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Along the Godavari Delta
The Unknown To-morrow
A New Year's Message
E STAND on the threshold of a New Year. The past year has
gone forever with its impartial record, and the book is closed
until that day when it shall be opened by the Judge of all the
universe. Its mistakes and failUres if committed to Him who
bore our sorrows and infirmities need not trouble us now—if not
so committed, we should delay no longer, there is still time
for the crimson stains to be cleansed in the ever-flowing fountain. But
as we look forward into the coming year let us ponder the element of
uncertainty which grows big with meaning as the sands of time run low.
Some year will mark the close of human probation; in some year the human
family will cross that invisible line that separates God's mercy from His wrath;
during some year our great High Priest will rise from His place as Mediator
at the right hand of Almighty God and say "It is done" (Rev. 16: 17). Then
will our Lord lay off His priestly attire, and clothe Himself with garments of
vengeance, pronouncing that solemn mandate, "He that is unjust let him be
unjust still; and he that is filthy let him be filthy still; and he that is righteous
let him be righteous still; and he that is holy let him be holy still." Rev.
22 : 11. From that time we will have crossed•the line after which no one will
change, and the words of the Apostle Paul, "Then cometh the end" ( 1 Cor,
15 : 24 ) will be fulfilled.
And this solemn hour may come during 1925. Of course
we do not know, for it is written, "It is not for you to know
the times and the seasons which the Father hath put in His
own power." Acts 1 : 7. But we do know by unmistakable
signs which He has hung out everywhere that the hour is
near, very near. As it creeps imperceptibly upon us like a thief
in the night, the one comforting thought is that its coining
is in the power of our loving heavenly Father, and not dependent on impersonal Fate or blind Chance. Let us not misunderstand the situation. We do not intimate that the visible
revelation of our Lord from heaven may take place this year,
as sonic teach, for the unerring Word of prophecy tells of a full year of terror,
confusion and un-exampled distress, known as the time of "the seven last
plagues" before the second advent. (See Rev. 16: .1-21; also 18 : 8) But while
this is true, there is need of proclaiming the solemn warning of the imminence
of this other hour which closes all human probation when the Son of Man
comes to the Father to receive His kingdom. Dan. 7: 14. It was of this hour
that Jesus spoke when He said, "But of that day and that hour knoweth no
man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.
Take ye heed, watch and pray; for ye know not when the time is." It is this
hour, when probation closes, that will find two grinding at the mill, or two
sleeping in one bed, the one to be taken and the other left. Neither Is caught.
away in an imaginary "secret rapture," but both classes will remain upon
earth until He comes and "all the Holy angels with Him." For the
Bible teaches that both the righteous and the wicked will meet the second
advent together. Matt. 24 : 30, 31. The hour that closes probation
will find men eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage,
with life apparently substantially as in the past with its ordinary duties,
its joys, sorrows and cares, and then in the midst of it all the human famil.%
will cross the invisble line. Woe to the soul that is unprepared in that day.
We therefore feel that the most appropriate New Year's message for 1925 is
the words of our Saviour, "Watch ye therefore for ye know not when the Master
of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cock-crowing or in the
morning; lest coming suddenly He find you sleeping. And what I say unto you
I say unto all, Watch." "Therefore be ye also ready; for in such an hour as ye
think not the Son of Man cometh." Mark 13: 32-37; Matt. 24: 44.
The Oriental Watchman
Poona, January, 1925
Vol. 1
No. 2
Topics of the Day
Something New in Broadcasting
"600 to One on War"
II is proposed at the forthcoming Radio Show
in New York to have a duet sung by a man in
England and a lady in America—just 3000 miles
apart. The two singers will be able to sing together
on the same wave-length, and listeners-in in
England and America will hear the voices blend
together in perfect harmony.
Rev. J. E. James of Melbourne, Australia, after
a trip around the world declared that careful consideration of things as he found them convinced
him that the probabilities were 600 to one on
another war." He said, "The League of Nation's
is costing the world about £1,000,000 a year, and
the preparations for war are costing £600,000,000."
This is a sad fact but true.
Up-to-date Humour
Well-intentioned men may
To My New Diary
sit in their arm-chairs and
Mr. W. J. Bryan in a
YOUR pages all are fair, and pure, and white;
imagine a world that has
recent interview s a id
Not one deed yet recorded ; and I fain
advanced beyond the "war
Would keep you thus,—not empty, but made
"When I want something
stage" and fondly dream of
funny to read I do not take
With records of brave deeds and victories
the ushering in of universal
up a book of humour; I
In all life's struggles. Such a serious thing
peace. But men who have
It is to live ! For we may not turn back
just get hold of some evoTo live again or change one faulty day.
a sense of facts, whose
lutionist's s p e c u l a tions,
Once gone, its record stands. Nor call we make
fingers are on the pulsesuch as how a long time
One small correction, or undo one deed.
beat of the world, know
ago a worm was crawling
Nor is this all; for not in words alone
that the same ambitions,
Is record kept of daj a that pass away ;
along and developed a wart
animosities, jealousies and
But in the very lives of those I love
on its stomach, and how
Some influence will remain of deeds of mine.
hatreds that brought about
that wart kept growing
Sad, sad 'twould be if I should, careless, leave
the Great War are brewing
until it developed into a leg
Some influence unholy which should work
another and more terrible
and so forth, until finally a
To mar or spoil some other life. And yet—
conflict. Satanic f o r c e s
I connot live my life alone. 0 Christ,
respectable-looking animal
Come Thou into my life, and live in me
are being loosed in o u r
appeared. These evoluThine own sweet life of purity, and thus •
world and are preparing the
tionists think it is a sign of
Assure to me a happy year, with deeds
various nations for Armasuperior mentality to make
Which I may contemplate with joy
and this in spite of
sport of the Biblical exdays,
the best efforts of the most
planation of creation, and
Have been recorded, and the diaries closed.
able statesmen the nations
then they turn about and
—Lillian S. Conner ly.
can place at the helm. The
offer a theory of the beginunerring Word of our God
ning of thinas that is absurd ity itself. Not long ago I read in a Philadelphia points to this great battles the culmination of
paper a report of a public address delivered in that present world-conditions man not to an era of unicity by a college professor, under the auspices of an versal peace. See Rev. 16: 12-16. We regret the
extension course. Listen to what he said: 'Evidence many evidences multiplying in India that these
same Satanic forces are operating in our beloved
that early men climbed trees with their feet lies
country. The "kings of the East" will have their
in the way we wear the heels off our shoes—more place in the final line-up at Armageddon.
at the outside. A baby can wiggle its big toe
without wiggling its other toes, an indication that Zionism Doomed
it once used its toe in climbing trees. We often
Perhaps the most striking misinterpretation of
dream of falling. Those who fell out of the trees prophecy in recent years is the quite general belief
some fifty thousand years ago and were killed of among Christians that the Bible predicts that the
course had no descendants. So those who fell and Jews will eventually return to Palestine. The
were not hurt lived, and so we are never hurt in promise of the British Government during the war
our dreams.' Evolutionists certainly lack a sense to certain leading Jews in return for financial aid
of humour or they would never be able to keep has at last come in vital conflict with the promise
their faces straight while they are giving out such made to former King Hussein of Mecca that all Arab
countries should be free. The most recent developnonsense."
Page Three
proven the absurdity of some of these
"learned" speculations, one would
think the scientists would be more
humble in their attitude towards some
who are not willing to follow them
all the way in their maze of "speculations" and undemonstrated hypotheses. Among the interesting experiments carried on at the Bose Institut e
are those that demonstrate the effect
of irritation on assimmilation of carbon
by plants, with lessons drawn therefrom for human guidance. That these
experiments are intensely practical is
demonstrated by what has already
been achieved. It should be more
widely known that Prof. B9se's invention of the galena receiver made possible the reception of wireless messages
from long distances. Also that the
methods employed and sensitive inTopical Press
struments invented by him have opened up new and unexplored fields in
Wireless in a Nutshell
the invisible world about us. But
The smallest wireless crystal set in the world, entered in the competi- that which seems ta have the greatest
tion at Wembley, compared with an English penny. The main coils are possibilities for the future are the exenclosed in a portion of a hazel nut shell, forming a complete set with a
tapped coil for tuning, the whole being but a little larger than a penny. It periments for the storage and utilization of solar energy. The sun is conwas made by J . B. Bathom of Harpurhey, Manchester.
stantly flooding our planet with undimeat is the combination of Moslem and Christian
minishing quantities of solarenergy which, if harnesin Palestine, forming 93% of the population, against sed, will accomplish all the work required by man.
the political machinations of the Jews who In coal we have this energy as stored away millenform but 7%, who are striving to get complete niums ago, now being utilized so generally; why is it
political control. Sibley Jamel of Palestine has not possible to make this energy available without
recently written a pamphlet in which he effect- so long a time of waiting ? We congratulate Prof.
ually explodes the idea that the Old Testament
Bose and India on the great work which is being
predictions furnish any ground for hope that the done at the Bose Institute.
Jews will be restored as a nation. He says:
"There is nothing in the Old Testament to The Beginnings of Indian Civilization
warrant this. The one great burden of the Old
Other epoch-making discoveries in quite a differTestament, as Christiansbelieve, is the foreshadow- ent line, which also demonstrate the folly of building of the Messiah, which was fulfilled in
ing immense superstructures of theory on false
Christ. This fact of Christ being the promised reasonings are those of Rai Bahadur Dayaram Sahni
Messiah the Jews do not admit . . . To the Christ- and Srijut Rakhaldas Banerji in excavating old
ians the Jews are no longer the Chosen People, mounds in the Punjab and in Sindh. Hitherto it
and the promises made to the Jews were transferhas been laid down as law and gospel that the
red to them, the spiritual sons of Abraham."
inhabitants of India before the advent of the Aryans
were barbarous, if not savages. The fair Aryan has
Life and Its Mechanism
passed on the theory that he conquered these
Prof. Sir, J. C. Bose F. R. S., in his Seventh "barbarians" and gradually civilized them, evolving
Anniversary Address made some most interesting the Hindu system of society, and engrafting on
statements concerning the discoveries being made them a culture of far superior excellence. The
at the Bose Institute, Calcutta. By the construc- discoveries recently made are shakingthe foundations
tion of instruments of the most delicate and of these hitherto accepted theories and are opening
sensitive sort, Prof. Bose has been able to record a most interesting field for further investigations.
the respnase of both living and non-living matter We have not space iu this number to fully discuss
to various stimuli, electrical and chemical, and to this most interesting question but will endeavour
to secure some illustrations for our readers for a
learn invaluable facts concerning the growth and
health of plants. Among the many interesting future article. Suffice it to say that it seems quite
statements in this address is that concerning the evident that these discoveries prove that the date
of an Indian culture of some sort may be moved
special difficulties which blocked his way through
hack from about 300 B. C. to about 2500 B. C. or
the a priori reasonings which learned man had
laid down concerning plant life as "scientific facts" to that period which the Bible chronology places as
immediately subsequent to the great Deluge. That
but which he has demonstrated were "mere
speculations, unsupported by facts." After Prof. the forsaking of the principles of the true religion
Bose's careful and patient investigations have did cause a descent towards barbarism is true, but
l'oge Four
that the human family was originally savage and
has gradually evolved to its present position has
never been proven. We trust that excavations in
India, Mesopotamia and Egypt will still further
establish this fact. We are indebted to the
December number of The Modern Review for the
facts concerning these discoveries and those of
Prof. Bose.
It may be interesting to know just how much,
Germany has already paid in reparations. The
total receipts by the eleven powers to date, in cash,
deliveries in kind and ceded property are: Cash.
1,903,835,000 gold marks; deliveries in kind, over
three billion gold marks; ceded property, over
368,000,000 gold marks. A total of 5,570,992,000
gold marks. (About 4,178,244,000 Rupees)
These figures take no account of the cost of
the American Army, which amounted, at the end
of the occupation, to over one billion gold marks.
Quite a price for a nation's adventure in going forth
into war, Particularly as it is only a first installment.
The Prohibition of Drink and Drugs
There is much encouragement for the Temperance forces in India in the evidently rapidly rising
tide of popular sentiment in favour of the total
prohibition of the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquors. The Report of the Bombay
Government's Excise Committee, recently issued,
is a remarkable document and indicates that
those responsible for the excise laws are having
real searchings of heart' on this important ques-'
tion. We wish to call attention to the need of
putting soul and body-destroying drugs on the programme along with spirituous liquors. The
Indian Social Reformer has truly remarked tnat
while the use of spirituous liquors is the besetting vice of the West, the use of such drugs is the
besetting vice of the East. America has released herself from the one, only to find herself threatened by
what some believe to be the worse slavery of the
other. But America is determined to be free from
That these evil habits are increasing in India
is shown by the increased revenue received from
this source. In 1891 the total revenue received
from the sale of intoxicating spirit and drugs was
less than 6 crores, in 1911, 12 crores, and in 1923,
about 21 crores. Madras reports that 30% of the
total revenue comes from this tainted source.
What a melancholy comment on the trend of
events. In so far as the Government of India is
concerned the great battle must now be fought in
this matter of revenue. This is surely a most
important matter for the consideration of the Tax
Committee now sitting. While the Government is
re- examining the foundations of its taxation policy,
will not the rich and the middle classes come forward with constructive suggestions, willingly submitting to new sources of revenue so as to enable
the government to dispense with this revenue from
drink and drugs ?
This same cry of loss of revenue was the
main-stay of the antiprohibitionist in America.
But America has not appreciably felt the loss of
revenue. It was a bogey that has proven but the
creature of a prejudiced and fervid imagination.
Decrease in the number of inmates in jails, penitentiaries. insane asylums and police courts, has in itself offset the financial loss, while the marvelous
inerease in the wealth of the common people has
proven a fruitful source of new revenue. This has
been manifested in the increased ownership of
homes, the incredulous increase in savings-deposit
and Bank accounts, in the phenomenally large
contributions to religious and benevolent purposes
on the part of the people, and in many other ways
too numerous to mention. The last presidential
election furnished conclusive proof of the futility
of the hopes of those who expect the liquor trade
to be revived in America. Some of the wealthy class
with more money than morals, and some of the large
foreign element may patronize the "boot-leggers"
but they will eventually be compelled to accept the
settled fact that prohibition has come to stay.
Let India take heart and press the battle to the
gates, but let India also unite drugs with drink in
her prohibition programme.
Topical Press
A Russian Girl as Navigator, after Desertion of
His Ship by the Captain in a British Port
Miss Diatchenkenan the Third Mate, a pretty girl of 33 pears,
holding a Master's certicificate, who is to navigate the Russian
ship "Tovarictch" home from a British rant, with one of the
crew. The Captain deserted with his son as soon as the ship
reached Port Talbot, and the Foreign Office has been asked to
arrest him. Evidently he does not want to go hock to Russia.
Page Five
The Salvaging of Civilization
By Reuben E. Hare
6 0UR RELIGION, to be worth while, should be
not merely a system of worship, but rather
a mode or method of living."—Dr. H. C.
The question is frequently asked, " What
bearing has religion on the modern trend of our
civilization?" So often we hear the assertion made
that we have outgrown " The old fashioned religion,
which based its tenets on that old fashioned
book—the Bible."
Webster defines religion as:—
" The outward act or form by which men indicate their
recognition of a God or gods, having power over their destiny, to whom obedience, service, and honour are
due. . . . A system of faith and worship."
Many centuries ago the apostle Paul said:—
" In the last days perilous times shall come. For men
shall be lovers of their own selves, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, truce-breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady,
highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God ;
having a form of godliness but denying the power
thereof.."-2 Timothy 3 : 1-4.
No doubt when Paul made this statement he
was considered the supreme pessimist of his day.
But on opening our eyes to facts as they surround
us today, what do we see? universities, colleges,
seminaries, grammar schools, high schools,
law schools all over the country. The average
man being many times better educated today than
his fore-fathers were. Eugenics being advocated
with a view of the betterment of the physical race.
Progress ? Granted, but—extra judges have t o
be elected to handle the business of the Divorce
Courts. Most of our young folk and a good many
old ones running to dances and wild all-night parties,
drinking and gambling and making love to the
other fellow's wife or husband most of the time.
And crime according to reliable statistics,—
" Social crimes have increased over five hundred
per cent in the last twenty five years."—The
Encyclopedia of Social Reform.
Let us listen to some frank statements from
some of our prominent men on the situation facing
us today:—
Frank Schwab, Mayor of Buffalo and supreme General
of the Knights of St. John (Catholic) recently addressed his
order at a business session, and among his remarks he
denounced what he termed, " The six greatest evils" of the
day. These according to his enumeration are,—" Divorce,
race suicide, the public dance halls, (" some dances" said he,
"are soul killing in the extreme,") the narcotic drug habit,
the hip pocket flask, and the automobile brothel. "—Times,
July 28, 1924.
Dean Inge foresees the possibility of a new dark age.
" We are," he says "witnessing the suicide of a social
order, and our descendants will marvel at our madness."—
Quoted by Glenn Frank in the Century Magazine.
Oswald Spengler writes his " Der Untergang
des Abendlandes" as a sort of swan song of western civilization, contending that civilization is
itself a sort of slow death. Flinders Petrie flings
out his thesis that there have been eight periods
Page Six
of civilization, and that we are now at the end of
the eighth which reached its height in the year
1800 or thereabout.
Paul D. Moody, president of Middlebury College says:—
" To increase a man's knowledge without touching his
heart, is to play with fire. It only increases his danger to
society. The whole world is suffering and will suffer for a
generation principally because our natural advance has outrun our spiritual progress. We have taught man, who in
ancient times killed his neighbour with a stone in his fist,
to use a gun with a range of 60 miles, but his heart is still
subject to the same passions that influenced his primitive
ancestors. "—Quoted in the Congregationalist.
Austin Harrison, editor of the English
Review says:—
" Newspaper reading today is no doubt pretty exciting,
but the statements are rather sad. Murders, robberies,
violence, low morals, a spathe of scandals involving high
and low, divorces by the thousands—in fact a very pictureshow' of frail humanity, cut as it were, adrift from rudder
and principle ."—Sunday Pictorial.
We might go on multiplying the evidence that
we live in an age when the moral balance of the
world seems to be reversed. Our world is in a
ferment. Deep-seated discontent possesses the
minds of men. Strange cross currents are beating
upon and undermining earth's most stable
institutions. Thrones are tottering. Nations are
in the crucible.
With almost bated breath the average man
eagerly scans his newspaper headings for yesterdays
news. He wonders what is happening today. He
would give much to know what tomorrow has in
store for the world.
Reader, how are you impressed when you read
in your newspaper of some unusual event in the
social, political, industrial or religious world ?
The daily papers and the popular magazines
tell you of these affairs and you wonder at their
meaning. You can well do so. The question
uppermost in the minds of most thinking men and
women today is—" What do these things mean?"
Human philosophy has never been able to find
an answer to the question. We may repeat to
ourselves over and over again Coue's formula,—
"Every day in every way the world grows better
and better." But every time Echo answers,
" Where ?"
That old fashioned book—the Bible says
that:—" In the last days men would be lovers of
pleasures more than lovers of God, having a form
of godliness but denying the power thereof ." As
I sit at my desk there is spread out before me a
number of newspaper clippings which almost
stagger one with their bluntness. Let me just
quote a few selected at random:—
" Divorces in Australia increase fifty-five
per cent in seven years."
" English judge pronounces ninety-two decrees
nisi in 105 minutes.
" United States has 132,000 divorces in 1920.
"Victoria has 3000 race horses and 420 jockeys.
Australia spends £12,000,000 per year on
theatres, moving pictures and indoor amusements.
Moving picture takes place of sermon i n
" Boxing contest in church before sermon.
" Liked a lot—had sixteen wives in eight
years—and never married one of them.
" White Slave Ring. Women sold as merchandise.
" The cinema. 40,000,000 patrons weekly.
" A carnival of mis—behaviour.
" Humanity adrift.
" Venereal Disease. One man in five affected.
" Forced Marriages. Forty-four percent in
New South Wales.
" One divorce to four marriages."
What do these things mean? What is the
cause of it all we ask ? The cause lies in that our
religion has become merely a form of godliness but
"denies the power thereof." That old fashioned
Book says " From such turn away," and a little
further along in the chapter, "Evil men and seducers
shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being
deceived." Our religion instead of being, as Webster defines it, " A system of worship, " should
become a method of living. Then and then only
can we hope to stem the tide on its downward
sweep to destruction.
Mr. Booth Tarkington reasons thus:—
" The real blame for the present wildness of the young
folks, though, rests with us—the older generation. We
have permitted a departure from good old-time religious
training—a breaking away from any kind of faith." Collier's July 28, 1923.
What do these things mean reader?—They
mean that we are in " the last days." We read
in Luke 17 : 26.30:—
" As it was in the days of Noe so shall it be in the
days of the Son of Man. They did eat, they drank, they
married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day
that Noe, entered into the ark, and the flood came, and
destroyed them all. Likewise also as it was in the days of
Lot ; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they
planted, they builded ; but the same day that Lot went
out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and
destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when
the Son of Man is revealed."
The Prophet Ezekiel writing of Sodom from which
city Lot had to be taken to escape the destruction that awaited it says:— (Continued on page 11)
He Died for Me
ESUS Himself has told me this.
He has put this assurance in my
mind and heart: "He loved me
and gave Himself up for me."
My iniquity was laid upon Him.
He bore my sin. He died in
my place. He laid down His life for me,
as if I were the only one to be redeemed.
"That He should leave His place on high,
And come for sinful man to die,
You count it strange ?—so do not I,
Since I have known my Saviour.
"Nay, had there been in all this wide,
Wide world no other soul beside,
But only mine, then He had died,
That He might be its Saviour.
"Yea living, dying, let me bring
My strength, my solace, from this spring,
That he who lives to be my King,
Once died to be my Saviour."
penalty is death, and justice demands it.
Every subject who in time of war betrays
his sovereign,—and this is what I have done,
—is a traitor and worthy of death. But He
died for me, and I accept His death as my
death, and I say to the law, "I paid the
penalty on Calvary when Jesus died in my
stead," and I am
acquitted. And
so I find peace
and rest in Jesus.
I earnestly
wish that every
person in t h e
world knew that
Jesus died for
him, and would
accept Him in
his life and in his
death. What joy
there would be
in heaven, and
what blessing on
When I think of what He left for ma, of
how He lived for me, of how He was treated
in the judgment hall for me, of what He
suffered for me when He was mocked and
spit upon, and finally poured out His soul
Jesus died for
unto death; then when He stretches out those
hands that were pierced for me, and plead- me, and I have
ingly says, "Come unto me," in sorrow but accepted Him.
yet in joy I answer, "Yes my Saviour, I Jesus died for
you. Have you
come." What less can I do?
The law pronounces me guilty, and I accepted H i m?
must own that the verdict is just. The —W. W. P.
Page Seven
Whence Came the Evil One?
By S. A. Wellman
N THE panels of the upper walls of the therefore I will cast thee as profane Out of the
entrance pavilion of Pagoda Hill in Man- mountain of God
Thine heart was
dalay, Burma, is depicted the gruesome lifted up. . . . Thou hast corrupted thy
details of the Buddhist conception of hell. wisdom. . . . I will cast thee to the ground."
It is a terror inspiring panorama, one intended to Eze. 28: 12-17.
These are some of the expressions used by the
cause the beholder to mightily fear and quake. In
some Christian churches also a similar tendency to prophet to depict that which transpired in heaven,
exhibit the horrors of eternal punishment is when, Lucifer, son of the morning, one of the
apparent. And in the appeasing of the spirits of greatest of heaven's angelic host, stirred by pride
earth, water, forest and the heavens by animistic and envy and a desire to make himself equal with
worshippers is again apparent the recognition of God, rebelled against heaven's authority and was
great forces of evil at work in this world of ours expelled from God's presence.
and of the ultimate results of yielding oneself to
The prophet Isaiah describes the actions and
attitude of Satan in his rebellion thus ; " Thou hast
their influence in the life.
said in thin e
How, freheart, I will asquently and from
cend into heaven,
how many sources
I will exalt my
and differing
throne above the
angles, are these
stars of God : I
questions p r o will sit also upon
pounded, —Why
the mount of the
. are such evil
forces existent?
congregation, i n
the sides of the
Whence come
they ? What is
North : I will asthe reason f o r
cend above t h e
their cont inuheights Of t h e
ance, destroying
clouds ; I will be
like the Most
and de,basing
High." Isa. 14:
13, 14.
bringing in only
sickness, selfishUnder t h e
Beheld Satan as Lightning Fall from Heaven."
ness, misery and
name of the
death ?
Dragon, this
The Origin of Evil
same being, once a leader among heaven's angels, is
represented in Revelation the twelfth chapter as in
All things have an origin. Whether they be combat with Michael and the angelic host, and we
good or evil, a source of each may be found, and are told that he and the angels who followed him
every effect has of necessity a producing cause. were cast out of heaven as the result of that conWhere shall we look for the solution of this problem flict. The Saviour himself speaks of him, saying,
of the origin of the evil forces which manifest them- " I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven."
selves in the lives of men and their results in every Luke 10: 18.
element of the natural world? There is but one
Evil Enters Our World
source of authoritative information, the Good Book
that carries the revelation of the mind and purpose
Cast out of heaven, he came into the world,
for we read that he was " in Eden the garden of
of God.
Under the symbol of the king of Tyrus, one of God." Eze. 28 : 13 ; Gen. 3. There he continued
the wicked and debased rulers of the time, Ezekiel the the campaign of misrepresentation and calumny
prophet gives the story of the inception of evil, not which he had begun in heaven, when his pride
here in this world, as one would expect, but in the sought exaltation above the Creator. He sought to
very presence of Jehovah, the Ruler of the universe. align on his side of the conflict the race which God
The spirit of Evil is addressed. "Thou sealest up had created perfect and sinless, and placed in a
the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty. world of charm and beauty, God himself having
Thou hast been in Eden, the garden of God. . . . pronounced it " very good."
Thou art the anointed cherub that covereth, and
Misrepresenting the Creator, the Serpent
I have set thee so; thou wast upon the holy deceived our first parents (Gen. 3: 1-6; Rom. 5: 12),
mountain of God ; thou hast walked up and down and enticed them into rebellion against the direct
in the midst of the stones of fire. Thou wast commands of God, (Gen. 2 : 17); and thus that conperfect in the day thou wast created, till iniquity troversy with evil which had begun in heaven was
was found in thee. . . . thou halt sinned, continued on earth, mankind having yielded con-
Page Eight
trot to him who in heaven had sought to exalt
himself to be " like the MoseHigh." So the reign
of evil, sorrow and suffering began in this world, to
be continued until the promise of God to mankind
should be consummated and he who has exalted self
and cultivated evil desires in the hearts of men
"shall be brought down to hell, to the sides of the
pit." (Isa. 14: 15); and " they that know thee
(Satan) shall be bib tonished at thee : thou shall be
a terror, and never shalt thou be any more." Eze.
28: 19.
Why Satan Was Not Destroyed
God allowed Satan to exist after his expulsion
from heaven, as one has aptly stated it, because
" Satan's rebellion was to be a lesson to the
universe through all coming ages, a perpetual testimony to the nature and terrible results of sin. The
working out of Satan's rule, its effects upon both
men and angels, would show what must be the
fruit of setting aside divine authority. It would
testify that with the existence of God's government and His law is bound up the well-being of
all the creatures He has made."
God permitted these years of rebellion by
Satan, his hosts of evil angels, and those who have
joined themselves to him from the children of men,
so that, when Satan had demonstrated what the
results of the policy which he had advocated and
thought to implant in and above the government
of God, should be, then all the intelligences of the
Universe might know the disastrous results of
such teachings, the consequences of a spirit which
exalts self, and misrepresents all that counters its
desires and demands.
That conflict is still raging. Evidences of
Satanic influences at work are everywhere. The
hatreds of heaven's rebel leader have been implanted in the souls of men, and through the centuries
have manifested themselves both in nations and
individuals. God has a plan for its eradication
and the restoration of His kingdom in men's
hearts. He who has been sinned against through
the ages, after unmeasured long-suffering and waiting for the culmination of Satanic schemes, is
preparing to redeem those who from choice have
aligned themselves under the banner of their
The Faith of Certainty
Not doubt and uncertainty, but assureance and definiteness are the outstanding characteristics of religion.
,HE world is sick. The world is showing foretokens of delirium. And the worst of all is that
there are no doctors skilled in this kind of disease," declared Henry Ford, the industrial
wizard of America. Faith, hope, and sanity have almost
disappeared and the world is on the brink of a nervous
collapse. The moral and political doctors are at their wit's
end. Their patent remedies have failed to cure, and their
operations are proving fatal. Pessimism and hopeless despair have seized both physicians and patient.
Centuries ago this condition was foreseen and foretold
by the world's greatest diagnostician. Christ never
exaggerates. His testimony is dependable, for He is "the
faithful and true witness." Of our day, He said: "There
will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars: and on earth anguish among the nations in their bewilderment at the roaring
of the sea and its billows; while men's hearts are fainting
for fear, and for anxious expectation of what is coming on
the world. For the forces which control the heavens will
be disordered and disturbed." Luke 21 : 25, 26, New
Testament in Modern Speech.
Nothing is contributing more to the present rising tide
of distress, unrest, and anxiety than the spirit of uncertainty which pervades all classes of society. Bishop J. C.
Ryle, of the Church of England, recently said: "Few
things are so remarkable in the present time as the
universal anxiety and suspense about the future. On all
sides and among all classes, you hear of want of confidence
and gloomy forebodingsof coming evil. Church and state alike
are shaken to their very foundations. No one seems to know
what to expect next. On one thing alone men seem to agree.
They look forward with more fear than hope to the future.
. . . On all sides, you hear of restlessness, disquiet, envy,
jealousy, distrust, and discontent. The cement seems to
have fallen out of the walls of society. Whether I look to
Europe or America, whether I look to the Continent or my
own country, whether I look to political matters or
ecclesiastical, from every quarter, I get the same report.
Everywhere I see men looking forward with alarm."
Taylor G. Bunch
"The whole world is damned because it is standing in a
bog: there is no sure ground under any one's feet," declared
Franklin K. Lane; and Lloyd George said, "We are in "
fog; we are going, but nobody knows where we are going 'a
This picture is not overdrawn. It may sound pessimistic
but even so, a constructive pessimism built on existing fact
is less dangerous than the prevailing silly, blind, frivolous
optimism that shuts its eyes to all truth, and, ostrich-like
buries its head in the shallow sand and is blissfully ignorant
of approaching ruin.
Prof. William Phelps, writing in the Ladies' Home
Journal for March, describes present-day destructive
optimism, thus: "Nothing is more depressing than an
all embracing, light-hearted optimism. It is exasperating
because we know it isn't true. The facts are otherwise.
This is why some cynic defines an optimist as a fool
unfamiliar with the facts. Every true philosophy, every
true religion, must recognize existing obstacles. What we
need is not to be told that the obstacle is not there; what
we need is sufficient fortitude, inner strength, mental
resource, and ultimate faith to meet and if possible, to
overcome it. Now Jesus, though He not only carried
the remedy but was Himself the remdy, never
underestimated the evil conditions of the world or of
human nature. He was a physician; and I have yet to
meet a first-rate physician who is also an absolute optimist.
Disease is no joke; the physician comes to fight a foe whose
prowess has been sufficiently proved. His enemy can not
be dismissed with a smile. nor can a wise patient by a
smile be set at ease."
The world is calling frantically for help, for a life line,
for leaders who know the way out. Are there any pilots who
know the way to a safe and sure anchorage. Is there a safe
foundation ? Are there any such certainties ? Is there
an anchor that will hold amid the raging storms of doubt
and fear?
Above the fear of the elements of skepticism and the
conflicting voices of misguided leaders, is heard the voice of
authority. "I am the way, the (Continued on. page 18)
Page Nine
A Study in Daniel 2
N THE second chapter of Daniel we have the
key that unlocks the mystery of the future.
An impenetrable curtain separates the children of men from that which is to be and
no human hand can draw it back and reveal its secret.
To us it may seem uncertain, the sport of time and
chance, but the Most High God in the " sure word
of prophecy " reveals that He is working out
through all history His own divine purpose for this
earth. The destiny of men and of nations has ever
been in His hand, and that which His omniscience
has before determined has come to pass.
A Golden King of a Golden Age
To Nebuchadnezzar, the golden king of a golden age, this divine purpose was fully revealed and
it has been written in the Word of God that His
devout childern may know just where they are in
the procession of the ages.
These prophecies give
a definite chain of events linking up the eternity of
the past with the eternity of the future and show
clearly that we are now on the brink of the eternal
world. Let us then trace briefly the story and see
that all that has been foretold has come to pass,
and be assured that all that which is to come will
as certainly be fulfilled in due time. This is indeed
a solemn hour.
Nebuchadnezzar was a great king, who had conquered the world, and had made Babylon such a
glorious kingdom that its luster still shines from
the pages of history. Intoxicated with his marvelous success, he determined to establish a dynasty
that would survive the vicissitudes of time. He
did not at first recognize that the divine purpos3s
of the Unseen Watcher were the determining
factors in the continuance of any nation, but vainly
imagined that by some skill of his own the foundations of his kingdom could be so well and truly
laid that it would endure forever.
The World's Most Wonderful Dream
While meditating on this mystery of the
future, God graciously gave him a remarkable dream
and then took away its content, leaving a vivid
impression behind. There was no more sleep for the
king until the mystery should be solved. He called
the religious leaders who were wont to fix up ambiguous interpretations of his dreams, and when
they confessed their utter inability to tell both the
dream and the interpretation, the angry monarch,
who was no hypocrite, saw through their life-long
deception and condemned them all to death. But
the supreme God whose hand was in the matter
led the executioner first to His servant Daniel.
He had been providentially overlooked at the first
but now asks for a stay of the decree. Then he
and his three companions, who worshipped the ,true
God, spent the night in earnest prayer. The explanation of the secret was given Daniel by the
Revealer of secrets. and the king was satisfied.
Page Ten
In the five verses containing this w onderful
dream ( Dan. 2 : 31-35) is
found the briefest yet the
most complete summary
of the history of this world
on record. There are but
125 words, written more
than 2500 years ago, yet it
is all there in out-line from
Daniel's day until time shall
merge into eternity,—an illuminated pathway stretching down through the ages
with clearly defined waymarks, ending in the blaze
of glory of the New Jerusalem.
Surely the finger of God is here !
The dream traced the rise and
progress of four great empires.
Each has its period of test, and fails
to meet the divine purpose, to be
succeeded by another, whose glory
likewise fades and whose power departs. Finally there is a divided,
confused and weakened condition
which is brought to an end by the
setting up of the Fifth Universal
Empire, even the kingdom of our
Lord Jesus Christ, which " shall
never pass away.'' But this eternal
kingdom of God which is to be finally set up in this world is not to be
a gradual development, but a great
cataclysm, which grinds to powder
all earthly nations that have so
miserably failed to meet the purpose
of God. This entire story of the
pomp and glory and failure
of earthly empire is summed
up in a great image, with
head of gold, breast and
arms of silver, thighs of
brass, legs of iron and feet
and toes of iron and of clay
—all of which were to be
ground to powder and swept
away as chaff of a-summer threshing floor, by the
Fifth Stone Kingdom which
was to fill the whole earth.
The Interpretation
Daniel told the king
plainly that his kingdom,
Babylon, was the head of
gold (vs. 37, 38); an inferior kingdom, Medo Persia, was to succeed him
"Is Not This Grew
The Waymar
Look for the wayrc
Look for the wayrc
Down through the
Where are we stanc
First the Assyrian
Then Medo-Porsia'
And after Greece 1
Rome seized the sc
Down in the feet o
Weak and divided,
What will the next
Christ and His con
That I Have Built?"
rze Holy City
rou journey on.
ming one by one ;
the kingdoms four,—
)k the waymarks o'er.
ruled the world,
3 were unfurled,
3rsal sway,
aere are we to-day? '
I of clay,
)ass away,
lorious drama be?
—F. E. Belden.
(ch. 5: 30, 31); this to be
followed by a, third kingdom of brass, Grecia (ch. 8 :
20-22); which in turn was
to be followed by the fourth
and last worldly universal
empire, the iron monarchy
of Rome. Rome was not to
be overthrown but was to
divide into ten portions (the
present European nations)
represented by the ten toes
of the image and the ten
horns of Dan. 7: 7, 8.
Some of these divisions
were to be as strong as
iron, but some as weak as
clay. Through the centuries efforts would barnacle
to weld these portions together, but all such efforts
would fail, "even as iron
is not mixed with clay."
The Roman Empire was to remain divided until the setting up of
the eternal kingdom.
The Response of History
The response of history to this
voice of prophecy heard more than
2500 years ago is remarkably clear
and convincing. Babylon, Persia,
Greece and Rome ruled the world
in turn, and in the end Rome was
divided into just ten parts. Some
of these parts are the present
European nations. Among them
Britain (the Anglo-Saxons) and
France (the Franks) are as strong
as iron, and some like Switzerland
( the Burgundians) or Spain and
Portugal (the Visigoths and Suevi)
are weak. A Charlemagne or a
Napoleon Bonaparte or a William
the Fourth of Germany may try
ever so hard to unite them
and revive the old universal empire, but in vain. The
predetermined will of God
is that they should never
be so reunited— and separate they have remained.
Intermarriage of the royal
families ("mingle themselves with the seed of
men" V. 43) has likewise
failed. What then is the
startling conclusion?
Where Are We Standing?
" In the days of these
kings (England, France,
Italy etc.) shall the God
of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be
destroyed, and the king-
dom shall not be left to other people, but it shall
break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms
and it shall stand forever. . . . The great
God hath made known. . . . what shall
be hereafter; and the dream is certain and the interpretation sure." Dan 2 : 44, 45.
So we to-day stand on the threshold of great
and solemn events. Our day is a time of overwhelming interest to every living soul. "Rulers
and statesmen, men who occupy positions of trust
and authority, thinking men and women of all
clasPes, have their attention fixed on the events
taking place about us. They are watching the
relations that exist among the nations. They
observe the intensity that is taking possession of
every earthly element, and they recognize that
something great and decisive is about to take
place,—that the world is on the verge of a stupendous crisis. The Bible reveals that these are the
final scenes in this world's history; we are passing
the last mile-post along the highway that leads to
the Holy City. The next step is the setting up of
the kingdom of our Lord and entrance into the
New Jerusalem.
It is of the setting up of this kingdom that the
Bible speaks from Genesis to The Revelation.
This kingdom was the constant theme of Jesus
Christ while on earth and to His disciples it was
given "to know the mysteries of the kingdom of
heaven." Without the visible return of our Lord
to take posession of the kingdom the purpose of
God for our earth would be incomplete. And now
the time has come for " the good news of the kingdom to be proclaimed throughout the whole world,"
so that the End may come.
The Salvaging of Civilization
(Concluded from page 7)
" Behold this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom,
pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness. . . .
Neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.
And they were haughty and committed abomination before
me : therefore I took them away as I saw good."—Ezekiel
16 : 49, 50.
Can we find anywhere a more faithful pen picture of world conditions as they are now ?
Is there a solution ? Can humanity ever be
lifted up from the depths of the slough into which
it has fallen ? Can civilization again polish his
tarnished shield and become the guardian of the
weak and the helpless ? Yes, but in only one way
and I would quote the words of Amos when he
faced similar conditions in his day, " Prepare to
meet thy God." Had I the power I would grave
that thought on the tablets of your memory with
the point of the diamond, I would sear it into the
tissue of your thoughts with the branding iron.
Let us go back to the " old-fashioned way of the
old-fashioned Book " for only thus can we hope to
be able to meet our God ; and the evidence of the
times all bears on the thought that it is near,
even at the door. Let our religion permeate
our whole lives with its influence, then the world
will have been better for our presence, and we
shall be worthy of something better when " The
Kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms
of our Lord and of His Christ."
Page Eleven
The False or the True Hope, Which ?
By S. J. Wolfe
ROM time immemorial there has been in the heart of
man the fear of death and the desire for life—life
unending, free from the unfathomable, shorn of the
limitations which now compass it.
In the dim recesses of the past all the wisdom of
the ancient Egyptians was applied to the solution of
Nature's most difficult problem. The ancient Egyptians
are dead and little remains of their colossal labours but
the pyramids, the Sphinx, and a few ruined temples,
silent witnesses to the strength of the last great enemy.
But failure of the Egyptians has in no wise deterred
others from following up the search. In every civilization
that has followed, men have wrestled with nature for her
most jealously guarded secret.
Nor has the modern world grown sceptical of ultimate
triumph. As of old, every little while glaring headlines
in the daily press announce " another epoch-making
discovery"—and another craze begins. Perhaps it is some
new gland secretion that some one has discovered which is
fully expected to prolong life.
A Russian, Who Expects to Live 200 Years
Now we have the news of a Russian Mystic who has
gathered around him devotees who have shut themselves
from the world with "200 years of life" as the prize for
patient application to their master's teaching. Mr. C. deVidal Hunt writes of a recent visit: "It was indeed a
curious spectacle I beheld as I followed their extraordinary doings, first in the Priory itself and then in
the Hall of Studies, where some thirty men and women
of all ages danced the mystic dances of the Tibetans and
the giddy rounds of the whirling dervishes of Turkey. .
Upon the coarse skins of Siberian wolves sat the disciples
of Gourdjieff, the women on one side of the hall and the
men on the other, all clad in white muslin pantalettes
and tunics and wearing red, yellow and green scarves
round their waists. . . . Suddenly there came a sharp command from Gourdjieff. With the alertness of soldiers the
white figures bounded to their feet, only to be stopped by
a sharp 'Halt!' The word seemed to paralyze them into
statues. . . . Thus they remained . . . until Gourdjieff
gave the word of release five minutes later. Immediately
the first dance began under the vigilant eye of the master,
and showed the dancers in a series of allegorical poses
and rhythmic contortions that would dislocate every bone
in ordinary human beings. . . . Now the dancers were
chanting. It was a weird sort of melody, fully 4000
years old, my guide explained. . . . 'We are trying,'
the dancers explain, `to develop our three distinct centres
simultaneously, that is, the mental, the emotional and
the moving or instinctive centres. . . . People die at
seventy because of wasted energies. We learn how not to
waste them and we can live 200 years.' "—"Science
Siftings," Nov. 20,1923.
Shipley's Dried-up Animal Comes to Life
Of a widely different nature are the researches of Sir
Arthur E. Shipley. "He had a nice, muddy ditch, between flower beds, in bis garden. It interested him more
than the roses, for it was rich in microscopic life. While
studying a bit of this mud under the lenses, he beheld the
smallest and most amusing of all animals— a bear animalcule, so called because it resembles a tiny bear, and so
minute that fifty of these tiny creatures placed head to
tail could be placed within the compass of an inch." Says
Sir Aurther Shipley, "In their natural state—in a damp
atmosphere—they live and move and have their being,
like any other animal. But if their surroundings dry up
. . . then will their movements gruadally slacken until
they entirely cease. The body begins slowly to shrink.
. . . The skin becomes wrinkled and folded, and in a short
time it assumes the appearance of a grain of sand. All vital
Page Twelve
activities aresuspended. . . . In this dried-up condition bear
animalcules may remain for many years without undergoing
any visible change. If, bow ever, they be gradually moistened with water. . . . the grain of sand begins to swell; the
wrinkles gradually disappear; and presently a plump,
healthy little animal swells up. . . . and after a period
which varies . . . according to tne time its life has been
suspended, crawls away to resume its adventures.
"Here, then, is a perfect example in animal life of
what amounts practically to death and resurrection. . . .
but what has it to do with the bigger question of human
life and death ? The answer is that it is believed the
human body can do almost exactly the same thing. . . .
And by a further study of the principles involved science
hopes to obtain valuable new knowledge about bringing
back to life human cases of suspended amination, and
perhaps, within sharp limitation, the restoration of life to
patients who have in reality died."—"Science Siftings."
Dec. II, 1923.
The False Hope Fails
Thus the search goes on, and in one way or another
meu are seeking to drive back, or away, the spectre of
death. But just as ultimate failure attended the efforts
of the ancient Egyptians, so it needs no great stretch of
imagination to visualize the ultimate end of every human
endeavour to overcome man's greatest foe. One by one
the disciples of Gourdjieff will fall asleep and the "great"
master himself will precede or follow them to the narrow
house of death. The grave will reduce to dust and ashes
every attempt of man to unravel her secret, proving again
and again how puny and futile are his endeavours to
undo the work of the "great deceiver." Man cannot save
himself. Inevitably the day of his decease draws nigh,
the last, grey dawn appears.
And that, were it not for the mercy of God, would be
the end. But "God so loved the world, that He gave
His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him
should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16.
"Should not perish." Do you catch the true meaning
of these words ? They speak plainly of death and destruction, of infinite loss and woe; but thanks be to God,
man's hopeless, helpless state aroused Heaven's pity and
brought forth the Saviour. "The Word was made flesh" that
Jesus—Son of the living God—might conquer where the
sons of Adam had failed.
The True Hope That Will Not Fail
Listen to His gracious word. "I am come that they
might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." John 10: 10. 0 wonderful Saviour! coming
thus to supply man's greatest need ! 0 wondrous love!
that God should stoop to die, that man's yearning soul might
have abounding joy ; that the shackles of sin and death
might be burst asunder and the unutterable bliss of freedom
be his! Truly, as we contemplate the unfathomable mystery
of the breadth, and length, and depth, and height of
the love of Christ, our desire in life should be limited to this:
"That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made
conformable unto His death; if by any means I might
attain unto the resurrection of the dead. Not as though
I had already attained, either were already perfect: but I
follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also
I am apprehended of Jesus Christ. . . . I press toward
the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ
Jesus." Phil. 3: 10-14. Rich indeed is the reward of
them that fix their hopes in God through His dear Son—
even "life from the dead"—life forevermore.
Listen again to the gracious words of Jesus: "All
that the Father giveth Me shall come to Me; and him that
cometh to Me I will in no wise ( Continued 071 Page 18)
The Evening Prayer
.4 Good Prescription
The day is ended. Ere I sink to sleep
My weary spirit seeks repose in Thine.
Father forgive my trespasses, and keep
This little life of mine.
With loving kindness, curtain Thou my bed,
And cool, in rest, my burning pilgrim feet ;
Thy pardon be the pillow for my head,
So shall my sleep be sweet.
At peace with all the world, dear Lord, and
No fears my soul's unwavering faith can
Alt's well whichever side the grave for me
The morning light may break.
—Author Unknown.
Transmigration and Disease
By H. C. Menkel, M. D.
INDUISM teaches that the birth of man,
his state of well or ill being is the necessary fruit of works done by the incarnate
one in a previous state of existence.
According to this teaching, man's present physical
condition is to be explained on the basis of perIt thus
sonal conduct previously experienced.
undertakes to account for disease by past manner
of life.
The Master of Galilee in considering the influences at work fundamental to disease, taught that
the results of unbiolcgical practices of the existing
generation were transmitted to three and four
generations of posterity. This transmission of
acquired disease tendencies has been demonstrated
by students of the Mendelian law, which shows
that pathological or deep constitutional diseases as
produced by alcoholism, syphilis, tuberculosis etc.,
which affect the basic protoplasmic tissue structure
of the individual, that such acquired basic
characters of parents are transmitted to their
descendants for several generations and are manifest in various mental, nervous, organic or functional abnormalities.
Thus, whether you• choose to place these findings under the head of transmigration or transmission, the fact remains as expressed by Doctor
Oliver Wendell Holmes • We are all omnibuses in
which our ancestor ride, and their likenesses may
be seen through the windows."
Just as family characteristics of stature, mentality or genius are transmitted, so also are the
factors for health or disease passed on from generation to generation.
That which we receive or transmit by heredity
is a subtile something determining the form of
structure, character, quality, and function of the
human organism. It is this heredity factor which
must be considered in all constitutional and chronic
Disease has been described as a harvest, our
acts, thoughts and environment, being the seed
from which the harvest is developed. The various
tissues and organs of the body therefore constitute
the soil in which the final harvest is developed.
This tissue soil comes to us in the first place
in the condition in which our ancestors transmit
its characteristics. Upon such soil conditions we
must plant the seed of the harvest we choose to
If we have inherited certain disease factors
and tendencies and the soil of our body tissues is
unpromising for a good harvest of health, we must
then learn how to apply to this depleted soil the
benefits of modern scientific findings. Just as the
wise agriculturist is able to convert unpromising
soil into that which will yield a gratifying harvest,
so may we by wise application and deters: ination
alter the tissue soil, making it capable of yielding
a goodly return of health.
Fortunately the main essentials for improving
the health factors of our body soil are to be found
in the abundant provisions of nature. It only
remains for us to learn by interested application
and practice how this is to be accomplished.
Let the chronic invalid with constitutional
weaknesses who may read this article, take heart,
and assume a hopeful attitude towards the prospects of life, There are helpful things to follow in
succeeding numbers of this magazine.
The Miracle of Digestion
No. 1
By A. E. Clark, M. D.
N our former aqicle we made a few general
observations on the human body as compared
to an engine. In this article we shall begin
the study of the various changes that the
food material undergoes while passing through the
digestive tract, previous to absorption. Naturally
the place to begin such a study is with the mouth.
Where the Digestive Process Begins
There are four structures in the mouth which
are concerned with the work of food preparation;
the tongue, the teeth, the cheeks and the salivary
glands. The tongue is used chiefly to keep the
food material in place, and the teeth serve to break
Page Thirteen
up the food material and with the tongue to mix it
thoroughly with saliva. The salivary glands supply the sali vary juice or saliva, which is an alkaline
fluid serving two purposes in the mouth; as an aid
to solution of the food materials, and as a digestant
of carbohydrate foodstuffs. This latter function is
of secondary importance, however, on account of
the shortness of the time that the food remains in
the mouth. As soon as it reaches the stomach and
c imes into contact with the hydrochloric acid there,
all starch digestion stops, as the ptyalin or active
enzyme of the saliva requires an alkaline medium
in which to do its work. So much for the work of
the mouth in preparing the food material for absorption. Starch digestion is begun to a slight degree;
no other digestive processes commence until the
food reaches the stomach.
As the food material, now somewhat broken
up into smaller particles, passes from the mouth
cavity, it goes to the stomach along the gullet or
oesophagus. No digestive action occurs in the
gullet, it being merely a tube along which the food
pisses en route to the mixing chamber or stomach.
The Stomach—Chiefly a Mixer of Food Materials
Just a few words about the stomach and its
location. The stomach is a muscular membranous
organ, and lies in the upper part of the abdominal
cavity. It is situated just below the last ribs on
the left side of the abdominal cavity in front, somewhat to the left of the midline.
The stomach is directly continuous with the
gullet above, and with the small intestine below,
and both entrances to the stomach are closed under
normal conditions by small circular bands of muscular fibres which we call sphincters; the upper one
being known as the cardiac sphincter, and the
lower one as the pyloric sphincter of the stomach.
In reality the pyloric sphincter is not an entrance
to, but an exit from the stomach. These two
sphincters control the entrance to and exit from
the stomach of all food materials, and work automatically, that is they are independent of the control of the will.
The stomach is not, primarily, as some people
believe it to be, an organ for digestion. It is true
that a certain type of digestion is begun in the
stomach, but its chief function is that of a mixer
of the food material which it contains. When the
stomach receives food material after being at rest
for a time, it almost immediately starts to undergo
definite rhythmic movements, which begin at the
upper end of the stomach, near the cardiac sphincter, and progress downwards over the stomach towards the small intestine. These movements
result in producing a churning effect upon the contents of the stomach, the purpose of which is to
tiooroughly mix the food rc aterial with the gastric
juices and with any water or other fluid that has
been taken during the meal. During this mixing
process there is a certain type of digestion begun,
namely the digestion of protein food material by
means of the pepsin which is secreted by certain
cells found in the lining membrane of the stomach.
Aside from this protein digestion, no other digestive
processes take place in the stomach. Some physiolPage Fourteen
ogists maintain that starch digestion goes on in
the stomach, but the amount of such digestion that
goes on in comparison with that in the small
intestine is negligible. In any case, we find
no enzymes in the stomach which can carry
on starch digestion when examined in the physiologic laboratory, and whatever starch digestion
occurs is derived from that already begun in the
mouth, and which has not been reached by the
acid gastric juice. The point that I wish to
eaophasize here is that the stomach is a mixer of
food materials chiefly, not a digesting chamber.
How to Assist the Stomach
This being so, it follows that the food material
must be well masticated, in order that the stomach
may bring it into solution or into the semi-liquid
state as readily as possible. Food that is swallowed in a partially masticated state is not acted upon
as readily as food that is well chewed and prepared
for mixture. Thus ultimate digestion of the food
material is delayed. X-ray study of the stomach
has shown that liquids begin to leave the stomach
at once while the more solid portions remain for
further churning.
In certain diseases of the stomach, this definite
rhythmic movement is interfered with, resulting in
a delay in the emptying time of the stomach which
under normal conditions should be from four to six
hours, depending upon the character of the food
materials taken. In such cases it is highly important that the individual masticate his food with
great care, and exercise good judgment in the selection of his diet, to the end that only easily digested and easily assimilated food be taken, thus
favouring the stomach in its work.
To briefly summarize then; the mouth is concerned in the reducing of the bulky food material
into smaller particles, also mixing it with the
saliva, and in starting the starch digestion.
Well masticated foods are more easily and
readily acted upon by the stomach than are semisolid food particles.
Foods in a liquid state leave the stomach almost immediately they are taken in.
Fats and carbohydrates are not acted upon in
the stomach by gastric raise juices.
( To be continued)
The Use of Kerosene in Throat
NE would scarcely think of administering
kerosene for diphtheria; yet according to
Dr. T. M. Clayton, in the "British Medical
Journal," coal oil has proved curative in
four cas'-s of extremely severe diphtheria. As quoted
by the "New York Medical Journal:"
"Four grave cases of laryngeal diphtheria in
young children ranging in ages from two to four
years, were, treated by the internal administration
of kerosene lamp' oil, and recovery was attributed
to the remedy. Two of the four cases were in such
a condition that ,tracheotomy was out of the
question. It was riot performed in any of these
cases. All were treated by injection with antidiphtheria serum. To each, doses of thirty minims
of kerosene oil were given thrice successively every
four hours daily, until normal breathing was established, which occurred in all four cases in fortyeight hours.
"From the first dose breathing became easier,
improving with each successive administration
until it became tranquil. In no ease was any
untoward action of the petroleum observed. The
author is inclined to give the chief credit of these
four recoveries to the petroleum. Similar cases
previously treated with antitoxin without petroleum had been lost. Two of the patients were
practically in extremis when first treated with
paraffin ("English'' for kerosene). The author is
convinced that if petroleum were administered in
the conditions variously diagnosed as spasmodic
croup, membranous croup, or laryngeal diphtheria,
many lives would be saved. The taste of kerosene
is disguised by means of compound decoction of
The reader will understand that the various
terms, kerosene, lamp oil, petroleum and paraffin,
as used in this article, refer to the same substance.
This might be a hint to the mother whose
child is subject to night attacks of spasmodic
H. C.
How to Get Rid of the
Cigarette Habit
OR a number of years I have recognized that
there is something mysterious about the
cigarette. When it takes a grip upon the
boy, it seldom releases him. It is about
as difficult to give up the cigarette habit as it is
to give up the opium habit. There is more hope
for the drunkard, it seems, than for the confirmed
cigarette smoker. I have had men say to me,
" Doctor, I have been able to give up drink, but I
find myself unable to give up the cigarette."
For the boy, pipe smoking and cigar smoking
are bad enough, but they are not to be classed with
cigarette smoking. The cigarette is in a class by
Heretofore it has been difficult to explain why
the cigarette should exert such a mysterious in•
fluence over its victims, but experiments conducted
by the London Lancet, and discoveries made by
Thomas Edison's laboratory, throw a side light
upon this unsolved problem. The cigarette, it has
been found, develops in its combustion, by-products
that are absent in the smoke of the pipe and the
cigar. These by-products are more irritating and
more poisonous than nicotine. All t he
cigarettes practically have added to them in their
manufacture, glycerin, which is usually diluted
with rum. The effort is made on the part of all
manufacturers, to produce a cigarette which will give
a velvety smoke free from bite. In addition to
these, products are added to keep the tobacco from
becoming too dry.
None of these products are added to make the
smoke less harmful, but purely for commercial
In smoking cigars or the pipe, a person is
probably smoking tobacco. In smoking cigarettes
he does not know what he is smoking. He is
smoking not merely tobacco, but the cigarette
paper, and the glycerin and other added products.
The smoke which is inhaled is not the smoke of
tobacco, but a smoke fumed by the burning of
these combined products. In these added products
D. H. Kress M. D.
lies the " art of cigarette making," it is claimed
by all manufacturers, and therein lies also their
mischief. Just what each brand contains is known
only to each manufacturer, but we do not feel so
much concern in what the cigarette is made of, as
we do in what it makes of the boys and young men.
In my experience in the treatment of various
drug addicts, I have found that the cigarette addict
must be treated just as intelligently as we treat
other drug addicts, in order to meet with success.
Cigarette addicts will make promises just as
freely as will morphine and other drug addicts.
The prospects of keeping them are no better in one
case than in the other. I am confident they are
sincere, but when the craving comes, the weakened
will seems unable to endure it, and they yield.
The way successfully to treat these boys is to
observe them closely for several weeks. At any
rate, watch them, and see that tobacco is kept from
them during this time. If necessary, place them
under restraint.
The first step for the boy after having counted
the cost in giving up the cigarette, is to give it up,
regardless of consequences. Many fail because
they never reach this point. It involves a cross.
Keep away from smokers and a tobacco-smoke laden
atmosphere for several weeks.
After each meal, for one week, rinse out the
mouth with a one quarter-of-one-per-cent solution
of silver nitrate. This creates a distaste for tobacco smoke, and it also relieves throat irritation.
Purchase five cents' worth of gentian root ( or
camomile blossoms) and chew it during the day
when the desire for the smoke appears. The fluid
may be swallowed. Orange peel may be chewed
instead, if the others are not obtainable. Eating
the juice of an orange or some other juicy sub-acid
fruit when craving the smoke, is beneficial.
To assist in eliminating the poisons, take a
dose composed of half a teaspoonful each of
Rochelle salts and cream of tartar each morning
before breakfast for three or four days.
Page Fifteen
If possible, take a Turkish bath or a good
sweat bath of some kind twice during the first two
weeks, and each morning take a hot and cold spray
or a plunge into a cold bath, followed by a vigorous
towel rub. Drink water freely.
Keep out in the open air as much as possible.
Exercise in the open air, as brisk walking or running, rowing, etc., are helpful. The mind should
be kept occupied.
The greatest aid will be found in a change of
the dietetic habits. Smokers are usually fond of
highly seasoned foods and stimulating drinks, and
the intensity of their craving for the smoke, I discovered, depended upon how liberally they used
such foods and drinks.
It is necessary to give up the use of pepper,
mustard, the free use of salt, and the use of coffee,
and tea, and also the free use of meats.
The following of such a diet will be found of the
greatest aid in getting rid of the craving. If followed carefully, the discovery will be made by the
end of the first week that the craving has materially
lessened, and by the end of the third week it is not
unusual to find that the craving has almost if not
entirely disappeared. 'With this assurance held
out, the effort is certainly worth a trial.
A patient who had used tobacco fir forty-two
years, after using this treatment three months,
wrote ; " It seems wonderful to say that I have
now no craving for tobacco or drink." And another
writes : " I am glad to say that have not used tobacco
in any form in three weeks, and have no desire for
it." Another says, " I am now in my fourth week.
I assure you I have not used it in any form since,
in fact, have no desire for it." Still another, after
four weeks, says, " The desire for smoking has
entirely disappeared. I have increased in weight,
considerably in strength, my mind is clearer, not
being doped. I am more alert. My endurance
has increased. I am exceedingly glad I quit."
Many others could be added to this list. No
victory has ever been won without a conflict and
fight. Divine aid is promised to those who strive
lawfully, and victory is assured.
In this Department questions pertaining to health
matters, sent in by subscribers, will be considered.
Address Medical Editor, Post Box 35, Poona. If reply
by post is desired, enclose stamped and addressed
Exit the Spleen
THE following editorial, taken from the Atlanta Journal
portrays well the 'trend of the times'. We are down to the
spleen today—where will we be tomorrow? If you still
have your tonsils, teeth, appendix and gall bladder left, we
advise that you keep them with you for a while longer.
"There was an era, not far distant when a man's liver
was always under suspicion in the tragedy of life. If he
was down and threatening to go out, a family convocation
brought in the local doctors to estimate
his chances, and take action accordingly.
the liver
As soon as they reached his bedside, they
took his liver by the throat, so to speak.
and squeezed it thy. This they did with the aid of
Page Si teen
"The cathartic era, as it may be known to history,
saw the birth of more kinds of liver poisons than the
shelves of an ordinary chemist shop could hold. Men
accumulated great fortunes by legalized assaults on the
public liver. Society carried its pellets as now it carries its
vanity box. But when it became apparent that the little
round pill was not a complete success for the sluggish liver,
and men obstinately developed pains farther down, some one
dug up a defective appendix, and science
Then the
was .off on a new trail. Chemists stores
swept the pills to the back of the shelf, and
used the front space to display attractive
blue steel and silver-plated hardware, gas bags, antiseptics and
sterilized gauze. The appendix removal became a feature in
all the papers, a social fad. The woman who retained her
appendix was ostracized as vulgar, and men who could not
show a scar over on the starboard side of their tummies
suffered in their credit. The humblest little doctor soon
caught the trick and hospitals became shambles. In those
good olddays Rs. 150 per appendix was the standard charge.
The doctor cut everything but the price. All went
merrily along with the loss of no more than an occasional
patient from "complications." No appendix operation
has ever yet slain a victim, but complications reaped a
ghastly harvest.
Then appendices began to get scarce, for you can remove.
a man's appendix only once. Patients, men who had been
deprived of theirs, became, for family doctors, what the bankers term, frozen assets. They could not be realized on in
time of need. The appendix era drew toward its close. The
real seat of most human troubles was discovered to be the
tonsils. There was a rush for the tonsils.
The tonsils
Out they came, from old and young,
soon followed those deadly poison centers.
families had tonsil showers to celebrate the
wonderful advance of science. But the tonsil era waned also,
for, while X-raying around it was discovered that a man
whose liver had been wrecked, appendix extirpated and tonsils
removed, was really suffering from abIn their
scessed teeth. To the profession this was
wake came
a discovery almost as exciting as the
the teeth
advent of radio broadcasting. The dentists pricked up their ears and laid in
enormous stocks of novocaine and china molars. People
rushed to the front to swap their old teeth for brand new
sets paying boot cheerfully.
For teeth were the unmasked enemies of the human
race. How Ma lived to be 80, how Pa triumphantly outlived most of his children were no longer mysteries; they
1Gst their teeth early.
And now, in the very middle of the teeth era, here
comes the celebrated Doctor Mayo, of
And now it's
Rochester, and says the real danger
the spleen
to the race is not in the liver, nor the
tonsils nor the teeth, at all, but down
in the spleen.
"An enlarged spleen," he told his fellow surgeons,
"may in a measure supplant the diseased appendix on the
operating table. The chronically enlarged spleen must be
regarded as a menace, and it rests with the physician to
show why it should not be removed.
"The spleen in such a condition is dangerous because
of its excessive destruction of red cells that carry oxygen
from the lungs to the body tissues, aid the blood plasms
in carrying carbon dioxida to the lungs for exhalation, and
transport vital substances to the tissues.
"One of the proper functions of the spleen is the destruction of deteriorated blood cells. When it is enlarged
this destruction may become excessive and produce a
chronic anemia that leads to death directly or indirectly."
There it is in black and white. Who will contradict
a man like Dr. Mayo? Who wants to? The spleen has
been with us a long time and has often been suspected of
unfriendliness. Shakespeare seemed to sense it; other
writers were dimly conscious of it. Now Dr. Mayo has
turned his thumb down. Exit the spleen.
The man of the future will be gathered to his fathers
as was the man of the past, but it will be indeed a wise
father that recognizes his own child, after the pruning
season is at an end."
For The Children
I'm Tired of Don'ts
" I'm tired of don'ts," said Dorothy B.,
" Just as tired of don'ts as I can be ;
For it's 'Don't do this' and ' Don't do that,'
Don't worry the dog,' and Don't scare the cat :'
Don't be untidy,' and Don't be vain ;'
Don't interrupt,' Don't do it again,'
Don't bite your nails, 'Don't gobble your food;'
Don't speak so loud, it's dreadfully rude ;'
Don't mumble your words,' Don't say " I
Oh, all day long it's nothing but ' don't :'
Some day or other I hope, don't you?
Some one or other will say, Please do.,'"
The God Who Answered by Fire
ISTEN to the story of the God who answered by fire.
Elijah had told King Ahab, who worshipped Baal, the sun god, the fire god, that
there should be no rain nor dew until Elijah should
say so. And there was no rain nor dew for three
years and a half.
Then God said to Elijah: "Go and show yourself to Ahab: and I will send rain on the earth."
So Elijah went out and met Ahab, and he said
to Ahab : "Send now and gather all Israel to Mt.
Carmel, and bring there also all the prophets of
Baal, four hundred fifty, and the prophets of
Ashtoreth, four hundred, who eat at Jezebel's
' So Ahab sent and gathered all Israel to Mt.
Carmel and the prophets of Baal and the prophets
of Ashtoreth. And Elijah came to Mt. Carmel all
alone, for he was the only prophet left of Jehovah,
the God of Israel, the true God, the God of heaven
and earth.
Then Elijah stood and cried to the people of
Israel : "How long will you go limping between the
two sides? If Jehovah is God, follow Him ! But
if Baal is God, then follow him! ' But the people
answered never a word.
Then Elijah said: "Here I stand, the only
prophet of Jehovah, but there stand the prophets of
Baal, four hundred and fifty. Now let us see who is
the true God. Let the prophets of Baal, the sun
god, the fire god, put a burnt offering on his altar
here. Let them slay a bullock,,and cut it in pieces,
and lay it upon wood, on his al ar here. But let
them put no fire under the wood. And I will take
another bullock, and lay it upon wood, upon the
altar of Jehovah, and put no fire under it. Then
call, call upon the name of your god ; and I will
call upon the name of Jehovah. And the God
that answers by fire, let him be God !" And all the
people shouted, "So let it be ! '
Then the prophets of Baal took a bullock, and
slew it, and cut it in pieces, and laid it upon wood
on their altar, while Elijah watched to see that
they put no fire under it. And the prophets of
Baal began to call upon their god: "0 Baal, hear
us!" But there was no voice, nor any that answered. And the prophets of Baal leaped upon the
altar, and they cut themselves with knives until
the blood gushed out upon them. And so they did
from morning till noon, and from noon till night.
But never was there voice, nor any that answered.
Then as evening came on, Elijah built up the
altar of Jehovah that had stood there, but had
been torn down. And he dug a trench about it.
And he put wood upon it. And he slew a bullock
and cut it in pieces, and laid it upon the wood.
Then he said, "Fill four barrels with water, and
pour it on the burnt sacrifice and on the wood."
And they did it. And he said, "Do it the second
time." And they did it. And he said, "Do it the
third time." And they did it. And the water ran
down and filled the trench.
Then Elij th came forward at the time of the
evening sacrifice, and he prayed to Jehovah, the
God of Israel. And as he prayed, the fire of God
fell from heaven, and burnt up the sacrifice, and
the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and all
the water in the trench.
Then the people, when they saw it, fell on their
faces, and they cried. "Jehovah, He is God !
Jehovah, He is God!" And they turned from following Baal, the false god, the sun god, the fire
god, who could not s end fire, to follow again
Jehovah, their own God, the true God, the God of
heaven and earth, the God who answered by fire.
—Borne and School.
" An angel paused in his onward flight,
With a seed of love and truth, and light,
And asked, 'Oh, where must this seed be sown,
That it yield most fruit when fully grown ?'
The Saviour heard, and He said as He smiled,
Place it for Me in the heart of a
Chickie's Puzzle
I'd like to know how it happened; I can't understand
it a bit ;
A moment ago I was curled up so There was naught I
could do but pick.
So I picked and picked, and by and by.
There come a great crashing sound ;
And .first thing I knew, the shell was in two,
And I standing safe on the ground.
Around the World
With Our Contributors
A GIANT searchlight which throws a beam of 300,000000 candle-power, is to be erected in Cleveland, Ohio,
U. S. A., as a " light house " for the night air mail service.
Dr. A. E. COYNE of South India has joined Dr. H.
C. Menkel of Simla and Dr. A. E. Clark of Calcutta
on the editorial staff of the Health Department of
our Magazine. Our health ideals do not stop
with combating disease and avoiding invalidism,
but aim at " exultant health." The fundamental principles presented by our doctors from
time to time will not only bring relief to those who
suffer but body and mind and heart will develop along
those lines that will help our readers to realize the
wholesomeness and beauty of human life. We
call attention to the free medical advice offered to
those who are on our subscription list.
Mr. A. S. Maxwell, editor of Present Truth,
London, a popular religious weekly, has recently
concluded a trip through Egypt and Palestine and
has furnished us with a series of articles with
special illustrations. Egypt the oldest civilized
nation in the world, and Palestine the guardian of the
holy places of three of the world's great religions are
both of great interest to many people in India.
We hope to begin the series in the February number.
How and where did evil originate ? Who was
the first to sin ? Did a good God create the evil
in the world ? What light does history throw on
these questions ? How will evil be finally eradicated ? These are but a few of the interesting
questions discussed by Pastor S. A. Wellman in the
series begun in this number.
Not willing that any should be overtaken by
the perils of the last days unwarned, the Father of
the spirits of all flesh has hung out signs everywhere as evidence of the approaching end of present
world-conditions. " The Salvaging of Civilization "
by Pastor Rueben E. Hare of Bombay is the first
of a series dealing with these signs. In these articles
our readers will be given abundance of definite
proof so that each one may know for themselves
that the end is at hand.
" The Future Unveiled " is the second article
in a series on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation which will be continued throughout the year.
Inspiration has given us these two prophetic books
in order that the church that goes safely through the
deceptions and trials of the last days may have
definite information concerning the times in which
they live and the preparation necessary to meet the
coming King.
A Dutchman made a wager that he could travel from
Holland to Marseilles in southern France by turning somersaults all the"way, has arrived as far as Paris. He started on
his way in November a year ago.
Orchids were recommended at the scientific congress held
recently at Liege as a new means for combating tuberculosis. Men of science have discovered that the heavily scented essential oil of orchids, injected into a patient, will give
him a much better chance of success in his fight for recovery.
A private construction firm at Felixston has recently
turned out for the British air ministry the largest flying
cruiser in the world. This monster airplane measuring 200
feet from wing tip to wing tip is capable of remaining long
periods at sea without the care of a " mother ship." It is
able to alight or take off on the roughest waters and will
gene either as "eyes" to the fleet in the air or take its place
in the line with other vessels on the water.
Turkey has defied a Moslem principle of thirteen centuries standing, by ordering from Gutzon Borglum a huge
made-in-America equestrian statue of Mustapha Kemal
Pasha, head of the new Turkish Republic. This statue
which will be cast in bronze will require two years to make,
will cost about six lakhs of rupees and is to be erected in
One of the " Wonders of Wembley " was the world's
largest sapphire, weighing ten ounces and valued at £5000.
It was discovered in the home of a Mohammedan official of
the Hyderabad State, India, where the children were playing with it as and ordinary stone, It has a long and
romantic history connected with Buddhist kings of South
Captain Donald B. MacMillan has recently arrived back
after more than a year in the polar regions with his crew
and the schooner " Bovvdoin " safe and sound. He reports
the trip entirely satisfactory and a large collection of objects
of scientific interest. One striking contrast between this
and the old style arctic expeditions is the constant contact
between them and civilization through wireless. They were
able to enjoy concerts, lectures etc. during the long Arctic
night. Esquiamax came 200 miles to hear the wireless and
would not believe the concerts etc., were taken out of the
ether until a company of their own people who had left
months before actually spoke to them from somewhere
along the Nova Scotia coast.
The Faith of Certainty
(Concluded from page 9)
truth, and the life: " "Come unto Me, all ye that
labour and are heavy-laden, and I will give you
rest;" " If ye continue in My word, then are ye My
disciples indeed ; and ye shall know the truth, and the
truth shall make you free." Christ is the world's only hope.
He alone can guide to safety. The Prince of Peace can
restore hope to the distracted soul and peace to the stormtossed human sea. He is the mighty Counselor, whose
word is immutable. Hebrews 6: 17-20. All who reject
God's immutable counsel will be brought to confusion:
"The wise men are ashamed, they are dismayed and taken:
lo, they have rejected the word of the Lord; and what
wisdom is in them ?" Jeremiah 8: 9.
That we might not doubt or be harassed with
uncertainty, Christ said: "Whosoever cometh to Me, and
heareth My sayings, and doeth them I will show you to
whom he is like: He is like a man which built an house,
and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and
when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon
that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon
a rock." Luke 6: 47, 48.
Page Eighteen
The Secret of Life
(Co'eeluded from page 12)
cast out. . . . And this is the Father's will which hat h
sent Me that all of which He hath given Me, I should lose
nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day."
John 6: 37-40 "I am the resurrection and the life : he that
believth on Me, though he die, yet shall he live again."
John 11 : 25 (Rotherham's translation.) The New Testament—and therefore the Christian religion—is founded
upon the doctrine that there shall be a resurrection of
the dead. See also 1 Cor. 15 : 13-56 ; 1 These. 4 : 16, 17.
There is no lasting hope to those who put their trust
in the science of men; but to those who trust in Jesus there
is the certain assurance of a better resurrection—a wondrous change—at His appearing. "I go to prepare a place
for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you. I will
come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I
am, there ye may be also." John 14 : 1-3.
eXerald vcarealth.
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Every housewife should have one or more
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The following are a list of the chapter
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The Unknown To-morrow
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Something New in Broadcasting
Up-to-date Humour, "600 to One on War"
Zionism Doomed, Life and Its Mechanism
The Beginnings of Indian Civilization
The Prohibition of Drink and Drugs
The Salvaging of Civilization
Reuben E. Hare
He Died For Me
W. W. P.
Whence Came The Evil One?
S. A. Wellman
Taylor G. Bunch
The Faith of Certainty
The Future Unveiled
Waymarks to the Holy City (Pcem) B. E.Beldon
The Secret of Life
S. J. Wolfe
The Evening Prayer (Poem,
Transmigration and Disease
H. C. Menkel M.D.
The Miracle of Digestion
A. E. Clark M.D.
The Use of Kerosine in Throat Affections H. C. M.
How to Get Rid of the Cigarette Habit
D. H. Kress M.D.
Exit The Spleen
The God Who Answered by Fire Home and School
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Radicalism Vs.
Perhaps the most striking events of the closing months of 1924 were those indicating the
world-wide struggle that is on between the forces
of radicalism on the one hand and conservatism
on the other. The photograph to the left shows
a procession of citizens at the Moscow River
near the Kremlin, during "Red Week" in Moscow.
held in the month of November. Mr, Ramsay
Macdonald, who was still the Labour Premier of
Great Britain, was held up to ridicule in many
ways in this procession. The particular banners
seen in the picture read, "Proletarians of all
Countries Unite" and "Down with Capitalism."
Kalinin the President of the Republic took the
salute on the anniversary of the Bolshevist
Revolution, Nov. 7. The following night all
Moscow was bathed in red light by special illumination, which with the red flag seem fitting
symbols of the sinister forces that Bolshevist
radicalism are loosing on the world.
l'opical Press
The overwhelming victory of the Conservative Party in England and of the Republican
Party in America at about the same time as "Red
Week" in Russia is interpreted as the answer of
these two great nations to the challenge. But
the forces of Bolshevist radicalism work underground and are so subtle in their operation that
it is difficult for the ordinary process of law to
reach them. This has resulted in the organization of the counter movement known as Fascism,
from the remarkable success of a movement of
that name in Italy under Mussolini. The picture
below shows Brig. Gen. Blakeney speaking at a
monster British Fascist meeting at Trafalgar
Square. London. This is evidence that even in
England it is felt necessary to actively organize
in order to meet the subtle forces operating
there. But many people in the world feel that
such autocratic and violent methods as Mussolini's are as dangerous as the Bolshevism
opposed by theni.
Topical Press
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Topical Press
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And so the forces are lining up for the last
great struggle that is certain to come in the
future. The picture above is of a monster
Communist Meeting held in Trafalgar Square,
with Mr. Jackson, one of the Communist speakers addressing the crowd. The Communists
know how to play upon the emotions of the
toiling masses, picturing to them the Utopia that
would surely be theirs if they would only destroy
Capitalism and confiscate its wealth. Unfortunately a Russia with its gutters so recently flowing
red with the blood of its citizens, its starving
millions dependent on the charity of the world
for existence, its still chaotic condition, and apparently an autocracy of the proletariat worse
than that of the Tsars, robs the perfervid rhetoric
of the Communist of much of its force. However
it seems evident that a bloody struggle is ahead
in all the world between these antagonistic
social forces.

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