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Was Pryor's Legacy Flawed? - Page 3
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way to D all as y North
People In Tookie Williams Claimed Texas Guard Troops
The News Innocence Until The End Back After Year In Iraq
By: Kim C u r d s
Dr. Monica "Moe" Anderson
is a v-ersatile journalist, author,
motiv-ational speaker, and Doctor
of Dental Surgery. The Arlington
resident will be signing copies of
her debut novel, IfTuvj A Sisiak's
Fed Up, on Deceber 17th at Black
Images Book Bazaar from 2:00 to
4:00 pm.
Her no\"el is a steamy and suspenseful tale of a prominent
politician's struggle to s a w her
career, salvage her marriage, and
keep her sanitj-. The heroine. Faith Henry, is the first AfricanAmerican mayor of UI>-sses, Texas. She's married to her college sweetheart and has two "perfect" children. Refreshingly
honest and insightful, When A Sisiah's Fed Up is a cautionary
tale that examines the unpredictable consequences of "spiritual" anorexia.
In 1996, Dr. Anderson became the first African-American
columnist for the Arlington Star-Telegram. She was a freelance, weekly columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, a
leading Texas newspaper, for eight years. Her editorials have
appeared in \-arious newspapers across the country. In 1999,
the staff of the Fort Worth Weekly named her "Best
Columnist" in Tarrant County.
Dr. Anderson has also authored two non-fiction books:
Black English Vernacular and Mom, Are VTe There Yet?
For more info on Dr. Moe o r ^ l i e n a Sistah's Fed Up, \-isit
A local cit>' coundlman has been
eleaed to the National League of
Cities' board of direaors.
Makia Epic, has served on the
Cedar Hill Cit>- Council for 10
y^an., he ser^-cs in FLci; 5 on the
Council and is up for re-election in
2007, Councilmcmbcr Epic works
as a Hearing Officer for the Texas
Board of Pardons and Paroles.
Epie was eleaed to the National
League of Cities' board during the
organization's 2005 Congress of
Cities Dec. 6 through Dec. 10 in Charlone, N.C.
Nearly 3,000 local government leaders attended the four-day
conference dunng which ciiy leaders discussed such issues as
cfiective disaster preparedness, economic dc\-elopment challenges
and technology as a tool for communicating with constituents.
The National League of Cidcs is the oldest and largest national organization reprcsenung municipal gm-emments thruu^out
the United States. lis mission is to strengthen and promote cities
as centers ot opportunity, leadership, and governance.
Working in partnership with the 49 state municipal
leagues, the National League of Cities serves as a resource to
and an advocate for the more than 18,000 ciues, \-iilagcs, and
towns it represents. More than 1,600 municipalities of all
sizes pay dues to N L C and actively participate as leaders and
voting members in the organization.
On Dec. 6, TerT>- Bellamy was
sworn in as the first AfricanAmerican and the youngest mayor
of AsheWlle, N.C. T h e cit>' of
70,000 people, eleaed the 33-yearold who was in the midst of her second term as city councihvoman.
Viliile African Americans only make
up about 17 percent of the populauon of the cit>-, almost 57 percent of
the residents voted for Bellamy.
"After {high school) graduation a
lot of people left because they couldn't afford to live here.
Opportunities were limited and the>- couldn't afford housing,"
said Bellamy, " h o graduated from the Unirersit>- of North
Carolina-Charione. "Instead of leaving, I decided to do something about it."
According to the National Council of Black Mayon there are
owr 500 black mayors but Bellamy is one of three running a cit>with more than 50,000 people and less than a 20 percent AfricanAmerican population.
Married and the mother of two children, she initially became
active in her community because she "wanted to make sure the
school board members cared about the education of all children."
"Bellamy suggests her community acti\ism may come frt)m
having a mother who has helped homeless kids and who has volunteered in prisons for o w 20 years. As for her political «aory.
Bellamy said, "It shouTi that dreams really do come true. You can
come home again.
People In The News
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8, 9 & 10
Stanley Tookie Williams
maintained his innocence
right up until his death, even
when an admission of guilt
may have spared him execution.
after the
courts and Gov. Arnold
Schwarzenegger rejected a
flurry of Williams' last-ditch
appeals before his execution
early Tuesday, his supporters
vowed to prove his innocence.
of the "Tookie "Williams
vigil outside San Quentin I^i'isort.
WiUiams, the Crips gang
co-foimder whose case stirred a national debate lar arm. As they struggled to
about capital punishment versus the possibility fmd a vein, Williams looked up
of redemption, was executed Tuesday morning repeatedly and appeared frustrated, shaking his head at supfor killing four people in 1979.
Williams, 51, died at 12:35 a.m. Officials at porters and other wimesses.
"You doing that right?" it
San Quentin State Prison seemed to have trouble injecting the lethal mixture into his muscuToockie Claims innocence Page 8
Ground Breaking
Comedian Dead At 65
By: Dessoti T h o m s o n
Richard Pryor, the
proudly profane breakthrough movie star and
comic, whose influence is heard today in
every stand-up who
has ever forsaken airplane gags for the truth
and a four-letter word,
died Saturday of a
heart attack in Encino, California. He was 65,
and had coped with multiple sclerosis for nearly 20 years.
Richard Pryor was his own Nero. He fiddled
while he burned.
That is to say, he made virtuoso comedy out
of his ottTi misery, sadness and, yes, his own
burning. On June 9, 1980, when freebasing
cocaine went wrong, die comedian ran screaming down the
street outside his house ~ literally on fire. O n e thing he
learned from that experience,
he told his audience later,
"when you rim down the street
on fire, people will move out of
your way."
Quips like that were signature
Pryor. He made music out of all
the terrible things that happened to him (or the things he
did to others), like that burning
incident (which he later
acknowledged was a deranged
suicide attempt rather than an
accident), growing up black in
Pryor Page 8
One-Day Flu Clinic Opens In Piano
Through the collaborative efforts of the City of
Piano, Collin County Health Care Services and
the Collin County Adult Clinic, a "one-day" Flu
Clinic will be opened on Samrday, December 17
to provide the influenza vaccine to the public.
The Collin County Adult Clinic at 2520 K
Avenue (Suite #100) is the designated site for
dispensing the vaccine. Individuals will have the
choice of receiving either the Flu Mist at no
charge (but is in limited supply), or the flu shot
for a nominal fee of SIO for adult doses and $5
for children. The Flu Mist is very eflfective
against Influenza A, and is a great opdon for candidates who prefer alternatives to actually taking
shots. The mist will only be administered to persons in good physical health between the ages of
5 and 49 years.
Collin Coimty Heath Care Services personnel
will also be on hand to assist
anyone needing help with filing
for Medicare - the Flu Mist is
free and will not need to be filed
with Medicare or any other
insurance carrier.
The Flu Clinic can be foimd
on the northeast comer of K
Avenue and Park Boulevard and
open from 9:00am - 12:00pm
on Saturday, December 17
For more information about
this one-day Flu Clinic in
Piano, contact Collin County
Health Educator Jamie Nicolay
at metro number 972-4241460, extension #5578.
By: L a r a Jakes J o r d a n
told the survivors.
Nem Orleans community activist Uah
Hodges testifies
"They died from abject neglect,"
retorted community activist U a h Hodges.
We left body bags behmd."
.. . ,
Angry evacuees described being trapped in
Death Toll In Nigerian
Plane Crash At 107
the Sosoliso
Airlines DC-9.
At - one
bodies were piled
together because of a
lack of room.
pulled seven survivors
from the burning aircraft, but state televiPeople look at the wreckage
sion reported that
of Nigeria's Sosoliso
DC-9 in Port Harcourt,
four later died. The
By: O n y e m a Godwin
Four people died after being wreckage lay in two parts as
pulled from the wreckage of a investigators picked through
Nigerian jetliner that crashed the pieces.
while landing in a storm, state
television said Sunday, raising Obasanjo canceled a visit to
the number killed to 107, most Portugal and said he would
of them schoolchildren coming meet with the country's airline
home for Christmas.
operators to discuss "muchTiie victims included an needed reforms in Nigeria's
American aid worker.
aviation industry," presidenAirport officials directed tial spokeswoman Remi Oyo
frantic family members to said in a statement. Tlie crash
morgues in this southern oil was the second major air discenter as a Roman Catholic aster in seven weeks in Africa's
cleric in Abuja said 71 school- most populous nation.
children from that city's Jesuit
"The president is particularschool died in Saturday's crash
Plane Crash Page 8
Haggard Library
Reopened After 18
Months Of Renovations
By: Annette Nevins
Katrina Victims Testify On Racism's Role
Black survivors of Hurricane
Katrina said Tuesday that racism contributed to the slow disaster response,
at times likening themselves in emotional congressional testimony to victims of genocide and the Holocaust.
The comparison is inappropriate,
according to Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla.
"Not a single person was marched
into a gas chamber and killed," Miller
By: T.A. B a d g e r
Perry said.
About 3,000 troops from a
The troops were welcomed
Texas National Guard unit by an estimated 20,000 family
returned home Saturday
after nearly a year in
Iraq, rushing into the
arms of family members
after the largest deployment of state guardsmen
since World War II.
Members of the Fort
Brigade lined up in formation
Baylor Nearly a year after shipping out to Iraq,
3,000 troops from the Texas National
University's Floyd Casey Guard's 56th Brigade Combat Team were
Stadium. As they were welcomed hotne in time for the holidays,
introduced over the
members, friends and other
loudspeaker, soldiers ran onto well-wishers. Many of them
the field like football stars had been in Iraq since January
while loud music and applause and initially were not schedfilled the air.
uled to return for several more
"Texas just hasn't been the weeks.
same without you," Gov. Rick
Texas Guard Back Home Page 3
temporary shelters where one
New Orleans residem said she
• r
was one sunrise from being
Piano's Haggard library
reopened recendy with a
new children's area, spacious study rooms and
more than twice as many
Construction delays in
remodeling had kept
library doors, closed for
18 months.
"It's like having a whole
new library," said Cheri Gross,
manager of the 16-year-oId
library at 2501 Coit Road.
"We're so excited about our
new space. It's hard to believe
we used to be crammed in
there for so long."
Construction of a 20,000-
square-foot second floor and
remodeling of the first floor
began in July 2004. The project was scheduled to take a
year, but weather and unforeseen change orders t o the
$3.53 million library renovaHaggard Library
Opens Page 9
Katrina Victims Testify' Page 10
I Minority Opportunity News -The Gazette 6100 Ave K, Suite 105 (@Spring Creek Parkway)
Piano, Texas 75074 J
Community Spotlight
Piano North Metroplex Chapter Of The Links,
Inc Holds Annual Christmas Caravan
By; Paul Hailey
Link Bitlie McCalla prepares gift
packages for adopted families.
Piano Police department members participated in the
caravan through the "Christmas Cop" program.
Members of Piano North Metroplex
Texas chapter of The Links, Inc.
Gift recipients at Douglas
Community Center.
America's Attich Christmas Clowns join Links
members at the Piano Childrens Medical Center.
President Shirley Ware of
Piano North Metroplex
Texas chapter of The Links, Inc.
Donated gifts for
the Christmas Caravan.
T h e women of the Piano
North Metroplex Chapter of
The Links, Inc held their annual Christmas Caravan on
Saturday, December 10th.
Each year, Links determines
the organizations to be served
by the Christmas Caravan and
obtains a wish list from each
group. Members then set out to
obtain donated items to fulfill
the wishes. Needs range from
hygiene and medical supplies,
to food, toys, household items,
and clothing.
Through the years, the Links
Christmas Caravan has delivered donated items and care
packages to a variety of nonprofit agencies including local
nursing homes, C r i T House,
Boys & Giris Clubs, Hope's
Door, and Piano Children's
Medical Clinic.
This year, the chapter presented gifts to Seniors at the
Douglas Community' Center,
patients at the Piano Children
Medical Center, and adopted
two families in need that were
"Christmas C o p " program of
the Piano Police Department.
"We do recognize that Piano
is such a wonderful community," said Links member T J .
Johnson, a Piano resident and
Links member since 1992.
"This little chapter of Links ...
we do enjoy our association and
affiliation right here in Piano,
and that's why we work so hard
to be part of this great city and
what's accomplished here.
Volunteering is part of the
whole healthy experience. It's
the absolute way to stay
healthy and young. Get
involved in service. I think the
more you give, the more
comes back to you."
$ 6 9 * DIVORCE
Criminal D e f e n s e H
Family Cases
DWI / Suspended License
• Divorce / Annulment
• Child Support / Patemity
24 Hour Jail Release'
OccupationaJ license, felonies
• Custody Modification
• Restraining Order
• Protective Order
Protective Order
• Name Change / Adoption
• Domestic Violence
Open On Weekends
Easy Payment Plans
Law Offices Of Vincent Nduloive
2730 N. Stemmons Frwy, Suite 409 • Dallas, TX 75207
Not C e r t i f i e d by t h e T e x a s B o a r d of L e g a l . S p e c i a l i z a t i o n
* tt you quail'"/ 'Fees ouo'sd above are mintmuni down payipeni needed lo begin processing your case
503 E. Davis Strest McKinney
Piano Parade Replayed On Comcast
Just in case you
missed it, the 33rd
Annual Piano Christmas Parade is being
replayed on Comcast
Cable at noon on
Sundays for the next
four weeks. The broadcast features the two tel-
Piano Christmas tirade MC's
TJ. Johnson and Steve Aliller
evision emcees. Attorneys T.J.
Johnson and Steve Miller.
T J. Johnson is Chairperson,
Museum, Director of Live from
Piano, Leadership Piano Grad
Class VII, Member Piano
Multicultural Committee
Steve Miller is President
Elect Piano Youth Leadership,
Past President Rotary Club,
Leadership Piano Grad Class
XVIII, Piano resident since
T h e Parade playback is
shown on Comcast's Local
Origination Channel 14 in
Piano and Richardson.
FREE Installation • Custom paint or stain
Over 20 years in the industry
.UU hraiX) li> }*»tt lionir mlh »tr IwiHlimnril PUjil4tioi) !4iuilcri. Made "T lU^
.^mcm-aii ll«fdw<M>il.<iurB»«nixvlShuncT*«01 wvryHiiiial niialiiHU'li DCdi'tninrcwilli
slylc \nidl(cryoiiha*r |Uki pivdt«»C(l4 iir«^ l^xnc.iir arr rrail) U> iiukca itMiiftc Itiymir
cxoliim \\guh>u >>-v<niiit<i n"V^ •• ilic timr lo Uiv Mtfinitu i'iinuuon MUIIUT*
Call for your free estimate today!
{972) 741 - 1 3 3 6
Around The Town
70th SBC Cotton Bowl
Classic is accepting applications through December
16. Call 972-230-5655.
R i c h a r d s o n
presents, "The Sound of
Music", University of
Texas at Dallas Theater,
7:30 p.m. December 9-18
' Sanders
Christmas, a musical comedy produced by Word of
Mouth Productions, at the
Courtyard Theater in downtown Piano. Call 214-7347326
December 9-18
Free Tenants Legal
Workshops are offered
each Tuesday, Douglass
Community Center, 1111
Ave H in Piano. Call 972941 -7174 for information.
Winter Holiday Crafts
at the North Branch
Library, 2600 Dates Dr.,
4:30 p.m.
December 2-23
Collin Intervention to
Youth (City House) will be
offering couples group
counseling at City Family
Center, 1947 Ave. K.
BuildingA,StelOO. Thesix
week program addresses
how disagreements and
other factors affect children.
Call 972-424-4626.
Families in Recovery, a
lecture series will meet from
7:00 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. the
second Tuesday of the
month in Festival Hall at St.
Andrews United
Methodsit Paul St, 2:00 p.m. December 19Church, 5801 W. Piano Parkway. 21.
Call 214-291-8024 for informaDecember 16
India Arie in concert at the
Six week series for the Black Academy of Arts and
recently divorced, 6:30 p.m., Letters, 650 S. Griffin St. (Naomi
5801 W. Piano Parkway. Call Bruton Theater), 7:00 p.m. Call
214-291-8017 for information.
Black Nativity, the rousing
TBAAL and Galaxy
gospel musical by Langston Entertainment presents The
Hughes, Greater St. Johns Christmas Gift Concert &
Primitive Baptist Church, 3633 Comedy Show, 7:00 p.m. at the
Atlanta (Dallas), 7:30 p.m. Call Black Academy of Arts and
972 285-0705 for information. Letters, Naomi Bruton Theater,
December 13-17
7:00 p.m. Featured artists are
A Christmas Carol at the jazz guitarist Wayman Tisdale,
Dallas Theater Center, 3636 New Orleans violinist Michael
Turde Creek Blvd., Call 214- Ward and comedian A. J. Jamal.
information. Call
Ticketmaster 214-373-8000.
November 2 5-December 24.
'Yes Virginia, There Is
African Storytelling will
Frisco begin at 11:00 a.m. at the Fretz
Community Theatre,
7774 Park Branch Library, 6990
Maple St., 8:00 p.m. Call 972- Beltline Rd. For information call
849-0358. Thru December 18
Christmas at Spring Creek
December 1?
Farm, 1401 E. Lookout Dr.
The Richardson Ladies
(Richardson), 10:00 am-8:00 Auxiliary to VFW Post 8627
p.m. Call 972-235-0192. Dec. will meet at the Post, 1040
Hampshire Ln, 6-:00 p.m.-8:00
The SPCA celebrating its p.m.
Information 972-67115th year in NorthPark with 8627.
adoptable animals and merchanThe Mesquite Symphony
dise at its all new Paws and Orchestra plays Music of the
Presents storefront on the upper Season, 5:30 p.m. Call 972-216level between Neiman Marcus 8127 for information.
and Nordstrom, next to Santa's
A n n u a l
Workshop, 11 a.m.-7 p.m., Mon- Fundraiser/Gala of the Six
Sat. For information call 214- Million Dollar Woman's Club
651-9611, ext 118 or ext. 143- featuring an auction and live
November 11-December 26
entertainment, will begin at 7:00
Action Jaxon, Dee Jay on p.m. at the Piano Centre, 2000
97.9 The Beat raises money for E. Spring Creek Parkway, Piano.
the homeless shelters, Family F o r i n f o r m a t i o n
Gateway Center, 711 South ST. www. sixmilliondoli arwoman. org.
Sponsored Bt/;
Page 2 • December
tS - December
"When a Sistah's Fed Up"
by Monica Anderson book
signing, 2:00-4:00 p.m., Black
Images Book Bazaar, 230
Wynnewood Village. Call 214943-0142 for information.
The Ebony Nutcracker an
adaptation of the Nutcracker
comes to the Majestic Theater,
1925 Elm St., 2:00 p.m. and 7:00
Urban Disaster Survival
Seminar, Phase 3, sponsored by
The Act of Change, Inc., will be
held at 3200 S. Lancaster, Suite
For information call
actofchange(a yahoo.com.
Project Turn Around will
host its annual Christmas Toys
Giveway benefiting Dallas area
children at Oak Cliff Bible
FeUowship Church, 1808 Camp
Wisdom Rd., 9:00 a.m.- 2:30
p.m. Call 972-228-1281 for
December 18
5th A^%nue Soul Sundays,
open mic and featured guests,
will begin 8:00 p.m., at 5th
Avenue at Abbotsford, 14775
Midway Rd, Addison. For information call 817-937-8301 or
www. mikeguinn .com
Tea(a 3 and sing-along with
Emma Rodgers, Co-owner of
Black Images Book Bazaar,
11:00 a.m., at Galleria Dallas,
13355 Noel Rd, at the Children's
Play Place, level 3 near Saks Fifth
Avenue. For information call
972-702-7100 "or www.galleriadallas.com.
December 19
meeting, 3:00 p.m., Council
Chambers, Galloway.
Healthcare System, Dallas
VA Medical Center in collaboration with the City of
Dallas will host the 12th
Annual homeless stand
down from 9:00 a.m.-2:00
p.m., Dallas Convention
Center, Exhibit Hall. Call
214-670-5122 for information
December 20
unwrapped toy and help a
North Texas child this
holiday, WFAA Downtown
Studios in Dallas, 5:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m.
Comedian Sinbad will
Performance Hall, 4th and
Calhoun Streets, Forth
Call 1-877-2124280 for information.
December 21
The Richardson East
Rotary meets at
Richardson Hotel at noon.
For information call 972690-0637.
Kirk Franklin in concert,
Performance Hall, 4th and
Calhoun Streets, 8 p.m. Call
1-877-212-4280 for information.
December 23
Exclusive screening of
"The Ringer", 7:30 p.m.,
Loews Keystone Theater,
Spring Valley and Hwy 75 in
Richardson. Call 469-2313716.
Proud To Be An Active
Partner In The Community
21, 2005 • Minority
Chapter of the National
Society of the Daughters of
the American Revolution will
meet at the Royal Oaks Country
Club, 7915 Greenville, 10:30
a.m. For information call 972235-3688.
In the Spirit of the holiday
season, join Hill Chapel CME
Church along with special guest
speaker, Ms. Ramona Logan of
NBC5 for a time of "Friendship,
Fellowship, Fun and Fashion.
The Women's Ministry of Hill
Chapel is sponsoring a holiday
brunch, 10:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.,
Glen Eagles Country Club, 5401
W. Park (Piano). For information call 972-423-4090.
Toy Drive 2005 Christmas
Concert, 7:30 p.m. at the House
of Praise Family Church, 5007
Ivy Ln. CaU 469-995-2761 for
The Black Academy of
Arts and Leners Galaxy
Entertainment present The
Christmas Gift Concert, 7.
p.m., 650 S. Griffin St. Call 214373-8000.
All You Can Eat Pancakes {g
Applebee's for only S5.00, 8:30
a.m.- 10:30 a.m., 1905 1-635
(Mesquite) The fund-raiser will
benefit the Mesquite NAACP
ACT-SO Program. Call 972288-0281 for information.
Music Under the Dome featuring the band Faces with "A
Very Jazzy Christmas", 7:00
Museum, 3536 Grand Ave. in
Fair Park. For information call
214-565-9026 ext. 304 or kferguson(a>aamdallas.org.
News - The
i'i.Ml Om Wthsii,- .1/ ivwiv..\H>\''l/n'(itiz*ftt\t
We Can't Help New Orleans? God Help Us
Good News Economy Bypasses Most Americans
By: James W. Breedlove
The Bush administration has
initiated an aggressive campaign
to convince Americans that the
sluggish economy is picking up
steam. The government recently reported 215,000 new jobs
had been created, the unemployment rate was holding steady at
5 percent, third quarter productivity had risen 4.7 percent, and
the GDP grew at a 4.3 percent
rate in the same period.
But the economic recovery, no
matter how rosy sounding the
numbers, is far ftxjm impressive.
Consider jobs, the focal point of
the President's PR campaign.
What has not been revealed in
the media reports' is the new
jobs were almost entirely lowincome service jobs. Analyzing
the composition of those
215,000 jobs shows that the
middle class and poor class
workers are not able to maintain
living standards with these jobs.
Approximately 26,000 (13%) of
the new jobs are tax-supported
government jobs. The remainder that are in the private sector
consist mainly of service positions such as food servers, bar
tenders, health care workers,
retail clerks, transit and contract
employees. There were approximately 7,000 construction jobs
created but immigrant workers
filled most of them.
These jobs do not produce a
tradable good or ser\ice that
can be exported or ser\'e as an
offset to help reduae the massive
and growing US trade deficit.
The robust economy that the
President is trumpeting is
employing people to sell things,
to shuffle people fi^om point A
to point B, and to serve them
fast food and alcoholic beverages. The items being sold may
carry an American brand, but
for the most part they are made
off" shore.
For example, 70% of WalJVlarl's products are made in
China. The Department of
Commerce's recent trade data
report indicated that the U.S.
trade deficit with China is projected to exceed an annualized
S200 billion dollars, ahnost S40
billion more than last year.
Dr. Robert Scott, director of
international programs at the
Policy Institute (EPI), a nonprofit nongovernmental research
organization that focuses on the
economic conditions of lower
and middle-income American
workers stated that the United
States' growing trade deficit with
China has had an increasingly
negative impact on the U.S. economy, causing the loss of over 1.5
million jobs over the last 14 years
including some in the most
advanced technologies.
The study noted that China's
exports to the United States of
sophisticated electronics and
requiring skilled labor are growing much more quickly than its
exports of low-value, labor-intensive products such as textiles and
Foreign manufacturing competition has hit Detroit's Big Three General Motors
DaimlerChrysler, and F o r d causing massive layoffs and plant
closings. In Michigan and other
plant locales the robust economy
charade has no substance.
General Motors Corp. will
eliminate 30,000 jobs (about 9
percent of its workforce) and
close nine North American
assembly, stamping and power
train plants by 2008 as pan of an
effort to get production in line
with demand. Ford is scheduled
to annoimce its major overhaul
plans, including job cuts, in
January. Chrysler had preWously
started implementing its threeyear plan to eliminate 26,000
jobs. Considering that US auto
factories support seven jobs at
other nearby businesses means
that the trickle down impact of
the Big Three layoffs will be
500,000 jobs. Even Delphi, a
major auto parts supplier, is now
in bankruptcy and asking workers
to accept a 55 percent cut in pay.
There is no economic steam in
these numbers.
The result is a vicious cycle:
Firms cut jobs to reduce costs,
which swells the ranks of pensioned retirees. That, along with
costiy healthcare benefits, adds to
so-called legacy costs that are significantly higher than those of
foreign competitors. It's a disadvantage that's taking a toll on
America's industrial powerhouses.
This scenario can added to the
growing list of failures on Bush's
watch. Manufacturing jobs are
being decimated, the ranks of the
poor and working poor has skyrocketed, healthcare costs are out
of control, and the 46 million
uninsured is more than we have
had in 30 years. President Bush
has borrowed more money
against our future than any other
Outgoing Federal Reserve
Chairman Alan Greenspan has
finally stepped up to the plate
and cautioned the G-7 conferees
at the latest meeting that increasing budget deficits and imsteady
trade imbalances may threaten
the global economic livelihood in
the long run.
The economy may be booming
according to labor and commerce department statistics but
the reality is that millions of
Americans are not benefiting
fiom the administration's deficit
increasing tax cuts and irresponsible spending.
Too many of the recently displaced middle class and working
poor are suffering firom lower real
wages, outsourcing, threats of
more layoffs, high energy prices,
and rising health care costs that
continue to keep them in the
poor house.
Most Americans
don't feel good about the economy because it hasn't been good
for them. Never mind the glowing G.D.P. numbers: most people
are sliding backward on the
Adxziinistration's Teflon coated
economic claims.
favor with the ruling Republican
Party: They are portrayed as lazy
and worthless losers who would
be worse off if the government
lifted a hand to help them. It's
fimny how that philosophy has
taken hold in America, allowing
us to comfortably escape
responsibility for our fellow citizens.
I don't have any doubt that
some of the residents of the Gulf
Coast are slackers who haven't
tried very hard to rebuild their
lives, relying on government
support or the kindness of
strangers. But many, many more
This is - far from what the are working folks whose lives
president pledged in the after- have been tiu-ned upside down
math of Hurricanes Katrina through no fault of their own.
and Rita, making 10 trips to Though they had worked hard
the devastated Gulf Coast in all their adult lives, they never
the span of six weeks. Standing earned enough to build up
before TV cameras in New emergency nest eggs to take
Orleans' historic
Jackson them through this sort of crisis.
Square, he promised "one of
the largest reconstruction
efforts the world has ever
seen." But that's just a distant
dream now. Suddenly, the
richest country in the world
cannot afford to spend billions
to restore the Gulf Coast. The
same country that has laid out
S20 billion so far for the reconstruction of Iraq.
By: Cynthia Tucker
A conservative Congress has
drained the nation's treasury
— stuffing the Christmas
stockings of the rich with tax
breaks, handing out corporate
welfare to Big Business and
sticking to idiotic boondoggles
such as the Star Wars missile
defense program. Suddenly,
Congress and its enabler.
President Bush, have gotten
fiscal religion. It's fiinny how
that didn't happen until the
Gulf Coast needed big money
for reconstruction:
How is it that the Gulf Coast
has disappeared so easily from
the list of priorities for public
spending? Why is it that
American citizens who suffered from a devastating act of
God find so little support from
their elected representatives?
The entire tone of the conversation about the coastal
Orleans, has shifted. Much of
the dialogue — especially by
the conservative pundits who
act as the echo chamber for the
GOP — has painted a picture
not of victims of a hurricane
but rather of shiftless do-nothings who don't deserve aid.
That's what happens when any
group of people falls out of
Hniail C o m m e n t s to
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This past Saturday Richard
Pryor left this life
bequeathed to our culture as
much darkness as he did the
light his extraordinary talent
made possible.
When we look at the remarkable descent this culture has
made into smut, contempt, vulgarity and the pornagraphic,
those of us who are not willing
to drink the Kool-Aid marked
"all's well," will have to address
the fact that it was the combination of confusion and comic
genius that made Pryor a much
more negative influence than a
positive one.
I do not mean positive in the
way Bill Cosby was when his television show redefined situation
comedy by turning away from
all of the stereotypes of disorder
and incompetence that were
then and still are the basic renditions of black American hfe in
our mass media.
Richard Pryor was not that
kind of a man. His was a different story.
Pryor was troubled and he
had seen things that so haunted
him that the comedian found it
impossible to perform and
ignore the lower-class shadow
worlds he had known so well,
filled with pimps, prostitutes,
winos and abrasive types of one
-sort or another.
The vulgarity of his material,
and the idea a "real" black person was a foul-mouihed type
was his greatest influence. It was
the result of seeing the breaking
lexas Guard Back Home Page I
"We didn't expect to see you
until early next month," said
Maj. Gen. Michael Taylor, who
commands the 36th Infantry
Division, which includes the
returning brigade. "Well, Santa
I 'isit Our Website At
singers, piano players, chefs and
owners of mom-and-pop restaurants — the sort of souls who
were the cultural backbone of
New Orleans — are without savings and have not been able to
find jobs to replace those they
had. Many were homeowners
who didn't carry enough insurance, or carried none at all.They
will need help to rebuild. ^Tiat
makes them shiftless? What
makes them worthy of contempt?
It's true that countless charitable groups, including many
church organizations, have
pitched in. Families have volunteered to take in the newly
homeless, even some who
were complete strangers; job
fairs have been organized;
schools have made room for
children without books or
But the enormous job of
rebuilding cities and towns is
a responsibility only the federal government has the
means to tackle. Never before
in the history of this country
has an entire metropolitan
area been rendered uninhabitable for months, as New
Orleans was. In addition, several smaller towns along the
Louisiana and Mississippi
coasts will need massive infusions of capital and environmental and
expertise to get going again.
Besides, some of New
Orleans' woes are directly
attributable to federal failings.
Design of the levees — whose
failure allowed floodwaters to
pour in and swamp the city —
was the responsibility of the
Engineers, and early reports
by investigators strongly suggest that the levees rehed on a
faulty design and were poorly
built. If the federal government pledges to rebuild the
levees properly, private businesses will be more likely to
take the chance on moving
back to the city.
The fate of the Gulf Coast
— especially the nation's m o s t
distinctive city, N e w Orleans
— will tell us a lot about who
we are as a nation, as a people. If we are the compassionate, can-do people we say we
are, then we can help the Gulf
Coast rebuild. If we can't do
that, then America has
become a different and disturbing place.
Pryor's Flawed Legacy
of "white" convention as a form
of "authentic" definition.
Pryor reached for anything
that would make white America
uncomfortable and would prop
up a smug belief among black
Americans that they were always
"more cool" and more ready to
"face life" than the members of
majority culture.
Along the way, Pryor made
too many people feel that the N
word was open currency and
was more accurate than any
other word used to describe or
address a black person.
In the dung piles of pimp and
gangster rap we hear fi-om slime
meisters like Snoop Dogg and
* 50 Cent, the worst of Pryor's
influence has been turned into
an aspect of the new minstrelsy
in which millions of dollars are
made by "normahzing" demeaning imagery and misog>Tiy.
What is so unfortunate is that
the heaviest of Pryor's gifts was
largely ignored by so many of
those who praised the man
when he was alive and are now
in the middle of deifying him.
The pathos and the frailty of
the human soul alone in the
world or insecure or looking for
something of meaning in a
chaotic environment was a bit
too deep for all of the simpleminded clowns Hke Andrew
Dice Clay or those who thought
that mere ethnicitj' was enough
to define one as funny, like the
painfully square work of Paul
Of course, Russell Simmons'
Def Comedy Jam is the ultimate
coon show update of human
cesspools, where "cutting edge"
has come to mean traveling ever
more downward in the sewer.
In essence, Pryor stunned
with his timing, his rhythm, his
ability to stand alone and fill
the stage with three-dimensional characters through his
remarkably imaginative gift for
an epic sweep of mimicry.
That nuanced
crossed ethnic lines, stretched
from young to old, and gave
poignancy to the comedian's
revelations about the hurts
and the terrors of life.
T h e idea of " l a u d i n g to
keep from crying" was central
to his work and has been diligently avoided by those who
claim to owe so much to him.
As he revealed in his last
understood the prison he had
built for himself and the shallow definitions that smothered
his audience's understanding
of the humanity behind his
But, as they say, once the
barn door has been opened,
you cannot get all of the animals to return by whisding. So
wc need to understand the terrible mistakes this man of
comic genius made and never
settle for a standard that is less
than what he did at his very
best, which was as good as it
has ever gotten.
Claus came early this year."
T h e welcome rally also
included a naturalization ceremony for 29 soldiers from seven
countries who were not U.S. citizens when they deployed to the
Middle East.
The brigade was headquartered in southern Iraq, but its
units saw duty in Baghdad,
Fallujah and other hot spots.
Six soldiers from the brigade
died in Iraq, three in combat
and three in accidents.
News - The Gazette • December
Stanley Crouch is a columnist,
novelist, essayist, critic and television commentator.
He has
served since 1987 as an artistic
consultant at Liticohi Center and
is a co-founder of the department
as Jazz
Center. In 1993, he received both
the Jean Stein Award from the
American Academy of Arts and
Foundation grant.
15 - December
21, 2005 • Page 3
Teens Reaching Teens, Inc. Presents More Black Families Home Schooling
The 2006 Mr. & Miss Teen
Graffiti Scholarship Pageant
By: Zinie Chen Sampson
Teens across the DFW
Metroplex vie for the title of Mr.
& Miss Teen Graffiti and to enjoy
a fiin-filled year of live appearances, cover modeling opportunity and much more!
The 2006 Mr. & Miss
Teen Graffiti Scholarship
Pageant is open to all male
and female youth ages 13 to
18. Each contestant is given
the opportunity to compete
for the title of Mr. & Miss
Experience Is Necessary!
The final contestants will
participate in five categories:
interview, community service,
formal/evening wear and talent.
Winners will be featured as cover
models for Teen
Magazine, receive a fun-filled
year of live appearances, and
many more great prizes.
Decvember 31, 2005. For more
information on rules, regulations
and guidelines to become a contestant in the 2006 Mr. & Miss
Teen Graffiti students at Annual
Back To School Conference.
visit the website at www.teen
grafl5ti.com or contact: Sharon
Jones-Scaife at 972-496-9457 or
email sharon(fl;ieengrafiiti.com.
The Mr. & Miss Teen Graffiti
Scholarship Pageant was founded
on the principle that today's youth
are tomorrow's leaders. We believe
that in order for youth to ba:ome
strong leaders they must be comfortable with who they are, be
well-rounded, possess a strong
desire to make a difference in
their community and be a positive influence for others. We
further believe that involvement in community service
iind strong academics should
c both encouraged and
rewarded. With this in mind,
through our scholarship, we
will provide financial assistance to graduating seniors
who challenge themselves to
be their best and reward them
for their efforts.
For registration, ticket, sponsorship or event iixformation contact
S h a r o n J o n e s - S c a i f e at
972-496-9457 or visit www.teengraffiti.com. Tickets to the competition are SIO per person and go
on sale in December.
Richland Collegiate High School Approved
Next year, area Uth-graders
can begin earning high school
diplomas and associate's degrees
simultaneously at the first dualdiploma charter high school on a
Texas college campus.
The State Board of Education
approved Richland College's
application to open Richland
Collegiate High School in fall
2006. Richland College is on
Abrams Road in Dallas and is
part of the Dallas County
Community College District.
"I was in Austin with
Richland's chairman of the
board, and when they said 'yes,'
he just slapped me on the arm
and said, 'Congratulations,'" said
Richland vice president David
Canine, who conceived the charter plan. "For a year everybody
said, "This is a great idea, you
know you're going to be
approved.' I said, "No I don't.' So
it was such a relief."
The school will enroll up to
200 juniors for 2006-07 and 200
more the next year. The curriculum will focus on math, science
and engineering with Richland
faculty teaching the college-level
classes. The high school students
will attend classes with college smdents. In addition, students can
participate in extracurricular
activities — such as band, athletics
and student government — with
the college smdents.
Charter schools are public
schools that receive state funding
but operate separately fiom school
districts. Attendance is tuition-free
and admission requirements must
be the same as at any public high
school in the state.
Richland officials applied for the
charter in February and answered
questions about the application at
a September hearing. The proposal was reviewed by the school
board's planning committee on
Monday and approved by the
board Tuesday morning.
"That is a unique concept," said
Texas Education Agency spokes-
woman DeEtta Culbertson. "It's
exciting to think about something
this innovative coming on line,
and it will be interesting to see
how it progresses."
Texas has about 275 dianer
schools, many of which oflfer dualcredit classes but none of which
confer dual diplomas.
Students can also receive dual
credit at non-charter public and
private high schools, a few of
which are on college campuses,
but none of those offer dual diplomas either.
Only 60 or so strictiy dual-credit and dual-diploma high schools
similar to Richland's planned
campus exist in about 25 states.
Most are designed to attract
minority and economically disadvantaged smdents. Mr. Canine
said officials want to reach a different demographic: high-achieving smdents of all backgrounds
who are more likely to be bored
during their last two years of high
Starting point for a new generation
of movers and shal<ers
the percentage of black home- Richmond area.
Denise Armstrong decided to schooling families has increased,
She said she also was conhome school her daughter and though hard numbers weren't cerned that schools wrongly
two sons because she thought she available.
label some black boys as learncould do a better job of instilling
The numbers are still very low ing-disabled while white children
her values in her children than a because most black families lack with similar behavior are not.
public school could. And while the time or economic resources
To help guide black homeshe once found herself the lone to devote to home schooling, said schooling
black parent at home-educadon Michael Apple, an education pro- and Eric Surges started
gatherings that usually were
the National Black Home
Christian evangelicals, she's
Association in 2000. She
noticed more black parents
said many families were
joining the ranks.
dissatisfied with their pub"I've been delighted to be
lic schools but weren't
running into people in the
aware that home schooling
African-American homewas legal.
Joyce Burges, of the Baton
Armstrong said.
Rouge, La., area, says she
Home-school advocates
and other black home
say the apparent increase in
schoolers have been likened
black families opting to edu- Denise Armstrong helps her son, Timothy, 8, to traitors by people who
cate their children at home pick out a book in a local library in Richmond, think they've turned their
Va. Armstrong decided to home school her
reflects a wider desire
backs on ihe struggle to gain
children feeling she could do a better job
among families of all races to
equal access to public eduinstilling her values in her children than
guide their children's moral
the public school system could.
cation. But she feels that
upbringing, along with
fessor at the University of when schools don't teach chilgrowing concerns about issues Wisconsin who tracks home dren to read, or fail to provide a
such as sub-par school conditions schooling. He said much of the safe place to learn, children
and preserving cultural heritage.
increase is seen in cities with his- should come first.
"About 10 years ago, we started tories of racial tensions and
"You do what you have to do
seeing more and more black fam- where black people feel alienated that your children get an excelilies showing up at conferences and marginalized.
lent education," she said. "Don't
and it's been steadily increasing
Some families decide to do it leave it up to the system."
since then," said Michael Smith, because public schools don't adeApple, the Wisconsin profespresident of the Home School quately teach African-American sor, said improving public eduLegal Defense Association, a histor>' and culture, some want to cation for the greatest number
national advocacy group.
protect their children from school of students depends on mass
Nationwide, about 1.1 million violence, "and for some, it's all of mobilization by concer;ied parchildren were home schooled in this and religion," Apple said.
ents, but he raises a cautionary
2003, or 2.2 percent of the
Armstrong said she wants her note.
school-age population. That was children — ages 12, 10 and 7 —
"They're trying as hard as
up fix>m about 850,000, or 1.7 to have a "moral Judeo-Christian they possibly can to protect
percent, in 1999, according to the foundation" that public schools their children, and for that they
U.S. Department of Education's can't provide.
must be applauded," Apple
National Center for Education
"I felt that my husband and I said. "But in the long run, proStatistics. A racial breakdown of would be able to give more of a tecting their own children may
home-schooled students isn't yet tutorial, indindual learning situa- even lead to worse conditions
available, the center said.
tion than a teacher trying to for the vast majority of students
However, the Home School address 40 kids at one time," said who stay in public schools, and
Legal Defense Association says Armstrong, who lives in the that's a horrible dilemma."
Two University Of North Texas Faculty Members
Have Been Awarded Fulbright Scholar Grants
Timothy L. Jackson,, a professor
in the College of Music, and Brika
Martina Nelson, assistant professor in the Department of Foreign
received the grant for the 20052006 academic year, according to
the United States Department of
State and the J. William Fulbri^t
Foreign Scholarship Board.
Jackson will continue to serve as
a Fulbright lecturer at Hanj-ang
University in Seoul, Korea, until
January 2006. He has been teaching the history and practice of
Schenkerian analysis at Hanyang
University since August 2005.
Nelson participated in the
Seminar in Berlinn at the
Commission for Educational
Exchange this past June and July.
Jackson and Nelson are two of
approximately 850 U.S. facult>'
and professionals have travel
abroad to some 150 coimiries for
the 2005-2006 academic year
through the Fulbright Scholar
Program. Established in 1946
under legislation introduced by the
late Sen. J. William Fulbright of
Arkansas, the .program aims is to
build mutual
between the people of the United
States and other countries.
America's flagship international
education exchange activity, is
Department of State, Bureau of
Educational and Cultural Affairs.
Scholar awards are selected for
their academic or professional
achievement and for demonstrating extraordinary leadership
potential in their fields. Among
thousands of prominent U.S.
Fulbright Scholar alumni are
Laureate in Economics; James
Watson, co-discoverer of the
structure of DNA and Noble
Laureate in Medicine; Rita Dove,
Pulitzer Prize-winning poet; and
Craig Barrett, CEO of Intel
John Hains. Coltin student and (uture archrtetl
Discover Hands-On Education.
I discovered the latest technical programs
like nanotechnology, biotechnology,
home technology integration and more
at Texas State Technical College.
Texas State
Technical College
800.792.8784 • 254.867.2005
Get the kind of education that
not only tests your intelligence.
It tests your character. In the Navy,
you'll do more in a few short years
than most do in a lifetime. Like earn .
a college degree. If you're a high
school grad between 17-34 years old,
we'll give you the opportunity to do
it and up to $50,000 through the
Montgomery GI Bill and the
Navy College Fund to achieve it.
© 2004. Paid tor by the U.S. Navy. All rights reserved.
Register now!
Spring classes begin Jan. 9.
_ i
Discover TSTC. Discover Yourself.
Page 4 • December
15 - December
21, 2005 • Minority
- The
Your future. It's your call. Make it now.
Dial your Navy Recruiter at 1-800-492-4841
or e-mail [email protected]
I tsit Our Website At
Business Directory To Advertise Call 972-606-7498
Savoy Magazine Bids Farewell
To Newsstands...Again
American To Start Service From Love Field
Airlines and compete at Love Field in order C E O Gerard Arpey said during
American Eagle said Tuesday to retain the large number of a Senate subcommittee hearing
they will begin service out of American Airlines customers on the issue last month that 60
who live closer to Love Field percent of American's cusBy: K. Terrell Reed
about 200,000. The debut issue demise. Jungle Media still pub- Dallas Love Field March 2.
tomers live closer to Love Field
The announcement comes on than to D/FW."
Savoy magazine takes a third featured Barack Obama and wife lishes Savoy Professional, which
than D/FW Airport.
bow, signaling another closed Michelle. But that wasn't the two companies had pub- the heels of Dallas-based
act on the newsstand. T h e enough to overcome the chal- lished jointly. Baltimore entre- Southwest Airlines (NYSE:,
black lifest>ie tide that became lenge that befell Savoy's previous preneur Edwin Avent bought LUV) on Tuesday beginning
a hit when first launched in publisher's lack of investment Heart & Soul, a women's health four flights a day out of Love
2 Prime Burial Lots A t
now-defunct backing. "Great magazine, good and fimess magazine out of the Field to both St. Louis and
Park ''Highland
Vanguarde Media Inc., has audience, good advertising base, bankruptcy auction and has Kansas City.
ClilOO E a e l i ai' Beat QflTin
been put on hiatus by its new but an expensive proposition," published one issue. A second is
American said it will operate
$2,800 E a c h o r Best Offer
owner, Chicago publisher Hartman said in an interview.
scheduled for early next year, 16 flights a day out of city-owned
Hermene Hartman.
214-957-3781 • 972-606-3891 cvoiccmaii)
. While frank about the fact and Avent plans to publish bi- Love Field, including four flights
to St. Louis, three flights to
that money was light, she monthly afterwards.
would not disclose how much
Of Vanguarde's three former Kansas City, four flights to San
cash she had raised so far or consumer titles, only Honey, Antonio and five flights to
how much she needed t o aimed at black female teens and Austin.
resume publication.
young adults, has not yet re- Southwest gained the right to
Sp Gc i ai
Hartman, who also publishes launched. In the meantime, flyfromLove Field to Missouri
& PCs
N'Digo, a weekly magazine Hartman plans to publish Savoy
about Chicago's black commu- monthly online beginning in signed a transportation appronity, bought Savoy following a December with hopes to re- priations bill that included a proAnd Up
chain of events that began with launch it in print again after a vision exempting Missouri from
Password Removals
Virus Removals
Wright Amendment restrictions.
Vanguarde's demise in late new round of fundraising.
Data Recovery
Under the 1979 federal law,
2003. Vanguarde was founded
Network Support
Hertnene Hartman
flights out of Dallas Love Field
by publishing wimderkind Keith
System Cleaning
were limited to short-haul flights
Hartman decided to tem- Clinkscales and backed for a
to a few surrounding states.
porarily stop publishing the time by entrepreneur Robert L.
pick-up and delivery service.
Southwest, last year, began a
magazine in mid-November. Johnson. Once Vanguarde foldCall Today For a FREE
campaign to have the amendThe publisher put out four ed in bankruptcy, another pubEmachines
Dell HP
ment repealed. DaUas/ Worth
issues since re-launching the lisher, New York's Jungle Media
Airport, and
title in February. The June/July Group bought Savoy at auction
2828 Forest l_ano Ste. 11SS. Dallas, Texas 75234
American (NYSE: AMR), the 214-432-0326 (Main) / 1-800-866-8744 (Toll Fr*«) / 214-432-0327 (Fax)
2005 issue was Savoy 's last for 5375,000. Hartman stepped
w w v f
c c 3 c o n s u t t t n a
c o r n
fortress carrier at D/FW Airport,
in and bought it from Jungle
have opposed a repeal of the
Advertiser support and cir- Media for 5600,000, with plans
culation were both strong, she
should move some of its operasays, as many of the magazine's
The Magic Sound Of DJ Swing
Savoy isn't the only former
to D/FW Airport if it wants
early sponsors returned and its Vanguarde title to find new life
Music for almost any occasion.
toflyto Wright restricted states.
subscriber base was up to after the company's sudden
Weddings • Birthday's • Fashion Shows
"We have not, and vnW not,
House Parly • Kids • Holidays • etc,,.
abandon our efforts in support
Blues • Country Western (limited) • Jazz
of the Wright Amendment and
R & B • Rap • Old School • Disco • etc....
all those in North Texas who
t o keep - D/FW
International Airport strong,
PO Box 101452 • Ft. Worth TX 76185
Hilton Hotels Corp. has won Smith, senior vice president for boutiques, an 80,000-square- vibrant and growing," said Dan
[email protected]
the management contract for H i l t o n / D o u b l e t r e e
foot health club and spa, three Garton, American's executive
the Anatole Hotel in Dallas.
Mountain/Central Operations pools and a private seven-acre vice president of Marketing.
"D/FW is the region's greatest
Financial terms of the deal for Hilton Hotels.
were not disclosed. T h e
The Anatole, built in 1978, Beverly Hills, Calif.-based economic engine and was always
Anatole, which is owned by has 129 suites, four presidential Hilton Hotels Corp. (NYSE: intended to be the home for all
Dallas-based Crow Holdings, suites, six grand presidential HLT) owns, develops, manages commercial air service in Dallascurrently operates imder the suites, 15 garden hospitality or franchises about 2,300 Fort Worth. American remains
Wyndham brand name.
suites, 50 executive conference hotels, resorts and vacation intensely devoted to that principle. However, we have made it
The 1,606-room hotel will center suites' and 54 tower ownership properties.
be reflagged as a Hilton in suites.
Crow Holdings is a group of clear for many years that if Love
January and will undergo S30
The hotel also has eight diversified investment compa- Field were opened to longerhaul service, American must
million in renovations over the restaurants or bars, 10 hotel nies.
next two years.
"With a wealth of features
'•^ •• f \
and amenities sure to please
the most discerning business
and leisure traveler, we are
thrilled to welcome this distinctive property and the
renowned service culture of its
highly-regarded staff into the
Hilton brand," said Ken
Hilton Hotels To Manage
The Dallas Anatole
resBnts... j|^g ChPIStlTiaS Gift
Inching Up
Located one block east of US 75, the Spring Creek exit in Piano
Mon-Fri 10am-7pm • Sat 10am-6pm • Sun 12pm-5pm
Wayman Tisdale
Heavenly Gate Funeral Services
702 Gatewood Drive • Garland, Texas
weeks of falling gas prices, the
retail price of gasoline appears
to be finally bottoming out.
Dallas drivers can expect to
pay 52.08 per gallon of regular,
self-serve gasoline ~ an
increase of more than 2 cents
from last week. Fort Worth
motorists are paying 52.07 a
gallon, an increase of nearly 2
cents from last week, according
to AAA Texas Weekend Gas
The statewide average is
52.08 a gallon, up 2 cents from
last week. Beaumont has the
most expensive gas in the state
at 52.10, despite a 3-cent
decrease from last week.
Corpus Christi has the least
expensive gas^at 5.1-96, up
nearly 8 cents |-om last week.
"This slow-diiwn in the rate
at which prices are falling
could be signaling gasoline
prices are about to stabilize in
advance of the year-end holiday," said AAA Texas spokeswoman Rose Rougeau. "If so,
the statewide average price
may not fall below $2 a gallon
by the end of the year as
The national average for regular self-serve gasoline is S2.15
a gallon — a penny higher than
last week's average
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News - The Gazette • December
(l,eave Message)
IS - Deceniber
• Page 5
Millions o f people have joined the Ford Family.
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Page 6 • December
15 - December
21, 2005 • Minority
News - The Gazette
Email Entertainment
News And Events to
Entertaintnentra MonTheGazette.com
John Legend Ends Incredible Year Prince Signs Deal To Release New Album
rembi of his song, "So High,"
with hip-hop superstar Lauryn
HUl. The Cloud 9 remix of "So
High" marked Ms. HilVs first
2002's MTV Unplugged 2.0 and
earned John Legend a Grammy
nomination for Best R&B
Performance By A Duo Or
Group With Vocals.
Get Lifted debuted at #7 on
I never dreamed I'd have so
the Billboard Top 200 album
many Grammy nominations,"
chart and #1 on the R&B Album
said John Legend. "It's oversales chart has since gone on to
whelming in the best possible
achieve RIAA gold and platinum
way. The Song Of The Year
nomination comes as a real Duo Or Group With Vocal, and status. Legend hit the road twice
honor. 'Ordinary People' is a BestV Rap/Sung Collaboration — in 2005, first as the heralded
special song — because it comes illustrate the breathtaking range opening act for Alicia Keys and
then as the star of his very first
from a real place and connects of this emerging superstar.
with people in a real way — and
2O05's been a year of highlights headline tour. He's off to tour
it means a lot to me."
for John Legend, among them South Africa in the new year and
The scope of John's nomina- the realization of a long-standing is working on the successor to
tions — Song Of The Year, Best dream when he recorded a duet "Get Lifted."
John Legend's first solo
album, "Get Lifted" (on Getting
Out Our Dreams Music/
Sony Urban Music/Columbia
Records), dropped three days
after Christmas 2004 and
struck the resonant opening
chord for a year that's just
reached a dizzying crescendo
with 8 Grammy nominations.
New Artist, Best R&B Song, Best
R&B Album, Best Male R&B
Traditional R&B Performance,
Best R&B Performance By A
M a r i a h , Kanye, Legend Lead
G r a m m y Nods With 8 E a c h :
Mariah Carey's successful
comeback year was capped last
week with eight Grammy award
nominations, including album
the year
for "The
Emancipation of Mimi" and
song and record of the year for
her No. I smash, "VCe Belong
Carey's eight nods tied with
Kanye West, who is up for album
of the year for "Late
Registration" and song of the
year for "Gold Digger"; and
John Legend, who will battle
Ciara in the best new artist category.
Nominations for the 48th
annual Grammy Awards were
announced Thursday morning
in New York with the live ceremony scheduled for Feb. 8 in
Los Angeles.
Meanwhile, according to published reports, Mr. West couldn't
even wait for the Grammy noms
to come out on Thursday before
well ... doing what he does ...
talkin' smack.
"If I don't win album of the
year, I'm gonna really have a
problem witli that," he told
MTV this week, responding to
predictions that his mouth
would cost him a victory.
"I don't care if I jumped up
and down right now on the
couch like Tom Cruise ... I don't
care how much I stunt—you can
never lake away from the
amoimt of work I put into it."
And Kanye wasn't done: "I
said I was the face of the
Grammys last year. I'm 10 times
that [this year] ... Two things:
Do not let me get on that stage
and do not let me get on that
stage. Either way, we going
Here is a partial list of nominees: (For die full l08 categories,
www. Grammy, com.)
• Record of the Year: "We
Belong Togetiier,"
Carey; "Feel Good Inc.," Gorillaz
featuring De La Soul;"Boulevard
of Broken Dreams," Green Day;
"Hollaback Girl," Gwen Stefani;
"Gold Digger," Kanye West. •
• Album, of the Year: "The
Emancipation of Mimi," Mariah
Bristol, K. Edmonds, S.
Johnson, P. Moten, S. Sully & B.
Womack) (Mariah Carey).
• New Artist: Ciara, Fall Out
Boy, Keane, John Legend,
Pop Vocal
Performance: "It's Like That,"
Mariah Carey; "Since U Been
Gone," Kelly Clarkson; "Good
Is Good," Sheryl Crow; "I Will
Not Be Broken," Bormie Raitt;
"Hollaback Girl," Gwen Stefani.
R&B Vocal
Amerie; "Wishing on a Star,"
Beyonce; "We Belong Together,"
Mariah Carey; "Free Yourself,"
Fantasia; "Unbreakable," Alicia
R&B Vocal
Performance: "Creepin'," Jamie
Foxx; "Ordinary People," John
Legend; "Let Me Love You,"
Mario; "Superstar," Usher; "So
Carey; "Chaos and Creation in What the Fuss," Stevie Wonder.
the Back>*ard," Paul McCarmey;
• R&B Performance by a Duo
"Love. Angel. Music. Baby.," or Group With Vocals: "So
"How to Amazing," Beyonce & Stevie
DismanUe an Atomic Bomb," Wonder; "Cater 2 U," Destiny's
U2; "Late Registration," Kanye Child; "If This Worid Were
Mine," Alicia Keys featuring
Paul; "So High," John
• Song of the Year: "Bless the
Lauryn Hill;
Broken Road," Bobby Boyd, Jeff
Hanna & Marcus Hummon,
(Rascal Flans); "Devils & Dust,"
• Traditional R&B Vocal
Springsteen); "Ordinary People," Performance: "Mine Again,"
W Adams & J. Stephens, Qohn Mariah Carey; "Summertime,"
Legend); "Sometimes You Can't Fantasia; "A House Is Not a
Make It on Your Own," U2; "We Home," Aretha Franklin; "If I
Belong Together," J. Austin, M. Was Your Woman," Alicia Keys;
Carey, J. Dupri & M. Seal, (D. "Stay With You," John Legend.
Prince, who has put out most
of his music on his own record
label over the past decade, isaligning himself w i ± a major
label once again. The 47-year-old
superstar has signed a deal with
Universal Records to release his
upcoming album, "3121," early
next year. A press conference was
scheduled Tuesday in Los
Prince had a similar deal with
Columbia Records in 2003; that
label distributed his acclaimed
comeback album, "Musicology,"
for NPG Records, Prince's label.
Also Tuesday, VHl and its affiliated networks, including Tempo
and VHl Soul, are scheduled to
premiere the singer's new video,
"Te Amo Corazon (I Love You
Sweetheart)," directed by Salma
"Salma heard the song and
came up with the original concept," Prince said of the actress in
a statement. "Salma is the most
thoughtful, attentive director I
have ever worked with. An
absolute joy."
VHl will also make the song
available on its Vspot broadband channel andVHI Mobile.
Comedy Central To Show
Dave Chappelle Sketches
By: F r a z i e r Moore
Dave Chappelle is back on
Comedy Central - well, kind of.
The wildly popular comedian,
who last spring walked off his
show just weeks before its season
premiere, will be on view in four
episodes' worth of sketches he
filmed before his startling exit,
the cable channel announced
The four half-hours of
"Chappelle's Show" will premiere in weekly showings next
April, May or June, the network
said. A 2 1/2-minute preview of
this never-before-seen footage
will be included in "Comedy
Central's Last L-augh '05" special, which premieres Sunday, 9
p.m. EST.
Still to be determined is how
the sketches will be packaged,
since Chappelle's on-stage introductions were never produced. A
full season would have been
between 10 and 13 episodes.
"It's great material, and we
think our audience is hungry for
it," said Comedy
President Doug Herzog, noting
that the last original episode of
"Chappelle's Show" aired in May
2004. "Chappelle's Show," a raw,
satirical comedy show that was
both a critical and popular hit,
was one of the network's most
valuable properties.
The announcement resolves well, kind of - Chappelle's dangling status at Comedy Central,
with whom he signed a deal in
August 2004 reportedly worth
850 million for a third and
fourth season. But last May, with
the premiere date looming for
that third season, Chappelle
stunned his fans by ditching the
show in mid-production.
His disappearance - announced
Bass Performance
by Comedy Central on May 4 spurred reports that he had
mental or drug problems, but
Chappelle later said he was
imhappy with the show's creative direction.
"I'm definitely stressed out,"
he told Time magazine a few
days after Comedy Central
announced the show was
indefinitely postponed. "I'm
not crazy, I'm not smoking
He spent two weeks in South
Africa before returning home
to his farm ne&r Yellow
Springs, about 75 miles northeast of Cincinnati. Chappelle,
now 32, has since resumed
performing live standup.
"Chappelle's Show" has hung
in limbo.
"We had reached out several
times to Dave's camp and
asked, 'What would you like to
do?"' Herzog said. "But we
never received a definitive
response. ...We thought it was
time to start imearthing the
material we had." He laughed.
"It's kind of like Bob Dylan's
'Basement Tapes."
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News - The Gazette • October December
IS - December
21, 2005 • PagB 7
Need Funding For Your Faith Based
Or Church Community Projects?
Wells Fargo Bank and the
Commerce Association have
teamed up to help provide
alternative funding for faithbased community projects.
Beginning December 13,
2005 through March 6, 2006,
they will host a series of faithbased neighborhood workshops in the City of Dallas.
The Christian Chamber of
Commerce Association is an
official member of the advisory
Committee "Forward Dallas".
One of their main objectives is
helping churches, faith-based
organizations and community
groups find funding for their
community projects through
strategic planning.
The public is invited to anend
one of the neighborhood strate-
gic plarming workshops in several communities to discover
specific churches and other
organizations can benefit.
Seating is limited so call
today: 972-556-0522 or email
at: [email protected] For a schedule of the workshops and other
events visit www.cccl.us.
Attend one of our neighborhood strategic planning luncheons in your community to get
Celebrating Kwanzaa
Dr. Maulana Karenga, a professor in the Department of
Black Studies at California State
University, founded Kwanzaa in
1966. Karenga states, "The celebration brings a cultural message which speak to the best of
what it means to be African and
human in the fullest sense."
T h e Seven Principles of
Kwanzaa (Nguzo Saba) represent seven qualities which add
to the spiritual, social and economic strength of the family.
December 26 and ends on
January 1.
H a b a H Gana? (What's the
F i r s t day of Kwanzaa
Toockie Claims Innocence Page 1
sounded as if he asked one of
the men with a needle.
After he was declared dead,
his supporters shouted in unison: "The state of California
just killed an innocent man," as
they walked out of the chamber.
WilHams' case became one of
the nation's biggest death-row
cause celebres in decades, with
Hollywood stars and capital
punishment foes arguing that
Williams' sentence should be
commuted to life in prison
because he had made amends
by writing children's books
about the dangers of gangs and
Williams became the 12th
person executed in California
since lawmakers reinstated the
death penalty in 1977.
In the days leading up to the
execution, state and federal
courts refused to reopen his
cas£. Monday, Gov. Arnold
Williams' request for clemency,
suggesting that his supposed
change of heart was not genuine because he had not shown
any real remorse for the killings
committed by the Crips.
"Is Williams' redemption
complete and sincere, or is it
Nigerian Plane Crash Page 1
ly saddened by the untimely
and abrupt termination of the
lives of many young schoolchildren," Oyo said.
The cleric in Abuja, John
Onaiyekan, said 71 schoolchildren from the city's
Ignatius Loyola Jesuit College
died in the crash. Four others
got off the plane when it made
a scheduled stopover in another city, he said.
Umoja (Unity) To strive for and
maintain unity in the family,
community, nation and race.
Kwanzaa- Kujichagulia (Selfdetermination) To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for
ourselves, create for ourselves
and speak for ourselves.
T h i r d day of KwanzaaUjima (Collective work and
responsibility) To build and
maintain our community together and to make our brothers' and
sisters' problems our problems
and to solve them together.
F o u r t h day of K w a n z a a Ujamaa
Economics) To build and maintain our own stores, shops and
"Without an apology and atonement for these senseless and
brutal killings, there can be no
Williams was condemned in
1981 for gunning down convenience store clerk Albert Owens,
26, at a 7-Eleven inWhittier and
killing Yen-I Yang, 76, Tsai-Shai
Chen Yang, 63, and the couple's
daughter Yu-Chin Yang Lin, 43,
at the Los Angeles motel they
owned. Williams claimed he was
Among the celebrities who
took up Williams' cause were
Jamie Foxx, who played the gang
leader in a cable movie about
Williams; rapper Snoop Dogg,
himself a former Crip; Sister
Helen Prejean, the nun depicted
in "Dead Man Walking"; and
Bianca Jagger. During Williams'
24 years on death row, a Swiss
legislator, college professors and
others nominated him for the
Nobel Prizes in peace and literature.
Williams founded the Crips
gang with a finend in 1971 and
managed stay out of trouble for
years despite his claims that he
was a drug-fueled thug who
robbed, beat and shot at people.
Williams never wavered from
his claim of innocence and said
he refused to confess to crimes
he did not commit, even if doing
so would save his life. He said he
redeemed himself while in
prison and apologized for starting the Crips.
"There is no part of me that
existed then that exists now,"
Williams said recently during
several hours of interviews with
The Associated Press. He said
that while he wanted to live and
continue his work with children,
he was prepared to die.
"I haven't had a lot of joy in my
life. But in here," he says, pointing to his heart, "I'm happy. I am
peaceful in here. I am joyful in
confirming it had occurred and
saying "most of the passengers
might have lost their lives."
Nigerian airports have come
under criticism in recent
months following a string of
near-misses and an incident in
which an Air France passenger
jet crashed into a herd of cows
on the rimway at Port Harcourt.
Williams was led into the
death chamber at midnight,
shackled and handcuffed. He
declined to give a formal final
Williams was described as
"complacent, quiet and thoughtful," by Corrections Department
Thornton in the hours before
the execution. He declined to
have a last meal as he waited in
the holding cell, drinking milk
instead. Prison officials said he
spent his last hours reading mail,
watching television and visiting
with his lawyers and friends.
Medecins Sans Frontieres said
two of its
employees were among the
dead: a French national and an
A top aviation ministry official. Tommy Oyelade, said
investigators had recovered the
plane's flight data recorders, or
"black boxes," but the cause of
the crash was not yet known.
Sam Adurogboye, spokesman for the National Civil
Aviation Authority said the
weather was stormy at the time
of the crash, and wimesses said
they saw lightning as the plane
approached the runway carrying 103 passengers and seven
crew members.
began scheduled flights as a
domestic airline in July 2000
and now flies to six Nigerian
cities, according to its Web site.
Sosoliso spokesman Simbo
Olorufemi in Lagos would not
comment on the crash beyond
Page 8 • December
other businesses and to profit
together fi*om them.
Fifth day of Kwanzaa-Nia
(Purpose) To make as our collective vocation the building and
developing of our commimity in
order to restore our people to
their traditional greatness.
Sixth day of KwanzaaKuiunba (Creativity) To do
always as much as we can, in
order to leave our community
more beautiful and beneficial
than when we inherited it.
Seventh day of Kwana^aaImani (Faith) To believe with all
our hearts in our parents, our
teachers, our leaders, our people
and the righteousness and victory
of our struggle.
15 - December
Church Directory
Richard Pryor Page 1
Peoria, 111., getting wrongly
arrested, getting rightly arrested
(for tax evasion, assault and
drug possession), or a wife leaving because he beat her. Then
there was his career-long addiction to cocaine and other drugs,
and finally , the multiple sclerosis diagnosed in 1986 that all but
muted him.
For Pryor, it wasn't just about
being fimny, it was about doing
it right, doing it his way, in his
language. And if foul language
was part of it, then foul language was going to have to be
spit into the microphone. He
instinctively knew this ~ as he
said in his autobiography "Pryor
Convictions and Other Life
Sentences" ~ in September
1967 when he stepped onto the
stage at the Aladdin Hotel in
Las Vegas and to a sellout, mainstream audience said, "What the
[bleep] am I doing here?" and
From then on, he became
Richard Pryor, a man who was
not afraid to be himself and
made his experiences imiversal.
Mt. Olive Church of Piano
740AvenueF Piano, rx 75074 972 6335511
Serving the Piano
Community for 12 Years
Sunday Worship .... 8 am & 11 am
Pti.stori S(t»n &
c/oriti Fcna-roifi
Wednesday Night.... 7:15 pm
Call Pastor Som
LIVE ON: "Vision & Truth"
Rodio Broadcast: KWRD 100.7 FM Sundays 9pm-10pm
KGGR 1 0 4 0 A M M O N D A Y - F R I D A Y 1 0 : 2 5 - 1 0 : 3 0 A M
GUead On The Mount • Pastor MancU a n d First Lady Carroll
1016 Pioneer R o a d • M e s q u i t c T x 75149 9 7 2 - 2 8 8 - 9 6 3 2
Sunday School 9:30 am • Morning Worship 11:00 am
Wednesday Night Bible Study 7:30 pm
"Apply the B A L M of Gilead to the h e a r t s of m e n . "
21, 2005 • Minority
News - The
He officially renoimced the
N-word after a trip to Africa
where, as he related in his autobiography, he watched the
Africans in his hotel lobby in
wonder. "The people here, they
still have their self-respect, their
pride. . . There are no niggers
A few years later, he declared
there were none at all.
But if anyone's got a chance of
by raising an
almighty roar, it's gotta be him.
Maybe he could tell the Big
Man the story of when his mother gave him S20 for an errand
and he lost it. Sitting down on
the sidewalk, he began crying.
When a stranger asked him
what was wrong, young
Richard told the story. The
stranger was so touched, Pryor
said, he gave him the money.
After a pause — allowing the
audience to feel the poignancy - Pryor concluded with this:
"[bleep], I was out there every
day," playing the same scam.
If anyone has a shot at getting
God to laugh, it has to be
Richard Franklin
Thomas Pryor III, who once
said, if it wasn't for comedy, "I
could be in Peoria parking
Career OoDortunities
I 'iiLiUKi Mjikitini; 111 ;iil\i.iiiM' 111 uur ijui'i
•ipporiuiiiiy itaion ')72-irtt()-74'fH l-'ax
.1 V:ms\\ viipv t'lr iiuiiii'. Kix: '>72-iO'f-'ll)iS;
l-iiLiil. ii|tpiirtuiiil>.' niinUliCBii/^ikMi'iil
Career ODOortunities
Homfl Pag«: www.plano.gov
• <T liiu.iil nt|'\ tnr liii'iiu: l',i\, "l72ol"l-'H'^,S; l;iiiji[- npjviriunm .i m.inihci;aA'Ui.M..ini
Trying to Get Your
Foot in The Door?
Newspaper seeking
Part Time Writer
to cover
Must be familiar
with AP style.
Bilingual English/
Spanish a Plus.
Please call 972606-3890 and
leave a message.
School District
To view o u r u p c o m i n g
b i d s , p l e a s e go to t h e
Piano ISD Purchasing
D e p a r t m e n t website.
G o to www.pisd.edu
Click o n " w e b s i t e i n d e x "
T h e n choose
t h e letter " P » , a n d
follow t h e links to t h e
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Word of Life Church * Pastor Morris Dewayne Jackson
4321 N. Beltline Rd. Ste. 100 * Mesquite,TX 75150 * (972) 226-0019
Worship Sam * Sunday School 9:30am * Worship 11am
Wednesday Night Prayer & Bible Study 7PM
"Where Jesus Is Lord and You are always #1"
He didn't just break down
barriers, he influenced generations of other comedians, black
and white, including Eddie
Murphy, Robin Williams, Chris
Rock, Richard Belzer and Dave
Chappelle. He used the N-word
to confront racism with the
buffer of humor. He said he
wanted to take the sting out of
that word, "as if saying it over
and over again would numb me
and everybody else to its
Store Management
Hobby Lobby is a leader
in the Arts & Crafts industry with 366 stores locate d in 28 states.
Candidates must have previous retail store management
experience in "one of the following:"
Supermarket chain. Craft chain
Mass merchant, Drug chain
Building supply chain
Must t>e witling to relocate.
Benefits include:
• AH Storos Closed on Sunday!
• Competitive Salaries
• Paid Vacations
• 401K Plan
• Medical/Dental
• Life Insurance
• Merchandise Discount
• Flex Spending Plan
Qualified Candidates with Retail
Management experience as listed
above must apply on-line.
• A A
FAX (972) 941-7239
Established P u b l i c a t i o n
In the process of launching a Black C o n s u m e r Directory
for Black Businesses to Showcase their services.
Black Directory'wiU have a significant online presence.
Looking for sales m a n a g e r for this project.
Applicant m u s t possess:
• A d v e r t i s i n g S a l e s E x p e r i e n c e (A M u s t )
• B e A Self S t a r t e r
• O r g a n i z a t i o n a l Skills
• Ability To M a n a g e S a l e s P e r s o n n e l
Send Resiune to: [email protected] or
fax t o 972-881-1646, leave m e s s a g e a t 972-606-3891.
•g A i ^ f -
Competitive wages
Array of benefits
Education incentive pay
. . . and more
CALL (972) 721-2532 TO REGISTER.
The City of Irving does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, age. or disability in employment or the provision of services.
wH^v. cL irving.tx. us
Forbes Magazine states
it's THE major Growth
industry of the 2000s:
$1000K/day potential!
Home based. 100% support
and training! Not MLM!
Call: 888'234'1951
419 E. Hwy. 80, Mesquite, TX 75150
Tel: (972) 289-0723 Fax: (972) 216-5637
Performing Concrete Street
Paving in the Metroplex Area
We Accept Subcontracting Bids For All
Public Works Project in the Dallas Area
We Are Accepting Applications for
Concrete Mixer Drivers and Heavy
Equipment Mechanics
Equal Opportunity Employer
I isit OurUebsiteAt
Church Happenings
To Meet Such A M a n
His face was slightly
weathered from his 38 years. His
Oii-tiahig M^itttti' Pmgiriih
dark eyes were clear, and he spoke
r host church. T r u e I-ee
with an eloquence and articulation
that was starding. Removing his Baptist Church, 3907 Bertrand
jacket, I saw a bright red T-shirt that Avenue, Dallas, T X 7 5 2 1 0 ,
/ received this by email and
read, "Jesus is The Never Ending 214-421-9435 where Rev. Donald
asked to share it vjith at least
Parish is the Pastor, is working
four people.
I thought it is
Daniel's story began to unfold; he vn\h a mentor program for chil•worth sharing with our readhad seen rough times early in life.
dren of parents that are incarcerers. This is Rxrt 1.
He'd made some wrong choices and
reaped the consequences. Fourteen ated. Come or call to find out
I sat with two friends at a restauyears earlier backpacking across how to get involved. For more
rant off the comer of the
the country, he stopped on the information, please call Carolyn
town-square. As we talked,
beach in Daytona and was hired Johnson @ 972-235-6432.
our attention (as well as
to help put up a large tent and
others around us) was
some equipment. A concert, he ('o^Htton of Chui'yhe§ in
drawn outside. Walking
thought. But the tent housed a Vthon Ministry
into town was a man who
Revival Service, and in those Kev. IsHftc juhniioni
appeared to be carrying all
services he gave his life to God. Coord tnattif
his worldly goods on his
"Nothing's been the same
back uith a well-worn sign
n 0 . HoK 225863
since," he said, "I felt the Ix)rd
that read, "I will work for
telling me to keep walking, so I DHllfls,TX 7S222-S863
food." My heart sank. As
did, some 14 years now.
we focused on him our
heads moved in a mixture
"Ever think of stopping?" I ai4-632-6M9
of sadness and disbelief.
asked. "Once in a while, but
Picture o/Tfie
Finishing our meal we
God has given me this calling.
went our separate^ waj-s. I
I give out Bibles; that's what's
quickly set our to accom- with Xative Americans, Chief Ernie Longwalher in my sack. I work to buy food
and wife, Mhrrior W>nian, at the Million More
plish my errands. I glanced
and Bibles to give when His
Movement in Washington D.C
We are inviting the p u b h c to
toward the town square;
Spirit leads me."
join us for our C h r i s t m a s
halfheartedly looking for the something early this morning," he
I sat amazed. My homeless friend
stranger; fearful that seeing him said. "Would you like to have lunch was not homeless. He was on a mis- Worship Service
Aloiiiiiiyf Sitittinffttui4ttty
again would call for some response with me?" "Do you have some work sion and lived this way by choice.
from me. I drove through town but I can do?" He asked. "No work," I
Next week, P a r t 2, "To Meet
didn't see him.
our Women of Power and M e n of
replied. "I commute here to work Such A Man."
After making some purchases at from the city, but I would like to take
Power Services
Email: [email protected]
a store and getting into my car, the you to lunch." "Sure," he repUed
Office: 972-516-4191
Spirit of God said, to me, "Don't with a smile. As he began to gather
Ubcnestcr Worship C e n t e r
Voice Mail: 972-606-3878
go back to the office undl you've his things, I asked, "Where're you
Kev. C c c i l T . S m i t h , 11, P a s t o r
at least driven once more around headed?" "St. Louis." "Where're Fax: 972-516-4197
14000 P r e s t o n Koiid
"All over; mostly
the square."
Let MON-The Gazette help your
church accomplish the Prayer of Jahez, I ) u n u s , T X 75254
HesitanUy, I headed back into
town; and turning the square's walking?" "Fourteen years," came "Enlarge our lerriiory to expand opportuni-972-980-0977
ties that may impact in such a way thai tue
third corner, I saw the stranger on the reply.
touch more lives for God's glory. Let us do
the steps of the store-front church,
I knew that I had met someone more for Him."
going through his sack.
I stopped and looked; feeling
both compelled to speak to him, yet
wanting to drive on. T h e empty
parking space on the corner seemed
to be a sign from God: an invitation to park. I pulled in, got out
and approached the town's newest
"Looking for the pastor?" I asked.
"Not really," he replied, "just resting." "Have you eaten today?" "I ate
WORSiiii' cuN run
Haggard Library Opens Page 1
floor, which has been converted
into a children's area and a teen
zone. A new 900-square-foot
reading area will accommodate
story-time events and other
summer reading programs.
tion delayed the construction
six months.
books were stored in the
library's basement or relocated
to the city's four other libraries.
Some of Haggard's 24 ftiUtime and 15 part-lime employees had been working at
Piano's other libraries.
New color schemes incorporating a circus theme dominate
the newly refurbished first
replaced the old circulation
coimter. And fim, contemporary
furniture and games, along with
study areas, have been added to
the teen zone. The library now
has 39 computer stations, more
than twice as many as before.
"We want to make reading
and coming to the library fun,
relaxing and enjoyable," said
Joyce Baumbach, director of
Piano libraries.
All adult reading materials,
including reference and periodicals, have been moved to the
upstairs addition. Also upstairs
are study rooms and a 900square-foot quiet room where
patrons can read without distracting computers and cellphones.
Decetnbef 24, 2005
Bishop Gregory D. Crawford,
Senior Pastor, will give clothing
and toys to famihes that need
them. Please call the church for
more detail.
DemH^^ tfi i/tOO am ^ MiOOpiH
Our Women's Ministry invites
you to join us in "A Holiday of
Medley of Friendship, F u n and
Fashion" in the spirit of Christmas
at Glen Eagles Country Club, 5401
W. Park in Piano, T X . Come to
enjoy the fellowship of new and old
fiiendships as you enjoy a delightful
brunch meal while fiin is provided
by various local entertainers. Our
special guest speaker will be Ms.
Romona Logan, News Anchor
at K X A S - N B C S . Please call
972^23-4090 for more detail and
ticket prices.
Hfll Chapel CMfi dhupah
Kev. Cltii*et*ce t^ofdjh. Pastop
l^fltio,TX ?50?4
SeHiOf \*mtm
New Worship l^eaUdfli
WyttUhwii GafdeH Hm^tPflffe
dfillftS,11l 75211
M^iijfi^ Addf e^§i
I* ix BUM M404ed
Keller Spring* TtuiHint C h u r c h
Ucv. l.ttrry SanderR. Pantor
Mil Keller SpriniCB KoHtl
CumjUton.TX 75006
foin V$ at Our
Neu> Wvnbip iMcatiotv
"New Service Times"
Sunday Life Bible School Sundays (o; 9:00 a m
Sunday Life Worship Ser\'ice -
Operation Oasis sponsors a
program that assists youth that
are at-risk, and ex-offenders
returning to society. T h e program's goals are to change lives
of the formerly incarcerated person, to increase safety, and to
spiritually fortify our communities.
For more details about this
wonderful project, please contact
Lee, Administrative
Assistant at 9 7 2 ^ 3 7 - 3 8 0 1 or call
Toll Free at l-800-37Oasis
N o r t h Uulla^ Cotttititinlty
Fellmv»hip in RJchurtUun
Dr. U'dUc W, S m i t h . Senior
1010-1020 South
S h e r m a n Street
Richarditon/rX 75081
Page 10
Fellowship of Believers
Bishop Gregory Crawford
Founder and Senior Pastor
3911 S. L a n c a s t e r R o a d
D a l l a s , T X 75216
Suits now 20% -50%
Fall 2005/2006 Donna Vinch Lisa Rene,
Milano, and Ben Marc Suits Sow A vailahle
for Pn'-Oriler! These suits are selling fasti!
Ask us how your First Lady. Church
Choir, Praise Team, or Usher Ministry
can sav'fij j ^ % - 2 0 % o p each purchase.
Ckristian CfiapeCC'M.^. Ciiurck
Ben Washington liaptist Churchy inc.
390 J Frisco Avenue
Irving, TX 75061
Church 972-790-8421 Fax 972-986-6590
"Where Jesus is the Main Attraction"
Sunday Worship Experience - 8:00 am & 10:45 am
Wednesday Bible Study - 12:00 Noon & 7:00 pm
14120 N o e l R o a d • D a l l a s , T X 7 5 2 5 4
972-239-! 120 (Office) • 972-239-5925 (Fax)
templeoffaith_cme(^ sbcgIobal.net (Email)
N^w Life l^etiowship Chuffih
iJishop SMWuf 1!i Johflsofl, ]f:
OH-tkifigMmi^i' Pmp-am
t>eetfrttf(^^ ^5* tOtOO am
We extend a warm welcome to
the community an invitation to
worship with us on Christmas Day.
Please join us for Christmas
Morning Worship at this special
time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
For more information on the above
event, please call the churdi @
Church Directory
T'empCe ofTaitli
Sundays @ 10:00 am
Life hi T h e Word Prayer & Bible
Study -Wednesdays {a; 7:00 pm
For more information, please
caU 972-671-1096
l)r. Jottph H. Shtppard,
230.5 South Business Hwy 121, Suite 138
Lewisville, Texas 75067
Closed; Sunday & Tuesday
Monday — Friday: 10 a.m. — 7:00 p.m.
Saturday: 10:00 a.m.— 6:00 p.m.
9 7 2 - 9 5 6 ^ 3 0 or 972-898-0361
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The Equipping Church, "Serving Together To Transform Lives"
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9:30 am - Sunday School
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Bible Study, & Mid-Week Service
^'THE CHURCH » ^ i " -^'^ ' " '
2nd and 41t) TUaaday. 7:30 pm - Family Night
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Lisa Tarpley. Pastor
1-888-9-Outreach (Prayer Line)
Email: [email protected]
H:00 a.m.
9:45 a.nL
6:00 p.m.
' """ c
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A 11:00 a.nL
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920 E. 14th street Piano. T X
"A Spiritual Oasts for a Thirsty ttbrld" Isaiah 55:1
8 : 0 0 A M - 9 : 3 0 A M * 1 1 : 3 0 AM
'0'0-1020Sou»hShefTnonStreef Richardson, 1X75081
New Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Dallas
Sunday Service
M o r n i n g Worship
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A Praying Church Family
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214-341-6459 ( P h o n e ) • 2 1 4 - 3 4 2 - 8 4 0 3 ( F a x )
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9:4SAM Sunday School
7PM Youth, Brotherhood, Mission
& Young Adult Ministries
7PM Bible Study & Men's Choir
7PM Mid-Week Service
7PM Mass Choir
"A Ministry that la on (ht MotMfbr Christ"
Come experience the Worthip Atmosphere at Fellowohip, you will never be ihc sante.
D a l l a s , T X 75243
,,^yw.nmzb.org (Website) • newmzbc(S a o l . c o m (EmaU)
200 B e l m o n t Drive • AUcn, Texas • 75013
P h o n e 972-359-9956 • www.fbcofoUen.org
For more information call (972) 423-6695
*lf you ne«d a ride to worship with UH, please call the c h u r c h .
- The Gazette
• October
IS - December
• Page 9
AfOA^-The Gazette receives 1st Place for "Best Religious Section"
a t t h e 1 9 t h A n n u a l A l r i c a n A m e r i c a n T e x a s P u b l i s h e r ' s A s s o c i a t i o n C o n f e r e n c e . T h e c o n t e s t w a s futliietl b y t h e I ' n i v c r s i t y o f T e x a s a t T y l e r
Pre-Katrina Arrestees Languish In System
Doug Simpson
Hundreds of people arrested
for minor crimes just before
Hurricane Katrina washed
away New Orleans' court system remain behind bars more
than three months later.
A team of volunteer defense
lawyers has filed motions to
have the arrestees set free.
Some have never had a court
appearance or been assigned a
lawyer, said Rachel Jones, one
of the volunteers.
One New Orleans judge has
been hearing the cases in a
Baton Rouge
because New Orleans' courthouse is closed indefinitely.
Judge Calvin Johnson ordered
dozens of the prisoners
released ,including one man
who was arrested for public
drunkenness Aug. 24 and
Puge 1
consumed by maggots and
flies." Another woman said
machine gun laser targets on
her granddaughter's forehead.
Others said their families were
called racial epithets by police.
"No one is going to tell me it
wasn't a race issue," said New
Thompson, 53, who is now
living in College Station,
Texas. "Yes, it was an issue of
race. Because of one thing;
when the city had pretty much
been evacuated, the people
that were left there mostly was
Not all lawmakers seemed
"I don't want to be offensive
when you've gone though such
Tammy Williams said she and
her two teenage daughters took
the advice of New Orleans
police officers and got out of
the city by catching a ride with
a couple driving a U.S. Postal
Service vehicle. But when they
it to
Jefferson Parish, they were
arrested and accused of stealing
the postal truck, she said.
Williams, 46, said the charges
against them were eventually
dropped, but only after they
spent 'a miserable 46 days' in
three different lockups.
Fontenot said the state is still
housing over 4,500 prisoners
who were evacuated from New
Orleans and Jefferson, St.
and Plaquemines
parishes, plus people arrested in
those parishes immediately
after the storm.
incredible challenges," said
Rep. Christopher Shays, RConn. But referring to some of
the victims' charges, like the
gun pointed at the girl. Shays
said: "I just don't frankly believe
"You believe what you want,"
Thompson said.
The hearing was held by a
chaired by Rep. Tom Davis, RVa., investigating the government's
response to Katrina. It was
requested by Rep. Cynthia
McKinney, D-Ga., a member of
"Racism is something we
don't like to talk about, but we
have to acknowledge it,"
McKirmey said. "And the world
saw the effects of Americanstyle racism in the drama as it
was outplayed by the Katrina
The five white and two black
lawmakers who attended the
hearing mostly sat quietly during two and a half hours of testimony. But tempers flared
when evacuees were asked by
Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., to not
compare shelter conditions to a
concentration camp.
"I'm going to call it what it
is," said Hodges. "That is the
only thing I could compare
what we went through to."
Of five black evacuees who
testified, only one said he
believed the sluggish response
was the product of bad government planning for poor residents - not racism.
Si-ml \inir <>)urLh annoiiniftiicnls lit: rvlii:i<ini< nitiiiiht.-f;ii/t.-tlc.coni or fiix tii '*72-?l(i-41'J7 d»
(ihiirih IfiippcnitiKs. DtiidltntrH arv I-riday^ bcfort* puhlicatioii dalt;. (,V10N-The ( i a / e t i c is puhlishi-d cachThufNtlay.)
Sunday School:
Moming Worthip
Wednesday Bible Study
O l \W
Page 9
Tuestiays, 7:00 pm
Please join us and bring a
friend as we study Women of
The Word in our Truth on
Tuesday Bible Study Night.
Rhetna Life Fellowship
Reverend James W. T h o m a s ,
3801 Avenue K
Piano, TX 75074
St. Andrew COGIC
Elder \iichael McWilliams,
Interim Pastor
608 Lakey Street
Denton, TX 76205
940-566-0834 or 940-243-3797
Phone: 972'572-4262 Far.
Please join us for our official
Open House and Dedication
Ceremony in our new worship
center. For more information
about the above eventSj please
call 972-221-5668
Montiays. 7:00 pm
Monday School with Holy
Spirit Bible Teachings
The Inspiring Body of
Christ Church (IBOC)
Dr. Rickie G. Rush, Pastor
7710 South Westmoreland
Dallas, TX 75237
972-572-IBOC (4262)
January 7 - tf, 20(Hi
Wcstside Bnplist Church
Rev. Kenneth Blttkc» Pastor
802 BcHairc Blvd.
Lewisvillc.TX 75067
Sign Up Nam
Reynolds Wood Ministries is
now conducting FREE G E D
and ESL Classes, Mentoring
Program, and Dance/Ballet/
Karate Classes (scholarships are
and registration, please call
Trinity Prayer Chapel
Rev. Reynolds Wood,
Senior Pastor
P. O. Box 650
DaUas,TX 75251
Service Location is:
406 N. Tennessee
McKinney, TX 75069
December 17*
10:00 am-' 1:00 pm
We are inviting all Hurricane
victims from Katrina, Rita,
Wilma, and the West Dallas
Community to a FREE giveaway of clothes, toys, food,
books, etc. Our "Christmas
Love Through Giving" will be
at the Lakewest Family
Street, Bldg. A, Dallas, T X
75212, the phone number is
Remember all items are
FREE but you must have
Mississippi L D . or a West
Dallas Address to shop. For
more information, please call
214-450-7634 or log on to
C H U R C H . TFVVfSvn|.K
Women Praying For Christ
Ms. Angela S. King,
P. O. Box 863766
Piano, TX 75086-3766
972-618-1247 or
December 17, 200$
Our Music Ministr>' will present its Annual
Concert featuring special guest
gospel recording artist Tommy
Young West
and world-
Piano, TX 75074
'9M4iu.- tvww.ibocfoy.org
Aue^M T$t-fAJe ^ fikw(
St. Luke A.M.E. Church (aka - SLAME)
Christian Methodisl CpiscopaJ Charch
"Where we slam dunk the devil and serve up Jesus"
521 W. Avenue E
Garland, TX 75040
Email: slamechurch^aoLcom
I M i A v f . I. P i a n o , 1 X 7 5 0 7 - 4 ( 9 7 2 ) 4 2 3 - 4 0 9 0
Rev. rUrrnce J. Foril, Jr., Pastor
Wadnaaday Night-
acclaimed organist Don Lewis.
Sipt Up Now
FREE Computer Training
classes by Christian Business
Services. For more information
and registration, please call Rev.
C. Greer (a, 214-796-1294 or
Email: [email protected]:sbcglobal.net
3801 Avenue K.
I M W I I II \ M I N I ) l ( ) \ N O R K
Sunday School:
Sunday Worship Sftrvlce:
December 28 - 30, 7:30pm
The public is invited to help
us usher in the New Year at our
End-of-theYear Revival. We will
kick-off a FREE four-day celebration, (The Gathering) our
theme is "Prepare for the
Outpour," Joel 2:25-29. Our
guest speakers will be Sheryl K.
Ministries C O G I C , Chattanooga, T N ; Pastor Reginald
Jordan, Inspiring Temple of
Praise, Fort Worth, TX; Pastor
Corby Bush, Sr., Greater
Harvest COGIC, Dallas, T X ;
and oiu: Interim Pastor Michael
McWilliams. Daryl Collins,
Praise and Worship Leader,
Lubbock, T X will perform for
our End-of-the Year Revival
The.^^^^^^^Body of Christ Church
Of Hamilton Park
8219BuncheDr. Oattu.TX 75243
Church Omce: (972)792-0239
Putor*! OfflOtt: (972) 792-0240
S«rvlc« Times
Church Happenings
given a 10-day sentence.
More than 8,000 inmates
were evacuated from southeast
Louisiana jails before and after
Katrina struck Aug. 29, the
majority from the New Orleans
jail, which was severely flooded.
Many of those prisoners had
been convicted and belong
behind bars, but defense lawyer
Julie Kilborn said roughly 30
percent were incarcerated for
misdemeanors and should have
been released long ago. Others
were sentenced to drug rehabilitation programs, but New
Orleans' rehab operations have
been out of commission since
the storm, so they remain
behind bars, she said.
Some people arrested immediately after Katrina also faced
prolonged jail time.
Three days after the storm,
ll:4^i.i». Church Scbool
9:45 1.111. f r i i w A Wurthip
111:15 a.m. \^onhlp tAprrkitct
T:15p.iB. BiMcSlydt
4i>fl p.iH. Pra>tr S c n k c
T:M p-Bi. Cfaartb School
0:30 A.M.
11:00 A.I1I.
Raised to Walk in the Newness of Life. Romans 6:4
Sunday Services
9:00 am Prayer Miniitry
9:30 cm
Sunday School
10:45 cm - Morning Wonhip &
Chiidfen's Church
Tuesday Service
7:00 p.m. Choir Hth«anal
7:30 P.M.
Saint Mark Missionary
Baptist Church
27D1Briarwood Drive ¥Plano,TX 75074
Rev. Den I r i ^ , Ptnlor
M A CounMins. IPO
Reverend Charles E. Franklin, Pastor
Community Bible C I M S :
7:00 pm - Bibia Study
Friendship Baptist Church
IDr. C. Paul McBride, Pastor |
Schedule of Services:
Early Morning Worship
8:00 a.m.
Sunday School Classes
9:30 a.m.
Morning Worship
11:00 a.m.
Pastor Louis E. Laurent
1308 Wilcox Street. McKinney TX
Pastor Charles S. Wattley
Internet Broadcast: www.krgm.com
( M e n - F r i (a 12 Noon)
A Place Where a "Taste of the Word" is Guaranteed
S u n d a y School
Our Hearts,
Our Arms and
Our Doors
Are Always
O p e n to rout
9:30 a m
S u n d a y M o r n i n g Worship
10:45 a m
S u n d a y Night Service
6:30 p m
Tuesday Night B r o t h e r h o o d
7:00 p m
Wednesday Prayer Meeting/Bible Study.... 7:00 p m
Evening Worship (1st Sunday) 6:00 p.m,
*(M 1:. Aiiucc StrcLl • IH). Hux 'MM • Ituncy.'IVxas ~>12()
Early Bird Bible Study 6:00 p.m.
P h o n e : 214-325-7021
F a x : 214-371-8922 o r 214-372-2135
E m a i l : theswordcuts(<a >-ahoo.com
Education Ministries... 9:30 a.m.
Worship Celebration... 11:00 am.
- Nursery Facilities Available -
N e w Life F e l l o w s h i p C h u r c h
NewWorahln Location:
W y n d h a m GBrden H o t e l - P a r k C e n t r a l
8051 LBJ F r e e w a y D a l l a s , T X 75251
Family Ministries... 7:00 p.m.
B i s h o p Miller E . J o h n s o n Jr., S e n i o r P a s t o r
Friendly Fellowship with A Family Focus
For More Information Call
I ' l i l k ' O o l ' >j«?vv I t ^ ' u i l l i \ i i i u > > . • . II * - i i r l i > l h i M i l ^ ^ : 1 ~
Sunday LUc Bible School
Sunday Ufc Worship Service
l i f e In The Word Prayer
and Bible Study (Wednesdaya)
"The Church with a Vision"
Opportunity News -The Gazette 6100 Ave K, Suite 105 (@Spring Creek Parkway) Piano, Texas 75074
Phone: 972.516.2992
Fax: 972.509.9058
[email protected]
Page to • December
9:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
7;00 p.m.
9:30 a.m.
7:30 p.m.
4396 Main Street
The Colony, Texas 75056
(972) 625-8186
website: www.fbc-online.net
P. O . B o x 940466 • P i a n o , T X 75094-0466
972-671-1096 ( C h u r c h )
www. saintmarkbc .com
8tmart([email protected]
Morning Bible Study
Prayer Meeting and
Evening Bible Study
IS - December
• Minority
News - The
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Out W'thsiu- .U : t ; i u . \ / ( > \ / 7 / * {i\j-, r/, .C(»>M
- ^ ^
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