for simply
being a valued customer.
(Describe the free gift along with the benefits.)
Just bring this letter into your local (business name) in (location) and you will get
one free (service/product).
There’s no catch and there’s no obligation at all to use their services again. This is
just a gift I thought you would really appreciate and be able to use.
So go pick up the phone and call (business name) at (telephone number). Tell
them you’re the person I bought (service/product) for.
Once again, I hope you enjoy this gift and next time you come to the store, please
let me know how you enjoyed your gift.
P.S. Just a quick reminder, there are no strings attached at all for you to get the free
(service/product). This is just my gift to you for being such a great customer.
Page 67
What would it take to improve your business today?
October 5, 2007
Dear Customer,
You are probably wondering why a your title/occupation would write to you
about a joint venture partner’s occupation?
Well, the reason is because I feel it’s important that you know about endorsed
business. There aren’t many businesses nowadays that can exceed your expectations,
most barely meet your expectations. But, endorsed business name goes WAY beyond
exceeding their customer’s needs.
That’s why I wanted to introduce you to owner’s name, he/she owns company
name. Business Name/owner has explain in detail what they did for you and about
the great work they did. They have been doing this for X years now.
I’m always looking for deals that would be of value to our valued customers and
friends, so when I sat down with first name of business owner I asked her/him if I
could do something special for you. After some light arm-twisting, he/she agreed!
This is what we came up with. When you take this letter to company name, you
will receive a discount, free gift, shopping spree!
So, go on in right away and let them know that I sent you. You’ll be glad you did.
Page 68
What would it take to improve your business today?
Writing Sales Letters
Okay, those sales letters are great, but maybe you want to be able to write your
own sales letters. Let’s take a look at how you can write your own profit pulling powerful
sales letters.
Many businesses run image advertising that just tells the public how great they
are, how long they have been in business, or what they are selling. These kinds of ads are
too expensive for you, even if you can afford it. Nobody really cares about those things.
People buy results not products. There’s absolutely no way to measure the results from
such ads. The most they give are delayed results. This kind of advertising should be left
to those companies with very deep pockets like the Coke-Colas, Microsofts, and General
Motors of the world. These giant firms can afford to use image advertising and create
“top-of-the-mind” awareness. For smaller businesses, it’s just throwing away money.
Starting right now, never run institutional or image advertising of any kind.
Every ad you run should be a direct response type ad. Ask the prospect to DO
something, either place an order, call in or write to you for further information, or bring
in a coupon. This way, you can measure the results and profitability of each ad you place.
You’ll KNOW where you stand, eliminate unprofitable ads, and stay with profitable
ones. You will get the most out of every dollar you put in. Let’s learn what we need for a
good sales letter.
What’s In It For Me?
Whenever you are writing copy for an ad, sales letter, flyer, or any other
promotion, ask “So what…who cares…what’s in it for me?” These are the exact
questions that are going through the reader’s mind as they read your letter.
You must realize that your client or prospect wants to know what your
product/service will do for them and what results will they get from dealing with your
company. People don’t buy products. They buy results. Your ad or letter copy should
answer this all-important question.
Fully explain to the prospect exactly what benefits they will receive and how their
lives will become easier or more profitable. By looking at your writing from this
viewpoint, you’ll find that the appeal of your promotion is enhanced dramatically.
Readers will be more interested and your results will be much better.
Page 69
What would it take to improve your business today?
You’ll lose their attention if you fail to answer the question,
“What’s in it for me?”
Page 70
What would it take to improve your business today?
The Most Important Part of a Sales Letter
The headline is the most important part of your sales letter. A good headline
compels the recipient to read at least the first paragraph in the sales letter. Getting them to
read the first paragraph is the first part of getting them to read the whole letter. A bad
headline, on the other hand, can make the customer toss the letter in the trash
Figuring out a good headline to use is one of the hardest, but most rewarding parts
of putting your sales letter together. Here are some tips that can get the customer read
your letter.
Before you begin writing your headline, read lots of classic headlines from
successful sales letters. This helps to get your mind into the frame of thought you need to
write an attention-grabbing headline.
If you don’t have a list of headlines, that’s okay. I’ve included a list of the top 28
on the next page. These are headlines that have pulled in millions of dollars for the
Go check them out
Page 71
What would it take to improve your business today?
28 Greatest Headlines Ever Written
Page 72
What would it take to improve your business today?
There are some good headlines in that list. Read them over a few more times.
After you have done that, take some of the best elements and start modifying them to
your offer.
Write more than one headline. Write a lot of headlines. Take the best one and
make it your headline. Use some of the other really good ones in the body of your ad or
to test in other mailings against the best headline you’ve chosen. Remember, the only
opinion that matters is the client’s because they vote with their credit cards. Test, Test
and Test your mailings.
Forget about trying to sell in the headline. Keep the headline short and powerful. It
should be readable and understandable with just a quick glance, even if they don’t plan
on reading the whole letter.
Tease the reader and appeal to their curiosity. They should be curious enough
about your headline to want to read more of the ad. Here are a few ideas:
1. Use a question as the headline. Asking questions forces people to be
personally involved with the sales letter. Be careful though, asking the wrong
question might turn people off. Also ask questions that require more than a yes
or no answer.
2. Make a shocking or stunning announcement in the headline, almost like a
compelling headline you would read on the front page of a newspaper or
magazine. Use a headline that is unexpected and surprising enough, that it
causes people to read the rest of the ad.
3. Promise a specific benefit. Explain how they’ll save 47% on their electricity
bill, instead of just writing that they can save money.
4. Attract a reader’s attention with an interesting prediction. People like to find
out about things to come, especially if they already expect or fear that it’s
going to happen.
5. Call out to a specific group. If you’re mailing a target group of buyers, write it
in the headline, something like “Special Offer to Sport Utility Owners.”
However, some people don’t want to be identified with groups.
Page 73
What would it take to improve your business today?
Avoid turnoff words in your headline. Don’t make promises of easy profits, quick
cash or other phrases that identify your letter as junk mail.
People Buy Results; Not Products
People will buy the benefits a product will bring them. They buy a better and
healthier life, not a bottle of vitamins. They purchase a lawn free of weeds, not
chemicals. They want financial freedom, not books about finance.
As a business owner, you need to keep this fact in mind. When you write your
marketing copy this way, you will draw a picture in your prospect’s mind. They will be
able to “see” themselves enjoying these results. Of course, in their mind it’s your
product(s) that will bring them those results.
Stress the Benefits; Not the Features
Whether you are speaking to a prospect in person, running a space ad, or mailing a
sales letter, make sure that you detail the benefits your product will bring them. An old
adage in marketing says, “features tell…benefits sell.”
Translate the features of your service into benefits. Instead of saying,
“I have and can find what you need”
say something like
“Using this service, you will save the added cost and time of
having one of your employees searching endlessly for what
you can have access to right now.”
Instead of saying,
“This computer comes with a 200GB 7200rpm IDE internal
hard drive”
say something like
“This computer comes with a 200GB of storage. You will be
able to fill it with 120 hours of video, 30,000 digital pictures,
or 300 hours of music and still have room for all your
personal files and programs.”
Page 74
What would it take to improve your business today?
Write down all the benefits you can think of. Why exactly should someone deal
with your business? If possible call some current and past clients, ask them what they
liked about dealing with your company.
Also, ask if there are any things they didn’t like. Use these as strong suggestions
for improvement, especially if several clients repeat any.
Use Simple Words
Write as if you’re talking to just one person sitting right across from you. Use
simple words and phrases. This way the most number of people will read your ad,
understand your offer, and feel as if you are talking just to them.
Make your copy easier to read by keeping the paragraphs short. Use a onesentence paragraph from time to time, like this:
You can also use a one-word paragraph.
Have a fifth grader read your copy to you to see if they understand it. Change your
copy if needed.
Avoid using “I” in sales letters. Since you’re talking directly to the reader, use the
word “You” as much as possible.
Your Offer Can Never Be Too Long -- Only Too Boring.
You might be thinking, “People don’t read long sales letters, shouldn’t I write this
as a small sales letter?” Guess again. As long as the letter/ad is of interest to the readers,
they’ll read every word of it. I’ve received sales letters 10 pages long, but I read every
single word because I was interested in the topic. I’ve even read some good ones over
and over again. I’m sure you have done the same thing.
Remember that advertising and sales letters are salesmanship in print. Just as you
wouldn’t stop your salespeople from finishing a full sales pitch, you shouldn’t stop your
ad or letter without getting your full point across.
If the reader isn’t interested in your offer, it doesn’t matter how long your copy is.
Those people aren’t true prospects anyway. You’ll lose more readers if your copy is
boring than if it’s too long. If it takes three pages to tell your story, that’s fine. If a 10-
Page 75
What would it take to improve your business today?
page letter is needed, that’s great too. The more you tell, the more you sell. The thing you
must remember is that your offer must be clear and understandable.
It may take you a little time to determine exactly how long is long enough, but
with practice you’ll become good at it. Try to anticipate every question a prospect may
ask and answer them in your ad.
Be Careful With Graphics and Pictures In Your Ads
The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” just isn’t true in direct
marketing. If you use graphics and/or pictures in a promotion or ad, it’s important that
they don’t over power your message otherwise they’ll have a negative effect on your
Ideally graphics should be relevant to the offer and should draw your readers
down the page to the next part. Each picture or graphic you use should have a subtitle
clearly explaining how it applies to this item.
Be clear and concise. Use as few words as possible for your subtitle. Make it quick
to read and easy to understand otherwise you run a great risk of losing the reader’s
attention. When you lose a reader’s attention, it becomes too easy for them to give up and
throw away your offer.
“Bullets” are a powerful way to draw attention and emphasize the
benefits of a product or service.
These are the little round dots, centered vertically in front of each item on a
list. Each item on the list is usually indented.
By putting the benefits in a list like this, you automatically show that this
list is important to your reader.
This makes them concentrate and focus while reading your offer.
Risk Reversal and Detailed Satisfaction
In a sales transaction, either the seller or buyer is asked, whether stated or not, to
take on the risk of the purchase. In many cases, the purchaser is absorbing this risk or at
least perceives it this way. If they buy it, they own it. Like it or not, whether it works or
not, whether it lasts or not.
Page 76
What would it take to improve your business today?
Using risk reversal is just another way to eliminate the doubt from your prospect’s
mind that keeps them from buying your product or using your service.
Always explain exactly what satisfaction looks like, especially when emphasizing
your guarantee. Forget about just saying “satisfaction fully guaranteed,” it is
meaningless. The prospect has to guess what the satisfaction will be. It does you no good
to be vague since satisfaction means different things to different people.
Use detailed descriptions. Paint a picture for the prospect. Take them through the
exact results that can be expected. For example:
If after 90 days you aren’t able to save at least $15,000.00 by using
___________ instead of your own employees, I will refund to you 110% of
your purchase price.
If in 30 days you don’t get the most number of leads you’ve ever had in three
months, I will return your money and I will pay to place your ad in a
newspaper of your choice for two months.
You will learn the 9 simple steps to tap into this $4.7 billion-dollar industry. If
for whatever reason you decide that you don’t w ant to keep the course, send it
back. I will return your money and you can keep the special bonus as a thank
you for trying out the system.
Paint a picture for your prospects, stress the benefits and emphasize the results and
you will discover the difference in your profits. You have nothing to lose and everything
to gain.
Track Your Advertising With Key Codes
Make sure to use the tracking key codes that I showed you earlier in all your sales
letters. So you don’t have to flip back and forth, I’ll go over some of the major points
Ever notice when you order something through the mail, the address looks
something like this:
Joe A. Smith
1 Marketer Circle
Suite 103
Any Town, USA 00000
Page 77
What would it take to improve your business today?
Suite 103 is usually a key code. It tells the marketer which publication, which
mailing and which month this ad came from. This is how the marketer knows which ads
are doing well and which aren’t.
Test your ads all the time to know which ones are better. You can use almost
anything as a code, for example, let’s say you have an ad in the New York Times Jan
2003 edition. You could use #NT103 as a code.
Put the list of codes and what they identify in a notebook or file. Keep track of the
key codes, whether to track the source of your orders or inquiries. Even if you believe
that you’ll never use the code again, you need to keep all of the key codes you use.
Checking this list of codes will make sure you don’t use the same code twice.
You’ll find that as you use many codes throughout the years, you won’t be able to
remember all of them or recall what they mean. If a sale with a code from an old sales
letter comes in, you can look up the code and tell that the sales letter still works and so
does that publication.
Use a PS in Every Sales Letter
The PS (Post Script) is considered to be the second most important part of a sales
letter (the headline is the most important). The reason is because a lot of people will flip
through a sales letter before they ever begin to read it. I’m sure you’ve done this in the
past. They assume that the price is near the end, so they focus on the PS. Use this to your
advantage in every sales letter you write.
P.S. You can use it to restate your whole offer in a condensed and powerful
P.P.S You can also use it to remind the reader of a time limit on your offer,
review free bonus offers, or reiterate a telephone number to call.
Use it for whatever reason,
but make sure you DO use one or more.
Don’t Change Your Sales Letter
Because You’re Tired Of It
You and your associates will get tired of the sales letter much sooner than the
public ever will. You should stop using the sales letter only when you discover that
another one is pulling in more sales. Remember that you’re advertising to a living and
Page 78
What would it take to improve your business today?
active world. New people see your ad all the time. Not everyone w ho would buy your
product/service saw it the first time. People are moving in and out of markets all the time.
There is also the physical neurological fact that m any people don’t respond to
something until they have been exposed to it at least seven times. After about the seventh
time of being exposed to the same thing, they magically respond to it.
You see your ad every time it is published/mailed, but your buyers might miss it
six out of seven times.
Keep Working Your Winning Ads!
Page 79
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 80
What would it take to improve your business today?
Copywriting Worksheet
What is the goal of your copy?
What’s the overall goal you want to reach six months from now? If this project could
do just one thing, what would that be?
What other goals would you like to reach with this project?
Is there anything about your product or company that gives your sales pitch
credibility? (Awards you’ve won, how long you’ve been in business, how many
locations you have, etc.)
What product or service are you selling?
What are all the benefits of your product? (leave nothing out, put everything down)
What relevant facts and figures have been gathered about your product?
Example: Have any studies been made that provide facts and figures that will substantiate
your claims?
Is there an industry trade counsel that can give you meaningful facts, graphs, charts
and statistics about y our product?
How does it compare to your competitor’s project?
Page 81
What would it take to improve your business today?
What is the major benefit your client gets from your product?
What major benefits will your clients get from doing business with you instead of
doing business with your competition? What makes doing business with you
“unique?” Why should a prospect do business with you instead of your competition?
What is your client’s major concern?
11. Create a short, accurate profile of the type of client you’d most like to attract.
What type of guarantee do you offer?
What level of service and support do you offer?
Collect and analyze the marketing pieces and items listed below:
Sales letters
Newspaper and magazine ads
Radio and television spot
Press kits and news releases
Complaint letters from dissatisfied customers
Marketing plans
Back issues of promotional newsletters
Classified ads
Sales training materials
Telemarketing scripts
Feature articles about you or about you/your company
Product sample(s)
Testimonial letters from satisfied clients
Now “sell” your product to a client as if they were sitting across from you.
Page 82
What would it take to improve your business today?
Direct Mail Tips
Never, ever mail large quantities of sales letters on a Friday. Postal workers
get tired, just as you do. Why risk having them sort your mail wrong, or not
sorting it at all?
Don’t mail after 3:00 P.M. Again, postal workers are fresher during the first
part of the day. Never mail just before a holiday. Postal workers and recipients
are eagerly awaiting the holiday and lose interest and efficiency at this time.
Always split up your mailing. Mail only part of your ads on successive days,
perhaps even at different post offices or mailboxes. This method will spread
out your potential response rate and won’t overload a postal worker.
The best days to mail are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Make sure
you mail a copy to yourself.
If an ad doesn’t pull very well, it doesn’t mean running print ads is wrong. It
just didn’t work effectively this time. The learning experience and testing
alone are of great value. Learn from every marketing experience you have,
whether they work well or not.
If you end of using email to send out
your offers, then you don’t even have
to worry about most of this stuff.
Page 83
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 84
What would it take to improve your business today?
Examples of Joint Ventures
If you’ve got a great business idea that you really believe can work and want to try
out but don’t have the money to rent a building, the equipment, etc., here’s what you do.
Go to any one of hundreds of businesses that have all the equipment you need. They’ve
already bought all the equipment and are paying for the rent/lease, etc., but they close at
5:00pm. They are losing money from 5:00pm to 9:00am because they aren’t profiting
from the assets. You can change that for them and make yourself a tidy profit at the same
time. Offer to buy the rights to use the building, equipment, etc., from 5:00pm to 8:00am.
Offer to pay for the heating, electricity, water, extra insurance, etc., during the night. All
you have to do is work on marketing and selling your product/service. If the company
you bought the rights from is big enough or very well known, you can even have a
private label deal with the owner.
If you need extra help in your business, find companies that aren’t using their
employees fully. Offer to pay the company half of what they pay their employees for the
unused time. For example, let’s say the company pays their employees for 40 hours of
work, but only need them for 30 hours. Your offer is great for the company because they
make back some of their money.
If you find Company A that’s losing $30,000 per month, match them up with
Company B that uses similar resources or equipment as Company A and has more sales
coming in than it can handle. Have them pay Company A $24,000 for the use of its
equipment and resources. Now Company A only loses $6,000 a month, but you’ve
actually made them $24,000. Company B gets the needed equipment for less than it
would have normally paid and can now service all the new sales coming in. So, how can
you get paid? Simple! Negotiate with Company B to get a percentage of the profits that
come out of Company A’s sales. After all this is basically money that Company B
wouldn’t have had otherwise.
Write a special report, booklet, audiotape, etc., that’s related to your business.
Make a deal with a business that complements what you do. Whenever a customer buys a
certain amount from them, the customer will get a copy of your special report or audiotape. When one of their customers buys from you, then split the profits with that business.
You have a good idea for a book or a course, but don’t think you know enough to
write about it. Go out and find someone successful in the area that you are interested in.
Explain that you want to create an information product with them. You both work on
putting the information product together. You’ll provide the marketing knowledge and
they’ll give you the knowledge to write something of quality. You might even get money
Page 85
What would it take to improve your business today?
to test the first few offers. You’re now coauthors. You can also put your name on it and
have your new partner endorse it.
Make a deal with a brick-n-mortar store to hand out information about your
website. In exchange you will give them free advertising on your website and/or in your
email newsletter. Offer each other’s clients a special deal. Either you can split the profits
generated or you can just use the exchange of advertising because you’re both using each
other’s resources.
Put together a joint venture with a five star fancy hotel or a couples resort where
people go for a romantic rendezvous. Partner the hotel with a local jeweler. Have the
hotel concierge record an endorsement message on the phone in each guest’s room and
place a note next to the phone. The guests will see the red message light on the phone and
listen to the endorsement offering a special discount at the jeweler if they take the note
next to the phone over to the jeweler.
You can do deals with not directly related businesses, like partnering a high-class
dentist with a jeweler or a retail store that gives a discount to a flower shop before
Mother’s Day.
You can do more than just offering someone else’s product to your list. You can
ask the owner if they would like to make their product be a special premium and bonus
with your product/service. Your product gets increased perceived value. They make
money off the backend and renewal sales from their product.
You can save money on your sales letter mailing expenses. If it’s a newsletter,
magazine, product, etc., make it into an insert inside the item. Since what the buyer
ordered is what they wanted, they might be in a receptive mood to buy more things
recommended to them.
Find a retail product that isn’t being sold through direct mail. It’s a fact; direct
marketing incredibly improves a product’s sales compared to retail. Contact the company
and offer to sell a product or all their products (book, tapes, software, etc.) through direct
marketing. You get the rights to sell the product(s) through direct marketing and they can
keep selling the product retail.
You can turn around any of these deals and do them backwards.
If the joint venture prospect is still not convinced it will work, you
can buy the rights from them. You or your investor can put up the
money to get the deal going and give the JV prospect 25% of the
profits and you get to keep 75%. Now you are making 3 times as
much for the same amount of work.
Page 86
What would it take to improve your business today?
Examples of Agreements
Page 87
What would it take to improve your business today?
Non-Disclosure Agreement
(Prospect Company Name)
agree that any information disclosed to me by
Your Company Name
Joint Venture Concept is considered proprietary and confidential, including all
information dealing with any of the company’s business opportunities, research, product
design or development, activities, and personnel.
Confidential information shall not include information previously known to me, the
general public, or previously recognized as standard practice in the field.
I agree that for a time of _____ years, I w ill hold all information told to me in confidence
and will not use such information except when authorized by
Your Company
I understand and acknowledge that disclosure of confidential and proprietary information
could cause damage to
Your Company
. I agree that when requested, I will
return all written and descriptive matter, including:
along with any and all supporting documents to
Your Company
Accepted and agreed to by:
Signature: ____________________________________
Date: _________________
Page 88
What would it take to improve your business today?
Letter Agreement
This agreement made this 12th day of July 2002 by and between XXX here and after
referred to as client and (Your Company) agree as follows:
Client has developed and established _________________.
(Your Company) has the marketing and promotional experience that would
compliment the ideas and concepts that client has created.
(Your Company) will put together the necessary documentation and operational
plan to bring the ideas and concepts of client to the _________ market in the
form of ___________________(Sales letter, classified ad, etc.).
Client and (Your Company) agree to split the cost of developing and promoting
_____________ that will be known as (product/service name).
(Your Company) will mail out letters to ________________’s Mailing list.
________________ agrees to receive the orders and fulfill the delivery of the
product. All orders will be sent to Client for credit card processing.
Client agrees to process the credit card orders and split the gross profits with
(Your Company).
Length of Venture. This venture will start _____________ and continue for five
(5) years unless it is terminated by the parties.
All financial records and documents related to this Joint Venture are to be made
available for audit by either (Your Company) or Client.
Neither party may assign or otherwise transfer any rights under this agreement.
This letter of agreement may be revised from time to time by agreement of both
parties to update any changes that may take place.
Both parties can end this deal at anytime.
Your Company
Page 89
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 90
What would it take to improve your business today?
Joint Venture Questionnaire Form
Name: ____________________________
Business: ________________________________
Address: __________________________
City: _______________
Website URL: ______________________
Email: __________________________________
Business Phone #: ___________________
Mobile #: __________________
State: _____ Zip: ___
Tell me a little bit about your business:
Write as many keywords related to your business (as many as possible):
Total number of names on your
mailing list
Are the name & addresses on the computer?
How much does the average client
spend with you?
How often does your average client buy from you?
% of people who purchase more
than once from you
How long have you been in
How often are your customers contacted?
Daily Bi/Weekly Bi/Monthly Yearly
Do you publish a newsletter or Ezine?
Do you have any products or services that you
have ownership or the licensing/resell rights to?
Describe the products and services you have ownership or resell rights to:
What is your monthly marketing
Do you have a merchant account?
Do you use direct mail?
Page 91
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 92
What would it take to improve your business today?
Creating A Backend
As I’ve said many times, having backend products is where the real money is.
There are no costs in acquiring the customers. You just need to offer them other
products/services that would really benefit them.
Find new products and services that would benefit the people on your mailing list.
One way to do this is to take the product you’ve created or an existing one and recreate it
in a different format. You can also break up the info product and create individual
modules. Here’s a list of the different formats a product can take.
Live - Conference Calls, 1-on-1 training, boot camp and seminars, phone
consultation, live in-house consultation.
Video - Video tapes of a seminar, panel discussion on video, behind the
Audio - Book on tape, expert interview, audiocassettes of the seminar, how-to
audiocassette, hot seat cassettes, best of audiocassettes, teleconference
Written - Books (100+ pages), booklet (<100pages), special reports (2-10
pages), newsletter, book of compiled newsletters, home study course,
instructional manual, guide book, pricing guide, work book, price guide,
seminar transcript, compilation of articles/tips and secrets/examples, and
Electronic - CD-ROM, books on computer disk, discussion boards, Internet
website, software, 900 #, e-book, Internet multimedia, fax-on-demand.
Misc. - Reprint rights package, monthly subscription, ___-a-Day, card sets,
posters, check lists and forms.
Page 93
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 94
What would it take to improve your business today?
New Joint Venture Project Checklist
Before starting any new joint venture project, go through a checklist to be sure that
you’ve got everything in place. You can increase your chance of success and make sure
that you’ve got everything covered.
This checklist is based on the principle of finding a hungry market and then selling
to them what they want. You will be able to make sure that they also have the money to
buy and are willing to spend it.
Make sure you sell people what they want, not what they need. People WANT a
nice car, a nice house, and lots of expensive items, but they don’t NEED them.
Everybody NEEDS a good kick in the ass or smack in the head from time to time, but no
one really WANTS one.
Find products that you already know the people on the list want. If you’re asking,
“Who can I sell ______ to?” then you’ve got problems. You will be forcing people to buy
your stuff, whether they want it or not.
Unless you like torturing yourself, I suggest you just stick to selling things you
already know people want and are looking for.
The checklist begins on the next page.
Page 95
What would it take to improve your business today?
Joint Venture Project Checklist
Product/Service Name:
Joint Venture Partner:
Company Name:
Phone Number:
Page 96
What would it take to improve your business today?
Joint Venture Project Checklist
The Market
I’ve identified the target market that I want to sell to.
The people in the target market own credit cards & buy things through the mail.
They’ve recently made mail order purchases similar in price to our item.
I identified the “hot buttons,” that motivate them to buy through direct mail.
I know what these people want to buy right now.
The age, sex, and general philosophy of our target market are perfect for our item.
The people in our target market open their own mail.
I have a good mailing list(s) of at least 1000 recent buyers for our target market.
The Product
The market wants to buy this product.
This product appears to be unique and high quality.
I’m the only product source (besides the owner) and it’s available to me in quantity.
I can make a reasonable profit by selling this item.
The product meets my and the target markets requirements.
The Project
Calculated Risk vs. Return ratio shows this project is worth my time.
Breakeven point is low enough to recover our investment even if it isn’t successful.
I can develop and test this project without borrowing money. (If speculative)
I have the time to commit to this project
All expenses research, development, testing and rollout of the project are tracked
I’ve outlined a timetable for implementing each phase of this project.
I contacted all the people I need to get this project working. I’ve contacted the:
List broker
Graphics artist
Print shop
Product source
Order taking service
All the agreements have been signed and everyone has their own copy.
Page 97
What would it take to improve your business today?
Joint Venture Project Checklist
The Offer
The offer corresponds with market demographics.
The offer is easy to follow, understand and compels reader to read it.
The offer hits the target markets “hot buttons” and makes the reader want to buy.
The price is right for this market. (Don’t insult them by under pricing the product)
There’s a money-back guarantee.
The offer includes at least one free premium and increases the perceived value.
I’ve removed all obstacles/reasons that would keep people from buying the product.
The phone number to order is highly visible, easy to find and is correct.
The return address is on the envelope
I have a back-end product available with this product.
Fulfillment System
I shipped the product to myself, and I’m satisfied with how it looked when received.
I have a procedure to fulfill and track each order that comes in.
I am ready to accept phone orders for this product.
Everyone taking orders knows about the product and offer to build client confidence
The phone lines will be answered during the hours customers most likely will order.
I can process Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
I have enough boxes and packing materials to ship this product.
I know the exact cost to ship this product. It is factored into the breakeven analysis.
I am paying shipping
The customer is paying the shipping (its clear in the offer)
I have checked the quality of the product and it isn’t likely to have many returns.
Page 98
What would it take to improve your business today?
Joint Venture Project Checklist
Project Test
The mailing list is on disk so I can verify the list before I mail to it.
The test m ailing is at least between 1,000 - 5,000 pieces over multiple lists
I’m mailing the test First Class.
The order entry people know that the test is about to begin.
They have enough materials and order forms to take orders.
I’m mailing the test on
Analyzing Test Results
Did I get any orders for the product?
If not, am I going to figure out why it didn’t work, fix it, and test again?
Did I reach the breakeven point?
Were there any order taking or product fulfillment problems?
I discovered hidden costs I didn’t figure on in the test.
There were questions customers frequently asked about the offer? (If
yes, I need to put them in the offer.)
Am I being honest about the test results?
Rolling Out the Joint Venture Offer
I’m following up the successful test with a substantial mailing.
I’m mailing all the offers at the same time, or…
I’m spreading out the mailing, so I don’t overload the order/fulfillment resources.
If the response rate on the rollout is substantially greater, I can handle it.
I’m still tracking the income and expenses from this project.
I have set aside money to take care of possible returns.
I’m creating a plan to work and profit from the back-end?
I’m ready to look for the next joint venture project?
Page 99
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 100
What would it take to improve your business today?
Final Tips
NEVER think that a company is “too big” or “too anything” for you to approach
and do joint ventures with. Remember that small companies can be very profitable, as
well. Five small joint ventures can be just as profitable as one big joint venture.
Even if someone acts with no integrity or honor when doing business, you should
stay honest and act with integrity. Develop a reputation for being a straight shooter and
dealing with challenges fairly and calmly. Protect that reputation.
You’re going to need lawyers eventually and you should use them when needed.
Just don’t make them rich off of things you can do yourself. Do business with people
who will deal directly with you. Create simple agreements in plain English that detail
each side’s responsibilities. Make sure it’s simple enough for both of you and anyone else
who reads it to understand.
Work with people who are entrepreneurial minded instead of bureaucratic. This
will help keep you out of long legal battles that might come up.
Work to make the joint venture profitable. People that make big money in business
eagerly and happily will do more than just their “fair share” of the work. Don’t let the
other side do everything. Find out how you can help to make things run smoothly.
Even better, do as much of the work as possible. People get tired, want to go on
vacation or do one of a hundred different things that can slow things down. Sometimes
tasks won’t get done at all. So, take it upon yourself to get it done.
If you don’t have any money, ask them to send you $2,000, for example, to get the
work done for both of you. To save money, instead of sending 1,000 letters, send just 300
letters. You won’t get as great a response as if you sent a really big mailing, but you’ll get
enough. Take that money and invest some of it back into mailing out more letters.
Do short term deals for three months with brand new joint venture partners. If the
deal works out really well, then renegotiate for a longer deal.
Pay all joint venture partners promptly. Some people try to cheat their partners out
of a few thousand dollars and end up shooting themselves in the foot. By gaining a few
hundred dollars, they’ve lost hundreds of thousands of dollars when their partner either
finds out or decides that the deal just isn’t worth doing.
Pay your partners on time and do it with a sense of fun. Along with the check,
send a gift (cookies, champagne, wine, toys for their kids, etc.) and a very appreciative
Page 101
What would it take to improve your business today?
and glowing letter. Send it to them in an overnight package. I’ll bet you that they have
never had anyone do that for them. They’ll be amazed and very happy.
While they are happy and making money, you can offer to do more deals with
them. A few days after sending the overnight package, mail them a letter asking for a
testimonial of the joint venture you both have done together. You can use this testimonial
when you’re contacting new potential partners.
Page 102
What would it take to improve your business today?
So, do joint ventures seem TOO simple to work? That’s what I thought when I
first started doing them, but now I know differently and soon you will too. Many times
the best way of promoting is the easiest to do.
Joint Ventures Just Work!
So why aren’t more joint venture deals being made? A big reason is because some
people don’t believe it can be done. It’s not in their reality to be able to make a lot of
money with very little effort.
Most people are used to just general, predictable, conventional ways of doing
business because other people do it that way.
Your biggest expense is a closed mind;
it will cost you money everyday of your life.
Many people have closed minds, so they miss a large amount of the excellent,
moneymaking opportunities and possibilities available. They’re scared of the unknown
and of making things happen.
The majority of businesses out there are reactive, not proactive. They’re not
innovative or experimental and definitively not adventurous.
By getting rid of traditional ways of viewing business and creating a fresh
innovative mindset, you’ll soon know how to recognize joint venture opportunities. You
will also be able to maximize and optimize all of your strengths, while minimizing all
your weaknesses. Once you get this mindset, make sure you use it over and over, and
then use it some more.
Believe it or not, most business people aren’t entrepreneurial. They don’t have a
deal making, wealth creating perspective that’s needed to create winning concepts and
make things happen. They are just able to make a living in spite of themselves. They need
to realize how simple it is to do a lot more.
Page 103
What would it take to improve your business today?
When I was younger, I wouldn’t follow through with the ideas that I had, because
no one else I knew had done it before. I believed that there was no way that I would be
successful. I was always scared that people would think I’m doing something wrong or
think badly of me. It was as if I was waiting for permission to do things.
Now I have learned that there are no rules. No one else is thinking about you or
even cares about what you do. Remember this and move ahead with what you want to do,
even if you think what you are doing isn’t conventional or traditional.
So, you’ve finished reading this joint venture manual, just make sure that you read
it more than once.
Go through the manual again, take notes and start doing those things right now,
the sooner you start, the faster you’ll have lots more money in your bank account. Do it
now, you’ll get more out of action than you will out of meditation.
Just get out there and start doing it!
Page 104
What would it take to improve your business today?
JV Business Resources
I haven’t used all of these resources, and I’m not endorsing any of them. I just put
this together to save you the extra step of finding businesses to help you get your joint
venture off the ground.
Reasonably prices copywriters who do a good job
Cheap Copy
Grady Smith
820 Merganser Dr.
Fort Collins, CO 80524
[email protected]
Trevor Levine
340-11th Street, Suite 4A
Brooklyn NY 11215
email: [email protected]
Aran Kay
491 Rushton Road
Toronto. ON CANADA M6C 2Y4
Phone: (416) 654-0600
Fax: (416) 651-0535
email: [email protected]
Michel Fortin
863 Glasgow Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) K1K-0J5
(613) 748-1624
Fax (425) 648-7407
Email: [email protected]
United Kingdom
Orange Beetle Direct Response Copywriting
Alan Forrest Smith
First Floor, 106 Bradshawgate, Leigh,
Greater Manchester, WN7 4NP, UK
Tele: UK 00 44 (0) 1942 606706
Mobile/Cell: UK 00 44 ( ) 07880 964062
Fax: UK ( 44 ) 01942 606706
Email: [email protected]
Profit Pulling Salesletters
Bev Osbourne
Email: [email protected]
Page 105
What would it take to improve your business today?
Mailing List Brokers
Infinite Media
190 East Post Road
White Plains, NY 10601
TEL: 914-949-1547
FAX: 914-949-1605
[email protected]
Standard Rate & Data Service, Inc. (SRDS)
1700 Higgins Rd.
Des Plaines, IL. 60018-5605
800-851-SRDS/ 847-375-5003
About Direct Mail Lists
Phone: 208-883-8814
Fax: 208-883-1541
Email: [email protected]
Scantel Systems Ltd.
1370 Don Mills Rd.
Don Mills, Ontario Canada M3B 3N7
United Kingdom
Electric Marketing
9 Hatton Place
London EC1N 8RU
T. 020 7419 7999
F. 020 7419 7282
[email protected]
Hilite LTD
Mike Chantry
Ash Hosue, Ash Road
New Ash Green Longfield
Kent DA3 8SA United Kingdom
+44-1474-874848 / fax: +44-1474-879292
[email protected]
Edith Roman Associates, Inc.
Blue Hill Plaza 16th floor
PO Box 1556
Pearl River, NY. 10965-3104
800-223-2194 / fax: 914-620-9035
Standard Rate & Data Service, Inc. (SRDS)
1700 Higgins Rd.
Des Plaines, IL. 60018-5605
800-851-SRDS/ 847-375-5003
Page 106
What would it take to improve your business today?
Letter Shops
ACTON International Ltd.
3401 NW 39th St
Lincoln, NE 68524
Phone: 402-470-2909
Fax: 402-470-2673
Email: [email protected]
Direct Mail Depot
200 Circle Drive North
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Tel (732) 469-5900
Fax (732)-469-8414
944 North Park Street
Victoria BC Canada V8T 1C6
Toll Free: 1-888-232-4958
Telephone: (250) 382-9811
Fax: (250) 382-1929
[email protected]
Robinson Blackmore Publishing Inc
36 Austin Street
John’s NF A1A 2J5
Tel: +1 709 722 8500
Fax: +1 709 722 2228
United Kingdom
MetroMail Limited
Whitehouse Park, Peterlee,
County Durham SR8 2RT.
Tel. 0191 301 1663
Fax 0191 301 1701
Financial Data Management Limited
FDML House, 5 Sovereign Close,
London E1W 3JG
Telephone: 020 7265 0686
Facsimile: 020 7488 9893
[email protected]
[email protected]
Page 107
What would it take to improve your business today?
Order Taking and Fulfillment Services
PSI Fulfillment, Inc.
8803 Tara Lane
Austin, Texas 78737
Phone: 1-800-460-0500
Fax: 1-512-288-5055
Email: [email protected]
National Fulfillment Services
Tom Krueger Vice President of Marketing
National Fulfillment Services Building 4
100 Pine Ave.
Holmes PA 19043
Phone: 1.800.NFS.1306 x230
Fax: 610.586.3232
Email: [email protected]
Distributors’ Choice Inc.
6895 Whittle Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Z 3P8 Canada
Tel: 905.890.9921
Fax: 905.890.9795
Email: [email protected]
520 First Street, Unit 19,
London, Ontario N5V 3C6
Phone: (519) 452-0050
Toll Free: 1-800-217-6019
Fax: (519) 452-3757
Email: [email protected]
United Kingdom
Research and Marketing Services Limited
220 Vale Road
Tonbridge Kent TN9 1SP United Kingdom
Telephone: +(44)1732 366366
[email protected]
Direct Solutions International Ltd.
Enterprise House, Rolling Mill Road
Jarrow, Tyne & Wear, NE32 3DP
Tel 0191 428 6525
Fax 0191 428 2133
[email protected]
Page 108
What would it take to improve your business today?
Shipping Services
U.P.S. (United Parcel Service)
D.H.L. Worldwide Express
Dicobe Tapes
[email protected]
1-800-999-3381, ext. 17
Tel: (800) 223-3205
Tel: (937) 878-1828
Fax: (937) 878-1972
Merchant Account Services
Factoring of Accounts Receivable
United California Factors
2035 S. Myrtle Avenue
Monrovia, CA 91016
Tel. (626) 303-3551
Fax. (626) 303-3363
[email protected]
RivieraFinance (USA & Canada)
Locate nearest office:
[email protected]
United Kingdom
Alex Lawrie Factors (UK)
Tel: 0800 55 00 22
Page 109
What would it take to improve your business today?
Book Printers
McNaughton & Gunn
Headquarters and Production Facilities
960 Woodland Drive
Saline, MI 48176
[email protected]?subject=WeCopy Info Request
Hignell Book Printing
488 Burnell Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3G 2B4 Canada
204-784-1030; 800-304-5553
Fax: 204-774-4053
Email: [email protected]
The Lutterworth Press
PO Box 60
Cambridge, CB1 2NT, England
Tel: +44 (0) 1223 350865
Fax: +44 (0) 1223 366951
e-mail: [email protected]
Page 110
What would it take to improve your business today?
Thousand-Year-Old Money-Making Secret Works
Even Better Today With the Internet
It's easy to follow, simple to learn and works like crazy when used online.
And to prove it, I'll send this secret right to your doorstep for FREE (all you
pay is shipping) to use and try yourself for 30 days.
Dear Friend,
If you’d like to make money from scratch fast – quickly and easily, without
breaking a sweat or lifting a finger – then here’s how a few "elite" businessmen
did it thousands of years ago.
And why you can do the same thing today with the information I’ll give you
in this letter.
My name is Michael Senoff and, as a marketing consultant and teacher with
over 50,000 students around the world, I've seen and used some of the most
advanced money-making strategies ever invented. Some of them are so
powerful they can literally put tens of thousands of dollars in your pocket almost
Yet nothing I've seen even comes close to the ancient – and almost
forgotten – money-making secret you're about to see in this letter.
And even though you won’t find anything about this tactic in the bookstores
or at any of the “Ivy League” Business Schools – it can give even someone who
is dead broke – with no product, no connections and no business experience at
An Almost “Magic” Way To
Get Started.
It’s true.
And I’m going to prove it to you right now.
Page 111
What would it take to improve your business today?
Listen to this:
Back in the “olden” days - over a thousand years ago - the merchants and
“wheelers and dealers” of the ancient world did NOT believe in getting their
hands dirty or doing any of the “work” of making their fortunes themselves.
Instead, these experts discovered – what savvy businessmen still know
today – the best way to make a lot of money very fast is to simply “leverage” off
other people’s time, efforts, resources and money.
Take, as an example, someone who happened to be friends with both the
local blacksmith and also one of the king’s advisors.
If the blacksmith was smart, he would simply ask this friend to use his "pull"
to put in a good word about his wares to the king's people so he could get a big
profitable contract making weapons and armor for them.
If the blacksmith got the contract, he’d cheerfully pay his friend a percentage
of the profits (usually 10 to 15%) just for “joining” his business with the royal
treasury, and making the deal possible.
It was a highly effective way of doing business that quickly made the few
people who understood it…
Extremely Rich.
And guess what?
You can use the exact same tactic today just as easily and logically as
these genius businessmen did back then.
Here’s how:
Simply find a business already selling a product that would be eagerly
bought by another (non-competing) business’s customers, and then “join” them
together and take a slice of the profit on the resulting sales.
For example:
Page 112
What would it take to improve your business today?
Let’s say there’s an auto mechanic and an auto detailer in your town.
And let’s say the auto mechanic has a large list of loyal customers who trust
him and go to him on a regular basis, even if it’s just to get their oil changed.
You could strike a deal with the auto detailer and auto mechanic, where the
mechanic sends all his customers a flier or short letter (he can insert it in his
regular customer mailings if he wants) telling them how wonderful the auto
detailer is, how his prices are fair and all the reasons why they should take their
cars to him to get detailed.
And then, for each customer the mechanic sends to the detailer, you split
the money three ways, with you getting a slice of the profits in exchange for
“setting up the deal”.
This way everyone wins:
The mechanic makes money without lifting a finger, the detailer gets dozens
of new customers he wouldn’t normally have gotten – many of which will continue
to spend their money getting their cars detailed with him in the future – and you
get paid…
Just For Bringing
The Deal Together.
Which wouldn't have happened without you.
What kind of money would you realistically make on a deal like this?
In this example (and every deal is different), if the mechanic sends the
detailer at least 50 new customers, and if the net profit on each new customer
the auto detailer gets is an average of $200.00 per car, there would be a total of
$10,000.00 in sales. Split that evenly three ways and you will have made well
over $3,000.00.
But that’s just the beginning.
Because even more remarkable is the fact that…since the mechanic made
money without breaking a sweat, and since the detailer got 50 new customers
without spending a nickel in advertising (saving himself at least a few thousand
Page 113
What would it take to improve your business today?
dollars)…they will almost certainly want to keep doing this same deal over and
over again – month after month and year after year. And as part of the
agreement…you can get paid each time they do these deals…
Without Doing
a Thing
As you should be, as the person who made it all happen in the first place.
Now, as you can imagine, as well as this works with traditional mainstream
businesses like mechanics and car detailers…it work just as well…if not
better…on the Internet.
In fact, the exact same concept applies:
Just find two similar (but non-competing) businesses on the Internet, have
one of them email an offer to the other’s list of customers and...just like
magic…you get almost instant sales.
There are even ways of tracking the sales online, with the money being
equally distributed to each of your bank accounts automatically in “real time” making the whole process very clean, very simple…
And Very Fast.
Does this sound good to you?
Then hang on, it gets even better.
Because the real beauty about this – and I see it all the time – is after doing
several of these deals, you will have money coming in from multiple different
streams with little or no real effort.
Which means your income is less vulnerable to recessions, depressions,
company downsizing
or any of the economic forces that affect everyone else you know.
Plus, if you go after big deals -- with high ticket products being sold to large
lists of customers...
Page 114
What would it take to improve your business today?
Then Just One of These Deals Can Make
You Wealthy.
In fact, there may be deals so big the businesses you are working with may
not be able to fully fund them, and you may have to find a way to finance
everything yourself.
What do you do when this happens?
The answer is simple:
You finance these deals…
With Other Peoples’
Sound impossible?
It's not. There are thousands of investors out there – flush with cash –
looking for good deals to invest their money in.
You just have to know how to find them, prove you know what you're doing
and be able to set everything up.
Now, technically this is called “joint venture marketing.”
And while it's a pretty simple way to make money, you still have to know a
few details.
First of all, you need to know how to tell the difference between the deals
that will be profitable and the deals that don’t have a prayer of working.
This isn’t brain surgery, but if you don’t know what to look for, you could end
up wasting a lot of time doing joint ventures with the wrong businesses.
Secondly, even though there’s little cost, almost no risk, and a lot of money
can be made – most people have never heard about joint ventures. And it’s only
natural for them to be doubtful when strangers contact them. So you have to
Page 115
What would it take to improve your business today?
know what to say and how to show proof joint ventures will work for them.
Especially if you are just starting out, with no experience.
Thirdly, once you set up these deals, you will usually have to find or create
the advertising. You can hire someone to create it for you (which will cost you a
few thousand dollars or more, minimum). But unless the person you hire is
familiar with how joint ventures work, they probably won’t be much help.
And then there are all the other things you need to know – like tracking the
sales (so you know what your share of the money is), finding investors (once you
go for the big deals), and making sure everything happens smoothly from start to
Again, this isn’t rocket science.
But since there’s nothing on joint ventures in the bookstores, and since they
don’t teach it at any school or colleges – you are going to have to learn it
And that’s where I can (hopefully) help you.
Here's how:
I have just put the finishing touches on a new system showing you exactly
how to set up these “joint ventures” quickly and easily…without hassle. I call this
system "Joint Venture Magic."
And I'll send this system right to your doorstep – to use and try in the privacy
of your own home for 30 days –
Before Asking You
To Pay For It.
I’ll tell you more about this special offer in a minute.
But first, here’s what you get:
The “meat” of this system is a joint venture “course” written by my friend
Luis Arauz. Luis’s course contains everything you need to set up your own joint
venture deals.
Page 116
What would it take to improve your business today?
There is no “filler” in this course – no theory of any kind.
Just the kind of hard-nosed, “street-smart” information you will need to make
things happen fast.
In fact, in just one short weekend this incredible course takes you from “A to
Z” on joint venture marketing – showing you exactly how to find two separate
companies that should be doing business together, introduce them to the
concept of joint ventures and make the deal…
With You Taking A Fat Percentage
Of The Profits.
Quite frankly if you are really “gung-ho” about making money right away,
you don’t even have to wait for this course to arrive before you get the ball rolling.
You can literally get started today.
Here’s how:
Simply grab your Yellow Pages and start making a list of small to medium
sized businesses that are similar but not direct competitors. Like in our example
above with the car mechanic and car detailer.
When your copy of this system arrives, turn immediately to page 35, print
out the one-page letter you see there and fill in the blanks with your details.
Then simply mail that one-page letter to all of the businesses on the list you
And that’s it. Just sit back and go through the rest of the course.
In just a few short days the phone should start to ring because some of the
businesses you mailed to are going to want to do a joint venture with you. Most
of these people will simply want more information. But there will also be others
who are going to say:
“Hey, This Is Interesting,
Let’s Do This!”
Page 117
What would it take to improve your business today?
At that point, all you do is follow the course, step by step, putting two of
these companies together, and taking a cut of the profits.
Is it really that simple?
With this incredible course it sure is.
Especially since 80% of the “work” is already done for you.
Here’s what I mean by that:
Can’t write advertising to save your life?
Simply turn to page 59 and pick out one of the pre-written “endorsement
letters”, fill in the details of the business you are joint venturing with (that has the
product to sell), then hand it over to the other business you are joint venturing
with (whose customers you are selling the product to) for them to mail out.
And that’s all there is to it.
Creating the advertising becomes as easy and painless as filling out a blank
Want to know which products or businesses will make a perfect match for a
joint venture?
Simply turn to pages 32-33 and you’ll see 48 examples of companies and
products that will work perfectly with each other. Just pick a combination that
looks interesting and run with it.
Want to find investors for those really big deals?
Simply turn to page 46 and run the small classified ad you see there, wordfor-word, in the financial section of your local newspaper. The very same day the
ad runs…your phone will ring off the hook with investors wanting to know what
you have.
Wondering what to tell someone who wants to know how much “experience”
you have doing joint ventures…before putting your first deal together?
Page 118
What would it take to improve your business today?
Simply turn to page 44 and learn two sentences to say that will squash their
doubts right out the gate. No dealing with any negative comments and no
having to “sell” them on what you want to do. After you say these two simple
sentences, they will shut up, shake your hand and cooperate with everything you
Already found a business with a list of customers, but have no product to
sell them via a joint venture deal?
Simply choose one of these three easy options:
1. Turn to page 10 and run the pre-written classified ad
you will find there in your local newspaper…and you’ll
be flooded with calls from people who have great
products, but have no idea how to sell them.
2. Turn to page 22 and post a short note on each of the
4 Internet discussion forums you find, instantly telling
thousands of people how you are looking for joint
venture partners (be prepared to get a lot of email
3. Turn to page 21 and see exactly how to get the
contact information of over 170,000 US and Canadian
product manufacturers. Simply print out the pre-written
letter on page 13, mail it to the businesses that look
interesting to you and then…
Just Sit Back And Wait For
The Phone To Ring.
And that’s just for starters.
This course is jam-packed with the kind of world-class joint venture
strategies and tactics that'll put money in your pocket fast. Such as:
How to instantly “train” yourself to spot profitable joint venture deals
everywhere you go. (see page 23)
Eye-opening advice on making your deals and offers so
Page 119
What would it take to improve your business today?
irresistible…people will bend over backwards to work with you. (see page
A simple little “trick” you can use to get almost anyone you joint venture
with to deal with you honestly and ethically all the time. (see page 40)
A “last stop” option that will get people who are skeptical of joint ventures
to not only eagerly want to do business with you…but also give you up to
50% more of the profits per sale. (see page 44)
What exact words to say when you talk to investors so they immediately
respect you and take you seriously…even if you are a “rookie” just starting
out. (see page 47)
How to take the sting out of negotiating your fees for setting up joint
ventures (so you get a fair piece of the profits) without feeling awkward or
having to be an expert negotiator. (see page 51)
How acting “dumb” can put money in your pocket when getting a investor
to finance one of your joint ventures. (see page 53)
The easiest way to keep track of sales so you know exactly how much
money is being generated by your deals at any given time. (see page 55)
A “no-brainer” secret to getting joint venture partners eagerly seeking you
out – saving you hundreds of hours in time and energy. (see page 96)
And much more!
Plus, you will also get a CD with all the pre-written sales letters,
agreements, joint venture proposal letters, website addresses, classified ads and
checklists you will need included with the system.
And it’s all so easy, too.
Just like following a recipe.
You start with step one and follow along, taking the tools you need right out
of the course as you go.
Page 120
What would it take to improve your business today?
And before you know it, you’ll have your first deal up and running, and
putting money directly into your pocket.
And guess what?
This joint venture course is not the only thing you will get in this system. No.
That’s Just Section
There are also three additional sections.
Each an exclusive interview with one of the richest, savviest and most
successful joint venture marketers on the planet. And these experts hold nothing
back in these interviews.
In fact, each of these interviews is like a mini-seminar on joint venture
marketing, with several “real-life” joint venture case studies you can use as
“guides” for your own deals.
They also reveal some of the more “advanced” areas not discussed in the
main course such as:
How Oprah Winfrey created a multi-million dollar stream of income with
one simple joint venture…and how you can “adapt” what she did for
whatever you want to sell.
A special way to use the Yellow Pages, the Internet and a simple
mathematical formula (so easy an 8th grader can understand) to make up
to a six-figure monthly income.
How to quickly and easily “arrange” it so you are automatically paid for
each sale made in your joint venture…as soon as they happen.
An exclusive look at how Wal-Mart generates millions of dollars per year
using joint ventures…and how you can “model” what they do for your joint
venture deals.
A sure-fire way of knowing – with almost 100% accuracy – if you should
trust someone enough to joint venture with them…after just one
Page 121
What would it take to improve your business today?
A powerful, real-life joint venture “case study” that can easily be copied
and used by almost anyone to make a lot of money very quickly.
And much more.
Look, this kind of “insider” information is like having your own personal
“dream team” of world-class joint venture marketers standing at your side,
guiding you every step of the way. Telling you exactly what to say, exactly what
to do and exactly how to put money in your pocket as quickly and easily as
That’s why it doesn’t matter if you have zero business experience, or if you
dropped out of school in the 8th grade or if you are just starting out penniless and
None of that matters when you possess this system!
And realize this:
When you become a joint venture marketer, you are in a special class of
people. Not exactly a “business owner”. Not exactly an “entrepreneur”.
You’re A Player.
Someone who knows how to make money “out of thin air” – without
breaking a sweat or lifting a finger – simply by using other people’s resources,
talent and efforts.
And since you don’t have to “baby sit” any clients, customers or employees
– or deal with any of the headaches and hassles of a regular job – you can be the
master of your own destiny, taking a few weeks, months – even an entire year –
off anytime you want.
And when you go to those annoying family get-togethers or high school
reunions – where everyone is trying to “out shine” one another, bragging about
Page 122
What would it take to improve your business today?
their big promotions, flashy homes or fancy new cars – you can sit there
confidently, enjoying your drink and knowing full well…
You Have Every Single
One Of Them Beat.
Because what you do is the exact opposite of owning a traditional business
or working a job.
When you make your living doing joint ventures you wake up, you get out of
bed and there’s no rush. You don’t even have to hurry up and shower or brush
your teeth right away.
You sit down in your office (or at your kitchen table) and you start doing
business whenever you please.
You can do it on the phone, you can do it through the email, through FAX,
even through the postal system.
And when you get things set up and running checks will come in the mail –
or be automatically deposited to your account – for products you helped sell
weeks, months, even years ago. You can even do this “on the side” at first,
keeping your day job or traditional business, and avoid taking any big risks.
And best of all:
It’s just ridiculously easy, once you know the tricks. No matter where you
are now, you will walk away from this system armed with the immediate skills you
need to turn your life around…almost overnight.
In fact, I am so sure this system will work for you – if you follow the easy
instructions and do exactly what it says – I will put my money where my mouth is
and offer you the world’s most “unusual guarantee”.
And here it is:
Pay Nothing Now.
I'll send this entire system to your doorstep to try on your own for a full 30
days – an entire month -- for free. (All you pay is shipping.)
Page 123
What would it take to improve your business today?
If after that, you aren’t 100% convinced you can make all the money you
can spend using this system, just send it back and you'll owe nothing.
Here’s how it works:
I will not process your credit card or cash your check until after 30 days. If
you decide to pay by check, you can even “post-date” it 30 days in advance.
That way it’s not cashable by me (or anyone else) for 30 days. It’s not really
money. And you can easily cancel it at any time.
That way I have to trust you, instead of you having to trust me.
And you’ll have a full month to use and try everything for yourself.
So what does it cost?
Well, my minimum consulting fee for giving advice like this is $1,000 an
hour. And it goes up fast when you get to the guys I interviewed to create this
system (whose fees make mine look downright puny!). It’s taken us decades of
blood, sweat and tears learning and mastering this information. And you can
easily spend 10 years or more of “trial and error” just to get a toehold on how this
works in the real world.
Which is why I could easily charge over a thousand dollars for this
information and still deliver the greatest bargain of your life.
However, if you order today you can have it for just four payments of
$174.25, plus shipping and handling or one payment of $597 ($100 savings),
plus shipping and handling.
But you must hurry. I may stop this "try it before you buy it" offer at any
So don’t put this off or file it away to think over. There’s nothing to think
about anyway, because I will send it to you right now for 30 days without risk.
Here’s how to order:
1.) Order via our secure online order form:
Page 124
What would it take to improve your business today?
To make one payment of $597 plus shipping and handling – Go to
to order.
(Note: if you pay by check, you must use full payment option above).
To make four payments of $174.25 each plus shipping and handling
– Go to to order.
2.) Order by phone:
Call 1-858-274-7851 and leave the following information on our
secure order line:
1.) Your full name
2.) Your address (shipping and billing, if they are different)
3.) Your credit card number and type (i.e. Visa, Mastercard, etc)
4.) The security code on your credit card (the three numbers on the
5.) Your credit card expiration date
6.) Your phone number (in case there is a question processing your
7.) Whether you want to make one payment of $597 plus shipping
and handling or 3 payments of $174.25 plus shipping and handling.
Remember, you get to try everything for 30 days for free. All you pay is the
small shipping charge. If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact me
any time, day or night at the number above.
Page 125
What would it take to improve your business today?
Michael Senoff
P.S. If I hear from you today, I will also send you a bonus CD-Rom called: “The
$10,000 Ultimate Contract & Business Letter Agreement Guide”. This CD
contains dozens of pre-written agreements and contracts you can use for your
joint venture deals. Instead of paying your lawyer several thousand dollars for a
28 pound contract full of “legalese” – that’s almost guaranteed to scare everyone
away, and kill the deal – you can simply “plug” your details into these one or two
page agreements (written in plain English) and hand it over to your joint venture
You also get a short course (included on the same CD) that shows you how to
actually use these contracts and agreements to your advantage. This product
alone is worth the price of the entire joint venture system. And you can keep it,
as my gift, even if you decide to return it! But you must request your free Joint
Venture Magic "test drive" today. Go to to place
your order now!.
P.P.S. One last thing. If you order right now…I will also give you one full hour of
free, personal 1-on-1 coaching (over the phone) on anything related to joint
ventures. You can pick my brain for ideas, put me to work calling joint venture
partners with you (so you can listen in how I do my own deals), even have me
help you negotiate a deal for you. Really, I can help you with ANYTHING you
need. No matter how big or how small your questions are…
I’m Just A Phone
Call Away.
Completely at your disposal – and for one full hour. I do joint ventures ALL the
time, and have seen it all, and chances are...I can rattle off the answer to your
questions right away. Even telling you what to say word for word or what to do
step by step.
Page 126
What would it take to improve your business today?
Plus, I will also tape record our call for you to use and study later on. That way
you don’t have to worry about taking notes or remembering everything. However
I am just one person and my time is maxed as it is. So this part of the deal will
not last forever. I may even end it as early as tomorrow. Go to to order
Page 127
What would it take to improve your business today?
How to use Richard's simple, risk-free home study system to...
Become A High Paid Marketing Consultant in 45Days or Less...Without Any Prior Marketing,
Business Or Consulting Experience
In this letter you will learn a simple, painless and inexpensive way to become a
high-paid marketing consultant in the next 45 days -- complete with paying clients and a
steady flow of income that comes in year after year.
Listen to the CD that came with this letter on how six others like you have gotten
their first client using the system described below.
It doesn't matter what your current skills are now. And it doesn't matter if you have
any "connections" or business experience.
In fact, all you really need are a few, simple (and 100% proven) secrets my friend
Richard has developed over the years to become a high-paid, in-demand marketing
And the best part is, you do NOT have to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for
these secrets...and you can even use them yourself...
Almost Free, If You Choose.
I’ll explain the details of this incredible offer in a second.
But first, let me tell you what's in Richard's HMA system, why it really is an
absolute "no brainer" for almost anyone (regardless of your experience) to use, and why
you can realistically be up and running and making money in just a few days after getting
To begin with:
If you do your homework, you'll find that there are several competing marketing
consulting opportunities in the marketplace. And I'll be the first to advise you to look into
all of them before you invest into any of them, including Richard's HMA system.
I've interviewed countless people who have paid enormous fees to attend these
I have received first hand feedback on Y2 Marketing, Action International, Quantum,
Topline, Peter Sun Consulting, and other opportunities and many of them are actually
pretty good.
Page 128
What would it take to improve your business today?
But what separates Richard's system from the other ones I've seen is that, with
Richard's system, you don't need any previous marketing experience, any business
connections or even a lot of money.
In fact, Richard will be the first person to tell you if he can do can do it.
How can he be so sure?
Because when Richard started he was broke himself, and had very poor selling,
speaking, marketing and presentation skills. And even today...
He's Just As Shy And "Introverted"
As The Next Guy.
In fact, the only difference between you and Richard -- the only reason he is making
a fast and easy fortune as a marketing consultant and you aren't -- is because of a simple
(very simple) system he invented after attending a Jay Abraham marketing consulting
seminar over 15 years ago.
You see, Richard discovered that while Jay Abraham really is a marketing genius,
his system (like most other marketing consultant programs today) was not geared towards
"ordinary" people who don't have a lot of money or natural marketing talents.
Jay Abraham, in the early 1990s had credibility, contacts and millions of dollars.
The training Jay taught consultants was taught from his own millionaire perspective.
But Richard was near broke. So broke he had to borrow money from his Dad to
attend Jay's training. Richard had no credibility and few contacts.
And when Richard went out in the field to test Jay's teachings, he failed.
Richard did not quit. After years of experimenting and organizing the marketing
concepts into a workable system, Richard began to experience an almost instant success.
Richard had unlocked the code and discovered his own a unique "system" to make
money as a marketing consultant that is so easy to follow and simple to learn...almost
anyone can use it to make money quickly, cheaply and even...
While Sleeping Like a Baby
Richard had created a system that will work whether you are a millionaire like Jay
Abraham or broke like Richard, struggling to make the rent.
Page 129
What would it take to improve your business today?
It's taken Richard 15 years to perfect and tens of thousands of dollars working out
the "bugs", and getting his system so you can approach virtually any kind of business to
offer your consulting services.
And since sharing his system to the public, Richard has created successful, high
paid marketing consultants in the US, the UK, Australia, Greece and even Holland (some
who were totally new to marketing when they started) who are now making it big doing
Here's why...
With Richard's system all you do is use the tools he's created for you the exact way
he says to use them...and within just a few weeks (maybe even a few days) can have
a strong, secure and stable marketing consultant business with paying customers and
large fees dwarfing anything you could make at your regular job.
And best of all:
You can do it all without pressure...without strain...and without the unbearable
personal rejection most marketing consultants endure when getting started.
For example, most people getting into the consulting business believe making cold
calls to get clients is the worst and most difficult way to get clients.
This method is usually reserved for the consultant who has no contacts whatsoever.
While other consulting trainings tell you to make prospecting calls yourself,
Richard's system trains you to pay others to do your prospecting for you.
Take for instance, the telephone prospecting scripts in the system.
All you do is take these proven phone scripts, hand them to a part-time telemarketer
with a copy of the Yellow Pages, and tell him or her to call businesses and read the
scripts word for word.
This simple method for getting new clients works time and time again. You do none
of the calling and you still generate clients.
This way you can be sleeping in, playing golf, or even taking a vacation...and have
an endless stream of fresh, quality appointments coming in each and every day...
Page 130
What would it take to improve your business today?
Without You Lifting
A Finger.
In addition to these proven phone scripts, you'll get an audio training called “How
To Get Appointments” which takes your people step-by-step through the whole process
on how to use the scripts.
That means, if you don't want to pay a lot of money for a professional telemarketer,
just hire a student or a stay at home mom and give her the “How To Get Appointments”
training and she'll be just as good (if not better) than anyone else at getting you
Of course, the phone is only one way to get clients.
9 Your HMA system also has already-tested direct mail letters for selling your
consulting services such as:
9 An approach letter and a follow up letter.
9 A proven collection of postcards designed to generate leads.
9 And even a sample brochure and professional audio presentation
All you do is fill them out, drop them in the mail and you'll have as many
appointments as you can handle -- without rejection, stress or having to deal with any
Is it really that easy?
With Richard's system it is.
And with the simple tools he's created you'll be hitting your prospects from every
conceivable angle, giving yourself the maximum chance of capturing those high-quality
paying clients within days of starting your consulting business.
And if you're really ambitious, and want to make a LOT of money quickly, then you
can also use Richard's system to create what's called "the podium effect."
What's the podium effect?
Page 131
What would it take to improve your business today?
The podium effect is this phenomenon where people automatically respect, trust and
believe people who talk at seminars or small workshops.
And since Richard also includes pre-written seminar and workshop flyers, you can
fill a room, give your presentation, and watch as dozens of people scrambling to hire you
the second you step out from behind the podium.
Not sure how good you'll be at putting on a presentation?
No problem.
Because Richard has already created a powerful, professional seminar outline for
you -- complete with a PowerPoint presentation and all the training you need to be up and
running fast.
This is the same presentation Richard currently uses to capture clients today.
More on this later.
You won't have to try and figure anything out or structure your presentation. Just plug in
Richard's "pre-made" seminar presentation; follow the word for word transcripts and
you'll be delivering a powerful, proven presentation that gets clients fast.
Easy As 1-2-3.
And here's something else to think about:
With Richard's system you won't have to worry about not having a reputation or a
"track record" of helping business owners with their marketing.
If you've never done consulting before, I know what you may be thinking now.
You're asking to your self, why should these business owners believe anything I say?
You're afraid that they will ask you for proof that you can get results. You think
they'll want referrals before they work with you.
You're thinking that you have no credibility. This is only an illusion in your
It's a FEAR not based on reality.
I am here to tell you this will not happen to you and here's why.
Page 132
What would it take to improve your business today?
You must understand that your clients are not interested in you. They are only
interested in the results you can bring to them.
Being a fully certified HMA marketing consultant means you'll be able to draw on
the successful track record of the HMA system.
It's actually pretty simple:
Richard has discovered a proven way for you to use his testimonials, his stories, and
his success for your business. And by following Richard's simple instructions, you'll be
able to "borrow" Richard's credibility for yourself.
Plus, you will also learn a secret way Richard has invented to "create" your own
credibility within the first thirty seconds of meeting a potential client…
Without Needing ANY Testimonials,
Success Stories Or Past Success.
This is one of Richard's "trade secrets."
And it works like gangbusters for everyone who uses it.
But here's the thing...
Getting the appointment or filling a room with prospects is only step one.
You can get all the appointments in the world...but if you can't close the sale, then
it's all for nothing.
Richard knows this more than anyone.
And after spending hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars of "trial and
error" -- he has created a truly fool proof system that lets almost anyone turn at least 25%
(usually even more) of your appointments into cash sales.
And what makes this possible is Richard's proprietary "opportunity analysis
With this simple piece of paper Richard has created, you can walk into any
business, command immediate respect and attention and literally become a marketing
"miracle man."
Page 133
What would it take to improve your business today?
Reason why is because this opportunity analysis worksheet lets you literally "make
over" a business owner's marketing and show them exactly how you will create real cash
profits right before their eyes.
And if the business owner you are talking with has any desire to grow his business
at all...then he will have no choice but to be impressed by you and want to work with you.
In fact, the opportunity analysis worksheet makes converting appointments into
paying clients so simple, easy and painless...
You'll Almost Think
Your Stealing Candy From A Baby
But your not.
And when you see how it works for yourself, you'll be shocked at how easy making
money and getting clients can be.
Richard also shows you how to command large fees and even get paid on a portion
of the sales you make for your clients for years into the future.
This is called a "contingency" fee agreement.
This should only be used with a client after they have hired you and paid you to do
project work.
Other expensive consulting opportunities teach you that contingency is the only
and best way to sell consulting services.
And it works like this:
If you help your client make an extra $100,000 a year (not uncommon for
Richard's students), and you make a 15% "contingency" agreement with that client, you
will pocket an extra $15,000 on top of your regular fees per year.
If you do this for just five of your clients, you will make an extra $75,000 a year.
If you do this for just ten of your clients you will make an extra $150,000 year.
And so on.
Again, this is in addition to your regular fees. You can typically charge a client
anywhere from $500 to $5000 per project. And most clients will need at least four
Page 134
What would it take to improve your business today?
Quite frankly...
You Could Literally Get Rich
Off Just a Handful of Deals like This.
And it's so easy once you understand Richard's system.
Because Richard really has done 90% of the "work" for you already.
For example, his system includes...
Endorsed letter samples.
All you do is find businesses that sell similar (but not competing) products and
services as the business you are helping, and strike a simple deal with them where they
send your offer to their customer list for a portion of the profits.
This way, you and your client make a bundle off the initial sales, and an even bigger
windfall from additional sales later.
All from leads that didn't cost your client a penny to generate.
Client reactivating letter samples.
This is your easiest way to make fast cash for you and your client because almost
NOBODY goes after his or her inactive clients and customers.
And all you do is take one of your pre-written letters and mail it to your client's
inactive customers.
Watch your clients shake their heads in disbelief as inactive customers (they thought
would never buy again) come back to life -- spending their money with your clients again
and again and again.
And remember, if you set up simple contingency deals with these clients (as
Richard explains in his system)...
You Will Get Paid On All
This Action, Too.
Page 135
What would it take to improve your business today?
Letter templates.
For things like special promotions, unique sales and other events. Each letter is
proven to work and it's almost guaranteed money in your bank account every time you
use them.
Anyway, these are just a few of the reasons why Richard's students report such fast
and easy profits. To hear real stories from six existing HMA marketing consultants in
their own words go to the link below.
Learn how they are able to get clients that pay cash so quickly.
This is why I have no problem saying nothing could be simpler than using Richard's
system to make money quickly and easily as a marketing consultant.
And realize this:
Every time you make one of your clients money using Richard's "paint by numbers"
pre-created tools...
You'll Become Your City's Marketing
And Business Guru.
And you'll have the instant reputation as the guy who turns straw into gold.
You'll be the person your clients won't be able to help but rave about to their
business friends who will also want to hire you.
And your whole consulting practice "snowballs" from there until you have an
endless stream of clients and profits coming in so steadily you can't stop your money
from coming in even if you wanted to.
As I said before, I have seen all the other marketing consultant programs out there.
And I have not yet seen anything that even comes close to Richard's system.
But you certainly don't have to take my word for it. Because as you will see, you
can try everything almost for free if you want and see for yourself.
But first, here is a quick break-down of all your exclusive marketing training you
will be getting in your HMA system:
Page 136
What would it take to improve your business today?
HMA Resource # 1:
This is the HMA "System".
You get all 10 HMA operations manuals showing you each step of the way how to
capture clients and make them real profits. This collection represents the system. Each
binder walks you through all steps of the system. You'll reference these materials as you
take your client through the steps of the HMA system. Richard spent years creating and
refining these modules. Each comes in their own three ring binder. You'll use these
manuals as you follow along in Resource #2 & #3.
HMA Resource # 2:
1995 HMA Live Seminar Training
You'll own 25 hours of cutting edge HMA marketing training in downloadable
Richard's first live marketing consulting seminar was conducted in early 1995.
Your 1995 training features Richard at the top of this game teaching a room packed
with students his system for becoming a successful marketing consultant. Each student
paid $5000 to attend.
You'll be able to download, hear and learn everything you need about capturing
clients and creating marketing systems for them. It's like having Richard right there with
you showing you exactly what to do each step of the way.
HMA Resource # 3:
2005 HMA Live Seminar Training.
You'll get Richard's most recent live training on DVD. This is the same training
Richard did from 1995 but updated ten years later.
You'll see Richard in action in full color and live in front of a room full of students
eager to learn Richard's secrets of his HMA consulting system.
Each DVD’s is professionally produced. The picture quality and sound is perfect.
You can play your DVDs in your home, computer or portable DVD player.
Page 137
What would it take to improve your business today?
I've also arranged to have your audio from each of your DVDs converted to
downloadable mp3 audio files.
You'll not only be able to watch this newest training in video, but you'll have full
access to download each audio as mp3 files. You can also burn CDs to play in your home
or car CD player.
Anyway you choose, you’ll sit from the comfort of your home, car or office and
have Richard transform your mind into a human "Hidden Marketing Asset" detector."
After learning Richard's system, you'll be trained to sniff out found money in
virtually any business lucky enough to retain your services.
Richard's student paid thousands of dollars to learn what you will get in these
DVD training videos alone.
HMA Resource # 4:
HMA GROUP Training Video DVDs.
This is Richard's most recent training conducting live group training for 15 business
owners wanting to learn how to grow their business. The Group training concept is
another way for you to make money.
Richard discovered that many of the businesses he talked to wanted his consulting
services but could not afford his one on one fees.
As a result, Richard started working with manufacturing associations and started
doing group trainings with 10 to 20 businesses owner at a time.
Each group training would last for two hours twice a month for three months. You
can charge anywhere from $500 to $3000 per business.
If you were to do group training for 10 businesses and let’s say you charge only
$1000 each. You've just made $10,000 for only 12 hour of work. That’s $830 per hour.
I have never seen an easier way to make money then this.
Imagine using one of your pre-written letters from your HMA system and sending it
out as an e-mail to a list of your local Chamber members at no cost to you.
Page 138
What would it take to improve your business today?
Then, imagine prospects attending your free seminar on how to grow a business
without advertising.
Then imagine taking your guest through you pre-designed HMA PowerPoint
presentation crafted to sell group trainings and one on one consulting services.
Remember the podium effect?
Then imagine having 10 people fighting their way to you with checkbooks in hand
ready to pay you anywhere from $500 to $3000 each!
If you're the consultant who likes action in an exciting group atmosphere and who
likes to make a lot of money fast, this presentation is for you.
Your set of Group training DVDs will show you exactly how to execute this
training. You'll have access to pre-designed workbooks to provide each one of your
paying client.
HMA Resource # 5:
You get lifetime access to exclusive online training and support in your HMA
University --including online audio, email, telephone back-up and more.
You’ll hear intensive interviews with marketing consultants making anywhere from
$500,000 to $2,000,000 (two million dollars) a year doing marketing consulting. You'll
learn their secret ways of making money and how they run their consulting businesses for
maximum profits and minimum work.
These interviews and trainings are updated regularly and published in your HMA
University. Which means you'll have all the support and feedback you need to make
your consulting business fly right from the start.
HMA Resource # 6:
You get my famous "Joint Venture Magic" course -- including audio training, joint
venture sales letters and sample contracts and agreements. This course sells for $300, but
you get it as part of your system for free.
And trust me, if you do nothing else but harness the enormous power of joint
ventures -- as explained in this course -- you'll never worry about money again.
Plus, this joint venture course also includes a collection of contracts and letter of
agreements for use in your consulting business.
Page 139
What would it take to improve your business today?
You’ll have agreements for Contingency Marketing, Copywriting, Intellectual
Property Rights, Marketing Consultant Retainer Fees, Non-Disclosure Forms, Creating
New Profit Centers, Referral Fees, and many more.
Without a doubt, you would have to pay tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees
for a collection of agreements like these. But this entire collection is yours when you
become and HMA consultant.
HMA Resource # 7:
You get a gift certificate for $1000 off my audio creation service.
This will pay for itself a hundred times over in your first year alone.
Here's why:
If your client can talk into a phone, I can create him an information product that can
sell for anywhere between $497-$3900. I’ve done it myself. I’ve sold hundreds of
thousands of dollars worth of information products using this very own system.
And with your help, he can then sell that product, or use it to generate leads for his
business. And, of course, if you set up a contingency agreement...
You Will Get Paid On
These Sales Too.
You'll also get a certificate worth $500 off my audio infomercial service.
There’s nothing better than a hard-hitting audio recording that features the benefits
of your product or service, and there’s no better deliveryman than the Internet.
Plus, you can also use these services for your own business.
When you have your own, unique audio infomercial, you'll literally ooze with the
kind of ironclad credibility money can't buy. And even the most skeptical clients and
customers will many times want to hire you right on the spot.
And perhaps the best part about your certificate is that it can be sold or transferred
to your clients. There is no expiration date as long as you remain an active HMA
HMA Resource # 8:
Page 140
What would it take to improve your business today?
Free publicity and press training from the "Publicity Doctor".
This is HUGE.
Especially when you set up contingency and commission deals. Because every time
you use free publicity, money will come back to you in buckets, without your client
having to do anything but answer the phone and answer a few questions.
You’ll learn the secret of getting millions of dollars in free publicity for your
business and your clients' businesses in newspapers and magazines and on television and
HMA Resource # 9:
You also get the reprints and resale rights to 23 professionally written business
reports including:
Insider Business Strategies: Five Ways to Increase Your Bottom Line Profits
Without Spending an Extra Dime on Advertising
Quick Fix Marketing: One-shot turnaround strategies for 50 different companies.
(This gives you 50 marketing plans for 50 different businesses. Chances are, your
clients will fall under one of these categories, and you can use these reports to make
your job ten times easier.)
The Headline Bank: 100 top moneymaking headlines.
How to Up Your Profit in a Down Economy: 114 Tips and Techniques and Tactics to
Kick Start Your Cash Flow.
Yellow Page Success Secrets.
How to Attract More New Businesses with a Riveting Ad that Captures Immediate
How to Use Brochures to Grow Your Business.
And more. (23 in all)
The great thing about having all these reports is not only the business changing
information...but that you can also resell them.
Page 141
What would it take to improve your business today?
You’re going to have all the rights you need to put your own company name on
them, and resell them to your clients and make revenue.
This is a residual income opportunity built-in to the HMA Marketing Consulting
You’ll own these reports in Microsoft Word and PDF files so that you can
reproduce these for your clients and sell it to them directly.
HMA Resource # 10:
The marketing, reprint & duplication rights to my collection of 117 hours of audio
content and written transcripts from
You'll own the use rights to over 117 hours of downloadable audio interviews,
marketing lessons and transcripts by Bob Bly, Mark Joyner, Gary Halbert, Jay Conrad
Levinson, Brian Keith Voiles, Carl Galletti, Ted Nicholas, Joe Vitale, The PR Doctor,
Millionaire Mr. X, Taylor Trump, Herschell Gordon Lewis, Mr. Arthur Hamel, and many
other marketing experts.
You'll instantly have a mountain of new products you can:
Use to get more customers, clients, subscribers and strategic business contacts.
Use as free bonuses to sell consulting projects and services.
Offer as special incentives to help your clients sell more of their existing products.
Package and bundle together to make one-of-a-kind products to give away free to
build good will.
Educate and excite your clients.
Your options of what you can do with this content is endless.
This content has been a labor of love that has taken me years to build. I've invested
tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours to put this material together. And yet,
I'm making this available to you as an HMA consultant at no cost whatsoever.
HMA Resource # 11:
Lifetime membership to .
Page 142
What would it take to improve your business today?
You’ll get over 700 typed word for word transcripts from the world’s largest digital
swipe file of editorial style ads by the highest paid and most successful copywriters in the
world like: Eugene Schwartz, Claude Hopkins, Gary Halbert, Brian Keith Voiles and
John Carlton.
This is like having a team of the world’s top copywriters on your desk telling you
exactly what to write to make a winning promotion. These ads have pulled in hundreds
of millions of dollars in sales and are proven "templates" that will work for you and your
In many cases, you can take what's already been done and "adapt" it to what you're
Products with just half these profit-producing ads sell at over $5,000. But they're
all yours free as part of this super HMA consulting package.
HMA Resource # 12:
24-7 "Remote Control Consulting Services" selling tool.
Selling consulting to people who don’t want consulting can zap your motivation
stone dead and eat hours of valuable time.
You should only be selling your services to QUALIFIED prospects.
And so you get a valuable time saving tool to "pre-sell" the HMA System for you.
It’s a PowerPoint Presentation outlining all the steps in the HMA system.
This presentation will let you send a link to any prospect in the world that has
Internet access and have them learn about what you can do for their business as an HMA
In other takes you out of the selling position UNTIL they have gone
through the presentation.
If your prospect does this, they are uniquely qualified as a legitimate prospect and
are worthy of your valuable time and expertise.
You’ll get this presentation customized with your photo, your company logo, your
web site and your e-mail address branded throughout.
This one tool has saved me hundreds of hours by letting me pre-sell and educates
prospects about the HMA system without my direct involvement.
Page 143
What would it take to improve your business today?
You’d pay thousands to produce a selling tool on your own like this. But it’s yours
to use and brand the second you become an HMA Consultant.
HMA Resource # 13:
You'll own 100% usage rights to all your marketing tools, sales letters, postcards,
presentations, ads, press releases, client generation reports, client testimonials, manuals,
my million dollar consultants list of service providers and more – everything you need.
What About Support?
As an HMA marketing consultant, you will be in business for yourself, but not by
By that I mean, when you have a question, you get Michael Senoff. Not some
"customer service" rep that doesn't speak English.
You get me working directly with you. You get me returning your calls minutes
after you leave a message. You get me returning your e-mail in hours not days. You even
get marketing assets I’ve accumulated over the years -- like my knowledge on direct mail
marketing, advertising and copywriting.
In other words...
I’m Always Here
For You.
And I’m personally going to whatever I can to help you succeed.
If you need something, just ask and I will do whatever I have to do to get any
answer you're looking for. Whether it's asking Richard or going to my network of
millionaire marketing and business experts.
And if I don't have the answer...I will find someone who does.
And finally, as I said at the beginning of this letter, you get to try everything out -use all the tools and learn all the secrets -- without having to risk a single penny of your
own money.
Here's why:
Page 144
What would it take to improve your business today?
If you follow this system step-by-step exactly the way Richard teaches, and you
don't capture your first client in 45 days or less...I'll refund 100% of your purchase price.
With no questions asked, no hard feelings, and no trying to "talk you out of it."
All of which means you can...
"Test Drive" This System Without
Risking A Penny.
And I mean that.
I want you to hold my feet to the fire for 45 days. Use the system. Play with it.
Compare it with other systems. And see for yourself exactly what you have in your
And if you aren't making money with this system in your first 45 days, then return
How much does it cost?
Well, I've done the math, and the tools, resources and personal help is easily
$22,000 worth of material.
Probably even a lot more.
And other popular marketing systems I've seen, with only a tiny fraction of the
features in the HMA system, cost $30,000 plus ongoing fees and even royalties on the
money you make. In fact, that is standard practice -- to take a cut of the money you make
with their systems.
But with Richard's HMA system you won't be paying any royalties or fees.
Nor will you be paying $30,000, $20,000, $10,000 or even $5,000.
No, you can claim your complete HMA marketing system with the tools, manuals,
videos, audio, lifetime access to ongoing HMA university training and all the high
powered marketing resources I've listed and more for just six payments of $995 plus
shipping and handling or one payment of $5570, plus shipping and handling.
(You save $400 by paying in one payment.)
That's peanuts compared to what you're getting.
Page 145
What would it take to improve your business today?
Especially when compared to what other marketing consulting courses -- with a lot
less value and with all their fees and royalties.
However, There Are Two Small
"Catches" To This...
First of all...
Do you remember earlier in this letter when I said I was giving you my audio
creation and infomercial at a huge discount?
Well, if you become an HMA consultant you are going to be dealing with a LOT of
people who will want and need that service. And I am hoping you will send some of
those people my way to get these audio services done when the time is right.
If you become an HMA consultant in the next thirty days from the date of this letter,
I'll happily pay you a fat 50% "finder's fee" for any audio work you refer over. (Yet
another way you can make money with this system without so much as lifting a finger).
But this is another of the main reasons why I'm giving you all this value away at this
ridiculously low price. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't offering this deal as much for
me as I am for you.
And secondly...
Even though you're free to use your HMA system anywhere without restriction, I
have severe limits on the number of systems Richard will let me sell within each
geographical area.
Richard wants to make sure as an HMA consultant you have the maximum
opportunity to profit without competition.
So being accepted as a HMA consultant is not guaranteed and the only way to be
sure of claiming your system is to act now to see if you qualify.
All you have to do is call me personally at 858-274-7851 and together we’ll
determine if becoming an HMA consultant is right for you.
If we’re both in agreement, I’ll send you a payment agreement by e-mail in the form
of a PDF document.. You’ll complete it and fax back to me at 858-274-2579
Page 146
What would it take to improve your business today?
I'll then process your payment and send you the membership details for the HMA
online university and I'll rush your HMA system to you by courier.
You can start listening to your online audio immediately while you wait for the rest
of your HMA system to arrive.
And that's it.
If you have any questions at all, call me at 858-274-7851.
Yours sincerely,
Michael Senoff
Michael Senoff
P.S. Please keep in mind that while it really is easy and simple to make a lot of money
with Richard's system, it is NOT for everyone.
I say this because if you and I talk, and it looks like you are not a fit for this and I don't
let you be a member, please do not take it personally.
Trust me, there are some people who just shouldn't be marketing consultants, especially
with Richard's system.
It's like me and playing golf. I love playing golf, but I know I'll never be good at it.
And if someone was selling a product on how to improve my golf game, and they were
qualifying people just as I have to qualify people for Richard's system -- I would most
definitely not be a good fit. Because I just will never be good at it and it would be a
waste of my money to buy the product.
And the same goes for the HMA marketing consulting system.
There are some people who just shouldn't do it. And if it's not right for you, then it's
nothing personal. And if you want, I can even help you find another opportunity that will
be better for your situation.
But the only way to find out is to give me a call at 858-274-7851
Page 147
What would it take to improve your business today?
If you get my voice mail, please leave your name, area code and phone number. Say
that you are calling about the HMA system and I'll call you back at once. Please do not email. I get so much SPAM that your e-mail may never make it to me.
Page 148
What would it take to improve your business today?
How to Buy Your Own Million-Dollar
Business...Without Needing Banks, Credit, or Prior
In this letter you'll Learn how Art Hamel's system has been used by people
to buy businesses all over the world – including the U.S., Europe, Australia,
Korea and Mexico. Read on to see exactly how it works and how you can
try it free (all you pay is shipping), for 30 days.
Dear Friend,
If you’d like to be “set for life” as the owner of a multi-million dollar
business - collecting a six-figure salary while other people “run” everything for
you – then here's how a small “elite” group of businessmen have been doing it for
the past 40 years.
And why I believe you can do the same with thing with the information I'll
give you in this letter.
Listen to this:
There’s a guy in California named Art Hamel who has spent the last 50
years perfecting his own unique system for buying large businesses...without
using any of his own money or borrowing a dime from the bank.
Each of these businesses pays him a personal salary of (at least) 6figures and each of these businesses is on track to keep bringing in bigger profits
in the future.
And best of all, Art is able to set these deals up so other people "run" the
businesses he buys for him – while he’s out playing golf, cruising around in his
boat or just plain goofing off.
In fact, this system works so well that...for years...he’s had people lining
up outside his office almost begging him to teach his business buying secrets.
The demand got so big Art started teaching his system at seminars
around the country. People of every walk of life – from high-paid corporate
executives to high school drop-outs - came from all over the world to attend.
Page 149
What would it take to improve your business today?
However, recently, a lot of people have become disappointed in Art.
Simply because it's been quite some time since he has publicly taught his
system. But the reason Art hasn’t taught his system to anyone for so long is
because...for the past 15 years...
He’s Been Too Busy Buying Businesses
To Take The Time To Teach About
How To Buy Them.
Until now, that is.
Because Art has given me the "green light" to teach his system publicly
once again.
Here's how it works:
Art’s system is based on three "core truths" about the business world
very few people fully understand:
1.) It often takes less time, money and patience to buy a
large, multi-million dollar business (that's already
running smoothly and bringing in huge profits every
year) than it takes to start one from scratch.
2.) It takes the exact same amount of effort to buy an
existing multi-million dollar business as it does a little
"mom n’ pop" business that barely turns a profit and
requires your attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
3.) There are more cash-flush investors SEEKING OUT
multi-million dollar businesses to invest their money
in...than there are deals available.
This is no joke.
Many investors are always looking for businesses to invest their money
in. And if you simply show them a business that makes sense, they will give you
Page 150
What would it take to improve your business today?
all the money you need to buy that business for yourself -- even if you have
rotten credit or a bankruptcy on your record.
Is it really this simple?
Yes! And I’m going to prove it to you right now.
Let’s say you decide to buy a business using Art’s methods. What do you
do first?
The first thing you do is find a business for sale.
There are a lot of places to find them (going through a business broker is
only one way - and probably the worst way).
But let’s say you go to one of the dozens of Internet sites that post
businesses for sale and you print out a list.
Some of the businesses on this list are small "mom n’ pop" businesses
worth $50,000 per year or less. Some are larger businesses, worth a couple
hundred grand per year. And the others are worth $1, $5, even $10 (or more)
million per year.
What do you do with this list?
Well, with Art’s system you take your list and immediately toss out all the
That Are Under
A Million Dollars.
There are two reasons for this:
First, you’re never going to make any real money - or have the freedom to
be an "absentee" owner - unless you buy a business with enough cash flow to
pay yourself a six-figure salary.
Plus, you also need to be able to leave the management in place and
continue to pay them well, too.
Page 151
What would it take to improve your business today?
Even better than what they were getting.
That way, you’ll have an experienced management team in place doing
all the "dirty work" of running the business for you.
And your only real obligation will be to show up every couple months
Cash A Big Check Every
Couple Weeks.
And the second reason you must buy a business worth at least a million
dollars is because...serious investors won’t waste their time on small deals.
There’s simply not enough profit in the smaller businesses.
Okay, now that we have our list narrowed down to the $5 million-and-over
range, it’s time to go through and analyze each of these businesses.
There are two specific things you are looking for:
1.) You want to make sure the business has been
around for five years or longer.
2.) You want to make sure it has been making
increasingly bigger profits for at least the last three
years...and is on track to rake in more profits in the
By following these two simple "rules", you will have a stripped down list of
businesses to concentrate on.
Okay, what next?
Well, now it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to finance your
There are many ways you can do this.
Page 152
What would it take to improve your business today?
For instance, you can try to get financing from a bank or you can try
hitting up your friends and family for the cash. You can even ask the seller to
help you finance. (Many of them will, usually.)
But, really...
That’s Doing It The
Hard Way.
Here's why:
With Art's method, instead of spending several hours sweating it out in a
bank, begging your family or negotiating a deal with the seller...all you do is go
back home, fire up your computer and start to draft out what’s called a "business
Now, don’t let the idea of a "business plan" scare you.
Most people run when they hear the words.
A business plan is simply a detailed description of your business including the financial history of your business and "the plan" for your business’s
future growth.
You can pay someone to create your business plan for you or you can do
it yourself with simple "fill-in-the-blank" software you can access online (for free)
or at your local library.
So it's really no big deal.
Now, after you finish your business plan it’s time to show it to some
private investors.
There are plenty to choose from, and there are more than enough
investors out there looking for businesses to invest in.
And so this part is simple:
If what you show them makes sense, they will front you the cash to buy
your business. If it doesn’t make sense, they won’t.
Page 153
What would it take to improve your business today?
And by the way, this is NOT a "loan". It’s an investment. You’re not
dealing with bankers and bureaucrats.
You’re Dealing With
There's a huge difference.
Investors don't usually care if you have too many "dings" on your credit
report or if you just filed bankruptcy.
The main thing they care about is...if they invest their money in your
business, will they make a profit?
And if you show them they can make all their money back, plus a
profit...many of them will eagerly finance your deals for you.
And realize this:
Since you’re paying cash - sellers and/or business brokers won't ask you
any stupid questions about how much "experience" you have, or how you are
going to pay for the business.
They won’t care about any of that.
Because, just like with anything else – whether you’re buying a car, a
boat or even a
house –
People Jump At Cash.
You get better deals and have more negotiating power with cash.
Which of course, makes the whole process that much easier for you.
And that’s how it works in a nutshell.
Page 154
What would it take to improve your business today?
What you have just read is a very realistic way to find, analyze and buy a
multi-million dollar business -- without needing credit or banks...
Or Having To Spend A
Lot Of Money.
Not even on a CPA or attorney.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t involve your CPA and attorney when you’re
analyzing a deal (you should), but there are ways of getting around paying them
with your own personal money.
Because listen to this:
If you know what to say, you can almost always get your CPA and your
lawyer to "ride with you" through the whole process – not billing you until after
you buy the business.
That way you don’t use any of your own money. Instead...
You Pay Them With Cash From The
Company You Just Bought.
Look, I understand this is probably all very new to you.
You may even be a bit skeptical at this point.
And I don’t blame you.
But remember when I said Art’s system is based on 3 "core truths" about
the business world?
Well, there’s actually a 4th "core truth" about the business world.
And that 4th core truth is...
99% Of What The Average Person
Knows About Business Is A Lie!
Page 155
What would it take to improve your business today?
Let me put it to you this way:
Many people don’t believe this can be done because when they (or
someone they know) goes out to get an "education" in business it’s almost
always from somebody that has either:
(1) Already failed miserably in business
(2) Is in the process of failing.
You see, someone who does well in business, and is out there making it
happen every day, doesn’t complain to his friends.
But the people who have failed in business are out there constantly
whining about how "hard" it is to succeed and why people shouldn’t "waste their
time" trying to own a business.
But you want to know something kind of funny?
Even though Art’s owned over 200 businesses...and has showed literally
several thousand other people how to do the exact same thing, he is the first
person to admit...
He’s Really Not All That Brilliant At
"Running" A Business Himself.
In fact, most people aren’t.
Which is why Art insists on buying businesses big enough so you can pay
a general manager enough money where he or she will be irritated if you stick
your nose in the day-to-day affairs of running the company.
That way you are an "absentee" owner. And as an absentee owner
you’re not "hands on".
In other words, if the secretary calls up in the morning and says she can’t
come in because her kids are sick, you don’t have to hear it.
Page 156
What would it take to improve your business today?
You don’t even know about it.
You pay the manager more than enough money to handle it.
Frankly, when you’re an "absentee" owner, and you let somebody else
"run" the company, even though you are getting paid the most and are
technically "the boss", you won’t hear from "the office" unless something really
serious happens.
And if something serious DOES happen, what do you do?
It’s simple:
You Stay At Home.
Because chances are you’ll only mess things up more if you try coming in
and "helping."
In other words, unless you have more experience with solving problems
than the manager you are paying (who has been at it for 5, 10 or 15 years)...stay
out of the way.
Let the manager handle it.
That’s why you pay him so much.
And realize this:
When you have the right person in place running things, and are paying
that person a more-than-decent salary, with better-than-average benefits and
"perks"...he’d rather you be out putting around on the golf course, playing with
your kids at home or relaxing at the beach...than coming in and getting in
everyone's way.
Believe me – if you have smart, well-paid people working for you, people
who like their jobs and don’t want to lose them – they’ll fix any problem that
comes up.
Page 157
What would it take to improve your business today?
But, you might ask, what about those rare problems that occur where the
fate of the entire company hangs in the balance and nobody, not even the
managers with all their experience, knows how to deal with it?
What then?
Again, the answer is simple:
All you do is grab the telephone and...
Call Your Investors.
Please never forget:
When you get investor financing and there are problems – they will come
in and help you solve them.
How can you be sure?
Because your investors are NOT just going to roll over and let their
investment crash and burn.
If they don’t have the answers to a problem, you can rest assured they
will find someone who does.
But you may be wondering: If you get all these investors to front all the
cash, and pay for everything – how is it that you, and not they, "own" the
Once again the answer is simple:
These investors don’t want to own the business. They want to do what
any investor does – which is to put their money in and let it multiply, then take it
out and...
Invest It In Something Else.
So what happens is...
Page 158
What would it take to improve your business today?
While you are giving your investors a part of your company, they will
almost always want to own "preferred" stock.
All that means is they are promised a certain amount of cash dividends
each year but...they don’t get a vote in the corporation. (Except in rare cases.)
Which means even though your business is 100% financed by investors,
you still own 100% of the company. You just don’t own 100% of the cash flow. At
least not at first. Because...
You Can "Buy Out" The Investors
After Just A Few Years.
Which they will almost always agree to.
And that’s about it.
Sounds simple, doesn’t it?
Yes it is long as you have all the details.
First, you have to know where the best places are for finding profitable
Chances are there are businesses ripe for buying right in your own
backyard. You just have to know where to look for them, how to get a hold of the
owners and exactly what to say.
Second, you have to know how to analyze a business.
This is where Art’s system leaves every business school, college and
university in the dust. You don’t have to empty your bank account or spend five
years in a classroom to learn about buying businesses.
Art’s system is fast, simple and works all over the world. All you have to
do is follow his instructions and...
It Won't Matter How Much Prior
Experience You Have.
Page 159
What would it take to improve your business today?
Thirdly, you have to know where to find investors and how to properly
approach them, get them "on your side" and ready to do business with you.
You must know what they are looking for in a business…and what they
are NOT looking for.
And there are all the other little "secrets" Art teaches:
Like how to get your lawyer and your accountant to eagerly help you
without billing you until after you make a purchase.
Or how to get other people actively seeking out good deals on your behalf
(making your job that much easier).
And all the incredible secrets Art has used over the last 50 years that
Make The Whole Process Of Buying
A Business Almost "Fool Proof".
In fact...
Art’s system is so good, he’s had several people – including one
“mainstream” university – try to rip off his ideas and sell them without his
But they all failed, of course.
Because these crooks only copied the surface elements, and never
understood exactly what makes Art Hamel’s system really work.
Something nobody but Art can do.
Now, even though Art does not teach his system publicly anymore
(except on rare occasions), he did create a home study version of his system
which he used to sell to people who couldn’t make it to his seminars.
And guess what?
Page 160
What would it take to improve your business today?
All of Art’s tricks, techniques and tactics for finding and buying profitable
businesses are in this home study program!
This home study version of his system originally sold like gangbusters on
the Home Shopping Network. It was the biggest seller they ever had at the time.
But for various different reasons, Art stopped selling his program through them
It’s Been Over Fifteen Years Since
He’s Actively Sold It.
But – for a limited time – Art has given me exclusive rights to offer this
home study version again. And I have just arranged it so you can look it over –
and even try it out – for free (all you pay is shipping).
I’ll explain how in a minute.
But first, let me tell you what you’re going to get:
First off, Art's system consists of over 8 hours of audio lessons and a
workbook through which you will learn everything you need to know in order to
find, analyze and buy a business.
It will take you from rank beginner and show you each and every aspect
of his system – from A to Z.
All you have to do is take your time and follow Art's simple instructions,
do the things he says to do and say the things he says to say. No special
education, talent or prior business experience is necessary.
In fact, these audio lessons are so detailed and precise, they are literally
the next best thing to having Art standing at your side…
Personally Guiding You Through
The Entire Process.
And here's something else:
I have also had these audio lessons transcribed - word-for-word.
Page 161
What would it take to improve your business today?
That way you can easily “zoom in” on specific parts of the audio lessons,
without having to rewind or pause. This is especially valuable if you are someone
who learns best by reading.
But here's the kicker that may surprise you and that Art always tells
After going through the lessons a few times, doing the exercises in the
workbook and actually going out and looking at a couple of deals, it will start to
dawn on you that buying a business is not that tough a thing to do.
After each deal you look at you’ll walk away stunned by how much
"smarter" you are at this.
And it's this utter simplicity that has caused this home study course to
A Virtual "Cult Classic.”
I’m serious.
Remember, it’s been over 15 years since it’s been available to the public.
Back then Art had a radio program that was packed with callers asking for his
And to this day there are still a lot of people seeking this information out.
Hoping it will "pop up" in a garage sale or library somewhere.
And check this out:
I am so sure this program will work for you, I will offer you the world’s
most unusual guarantee when you buy Art’s course today.
And here it is:
Pay Nothing Now.
I'll send Art's unique business-buying system right to your doorstep to use
and try for free - and for a full 30 days (all you pay is a small shipping charge).
Page 162
What would it take to improve your business today?
After that, if you don't think you can buy a million-dollar business, send it
back and owe nothing.
And don't worry about rush shipping it or anything like that. Just call and
let me know within those 30 days.
OK, so what does it cost?
Well, it’s just about impossible to find real, honest "stripped down" expert
advice like this anymore. Art’s secrets and tactics for buying businesses are so
far out of the "mainstream" only true business "insiders" know how well they
You’re NOT going to learn Art's system at Harvard, M.I.T, Yale or any
other business school.
That's why people would flock to Art's seminars from all over the world shelling out at least a couple thousand dollars for the costs of tickets, airfare,
lodging etc.
Even so, you can get your hands on this almost impossible-to-find
information today for just four payments of $399.00 or one payment of $1,497.00
($99 savings). cannot put this off.
Art is not letting me offer this "try-it-before-you-buy-it" deal forever.
He doesn't want too many people knowing these secrets anymore.
His name, ideas and tactics have been “used and abused” by too many
people over the years.
It’s amazing he is letting me offer it all.
And since I am the only person on the planet who Art lets offer his
system, you simply cannot get it anywhere else.
So you must act right now. While there’s still time.
Here's how to order:
Page 163
What would it take to improve your business today?
1.) Order via our secure online order form:
To make one payment of $1,497 plus shipping and handling ($99
savings) – Go to:
ge.htm to order.
(Note: You must use one payment of $1,497 option if you want to
pay by check.)
To make 4 payments of $399 each plus shipping and handling – Just
go to
4_Pay.htm to order.
2.) Order by phone:
Call 1-858-274-7851 and leave the following information on our
secure order line:
1.) Your full name
2.) Your address (shipping and billing, if they are different)
3.) Your credit card number and type (i.e. Visa, Mastercard, etc)
4.) The security code on your credit card (the three numbers on the
5.) Your credit card expiration date
6.) Your phone number (in case there is a question processing your
7.) Whether you want to make one payment of $1,497, plus shipping
and handling ($99 savings) or 4 payments of $399, plus shipping
and handling.
Page 164
What would it take to improve your business today?
Remember, you get to use and try everything for 30 days before paying
for it (all you cover is the cost of shipping).
That takes all the pressure off you, and lets you try everything almost free
if you
Michael Senoff
P.S. I’m serious about Art not letting me offer this system forever. He could pull
the plug on this deal as early as tomorrow.
Go to
to get your test drive today.
P.P.S. I almost forgot: One thing you definitely WILL need in order to buy a
business is a business plan.
Now, you can:
(1) pay someone to create one for you
(2) find software at your library that will help you create one on your
own (it will probably take you a few weeks) or...
(3) if you’re one of the next 25 people to order – and if you decide to
keep Art's system after 30 days – I will buy you a huge collection of
already proven business plans.
Using these business plans as "templates" will be faster and easier than doing it
yourself – and a LOT cheaper than paying someone. (Many business plan
services charge $5,000 to $10,000 or more!)
Page 165
What would it take to improve your business today?
Just take the information on the business you are looking at and "plug it in” to
these proven business plans.
Just go to to get
your test drive today!
Page 166
What would it take to improve your business today?
Page 167
What would it take to improve your business today?
Secret "Loophole" In World Economic System Lets
You Buy Almost Anything At 80% Off Or Less
It’s like going back in time and buying things for your business at last
century’s prices with today’s money. Get $100 worth of products and
services for $20 --- $1,000 of products and services for $200 --- $10,000 of
products and services for only $2,000 –-- and so on. This secret is real,
100% legal and, if you follow the simple steps below, it'll work for
matter who you are, what you sell or how much money you have now.
Dear Friend,
If you'd like to legally and ethically buy almost any product or service you
want for your business and family for just 20 cents on the dollar (or less), then
this letter will show you how.
Check this out:
My name is Michael Senoff and I have been publishing an elite website for
the past three years that contains over 157 hours of raw, one-on-one audio
interviews with some of the richest and savviest business and marketing
“wizards” on the planet.
People who have created some of the most cutting-edge, moneymaking
ideas ever invented. Ideas that have made me, and thousands of others around
the world, a ton of money – fast.
However, there’s one secret none of the “gurus” on my site knows about
that is so different, so provocative, and so controversial...even the most brilliant
experts I explain it to are in awe when they hear it.
I'm talking about a secret so powerful and “sensitive”…I’ve purposely held
back sharing it with even my closest friends and family members for over five
Why would I do this?
Page 168
What would it take to improve your business today?
Because even though it’s 100% legal and ethical…it involves using a major
“loophole” in the cash currencies used around the world.
A loophole many of the “powers that be” in certain multinational
corporations do not want people like you and me knowing about (you'll see why
in a second).
In fact, the small handful of people who do know this secret are extremely
tight-lipped about it – keeping it to themselves like some kind of “secret society”
Shamelessly Denying This
Loophole Even Exists.
I almost can’t blame them.
Because of all the hundreds of ingenious business ideas, systems and
inventions I’ve seen and used…this one simple, “miracle” tactic is by far the best
of the best.
Especially since it works like crazy for almost everyone who uses it, can be
learned in less time than it takes to watch your favorite TV show, and is literally
as simple as calling or mailing a letter to your own mother.
And oddly enough, I didn’t learn this secret from any of the experts on my
Nor did I learn it from a book, on the Web or at any school.
No, whether it was fate, chance or just dumb luck…I actually stumbled on
this secret by complete accident while playing the board game “Monopoly” with a
Here’s what happened:
If you’ve never played “Monopoly”, it’s a game where you buy and control
real estate, and it includes its own “currency” – ranging from $1 to $500 “bills”.
And that night I was winning big…with two large piles of $100 and $500
“Monopoly” bills stacked in front of me.
Page 169
What would it take to improve your business today?
This was driving my friend (who hates losing) crazy.
So crazy that, when he finally went “bankrupt” and lost the game – he
became so desperate to keep the game going…he whipped out his wallet, pulled
out a real $50 bill, and eagerly offered it to me…
In Exchange For
Half My Monopoly Money.
And you know what?
Strange as it sounds…that little “outburst” has been the most profitable
thing that’s ever happened to me.
Here’s why:
A couple years passed and, for whatever reason, I couldn’t get that affair
with the $50 out of my head. There was something seductive about the idea of
having several thousand dollars worth of “Monopoly” bills and someone giving
me real U.S. currency for it.
And the idea wouldn’t go away. Like a song you can’t get out of your
Until one day a guy told me about a weird “business club” I‘d never heard
of. And how joining it would save me a ton of money.
He called this buying club the “barter” or “trade” industry.
An industry that normally would’ve seemed foolish to me.
But, because of that game of Monopoly…and my obsession with someone
paying me real money for my play money…I immediately saw a “loophole” in the
world economic system…
That Can Be Worth Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars
To Almost Anyone Who Uses It.
This is no joke.
Page 170
What would it take to improve your business today?
In fact, this loophole makes it both possible and 100% legal to use fake
money – as useless in the “real world” as Monopoly money – to buy real products
and real services for your business (even high quality products and services that
cost a fortune) for just 20 cents on the dollar or less.
In other words...
If something you want for your business retails at $100, you get it for $20.
If something for your business retails at $1,000, you get it for $200. If something
for your business retails at $20,000, you get it for just $2,000.
And so on.
Now, before I explain this loophole and how you can use it for your own
business, I need to give you a quick “run down” of what the barter industry is.
Otherwise, you won’t fully understand this secret and how to use it for your
Here’s how it works:
Barter is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry where literally every kind
of business you can think of – in almost every country in the world – does
business in a large network called a “barter exchange”. These exchanges are
exactly like huge buying clubs, where all the different member businesses are
automatically inclined to buy from one another.
For example...
When the web designer joins…everyone in the exchange gets a notice
about it, and whoever needs a web designer is probably going to hire him.
And the same goes for everyone else who joins – the plumber, the lawyer,
the dentist, the copywriter, the pharmacy, etc. (As you’ll see, almost every single
kind of product and service provider that exists are in these exchanges.)
And here’s what’s interesting:
These businesses do not buy and sell from each other with regular
“government-circulated” money.
Page 171
What would it take to improve your business today?
Instead, they use “trade” dollars – which are actual currency, just like a
U.S. dollar bill is currency – but that can only be spent within the barter
So it’s like a giant “Monopoly” game.
You can only spend Monopoly money within the game itself. But outside
the game…
It’s Completely Worthless.
And the same goes with trade dollars.
They can be used like cash, but only with the businesses in the exchange.
And these businesses buy each other’s goods and services with these
“trade” dollars, instead of regular dollars and, therefore, legally do business
outside of the regular economic and currency system of the country they’re in.
Okay, that’s the old-fashioned, “mainstream” way barter is done today.
Now I want to show you the amazing loophole I found, and how you can
use it to save hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your business
Pay close attention.
Even the sharpest, most respected business and marketing people I tell
this to get downright giddy when they hear this.
Listen to this:
There are three facts about the barter system almost nobody knows about
– including people in the barter industry:
1.) You don’t have to be a member of a barter company to buy and
sell things on trade.
Page 172
What would it take to improve your business today?
2.) “Trade” money is not as easy to spend as “regular” money. And
so, there are many businesses in these barter exchanges sitting on
tens of thousands of trade dollars they can’t (or won’t) spend.
3.) And most important of all: Because these businesses have so
much trade money in their accounts…many of them will let you buy
their excess trade dollars – just like my friend wanted to buy my
“Monopoly” money – with real cash…
At A Huge Discount.
Usually 20 cents on the dollar or less.
And all you do is simply buy their excess “trade” dollars at a discount…with
real money.
In other words...
If someone has $100 in trade money, you offer to “buy” that trade money
for $20 of your real money, and then use that $100 in trade money to buy any of
the thousands of different products and services sold in the exchange – and save
yourself $80 in the process.
Here’s an example:
Let’s say you wanted to buy advertising space from a local magazine that’s
in a barter exchange. And the ad rep sells that space for 1000 trade dollars.
Here’s what you’d do:
Simply find a business in the exchange with excess trade dollars sitting in
its account (these businesses are easy to find).
Offer to buy 1000 of their “trade” dollars for just $200 of your “real” money
(20 cents on the dollar).
When he agrees, you simply go to the ad rep with that $1000 in "trade"
money, buy the advertising…
And Save $800.
Page 173
What would it take to improve your business today?
Is it really that easy?
Yes! And I’ll prove it to you right now.
Listen to this:
I have personally used this loophole to save tens of thousands of dollars
for my business.
Not just on “small ticket” things like toner cartridges, paper and computer
supplies either, but also “big ticket” products and services that would normally
cost an arm and a leg.
Take, as an example last year when I was in a lawsuit.
Instead of paying the $350 an hour it normally would have cost, I simply
went to my list of lawyers on trade, found one that could help me, and then used
my little “system” of buying trade dollars at a discount to turn a $15,000 bill…into
an easy-to-pay $4,500 bill I paid cash for.
That’s over $10,000 in savings.
Now I can guarantee you, the guy I was up against paid his lawyer full
price. Maybe even taking out a loan and putting himself in “the hole” financially.
While I Barely Felt It.
Here’s another example:
I owed my accountant $3,000 last year for doing my taxes.
Since my accountant is in a barter exchange, I simply found someone with
$3,000 in excess trade money and, in less than ten minutes, bought the trade for
just $600 cash.
That’s a full $2,400 in savings.
I recently needed some CD-Rom duplication work done.
Page 174
What would it take to improve your business today?
I found a guy on trade who does CD-Rom duplication and got a $6,000
estimate. While he did the job for me, I called someone I knew who had excess
trade money…and bought $6,000 of it for just $1,200.
A fat $4,800 in savings.
And you know what?
Many times you can even get things cheaper than 20 cents on the dollar.
In fact, I’m about to run a full-page ad in a mainstream magazine –
normally a $5,000 bill – for only $700.
Just 14 Cents On The Dollar.
And those are just a few of the things you can get on trade for your
As you’ll see, literally thousands of products and services you'll want – and
are currently paying top dollar for – are available on trade.
For example:
There’s advertising, like radio, T.V. and print ads – accounting services,
like bookkeeping, tax returns and payroll – office supplies, like software, fax
machines and copy machines. There are also direct marketing resources, like
list brokers, printers, email promotions, and even trade show exhibits on trade.
Believe me, that’s just a taste of the things you can get for your business
on trade.
When you see the full list, you’ll be stunned.
And with this loophole…you get it all at a small fraction of what you’re
paying now at retail.
I’m not kidding.
Page 175
What would it take to improve your business today?
I’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars using this loophole for my business
over the years.
And I Believe You Can Do The Exact
Same Thing.
No matter how smart, wealthy or “business savvy” you are.
As you’ll see, if you can use a telephone, mail a letter or operate your fax
machine, you can use this loophole to save thousands of dollars simply buying
the things you’re already buying anyway.
In fact, the more things you buy on trade, the more money you save.
And the more money you save, the more you’ll have of what’s called
“found money”.
Money you didn’t have to work extra hours for. Money you didn’t need a
raise at your job for. Money you didn’t have to add one single new customer to
your books for.
In other words, if you use this loophole the right way…then if you normally
spend $1,000 per month on products and services you can get on trade…you’ll
only spend $200 (or less).
That’s over $9,600 per year in savings.
$9,600 of “found” money sitting in your bank account.
$9,600 you “made” simply getting what you’re already buying anyway.
And yet that’s only the beginning.
Because at the exact same time you’re saving thousands of dollars each
year…you can also use this loophole to quickly and easily install a five-figure
cash income stream to your current profits…no matter what you sell or who you
sell to.
Here’s how:
Page 176
What would it take to improve your business today?
All you do is simply buy any of the thousands of different products and
services on trade at 20 cents on the dollar…and then resell them to your current
customers at 50 cents on the dollar…
With You Keeping The 30%
Difference For Yourself.
Let me give you an example.
If you sell “business to businesses” then chances are most (if not all) of
your customers advertise, and would jump on a deal to get their advertising at
half price.
So you simply go to your clients and ask them, “how would you like a
magazine ad, radio ad or TV ad – including the cost of production – for 50% off?”
Then, if the advertising costs $5,000, you might be able to use this
loophole to buy it for
$1,000, resell it to your clients for $2,500…and keep the $1,500 left over.
If you did this for just ten of your customers you’d make a quick and easy
$15,000 cash profit in less than a few full day’s “work”.
Plus, since these customers are getting such an amazing deal…there’s a
good chance many (if not all) of them will come back and do this over and over
again with you…for years into the future. And if you did this for those same ten
clients just five times per year…
You’d Add $75,000
To Your Annual Profits.
But why stop with advertising?
You can do this with any products or services your customers are already
spending money on. And you’ll never run out of things to sell, back-end sell and
profit from over and over again, whenever you want.
Page 177
What would it take to improve your business today?
Now maybe you’re thinking, “sure that’s great if you sell business-tobusiness. But what if you sell to the consumer market?”
In that case you have even more options.
There’s everything from floral services and expensive food products…to
pricey gift baskets, bakery items and rare wines on trade. There’s also formal
wear, like tuxedos and fancy dresses – photography, computer repair and limo
services – bed and breakfasts, luxury hotels and country inns – even healthcare
products, like vitamins, eyewear and herbal supplements.
These are just a few of the things available on trade that can be bought
and resold at huge markups. The list of products and services in just one barter
company is well over 300 pages long.
And get this:
There is even a way to buy the trade dollars without spending your own
money -- so you have no upfront fees, no hard costs and no risk.
Plus, there’s even a way to arrange things so you can do it all – buy the
trade dollars, get the products or services, and then resell them to your
customers – by “remote control”. Without ever taking possession of the products
you sell.
That way, you can do this anywhere in the world – whether barter exists in
your country or not – without leaving your house, getting up from your chair…
Or Even Getting Out
Of Bed.
This is that “instant dream business” everyone’s looking for…but can never
Where all you do is make a few calls or mail a few letters to your
customers…tell them you can get them the things they’re already buying at 50%
off…and basically make money out of thin air.
With no employees to parent. No inventory to count. And no overhead to
worry about. With you doing it all by remote control wherever you are.
Page 178
What would it take to improve your business today?
And think about this:
Your customers will love you when you start giving them the things they
want for 50% less than what they’d normally pay.
It generates good feelings for you and your business. And creates
customers more likely to spend even more money with you in the future.
All of which means everyone comes out ahead…everyone wins…and...
Everyone’s Happy.
Especially you.
Because you’ll blow right past your competitors – even the ones with huge
budgets and marketing war chests stuffed with cash – as they struggle to
compete with you.
While they spend a fortune on advertising, you’ll laugh at them and their
“caveman” ways of buying ad space.
While they struggle through economic downturns, inflation and rising
costs…you’ll hardly notice it, because you’ll be almost immune to those forces.
While they panic after losing a big client, big customer, or big sale…you
just smile, send out an offer to your customers…and…
It’s Money In The Bank.
And think about this:
Because you can so easily save and make money like this – you can
probably do most everything wrong in your business…even commit multiple
financial “blunders” that’d bankrupt anyone else…and still come out on top!
Because let’s face it...
This is exactly like going back in time and buying things with today’s
money at yesterday’s prices.
Page 179
What would it take to improve your business today?
Prices aren’t going up for you…they’re coming down.
And when you take your ability to buy things you want or need for 20 cents
on the dollar…and combine it with this "instant" business plan…you’ll save and
make a bundle of money at the same time.
Does this sound good to you?
Then hold on, it actually gets better.
Because not only can you use this loophole to “stack the deck” in your
favor and wipe out the burden of high prices on your business forever but…
You Can Also Use This Secret In Your
Personal Life, Too.
In fact, you’ll do what other people call “miracles” when you use this
loophole for your personal wants and needs.
Here’s why:
As you’ll see…whatever you want…whatever you need…whatever you
must have for you, your family and your loved ones…you can get on trade.
And you can use this loophole to get it way cheaper than everyone else.
For example:
There’s restaurants, like fast food chains, “mom and pop” diners and fancy
gourmet bistros – home improvement and maintenance services, like
landscapers, pest control and painters – entertainment items, like TV’s, stereos
and computer equipment – personal hygiene and fitness services, like spas,
tanning salons and health clubs – quality furniture for your home and office, like
couches, chairs and desks. There’s even jewelry, apartment rentals and bigname hotels, like Ramada and Holiday Inn, on trade.
And that’s just for starters.
Page 180
What would it take to improve your business today?
You can also get high-ticket medical procedures your insurance won’t
cover – like hair transplants, plastic surgery and corrective eye surgery (including
LASIK). You can even find “specialized” doctors – like dermatologists,
chiropractors and naturopathic doctors on trade. And instead of spending your
life savings on these services…
You Get Them For A Fraction Of The
Retail Price.
Here’s more:
If you plan to get married someday, you can finance it all– from floral
services, hotels, cruise ships, videographers and wedding planners…to tables,
chairs, gourmet caterers, limo services, tuxedo rental, bands and even your
honeymoon – on trade. Get your entire $20,000 wedding for as little as $4,000,
$3,000 even as low as $2,000!
Or maybe you’re single.
There are dating services, bed and breakfasts, fine wines and even car
rentals on trade.
If you’re a man, you can take your woman to expensive restaurants without
dreading the check. Lavish her with flowers. Buy her jewelry and nice gifts.
With this loophole, you can “wine and dine” any woman and look like a total stud.
Even If You Only Make
Minimum Wage.
If you’re already married you can do all this for your wife.
She’ll think you spent a fortune. All nagging, prodding and complaining
about not buying her things will vanish.
Or maybe your car needs maintenance.
Whatever you need…tires, oil change, tune-up, transmission work,
detailing, even a complete engine overhaul…can be bought on trade. Instead of
doling out a few thousand dollars every year for upkeep, you’ll spend just a few
Page 181
What would it take to improve your business today?
If you like to travel, there are exotic cruise ships and vacation deals on
While your brother-in-law takes his family camping at the local KOA
campground, slapping everything on his high-interest Visa card, and enslaved by
his budget…you take your family to four-star hotels and gourmet restaurants,
enjoying limo rides wherever you go, seeing the sights, drinking in the fun…
And Doing It With Cash.
And get this:
There are also a lot of “high ticket” home improvement services on trade –
like roofers, general contractors and carpenters.
Put entire additions on your house on trade. Get a whole new roof on your
house. Have your yard beautifully landscaped. Hire a professional interior
designer to give your home an entire makeover.
Instead of shelling out 10 or 15 thousand dollars for these things, get them
for only 3 or 4 thousand dollars. Maybe even less.
Heck, you can even get cars on trade. In some cases…
You Can Even Buy
Let’s say you wanted to buy a house on trade that costs $300,000. You
can use this loophole to get it for only $60,000. It’s not real common, but it does
happen. You just have to look at what’s available and talk to real estate agents
within the exchanges.
Look, the list of things on trade is endless and it’s beyond the scope of this
letter to list everything.
Virtually anything bought and sold on the open market – from “A to Z” – is
on trade.
Page 182
What would it take to improve your business today?
And when you use this special loophole, you get it all cheap. Dirt-cheap.
So cheap you’ll wonder why you’ve been buying things any other way.
I know this may sound like “fantasy land”.
But I assure you this is real. That it works. And, even more importantly –
that you can do the same thing. Just as easily and logically as I’ve shown you in
this letter.
You don’t have to be a “wheeler and dealer”. You don’t have to be a “slick
You Don’t Even Have To Be A Smart
You can do most of it by mail or FAX if you want.
Plus, this secret works with any barter company in any country where
barter is found like The United Kingdom, Germany and Australia, for example.
And even if your country doesn't have any barter companies (which is
highly unlikely), it still doesn't matter long as you have Internet
access and a can do it all by "remote control" no matter where you
Now, here’s the important part:
This loophole really is easy to learn and simple to use. But, if you want to
“hit the ground running” – and get things going as fast and smoothly as possible –
you’ll need a few important details.
For example, you have to know where the best places to get the trade
dollars are.
You see, most businesses in the barter industry never do anything. They
never earn trade dollars and never spend any. They join an exchange and do
nothing. They have no extra trade dollars to sell.
Page 183
What would it take to improve your business today?
On the other hand, there are certain businesses…in certain “niche”
industries (most people would never think to look)…that almost always have
massive amounts of trade dollars in their accounts…
And Have No Clue What To
Do With It.
How do I know this?
Because I hired a telemarketer to call hundreds of businesses within the
various exchanges to find out which businesses have little or no excess trade
money…and which ones are sitting on so much trade money…they’re literally
desperate for someone to take it off their hands.
Even if it’s just 20, 15, or 10 cents on the dollar.
Which means...
If you want to save a lot of time and find the excess trade right away –
without having to join a dozen different exchanges, hire a telemarketer (like I did)
or figure it all out yourself – it’s vitally important you know who these businesses
are and…
Exactly Where To Find
Secondly, you’ll need to know which barter companies to join.
This is extremely important because there are thousands of different barter
companies worldwide – with their own unique currency and members.
But, the vast majority of barter companies are very small…with a limited
number of members and businesses.
So even if you did find excess trade to buy in these exchanges, there
wouldn’t be many products and services to buy and sell for a good profit.
However, after several years of doing business in the barter industry…and
after a lot of “trial and error”…I’ve discovered three specific barter companies
with thousands of active members. Some of these members have tens of
Page 184
What would it take to improve your business today?
thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of trade dollars. And many of them
are more than willing to sell them to you dirt-cheap.
And here’s something else:
While it’s true you don’t have to be a member of a barter exchange to buy
and sell things on trade, unless you know someone in the exchange with the list
of all the members, you do need to “officially” join to know who is selling what,
and how to contact them.
Only problem is…almost all of the barter exchanges charge a heavy fee to
join. Sometimes as much as $600 (or more).
But, after a lot of experimenting, and after talking with the right people in
the industry, I have discovered a simple way to join almost any barter exchange
you want…
Without Paying One
Red Cent.
It's simple, too.
You just need to know who to talk to and exactly what to say…and you can
almost always get in free. And it's as easy and painless as calling one of your
friends on the phone.
And then, of course, there are the other things we went over – like how to
use this loophole to install a six-figure cash income stream to your current profits,
what products are best to sell and exactly how to do it all by “remote control” – so
you never actually touch a single product or so much as leave your chair.
Luckily, none of this is rocket science. And it’s actually very easy when
you know a few basic details that take less than an hour to learn.
So, should you hire me to teach my system to you?
Probably not.
First of all, I’m not cheap.
Page 185
What would it take to improve your business today?
This secret really is a “secret” to everyone you know.
It’s not some half-baked trick you can find in a $20 eBook or free enewsletter. This is true “player” material…
You Won’t Find Anywhere
Especially from the handful of people who know about it.
They’re fanatical about keeping this a secret.
The way some of them act…you’d think they were protecting state secrets.
That’s how seriously they take this, and how bad they don’t want anyone
(especially their would-be competitors, like you and me) knowing these facts.
And even if you did hire me at my (admittedly) sky-high fees…I’m not sure
when I could teach it to you. The demands on my time are unbearable as it is,
with a thriving consulting business, a full-time website and a wife and two small
But here’s the good news:
I’m willing to send you a short information course that’ll teach you my
entire system quickly, easily, and at a fraction of the price it costs to hire me.
I call it “Barter Secrets”.
And for the time being, I’ll send it to you free (all you pay is shipping) to try
for a full 30 days. That way...
You Can Use It Yourself
Before Paying For It.
I’ll tell you more about this incredible offer in a second.
But first, here’s what you get:
Page 186
What would it take to improve your business today?
“Barter Secrets” is a 45-minute audio recording (and the written transcripts,
in case you learn better by reading) of one of my recent private teachings of this
It’s short, easy-to-digest and “spoon feeds” you everything you need to
know about the barter system, and how to milk it as I’ve shown you here.
You’ll know where to find business owners who’ll sell you their trade for
pennies…which exact barter companies to join…and how to join them free.
You’ll also know what you need in order to create your own six-figure “back
end” business, without employees, overhead or even having to see the products
you sell.
My system walks you through everything, step by step. Explaining it all in
a way that assumes you know nothing about barter or buying trade dollars at a
Plus, since this is a recording of a real, “live” teaching lesson…you get
every single detail…
As If We’re In The Same
In other words...
You listen in on a real consultation, with questions and answers from a real
client, in a real business situation.
Which is why this course is the next best thing to me sitting down next to
you and consulting you in person.
And here’s more good news:
I’ve also included prewritten phone scripts and letters (in case you hate the
phone) that do all the work of finding trade dollars, negotiating the deals and
even back-end selling products and services to your customers.
You can use the phone scripts or simply take the prewritten letters, fill in
the blanks and drop them in the mail.
Page 187
What would it take to improve your business today?
That’s it. That’s all you do.
No sales, phone or copywriting skills necessary.
If You Can Mail A Letter You
Can Do This.
Best part:
It’s just like riding a bike.
You learn it once, practice a couple times, then bam! You’ll do it simply,
easily and automatically…whenever you want.
There are no complicated techniques involved. No hair splitting rules to
follow. No exhaustive studying required.
It’s the kind of system you can learn tonight…
And Use Tomorrow.
And that’s still not all.
Because I’ll also give you a full half hour of consulting (by phone) and 90days of unlimited email access to me with any questions you may have.
That way, if you ever need guidance…just pick up the phone, or shoot me
an email, and I’ll be here. Ready to answer your questions and walk you through
the steps.
Bottom line:
I’m so sure this system will save and make you money…I’m going to put
my money where my mouth is, and give you the most unique, "can't-lose"
guarantee you’ve ever seen.
And here it is:
Pay Nothing Now.
Page 188
What would it take to improve your business today?
Here’s the deal:
I’ll send everything right to your doorstep for free (all you pay is shipping),
to try in the privacy of your own home, for a full 30 days.
Plus, I will not process your credit card or cash your check until after those
30 days. If you decide to pay by check, you can even “post-date” it one month in
advance so it’s not cashable by me (or anyone else) for 30 days.
That way there’s no sale unless you’re totally and completely satisfied
I Have To Trust You, Instead Of
You Trusting Me.
If that doesn’t put your doubts to rest, I don’t know what will.
So, what does it cost?
This system includes everything – literally – you’d get if I taught it to you in
person. But I realize the average person can’t afford the high fees I charge to do
And so…if I hear from you immediately…I’ll let you have it for just four
payments of $399, plus shipping and handling or one payment of $1,497 ($99
savings), plus shipping and handling.
That’s chump change compared to what this system can save or make you
in your first month.
And if I’m wrong…if it isn’t exactly what I claim in this letter…just send it
back within 30 days. You don't have to rush ship it back, either. Just call and let
me know you're returning it within 30 days and that'll be good enough.
That’s about as “iron-clad” an offer as you can get.
However, there is one small “catch” to this offer:
I Must Hear From You
Page 189
What would it take to improve your business today?
Right now, in fact.
Because this is the FIRST TIME anyone has “gone public” with this
And even though there’s nothing anyone can do to stop you from using this
loophole – it’s 100% legal and ethical – the “powers that be” at many of the barter
exchanges are not happy with me sharing these secrets with you.
It’s actually a pretty big risk for me just having this page up.
And if I catch too much “heat” for revealing these secrets like this, I’ll stop
teaching this system altogether. Or, at the very least…go back to teaching it
privately at $3,000 a pop.
So if you want to try this system out, at this price and at my risk, then I
must hear from you right now.
This page could be yanked down next week, tomorrow or even later today.
Here’s how to order:
1.) Order via our secure online order form:
To make one payment of $1,497 plus shipping and handling ($99
savings) -Go to
r.html to order
(Note: You must use one payment of $1,497 option if you want to
pay by check.)
To make 4 payments of $399 each plus shipping and handling – Go
Page 190
What would it take to improve your business today?
r_4_Pay.html to order
2.) Order by phone:
Call 1-858-274-7851 and leave the following information on our
secure order line:
1.) Your full name
2.) Your address (shipping and billing, if they are different)
3.) Your credit card number and type (i.e., Visa, MasterCard, etc.)
4.) The security code on your credit card (the three numbers on the
5.) Your credit card expiration date
6.) Your phone number (in case there is a question processing your
7.) Whether you want to make one payment of $1,497 plus shipping
handling or 4 payments of $399 plus shipping and handling.
Remember, you get to try everything free for 30 days. All you cover is the
small shipping charge. If you have any questions, contact me personally at the
number above any time, day or night.
Michael Senoff
P.S. I’m dead serious about taking a lot of “heat” for revealing these secrets. It’s
just a matter of time before the suits in the barter industry sic their “attack dog”
lawyers on me, and try to ban me from teaching this system to you. I’m actually
expecting a letter any day now. I’ll fight it, but just know if it gets too hairy, I’m
Page 191
What would it take to improve your business today?
going to stop selling this system and whatever’s been shipped is it. I’m not
making these in large batches and I’m definitely not making it a digital product.
This is likely your ONLY chance to get it at this low price and with this 30-day trial
offer. Hurry.
Go to
to get your free trial today.
P.P.S. One last thing, if you give worth and value to information by its volume
and weight, then you're going to be disappointed with this system. The audio
consultation is less than 45 minutes, and there are none of the packaging “bells
and whistles” you see on similar-priced products. On the other hand, if you give
worth and value to information by its impact on your life (and bank account), then
you'll find this system to be…
Worth Ten Times The
Go to
to get your free trial of this incredible system today!
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