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“How to Launch & Build Your Business
By Doing Nothing But Articles”
By Eric Gruber
Your Article Marketing Expert
Director of Article Services
Legal Disclaimer:
While all attempts have been made to verify information provided in this e-training manual, neither the
Author (Eric Gruber) nor the Publisher (PR LEADS) assume any responsibility for errors, omissions or
contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein.
The purchaser or reader of this publication assumes responsibility for the use of these materials and
information. Adherence to all applicable laws and regulations, federal, state and local governing
professional licensing, business practices, advertising and all other aspects of doing business in the
United States or any other jurisdiction is he sole responsibility of the purchaser or reader.
The Author and Publisher assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever on the behalf of any
purchaser or reader of these materials.
Any perceived lights of specific people or organizations are unintentional.
Earnings and Income Disclaimer:
PR LEADS makes every effort to ensure that we accurately represent our products and services and their
potential for launching and building your business online. Website traffic, revenue and income
representations presented should be viewed as goals for you.
These representations are not guarantees that you will reach these levels of income or reach your
business goals. And, in buying our digital products you acknowledge that revenues and incomes vary
among individuals and you accept the risk that your purchase and implementation of the information
provided many not result in improved financial success online.
As with any business, your results will be based on many factors, including, but not limited to your
market, individual talents, business experience, expertise, cost structure and level of desire.
We provide a tool that you can use to try to launch your business and get more publicity, prospects and
profits. It can also help you create multiple streams of article income.
However, your decision to purchase and use our information, products and services should be based on
your own due diligence and not on any representation that we make to you.
What You Will Discover Inside:
1. Why I created this e-Training Manual……………………………………………………4
2. My story…………………………………………………………………………………..6
3. Motivation to get you started……………………………………………………………..10
4. How you can get started today……………………………………………………………13
5. Step 1- Find the right niche…………………………………………………………….....14
6. Step 1 – Action plan.…………………...…………………………………………………22
7. Step 2 – Analyze your product idea……………………………………………………....23
8. Step 2 – Action plan..……………………………………………………………………..25
9. Step 3 – Write your articles……………………………………………………………....26
10. Step 3 – Action plan……………………………………………………………………....31
11. Article Writing & Marketing Resource…………………………………………………..32
12. Step 4 – Create products for promotion and for sale……………………………………..39
13. Step 4 – Action Plan………………………………………………………………………44
14. Article Marketing Resource……………………………………………………………….45
15. Step 5 – Submit your articles to get more publicity, prospects and profits……………….47
16. Step 5 – Action Plan………………………………………………………………………48
17. Article Submission Resources…………………………………………………………….49
18. About the Author………………………………………………………………………….54
Why I Created This E-Training Manual
I created this special e-Training Manual after I spoke at Derek Gehl’s Internet Marketing Center
Conference in Orange County, California – exactly 1 mile away from Disney Land. I spoke on the same
stage as the Great Brian Tracy.
Here’s a picture of Brian Tracy and yours truly in California.
Both Brian Tracy and Derek Gehl spoke about TAKING ACTION!
After I showed the attendees how they can get MORE PROFITS, MORE PROSPECTS, & MORE
POWER simply by writing articles, I inspired them to take immediate action.
I asked them to write an article following my system that I just taught them using the same hands-on
exercises that I share in our Complete, A to Z Article Marketing System at
The audience wanted to win my prize (The Complete A to Z Article Marketing System) so much that I
got articles emailed to me at 3:30 A.M.
I even inspired a new entrepreneur who was tired of working for someone else to launch his own
business using my system. He created an outline for 17 articles. He created an outline for his eBook that
would be developed from the articles.
He even took it one step further.
He created an outline for a complete, home-study course that would be developed from his ebook.
At first, when he told me about his outlines, I was wowed.
I was in complete awe that I not only helped people just like you build their business – but I helped them
launch their businesses as well.
And, then I thought, if I could help this budding entrepreneur TAKE ACTION and start a new business
easily by writing articles, then how many more entrepreneurs could I help:
Get more publicity
Build their list of hungry prospects
Create multiple streams of product income
Write and promote a best-selling book in less time
Reach celebrity specialist status and become an instant expert
Stop working for someone else
End long hours
Spend more time with family
Boost profits
I want to help you start and build your business, so you can experience all of the above benefits, plus
much more.
In return, for sharing my knowledge, all I ask you to do is these 2 things:
1. Take action and implement the strategies I reveal
2. Email me at [email protected] and tell me about your successes. I want to personally
congratulate you on your achievements and share in your joy. And, if by some chance you do not
become a success, I want you to email me as well, and tell me about any obstacles that have
come in your way. This way we can breakthrough them together.
My Story
When I graduated Rutgers with a BA in Economics and English, the marketing and public relations field
was practically closed. Before I graduated, I had three different public relations firms interested in me –
but a couple months later my hopes were shattered. They told me that upper management decided not to
hire any entry-level workers at this time.
So, I started my own marketing, public relations and writing firm called Everything Communications. I
joined LeTip and BNI, and went to many Chamber of Commerce Meetings. But did not prevail.
The clients that I did get through my martial arts connections started using me less and less even though
I got them in the Star Ledger, Home News Tribune and Asbury Park Press. They even had television
interviews on UPN 9 News (a major NJ/NY Metropolitan news station) and News 12.
They received credibility and name recognition but no new students from it. They felt they weren’t
getting their return on investment, even though my work was top notch.
And I’m not one of those public relations professionals who say their work is top notch when it really
isn’t. I’ve won awards and gained International recognition for my work. Of course, I publicized this in
top PR, marketing and business publications. Yet, I received no new customers. I didn’t even get one
Meanwhile, I had to rely on my parents to pay most of my bills – I was putting them into debt. There
were times we even had to ask my grandparents for help. Do you know how embarrassed I felt?
So, I called up Dan Janal – a family friend and Founder of PR LEADS. I told him about my problems –
and he asked if I’ve ever thought about Internet Marketing. I thought he was insane -- the only thing I
knew about the Internet is how to research and how to email.
He told me to start researching Internet Marketing, article marketing and online article submission and
syndication. So I did. I spent months researching the Web and reading other people’s articles. I started
talking and soaking in the knowledge of top article marketers like Christopher Knight of
After months of intensive research, I started writing and submitting my own articles targeting authors. I
researched associations, online publications, and websites that authors are visiting to learn how to
market and promote their books online.
To my amazement my articles were published on About.com, Healthywealthynwise, PMA Magazine,
John Kremer’s Book Marketing Newsletter and many more.
The PMA placement resulted in people calling me up asking if I’d be interested in getting interviewed
on teleseminars. It even helped get my article along with my name and website address in a new book,
“Calling All Authors.”
Through the online article submission process, I’ve established PR LEADS as “Article Marketing
Experts You Want & Need. And it gave us POWER online and offline.
Power comes from ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY:
As a direct result of our article marketing efforts, we were invited to promote Dan Kennedy’s
Phenomenon DVD Adventure at: www.AchieveMoreInTheNext12Months.com
We even spoke at the Super Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. This exposure resulted in tens of
thousands of dollars in additional income.
Because of my articles, Derek Gehl and his Internet Marketing Center became a HUGE client. Plus, I
was invited to speak at his conference in Orange County, California and have all expenses paid for. My
airfare, hotel costs, food and car service expenses were all taken care of by Derek. I even had my
entertainment paid for – the only thing I had to pay for were souvenirs from Disneyland.
Here’s a picture of me with Derek Gehl…
Here’s a picture of me speaking at Derek Gehl’s conference…
Article marketing has given me access to people of influence like:
Alexandria Brown
Yanik Silver
Here’s what Yanik Silver had to say about our article marketing service…
“Wow! I can’t believe you reached so many people (Over 300,000 readers), in just 1 week! You helped
me establish even more credibility, drive pre-qualified, targeted traffic to my website and sell
more products and services. Thank you Dan and Eric!” – Yanik Silver
Now, in present day I’ve helped over 100 clients within the past year with their article marketing and
Internet publicity efforts. I’ve accumulated over 10 million article page views on tens of thousands of
I have time to spend with my family
My mom was involved in a bad car accident. In the last three years she had knee surgery on both sides,
shoulder surgery on both sides, heart surgery and neck surgery.
The first time, the doctors tried to perform neck surgery on my mom, she almost died on the table. After
getting so many surgeries already, my mom grew highly allergic to a medication used in the anesthesia.
After almost losing my mom, it became important to get closer to my family and be available when they
need me.
It made me want to take time out and spend time with my parents, brother, grandparents, aunts and
uncles. Because my articles are selling for me 24 x 7, I can take time out for family vacations, barbecues
and game nights. And, I am available when my mom needs to go to physical therapy or to the doctors.
I have time to give back to my instructor who turned me from a scrawny, 7 year old crybaby into a
confident, self-assured black belt. And, believe me, I was a crybaby. The kids in the neighborhood used
to take my hat. I would run home crying while my younger brother who was only 4 at that time, would
go knock on the bully’s door and get my hat back.
For that reason alone – along with many other things my karate instructor did for me during my twenty
years of martial arts training – it’s important to me that I help him teach the kids class every week.
The kids are my pride and joy.
It makes me feel all warm inside when I see the children I teach improve in martial arts and in life
because I was able to take the time to help them.
Can you take the time to do the things you love most?
If you follow my A to Z Article Marketing System, create multiple streams of article income and
automate your business you will find the time to do the things that make you the happiest in life.
Motivation to Get You Started
PR LEADS Article Marketing Experts is built on the success of our clients. And, you wouldn’t believe
some of the results our clients are having simply by writing and submitting articles…
Name: Tracey Mallett
Website: www.traceymallett.com
Before Tracey invested in PR LEADS Article Marketing Experts,
she was already known as a fitness expert. But she was targeting a
general audience. When I asked her, who her audience was, she said
anyone interested in fitness. Now with so many self-proclaimed
fitness gurus out there competing, Tracey was just like everyone else.
But, that was until, we gave her a new focus. We tweaked her articles
to target the niche audience of busy moms who don’t have time to
exercise. The moms who spend their days working and their nights
carpooling their children everywhere from soccer practice to dance
And, because she niched her articles and her products Tracey
received these results
“As a result of my articles being published on sites like Modern
Mom, Body Concept and newsletters like Through Your Body, I
got at least 17 more orders than usual. And that was just
yesterday. I’m totally amazed.”
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name: Lesley Mattos
Website: www.adessoalbums.com
Lesley niched her instant Polaroid photo albums to different groups including:
• Brides and Grooms with her instant wedding photo album
• New Parents with her instant baby photo album
• Family members of those who died with her instant memorial photo
She wrote a series of articles to promote each individual product to her very
specific niche audience. Here were her results:
There are three reasons to use the PR LEADS Article Marketing Service: Traffic, Traffic and More
Traffic. By tripling our traffic with just one article submission you have not only met our expectations,
you blew right past them”
Name: Dani Kaplan
Website: www.smcdata.com
As a result of having my articles published using the PR
LEADS Article Service at www.IWantMoreProspects.com
I have achieved the status of being “Distribution Industry
Expert” who can be counted on as the “trusted advisor.” This
publicity has resulted in a new surge of business opportunities
making 07 the best year in 27 years in business!
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name: Kevin Berchelmann
Website: www.triangleperformance.com
“I procrastinated in getting the article finished and kick myself
daily for doing so. Within 8 days, I had 45+ new newsletter
subscribers, dozen uniuqe Google mentions and a 5 percent
increase in daily website traffic. Not to mention a front-page on
About.com – a gift that keeps on giving in Google mentions! And to
top all that, I got a new mid-5 figure client because of my article.”
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I didn’t show you these results to brag and boast. I want you to see that article marketing does work and
that you can start and build your business with articles.
I want to motivate you to take action and actually implement the strategies I’m about to teach you. I
want you to know the truth about article marketing:
Here’s the truth about article marketing
If you’ve tried article marketing in the past and it hasn’t worked as well as you’d like, don’t
worry. It isn’t your fault. You didn’t know the right system. I’m here today to show you the right
system – and it is easy!
That’s why I worked hard to distill everything I’ve learned about launching and building your business
with article marketing into basic, achievable steps ANYONE, ANYWHERE in the world can take to
start and grow a profitable business online.
I’ve cut through the hype and confusion to create the clearest, simplest guide to starting and promoting
your business online with articles.
But in order to get results we showed above, you have to find a niche market of eager customers
searching for a solution to a problem, develop a product they already want and automate an online
business that sells your product.
How You Can Get Started Today
If you’re looking to launch an information marketing business or any kind of business, then you have
come to the right place to start. This e-Training manual will teach you how to create products and
services just by writing articles.
Eventually, you’ll want to work your way through my Complete A to Z Article Marketing System at
www.BroadcastYourArticles.com as every section can mean the difference between launching an
average business and a super-charged profit making machine.
As you read, make sure you have a pen and paper handy. You will want to take lots of notes. You never
know when a great idea will pop up.
Remember every single strategy and tool in this course comes to you after I personally invested
hundreds of hours testing all of my ideas, concepts, and secrets.
So dive right in. Take advantage of all the tools, strategies and resources we have to offer. This is the
only way to make this wealth of information work for you. So take action and get started right away/
Step 1 – Find the Right Niche
Even if you have the best product or service in the World, and even if your articles can be found all over
the Web on the top, targeted websites, ezines and article directories – if no one is actively looking for
your solutions then real online success will be very difficult to achieve.
That’s why I am about to reveal how to identify lucrative niche markets, validate market demand and
analyze your competition.
First, you want to forget about the product you think is so hot, the great idea you had for an eBook or the
catalog site you want to set up that will sell everything.
Long before, you even think about creating a product or service, you need to find a hungry niche market
with a problem that needs solving. Otherwise your business will be built on hopes and aspirations. This
does not lead to higher profits!
So what is a niche market?
A niche market is a group of people who are searching for a solution to their problem on the Internet and
not finding many results.
Niche markets are not huge.
You can’t sell to everyone.
So, you want to focus your time, energy and resources on a specific group of people just crying out for
someone to sell them exactly what they’re looking for. This smaller, highly motivated group of people
looking for answers, they just can’t seem to find is your niche market.
If you can create ad sell a product or service that satisfies a niche market’s common need or desire, you
can launch a highly profitable business. And, that’s why you invested in this e-Training Manual, isn’t it?
Why you want to target a niche market?
If you had to get knee surgery, whom would you prefer to operate on your knee – a general orthopedic
surgeon or someone who specializes in just knees?
After my mom’s car accident, when she had to get both knees operated on, she went to a surgeon who
specialized in just knees. When she had to get both shoulders operated on, she went to a surgeon who
specialized in just shoulders. For her neck surgery, she went to the Chief of Neurosurgery at Robert
Wood Johnson Hospital, a major hospital in New Jersey.
She went to surgeons who were specialized in a niche.
Lets look into this concept further by looking at the “Balance of Power” diagram on the next page:
Most of you reading this manual right now are at the bottom. You are a generalist. You have the least
power over a consumer. You’re just like everyone else in a cluttered world without a differentiation
But we want to raise you up.
We want to turn you into a specialist in a specific area so you can get more power online and offline.
And, then we want to raise you to the top level – a celebrity specialist. Few people will ever make it this
far. But, if you follow my system, you can become a celebrity specialist and have ultimate power.
When you’re a celebrity specialist, you can charge extremely high prices and not have to worry about
explaining your fees.
The fact is that the person who finds or creates a special niche, gets the cream of our societies financial
rewards. The niche, and the person who creates them, is the main factor that separates one product from
15 others
How anyone can find a niche
As Your Article Marketing Expert, I’ve helped people start and grow profitable businesses in just about
every category you can think of: Internet dating, remote controlled cars, health and fitness, martial arts,
pilates for pregnant women, care giving, quilting, parenting, family business succession and much more.
Your market is out there waiting for you.
And I’m going to walk you through every step so you can find your market, create your products and
then lead the market directly to you.
You may find a few possible niches before you find the ONE. You might even start a few different
businesses online before you fid the moneymaker that will make you 6 or 7 figures.
You have to get out there and DO IT!
So where should you start?
Here’s my secret formula to identifying which niche is for you…
A. Start with your passions and interests
Yes, before you even think about which markets to target, I’m asking you to do some self-discovery.
Think about…
What are you interested in?
What are you passionate about?
What subjects or topics are you knowledgeable about?
What are people asking you for advice about?
When you invest emotionally and not just financially, it’s far less likely that you’ll give up on it. Plus, it
will help you tremendously if you know what you’re talking about when researching keywords,
searching for related websites and analyzing your competition.
If you do not know the market, how can you understand your market?
You will miss obvious opportunities.
So start with your passions and interests, even if you’re not what you consider an “expert.” You’ll have
enough of a background to ask the right questions. And, after you’ve done your research, you WILL be
an expert.
Need some help finding out what are your skills and interests?
Take this Passions and Skills Questionnaire I discovered inside the Internet Marketing Center’s “Insider
Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet Course:”
1. Do you play or coach any sports? Which ones?
2. If you had a million dollars and a week’s worth of free time, what would you do? List the
activities that come to mind.
3. What websites do you like to visit on your own time? What topics do these sites cover?
4. What have you won awards and trophies in?
5. What pets do you have?
6. Do you have kids? What do you like best about being a parent? What do you find
7. Do you have any specialized education?
8. Have you taken any hobby classes like cooking, dancing, pottery or sailing?
9. Have you volunteered anywhere? What have you learned from this experience
10. What are some of your lifetime accomplishments? What did you learn from these
11. Do you have any firsthand knowledge of any medical illnesses or care giving issues? If
so, which ones?
12. What do you like to collect?
13. What television shows do you enjoy? What kind of music do you listen to? What theater
events or other related events do you attend?
14. When talking to people you don’t know, what’s your “fall back” topic of conversation?
15. Is there anything you’ve ever really wanted to do or learn about, but just haven’t had the
time for?
16. What subjects are you the go-to person for?
Now, once you complete the questionnaire, list five interests you’d like to explore in more detail. This
should be based on the questions that you responded most passionately to. Now you have nailed down
one of the cornerstones to finding a successful niche.
Now the next step is to find the niche market gem hidden inside your interests and passions. And it’s
easy to find, if you know where to look.
B. Use keyword research tools to zoom in on your own niche markets
By using the right keyword research tools and methods, you’ll be able to tap into the questions your
niche market is asking. These questions are vital to the success of your business.
Here’s how…
Using keyword research tools, you can actually see what phrases your prospects are looking for –
and how often
You can listen to what your prospects are complaining about at various review sites
You can even uncover the websites they visit to find the products and information they need to
solve their problem
You can figure out exactly how much competition you’ll be facing
You will see how well your existing competition is meeting your prospect’s needs
You can track the websites that are competing for your prospect’s attention and figure out what
they’re doing right and wrong – Now you’ll be able to learn from their successes and their
Determine the size of your potential customer base so you can predict your success before you
invest a single penny into your business.
Keyword research tools give you access to all of the benefits mentioned above. How?
They give you the power to analyze the keywords that people type into search engines like Google when
they’re trying to find information.
What are keywords?
When you are searching for information on Google and you type in a word or phrase into the search box,
you are entering keywords. Often keywords become a statement that describes the problem the person is
trying to solve.
What keywords should you be using to analyze your niche market?
Step 1: Start off with one word that describes your passion or interest.
Step 2: Find synonyms for that word.
Step 3: Combine each synonym with “how ” + action words. For example: How home schooling moms
make money online
Step 4: Determine the popularity of each keyword using your keyword research tool
Step 5: Organize the top keywords according to intention
What keyword tools should you be using?
1. BeBiz.com
2. Wordtracker –You can get a free sneak preview at: http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com
3. Keyword Discovery
4. Google’s free keyword tool – This is a handy way to find synonyms and variations of your
keywords. https://adwords.google.com/select/keywordtoolexternal
Remember, when you do your keyword research, look for the keyword phrases that have the most
people searching for a solution to a specific problem and where you’ll have the least competition. These
are the high-demand niches you want to take a deeper look at to find solid, viable markets you can create
and sell products to.
C. Validate demand
You started with your passions and interests. Then you looked for a problem that people are actively
trying to find a solution for. Using keyword research, you built a list of keyword phrases and you
clustered them by intention. And, you sorted the keywords by popularity.
Now, you must validate demand.
Many marketers have learned how to create a sellable product or acquire products that they thought
would sell. In their enthusiasm, they set up everything from sales letters to websites to getting traffic.
However, most of these marketers forget the single most important factor that will affect their product or
service sales. And, that is the “sell-ability” of the product.
When you begin creating products, the most important factor you must take into account is the demand
for your product.
Do people really want your product?
It is simply stupid to waste a month’s time preparing a product, setting up a website, and creating
articles to get more publicity, website traffic and profits when people will not even flick an eyebrow at
your product, no matter how much traffic you throw at it.
This next step will show you how to confirm the profit potential of your niche market. We’ll show you
how to drill down into possible niche markets so you can discover whether or not they’ll pay (you!) for
the solutions you can provide.
Validate your market niche by asking these 4 questions:
1. Is the market easily defined and reachable?
2. Is the market small enough where there isn’t too many competitors, but large enough for you to
make a HUGE profit?
3. Does this market actually have and spend money?
4. Does the market have an incredible amount of passion for the topic?
Now, lets take a look at why each question is important.
Is the market easily defined and reachable?
If others cannot reach and define your niche market, chances are neither will you. Most potential niche
markets will already have places where they meet. Look for groups, forums, membership sites,
discussion boards, clubs, associations and special websites.
Is the market small enough where there isn’t too many competitors, but large enough for you to
make a HUGE profit?
You can’t sell to everyone, so don’t try to. Too much competition is a sign that you should look for a
smaller, more precise niche. But, don’t make the pond too small, with not enough big fish to make it
worth your time and efforts.
Does this market actually have and spend money?
If your market does not have the money for your products and services, then you better find another
niche if you’re looking to make higher profits.
Check out other sites in your niche. Are they selling products and services? How much are they selling
products for? If related products and services are being sold online profitably, then there’s a viable
market for you.
However, if what you want to offer for sale is available for free, then choose another market. Unless
your product is so much better than the free option and you can prove it, you will have a hard time
convincing prospects to buy from you.
Does the market have an incredible amount of passion for the topic?
I still have a lot of passion for the martial arts. You will hear me speak about it during my presentations.
You will see me write about it in my e-newsletters at www.IWantMoreProspects.com/10questions.
But, when I was younger going up the ranks I had even more passion.
I ate, slept and breathed the martial arts. My parents must have spent thousands of dollars on martial arts
You want to find a market that is so motivated that they must have all the information related to the
subject – and have the desire to invest in it at any cost.
Where you should be visiting to learn more about your market?
1. Blogs –To find blogs within your niche, perform a keyword search at:
Google Blog Search (http://blogsearch.google.com)
Blog Search Engine (www.blogserchengine.com)
Technorati (www.technorati.com)
2. Groups and Forums – When you visit groups and forums related to your market, you want to
focus on finding more keywords, questions and patterns that your market uses. Also, don’t
forget to pay special close attention to questions for help.
You will notice that the same questions get asked again and again. This means that there’s a need
that’s not being satisfied by ANYONE! If enough people within a specific niche share this same
need, you may have found that hidden gem – the niche market you’ve been looking for.
3. Review sites – These user-generated content sites are gold mines of information if you’re
looking to create new products and services. Review sites encourage your niche audience to
share a wealth of information that will help you understand their real needs and wants.
4. Shopping sites – Sites like Amazon and Ebay are full of even more information. In fact, there
reviews are more comprehensive than the product descriptions. Buyers, not sellers, write these
reviews. This way you will know exactly what your audience thinks of different products
within your niche.
5. Answer sites – This is another free place that can give you great insights about what people
like, don’t like, feel or know about your market’s products, services or concepts. These sites
will also tell you what products, information and solutions your market is looking for.
6. News sites – These sites will keep you up-to-date on current information and trends that affect
your market. Examples of news sites you should be visiting include:
7. E-zines – Read online publications featuring articles, reviews, advice columns and other forms
of information on a continual basis. For a listing of ezines, go to www.bestezines.com or
search on Google for “ezine directory” or “directory of ezines.”
Step 1 Action Plan
It’s important, to get started immediately if you want to launch your business and get more publicity,
prospects and profits. That’s why at the end of each step, we’ve added a simple action plan that will help
you get started now.
Here’s your action plan for step 1:
List 5 passions or interests you wish to base your product and service creation on and become an
expert in.
Use keyword research tools to find related problem statements and save them in a spreadsheet.
Write down 5 potential niche markets in the format of: People who (action) + (your area of
Visit blogs, forums, message boards, review sites, store sites and answer sites to find out more
about your potential market and to validate demand
Step 2 – Analyze Your Product Idea
After you completed step 1, you should have some products and service ideas that look very profitable.
So now, it’s time to take each individual idea and check it against the five factors that will tell you if
your idea will make you money – or not!
These five factors are:
lifetime value
When analyzing demand, most people say there are x number of dog owners and everyone needs this
new dog bed, doesn’t mean every dog owner will buy it. To analyze demand go back to your keyword
research and analyze how many times your audience is looking for products related to yours in a 24hour period. Then take 2% of that number and use it as a demand estimate.
Know your competition. Search on your top keywords and look at the sites that appear. Record what
they sell, how do they make money, and are they actually selling something or directing traffic
Note the URL for your competitors and dig deeper into their businesses.
Also keep in mind, how many competitors you have in your market. Remember you want a small pond
that do not have many competitors, but has some big fish that are willing and able to spend money.
How much time, effort and finances are you willing to put out to launch and promote your business
You can submit articles yourself to promote your newly created products and services, or you can use
services like www.IWantMoreProspects.com and www.VirtualArticleAssistants.com
However, I must warn you if you plan on submitting articles yourself manually – it takes 15 to 25 hours
to submit articles to 100 top websites, ezines and article directories. And that doesn’t include research
time. Plus, you’ll have to add extra time if you are just getting started in article marketing because of the
learning curve.
So make sure, the niche you select is worth your investment in time, energy and finances.
Traffic quality
You don’t want to target traffic that’s only looking for something free. You want quality buying traffic.
To analyze the traffic you can receive, find out how many sites come up in Google when you enter
(free) + (your keyword).
If people can get real solutions to their problem for free – they’re not going to want to pay for it, unless
you can prove that your product is so much better or that it will work faster. This is where knowing your
competition becomes vital to your success.
Lifetime quality
It’s a lot harder to build your business if customers are buying from you once and only once. Remember,
if you want to make HUGE profits, you need to increase the lifetime value of your client. So when
analyzing your ideas, think about what other products or services could you offer this market and what
kind of lifetime value would that bring you.
My suggestion is to include a forced continuity membership club to the backend of your eBook or
product. For example, when you invest in my A to Z Article Marketing System at
www.BroadcastYourArticles.com you get 1 free month of membership to my “Write Your Way to
Profits Insiders Circle.”
This gives customers full access to:
All current and previous telecoaching calls with top Internet Marketing experts like Bob Bly.
(America’s greatest copywriter)
Membership only products – 1 per month
Group Q & A and brainstorming session
Weekly tutorials and action exercises
Unlimited email and phone access to me – Your Article Marketing Expert
For those who wish to continue with the membership program (and most do!), we charge $87 per month
until they cancel.
Why you must perform this analysis
You will have all the information at your fingertips so you can decide how to proceed with your
business launch
You can proceed with a niche opportunity knowing you have made a good, well-informed
It removes the element of emotions. Now, you will have a logical basis for your business
Step 2 -- Action Ideas
Closely examine your competition’s websites. List each site and record what they’re doing right
and what you can do better. Use search engines and Alexa tool (www.alexa.com) to search for
Create a spreadsheet and score each nice product or service idea for demand, supply, expenses,
traffic quality, and lifetime value. Assign each consideration a rating of 1 (great!) to 5 (poor) for
each niche opportunity. The opportunity with the lowest overall score is your best bet. This is
the one you should pursue to step #3 with.
Step 3 – Write Articles for Your Niche
By following my A to Z Article Marketing System, articles will become the foundation for your niche
Here’s how you will benefit from articles:
1. You can easily create eBooks, A to Z systems, home study courses, teleseminar materials,
webinars and many, many other products for your niche that you can sell using repurposed, prewritten articles.
2. Articles will bring more traffic to your website
3. They will give you higher search engine rankings on Google
4. Articles published on top websites and ezines will give you increased credibility and instant
expert status
They will help you build your list of targeted, pre-qualified prospects who want to hear from
you right now.
What kinds of articles should you be writing?
1. Size – 500-750 words – See it’s not that hard to do. You can write 500-750 words. That’s just
about 2 pages.
2. Topic – Evergreen – Remember, your articles are online forever. So make your topics evergreen
so they can be useful now, today, tomorrow, and years from now.
3. Content – Useful, unique content that is not regurgitated. If you write what everyone else is
writing about, how are you any different than anyone else. If you want to be known as an expert,
you have to write unique information.
4. How to –step by step tactics that fit your niche audience’s problems
5. Advice for your niche audience
Here’s Your Article Marketing Expert’s Proven Formula for Writing How-To Articles
Headline – Benefit oriented with an outrageous proposition
Opening paragraph paints a picture of pain in 3 to 4 sentences
Body of article explains how to solve the problem
Last paragraph shows the results
So now, it’s time for you to start writing your articles. But, what do you write about?
Before you waste time, staring at your computer screen, use these 3 sure-fire ways to beat writers
3 Ways to Banish Writers Block
1. Start with your prospect’s biggest problems. You already identified the problems and performed
keyword research. Now, you just have to show your prospects with a “Top Tips” or “How-To”
article, how their problems can be resolved.
2. Research what mistakes your prospects are making when trying to resolve the problem you have
solutions for. Then write a Top 10 mistakes article. You can even write an article, 10 Dumbest
__________ Mistakes I Made When _______________. This shows people that you are human
just like them. They will connect with you. And, when you make a connection, people will be
more willing to buy from you.
3. Get ideas from leads in PR LEADS – www.prleads.com
Now it’s time for you to write the headline. Most people try to breeze past this step. Don’t do that! If
you do not write the article title the right way – you will not get published and read more often.
How to Craft the Perfect Headline That Pulls Readers In By Their Throats
Define your audience
Find the best keywords
User power words in your title like now, free and guaranteed
Be specific
Create a headline that begins with the words “How To.”Remember, people love to be taken stepby-step. How to headlines imply you will be providing detailed steps and creating an easy
environment for people to follow. Ex: How to Improve Your Business Profits by 50% in 21 Days
6. Place your major keywords in the first four words of the title. This is where Google pays most of
its attention.
7. Use headlines that tell the number of steps or reasons. For example: “7 Steps to Success in…”
“11 Reasons to Create a Free Offer in Your Sales Presentations”,”5 Ways to Make Your Money
Work for You.”
8. Offer a great benefit to the reader. No matter how good the article is, if your headline doesn’t
present the benefits to your readers, then you will not have headline that makes you rich.
9. Make your headline engaging. One of the best ways to do this is to ask an open-ended question.
How can you use an open-ended question when writing your next headline?
10. Peak your prospects curiosity.
11. Offer an outrageous proposition that appeals to your prospects needs and desires.
12. Evoke feelings of pain, fear, convenience, envy, jealousy, shock and greed.
Now, in the spaces below write 3 headlines for your articles:
The next step is to write your article intro. This is where you want to introduce your prospect’s pain.
Below is an example for you to model.
Article Intro Example
Does this scenario sound familiar?
You bend over to pick a Kleenex off the floor. Your back locks up. You begin to experience lower back
pain radiating into the buttocks and down the leg. You consult with your doctor who orders an MRI. The
MRI report identifies a herniated disc.
Bad news?
This sample introduction was taken from Malton Schexneider’s article:
“Suffering with Herniated Disc Problems? 5 Ways to Relieve Your Back Pain Now”
See the complete article at:
Now write your article introduction in the space below…
Now, you wrote your headline. You started your article by introducing the pain your prospects are
feeling at this moment in time. Now, it’s time for you to write the meat of the article. And, this is easier
than you think.
Here’s what you do…
List 7 Tips You Can Provide to Solve the Problem Your Targeted Prospects Are
Then, take each tip and add 2 to 4 supporting sentences.
Now, how hard was that?
Guess what, you’re almost done.
You just need a conclusion.
The best way to end is your article is to prove why your readers should take your advice. Here’s how…
Write Down the Results People Can Get If They follow Your Advice
I know exactly, what you’re thinking: This is all great information, but how are you going to get more
website traffic, by writing these articles.
Well, at the end of each article, At the end of the article, you get an About the Author attribution section,
where you can promote yourself, your company, your website and a call to action that will get readers to
click on the live, active link.
How to Write an Enticing Bio Box So People Will Want to Get to Know You Better
Here are 3 examples for you to follow:
1. Article Marketing Expert Eric Gruber uses the power of articles to create marketplace
opportunities online for small business owners just like you who want more publicity,
prospects and profits. Before, you even try to get your articles published on top sites like
About.com, MarketingProfs.com, CEO Refresher and Entrpreneur.com, get Eric’s
“Checklist of 150+ Mistakes That Will Kill Your Article Marketing Campaign” at:
2. By revealing his top secrets to writing articles that sell fast, Article Marketing Expert Eric
Gruber boosts traffic, get more leads and increase sales for thousands of business owners
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3. With premium article placements on websites like About.com, Entrepreneur.com and
Disney's Family.com, Article Marketing Expert Eric Gruber can help you generate a
massive, targeted Internet publicity campaign no one else can match! Before you submit
your next article, make sure you download Eric's FREE REPORTS “How to Choose an
Article Submission Service” and “150+ Campaign Killing Mistakes You Want to Avoid”
at www.IwantMoreProspects.com/10questions
Now, Using My Examples Write Your Bio Box
Now, your first article is ALMOST complete. You just have to do some light proofreading, editing,
formatting, and optimizing. Follow the secrets in my A to Z Article Marketing System at:
www.BroadcastYourArticles.com and you will have an article that gets published and read more often!
Step 3 – Action Ideas
Stop procrastinating and start writing. Article ideas are everywhere.
Write down 3 headlines
Write an article introduction that shows the pain your prospects are facing now
Jot down 7 tips or how-to steps that will help solve the problem
Add 2 to 4 supporting sentences to each tip
End the article by showing the results, your readers can enjoy if they follow your advice. Be as
specific as possible and use real case studies.
Write your bio box
Get my complete A to Z Article Marketing System at www.BroadcastYourArticles.com for even
more secrets that will help you get more traffic, leads and sales.
Article Writing & Marketing Resource – A to Z Article Marketing
All you need is the right information, methods and strategies and you can launch and build your business
doing nothing but writing articles. It is there for the taking. And with this FREE e-Book, I’m showing
you Exactly how to do it!
But, there’s only so much information, I can give in a single e-Book, where can just scratch the surface.
If you want to get more publicity, more prospects and more profits, you need the whole enchilada.
Here’s What You Will Find in the Complete A to Z Article System:
#1. 88 Ways to Instantly Banish Writers Block
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You will discover:
• 88 * sure-fire * secret ways to eliminating writers block completely – so
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Strategies used by the top Article Marketing, Internet Marketing, Direct Response
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Free Selecting Your Topic Checklist – A vital component to your article marketing
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You’ll want to keep these handy for quick reference whenever you sit down to write article
Inside you will find:
9 Article Warm Up Secrets that will help you connect with your inner writer
7 Get to Know Your Audience Secrets that will help keep your copy tight and focused on
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10 Article Keyword Secrets that will help you get your articles found on the major
search engines
14 Article Title Secrets that will help you craft your titles in a way that will get your
article read more, picked up more, and used more often. This means you will get more
prospects, publicity and profits!
8 Article Description Secrets – Now you will be able to write magnetic article
descriptions that will help you get more attention and traffic for your articles
40 Article Body Secrets – You will not only learn how to effectively write and format
your articles, but you will learn how to write your articles in a way that persuades,
influences, and inspires readers to take action immediately
18 Bio Box Secrets that will give readers no choice but to click on the link, visit your
website, and sign up to become part of your list so you can promote to them over and
over again
That’s 106 Article Writing Secrets!
#3: 69 Ways to Make Money With Articles
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This e-training manual will teach you how to maximize your article marketing
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You will find strategies like:
Create an E-Book, How-To Manual, or your own A to Z System so you can make money
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Develop a Membership Site so you have continuous income month after month
Promote your YouTube videos
Get your affiliate promoting you
Plus much more...
#4 Guide to Writing How-To Articles
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#5 Article Marketing Myths Exposed
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Step 4: Create Products for Promotion & for Sale
I don’t engage in any business activity, if I can’t use it in 3 different ways. So how can you use the
article you just wrote among many others you will be writing?
3 Ways to Use Your Articles
1. Submit your articles to the top websites, ezines and article directories. I’ll explain this further in
step five.
2. Publish your articles on your blog and website. The fresh, unique content you put on your
website and blog, the more Google will spider your site. This will automatically increase your
search engine optimization.
3. Create products for promotion in your bio boxes and on your website and for profit.
So what are some products you can create using article?
10 Products You Can Create Using Articles
1. Special Reports or White Papers
Special reports are nothing but longer articles and some promotional information mixed throughout the
content and at the end. They are usually 4 to 10 pages long – that’s it! So all you have to do is take an
article and expand it or put a couple articles together to create one special report that you can use a call
to action in the bio box.
Dan Janal, Founder of PR LEADS, recently interviewed Michael Stelzner on how to create and promote
your whitepapers. Members of our “Write Your Way to Profits Insiders Circle” have full access to this
interview among many others. You can get access now at:
I also suggest getting Michael’s book, “Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers & Keep Them
Engaged.” Get it now at: http://www.1shoppingcart.com/app/?aff=778458
2. Tip Booklets
To simple create this product .compile all of the tips in your “Top 3, 5,7, or 10” tip articles. Then
organize the tips in a logical sequence. Add an introduction to the tips and a conclusion to create a
hardcopy tip booklet or a downloadable e-Booklet. For example, Joan Stewart the Publicity Hound sells
these tip booklets on her website:
"113 Tips for Recruiting Valuable Employees"
"107 Tips for Keeping Valuable Employees"
3. E-Books
By writing articles, you can simply create e-Books in little time. There’s two ways to use articles to
create your e-Books.
A. Take a number of your articles and organize them in a logical manner. Each
article becomes a chapter. Feel free to expand your articles a bit to make the
chapters fuller. Then add a table of contents, a cover, and promotional material
at the end. See how easy that was?
B. Use your already created tip articles as an outline. Take a “Top Tips” or “HowTo” article. Next create a new article based on each tip or step. These will
become your chapters. Do this for a couple of your articles and you will have
your e-Book completed in no time!
4. Checklists
Take each bullet point in your articles and categorize them. Now for each subject you can easily create
checklists. You can use these checklists to train your staff, for promotion or for sale. For an example, get
my 150+ Point Checklist of Article Marketing Campaign Killing Mistakes. Get it now at
5. Audio Programs
Turn your articles into audio products with GreatTeleseminars.com -- The complete, reliable solution to
all your teleseminar needs! One call sets up your bridge line, recording, editing, CD duplication,
shipping and transcripts! Just use your articles as an outline for your teleseminar. You can do the whole
teleseminar by yourself, or have someone interview and ask you questions based on your articles. For
more info, go to www.GreatTeleseminars.com
And, if you’re selling your audio lessons, don’t forget to make it available on sites like Clickbank.com -the Internet's largest digital marketplace. Thousands of the web's most popular products are sold here
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6. A to Z Systems
More than any other type of information product, I’ve realized people love systems. I sold more A to Z
Article Systems at http://www.BroadcastYourArticles.com during the pre-launch than I did with my
individual eBooks or my Directory of Websites, Ezines and Articles Directories That Accept Article
Submissions overall.
How did I create my A to Z Article System?
By putting together eBooks and special reports and packaging it together with some other very nice
And, guess how I created my eBooks and Special Reports?
You’re right with my articles.
So I turned articles into $49 products into a $97 product.
But it doesn’t stop there. Everyone that buys my product gets put into my membership club, “Write
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access to me and weekly tutorials based on my articles. So now I will have a continuity income. Notice
how one thing leads to another thing. And, it all started from ARTICLES.
7. E-Courses
You can write a series of articles that you can distribute as an e-course. An e-course, or course by email,
is typically a brief lesson sent over several days or weeks. This type of course a very simple way to give
away some of what you know so that people get a taste of what it would be like to work with you.
You can sell your e-course. Or give it away for free as a marketing promotional tool. Or use it as a
customer service tool like Your PR Leader Dan Janal.
When people sign up for PR Leads at www.prleads.com they automatically get signed up for Dan’s PR
Leads Success 30 Day E-course. Each day, you will receive tips to help you get the most from your PR
Leads subscription. This way his clients feel that they’re getting a good value and want to stay.
Customer service problems are down. And, at the same time Dan gets higher profits by promoting his
other services (www.GreatTeleseminars.com and www.IWantMoreProspects.com) and he gets affiliate
commissions for promoting services like Adobe Acrobat.
Here’s how you can create your e-course:
Determine what topic or related topics you want to cover in your e-course.
Start by writing an introduction article that gives your subscriber an idea of the overall topic and what
you will be covering over the next few days.
Next you launch into your actual lessons or articles and finish your ecourse with a quick recap and some
information on where they go from here. This could involve recommending additional resource books,
products or sites (which will of course pay you a commission if they buy) or offering them more great
information on your own website.
Once you have your content ready, load the individual lessons in your favorite autoresponder (like
www.MyOnlineShoppingCart.com or www.AWeber.com ) and add a signup box to your site. Or to be
even more effective, create a separate landing page for the e-course that highlights the benefits of the
course and what the reader will learn. You can get subscribers by linking from your main page to the
landing page, writing articles that use the link to the e-course sign-up page in your byline, or by
purchasing ppc or other advertisements.
Watch your affiliate income grow with every e-course you create and with every new subscriber that
joins your ecourse. The beauty of creating e-courses is that you do the work once, and your e-course will
continue promoting your affiliate products for as long as you allow people to sign up.
8. Home-Study Course
The possibilities for repurposing content are endless. A book that sells for $14.99 can be read into an
audio file and sold for $35.00 as an audio CD. It can be divided into lessons and placed into a 3 ring
binder and sold as a home study course for $400. Add audio lessons on CD and the price can triple.
Now, prices do depend on your industry and your audience.
Look at what existing articles, workshop notes, or training material you already have that you could
package with an audio program
9. Membership Sites
In my humble opinion, having a successful paid membership site is about the most perfect business you
can have.
Why? Let me explain…
Note: If you are already a speaker, consultant, writer, or "expert" on almost any topic, then you are in a
perfect position to create a membership or mentor type of website which could double or triple your
income. You should start a membership site today!
It's the dream of most people to start their own business, especially the idea of an online business they
can run from home. They want to achieve the dream of being able to leave their full time job. (or at least
create a steady second income) To most an online business sounds like the ideal way to do it.
After all there are hundreds of ebooks showing you how to make money creating ebooks, selling on
eBay, selling other peoples products as an affiliate, etc.
However probably 95% of people who actually do the work to create ebooks, sell on eBay, or become
an affiliate will NEVER be able to leave their full time jobs (or create a predictable 2nd income) despite
their best efforts.
3 words …..steady….predictable….cash flow!
Let's face it, a steady cash flow is the key to financial security. For most people that comes from a j-o-b.
At least until their company is bought out by another company, or the economy goes into a recession or
something else causes them to lose their job.
When you start an online business whether it's selling ebooks or eBay or whatever it's very, very hard to
generate a steady monthly cash flow that you can depend on. Steady enough to pay the mortgage. Ask
anyone who has done it.
Now, contrast that with having your own paid website and having people pay you for access, by the
month, by the quarter, every 6 months.
For example if you had just 100 people paying you just $10 a month, you would have a steady cash flow
of $1,000 month after month, rain or shine. (Many people accomplish this the first or second month their
site is up.) Now let's say you are able to get your membership to 200 members and have a membership
that costs $20 per month. Now you are up to $4,000/month after month after month.
Choose the right topic and this could happen in your first 2-3 months.
Some membership sites earn 10x that amount!
Are you starting to get the picture?
This is a reality for people who run successful membership sites and it could happen to you too!
Except you need content and that’s what your articles are for. Any website that has recurring or
frequently refreshed content may be a good candidate for a subscription revenue model.
10. Webinars
Hosting a webinar can seem like a big deal. It's not something that just any marketer has in their arsenal.
But guess what... that's exactly why they're so powerful.
As soon as you have your first webinar, you instantly catapult yourself into the upper echelon of your
niche, no matter how much experience you have.
Yes, they're really that powerful.
So what gives webinars such an advantage?
It's simple really...
A sales letter uses text.
A teleseminar uses audio.
A webinar combines text, audio, and live screenshots to tell stories.
And stories sell like gangbusters.
Look, a typical sales letter can get you a 1-3% conversion if you're lucky.
A killer webinar can easily convert more than 10% of participants to buyers... even for high-priced
And, guess where you can get the content from?
Yes articles!
Here’s a great resource if you’re interested in hosting webinars using your articles as content:
Of course, there are many more products you can create simply by using articles. In fact, in my A to Z
Article Marketing System at www.BroadcastYourArticles.com, I show you 69 ways to make money
from your articles. I hope this section was a wide eye-opener for you!
Step 5 – Action Ideas
Don’t stop writing
Publish your articles on your website, ezine and blog
Keep your articles in an organized fashion on file
Review your articles each month to see what products you can create
Create your products for promotion or sale
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Step 5 – Submit Your Articles to the Top Websites, Ezines & Article
Writing and marketing articles online is probably the most effective, most cost-effective way to
publicize your website, and promote your products and services online. The Web is a printing press with
an insatiable appetite for articles written by experts. There are literally millions of websites and ezines
that are begging for good articles. They want people to submit good articles to them. They even search
sites on the web for permission to use articles.
So, How Do You Know Which Sites to Select?
Through my years of experience, and many conversations with the top Internet Marketers, in order to
have the greatest impact, you need to use a 3-tiered article marketing approach targeting:
1. The major article directories like Ezinearticles.com, Goarticles.com, Ideamarketers.com and
2. Smaller niche directory sites that are related to your content.
3. Niche ezine and website publishers who need and want quality related content that will add value to
their website or email newsletter audience.
My consulting clients ask me many times, "What is the best way to find ezines and websites that are the
most read so my article gets the most exposure?" That should not be the first question you ask yourself.
Yes, you do want to find websites that are highly visited and ezines that are the most read – but more
importantly, you want to focus on finding websites and ezine publishers within your specific niche that
have strong emotional connections to their audience.
How to Find the Best Sites & Submit Your Articles to Them
1. Outsource your article submission efforts to a reputable company that gets articles published on
the top websites like About.com and on ezines with over 500,000 subscribers. This will save you
time – so you can focus on writing your articles and creating products. But before you hire an
article submission company, read our special report, “How to Choose an Article Submission
2. Get my Directory of Websites and Ezines at www.IWantMoreProspects.com/directory. This will
save you hours of research time. I will personally customize your directory to your niche. I
provide the websites, contact info, Alexa traffic rankings and the website or ezine editorial
guidelines. You can then submit the articles yourself or hire a virtual assistant to take care of
your article marketing needs.
3. Do the work yourself. Research on Google to find the best websites. You can also use Alexa
search. Then check out ezine directories like BestEzines.com for newsletter publishers that you
can submit articles to. Make sure you take the time to read each sites guidelines before
submitting your articles. I must warn you that it takes 10-15 hours for my staff to manually
submit 1 article to 100 top websites, ezines and article directories. And, that doesn’t include
research time.
Step 5 – Action Ideas
Decide the best way for you to submit articles
1. Use an article submission company like www.IWantMoreProspects.com
2. Get our Directory of Website and Ezines at www.IWantMoreProspects.com/directory
and do the submission yourself or hire a virtual assistant
3. Find the best websites and ezines and submit your articles yourself.
If you choose to find the websites and submit articles yourself, then go to Google perform a
search for “your niche + article submission.” Also, go to www.alexa.com and do a search for
the top websites in your niche. And, don’t forget to look for newsletters that your target
audience is reading. Do a search on Google for “ezine directories.” And don’t forget to read
all the editorial guidelines for each specific site and ezine.
Submit your articles
Keep a record of where you submit articles to and what sites publish your article.
Article Submission Resource #1: PR LEADS Article Marketing
Experts – www.IWantMoreProspects.com
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About the Author
Who is Eric Gruber?
Article Marketing Expert is an award-winning PR practitioner. He has helped hundreds of businesses, authors and experts
just like you kick-start an article marketing campaign that drives thousands of visitors to their websites.
He learned everything there is to know about managing successful article marketing programs that gets you top results. – and
is frequently quoted by PR Week. Eric’s own articles can be found all over the web on top sites like About.com (one of the
top 50 sites on the Web) as well as:
See we practice what we preach! And using his own personal experiences, Eric will work with you to create a targeted article
marketing campaign, from selecting your best articles to submitting them to the best sites, to reporting back to you with the
results. To contact Eric and discuss how he can help you jumpstart your article marketing efforts so you can build your list,
establish credibility and sell more products and services online:
Call 908-380-8564
Email [email protected]
Go to: www.IWantMoreProspects.com

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