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How to Use Simply Written Articles and
Press Releases to Drive “Killer” Traffic to
Your Website
by Ernest O'Dell
Guerrilla Internet Marketing
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
Are You Frustrated By The Lack Of Traffic Coming To Your Site?
Well, you ought to be! If you've had your site “up and
running” for 3, 4, 5 or even 9 years, and you still haven't
made any sales, there's definitely a problem. If you're not
getting any visitors to your site, or your site is ranking
around 13 billion down on the scale of Google ranking,
then you have a double problem.
If I told you that after ten years of research, I just got my
hands on the "hidden secrets" of the gurus, would you
listen to me? Actually, these are not secrets at all.
Anyone who can read the Terms of Service and the “do's
and don'ts” of various Internet services can figure out how
this stuff works.
Let me ask you a question: you know how to use a
telephone, don't you? Sure you do! You know how to use
a cell phone? Of course you do!
So does Donald Trump!
Does that mean that Donald Trump has some sort of
secret on you? No. Just because he is a multi-billionaire
doesn't mean he holds the secrets of the Universe where
you can't get to them. Like a smart poker player, he might
hold his cards close to his vest during a negotiation, but it
doesn't mean he has any more advantage over you than
anyone else.
So, what you need to do is learn how to use the Internet
and search engines to your advantage. Just because all
these other “gurus” are making claims of thousands and
millions of dollars a month mean they have some sort of
secret on you. They've just learned how to “game the
system” and make it work for them.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
Let me ask you another question: do you know how to
use a computer? Well, of course you do! That's how you
got this report. You clicked on a link provided to you and
you downloaded it to your hard drive, and now you're
reading it.
Does a multi-billionaire have any more smarts than you?
Not necessarily. He might have enough money to hire
someone to do all the “grunt work” for him, but it doesn't
make him the repository of All Universal Knowledge.
You have the same tools to use that anybody else has: including the
millionaires and billionaires.
I get so thoroughly disgusted with all this talk about
"hidden secrets" from these self proclaimed "gurus" that it
makes me want to scream! I just want to pull my hair out
and scream at these hucksters for misleading people who
are just looking for a simple solution to their needs: traffic
and revenue.
You, and a lot of other honest, hard working people are
shelling out a lot of hard earned money for their scams,
because their so called "secrets" are not secrets at all!
Yet, it is precisely those so-called secrets that the wealthy
web masters are using now to get their millions of hits
every day—and those hits are translating into sales and
I just got an email from another “guru” about a month
ago, and he claims to have gotten 31 billion visits to his
web site. Well, you know what I did? I called him up on
the phone. Yeah! That's right! I had his phone number
and he asked me how I got it. I told him I was in the
telecommunications business and if I wanted the
President's private number, I could get it: even if it was
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
As long as you know “where to go” and what to look for,
you can find almost anything. And when it comes to
traffic and ways to generate revenue, as long as you know
where to go and what to look for, you have have those
two things.
It's not a secret!
But... there's really no secret to it: it's just knowledge that
nobody else has given to YOU.
Until now.
I used to tell friends of mine,
"I've taught you everything you know
about this business - just not everything I
It's incredible to see all the knowledge these guys possess
—all these web-masters and guru “wannabes.” They even
have some sneaky tricks!
Where do you think they learned all this stuff? Most of
them learned it the hard way through "trial and error" just
like you and I have done. They've spent several years
making lots of mistakes, and sometimes “getting it right”
but not knowing how. Most of these guys (and girls) on
the web aren't the brightest bulb in the value pack, and
they sure weren't smart enough to figure it all out. But
they learned from each other and shared a lot of BS on
the forums, and that's why all their crap looks like re-hash.
It's no wonder that the Internet looks like a bunch of
inbred flakes: That's why there's so much intellectual
incest among the Internet Marketing community it's not
even funny!
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
Now, let me ask you a question: Do YOU have two or
three—or even ten—years to learn everything you need
to know about marketing on the Internet?
I didn't think so!
These same "well-guarded secrets" have just permitted
me to go from less than 100 visitors a year to more than
1,000,000 per month! Yes, I said more than 1 MILLION
hits per month!
And that's nothing compared to what some of these other
guys are claiming.
That's why I've written this report because you don't have
ten years to waste. The Internet has changed dramatically
over the last ten years, and it's a whole new ball game.
And the search engines are changing up the routines
almost every 3 months, so you're knocked back to “square
one” —just when you start to see your numbers go up.
So, it's time to pay attention: don't discount what I have
to tell you in this report.
Some of these "so called" self-made millionaires are
nothing more than a bunch of kids who just been lucky
enough not to get caught for their scams and prosecuted
by the law. They are hucksters who have been busy
ripping people off for years, and have given very little to
nothing back to others.
Truth be known, they're probably not even millionaires:
they've probably made less than a hundred grand with
their crap before it fell apart on them. And, they're still
working at some low paying job that they hate.
Yeah, right! They're telling you how to “fire your boss”
when they still work for the guy they hate with a passion!
Come on! Give me a break!
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
I've always been of the mind that if you help enough
people make some money, that it will always come back
to you like good Karma. You help enough people get what
they want, you will get what you want, too.
I've also been a firm believer in giving people a “leg up” —
as we say down here in Texas. When you give people a
hand up, and not a hand out, it will always come back to
you in exponential ways. It's sort of like “paying it
forward.” You help enough people learn the basics, and
they can increase their wealth and help others.
A long time ago, Lao Tsu said something very wise: “Give a
man a fish and he'll eat for the day. Teach him how to
fish, and he'll feed himself for the rest of his life.” Or,
something like that...
Now, let's talk candidly.
Even if it were true that—at this very minute—there exists
hundreds of millions of surfers on the Internet—it's not
true that you're going to get all of them to YOUR web site!
Because your web site is unique, and NOT everybody is
looking for you!
Just because you have a web site doesn't mean that they
are going to visit your site. Having a web site isn't like
having a baseball field out in the middle of the Iowa
Did you see the movie "Field of Dreams" with Kevin
Costner? He kept hearing this voice in his head saying,
"Build it and he will come." Well I've changed it to “Build
it and THEY will come.” It just won't happen.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
Building a website doesn't mean people will find it, or
come visit. They don't know you exist. You can be in
every search engine and directory on the Internet, but
until you get some "branding" and advertising, you will
NEVER have anybody know who you are!
So, how are you going to change that?
Are you wondering why some sites are getting millions of
visitors a year, while yours is only getting a few hundred—
if any? Or none at all? You're probably thinking that
you're lucky to even get what you have, right?
Well, the main reason for this is that those sites are
owned by big corporations spending a fortune in
advertising (1,000's and hundreds 1,000's of dollars per
month - even per day!).
Does the name ring a bell? Does Dell
Computers ring a bell? Does Microsoft ring any bells?
Does GEICO and Progressive Insurance come to mind?
They all have "name recognition" which is another term
for "branding." To get exposure on the Internet, you've
got to get your name “out there” and brand yourself. And
whatever else you're selling, whether it's a product or a
service doesn't matter.
Where did you first hear about these other names? Was it
on the Internet somewhere, or did you hear about them
on the nightly news on TV? There you have it! They got
some free publicity just by getting “in the news.”
But, now you're asking yourself, “Well, gee whiz, Ernest!
How in the heck to I get in the news? How can I get traffic
like these guys?”
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
If you have a new business "start-up" with
If you don't read this, you will never get enough visitors to
your web site to make it worth your while and you will be
out of business faster than you got in!
It's no surprise that over 90% of all new business startups, including those online, go broke in less than a year.
They just don't have all the key components in the right
place to get their business up to a profitable level. In
other words, they don't have all their “ducks in a row.”
They flounder around trying different methods of getting
customers, but they expect the same results. Or they
keep doing the same thing, expecting different results.
Either way, that is the definition of "total business
When you find something that works, you keep throwing
rocks at it. It's what I call the “ripple effect.” If you keep
throwing rocks out into the middle of the pond, eventually
you're going to build a small island. And if you keep
throwing rocks from the island back to the shore, you're
going to build a bridge to the island.
In the meantime, you're going to make a lot of ripples in
the water until that bridge gets built.
Is this Internet Marketing thing difficult? Only if you make
it that way? You are going to have to go through a
“learning curve” and put those “noodles” to work. You
know: that gray matter up in your head.
You're just not going to make any money or get any traffic
by sitting on your butt, in your jammies, after you slept in
all day. The “early bird” gets the worm!
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
Contrary to the claims of every fast-buck scam artist, their
so-called "easy-money-making-on-the-Internet" schemes
aren't making them a dime! If I were “a bettin' man” I
would assume they're still working at a 9-to-5 job they
At this very moment, while you are reading this article,
over 97% of all the billions of existing web sites are not
making a dime! Less than one-tenth of 1% are making any
kind of money to pay the bills.
Worse yet: the majority of them are losing their shirts by
spending thousands of dollars in advertising, and not
making a profit on anything. It is proven fact that the
majority of people on the Internet, marketing their
businesses, will never do anything else other than waste
their hard earned money making someone else rich, and
wasting their time and efforts with their web site.
Why is that?
If you're just starting out, conventional advertising costs too
If you don't already have a budget of a couple of hundred
thousand dollars required to properly advertise your
business (and web site), what can you do to get enough
visitors to succeed online? And, yes, you can spend that
kind of money for advertising if you do it on television and
“drive time” radio.
Well, I have some good great news for YOU!
I've been "spilling the beans" about getting free
advertising for about 5 years now, and I've made some of
these whining ninnies mad at me. But you know what?
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
I have discovered over the past five years, the most well
guarded secrets of the wealthy webmasters and how to
advertise your web site with no money! I've been doing it
and I'm going to show you how to do it in this report.
I've made some of these guys so mad at me that they
won't even talk to me any more. They won't answer my
emails, and forget calling them on the phone! They won't
take my phone calls either! LOL!!!
They have threatened to shut me down, and I had one
who even went so far as to file a lawsuit against me for
over 1.35 million dollars!
Guess what happened to him?
He lost the case! He couldn't even shut me up—or shut
me down. It was one of those “free speech” issues that's
covered in our Constitution.
It's called the First
But, I digress.
They just can't do it. For every one of my detractors, I
have ten people who support me. For every one of my
"nay-sayers" I have a hundred "yea-sayers"... and it gets
I'm not into appeasing people and playing politics. I like
the “rough and tumble” of a good debate, and if they
can't deliver what they promise, then they need to be run
out of business.
They're not telling you their "secrets" and they're NOT
to keep selling you their crap and they're going to keep
laughing all the way to the bank!
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 10 -
The reason they're not going to tell you their bogus
secrets is because if you knew what they were doing, they
would lose you as a customer. It seems to go against
conventional wisdom, but if they just delivered what they
promised, you would be happy to come back to them as a
trusted source and buy from them again.
I just can't understand their way of thinking.
But, because all they do is sell you a bunch of crap, they
end up getting a bad reputation, and it's not long before
they're out of business. Frankly, I have to say, “Good
This is why I'm going to give you this information for free.
Too many of these hucksters are filling their books, repots
and articles with fluff and nothing of substance.
Why do you think I have given this stuff away? You may
have seen my links on Twitter and Facebook to free
ebooks and resources. I do that for a reason: so that you
have the right information and not a bunch of junk.
Stop and ask yourself this question:
“Would would I give something away to a
complete stranger?”
Sure, I could have packaged all this information into a
“Special Report” and sold it on the Internet. But aren't
you tired of buying “special reports” only to find them not
being any help?
I'm more than glad to give people a free report outlining
how they can make a serious income on the Internet.
Because, if they follow instructions, they will make money.
How much is up to them.
Some people will make more than others, and some won't
make any at all because they're too lazy to get off their
bums and do anything with the knowledge I give them.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 11 -
That's fine with me. If they want to spend the next 10
years banging their heads against the wall, I'll let them!
I have lots of money on books, technical papers, “special
reports” and all kinds of crap, for the knowledge and
education about this business. I've got books in my library
that I've purchased over the last thirty years that continue
to prove invaluable in my business. I've also paid good
money to attend real, beneficial seminars, and I can tell
you right now: I can spot a fraud and a fake a mile away! I
can smell a rat a thousand miles away!
If I'm sitting in a seminar where they're “fast talking” their
sales pitch and “something” doesn't “smell right”... guess
what? I'm outta there! They're NOT going to get into my
I'm here to tell you right now, I'm not in this business to
“try my luck” and see if something works. I'll know, before
I implement any strategy, whether it will work or not;
because I've learned from the world's best.
Have you ever been to Las Vegas, Nevada? Go into any
casino and look for the craps tables. You have to roll 7 or
11 to win, or roll your other numbers again if not 7 or 11.
But if you roll "snake-eyes" or "ones" (two dice with one
dot is "craps" or "snake-eyes") you lose!
Well, guess what? You've probably been rolling "snakeeyes" your whole Internet career by buying all these
"crappy" programs from all these self proclaimed gurus:
haven't you?
Come on! You can admit it! I won't tell anybody! I'll be
like your confidential confessor and keep it to myself.
There! I thought so.
Now, see? Don't you feel better already?
Okay. Let's move on!
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 12 -
You can't even imagine what you're about to discover!
It's so shocking and genuinely easy to get thousands of
visitors going to your site once you know this! But the
first thing you need to do before you start sending a ton
of traffic to your site is—GET YOUR SITE IN ORDER!
If your web site ad copy blows (or sucks) then you've lost
all that traffic. If you message doesn't reach out and grab
your visitors by their eyeballs and shake them like a
tornado, then you're efforts to build traffic were for
If you don't get your visitor's attention in the first 7
seconds—YOU'RE TOAST!
Some webmasters really don't understand how giant this
Internet “game board” is: they just don't "get it." The
Internet is like sitting in front of your TV, but instead of
having a satellite dish powering the screen with 200
channels, here the viewer has 1,346,966,000, that's right,
Billion, "channels" called web pages.
The Internet Has Leveled The Playing Field! Now you can
compete against the “big boys,” the gurus, the wannabes,
and the Fortune 500 companies. Remember what I said
about Donald Trump? What about Warren Buffett? Both
of these guys are multi-billionaires, but they've got to play
by the same rules that everybody else has to observe.
They can just afford to hire someone to do it.
Until you get to that point, you're going to have to do it
With that in mind, you have to ask yourself, "How do
regular "working stiffs" - with no advertising budget and
no technical knowledge - became wealthy webmasters?
What's their secret? How did they do it?"
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 13 -
Before you start thinking about shutting down your web
site and going back to that job you hate (like most
discouraged affiliates and web site owners) read this:
This report is special: it's not your standard "web traffic
techniques" report. This report is going to change all the
rules and level the "playing field" for you. I'm going to tell
you what all the other wealthy webmasters don't want
you to know! Okay?
A lot of the old strategies just don't work anymore. I know
this for a fact. Too many of these nit-wits are camping in
the forums giving bad advice and telling people to do stuff
that no longer works.
Well, today, I'm going to change the game on them!
I'm not just going to tell you about the rule changes, I'm
going to change the game, too!
Because these knuckleheads have been “gaming” the
system too long, and it's about time you got a break...
I know this report is a little long, but bear with me: it will
be worth your time to print it out and read it.
If you've stayed with me this long, then you know I'm
about to unleash some heavy stuff on you. Any of these
other morons would have charged you for this report, but
I'm not going to.
I will include this in one of the chapters of my next book,
“The Ripple Effect,” but for now, I'm going to give this
whole section to you for free.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 14 -
You don't need to invest 2, 3 or 10 years of your life in
research like I did only to find out what is secretly hidden
behind your back and freely available on the Internet. It's
been right in front of you all the time, but you haven't
seen it. It's been like one of those Las Vegas magic shows
where the illusionist pulls a fast one on you, but you didn't
catch his “slight of hand.”
No longer are you going to have to slog through a bunch
of garbage to find the information you need. I'm going to
give it to you in this report.
Some of these things appeared hidden from you in the
past, but they really weren't. They've been right in front
of you all the time—you just couldn't see it.
There are no secrets, and there is no magic formula. You
just need to know the right strategies, methods and
tactics, and have a few tools in your “tool box” and how to
use them.
Some of these things have been right in front of you all
the time but you just haven't perceived them when you
were looking at them. That's what happens in a Vegas
magic show.
But not here.
They were covered up by a lot of junk, and you have to
wade through a lot of crap to get to the gold mine. Just
like panning for gold, you have to wash a lot of dirt in the
sluice-pit to find those gold nuggets.
The following "secrets" are not really secrets at all. It's just
that this information is not known to the general Internet
public. But it's going to be revealed now, in this report.
I've taken a lot of heat from some web marketing gurus
for revealing this information here, and I'll probably catch
a lot more flak over it. But you know what? I've said it
before, and I'll say it again...
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 15 -
I don't care! I really don't! And they know it! So, sue
Their so-called BS "secrets" are public domain
There's nothing they can do about me publishing this
information on the Internet. This information has been
hidden long enough and in my opinion it's about time
someone actually showed you the exact steps to create
traffic like crazy.
This is your chance to finally "see behind their curtain."
Like Dorothy in the Land of Oz, you're going to peek
behind the curtain and catch the Wizard pulling his levers
and chains. You're going to learn ALL the dirty little
secrets these marketers have kept from you. It's just like
peering into their minds...
...and you'll be amazed at the strategies these guys have
been using on you!
When they talk all this crap about "FREE advertising",
they're talking about banner and link exchanges,
submitting to directories and search engines...
...DON'T DO IT! It doesn't work! The search engines don't
even look for that crap anymore!
And besides, that's not how they got started in this
business anyway.
Do you want to learn how they REALLY got their start?
The successful ones, that is.
Okay. Stick with me...
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 16 -
The igniter is missing. They just don't tell you how they got
their first one million hits!
I reveal the secrets of the wealthy webmasters because
I've seen so many web site owners work for an entire
month for less than $100 bucks in net profit. It's nonsense
—and it has to stop!!!
Not Only Will I Tell You How They Got
Their First One Million Hits—But I'll
Also Tell You How I Got Mine!
This is the part you've been looking for... I know you
haven't been “waiting,” but you have been patient.
Thanks for “hanging in there” with me while I went off on
16 pages of ranting and raving!
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 17 -
How to Use Simply
Written Articles to Drive
“Killer” Traffic to Your
For several years, article marketing has been the most
instrumental method I have used to drive millions of
readers to my websites. As a matter of fact, it's also the
same method a lot of multi-millionaire web site owners
use to drive millions of visitors to their sites.
Unfortunately, too many people think they can't write
very good article pieces and as a result, most of them give
up. In a lot of cases, that's true. A lot of people couldn't
write a well written article, much less a chapter in a book,
to save their lives.
But, it's a learned skill, and if you apply yourself, you can
also learn how to do it, and do it efficiently.
Yes, article marketing can be hectic in the sense that you
have to consistently write articles to meet the demands
that are needed by those who want or need your
information. It's not something you can do, then forget
about it for a year, then come back and expect anything.
If you do that, you definitely won't like the results.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 18 -
“If you can read an email and type out a reply, then
you can write an article...” or a book (but that's a
subject for another article).
Article marketing requires a lot of research and
knowledge. If not, you’ll end up turning out garbage like
most of crap you see on the Internet. You don't want to
be lumped in there with the other re-hash garbage gurus,
do you?
There are two major ways of writing your articles.
You can write them yourself or you can outsource them—
contract them out to someone else. Outsourcing can be
expensive, depending on who you have “ghost write” your
articles. Writing takes time and patience, but if you can
do a “weekly” article, and spend 15 minutes a day at it,
you'll find yourself finished in 3 or 4—at most—5 days.
If you have not been writing prior to this time, it will only
take you about one hour of practice every day for the next
21 to 28 days to become pretty good at it. All you need is
the ability to gather your thoughts together and put them
down on paper.
It's not “rocket science” but it does take dedication and
tenacity. It is something you have to do every day, just to
build up a “set” or an inventory of articles. Then, when
you have a decent inventory of articles, you can start
publishing them.
This is the “icing on the cake” that you've been waiting
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 19 -
Ernest O'Dell - Guerrilla Internet Marketing (left) and Dr. Joe Vitale of
Hypnotic Marketing -
One way I do it is a way I learned from my good friend, Dr.
Joe Vitale. I sit down at my computer and fire up my word
processor. I use Open Office because it's free and it will
save documents in different formats—including
Microsoft's Word 97, 2003, 2007, XP and Vista formats.
Not only will it save in several formats, but it will also
convert your documents into a PDF format, readable by
Adobe Reader—“on the fly.” That's just one of the great
things about it, besides being free. As a matter of fact, I
composed this whole report in Open Office then
converted it at the push of a button.
Yes, it was really that easy!
I get a new document going in my browser, then I turn off
my monitor.
Say what?!!! You say? Am I
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 20 -
Yes, you read that right!
While some people still “hunt and peck” when they type, I
learned how to type “10 Key” back in the 70's when I was
in high school. (Yes, they actually taught typing back in
the “Stone Age!”)
Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Why would
ANYBODY want to type with the monitor off?”
Good question.
It keeps the distraction down, and the temptation to
always be “editing” my composition while I'm working.
The whole point of turning off the monitor is so I can get a
“rough” draft done in as little time as possible...
...THEN, when I've finished a section (or a chapter) I turn
the monitor back on, clean up my draft and do my edits.
Sure, you're going to have some misspellings and
punctuation is going to be out of place—or missing. But
all that can be cleaned up when you come to a stopping
The whole point of turning off the monitor is to get as
much rough draft done in as short amount of time as
And, you can type just like you're having a conversation
with someone.
Now... maybe you can take a break here and try it
Okay. Ya back now?
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 21 -
If you don't want to go through the learning process and
write your own articles, then maybe you can afford to
have someone else do them for you. If you outsource
your article contracts, just make sure you contract with
someone who knows what they're doing.
For a little bit of money—say between $10-$15 depending
on the length of the article—you can get article writers or
some college kid taking a journalism class down at the
university to write your articles for you and have them
pass on all the rights to you. That's called “ghost writing.”
Or you can purchase resell rights to articles that were
written by someone else.
Just something to look into...
Whether you want to write your own articles or outsource
them, the best way to approach writing articles is by doing
your own research. And when I say, “Do your own
research,” I mean more than just snagging something off
of Wikipedia and plagiarizing it. While Wikipedia is a great
source for quick information, it's NOT Encyclopedia
Britannica, and unless there's lots of “primary source”
bibliography, I wouldn't give them two cents for always
being accurate.
Source contributors on Wikipedia are a lot better than
your average article writer, but occasionally you will run
across some really bad bibliography, and the contributor
doesn't appear knowledgeable in his or her subject
So... as they say in politics, “vet” your information. And
that means more than just going through FactCheck or
You also need to know what questions people are asking
as you don't want to write about issues that have been
over-worked already. Articles that are specific usually get
a lot more high quality traffic than a generalized one.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 22 -
For example: If you wrote an article on autoresponders,
you may get some traffic, but may not make any sales.
However, if you wrote an article on a topic like “How to
Make a Killer Income Using Autoresponders”...
“How to Suck In Cash Like a Vacuum Cleaner Every Time
You Send an Email to Your Subscribers From Your
etc.,’ll find hundreds—if not thousands—of people who
will be ready to read what you have to say.
The reason?
The reason is because you are providing specific content,
giving high quality information and more importantly,
answering questions that many people are asking.
A typical example is this report you are reading right now.
I could have titled it “Article Writing: A General Overview.”
But without some keyword rich words in the title, it might
not get a lot of “traction” from the search engines.
Some people might take a look at what I have written just
for the sake of looking. But when I change the topic to,
“How to Use Simply Written Articles and
Press Releases to Drive Tons of 'Killer'
Traffic to Your Website” In 30 Days or
Less... will more likely be attracted to it.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 23 -
Because there is a promise of my solving your traffic needs with the
information contained in the report.
Now, assuming I have a website at the end of this report
with the title: “Article writing: A general Overview” or one
with the title: “How to Use Simply Written Articles and
Press Releases to Drive Tons of 'Killer' Traffic to Your
Website In 30 Days or Less,” which one would you
Yeah, the second one.
Because it holds the promise to solve your traffic
generation or website promotion problems.
So, your article should be very highly targeted to the
audience who would need the information.
Remember: Research your “target” market, field, niche, or
topic properly so you can know what questions people are
asking and then solve it through your article.
How To Write Traffic-Pulling Articles
Now I’m going to teach you how to write your articles so
well that you’ll always have a good readership audience—
which is exactly what you need to create a steady flow of
traffic to your website.
You'll eventually have readers, subscribers and customers
who will say to themselves, “I would have to be a
complete dolt to do business with anybody else!”
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 24 -
A well-written article is like a work of art. You think in your
mind what you want your audience to see—in this case,
learn—and then you go ahead and give it to them.
Writing an article is like Michelangelo conceiving a
beautiful painting in his mind before he draws it out on
paper and paints it. Or like picturing in his mind a
sculpture, then taking up his hammer and chisel and
bringing it into existence.
Writing an article is not just like one of those things you
do to make more money, but rather bringing your brainchild into existence at the stroke of the keys on your
computer. It takes thought and planning.
Too many people have this mentality today that feels like
articles are only written to make money. I feel like that is
wrong. This is the reason you can hardly get high quality,
well-written articles anymore.
Those who write high quality articles nearly always draw
in a lot of traffic and then go on to make a profit from
Back when I was a regular contributor to newspapers and
magazines, I always held my audiences spell-bound with
my words. I wrote in different “voices.” I was a “wordsmith.” And, in some cases, when I wrote political articles,
I was a journalistic pugilist.
I would haunt them with mystery, or entertain them with
humor, or I would make them angry about a particular
issue in the news media: they never knew what I was
going to do next.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 25 -
To write a good, traffic generating article, you need three things:
1. A headline that catches their attention
2. A well crafted and thought-out outline with good
3. An author’s byline at the end of the article that
will cause people to click through to your website.
Think of it in terms like a cake recipe. Your article should
be just as precise and successful as a good recipe. When
your readers are absorbing the words in your article, they
should be able to literally “smell” the results of your
article. It's like baking fresh bread.
How To Write The Headline
This part is so important that if you miss it, people will skip
right over your article and you will miss out on lots of
traffic. Your headline must contain certain ingredients. If
these ingredients are missing, forget it. YOU JUST LOST
Because your headline is what people will see first.
Make sure it jumps out and grabs them like a pit bulldog
pulling on a tug rope.
If your headline doesn't jump off the page and grab them
by the eyeballs, shake the daylights out of them and
compel them to click... they won't click.
That’s why you find millions of junk articles on the
Internet with poor content—but catchy headlines.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 26 -
What are the important aspects of your headline?
They are:
The keywords in the headline,
The kind of words used, and
The phrasing of the words.
The keywords in the headline are an integral part of your
article as this is what searchers type into the search
engine when they are looking for it.
For example, if you wrote an article with the title “How to
Improve Your Golf Swing”, you are more likely to get some
traffic from the search engines because of two keywords
included in your headline: ‘Golf’ and ‘Swing’.
This will make it easier to find your article on the Internet
than if you used a keyword headline like “Can you make
golf your shots better?”
The next step is the kinds of words you use in writing the
headline. If the words used in the headline are compelling
and incite curiosity, you will have more clicks through to
your article.
Your article is your marketing tool.
Don't just write it any old, sloppy way. If you have to get a
book on creating good headlines, then get one. Go to Joe
Vitale's website at Mr. and look through his
articles and see how he uses headlines. Buy his books on and read them!
Whatever you have to do, do it. Just don't plagiarize. One
of the single most important factors in article marketing is
your headline. You either make it or you don’t.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 27 -
How To Write The Body
Now, we’ll take a look at how you can build the body of
the article to pique the reader’s interest so much that he
or she will want more and then create a byline that will
cause your audience to be eager to see what else you
have to say and offer.
Creating the body of an article isn't as hard as you would
think it is. It's simply outlining your thoughts in an orderly
manner so that one point flows into another—resulting in
a well written article.
There are, indeed, quite a number of well written articles
and billions of pages of poorly written, dry, boring articles.
The important thing you want to do is provide more
information for your readers. This is why you always hear
that we live in the information age. Only those with
access to the highest quality information will stay at the
top and garner more readership support.
Be sure that your content is something that your readers
want and give it to them. This is one of the single most
important ways to build a relationship with your
readership base.
If you provide them with good
information, they won't mind paying you a fair price for it.
Creating an outline only takes a few minutes. For example,
let’s say I want to write an article on building a website.
You have to know what “components” go into building a
website, then transmit those thoughts to your readers in
such a way that they understand it.
If you write it like you're talking to a techno-geek, you're
going to lose about 95% of your readers. Then again, if
you write to everybody like they're a bunch of fifth
graders, you're going to lose almost as many. People are
not dumb, and they're not rocket scientists. They're
intelligent, and want to be “spoken to” respectfully and
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 28 -
A sample outline would go like this:
The importance of a website (Introduction)
Learning HTML
Setting out the contents of the site
Acquiring the tools or software necessary for
building the website and do a comparison of their
ease of use, dynamic functions, etc.
6. How to Start building the website
7. Uploading the website using either the FTP
provided by my Host or another FTP software etc.
You get the idea.
Let one thought flow into the other. It helps make your
readers understand the article better and gain a lot more
from it.
If you have valuable resources at your disposal, include
the links in the article. This way, your readers get more
value. Often a well-written article will create a hunger for
more articles by the writer.
Most article directories and ezines will include your expert
author’s link at the bottom of your article after your byline
so it would be easy to access your other articles. A really
nice ezine directory that does this is
After you have gotten them to read your article, you want
them to either visit your website or buy a product you are
selling as an affiliate or as a merchant. This is where your
byline becomes important. How well you write your byline
will determine how many people will click through.
Often, your articles should build their expectations so
much that they would just want to click through. Still
notwithstanding, it is good idea to craft your byline well.
To craft your byline to get maximum results, look at
bylines in any articles you might have seen previously.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 29 -
Start noticing the really good ones—those that caused you
to automatically click—and copy their pattern of writing. I
don't mean copy them word-for-word, or plagiarize, but
copy their style. Look at WHAT they're DOING, and HOW
they're writing it, not just what they're writing.
Learn from them... take after them. A good place to see
“the good, the bad, and the ugly” is looking at a variety of
article writers. One good place to start is one that I've
already mentioned:
Now, if you want to see some excellent examples of well
crafted articles, go check out Dr. Vitale's web site. Also,
check out Scott Ginsburg, the “Nametag Guy” at
Try to craft bylines like the good ones do. With a little
practice, you’ll find you are just as capable in creating
compelling bylines as the Masters do. Soon you will see
your click-throughs increasing, because your readers are
glad to click through and see what else you have to offer.
Tools of the Trade
Some of the tools you will need is a good list of ezine
directories where you can submit your articles. Also, you
will need some good news wire services for submitting
your Press Releases. (Press Releases, also known as News
Releases, will be covered in another chapter.) has a nice program for beginners where
you can submit up to 10 articles, and if you pass their
"muster" you can move on to the next level. They also
have some good educational tutorials that will help you
get started in the right direction and will educate you in
the "basics" of article writing and submission at:
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 30 - and are a couple of other
directories that I use to submit articles, and they work real
good and give me some pretty good distribution.
Crunching the numbers is a bit more complicated, and not
something for the faint-hearted, nor for the novice. I
won't get into the technical “geek stuff” in this report, but
will save it for another day.
If you can get the hang of submitting to these three ezine
directories, this will give you a good start.
How To Instantly Increase Your Traffic Using Articles
Now, let's look at how we can get this to move a little
faster and further. You’ll be learning how to use your
articles to generate even more readership and make more
money in the process.
Besides using article directories, there are various other
means with which you can promote your articles.
Some of them are:
Using of social networking sites popularly known
as Web 2.0 portals (i.e. FaceBook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, Digg, Technorati, MyBlogLog, etc.)
Submitting your articles to Ezine publishers who
need quality content related to the topic you are
writing on.
News Sites and News feeds.
Allowing other people to re-publish your articles.
Increasing the keyword density—but not keyword
“stuffing”—of the article, etc.
This isn't rocket science. If I can do it, you can do it. If you
know how to check your email and type a few letters and
emails, then you can use these techniques to gather as
many visitors as you want.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 31 -
Let’s start by using some social networking websites.
These are online communities that cater to providing an
avenue through which people can get to meet each other
for the first time, or where friends and family can catch up
with each other. It’s like a “get together” joint for people
across the globe. Other examples include Orkut, hi5, etc.
Some of these websites have as much as a billion hits a
day. FaceBook is still the leader and out-pacing Google
every day, and delivers more media consumption than all
the search engines combined.. I pick up between 25 to
100 new subscribers from FaceBook each day, alone.
Imagine the potentials inherent here: A billion hits!
What if you could divert some of that traffic to you so
other people can visit your website, blog etc.? The
potential is limitless.
Just make sure you give your “followers” or “friends” a
good reason to read your content. Nobody likes to be
“sold,” so don't over-do it by “hard selling” them or they'll
drop you faster than a Texas coyote eating a bag of
Another great place to mention is Who
hasn't heard of Twitter and “tweeting.” It seems like
everybody is using it... even newscasters on TV. So, get on
too. ( can
help you set up automatic follows and Tweets so that you
don't have to do it manually.
Of course, SocialOomph has a whole lot more than just
automatically following and distributing your tweets, but
they're too numerous to list here. Go to their site and
sign up (for free) and check out all their tools and “bells
and whistles.”
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 32 -
See the sample ad for Twitter Secrets below:
Get a Jump Start On Twitter:
Go to Twitter Secrets and sign up for free courses in
Twitter Secrets
-----> Click here <----No, that's not an affiliate link. I don't make any money off
of it if you decide to use them.
So, how do you divert the traffic to your website or blog or get people to
read your articles?
Register with any of these websites that you
choose. I am more familiar with
although the dynamics of the other websites are
not too different. So, we’ll use that as our working
2. Then create your profile page. The key to this is
making your profile attractive and interesting.
There's lots of “interesting” people on social
networks, and one must be careful, so don't give
out any personal information—or too much
3. Make your profile page appear interesting. Let
people see that you are an interesting person to be
with, etc.
4. Set up your Fan Page. Hey! Everybody needs a fan
club, right? This is highly important as you’ll be
needing it on a daily basis. Facebook provides you
with facilities so you can create your fan page and
start posting. Note that your fan page address will
be different from your regular Facebook profile
I've written a few articles about Facebook fan
pages on the Guerrilla Internet Marketing blog at
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 33 -
Your Facebook page is where you tell all about
yourself. In short it is where the world first gets to
meet you and know you. Their first impression of
you will either result in them wanting to know you
better... or not. You can insert your blog link in
your profile as they’ll want to see what you have to
offer if they are interested in knowing more about
Start adding your articles, videos, and audios to
your blog and status. Every time you update your
status it will show up across your network of
friends and they'll go over and check it out. (It will
also appear in the search engines!) This is what
your invites will see when they visit your blog and
may either keep them coming back or keep them
away. There is no limit to the amount of articles
you can add. So as long as you are producing
those, post them on your Facebook page.
After setting up your fan page, you are good to go.
Browse through some of the other groups and fan
clubs you like and send a few invites. Don't overdo it, or you'll make people mad at you and they'll
“un-friend” you. Sending invites simply means
adding people as your friends. This is your first step
of introduction. When you send them the Request
to add as a friend, they get it in their inbox or on
the top menu bar in Facebook. More often than
not, they will want to check out who wants to add
them; that’s the reason the initial preparation of
your profile page or fan page is highly important.
Be careful about adding too many friends.
Facebook has a limit to the number of friends you
can add in a day. They're all different, so check
each one of them out. They also have a 5K limit on
the number of friends you can have on the regular
side of the profile; but no limit on your fan pages.
Anything above their perspective limits marks you
out as a spammer. As you get used to the
modalities involved with using these social
networking sites, you can increase the number of
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 34 -
invites you send out.
9. Start posting short messages (or “Status Updates”)
to your friends who have accepted you. Status
Updates are a form of messages. After the
updates, include a link to your article.
10. After you have a short message—usually 140
characters or less—click on the send button and
all your connections will receive it on their Wall.
For example: If you have just 12,000 people on
your fan page, they are bound to read it if it is
interesting. Give them re-print rights and allow
them to “pass it around” to their friends, and soon
you'll have several million people reading your
That’s it. This isn't rocket science at all. It's just basic
math... multiplication. You have to start your quotient
somewhere (preferably Facebook or Twitter) then build
on that.
WordPress blogs
Send them to your blog. A great place to start a blog is I have several, and I post new articles at
least once a week there, sometimes more often. At the
same time, I'm submitting the same article to about 120
top article directories, or “ezines.”
A great piece of software for submitting your articles is
the Article Submitter by Brad Callen. It's the best in the
market, and you can't beat it.
There are a lot of other submission tools available, and
you can check them out in the next section.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 35 -
The reason I keep this simple is because, if you have the
tools to do the brunt of the work for you, then you don't
have to manually submit them. Doing so could take you
all day, and I'm sure you have more important things to do
besides sitting at your desk all day.
Article Submitter allows you to submit your articles to 120
of the “TOP Ezine Directories” on the Internet. Getting
the pro version can save you an incredible amount of time
in doing so because it will automate the process for you.
You simply enter your article details into the software
once, and then let it run automatically while you go
golfing, or whatever you like to do. You come back later,
and it's done.
If you want to select an individual directory and just post
to one or two, then you can manually click on the
directory name and be done with it. The software will
automatically fill in all of the submission criteria for each
directory and allow you to quickly submit your articles.
Now, here's where it can get interesting:
Let's say you just finished plugging in all the information
to a article and you have it ready to go. Now, go back and
grab the text and “tweak” it into another separate article
by just changing up a few words in the title and body. You
might put a different “spin” on it to produce yet another
This is what is called “article spinning.” They have
software on the Internet that will do it for you, but I don't
recommend you use them. The search engines can smell
a rat a thousand miles away, and some article “spinning”
can backfire on you if you have too many. One or two
“spinners” isn't too bad. But if you get too many, say, 100
or 200 or more, then it could get you “marked” as
spamming—or worse—using “black hat” tactics. And
THAT will get you banned!
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 36 -
Now, stop and do some math: calculate the number of
article directories your article is going to, then multiply
that by their number of subscribers... some of them have
more members than others.
What it boils down to is that your article is going to get in
front of millions (if not billions) of eyeballs!
Not EVERYBODY is going to read your articles. But if
you've got several million “back links” forming from your
articles, just a small percentage of readers can mean
substantial traffic for your site.
More Article Submission Programs
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Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 37 -
Instant Article Submitter - Amazing Breakthrough
Software Stuffs Any Website You Want Full Of Free
Targeted Traffic.
Another Word About Directory and Index Submitters...
Since there are only about 3 or 4 major search engines
you need to be concerned about (Google, Yahoo, MSN,
and Bing) you can usually get your site(s) and articles
submitted through a blog post, or through one of these
article submissions... sometimes within minutes... or
Submitting multiple listings to “thousands of indexes” and
search engines and directories is really not necessary. It
can also cause you more harm than good. Just don't do
it. And, if someone claiming to be a SEO “expert”
recommends it, hang up on him!
If you spend 15 minutes to one hour a day working on
this, you’ll get phenomenal results in no time and lots of
people will get to see your articles and probably tell their
friends about it which will result in increased “viral”
website traffic.
I do this about once a week:
I write my articles,
Get them posted on my WordPress blogs,
Share the links on my Facebook profile and fan
Get them all plugged into Twitter,
Get them distributed to Digg, Tecnorati, ezines,
search engines, FriendFeed,
...all with the click of ONE button!
And it takes me less than 2 hours a week to do it. The
biggest portion of my time is writing and editing the
article. Then about 15 minutes “plugging” my articles into
the distribution system. You can do it, too.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 38 -
How To Harness The Potential of Articles And Drive Targeted Traffic To
Your Websites Through Ezine Publishers
One very important point you have to take note of is the
fact that Ezine and newsletter publishers in all fields are
consistently looking for high quality articles loaded with
lots of thorough—and “expert,” well researched and
documented—information and content that can benefit
their subscribers.
If your article comes across as amateurish crap, they'll
smell it a mile away, and it will end up in the trash.
Has it ever occurred to you that one of the top ten
challenges Ezine and newsletter publishers face is
consistently getting high quality articles and content to
send to their subscribers?
They need this because they know that if they were to
keep giving their subscribers junk, their emails are likely to
get ignored, if not outright blocked. Sometimes their
subscribers will “opt out” by un-subscribing which would
result in them losing money. When they lose subscribers,
they no longer have readers seeing their ads (or yours)
and they (and YOU) end up losing sales.
This is the reason they outsource the jobs of article writing
and content production to freelance writers like you who
do it for them at a token price. Even if you do it free,
you're going to make money on the “back end” when
people come to your site and make a purchase.
Now imagine how much expense you would be saving
these publishers if you were to consistently offer them
good, quality content—your articles—for free. The only
catch being that they leave your byline at the end of the
article and they don't tamper with it. This could be used
not only for the subscribers but also for your blog readers.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 39 -
Most ezine publishers are legitimate and fair. Very rarely
will you get one that manipulates your byline. It would be
foolish for them to do so.
But... occasionally you might run into one that tries it, but
not for very long. Once you catch him at it, you just quit
writing for him, and he'll “get the message.” If he's overtly
stealing your content and not abiding by his contract, then
you can have your lawyers contact him.
Otherwise, if he's just stupid, then you quit writing for
him. Sometimes, you just can't fix “stupid.” You can vote
them out with your pocket book.
Okay. 'Nuf said.
If you want to explore this avenue, it is better that your
content/articles be good enough for them—ezine and
newsletter publishers—to want to collect and accept
By now you would have noticed that there is a lot of
emphasis on high quality content. Yes, it determines your
success rate in marketing your products, services,
promoting your website and affiliate products using
This method works very well because the subscribers see
your byline and click through to the page you want them
to see. Hence, this will increase your sales. Just make
sure your web site is “up to par” and that your ad copy
doesn't blow.
When you are writing for a well established ezine or
newsletter publishers, you are bound to make a lot more
sales using this method because the subscribers trust the
publisher who sends them the email.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 40 -
How To Find Ezine Publishers Who Are Hungry For Your Articles
Visit online forums, discussion groups, message boards,
and yes, even Facebook groups and fan pages. Take a look
at the Guerrilla Internet Marketing fan page on Facebook
and join up. You'll get a lot of free content there that will
help with your writing efforts and learning curve.
Participate in the status posts with your comments, and
occasionally post something on their wall status. Just
don't spam. When you post something of value with a link
to your web site, it will usually get indexed in the search
engines within a few seconds.
This is why I said before, it's no longer necessary to
manually submit your URL's to search engines anymore.
They're automatically “spidered” by the search engines
and indexed faster than you can blink an eye.
Look for potential publishers who like your articles and
make personal contact with them. Introduce yourself to
them and let them know what subjects you write on, and
see what they need.
This can be done by typing “Forex trading forums” in the
search bar if you are writing articles on Forex Trading, or
“Stock Market trading forums,” etc. It is also important
that you contribute to these forums so that you will be
recognized as a qualified expert in your field.
CAVEAT: There is a problem with well-meaning people
who join message boards and start posting offers. That is
viewed negatively as spam and will get you bumped off
the forums.
After collecting a list of publishers, send a sample article
to them with a promise of more for free if they will only
let you include your byline. Most of the time, publishers
will jump at this offer because it helps them cut costs.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 41 -
In your favorite search engine’s search bar, type in the
keyword “‘niche’ Ezine publishers”. If, for instance, you
have articles on real estate, type in the keyword “real
state Ezine publishers”, “real estate newsletter
publishers.” If you're writing for the insurance or
medical/health care industry, then type in those
keywords, etc.
Since I write a lot for the real estate and insurance
industry, and have written two books on marketing for
both, and belong to several industry related blogs, I get a
lot of offers from publishers to write for them without me
even making the initial contact.
So, this is something to consider: Sometimes they—the
publishers—will contact you first, if they've heard of you
or found your name in a book—or several articles—that
you wrote. In my case, I have several books and several
thousand articles and “reports.”
(Reports being
somewhat longer than your standard article.)
Then get a list of all of them and subscribe using an email
account set up for receiving their newsletters. The reason
you want to do this is to give you a feel of the quality of
their ezines so you can meet up or even surpass the
Then, fire off your emails introducing yourself and asking
them to take a look at your articles to see if they are “fit
for consumption” by their subscribers. If they like it, they’ll
often get back to you for a steady supply of articles.
And, of course, using Article Submitter Pro, your articles
will automatically go into a queue for review, so the need
to contact is basically rendered obsolete. Once you have
your articles submitted, they'll be reviewed and either
approved or rejected. If they reject one of your articles,
they will let you know why, then you can fix it and resubmit. Once you have everything the way they like it,
they will then usually approve your articles for
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 42 -
There you have it. You can't complain that you are not
getting traffic anymore.
Now you have enough
information to help you get started. Use these techniques
and you will begin to generate lots of traffic.
Last, but not least...
I spend about 8 to 12 hours a day in the office writing. It
may be articles, a “special report” or another chapter in a
book I'm working on. I know you can't always do that, and
you might have to work at a 9 to 5 job until you get a little
money in your account.
Once you've been at this for a month or two, it will
become a lot easier for you. And once your articles have
been in circulation for six to twelve months, and you've
made some decent revenue from them, you can pretty
much do what you want.
It is highly suggested that you build up an “inventory” of
articles and reports for a syndicated series to cover 52
weeks. This takes care of your weekly article submissions
and any needs you might have for autoresponders.
I have also built up an inventory of 12 monthly articles for
various magazines—both offline print and online. Along
with that, I've also built up a 52 week inventory for my
weekly columns.
Once you do the same, you can sit back and take a break
and watch the money start rolling in. But you must, I
repeat, you MUST get the momentum going first.
Build up an extra article or two each day in your
“inventory file” and by the end of two months, you'll have
next year taken care of. Then take a couple weeks
“vacation” and get started on your magazine submissions,
or the following year's inventory.
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- 43 -
Do that, and in the course of a year, you'll have built up
enough article inventory for the next 4 or 5 years!
Now, here's the icing on the cake...
At the end of the first or second year, you'll have enough
content for your first book. Then you can start out small
( or CreateSpace is a
subsidiary of and will publish “on the fly” or
'On Demand' – however many copies the customer orders.
You can market both CreateSpace and Lulu publications
on Amazon and make anywhere from 50% to 70%
royalties on your books.
Each one has different
parameters, so check out both of them.
You can also subscribe to CreateSpace's Extended
Distribution Channel (EDC) and get into thousands of offline “brick and mortar” stores, and into the Barnes &
Noble online system. Paying the one time set up fee of
$39 for the EDC at CreateSpace is a worthwhile
investment when you have the potential to earn millions
in royalties with “the right book.”
Not only can you publish hard copy books with them, but
you can also publish PDF format ebooks which will be
protected from piracy with a software “key.” They both
have different size formats, and can even help you with
book cover creations.
With you can sell a PDF ebook just like this one,
or you can sell it through Amazon for their electronic
Kindle Reader. Now that iPad has been released, you can
probably see a boost in sales for the iPad when their
ebook readers become popular.
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- 44 -
Once you start selling lots of books on either of these
sites, a major publisher will most likely take notice of you
and contact you and make you a deal you can't refuse...
like a couple million dollars or more in “advances.”
Now, let's briefly wrap this up by discussing Press Releases:
Press Releases, sometimes known as News Releases, are a
different "animal" than articles and Special Reports.
There are better tutorials on writing PR than what I could
ever put together. One of the standards is “Trash Proof
News Releases – The Surefire Way to Get Publicity” by
Paul J. Krupin, at Direct Contact Publishing.
Paul Krupin is the defacto expert when it comes to PR and
News Releases, and he has an excellent website and a ton
of resources for your learning curve. You can download a
copy of his free ebook “Trash Proof News Releases” when
you fill out the form at his site.
He has a ton of resources, so stop by his site and check
out some of the links to his examples.
I've done a few articles on Press Releases at the Guerrilla
Internet Marketing blog and you might want to visit there
and review some of the articles that have been posted in
the last 3 or 4 weeks.
One word of advice: everybody and their brother-in-law
claims to be an “expert” at something, and I'm not going
to do that to you. I know this report has been rather
lengthy, but I hope I've given you enough information to
get a good start. I haven't asked for your name and email
address on a swap, and I don't plan to. I don't claim to
know it all or be a "guru" of any sort, but only share what
I've learned over the past several years.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 45 -
As to the 247 million hits to one site in one year? That
was about 4 or 5 years ago. And it took me about 3 or 4
years to figure it out. I really didn't know what I was doing
at the time. I was totally clueless. And, I'm still not much
better today. Although, I have made progress, and I
understand how some things work.
I'm not going to get heavy into the SEO and SMO (social
media optimization) and crunch a lot of statistics. There's
very few people who understand that stuff, and it doesn't
do anything but stroke the ego of the genius. It does
absolutely nothing to put money in the bank.
I will do the number crunching and screen shots,
spreadsheets, and analyses in a follow up report. For
now, I hope this has been enough.
However, you must do things right to get any positive
monetized results.
Sending a lot of traffic to a site that sucks on its ad copy,
design, etc. isn't going to help you. You've got to make
sure that your site is "up to par" before you start sending
tons of traffic to it.
And I can guarantee you this: if you follow the
instructions in this report and take action on them, you're
going to get traffic. If you can monetize that traffic with a
good product or service that solves a problem for people,
then you will do well.
If your site is one of those affiliate sites that you can't
modify, nor can you have ownership of the lead capture
data, then you'll have to build a “work-around” lead
capture page. (Another article.)
Unless you build your own lead capture page and develop
your own database of prospects, you're just spitting in the
wind. But, that's another chapter in the book.
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 46 -
I will also do a special report on autoresponders and
segmented email letters to your subscribers. And I'll make
a deal with you: I'll give that one to you free also.
No names and email trade offs.
Just make sure you're following on the Guerrilla Internet
Marketing Fan Page at Facebook or on our blog for
notification when it's ready.
Let me know if I've given you enough information to start
on. If not, just ask me to clarify. I'll be glad to help. You
can also send me a private message on FB if you don't
want your questions (and answers) made public.
Now, your next assignment is to get started with what?
To your success,
Ernest O'Dell
Copyright © 2010, Ernest O'Dell and Guerrilla Internnet Marketing – All Rights Reserved
- 47 -

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