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Pravana Hair Color Hotline: 800.957.5629
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ChromaSilk – Hair Color and Artificial Hair Color Extractor Usage Guide
Hair Color Usage Guide
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Hair Color Usage Guide
Hair Color Usage Guide
• The first number of the ChromaSilk Shade expresses the level or depth of color. When there is only a single digit in the shade number,
it is a member of the natural family with a slightly cool-blue neutral tonal base. The second and or third numbers express the accent
tonal value of the particular shade.
Directions for complete artificial hair color extraction:
• If there is one number after the decimal point, the number represents 100% of that color’s tonal family. If there are 2 numbers after
the decimal point, the first number represents the primary accent tone and the second number represents the secondary accent tone.
Step 2 – Mix equal parts of hair color extractor part1 and part 2 of the Artificial Hair Color Extractor in a plastic or glass mixing bowl.
Step 1 – Shampoo hair with SULFATE FREE CLARIFYING SHAMPOO, rinse and towel dry (Use Leave-in Hydrating Spray to detangle).
Step 3 – Apply immediately to hair using a bowl and brush application.
• If there are two numbers after the point, the first number represents approximately 70% of the base tone of the overall color with the
second number contributing approximately 30% of the accent tone.
Step 4 – Once the hair is thoroughly saturated, place a plastic cap over hair and process for 20 minutes under a warm hood dryer.
(This is the maximum processing time).
• Using the level and base tones chart below, it’s easy to translate the Pravana ChromaSilk shade numbers to the actual colors they will produce.
The first number of the ChromaSilk shade expresses the level or depth of color. When there is only a single digit in the shade number,
it is a member of the natural family with a slightly cool-neutral tonal base. The second and or third numbers express the accent tonal
value of the particular shade.
9.1 - Deposits to level 9. Very light ash blonde with a green base
6.11 - Deposits to level 6. Dark, very ash blonde with extra green base
5.31 - Deposits to level 5. Light golden ash brown with a gold /green base
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Step 5 – Shampoo 2 times from scalp to ends with Pravana Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo. For the first shampoo, it is advisable to
massage the product into a full lather and place a plastic cap over the hair for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly for at least 3
minutes. Be sure to follow with a thorough second shampooing and rinsing.
Important Note: It is vital to strictly follow these shampoo and rinsing instructions. If dye intermediates are not thoroughly
shampooed and rinsed from the hair, they may air oxidize and the color may return.
To verify the dyes have been successfully extracted, towel-dry hair and saturate it with 10-volume developer and allow to
remain in the hair for 20 seconds. (Rinse thoroughly with water.) If there are dyes still present in the hair, they will oxidize and
become visible. If desired results are not achieved or the color is not completely extracted, as will be indicated by a visible
change in the color (usually darker) repeat steps 1- 5. The Artificial Hair Color Extraction service may be repeated several times
to achieve desired results. Three applications are typically recommended to completely remove densely pigmented hair or
hair that is very absorbent or commonly referred to as “porous” due to condition. Black tint may require 6 – 7 extractions for
complete removal.
Step 6 – After final shampoo and rinse, apply the appropriate Pravana Conditioner.
Step 7 – Apply a color at least 2 levels lighter than your desired end result to ensure color does not go too dark.
Example: desired tone 6.3, Apply 8.3 with Zero Lift, 10, 20 or 30 volume.
It is also possible to highlight the hair following the extraction service.
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Hair Color Usage Guide
Hair Color Usage Guide
Silk Degrees Botanical Hair Color
What is it?
It is a plant-based hair color treatment that imparts soft, shimmering color to both color-treated and or natural hair color. It’s more than
just a color refresher. Both natural and color- treated brunettes can be instantly transformed to a dazzling array of mahoganies or deep
auburns with Silk Degrees colors. Blondes can regain depth with a dose of Silk Degrees Honey. The color will last through several shampoos
then simply fade completely from the hair. Users have ultimate control of how long they keep the color transition. A great way to try a
new look before making it permanent.
How is it used?
Silk Degrees Botanical Colors are easy and safe to use. Simply shampoo and thoroughly towel dry hair. Apply Silk Degrees color directly
to the hair without pre mixing with any developer. Allow to penetrate the hair for 15-20 minutes. If you would like to achieve longer
lasting and more vibrant results, process the color under a plastic cap and warm hooded dryer or other heat source for 15 minutes.
Thoroughly rinse with just water.
How does it work?
What Is the PRAVANA ChromaSilk hair color system?
84 shades of color that perform both as permanent and no-lift, demi-permanent colors
7 Super Lighteners (900 series) and a 000 Lightening Booster to provide additional “lift” when performing single-process blonding
10 VIVIDS – super vibrant semi-permanent colors
5 Color Corrector and Additive shades
5 Creme Developers ranging from Zero Lift to 40 Volume to provide a complete range of processing options
Artificial Hair Color Extractor - To completely extract artificial hair color without affecting the natural base color of the hair
Pure Light Power Lightener – On and off the scalp lightening. Lifts 7 levels and beyond
What makes ChromaSilk hair color superior to any other hair color?
ChromaSilk's low-ammonia formula allows users to mix with either 10, 20, 30, or 40 volume developers to both lift and deposit color.
All ChromaSilk colors may also be mixed with PRAVANA Zero Lift Developer to create a true, demi-permanent, no-lift hair color.
Silk Degrees Botanical Hair Color is comprised of plant-based dyes and conditioners coupled with pure keratin and silk amino acids and
natural wheat protein to provide natural, shimmering translucent color to natural and color-treated hair. The colors contain no ammonia,
no peroxide, and no so-called PPD’s (paraphenylenediamine).
These colors deposit purely through absorption and through the added adherence offered by the special proteins. As color-treated hair
is typically more absorbent, color will be more vibrant than when used on natural hair color. No other color system available today offers
the gentle nature and richness of color of Pravana Silk Degrees Botanical Hair Color.
Silk Degrees Hair Colors come in 6 shades; Honey, Red, Copper, Platinum, Chocolate, and Mahogany. Each color is packaged in a 3 oz tube
which is enough for 1-3 services, depending on hair length.
Hydrolyzed silk amino acids act as "carrying agents" to help drive color deep into the hair fiber, providing unmatched coverage, color
vibrancy and durability. Human hair keratin amino acids provide protection, strength and brilliant shine.
ChromaSilk’s 90 ml tube is mixed 1 part color to 1 1⁄2 parts developer. This provides 88% more working product than a traditional 2 oz
color tube mixed equal parts and because ChromaSilk is significantly less expensive, the value is even greater. Couple this with the
ability to stock just one color for both demi-permanent and permanent hair color needs and ChromaSilk instantly becomes the logical
choice for progressive salons.
How do I read the ChromaSilk Hair Color Numbering System?
ChromaSilk is segmented into warm and cool color families and utilizes the International 1-10 level numbering system.
Please refer to the chart on the adjoining page.
Created by Stylists for Stylists
Created by Stylists for Stylists
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Hair Color Usage Guide
Hair Color Usage Guide
• ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color is ideally suited for a bowl with brush application but can also be used in a bottle application.
Using the universal color wheel, you can see how to use the specific base tones of any given shade to neutralize or offset unwanted
tonal characteristics. Colors opposite each other on the color wheel cancel or neutralize each other.
• Use the ChromaSilk Processing Time Reference Chart to guide you in your processing. Use this simply as a guide. Actual processing
time may vary due to hair condition, texture and desired results.
Although ChromaSilk’s level and tonal numbering system gives you specific information on the primary and secondary accent tonal
bases, we’ve also divided our colors into 10 tonal families to help users quickly and easily identify the broader tonal aspects of colors
they may wish to use.
The descriptions below present the base tones of each ChromaSilk hair color family and offer suggestions for specific use.
• Natural family (delicate cool blue base) minimizes unwanted warmth
• Ash family (green base tones) cancels red undertones and leaves a natural looking tone
• Double Ash family (double green base tones) cancels red undertones but leaves ash reflections in the hair
(Not recommended for gray coverage)
• Beige family (blue/violet base tones) cancels brassy orange/yellow tones (Perfect for toning highlights and lifting natural brown hair)
• Fashion Brown family (cool golden base tones) leaves shinning reflective golden tones without being brassy. Great for mixing with
the natural family when working on gray hair
• Mahogany family (intense violet red/brown base tones)
• Gold family (gold base) great to use with Naturals for gray coverage
• Bronze family (gold/orange base tones)
• Copper family (gold base) great to use with Naturals for gray coverage
• Red family (intense red base tones)
*Mix with Naturals when applying to gray or white hair.
How do I mix and process ChromaSilk Creme Hair Color?
• ChromaSilk Permanent Creme Hair Color comes in 90 ml tubes and are mixed at a 1 to 1 ½ ratio of creme color to developer (3 oz of
color to 4 ½ oz of developer).
• For Super Lightener Blondes, use a 1 to 2 mixing ratio with 30 or 40 volume developers (1 tube of color to 6 oz of developer). Super
Lightener Blondes are intended for use on virgin hair level 6 and higher.
• Mix appropriate quantities of color and developer in a non-metallic bowl. Using a scale to measure the components of your formula
is the most accurate way to prepare the color mixture.
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• ChromaSilk VIVIDS semi-permanent colors are not to be mixed with any developer or peroxide. ChromaSilk VIVIDS are intended to be
applied directly to the hair. ChromaSilk VIVIDS are great to create exciting color options when applied to pre-lightened hair.
ChromaSilk Mixing and Processing Guide
How much product should I use for various hair lengths?
Hair Length
ChromaSilk Color
⁄2 Tube / 1.5 oz / 45 mil
⁄4 Tube / 1.5 oz / 45 mil
1 Tube / 1.5 oz / 45 mil
Crème Developer
2.25 oz / 67.5 ml
3.4 oz / 101.25 ml
4.5 oz / 135 ml
Working Product
3.75 oz / 112.5 ml
5.65 oz / 168.75 ml
7.5 oz / 225 ml
How do I use ChromaSilk Color Correctors and Additives?
There are three Ash color correctors and two color additives to use in the ChromaSilk collection. Add 1 inch to your color formula for
correcting tonal value or to add tonal brightness.
• Do not add additional developer to your formulation when using additives.
Green Corrector- To further aid in neutralizing red tones for levels 1-3
Blue Corrector- Adds more depth to all tones 1-4
Neutral Ash Corrector- Neutral ash. Neutralizes warmth for levels 7-10
Red / Yellow Additives- For added warmth and brightness
How do I get the most from ChromaSilk VIVIDS?
• ChromaSilk VIVIDS are available in 9 exciting tones: Silver, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Magenta, Violet, Green and Blue
To create radiant colors, it is necessary to pre-lighten the hair. Use Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener for best results. Mix 1 scoop
(1 oz or 30g) of powder with 3 oz (90ml) of 30 or 40 volume developer until the desired amount of color removal is achieved. The chart
below will quickly help you to identify the correct level of lift to match each ChromaSilk VIVIDS shade.
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Hair Color Usage Guide
Hair Color Usage Guide
ChromaSilk VIVIDS are applied to dry hair, off the scalp and WITHOUT mixing with peroxide.
Violet -Magenta -Red -Orange -Lift to a level 7
Yellow -Green -Lift to a level 9
Blue -Silver -Pink -Lift to a level 10
*To overcome porosity created by extreme lightening, mix 3⁄4 oz VIVIDS with 1⁄4 Silk Degrees Shine Treatment.
How to make all your hair color services RISK FREE:
• Some products can irritate the skin - Do a 24 patch test of color mixed with developer and place a small amount on the inside of the
elbow. If there is any irritation do not use.
• Use Plastic Gloves and non-metallic bowls
• Do not use ChromaSilk on eyebrows or eyelashes. If contact does happen, rinse immediately with abundant water.
9.03 - Deposits to level 9. Extra light golden blonde with gold base
8.45 - Deposits to level 8. Light copper mahogany blonde with an orange/red/brown base
6.46 - Deposits to level 6. Copper red dark blonde with an orange/red base
900 - Deposits to level 9. Extra, extra light blonde
913 - Deposits to level 9. Extra light ash golden blonde with a green /gold base
000 - Super Lightening Re-enforcer - No tonal base
When added to Super Lighteners, or any ChromaSilk formula, ChromaSilk OOO Super Lightening re-enforcer can help to lighten up to an
additional 2 levels!
Professional Use Only
For maximum lift with delicate toning quality, use the following 900 series Super Lightener /000 formulas:
Extracts only artificial oxidation–type hair color without affecting natural hair pigmentation.
Leaves hair conditioned and softly textured.
Easy to mix, apply and process.
Does not contain ammonia, bleach or formaldehyde.
• Protect clothing as ARTIFICIAL HAIR COLOR EXTRACTOR may stain clothing.
• If there is skin irritation or open sores or wounds, do not apply product. Never mix with hydrogen peroxide.
• Do not use ARTIFICIAL HAIR COLOR EXTRACTOR to remove metallic colors or henna, to do so may cause hair breakage. Will not remove
semi-permanent non-oxidation hair colors such as Pravana’s ChromaSilk VIVIDS.
• ARTIFICIAL HAIR COLOR EXTRACTOR should not be applied to hair that has been treated with a sodium hydroxide-based relaxer.
However, the service can be given to hair treated with a thio-based relaxer. If uncertain as to the type of relaxer used, perform a
strand test with the Artificial Hair Color Extractor to verify the integrity of the hair and positive compatibility with the formula.
• Perform a strand test before applying to entire head. If the test is positive proceed with service.
• Do not mix ARTIFICIAL HAIR COLOR EXTRACTOR in metallic containers, only plastic or glass.
• Do not apply to eyebrows or eyelashes. To do so may cause eye irritation or even blindness.
• If product gets into eyes, rinse with water and immediately seek medical attention.
• Keep out of reach of children.
Created by Stylists for Stylists
• Any 900 series color (3/4 oz.), with 000 (1/4 oz.) mixed with 2 parts (2 oz.) 30 or 40 vol. developer will lift or lighten up to an additional ½ level.
• Any 900 series color (1/2 oz.), with 000 (1/2 oz.) mixed with 2 parts (2 oz.) 30 or 40 vol. developer will lift or lighten up to an additional level.
• Any 900 series color (1/4 oz.), with 000 (3/4 oz.) mixed with 2 parts (2 oz.) 30 or 40 vol. developer will lift or lighten up to an additional
1 ½ to 2 levels.
• 000 Blonding Booster, on its own, can be mixed with 2 parts developer for maximum single process lightening with no toning effect.
The amount of lift or lightening action is dependent upon the shade selected and the volume of the developer used. The ChromaSilk
Processing Time Chart gives guidelines for the amount of lift you can expect using different shade levels and developers.
Zero Lift
10 Volume
20 Volume
Minimal Lift - Primarily for Deposit only
1 Level of Lift - Standard for Gray Coverage
30 Volume
40 Volume
30 & 40 + 000 Lightening Booster
2 Levels of Lift - for Lighter Brighter Affects
3 Levels of Lift - for Maximum Lift
4 - 5 Levels of Lift - for Super Lighteners
Created by Stylists for Stylists
20 - 30 minutes
30 minutes
35 minutes. 45 minutes for complete
coverage of resistant hair.
40 minutes
45 minutes
45 minutes

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